2003 Week 2: Patriots at Eagles


This is christine brown. And while i have to listen to this podcast as my motherly duty. You have the choice. Not to my son's sometimes say some naughty things when the trying to be funny but really just being stupid. You still want to listen. Go right ahead. I am not your welcome back to the patriots dicey. Podcast hi gentlemen. I realized we've stopped introducing ourselves because we all know who we are since we've grown up together but if anybody's joining this week they don't know who we are. So i'm your host andy brown. I'm the the reasons podcasts exists. It's my fault of the browns squad. Lame is it my fault or is it not. Yeah it is exactly. i'll give you that one. The astle you're hearing now. Is our baby brother greg brown. Hi greg a andy. Great to be here. I like to think. I'm the creative direction of this program. I understand why you think. I d captain now and also with us introduce last because he gets no respect his middle brother seat breath. I'm only here because greg refused to do it at the beginning. He said not stupid. So andy i was on vacation. Said you want this microphone. Greg doesn't want it. And i said sure why not here. We are forty something episodes later. He knows been that many many episodes four hundred andy feels like just yesterday. We've actually been doing this for a year. We started last october. Because right around this time we were released. One of the first few episodes and i spent an entire week editing editing out all of the sounds of greg carving a pumpkin while he was doing the episode. Oh that's true son of a bitch. S sure people in the mood. You know it also love to hear. I don't know if you have any food you can eat or something you can drink on the microphone because people love listening to that you broke up again got it a fourth person robot that we have on this call all right. Hang on. we're back and we're back andy. Yeah gimme a test test me. Mommy mama mama donnie. That's on your end. A grid how. It sound a urine. Give me give me a range. No okay no no no. No no was that okay. Hearing has a new show you boys better not be. Your dick again comes from the top. I'll be super impressive. I was able to do this. Daring johnson out from over the top of the johnson so during this whole pandemic every time i get a little depressed and shit i buy something stupid that i don't need this case trace it. Is tom brady. Highschool jersey holy shit right. Or even know yeah. That's that's pretty. You know where he got it. The internet man. I went to a rabbit hole and somehow found tom brady ridiculous. It was like forty bucks from china. Obviously did you feel weird buying a up jersey of a player. that's not currently on the patriots. No but i felt weird of buying a jersey of somebody who at the time was not of legal age based kids jersey. Now that one got here that that hit me. And i felt a little weird about it that way though. It's a pretty sweet jersey. Yeah well the older. I get the more i think like. It's kind of ridiculous. I like idolized. These people that are like younger than make. Yeah you know like when you were like fifteen it was like yeah one day. I want to grow up and be that. No yeah now. It's like it's kinda sad now. Like i'm so fucking useless in my life that i have to light watched the block off one day my week every week. Just so. she's fucking young kids. That actually doing something with their lives to christ like a one percenter there. Okay steve political here at home. We got sunday's eighty i mean. Don't get me wrong that it was just a fleeting thing in my mind. It's not gonna stop me. Oh yeah. I'm still all for probably am speaking of jerseys. Who who do you have on their ooh. This is special. Treat for you guys right. Yeah yeah this should make the pod though because this in honor of the two thousand three starting is a eugene wilson jersey out that taco deep cut right so so like my excuse for my jersey purchases are you can find anything on ear. Where the hell did you find. A eugene wilson jersey. It's an interesting story. Because i'll stand up for ya six massive as address so it must be from. I mean around this timeframe wilson's only on the patriots for five years. So i would aben younger than sixteen when i got this. I remember it fitting like address. And i got for christmas and a pretty share. Mom and dad had to personalise. Sorry santa claus at the personalized jersey with the name. A number on it. Because they didn't actually sell eugene wilson jerseys as an expensive gag gift gag gift. I love you wilson. I did wilson stand okay. We'll see debut game here right. It may have been season. Yeah he was playing week one but yeah. He wasn't much happening in week. One next year is where it really puts his stamp on the league. Yeah well i mean. He has similar status. You're actually four and assumptions. But there's defended there. I'm not going to ruin spoiler. But there's one game where he just lays lum barry and that's what made by the jersey is basically that one game. Her ac can't wait till we get there but for now we're talking about new england traveling to philadelphia where i hear it's always sunny to city of brotherly up. Yeah no i. i know. There's a lot of love happening in in that area of the country. Unless you're saying close or this is the podcast of brotherly love. Only i love you guys do. I can't wait until like half an hour. This power where greg decides like usually does every week to say that he hates us. Covid yoga mood right. Now that's nice. Maybe we should do that every time before. The i agree. Shout out andy's wife. She's an excellent yoga teacher. I agree. I am also biased. But now she's legit yes. She is legit and just patients to put up with me every week that she's she's a preschool teacher. So she deals with three year olds all day and then comes home and deals with another one at home all day two year old. Dockery this down when she gets home but yes city of brotherly love. In the brand new lincoln financial field built this year. yeah And the commentators made some sort of comments phil simms and greg gumbel made some sort of comment about how when the eagles are actually good. The stadium's going to be great to play in for the eagles Hasn't happened yet. So but the booze were resounding like you fantastic which brings me to my first point of this game. It was really weird for me. And i'm surprised it hasn't hit me yet of listening to a game or watching a game where you can hear the crowd and it being like having an effect on the game he was super loud at the beginning of this game to the point where you know there was like false starts happening and bruce having trouble like getting audibles out and stuff like that and i've forgotten that was arcor booze stood up with me then just like the make. Tom brady and the blue birds are out in this game early early. Yeah heart and i was like wait a minute. Haven't the eagles bend like the nfc championship. Game a bunch of years. And like didn't they just come off the jv game. It's like week two. Well let's go right. I mean they're they're they've gone to two straight championships with a really talented team and blown it. And they're coming in this year being like okay. This is the year like it's super bowl or bust we can't keep doing nfc championships. And then lose two straight games right off the bat and they actually got shutout week one as well played in week one. The eagles played the bucks who was who they had lost to last year in the nfc championship game. Shutout seventeen nothing. Shutout barber put fucking veteran stadium to rest. I mean yeah he did. He can put that stadium to sleep. They went to the nfc championship this year as well and next year so just overreacting like crazy just like earlier and last week said drive into the game and they said this is a must win game and then we else to a week and a half into the season boat. Yeah both halfway through the second quarter and the pages are up to fourteen to three or whatever it was it though if if you have a enough talent on a team to win super bowls and you feel like you're kind of pissing away that like those golden years which they kinda did not good enough to make it four straight. Nfc championships and you don't win super bowl. That's that's a disappointment right. We can ask. Trevor about the tigers going to the nfl. The or a bunch of losing didn't the braves something similar to. Yeah you saying. But i think he'd rather be