Trey Galyon, Dale Cheesman, Michele Biloon and Joe Matarese guest


Hey, everybody today's show is brought to you in part by Hinds mayonnaise. You may forget what happened three seasons ago on that show everyone's talking about, but you'll never forget a delicious bealty made with unforgettable. Creamy Hines may days slathering, onto mouth-watering Turkey club, mix it into a luscious, garlic Ailey, or layer it on a thick cheddar cheeseburger and because of the unforgettable cream Innis hours later, you'll be telling everyone with an ear schon, just how good it was. Try something new try unforgettable. Creamy Heinz mayonnaise and the new Hines mashups male chip male, kill mail. Must and Kranj. Enjoy the show. Andy reverence. Hurdle. Hey, everybody. By Dave is Doug, and I love movies. It's like you guys practiced or something Kobe to you once again for one of my favorite spots to do this show helium in Philadelphia. Hashtag gas. It's Tuesday, June nine twenty nineteen and I never have to worry about your name tag game here. You guys are always solid. But let's go ahead and take a look at a real quick. Oh, no. The there's always a bunch of good ones here. Lot of tasty snacks. You've seen that damn monkey before have it. We all my whole stuff monkey hanging onto that every which way, but loose, would you change it to every way you and any which way you can? I like it all of this avengers really lights up. That is really. I'll be surprised if that doesn't get picked Indiana jewel, and the temple of Doug. Oh, I like this is the movie rob ROY. He changed it to rob, rob. The man with the golden gun, Tina and Dale versus evil. Lease is good. Guys did get this Holly. We'd. I, of course, I liked that one but I can't vouch for the Stony news of my guests. But thank you everybody for bringing name tags. And good luck Doug plugs. The cannabis cheese to our continues Thursday night with a standup show at Magoo B's joke house into Monia, m-, m d that's right to Monia m-. Is a doctor? That's why the MD. Saturday Sunday doing stand up and Douglas movies taping one each day at the DC improv, and those are both at four twenty and I just found out today that Douglas movies is sold out already. So come to the stand up show. We'll we'll play game from Doug knows movies to make up for it. Looking ahead Fort Worth, Texas. Let's do this. It's been a while Sunday, June sixteenth, four twenty eight hyenas. Maybe maybe I shouldn't have booked to show on the afternoon of Father's Day. In Fort Worth is Father's Day Megan worth is that where all the all the best dads in the world or Fort Worth, and can't go see my stone or comedy show, because they're such great dads for all of my dates and deeds links, go to Doug lows movies dot com. Came in to soon on that. But you guys know what I was doing. Dugout to the people who came to this tour in providence. The crowd is so good that I promised to come back to the comedy connection with Douglas movie. Stay being someday in the future. You know, six months to a year so somewhere in there. I got some awesome prizes for you guys. All in a beautiful laundry bag. And I've got. Feels like it's dripping on me for some reason. So I don't know what's going on there. I got Douglas movie sticker a t shirt from Moe greens out in San Francisco really cool. Smoking lounge where that around here, people would be like. Oh. And you'll be like, no MO MO greens. I got a tiny catch up. I like those little catch. I got I was in the last Douglas is in Boston. So I got a book from my hotel room called Boston. Enjoy reading that. And then. We got these for sale tonight after the show and for all of my shows until they're all gone, and it's the official official cannabis and cheese tour poster featuring me and the cheese, man. And Bong and some some stacks of different cheese that have a lot of a lot of green in them. So I don't know if it's cheese with weed in it or cheese. It's gone. Very, very bad. Or in the case is in there one cheese when it when it goes bad. It's good. Blue cheese. Like sure. Susan your food cast food. Food cast, welcome to the food cast. All right. So all that's going in the bag. I'll be out in the lobby for free photographs and pictures and posters that I'll sign if you want to buy one, and let's get my guess, out here. We got four good ones. Please give it up for Michelle balloon. Joe matterease Dale Cheesman, and trae galley. Oh. Just enough room for the chair is not a real berm to wean the chairs we react in. I'm Gary tricky. We're really packed in, but that's, that's the amount of talent. That's hanging out in Philly that we have four great guests. So we're going to make room for all y'all. Let's meet them individually starting with delay to my left, Michelle balloon. Everybody. Hello. Billy. Philly. Nice today. Really nice guys coming in here for a comedy show instead of dining, alfresco. Yes. Perfect night for it tonight. I would really suck if the weather went bad again tomorrow, then for the rest of the year that one perfect day. Everyone in here watching God damn podcast better not some would right now because you might have just ruined Phillies weather. I've heard of that I'd feel really sad. If I did though. And you know what I would say what would you say? All right. So. Show. Of course, Larry's comedian if you if you're good at going back and finding things to us, she used to do is show called walking with Michelle, and we did an episode where we just walked around six flags. Magic mountain California and recorded it, and we're you gave me a pot pill and. I am afraid of roller coasters, and it was terrible. Perfect calm. We had a wonderful day, and now you're out here with your family. Yes. Fia doing stand up here and what's your Twitter. How do people find you on the at balloon? B I, L, O, O, N, and Instagram. I've started making stories. So it's a very exciting time for the balloon brands. Stories. Sometimes. Yeah, why not I'm good at. I'm not good at them. So well. Got to work on it. But there's a gentleman the front row who I complained about the photo shopping of my head on his name tag on Twitter and he redid it and made it better. I mean, come on. Why did you just say fuck you, Doug? I'm not one of your minions. But anyway, the Jeff who lives at home. Poster stuck me Dale on there, and doogie and the traffic lady from the radio show. Not me, not Michelle what for being here resigned. So happy to see. Funny comedian to get say anything sincere just thinking. Just fucking around all the time. I'm so happy to see you here in town. Glad we ran into each other. I gotta find out something about this next guy because I think it's his first time on the show. Let's find out Joe matterease everybody. It is the first time on Douglas movie. It is my first time does that get a special Chan I. I. No shit. Get a very special Chan. That's so good. Ax to stage. They all said the crowds super nice, and they never and then right out of the gate, boo. But it wasn't a committed booze Doug loves movie, boo. Thank you. Oh, yeah. It was a fun. Boo-. Yes. Wasn't an