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You're listening to the briefing first broadcast on the twenty second of October Two Thousand Nineteen on monocle twenty four the briefing is brought to you in partnership with Rolex we will continue to fight climate change we will get guns off our streets and we will keep investing Elliot plus Taiwan is reportedly attempting to build its own fighter jet and here the Times newspaper is putting on political stunt at London's West same time they spoke over each other during the Bates during the debates they spoke over each other early this morning as they sort of rallied the troops again serve agenda and strong action on climate change I heard you my friends negatively they rejected cuts and austerity and they voted in favor of progress you are sending our liberal team back to work back to Ottawa with a clear mandate we will make life more affordable aw projecting this as a huge victory but liberals conservatives and the MVP all lost ground so they're all losers they're all winners innocence where we had well big words but minority government that was the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking a short time ago join here in the studio by Daniel Bank Indus Jagmeet Singh was speaking out in British Columbia normally they don't do that normally they come together and say I'm going to speak at this time you'll speak at that time they all spoke at the visit and bitter campaign quickly and get back to work that was more of a campaign style speech and it's really interesting that Trudeau that was close to runs off our streets and we will keep investing we'll have the Toronto Bureau chief Thomas Lewis and also find of what Trudeau had to say in his victory speech in Montreal from coast to Coast to coast tonight Canadians rejected division go scare to be reelected as Canada's prime minister we will make life more affordable we will continue to fight climate change we will get that before electoral pollens just tell us a bit about minority government Canadians good at doing that I mean we have a long history of minority governments judo has won a second term as Canada's Prime Minister his Liberal Party will claim the most seats in parliament but they are expected to fall short of an outright majority. Let's have a listen to about how Canadian papers are digesting those narrow victory also had today we'll have a roundup of the biggest stories from across South America with our Latin American affairs correspondent Winston Station we'll find out what they're up to all that ahead here on the briefing with me Tom Edwards do one o'clock in the morning and Montreal is quite late I was listening on the way and this morning he chose to speak at the exact same time as Andrews Cheer was speaking in the prairies new Democrats floated during the campaign he immediately had to walk that back and talk about supporting the government Interestingly the new Democrats thanks went live you know he's now looking to features the setting the agenda as he moves forwards was everyone been saying yeah he has to sort of shake off a very certainly the world the word coalition I mentioned this on the globalist as well not really used in Canada it was it was floated by Jagmeet Singh Very Progressive Left leaning leader of the D. One of our Canadian contingent Heritz Midori House Danny what's your reactions that he he sounded pretty strung out but we were talking just before the are directly against the pipeline they they refuse to work for that pipeline the Liberals bought the pipeline in for the energy sector in the West obviously which the conservatives champion so the new Democrats have twenty four seats for the Liberals to get anything through parliament they would need either the new Democrats An and EP member into his caucus into his government I don't see that happening so it won't be an official coalition absolutely he'll need their support it won't be a coalition in official terms Justin Trudeau we've known him to become quite bullish and even quite pompous I don't see him putting the block by block of Becua- pardon me the Nationalist Party from Quebec who actually won more seats on last night then the EP so they are the real balance of power here so it will be a tenuous one the Conservative leader Andrew Scheer saying last night were ready and waiting to defeat the government and we're ready to take over they don't think it's GonNa last long so we shall see what about his deal-making prowess see this has been damaging Trudeau to a degree does he still have the facility to do champion himself fashioned himself in his first campaign Trudeau will need to maintain sort of his strong leadership approach and I think you'll have to he he won't have choice he the clip we heard off the top there he was talking about making life more affordable tackling climate change and he would taking the taking care of that he would absolutely need the MVP I think Jagmeet Singh is guy he can work with very charismatic young guy much like Trudeau absolutely need the new Democrats for those things that's what they campaigned on on you know making healthcare more affordable making living more affordable and and talking about Pharma Cares leaning newspaper from from Alberta projecting welcome to the nightmare it's so funny actually hearing overnight the some of the coverage from the public broadcaster in Canada any kind of deal with any of these other players are the formal or informal it is present me he's still a well he still capable Titian can you get that done after the massive question of course international forces international markets have a lot to do with the price of oil and how the energy sector does but there them reminding listeners about nineteen eighty when when Pierre Trudeau and Justin's father was completely shut out in the prairies much like Trudeau was last night because of the resentment in Alberta always actually really surprised to hear from even liberal western Canadians how much they've resent he will be an interesting one to watch in the House of Commons Holding Trudeau to account And this other comment piece I find quite funny on the front of the National Post PM Makes History Look at the day's other main headlines His markle's Yolene Gopher thank you Tom. Donald Trump says some American troops will stay in Syria despite his recent misgovernment put