Deuces Wild: Part Two with Energy Credit 1 on Chuck Yates Needs A Job Podcast


Dog about this talk about that judge. Gigs needs a job. I had a point. I don't know where it's at. Yuck gee yeah. Welcome back everyone to chuck. Yates needs a job. The podcast this is part. Two of our two part series with jeff davies aka energy credit one aka oil and gas g part one. I think we learned this. Dudes really thoughtful. I think we learned this dudes real. There was a really raw discussion. We had about the funding put together and it not working out the way. He wanted to part shoe. We're gonna talk more about the future. We're gonna talk about out peas. We're going to talk about oil filled helping hands in the two hundred thousand dollars a dft raise to help out folks. We're gonna talk. His music list playlist is really cool. Little bit surprising the tunes on there. But you're gonna like it a lot. I think at the end of part to the lesson learned will be. Let's not major wine flex as a host. All through the podcast. What's the next ten years i mean. What do what we did. You run on oil and gas company. What he did focus on returns. Focus on investment You know plan your business for the facts on the ground and the reality on the ground you know if you can generate enough cash and enough free cash flow you have the ability to i. Guess kind of manage your own Manager on future you know. I don't think the industry is in a place where they're not gonna still need to raise capital You know it. Everyone needs to just continue to reduce costs. You know we've seen this year. In particular ton consolidation i think consolidation is going to continue to be a big theme. Quite frankly because you know if you look back the last couple years you know. Through technology through efficiencies people reduce their costs people reduce their gathering and transport costs. You know to the best that they could But the only place that i see to reduce costs is through reduce leverage. 'cause i mean you need to look at things from an all in cost structure and that's the way elected things from an investment investor perspective. You know what is your total cost structure. What is your on a per unit basis. Here's the revenue you get here is the you know l. o. e. per unit. Here's the transport costs per unit. Here's the interest cost per unit. And then here's the gna per unit right so let's talk about leverage right. The industry used a tunnel leverage. Because at the end of the day the returns weren't that great so they leveraged in themselves up to provide and they were given it and they were giving yet and they were. I mean we can all take a step back and say gosh would a bunch of idiots. These these management teams were but who wouldn't have taken the leverage. If he were given that right who wouldn't have been up. None of us are not hopefully very few of us are pessimists in life right so most people live their life is optimised and they think particular you particularly if you're in oiling. Gap accord right right. So hey let's spend every dollar. We have drill this well. Now let's see would happen right. You're an optimist biden by design and again let's You know one of the things that i had of the big whiffs in this industry is all the people for years and years and years said oil can't go below acts because of the social costs in middle east like that was like biggest greater. You know foolish thing for people to say ever. How did that play out like that. That that floor just got you know ridiculous You know so. I if you're an optimist and you believe prices are going to be at a minimum acts and you believe there is upside prices over time. Of course you're gonna take leverage leverage. Your business You know you want to reduce that cost structure. The only way that you can do that now if you've eked out. All the efficiencies is in my opinion technology and through consolidation right so i see a ton of consolidation in the industry. We've seen it already but it should continue to happen. I don't know why the appalachian basin is consolidating more quite frankly People like their their jobs. I mean right right. Yeah right right. I mean You know where does the industry go you know. i think we need a bag like questar. You know a number of years ago. They had this utility based npr. You know is there scenarios where there's the ability that like carve out. He said the industry that is kinda rate based like that. You know to me that makes a little bit of sense. I mean right How do we do deal with renewables. And i ain't the industry get so worked up and you know. I certainly see this on twitter account where i talked about renewables and people get all worked up about it. I saw there was an article call on wall street journal today. I believe You know world energy supplies gonna go from ten percent renewables today. Thirteen percent by twenty thirty right like renewables aren't going to displace fossil fuels anytime soon but at the end of the day. The marginal barrel or the marginal. Mci is matters prices. You know and you can see a scenario where okay twenty thirty. Which isn't that far away. you know. Twenty thirty the rating is on the wall that demands going to start. You know we're going to be at peak oil And demands gonna start to kind of flatten out a little bit. Is there a scenario. Where the middle eastern countries the saudis of the world the russians of the world. Start to flood the market. That's my concern. You know i'm bullish from a Lack of capital investment perspective. But how bullish can you be when there's eight million barrels off the market today. Yeah that's that's right. I've kind of said that on the podcast. The i've been on is you've Eight to ten million barrels sitting in middle east and even in the brecon homerun monks right. I mean we