angry Bill and. Thank you for taking the plunge and being on the show. It's a little overwhelming for first time. Guests. Okay. Originally from the Philly area so it works. Yes, I'm a cherry hill. New Jersey exit for. I know I know I'm sorry. I'm not there's that brotherly love. Wrong side of the river, homey. That had a mainline fuck you going on right there. Like ARD more was like. Had a scarf on it that blue. Shut up with your perfect homes. Go. Boy saw. All right. Thanks for being here, dude. And of course, his left on every show of this tour. It's Mr. Dale Cheesman. That's right. With the rest of this tour will only be on the left of John. So expect that. Has it been fire like this, the whole time onto tour? Just lightning in a bottle. He really turns it off when the record. He turns it on when the recording stops is what I meant to say. It would have been so good. Again, we need for. We we did what we didn't start over. This has been a perfect recording your area. Forget it. You guys I get mixed up. I'm old adults. Splaine the joke. He's john. Got it. What's his name? Joe joe. Start the episode over. We go way back. Way back. Oh, I get the joke. Now I got it now. Yeah. Thanks for being here, dude. Yeah. Loving it. Great time. I heard that someone show you all around town today. Yeah. I had the next guess who I'm not going to spoil who that is for all of you. He walked me around show me all historical sites. I got to hear him explained America's history. Sure. Sure close. Ben Franklin, this is where he shit. We the one thing we preserve his whole house, the shit home, right? I like that. It was cool historical stuff. I hope to one day have my original toilet encased in plastic that everyone could see through, but not touch because it was a special toilet. He also show you where he worked because there are two different places one place where we shit place where we worked. He was the first person to shit where he worked. Yeah. F- invented that four on the neck. So anyway. Tour guide here at town. If anybody else wants to ask him to. Show you the sites trae Gallia. Oh. I love you guys. Yeah, I love coming here because I grew up in Mormon Stor, which is on the Pennsylvania side. My wife went to Drexel. So all right. I moved I moved out of jersey. As soon as I hit like twenty two I had to get out. You know, that's still stuck. It's true. It's agree with you, sorry, jersey people if they're here, there's like two. There's two there's two Doug love movies. Both decked out in Philadelphia gear. No, no. I bought all this sports stuff today. Around and I saw everyone had five pieces of sports. So we went to the Mitchell and Ness store where they do sports. Can't mean forward, you gotta musical microphone. That's convenient for podcast if I lean forward to look at someone it feeds back sweet. I'll be sitting like this for an hour and a half. Sometimes I only weaken here. It sometimes the listener stone here. That's good editing. That's when you're at another level of podcasting. All right. The guys from jersey, are you? One of you tweeted me come do show in jersey, because I always say those people I'll do it in Philadelphia. Wasn't you guys? We'll type pre show you making the effort. Because I don't go to New Jersey. They probably don't know what bog gas are in jersey. What is it? How do you do that? Twenty eight year olds on how to download a podcast. How do you do it? There's lots of nice people there. You know, I'm not against, you know, I'm not completely get New Jersey but it's so close to Philadelphia in New York places that I'd love to go to. The whole time. I'm in New Jersey. I'd be like shit. Philadelphia's right there. You end there. Anyway, fucking my doing over here. Bunny thing is when you grow up in jersey, you're afraid to go to Philadelphia or New York back in the eighties. Some old back when racism lived remember those, those heard about that back in the old days. God, that's over. So good. Thank god. We want everybody. It's a new podcast. It's up like oh yeah. Just turned into scratching my arm. So let's talk prize bag will start with you trae. Did you bring for pros to give away today to one lucky person? I brought a used velveeta room shirt, velveeta rooms, the club in Austin, where me and Michelle start comedy. And then a used creep records travel grinder. Yeah. Been all over the country. It's heavily used. There's still I don't know what's in there. But joe? And then a new creep records t shirt with the Cobra logo on it and then a slightly used. Trey Gallion live creep records, rolling trae. Such a great idea that Trey Trey. Oh, and I brought extras those. We'll, we'll talk after. Yeah. Out to merge table. I'll be out there. All right. We'll kick it. Yeah. Yeah. Compete with you. That's fine. Oh, I should say the posters by box Brown who very cool artist illustrator. He's some cool graphic books. You can grow weed on mine. It's the history of the legalization of cannabis is, is a book. It's really good. What do you got? I dale. All right. So. Myself out sports stuff. I picked up an extra one. Seventy Sixers had. And this is cool. You can actually show this at the Philadelphia public library. Instead of giving them ID. It's the same thing. They know you're from here, you can take whatever you want. And then somebody bought a Doug Benson pin, and left, it, it's. So scoop that from mich- the dish. So check your Instagram and tell you what happened to her pen. Maybe you can return it to do the right thing. And that's the end. Extra one like does anybody want it? And you said, I want it and then she gave it to you scoop. Called dibs man got snow. He turned in. Okay. Story into an okay story. Punched it sideways. Lateral moves Joe. What have you for? So I must have missed I have ADD. So I probably missed heard, or miss read the Email that said, what to bring you guys brought all this creative, cool hilarious shit. And I just brought a whole bunch of the same thing. Great. That made it funny earlier, it's actually a whole lot of two things. So I thought it'd be funny. The guy who wins gets like four the same thing, and then four more of the other same thing. Okay. Two of your records. This is Mike my one hour comedy special that's on Amazon prime. Okay. That's called the posters wrong shot at this club. Okay. New. Here's all four. Okay. And then this is me before I went on anti depressants. It's an all heckler album, where I just argue with eleven different. Baldwin a comedian attacks awesome cells way better than me being on track and funny. Like there's actually a track cold cock, sucker con that I recommend let's can we talk about what everybody's looking at right now. See. I'm like, I'm like. So, yes. So the elephant in the room Michelle's gift, my regifter. My mom likes, give me absurdly practical ridiculous gifts for holidays. And this to me. I used it for one week while she was in my house. And now I don't want it anymore. But it turns out, I walked past people in the green room. Everybody wants it how many people here would like to bring this home with