them in cabinet posts or will he draft in people who weren't even elected or didn't even campaign his father did exactly that he wasn't liked out west the energy sector you're huge huge implications for Trudeau and what he does on this pipeline Quebec and the block Becua- don't support it the MVP move forces from Syria. Japan's Emperor Naruhito has formally proclaimed his ascension to the throne it follows the dictation of his father Emperor Akihito Project that behind closed doors heal absolutely need to be the tactful politician and get some help let's see how it gets on with that now we mentioned you're GonNa Browse through some newspapers can I start with my with a new low he he moves on from a majority government to lose the popular vote across Canada Canada but they did gain a lot of ground during the campaign a Jagmeet Singh did very well for himself and projecting himself as a capable young charismatic leader minute to reports on the unstoppable rise of Nordstrom the family run department store chain shows no signs of shirking from bricks and mortar and on Thursday evil goal for them to be withdrawn the US president added they would protect oilfields while others would stay near Israel and Jordan trump has been heavily criticized over his decision inch trudeau he is really disliked. This is a problem the other thing about forming a government is what his father did in nineteen eighty was he had to draft in senators to read earlier this year bland celebrations have been postponed out of respect for the victims of typhoon hijabs which recently devastated large parts of the country and today's administered and Jagmeet Singh the leader of the EP declaring I won which is which is partially true at the end ep lost a lot of and the other comment saying he's pulled off a bit of an election miracle which I think after the last two scandals he he did quite well to pull that in an election no on the briefings take a deeper dive into some of the day's main news stories I'm delighted say joined on Enough Time to scrutinize Johnson's proposals adequately vincent or come to you first of all well I think in this in all of these goings on received wisdom for the better and learn how Phyllis action continues to be the crucial driver of change the pioneers coming soon to one twenty four administer does get to the second reading he has the numbers to get his withdraw agreement bill through the House of Commons he's got further than the it's New York flagship on fifty seventh street we'll have more on the story a little later in the program those are today's headlines back to you tom thanks very much you're still to come don't support it but western Canada says we have to get moving on the energy file let's just have a couple of others national post was one of the most beautifully and elegantly designed station. This is the briefing stay tuned coming soon Monaco Rolex bring you the pioneers the Pines is a brand new series that tells the stories of people improved percents those providence provinces in his government because he had no MP's the exact same situation now will true draw from the opposition parties to help British PM Boris Johnson's launching his final attempt to take the UK out of the EU by the end of the month members of the House of Commons though have complained they simply haven't a hundred and ten pages long it has one hundred twenty five pages of explanatory notes the idea that you can really briskly go through something this fundamental is where exactly are we up to still more claim and counter-claim people saying we can leave we can't there is time there isn't what happened today well I mean it looks as though if the the briefing will get a round up of the stories that are making news in South America and we'll find out why the political animals at the Times newspaper taking over at a major London may has it is going to be the test as to whether or not the scheduling bill so the scheduling motion to do this rapid timetable really of getting it through the house yeah it's it's true though with the witch's brooms and some bats and black cats playing up the Halloween theme that It is a story right being the planet you'll hear how Rolex supports these innovators with whom they share a passion for safeguarding the F- future generations gain precious insights into the fresh thinking that is disrupting nothing but surely this is something most significant constitutional change in generations that requires time if nothing else of course it does and design why extraordinary and I think that could be a loss for the government on the timetabling and that would really cause problems because everyone has been throwing up this morning in the past two years we've had a Komen's through the House of Lords at the weekend to the Queen by next Monday in order to get old then the necessary legislation they need through and it has to go off to European he's panel by Vincent mcilvanney UK correspondent for Year and years and Rico Franceschini correspondent for Data Publica gentlemen welcome both heading down the road to Westminster now lament be approved there as well by that October thirty first deadline is going to be rapid there are some people who were saying that they support the second reading of the bill they do not support this timetable for instance a bill about animals in circuses which went on for weeks just for came in everyone's picking out you know Osama bill in the late eighties had two months of the consensual that Muslim do maybe we'll hear from you again later on what's happening in your motherland a little later today here Monaco Twenty four right now on the briefing it's time to tell you this has been taken up by this by for four years essentially the so many other issues journalists like myself in lobby we play game of what would stories we would be covering were in Utah put this as parliament versus the people suggesting the MP's are self interested and they're not respecting democracy but as Vincent elegantly describes there it's that they are quite stymied by having to deal with Brexit what is interesting is I think they've really gotten themselves into the point where Donald Tusk stay said you know whatever happens always certain feeling of fatigue that is a among politicians but ups even among journalists people showing people like you my favorite dish this is the Calgary Sun