Messi Mulls Barcelona Exit


Petr Buddy welcome into this edition of ESPN APP. See us to be with you. We're going to be joined in just a little bit by Janaka, pure tall and stevie nickel, discussing a potential. Move Jadon Sancho to Manchester United. We'll also hear from shocking his. We'll be discussing. The base recently released study on racial bias in football commentary plus we'll hear from San Jose earthquakes Chris Wanda Lousy currently embedded. Embedded major league soccer, SO-CALLED BUBBLE DOWN IN ORLANDO, but we start with news that could rock the football world to its very core Spanish network got an essay reporting that Lionel Messi is ready to leave Barcelona. He is called off. Negotiations over his contract are more socio ends reporting that Messi is angry at the Barcelona office over leaked media reports, Moore said Lo and Frank leboeuf join US sid. Is this for real is Lionel Messi now really going to leave Barcelona and what is it the root of this? One This is something that needs to be kind of explained, contextualized and unpacked now. Is this for real in the sense? That is Leo Messi unhappy. Has He opposed to conversations? Over new contract and put stop to that for the time being and is absolutely furious with the way that boss on is being run. Yes, is thirty four next summer. Yes, is that true point at which he would be contemplating? WHY NEXT MOVE WOULD BE? Yes, but the context is really really important. Here is Leeann saying I will leave. This is little messy saying. I won't read this deal now. I want renew this deal with this board of directors. At least not for the moment. I want to be convinced that we're going to buy the right players that were going to build a squad in the right way. The club is going to be settled and by the way next summer are presidential elections I think what? Is doing more than anything else is obviously keeping his own personal options open in terms of what he decides how he feels about himself in the time by the else, he's actually saying to somebody tomato, the president with whom the relationship isn't good. He saying I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of the photograph of my renewal on not going to give you the chance to go into presidential elections unless you convince me Hawaii's. Being able to say to people, I'm the one that's guaranteed Leonel. macy's continuity so I think you cannot. Divorce this. Of News from the context and the context is his age, the fighters that club and the fattest presidential elections next summer now in a way, the ideal scenario for Mexico's is that he renews with a new president who he does trust in Maxima so this doesn't mean he's going what it does mean is able to leverage the possibility of going to try and change things at Celona Frank. How often have we asked the question? How good word Barcelona be without Messi? Can you imagine it? Do you think they'd still be able to compete with around Madrid? Do you think they'd still be a top team? In the world? Is They are now? That's a question that maybe we can ensure soon if Loan. Goes and finds. Another club. It's hard I. Mean of course one of the most entertaining player that we have seen and and Wiz Rinaldo finding for more than decayed to know with the best entertainer, and not be the best player because the sort of another question that do we have to insert the best entertainer for more than educated in the world. I had I don't like the political aspect. Of what see just explained, but. I want to see the good thing about you know. Boscell best on being able to turn a new page of their history without Missy, sooner or later is going to happen, because maybe He's walnuts. At some point it's going to give up is going to retire, and they will have to do so without him, so of course they will, it will take time It's awfully not like. Was All big players leaving and. Not being able to come back to the best, but bustle now would have to think about the new future without loud and missy is going to be be curb. He's GonNa be a big turn, but I'm sure they're going to be able with a young player that they have the equanimity how to find a new genius, and and we'll see well. It said is gone yet, but I'm I'm pretty interested about the the to follow that. Thing because I want to see if Michigan good to another club I WANNA see all the clubs gonNA GONNA show up next year. Barcelona so everything is very exciting for me. Sit It's been just less than twenty four hours since this news broke half the fun of tracking football in Spain is watching the reaction from the media both in Madrid and Barcelona. What has been the response? In a way considering how big this story appears to be on the surface, because of course on the surface, the headline is Lionel Messi right now doesn't intend to continue now that in itself is as you rightly said at the show huge, but of course where you start to kind of pick away at this, you say well doesn't plan to continue right now, but we saying bill next season, or at the very least we're year from this. Everybody inspires aware of that context. This is partly about the sense of being. Let Down Right now. Being let down by this board of directors who have to face elections next year, so may not be there. They're also. Everybody's aware that. He set free. He'll be thirty four this time next year. And maybe who knows that's the point of which apply like came. Be Calling it anyway, maybe not necessarily calling. Career but calling according to fight. At the very highest level, and then perhaps he looks at something like Qatar or the US, or he looks perhaps even the romantic move of going back to Argentina and so I think what happened was off the initial impact of hearing that headline statement, which is right now. He's not happy and he's not minister. At Barcelona then, people start putting the pieces together and thinking actually you know what this is not quite as big as it seems, or at the very least it's not as big right now as it appears and there is plenty of time to get back on track. Frank. You mentioned you didn't like the politics that said was referring to give me. The footballers perspective than you see everything that's happening at Barcelona the Arthur. Piano flop was clearly done over money. Is Barcelona and attractive place either to stay if you're messy or to go if you're another talented player? What. It seems to be a big mess. Of course you cannot deny the politic aspect of the of the club and especially. How Spanish! Clubs work. We do the election and everything, but in football, prospective UCLA club, but you see big club with a prominence to with recruitment. And before they were absolutely fantastic, every player who came to Barcelona was a the right person for the right spots It's different now, and the example of reason was was the biggest example of