are the home run years. We were growing at. What million barrels million barrels a day. So it's like sit there and go million million and a half for zayd now that assumes e. u. s. stays the same done decline. And i know we're on a rapid decline. But every time i look up the us stays flatter than i think they should right. I may just do you know what we you know. Oil hundred million barrels a day plus or minus world. The man i believe is the right zip code the us. Today's at ten million barrels day. It's hard for me to imagine a scenario where we decline much from here. Quite frankly because nobody's going to buy depleting asset base so all these companies are going to add a minimum flat line or grow slowly so then you take a step back and say well the rest of the world of course decline curves never sleep. And you've got this wedge that you need to deal with on a global basis but you have like you said eight to ten million barrels a day off offline right now so combined with you know again just just saudi stats by twenty. Thirty thirty percent of all cars will be vs in china that will be forty eight percent You know you can't just look at supply anthony supply it's a supply and demand. You know perspective You know it's hard not to be constructive gas right now but really at the end of the day. How high can gas prices go before somebody in the us starts to say. Gosh why we ask. Sporting all this natural gas. And let's stop ellen. G export right. I mean if if gas were to go to five six bucks in this country especially if you live in texas where your power. Prices are basically based on natural gas prices. There's gonna be shit too you know there's going to be people raising hell saying why my utility bill just double and we're exporting gas to china right right You know it's interesting my My father who is as we speak born in nineteen forty so he's You know he's eighty years old. He's about to turn eighty one. He just put solar panels in the vacant lot next to his house to sit there and his electric bill. Every month is electricity used versus electricity generated in seoul the grid and he'll call me every month and it's like oh my god. I made forty eight dollars. I made eighty seven dollars. And one time and i feel so bad about this fund said. Hey dad what's your payback. You spent a hundred forty thousand dollars. Putting in the solar panels he goes. It's nine years. And i get dude. You're eighty do we really do nine year. Bay bags at this point but love him. I really hope he makes it to the payback on the On the solar panels. And all that so you know at the end of the day. I mean you're right. I mean it's just we've got all this we've got to deal with it and i think you know one of the things i learned from you today in terms of talking about this sort of stuff is an. Don't think i had an appreciation for this. 'cause i've always been a name p guy right so. Emp guy it's acreage gos- dnc. what do we get. The infrastructure is year. it's ten it's fifteen twenty and you're right. I mean like the fucking world's changed in terms of In terms of doing that. So i if i can take a step back i mean just like you look at a broad kind of macro specht perspective. I actually just think everyone is concerned about inflation today and this is like an last twenty years of my lifetime. The third time people have said gosh. Look at all this stimulus in the us. And around the world and this going to be inflationary in great for commodities and that dovetails back into what. I mentioned about texas teachers in why they wanted in a hedge which turned out to be a disaster right. So you know. I would be cautious about saying Stimulus is going to be inflationary. So it's great for energy or great for commodities. I think it is short term. But i actually think when you take a step back and say you know between technology and you know what's coming down. The pipe from those perspective is super deflationary. And how high can rates ever go and we're going to be in this kind of you know situation where governments around the world never can really let inflation get out of control or let you know let rates get out of control because you know automation replaced blue collar jobs i think. Ai is going to replace white collar jobs right so you know i if you if you think that you know you no longer needed junior banker because you can get program have some you know a spreadsheet full of data that you need. You no longer needed junior lawyer. You no longer need certain doctors Like the employment and labour situation around the world just because of technology. I think is going to be problematic for governments around the world and they're going to have these fiscal problems. The ultimate ultimately mean. You know everyone's going to shut down a debt that means they can't let rates go nuts. So we're gonna stay in this free money world for a long time. But i don't think it leads to inflation quite frankly You know. I think where energy plays into that. Is you know again. I think it's very easy to be bullish like you know. I'm not that exposed to energy myself today. I've missed this recent trade You know but i would be cautious that it lasts too long quite frankly. Just be from the perspective of You know. I think rates stay low. I think manley's money stays cheap. I think you know the. Us is only ten percent of global oil supply. So if you're only focused on the us maybe remit missing the bigger picture you know you know. If rates stay low look no further than the deals that have done by the asian countries over the years. And you know buying up sandwich garbage and kind of you know buying up to barnet stuff like they did. You know there's always money that will move closer and closer and closer to the well head for five percent. Four percent three percent if