yeah do justice using your words if you can donate to this it's it's it's a haunted house kind of Halloween special said democracy democratic to discuss it may we all the time required to do so on the other end I think what Boris Johnson is playing for it wasn't for this so many big stories that just fall away don't have the impact they normally with and I think the same issue is going on in the EU last week the French reject his was that type of thing yeah they're the only ones that sort of didn't go with a photo of Trudeau or a celebration rally they went with a photo of both Trudeau and the Liberal leader can you to the rest of the world is clear that it is the UK continuously stumbling over itself that you know if it doesn't happen on October thirty first owner Vincent I wonder what about in Brussels is there is there some of that on we as well even from obviously the fiercely committed europhiles their administrators saying they haven't spent as much time talking about the issues that they want to get on with the reforms that the EU needs to make issues of geopolitics what they do about refugee crisis and things now we are not responsible for notable brexit and I think that was something that the UK could play a bit opposite shifting the blame towards Brussels a bit but I think the Dan has the threat of a no deal that receded as you as you see it because it's hard to see that we could get any kind of phone verdict from the actually yeah we've got to get them out as that corner being turned I think somewhat yeah I mean just you know like with the whole bandwidth of our politics and nationalist that's why I call it groundhog day over again it always comes back I was reading what Ben was saying today that if these breaks they also have come out against the people for three years now I may or now with Boris Johnson he doesn't make much sense say it bait the idea that you could do this in two days is quite extraordinary let me ask you a little bit about that because many close divorce Johnson contain Shen of accession for two new member states was just kind of a sideshow it wasn't really you know he's being talked a little about France whether or not but it's not as big as it would be stories sounds more and more like gown dog day you know the movie because you we've been hearing this parliament wants to stop Democracy Day thousand nine hundred ninety nine year old Breton trying to leave the European Union is not easy to leave the European Union it's not easy to live a confederation or association Italy's approved and then the negotiations stars in the future trade relations and by December thirty first twenty twenty there is not in agreement you have to decide by July first next July I if they extend the transition period so we have a one deadline after that I'm afraid not to get it over I met I've some friends who are passionately against breaks that there's this by say that's it okay you wanted every let's let's turn this call repeats of Groundhog Day very briefly is there any way we can look for a potential solution to all of this complexity I wonder you know we we've seen frequently in Italy for the prime minister and the political classes the idea that this is all gone away with on November the first I mean the way it's being spun to the public is you know it's like you're pregnant you'll give really sometimes always squeezed in out of apparently our resolvable situation but he said easily get used to being easily the UK not earth and then it's back to you know you can go out sit me he goes there will be sleepless nights it's like this is the hardest part coming trying to get a new deal is the hard part this is would effectively bids and he's a progressive prime minister it's a leading democracy he's facing problems that we are now seeing more and more countries civic leaders and the populist movements there squaring off against the world over in Canada well the main liberal parties are probably disappointed and place in equal measure which is fluids role agreement this is just paying our bill the next stage in which of the moment on the schedule we only have a year to sort out and that is why there's a bill amendment confusing both picks up on failure the Greens and new Democrats to deliver a many of the progressive policies he campaigned on so vigorously before so how does he move we should have had without all of this delay coming into play and because the processes become so convoluted and if I can add on that I just read the the the UK Ah governments who are rendered completely impotent by the surroundings of political inertia of fragmentation lessons from Italian politics POPs dates perhaps we should remember the last time some states tried to leave the United States of America there was a long war I think as well just on this point the blowback for the we do crash out in October thirty first it is squarely with London not with Brussels despite all the from Johnson and others that are about that no deal question the something new thought let's just pick up again on some results from the Canadian election we were talking about the the narrow victory of Justin Trudeau what does that mean for progress put down your soul and the way in by Greg Bowls to expand that timetable to the twenty I think back to twenty twenty three to have the normal amount of time I think it's really interesting that Brock Obama did come in Barak Obama is basically being on mute for the last three years so he makes you know once maybe a quarter we you to be departing at some point in the next year or eighteen months and so I think that the choice was to keep a voice like that in that was why he got that in you know it'll be interesting to see what he does now because it is so interesting in this campaign you know the thing that really thwarted him with something I think if you in order to government this sort of political inertia again what's his next move Hennie wise words for him I mean yeah I mean he's going to have to form a coalition we've had experience of that the UK could still leave the European Union with no deal so this is like now that our jokes in social media with their shows you know the world active character along with Amer call to be a voice for internationalism for international cooperation for green issues and Angler Merckel is likely assessment and that is kind of you know he has elevated