you. I love. Listeners. He's talking about. Never tell them never tell them. Just between today's resell. At least seventy percent of the people here clap when you said, who would like this home? House abilities. To two serial the Spencer much like you would find in your average days in, what's best, your best of westerns. I think we had some lucky charms on one side, some raisin, bran, Brandon the other you can do what you want, you know, it's up to you. Yeah. Let's thank you. There's a lot of space. Uber. And I didn't want to take that on the trolley Susan electric worse the cord. Back to back to the roots, you know, to crank it prank that serial out like you want it. It's beautiful. You don't get it. Unless. And you got some cereal back there. Let's try this shit out. Go. You guys it works e. It's. All right. So that's going, that's not going in the prize bag. It's be Jason to the prize. All the food items in here into it out. And that's another prize sorts. Yes. All right. So let me get these bags here. It's, it's. Coming to hold everything. No. I'm just moving everything down here. I want to make this as easy as possible for the winner tonight and I don't think that's going to happen. No, I don't think this is going to be easy easy winnings to take home. So good luck. And one question before we get to the game portion of the show start with you trae. You know what the question is? Yep. Last movie I saw was behind the curve. The documentary about flatter. Yes. Oh man. Yeah. Bought the t shirt and everything. Yeah. I'm going to the conference flatter bitches board. Would you couldn't text me or something? Hey, I'm a flatter guy. Now. No, no. We're only allowed to shack. He's a flatter thing. Yeah. Or he was still is. Shaquille O Neo basketball player. Yeah. Kyrie irvings a big one. Oh, real anyone should be able to see the curvature of the earth. It's those really tall guys. So maybe they're right to say no. There's no way to know. Seed recommended trae. Totally watch it, man. You'll be convinced. Last movie you saw Dale book smart. Heard. It's good. Okay, so funny, not good. As percent on run tomatoes agree with the people. Seventy five percent percent. Weird message is sort of. Yeah. What does that mean? What does your mom say? Like a mom joke with a compliment like. Wasn't like fucked, your mom was like your mom's a critic. I don't know what that man. What did your mom say you tell it? Locked you up for a second. Okay. That'll pass whatever my mom likes usually sucks, though. So I don't know. I go up. Oh, what my mom? How on top of movie says she likes you see them, right? When they come out, so you know what sucks and just go by her review. But I'm asking if she has seen it. But if she said, it sucked, go see it immediately. It's the greatest movie ever made. I think your mom will like book smart. Spotty. It's funny because my brother-in-law wants to see the movie really bad, and I go up with him too. So you proved that he's wrong, even ever go spend the money, thank you. I haven't even met him but screw guy. Guy. It's not one of those good high school movies. It was fun. It was just as I gave it like a C overall. That's like an Omni how good wasn't it? I love dick. Thank you. I wanted to see it today. I didn't distracted by this box tasty cake junior. Because I don't understand like, okay so on the box. They look like this guy. That's what's supposed to be in here. And then you open it up this box. It was already opened that you brought. And then there's these two little guys, which are not. I don't think these are chocolate juniors. Few mix and match them. Put oh different. Oh, you had to tear through it to tape, some on your name. Okay. Well, never mind, then. Backstory approved, but also suspicious for me to take him by one now. It was melting. I was like, please don't hand me. One of those. I feel like it's worth the risk. Totally those come on. Look at the guy, you could tell you know who you should then you might that's the thing Joe's when it gets time to pick a name tag, you might wanna pick one that's got delicious treats glued to go on. Okay. I'm open though and put on shuffle. What's the last movie you saw Joe? See I was asking these guys about this backstage, it, you can say what movie watch like fifteen twenty minutes of them fell asleep. Does that count that counts? Right. Yeah. That's interesting. I got two kids eleven and seven and once in a while, you gotta pick a movie that you're like, oh, maybe this will be okay for me and the love, and we picked seven and eleven. Yeah, that's convenient. Keep them that way suite. We could've said eleven and seven I am buck in comedy, I play the game folks. I'm sorry. What was what was with your kids, while I watch just twenty minutes of the other guys with Mark Wahlberg Farrell. And I heard from I comedians tell you, it's good you trust them. I think they were fucking with me. I hated that movie. I couldn't get into it myself, but there are people that enjoy it. Yeah. Walberg kind of got to me in that one. Like I couldn't watch him after a while in that one for some reason him, new and comedy doesn't work real well for me and some circumstance like Sam Jackson's in to right. Or somebody. Yeah, he's one of the. Yeah, everybody's in. It's one of those movies that just a cavalcade. I'm sorry. I agree with your mom on this one. That's a really funny movie. You liked it. I really liked that movie. More. So I love Dale. I really love this new friendship, I have with your mom. I could sell your younger than me. I'm Ed at age where a movie is in good. I never go. It was fun like fuck and saw. I want my money back. It was fun. I've never said that leaving a movie that sucked. I gotta right. Ninety negative. Well, he it's I didn't not see a movie that's for sure. Even get that we're gonna move my, my Adderall knock. I just missed that. What he said. I did. I did not see movie where setting up an environment where I'm just not gonna tell jokes anymore. If they're just gonna get double analyzed down the line. It's my mic cutting in and out a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. I don't want to don't want need to implode like it's fine. Maybe if I stand motionless, it's is, is working, most of the time, whatever you're doing whatever you're doing you're doing the last time I was here. Somebody got that microphone cut out like crazy. What was the last movie you saw? We'll try that. See if you're Mike's last week, I saw John wick three awesome. I love that. I love the I two and this one did you like it? It's chapter three. I don't see book smarts. It was good. I thought it was crazy. The horse. The dogs Halle Berry, it was fucking. It was so good that order. The dogs Halle Berry. Starry Halley, but those are amazing horse. In chronological order, as I was thinking of it, it was amazing. But I just want there to be a chapter four where he just takes a hot shower and a nap and I watch it in real time. Because I can't believe it like it's have you ever had siblings, and we fought and I remember how tired I