they're a one percent capital company right Yeah so you know. There's always gonna be money to drill. There's always gonna be money to bring supply on In the low rate environment. So i'm kind of on the opposite side of the market today. Everyone thinks rates are going from whatever one percent and going higher. I think we actually stayed low. And if rates stay low there's these huge pools of capital. That are always gonna look for some place to put it whether it's pensions or sovereign wealth funds etcetera etcetera. That are going to say okay. Well if rates are one. I'm cool with three percents. I'm cool with five percent. And i can go do a deal at the wellhead and i can do something like that where You know if prices go up. Money's gonna come in and prices the goal. I guess what i'm saying in know. And i hear that and i wanna believe it. The issue i have is set thirty seven per sound of all the dollars ever present ever printed in the world happened in twenty twenty in and the the problem with fiat currencies because nixon took us off that right and whatever fifty years ago is they generally seem okay and then at some point they don't seem okay and then like twenty two seconds later it's fucked. The ymer republic was like great and nineteen twenty three nineteen twenty four shows up and bam all the sudden. There will peros of dollars everywhere and so. That's the thing i struggle with. I mean it's just like but do we see the same thing in renewables for example as we saw on shell right. If there's all this capital people have completely underestimated the solar cost curve. I actually when i was that convert arbonne looked at a ton of chinese. Solar converts came to the market back in. Oh eight oh nine in touch one of them because they were chinese companies but you look at that. Solar cost curve. It's come down like crazy. I mean so shales a great example of if you throw enough money at something you can do kind of things that you can't believe that you can do right and loretta. Just in the last number of years Screaming just in the last number of weeks or months. Look at what's going on in hydrogen which i had no idea what was going on in hydrogen and there has been just this kind of explosion of hydrogen activity where korea spain france I think the uk a number of these companies have countries have come out and said you know. We're going to invest ten billion dollars. Twenty billion dollars. Nine billion dollars to ensure hydrogen as part of our energy stack. So if you throw enough money at something And technology is there to kind of bring it along You know all of us have to appreciate that something that we can't believe can happen can happen again like like i said i. I don't think like the whole fear over renewables. Replacing false fuels isn't a three or five year concern. And i think people get worked up about that. It's a thirty or fifty year concern. But you know that marginal barrel Matters at the end of the day and can't happen sure can If you throw enough money again just having seen some of these statistics sixty five percent of all the money that will be spent on energy. Investments over the next decade will be on renewables right. So we're spending more money on renewables than we are on fossil fuels. You know so if you put enough money towards something you have to appreciate that. Gosh you know. Nobody back in two thousand and i thought shell would be. We would go in the us from six million barrels a day. The twelve million barrels a day there was. Nobody thought that nobody thought we would go from. Fifty bc affidavit in the us one hundred bc fda in the us. Nobody thought that right so right. Take the perspective if if you're in the industry hey maybe renewables can do something that that i don't believe they can do and look no further than shale You know so that hits the demand side of the equation whereas the supply side of things is a little tougher to get your arms around You know unless you have a global perspective. Like i said i find it hard to believe that we don't grow a little bit from here in the us and the next couple of years but are we ever have. We peaked in the us. What your opinion. Now that's really that's really The debate so jane ury of twenty twenty. I was sitting there man. My my funds seven sucked right. I mean in jail. Prices lost two thirds during twenty nineteen and we had a lot of incontinent. Right says kinda like been hit. Their average values went down and thousand. Acreage guy right. I'm an early stage investor told every lp that hey man we do or release stage vestments. In as the acreage took a hit still felt like we could drove good wells all that sort of stuff but in january of twenty twenty i was really sitting. There saying oils can be at eighty dollars at the end of the year in. We've peaked. there's just no way we can generate anymore. We've hit this is really interesting. i'll get these stats wrong but Directionally they're right right if you looked at two thousand fourteen two thousand fifteen downs Two thousand seventeen the average. Iep thirty of a well was a thirty percent a year right. 