there saying the bill's going to super bowl losing them all they'd rather be there. Yeah but it's true but there's a different standard when you're that good of what you expect from angry but like at least new england there little more week to yacht blue and you're like all right. Now we early stops always most important. Football's later blah blah blah. I'm sorry you're talking about these. New england patriots have you. Have you listened to sports. Talk radio this year. The sky date falling on the they did. They did a bit on north carolina radio. This week they played a clip of michael fowler like sitting on the patriots and then shit on michael felber that was amazing and they call them kirkman. Add to intentionally or unintentionally i think unintentionally. Yeah probably pissed off elber so yeah that's all the stick is easy. There are talking about how ballot check like the game. He is beyond him and yada yada yada and he. He can't draft anymore all. I don't even wanna get into it. I got a proud that out. Real quick just typical bullshit. New england sports talk radio so i do have some notes on eagles fans though who want against now. Obviously they have quite a reputation. They do and it's worth discussing. Whether that reputation is legit or not. I quote here. The national perception philadelphia sports fans is that they are lunatics pathologically negative and i think it is a richly justified reputation. Who said that. It was like some guy wrote for a newspaper. Guy who knows perfect. Also have a quote from emmett smith. I don't know why they call the city of brotherly love. They never they never gave no love brothers here. Which coming from evans smith makes sense. They definitely hate the cowboys yes they. They booed michael irvin when they thought he was paralyzed. Yes yup his. His last like moments on a field was philadelphia. His neck injury. He never played again after that. I think that was the end of his career. Yeah well i wrote down a couple other ones. I thought were no where the i mean. Obviously we all know about them. Throwing snowballs at santa course. What i did not know is that part of the reason was because the team was winning they were staff. Fade started the season. i'm surviving. Yeah it started in eleven and they won two straight games and everyone was pissed because they were using your draft position a year. oj simpson was coming out of like. Oh yeah so. Fucking boozed up pissed off because i was winning as a jet sort of thing right there. Yeah there's an instance this is for the flyers where tie domi guy for maple leafs was getting fights He was like an enforcer and some fan broke through the glass in the penalty box and tried to fight tied domi and then tie domi just kicked his ass. Yes it's what he does for a living. Yeah exactly this. This was probably the most like offensive. This phillies game. Where there were these two fans there. There were getting kicked out. So there's an off duty cop and he's like he's getting these two guys reported and they're getting kicked out he's like twenty one year olds and as the guy is leaving. He sticks his finger down in throat and intentionally pukes on an off duty cop and his eleven year old daughter. Your all shit. yeah one. They're like a whole bunch of stuff when they won the super bowl to like there. Was somebody with the horse poop. Yeah like eating horsh it which you know That's usually final. If you want to celebrate that's great it doesn't hurt anybody else but that person you know. Yeah intentionally picking on somebody else. You got a lot. Collateral damage you just eating horse poop. You know you. I guess i mean i can't imagine it stayed down right on the pot. Andy all right. We'll look him up next on the pages eagles maybe the two thousand four super bowl episode. We'll have a month. Yeah that'd be guest. That's get so just like the touch on veteran stadium too. So that's the one thousand nine hundred. Seventy one to two thousand and two was veteran stadium and obviously it had like quite a reputation and i guess it had like a it was like unique in that it had a ton of different levels so there was a seven hundred level where it was so high up there that like. They said yet to use binoculars to see what was going on. And the wikipedia said it had a the seven hundred level had a reputation for hostile taunting fighting public urination and general strangeness describe a section of a stadium. That's hilarious. Yeah that's usually how the top levels of stadiums go like if you're in the three hundred that's game there's not really seven hundred. There's like three or four. Maybe the three hundred. I'll give you the seventh floor please. And that barrier you know just like creates more like. I'm i wanna get away with something because i'm like sorta like they can't see down there six hundred level you end up pissing off the edge of the seven hundred thousand six hundred level though those hoity toity motherfuckers have no but noculars with snowball greg when The brow family went to the past game and for some reason there was like two sets of tickets. One was down in the hundred level. Which is where everybody's up two other tickets that are up in the three hundreds of men you took those remember and it was a snow game and literally every time somebody stood up to walk out of the section liri the rest of the section pelted them with snowballs. Yep including like a seven year old kid felt a little rough. There was a story about that too in philly in nineteen eighty nine a game against the cowboys they were all. It was snowing there all pissed drunk and they were like they had to like take the players off the field because they were throwing like ice snowballs onto the field and they ended up the nfl band beers from their stadium for two games after that incident. Goodness angry i you with agent anybody show up to the game and i haven't done like game back having three games later. Oh god yes. That's the environment they're going into here. Right yeah and with a brand new stadium and like you said is kind of underperforming because this is this is year three of their four year. String of a nfc champions chips gains right. And i was just didn't start off. Well the the first. I thought they were misspeaking but they were talking about how. The first points of the season for either team was the field goal. The new england kicked in the first quarter of this game. Gone like four and a half quarters without grant any points in. The eagles didn't score until the second quarter so they didn't score until six quarter of the nfl season which tough look but in a different era is what it is obviously ryan. This team was very decisive character. I would say donovan mcnabb. Every time you read. I think well For philadelphia fans. Is that right word. Decision making or vice divisive divisive. Yes we can go back. But i think they hate it from the gecko. They didn't like when they draft him. I didn't get booed when he got drafted. I don't remember yup ricky williams ricky williams and i watched the video that too and just seeing a grown man who flew to the draft. An nfl draft got dressed up in shoulder pads painted his face green and then started yelling at the stage when they didn't draft the player he wanted. Imagine like imagine what his wife thinks are just like anybody like his friends. Like how you not embarrassed to do that. I love the fact that you think that dude is married right. He's probably married to the game. Sure the fuck is ball is life but even this season like the the wikipedia was talking about how they were calls early in the season to replace mcnabb with backup. Feely touchy feely. Y- mcnabb would find his rhythm. Enjoy a great season I think great might be overstated through for thirty two hundred yards sixteen touchdowns levin interceptions. But i don't know if you can put that on him because this receiving crew is one of the worst. I've seen like since we started doing this. Podcast like there's usually at least a name that like okay. Yeah that's the number one guy in this. But i'm gonna i'm gonna give you some names. You tell me. Who was the leading receiver in terms of yards ready freddie freddie mitchell james thrash todd pinkston duce staley the worst but those those top four wide receivers your number one guy who's number one guy that use freddie mitchell james thrash. Todd pinkston do staley already talking yards receiving yards. Yep mitchell was the number one guy. I feel like his fred ex member. 