Rap Battle with Kelly Cutrone: PART 2


The following podcast is a deer media production. Hey girl hey welcome back to another episode. My weekly podcast taste of taylor and last week we we had on calicut trona literally. Kelly's mind is a national treasure. She is so wise and thought provoking but also also hysterically funny. I will go on a word journey with kelly patrol on any day of the week. What you do last week was just literally every single dinner every single lunch every time with kelly that is the way that we talk to one another so i feel like you guys got to be like a fly of the wall of a taylor strecker kelly trump conversation and i think it was nothing short of magical. The feedback was so positive in fact that we decided to do apar- to you guys loved it. We loved it and quite frankly on any more kelly could drown so welcome to part two in in this episode kelly talks about i asked her about stephanie pratt and what she says is very interesting. <hes> we also ended up having a rap battle which ah eight mile eminem style. I'm not really sure how that happened but you know. Cocktails were involved so i'm just gonna blame it on the alcohol and also kelly has a couple of opinions on an american idol contestant. You know what i'll let you listen to find out the rest. What was it with stephanie pratt. Okay so seventy pratt was on the t._v. Show called the hills. Yes she was which i was not. Yes you are very much so under brother was on it and her sister-in-law was on it and whitney porton adrina increasing eveline trendy and brody bobby just him but he tried to use like an nicole smith sorry. I didn't really watch show. I didn't never worked with well. When you're on something. You don't watch it. That makes sense. I don't know it was never on t._v. Before something that show and i didn't even have cable it was m._t._v.'s cable bill. That's true have cable so stephanie went on some podcast happened. There was a precursor to why i did that podcast simone long. I would like you to be my backup singer instead when i say sure false and don't try to avoid me 'cause you're around the corner and i can't see okay okay. Nobody's here okay so the stephanie pot interview you were around when i did it okay and there's somebody named amy sugarman agrement and amy sugarman worked with ryan seagrass true yeah and when i was on america's next top model go ahead. My daughter wanted to go to some nickelodeon iheart function. I didn't know what it was and i didn't know it was the hottest ticket in town and i ended up backstage and amy sugarman was crossed crosses my path and she said hey how's it going and i said not so great the meaning like i'm grateful bitch from outer space because i have no idea that these she gets out of the hardest things to go and i don't even know why i'm in the seats that sitting in thi he drinks. I hate my life. I'm downtown l._a. And i'm like but days why by and i started seeing the press on the thing that i don't remember it. Was it like kids choice awards. I guess yeah and then nicole kidman had green goop. I don't know what happened but i realized oh my god. This might be like the academy awards for rich toddler kids away. I think i was really rude and i was aware because i do have awareness right right so i was aware that i sounded like a stupid bitch ungrateful person and i felt bad and then i was busy and it was after three as and then then it's like hot potato. You don't know what to do. You call the person to apologize for your bad manners and not responding sooner acknowledge your greatness like all of that stuff like that's something to think about putting let it go like most people do so the cavity tornado root canal which turned into caps and next thing you now i get a phone call from amy sugarman ensure falls true and she. She says hey kelly it's amy sugarman. I didn't get the message you guys gave it to me. Amy sugarman called the office and said she wants to speak to you about a podcast. She's working on and i thought i oh this girl apology fair. This is my time to say hey the last time i saw you. In person i was ten years ago and i know we've been in touch like for whatever but not we're not friends so but we know each other in the web the matrix dietrich of our lives but i just want to say that looking back on that night i feel like i was rude and they didn't really understand how great the seats were and i. I feel like i was unappreciative like i want to let her know that you know and like really because she went out of her way to help me and i didn't know what i was asking for. I thought it was like can i get lake. Can you super size that i didn't think it was like. Can i come to the oscars for people under twenty. I didn't know that's what i was asking right and so i called her back and she was like hey. How are you like very l._a. Like nothing happened. I was like oh. I'm good and she's like hey. I'm working on this podcast with stephanie pratt and we would really love and then some guy. I don't know if you know him no. I don't know oh yes you. Do i go now. I don't watch t._v. Goes back and forth. I still don't know his name. I said no. I don't as you because what we'd love to have you on and i said to me. I have no desire to go on the show at all fair. The only reason i will do this is because i feel that i was rude to you. You know when you got these tickets and i saw you backstage. Folic rude and i feel like i will do it for you as has a way of saying i'm sorry for how i responded to your generosity so i'll put myself in this position and i'll do it but i