what you do when you. August Barcelona so there are some. Some question marks on players whether they have to come to bustle now. Because of course can you refuse denied an offer from bustle I? Don't think it's possible yet, but if they carry on like that, and especially, if MRI is gone, down, would be another question that players will answer by the the answer of no, because, of course. We don't know what's going to happen to that fantastic club. Writes it every problem has a solution one of the solutions being floated right now at least in Spain, and maybe elsewhere in Europe, is that pepper yellow could return to Barcelona. Do you think there's a any chance and be? Would that satisfy messy? Look. I think it's very unlikely because again have to look at this in the context and the context in Frank's right, that politics always pleasant, but they're. They're a reality, and the context is that this is a board of directors led by the president just. With, who messes relationship isn't great, but with WHO body odors relationship isn't great, either and both of those men by Guadiana Msn know that next summer there will be presidential elections, and there will be an opposition candidate, almost certainly big font now those two men in on the face of at least would be much more likely to be aligned with victim font and they will be. We've bought male, but picked up on already has managed lined up, and that's Chubby so if Guardia was to return and return for just one year knowing that. That year's time. Pat Things differently and going to be different return under a board of directors that he truly believe in. I just don't see I. don't see Guadiana Putting himself in that position, and so I think this is a situation that in terms of the kind of a proper resolution. We never really get that until next summit. In less somehow by some miracle, elections can be forced to some of which I think is going to happen. I. Think it's next year that we see this society next year. The opposition bigger with which. will be most likely in line with already has his manager and someone else so I just don't see. The building blocks in place for that to happen. Frank if you were in your shoes, would you touch the Barcelona job? Well No, for the reason that seed just explained that there is no room for him. The prison we stay. I think it will be a new election I think somebody who's GonNa, come and. The said. Shabbes already in the right spot and we'd be the next coach top of it, if MRIs stays. A thing the steelers, the soda problem print for Diet. Between them that they did they did. They won't get along very well. I mean Guatemala really was a little bit fed up when Missy was not listening to what he say, disciplinary, so I don't think they dig on. They're going to work together so if he goes. What's going to happen to the club? Do you think well allow wants to come to to bustle I if he's not sure he hasn't got the best players around him. I don't think so. Let's change gears a little bit. We haven't had you on since. The blow up between guests at the end and grease. Man's family on on social media. What's been the reaction to that bit of drama? which now seems like a decade ago in Waco? Messi News. It's amazing. How fast things move, isn't it? How quickly we we live one story behind the move onto the next one because what happens a particular time of Crisis Club boss on the degree of media, speculation and attention on them is the things. Do move very very fast and I. think that's another thing which I didn't mention it earlier, but that's part of the context of this piece of news coming out about Messi as well. It's about that sense that things are bright, and now's the time that you can perhaps force a change in the club. In terms of the situation agreement is interesting because the reaction, obviously with him has focused on this being far more difficult to to to sort out the message situations. We've seen this with Mexico before when we mighty leave and I think we'll beat down. No, the Messi in his heart heart wants to finish his career Lona and we'll do what he can do that, but once these last two three years to be the right ones, but it's. It's like different different because he's in a position where he could move on. He's in a position where I suspect. If there was really good money for Bosnia might try and that happen, and of course he's in a position where he will feel that having waited an entire year. It's goats, boss, having changed his mind the first time around and now gone for a season where it hasn't ended the way that he would've liked it to. Perhaps he's of looking around for something else and I thought the most telling thing by the way. It was made the comment from his father when he pointed out to set in. You don't have the keys. You're not driving this truck. You want just a passenger, and of course. If you've got a place for essentially saying the manager, you're powerless off sorts of questions about. Who really is driving this truck then? Frank, you haven't been shy. You've said breeze. Men should lead Barcelona if messy leaves do think reason could find success. while. Don't forget MRIs GonNa leave if he leaves. Within a year, so meaning another very poor, you're for agreement thinking. He has the time for. The euro next year then after the Walker, so he he has to play to being the in the national team squad. He has to sustain in his prime IFFY. He wants new good contract with the announcements, and that's another another problem, but the situation is critical with the father comments and I think Sich and we make the point six knicks game where you should see a on the bench to make sure that the WHO not only the Gerbil re the driver of the truck. I think it's very sad. We see because everybody made mistakes. I always said that in the show that. Is Responsible Club is responsible. The father is responsible because the father pushed son too good to bustle on. Agrees man made a fantastic video last year to say well. No I'm staying where Missy said. You could come then why muscle and opened the door or you're after, so it's it's a big mess and I I'm not sure they can be. Resolved even if MRI lives we. It's for me too late because going to be in the year, two years of miserable life Oh agrees. To do without playing for bustle the way he wants to play. Sid. What do you think no chance of Post Messy Antoine Grease. Men Redemption Tour Barcelona. Quite right? The child saw that smoke. That would definitely be here away. At least a year, and then, of course you for at least one season. You have to find a way of accommodating those do now. I don't think that's impossible, but there is a very basic fact which we've talked about. Frank quiet riot on this from the very beginning, we said well look you go. Antwon Grease, man, who is an absolutely brilliant footballer