'cause had the third most yards receiving on. This team was deuce deuce was number. Four use the fourth leading receiver as a running back with three hundred. Eighty two yards in two touchdowns. Freddie mitchell didn't cross five hundred four hundred ninety eight paint. Ston todd pinkston. Was your number one wide receiver on this eagles team. With five hundred and seventy five yards and two touchdowns catches. It's such a beta name to pinxton. Be more of a bro. So i had some It it it did For some reason spark something in me for nicknames k. because as soon as i heard pinkston all i could think was todd to in the pinkston and so i put together a couple more James dilford's take out the thrash. James thrash metal would be good too but that's easy too on the nose. The patriots had Tyrone paddling pool or tyrone deep into the pool. Whichever one you want to do at the end of the pool yeah and then also. Brian konya west brook. Which i kinda liked dan copp and a feel. Oh i got one. That's even worse all right. Listen todd simpson. Real name pinkston okay. That's like that Simpson i liked that. A lot. steve. Because it is a cock name to man. Yeah but speaking of cox their way one more okay. Adrian crispy clem. I was a stretch stretch. Richard seymour butts. Simpson's shout out there. Oh yeah we'll tell it to steve when he gets going to like that you know where the fuck did he go even see. We've but yes. Speaking of betas the rushing attack on the scene was not grading. How the by the way. The eagles finished twelve and four and made it to the nfc championship game with like not much going on. They didn't have a thousand yard rusher day. did they barely had a five hundred yard receiver. They really have thousand yards receiving in general and still in twelve four with this team. Don mcnabb andy really good. I mean he wins. That ended a great coach. Manila these defense right dawkins. The defense was led by troy. Vincent three picks Koi simon had seven and a half sacks as defensive tackle which is pretty impressive. He was a maserati great. Second this game. Two and at linebacker leading tackler was marked similar. Oh so i mean names. I've heard of but not like shop in the pantheon what i mean. What about dachshunds this dawkins team right. See on the same. I don't think he was. He was injured in this game. I believe yeah. Oh that's right. Yeah they had. They had a bunch of injuries coming into this and had a bunch of injuries leaving it to. Yeah they were in there at one point in the fourth. Quarter their backup defensive. Interior linemen was down on the ground ahead to get carded off so there was just like nobody left on defense. Yeah so mcnabb was a pro. Bowler troy vincent was a pro bowler corey. Simon maybe dawkins isn't on this He's on aid and make the pro bowl. Yeah think. I think you'd probably seven games seven games this year. Yeah i think the the defense was decent on this team. A but it was kind of the the combined rushing attack is. I think what happened was staley. Sat out at the beginning of the season and Yeah he had a preseason hold out and so they kind of turned into a running back by committee that you would see the patriots do with these. These are some names. You got Brian westbrook corey buckhalter. Do neely mcnabb too. Yeah yeah so. There was seven. There were the seventh rank. Defense points but twenty nine yards and eleven th ranked offense in points but eighteenth and yard said you know what that might have something to do with coaching. Yeah the more you think about it. If if there's a big disparity between your yards in your points. I think that's that's probably been executing once you get in the red zone. Joshing brian westbrook. To right young young. Ish yeah. I don't know how his two thousand this is rookie year. Really i watch highlights and they say because west pretty bad fumble on a punt return on this game and we liked this guy. But here's a fumble. Any real quick though because i think he at this point is probably one of the top coaches in the league right for sure. I mean he finally was i. Will i think that a lot of people seem to think that's going to get him over. The edge in terms of being in the hall of fame does like the one thing holding in beck So in terms of playing the patriots though they really had his number while he was on the chiefs he never be ballot. Check or belgium patriots. Anyway while he was on the chiefs he was owen. Four in his four tries with the eagles this went obviously then the super bowl and their couple of others with tunnel record. But since he's been on the chiefs he's up. He's three and three against ballot. Check as a member of the chiefs seven three. Yeah but much better lately than he has been but how many of those have been like the the most ratings. Obviously you know twenty twenty. One was actually just in general terms. He's he's always been like a pretty excellent coach. Ray two thousand through two thousand four of five straight years yet. Eleven plus wins with the eagles. And then two thousand fifteen through current. He's he just had five straight seasons of ten or more wins. How did that separation happen. Then how is like jeff hanging out here mediocrity and just full blown by an andy rigas cut from the eagles. What the fuck legal. How did that happen. How did they let this guy go. And that's a good question. I don't think it's because he couldn't deliver the super bowl. Maybe you see that with a lot of teams who can't get over complex. I mean think of money schottenheimer. He got fired when he went eleven. And five or something twelve and like after twelve and four eleven and five season. Because his whole thing was he could win the playoffs. I think it was maybe after. Oh six when the patriots beat him when they should have them with. The marla macree got trip by troy brown That game and i think after that like marty schottenheimer one all games he ever in at least in the regular season schottenheimer wasn't great right so he the last few years in philly he wasn't great he was eight and then foreign twelve and then he went to kansas city. So there's like a six or seven years here where he's got. I mean he's not a foreign twelve is his worst season as coach. But there's a couple like the six and ten in their aid. Couple eight eight nine six but having said that even though the patriots had success against him if you think about their worse losses have been to like an andy reid. Chief team like in two thousand fourteen. That game where What's his name came out and said tom. Brady's not good anymore or this patient team is not good anymore. Yeah dilfer right. And he came out and said that about the patriots because what had just happened but the shit kicked him by the kansas city chiefs on monday night their ship pushed in right and two thousand. Seventeen week one. Your shit look moves at throw no training day. have steve. also. Sorry to interrupt steve. We more nickname that when you left we thought you might like wait on me. Richard seymour butts. I knew you'd like the simpsons right. Yeah this is simpson. Yeah odd odd. Simpson's in there telling that i'm glad you interrupted for those perfect time for it very important. You're up in sorry the other like big loss. Recently the pages of suffered was the opening week of two thousand seventeen where memory rookie kareem hunt fumbled. His first carry pitch recovered. And it looks like it's going to be a shit show. Look i'm not here to relive the memories more than having to watch the game you know. Tough luck steve. Andy reid is good. Eagles are done for letting him go and yet to what happened in two thousand three week to was the score. We should probably say house for here. Was the final score. Steve Thirty one ten ten. Your new england patriots. At some point it was like ten to seven even been seven three eagles at one point but then they just kept turning the ball over and we scored a million touchdowns to four in. I think they had they had like five total turnovers lobby. Six six total turnovers. I mean i don't think it was his lopsided score though right now is pretty lopsided. The booby lot of a lot of booing. I mean it's the turnovers right. I think that was the game They couldn't get anything going about affiliate more first downs. Yardage is pretty similar three nine to sixty eight third down conversions or about the same Turnovers right six turnovers zero yahweh super-efficient red zone like every turnover was touchdown