got, like that's insane. These for like five days. He's always breath and limping and eager to have conversation about anything. I just want to member. I wanna remember my love. I'm like fuck you, I would just let not enough for me. This is I love the movie his response. Somebody asked him if he's tired. Yeah. I am tired. All right. Come down. Did you see always be my baby? I have a but I hear his Alaria seen. He's great here. Reeves steals the comedy from. Allie Wong and Randall park. Michelle vito's in it. She's great. She's she's gonna watch this God damn good. Right after these fries rate here. No. It's okay. Joking around. Pretty high though. Well, that's our movie round up, right, there things for you guys to check out. He's the bar where I say, turn it off Burt. Let the games. Yeah. Some of light of. Yeah. It's crazy. Lady and gentleman. Pick your name tags. We'll be right back. Today show is brought to you in part by Sirius XM, if you don't know Sirius XM, then listen up Sirius XM brings you the deepest variety of commercial free music for every genre. And for every mood where you hear the biggest names in talk entertainment in comedy. Yeah. 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I switched yours with Joe while you guys were out there. Oh, thank you. That guy. Right. I mean, did I say we're back we're back if I did it. We're double bag. We're completely back. What do you have here, Michelle? I love it. Not just because my I didn't know my face was on anti walked about with it. So now it's a nice surprise loves actually nice job. Zack great job. You on their tray and do. Piece precedent, Steve Micra bigly and me? Good. Guess line only the remake everyone wants of love, actually, I appreciate the picture, you chose off of Google, because that can always be hit or miss. Real shit out there. They always get squinty and stuff chip Chantrey also is on there. That's cool. Yeah. All right. What do we got for who's Joe matterease gonna play on behalf of Lauren is thirty own rated? Oh, no. Got knocked up. There you go. It's a play on a couple of different titles. It's two titles. Right. Why did you pick that? I don't know that this is forty movie is in my queue and I never watched it. And somehow. Lauren is thirty and you know guy. So I picked it for that. Maybe that totally makes sense. I follow. Yeah. Yeah. I asked you why. Because I had a sense, it would be really interesting. Dale, no girl who was holding. It was attractive. Yeah, I pretended this was a visual podcast and they, you know how they put hot people and shows. Yeah. Dale, do you got there? Ooh, I like that ready for the wilder Pete poll. Wilder. That's good. Good job heat. You and me. And I sure I'm on there is the fat year. Like I was the only one that he's like announce that is coming out. So I feel like the prettiest girl at the dance tonight, there were so many, so many, great Meath themed coasters. And I definitely want to keep them all afterwards. This one. All right. Good job. Trey. Yeah, you had to pick that one. Well, right. Because I had a bunch of tasty cakes all over. He's a tasty cake guy. But then it's all like it's me. It's a van Jared's Infinity trae. I love it. Yeah. Yeah, you're a very high, Dan. How long did you take you decide to pick that trae just was it a snap decision yet? I see what you did that. Good one. What's donate? I didn't even want one. The powdered so be cool. Don't drive home with any on your face. Comedy show, Honey. Oh, yeah. As your face powdered. Getting find out. No. So great job with that name tag gets got black light on it, too. Yeah. It's pretty little rolling trae up there. Oh, it's perfect. Because you like you like rolling trays pop paraphernalia. Oh, that's wonderful. Cool. Thanks, man. I appreciate that. Michelle here to make it sound like a PTA. We get at your full what these kids are doing. Both of these young boys are staying at my house tonight. So. Oh. Oh. It is true, half of this panel is crashing Michelle's house, my guess bed with her child on the same floor as five year old child. My five year old though, she is she is a six sorry, but she is the coolest person in the world to her is Trey go figure. I keep asking her the question open. She changes her answer. Got her. Steal away from your not, then I'll let her live with you. And whatever. I got her. Definitely knows what we'd smells like that's for sure. He left a bait pen on the couch and the family. That's true. That's my bad. Vape pen at least not full on joint. There's no there's like blueberry edibles in refrigerated says do not eat on it, but she can read, why can't they eat those? Those are going to end up in our little Honey pot. I was going to be whole new PSA's for like you wanna go, see my dad's pin. All right. Let's play some games. We're going to start. Sorry. We're gonna start with a little early tomorrow because we're we're gonna go along. We're gonna start with you. Got a special guest actress to get out here because he has to get up early tomorrow. Casey boy is here. Precedence, steve. More. Dell. Hey, buddy, ohi there. Hey, bitches. Okay. That I don't need to do that. Come out here. So say. We don't have a crown. That's true. Yeah. Thank you for staying up. I know you've been waiting back there. This thing's been dragging out forever. I missed my son's last baseball game in the season for this. Say you missed it, you made the plan like you chose to not go to your son's game. I'm either terrible father or a great friend. Okay. Be sure to tell my regards to the kid. That you chose me. I appreciate it. And we do a game on the show from time to time. Dale Cheesman did at one time in Houston, where I invite somebody to come out on stage and we're gonna do lines with Casey. So case he's going to I'm going to hand in the microphone. He's going to say the lines from a picture. I haven't told him any parameters other than it has to be a movie. So I don't know what he's going to come up with, but the first one eve you on stage. No audience guesses pleased because you probably, you know, you precedent Steve heads out there, probably be on his wavelength know what he's doing. But just people on stage get to guess take it away. Casey. All right. I'm just going to say the line. I'm not going to act it out. Good choice. Here we go. Pile of shit has a thousand eyes. A pile of shit has a. The next line is. But maybe only one but. Next line. Yeah, we go it should have been you, Gordon. It should have been you, Gordon. You buy shits. Weird science. No, no. We don't have to buzz in with our name. Wall Street, no. Good. Gordon. Do you have it yet? Did you get? Here's the last one. I think this is a give me. Give. Suck my fat one you cheap dime. Store hood, fuck you. Okay. Dinosaur last one. I thought that was a giveaway one. Did you come up with? All right. No, I didn't the writer of the movie came up with these. Jeez morning rate. All right, here we go. Last one last one jumper sick balls. Oh damn it. Damn it. Various bueller say, oh, I know. No. It's not. I know I know this. So chopper sick