Dog King and the Borf of Yoolye


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were preparing for war oh right troops dog king said when they had all gathered in the alley evening the shaggy king had placed his crown at top and old bike helmet and he wore both with the bearing the general to night is the night of the big bang booms what the humans call fireworks the weapon of the mighty giant the both of you lie most of the dog's nodded gravely they were ready for the bark site of their live some touch their tails down in whimpered afraid but willing to help others well others were starting to crumble like wet kimball cried pickles specially nervous chihuahua undockings royal assistant the little dog worked himself up and starting to shake his dollhouse home rattling around him cranberry would you mind the king said cranberry the cat smiled and hopped nimbly through one of the houses plastic windows she was he only one small enough to fit inside she could usually calm the shaky pup buddy she said wrapping her soft pause around him really big giant won't get it wouldn't care you're too tough to keep me safe right i said pickles doing his best to hide his shaking cranberry winked at don king and the shaggy might winked back and then turn to the crowd no listen i've heard the human stalking and they said the board is going to be bigger than ever this year so i need you all to be ready tonight it's going to be busy it's going to be bright but mostly it's going to be loud louder than a thousand vacuums i know this won't be easy but if we want to scare the board of a waiver marking down we've got to be even louder we have to be brave and we have to use are dog barks and out bork fireworks are just like me i am rambo gravelled and others barked in agreement rambo hadn't been able to find a helmet but he wore an old fried chicken bucket on his head every so often he'd pause and lick the grease running down his eyebrows while swallow him whole like a giant chicken nugget don king nodded at the pit bull his tail wagging good if you're not afraid keep your friends safe don't let the fireworks scare them into running into the road or into the humans we don't want any accidents and we don't want anyone getting grabbed by the dog catcher just mentioning that name caused the dog howell and growl edgar there's no shame in retreating to are bork shelter dog king said he motion to deal basement under the store at the end of the alley it was too dirty and low the humans to ever think about but it was perfect for dogs it's been well stocked with snacks and blankets thanks to any on broadway in any the puffy redford child wag her tail her pink bo bobbing broadway in beamed anytime shogun she said docking starting to speak again end was cut short by a distance thunder still far off but they could feel the ground tremble under their paws pickles burst from his little plastic dollhouse fainted dramatically onto abroad win the saint bernards wide back you just relax yoga brodmann said you're gonna fry our own bacon thinking like that she tried to sway her brought back to rock some momentum pickles be such a baby said other other wrecks b m babies baby puppies crying about some loud noises he held up his big box her head and sniffed it them wine wine between your legs pedal on around you wanna be a big parade like me you gotta be you gotta be you gotta be a great echoing bang split be air other other wrecks finished leaping onto broad wins back next pickles few one big zach a flat honey she said down now before you bruce biscuits other other wrecks wasn't the only one who panicked though all over the alley dogs were shaking and running and tumbling over one another like the worst hairiest circus you've ever seen hold on cried doug king his voice cutting over the commotion we trained for this everyone to your positions the royal guards a trio of shaggy german shepherds left into action and everyone followed man spent the week preparing their fortifications which mainly consisted of trash dash spread hither and yon about yali rambo left atop a discarded dumpster anti mutt named fred huddled together behind in old shopping cart dalmatians darted two doors labrador is leapt into leaves and pekinese in east perched on precarious pallets great danes doug and corgis crawled end dog king himself took the spot on the front lines he stood next to rambo tall and regal atop and abandoned shipping crate that is still smelled faintly of shrimp kuantan dog kings crowned was cricket on his helmet but it's how it was crooked on his head sort of balanced out in the end the sun dipped below the horizon for a minute there was nothing nothing but the warm home of summer jobs panted cicadas buzz in somewhere in the distance along low whistle rose into the air so it begins doug king whisper to himself the whistle sound exploded into a riot of light annoys the dog's winced tales tucked but they stayed in their places dog king not into rambo it's time rambo stood tall on the dumpster and raised his head defiantly to the sky his fried chicken bucket helmet tilted back dramatically jobs he bellowed your parks they