Canada on the international stage in the past few years taking in refugees from Syria and other countries wouldn't standing up to Saudi Arabia you just started this campaign and said this is the issue you know wearing black face and not being able to say how many times he did it and then and you've said guess which politician did this I think Saito Fetch I will tell you about that no deal threat significantly reduced because parliament voted several times against it on the other end and in the UK in recent years in our experience it you know David Cameron probably looks back at that time was a golden time because the coalition of the total check on the lunatic fringe of his morale's or it I mean this is kind of president to joke about that a member of the House of Lords who knows Italy told me today that yes he's through it roller indulge with a nice little bit of oratory from him but the fact that he came out I think it's because it tables like the g twenty and the g seven Trudeau has been we are talking about all the problems any basically didn't win or one week victory but maybe we should be less international his scintillating youthful progressive qualities taken a real knock on the on the on the global stage as well Trudeau well I don't think whoa warranted and perhaps many anticipated in candidate is trudeau than still sort of best if we look at that brand Canada which is talking about there I mean he's still a safe pair of hands on would've guessed it'd be in Justin Trudeau what about it's interesting Vinnie's leading to it that this idea of maybe Trudeau having a certain star today's few months ago I think six months ago economists I think at the cover story in a special issue about Canada's an example for the worse were to follow I now idea they can stop spreading xenophobia and the abstract racism and that seems to have worked quite well in Canada but yeah I think for for a friend of mine did an interview with Barack Obama after a few years ago was in power and then after the interview off the record he said what journalist thanks so I I think that what's happening in Canada with Radu it's a proof of how quickly you know support for a leader can evaporate the foaming people we've all gotten used to you know don't feed the trolls is becoming a very good message don't elevate these messages of hate these people if they get Deepak from social media much you know I wouldn't be surprised if in the next couple of weeks Greta Tom Burke who I know is travelling in the US right now is suddenly up in Canada and we'll be meeting her and they'll be new prejudice maybe she said he said we all support you know and Obama Hazard you have no idea how difficult it is to even have elite the a an accommodation that we often come back to around this table is about the sort of the left the centre-left in crisis a failure of innovation failure coherent and you know it is tricky because they are country that is a resource producer the issues he's had with this pipeline but I think you'll very much start to tack onto the kind of International Z. which then destroyed him and is still working to the story itself and seeing there can be some upsides of it especially as he's having to tax the left so that helps that he wants to be progressive commentators always tried to find the logic in things after the happen but if we remembered that sixty thousand more votes for Hillary Clin so true I believe that we exaggerate some thanks but we have to see things in context we Jordan analyst or political mentors I guess it would look like on the international stage I think interesting is we're looking at the results you know the far right party in Canada didn't do you know any any ground and that is an interesting lesson I think we it's certainly seems to be in this country at the moment is that talk of crisis though exaggerated do we sometimes need to just take and errors but was is being a good force them I think has been the step had given the populists didn't make the gains that they the made the gay bear y thousands she obtained three and a half million votes in the popular vote more than we could have been ear saying lean message and try and rebuild his brand with that and I wonder are there any wider lessons if we look back over the loss of eighteen months to two years there's often this narrative about the rise of populism I ac- progressive have been unable wave so knows illogic mother is also any irrational aspects in politics and reconcile it it's not all it's not all as bleak as it might ever paid say two years three years ago it is through a lot of people are angry but it's starting to see that in Europe as well in elections that have been in Europe animal starting to kind of see it shifting in the UK and possibly in the US that you d revealing so many more crimes so many more people you know Rudy Giuliani is so engulfed in this in this obviously affecting his mental state which wasn't healthy anyway and that he's really Donald Trump I think that's a really point I think you know politicians and journalists particularly you know we thrive on this stuff we like living on twitter we like every twist and turn the in this last bit I like to try to find the logic in the fact that trump the through those victory will be a prelude to the defeat in Canada I think what are the incident intruded immediately got up in that speech there was interestingly him Meizhou at least is top priority was climate he says about climate and I think he will Asia chaos create so much background noise it creates a window for behaviors which are you know five years ago we wouldn't have said we're about were acceptable that we're now Chris to do a little thing better and that's what I think we should look at Canada's through the door yes problems he made gaffes in our on the international stage playing to the international gallery whilst at home you know his travails of all the more serious I guess Manuel Macron has had similar experience did you think though that his zt and it's you know not having to worry every time a news alert POPs up in your phone as to what is happening I think that is maybe why there's this time away from populace as well is that like it traits in Georgia people just want to get on with their lives do their jobs raise their families see their friends have a nice life I think part of why trump is failing is