who plays brilliantly above old in two positions, one as a forward coming in off the right into the middle or the other of the off the central forward has and striker, so he goes to a club where possibly the irony person in the. The world, who better than him of those things is already there and so it was always going to be difficult to find a place for now. I think there's a mechanical problem there. I think there's a degree of a personal problem, but I think that's possibly being overplay in terms of this idea that we have the Suarez didn't want to say I don't think that's. That's true. I think it's true that they wanted name because they knew that would work, but I think they would find a placement if they could see it happening and so look if groomsmen can adapt to evolve, and yes, but we've had a year kind of trying to see if that happens. Try to see if we can. DOC- ear as frank says I think another. Another year is is a big, but then there's another problem imagine agrees to go. Imagine the person I want to sell him where to for how much money who pays wages. It's not that easy to find these exit strategies, and even less so in a depressed market was. This mark is almost certainly going to be if I can say Sebastian we'll really have a solution. Neymar goes back to Barcelona and Greenman goes to. That's because exchange. Thank you gentlemen. That's probably even more complicated than it sounds. Because of course then you've got to deal with the salaries. You've got to work house. We saw the author panic steel. How you how you create the prices. What you claim the prices to be it's. Quite difficult to make that happen, but you're right on the face of it. That's that's the. That's everybody happy, isn't it? That's the best lights around this. Thank, you very much voice, just the one game in on Friday. Athletico Madrid three nothing winners over my Yorker Article Murata, couple of first half goals leaving athletico comfortably in third place eight points away from missing out on the champions. League, for more we welcome in shock his through the show shock up pretty quintessential athletic performance, maybe outside of. Actually finishing his chances in the first half what you make of it. Exactly as you see, this is typical alleged Madrid, nothing really to foreign in homer ball. They do as they've always done over recent years. It's. It's boring. But is affected and you know given the their position in the league right now. They're not gonNA finish balls. They're not to get up the second in Barcelona. They just kind of chugging along doing as there always have as effectively or almost as effectively as as they always have. This. This is some unions team, and it's not gonNA. Change sadly. Chucky you call it ugly and boring. I have to remember last summer. Let Madrid beating around here in the United States seven three in preseason. We thought we were going to see swashbucking buckling Athleti in the year to come what happened. Is that a reflection of the players they have or don't have, or is it just down the Diego Simione? I have absolutely no idea I. Remember doing an interview. Just after that seventy performance and someone asked me who I think would win the Champions League and I said I think Madrid chance as any and look how that's Palmdale. Teamed up much more promising. You've seen a more attacking Daego CMU Andy, or wanting to evolve over over the last couple of seasons, and then Zhao Felix gets signed for the money that that he spent on, he looked with every single penny of it, contrast that no to the forlorn figure that he cut on on the sidelines once once he was brought off, and it kind of tells the story of alleged preseason Athletico Madrid now look so promising so so exciting. And yet. No, it just seems a little bit flat. No. Athletico Madrid finishing third behind on Real Madrid. Disappointing by by most people's standards, but given what we've seen given what we were hoping for, and maybe expected. It just feels that we and it's tough to put this all on the shoulder Zhao Felix regardless of his price dive, because he is so young, and maybe the best still yet to come for him and led to Madrid, but as of right now the team just regressed to who they've always been. What about champions the chocolate? We know that there's to the quarterfinals right now. They're getting twelve to one odds, but you just imagine them playing better and better competition kind of hanging on. Do you think they have a realistic shot to win the championship? Twelve to one I think speaks to who led to. Madrid is and. Enter the fact that it's going to be one game now. It's pretty much one game. Elimination and anything can happen and that one game. Do I see electrical Madrid. Of the teams that remained competition over two legs new, but didn't them be the Liverpool over two legs and yet still here here we are here. There are now. It's down to one game where Athletic Madrid. We knew can stay for the light life out of any opposition over ninety minutes over one hundred and twenty minutes, and then who knows if if it goes to penalties, there is so much more. Wiggle Room so much more opportunity for the underdogs, not just electrical Madrid whoever it is for the underdogs in these upcoming ties over the one leg than over to so yes, twelve to one is is goods, but I don't think you'd get that show on over two legs busy weekend then ahead in Spain tripleheader of matches on Saturday, but the real action gets going on Sunday, real, Madrid visiting Athletic Bilbao Barcelona than a visit via of trails rally by four points with five matches left to play. Hello. This is your apartment. I need some favors from you. Your cat keeps rubbing against the kitchen. Island and I can't return the favor. Can you give her extra pets for me after that? Could you bundle your renters car insurance with Geico? We could save money, and it's easy to do online and one last thing. Could you the TV on during the day I? Need to catch up on my soaps. For Bundling made easy go to GEICO DOT COM today. For member to book the Transportation Portion of our website today, you'd be reading about Jaden Sancho. Who is reportedly agreed to personal terms with Manchester United for more on this? We walk them in Janakapura, tough stevie nickel Yang. Start with you is old. Trafford the right destination for this talented young player. Well, it could be because they need a global Playa de need someone who wake which excite that t money's been fantastic in Germany scoring goals getting states through accidents, incidental season so always on golden stakes, stakes, and some coming late to two games, but we used to do that in India old days, but yeah Manchester United need that kind of player. Having said that Dalton think that is corona virus. Virus seasons have given him an extra chance to keep in. So I think