aren't kicking field. Goals they were ballot check football. Maybe they turned those six turnovers into four touchdowns. I believe. I think three or four touchdowns were directly off of Turnovers one of them being bruschi. Pick six yeah the. Why did i feel. I feel like every game. Now he's like a tedy bruschi touchdown toss to once. Now it's like what the fuck. I don't remember any of these but he's done. Yeah you watch the game. You can see pepper. Johnson so hype he was all about and the commentators are like. Are they saying boo or brew lot boob out for the eagles and they words a simpsons episode. We should work in more simpsons references. They apparently were about to a heyday. Simpson's too that is. I've been watching over again to of course you have fucking eat my salad e watch the simpsons episode on lunch every day so from work from home. You read a thrilling life. That is the most difficult steep thing like ragging about eating a salad in washington since the salads huge headed put a fucking million things there delicious not even healthy. If they're like that dude's they're delicious though it might be four cookies instead. That's what i d. I four cookies. And watch fracking patriot highlights. That's my lunch cool. He's cool. I think you hit a nerve. I have a tall glass of ice water. And i read books stay hydrated original new yorker magazine speaking hydrated body parts. We can go into how much you hate the commentators because there was a line. That was so bad i rewind it and watched it again which one was out. They had a two arm. Cotinine on the sideline great name by the way looking like a snack. That joke about him being on the cover deke. Magazine recently like And then they come back to the booth. And after i forget who it was ago said yeah they were showing your feet and then they went onto the play so his feet were on the cover up. What now definitely didn't land either because it was silence after it was so ridiculous and burying their the that. I don't know like a good thing about him is his feet. That's what i i mean. The only thing i can think of is like you're a model my hand model right right but then you would say like hand foot foot model except for foot fetish. Maybe maybe the world was just more naive plays back. It didn't have foot fetish. Phil sins loves it when he does. That's ryan games. Meet up afterwards. Search for aol keyword foot fetish but Had some good ones at the brew- instead of bo. And they add some mrs with the feet thing. Well they did have something that i'm going to claim as vindication because it's not just me that hates the eagles are the commentators break. Showed us up here in the blue blooms boots you don't and then and then the cameras on you and they intensified so i felt pretty good about. They shouldn't do me here though. Many interceptions loved the all. Right phil simms. So it's not just me that hits commentators. It's the entire city of philadelphia. So i don't know if i feel vindicated by that. Because they seem to hit everybody their own team when they went in food. Santa handy but i feel a kinship to the city of philadelphia. You would fit in there. I think i would. I think i was born the wrong area. The country it's very. It's very like the. I don't know where i fall on that. As far as like one end of the spectrum right is complete apathy an la sports town. Where it's you no one gives a shit and they're not actually like they don't care about the sport and then there's the other end where it's like philadelphia where they're like destructive in how serious they take it. Yeah and i think. I don't know what do you think the pats fault not. Nearly there towards the philadelphia and if things i think so too but recent years feels a bit apathetic. I gotta admit well. I think that's because we're spoilt I it's hard to be destructive in your phantom when you win the super bowl every year right right right at six rolls last twenty years. And if we're not win the super bowl winning the world series or stanley cup for the nba championships. Because even before all this happened like red sox nation was considered as bad. Yeah yeah and he talked about the media shitting on people. I think david price would look would like to have a word exactly. It's just a bunch of big needs. Brian tom brady at the end there. Like all the only. Because i actually heard something today about how. When does the tampa bay media start asking if he's coming back next year because he also i mean we're already half or a quarter of the way through the season and You know is he coming back. This is about the time that new england media would would start ethnic question for the past. What ten years. And i think it's only a certain voices amplified louder than others. I don't think a lot of people feel that way. But it's also gets let out when you win a ton so there's no build up like you do have in like this time right and even getting teased and buffalo. Probably the prime example for that going super bowls losing and then being bad for so long. I think buffalo is where i think is the ideal place of like fandom because they are super passionate they know what's going on but they never crossed that line of what is what is over the top like it's to know like i go to buffalo fan game and everyone shits on me because i'm a pats fan and they all like chirp at you but you don't have to worry about getting in a fight. Yeah there's still in party mode. Yeah there's still like having a good time. They're like self aware they like. They're just there to chirp you know and have a good ship but i think philly crosses that line may be through certain to go. Yeah yeah. I've never been to philly or baltimore because for that same reason. Yeah in baltimore. Free plus the oils are fine. But yeah i mean. I've been to bills game and nobody's purposely thrown up on me this if i'm just afraid of alvar every time you throw me out. Oh you know what you're doing. Right bro goto. I hope he knew the guy was an off duty cop to oh down making so much like more balls. Get arrested this. I can't cover cop trauma to cover. This was in philly where the where the guys punch the punch. The horse to philly. Yeah nobody did like sundell. No no boy. English premier league soccer sunday castle. Have you seen that. Video of the guy is a fan like they're like not a riot. But there's like a little kerfuffle after the game they send in the cops english and this dude legitimately squares up a horse. And what are you gonna do. What are you gonna do. And just thumps it like. He was like boxing. A horse. not rant and punch a sucker punch. Yeah just like one of the funniest thing ever seen. We may have to add that to the it. Got a meeting offie. Yeah the portion and give a shit fucking like sixty five year old overweight english student trunk probably no-shirt on sunburn definitely saw. Yeah oh god. I wanna get a quick run through how this how. This game unfolded then. That's basically i was going to do is trying to figure out a way to to segue into it but yes not much really happened in the beginning because both teams are still. I think struggling. Generally the patriots did manage to kick a field goal. Now is about it. But i mean they drove Inside the ten yard line and settle for field goal Sorry the second quarter. The eagles would actually put together their only real drive of the of the game. And it was staley touchdown run. Which was i believe. One of their three third out conversions. Only game of yes was a touchdown. Run on third and goal at a fourteen tries so not great so new england actually gets the ball back and response drives all the way down and then ken walter muffs. The holt bounces off his. Noggin goes backwards patients. That was probably the low point of this game for the pets. Wasn't that the was long snapper. It looked like it was the issue. The snap was high but it still went right through. Can walters hands had already had a twenty six yard punt in the first quarter when the pages were like doing well field position and basically just like change the whole field position like battle and then he loves that go through his hands off his face and the eagles recover always at midfield at that point because i was kind of a longish feel guard anyway. but not to be outdone on the very next play and this this highlights on the website. Because it's fantastic mcnabb. Somehow just straight up drops a football. He likes soap in the shower. Like pulled his hand. Hand up to to throw