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And we're back with an all new. Keep it IRA Madison. The third made us men. Hello and I'm Louis Brutal. I wanted to be the end. Lewis for towel like I'm on Eighty Sitcom and I am. Yeah or are unhappy days or something have there was actually special guest star for seven seasons of? Melrose was and she really lived that well because she had the most devious look in her eye during all those credits. You WanNA end credits. But that look I figured we could start things off this week and going forward by just sort of sharing what culture we've been consuming this week. This is a pop culture. Show I always people are always thirsty for recommendations in my mentions asking for book recommendations as if they've never heard of a library But only five books come out at a time those games they're gonNA follow through and actually get the books they asked you about. Yeah but anyway I feel like this will be a great place for us to get people recommendations of what we're into and what's driving our condos this week. So why don't you kick us off this week? I'll start with the light stuff. I've been okay so devs came out on Hulu. The new Alex Garland show and I had no interest in like I didn't know who else garland want so I went back and I watched X. Makina and I watched the nation like I watched all of his various is chefs is one of the best movies. I've ever see time. We were excited about the candor and seeing what happened in a die out on the Laura Croft yes. She went Oscar for the worst movie of the two thousand ten. The Danish girl which was mostly a movie about Eddie Redman acting like Annie Lennox walking on broken glass video. Yes somehow not the worst movie Eddie Retina and may last Xtra. Which one was that? Oh that's not as bad movie. I actually liked them. I really do all right. But as backsaw XBOX rally loved it too liked it a lot and speaking of books. I am halfway into Mickey. Kendall's hood feminism. Right now which I started with anticipation of loving it already because it's called hood feminism but also I'm always trying to educate myself on different types. Feminism that don't necessarily relate to me but I can still find gooden and little hood. Feminism you always coming with you strap and they'll some down clarify which I want to audience but And then radio play lastly Stream Suga by the stallion she refuses to let us down as far as I can tell I find actually this EP. A little disappointing but Captain Hook. That's the lines are jam. Dan Rich Reds and savage savage check. It really is the first three tracks and maybe one outlier but other than that. I still think that B I t C H is a very lazy to Park Temple. Well that's true that's all I'm GonNa say that's true. Lewis mine is a lot simpler than that. This song of course came out seconds after we recorded last week's episode. I have been listening to the Dixie. Chicks gas lighter which is their first single in probably fourteen years. I couldn't love Natalie. Maynes as voice more she she has that Voice of somebody who's interrupting hootenanny detail. You OUGHTA go fuck yourselves which I always love. The song itself is like pretty light for them. There's no rollicking Banjo Solo in the middle of it. It's not tugging at the heartstrings. It's telling off a man which is a familiar lane for them. It's nice to hear them. Go back to that. Even as they bring on Jack Antonoff who's new to their dynamic. I will say the term guests later is about three years out of date for me. I don't know that I needed a whole song about it. And in fact the lyrics I'll say are some of their worst ever. I LOVE THE CHORUS. Yes chorus but the verses. I'm just released toxic. Now you'd be like a bitch that word you know. Yeah robot exactly like she really sit back then so is okay but yeah I I feel but the chorus did come around for me. Twenty seventeen. Yeah that said if you kind of wonder if maybe they wrote it back then to Britney Spears did release toxic. Now I would be very shocked. She was aware of any dialogue occurring. And I continue to be stunned by when she was a judge on. The X factor was her Levada. She said she compared. I will simply say a random black auditioners to Lauren Hill. And I remember thinking that was the last time you paid attention to culture. Nineteen Ninety eight before you got sucked into it and became the whole fat because this person had nothing to do with our no for the record But anyway I mean a real Lauren Hill family. Gina Rodriguez Oh sure. Oh my God oh my God So I'm looking forward to this whole album Just for the fun of it. I'll pick my favorite dixie chicks song ever which is definitely longtime gone with in which they say. The old country is dead. They make fun of Hank Williams junior and when at the bt awards I believe was at the PT awards they performed with beyond saying it was a country music award. Oh that's it that's it. Yes it was beyond say invading. Yes very I was. I forgot who the invaders were. Yes well technically. They were the invaders because Oh yeah Bianca yes like the country. World hates them now after their hall. George Bush comments and so beyond say was performing her huge like Song Daddy lessons and she brought them along right right and was like fuck you. Ib and they sprung this on which is just little condemnation of country music on the crowd all these years later still such a jam. Okay well my thing Of this week is I forgot to mention it last week but I still keep thinking about this Katori Hall. Play that when I was New York. It's called Hot Wing. King and it was fascinating and it actually is like the. It's about like four gay men in Memphis Tennessee. One of the characters is a chef. And he's trying to win this hot winning competition. Basically that happens every year in Memphis and his partner is taking care of his nephew after his sister died and the nephews drug dealing father comes into the picture it's basically just like a classic family drama But it's like told through the lens of like four Black Gay characters. It's really sort of like a fun. Traditional soapy play. You know you'd feel like Tennessee. Williams are like Eugene. O'neill would have written something like this. Oh Yeah tell me what is actually very much a comedy too. So you know like calling it Eugene. Nearly as probably tube very like August Wilson sort of vibes you know like it feels a lot Joe Turner's come and gone. You know sort of about like a man realizing like his destiny anyway I would also recommend Speaking of like dramas and soaps love Douglas. Sirk and you know I love soap operas Brought that up before. Yeah so I was reading this. Lovely Essay Book called the Fan. Who Knew Too much aretha? Franklin the rise of the Soap Opera Children of the Gospel Church and other meditations by Anthony. How beautiful how are they gonNa make that all come together? I mean different essays. Yes so it's like it starts off with an essay about like black where people in the Church and Gospel Music In the next essay about aretha Franklin on his an essay about soap operas. And it's like it's really just sort about like how all of these pop culture high into parts of communities. I wrote it anyway. We have a fantastic show today. We are going to die into WHO LOSE FOUR PART. Hillary Clinton documentary all four of them off or it's an Irishman length. Hillary Clinton situation truly. Then we're going to get into a wild exit from grey's anatomy which is still on Lewis. Right yes I still watch. I wasn't accusing any money sometimes. Yeah I'm usually a season behind. I watched it on Netflix. That's the thing that's shocking about. Grey's anatomy is that it's not by now on some streaming service you've never heard of. It is still extremely popular. Abc Show And I'll sit down for conversation with media. Legend Tamarin Hall. I guess I look forward to listening to that. Maybe it'll be good. Can we trust your skills? I don't know stay tuned. We'll be right back after its premiere at Sundance Net. Burstein Docu series. Hillary landed on Hulu over the weekend. The four part series goes back and forth between Hillary's rise to national consciousness and her fail twenty sixteen bid for the presidency. It's being praised for peeling back. The curtain on one of America's most visible divisive an unreadable political figures. Yes I was sort of prepared to like this because I really like Ninette Burstein on the ropes. Very good documentary and surprise. It was very addictive. Yeah I don't really know the last time I watched four hours of anything. Basically problem free. Yeah four hours and I kept going back like accidentally watched the last two I and I was I was not on. I know I'm an idiot ambulance and then I was like I don't really like this. This is missing something and then I went back and watched the first two and I was like net needed all four those hours. I really think so like the first episode especially about bill and their relationship really had me like almost crying. It was nice in contrast to what I'm currently watching as well McMillan's which I feel like is spinning wheels. Oh Yeah we did not need to accept now. I feel like most shows like that early making a murderer by the end. It's just stock footage. I didn't need the extra three hours that spent that Christmas watching making up making a murderer. Oh what an awful time. Yeah one thing. I thought this documentary did well is get into how interesting reactions to Hillary Clinton Nar because she is beguiling personality and I think one way pop culturally this has evidenced itself. Is that on SNL. I think this is true. She's still been portrayed on a consistent basis by more cast members than anybody else in history going back to Jan Hooks and obviously now into Kate. Mckinnon the five people who've done it which are Jan Hooks Janeane Garafolo. Wow on August yes on a gas dire. Amy Poehler and Kate McKinnon those impressions. Have nothing to do with each other. You would honestly think they were portraying five different people. One of that like on a gas style was very angry and Trish whereas Kate. Mckinnon is sort of unhinged. Amy Poehler is a little bit resentful. Remember the The Sarah Palin Tobacco and those sketches and it's interesting to think why were we so either wrong or why. We have so many wild guesses about her. Why are we never seem to be right? And I thought this documentary really focused on that and interesting way what. I found about this documentary. Is it sort of had the same effect I would say that Miss Americana had on me you know I came away from his Americana with obviously plenty of opinions about Taylor Swift. I felt like I finished it feeling like I can't really just sort of disliked her that much