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July 25, 2019: Joel Quenneville


Coaches are always on time. Coach always punctual Elliott our summer series of podcasts continues. This is thirty one thoughts brought to you by the next generation G._M._C. Sierra Dinelli and in moments we will welcome aboard Joel Quenneville the head head coach of the Florida Panthers one of you can say that we're trying to wrap up the career but one of the greatest coaches in the history of the game true or false true. How many guys have three cups is been remarkable? Joel Joinville joins US on thirty one thoughts to podcast now Joel this summer series of podcasts. How're you enjoying your summer and I'm guessing you're smiling a little bit deeper and maybe richer after seeing what you're G._M.? Did around free agency. We had a great couple of days. When I say that <hes> going into it we had <hes> you know? Seven or eight days. Visiting with the players talked a lot of guys in that process and <hes> we felt we really helped their team in all the areas would look a new improved. I think obviously <hes> getting Sergei and then that was is a very vital for what we need and then getting Anton Strommen we feel we've got improve our back in got <hes> connolly can score some goals. <hes> had a good year last year. Hopefully you can keep improving at that rate then we got a kind of tracking type of center because awesome energy and no cherry so I think that all of a sudden you look when you're making up lines now. You got a little balance a little bit more depth. You got more options than an area needed improvement so is in which Roberto retiring <hes> obviously it was a major the whole we had to fix and then Sergei coming in there was a perfect need fit and Anton helps stabilize the back in Joel View like the meeting period that week. I guess some people hate it. Some people love it. Where do you stand on that well? It's it's all new. It's all new and being a part of it was different. <hes> got the visit with some players. <hes> you know you get an understanding where they're at what they're looking for. One thing that was unique is almost like everybody was <hes> would looking forward to coming in south Florida. which was you know maybe in the past was there could have been hesitation but there's a lot of Nice things about <hes> where we're at as a team and organization on a nice job of building with some of these young guys in the cornerstone of the team game in franchise the upside Israel? I think people think that it's <hes> you got a chance to win down there. Obviously there's some nice perks of living in Florida with the climate or something different <hes> than certain markets as well <hes> looking forward to that newness as well you know I think we're at a stage where you know we feel as a team. We gotta take the next step. You know you watch your team play last year last couple of years as a pretty good hockey team in a lot of ways almost every single hockey game law some tough Games <hes> critical points that could've made a difference difference getting in the playoffs. We feel less a team. Make some improvements in certain areas obviously special teams was one of the strengths last year we need to find a way to keep the puck out of our net as a group and I think they'll try to reinforce the beginning of the year because kind of comparable when I think of the teams we had in Chicago we had teams. We never had to worry about scoring goals. I think this team can score goals as well. Let's make sure we prioritize how we defended. What was the best question anyone ask you about playing for you? I think everybody wants to know where they're gonNA. Play Kinda like the quality of the ice time for the quantity of ice time. I think that <hes> everybody looks for kind of a reassurance in that area. I know that when you go into a season you know I think you're the guys that <hes> that are coming into the program. Obviously you're gonNA give them that chance to play their strengths and that opportunity goes as overtime you you know then you gotta make decisions based on <hes> progressing Eh performances and then allocate ice time based on that that's kind of how we always operated but certainly I think guys like to know that <hes> give me an idea where we're GONNA fit who my likely linemates or who <hes> potentially I'm GonNa get the play within the opportunity to play <hes> you know you can promise special teams but I think that's an type of thing and we'd like to reward guys based on performance more than something said offseason so come to earn your type of quality or quantity ways Joe because your job was of course Chicago and your general manager Del Talent of course <hes> came from Chicago with the Blackhawks as well. We'll always be looking for similarities between the Florida Panthers and the Chicago Blackhawks and the one that jumps right out at me. Can you tell us in your own words similarities between Jonathan Teves and Alexander Bark off well. They're both two hundred foot players. They're both very competitive. They're very focused. <hes> I mean it's all about hockey. It's all about how they can be the best they can be. They're all about making people around the better lead by example than the way they prepare themselves. It's all about winning. Janis proven that he's gotten to the next level. We need burkey not to be the next guy to <hes> to get in the playoffs and play meaningful