the last word hasn't been said they tried to keep in because they expect conscience, thirty million euro and we'll see if American owners loved to do that, said no to Liverpool all investments see what American oldest would say to Manchester United Steve Young player. There's a lot of pressure Manchester. United is this the right move from the players perspective? That will only be answered when he steps on the field as really the question that. But not just Sancho but previous dominant players have hard. Alexi Kagawa on maxine? That was the only question. Not Not do. They have ability, but can handle the pressure and those two. That mentioned couldn't so really gotten this for me. Is has nothing to do we ability. He absolutely profile. Globalstar is John Talking about. He's got the swaggie other Panama she takes people on scores goals. This guy has a Bella eve obsolete under percent ball. Was One question to be answered can't handle go to old. Trafford and make an Estado himself are a biggest star when he gets Yana switch gears a little bit Paul Pogba reportedly, never been happier. He now wants to sign a contract extension at Manchester United. What were the magic words? What is your only going to say to turn this thing around? Winning Football Games yourself fit and I think Manchester United the moment is playing brilliantly on I, think every player wants to be a part of that. Then you see at the moment though Manchester United. Like going somewhere and when you see rest program Manchester United I. Think There's a big chance that would be any champions league. NEXT SEASON ON THE! And Bano we want to be on a winning team and they. They tend to to do those kind of things, but just mind you maybe another week. That will change around, but. Above by he's been privileged brilliantly after he came back and Human Fernandez there. In midfield of Manchester, united make him look very solid, and with a mini winning Mattel data moments, Stevie, no doubting Popov was telling, but but he's oft injured. He's often ineffective is extending the right move from Manchester United. Affects look. The most important thing he does. I get impatient. I get impression of Paul Pogba wants to succeed Manchester United. Really. Do Manchester United when he went there. He clearly thought they were going to build their own. An odd pass. Unfortunately, it's taken. It's taken too long. Are certainly seemed dissolves. Take too long and Yan mentioned willing Ganj winning games on playing with other players who look as though the ready t- to the heights. Changes your whole thought process and so yes. I absolutely extend this guy. You don't want to lose Paul POGBA. A great run right now. Everything's looking fantastic the whole club. So why would you let one of your best players go? That would that would make no sense to me whatsoever. Odd because the democritus changes well because there was a time. Pre Karol now that maybe there were a lot of destination. You can pick your destination now. No, you see this changing just in front of all is is market Willie go back to Paris to Paris Sandra. No, he wouldn't. Would he go to railroad? Well remedied have to come up with money as well in Barcelona is chaos. So where should we go? We will never go to Liverpool livable wouldn't take him. Him So the best chances for a big pain paying day, he said Manchester United so I can see him extend out contract yon you mentioned. How well Manchester United are playing right now I can think of at least one very harsh critic of all. They're gonNA source jar on this show and I'm talking about Craig Burley. What do you have to say now? All of the critics of all they're gonNA jar. I don't think I have to be. A lawyer for Alabama no soldier. I think yes, yeah, you can see the way he's doing. You know he's. He's doing all these interviews with a better confident that much more important. You can see a team that is doing something. You can see what it tried to do to perfect Laguna. And he said I had an into. You like a couple of weeks ago. We said is a different team as well this team. He wants to play and you can see that balance in midfield. I think that is the key to everything now. Balancing immediately also look like the defense is shaping up. They don't concede so many goals delegate luke all over the place. After that fantastic start of Laguna soldiers started united now, but I think that the main thing is that he is changing and team is winning. But what Spurs the team is winning. A soldier is winning. I think that is all about confidence. He's gaining and the critics. I mean it's hard. Even for Craig Burley to be doing any critics now too much just united because at the moment that look like maybe the best team in England stevie. We've seen this before from. Manchester, United States under the current manager. Do you think it's built to last like the last time? Listen. Yes, right? No, they're playing some fantastic football but the truth does the the really. Don't the real playing any big teams. You know their their next four games ever against the lakes Fella policy teams. The should welby. SCOTLA gives different. Chelsea and less stuff We will see then if they can. I think can keep one in through the end of the season and. Finished in the top four because. My say I think. Almost certainly, not going to be in the League next year, which means they'll be an anyway, so that really means that much can finish their season and get. Stevie real question as because. The real question is next season next season. He won't be afforded this time. You Know Manchester. United of of been really good. We all and he's actually reciprocated in what they're doing right now, but next season is absolutely huge for all in the club, because competant for fourth spot as going to be enough next season this season they will finish in the at least five, maybe four. But as should be expected because of the Games. They have left Stephen. You mentioned Manchester City in there, maybe not in the Champions League next year. Certainly in the Champions League this year, and as we take a look Manchester, city and buying Munich are installed as the CO favorites. Let's TV. Everyone's kind of on the Manchester City hype train. They saw the Liverpool performance yesterday, but we know Liverpool were on the beach. We City Chelsea earlier in the week. Do you think they deserve to be co favorites of the champion? Absolutely on the percent. Manchester City's only problem and we all know it. GUESS WAR AS The bike, but guess what? Would you put any money on any of the other teams? Maybe Atlantico Madrid as stretch, but is there any other team including by on? That are really that good at buck? The truth is no and this team. Better Than Manchester, city going forward I'm not sure the res- so they absolutely one hundred percent should be to be