it in. The ball doesn't come with them and just drop on the ground and Patients recover this is limited. I play the muffed. Drop the cell. That's right and he didn't rule number one and he kind of looked like he made a bit of a business cam. Newton style cam. Newton decision not jumping on football. So new england covers This is where the page actually get. Start to get moving Dr outfield and brady finds four eighty four. His first touchdown am and noon gets once they get the ball back. They don't go anywhere and they have to punt it but then this is where another turnover happens where What's name rookie brian. Kinda westbrook must punts as recovered by bethel johnson bethel who yeah rookie. Rookie bethel johnson. Who i forgotten about. But he actually like had himself a game this game. He actually had a pretty decent career. I remember like not like amazing but not irritable. Here's a second round draft pick. Those came fast. Why should he had two catches for twenty one yards. Longest seventeen will leave that out. He's also like him in. charles johnson. Remember you might be thinking of steve. charles jackson. No now wants another team and like klay. Talk johnson yeah. He played for the ravens afterwards. I wanted to say no other teams to check. He played three years of new england. Minnesota okay started more than five game. Which is beth. Jackson is a presbyterian church in jackson mississippi. Interesting look for bethel johnson. John dude johnson's jackson's fuck in its. I always get those guys confused. Because it's all the same shit. What you with me though. Like tall skinny guy. That really couldn't do much chad jackson. Charles karaj full johnson. They're all just a generic names. It's all the same player to me. Now it's like one of those made you brownell remember that's not generic biblical johnson. I believe jackson because he was like he was thinking fast and only had so he was returning kicks to. Because i think you were trying to open in this game which made me write down his name and think oh fuck bethel johnson and then like he actually does stuff. What else. Things was recovering. This muff punt that we're talking about the patriots up like inside the twenty yard line. Can i do a the name on here. Okay give me a a little town of bethlehem johnson. That's a little too much notice. All right those lert over and over again. Chris brown's got delivered. These highlights vs the names are too long to take too long to come out. You know did some of his name's ver- like like a fifteen seconds song. That's true too many of those though you know my point. We've only got the bethel jazz one. Yeah so after this muff punt the bell. John's recovers new england-based of the philly. Fifteen and i think it was like first and second play brady finds for off that hard play action that he does that for some reason working really well even though they weren't running the ball because this is definitely like antoine smith. Run out of gas right. yeah. I don't think i saw him actually find a hole in the in the defensive line to actually run through just like puts his head down to like runs into the line not looking where he's going just like trying to bash out a few yards really like we all realize this earlier. But i thought corey dillon. Who was on this team. And he comes a year later. Yeah which is actually ball with him. Just foundering back there and knowing they're not going to put somebody in really good 'cause then we'll corey dillon. And kevin faulk was the main running asking him. He had the most snaps. I think he's started as the as the running back like to open the game but in for like two thousand three. That's a different like no one had like in there all the time you know right. That's the thing from back. Yeah and i think kevin faulk was the lead rusher back in like nine or two thousand any finished with like six seven hundred dollars. It wasn't like great at it. You know because he's like you said it's too small run between the tackles but in this game let's see pages leading rushers. Antoine smith twelve carries twenty five yards. Yeah with a longest of nine more. So averaging about two yards a carry and kim fox seven carries twenty three yards a great but better but come fog also had four catches for fifty nine yards. Nazi that's right. He played really well. It didn't really matter. I mean it was slanted brady spreading it out. Do you think it's that he's too small. The run between the tackles. I always thought it was like he wasn't. He relied a lot on like change direction. Like change of pace whereas like a traditional running back is like put your foot in the ground and just like dr kevin faulk was always like i'll catch it and then like joop quit you know. It's he always seemed better fitted for receiving back because of that or like a drop drop play running. They say he's really good out in in space. But like yeah. Yeah i don't think you just like a savvy you like shifty change of pace direction guy have hot take for you you know. This is the best receiving back. Had you can shame during kevin fall. James white at running in between the tackles dreams white now someone better on a team. Rex burkhead yeah. He's actually legit getting through. Those is a little different is a little thicker. And he's not quite as good receiving as some of those other guys but he's definitely a good receiver and get him in space and he's pretty shifty toe. So that's the thing i think. Rex burkhead is a better runner than the patriots Receiving running backs an better receiver than they're like run. I running backs. Like he's a better. I see no. He's a better receiver than like sony. Fevers but he's he's a better runner like between the tackles. Then james white fits in that that little bit and let. But i don't think that's the thing you never know is good at known as either a blitz pickup. 'cause we always rate running backs by how they how they run or how they catch. But that's a huge part of especially with like a bell check offenses. How can pick up blitzes. And that's something that like unless you you're studying game film you're not gonna pick up on every like good play. You know right absolutely absolutely. And i think that's why the like a page a lot of heat for drafting sony. Michelle over nick chubb but yes i think one of the knocks on nick chubb is that he's not great at pass protection and blitz pick up in that sort of stuff so i mean that and that to the atlanta super bowl the running back missing submarine is not gonna stop him now. He's like well look good job. That wouldn't happen in a fair point. I mean the the drop off between one running back to the other is probably less than missing critical block and getting a soccer at turnover in a big spot. You know especially in today's nfl to where it's mostly pass driven like at this point. It feels like most offenses are using the past the setup the run instead of what it used to these the other way round and point so There was no setting up. Anything in this game. the patriots didn't do on the ground like we talked about fifty totally rushing something. Garbage like that Tom brady thirty rush on the patriots with seven yards in this game i on six attempts good for him but did do a couple of like. I feel like they've been doing it. This season a little bit of last season. Where even like second and five. They're doing the brady like goose. The senator qb sneaks just to get in third and short like third and one third and two just to get those like free yards. Which i'm surprised you don't see more of because it's almost paddock. Really but yeah so. Six carries seven. You just like saying goose idea. I've noticed every time you sit. You're like goodness degrees. Nice faxing ghost yeah So yeah that's all we have in the first half of this game so can have At what's the score. Seventeen seven seventeen. Seven and a boo birds are out in force like a lot and for perspective. Therefore point favorites. Come into this game. The eagles actually. Yeah i mean. The patriots got their doors blown off week. One eagles off the team hates their coach. And yada yada yada tom jackson. The eagles were nfc championship when we didn't even make the plus right right so and there's like a whole lot of turnover too. Yeah yeah so. It makes us the Ten washington played really good in this game. Yeah i think the defense is a whole did like the there was a lot of blitzing happening and it seemed like every blitz got home The patriots