haven't done any prestone about lord not about whitney not about anybody right. I haven't done recurring ivan's on any of the stuff. That's been brought up but i felt like for amy sugarman. I should do that based on my bad odd behavior. Okay okay so i thought i was going to go on and people are going to be like oh. That was stupid. Ha ha so i go do the interview you were that we did it for my country house and then she goes. You ruined the transcript but the gist of it was. I can't believe you ruined my designer and i was like oh my god. If i'm just gonna be myself like people think i mean on top model title. They don't realize i'm very reserved. I i am like oh my god. I don't even know what to say and she's like i. She goes as you destroyed me. I worked for you and i said what are you talking about. You never worked for me i did too. I came there every day. I said no you did not have a camera outside my office. You're nowhere to be found on. That and i said you had a paycheck from a company called viacom v._i._a._c._o._m. backslash mtv okay. Maybe your agents or your manager cut it to you but it never came from people's revolution. Sweetie okay never been on my payroll. You never worked for me would have never hired you. It was the producers idea to bring you on the and i said she's not making any sense and they just go along and hire her on her resume. She said that she's fluent in french. We know you speak french through a couple of french words at four and then we'll make lauren fall like fire her on the next episode okay and so i tried to have that conversation with her honest conversation. I haven't heard it. I didn't listen to it but i have been in my inbox on the blow up just like hey. I always thought you're a bitch or blah. Blah blah or new. You're smart but like i'm really sorry that you had to do that stephanie interview. We feel really bad for her. She's delusional yeah. She's clearly never worked at people's revolution yeah so here's it's a little bit and we could do on the show okay. It's a it's a <hes> a challenge okay. Hey guys it's time talk about one of our sponsors fab fit fun all you komo tha-tha-th girl and right now. They're two thousand nineteen. Fads fund fox is owned sale goody every time it comes. It's a goody. I am telling you oh. I love theft that fun. I get excited every time it shows up to my door and <hes> i use everything is out of it is just it's the best i if you haven't signed up already. I don't know what you're doing with your life. If you don't let me explain fat fund is a women's lifestyle subscription box filled with full-size premium beauty lifestyle fitness his home and wellness products and it sent straight to your doorstep each season. 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I heard your podcasts at kelly joe with calicut trump on and you insisted on the fact he worked at people's wrath and you insist on the fact that you were to people's revolution and we believe view and we believe you and so we would like to open hearts earns and so we would like to open our hearts and our arms to you to you and and use and use the platform this platform of my podcast as of taylor to have you come here straight wrec yes and and she could do that by <hes> any paste ups and you could do that by bringing actually bring sorta receipts anything that you taste from people some people's roughly you're not. You're not being media trained publicity. Just please bring a copy of your pace. Oh i've seen voice no voice just you were and any receipts we we're not asking for any receipt and please bring a copy of your face. Just saddam tells revolution help you out in this process. No we're not nice. I don't be nice note. You're saying we would like to invite you to come on the show and help you explain what happens. You please bring a copy of of your people's revolution. Not your bus pass to san jose. Okay <hes> your people's revolution spaced uh-huh from california people's revolution or new york or anywhere else that might be incorporated and not know at this point but i'm serious. Let's do that and i mean and then when you pop out of the closet i mean i'll i'll do fucking car wheels all the way down my office with flags of my favorite country against when she doesn't really care and you know and then you leave leave and then what was where were you in that moment afterwards your life haad cast no. Did you like get up and leave. I was on the phone simone in my country house. You hang up simone. I mean i waited for them. Dang that's polite. I didn't want to because i didn't want anything to be misinterpreted like that. I was hanging up right. I just waited till the end and so are you done now. No i don't think so. I think it was like we'll thanks colleen. Blah blah blah and i don't think anybody said maybe amy's i don't remember hey thanks so much. We'll call him so it was an ambush. No it wasn't an ambush it was i made a conscious decision to do the stephanie pro podcast because i respect and love and felt like odin immense to amy sugarman her producer who i think is a reared a really rad fierce bitch that i love and respect and i felt that it it was poorly behaved because she assisted my daughter and either get tickets to something that i didn't understand. It was like the nickelodeon kids choice awards words. I thought it was like a bullshitter ban where people got gupte. I didn't realize it was like the oscars for kiss celebrity. Children were celebrity. Kids like vanessa vanessa hudgens at the time under twenty five. I didn't know i don't watch t._v. And so when she