The Day She Moved In


I'm mark murphy. I'm a chef restaurant. Tour and host of a new podcast from iheartradio called food three sixty join me as we take a three hundred sixty degree look at history science culture and more all through the lens of food. The most important thing for me is not my writing ego. It's getting people to cook delicious food. Be insured subscribe to food three sixty on the iheartradio app apple podcast or wherever you listen to your favorite shows when i wake up and i'm in a bad had mood and life sucks this show really gives you the ability to bring you back off and maki philo eighty. Hello hello lady duran and the morning show well against the team. Today is hollow lady halloween it all right so we're still all over the nation. It's elvis and gandhi new york. It's froggy and danielle in jacksonville and and <hes> what we're everywhere. I gotta tell you i'm really excited. We're all gonna be together as a family again tomorrow. I can't wait back together together again. A beautiful beautiful miami fountain blue is we're live poolside tomorrow morning gateway to don't even know what what day it is i. I didn't sleep one moment last night by <hes> just awful reasons. How about yours. I don't know i think i'm just excited and i stayed up. Late was stupid scary. Did you sleep last night. I know because i was partying all night. I got a three pack three. The singular is a medley of their hit. Welcome to the day our first caller. Today is aubrey hulo aubrey from atlanta lanta georgia good morning good morning. How's everything in the four if i'm getting ready for my first day of school so <hes> <hes> are you a freshman this year now. You would think i would the way i look. All the parents think i am but i am a first grade teacher and it's my first year. That is excellent now. Which school are you teaching in aubrey for your first year. <hes> it's called nick ever is actually north of <hes> atlanta up near near the lake okay now. I used to hang out there. I used to live just inside the perimeter of many if my stops of radio atlanta was one of them and they fired me there you know then they fired us later bummer we've been i've been fired in atlanta twice but but you know what i love about you. You're still listening. You're fabulous. Oh yeah i listen all the time i listened since i was like a sophomore in high school and all their longtime listener so hamas is actually here with me. She listened to me with me for a long time. Fan congratulations aubrey your first year teaching first great. You know we love our teachers very much. I'd love to send you an elvis duran morning. Show shirt and congratulate you on your endeavors. Thank you for being our first caller of the day. That's so cool thank you. I can't wait. I'll wear it all the time but you're very proud of you. He is and i'm proud of her. She spent a lot of time setting up my classroom with me this summer so she's awesome awesome. Enjoy your first date with the kids and they're very lucky to have you. We'll call you miss aubrey. Thank you look at that. We have a new teacher. I love a new teacher anyway. Let's get going round the room. We'll start with you gandhi. What's on your mind today. I would like to petition then. I think we're going to have to create one. Maybe change dot org. There need to be dollar stores at the airport because i forget things all the time and then the whole like one hundred dollars for something today i forgot his sweater are in my travel pillow. I don't know what i'm gonna sweater in florida but i needed for the plane because i get cold yes yeah i may have to steal this blanket from january the dollar stores at the airports lease. Let's do what i do is i. I leave the house with not yet or not as no anything so. I buy all at the airport that has the cost millions of dollars. He talk to sell my kia. No nothing yeah but if you had a dollar store would only be like scary. What's up with you too so i just had a mind blown moment elvis well. You just took me to school on that kaleo. Song fantastic voyage didn't know there was a version before that are ever existed. Well don't take music at face value. There's a song like called higher love which the d._j. Cargo did remixed input whitney houston's voice in some people don't know that there's a song by steve winwood yeah with that song. That was the original so never take music at face value. Did you hear in came from somewhere else exactly right so what's up with you didn't you so i love when friends. No you and iraqi and lisa know me so well so not only did. They took me to a mexican restaurant last night because my favorite food they took me to this place called cantina louis elvis. It was like stepping into your wedding. It was all day of the dead. It was the coolest place ever and you know how obsessed i am with all that stuff. It was so beautiful. The one we went went to was in saint augustine but i know they have all over the place. If you ever get a chance the food was delicious. The atmosphere was awesome. Go and check it out. It's so cool wedding leading to us and augustine and save some money on flowers. I love that well. Let's get into a horoscopes with one and only producer sam sam. How are you today. I'm sleepy. I was partying with scary. Did you go see tutsi as well yeah we did. That was the party what a ranger. It makes me wanna get down and get loose like gotta. I got to help me out yes today. If you're celebrating you celebrate with charlie's thrown who is forty four capricorn positive relationships are kindling within your closet. Closest friends group socialized and be unapologetically unapologetically yourself. Your day is a ten aquarius. Opportunities might arise in unexpected places. Pay attention to new connections in your work life days and eight pisces. You've been tirelessly fearlessly working toward your goals. Stay positive and good things could be heading your way. You're as attend areas your creative. Projects are becoming your priority. Listen to helpful criticism but never ever take things too personally. You're denying taurus. If you've been questioning your abilities don't tear yourself down. Give yourself the credit you deserve. Your day is a nine seminar. You're running around trying to get answers. If you're being spread too thin. Remember take a deep breath and relax as a ten cancer. You could be seeking change but don't make any rash decisions feel free to explore explore new options. Your day is a seven leo. There's a lot of things on your mind. You might be rethinking past career or relationship moves but remember to trust your gut your days in eighth virgo virgo. You might be considering travel. Feed your cravings but don't use it to run away from your daily tasks. Your day is a nine libra frustrating energy surrounding your closest relationships. Don't forget to openly communicate. Your family and friends are always there to help your days attend scorpio big. Career moves are coming soon. Make sure you put your health first before rushing into any position your days eight ten sagittarius if your head is in the clouds find a way to be efficient. It's okay to be creative but it's equally important to support the people that are counting on you. Your day is an eight and those are your wednesday morning horses. Thank you is into the three things you need to know. Gandhi what are they president. Trump will be visiting texas and ohio oh today after the deadly mass shootings and el paso dayton. He's scheduled to meet with victims families and first responders. He'll go to dayton late this morning and al paso late this afternoon. Some politicians pins are planning to protest disney now announcing a new bundle for disney plus e._s._p._n. Plus an hulu. It'll be twelve ninety nine a month and r._i._p. Net flicks is already already trending online. They say that it's going to tank netflix so we'll see if that actually happens or not. I don't know but just so you know it is the version of hulu that still has the ads you're not getting ad free hulu and finally an interesting statistic. A recently released yougov poll shows that twenty two percent of millennials say they have no actual friends that they feel l. more in tune with people when they're online actually out and about meeting people and hanging out don't forget you are a millennial if you're born between nineteen eighty-one in nineteen ninety six six. I don't feel that way but apparently that is a thing going on though yeah i can't relate. No i feel like i have i do a good job of trying to get out and actually hang out with my real friends and not getting all the way into the social media apps but they say that that's part of the reasons you know your doctor ause always tells us all the diseases that you can you can get one of the most dangerous things wchs to your future. Wellbeing is loneliness versus having great connections with people connect with people and live of three days longer all right. What is wednesday still we've been here. Hell day is ready for wednesday katy perry. I'm shawn mendez elvis duran duran and the morning show in the morning show getting earliest tough but sometimes falling asleep at a decent time actually tougher. If you struggle the fall asleep try what i use the news equal peer z's melatonin. Gumy's it's the drug free way to fall asleep naturally without feeling groggy in the morning okay a major credit card. The company has announced a data security incident involving current credit card customers and applications for credit card products. I actually got this notification. Yesterday from another source say hey jake guess what they have your stuff. Oh great keep doing that. They push past bunch of jackasses. Anyways this security incident may affect over one one hundred million of us one hundred and forty thousand social security numbers is floating around like trash in the air eight thousand bank account numbers like all it's like glitter information accessed from customer small businesses who applied for the <hes> this banks credit card product. I mean it's just it sucked the big donkey ok dinghy but here's the thing with our personal information out there. We can't keep an eye on all of it but lifelock can do a better job than weekend. There's so many ways cybercriminals can take <unk> hours but lifelock identity theft protection with the added power of norton security can do a better job than us and protect us against threats to our devices that we can easily see and fix on our own they in fact have they have people agents who will work to fix it for you now. Do like we do because we do. These things go to lifelock dot com call one eight hundred lifelock and get it use the promo code elvis for ten percent off your first year. That's lifelock dot com use. The promo code isn't it wild. You know when you can't sleep. Wake in your brain. Just goes to these crazy planets yet and you start you start thinking insane thoughts like gone to europe on it. I just couldn't sleep could not sleep wide awake so you'll be thinking oh my god. This guy is blue and ended thirty minutes later like god the skies shooting fire at me right. I started taking things like how do i know that the blue elvis sees as blue icy. What of his blue is my green. We know like god yeah so that's what i was doing so i woke up at two thirty this morning. Pack my bag for miami crap in a bag by the way don't expect any kind of the crap in a bag. I'm been living out of a suitcase since last thursday. It's like the weirdest thing like sleeping in a differ bad like the beds comfortable but there's nothing like your own bed no nothing so anyway so don't expect lawyer expectations for our fashions in fountain blue with me to our big show party speedo. I hope it was in there. You're banana hammock. What's so lazy. I'm wearing shorts that that dulles bathing suits look at why not underwear wait to have underwear on yes underwear and that mesh thing at the same time the best sean these these are board shorts. Okay okay. Thanks carol twenty me so here <hes> we've given up. When you look at us you'll go. They just gave up whatever it's just amazing party. Just they just gave up look at them. They're all wrinkled from their suitca- bless their hearts. I have a lot of friends friends of miami who i haven't seen since maybe december last time we were there and i can't wait. I think they're going to terrify you guys going to be oh. No look at me gandhi. You've you've parted did with me. Am i easily terrified. You're not you don't want partying intern. Emily can come here the other night we were out and we ran into intern emily and intern robbie. Why should we rented intern robbie. Then out of nowhere robbie says i'm going to invite intern emily over to the department. How hard how hard do we party than the night. <hes> it was scary. I mean you were drinking lots of tequila drinking yeah. It's drink of choice. I just turned twenty one by the way yeah. I didn't even check for i._d.'s so we're up with a terrorist or enjoying the night in ravi says intern emily's coming over. I don't remember how you got there. You just landed from outer space. I know you guys just like calls me on snapchat. I just like ringing and i saw and then i answered your like emily. What's come over wrong. Yeah yeah you were gone so so of course the intern program is run by daybreak daybreak. What it is the rule of thumb partying with the interns don't why well why not they might take pictures or video and then incriminate you some day and you'll be embarrassed screen shot. That's really elvis. No it wasn't it was like an audio. I'd have to