started barking how willing yuping even cranberry gave her loudest meow see allie was full of noise so you could have shoot it off and old boot in the distance another fire bork sounded then another but the dog's held strong squeaked pickles from broadway in back there came another whistler it was much louder much closer john king could see the shaky line of smoke it left behind it drove into the sky rambo side to spaghetti o's he said and then the guy broke open fire barks works directly ahead they split like an old wishbone pickles began to shaken fell over and he wasn't the only one dog tumbled dogs tried to both dogs helped other dogs as explosions pounded their ears and the drifting smoke stung they're sensitive noses they ran wildly the very ground found quaking beneath their feet it was fire andrew in it was crackles and sunder it was the big bang boom that meant only one thing the fourth of july had arrived the dog's gave up immediately the fireworks were too much broadway in shaky but brave held open the door of the board shelter assuring them inside before they could panicking scatter now crawl babies up and put some sweet in that g the dog's that stayed outside barked and how will end just made as much noises they could wouldn't take over their town not while they were there at a book about it doug king came the panting voice of doodle main luke we can even be heard over these gnarly fire bork's dude we need the fall back to the board shelter dog king surveyed the battlefield luke was right most of the dog's had already retreated to the shelter and only a few remains a pit there bork's against the giants it was a useless effort like peeing on the rain all right to the shelter said a king he had the holler to make himself heard over the endless booms and blasts from the sky this way come on he ran to the shelter and took over the heavy bulkhead door sending broad went inside with the rest as as king he makes sure he was the last enter come on troops move those fluffy butts he grabbed luke by the scruff as the doodle went inside is that everyone everyone but ramble man he wouldn't go dude is why old you get inside i'll get him a king said he found it out onto the battlefield the boomers were right overhead now andy air twinkled like hubcaps spinning in the son rambo rambo come on a raft rambo standing tall and the outer wall of trash while holding off he turned in barked again loud in deep now you think you're so i wrestle you went to walk like not while you're under the table child but you're but so badger grandkids won't be able to sit down he continued seriously the booms and bright flashes of lights drawing closer and closer finally don king had to grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and drag him back towards the shelter his fried chicken bucket helmet fell off in rolled away and still he kept on barking come on you think i'm afraid i'm not afraid i'm ramboll i'm your worst nightmare powell if you have ice you better sleep when i'm open you hear me with the final mighty heath doug king rambo sprawled inside side and onto the floor of the board shelter broadway in shut the door behind them and muscle the worst of the fire bork's it wasn't so painfully loud but each who made the dog's wins and cringe and wine everyone one accounted for rambo where the last any replied we're good ended a supplies take a look for yourselves a king nodded in padded around the room they had filled the board shelter with everything they could think of to keep the dog's calm there was a dumpster is worth of snacks courtesy of broadway in the group was munching anxiously they cleaned risky made everything tastes better like drinking out of the toilet bowl other dogs were cuddling there stuffy they're chewing on their squeegees don king sop bunnies and horse season piggies at a whole farms worth of others all drenched in drool the dogs who were were stocks were hiding under blankets unable to do more then shake and wine don king talk to them all offering advice here and giving some peanut butter lick their the booms continued and dust shook down from the cobwebs rafters overhead after making the rounds dog kings subtlety entrance where any end rambo looked on as broadway and cranberry humored trembling pickles pickle said he wasn't a discarded pink wicker bike basket his favorites stuffed duckie he was nestled in close that's a very good job people's said don king meyer no said rambo here's my bronwyn who's doing the work and your hiding on her back thank you very brief pickles cranberry said the chihuahua beamed at the cat his trembling easing a little they all sat sat quietly for a moment until the sound of the bank booms overhead was too much to bear dog king any said go through all this trouble for us but i don't appreciate it but she trailed off you're always so good to us shogo said brodmann but you're extra good whenever the both of you lie comes around yeah agreed rambo all these jobs without you putting this together they'd be running wild in the streets i know i would be oh man i'd be running so wild might be out there just barking i told my parker couldn't