Episode 80: Top Ten Yankee Prospect Michael King and Tampa Trip Recap


The. Say. Todd five ago, the body love these Aaron Boone the leader his person out of the game. These. To the first. The fortune, ROY what's what's happening? Welcome to another addition of the short porch live from Tampa, Florida alongside MacOS. Tommy, smokes, Thomas, Billy what's going on. But I just want to say we are in right now. I think pretty perfect weather like this right now could die in this weather this. So we are at the game earlier. We'll talk about that in our trip that was way too hot. But right now, we are under an umbrella sitting at a table outside perfect amount of breeze Nath too hot this. If I could consistently have this weather with me at all times. I would be very pleased. This is absolutely incredible. The breezy is unbelievable right now. Florida's just the best didn't even rain this weekend rains, usually. Usually what have been the Florida passed a range twenty minutes beautiful out here was sunshine throughout unbelievably sing Florida's. The best could be a better story. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I mean, I'm pretty sure back home. It's like a disaster. Now, we're. Where's the damn aid? Sounds like it's going to be sounds like tough back there. So we're sorry. But we'll be we'll be dealing with. Although I pretty sure it's fifty degrees this week. Oh, all right. So it's just come back with us. All right. So the way we do show. We did a lot spring training. It was unbelievable. I'll probably call the most incredible weekend in my life. I was just awesome. Just the seal the Yankees and all this. So we're going to talk about some Yankee news start. Then we're gonna get into Michael king. Which is unbelievable. Not unbelievable. That's ridiculous words. But it was a great interview interview, and it was kind of short notice on the whim, and it was just an awesome, sit down guys awesome. Good pitcher, you're gonna love the interview. And then at the end, we'll talk about the trip. The whole Tampa trip and go through it. So let's get into it. The start we Severino. Our ase the guy we just gave a nice contract to for years forty million the guy we're relying on I've said that the season heavily relies upon him being being back to normal and being an ace. Well, it's a tough star ready because he's shut down for two weeks. Rotator cuff, inflammation, scary inflammation. Is a scary word because it's very vague word. It can mean a lot of things, you know. So he shut down for two weeks. So I guess he's that was this week. So I guess is probably a little more than we left of that before they can figure stuff out, but he's not starting opening day, which is not disaster. But it's problematic start the year. It's a long season. You know, if it's just if it's just this an income back, you know, midway through April the end of April fine like we can live with that. But for now, scary stuff. It's it's just about as the the words Luis Severino injuries just about as bad as any news. You. Have a spring training. Because I mean, our judge is the most important kind the team. I put Luis Severino second probably at this point. I mean, obviously, Tommy John or something would be much worse. Hopefully, I mean, it's shoulder elbow different. But it's not as L. That's the only worst thing. Hurt shoulder. Not great though, pitcher shoulder. That's like Naga reissues and shit. Yeah. So it's it's bad. I mean, it could be worse. Could definitely be worse. But he is so important to this team. We need him to be healthy. We need him to be good. And if he is, you know. One thing we need to be good. If he's I'm going to be healthy. That's quite an issue in itself. Yeah. It's I mean to see that I gasped when I and he I mean, just about five minutes is in. I mean, I know you're gonna look at, you know, Johnny lasagna, Domingo her mind, Dave L S, but David Hale between him and then see which will talk about it throw tation, which we felt really good about like a month ago is. It's dicey. I mean, you never wanna see race with any of that. Like, you said inflammation is kind of. They're just going to figure out. What's wrong with him in these after two weeks and got to figure out what is causing it to be inflamed. We're not out of the woods yet. I will say it not being the elbow. It gives me a nice I relief because that's disaster waiting to happen and a ticking time bomb, but is tough. I mean, this is not grace. It's an 'cause you're opening day starter fun. Totally fine back before paxon's. You're you're you're to now. Happens. You're three still good three the foreign five is where it gets tricky. Because. CC's? Not starting the year win the rotation doesn't sound like he's far behind, but he's not going to start. He'll probably miss for him. Probably too starts thinking what they're saying. Yeah. It seems like he might probably miss a couple of weeks. I remember he also has the five game suspend right too. So I I would like that. If he's missing it because of injury this suspension kind of work with that forget how that now. Well, so if he's on the deal that wouldn't count. No, no, no, it doesn't count. But the reason so if you have when you have them on the DL they're going to be able to have twenty five men film roster, and he suspended you can't playing short. But I still think it would be smart to towards the tail end of him getting healthy bring him back. Let them serve the suspension play short this ways around it where we can carry on the figure out like an off day or something I think they're going to be able to hopefully, they'll be able to manipulate it. So that the suspension sort of blur is in with the Tra now, it's not I mean, it's it's not even April. So we're not. It's the most desperate thing the world like the finagle, you know, his suspension exact they can get. I'm sure they'll be okay. So Jamaica, her mom and Johnny lasagna sound like they're going to be the guys to fill in for those two. I would pose David Hill is I'm David hell guy. I don't know. I always think he's been consistent. What he comes in for whatever reason Louisa is also name you're going to hear we we talked. It was last episode or two ago about will lose Sesa make start or it will be answered ready. Yes, now, minus thousand so not great people have pointed to Dallas kaikal and GIO Gonzalez still free agents. I would rule kaikal out of kind of mmediately unless Severino's is way worse. You know, it becomes we get news in two weeks. And it's really bad. I'll be honest. I I kind of want I think going for not the worst move in the world. And I think he's cost too much for that. But at this point still, I don't know it's about to be opening day sign yet, you'd think he's. Waiting for certain number. I guess contract. You know, he's not holding out till may he's gotta sign. So right. I might concern. He's a little similar to J, hops, sorting know lefty who doesn't have overpowering