that the the world is fatigued by Americans having said actively debate and I think that people just don't want that kind of responsibility leading countries well we didn't go down to the Trumpian rabbit hole yeah because it seems to me that many of those Memphis American public is suffering from that sort of the process just say well look leaving their he's doing fine and that could carry him back do you think of voter suppression around in every state in the US but they need to stop voter suppression you know they are dealing with some gerrymander mouse but also the social media companies you know Mark Zuckerberg is still allowing facebook adverts which are completely unfactual which aren't being allowed to run rejected by the TV networks as you know you cannot run this and you know across Europe and we gains and then maybe some defeats that perhaps a little surprising whether it's for the amd or parties in Italy or France were here in the UK going off and I think the key thing is that they need to the Democrats need to shift these hearings I get the the moment there's a need to protect some secrecy and the whistle blowing especially they need to make them always appoint to the economy he points on the high employment figures and the stock market doing well that always doesn't trickle down to how people feel but if that really buckle with why the reputational damage is so bad and they don't seem to have learned a lesson from two thousand sixteen for their own reputation for their own platform order now in America but was gerrymandering the guy who's running against was they returning officer you know she's is setting up this task force to try and stop relied facebook makes billions of dollars from advertising the political advertising it makes money from is nothing to them it's a drop in the bucket to them a trade war then that could be shift the Democrats are the second thing is they have to get a fair election and Stacey Abrams who effectively should be the governor hello and welcome to the briefing coming to you live from studio one hair at Madari House in London. I'm Tom Edwards coming up on today's program Justin Trudeau survives the facebook needs to face up to the fact it is surprising that they haven't Nick Clegg former British deputy prime minister is now on the board of facebook senior person about engaging governments with though I mean I understand lots of people are angry but it reminds me vincent courted the Obama this zoom many most people I know of Maya Nate you know I'm in my thirties you know everyone is just getting you know every day there's another status my facebook deactivated getting ready just on that point from both DC is there a sense then I don't know if no optimism cautious optimism or a measure of I dunno aspiration that maybe he won't win into it changed just in the last year I think it has I think impeachment change you know a lot of that Fox hole that shocked everyone more appeasement and remove fifty cent and the fact that he is under investigation it is public and get them out there every day because that is was gay just that daily revelation and seeing the drop people want to see the class I mean two caveats on that you know he can off the social media companies don't step up that could help trump with his message because he's very good and his team have very good at getting those ads out almost the Democrats will fighting each other then and they're going and okay yeah they might be using instagram or what's that which earned by facebook but people just driven away from facebook now and I think that if so you know there's been a real revival in and if they see the numbers of green cards being bought are rapidly rising than UBT BP in hopes that would make it easier to benefit from clean askings as could be introduced as part of the government's plans to cut emissions to help the country produced net zero greenhouse gas talk about targeting the polluters because governments can only do so much because they are beholden to the politics of population and things like that but footfall tapes they can't avoid the reality that people whatever disinformation that putting out claiming that climate change isn't real I think people are really waking up to a lot more than they ever did leasing companies in the world needs to start sitting up realizing that they need to do more and if people stop buying walgreen cause and that kind of being nudged towards it and there are and is your shells all of those companies will note that this is going to hit you know even if we are going to further flung more risky places to drill for oil while there might not be the market for anyways erasing false narratives let's put back to the UK Briefly no more brexit gentleman I promise drive is zero emission vehicles could be given green number plates trick vehicle registrations Erica with this work if you could drive in the bus lane and all sorts of other advantages would you plump for an electric vehicle maybe you own one already so now you know they are still more expensive that has to be some enticement to buying it because it's a big upfront cost and especially people coming to buying their first cars as well emissions by twenty fifty we've had the military candidate special number plates drivers of electric vehicles get free access to toll lanes that's resulted in increase in we're talking about hitting these targets with inside three decades does actually what Joe Public does does that actually make a difference I mean I think the gardens being running a really good campaign so let's pivot in invest in this technology let's get the prices down on that lets you know I think that it needs it needs the consumer to really drive this and we're seeing already encourage people my one criticism is that green is a horrible color and it kinda ruined the car to kind of you know to kind of have this like green he's shifting the burden or the onus onto the consumer the little guy I mean isn't the real question here that it's a governmental issue to really tackle this new meaning well you know it's why did you know about civil rights movement boycotts and protests of you know use your purse basically and if companies you know the twenty biggest it's something that is I think I would like to join this this club in Rico we talk more about this does it does it matter than anything if okay this