'cause we're hitting it with a big bigger hammer right so boom boom boom and then when you get into two thousand seventeen and you look at two thousand eighteen to nineteen minutes like up. Eighteen percent eighteen percent right. And you go man the trend still going and then you sit there and you say you know what let's takeout every exxon well every well. Zeus guys didn't drill on the midland in the permian. Until later you know. So they're kinda johnny come later. They watched everybody else. Did if you took out there. Wells kind of eighteen in nineteen down. Percents down two percent so we clearly flattened out. I mean and everything with more sand head plateaued in terms of technology and all that boom we'd plateaued and so you're sitting there in your gone. Oh my gosh. We're not getting any better. You know we've hit everything we can hit all that exxon chevron yeah great. They're doing it now. But anyway so i actually kinda felt like roland ended twenty twenty. It sucked. I mean you know oil prices war were they were. We generate a lot of production. But i really thought by the end of twenty twenty we were gonna be at seventy five eighty dollars oil and bam covid hit and screwed all that Got me fired All that good stuff but you know. I don't see that technology out there. That's gonna let us do better. And i get the fact that okay. Prices may rise and we may as in industry spend our cash flow to drill new wells based on higher prices. And all that. I really don't see any external capital coming in. I know in january of twenty twenty one. Were up fifteen percent. There were three billion dollars worth of inflows and the month of january towards oil and gas stocks. I don't know that that three billion dollars showed up if you said. Hey man we're gonna take your money. Give drill new wells. I think it was a price bat. Yeah but that's just me. I'm sitting there sitting there. Thinking through that. So long winded. Answer your questions freak. I don't know man. I mean i just saying i think. The commodity has upside because of lack of activity at the united states. I think demands gonna be stronger than we realize. I mean every person i know says i'm am vaccines are here fucking meghan on an airplane. You know and So i think we're going to get back to one hundred million barrels a day quicker than we think the. Us can be shrinking. And all that. But i mean that's a stew that you know a wanna served for dinner earn. Tell people tell me what you think. It tastes like i. i don't disagree. is capital Gonna come in the industry for additional supply. I don't really see that anytime doesn't fucking heinous stay right. I don't see that and he mazen. Es g all that sorta stuff. I mean i keep telling people that in fact. I texted her out on twitter day. I'm like if you think it's going to be reversion to the mean it's not gonna happen. Mean eighty dollar. Oil is not gonna cause capital comeback in here because they hate us and and and the industry is part of that right. I mean it. All the majors have the net zero emission targets. Right like they. They all bought in the es g. Men nate so If they were to move away from that. I think you see more. Investors leave the conoco's or more investors. Leave the accent was one of the last ones the bp's of the world if they don't live up to i mean it's kind of this. You know the boy who cried wolf story if you tell me you're gonna live within free cash flow for eight years and you don't do it and then finally i've got you to do it and you you don't do it again. I'm just going to be like. I don't believe you right Gives back to our information issues like will. Why can't you do it. Oh shit you're drilling less than twenty five percent read. Return wells right. Yeah right and we touched on this Before we start the podcast. But i you know i actually think. From a hey. From an investment perspective and capital inflow perspective. More information is better than less information. If i'm in p. That is actually drilling good wells. Why am i giving you a really shitty. Pv ten in a data dumped once a year. Why not create something that. Everybody can access on a monthly basis that. Here's my wells. Here's the actual production numbers and you can see that. What i'm telling you is true. And if you like what you see you will invest in the company and you believe the free cash flow that i'm generating and you believe the rate of return that i'm generating off those wells. Give that to the investment community and it will create more interest because one of the problems for this industry has been the the data and the kind of Lack of data and the confusion and the data. And it's one it's it's one reserve reporter year right right and the end of the year and until recently it was whatever the year in prices were earned says. He's spiked up the honored twenty five dollars. Oh boy that was your peavy ten. So i like this. This is so when energy senec was on the podcasts. He called for leadership. You took that up. We're gonna cover that just second. You just called for more information in the industry. And i agree with you. I think that would be really cool. If oil and gas companies would say were spending our capital and were generating an x. Percent return and oh by the way here the forty two wells we spend it on. Here's our forecast here. The actual dollars we've gotten today here's the tail and oh by the way every month that goes by or every quarter that goes by. Let's give them some wiggle room. You can do the tail versus the tailed. Does it hold up. I think that would be huge. I think that's a great call to arms right now for every oil and gas company the i agree and i think you combine that with rate part of the problem that i see in. This industry is the incestuous nature of the boards. You know so if everybody has their buddies ray and it's all a bunch of oil and gas guys so you combine more information with better since may bring people from outside the industry on your board You know you solve a lot of the problems all these fourteen trillion dollars. Es g money are concerned about right. You've given me more information. You've solved the governance issue because you know again. Go back to my comstock. They mentioned earlier. That's aboard were you know jay alison went to baylor and i think it was. You know seven of the nine board members went to baylor right and it's his. You know his football team. Mate was the The compensation chair right and it's just like you look at that stuff and