one of the favorites. I think you should be. Buying to find it tough, coming off a break and playing Champions League show. Yes, they deserve to be up there, but they're the road and Sean medic because I think the our best team left. Yang I'm thinking back to last week. Show I. Remember you talk about buying Munich like they were the best team in the world. Do you still feel that way? And if so, what's the gap between Munich and city? Think! Stevie makes point in terms so they ending the season. Having said that I've been playing for a while now on all the Germans are very well prepared to any tournament being the national team now for the club team the same. Yes, that much. Is Doug. Good going foliage? via Munich that got a great balancing filled with would Kim each and Gerrad, Scott and back there was a revival of bulletin on people who say Manuel Neuer is not one of the best goalkeepers into world way well, they don't watch the German Bundesliga so I think by. Nature be up. There s a favorite and also the thing. They start the last season's pep. Guardiola team had a problem at the end of the season's they. Struggling at the end I'm also masters. City got beat that traditional winning a tournament like that and we shouldn't underestimate the by Munich I used to winning Champions League as Liverpool were last season, so don't underestimate that think of club going in there and I know my city go to qualify to get the list. Wa as well speaking of Manchester City and buying the two clubs did some business Lee. Rossana going from To Buy Munich looks TV. He's not the first young player to leave Manchester City for lack of minutes or opportunity. Do you think they'll end up? I mean the one exception, the notable exception maybe Phil Foden right now. Do you think they'll end up regretting this? I don't think so. Clearly clearly. He's not hoppy there. And actually, yes, he's had so many problems, but when he's being for. He's been. He's way from being one of the names on the team sheet, so listen they assist a case of. It's not good for either way. The guy clearly talented guy clearly wanted to go by on. It wasn't happening this city. They realized that he did as well listen. He goes to buy and everybody's Happy Yon. Not just Roy sonnet potentially leaving. What about guys like? Kevin Brian talked about leaving if this year for Champions League. Is An uplifted. We're talking about them as Champions League favorites right now, but if you look ahead the next year, do you think we're maybe at the beginning of the end of the Manchester City? We've come to know. They've been working with Vada global anti. Agency who have anti. Doping Agency on I don't trust the governing bodies of sport. The hearing cops dot is that could go either way. I I'm more likely to see match to city in a Champions League next year as well I think that will keep that team. I think pep Guardiola will will stay on. There are some young kids I think by Munich has done. A great business relies on I think that Manchester City wanted to keep in coming to the end of his contract. It seems like a good idea because the play of wanted to go there and I saw some reports in England saying. Where did it all go wrong, would Sunday? Sunday at Manchester City well to be fair has gone through a much bigger club to manage the cities. Go that wrong for Leroy. Son So I. Don't think the monster see today will rebuild. They got some money. They got pep Guardiola up. They would be a title. Contender also knicks or also. They will be time called Santa next year. There was this season Stevie I'd be remiss if I didn't ask you about the Liverpool perspective in all this. Chelsea's plan while Manchester United's playing well. Do you still think that city next year will be the greatest threat to Liverpool? Absolutely! No question. No question you know montage isolated, yes, listen let. Let's look at the Hot Fox. Tell C.. United. What Fair points points for Liverpool. That's going to be tough. They make up some poise. Yes, he can come to make up fifty I. Don't think so. Our gentleman will leave it there for now. Of course, the boys will be with us on extra time taking your questions off Twitter Yon and Steve. Return don't miss it and if you do make sure to find it on our youtube channel. Is your money, not sure what to do with itself right now at ally, they'll help it save for the future with their smart savings tools. Bucket your money for the things that matter most analyze you're spending and save automatically all on top of a competitive rate for all things money. You deserve an ally. Visit A. L. L. Y.. Dot Com slash savings for more INFO ally. Do it right ally bank member FDIC? Chuck his lot back with us now shock of the Professional Footballers Association, releasing a study earlier this week about racial bias in football commentaries and very interesting statistics, one that jumped out to me from this study, which included eighty games across Europe's top four leagues was about the description of intelligence shock, this statistic, sixty two percent of praise, when it came to intelligence, was directed at players with a lighter skin tone that compared to sixty three percent of criticism, aimed at players of a darker skinned again when it came to the descriptions of intelligence. This seems to have surprised a lot of broadcaster shock. Does it surprise you? Yes it did I'll be very honest with you savvy. I thought it was jarring. Especially given the context of where we are right, no about racial bias, bid, conscious or unconscious where we're talking about players for example in the Prima League, when the black lives matter badge on their on taking a knee before games, it speaks to a broader picture of bias against black players and. Throw, throw football's. Highest Leagues and how we as commentators on the sidelines, and I'll only speak for our team here without knowing any specifics, as regards to own cometary positions, but I feel if we are in keeping with these numbers, the bias out as being expressed on air is unconscious bias, and if we we have a responsibility to not just recognize that, but address that, because I, as much as plasma, take a knee and as many. As as maybe one arms. The big picture here and the big solutions come when when. Attitudes Change and we as commentators have a responsibility to the. That we all speaking to who are watching the games that we are covering who are watching these shows that we apparel. Shock back in your day as a player. Did you ever sense this? Did you ever feel this and I wondered? It ever come up among other back black players. Yeah, we did, and we certainly spoke about it amongst ourselves because rainy, when particularly back in our De, when you spoke about these biopsies or criticism that you felt was unfair, and you spoke about it publicly, or you spoke about it