is a bit of an inducement on Sunday and purchase actually broke out yesterday as opponent suggested officials were trying to actually help even morales avoid a risky runoff we got some writing majority that he needs to avoid the first runoff since he won a major victory back in two thousand six Morales led with forty six point four percents to thirty seven obvious elections across the weekend What happened well yes we had a sudden halt in the release of presidential election votes actually that lead to confusion twelve thirty four here in London time for a roundup of some of the stories making news across South America we're joined on the line account and parts of the country and the last numbers released before Monday night at she showed Morales topping the eight other candidates but also falling a few percentage point shorter and I don't think it's a great idea and expand on that you know I would give you know like a green jacket through everybody official final count is not due for seven days but it seems likely that he could stay although the State Department actually is accused Bolivian authorities so You know it is such a kind of big outlet I might get that you petro refuel prices and everything that the government needs to do everything possible I think they should go further and there should be business here thank you both very much for joining us your with the briefing here on Monaco twenty four trying to subvert the vote that's been harder to push him out than the other the other leftist leaders in the region really well this is what I wanted to ask you next listener of course he's occur scrappage scheme let off the financial crash UK were older vehicles you get a trade in costs from them to get them just off the road and by more than I think this giving perks like this a lot of industries he's managed to stay on longer and that's not entirely of pure popularity but mainly because he never had any intention of standing down in two thousand longest-serving leader yeah he's been in office for nearly fourteen years and he was the first president of Bolivia to come from its indigenous majority and yeah he he's the last in a group of characters returned leftist governments earlier in in the century Oh I don't know a turning point for an inflection point in that process do you think yeah I mean Morello's is Latin America's is from the region that we've seen from Hugo Chavez of Venezuela he's now dead looted silver in Brazil now in prison peppy Mahyco of Uruguay likely on a small farm somewhere the way you know you can't certain tonight you can't get plastic bags you get a paper bag that this has been store businesses will react rapidly to this kind during the first decade of this century there left US administrations coincided with a huge commodities boom which in the case of Bolivia helped quadrupled the size Kohl's Latin America correspondent listened to Elliott Good morning to you listen to good offering from London let's start plenty to to be talking about but let's start by looking back at of the economy with exports to China receptor and Morales like many of his left or pink colored contemporaries redistributed profits to the poor and nationalized round but more broadly yes we've seen shifts to the right or the middle in the last five years but he might be accompanied by by several other leftist comebacks namely Argentina and sixteen during his third term he lost a national referendum on whether he should be allowed to seek a fourth term that vote was promptly overturned by local court oh you know maybe have a leaf in the corner or something like that but that would be my one very very elegant I sort of a branding perspective yeah and there's no worried just rocketing inflation and debt and this is after the collapse of his attempts to reform the Argentine economy which led to the largest bailout in history from the Internet hunger and the prognosis relief Argentina is fairly grim because neither of the two main presidential contenders in elections on Sunday off office for getting on for a decade and a half or so what is the broader narrative then because there's talk about this sort of pink tide you know that that these it does something to protect the look at the time you know where you can get access you don't know lines for prayer anymore if you buy so success for their left leaning I gather your heading there soon what what's the what's your anticipation for my happen yeah well in the case of Argentina Maurice the interesting thing is his running mate as deputy Christina kitchener who is the highly controversial Peronist and former president who took over from her deceased husband nest this is a longstanding political mass movement that depending on which period peronism sorts of encompasses the extremes doing the right things we shouldn't worry should we yeah I think I mean I think it's a really good idea I think you know the privileges prevails get the you know if you're looking at buying which ruled that limiting the number of times the president could seek office without she'd be an affront to the president's human rights is the pink tide over well he hasn't lost quite yet and there will likely be a second much hope of relief for you have and who's perhaps more likely to win Alburto Fernandez he's a fairly known leftist politician and mcree won a majority for years back was because he inherited a crisis that was very difficult to fix it's worth remembering also that Christina faces numerous charges accre here's the conservative business minded president who was elected hugely high hopes for years ago he seeking reelection against a backdrop really of corruption one way to protect yourself is through parliamentary immunity from prosecution but yes what what what we could see a return of peronism in Argentina and and that's what the majority of the votes counted and Bolivia says Morales would win an outright wipe victory be ended up with at least a ten percentage point advantage the often right has its roots in the legend Evita pit on and Argentina's postwar populists dictatorship so the parents thrived marginalization of poor sectors of society and this has been going on for years in the country Chile was once a huge reform in the region praised let's having already raised prices in January and the protests began with high school students who take public transport daily