anymore. You know you sort of got into her psyche away. That she felt a lot more humid and I would say the same thing does for Hillary Clinton Not that I particularly dislike tar. You know actually supported her In Two thousand sixteen over Bernie And I feel like the only time I was really ever at odds with her was during the Obama race. That's an eight but getting into that getting into the ninety s Which I feel like has sort of passed us. And it's hard to conceptualize it even now just because there's so much shit from the nineties that is sort of affected our opinion of our our parents opinion of her public opinion of her That is unfortunately something that she can never really escape now. You know you can't really reinvent yourself as a politician right. You know what's interesting though as I was shocked at how surface level and unfair certain analyses of her work for instance something. I can't get out of my head is during debate in two thousand eight John Edwards makes a comment and says I don't know about that blazer though to her and it's like that was only twelve years ago I I truly don't remember that and that's a comment. I would've associated with the Eighties in Geraldine. Ferraro would have had to deal with or something I would compare it to Miss Americana and that I expected to learn a secret device behind the way Hillary Clinton thanks when in fact she is just this person who sort of under remotes. I mean. That's sort of like the answer to the question. I think I mean I feel like the secret device to is wrapped up in what you realize her. Achilles heel is I mean I know they try and say it once in The documentary but I think it's too from this place of privilege as a white woman who was sort of well to do like the idea that because she believes something is correct. It's necessarily correct to everyone else you know and like there are so many weird instances you're watching throughout the documentary where she has these fumbles these public fumbles and it sort of if you went out and just sort of dealt with it at on. You wouldn't have a lot of the problems that we were experienced. She just had a lot of evasive. Answers Yard Confrontational. It's like when I ask about her. Will you release something? Maybe it was the emails or something and she responded something like into that the transcripts for her Wall Street speech. That has a lot of that was questions where it was like. How dare you ask me this? You know and it's like I liked it. There was a person on. Rt who I feel like pointed out that a lot of these questions were like Sorta Fair Obviously the press was awful to her and we'll get into that but like in the combination like an insufferable right but som- questions were very fair and I guess unfortunately when you sort of been hounded by the media like that become very defensive of everything it was I opening. I guess to see that. First Instance that she'd had with the media when Clinton was first running against Jerry Brown writes for the Democratic nomination. That was some fingerpointing between the two of them literally. Onscreen our former governor. That's right Former Linda Ronstadt Paranoia It was so weird seeing all Jerry Brown by the way I was like. Who is this man that he was like a huge celebrity to like that? That's like lost on a current generation. I think yeah now I just think of him as the Asshole who kept bars from closing at four. Am though that me feel. We don't pray for much but he goes after Hillary in his debate with bill saying that like he's funneling money into her law firm when he is asked about it he says well. Why don't you ask Hillary like when a news cameras on him and she just sort of this is like her first real interaction with like national media? And she's like well. I suppose I could have sat at home. You know and like may T- and baked cookies or whatever and that was sort of like the inciting incident of America deciding that they hate her and the bitch and also the interesting about that amount and this is the the thing probably take away most from the special. Obviously that quotas very famous. What she was talking about was she could have acted like other first ladies. She wasn't saying I. Other American women are ready end general which is weird like she obviously never I mean. She tried correcting that and she tried clarifying. But it just did not stick which is sort of like a signature. Hillary Clinton thing I think for me what I'm taking away from this documentary my understanding of Hillary Clinton like started in two thousand and eight. I would say my problem with her was always that I felt like she could never really connect with us like she was lacking this very visceral human ability to connect with people but then watching this documentary. I watched a woman made callous by media. And you know someone who was encouraged to not actually speak up and talk about her opinions and a true way. So I'm like you guys took humanity from her like I see her at twenty twenty two very vibrant and happy and you see now that the Hillary Clinton that she is of course has aged and matured but has also kind of cold. The Hillary who was campaigning for her husband in Arkansas. I was like this was a wonderful person. You know like the the clip where they showed her just like handing out pamphlets being. Why are you going to vote for him? But even some of that spirit was taken away when she had to shift to Mrs Clinton right right like that whole weird debacle over her not taking his last name when they got married when he tried his reelection bid for governor it is. I guess not shocking because of the time here but it's still so weird to like. Look at that now and be like. That's what people gave a fuck about right and also how daunting every chapter of her career as like when they get when they Monica Lewinsky comes up. You have your potato or Paula Jones Jennifer flowers all these names and the two thousand eight election. The two thousand sixteen election. And it's daunting to even talk about right here right now because I still feel like when you say that name people immediately think and I've heard people say this about this. Own Documentary can't she does go away right now and then secondly it's like when is the right time to reflect on this person's legacy you always feel like saying the name. Hillary Clinton is like cursing a political conversation. There's a quote from her in this movie where she mentions Bernie and how. She wasn't impressed with him as a Saturn. He didn't get anything done. Or whatever and that has already become this. Lightning Rod mom where people yelling shut up at her again. It never feels like we're giving the correct reaction to this person. It constantly reminded me of and I bring this movie up a lot in this. Podcast cry in the dark which is a Meryl Streep Movie. The DINGO ATE. My baby is the famous from it. But it's a movie about how a woman basically reacted quote unquote incorrectly to a lot speculation about her possibly murdering her kid and she refused to basically we on Camera. Or give you. You know the sound bite you wanted. Hillary Clinton is is a little light that it's she gave qualified responses. But in a way it always made you sort of tilt your head a skew and ask. Is that correct? What why am I not getting one hundred percent from that answer and you have to wonder? Is it your problem or her problem. Or what's all our problem? It's unfortunate because A woman like Hillary who was polarized as a first lady And you know. Maybe she'd had the example of Eleanor Roosevelt. Look to there's that very aggressive like new segment where someone was talking about Hillary Clinton and like a woman compared her to Eleanor Roosevelt. And the guy sort of I I mean that's the problem But complete idiot eleanor They have a lot of similarities but I won't are wasn't a wash. In this whole lake media landscape that was one heavily partisan and to to turning tawdry tabloid shit into news. You know I feel like there was a point when a reporter was talking about the Monica Lewinsky Story. He mentioned that like Vaden right about that kind of shit you know and it was like the Clinton era sort of ushered in writing about this stuff constantly and it's what we do now and I feel like unfortunately hillary is a example for future women. You know to sort of Follow and you know. She was sort of the sacrificial lamb. I think that way often about Michelle Obama who also was hearted you know by the media you know not just as a outspoken first lady but as the first outspoken Blat. First Lady you know I feel like when you go back and get that Miss L. Documentary after whatever. She does with the rest of her career. you will see you know the sort of like gender and races attacks that were similar to Hillary's and then also worse because she was a black woman And it's funny when people talk about how they wish. Michelle would run for office right. I was like why is he can tear her apart. You did Hillary at also sieg even how high Michelle's approval ratings maybe I'm like so we're Hillary's During the Monica Lewinsky scandal during a lot of other moments but when she decided to step into the public lie and run for office they plummeted. Yeah you know it's they also have in Common Hillary and Michelle Obama. There's this questioning the. Are they angry or is it just that they are lawyers? Profession chose political men. Like THEY WANNA fight right exactly. Yeah but I think one thing that I did clock and I have to say is that I felt like Hillary was wanting to make a lot of comparisons to her self as like leading this way for feminism and maybe for white women and Feminism and in the eighties ninety. She was but there was not there was like one woman of color on her team. It was just a bunch of Amelia Delia. As white women they're working very hard for Hillary but there was no women of color around and the fact that Hillary didn't notice that or talk about that in the documentary. I think it just felt like they're having that same pink pussy hats conversation about like. Oh they're going to talk about my shoes and not Bernie shoes some black women. Don't have Water Hillary. Are you going to talk about that? That is probably my biggest. Critique of Hillary is that why couldn't connect to her and also she doesn't really talk about marginalized classes of people the people around her constantly kind of embarrassed me like when they were watching her during debates and like like. I'm not saying they were saying snap snap as she point. They were over reacting to meager victories. She hadn't debates which maybe that's just hindsight is twenty twenty but after she lost so I'll call it soundly. It just felt like she'd been misled by people but