screen record it. Can i think we were fine. She's ice. I don't think he's twenty one yet. Uh well anyway. It was fine at some point. You and robbie left to go get dinner and then you came back. I found french fries in my in my trash humait. You made us food. You made eight us on your like who wants onion ring to lift the apartment. Found little hunt's ketchup packets in my in my trashcan. Kendo didn't have those. I have no idea anyway so i've partied with the interns. You could've partying with anyone at this point. It might not have been the reason this came up as you gandhi. I say that we will be afraid of your friends. Think there's potential. Who do you think i would ever be afraid of. My friends really thank you for the birthday. Cranky on thank you. That's akilah. Is it bad to party with intern. I mean there are coworkers they. I don't trust them. They co workers workers. They make it secure yeah. They do get paid. That's the only thing it's the same as party producer slam mental age. I just love how you people are so fast to judge nothing. You're judging until you because your frigging jealous. You weren't invited in yeah. I want to listen grandma your home soaking your feet at epsom salt. No please all i can think about is. I wish i had friends who when we were drinking with food that doesn't ever happen. Oh i could always have those alexia onion rings in the freezer ready to go well. That sounds amazing. No no no we had got it. We had a great night cook alexia. You put him in like a deep fryer. No you put them in the oven. Hello oh well that free done. I thought you i thought you made fresh grandma. Why why don't you sit over there and just like your dentures soak. You can't soak your dentures grandma seriously twice your age and i can out party yeah. I bet you couldn't see you in miami in miami. I'll see you in miami miami. You will out drink me. That is no no not that the last tree in the forest to fall you gotta hurry. We're going to be honest. We have to travel a quarter. Our producer sam hi all right so big. Thank you to morgan ready for this beautiful submission of carpenter from her home state of illinois so we're all aware of the tragedies that happen in this weekend as is carpenter greg zana's so for years this guy's been building free memorial crosses for people across the country and on saturday as soon as he heard the news does he packed up his ear and made a four thousand mile trip to el paso and dayton he built twenty six memorial solvent and they're beautiful and you know what i truly believe that no matter what you believe is far as religion or what this is so much more than across because it helped bring community members together. They are writing these crosses losses so it's working as a tool of therapy as something to bring people together and it's just like a personal letter from him to everyone. They're so big. Thank you too greg zana's. Your heart is absolutely beautiful and if you have a story that deserves to be featured please email salmon elvis dot com subject line feel good. This is elvis in the morning. Show to gail was going on elvis duran the morning show john calling in from washington d._c. Hey john how you doing. This is actually jonah jonah okay so what a on the end of that john and we're all good it is john says it clearly says jonah in front of me spelled out phonetically and everything so jonah wants to contribute something to the show which we contributed to her several months. I remember this conversation. Go right ahead. <hes> yes yes so i had just finished. My bachelor's degree had to throw that out there because i'm so excited and i figured <hes> i heard this. I was like hey there's of course that essentially quantifies. It's happiness. Let's check it out and i heard you guys talking about. It and i'm like three so i started taking it. I'm about halfway through through yale <hes> and the reason i thought oh you guys would be so interested in hearing about it. <hes> if you haven't taken it yet or tune in <noise> <hes> my dog is shaking sorry <hes> he is is they talk about why experience actually gives us the science behind why experiences make us happier than things <hes> which is <hes> a phenomenon called he donald adaptation tation which is where your brain gets used to things and <hes> experiences come and go and they don't have that time to stay around in your brain get used to them and it's an actual actual date and we preach on our show all the time where if you're if you want to give a gift someone for the birthday or for whatever reason give the gift of an experience over doubt go ahead interrupt john go right ahead no no absolutely and i was gonna say that's exactly and now we have science to show why they you can't have that thing get around. I didn't stay around get used to it <hes> and so they say that <hes> it's they actually say you know experiences sport <hes> that he adaptation and and actually bring you out of that <hes> and can actually bring you out of that for several <hes> you know before long amount of time. You don't wanna love this conversation. We hear your dog panting in the background and you nervous about a dog. A dog is a thing but also an experience so you're having your heat heat in a heated whatever you're having your own or gap. That's it all of that. Okay okay so let me remind everyone about this. Course it's an online course and a lot of our listeners actually took. I've yet to do it because it's on the top of my pile of crap i wanna do i enroll you. You can enroll you enroll. Did you do it. You know okay. I just set up my registration through yale. It's a wellbeing course i'm trying. What is the science of wellbeing the science of wellbeing. I guess you get a at yale dot e._d._u. If you just type in the science of wellbeing yale pulls up the core sarah registration so that you can actually get in there and do it. Are you still happy that you you took. This course jonah yeah so happy. I'm learning so much like i said i'm about halfway through. I'm also learning designer. So <hes> of course is actually set up very well and <hes> you no. It's it's easy to go through. Which is something we usually test so. I thought that was also a good thing to point out that <hes> it's very well designed very easy to take <hes> a lot of videos. Yeah it was wonderful. I really appreciate it and hopefully somebody else can. <hes> you know take advantage of as well well. It's over three hundred eighty thousand people have enrolled and they yeah i through this course is online course which they say it's easy to do because they have flexible deadlines and it takes approximately twenty hours to complete you will gain skills like gratitude attitude happiness meditation and here's my favorite one savoring at some point savoring in. I guess we all have a different definition of the word. Savoring savoring could be a chocolate a bite of chocolate pie and you sit there and let the flavors kind of roll around your mouth and save him but savoring also i would equate with appreciating the things you already have right absolutely yup another another thing that they teach you and teach you ways to appreciate them more four <hes> they even talk about meditation changing the tissue in your brain <hes> it's crazy and they give you know examples of obviously. I don't even change the tissue in my bathroom working on all right. Look jonah it's been it's been an honor to speak with you. Thank you so much for reminding not me. I love it. Absolutely it was great to talk to you guys. I love you. I really appreciate it. I'm so glad i talked about something intelligent today because i figured you were gonna call me back. Thank you you start talking about farts because that's the way it goes off. They listening john. Thank you so much have a safe drive. We have posted a link for this wellbeing course on our twitter account on twitter at elvis duran show at elvis duran show on the twitter. We have a lot to get to today producer sam. I'm glad she's not a hair. Can we talk about her. Let's talk about her. She's making a major life move and it has her a little freaked out and what is she doing moving in with will allies don't don't do that. Don't say don't scream. Don't do it the think about your about your words before you screen them. That's what my dad does when he drives by weddings. They live to tell others. We'll get with her. In a moment. Let's get into our first. Danielle reported the day daniel of course from our froggy studios in florida. Go ahead then you already have gone on all right so kylie jenner and travis scott. There have been rumors going around the two of them. Were planning on getting married this weekend. You know it's her big birthday. He's doing a lot of special things for her. Well a source tells c. t. no they're not getting married. It's not happening. They are going to italy but they're not planning on getting married in italy so that's what's going on there it just in case now you can sleep better. Hey did you see heidi. Claims new husband the twenty five year old okay. Do you see jason momoa because i was riding in a car yesterday with lisa and i said oh my gosh. She looks just like jason. Momoa piney go ahead today. There's an article saint fans think jason momoa looks like heidi klum husband those check it out. I actually tweeted the article out for you at danielle monaro so if you wanna check that out when you get a chance you can't tom call it yeah. What do you think i think it looks more like russell brandon jason momoa you'd think sounds like skinnier raggedy that hair and the beard it. Maybe xy x had to say something interesting about opening for taylor swift last year. She said i'm really grateful. All that taylor asked me on the tour but as an artist it's kind of like i got up on stage and i was waving to five year olds. Let me tell you ehlers fans. Were not happy at all so charlie went on and said listen. You gotta understand that these comments were printed from a much wider conversation. They came out weird in a sentence sentence. She said i loved being on that tour but i was playing eighteen and over clubs before taking the stage so it was kind of different for me being in front of that age. There's no shade eight. It's only love so hopefully taylor's fans are forgiving type freezes making fun of the rock because it's been off hobson shaw didn't do as well as a fast and furious movie the at the box office it did but it still didn't make as much money so he said breaking up the family clearly doesn't have the value that one would assume zoom does it by the way he has since deleted that tweet because he has to walk with them again. What a play exactly. I feel like everybody on on that movie. Movie set hates each other like every time you turn around. They're always fighting and they're always arguing about something. It's crazy anti-racist kind of a loose cannon on social media good follow but you never know what you're gonna get disney by the way is going to bundle its disney plus streaming service with hulu and e._s._p._n. Plus twelve ninety nine a month. That's five bucks less than you bought if you bought them all separately the hulu you get still has ads unfortunately but you still get it and a lot of people say that it's going to put some other some other ones out of business. I don't think so oh you don't netflix out of business. I think if they come with like the original programming all that kind of stuff it. Could you never know there's something something for everyone. There yeah got disney for a family and kids and you got sports and you've got you know. I mean you got movies. Got a little stumper. Everybody bella hadid in the weekend and have reportedly split again. Pose malone's new album will be dropping in september. It's going to be call beer bonds and bentleys of course you get to no <hes> post. Malone keeps putting great music. Yes we oh yeah. His stuff is bob ro hold on what was the name of the last post malone. I thought it was bare. Bones bentley's why why not no. I don't think so. I'm so stoned. We'll do it again yeah. It was his old album barebones bentley yeah. What's the new ones now. They've lived well while i know it's coming out in september road issues on tonight. Love island is on tonight. Hypnotize me. He is on tonight. Match game is on tonight a lot of good stuff or you could watch netflix or just sit there and wait for disney plus to come along. You just sit there. Wait for disney. What are you doing. I'm just waiting for disney plus. Yeah thank you danielle producers same as your producers same sort of announced what you're contemplating doing or you're definitely doing it. I definitely do daniel lost her teeth daniel a little upset good upset or worried for me upset. I you know you never know what we're gonna. Get but look at next up so samantha. You've been dating will for a while now how long it's been about three years three years. Chunk could change and it's not been a light dating. You guys have been really in heavy dating mode yeah definitely so so whose idea was it to cohabitate take to move in together. I think it started as a conversation that it would make sense and we both approached it like that to save face so it's not like one person came to the other and said said you know what i would like to do is just like you're starting school. You know my apartment's closer than that. He's like yeah. I was thinking would be smarter. Okay so there are many reasons why you'd love have to live with each other first and foremost the foundation you really like each other a lot and finances. There's there's a million