balls. John wicks chapter what he said, was chopper sick boy, but what I heard was chopper sick balls. Oh by me. Yes. Roll just kicked in. Takes about thirty minutes. Casey Dabbagh plug any parting words. No God was I supposed to think of something. Tell people listen to you on the radio. There's a podcast version of the show, this is what's going on to Saturday from now. Whatever next Saturday, is this Saturday is our blood drive last year. Last year, the press, Steve, I believe precious. Blood drive was twelve units away from being the largest blood drive in the country. Okay. So thank you. So we've got this coming up. Father's Day weekend. The Saturday, Father's Day, if you go to president, Steve dot com, you can get all the information sign up. We need your blood. Yes, give day Casey. That was fun. You did it Joe. I didn't know until sick balls. But then I, I definitely knew it at that point, the Gordo clicked, click something in me, but I couldn't get there who plead Gordon Gordo was. No, no, no will Weeden will we Gordo. Was it was it was it, it was river Phoenix Corey Feldman. I'm going all Jerry O'Connell. He's to go with all of them were out here. Tom Hanks scored or Dreyfuss pie. Vise that was gonna be my clue they had vomiting contest then. Yeah, that was Gordon was the younger Richard Dreyfuss, right? Oh, yeah. I think so. Yeah. All right. No bonus points for that Joe. Throwing stuff you just go. I in this next game that I call whose tagline is it anyway? I am going to say to you, and you alone Joe matterease the tagline for motion picture, you know, it's usually the line, that's like on the poster in the trailers, or wherever commercials. And. You get one guess what? Movie it is. If you can't give me the right answer. We'll move to Michelle into Trey into Dale everyone gets one chance on each of these titles, unless somebody gets it, then the other people do not get a chance. Never thought about it that way before. That was my whole cheat and share. I can cheat from here, you kind of could. But I'm not done. Cool. Cool about Joe Joe might come on. Also, I write really small sloppy sometimes, I don't even I can't read can't read what the answer is in advance. All right. Here we go. Joe also a theme will emerge over the course of this. But of course, in the first one, you have no idea what the themes going to be. That makes it easy. Yeah. You just just just open up your mind just take it just take a stab at it movie. That sounds like it might have this. Tagline. It's bad news for bad guys again. A lot of people in the audience have ideas home alone. Two. No full title. I don't know. It's lost in New York, but that's not the answer. Michelle, what do you think it is bad, boys? Two. Oh, great. Guess no trae dead pool to know. Really? Wanted to do it. Five percent off their Michelle. Are you going to send them on their way in the morning with good breakfast? I'm the mom sleeps in for. Dale, you have one last shot at this green hornet. Oh. Like how win disgusted with his own Assar. Greenhorn it. I. That's the tagline for home alone. Three. So you. One my kids wanted to watch and we switch to the other guys. Wow. I would have fucking lost in Manhattan. What's lost in that one? Hey, Marie keg? Another tito's. And so. Stay you. I would just like bottled water. If someone's coming up here already. Her name's Anne Marie and Michelle Marie. Please hear my water Emmerick. I got a whiskey coat. Thank you. Joe, do you need anything? Drink can't. So. It's a weird game show. Last to know you can't tell if it's like I think I kinda suck at it. So I don't know. I should. One like the first one. Obvious. It's obvious you guys. It's like I'm up here with the Sklar brothers times. You guys sleeping shelters. House tonight, I don't, I'm meeting everybody but Doug for the first time. Shit, and you're like you want to drink. Maybe it's like that scene, stripes, when they're like, no, you almost one. You are. You can sleepover that'll be good for ever. Get to do this podcast. Again I gotta do. Well now. You're gonna go first again in this next round. Joe right. I'll take a Tito's. No soda. Does. Wouldn't know. So please don't warm one off your poster. I will have a drink. I'll have a sapphire and tonic, please. And Marie Anne Marie Anne Marie knows that I'm cool trae. I don't have to keep trying so hard. We're getting the law changed on us. Dale. I am one hundred percent on her side. Stay at our house wherever you want. Ten is still mine. Yeah. Well that sounds weird. I love. Okay. And there's no way to Missy turf it then. All right. You ready? Joe little. Here we go. Joe joe. Joe? What movie has the tagline the greatest challenge? Seems like way too big of a boast considering most movies. The protagonist has some sort of challenge. But this is the greatest challenge. The greatest shown. Just pass Philadelphia. Oh. Challenge. So I guess you're right. It's a challenge for Joan. Unless, unless, oh, you're magic Jones area, then it's fun. Right. You're a cringing. This isn't gonna. Show. Okay. What do you think it is? Michelle greed is okay free solo. Oh, great. Guess excellent documentary. Man. Right challenge. But no, not right. Yeah. I thought it was right. Yeah. Trai. Rocky five. All right. Dale. Did even. Tagline for you. Five was rigs outside. Who didn't get chills? It's rings outs. Shed this challenge. The greatest challenge. I was hoping that tagline was the same as the title. Go with the challenger. Oh, that's fun. But the answer I was looking for was rocky three. God. Wasn't I of the tiger? And was that for Apollo crews over lag. Drank wine, cluber, live four was that clubber Lang or whole HOGAN, which. Thunderlips thunderlips or cluber. It was all challenge. Always go with the tagline for Ocoee forwards. We take it back challenge got bigger. Now he's got a greater. Okay. So we start with you again. Joe I really think you're getting the hang of this. What movie has the tagline chaos corruption civil war? He's, he's back to lay down the law. So first of all, whoever wrote that it's just I hope they lost their job. Case corruption civil war. He's back to lay down the law. Mr. bean, too. I love this game. The fuller fulltime Mr. bean to that. Being done that Michelle, what's your answer? Still wants marks. I like to hear you on that. Yeah. Yeah. That one. Do you gotta guess? No. Can you just do the thing once over chaos corruption civil war, he's back to lay down the law. Okay. Gangs of New York too. Not a thing trae. Civil war. Talk it through. Romancing the stone to that's called Juliet. Deo. So bad you forgot my name. Death wish three. So close RoboCop three. These must be movies from back when there was racism. Let's not talk about those times. All right. Joe gets to go first again. What movie has the tagline evolve or die? Just good advice plan planet of the two. That was good. Nothing. Okay. Michelle fuck avatar. No. Species three. Great guests Dale. Trimmers three. It's drowsy park. Three. The. Yeah. We're idiots. Well speak for that half of the line, at least got half of