it looks like yeah constantly. I mean I feel like we all sort of felt that after the twenty sixteen election and just sort of seeing it. There didn't seem to be a lot of push back from anyone on her team in sort of like really guiding her through. Listen you are a polarizing media figure and the crying dark examples like you? You know what the media expects of you at this point you know and like unfortunately if you want to be president you're going to have to sort of play that game you know and it's interesting to see them play the political game of her defending bill and being by Bill Cy etc and yet unwilling to sort of do that for herself. Yeah obviously A lot of the bills stuff was hard to watch Because I don't like that man and we're still in the thrush of other things surrounding him. You know like it's not there's no closure on that yeah I mean. I didn't think there would really be any closer on anyway. I thought it would mostly get lip service. I was shot during that moment where he sort of apologized And I feel like that regarding Monica Lewinsk- Regarding Monica Lewinsky and I feel like that apology was genuine. Because he was apologizing to Hillary I think. He in retrospect now realizes that he fucked up her presidential bid like unfortunately most of her future was determined by standing by his side And that lie. He told her about the affair and unfortunately her going out and defending him made her look stupid. You know also by the way do they only get Chelsea for like six minutes curiously? Dm I want. I like because the bills stuff he. He's a huge part of it and he comments in every part of her career and has a pretty good memory of it all so he was a valuable voice in the documentary but I don't feel like I came away knowing him. Any better. I other than I you. You are reacquainted with the fact that he is slick. I mean he's just smooth speaking. You know I mean even still particularly when I'm watching Joe Biden every day and it's like wow Bill Clinton still has it way more together new. It's crazy yeah and just being reminded to about you know her college friends who were like none of them were shot about the Monica Lewinsky thing. I think that was very insightful. Part of that right a lot of them talking about the period where it came out and while bill was still lying to the point where he admitted it everyone was just sort of like dumb. Bring this up with Hillary when you're around her because they all knew that had happened. Yeah I'll and they were like. Is this willful ignorance on your part and I feel like yes There's a lot of parts of Hillary that are obviously very genuine. And I do believe that she cares about children and people and Feminism and the documentary makes a good case for that. Yes but I also think that she is smart and politically motivated. And you know it's like the willful ignorance on the Monica Lewinsky. Thing is like something that can be explained away with loving husband. Obviously but I'm like there's a part of her that had like he was not Because that's who he is And we'd seen it historically that he was a liar about infidelity. Maybe she just didn't think he'd be that stupid right right because when he admitted like the Monica Lewinsky thing was just dumb and a distraction as he called it a diversion. Yeah but by the way you just brought up her Wellesley colleagues that is secretly an interesting thing about Hillary Clinton that isn't discussed as much when she made She was one of the first students speakers at her commencement at Wellesley College Women's College and she followed some guy who's like a I think a methodist priest or something a method. I don't know religious terms but anyway I think it was a conservative politician. Correct okay well. He gave a speech basically being like the revolution. We're currently in. This is the late sixties. We're all going to be fine. Ladies sort of implying like home is where you belong at Sarah and she extemporaneously responded to him and whooped up the crowd and he's not and you really don't think of her like that at all as somebody who's like thinking like that on her feet as opposed to preparing ahead of time for all the possible. Like for instance in a debate what somebody can say and she's already prepared a response to that whereas right on the spot and in the case of this commencement she had a really awesome moment. That's all on tape. You can listen to it online. Yeah well if anything I would say. That goes to eat his point that She was sort of made hollow but the media. I mean that really has no direct line from that moment to her debates with Donald Trump. Because I feel like a person who would be thinking on her feet the moments were. She's talking about how he stalking her on stage right and like she wanted to turn around and respond to him. I was like girl. I wish you had especially at twenty sixteen. I really feel like she could have gotten away with turning around at some point. She says it wasn't the time I would have been deemed as it would have been deemed that I think that could have gotten her points. I mean unfortunately Hindsight is twenty twenty. But you know it's also the idea that you know you're already vilified in the media as just sort of what else were you going to do. I think that she was constantly crippled by house she'd been treated in the media at each iteration of her career that unfortunately she wasn't really that person that we met in that early speed someone who could immediately think on their feet and not worry about the consequences of what she was going to say too because she was a college student. Then you know she wasn't thinking like if I say this everything in my future is done right and they make the point that at that time no one had any concept of a woman running for president. The whole feminist wave at that point was I just want a job. That is intellectually rigorous. You know meets my skill set. Basically how painful was it watching that guy quote unquote? Prep her for the two thousand sixteen debates where he's being donald trump but it's not nearly the level of chaos brought the present and nor is and Hillary's reactions. Were actually real turn around and kind of like trump her jaw and I was like. What are you guys preparing for? What is going to have a standoff? What is going on? She's a Charles Xavier's danger room I would say that watching this in the context of just sort of pop culture now too. I was thinking obviously of the good wife. A Lot. good wife was modeled after Hillary And it's just interesting seeing like how that show part. I A lot of the Clinton Dynamic and made it into a good entertainment and like ways to sort of dissect it and now just sort of realized the idea of a woman standing by her man. You know politically was what was expected right. It was nice seeing that. Divide with Houma. You know who had left Anthony Weiner And yet he still fucked her life. Right the fact of seeing all these decisions by men continue to fuck her life was kind of Greek. I guess I mean it's sort of like a tragedy watching the entire thing. It was like one thing that she'll never be able to escape. And of course Juliana Margulis and Hillary Clinton both have that thing. Where you're wondering. Are you dealing with a really terrible migraine right now? There's something in your eyes. I can't see what is it is. Yeah it's a tragedy. It's like we need to move on to some new characters politically in America because everyone seems to be bogged down by this history. That is not helpful for America whatsoever. Unfortunately and I do feel bad watching it and feeling bad for her. Obviously her hopes and dreams You know but those are dashed for a lot of people. Every day you know like Even looking at our current race you know people like Kamla and Warren like very capable women And when they showed that medley of those people at the end being like well we all these women running and they just freshly all tragedy aspect right. You know it's dark. Made me feel sad about America and its fucked up nece and how even now people really won't admit that being a woman is what stopped. Warren from yes nomination But again I can't picture to straight men most straight men having a conversation about a woman period. Yeah that isn't about. I want to date them or it's my mom. Yeah and Pretending that doesn't matter it matters but I also feel like we need a new wash of politics right. Yeah people the players. I do have to tell me my takeaway was that. I do find her soundbites in in this slightly under insightful. I didn't come away with a lot of comprehension on her part. That said I do think the movie is successful. Basically wikipedia of her career. I think it's worth watching for that reason it was it was more of a recap interview you know. There was never a moment where I felt like the interviewer was going to ask. Dangerous Question A question that might make her paws and bite make her. Why'd you ask that? I mean it felt like Miss Americana in that way too and that. Hillary felt like she had control of the documentary. But also there's no different voices in the documentary. It's everyone it's just barack deplored her. It's a hallway of people who are on Hillary side which made it hard to you know. There's a few months but few and far anyway. I doubt that this closes the chapter on Hillary. Because I feel like there's still so much to Parse I mean suits to be panted got Chelsea Story. It'll come in like twenty years. Talks about all of the like being an only child and it's a lot. It's going to be a lot. I mean there's still like an eight part documentary series on. What the fuck she was doing in those woods. Oh that's right. Yeah Janine Pirro famously correct waiting for Judea. Document Hillary in the work when we're back I sit down with strong. Black LEGENDS RETURNS FOR ITS SECOND SEASON March. Second host Tracy Clayton and one of my favourite and former co workers when I was at Buzzfeed in two thousand fifteen Gives flowers to an entirely new set of black Hollywood legends that have paved the way for us to see ourselves on and off screen. This show is an extension of strong black lead from net flicks. Guests include Debbie Allen a moment. Great Anatomy Legend. So you think you can dance. Legend related to Felicia Rashad heirs heirs. Were shot I forget which Orange Story Legend Nita. I'm sorry Moreno that I'm sorry. She's going to come and put a leg over your head and kick you over. Well you know what every two Moreno wants to come on. Keep us do it very well. By the way you know that she and Jane Fonda recently are merging same silver-haired. Look it's concerning me. There are also other guests like today Almar App Soon Bill Bellamy and Blair underwood man. He you know what he did. Well filled out a polo shirt. On Sex. In the city each episode features an icon of Black Hollywood in a journey through their work their philosophy on life and a bunch of laughs and because Tracy's hosting a segment called Tracy's flowers that honors different aspects of black culture. It's fun it's funny. I honestly it just black as hell strong leads. It's available now with new episodes released. Every Monday subscribe now on apple podcasts. Spotify stitcher pocket casts. Or whatever else you listen to your podcasts. Doing weekly meal prep is worth it. But you know the work it takes so it's time to put it on autopilot with Sun Basket. 