said how are your seats. I didn't realize it being like three rows behind nicole. Kohl kidman was good. I felt like i'm on m._t._v. I should be in front and coal caveman. Let me she didn't do that really cool netflix show yeah. It's been a while. She had no with reese witherspoon thing. I mean i didn't know i didn't know i'm from syracuse. I didn't know uh-huh and i just felt like i was disgruntled. And after i left i saw the press to be clear and i was like whoa that always some heavy shit. My behavior in retrospect was unacceptable and i feel bad and i didn't motor to make a proper amends in the moment and so years went by and when i got a phone call from amy sherman to tell me kay we'd love to help you in this pocket of course. I don't give a shit. I'm in new york times sicily. Why do i want to be on stephanie pods product. I i don't care. I don't even know her. She bakley worked for me for a jane have have but according to her she worked for me for three months but i didn't carry it had nothing to do with her or her co host who i didn't know and i still don't know and i've never met him but it has a really gray boise as well well kelly you might wanna rethink this is like your twenty-seven year from australia or new zealand or wherever your thumb and is from you can shut the forgot sweetie. I'm a communications expert. You don't even know what the fuck is. Beaten set so to be clear. I did the interview amy sugarman and yeah who is that person who i hate not hate kuei hey guys. It's time to get quick break to talk about one of our sponsors. Here's i'm so here for the sponsor so i don't know if you've heard of them but they're amazing. They're called or rates and they are fine. Jewelry made in new york city company founded founded by women for women and they have gorgeous george. They've got statement stuff. 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And make sure you use promo code t the o._t. And now back to the podcast. Let's just do a quick flashback. Let's just fine. Let's do it plays with him. We don't speak anymore the second second fire from serious done. Oh he didn't talk to you anymore. Never again okay. I have no. Let's the word okay to oakley hook lay. Hey let's put it in here. We just long jetty style cowboy fucking. What stupid show was he on on american idol okay. That was a show. I guess it was good for kelly clarkson. I was good for lots of people but yeah i mean he was like who else oh oh blondie country to town tana hand light up. You know carrie underwood. She had the accident girl talk. I don't wanna say that that's horrible. Clay aitken one americanized it. It is by being number two so he's always number two. That's like a susan lucci of country music. Yes you guys it's been. I got fired. I heard from everybody i would like to. I'd like to do a special. No i'd like to do is special because when i was the only bitch was there if you were in cool because you never call me for fun. When should it's a family like. I'm calling kelly. I amount to people only call him when he gets tighter about to be fired. You hang out with kelly fine how i'm not talking about. I'm talking about anybody's mind simone you people only that are my deep deep friends because they know we're psychically connected always. They never called me to say. Do you want to catch a movie. They know cabinet in front in front of your anybody else you anywhere no wonder they call me when people are dying when somebody's being arrested. There's immediate crisis spiritual spiritual problem which crop i get called for the dark stuff. Go figure well for my fire you there. Wasn't there clearly okay. I wanna go back. I wanna do colt my achey breaky. And where are you clay aitken heart because i'd like to go back to our interview. I'd like to go back to our interview because i don't know what happened happen because i came in there in a nice mood for free way more famous than him. Sorry at the moment more famous okay no no no no no no oh not at the moment but at the moment yes forever. These are really good aren't they. I don't know what you're talking about. I wanna go back to a again. I'm a publicist so i wanna go back to the klay special so come on him in a really good man happy to see you yeah. I don't know the person is. He expects me to know who he is. Suber default so for point of reference is like bald without a cowboy hat on so i'm on your okay if he had a cowboy hat on or didn't i would have said you're dwight yoakam <hes> or garth brooks. I don't watch tv so i was just being nice so he other an accident. I didn't wanna serum the host for the day and you come in my friend and also guests at the show and i really thought that you guys would be able to kinda get along because you're both i thought thought friends with tyrod 'cause. He told me he was at tira and i know you are because of being on america's next top model well. I was her employees. I'm not sure but i know her since she sixteen but a friendly so no. I love her there. Go right but i can't. I don't know because i didn't even know. I don't even remember he said so. After i left after his ridiculous didn't even on me. I never even asked tara tara tara. This is an audio file of kelly are are you friends with clay aitken. I don't know so came in and he was there. I don't remember what went down but he he's like. Oh hi you know we're in the dark so you can take your sunglasses are off and on because hello thirty in the morning during fashion week during start probably one to three looked at him like shut. Shut the fuck up. He didn't say it but we