it, right. Dumb dumbs on the. Guys are just gonna nail this next one. Because you all know what's up Joe Joe. I, I really don't know what's up. We had the tagline the great escape. Oh, jesus. And it's not the movie called the great escape. Anything the there's like obvious. But that's sure they're not funny. They're just badly play to win win win win. You playing for Laura can't. We do it like it's who wants to be a millionaire. You just talk it out talking. It's not escape from it's not Shawshank Redemption. Just get name every prison moving. Fun thing about prison movies, generally, they don't get to third part. Scaping maybe. Prison anymore. Stallone escape movie shit. It wasn't it wasn't a third part. So let's move onto Michelle. Third. Okay. I know. Okay. Trey hunger games catching fire. Oh, that's fun. Trey thanks. Are mocking Jay? Three fast three furious. Dale good outta gas, girth three. Oh, you don't know that whole title is. No way. Madagascar. Was that one back to Africa or something like that? Or go with that like that. But anyway, that's not the answer. I put in mine now escape. Oh, yeah. Joe's going to come in with a late answer. The karate kid one the girl. Back weighing. No. That's not the answer. No, it's toys story. Three. Yeah. One more. We gotta go faster, though. Okay. I hate that there's no this one. Walk out of here with your head held high. And it's the tagline is get ready to hit the road. Ready to hit the road? Get ready to hit the road. All right. Dome and dumber, okay. Guess michelle. I am going to have to go. I'm sorry. Doug. Don't have a guess, try something three. That's it. That's all I have a homeward bound three four. More bound for home. Fucking pound Rome. That where they raised by sickles, another dog's purpose. Dale driving. Miss daisy, three off-road off. That's larry. I didn't expect anyone expect anyone to get this, but I thought it was fun. That's the tagline for toys story four. Dirty pool. Get ready to hit the road that the toys are to be thrown out of the car window. Shit. To pay. All right. Let's find let's get serious those games were fun. Let's really, you know figure out who the winner is tonight with a little last man Stanton. With a lifeline? Do we get a lifeline tonight? Don't get ahead of me. Got to explain it all for Joe. So. Don't get them confused with that part. So basically Joe this is a game where all five of us on stage. I like to play along are going to take turns naming movies that an actor actress in that's been suggested by an audience member, who I've not a previously discussed this with. They've been pre-selected I'll get the name, and then we take turns saying movies can't think of one year out, but Lauren in your case, Joe is going to be your lifeline. You can go to her once and each of you can go to the person whose name tag, you chose. Michelle can go to back and trade can go to hill and Dale. See how they treat me Philly ale can go. See the name on your name. Anybody could air sorry it for me. Right. So if someone smarter than Zach, just pretend you're him. I guess someone could whisk that Keating. Don't heating don't cheat that makes it. Why in showbusiness, which cheat to help somebody else? That's true. They're not in show business, only one person got what I was saying. And that's my biggest fan. Anyway. So. Like being the straight man, go to your lifeline once Joe and if your lifeline doesn't give you anything, sometimes the lifeline craps out. I'm gonna give you bonus where you can use your cell phone to call a celebrity a celebrity. Yeah. Yeah, we get a decide if it's a celebrity or not full areas, and it's very harsh about these things. So pope, it doesn't come down to that. What celebrity is waiting Sega number? He picks up. Did when Simmons call them? Probably the guy who's in the movie that we're going for that'd be fun. How would you know I'm gonna know you're trying if that's true. I if you I went to community college, give me a couple of fuck it, give me some slack here end drinking. And I took an outer all Dahbi wild if. Picked up and put down that Drake like without Drake. Some wheat. It's like I'm hearing a doctor in my head, don't you where's that I left out? Michelle. You know. Probably at show tell right now. Please tell right now you'll get it back in a month. You're punished. Pundit. A month is fair. That's fair. That's totally fair. All right. So whereas. Jeff wrote that. That's you Jeff right up front. That's so crazy that always happens. You wrote out reached out to me on Twitter and said, yeah, the great suggestion for this game. So what's it gonna be dude? James Earl Jones. All right. Well. Not commercials, right? When are they gonna make this CNN the movie? All right. That's really an interesting one Jeff. But, you know, I want everybody to have a chance and. Look, just look at trae down there. Iraq him up right now to excited about that. Who else has a name raise your hand? If you have just yell it out this right over here that bright there. What's your name? Nicole. Wait until I. What is she has a whole spiel? What do you do for a living Cole? Graphic designer. Okay. And why do you want why go ahead and say what you're gonna say? It's national cheese day hashtag national cheese day. So cheese Brie Brie Larson. Crowd, says Gouda. Way. I know who that is. I think. Yes, she was in. All right. So this is interesting. We've got the films of James, Earl Jones and Bree Larssen. So I still don't feel like we really what is really like. She usually looks like you sleep you raise. All right. Oh, you're raising your head. Okay. She'd like to suggest another name. Let's see what we get. That's a great one. What's your name Mickey? All right. Thank you. Keep Mickey says, Morgan Freeman have you guys heard of him familiar. All right. So this is really three gene very special edition. It's all, you know, there's no white men in this one. Yeah. Okay. So we're doing the films James Earl Jones Morgan Freeman or breed Larson offhand. I don't think there's any crossover. But you never know we think about it, and Joe gets starts off. Then we'll go to Dale trae me, and Michelle, and as always know, audience guessing, please, now, you want to move from to say, movies, expect one just pick pick one of those actors and then a movie that they were in and Morgan the Friedman deal in this game Morgan Friedman. Morgan freedom, going mortgage free, free. Man, you don't just get it changing. Okay. Good. Change it out. James Earl Jones. Okay. Name a movie that he was in field of dreams. Barry. If you build it, they will come all over it. You'll have to clean it up. Gold. The distant sale. Who the sandlot? The distance Lou. Trai. Robin Hood, prince the. Harry. To say I'm gonna I'm gonna try to stay in the breed Larson lane. I'm gonna say trainwreck, Michelle. I'm gonna say Morgan Freeman, lean on me. All right. Yeah. Back to you Joe. We on me to no. I'm just kidding. I hope this is a horror movie, and that was creaky door. Brie larson. The only movie wasn't she? That. Yes. Oh, that's a good one. The