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My neck is galleons Right now sun basket offering thirty five dollars off your order when you go right now to sun basket dot com slash. Keep it and enter Promo Code. Keep it at checkout that sun basket dot com slash. Keep it and enter Promo Code. Keep it at checkout for thirty five dollars off your order. Sun Basket Dot com slash. Keep it and enter Promo Code. Keep it. I am so excited to be here with Kamran Hall. Hello God this is surreal because I followed you on social media and you know it's one of the I feel like we're on an awkward first blind date we know we've seen each other's social media picture and you're like oh he does look like he looks on the okay. I we're we're in a safe space now and of course I've seen you on TV for years. You know today and now your own show so you are able to basically just make the show that you want will be one hundred percent real. I know the show that I pitched in like anything. When you're creating you have people who come in and they say well what about this. What about that your Creator? You know the minute someone sees a good idea. They say now. How can I change that good idea? So of course I experienced that in the first few months of the show. But I do believe and I've said this We were just TV convention. January six was really on awakening. I think my team fully understood after three months of such hard work in launching the show. What does a traditional daytime show? Look like you know when I was pitching the idea of a one single topic show or just two topics Hebrew. I no way you gotTa do hot topics you got to watch and slowly but surely we tested the market including an entire show on the F- you know we just did a show with billy porter. We started out with billy. Who's been a friend of long time? Thank you and I appreciate that because that was one of those shows that when I was unemployed for those two and a half years or whatever. I thought that's the show that I WANNA do. I don't want to just talk about pose and how cool to show as I want to bring in the real people the real culture that inspired it so there we had billy porter and then we dovetail to this incredible house of kids who are artistic but also the heart behind it you know a few years ago. I volunteered at a shelter in New York for. Lgbtq kids. And I didn't know that at eighteen. They tapped out of the system. If you will. And that is why. There's such an incredible rate of homelessness amongst those group of children and that's where the houses came into play. We learned impose but in twenty eighteen when I was sitting in that room. It's still there today so to have that culture and a have that artistry represented that was my dream show so I think that we are in that sweet spot now but it's been a battle. You're absolutely it's been a battle. I wasn't given carte blanche even though my name is on it surprisingly what was your inspiration for the show talking about those ideas that you might have had when you initially conceived it like. What kind of daytime TV did you enjoy watching? You know for me. I've always loved Mike. Douglas Dinosaur Oprah Phil Donahue Rolonda Jenny Jones Ricki Lake for kid of TV TV kid. I used to go to sleep. I still go to sleep with the TV on. But I was a latchkey kid is. My mom was a single mom early on in my childhood. I feel like I'm from the last generation of kids who is like you jump up on you. Get Your Cap'n crunch down and you watch your shows. You know I can tell you my TV lineup When I was seven it was like happy days. What's happening happy days? Laverne and Shirley. I set my clock to it was like power edger Batman Spiderman right and it shapes who you are as a person and then when you're lucky enough to do what we do which is our passion in our heart you in a creative way. Try to bring that to the table so for me. I really wanted this traditional daytime talk show where we could really talk about everything. I tell people. If you take your mask off I take off. We are real people and we can have a conversation My makeup artists. Who is over here watching on her social media pages. You don't care by interview she laughs at me. 'cause I always say people are people but it is true We WanNA shot. We don't want somebody's boot on our neck. We don't want to oppress or suppress anyone at the expense of our gaining something. We want to gain it fair and square so for me. I just wanted to talk show where we could have fun with fashion and then we can go and have a substantive conversation on any topic that you can imagine her out some looks. Let's let's unreal. Which is crazy because I you know. My fashion influence was my grandfather. My grandfather was a sharecropper you know his second grade education but when he would go to church he'd have his stacy Adams on his hat. You know whatever brand of it was probably from the dollar store but in my where I'm from and this out he was clean. You know always clean. They say and I've always loved fashion. We launched a series at the beginning of September when the show launched on up and coming designers and I really wanted to be able to give friends that I have who make clothes who want during that project runway. Kind of feel without it being a contest. Because that's also the spirit of our show. Iras at the underdog. Now everyone I believe in most cases fell. You felt like an underdog at some point in your life. I wasn't the kid that people would bet on. I wasn't the person the today show bet on. I've experienced it. That's not to say that it's a pity party and that's not to say that I didn't get bigger stronger. Better out of all of those adversities but when I look at myself I often see you know not this cute top that I have on today I see you know that seven year old kid from a single parent that on paper and in person was not likely to be bad on talking about the today show. And I'm betting on you. How did that feel? I mean I assume that. Yes they got for it to happen. You know in such a public way too. When I've lost a job the world you know my mom found out. They gave me the slip when you get it. It's not a pink slip. No you know what's crazy. I had no idea that people would receive it in that way. It wasn't even in the front of my mind. I was terrified that I would be unemployed as a forty something year. Old Single Women didn't have a backup plan. I don't have an estate or a trust fund. I am my backup plan so instinctively I went to my own survival and then I looked at the landscape of television. Wear my friend. Don Lemon is the only black person to host a prime time show in cable which the mass audience at least on. Msnbc AND CNN are women and people of Color. So I'm looking at the landscape thing. I'm done I early on in my career replaced the same black woman at two. Different stations replaced her in Dallas. Oh yeah she saw her or she knew and it's so sad because it was a one for one culture you know. There was one black woman at that station. I was interviewing. Everyone knew when I was walking in whose job I was being considered for And it happened twice so now was early part of my career in the nineties to thousands. Now we're in twenty sixteen or twenty seven. Whenever I lost the job and I'm looking at where am I going to go and I started to get these offers that were not comparable to my twenty five years of experience was also I mean i. I'm able to set ego aside and recognize that that has nothing to do with me. Those are the people in the room where it happened and what they see. They need to hire. They believe they need to hire some. Anyway I know how I felt. I was embarrassed. I heard I was more though the thing as I have to get a job. I've worked every day since I was fourteen so it wasn't about losing a spot on TV. It was I have to take care of myself. Would you do during that period? That sort of like. How do you get through it? I did not expect people started to ask if I could do speaking engagements and clearly. I love to talk but all of a sudden. I'm getting invitations from women's organizations around the country who related to the next chapter. Who related to the idea that you can take the punch? But you don't have to stay on the mat and it became this universal energy and before. I knew it. I was thinking all around the country for two years. What I didn't know IRA was that I guess in you know this is a TV kid. I guess I'm producing a show in the back of my mind and I even know it. I was like tagging story. Ideas of people would come to say. Oh have you heard about this? And that was a part of the formation of the formula of this show a lot of the topics that I encounter in the people that I encountered over those two years which sustained me emotionally because it kept me connected to people but it allowed me to accumulate stories and affirm to me that we have so much in common. And where can I bring all of this to one show and that's how it happened thinking about even just this landscape you're talking about you know like You talked about being with lemon What's it like being in the news world? You know like for those of us who don't do it you know like what's it like like are you sort of interacting with each other trying to help each other with stories. Do you talk about your jobs when you're Out or you just like. Let's leave it all behind. Well it depends. I mean I think that. Are you asking me. Do I have friends in the media? I did do. I think that like the world. The media's compartmentalize and there there's a class system you know there is there's the chalance of media There is the divide racially. You know I you might be a bt news anchor. Somebody at one of the traditional newscasts looks down upon you. There's a divide in print media as it relates to culture race. All of those things so it's just like America. It's not a monolith. Everybody's not friends. Everybody doesn't live on the townhouse in Georgetown. Every media person doesn't make thirty two million dollars and some people down on local. I remember when I first got to national news and there