also weren't being taped and so then we went on the air and it was the country as the grand old opry sweetie you don't have to give descriptors is like oh here she comes. She's coming right now with her dark. Johnny cash roy orbison. I am roy orbison bitch like the fee so we were so i immediately leaving trying to be like oh god. There's tension and i don't know why klay kind of started with a joke like kelly's just tired from fashion. We cannot gear for it so i've said oh my god god guys. You're both tire and you were like well. I'm friends with tyra banks and then he was like woah laugh friends with tower banks and you're like no you're not i'm sure is not and which was such which i mean now he he might matter like four times and had with her lip paul newman call in definitely but he was definitely honestly he came for you i with a sunglasses to shut up owing no is i was just like okay. They're probably i'm trying to go. Let the bipolar panel so we get taylor. He's like this confused christian girl. He's like greenwich connecticut. You might fuck a chick dick and then we're going to get the republican like not good enough but like enough for somebody at six in the morning. He wants a name. They know on the way to work but we don't have to pay more faking it till you're making it with the aching it. I'm a rapper pure poetry. Thank you so so yeah you guys. You didn't mesh well. It was definitely it was awesome anybody yeah well you know i couldn't you know i was like why am i even here. I'm with the second runner-up produce more flashes in the history of anybody in new york city and then why am i at fashion week with this fucking couch pogue douche and then when i got fired here's the only person who didn't reach out that was like a regular person. That's interesting gene and you were the first person to motherfucking. Call me and you said to me shut your mouth. Don't want social media going to vacation. That was the only thing i didn't do because i couldn't glenn vacation said don't talk to anybody to have enough money to live for two or three months a year right. Don't talk shut the fuck up. Yep gandhi indeed gandhi he said and get a god damned good lawyer. Yes and i did and you cannot be somebody who didn't work out with because they were hello expensive so girl you doing it right but i will say she connected me with somebody who was affordable and it was and they got me out of such a sticky situation regina regina she was fucking amazing looks nicer yeah i love her and <hes> she represented me and entering case in an injury three in an intern case turn into lire lawsuit. Was that like one of the one of the big ones you but i'm not talking about it talking about it talking about it. I don't know ooh i can but no less than seven hour. I know listen you kelly. There's no question in my mind that you will be back for another podcast. What you're going to be a fan favorite for sure you already are are not even trying guys. I don't care that's why you're fucking amazing already. You want people to like you me why i mean hear why. What do you feel like you're gonna. I'm gonna tell everybody okay you guys. It's kelly control on this is a separate thing thing just checked material. There's no time kelly minute forty minute an hour forty five like these are normally forty five we but this this is not a podcast do we. This is our life. This is a radio show on a radio show. We don't agree and subscribe to any of these old outdated take systems two chicks that have rudimentary technology and i really want to emphasize the fact feminist ernest. We look like fucking astronauts in nineteen fifty four right now. Taylor is wearing a beautiful white long leg pants hands. It's sexy with metallic shoes. I'm in a double faced god's black to end shocker. We're wearing headphones owns. We have cochrane purses microphones ganesh iphones. We have a lot of crazy shit going on your guys. We're doing our best to help. Help the transformation of humanity join us. Please anytime anywhere with every breath that you take in the morning. When you wake up you know right before or you go to sleep on like thirty milligrams of twenty edibles available on our website right now california colorado connecticut new jersey and coming soon to other places near you. You're going to get some really good candy makers to turn this bitch up a little bit. You know what i'm saying down with these bootleggers in with the drug dealers yeah ah but by kennedy's kelly yellow marley's i love you thank. You can't leave my zima. You know we're not done yet. We have a lot of other. We've got to eat. Let's go to a sex offender restaurant. Oh wait. It's every restaurant in new york with the exception of tamarind. Let's go. Let's go support this sex offender. There's no we're not support. No we're not supporting. I mean we're going to no no. We're not we're not kelly. Get your own publicist deputy and it'd be of of taylor striker right now all right. I'm so glad that she's not in cosmo. Medium couldn't finally hear the truth. Ladies gentlemen okay. Whatever ever your <hes> chuckle predator names are or how you guys describe yourselves. Please join us in the revolution to have a really good time until laugh and <hes> and really like pay reverence to your elders while simultaneously open up your heart shark rain your arms for the next generation. Is we dance on this. What what is this podcast live. Show radio sure no it is because it's a podcast right now for you but guess what everybody's getting hate this in two two years and they're going to be. I'm so