different reasons why it's a good idea to move on paper and i gotta tell you it's so much easier if you just don't think about it and just do it diving but or you're gonna be like danielle. L. is gonna make you do and over think at all. Well don't ask her family for permission because when i did this i got no like sheldon called my mom and said hey. We're thinking of doing nisa financial reasons. You know we really love each other. It's just works out better and my mom came out and said no. We did it anyway right without her. Blessing yeah i mean look at it is good to consider what you're doing and what it means and what it could mean and you know ways. It's going to change your life in good and bad ways but at the same time one dislike without knowing the temperature of the water. Why don't you just dive on in because i'm very particular swimmer so i'm afraid i'm gonna hate the pula <music> never wanna get into another pool again shaking her head over here. I'm trying to be quiet. I'm very happy in knowing. No one wants to not happy. No one wants you to be quiet. No i want him to be happy and i don't want to be that person. That did what i did. Which was screamed. Don't do it. No that's my initial don't do it. You know what i recommend. Yeah i think when you move in just make sure you keep track of who's stuff belongs to him. Okay all right so easy to do yeah but you know people you acquire stuff as time goes on on then you break up then there's a lease involved. I think that there should be a clause in leases for breakup but there aren't pets. Maybe hats yeah all kinds of stuff it. Just you know over the a years things happen and change their just keep track of it. That's my name on everything. I own with a sticker. Yes it's like you know the name on the frigerator your name. I don't 'cause as you guys. Were having that problem with the chair where your ex boyfriend chair from you and your current boyfriend had to deliver it. Oh yeah how'd that go by the way never heard of the end of their. It went really well. William sent me a video of the two of them pretending to go out for a beer afterwards all right tell you let's get into the ins and outs of moving in with each other and no one said they're getting married married. Nope not when you sheldon moved and you guys were together living together a long time before a longtime. Getting married is a wholly different horse a horse of a different call now one step at a time please. We'll get into that coming up. We need your help to we'll tell you how text in elvis when it comes to finding finding the perfect gift. It's a basket from tate's bake shop. It's the perfect answer. Of course it's filled with their signature. Crispy buttery chocolate chip cookies and more visit tate's bake shop dot com use the promo code elvis. You get twenty percents off your purchase so tonight. I'm excited about this or not or defeat may not even carry the nine. Oh two zero reboot. Danielle seems very excited. I don't it's not the fact that i wanna watch the story unfold. I just wanna see them all together. I think it's i'm gonna miss luke perry obviously but it's going to be cool to see them altogether. That's tonight and on fox and so- jenny garth and tori spelling we're on a good day new york fox five with my my friend rosanna scotto yesterday and some sort of feud erupted kissing between my friend rosanna and tori spelling tori spelling about tori spelling's finances all right. Here's the thing though so rosanna was this is in the show the they're actually actually put this story line in the show so you know and they actually tackle a lot of the problems that they've had in real life in the show. She was just bringing that up and tori he was not a happy so apparently in real life tori spelling and her ex. I guess whatever the guy that she's not with anymore. Whatever they were having financial problems in tori spelling's spelling's father aaron spelling passed away was worth a billion dollars and there was a big fortune and apparently cut her out of the will her mom cut her out of the way and i remember somewhere you're reading that tori spelling had said she was actually at a point where she didn't know how she was going to get money to pay for food for her family in so rosanna so they actually use use this in the story line like like daniela saying yeah and so we're rosanna brought it up. Do we have it yeah we do. Do you want to hear so rosanna my friend my my besties my sister. She's like i'll ask the question here you. Are you experiencing financial troubles. Are you able to you know i just am i able to pay my bill. Yeah thank you thanks and and this show will obviously give you some money in your pocket right interesting. Well this on the show. We're gonna write this onto the show. She went on to say she didn't want to talk about it. Yeah he was not happy. Can i object to something on on behalf of rosanna scotto tori spelling. This has been everywhere in the news everywhere. She had a reality show. Addressing what's going on in her life like this isn't a secret thing. Why is she getting all persnickety about answering the question. I don't know maybe maybe she's tired of it. I don't know i don't know maybe rosanna pushed it a little too far and she kept asking asking questions but you know what for her good for her that she's a new yorker. This is what we do all right. Let's get back to our producer sam. Hi sam a lot. A lot of people are responding to our conversation with you. A moment ago. Sam has been dating a handsome will oh so hanson three years and has come to the point where you're living situations where he needs to find a new place and you guys were saying well. Why don't we consider moving in with each other. It's you both talking about it right. He's not forcing his way into your apartment or it makes sense for both of us to do it and it was something we wanted to do having said that it doesn't make it not scary right so i get an email from samantha. I said why don't you just put it in an email. Let me know what your thoughts are good morning. <hes> five seventeen this morning. It's official william and i are moving in together next month. Which i'm i'm so happy over because all of my days are better with him. Which exactly why i made a list of reasons i'm petrified so i didn't know that you guys are definitely finally on your moving in. Oh this is happening. This might have been a conversation. I should've had with you guys. You're an adult you can make your own decisions. <hes> a the council voting. She says i'm a neat freak and will not accept his mess. Now i want to just i'll never have the bed to myself again that it makes me sad. He will actually be able to see how i spend my money. I i'll feel judged whether he's speaks about my ninth seamless order of the week or not. That's my food. I'll need to share the remote. Do i don't share snacks but i'll be forced to. He always leaves. The bathroom soaked after a shower like there's a weather slide or a water slide slide in there so annoying. We're going to run out of things to talk about. It has to happen someone. He doesn't like deodorant. I'll be in that potman stank constantly. He doesn't like deodorants. No there's a scientific reason so he's not wrong now. If we fight we can cool off at our own place ace in my six hundred square foot apartment. We'll need to eat stand in a corner with nowhere to hide so let me take a few calls and and then let's let's see what we can add to the show to the conversation hi amanda hi guys. How are you doing well our little buddy. Sam producers sam about to move in with i will and what are your thoughts well. I think that you guys all need to be nice to sam. Oh nice to sam yeah. This is a very exciting time for her. I mean only you and your boyfriend will know whenever it's right and if it's right it's right and since it's time time and girl hill what it allows the attack really get to know somebody before you decide. If you wanna take that next step so this was my fiance and i i'm sorry my now husband. We just got married last month but <hes> we've been together for nine years and after dating for four we moved in together because it would it just made sense at that point and we lived together for another four and then we got engaged so so it really allows you to kind of work out tanks and you know what you find solutions to things like <hes> he's or you're a neat freak and he's not like i was the messy one. The relationship and my husband is a total neat freak but he actually made media cleaner person and we bought a king size bed so that van to you amanda. You're definitely get on in there and see how it works and keep in mind if it doesn't work. It's not like a tattoo. It's not permanent. Tattoos can erased painful but you know we have a counterpoint on. Is this mara from philly right and you're saying hey be careful. Sam and why is that yeah so i- dated someone and i might as well have been living there. It was like an unspoken unspoken thing. I had a key and when we broke up he wouldn't like get my stuff in a box and give it to me. I had to just use my memory of his whole apartment and like for a month. I would pop into my head and be like. Can i have this back and it sounds like you guys weren't really officially officially living together. You just kind of stayed there yeah yeah but an different okay so happening too so you're warning. Don't don't let it happen too fast. Do you samantha. Do you think it's happening too fast now. I'm at my pace right now. I'm good but mara you're you're okay now right. Yes i'm good and my my husband now. <hes> we actually bought a house together before we got married and really great. We're complete opposites but we just find common ground and help each other. Thank you all right. She's a saint make sure it's. I don't know if her story applies to you that plan by the way i wanted to evangelium gandhi. I am being nice. I think it's nice when somebody asks you for your advice to be honest with them about your feelings on it. I think sam's probably making a good decision and knows what she's he's doing. I just think moving in with someone is such a game changer in so many ways oh yeah on his right okay. It's not being mean can't changing the game be a good thing sure hasn't been for me but from personal experience seeing <hes> bridget. We only have a second but i wanted to talk to you. <hes> so what's on your mind brigid <hes> well. I moved in first of all. I'm so excited to be on the phone with you got more money time. Thank you for listening to us. Oh my gosh absolutely <hes> i moved in with my boyfriend about nine months ago and we have been together for only a year and three months when we did so it was kind of soon to some people but it made sense for us and <hes> it's been like i mean like everything in my wife is just better because i have somebody who loves me and supports me by my side every day. I feel like i wake up with my best friend and we live together and love together constantly. I'm like yeah stop this hard once in a while but when that comes up like we just try to communicate indicate really respectively and like he makes me a better person and i make him a better person but i just like being respectful about the few issues that we do have and we just try to like really listen to one another <hes> and remember that we're a team and if you think of it as like okay we're both here. We both want this to work. Let's work together on how to make it work instead of working against each other then you'll be goal then together for so long i mean i'm sure you guys know how to communicate with each other and like what makes you guys like really pick so so you'll be able to figure it out there. You go thank you bridget all right so it depends on what you want. I mean really is just figure it out with him. You just didn't just do it and if you i don't get mad at me for saying it doesn't work out. It doesn't work out and you move on. You know objectively true. Nothing set in stone so around the room. Ghandi's saying don't do it. <hes> mhm i'm saying do it. Danielle is saying do it yep all right. So what do you say. Are you guys actually really excited but if i show up this month and a half you know what happened i love you guys thank you. This is a big step and what gandhi is saying. It's definitely food for thought because it is a big step well. She lives close to me so girl. If there's a problem be on okay come over anytime you want to wear shoes in her apartment. She sees thank you. I love you. Sam love you into the three things. You need to know gandhi. When are they all right. President trump is going visiting texas and ohio today. After the deadly mass shootings he is scheduled to meet with victims families and first responders first up as dayton this morning and then el paso this afternoon. Walgreens walgreens is planning on closing two hundred of its stores. I know i go to walgreens all the time but apparently they need to shut some doors. They announced that they hope to retain a majority of the employees. Just transfer them to other locations and finally this is a great story in pettiness a woman and a really expensive beach town in california decided that she was going to get back at her neighbor for reporting putting her for running an airbnb so she painted her house all pink and put emojis all over the side of it. I would love to not funny how some people think this is gonna irritate the neighbors unluckily that's pretty cool. Thank you gon. You're one thousand dollar free money phone tap coming up elvis duran iran. You're a dumb ass show. <hes> summertime is still here. We love going to parties. That's why tate's is the way to go you. They have these summertime. Only addition tastes cookies. The s'mores cookies with their chocolate and marshmallow goodness camp fired s'mores andrew coconut blondie condie's if you love the beautiful taste of the coconut body it's now in their crunchy cookie forum perfect a perfect summary twist on fresh baked blondie. These flavors hours are mazing. They're the best to take to a party or just. Eat them on your own while no one's watching or if you're moving in with someone sam's moving in with will find a hiding place for your cookies aw yeah you better. These are limited edition summer cookies. They're gonna go fast just like summer so pick him today. 