demonstrating against increases of the region let's look at Chile just briefly because we've seen pretty serious unrest on the streets of the capital this past week just gives a quick reminder of what's will and the two of them created a dynasty of sorts and it was under their administration that many argue well much much of the country's wealth was actually squandered and one of the reasons Chris Economic Model in many ways and how brought about change and prosperity off to the authoritarian regimes that governed until the eighty s and much of Latin America the we'll indeed an unless look to Saris because the polling there suggests well maybe a thing although actually some of the more recent polling suggests it could be rather comfortable going on there so present Pineda who is a conservative who was appointed for a second time he made a comeback last year and he basically tried to increase the price of metrics the illusion of that model is over you've got low wages lack of health care hikes in the cost of university fees a huge overhaul of the pension system that has the city's but this is not considered a simple protests over the rise affairs you know this is actually a broad outpouring really of the continued soon descended into chaos on Friday prompting to declare a state of emergency in in the capital Santiago and that's now been extended to decades on poverty and crisis and so this really is another opportune moment for them once again just briefly listen to dig a bit of a Whistle Title Monetary Fund macrey borrowed a lot of money and that money his government is struggling to pay back and things about millions more have been pushed into to hardship really hurt some of the most vulnerable and this is all made people tired they're fed up and I I suppose it's a common thread grow globally not attributed solely to Latin America will also sending them to the most extreme locations supporting explorers who ventured into the unknown but the world has changed as the twentieth century unfolds exploration pure discovery has given way to expiration as a means to preserve the natural world to make the planet perpetual learn more with the pioneers coming soon the pioneers for the founder of Rolex Hands Villes dove the world was like a living laboratory he began to use it as a testing ground for his watches from the nine hundred fifty a two two left or right leaning governments Elliott always good to speak to you thanks for joining us here on the briefing on Monaco Twenty Four Coming Soon Monaco Rolex bring you wonderful twenty four now there are reports that Taiwan could preparing to build its own fighter jet the self-governed island faces huge difficulties in procurement particularly if such an aircraft because countries are wary about upsetting mainland and fight eject and something which I think is going to be completed in the next few years now I guess it would be expedient this additions as they could be self sufficient is certainly therefore the ambition what does the pressure from China look like Steve is exerted presumably from Beijing is to Taiwan and now only United States of America we'll any weapons to Taiwan at tool and different administrations in the Chinese government in Beijing put every bit of pressure equipped assert on any potential supplier of weapon systems they face I guess often it would be different. US administrations in particular the US just simply rejecting those requests out of hand well the reality is that China joined on the line now by Professor Steve Sang Who's the director of the China Institute at so ask the University of London good evening to you Steve this is a really interesting one therefore the Chinese pressure mostly simply reduce the scale and the sophistication of US weapons being provided is what's happening here in Taiwan that no one will sell them a new fighter jet so they've just decided they may as well build their own well they have been trying to stoop directly but I guess they're sort of more nuanced diplomatic pressure other countries the US as well feel from Beijing what's sort of carry how would you characterize what that pressure the so weapons systems to China and they were simply immediately sanctioned by the Chinese so there's really not much being about in terms of the United States let's head over to Toronto now to get the latest on candidates strengthen data defense capability for a number of years what they are building is involved in advanced trainer jet was it end and nations around Trudeau himself I think many Canadians were thinking that this would be a best case scenario that a minority government for Justin Trudeau forcing him the Chinese government always kick of us but because the United States does not have to bow to the Chinese government and a landslide victory basically across the country that was also a surprise so in many ways he'd made many bowls promises that then had to be put into uh-huh summertime if you if you don't like the color for the Sago for little leaf something exactly something green see we're in the solution interpret is obligations to provide arms for Taiwan or South defense in slighty different way and that's what time it is very keen to become us south last night across the country that they had sort of failed to really convince voters that would do in the liberal government despite this off and we can't just thinking about greenjackets you'd have to have different ones for different seasons would you would parker that Yes yes given the there is a certain amount of disillusionment with Trudeau himself but also the fact that the Conservative Party despite winning the popular vote actually like what they're not actually very subtle when it is not the United States and other countries like France or the Netherlands which had to Taiwan more than being able to stop that stay fascinating such from us away thanks for your time now as a friend Steve Sang joining us hey on the briefing on markle twenty four place now he has I think in fairness to the Liberal Party succeeded in doing a lot of those things over the past four years I think there was a sense however elections we've been discussing it throughout the show already Monaco's Thomas Lewis is standing by I say standing it's bright and early where you are you wrapped up in an ID down as a site for sore eyes oh coming in in many cases I think the fact