in the press, the backlash was always while you're playing the card or the criticism is fair, and you just feel that everybody's biased against you and as a result you can drink into your corner, and you speak to those around you who are experiencing the same, and then it becomes an issue amongst those players and that click of players. Who are black and have darker skin to or have different experiences from the majority of the dressing room, and that in itself doesn't help address a lot of those issues, but a study now being done. Sure the data behind it. I'm sure how how easily if not lazily we kinda. Find ourselves making these comments and. I I hold my hands up and feel that. I've been I've been a part of this and I have to also look at Hawaii address. Some of those disparities in how we perceive players, and in a little bit of our own defense. We can't know everything about every team that we cover. I'm not exp- especially prominent where we're talking about international tournaments. We can't know everybody on every team, but we similarly can't just rely on on cliche descriptions. Look looking at looking at some of the data from from the. Statistics. We are three point, three percent or three point three times more likely to talk about black players and speed now. If you're talking about regime stealing you kind of help, but talk about speed, he's one of the quickest players in the game wherever you wherever you go wherever you look, but you can't automatically talk about every single black player who is representing their country in the Africa. Cup of Nations, or if Senegal is playing the World Cup you kind of talk about every single player as quick as being physical that that's on us, and that's something that we all have to have to address and I'll put it up there who we all? Accountable to. Check. What about the role of representation in all of this do you feel? There are enough black voices and commentary booths. No! There's no I think. The lack of representation is not just about commentary boots as about the game and how it's covered how how many black faces you have in football club, dressing rooms, or in the backroom, staff or lower down, and similarly in media, representing those players, because as the game has become more diverse in its own representation. We can look at the game on on any given weekend all mid. Mid Week as we're dealing with no, and there are players from all four corners of the planet with the is representation, regardless of who you are or where you may may consider whom yet when you look at the broadcast booths, the commentary boosts or in the studios. You don't you don't see that representation and I think that's again. Something media companies have to be more aware of. If we are allowed that representation if we can't have that representation I, think you slowly, but surely see the breaking down of those barriers and a lot of those types that this study. Speaks about. Thank you shocking for plenty more on the a study in the reaction to it head over to the. Full article over there with all the details and a shocker, says the jarring statistics. German Cup final on ESPN two Saturday coverage starts one fifty five eastern time between by Munich and Beyer Leverkusen Yang Fjortoft back with us John. I gotTA assume by Munich massive favorites here. Leverkusen have a chance. Well normal not, but I have beaten once the season away from home but I remember back a couple of seasons ago. When my Frankford play by Munich into cup, they were even bigger favorites by unique on. They manage to beat. them knocked him all Niko Kovac being done to coach from Eintracht Frankfurt after that going to buy a new, but now Leverkusen got a problem as well. I mean they're cold, never Kussin because they never able to win anything so for them. It's a big thing to be into cup final, but having said that I think the level isn't going. To do battle for this is everybody who will sing by Munich will be the big favorites. The players will note as where everything would be a bonus for them, so they should just enjoy going to the German Cup final. There won't be crowded as a normally seventy thousand thing in Belene. The big thing German football cup going off tomorrow by Munich has all the stars by Leverkusen has habits. You think this is the last game we're seeing hearts and Leverkusen uniform. I think so because there's always been an agreement that he should play the season. There was a lot of the clubs after last summer's as well at the having said. demarcus has changed I. Mean the expected money won't won't be there, but he's a good chance that he will go I think mentally thing is well that he is prepared himself. Julie even had a good season at least the second part of the season. He's scoring goals for fun on on doing a seats, so that's kind of player. That is not a lot of them around, so get him in your team will. Do you make you more unpredictable, so I think there's a lot of clubs after him. I will say that by mooning bills will be the favorites to get him him as well. Because they try not to get all the young German plays, likely Roy San New Bell, and maybe done kyw Harvard so this may be be the last time with C. in thorough wide in the Leverkusen. Sure you mentioned that by Munich after reportedly also after him. All the other clubs primetime clubs that are after his well. Where do you think he would end up? I think Chelsea is an outside chance because you've seen. Team event, they that followed their markets. They know what I got in in German speech check at has been a lot of Germany lately and and team of was a great deal, and they have to do something to be a title challenger for for next season I can see that happening I can see that he will go to London livable been told. We don't have the money at the moment. Manchester United are not in the market for kyw harbors thing, but by Munich is the thing that they seem to be the second always the favourite for for German players has been out for ages so they will be in for him. So I think that is a mindset of the player. How would I go away from the German Bundesliga? Done enough at the moment to prove myself on, I need an needed challenge and don't address to mate that thing. That team winner is already gone to to Chelsea. We have ruediger played a big part of of getting in there him there and I can see at Penta check will try to get there to give a call to harvest and try to tend to to come to London London great city. It won't be hard to to live there and play football there young. Let's change gears if we can. Bundesliga Promotion Playoff Heidenheim. BERTA Brennan played to a zero zero draw on the first leg on Thursday second-leg coming up on Monday. What do you think's GonNa Happen? Well, this was a massive game. Better Bremen home when he seeks one in the last game of the season