games and as we're going <hes> you know that's where we're looking for him to <hes> to pull that <hes> guys along with them probably not as vocalist Johnny <hes> but you know I think you gotta be yourself. That's basically what make leaders be. The best leaders they can be as be themselves and makes people around the better. You Know Joe when you got to Chicago and you took over those were still guys on their rookie deals. A lot of the guys you have in Florida. <music> are on their second deals but I'm wondering do you see much comparison between you know the young players that you're getting now and the young players that you had then you know. I think that I'm going to say the overall depth might have been deeper burn Chicago when we're there and that's why there's some of the the players who batted here. I think help <hes> extended the depth in our lineup and I thought that haven't four lines was important for us <hes> important for success and some nights you you know you couldn't in cal- which was our first second third line a lot of nights. I think that was one of the strength of our teams <hes> back in early days and I think that if we can build the lineup with all of a sudden we're a little bit more unpredictable deeper in our lineup offensively and defensively that can really really help us and I think that's a lot of nights <hes> when you get deeper and apply fronts a lot of times says the teams that are lines that <hes> jump out and and all of a sudden there's going to be goal and making a difference to winning games winning series as well so I think that's something that we're looking to WHO <hes> improve upon but I still think our young guys got a lot of growth in their game and I think planning away to playing meaningful games for them but it's going to be fun for their careers and find it what while for we can go with. You know. You're obviously coaching in another conference. And stand in play them very often but when you were with Chicago what are your thoughts on the panthers they would give us some nights. We had some. I mean we had some tough nights in that building <hes> they they'd be decisive. Lopsided scores a couple of times <music>. I always thought they had a dangerous team quicker. They had a lot of skill in their lineup and I think that's how we see it right now. I think that <hes> improving on our defensive part of our game within with a focus that <hes> playing without without the PUCK is important to playing with it is something that <hes> we'll have the puck a lot more with emphasis on that area but I think it's a team especially last couple years. It's a team that looks like their playoff capable and what we saw this year or playoffs in anything can happen especially when you're in a minute top division that we are you know there's no easy matchups but <hes> they gotta beat the best. If you WANNA win it anyways so that's kind of where we're going to be at <hes> in trying to achieve that when Chicago I'm going to Florida though in addition to tough games that you get any good deals at the mall across street. <hes> you know what I hadn't been there before that was at town the other day but it's pretty convenient next the rank. Yes it is. I want to ask you vote for Borowski Specifically Jeff. We're talking that there was a time this year where we all wondered you know what why it happened and you know was was he not going to be the goalie and get the big free agent contract that we all thought he was gonna get because he didn't look right and then after that first period in the playoffs against Tampa Bay when he got it off the Matt and rediscovered his game it was like the switch went back on and he was dynamite and I just wondered you know watching as you got a chance to this year. was there a point where you looked at him and said you know what he might not potentially be an answer for a team in the future. Well we know the importance of goaltending and when you look at <hes> different goalies I think he's cut the capability winning games outright. He's very R._e._I.. Athletic he's probably hardest working guy on every team. He's been on very thorough and how prepares these as one of those guys that <hes> as always looking at enhance his game <hes> we'll student of the game not <hes> like your traditional goaltender all ten but he really does have a schedule on how to prepare during the off-season that second to none. I believe that <hes> in the right environment <hes> how we play around them in compliment <hes> his game but he is a very active goalie and his athleticism is amazing as well so we're going to do everything that can we know goalies have stretches where they're going to be. You know anybody in the game can have some stretches all of a sudden. We've got to recapture the confidence and I think that's all part of goaltending is over the course Susan that he's been through a couple. You know he's had a couple of years that we know he's capable of be as good as anybody we wanna make sure that he's comfortable confident and himself in the net and try to play that way in front of them. I think he's one of those guys exude. Confidence the players in front of them and that's an area where we got to get better as well. You know you're a bluff shot defenseman going back to the Windsor Spitfires in the Mid Seventies. You've seen a lot of defensemen come and go. You've played <hes> with against legends. You've coached some world-class