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Their akara says her boyfriend adam has a car with an expired inspection sticker. He already got a ticket for and he still hasn't fixed the problem so she said call him and tell him his car is being towed. Okay here. We go who's phone-tapping who cara phone tapping her boyfriend adam and daniels help it out dad. Hey listen we got a problem what <hes> i'm over at the house and <hes> there's somebody here and they saw that your inspection has been overdue. Oh and they wanna tell your car can't do that because he's not just taking care of well honey. We you wanna talk to her. Please all right. Hold on yeah. Hello this is linda who gave you the authority to pick my car up condo development. I know somebody in the right. What what was their name in the management office assigned. I lived. I parked my call. Wherever i want i know but we were how to handle. It cannot inspections thicker. Okay yes it can if we were called. The condo development didn't call you like i'll. I'll be there in five minutes to touch my car the car up on the list. I can't put it back down not touch my cord. They it opened the windows or anything babe. What do you want me to do very yeah now. Let me doing my cory now. You also have one light alex. They do not touch my car. I'll be there in five minutes. Do not touch my car bed out on my car. Yes i. I don't think so where w in five minutes this is scratch on my mic. Art is going on right now. Did you have a flat tire. I will kill you touch my because there was no flat tires. No lights no scratches. No nothing don't touch my car. I think maybe maybe we work something out. Maybe paying for my busted light in my scratching. My flat tire. Put my car on the ground now first of all you're driving a saturn. So of course this is going to be busted in the first place. I didn't ask the truck. Let me talk to the driver of the truck. God really hold john. We're trying to get this together. Maybe hit something. We're gonna have to to find some paint to replace the chip that we just had in this is a mistake was at stake in the ground. Listen to me. If it goes listen to me. I'm gonna tell you one time. I'm having a heart attack right now. I'm having an aneurism. I'm blowin aneurysm in my brain. I'm coming to the house right now on the ground with everything that you that is busted and broke and there's gonna be problems. Do you understand me. Don't you understand your car was expired inspection lady. I don't care what inspection election in action was my car. Yes you did. There was nothing wrong with my car scratchy. You both my right. I'm coming to our house right now. Go with goodbye. They're taking out there taking talking about. They're taking it to a lot where they're going to pick it up the boy please buy a big bottle of paint. We have to fix the scratch that pick everything. I don't know no no no. No you have to take everything. Listen to me out took the car. He's a little upset about some brick the who said about him breaking my car. He's a little upset about some stuff about the car. You're on the ground plan on the grass because my car again. I'm breaking their fingers breaking their fingers telling the car on the way he could have right now. Linders joke visit. You've just been phone tap age. H christ mother mary joseph shovel god. Where is my car right where you left it this morning. Running honey no seriously. I just sold myself phone tap where they soil themselves. That was your way back. Wednesday phone tap thank hugh danielle all the sound effects of their hay fever that idea for phone taps simply go to elvis dot com click on the phone tap link all right. That was one thousand dollar tic tac free money phone tap lyndsey fry lindsey. You're calling one hundred one thousand dollars. I know that great great also thousand dollars. I mean what would you have not done without two thousand dollars to make sense. I don't know how i i don't know. This is a weird question. What would you have not done without a thousand dollars. Had what i will do with the opposite. What will you do with the thousand dollars. I'm gonna do all my shopping for the kid. Thank you for listening to us and thanks for listening to the tic tac. One two thousand dollars free money phone tap lindsey now. Here's the thing if you want to join us in las vegas iheartradio music festival thanks to attack. You're gonna win that trip. If you go to shake the music dot com there's other other prices to win as well shake the music dot com for all the inter entering information and all the prize rules and regulations and all that blah blah blah. I'm so tired yes. It is a great thing that tic tac is doing shaka music dot com. We'll take let me hear some tic tac. Sam's atta girl it said quite what what song am i shaking okay so it sounds like a lot of fun getting these facts. Here's how sleep sleepy sleepy. I am not having slept one second last night. I know i see on my list. That daniel has to do her. Daniel report and i'm like where is she. She's not in the room. I almost asked nate. Go find danielle forgetting. She's not even in new york. She's in jacksonville much. You miss me. No it's not i wouldn't. I wouldn't trust me to drive a car right now. I'll have you do that then. It's you being sleepy is a bad thing anyway. I think we're having a fun. Show though i i feel pretty good about that. Maybe i should never sleep ever again. All right danielle live from our jacksonville studios and we'll be live from our fountain bloom studios tomorrow morning. What do you have in your report i so i found this interesting. The next season of f x is american crime. Story will focus on the impeachment of president clinton. Monica lewinsky is one of the producers apparently they reached out to her and they said listen. You can help us out with this or at least give us your blessing. She gave the blessing blessing and then they said if you help us out. You'll get paid so she's going to do. It is an interesting anyway. They've already already. Have they done it. I don't even know did they do it or no. He says they didn't do it. It was just a you know the draft doing it is. I just landed on the jerusalem. How the little she the bachelorette season finale came in second place in last week's ratings seven and a half million people check that out out the top show of the week though was america's got talent. We just under eight million people are loving that show low mosaic says i didn't mean to open doors for black country artists but you know what it's pretty cool and if it happens it happens that's awesome and that's what he wasn't darius rucker already in the country world. Okay yeah. I ran aground. Day is releasing a new fragrance on the eighteenth. It is called. Thank you next sco. She's not just going to do that. She's going to give you lotions gels and scrubs and all kinds of cool things things to go along with it so that's what iran will be doing and nickelodeon is doing a new garfield series. That garfield was forty last year. I i didn't know cats live that long but he was forty last year so he will be getting his own show. Tonight is the series premiere of the nine. Oh two one oh show over on fox. I'm they're doing a lot of publicity for that. It looks pretty cool. Check it out. You got a little grownups on free form love island. I know elvis you love you. Get on this island. No i mean i. I may skip going to the jonas brothers concert so i can stay home and watch love island. I love love island. Match game is on tonight and yeah. That's right so there's there's thank you danielle this great instagram story. Well anyway this girl on instagram. She posted a picture. It looked like she was on a hike and she's look at it and she has her water bottle and she has the trail behind. I'm going on a hike yeah hike like as it turns out. She took the photo in her backyard. She steinbeck's she stayed the whole thing. Wow so. I think her sister actually called. Call her out on it and it was kind of funny. Look how she's faking. I'm gonna take a picture of me. It looks like she looks like she's on a hiking trail. She's at the trail ahead ready to go up there and look here's your friend or whoever is taking a picture anyway so they got into a fight and she feels attacked attacked because people are making fun of her lying about going on a hike interest as she wanted to portray herself as a hiker on instagram right. Oh my goodness there was another story about a photo travel blogger who people totally caught her photo shopping herself into places and i find that amazing really was it. Was it a a little wayne houston abou- bauer we'll take pictures in front of private planes and say he was flying to atlanta for the day and then someone would say i saw him on south west airlines ask. He says he's on southwesterly. What yep so using instagram to flat out lie about your life. I mean lying on this because that was the lasagna right. Yes you know there was also fifty cent got in trouble because he was going through some some. I believe it was child. Support or something where he owed somebody money and then he posted a picture he gives you don't have any then. He posted a picture of stacks of cash and they said dude. How are you gonna say you don't have any any money. There's all your money so he had to tell. Everyone wasn't really much fake money. Even brody didn't really live up something on instagram for the grand brody zip lining so he okay okay so i know brody brody. If he's over one foot off the surface of the earth he gets scared height problems. Anyway heightened fear fear of heights so anyway so i saw a picture of you like like all lined up and and and suited up to go zip lining. He's not gonna do that. What did you you do well exactly correct. Region cruise last week and one of the excursions zip-lining in my wife and kids wanted to go zip lining so we all all went we all got suited up and i film them and watch them and i took a picture in full regalia helmet and clips and everything posted it and then you climbed climbed down the ladder god. I went out to the quitter door on instagram. Everyone was like so proud of you so excited. We know you're afraid of heights rotate. I i wanna hear who not only wants to report on others who have lied on ramp but who has lied on instagram. I mean you. You totally faked. It didn't call me now. Eight hundred two four two zero one hundred text at fifty one hundred some of these people are just stupid is elvis duran and the morning show guys bedtime is sometimes a battle for both you and your kids for instance my daughter ella she struggles sometimes to fall asleep while fortunately trish i have now discovered vicks pure z's kids melatonin dummies to help her fall asleep naturally find peers these kids in stores a lot of emails okay so all the time and usually when i look at a store i can tell them. The first five minutes probably happened but this one was really strange. I'm katherine townsend host of the true crime podcasts helen gone in our asking people what's wrong what's wrong and when we got into sheriff's office. He said james dan no explanation. Janey ward was sixteen years old when she died under mysterious circumstances she was at a party at a cabin in the woods in the small town. Marshall arkansas story that she fell off port daughter would be today. I'm heading back to arkansas on a new case to find out what happened to jamie ward on september ninth nine thousand nine hundred nine listen to hell and gone that's h. E. the l. l. and gone on apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app or wherever you get your podcasts hey i'm seth pratt from the hills new beginnings learnings and i'm wells adams from like i dunno a bunch of other reality shows and we have a show that is all about everything that's going on with the hills new beginning. Here's the thing we filmed eight hours a day every day. The episode is only one hour. I'm going to tell you everything that happened behind the scenes jeans and every scene that got edited out if you're confused by the show which you probably are all the behind the scenes juicy gossip is right here so if you're a hills fan makes you download the podcast today at apple podcasts iheart app or wherever you listen to podcasts approach. This is the outcast a weekly podcast about what it means to be clear today by out magazine and it staffers. I'm your host. France rondo the deputy editor at out magazine. This label gets thrown on her. She doesn't necessarily identify yourself that way. Everything you see on drag race. You saw in harrison's burning. I just wanna be like messing. Major i eat and soaking up proper aliens. Listen and subscribe to the outcast on apple podcast iheartradio app or wherever you listen to podcasts the fast track is an all new podcast highlights the past present