sacked mcnabb. It was eight times. I saw eight times for forty three yards and even when he was hitting sack he was getting a helmet in the chest. Pretty much every damage. Japan how bruschi guidance vicks Similar to that of rams super bowl. Yet i'm still has he's throwing it was I think fraser able on both of them because there was also another variable. Actually if i can bring this up because there was An interception before that where. Here's a name for you. let me find it Continue talking while i find this game. So don mcnabb has he sacked eight times. He throws two picks and how many fumbles i think it too but he recovered one of a rough day at the office. In your home fans. He goes eighteen of forty six for one hundred eighty six yards. He threw the ball fifty. Times in any breakthrough hundred. Oh yeah yeah. It was like thirty percent completion. Going no touchdowns. He had a rough day at the office. So key boise this. Yes so this is the interception that he threw to eric. Morris i believe eric with our i never heard of them but it looks bad and is like a can of corn. He threw it deepen. The received didn't actually go deep But if you watched the play. I'm gonna i'm gonna key you into mike vrabel on the replay here. Who is right here and watch how he gets blocked. The offensive line is not my problem. I just watch this guard like this is so this is on the pages dynasty website the title of the gif which was it is or is it The mcnabb takes a shot from in his easily. Picked off by eric morris. Eric's drive that guy. Tell people yeah. I got interception with the pitches. Nine people ring. Eric never heard you now. We can say hey go on site. We have a gift you show all your friends. He is on here somewhere. he's not. Oh you're hitting them up now. Okay eric i'm just trying to. I must spill right. I see eric morris. i've never heard of them. Have you now played for three years. And then this is his last season of his career. Only ever start. You started ten games in two thousand and one in grand. It is yes. He's got have a super bowl ring though right you would expect so. Yeah i guess so. Yeah that's my seem. We're just finding new superheroes we don't even know about eric. Marcus morris with the canaccord exception. Just embodying the next man up philosophy of our team. Yeah i think somebody went down with an injury which is why he doesn't play because actually hit on a couple of draft picks this year right. Yea sante samuel talk about our draft. 'cause you guys didn't get to that right in our really gonna talk about a week one. Yeah because this draft stacked full of town talked me all right so First round thirteenth pick tie. Warren at texas am nice second round they picked. Eugene wilson. the I guess he was a cornerback in college but and a plane safety yup bethel johnson. Also in the second round. Fourth-round dan klecko temple. Asante samuel a fucking steel in the fourth round. Damn dan copen. Fifth round is another side. Telly banta cain. In the seventh round up we did talk about one of the sixth round draft. Pick yes kingsbury. We did talk about him. Lastly is it. That is at their entire fixers. Any spencer need in the seventh and eighth and killing seven. That didn't make the roster with the rest of. That's a great draft. Great draft all those guys contributed meaningfully pro suppo ballers samuel in copen until can had at least a year with double digit sacks. Yeah he led the team in saxon. Six ish takes seventh-round wrappings fan. I'm very sad story about. Kelly giving them the credit card. I think you should tell it again. I feel like i've heard it in passing. This is george six or seven years ago. It was actually is probably closer to ten Kelly i started dating my wife And we were. We went to the some kid in maine. So i went to. Unh some kidman used to throw this big party every year. And he had this big mansion ball blah and Tally we banta. Cain ended up showing at the showing up at the party. With like a fucking ridiculous lamborghini. It was fucking sweet. But we're all we're all like college. Kids i love the pats enrolling over guys need to gains the game to nurse if i can talk to him. But we're on the dance floor and kelly's usually the patriots and she goes up behind him and goes swipes between his butt cheeks. She's like gave him. The credit card came to. I don't know where it came from. Or why she did it but it was awesome and then And then we got married. So has she ever given you the credit card or to save that for famous patriots. That's the only time. I've seen her do it to maybe guy in sounds like you're a little of that. I'm not jealous at all. I thought it was awesome. Can credit card you if you want. I may just the fact that credit card in the fucking star the leading sacker on the new england patriots at a house party in maine goddamn youtuber. May for each other really. Yeah yeah we get a lot of shit for the shit you give her but like she's yeah that's kelly comes downstairs. Moms listening to the podcast looks. Everything goes kelly. I'm learning a lot about you. Yeah kristie it'd be awkward zero. Isn't it you guys come back to visit. Mom yelled at me the other day when i called her. Why for the when we were talking about pictures of our willies. Remember that one. I saw so i'd mom would like to take this moment to say sorry. I apologize no more. Willie talk on the on the yeah directly after the credit cards. Nothing to do with we built actually moved to talk now. Boy well the The cam newton erotica book review will come out by this point. So y- you'll have stuff to apologize. Yeah is there any way. We can like blocker from listening to that. I could probably address or something that can shit speaking of credit cards though. Wanna plop down your best and worse you want to swipe that best right up your crack. Oh all right yeah Do you guys want to go. I got a couple of things to touch on -sarily game related so you guys can take your pick. Go ahead steve. I had a setup. This weekend where i had two. Tv's going all right. I watched the patriots game and red zone and then after the patriots game i put on old patriots games with red zone on it in the red zone game. That was like two games or honor at that point and one of them was the titans are one of them was. The box sounds watching able coaching and bringing while watching this game of reunion playing. It was crazy. That sounds like this adds pretty awesome. Yeah crossing generation the mike god and quality between the two broadcasts see you. Don't really notice them right next to each other. Yeah this was like you can definitely tell that some of these games were recorded on vhs. Yeah have been like could digitize from the actual tape because they have that alexis wiggles every once in a while with his back he sees them like the letters and stuff on the bottom of the numbers in the bottom corner where it says still saying twelve o'clock midnight because the guy hasn't set the time. Vcr yeah my worst. I don't know there is a fifty seven yard. field goal. hit by greenacres ritchie hidden washed. Had another like ten yards in it. Oh yeah yeah nothing. Hit the netting halfway up and we talked about are like mess up on the holder snap operation in may be a good one for you. But i feel like i remember some time about the long snapping being huge issue. This whole season issue ones as in like the pressure to perform was too much in the maybe some new got her was some whole back story. About how long snapping. The super bowl was like all sorts of messed up. I remember that maybe a negative in this game. I don't know if that was the holder. No you have punter but it might be snapper. I wonder how many bad snaps you're gonna see this year. And i think we may to find that out and do a deep dive is a season. 'cause i remember hearing about that. Where like one of the issues. The patriots was there long snapper. Who was having confidence issues. And it was like At catcher who couldn't throw it back to the pitcher or whatever. It is. John john lester couldn't throw to first base. Oh there was that too. Yeah wasn't there Scott had a burden was it him. It was some red sox catcher who just couldn't throw the ball back to the pitcher rewatch that no. That sounds familiar. So we'll find out what about you greg. Besse worse all right so four my worst. I'm going to start out with the eagles offense. They had a grand total of sixteen drives in this game and fucking ten points punt pint. Touchdown fumbled punt punt punt fumbled punt punt punt field goal interception interception fumble and of game close and strive. I sounds like it's closer than it. Was you listen to that. Dr chart no good dude. Lisa's a pick six you now. 