were people who'd say local news and I'm thinking you know when you look at the stats. The local news is still the most trusted form of information so yeah friends joy. Reid is one of my dear friend. Don limits like anything in life. It's like high school. I liked all the people but I don't talk to all of that so yeah I have. I have a lot of great friends who are in the media and we. We have a tell you this little secret. There's a group I won't tell you who's on the text but the thread of about three or four media people over and we never got broken into please. That'd be a mess but now you know we're human beings and we go through the same things that anybody else and we. I know that the media is taking a hit and we always have in fact. I just watch the Mike. Wallace documentary Mike Wallace's here. It's brilliant if you haven't seen it But Yeah I have true and tried friends Savannah Guthrie. I mean she was one of the first people learned that I was pregnant. So you have these friendships. Certainly Al Roker. His uncle out So yeah but I do think like the country has always been in. The media has its divide as Talking about the media taking a hit as you mentioned how do you think the media is shaping? Now you know I mean. We're we're in such a weird place where it's a lot of journalism isn't trusted you know and You have shows that are like a daytime show. You know where you're coming into people's homes and you're trying to get them to trust you and also entertain them Do you think the media is still in a healthy place. Well I'll say this first of all if you have to try to get someone to trust you. You have a problem You earn trust in any relationship you have so we have to earn the trust of the people who are watching my show each day. I try to bring my authentic self. No I'm not gonNA tell you every fight I have with my husband. We're talking about relationship. Yes I'm gonNA bring in some of the things that happened within my own life. I don't think there's a Reverend William Barber. I'm sure you know him for Moral Mondays. He said you know in his wonderful speech that I was present for. If you tell your children that this is the worst that we've seen you're doing a disservice to your child The world watched as millions of Jews killed in the Holocaust watch during the civil rights uprising in the south and the world. Watch while Trayvon Martin was killed the political time certainly bonkers but Is it testing something? That's never been pushed. I don't quite see that. I think that as I said this great documentary on Mike Wallis if you watch the same kind of thing he. He gave a speech. Even in Africa it was in the late sixties saying the media is under siege. You know people don't trust as that's always going to be a part of the experience because the media is comprised of individuals. It's like when you say the Church while the church is the body but of course there are some shady pastors. And there's so like in any institution that's comprised of individuals. They're going to be people who uplift the conversation and they're going to be people who don't and when for example this institution. The gatekeepers are primarily white men who are the executives of all of the networks is not a bad thing but they have to be called out and saying your networks your shows to represent the people that are watching and that helps to build trust you know and so with our show. It's the same experience I want guests to come on who represent the audience that I want to watch the show. Which means everyone. So we have an audience comprise of I hope people from all over and we have guests and topics that tap into that same thing because ultimately the way you're going to trust me and enjoy the Tamarin Hall's show on a daily experience is if I can rip away as many masks as possible because Lord knows we wear a bunch of them and have an authentic experience with you. We're talking about the media and you know about these. These gatekeepers right. We're even thinking about this sort of me to era that's happening to you know and it's how do you think we sort of push things forward to make more shows like yours? Though many times when I say all of the executives of the networks are white men I can see the report on any of the in cringe. It's like Ooh like I've said something mean I'm like no I mean if I walked into a room of only white women I would feel. Wow so when women walk into a room of only men. Wow so what is the difference in the articulating that sensation or that concern? Then to your point the metoo movement revealed what we all knew. Is that our industry is dominated by men. Okay the next step is the industry lacks diversity. And that's a conversation that we can have without anybody being afraid. That's how you move forward because if I am unapologetically black southern woman God bless I'm from Texas I say it every five seconds and you are unapologetically Irish American Jewish Caribbean whatever. You are if we're able to be ourselves without judgment then we can have real conversations so when I say the networks are all led by men. That's not to say they're bad. There's not a code for they're GONNA get us no but that is to say is that the representation that we want when we are trying to hear as many voices as possible. That is a truthful question not loaded in race or gender or bitterness because I lost a job and none of that. That's the same question we ask with the metoo movement and that is the question. We have to ask all front geography. When I when I went into national news I remember going into the newsroom. In New York everybody was from New York or the northeast corridor. Very few people were from the south or the Midwest and I thought wow. That's amazing that everybody grew up on the same block on the upper west side. How that possible. Say That jokingly only to say you shouldn't be ashamed of where you're from but we we look at the diversity of people in the newsrooms. We have to look at geography as well so that when we have a big moment in the media are big news story. Some of the voices that you hear are from those places. That's how I feel because even then you know were. I feel like we're seeing those stories but you know you hear like a Matt. Lauer store you only here. You see the movie bombshell. It's like it feels like it's still centered around the white people who have had these things happen to them and I think that many of the women who've led the metoo movement have acknowledged them and so you acknowledge it and then you say they'll what's next. That's my point. I mean I had a great conversation with a wonderful friend of mine. Aaron Carmona from fantastic reporter and we talked about having this little group of women from all racist kind of come together. I I did an event When I was on my break and it was influencers in the digital market so these are executives with all of the big ones Google Blah Blah Blah. You know and that's not to single out. Google visit a big room of all white females under the age of thirty five who were in like either in big positions on the verge so they are important voices welcoming. I don't know fifty people there. I was the only black person and I was. The guest speaker was like and I said to them. I have to tell you. I'm so honored to be here but look rail and I said so when we're wagging our fingers at other groups saying you are this are you at a look at your social media page. How many diverse friends do you have? How many of your friends are Lgbtq? I what what's your tribe really looked like before you judge someone from Texas and said look at him that Bubba. He's living in that same corner for his whole life and he doesn't know anything. We have the great privilege of living in the biggest cities in America. The most diverse communities. How diverse is your social media page of friends Halley the right. They're talking about that room. You know where you were there and there was all young white women in it that you were that are inspire. What do you want to say to younger? Non White women who like want to be in those spaces who are maybe like listening now. I want to get in the media like I want to do. What Tamara's do you belong here as much as anybody else? I wish I could write a blueprint to say if you turn left on this street and then go right and then there's going to be an alley and you're going to go down that alley. I really wish I could. That's not possible but the mistake I made was to believe I wasn't supposed to be there or I had to have an invitation. The invitation may be lost in the mail. But that doesn't keep you out of it and so for me it's it's just a constant reminder that we belong and history is on our side and I say that again based on race but of gender whoever thought me to you know what I mean. He's like what yeah All of it points in the right direction because it I do believe people are good people. You know bottom line I think most. I don't believe that most people are bad and all of these other things sometimes. It's easy to believe especially if you go on twitter bird scary I think people just want a fair shake. They don't WanNa feel that someone is standing on them so for me. Just reminding yourself that the odds are not stacked against you in the way you believe yourself what who. I would consider a great interviewer. What do you sort of do to prepare yourself for an interview like but took on your show. You know you're like how do I get someone to share with me? How do I you know get an interview across that is going to affect my viewers to you know what I think about each interview. You do is connect it so once someone sees a billy porter interview for example and then they come on the show they are also bringing in that billy porter energy they okay. I saw billy. He was a safe space for her for for him and that was great. And then you know I saw I Dunno Jane Lynch on Annex Jane Lynch is telling us about her relationship in the bed. Rules J. T. Am I you know I think each interview is oddly connected And so for me. I work with my team at Santa's in here one of my producers. He knows we'll email all night long. I I read everything and then I ride. Just try to stay in the moment you know. I tried to listen to the answer and be present in that exchange because no matter the topic. I'm honored that that person thought enough of me to come on my show so they deserve my attention. My respect my curiosity My safe zone and I think that that's always something that I've brought. I started out as a general assignment reporter overnight and basically every story I was assigned to was usually because someone was killed overnight. You know I was covering fires and gang violence In Dallas Fort Worth Market. So