defenseman specifically in Chicago. I'm curious Joel from your point of view in two thousand nineteen. What do you want defensemen to do? What's a two thousand nineteen defenseman do in the N._H._l.? H._R. Right now I love defenseman active in the attack like defenseman that are active in the offensive zone within without the PUCK. I like defensemen that are really comfortable with their positioning the point yup it's his own <hes> Kinda like the way Saint Louis did nobody had more patients holden offensive line than they did so we wanna get strong in that area. The gap starts right there that offensive zone contest all the lines as coming up ice and then as a group of five at our own end. We WanNa make sure that is way more predictability predictability. You know we WANNA make sure we go to people quick. We want good sticks. We went good positioning. It'd be hard to play against you know so I think all the things that <hes> you always want from your defense men and I really hasn't changed how we want her defense the play <hes> but that's the game name and and I think that the game we wanna play as the PUCK and founding is important as well but <hes> keeping it as part of it <hes>. Let's make sure that <hes> when we don't have it. Let's check to get it back quickly and I think all our D. should be looking looking to do that in all three zones and I think that <hes> little mobility a little balance on all the pairs as well as something that you look for so that's what we're envisioning <hes> or defense look like but we know that's gotta be an an approved area and not just from the defense complementing that end we need all the poets help out dovetailing that question draw which defenseman then on your Blue Line can still give more in your estimation which defenseman shoe we expect more from this coming season. I think everyone you know look at young guys Aki and Madison <hes> any both guys are young guys that have a lot of upside. You know they've got some great skill. They had a lot of good things with the PUCK. I think that <hes> you know offensively and the offensive zone Sunday. They got some good imagination as well. We can be better off the Russia's defensive group we can be better with our gap. I think in their own end. I think that's the whole Larry where we want to get better. At then I think an anti stroman coming in he's one of those guys reliable experienced defense minute get stabilized and take some minutes up and help match ups as well. You know yeah just igniter. Offensively has <hes> thought he had a tremendous year last year. You know put a more play right up there on top of the League <hes> we like what he brings. <hes> you know we got weaker Pacific Brown. Some guys can play but as a group I think that everybody we should be expecting more from one another and not be satisfied with what happened last year because we know that defense wins and and we all need eight to absorb some some more of the ownership than leadership in the team and I think the strong back in more consistent one is what we're we're going to strive to Joyce wanted to get back into the year you know after the change was made in Chicago. You could have come right back in I mean it's no secret that teams wanted you. You decided to take some time in spend some time with your family. What was the rest of the year? Like how much talking did you watch you know. What kinds of things did you do like what maybe did you get a chance to do? Do Your family hockey coach rarely can do during the season. We've got to spend in Colorado over Christmas time we got to spend time with the family up there and that some skiing that the visit our daughter in Australia few weeks there as well and then got away a little bit from the game and get to watch and then later on you know. I don't think there was a lot of opportunity then that was you know it's fine to <hes> take the year off and and we're watching some teams play down the stretch is where we're at you know and and I feel like watching horseracing as go along the off-season or season and <hes> so that's part of that's we keep busy in that area like we're we're mostly at the end of the back in Chicago Dog Oh and <hes> but we're we're certainly excited about going down there <hes> nice climate and looking forward to <hes> you know planning away to have a successful team here in south Florida. You do know that everybody was joking. You pick the panthers because the race track doc right near the team always having been there yet opening day at Saratoga today. I'm just curious after after just some time time. Do you think they'll be anything different about you. Do you think you're coaching will change it. All just the fact that you got some rest and got a chance to recharge. Is there anything different of a jolt Glenn while you gotTa be yourself you gotTa be you. I think that <hes> one something like our teams would like to play a comparable game with like the pressure to park. We like you know play <hes> an offensive game and then when we don't have the PUCK WE WANNA make sure there's a reason our check it so that's me you know we wanna make sure that we're playing fast and as simple as possible. Possible is basically our regular approach and so I think that's where we're at. WE WANNA encourage everybody to be a part of leadership group and you know let's take <hes> pride and where we're at. Let's take the next step as a group here job. I want to put