'cause that's riske's yeah yeah. They finished the game with two hundred. Sixty eight yards total. which If you break it down by dr they had like Just over sixteen yards per drive tough. Which if you're starting your own twenty doesn't get you into midfield not great. Yeah so four. My best ghana win it here. We'll go at tom. Brady offensively there was no in. That had like big stats jump out. There's no one over. One hundred yards receiving or or rushing but brady had a pretty decent statistical day. Thirty or forty four to fifty five three touchdowns no picks so he looks like he's back on track after that disaster last week. It looks like games where he knew he wanted to go to the ball like that. Completion percentage surprises me a little bit. That'd be way higher. Because like if i like everything he put. The ball is right where receiver needed. It and he was super accurate. Making great calls had the line play better. Because i think that has a lot to do with two. Once he gets still is like happy feet when he's getting rushed that's when it starts getting inaccurate to yeah. I mean it's still wasn't you. You think a two thousand three patriots and you think of like how dominant they were because games and all that stuff and what they finish like fourteen into whatever it is but yeah. This didn't quite look like they were in sync offensively. It was just a defense. You know getting eight sacks and getting pressure on mcnabb basically every play and yeah br but brady i think he hit ten different receivers so that kind of era where you know his favorite. Yeah love that quote. Yeah so it was like it was an efficient game but it wasn't like blown away i did have a play. That again is in the On the website. Brady completing a pass to Dale believe was his tenth wide receiver of the day. But this one was a bit by accident. But it's still fantastic like this was the kind of day they were having. Yeah that still goes for three tries to set a three rolling left and it gets kind of blown. Up is getting should do much. I don't think it was a screen. It was just one of those. Like design it rollouts craft boot screen graham and they blitz from the left side of the tana dudes coming and if you can get it out. I think he's i don't think so because usually the whole offensive line will run that way and like let their block through the the blitz just came from the other side and brayden. See it because you can watch other is actually going down the field looking for razz like open receivers production the wrong way and so the whole thing just didn't work out but it worked out. That's a great play from graham to go from blocking turnaround catching. He's on the all dynasty team. Do you guys see that list got released. I if i agree with him on their over like watson but this talk about kicker to discussion episode on that. Yeah i agree. Yeah we'll have to put our own since we know someone who had an influence in it so he can just rag him You know they're worst to i'm listening. Speaking of the drafts here. I mean the pat said that stacked ashraf the philadelphia eagles two dozen three draft. They had six draft picks and only two of them actually made the roster their first and second picks drome mcdougal and l. j. smith and they cut their third fourth sixth and seventh round picks in training camp and didn't make the roster. Can you imagine the uproar so they do move right there. Yeah they they cut for their six draft picks. They lose week one week two in blowout fashion after coming off. Nfc championship. but yeah so you could. The boo birds are kind of justified. How close is the nfc championship. Game with elliott close game. Where do they just by the bucks. I think it was a close game but they never really got rolling right. That's the rendezvous barber. Pick six game that find the score now. Did you do your best yet. Yeah my best was brave. I also i think. I wanna give it to a full team effort from the defense civic. Listen he's died. But i mean what they had eight sacks spread over seven seven players five four fumbles for which they four which the defence recovered. Jeez and then how he pets two picks they recovered for those five four symbols to lord and no one had more than one. So it's like everyone chipped into the game. This is lacking yeah. It was a great play. I think going off of that. My game will go to match. Chatham yes. I did highlight package early early on. He had a great play where he was the first patriots. Drive the yeah. The patriots got like In just inside the phillies out of the field but they ended up having to punt and the pope is actually really good. It hit like the one or two yard line bounce straight up and it was over towards the sideline matt chatham what out there and try and do anything just took into battered straight out of bounds. He's viable yeah. It was like a great heads up sort of played at you. You want your guys be making on special teams and so the eagles i drive star from their own two yard line. What's smarts they're trying to catch a bounces off your hands and goes in the end zone thinking that can definitely dismiss us out of bounds species a linebacker so the perfect heads up sort of play and then Right after brucie's pick six Philly actually started driving about midfield. This is towards the end the game in the fourth quarter late in the fourth Right before like official garbage time but garbage time would start when Mcnabb ruled out to his right and match. Adam like from the other side of his reign his ass down and put a one of the like textbook linebacker. Blindside hits like a calling fucked up. I think calling it a lawrence bit too strong but yeah he got good up. Dropped the ball head. Nabbed doesn't see looking downfield pumping and just not see chatham coming on the backside of those ones that make you neck hurt. Just one of those. Yeah so i think that was the last player that mcnabb then anthony pleasant scoops it up and tries to do the old troy brown lateral mcginnis. Who gets another like five yards out of mcginnis. He's not like fleet of foot. Worked is not antwan harris. Love the effort though. We're we're up to thirty one ten. Let's make sure we can look back crazy. Call my worse and this was not going to blame the referees. Even though it looked like it was there you will know it was. It was more bella check than anything but every time it was like third one bell check recall for measurement and so they bring out the chains and it was like a yard and half short. It wasn't even close but ballot check. Did it like four or five times in the first half like with it. A measurement on this is like it. It's not your you're like two yards away wet. I'm surprised it interesting now. Yeah but the game. Every time it called for measures in like a least like. Should i go for this sort of thing kind of. Yeah but i mean it's usually third down formosa but this game just took so long because it was a lot of like that sort of stuff happening the bunch of injuries they had to get the car out at one point like even the condensed version this game without commercials like two and a half hours long. That's you go to overtime. There was a blow out and it was still just like it took forever to watch this game. My best Was bill check trendsetter. I don't know if you call it what he was wearing but he was wearing what was like the button up shirt version of their color. Rush jerseys now. All blue with the red and white stripes across the shoulders. I didn't note this guy. I can't even picture it either here. I'll i'll show you the picture that i have. I can't picture. yeah so it. Is you know button up shirt. But designed off colo okay. Yeah actually. I think he looks nice. The patriots one but it's got like silver underneath the arms will strange that one looks fresh though they should saw that. Yeah well i mean you can buy it in jersey for now. You're right though. That looks exactly their uniforms. Now with blurt Stripe on the on the shoulders. He was doing it before it was cool. That's true and my best for the podcast. Couple couple of news items. We ranked on the spotify list. Spotify charts for football podcast. This time number. One fifty two on the charts in great britain so the one person in england probably our family baby. Let's