I'm knocking on someone's door at four. Am saying the police have just arrested. Your kid or someone just died in your family and you learn this balance of being a journalist but also keeping my humanity and that helped me along the way and interviews and I try to always remind myself that how it feels and the power that we hold when we know the question that we're about to ask and the other person on the other side does not and that's intimidating and I try not to. I want people to always know that they're safe to talk about whatever Have you had some favorite sort of interviews? That looks sort of really stick with you. You know what's crazy? I don't have a favorite. I have a favorite feeling. And that's when you know somebody is really there to talk to you. They don't have these talking points. I won't be Gobert. Came on for the first time and I've only known her on the surface of course when you meet whoopee at any we'll be my guy you changed my life. Oh my God. What were you changed my life moments but the first time we actually sat down was on my show and I remember. She walked out and instantly. I said I know that walk. I know that Stri- and she sat down and I said I only know one of the person with a cooler walk and she said WHO and I said Prince and then she started to tell me the story of how she fashioned her walk her stride after her brother who passed away and she always admired his stride. And before you knew it I was having a real conversation with Whoopi. Not Talking points on her book that she had entertaining book. She was like come to my house and dinner book whatever she had but it was a real conversation and so that was I. I was able to exhale because I thought wow I'm talking to will be truly as we would in her home versus this orchestrated. Tv moment and that feeling is not just as a celebrity. That gives you that I was in front of What are the worst tornadoes that struck the United States? It was right outside of Waco and the people there had lost everything. Children had died. And this couple like look we're gonNA rebuil- and I'm thinking I would be on my knees at a ball just unable to function and this raw feeling of really talking to someone and not talking at them not anticipating their answer and going it. It's a feeling it's not a person it's a feeling and that's what brings me joy to look back and without. Whoopi stride ridiculous ridiculous. He's got the coolest walk. Start walking like that. And then you had billy on the show. Obviously you've been a friend of his and you know the pose and like these kids that are inspired you. What else is inspiring right now. Like what are you watching? What are you into the last? Oh Gee on TV. I think it's brilliant. I think it is. It's Norman. Lear esque I mean because this the whole riff on Ridge vacation is this great in prison justice reform. And what happens is is a great. And he's got a food truck it's Marvelous Mrs Mazel. I'm addicted to rotten. Have you seen rotten all? God you have to see rotten on net flicks. I Love I. Just I'm a TV junkie to a hunter Black Mirror. Black Mirror they. They lost me with an hour long special thing that they do interactive TV. I didn't need to choose motive. I didn't need to tell me what I tell. I think Black Mirror is phenomenal. Reminded me of the early twilight zone. I like that kind of sci-fi Yeah I love that part of the reason why I always love watching daytime like I still. When I'm at work I have a CO worker Mat. Rogers he and I will like watch. we've watched some your show. We've watched the view class. We Watch Kelly Clarkson. Let's just love daytime to update? I'M DAVE TIME T. I don't watch it 'cause now I'm on it. I don't get a chance to but I love to watch Ellen Kelly. They have like a variety. Our show is more talk and you know the view is more like when you go to your house and your own account got other room and watch it represents a slice of who we all are which is why it's so enjoyable and daytime always a great space in our hearts because it does represent a little slice of everything. Nineties can't be daytime. Tv like Ricky Lake or get lost from Geek Fat. Naumov that yeah. That was actually won't be seeing that on my offense IRA. No I love that Melissa Mari. I don't sleep on Maury Maury still doing. Dna has and is one of the highest rated shows. Okay I'm like. He works less hard than I did. I'M GONNA go ahead and say hey just swab and people down to that Judge Judy. Judy is people talk about like goals. And Jay Z and beyond say judge Judy sitting on gold bars underneath. But Doling out justice. That was GONNA be when if this didn't work I was like I'm going to get a court show hall of Justice. Come in very judge Mathis. Listen play that I am. I think we need that segment on the show like different designer robes. Andre Leon Talley when I come in the hall of Justice. Let's second season doesn't work out. We know where we're going to holiday. I was GONNA come in with bailiff IRA would love that. God Ira what do you think? Yeah Judge Judy. He's been there since the beginning and pay must be sitting on media. I gotta work less hard. Yea workless mentoring kid. The goal work. I don't know about you but I came here to relax Terror. Thank you so much for being here. We'll come and see me are well. You probably will either just like you're no less of a man if you don't have hair. I've been added. I felt like it. Just say Bali know less of a man. 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Visit to get started get Roman dot com slash peeping in January Justin Chambers one of the last remaining original actors on Grey's anatomy announced. He was leaving the show. After Sixteen seasons playing Dr Alex Karev the goodbye seved unceremonious and last week. We finally found out where the doctor went. I want to say that when he left the show by the way he was just sort of gone and then he announced that he was like leaving grades and people were like Oh his last episode already aired. So it's very weird. Because he was just gone from the show was his role diminished. Anyway not really okay. Sort of but There's so many fucking characters on grazing that at this point to now it's like Er and its last season But this week we found out that he has twins with Catherine haggles character izzy and he left the show to be with them. When you bring when you say the name is e Stevens suddenly back in college. I can't believe that's a part of this narrative still Despite being with the love of his life a character. Dr Joe Wilson in the episode. It's told in chambers voiceover and letters written to various characters intercut with flash backs of Karas nostalgic moments from old seasons. And that's that love right off of a character at its done with narration and voice. Over and letters. It reminds me of when Matt Doug spots character was written off. Melrose place. He'd already sort of left the show they needed a plot point to happen in one of the last season so he returns only to die and then everyone was wondering around reading his journal. Oh my God amazing that reminds me of the last episode of the wonders. They didn't know it would be the last episode for sure that would be the last season. So at the end you just see slow motion footage of them at a parade. Not Speaking as the voice over tells you everything that happens to every character and the mom is just not reacting to anything onscreen as as the Daniel Stern. The vio goes mom went on to be a board chairman. Dad Died. I mean it just like right after another. Here's never happen. We're ending it. Suddenly this is like to me what I would call an anti right off. Because it's so anticlimactic and Shonda. I know she's not the one who's writing the show so much anymore. But this is the most Sean. She's not only one in the writer's room just her what's going on in the fire station this week but yeah. I was I was not. I was not surprised. Because the way they've killed off other characters gotten rid of other characters and grey's anatomy in any Shonda ver- show has been born. Dick EULESS WALKER. Absolutely wild when they killed. George o'malley and he gets burned and then he has to go to the hospital and her and tell he makes 007 his hand. I hated that I hated that episode. That when even Katherine HEIGL CHARACTER. When is he gets sent away isn't it because is he's like handle herself as it's horrible to work with. Yes Oh yes. There's a long series Katherine heigl narrative on that show. We'll wait for the four part. Catherine watched that. Actually I would to worship era. You've now invoke secretaries still in suits advocacy last season suits. Is it still on no way of knowing? Don't even ask Obviously also about the spread off called what type of Appeals Torres Torres? I Love Her spinoff Pearson got it got it got it. Now you've invoked the memory of TR. Night and I have to spend arrested day wondering what the hell happened to him. We nominated him for an emmy nominated him to leave the earth. What happened to nominate him for an Emmy just because he got called a faggot onset was that before or after we'll have to check the time line why he was nominated the same year as Ahah Wash- Washington story with scandal. That's why I was written off yeah. Tr a factor and then he did a movie with Monique and then nothing forever. I don't know what happened to him. Yeah how how did Sandra Oh's character enough. I didn't keep watching grey's anatomy. Oh well Sandra Oh's character lease for a job And they brought Birkbeck okay for that episode years after the fact that incident Anyway Sandra the film killing Eve happen the fact that incident my favorite Robert Ludlum book. I think the the character leaving a TV show that we most talk about the most. Think about is shelley long cheers. Because you wondered speak for myself I do love Jere because I watch cheers the first episode. It's like a one act. Play the entire idea of a Sitcom was sort of formed cheers. This image also moved on from it. It feels like you're watching a a live show in a way that multi. Kim's don't feel to me now but I have to say right here that I stand rebecca. How on cheers? I want I think gay people need to stick up more for Kirstie. Alley's work on that show which she did win an emmy for that work. Yeah War but I love to hear. Sally cheers like ivory washed. All cheers recently I love it. Yeah obviously the scientology angled does make it problematic in hard for me but when she came on screen and I call her the people's Lauren. Bacall you know feel that she was like eleven foot four seemingly she would like have to like crawl under the door frame to get in and she was just the. The blankets stared hardest stared. It was she was such a rare kind of actress to be on