scoring balls for fun, but it was very hard for them to knock down Heidenheim, Heidenheim has been. They didn't see goals. I think that was the seventeenth. Clean sheets have had all season on was struggling. Debrecen Madonna got a red card copter. Captain Moist Sandra he won't play on on. Mondays this bill going to be a tough one, I would see which stood the on I mean Hamburg. A Sports Fine Big Club has been struggling to get out of the second leg one again. This is for Vada branding winning titles for fund. For Ages now they find himself in this position. I would say to now is sixty forty brian hi well. They won't have the home advantage in terms of of intense home, chrome will, but German Bundesliga always come up with those kinds of teams come into their league and I think that is great for the Bundesliga, but it will be very bad for tradition club like weather Bremen thanks John Plenty more coverage of the Bundesliga German football over on our website, including an article from Gab mark, Coty, all the key one on one match ups for Saturday's final between Munich and Beyer Leverkusen. Is your money not sure what to do with itself right now at ally, they'll help it save for the future with their smart savings tools. Bucket your money for the things that matter most analyze you're spending and save automatically all on top of a competitive rate for all things money. You deserve an ally. Visit A. L. Y. dot com slash savings for more INFO ally. Do it right ally bank member FDIC. Hello. This is your apartment. I need some favors from you. Your cat keeps rubbing against the kitchen. Island and I can't return the favor. Can you give her extra pets for me after that? Could you bundle your renters and car insurance with GEICO? We could save money, and it's easy to do online and one last thing could keep the TV on during the day I need to catch up on my soaps. Go Bundling made easy. Go to GEICO DOT COM today. Five days until the is back, tournament is slated to start in Orlando, Nashville arriving on Friday that after national and Vancouver postponed their original travel plans following positive Kobe nineteen tests in their groups of course that against the backdrop of nine FC Dallas players testing positive for Kobe one, thousand, nine, hundred, already inside major league soccer's so called bubble. Still players are arriving in mass in central Florida including San Jose's Chris Wanted Lousy. You Know I. think that our team has done a great job and I think I can speak for ourselves. It's going to be the captain we. We followed every protocol. We do feel very safe and We want every team to come into this bubble of following every protocol. You can have positive tests because this needs to be a safe place and our team does feel safe, and we need the teams to make the right protocols and. Take the right steps I think that been read on Nashville I. Think they are now trying to do the right thing. I'm very grateful for them realizing where they've kind of took the wrong steps and you don't. They need to come in here with zero tests and You know I wish. Dallas did the same. It's been a weird. Countries in the sense where we go to training and most has been the morning. We've had a couple of nights. But it's intense, and so you're out there for the first half of the day and it takes about our to finally recover, and then you're just relaxing and you go to to make sure you have a good long list of Netflix shows that you wanNA watch or the other spend some time with teammates because that's that's been fun to bond with them as well, but we've also poker games as well. which is fine, we we have an electric dartboard five five. Oh one or three hundred one game right now I'M A. Guy But Said those guys are pretty good and so anytime. Get a triple twenty We still go crazy. We try to emulate that the crowd of a of a European game. July the date ESPN. Has You covered for? The MLS is back tournament double header to start things off next. Wednesday Orlando City and Inter Miami followed by Nashville. Against Chicago all that action on ESPN. Championship Paxton on Friday athletic hosting mill eighty minute Connor Mahoney shots say but take cooper. There for the rebound millwall! When this final score of one nothing and pick up a huge I mean huge three points as we take a look at the championship table leaves Millwall in eight, just two points out of six and a spot in the playoffs, and how about this just a massive game on ESPN plus tomorrow seven place Darby County against fourth-placed Nottingham Forest. It's seven thirty am kickoff on plus part then. That's all the time we've got for this edition of ESPN. NFC. Thanks to everyone involved low shock. His Law and Frank La now it's the moment you've all been waiting for extra time. And stevie Nicks. Pay Their body welcome to this edition of ESPN NFC's extra time. What a moment! We are back, Danica. What do you mean what was that? Hey. Stevie I open extra time the same every time I host this show. What are you talking about? Exactly, What needs to change? We do have your questions. We have Stevie we. Fjortoft, actually our first question, right down that avenue. Can you please ask John to say? Hey, there, everybody in Norwegian. I certainly will. Hi this is the. Key and dog again. Stevie. A lot more than hi everybody. Celebration. He. Didn't have quite the excitement. Voice Yeah. Reason A. If. John was giving Kai Harvard's advice on where to go after Leverkusen. What would he say John? I would say to him that I think. It was a good idea what he did last summer. you made a Cristiano Renaldo of United Agreement remember when this other season. We let you go next summer on Rudy. Follow confirmed that today on. He said that I will probably miss. We try try to keep the, but the market has changed aloft in international football, not so much money around, so I think the probability is that he will not by Munich. But I would have said if you played in Germany five percent visor truck, in England you will not regret, it is great to play football. An England and I would have told him to go to a German coach because I think what for a young kid is good to go to one of his fellow countrymen, and that won't be Liverpool. Don't go rhino reach. Speaking of Liverpool, Stevie like to see Messi, in Liverpool, following his spat with the Barcelona board. Always Roguish John don't want to see live at Liverpool. It, off. I think twitter's having a laugh at. Who decided that that was? That was even a sensible question. Was a sensible answer you after take messy. Stevia got him. Touch US, 'cause. Yourself Cosme de usually on the one that gets the old bishop by you'd you got John this time? What do you think I? Don't know if you guys have seen this. What do you guys think of Bernardo's got? There's been video circulating of the Manchester. City