and future of racing including the machines and the rangers themselves with a focus on what makes us go fast vast what makes us want to go fast and the machines and the people that make it a reality. It's also about the technology of cutting edge. Engines and engineering us both both on the track and off each week. We'll take a closer look at everything from go kart racing to formula one nascar indycar and everything in between if if you have an interest in unbeatable street machines we've got you covered there to the fast-track. Podcast is an exploration of what makes speed exciting why we're addicted to it and why why we're always trying to go faster. Whether you're a new driver a weekend warrior or even an authority of racetracks around the world the fast track is the show for you loosening subscribe at apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app or wherever you find your podcasts when i wake up and i'm gonna bag mood and life sucks. This show really really gives you the ability to bring you back off and make you feel okay. Wait who are waiting in the morning show scary. I love you so much as he spits third on you today for instance if greg t wanted to do a fake and stuff but i would not do do you if you wanted to be great t holding a book and reading it off speaking. I'm about to give you one in a moment. We'll get to that in a second. I need book for summer reading. I hear it's really all the rave rage way. What did i say rave. It doesn't matter what we're talking about people who pretend to be doing doing something on instagram to make themselves look interesting but they're actually lying about it right for sure. Yes friends in the story comes from <hes> something i i read online. A sister gave her sister hell because she was all dressed up and ready for a long hike with her water and her hiking outfit on turns out. She just took took a picture in her backyard. It's so crazy there was no there was no hike to be had but she wanted the world to think she was hiking. I i know it's so stupid right danielle. It's so stupid. I just don't get it. It's like just be you be proud of who you are and do you. It's just so stupid exactly but sometimes you want to be exciting. You go be exciting. What i'm saying is like you know. It's good to make your pictures look a little bit more fine and then you're going to get a little bit more comments and have more to talk about the real real is boring. What should be more fun yeah yeah. Why do you want to lie to other people. About how boring real you what's the point. There's exciting things that you can do or manipulate and it looks really cool and it's okay. Well okay. Look i know that gandhi doesn't really have dog ears and a dog to let me go talk to <hes> kim. Hey kim hi. How are you doing okay so you have been known to manipulate your your into feed from time to time and what have you done. That wasn't real. <hes> we went to hawaii recently and we were on the beach in some guy was coming out of the water with the third fourth and i says they do. Can you take a picture of me with your fourth and my family will think search right yes and i don't. I'm having a coordination even stand on a surfboard when it was on the ground but the pictures look real right. Why don't we went to hawaii. I like over eight hundred pitchers a day now. How many how many of them are fake. Maybe a quarter up up and here's the thing taking a picture of you on a surfboard looking like you're surfing or carrying one is if you're about to serve as long as you. Can you just disclose. I'm i'm lying so i bet you're not really in hawaii. Really you're in texas green screen or look. Thank you for prayed admitting it. Did you ever tell your family that you really weren't surfing cameron. Did you just leave it as is as is because they probably know kim surfing ryan. Hey thank you for listening kim. Go have a good day. Thank you very much. See that's fine surfing right exactly you can take a ton of pictures in hawaii surfing in hawaii. Why is that makes people talk. They started hello jasmin. I good morning good morning so your boyfriend's cousin would go to your place and take pictures of her doing what he would take pictures in front of our car and in front of our boats and lay claim took her own yeah yeah he would and you post them all over instagram and facebook and then he'd have tons of friends like hey. I'm coming down. Can we take picture you can we take pictures to and come out on the boat with you know then he'd end up like begging us to go out on the go with vote and he is with us. Wow got to keep up so many lies when you do this stupid stuff going to be invited on your boat you afford that. It's in the shop. Yeah the votes shop in the boat shop getting boat shop stuff done on the trump muffler issues. Yes got it. Ah i don't understand why you gotta lie. I it's one thing to use filters to make your skin looks smooth and tanny gandhi guilty right filtered some smooth skin again for those okay so what's the difference between filtering your skin versus pretending you're on a surfboard. Nothing it's a lie. That's why always will hashtag. This is a filter. Did you really that's funny. I love you saw nicole. Well hello friend found out she who was pregnant. What did she do on instagram. I was my old co worker and she says she was pregnant. She went home and like like hundreds of snow fay's literally and like a hundred different near pictures and everything so she can post them directly after pregnancy so it go back immediately picked up having a really bad after baby acne and so i went to see her on my old job and like she looks completely different than everything she posted right now at least funny it does. She does have the baby like six weeks ago and but she bounced back on instagram. She's doing all the insta- baby all right. Thank you yeah you gotta prepare. Ahead is looking ahead a little bit unhinged getting ready for the bounceback. Everybody knows you don't bounce bounced back quickly steve steve so i thought you know following on instagram you actually we went to hawaii but you didn't know i wanted to prove to my life that you could basically go anywhere you wanna go on. You know birth cesspool social media. So what did you do to make. It look like you were taking pictures in hawaii. Well we're thing i did was i checked into k. and men <hes> routed my trip over hoy right <hes> a couple of hours later i decided to <hes> get some pictures from the airport in hawaii and then over the course of the next week when when you went online and some pictures of hawaii scuba diving and underwater awful i found a great pitcher of a bunch entre people sitting on a boat with scuba diving fragments that i made some new friends you're awesome stuff and then at the end of the week i bet did anyone. Did anyone catch you you. Did anyone say hey. This isn't real no nowhere to hawaii or conference spray tam and he got back so you can look extra tan. It is steve. Thank you see. I don't know i think the question is. Why do we feel the need why. Why do i feel the need to make my friends think i've been in hawaiian from the week right. I don't if anything i think it would make me more insecure about my real life because i was so nervous about being exposed right right my lies. I mean you still have to interact with people every day. So when you're posing your snapback picture on instagram and then you're showing up maybe at the same way and with acne. You just look like a fraud. What's appointed that exactly with with the one in hawaii. That's so much work. I mean he put so much work into the. I'm tired listening to have been watching netflix or something right right so here's what's scary is gonna do next. Is it next week this weekend this weekend. He and his friends are all going a._t. A._t. Writing scary scared scared to get on these things because you you will break your neck and i'm not saying everyone will scary will so anyway so scary is going to fake drive on an atv t._v. Yeah i'm gonna get on one and i'm going to go three miles an hour and then speed up the video to make like i'm going fast and then i'm going to get off and i just got thirty seconds really why not really because he's scared because come on i'm surprised the cyrus families still alive after all that atv riding. They're doing at tennessee but ever since they invented instant store. You'd have a lot of content to fill. That's a lot of hours. A lot of your fans are expecting it gets. That's your store so you're gonna fake bounce. I go into the belts up and find the whole when you go over a bump. What are you gonna. Do you gonna like you're gonna move. Your body like you went over a bump yeah yeah of course. Is it a fake. Bounce ionian forget to shut off the volume so we can all hear that you spend it up. Finally finally we gotta talk to danny hi danny dan danny hi so your daughter fakes what on instagram all the time well i guess it's half fake so she'll <hes> by meet and greet or get a meet-and-greet like one hundred like at the hammerstein ballroom before the <hes> jingle ball and then she'll make everybody mad because she'll weasel her way right next to the celebrity and then she just crops everybody else out in the picture and then she put it on instruments like it's like i'm hanging out with justin. She's got pictures with justin bieber. Yeah sure that whoever whoever lined up she like squeezes her way in i'll tell you what scary does the same thing here when celebrities visit and there's like eight people in a row with a celebrity in the middle of scare woman she's right next to them and he will crop everyone but you always see one hand over over his shoulder like these mystery fingers like who's that. I don't know i was alone with justin bieber. If ever i go to bed and there's a step and repeat their those little your wall street. I make sure to make it look. I was part of the red carpet right. I was there he does. He loves the crop and drop. He'll neil right in front of scary kneeling in front of justin bieber because that's normal way to hang out in front of judge kraken crock danny. Thank you tell your daughter congratulations i. I'm actually let great t take that hello daniel hey. How's it going with doing okay now. How do you how do you post on instagram anything that makes me feel as if you really read books or tell my mic and you take a picture me pretending i'm reading reading a book. I'm like i'm just wondering the book and be like <hes>. The first one that i did was <hes> <hes> steve jobs jobs book. Look what happens if someone asked you. Hey tell me what your what was your favorite part of the book. You actually have have story ready to do. I'm a truck driver. So i thought article i take i i do i do. I do read the book yeah. I mean i listened to the book i never ever be ashamed of. Listening to the book audibles a great great resource all right daniel. Thank you very nice so here. We go <hes> great. Yes sir in my hand. I hold it's called a galley so it's a paperback version and editing problems in here that there were still working out but you wouldn't even know. I know oh you won't read it. This is my book. Where do i begin. Oh no i no one has except for a select few reviewers. I'm going to give you this. Yes and let you give a book review okay but you haven't read it. I promise you i promise you promise you that. I will read. It and i'll give you my review you. I will give you my hundred percent focus. I read everything. I don't want you to take a picture on instagram and say you're really really read it. And how long does he have. How long how long are you giving him to return with a book report through the weekend. At least you can take take take so much time. He's one day. I can have it done by monday october october first so i but but you know you should give yourself a deadline but i'll let people know whether or not they want to buy it or not. I'm like wait a minute hold. On who am i to trust you. Who knows ooh. I mean maybe it'll be boring and i'll say everybody's save your money or minutes really exciting by giving you this john the number one. I give you my my feelings on that. Here's the thing i know you'll like it but you know me if i read your book because i know you would like it. Even if it was a piece of trash no listen listen. I will give you my one hundred percent honest feelings on your book. I promise you i promise you look the way my voice <music>. I'm i'm getting into great. He series mode. Now i promise you i will. I can't believe you called yourself. Greg what you just called yourself greg on the radio greg t t yeah a moment ago a friend of ours walk through and called him greg and he got belligerent because that's not my name. You know it is your your parents named you greg name is gregory. Take your even greg t is greg guys. We all called each other by the nicknames. My name is t. That is my name t. I don't respond bond to greg from real name but it's not it's a dumb name. That is not my waist. Not what about people with gregg that are listening. You tell them their names dumb so it's up to to them. I don't really i don't like the name greg all zero percentage greg name great so lame. I hate this greg. Would you like a raise. All say yes has of course always from you. We write the paychecks to greg t so but if you can't accept greg is the name i we don't know who to play. There's raised took my name. That's go buy thi this. You know i don't i know your wife call. You know that was a big problem when we are starting to get very serious. She said to me you know. I'm not gonna call you t. I'm going