a Sitcom I thought and she should be celebrated more along with bb. Newark on that. Show is also fabulous. Yes miss bb yes. me thinking about crazy. Tv character exits Obviously I'd be remiss if I did mention the O. G. Diana MOLNAR leaving. La Law one of the great exits of all time of course So this was a woman who played a lawyer name. Rosalind Shays as she was sort of like the bitchy ice queen of the show sort of like a precursor to Amanda Woodward on Melrose Place Heather locklear the late eighties early nineties. You can picture. The shape of the Sushi wears okay. Yes down trying you. The Dynasty era too. So it was like everyone either. Wanted to be rich and wealthy like Joan Collins or they wanted to be a sexy lawyer in Los Angeles But basically she left the show so the writers wrote her out by having her fall down an elevator shaft. Now right on camera like buster. Keaton is having a conversation with our while leaving the office. She does not look doesn't even seem to press anybody walks and falls down the elevator shaft. And it's it's open like any maintenance open that's ridiculous yes. It was very ridiculous and then after that other people started leaving the show. And then like that killed. La Law was it one of those write offs where the actual actress was horrible. Or the character just wasn't fa- servicing the show anymore. I think it was more that more of that and also like she was sort of like the bitchy character. She like Skied her way into becoming a partner. had an affair with somewhat at the office and then suit them for sexual harassment. So I think the audience was sort of like in a moment where like we don't know if we like her and then they wrote her off. It's sort of like if Kristen. Johnston on sex. And the city were an actual character we followed for episodes in episodes. And then of course you fill out the window in one of the wildest moments ever on TV and also by the way you get such a strange Mikhail Baryshnikov reaction to that shot. Yes summit underrated. I mean that's also as insane as Bobby Ewing Patrick Duffy. Being Written Off Dallas He left Dallas because he thought that he could get better roles Like a starring role for himself and when he got worse rolls. On step-by-step young that was years later But he laughed at was hit by a car. 'cause they thought if he was leaving he should die in a horrific moment He didn't get the roles that he came back a year later so they made the entire year that he wasn't there a dream. That is horrible. Yes that is so bad. Light up got up saw him in the shower and she was like had a horrible. Oh my God. That's like an iconic off drugs. Were knew exactly the writers room. It's like the days ending like fuck it. Let's just make it all a dream like that is yes. I'm really is. Of course you have to stand Miss blankenship exit on Madman Miss blankenship was this wild secretary who looked like her features were so cartoonist she. She was like a Sim. She had like the crazy glasses. Sam The crazy blue hair said she was all of those in one and she would say strange often funny occasionally racist things and she eventually was dragged out of the office. Weekend at Bernie's style by the other people in the Office Madman was really good at upsetting the tone of the show at shocking intervals. Like occasionally you'll be so funny or so violent or so strange and you could never predict when that was coming but usually got one spike of those working for Matthew Ear. That's exactly right there's empire there's just a small leaving empire which I had stopped watching empire but went back to get that you're ever explained why Jesse Small. It was written out of this off. He ran character Reynoso. I knew in real life. He was hate crimes. Allegedly we real anyway Madani. I Love Journey. They should've brought journey into empire play Oh that would have been so amazing. Yeah just really just have her as Jamal and like not explain indifferent yeah. I still thought that they should've gone full soap opera and had him come back with a new face or something it would have been fine but empire is not fun so and I'm thinking of also Nicolette Sheridan who's been written off to TV shows because he's hard work with. That's like the two time. Whatever the look of two time. Oscar winner is to time right really exciting. She was off desperate housewives because of our fight with Marc Cherry Issue and I'll just say by the way it is perfectly okay to take Nicholas site there. Yeah and then. She was written off. Recently the dynasty reboot. Oh my God I heard. She was shoved into a fire place now by her son her face scarred and then when Alexis comes back she has plastic surgery as Liz Gillies Stop who was playing her daughter Fallon Because she had gotten plastic surgery to look like her daughter. That was just letting Liz play her for a couple of episodes before she left town again. And now she's back recast as a new woman again by the way you fucking love this shit you just love it too. By the way these deaths are like how people die in the game thirteen drive. A statue fell on. I fell off a ladder in the library. Nicholas Sharratt and then would be tied with two time right off with WHO LEWIS TO TIME? Right of. This has to be easy. Come on it is easy. Oh God is it. A woman dramas. Yeah well long. Technically because I feel like she was written up modern family recently but I have no proof nineties and two thousands of God. God God Yup break it to me. It's Shannon Doherty. I'm fired not what Al because because for reported Fights with CAST members being difficult on set Brenda was written off nine. Two hundred she went to school in London. Maybe the definitive eighties nineties name Brenda. Yay and then charm her her fights with Elizabeth Lotto Her written off where they allegedly had a ding. Dong the witch is dead party after she left the chef when knowing now what we know about Eliza Milano. I'm like I'm on Shannon. Who's to say yeah right like? She was probably insufferable. I think my favorite thing about rose McGowan tweets exist it. It's probably what was doing under set of jar right my favorite thing or just walking up behind you and just like whispering. Her thoughts about the election yeah Might everything about rose. Mcgowan is a sometime after the show. She gave an interview. Of course it will watch that show anymore. Rarely hear could it be like is that show is not good it truly was not but it was very addictive charm Who Gene shall reviews if I could Think of exits that. I feel like actually worked Marina Cooper leaving the OC. It killed the rate eggs the but the fourth season of the OC was amazing. And I feel like she bogged down the show in season. And that's a famous car accident. Yes yes and I also liked Dan Stevens leaving out Naby. It gave Lady Mary something to do right. Which is the whole thing the way it might take away from. The Downton Abbey movie was that we did not give lady Marian of to do and now she is exactly the kind of actress the makes me feel like I belong on earth because just a Kurt woman who has like a three word. One liner to unleash at any given moment is like my version of a superhero. That's a marvel creature for me and I mean we talked about earlier too. I mean like I feel like that maybe the current definitive one Of something that unfortunately a character exit which the raiders have no control over. 'cause Josh Charles wanted to leave the show. And it's such an amazing season and his death in the episode in Season Five. is really powerful and moving. Unfortunately the show was never able to recover after he left which is always a thing right as writers you know. It's like when an actor decide that they want to leave a show. What are you supposed to do? Yeah right American. Basically right because it's like the whole point is that audiences attached to the character and they're watching them week to week and then when you abruptly to remove them it can be hard to replace them or just sort of pretend they weren't there. Also if they were the driving force if they facilitated story lines for your other main characters. It's like okay. Well what now? What does this person playoff of? And I also need to shout out of course when Valerie. Harper ended up leaving Valerie Valerie Valerie's family and was replaced abruptly replaced but it became Hogan family with. Sandy Duncan a celebrity. We don't talk enough about anymore. And we thins spokespeople exist. I feel like I also only ever saw reruns of Hogan's family values family. Yeah right right right. No I feel like Hogan's family is hopefully weirdly more I contact. Yeah so it worked for them. I Guess Yeah Yeah. Jason Bateman directed some episodes. He was like seventeen. I said this is something to look into that. I don't know about aunt was dark skinned and then light skins. I'm thinking I had to happen. But She Janet Hubert who played The original aunt Viv has long said that she hates will Smith And has re. She writes about it from time to talk like I remember in the heyday facebook. She was constantly writing things about how she fucking hated his ass. And that's why they ask. Though that famous scene that has sort of remained viral over the years of killing it in an aerobics class freshman prince iconic hilarious. Also it just reminds reminds me of when like Dixie Carter got to sing on designing women or something. It's like you're only doing this because you would only give liberal monologue if they also let you saying right. Yeah like they cut a deal with Janet. Everybody dance now that I either now. Oh please. Original air the dance audition and now with her like moments and black Muscular hipbones yes. You've never seen anybody swivel like And speaking of a black woman written out I finally I'll say. Rip to Nicole Bahari on sleepy hollow. They are over there and we all start watching the show after that that's why get cancelled anyway when we're back keep it took Edward. Back with our favorite segment of the episode is Keep It. Hello Louis Hello. I'm GONNA GO AIDA. I'm feeling shady today My keep it. This week goes to low dicky's new show by fx on. Hulu called Dave If you don't know who little Dickie as he was a rapper who kinda came into prominence in two thousand fifteen the white Jewish rapper. He had this popular song called pillow. Talking and other popular called Earth let me freak and most popularly has a song with Chris. Brown called freaky Friday where he switches skin colors. He gets to being Chris Brown's body and can therefore say the N. Word I remember this. Yes yes so. This is the man that we're talking about. I feel like since Atlanta. We've all kind of been hungry for another. At least I know I have been hungry for another show about rap music