more than i find the fourth and get right up on my shoppers and just just easy easy there pumpkin said broadway in in a specially loud fire board shook the building some dogs were so scared they yelped others were so scared they need just a little and please don't tell anyone thank you very much he's right though said any without this there'd be a lot of dogs in trouble tonight don kings tongue walled out his tail wagging thanks danny he said truth is the board took one of my friends he said it quietly but at this point all the dogs were listening in be entire board shelter grew so quiet you could hear the drool drops plinking to the floor between booms would you i mean any started would you tell us the story dog came starting to say no but the bore was closer now the sudden volley of fireworks exploded overhead there's thunder echoing down through the shelter the dog's wind doug doug king could see they were bordering on panic he had to do something to calm them down something to keep them distracted he looked at pickles the little chihuahua nodded once encouraging it's not a happy story dog king said finally i was out with a friend my oldest one the one i grew up with we went together like like dirt and tennis balls like peanut butter and bones like a hot garbage can half open end stinking sweeps summer day he was always nervous though and when the board of you like came he couldn't take it the sound all those big bang booms andy took off he was running all through the streets in a panic i went after him but i was too far behind he ran right into a group of alley cats the fireworks had the mattie not just scratch and when my friend wandered in they eat him asked rambo no they tried buddy slipped away he was always a slippery one they chased him no end to lose them he darted into traffic the humans were speeding barely paying attention oh no no no cried brodmann did he get had no not at all hit not at all lucky for him a human side god the last second and slammed on the brakes it caused a thirty car fender bender but no one got hurt the fireworks kept coming though so he just kept running the noise was terrible so so loud that i don't think he noticed the cats or the cars dog king look down ears low he definitely notice the dog catcher though he was running blind across the field i it almost caught up with him when he animal control van pulled up the dog catcher jumped doubt and snatched in before i could so much as warm up my borger he lauded him into the truck and i knew i'd never see my best friend again it was just i was just he stopped and shook like he was trying the shake off water that wasn't there to lose him like that i don't want anyone to ever feel like i felt mendez bad as it was for me i know it was even worse for him sorry dog king andy and he said like that oh i didn't lose him forever dog king said the little nutjob but the dog catcher right on the hand i never heard of human you also loud i think he lost a pinkie danny laughed pickles said suddenly living don't wait said any you're best friend was pickles so wait pickles almost got eaten by cats and taken by the dog catcher asked any no wonder he's always so nervous don king laughed so hard he how old you'd think so but he's always been this way but i want you to know that they started shouting back and forth others joining in until it sounded like a whole tornado full of fire bork's hey everyone shouted rambo just chilling corker bore coals a minute they all stopped at once looking over at rambo with cox heads do you hear that he said the pit bull didn't have much of a tail but his but with wagging like crazy just listen saying i don't hear anything said cranberry exactly rambo said practically bouncing now the fireworks are gone must've scare cheers rang out so loud they shook the house all over again there were barks and of joy and one spaniel grabbed her tail so fast she took off like a helicopter end up beefy bulldog named dexter had to pull her back down while everyone celebrated anti padded over to dog king that story would distract us didn't you she asked you told it even though it may be sad anything from my friends he said with a smile it's what you all needed to hear you're a good king good dog dog king she said oh king is only as good as this subject and when you're subject for the finest bunch of dogs ever to lift their legs on god's green earth wellbeing of king is easy they walked through the door and helped rambo wrestle it open outside was the cool promise of a beautiful summer night a reward for the victors the boars that terrible giant of you lie had been defeated and it was time to celebrate cheering wriggling laughing the dog's poured into the alley don king as always leading the way a cane these the king of la these the gang of a docking pain no gain in the king of being a his mother and his father wasn't a king now he's a nanny gang of doug doug he his fight is worse and his work dogging sluggish i mean he's ruling the streets jogging he won't rollover retreats mother father was a king so now he's a gain any paying us in a game

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