only. Yeah. Dale, Jimmy Jones Star Wars. A new hope. Skidded out of the way. What chapter was that four? Trai. Star Wars chapter five Empire Strikes Back. Paying me to say that way you guys, I just want you to know that pire strikes back. They're not chapters. They're their episode. Oh era Bill. Era bill. It's an Empire Strikes Back like, would you leave the house, say you don't come home ago? Mama had a terrible chapter today. How do you go? You say I had an episode. She gives you your marijuana. You calm down. Oh. Gave him some marijuana later and he'll. Sleep through the night. Okay. So it's back to me, and I gotta stay on the Bree Larsen, and I'm going to say. Scott pilgrim vs the world. I think I know who she is now. It's not gonna help me out at all. But I know who she is. That's cool. I'm going to go ahead and go with. Morgan Freeman, Shawshank Redemption. You didn't say that yet. Now unsaid said that I know I gotta get the gimmes out of the way Joe like saving wildcard. What do you got Joe? Shitty movie Morgan Freeman, where he played God was it just called God. Describing it. So I can't remember that. God. He's played the Dodd the president many times, so. Remember shitty movie where he played? The electric company, the movie. Lifelike probably help you out. Give me the four actors again, we need these three. Great. Breed. Lors mauri. Lars James Joe Jones and Jones on your lifeline is standing by in totally help you. No one said Star Wars, just the first one I'll go with that. Not only well, someone did say that we're or one six regrets. Oh, do you not have enough out of the eight hundred possible moves? We know can, I don't want to turn the crowd, but I played sports growing up. So I don't know any of the Star Wars movies. I was like six six people at home laughed fourteen million. We're like fuck this. Six people had home turned off the podcast, walk. I don't like Star Wars. Sure. New Jersey loves you. I never seen someone get mad because you should Star Wars that shows your masculinity train train. Oh. Could have been very that could have been very violent. All right, Joe. So what's happening? You go to your lifeline. You can do it Joe, go to the lifeline. Lauren Lauren what do you got for? What would actor was captain marvel? Yes. Abry lars. Abry lar-, free Larsen. Captain marvel. Yeah. All right. Good job. Good job. Joe still in it. The God movie was Bruce almighty. That's. I just called it a piece of shit. Trey wanna watch Star Wars Episode six terra, the Jetta. Just looked at me like he wins something all you got for that. It's not getting Lee. Got crazy girls ever going. Holy shit. Yell out more Star Wars titles rise, dude. They own prize. It is. Condoms? You don't need those. That's good. Don't smear. The green paint say I train knows this. I love Star Wars just to represent. She is a kid. They do that. You don't earned on guys knowing Star Wars. Don't get down by lots of things that you guys. Yeah. No, you're right Joe. It's, it's the sports that they're really dying year about. Yeah. They're not married to models. New Jersey for a lot of sport. A lot of professional athletes are struggling in the vagina category. The one way played are going to do. All right. Let's sit around and talk about it. Dies down. But oh limit yourself. Limit yourself. I just think if we put in the giants test, I win. What I had extra patches on over jokes. I'm going for me, again, Star Wars guy, you know, what really offer more pussy. What really gets to ladies worked up Joe. I'm married block myself all. I go home and people who have the right answer, and they're ready to say it, that's a turn on. Guy that just won all those jeopardy's. He's gonna get laid. For non beating Ken Jennings. It's a win win. Evan. Almighty. I'm gonna go work counting voice, I'm guessing because we're doing Star Wars voice lion. King. Now Joe's out. Larry. She's like every really kind on this show. When you go out it'll be a little bit. But it's kind of fun. You know, we're not whispering podcast, okay? Everyone heard here are sides. Buddy Lauren, I'm going to go to you again, even allowed. Yeah. You can only go to your life, once you're out. I know jail avengers in game. Trai. Me man. Eric. I'm gonna go to you first. Let's go Eric. The area. That was my pocket one. But thanks, Eric. No. That was cool. I just thought of another movie where he plays God March of the penguins. Good one. Now, this could be. I hope this is right. 'cause I really wanna save my, my Zach atttack. And I'm going to go for pretty sure that James Earl Jones coming to America. Yes. Visual. Okay. To me. Dale, sorry. Wanted. That gets you lied. I mean, Trey laid for every movie ever seen that's. Throne. Trey man. Star Wars Episode three. Revenge. Problems with the prequels on the names. How many years you play right field? Draw rights. I little extra patches on my letter jagged, too. But I could also nerd out when I needed. Fucker doing maybe. Komo is down with the multi-facetted. Played right field. That's where they put the least athletic play. They don't hit anything. That's why. Back up a lot of cheese, man. That's why I said. The LEGO movie. You know what I'm back? I'm gonna go Zach atttack. Zack. Twenty-one. Really? That's correct. Thanks about her. Lucky number Sliven. Yes. Oh. Trey. How about just seven? I had my. Confidence for no reason. I love you so much Philly. You have no idea for. Good laid when you're just watching movies on stood you hear all that. They love me that's because they know your bang every single one is tonight in the alley after the show. Yeah. By rolling dre or not. I'm bang. Joe? They call trays lovemaking technique. What's it called deep impact? Go go go. Guys more than they did in the accused. The musical. That's a retweets. Have you heard of Netflix and chill? It's where our two worlds meet. Movies, and sex can't be friends. For just twelve dollars a month. Dale dale. Whose turn a we oughta Michelle you out. What have you didn't even write deep impacts that was part of the joke. Got it. Okay. Okay. Now, you guys, I don't want, I'm gonna say one sentence before I get this wrong. He was the president and one of the SCI fi movies. I know deep impact. That one. President. Dammit. Okay. We're going to go back to Jay. Jed. God damn you're a great player to tonight. Night. Everybody. Sorry to leave or anything. No, I'm not gonna fight breaks out. You gotta watch trae lose Dale. Olympics has fallen. Trying to run through his presidential career. He's good. State driving. Miss daisy. No, no nobody said. Sneaky faster. Driving. Miss daisy. Yeah, you're still in. For Morgan Freeman. I got bonfire of the vanities. Yeah, he's bald. Judge at the end of that one. Along came. Jails says along came spider nice. Cross movie. Yeah. X-ray loses try the bone collector. What? I'm proud of everybody. Who set up this really unfair game? All right. I have to. One, that's Joe is going to be a little sad because of this movie is about baseball. He didn't think of. Yeah. It's called bingo, long and the traveling all stars and