you and you're like how can i invest in this company. It's just ridiculous. let us so. When i had sunk on podcast he had a similar type call. We did five questions and we went through who should be on the governance committee who should be on the cheery committee you know and all that i got. I got tasked with being in charge of the cheery committee. Only because i could sing little annie in all seriousness. I wanna put this back at you. I think you ought to get with skilling. I think you ought to get senate i think you know. Add two or three other. Maybe quick draw drawn that although you know i hate to give quick. Draw too much credit. Love you quick draw. But seriously i think you guys ought to get together and i think you guys ought to create. This is good governance for a public company. And think you oughta publisher. I really do. I think if you guys came out and so we've thought about it. We want outside directors. We want this. We want that and you publish it and you pushed it. You guys can have an impact. You may be giving us more credit than than what we deserve but You know dude you raise two hundred thousand dollars. The in the community community has a lot of impact right and and the reality just because of had folks. Dm me and you know folks reach out to me you know. If he is full of you know company executives industry folks private equity folks by siders sell siders. So you know we could. Certainly you know. Have some impact. Whether the companies you know buy into that. I think they probably listen to shareholders more but if we can get that message out to their shareholders a could certainly have some been impact won. I think shareholders will listen. I mean that was my whole point. I mean at the end of the day. Do i think you're gonna change a management team because energy credit and skilling say. You ought to do that now. But if you guys are saying that and shareholders here that. I think y'all could do that. And you know what i will say is one of done a podcast with senate. Now done a podcast with you. I've deemed was skilling. And i hope. I'm not violating a a confidence was skilling by saying that i think the three guys really thoughtful i mean i i really i mean. I don't think you're unfair. I don't think anything that you guys came up with would be agreed gis and you know what i think you guys would do given what i know about you. Guys you guys would suggest that the f. t. it would get like totally hashed out by. Eft right i mean people would say. Oh you're fucked up for saying this. You're not screwed up a saying this. This is good. You should do this. it would be a well. Vetted plan ultimately that you presented demand team. I think you guys oughta do that in all seriousness really think you ought to do that and i think that's our role i mean. I think that's ultimately you know what you skilling cynic and the others are doing being on the if she sang the things you do that's the role let's formalize it. Let's put it on paper. Let's get it out to people and all that and i think you'd have a cheering crowd. Let's do it. I mean it's a good idea I certainly hope that as the industry can have bounces off the bottom as it as it has last couple months that the community stay strong and continues to have strong voice. You know. I have taken a step back a number of times thought like gosh. Why does this happen in the industry. Excuse me the energy industry. When i don't see this happening in the tech industry. I don't see this happening. In manufacturing or healthcare. What's happening on twitter and the community and at the end of the day. My only conclusion is misery loves company and We've gone through miseries industry. And i hope we continue to be a force even if the industry bounces back as we all hope it does right right but what we've done in the influence that we've had and let's not overstate it by any stretch. But i've had a number of people tell me that they follow what we say and they get i you know. I have a a good friend who that has the research team. And he's like jeff. There's been times that. I've been pissed at my guys. The do my research. Because i find out something from eft. Before i find it out for my own guys you know so that we do have influence right. No you totally do five four three two one one on i'm desktop your ipods and songs from tonight's guest every guest to come on and create a playlist i mean and so the whole thing is i didn't give you guideline might create a playlist you know. What does that mean. Are you have no idea. But i want to hear what you put on the playlist. Tell us the songs. Tell us what they mean. Tell us what was behind each one of the songs and all that. And let's talk about it because i think that's going to tell us a lot about you and i think this is going to be really cool. So tell us your playlist. Wire people there. Mary so i gave you seven songs own. Just go through them. I guess so. The first song is beastie boys shattuck and bc's really part of my formative years. You know wrecks on paul's boutique which came out in one thousand nine hundred nine. I was in high school at the time. Go back a couple of years to eighty seven eighty eight. I actually saw beastie boys in public enemy warmed up for them This was in syracuse. New york It may sound wild. But me. And i'll give them a quick shout out my buddy mark oats and jason robinson actually had a a little rap group three white dudes with their own rap group two turntables in my basement. Trying to follow what the bc's were doing. But you know paul's boutique. I listened to for an entire summer really and you know if you know that album. It was one of the first albums where the entire albums basically samples of different songs right so so so interesting. You say that because it was before the lawsuit right. I