and about entertainment that isn't like power and empire so to hear about the show. I was really excited. I WanNa see what he was going to do. And I kinda gave him the benefit of the doubt. The first episode was really bad. The first episode he brings on he goes and tries to get a future for our song with Y G. and it's that very like look at me. I'm a white man in a black environment. Like Weiji puts him on his instagram story. And he kinda blows up from there. It's very realistic. It's not a fun episode. The second episode and this is where I started to. Am I keep it? Actually Second Barkeep is to me liking that episode but he goes in and he has to perform at a young boys funeral. So there's a lot of room for comedy there. It's really freaky really weird but mostly my keep. It is is is not the rap. Show that we wanted like this. Man's not even a popular rapper anymore and he had a couple heads in twenty fifteen. And now is just starring in a show and also it's important to mention I would be remiss not to his name is Lil dicky because he has a penile this dysfunction none of this function that's true I didn't know that yeah It is I would say go. Watch it but it's just it's not good. It's not good. I didn't like it. It's called Dave. I'm going to do my Louis Tulum summation oh here we go keep. Its anything called day. That's not starring Sigourney. Weaver Ryan Bitch right here absolutely correct. I was GONNA say the same accurate. Kevin Kline underrated only one nomination What is your keep it Lewis. I hate to waste to keep on this but I have to say. Keep it to our girl. The Corona virus for a couple of reasons one. It's finally affecting people who matter and by that I mean people in entertainment. I'm not concerned about south by southwest being cancelled. I'm not concerned about when we had our first live show Lewis. I know not our best and I'm not concerned about coachella being postponed. I don't need to Sea TAC entrepreneurs wearing single strap overall not for me. Not For me. I eat up. I'm looking forward to fall Challah anyway. Okay you could you fucking what my least favorite seas anywhere. It's affected the Culver City community in that wheel of fortune and jeopardy will now not have studio audiences for the remainder of their taping. This season. Oh how would they go on? I okay okay I will go on. It'll be fine. That's not the point from our God. That's like married with children without having audience whoop every time Christina applegate walks out you know whooping and sitcoms is my favorite Stefan or cal comes out and we have to like candy. Here's the thing gameshows run on specific sound effects when you get a daily double. If there's no audience clapping something deflates. It's not right if if you're spinning the wheel and nobody's applauding. What are we doing? It's like an Ingmar Bergman drama all of a sudden. It's not as fun anymore and I'm worried. The dynamic will suffer and I won't be as addicted to the mania of a game show. Which as you know powers me while one. I feel like it'll be surreal enough to want to why okay You know I'm in for this real of fortune done by UNESCO and this are popular and they're not GONNA get cancelled over there saying they won't do it for two weeks and they're of course doing it. Because Alastair back an older gentleman has cancer is probably somebody who the corona virus would do more damage to pat say Jack similarly vulnerable because he is a mean conservative person secretly and they are weak in many ways and we just in an audience in just like sure anyway so the show is better still be amazing is what I'm saying. You don't think that they'll plug in audio. I wondering I'm wondering what share they will because like. You said it's to Erie to not have. Celebratory sounds when you win something. I'm waiting for when we start having ghost games of late. Nba Players. Just no nobody watching and that they can plug in Sound effects they're just like plugging it sound effects but no one the bleacher. There's something specific about a basketball game with no viewers that so straight it's it's half ass ballgame. Half waiting for Godot. I mean I don't know where the trauma and the entertainment begins naming absurdist. Play Up. You know I have few hobbies. I'm done at that one waiting I all. I got Christopher Durang Z. Kevin durant monologue in the middle of a game to God's ears St- Ira Yes My keep it is to current homosexual Former politician Aaron shot Who recently came out on Instagram? To the shock of no one right. Oh a pod of no. Nobody's made that unintended distinction. Aaron it out so see that right. There was a skill which she did. I admire this over here. I winced you're just mad at my dave impersonation right. No you did very well So anyway he came out after obviously years of not just speculation that he was gay but confirmation that he was gay because We live in West Hollywood. And we've seen him. Trolling the boulevard With other white men with washboard ABS And Pudding dollars down stripper's g strings and Making out with people coachella anyway He's I guess. Finally come out after enough. People have dragged him at bars in West Hollywood I know several firsthand accounts of people approaching him. And saying how could how dare you not come out? How dare you? Yeah my friend? Johnny Reinhard drug wing at the by revolver was Hollywood. Did that while we were there. And then saying the Lily Allen Song. Fuck you at Karaoke. Ed dedicated it to him. Yes art wins. Yeah Com anyway. His statement I just want to I want to parse this for a moment because one the statements bullshit I he says I am Gay okay. reminds me of. Im me the album title by Ashley. Simpson go ahead. Yes for those who know me and for many who only know of me. This will come as no surprise for the past year. I've been working through a list of people who I felt. Should finally hear the news directly from me before I made a public statement. I wanted my mother my father my sisters my brother and my closest friends to hear it from me I okay. Then he goes on into this whole thing about how he came from this sort of religious conservative family. And say I. I do feel for people who go through that. I don't feel for someone who is gay and was a republic and with a great conservative voting record and voted against the repeal of. Don't ask legislators voted against the Matthew Shepard at what's against gay marriage and he like he likes to bring up that like People like Obama and Hillary in two thousand eight were against that too. I mean okay It'd be fine if you had done like them. An ever. Apologize for that stance. There's no point in his coming out where he policies for what he's done to queer people And I don't think it's ever GONNA come. We still have photos of him hanging out with Donald Trump as recently as like two or three weeks ago. I I saw is perfectly fine with being a conservative asshole. But now that he's gay. We're supposed to be nice to him. I guess I also the thrust of that entire quote unquote apology. Sure there are a lot of people who grew up closeted or in a horribly repressive environment. Almost none of those people then go immediately on to enact anti-gay legislation like those two things are not related. That is a completely unusual circumstance that that would happen him. Furthermore I didn't get a sense from his apology why he is in politics at all no to me. He's just like well I. I was brought up that way so I have no choice but to espouse these horrible things if it wasn't for his no sense of a belief system in here and it's like well you were just involved in politics using a word. He says here out of pure ambition. Whatever THAT MEANS. He was obsessed with prominence and nothing else. Well I mean if it wasn't for growth in confidence he would currently be in prison right. Oh yeah that too because we're ignoring the fact that he was also funneling money from taxpayers. About what like Katy Perry tickets and flights and so it's like He should be in prison one to his comment to where he tried to come at someone for a saying that His office was decorated. Like the Downton Abbey Set and if you remember this is he had made over his office at one point and then the press was like an implied that he was gay was like it was made over to look like Downton Abbey In note about him being gay he mentions That the media would always publish untruthful things about him And he was always getting attention because he was a single guy dressed well and his had a preoccupation with Physical fitness but he says I was still naive enough to wonder why the news media what run with an utterly false story about me and a show. I never even heard of and still. Haven't seen Downton Abbey okay. Yeah we'll still there's pinterest. I bet you looked up something in relation to Downton Abbey that you've never heard of Downton Abbey then Lars Lars. I just WanNa say that is a lie anyway By the way everybody. Watch Downton Abbey. That's his loss Sarah Anyway he's a useless member of GIG. Useless is correct. Useless actually a pox. Yeah not literal toxic in community that we need to get rid of. Oh that's right. Snl I mean he. I think in a way like the treatment of him we. We're pretending that somehow normal that like an obviously an anti gay person in politics than comes out later but it's actually unusual because most of the time historically it's they're ugly it's an old guy who's just been in it forever. It's rarely somebody who's that young and then also so obviously gay right so there's other policies that we could point to but we will don't need to but I'm just saying that if Erin shock like them you would not be seeing essays from people being like maybe we should treat him with kindness and you wouldn't see people double tapping his Instagram posts that I then needed to go. Unfilled LA It's only because he is the traditional archetype of a dumb hot white gay and people want to sleep with them I mean unfortunately that's the case. There's nothing else to say about that if you do. That's the only thing that is interesting. I'm hand if you do that. You will be shunned like this is the crucible I'm mentioning names in court. I am forever Joan Allen and just scenario okay I would say I seen good versatile with Aaron schock beat anyway. That's our show. Thank you again for being here. And we'll see you next week. Keep it is a product of trickled media. Carolina Reston is our producer. It's caroline like the princess the one you don't care about our editor is Bill Lance and Kyle. Seguin is our sound engineer. Thanks to our digital team allies account and not a name. Melconian for filming and editing are video content every week.

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