to call you greg and i said why actually because that's not your name and i'm like but that's what my friends call me so that was a very difficult thing all right okay. We've spent a lotta time on this. I sided with the support of many textures not give you my book but the tex- people are are texting be based on my greg t character the crazy wacky guy that i am understanding who i am on the inside my heart i i understand greg on the insight i wear my heart on my sleeve and i will read that book with pure honesty and unabomber unabated <hes> other past influences and i will give you my god i mean there are a few large words words in this book. Listen i'm going to read it and i will give you my real feelings on it okay. I i tell you what what if i just allow you to read one chapter. Oh come on. It's so close to me. Read great okay like chapter putting the mo in alamo alamos psychic yeah or chapter three houston. I have a problem. I i never been houston. I'll read that too. That's about like serious drug abuse okay <hes>. Let's see <hes>. I don't know come on man. Let me read it. Let me be the guy so you can choose one page but you know i'm gonna give you a good review. All the chapter fifteen chapter fifteen dr oz saved my life. Dad come on man. That's a great chat. Let's just choose one chapter fury. Oh okay do i could sell. Its one chapter nothing. I've i can read the chapter about himself. I'm sure there's a chapter about t- let me pick a chapter. I'll pick chapter eleven to reach. Please don't say that around here i i. I will happily give. I'm gonna let you read the chapter that you're in. How about that yeah. Oh that's fine. I would want that one okay done. What about audible yeah. We're going to be out on audible as well all right all right. We gotta move on because this has gone on for way too long. When i start reading it well. I'll have to get the one chapter to you. I'm not gonna let you read the whole chapter seven shelvin. Let's get into the three things you need to know from gandhi. We didn't go around the room. We'll do that next. Thank you straighten a who's also mentioned in the book. Oh gandhi was going on all right. Police are now saying that between twelve and twenty people were actually hurt yesterday in times square when visitors heard what they thought was gunfire. I'm sure people have seen the video by now but it looks like a really chaotic scene. What it actually was was a motorcycle backfiring and people panicking breaking news. Frightening people were panicking. We're watching the videos second ago and there was a guy in a pitch outfit. He has head off and he was running by the camera. We just ran by in times square. I've ever there's an interesting crowd to see scattered. That would have to be a police did show up really quickly. Restore peace very fast out frightening world. We live in very much so so running for life scary world exactly disney announced. It's got a new bundle for disney plus e._s._p._n. Plus and hulu it'll be twelve ninety nine and a lot of people are worried about netflix r._i._p. Net flicks is now trending but a heads up if you get this is the version with ads not diversion without ads and and finally we talked about this a little bit earlier today. One five millennials say that they don't think they have any real friends and acquaintances or any best friend on top of that. They say it's because of social media experts are saying montiel's you need to get out and actually do things interface get get the actual face time with people because they they say that obviously human interaction is very important in this is a sad little statistic makes me sad. I know one in five people say that they don't have any friends. That's so sad. Millennials your nine nineteen eighty one to nineteen ninety-six. If you're born in their pay may go out and get a friend today. Okay everyone everyone no matter what generation you're living in. Go out and make today. Did you see the other day. There was a story about a little boy who wore a shirt to school on the first day. That said i will be your friend and it made people cry and decided awesome. I wanted everybody to know no matter who you are that. If i meet you i will be your friend. I'll go get that shirt on yeah. That's a cool. Thank you gandhi more from the band interview lounge shawn mendez. I saw do you write new songs. 'cause you're just tired of playing the old ones. Are you just really have things to say if you don't all right them down. You're gonna explode. Both sometimes you just like. I need to read new songs so that they don't have to sing stitches anymore to you by mercedes a. m. g. be prepared for whatever comes your way in the all new g._t. Four door coupe because life is a race visit your local dealership for a test drive today durant in the morning show when it comes to finding the perfect gift. It's a basket from tate's bake shop. It's the perfect answer. Of course. It's filled with her signature. Crispy and buttery chocolate chip cookies and more visit visit tate's bake shop dot com use the promo code elvis. You get twenty percents off your purchase. The what was that told a joke and then left ladder than anyone at his own joke all right good for you. The audience of one doesn't think it's funny. He won't tell us. It's true <hes> <music> yeah so we've been eating this incredible steak that arrived here but for thirty minutes ago whatever and i i've noticed that everyone has cut off like five or six little chunks of it and given it to max. Oh yeah it doesn't matter. He will keep begging until he explodes. He's adult. That's what he does. Max is the scary of dog reasons and that was that was brody's joe. He's told it and then you tell it like you said out loud. The lafley lactated lactated. Max is the scary jones of docs laughed bigger david brody then i'm david brody. That's important. What's wrong with that. I experienced myself a lot. I appreciate me against brody. You have a friend in brody. I found the entire he does anyway. <hes> so tomorrow morning we're live poolside the world famous fountain blue miami beach. I can't wait. It's going to be great and we have <hes>. We have what brice rice fine. He's going to be performed. Brace vine rice brace didn't i didn't hear brace brace fine luxury around everyone just back off. Let me do the show with gandhi <music>. If you haven't heard it is awesome. Yes we love. It felt funny sitting here and watching you guys i just in the camera i saw scurry. Carry on one side of you need on the other side of you you in the middle and it looked like they were like attacking their attacking. Please give me some space. It's okay we move on uh so there a couple of things. I want to get into you know yesterday in the room. Gandhi brought up an interesting point about women with women women friends girls with girlfriends in how you said when you meet a girl who said i'm sorry i didn't get along with other women. I just don't yes that. That's a red red flag for you. Absolutely it gives me goosebumps. I think you know what that's probably you think because i think that genuinely behind every great woman is a pack of of other great women who help uplift you and do good things for you. My favorite people in the world are my girlfriends and i've met a lot of girls along the way who say you know. It's really weird that i get along with because i just girls don't like me and i think that that's a more of a reflection of you as a person than everyone else hating you. I wonder if just one situation where <hes> <hes> maybe there's a lot of bullying by the other girls in high school and it just with such a deep cut where it got to the point where they were afraid to trust other women. I don't know and i don't think all i see that's kind of how i am because i wasn't bullied in high school. I was never a part of that jock kind of thing so the boroughs and stuff. That's why i can't hang out with bros. Okay i'm not saying wait a minute marrying a bro. No he's a guido. Ah okay. I don't know i'm i'm just trying to understand why that's never the vibe. I get from the the women. I meet who say things like that. I when i meet those women it's i don't like other girls. They're jealous of me. They wanna hold me back. All their boyfriends seem to like me and i always just think those the situation. I totally understand why you would be a little hesitant to be their friend. I tell you what let's let's go around the room okay. Let's get some sound on here and if you know if you i want to add to this i'd love to hear your point of view. I think it'd be awesome to kind of get into this. It's like why can't you be friends with other girls right. What is it when there may be. There may be a great excuse that we can learn from. I don't know perhaps all right you can call us at eight hundred two four two zero one hundred you can text fifty five one hundred. Let's go around the room <hes> froggy. We'll start with you. What's on your mind today so we talk about this all the time. If you see us out in public police say hello to us so danielle and i were out to dinner last night and we saw two oh separate people who were like pointing out. We're circus animals. I would much rather you come over and speak to us and say hello. You're not bothering us. You are never bothering when you come over and say hello later they hit up the social media and they were like we didn't want to bother you. We saw you tonight and look like warning at me like i'm the giraffe. Zoo is exactly a little worse. I'd rather you just come say jill. Free bother them. Bother us please. It's not a bother at all pressure sam. What's on your mind today elvis. Your name gave me a superstar moment. Yesterday i was flying high so i got to interview. Two stars of the broadway cast come from away which was really cool. What a great show. Oh good show and right before we started tapping on the children. She goes from elvis duran show and i'm like oh yeah. Thanks for listening so great great to meet you whatever i turn around and their face was just priceless. They're like oh snap. This girl comes from a real place and like yeah. I do not my fault. It's elvis but thank you know it. Is you know so. You've got to interview them. Yes i got to interview them in a car. It was driven by mercedes. It was so cool. Also i got to be in a car. I didn't deserve to be and have the name association. I feel like i don't deserve to have how's your serious. It was just a nine day. Do feel like you deserve it now. I feel like i'm lucky to be associated with singer. Also part of what makes this show. What's up with you gandhi okay. I want to ask a question so we all go to the airport today. Some people have t._s._a. Pre check. Some people don't right. I do not expect anybody to wait for me. That's not rude. If they go ahead right. They can go right on right through. I told froggy this last night because he has an. I don't go and do it. I'm fine by myself. He's like no. I feel bad. Why don't you get it. I go froggy. I'm not holding you back. It's very nice go and go. You're all going to get on the same play avenue because we were figuring out how we're going to go and skier going to go together and then he was like live free free check and i said no but you can go through without me. It's talking head prefect and that's a totally different story. Now i want to get into that because of the airport to get it right and i'll have a car and i could rent one but then i forgot my license expired so i'm just so you're living and that life that really isn't real. I get my stuff together and you really do get your stuff together life manager. Oh my god danielle. What's on your mind today so i say shop those small local local businesses. I got to do a lot of that while i was here in florida and jacksonville especially in the little beach stores and the little shops you find such cute things that are a different and that you don't find regular store. I mean obviously i love shopping and all stores you just give local businesses a chance agreement and little boutique places. Thank you never know the cool stuff that you will find so many little treasures. It's so funny you bring that up because you every year american express. Does this shop local thing where it for a weekend they they ask everyone. Hey shop local shop the mop mom and pop stores and do do it all the time. Look look. I understand sometimes. It's more convenient to go to the big stores but but don't forget to little stories because those are the people that really make a difference. I could not agree more. What's up straight nate would kind of show me on your laptop looking at porn again. No it's small business saturday. That's what you're arabia. Love small business saturday. Take care of those small businesses. Don't you think it's interesting amazon okay. I know i have to be nice because they may own us one day. You never know i. I think it's interesting that they are putting bookstores out of business and other opening bookstores yeah right <hes> tame beer visit takeover noble now. It's my turn train. Food is rooted this. Why are you pointing at this guy nick. Oh okay. Let's get back to this. We have garett have some great sound so hang on this conversation. Asian about women women bores you hang up. We've got a great sound toward ready for garrett hulo nikki. Hey okay yeah doing great. I love that you're calling from harlem. One of my favorite neighborhoods in new york city sir is kentucky. No i don't blame it so beautiful. Do you ever go to our friend marcus samuelsson restaurant no. I've never been there and i'll send the address in a