player is not clapping. He wasn't exactly thrilled to be celebrating Liverpool's title. Stevia big deal or no. Yes I. Think is a big deal. Ever had the humble. Be. Potato, when you've been grid particularly when you've been dominant. And it comes you Tom to have to look up these look. Look at somebody else. Whether you actually believe it or not to fix my lawn, you give them a clap. And India breath. You can't wait to get after them and doing exactly what did when the game started, so yeah I. I think from a professional point of as a big thing. From a media point of view probably not. Listen Yulong listeners when Stephen Nicholas saying that he came after you. Can Games but he was like a lot of English. Players love that when I came to England because at that time, we have the drink with the with the opposition player after the game and I Respect that you have for each other on and off the. Off the face, but on the face you should go up to them, but Liverpool disturbed their guard of honor on yeah, respect and humble. This is good. Let me, let me tell you something. Nineteen eighty-nine nine when we lost the arsenal with the last kick of the game unfilled. After the game gone and changed. And I had to do. He's always. I was one of the. One of the guys who went to what was called the candy lungs, a sponsors lounge after the game and show. Yes it. It's such a bad result. But. You have to do what you do and one. That was on my way up the stairs towards the loan Jr.. I walked in to the manager of Arsenal Mr George Korea. Know. What I really wanted to do was to film and throw them down the stairs for. Professional respect I was just talking to. Straighten. Am Shuki town and congratulated him. Because that's what to do, and that's walk in pass always thinking. I wish we would play them again tomorrow. But I love that aptitude and I think that is the attitude that Stevie hot on a lot of the other players. They were very very hard players on the pitch. You have to respect each other. After the game Sunday. Get your revenge next season. That's. Usually did at that time. Yang with the addition of Sante and possibly hovered Biron space for all their attackers to play consistent minutes. It's a good question and there was a time when when by Munich central talk that we we don't want you, because because on dope ski and they were happy with that time as well because eleven dose used that time to get get fit again. They've got a lot of great wingers know in whom on Sunday, and they got a lot of them going in there, but I mean that is the part of playing. By immunity can you can take the heat get out. Get out to the kitchen and I. Don't want to sweat out. Just get out of the kitchen because that's how it is. If you sign for by immunity, that is part of it through hard competition. I must say I admire a lot by Munich. What I've done because they've done this silent kind of changing the team to young play, so that is just a part of the Roy on have to fight hard for this place as Thomas Miller did when he came back after being out in the cold by Niko Kovac dot for the for the big in the big clubs that is just a part of their daily routine that they have to fight for their place, Saturday and Wednesday. Guys, next question came up earlier this week on the show who finished in the top four between Manchester United Wolves Chelsea and Leicester City stevie. We're going to do this every week because. I think cutler weeks ago, we did it and I thought that less would pick enough points up to to stay in four. And especially short space Italian what games. Have kind of gone the other way and I think that. The team that will go certainly I. think Chelsea Manning United or the ones finish in the top four, and actually world's could finish I. Of course, if the thing goes through city being bond, and they would make, and as well so I think right now the we less gone, the ones are struggling to get. John? What's your order on those four? Yeah I agree with Steven Talk Tokens today. I will say that Manchester United will be will be top for having said that I think. We're less thrown up dom in a solo competitively like like the premise shape. Job They've done is excellent. And we knew that after corona that will be different teams coming out in different shape, indifferent form, and you have to build up that confidence. Like Lester as well. You'd be that pressure. You beat from the crowd being twelve men in the stadium. You missing all that kind of thing on on for the neutral, it'll be a fantastic competitive games at the end of the season. Who who will be up there and San Benghazi set some years ago. We said the be top. Foist is a trophy I. Can you imagine there are some clubs like monsters united and Chelsea accepting that at the moment, but like Stevie said in another part that we did today. I mean next season won't accept the Verandah of them. Then you also have to deliver titles. Stevie ever the academic. What was your favorite class at school before you became a professional footballer? Clever? You from Thomas and the clever seeks, it was an honest question straight from culled from the ranks of twitter I'm sorry. I didn't have one. I'll do any school for only with Holywood a skill for Plato. To play football and then when they went. School only went there for PS could play rugby football. Undo all the other sports so academically I help. About much interest in them. On. What was your favorite subject? was. Politics believe it or not. I around Communication Company here no way I work full Titians. We have to tell people like Steve contracts to the school, so they can learn some politics. I make some influence in this society Stevie I will give you the first. I'll tell you what I'll tell you. What he? Palm himself and that's the only way he'll be going by. Stevie the political science major I can see it now, Stevie, can you spell out the complete name of Yawn? That's a good one. Boy! You went to school I'm going to say Double Aa G. E.. Well the fuel. F. J for Jimmy. T! Four. T! JANAKA FJORTOFT! Well. That's. Not One hey, Hey! Dot. CA demings Paul. Send it to Thomas. Told Mrs Well. I will I'll get the clip to them right away. that's it for this edition of extra time. We'll be back tomorrow. Plenty more ESPN NFC on your TV screens all weekend. GEICO knows there are many reasons why ride from the thrill of the revving engine and pure adrenaline of flying down the highway to the confidence of knowing that Geico always has your back with twenty four seven access to claim service, but are Snyder has one reason in particular that I had extremely large upper arms. They won't even fit into most shirts. Thankfully, biking really embraced vest culture so I feel accepted Geigo motorcycle. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.

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