you in the way back machine here here for a couple of moments because I don't know that I've ever seen another team in the N._H._l.. Produce More N._H._l.. Coaches than your Hartford whalers between yourself and dave tip it and Kevin Dineen and John Anderson and go all down the line to the off Samuelsson's and the late mark reads and randy lot a sore and right. There are so many coaches that came from that Hartford. Do you have any explanation Joel why that squad was able to produce so many bench bosses and assistant coaches coaches in the N._H._l.. I you know it's amazing. You know you figure it out. Leaking wanted on almost every single guy you know I think we look back in the day you know it's testament to Jack Evans what he brought us all and <hes> you know we had some guys is that <hes> I think a guy like hippy was a student of the game hard worker found a way to get things done in the penalty killing side. You Know Ronnie was Guy Smart Player. <hes> was you know cerebal type guy. Hey everybody else was different. Kevin hard worker all kind of a pain mice myself. <hes> you know ordinary defenseman so everybody was kind of a different player in <hes> you know so it was there's no explanation other than back in the day. We you know you know you had to get a job when you're playing that we I've been fortunate to <hes> you know cliff gave me a great start with Toronto and there are limitation in Newfoundland and appreciate him great pool ever since I've been lucky with beings with some really good teams some great organizations over the past but <hes> to say exactly why I don't know but every you know we back in the day we didn't make a lot of money and you know these guys today to different pay scale but our group <hes> you know stayed in the business and today's the day there's a lot more opportunities because there's so many more jobs available racking did was many but you know we're fortunate to to be a part of it and then we all are as go along here we bowl remained friends and and in <hes> wise as well connected as well Stan touch well then perhaps in the obvious follow up because there is an example in Florida who of the current players that you've either coached or our boat to coach in Florida could did you see coaching in the N._H._l.. Oh I can't wait to find out if I'm looking forward to seeing these guys that <hes> you know you're playing notable players quickly and I think that everybody has a unique quality about them. You know and I think that <hes> certain is that <hes> the whether the most competitive guy or the way they think the game of the approach the game so it's a new group for me and the forecast anything right now it'd be way too premature but it won't take on to last ones for me number one. There's gotta be someone from all those players you play within Hartford that you look at and say I cannot believe that guy ended up being a coach. Who is that guy? They'd probably save me. I weigh <hes> you know. I think that <hes> off that team cabinet. I probably once guys that we're going to say okay here. We are and we're working together for a long time there in Chicago and Nice to see him moving on and then and then we have <hes> I mean there's so many guys every one of them peewee being broadcast. It'll be so fitting and the last one I have Joel. Is You hit the ultimate. You won three cups in Chicago and the thing that I wonder is the most fun you have working in this business as seen people when the Stanley Cup and Saint Louis this year and you have a connection to Saint Louis after everything they'd been through it was a franchise seeing them Wayne in that city celebrate. What's the best thing about winning two Joel Quenneville the best part about winning the COP is trying to win the Cup and <hes> I think that Eh each and every round you get a different tests that different challenge you get different answers from your team and I rode and that memory each and every round to finally capturing the Cup this to me the best part about it and the rollercoaster of the highs and lows after recapturing <hes> whether it was a great play or signature block shot or whether it was a big hit or big save you know those are the things you remember most and I and making the most proud of being a part of something special but everybody has their moments over course by playoff run that were they important piece of the team success and I think that's one of the things that made it special in Chicago? We would have each. Each and every one of the cups there it was almost somebody different would pop in a key play or something was memorable but the most thing with the thing that was that stood out over at the time of our top players deeper and series made a big impact on the the outcome. I'm one of the great visuals and lasting moments from one of Your Cup runs was Brent Seabrook Calming Down Jonathan Taves in the penalty box from coaches point of view open three or mind when you saw that well. I was happy that it happened because I didn't get a chance to get a hold of Johnny. He's got we didn't get to the bench before he got this other two penalties but it shows leadership but shows familiarity with the player and put them in the right place acis whereas where he needed to be at that moment and then Janis fines and emotionally emotional guy but he best leader. I've been around in that regard so he's <hes> you know the privilege to have not situation seeds commend him <hes> <hes> and how his leadership is on the team probably the most local guy in the leadership department on the team completely honest. I was sick and tired every time you know oh he's a great player on the vessel told him that he's got something to stop thinking about everything doing right. Stop Point vote not scoring goals. He's GONNA goals from the big part of our team when he's gone. We have a chance to win. You know as well as catering chirp. Youth Awesome Dixie has to be on it's GonNa be playing great into it wasn't a poet total things in terms of wasn't involved leadership that he brings just thought the new Easter on goals and there was a big huge. I call the boys so recognition by him and <hes> you know going on in the coming back in that series was obviously huge. Come back and in some critical moments but that was one of them even part of some big moments yourself and some Big Stanley Cup win some big victories and some great moments in the N._H._l.. We wish you more with the Florida. Panthers enjoy the rest of your off season and we'll talk to you. Oh yes Elliott has one more thing. I just want to say while we were finishing this. I was looking up. I've got blurred line the number three horse five to one in race in Saratoga. Thank you for the tip okay. They're gonNA wind okay okay. Thanks thanks for doing this all the best next season all right. Thanks guys okay so thank you Joel Quenneville of the Florida Panthers Their head coach The reason I asked the coaching questions because Dirk Mackenzie is now made that transition from on the ice rape behind behind the bench and I'm always curious about that would elliott and it's so hard to pick out especially not knowing the players know not knowing all of them personally what their ambitions are with they can afford to to take the salary decrease but always cures of which players would make make the best coaches and listen Joe Mentions it and quite rightly even though he jokes about it. I don't know that anyone was thinking that when Joel Quenneville was planning that he was going to turn into not just a coach but a coach at the ultimate successful level well in the best ever the one thing I'll disagree about as I remember when he played in Toronto. We got traded to Colorado. Lanny McDonald deal is that I remember as a kid reading at the time they people talked about him being coach on the ice so I think there were people who saw him in that way as for the second part of your question whoever knows who's going to win the Stanley Cup right. I mean there. It's so hard to win. We've talked about this at length. Craig Baru Bay was on nobody's favourite list to get another chance needed. A phenomenal job was a major reason that they won the Stanley Cup and I think people always believed that he had that ability to be a coach but you know he was a big driver in that Chicago Team I love there's that one clip of him coming off the I sleeping great win. I love that because that's not the Joel Quenneville you see a lot. He is even in the interview he tends to be very straightforward unless you can ask a question that gets them on the other way. He's an all business guy and at least publicly clean and I'd like to see him drop that a bit to see what he was like after that big win. I love that clip for my money not sure about yours. Nobody behind the bench has a better death. Stare then Joel Quenneville advil like we've all seen animated JOL ALCEE NAP behind the bench. I really enjoy seeing seething Joel now. Babcock's got a really good deaths there to SOS Baruba Sodas Baru Bay but from my money no one does the deaths they're better than Joel Quenneville because you can just feel anywheres at facially how much he seething inside and whether it's a play or call or whatever no one does remember Vince McMahon would always say a you make your money with your face. You always wrestles at you. Make your money with your expressions to me the joke winnable expression on the Bench Picasso ocular. I'm not gonNA disagree with you. There at all Awkward Thought on the Florida Panthers for next season. I look last couple years. New Year's Day we knew was Tampa Boston Toronto rate. It's going to be different this year. They're going to threaten somebody there absolutely going to threaten somebody and you know I don't think Detroit's Troy it's ready and I'm not sure Buffalo's ready you know I don't know where a lot of those other challenges Ottawa's rebuilding Montreal's going to be a really interesting one. That's you know much Florida the two teams that are coming to really knock out that trio and I think Florida's going to be a force. They're gonNA scare some people we think Joel Glenville for stopping by the summer series of podcast and we think Thomas Trance for hooking up with us with the Florida Panthers <hes> thanks for joining us on thirty one thoughts the podcast hope you're enjoying knowing your summers. Stop Thinking about hockey. Do something go through something. One here a good Scotty Bowman story okay so we'll act into this was working with Willie this week and he must have got it from his dad so Scotty Bowman when the haves are on the road and he wanted to catch catch guys breaking curfew. One of his tricks was what he would give the Doorman at the hotel a Montreal Canadian's Jersey and he said look. I'll give you another Jersey but for this one any of my team come in after.

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