that are better went so hard back to its conservative roots will be something of a worry to true Joe I think the rise with reemergence I should save the Blockhead Kwara which stage probably the most remarkable electoral comeback of any party take those bridges between the parties I think Canada has been through it sort of political convulsions already I think is fair to say we have an extreme last night they were a party of course that spearheaded the unsuccessful but knife-edge referendum campaign back in the mid ninety s to seek emily unpopular populist premier here on -Tario and I think you know the the populist experiment really is going pretty badly for him so I joints chief to some of the recent history diluted already to their type as being trying to buy F16's from Lockheed Martin in the US what kind of barriers come out Daniel Beach and from our panelists earlier in the program about the fact that you know he's going to have to prove his political and diplomatic smarts in terms of getting things done for and to work with his political rivals would actually be of benefit to the Canadian political process which is undergoing his own pretty dramatic changes all sir the political balance of the country do you think that's how the Canadian media is presenting many of the results that came in overnight in there without really damage the conservatives I think it's a good night though if you look for parties like the Greens for example I believe have the highest number of MP's ever only party as opposed to have won a second term in office Now Tomas give us a sense here about the scale of the challenge ahead for for Trudeau Eh I'm actually wrapped up in the warmest either done you could possibly find Tom. It has been a long and cold nights but not that speech talking about big issues he kept going on about climate Daniel alias I wouldn't be surprised to see Grettenberger pitch up in in Ottawa similarly had to sort of use his political now and and skill to to try and move forward because he's competed the the representatives to do the the WHO has done so well on the political pr I suppose for much of his premiership so far are now that you really need to get into the weeds of politics and bills census I think that will be a challenge for him well just on that point about how he's going to try and recalibrate the discussion it was quite telling I feel instructive perhaps he was in sort of big issues that really ended up sort of you know informing people's decisions on election day I think because it's been a pretty in Trudeau in terms of people's estimations of him down earlier this year she managed to succeed and winners an independent in her writing so you might be right think for many people there isn't one big umbrella issue I think I think people are finding that life on the ground if you like many bits of Canada are posing real challenges over the next four years or so it's almost as interesting Daniel Beach was talking earlier about you know reflections on going right back to one thousand nine hundred when Justin's father but I think when you look at his failure to reform the voting system in his first term things like the environment the government is involved in very controversial pipeline project in western Canada those big more universal themes really have Do you play a big part I think in the way people see him but the way people the politicians Melchoir Year for the Liberal Party it's approval ratings were sliding any way before the scandal at the start of the year involving the Engineering Company the big marquee issue is that going to is the public in a by I think that a lot of the public will buy that actually because I think there were many payroll and they see a man this challenge in your view yeah it's an interesting challenge that I think because if you think back to four years ago when he was that he wants to implement during a second term so things about affordable housing for example is a huge issue for many needs ways of the country search for the other parties too so I think they may well actually be a bit of a galvanizing force when voters hold him so counter the next four years during his second term in office and finally back here in London we're going subterranean the Times has transformed Westminster at the moment and I think to Fanta Justin Trudeau he was very careful to really sort of be very specific about many of the policy points back in Jodie Wilson rebelled as I mentioned there but also of course the black face imagery that were published a couple of weeks ago right in the middle of the campaign green maybe not much but that is really a rather major political step for them and of course Jodie Wilson rebelled who is at the center of a scandal that really dragged datong the you know the the Jigsaw of political politics of politics excuse me in Canada is is fracturing somewhat I think it will be a challenge for Trudeau the work of government Do you think I mean it's tempting to look at those examples and say Oh please please showings but does this represent I don't know a broader shift in in terms of how allies prime minister's verses the media good afternoon to you launch they say contemporary politics it's a jungle out there well it's a jungle in Westminster choir literally station in London as part of a PR campaign to get people to buy the paper. Let's get a little more on this with the political commentator and good friend of more twenty four lance price lawns is also the author of where it is and it's quite a good pr stunt by the Times I suppose it's got people talking about it but I don't think it's an analogy works very well to be to be on drawn at the end just adjusting my my virtual pith helmet as we speak what do we do about that then if it's going to take more than a bit of a PR Nonsense succeed sorry become independent from Canada but I think you know what we're seeing here is how they're force Justin Trudeau traces and do a nice presser a along alongside Promise the trio do you think that that's going to wash the is the public appetite to actually look you know I don climate changes things become bogged down obviously brexit is the is the main reason for that but actually if you take a step back I think that they may not be political giants in I also think you associate jungles with lots of

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