second all right so so you're saying that you really don't have lot of girlfriends. You're you're gay guys yes and i it's been that way all my life as long as i can remember <hes> in high high school the pack iran with it was <hes> me and three gay boys who didn't realize they were gets time but i knew and my roommates now. We live in a four bedroom. It's me and three game in. I just i've never felt a closeness to women like i do with my gay gay guy friends already so gandhi curve she if she fits that profile that you're talking about a second ago. What do you think it is about other women that you don't get along with them for like what is the reason and i'm not sure i get along with them. I just don't feel close to them. I think that <hes> feel like a lot of other women are frivolous and they just just kind of or in competition with each other and i'm not really about that okay because that's where i think there's a problem because you're generalizing. All women and all women are not the same god he's man. She wants to be one of your friends. I would totally be your friend. I've seen your instagram and i listen to you and i think you're hilarious. I do have like three or therefore girlfriends that i'm really close to <hes> and their leftovers from college three or four that you're very close from college. That's going on with women. Actually i think a smaller circle of friends is better than a largest so nicky is how a ghandi was saying is there. There are some women that she has met. There are like oh. There's i can't women 'cause they're jealous of me. They're still caddy after their boyfriends and so i i don't i don't think nikki falls into that either no no. I don't feel that way. I just i don't know i just i feel like closer to my game in friends and girlfriends that you have they live far far away like ones runs in austin texas. One is still in louisville kentucky and i'm in new york so i don't get the hang out with them and i think now that i'm older. It's hard to make make new friends <hes> and i think too. I'm really boisterous and outgoing and i think that could be off putting to some women entomb very loud and very funny. I gotta tell you <hes> as a gay guy. I'm like so attracted to you. I wanna be your friend. I am like a beacon elvis. I went to san. It's just go once on business and i came from a little brother said damn. I'm surprised you're not the mayor already nikki. Thanks for sharing your point of view. Appreciate it very what you guys have a great day. I think salmon line three could be interesting. Sam welcome to the show sam rockets sam. Are you there sam having maybe check line three. Maybe it's a different name ashley. Hello ashley hi. How are you doing. Well okay so you don't have a lot of girlfriends and why is that no <hes> growing up. I was always a tomboy homeboy. Basically <hes> and i don't know i. I was never part about popular. Click or whatever <hes> i always see that girls can be very very catty towards each other and that's how i've always kind of grown up around it. Even i mean i'm thirty and even now girls are very women. I should say are very catty tori towards each other and i mean men just tell it straight up. They just tell it like it is and <hes> that's i am. I i totally get it and some people don't like it so it's like. I'm not trying to hurt your the only thing but at the same time you know what i'm saying is interesting about what you're saying. You sound a lot like gandhi. No no no really could you do tell it like it is you're. You're not a girly girl and i'm saying that's good or bad thing. I'm not saying you're a tomboy but i grew up a tomboy for sure. I think though like you saying hang that women are caddy and men. Just tell it like it is. I don't agree with that. I think women can be catty. I think men can be catty too. I think a ton of women who tell it like it is and a ton of men who talked behind each other's back so but if you're conditioned like that like ashley has been it's just easier to go to lifelock. I'm assuming they're all candy so i'm just going to move on so you're saying the find your person or your people there are there are some women you know that are not like that in those yeah i definitely have like you know <hes> i would say a handful a group of friends <hes> actually back in michigan but i mean no. I love those girls the death at the same time it's just hard to find especially in and miami florida no offense but it's very hard to find girls that are real down here. You lived in miami gandhi dead and some of my best friends in the world come from that area so but is is there also a different level of cattiness different type of girl in south florida than there is anywhere else yes absolutely. I think guarded with her work. Yeah generalize. Everybody has one thing. Some of my best friends are from miami. It's just there are other people down there who might still my wallet my boyfriend. I don't tape saying the same thing that you're a whole lot yet. What were you saying daniel. I think anybody can say that about any area. They live in every area has those type of girls in new york city new york city. Actually thanks for everybody's on the up and up. They they for listening to us. I don't know i think it's i can sort of see how in your younger years you are sometimes conditioned to feel a certain way and then you just just wrongly so assume it's that way for the rest of your life. So are you corral people into these corrals and you don't let them out and so you don't give some actually really great people a chance chance to your friend right and that's what i want people to give other people a chance to be a good friend and open your mind open like branch out a little bit. You never know what's out there and i think you're really cutting yourself off if you just generalize them one entire sex of people to be bad for instant daniel you have girlfriends yeah. I have like five or six that are really close to. I'm we all say that that five or six right. It's a handful but i still think even if you say i can't get close to women in then you say i have a handful of friends then you get close to you. You got girls. The way i look at it is i you weed out the one the bad eggs the bad you know what i mean like the ones where caddie the ones that gossip all the time and talk about other people. I don't want that in my life. I don't want that drama so those are the people that i tend to keep at arms length and the other people that are not like that. I embrace and bring in you know that's the way it is. We've all met these girls that i'm talking about right. I know that we have and i know it's a red flag because i like when you if you meet a i don't know if you guys scary nate up when you start dating if you've met these girls who are like no i just don't get along with other girls and then something comes up and you're like <hes>. Let's see that's right. I see why yeah okay. I know i totally agree with that. Hi caitlyn something interesting taylor say that we gotta move on what's up kaylynn anti-people edu birthday birthday that never ends birthday princess week so i went to catholic school for nine nine years and for some reason like being with this team like thirty forty kids for nine years. It's like also like it's a very small school and and they're free to read. I like to different countries like i got bullied a lot and also like high school in the beginning of college like i was so afraid to like become friends with girls because of how they treated me uncomfortable but now that i'm older i feel like i'm like almost thirty and i was like a group of girlfriends who it's kinda funny. 'cause i always say like i instinctually surround myself with like a lot like hot. <hes> headed girl over stronger girl so they can defend all if i if i ever come out and i encounter kind of goals soot right. I just feel like you have to you. Open yourself up than girlfriends are really important and i found that out and i kind of missed out on it for a long the time because of how i was treated speaking exactly sort of what gandhi is saying yeah so i totally agree with with condie like i just. I feel like you have to kind of you. Know just be yourself and people can't accept you for who you are than just you know. Toss him yeah yeah but you know i'm still hearing gone. You're saying you're saying the girls that were blowing in in school. That's the same profile of women girls who just don't like other girl right because they don't like themselves that sir kaelin thanks for listening to us interesting your interactions with other people. I think is always a direct reflection of yourself off and how much you like yourself and know yourself so i think when people just immediately start from a place of i don't like this that something with you i will tell you there's there's a couple of times over the years is you can actually you can actually pinpoint something about yourself. That's a quirk or something. I think that makes you scared that other people. Why are you scared of that. You can actually go back to your childhood and you can figure out what it was. You could pinpoint exactly what it wasn't happening that has made you you hold onto that your entire right and when you can recognize it and actually sometimes say it out loud you can actually tackle it and you can beat it so for me for kids who were just a loner. You can read about it in my new book. Where do i get. I love being myself because i just didn't fit in so i still live in a world now where i just go to a party and i don't fit in and people like elvis duran dot well no. I'm still a scared little kid in but ever since i've started thinking about how i was like that as a kid i start to fix that now and i can open up and be friends with other people so it's the same as like danielle. If you grew up not liking other women and girls you can figure that out you can pinpoint it to now and fix it. I think it's the same thing with bullying. I think it's a lot of being scared of different things of being in different like if you see somebody that's different than you. You tend to make fun of them. You know a lot of people well because they're scared of the difference are learning something or you know would being uncomfortable and i think a lot of people have to just be more accepting of each other with lots of things. How did you gandhi how how did you become this <unk> all loving all serving. I'm like yourself and you really don't have any problems you can hang with the guys you can hang with the girls. You don't seem to have any issues there well. That's very nice of you to think that of course i have issues. I think everybody does i also think growing up in different places where i did and being the race i am. I never fit in anywhere so i just never felt super comfortable and be never being comfortable. I think just kind of thickens your skin and you realize like this. This is who i am. I'm never going to change things. I'm very happy with it and hopefully other people are having to and if they're not what do i care and you'll have a lot of gay friends yeah. I'm one of them yeah. You are when take another one. That's right all right. Look we have. We're running late so we have excellent sound from garrett. It's celine garrett going the sound. I'm sitting back. I'm loving. We have danielle's report on the way daniels putting on some lipstick to make herself. Look pretty for the because i'm gonna talk about. Bella hadid so i have the feeling i'm in the same category that on the way the sound garrett's hang on taran. I love musicals in the morning. Show historian in the morning show sound garrett hair. Hey good morning. I talk about it today. America's america's got talent last night. I wanna introduce you to imagine she's a twelve ten year old girl from north port florida thing little opera and you would think it went wrong but it didn't. How old is she. Ten years old. Stop ten years ten years old. <music> <music> <music> shut years old pretty classy right. Get get out very classy. Now shut door. Let's talk about something less classy over bachelor in paradise last night. It was <hes> it was taco date night. Where john paul jones. He has three first names. Little weird went on a date with jane and john didn't eat the tacos that he ate didn't sit well with him. Who oh talk christian grow honest spicy though y go hi okay we're good. We're good. We're good. Oh no yeah no. I'm not trying to kill you before the roaster. I'm really sorry jan now. It's not yet in front of you jane. Thank you so much. Don even thank me the battery now danielle daniel you it. You didn't start voting earlier. Ragging then yeah all that mexican nvidia last night you're welcome all right tonight. Show down with post malone and the two guys saying an irish pub style anthem seven drunken nights as they drank beer. Call me why i and i said to her. Would you kindly to a who owns them. Boots beneath were i. I i took how post malone is so versatile can do. He look into suit to last night all right. Let's play some games <hes>. Let's i try to get this singer. Dr who is having an amazing year cover adele when she first started singing any guesses that is correct also awesome down from lover yes now. I know you all been wondering what a goat sounds like when an eats a dorito right right wondering wondering it sounds like this is the sound of a goat eating a dorito. Yes the scary when he eats a dorito too funny. You say that the a minimum the that enhance the audience laden. That's the sound scary makes tells us about pleasure and i know hey baby come over tonight