mean i forget the name of lawsuit but there was a lawsuit. That said samples. You gotta pay and all that sorta stuff but paul's booze boutique was literally the last album out the door. The unknown thing about that album is the actually paid for in terms of royalties about ninety percent of the samples that they used and But that being said it was amazing because the dust brothers The the m group had written. Call it ten songs. And we're going to publish the album. And the beastie boys call them coming off the success of the you gotta fight for your right party and said let's do album. And they spent almost a year together literally. And one of the beastie boys apartment doing that and they took those ten songs and they wrote ten more songs and then morphed it all together to create this and one i forget which critic it was. I think it was a rolling stone. Guy sergeant pepper's of rap. I mean it was under mason album. You know it if you're my age and you know i'm kind of grew up rap guy for for a number of years still am it. Was you know as far as i'm concerned. It's the best album that's ever made is my favorite album because you have to put yourself in that point of time. There was nothing like that that was ever done at that point. You know so. It's it's my favourite album remains my favorite album. I still listen to it to this day from nineteen eighty nine You know those guys. You know like i said they were formative for me in kind of loved it and still love it and the other thing. That was cool about it. Is you know they had had their success with licensed ill right. I mean you fight for your right to party quite frankly cheesy song ever written except for maybe ice ice baby by the no is right. I mean incredibly cheesy and all that but what was interesting is took the money from that and quite frankly all of their fathers were wall street lawyers so they weren't starving right And instead of like playing on that and writing you ought to fight for your right to party number to those guys went into hiding hung out with the dust brothers and created this and it was amazing in that it came out. It didn't really sell as much obviously is licenses and they had they only had two singles off it right and so they do that but the end of the day. I mean we're sitting here. Twenty years later saying that might be the greatest rap i will never produced and you can say that and people will say oh. I don't agree that they won't say you're crazy agreed. Yeah agreed in so many good songs on their car. The b boy bouillabaisse. I mean bebo bulletin. Macy's basically five or six songs within assam right. What they did with the production of the album had never been done before. So that's why you have to appreciate it now. It's amazing it is amazing. Good call on that choice. So the second song is bob. Marley brown raggedy fan. Everybody knows redemption song. No woman no. Cry bob marley. You know love him And mr brown's got a song a lot of people don't know and i just kind of have always loved that song You know as i do. I was gonna come down here. I i actually like thought about and looked up excited kind of forgot about what the song was about. It's basically about a ghost in jamaica. That people like believe there was this ghost and there was a week or two jamaica where people were hiding out in their houses because they believe there was this ghost and bob marley basically made fun of it so it kinda relates to today for me where people can kinda fall for these lies in these fantasies in can fall for things that are real interesting. You said that. I took my kids. And i took my parents to jamaica and we had one day where we were all gonna go our separate ways and do fun. Thanks so i sent my daughter sara with my mother to the spa pedicures manicures. All that my daughter. Kelly wanted to go fishing so she and i were gonna go out on a boat and we were gonna fish so we did that my son who you and i've talked about offline and i think a lot of my audience knows i mean charlie's of music dude. He's eighteen years. Old is creating idioms. Stuff that i'm a proud father but i think it's actually pretty good stuff. He and my dad went to bob. Marley's house right and it was like a two hour drive and all that and so we all get back that night or dinner. Mimi and sarah. How was the spa. Oh my god. It was so great. We got our figures. Chuck you and kelly. How was fishing omega. The boat was so rocky. We had to come back with enduring. Charlie and dad. How's bob marley's house. It was the biggest gyp joint. The planet i mean it was horrifically cheesy and all that that being said at dinner that night my dad who is not a music guy and my son who really is said. It was. And i'm paraphrasing here spiritual. Bob marley is such a force in our world. That was as house. They're trying to make money off it. That's fine but outside of that you walk around it in you get a lot. I mean he. It was a simple shock right. I mean the sky grew up in that simple shack. And he's coming back and it's like. Oh my gosh this. Is i get a lot of what he is saying in his music. So anyway yeah. I mean you just you know can't help but take a step back and say gosh. What could he have done if he didn't die when he did. Exactly what else you got on. The third song was g love When we meet again. And i like g love and you know kind of acoustic rat. I have a very eclectic kind of music taste. I mean i like zeppelin. i used to like metallica. I think back when i was really young. Motley crue But i like acoustic stuff as well. Gee lows kind of acoustic and rathi actually but when we meet again has line in it that really kind of touches me and i wrote it down just so i could remember says my friends. They were few but to me. They were true always trying to do was just make it through always