shout out our cousins right now. What's up espn andy. We love you guys six listed. Thanks for the one. Listen to the game between the point of view to put us on that list. Paul listens does she know that my mom yelled at me. Well listen this week because that was last week and we're not on the list week so got grandma's not listen to this podcast greg keys And the other thing. I want to bring up since now's the time since you've actually gotten this far is since nobody could figure out how to actually leave us reviews. We're going to make it even easier. We have a phone number so you can text us. You can call and leave us a voicemail and we will listen to them. We will read them all and we will. If it's good we'll fucking read it off will read text messages on the podcast and we will actually play the audio of any voice so we get dangerous door to unlock with a number area code. Six oh three if you're if you're from other countries can put a one in front of that five zero five eight zero four three six three five zero five eight. Oh four three. And that is the patriots the hotline. So we've got a hotline. Now boys the three eight. Oh five five million inst- close people's names to i'm that with names. I'm jimmy soon as he told it to me safe zone workout to any like funny words like oh yeah see. That's i don't think. I was trying to find some funny words. How what eight. Hundred pats pod. Zeros not a is not a letter. But it's the way i remember it's five o. Five which is easier for member then. Eighty is troy brown four three. So it's it's troy brown shooting a a three point shot in basketball strip. Malo oh now greg. What paul is forty. Three i remember. He's number forty five no. Nobody's us troy brown frustration around three. Yeah like if troy brown got on the celtics and triple the announcer. You know in the stadium times out gets kicked out for three. Yeah it's god way tyler barry sanders. That was our old house phone number here on out. Which eight nine three. I love barry sanders. That's somebody else's phone number that they're not going to get slough. We're talking about phone numbers. That time. you got lost at redskins stadium. Greg yeah and i remember i. That's how i remembered it to the house. You didn't call the house on. Did you hear that drunk. No i called. You know. I call kelly kelly's number memorized so we go to the patriots redskins game and we get to the bottom of the whole walkway and goes left. My phone up there so he walks back and goes to get it. We made our friends park. Someone's like your brother dropped this and gives me his phone. He's looking for phone. Yeah and i was like greg smart enough to update law and see the phone. Let me just go back to where we tailgating and meet. My brother doesn't show up. And i'm like why standing for hours. I'm like just go home. Greg's useless he's what here greg is fucking what you did is you memorize. Your wife's number had the cabbie call her because you didn't have any money for the cab. Had her all the cabbie. So i couldn't. I enter my address from red stadium. I couldn't uber because they didn't have my phone. So i had to like hail a regular cab. But then i also didn't have any cash on me so i could and he didn't have a credit card. Obviously right obviously not have your wallet on he. He wouldn't accept a credit card. That's what it was. And so we we get there. And i had to call kelly from memory her phone number and then model the guys like private fucking ten workday which all things considered. I'm shocked. you knew my address. I three exactly. I blacked out enough. That i couldn't find my way to the parking lot but i remembered a phone number that i haven't physically dialed and probably ten years and an address that have gone to like maybe once a year. Jesus christ address east by cable and that's tied to like my address g mail dad the phone number. I have no explanation for. But i was like i couldn't call lauren's number at all so i took her name off my contacts and i just see your phone number because i'm like i'm going to do the same thing at some point talking like buck lars numbers. I should say greg's at some point. I need to figure this out so talking. Football thing to it was. I'm trying to think of well. There was a mike vrabel in there. Please don't mice brave doug. Ivanka actually kelly's phone number is six zero. Three five eight zero four three. Please let her know what big mistake making. Yeah yeah we should say if you leave us a voicemail or attack message let us know which brown you like the least in safe and by how much jesus so we're talking about big dummies. This is what we're talking about idiot savant shit where we get. I don't think remembering what ten numbers in a row is survived. It is blackout greg. I'm talking about the address your blackout drunk and you you forget how to get to the park. And that's true. I could know you your address. It out at address right. I can tell you. Oh that was his password to his fuck and comcast remembered that way. Actually you know what. I fucking i didn't even i remember. I was like the fucking i hop and in the city. I know where it was for. The i blacked out at that ihop before i remember shit. Little more sense brownie. I don i know what it is. I could give away your address right now. I on top of my head right now while all right get handout. Our personal information love it. Yeah six zero three five zero five eight hundred four three. We say we can't wait to hear from you. But i'm i'm interested to see if we get any feedback but that roy brown four three. That's right. That's how. I remember it when i first got it. So what's next week. The jets right. Yeah at home. The oh and two jets the winless jet so far visiting fox gillette stadium see how the patriots do see if they can put some stuff together here. Also quick update on ryan tannehill. Mvp mvp candidate. steve Do you have any comment. yeah still i. Just don't think he's that good covid. Pandemic is really simplified. Things them and have a good game plan. But someone's going to figure it out. Remember the the hottest offense in history until they met the patriots and then they kind of figured out their scheme was someone's gonna be able to that. It's really more derrick henry than ryan tannehill ryan tannehill just benefiting off of derrick. Henry is clearly the best player in that offense. You can't say ryan tannehill is their best player Okay josh allen. Josh allen wa. I think he's improved. He's he's always had that running game his his his game and he still has that for a bit. I think he makes bad decisions. When he carries a ball. He takes a lot more punishment. Hits than you really should. But he's a big boy but eventually is going to catch up to allah donovan mcnabb and some of the players and steve mcnair. That we're seeing in the season and his his really roller coasters decision. Making is suspect. And he's either really good or really bad. There's really no inbetween steady hand. Where like ryan. Taylor actually kinda shines in that as like he's pretty reliable that is ceiling breeze going to give you that. Josh allen is a fucking crap shoot play eventually. That's going to catch up to them. Okay i'll of account counter argument. Both those quarterbacks are in the top ten for best odds to win. Mvp this year. Currently got decent quarterbacks. I'm just not sold more. They suck i believe is the turns e. You don't ever change the. They're saying they're not good. Yeah they're in like the ninety nine and a half percent. Dial of nfl player. When i'm matched up fantasy i'm all right. I'm feeling good. Okay and on that note. This has been the pages dynasty podcasts. One more i got one more. God interesting interesting fact This is your question about how the eagles ended their last year. They lost to the Buccaneers who up to that point had been one and twenty two in games played under four and then they lost twenty seven to ten home but something to look forward to is this year's because it is out of control. There's some great stuff that happens both with the patriots and in the nfc like this is. This is just an exciting year so this is a great or to that but first things first next week. New york jets at home maybe her member donahue fucking know. We'll find out next week. Nobody patriots shits their pants like the new york. Jets adam gates version. All right. see you next week. Gentlemen on the patriots dicey podcast.

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