motor kings. I need somebody true. I love movies. Just make that up. Why would Jeff back me up with single clapping like that? Yeah. Chef looks movie nerd enough, that he probably knows that. Yes. Dale was brewers. Glint and nobody's, I. Padania kiss. Richard Pryor was in what's that kiss the girls, I couldn't figure the other Alex cross movie he was in here we go trae this. At all. Freddie, really believes in you. Can I phone non famous friend? Your lifeline has. Your life on was glowing any kind of did. He took my pocket. One don't count. That's okay. So it's Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones. Brie larson. Kidding me. Trey you did great. Yeah. Let's you're portraying. Thanks. For my next Morgan Freeman. I'm gonna say street smart. Oh, he had some good pocket once the dark Knight. Oh. Tale. Don't you dare kids mother fuckers? I he's not. He's not. I think he is. My answer. I can't lose. Yeah. He's in all three of them. If you say so. All master grab over. That's not a word. Okay. Let me just let me pull one more out. Just gonna whip one out. Come on. Oh shit. Mob Justice go. Last vegas. A good one don't don't say anymore, though. Okay. I'm gonna go with. Direct to'real debut. Unicorn store. Wow. Invictus. This is exciting. I'm not gonna. Joe right here. I wasn't saying movie doesn't get women morning I was saying Star Wars. I was sitting on the store stores movie. Yes. Say not knowing movie trivia, I don't like star wrong guys, just giving me time to think over. Right. That's, that's not fair. And also, I think I'm gonna come up the other one right away. Let's hear it for Dale Cheesman. Everybody. I guess that makes me the new lion. King. That count. Lift them up. Not enjoy that. On my bucket list. I have so many more. At all. What else you got? What's that one where all the old actors get paid money being a movie together? Okay. All right. Read. Yeah. There's so many so many guys James jokes homeward bound. No. Trey have you got to plug. You will you really did a great job. So you're the only one tonight it gets duplex right on. Thank you. Time for everybody else's. My new album live at creep records, which was recorded here in Philadelphia. Out now. Wherever you get stuff. Yeah. And I've got those rolling trades, and then me and Doug forty four worth people listening, because I know I've got friends down there. Don't play me, and Doug or Jewish. And Father's Day in Fort Worth at the high. Yeah. I don't think that was a good idea that go, there on Father's Day. But we'll see how it goes. This'll be our second Father's Day together in a row where we last year, we were in Kansas City member and I came in to breakfast, and it was you and, and you guys were like where were you when I was like talking to my dad, and then realize who I was talking to. And then got sad at the table. Why would you get sad before everybody else's plugs? It's a great question. All right. So that's your that is your plugs. In New York. All right, stuff Cheesman, our winner today. Win. Where's the person you replying for where are way in the back? Yeah. You want to come. Get all your stuff said, are you excited about somebody with you to help Kerio? This totally take a couple of people. I mean, I didn't think it would be fun to see someone have to walk around with a serial dispenser. That was part of it. Film, your whole ride. Hope always. Well, we live back on. Hey, joke. Can you snap on lid? I got I got. I got I got I got. Okay. Fix it for you, buddy. No, brother. Yeah. This is how all Craigslist deals go down. So you got it. There you go. Buddy. One stirs stops paper bag. Mt. Leg cook I here we go. We did. We did. Did he get my eight CDs two year plugs Dale check out my podcast Dale loves movies more? You guys are so cute together. I do I do secret father and son. You're just not telling. I do segments from New York on a Texas based podcast called the whiskey. Brothers, check them out. I'm in riding group called, boy, harem, we're doing sketch show's coming out. It's like a harem boys. Yeah. Billy, we need some more. All men reboots. And follow me on Twitter and Instagram and have sex with me after movies. Thanks Joe matterease promote yourself. Oh, yeah. Everybody. We're going to be downloaded my ship before they even leave here. Crowd loves me. Maine. Doing this podcast was like one of those folger's commercials where they're like we've replaced there. You know what I mean? You are old. That's cool. I'm old. I didn't even mean the age. Compared more to like you should just put in the civil down, stop digging. All. I don't know. I just thought. Doug goes listen to if you buck has. So I listened to ones that just had regular people on it. And then you just you put me on the what's homerun hitters of all time movies. Put fucking Martin Scorsese up here against. Thank you. Rob. Clearly listened are. This is the best ever done Joe. Oh you guys go. Unbelievable amount about movies, I listened to ones like Marc Maron, and Brody. Stephen. Every thirty. Great. Yeah. It was fun. It was fun. I'm competitive. I got smoked. You did you did you on the first. Fun though. Enjoyed and I wanna let the people know, I wasn't even mad at this guy because sometimes my anger, get confused fill. You don't have to explain that air. It was it was mad at this guy. Keep going for that guy. Michelle. Wanted to bring the Philly that's plug. Fucking mistake. My anger. Casts called the life of Joe. That's available on Joe matterease dot com. It's a video and audio podcasts. And I don't talk about movies. Do you talk about Star Wars Star Wars all store for spot? Mazing if you did that this week, we're talking for fuck that. All right. See all next week. Onto widow. Michelle balloons, you can find me on Twitter, Instagram at bloom. And then also I am starting a new park. Shit. Mike's I got. I don't know if you guys watch baskets, one of my very best friends. Trae noser I started doing stand up with Martha Kelly, and I are starting podcast called disagree to agree. And it should be out if we get our shit together. Disagree to agree with Michelle, Martha. My name's I love alphabetical. I'm guessing Martha didn't put up much of fight on the name thing. Ignore him mostly. And then there a wouldn't laugh. Great. Oh, sorry. So stealing your kids. Oh, that's happening. Doug loves movies is back at the Gramercy theatre in New York City on Monday, June twenty four th one more time for all of my Gast's. Trae gallia. Why is trays out of the love Dale cheese? Joe matterease. Michelle. Thanks bill. As always. Thank you to helium. Thank you, guys for coming out, and I'll see in the lobby, and as always positive or. If you don't know Sirius XM free music sports. Tar comedy and news. They have it all. And right now, you can get your first three months siriusxm outside the car. Just one dollar. Siriusxm dot com slash L to see offer. Details and to subscribe, that serious s I r I s x dot com slash. Offer Vale do Sirius XM streaming subscribers. Sirius XM. Quiet. Four.

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