thought of the future but we shouldn't have cared all the best things in life. We shared them right there. And i grew up sign of divorced parents. All my best friends were kids of divorced parents as it turns out and We really took care of each other in grew up. Kinda take care of each other and you always kind of think about like man. The future and things will be better. Things will be better. But those dudes are my best friends in life to this day and those friendships and and what you experience kind of grown up through that is it. hit home. It hits home in that line. Hits home for me. That's cool man. The next is ryan bingham. Call the hard times ryan. Bingham's a singer songwriter from texas You know i've seen him live on the big live. Music guy of seeing seen him live a number of times. I would suggest if you can see him. Go see him Religio guy taught himself guitar. And you know the songs again kind of hits home where you know. We talked about this earlier. I think everybody is always going through hard times. And hey don't don't ever forget that you know that guy that girl that family you know whoever you know that you think has their shit together. Everybody goes through hard times in that. That song can hits home for me. michael frontier is my next song. Hey hey hey. I picked a bunch of his songs. But he's another guy that i've seen live and number of times. He's my wife's favorite musician. She plays it around the house all the time so i kind of have grown to love him. He puts on one of the best shows that you'll ever see you know does a lot of small venues still to this day and just has a great positive message. So if you ever conceived michael frontier tell you to do that. Hold on. I got spearhead comments here because michael frontier and spearhead right so the foo fighters out on their first tour right Kirk bangs died. Dave grohl recorded this album Puts the owl mao and All he goes out on tour he comes to houston. He plays numbers. Numbers holds about eight hundred people right. And so anyway. I get to the foo fighters show an opening for the foo fighters at night spearhead. Michael fronton no freaking idea. Who they were right. It was actually really good show. I had no idea what you're saying. I'm jumping up and down. It's great about nine months later. My wife and i go out to colorado. We meet some friends in denver. We're going to the lodo music festival and then we're going to just drive around colorado. We're going to go up to the mountains to all that at the low of music festival literally when the night before i'm like oh my god it spearhead that group. We saw opening for the foo fighters. Let's go seem went psalm. As great as driving around and we're doing aspen all that so his spirit. So we wind up seeing spearhead two more times i think aspen and then a one say steamboat but may have been some other places. We were wandering around so as a spearhead four times in about a nine month period. Amazing it is one of the greatest live shows. You'll ever see. That dude is so full of energy so full of passion. He's interacting with the audience and all that so. The song is great that you just said go see it live for sure. Yeah me and my wife saw him call it. Two summers ago in ocean city maryland. Where my father lives. There's a bar called secrets. If you live on the east coast you know. Secrets is probably the best bar. In the united states of america it's jamaican themed bar And man he puts on a good show So the next songs rage against the machine. Again i mean. This song's twenty years. I think almost twenty years old but you think of a rap guy and then they started to be the mix of rock and rap. Think of the run this with run dmc and Aerosmith anthrax back in those days. But i mean zac taylor. Roco tom tom. Morello is one of the best bass guitarist on the face of the planet. The way he plays it. You know who else can you compare that to. Maybe less claypool from primis Just plays bass different than how a base should be played quite frankly but you know if you can't get jazzed up like if there's a workout song if you're working out or something and you killing in the name of is the rage song that i wrote down the list right and you know if you know killing in the name of it ends with fuck you. I won't do what you tell me. Sixteen times in a row. And then motherfucker at the end of that right but i you know so there's a there's a huge bunch of energy but if you know that song it actually is in response to and not that like as a kid like i thought about this but the song is about an in response to what happened to rodney king and nine hundred ninety two and you know there's these lyrics about kind of you know some of the cops might be. Kkk his well. And you know a lot of that relates to today because you're seeing just. Hey what's coming out and over. The last. Few days gave you the list list before the january. Sixth the van where you know some of these cops or you know and military people are being taken down where it's all about social justice and the age that people feel and you wanna talk about a song that if you turn that up as loud as your volume goes if you aren't jazzed up by that you ran clear living quite frankly. Yeah no i No i agree. It's it's the interesting thing about me listening to your songs up to this point. Do you have another one on the list. One more okay. Do the one more and then i'll come back with this. His last one is mona lisa. Which is little wayne and wayne and kendrick lamar collaboration and again as a rap guy You know. I kind of like modern rap. Those guys at the best lyricist. I think and it is the mona lisa of lyricists kind of songs. Right like the two of them just kind of kill it. The opening verse which is very long. That little wayne does. It's and again there's a guy