tired of listening to this shit. I want to hear live. I don't wanna hear this anymore right now. My voice kelly simone. What's it date. It's almost august two thousand eighteen. I'm just going to say it's almost august. I've been on the road. I've had gosh tournaments you know by the game coming up tempers six but other stuff going on and what city new york paris as we have gogol bordello going on saint john we're going on tour with snus dossier schroeder. I'm gonna uh open marshy doing podcast tour last time. I saw her shit. Don't on the internet should have breast reduction yeah but you you love her saucy. What's her name dasa. Well you call her this dossier schroeder i do 'cause that's should be her name like let's shake shake inskeep cheese stuff okay. Where's she going. What cities am i going to be near their every countr- at tree we'll see time on chocolate. One of our new sponsors were parker. I love where we parker. I've loved where we parker. Now for. 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She's going all over me. Why nets put the country wants back in country. Oh stacey say that <hes> semi win it to do. We should all over. The country cut back in country all over the country yeah. I'm gonna see this this great land of mirko that we live in sponsored by lake and joking not selling this to a show like isn't this like a quick be no no it sold out. No i'm talking about begum web winnebago men. Have you ever watched that show yeah. I have the kelly no. I'm talking about the outtakes right. That's different. Whatever i don't want to be too smart. No don't over the audience keep heap. I want you to keep this conversation because i don't want people to hear this okay great. Let's go to dinner and so happy. I'm exhausted. I hate everybody dot com now. I i hate everybody dot com. You love me. Always i love you. I know but it's beyond love. There's no word for i feel about you. And how did i get so lucky. No india they say like we peruta is the word and it means nothing. I means there is no life there is no other is his new existence. There's only this moment of knowing that everything is super electric and alive and even though we don't have an eye or a me or join us. We're just like vibrating together and we know our fucking name is but nobody needs to talk the serious. Call jim carey. He's onto this chip. I think he needs to me. You and jim carey reality this is is it a challenge jenny mccarthy. Give a shit about fucking jenny mccarthy. Either i mean i don't care about her but like scorpio. Whatever i i don't care about him as a sexual peo- i'm a scorpio. I talking about the problem. Okay good luck okay but i'm i'm. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about seriously like jim. Carey is knowledge ing consciousness beyond even though he played garden and movie that might have been what like no he's not. It's not a joke the guy if you look at his fucking instagram he's dropping ping true existential truth bombs google existential spell it felling existential e x i xe a attention he actually. I hope we don't get arrested. These guys check. Did you rohypnol me this is how did you know you for the panamanian. Give me give me comey's i know no. I did not give you gumy's no. I did not maybe she did. I don't the mine roof he'd with comey's no. She's not simone like she's like. The trainer doesn't work. I'm hungry too hungry for pizza fucking reality dude. You'd hungry for people shaking things up. I'm hungry. You're doing. I'd rather die. I really would rather get skinny from starvation. No you shouldn't have waiting for people to tell the truth. I'll do a fucking. I will do an eat out. I won't eat anybody all sit there and not hardly you wish it means. I will not eat any food. Okay until people are willing to tell the two new diet okay. I'll all do it fucking okay kelly can we just let's do a couple of trips. Okay kelly i'm gonna do. I'll wait and see if you can actually follow along at it all of this of course i just wanna say thank you so much for having me on this is kelly cajon and this taylor strikers signing off this amazing podcasts kelly. Thank you so much would be my guest. It's my pleasure. I just wanna say something like. I don't want to say what's the answer. He great girl bah whatever i wanted to wrap me too. I want you to lead them. Although that's it for us kelly this has been going to toss. We're gonna job -sential crisis crisis in a good way that word right okay so is this an invitation for me to say yes or do you want me to just try. Take a guess. Do you wanna try to throw down like the white girl that you are not wanna. Try to wrap fake tesla car. Come on now now tried double dutch. Give it to me and your ivory and linen such with your metallic shoes. Didn't you bring any black boys behind. You are gonna sing. The blues come moms taylor. I dare you to jump come on right now. Hey he's a mr <hes>. He's a mystery. He can't see her name. Was sheva any took blocks. She said i don't care about your hair. Just show me your cock. Bring it to me straight heart. Whether you're an accountant a lawyer war war some kind of be boy and such just you're listening to tailor strecker tonight. I don't care if you're black gay purple green or y you better listen up because sometimes the truth is followed by laughter and it's kelly trump on and i hope you sleep with the angels angels in heaven happily ever after oh girl fucking. I mother kris e._t. He get. I will see you with l. Cruel i can bet on that. That's that's the end.

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