and pleasure. You remember garrido tacos. I gotta i'm gonna reverse in your eyes. Are you done. You know i gotta be honest. You're not a good american daniel vomit. You made us all vomit. I i think we had fun outta here. We had crazy sounds to puke to album. We have one minute danielle made up your af i the daniel's time one story but then when you see flailing we gotta take a break because we're running flaring airing when i have my story up that's my story. <hes> the american <hes> f._x. Has decided to pay tribute to two pac and his mom threw a five episode docu series. It's called outlaw outlaw. The saga of athenian talk and it's going to look back at the incredible lives of these two. It's going to be directed by alan hughes. He's already behind the docu series. Dr dre and jimmy levin gene for h._b._o. It is supposed to be incredible to puck fan from back in the day. You're gonna definitely want to check this out. Thirty second. Okay lows new album is coming out in september and oriented ground as releasing a new fragrance on the eighteenth. It's called. Thank you next twenty five the john party the elvis duran and the morning show strategy no the cheapest. This guy we know scotty b yesterday was his birthday and of course the first thing he did was ran around the area trying to find free things. I tape paper so if it's your birthday it's true g._p._s. I love getting to know how cheap i am. I really appreciate it alive money. I'm not cheap. You waste gas by two having around trying to give free. They were all local okay. So if it's your birthday with day dorota billion places you can go for free things yes restaurants and stores if you sign up for their clubs or get their apps or whatever they will send you free stuff like within twenty four hours. This is when i had dinner at benihana than the next morning i had free coffee from dunkin donuts free breakfast from starbucks. I got a burrito from mos- for lunch then dinner at california your pizza kitchen and baskin robbins gave me a free scoop of ice cream oklahoman dinner benny honner and california pizza kitchen dinners an expensive thing they give you free dinner. It was a thirty dollars certificate. You get on your birthday from benihana just for signing up really yep and california pizza kitchen if you join their club on their app you get a free entree on your birthday wow plus. I got ten dollars from kohl's. I got the shirt they're yesterday's ca captain crunch shirt. I also got a certificate for free waffle waffle house but unfortunately that's a long drive for us. Froggy lives two seconds waffle house. I'm gonna email it to you yeah so i think it's great the you know. Who are we to laugh. It sounds great to me. We'll just check your favorite restaurants california pizza kitchen. They have that barbecue chicken good. You know what i get. There and you're gonna get mad at me. I get the salmon. Everybody makes fun of militia your pizza there either no no. They have a mushroom pasta. That's so good yeah that thing. It's been a ghandi. Didn't we go there yet. I got my much anyway so yeah. If it's your birthday if you remember all these clubs. I'm sure there's a billion more they. We all have them. Just check your restaurant in your stores cheap bastard alert. Hey by the way we posted this series of photographs graphs of us since we've met you which was twenty three years ago twenty five years ago on <hes> our elvis duran show page on. I know instagram right instagram. Yes you should see all the people talking about how hot enhancing you're. I didn't see that was one of them wasn't my bar. Mitzvah picture was going back right posted that bar mitzvah fixed taber hot and sexy when you're going through our mitzvah becoming creepy but let me try to find it on the instagram <hes> elvis duran show. I haven't seen this. I can't get whatever anyway these pictures like ellie ellie ellie gold. There's allie knows she was. She's like oh you guys it was it got the biggest response from our show yesterday. How people talk about how how hot you know really what were they saying on. Elvis duran show on instagram about scotty b so we posted the video of him opening his birthday card and hayes fruit plate and everyone was commenting. How hot is so just responding with hard is all day. Zack also posted the pictures of winning on skis. I think instagram gary posted if i'm there. I'll garrett scares yeah anyway. Look at you potman so they were posting current day. When you're opening your car. That's the video that allie put up yesterday your total dealth which my white thought that scott has always been on little haughty. I love you. You're a big old zadie eddie hayes. What's that okay jingzhang anyway. We love you. Thank you very much so follow us ed elvis show and follow me at elvis duran because i need more followers when you're lovers all right. Let's get into the three things you need to know. Also your way back wednesday phone tap with danielle. That's very obnoxious. That's on the way gandhi what's up. President trump is going to be visiting texas and ohio today first dayton that'll happen late this morning and then al paso some politicians are already planning protests and and some people have asked him not to visit police now saying between twelve and twenty people were yesterday in times square when a motorcycle backfired and people thought it was a gunshot took off running. It was scary yeah but the police response was very swift to that so we all appreciate it and finally if you are a fan of walgreens so sad to tell you that they are closing in two hundred of their stores. They say that they're going to relocate employees. They're not just going to get rid of them so don't worry so. They're going to put them at nearby locations. Hey guys selena gomez what's up. It's fletcher post malone out story. How dare you what mr enemy show elvis duran and the morning show hey guys bedtime is sometimes battle for both you and your kids for instance my daughter ella she struggled sometimes to fall asleep while fortunately tricia and i have now discovered vicks expires these kids melatonin dummies to help her fall asleep naturally find peers kids in stores everywhere randy elvis historian phone tap today's phone tap pretty cool daniel. You're weird. I'm always here's where we were walking around the hallways yesterday when you were in the studio doing this phone tap. Daniel was screaming and carrying on we'll go in and see if she's okay. Wait till you hear what came out of this phone tap what happened in the email. There cast says her boyfriend adam has a car with an expired expired inspection sticker. He already got a ticket for it and he still hasn't fixed the problem so she said call him and tell him his car is being towed. Okay here we go who's phone-tapping carrot a phone tapping her boyfriend adam daniels help it out dad tay <hes> listening. We got a problem <hes>. I'm over at the house and <hes> there's somebody here and they saw that your infection has been overdue and they wanna tow your car. We could do dad because he should've taken care of where honey we you wanna talk to her. Please all right. Hold on yeah hello. This is linda who who gave you the authority to pick my car up the development. I i don't know somebody somebody write their name. Know somebody in the management office office talking in that what i lived there. I parked my call wherever i want i know kind of hamburg cannot car for inspection. Okay well. Yes it can if we were called by the condo development but can't even call you you leave. I'll be there in five minutes. Wait wait. Don't touch my car the car up on the list. I can't put it back down in. What did i do what you want me to do. Yeah doing to my cory now. You also have one light. Do not touch my car. I'll the five minute drive my car bad. There's a white out on my car yeah no. I don't think so where every year in five minutes scratch you touch my car what is going on right now. Did you have a flat tire kilian. I will kill you do not touch my car. There's no flat tires lights. No scratches scratches. No nothing don't touch my car. Maybe maybe we can work something out. Maybe in my scratching my flat tire paul my car on the ground now first of all you're driving a saturn. So of course there's gonna be parts busted in the first place them jabbing truck. Let me talk to the driver of the truck odd. Hold on. We're gonna try and get this together. Let me it was something that we're gonna have to find some paint to replace the chip that we yeah. This is a mistake mistake geico on the ground listen to me. I'm gonna tell you one time. I'm having a heart attack right right now. I'm having an aneurism. I'm blown aneurysm in my brain. I'm coming to the house right. Now is my <hes> on the ground with everything that you just said is broken fix. There's gonna be problems. Donald do you understand me. Don't you understand that your car was expired inspection lady. I don't care inspection and smashing was talk like my car you did. There was nothing wrong with my flat tire. You scratch you both my way. I'm coming now going to buy. Where are they taking it. They're taking. They're taking talking about taking it to a lot where they're going to. They pick it up. No tally boy god above please. We'll buy a big bottle of pain. We have to fix the scratch that you have to picked everything now. You have to take everything listen to me out the car where he's a little upset about breaking said about him breaking my car. He's a little upset about some stuff about the car on the call on the ground plan on the grass gosh because my car again i'm breaking fingers. I'm breaking their fingers talented. You better plan right now. Linda's joke visit. You've just been phone tap age crite joseph. I'm in trouble god. Where is my car right. Where you live this morning honey jersey. I just soiled myself recorded with permission granted by all participants elvis duran in the morning show. I am so excited about sunday. Sunday is national chocolate chipotle there but no i do it every sunday. Every sunday for me is national chocolate chip cookie day and to celebrate this past sunday our own greg t the frat boy dressed. I still play a nate tate's chocolate chip cookie so he looked good in the video was great looking at him. Yeah you're pushed the play henry. Oh oh yes so he walked around city dressed as a love. It tastes chocolate chip cookie and the tastes mobile. I'm the clown very cute okay. So have you heard jersey. Mike's commercials this so he did this for tate's in which i think is a total win dressed up like chocolate chip cookie walking around new york city for tate's in the tate mobile the tapes mogul. How can you wrong so. I heard this on the way into work today. Y'all guys i'm greg t from elvis duran in the morning show also from new jersey sure how the paper sub franchises jersey. Mike's as that here's another hot water. I had skipped aligned mind jersey. Mike's above jersey touristy might turn jersey. Mike's just can't help myself. I'm from jersey. I just i don't understand. Can you explain it to me okay. We have a lot of commercials that run here on the radio station so you have the stand out among all the other ones. There's gotta be a way so when i think of like jersey like cruising down to the jersey shore that i think of like the beats pump it in the car. You know take your fist is in the air like jersey shore so i was trying to parlay that into the commercial that was you beat boxing. How hold on time now. I hear sound effects because really don't have that. We don't have that. That's all i tried to do. I wanna stand out gotcha. How else do you stand out with your client. Oh you're standing in a standing out. Stand out in that other room out again all right still that technique. I deal image jersey jersey. Mike thank you thank you danielle time for the last. Daniel reported the day tomorrow. You're doing your report poolside at the fao blue miami. Oh oh yes. I wish all right so the next season of f._x. American crime story will actually focus on the impeachment of president clinton but what i found and really interesting is monica. Lewinsky is one of the producer apparently they went to her and they said listen. This is what we want to do. We need you to give your approval all your blessing and they said and if you want to be part of it and help us out. We'd love that we'll pay you and she said yes so that's on the way i audio okay. Little bex did not mean to open the doors for black country artists. That's what he's saying but he thinks it's cool. If it's happened and i know gandhi doesn't agree no. There's a few others before but you know what we need. More lewis did a great job and i love you. Danielle dot com the two k. this is this is mariah carey what's up this is pink and you're listening to elvis duran. Dan in the morning show brought to you by blinded by the light for anyone who's ever had a dream. You are not alone from the director of bend like beckham during the cia inspired by a true story and the music and lyrics of bruce springsteen in theaters august sixteenth <hes> bob story that you tell off my daughter the beat to death. I'm katherine townsend hosted the true crime podcast cowan gone and i'm heading back to arkansas on a new case to find out what happened into jamie ward on september ninth nineteen eighty nine. There's no justice done it hurts. A lot of people listened to hell on. That's h. e. l. l. and gone on apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app or wherever you get your podcasts.

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