that hustles in his hustled for years puts out a ton of music And a lot of people may not like you know the the language and all that he uses. But i mean you gotta appreciate how hard that guy hustles. What kendrick does it's just You know it's impressive to me. You interesting this is what i was gonna say is. I had heard half the songs when you sent me. That list and listened to all of them in a row and what's really interesting is the theme matic points of each one of those songs as well as kind of the beat i mean even though they're very different to me a bob marley reggae song. You gotta kendrick lamar rap song. The underlying gonna be what we're feeling are all pretty similar to staff. And so what's interesting is i honestly thing is if you were sitting around and songs came on. Do you like it or not. I think i could pick him out. You know there's a theme there. There's a consistency there. And i'm gonna say this it's fucking coolest shit cause i never would have thought energy credit one would've liked that. I appreciate that You know they all have lyrics to touch me. You know that kind of means something to me you know. Maybe chad rack doesn't Mr brown perhaps now. But you know there's things that I listen to the lyrics of the songs. And like and like i said i have this kind of rap rock giana raw that i like and they all kinda fit in there so i agree with you. It's very cool jazz. Totally cool of you to do this tonight. Mean thanks for hanging out. I think we've been here all night so So for keeping you out but man this been very cool. Thank you absolutely any Any final words. In all. I would just say i would imagine a lot. The eft community you know will listen to this you know. Let's let's stay strong. Let's stay together. Let's continue to do what we're doing and You know let's let's use each other in be the community that we've been over the last couple of years We've made a difference. Let's continue to make a difference well and cut us off short Main too but we should've touched this so energy senic came on the podcast and he called for leadership and quite frankly when he said that he hit me with something i was like. Oh fuck. I mean he's right. I mean there's nobody out there leading the charge in all that you pick that up and you actually came out with raising money for folks that were gone through that through Troubled times given what we've gone through in the energy business so big time. Kudos for you that being said you gotta talk about that for thirty or forty five seconds before we go. Yeah so. I mean the first thing that i'd say is i get way too much credit right. It was simply an idea of. Hey can we raise five or ten grand and find a couple families that need some help and you know it turned into something that i had no idea of kind of where it would go. So you know. I know cynic no skilling had kind of bouncy idea around themselves because they reached out to me once i sent my tweet out so You know i knew. The community is a powerful thing and let's leverage it right and we all know folks in the industry that have lost jobs. We all folks in the industry that had gone through tough times You know the idea was just simple. Let's let's kind of help people through the holidays. Would it turned into was way bigger than what i expected in. I i certainly appreciate the The individual that matched the entire amount and an an individual deserves a lot of credit Skilling deserves a lot of credit for some of his efforts that you know some of the friday night skits that he did you know. I came up with an idea but ideas don't execute by themselves and certainly you know everyone that was in all deserves a lot of credit i was i would just suggest and say let's do it again. You know i mean let's do it again. the folks that a. j. ch- at have appreciated it. You know we were able to really double their budget for twenty twenty one. you know. there's a lot of folks out there that are in between jobs as we all know that. Need money to just get by iran. Pay some bills you know. Get on the right footing so they can go onto the next thing. The next job You know and it was done in five bucks here ten bucks here twenty bucks year. Five thousand ten thousand here. A hundred thousand Let's appreciate what we have is a community and let's not let it dissolve For any reason even if the industry continues to better or you know people get busy with their own lives. You know we've proven and again. I said this in a recent tweet the country and you know even my friends and neighbors ray like we're all at each other's throats right now over politics where all each at each other's kind of there's a lot of angst. There's a lot of anger. There's a lot of you know view that people can't work together. The country can't work together. We is a community. Prove that entirely wrong. We have people of different socio economic. You know Status we have you know folks that are rig hands to folks that are. Ceo's involved in the come eft and we all laughed right center middle We all came together so we can do it. We can show the world that they can do. It is kind of you know. I hate to be happy. But that's my view on it. Let's really get. Because i think at the end of the day. Quick draw contributed and said h h champlin. Yeah and i think that says it all but you undersold your importance of it because you at twenty thousand followers and you being con of the voice of reason of all of us really led the charge so kudos to you. Thank you all right. Geoff davies very cool of you to do this. You drove all the way to richmond. Texas hung out in the studio with me. I hope you like the bond wine. We did a major Major wind flex tonight but at the end of the day. Very cool of you to do this. Thanks take care.

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