stuff amble pitcher, though. Right. But I I I'm not as confident Yankees rotation as maybe a lot of other people are I think that CC is going to be problem all year. I mean with lingering injuries heart stuff, he's a huge question. Mark severino. Who knows snapped? With this Paxton, his a-walking injury bug, basically Tanakh, you never know with his elbow issue. So I think ending a veteran like Donald kaikal. You're pretty confident is going to feed you innings eat up innings if they're going to get him at a not awful contract. I think it makes. What about yoga Zola's? Yeah. I mean GIO is thirty three. Crafty veteran left the not overpowering stuff Cashman his talked about it already saying that they've they've hit him up there. If it is lineup before even the Severino injury. I think probably Assisi and the certainties and all that. And you know, you you in Sergio Gonzalez. He's a good five. I feel Gonzalves out there for a few starts definitely wouldn't cost much. Let's see last last year. He was with the brewers and the nationals. Had some good starts for the brewers nationals. Not so much is very small sample size just twenty five innings. But I think he's a guy you can bring on cheap. I think he's probably the guy targeting because chief he is. And how you know, you don't really Dallas likely send Kyko. It's here rotation the whole year, right? Then what happens when everyone does get healthy. Well, that's right. But I'm saying the whole GOP would make Gonzales more fair. I just sending the when that's minds, but you can just call them. Sure. Wouldn't be a crazy amount of money. Or through the bullpen, whatever. But Dallas was more of a a major move Severino. Right. Really really hurt kaikal becomes more of a play for sure. And then but just the advocate. I understand all that about GIO Gonzalez. The argument for TAOs kaikal that it's just better. So sure they wanna let out and he's pitching the place before, you know, compared him big moments for sure and do you like the ground ball ability from him? I just find it unlikely that all five of their current starters including Louis and are going to be healthy all season long. I think I mean that's already out. Right. Exactly. But I mean, even even after you know, the first couple of weeks sees. I feel like there will always be like one guy who is maybe on the hour something it's like, right? Just rocky start there. I do think we're gonna be okay. I'm not I'm not even close to hitting the panic button. I'm not even in the same room where the panel is right now here, you're ace go down that's concerned Sern, we hit the concern button. We haven't hit the panic. I had my alerts on for the Yankee beat writers waiting to hear any seven a report. Like, we're at that level of like, okay? What's the next? What's the next report? We're going to hear from Severino. Hopefully, it's oh, he's fine. He's feeling good. I've weird feeling. It's not going to be that have nothing to back that up. That's just the gut feeling. There's more to this than he's the he could miss a month or whatever we'll see moving on cici's Tabatha is joining ESPN during the season. Very interesting move. Few people have done this in the past different sports. He's doing fifteen in-studio appearances on several shows like get up. Sportscenter baseball tonight. There was a couple other ones mixed in there. Some some of the lower to your shows. But what do you think that this is weird? Yeah. I mean, it's clear he's going to be in medium your tires, Dr C to podcast between this. He's always been sort of a good fund percent. Yeah. So I mean, I guess you just start a little early one foot out the door, which the way he kinda put it is. You know, it's like if he's not pitching that day. You know, why not if it's an off day for him. Like, you know, who are we to decide how he spends? It rang was different to be sitting on his couch or talking about you know, basketball, or football, whatever on ESPN. So I have a problem with it random Marshall to this. I think when he was on the jets and did not go great. Well, that's Brandon Marshall is his well eighteen different personalities different. Yeah. I mean, I guess if you're giving me an option now, you know, what? I don't care. Let them go for it. I wish he just did it for like postal sports. That'd be cool. That would be great as well. Or like any? Anybody SPN? There's that factor. But I mean as far as just do I think there's going to the biggest news of the entire week. Maybe the entire history of life came Saturday night. We were just we just come back from our whole day out and sit down, and I got a text Trent who was going to blog the story, but you know, very gracefully. It's it's the it's the code of bloggers, I blog Iran, a lot normally big story for sure, but you know, he isn't really blog as much anymore. I'm sure he was doing some of the things. But Iran pop the question of jaylo it happened. I sell show for me. And then I I saw you late. I yeah. I was like forty five minutes. I guess my mouth. I saw I saw the the tweet the picture my mouth dropped. And I was just happy. I was just so happy for the amount of time. I've written a blog about them and said like either why not? Shootout me, please dot me. And then after the phone like when is he popping the question? I said it all these ward shows the forget, I don't know. What exactly was he was the Emmys Grammys, whatever Espy's was the one where he's taking the pictures for the entire time and Jalen show agree. How did the the Grammys because she wanted to work, and she was she shouted him out. And it was like everyone who's near offended a fist pump. And she's like, Alex do it. Just pop the quest. She's going to say, yes, she right with you and follow. He did that that ring that rock. Listen, I'm twenty five not in a relationship. Not even close to being married to anybody. Although pretty much integral. He'll probably say probably married Amaro. I have no idea how much I look at a ring. Like, oh, that's cool. It looks nice ring. I have no idea. I know for fact that ring was nice that ring probably costs much, I'm gonna make my whole life. That ring. I mean, again, I don't really know how bring prices work, right? I'm assuming like five hundred thousand that's seems exorbitant. Maybe like it's supposedly what three months salary, right? That's for him. That would be what does even make. I mean, if you're killing we actually go your millions making thirty million a year over six months that's fifteen. He doesn't make that anymore. Right. But I'm saying if you're going back to what he was making that would be. Fifty probably unlikely. Now I couple of hundred. I'm rod spent on spent big on a nice expensive ring. And I'm sure it didn't dent is Bank account too much. I don't think he the one who checks his chase up fifteen minutes when he buys a drink at the bar like me. But I actually I don't give a shit about celebrity relationships years, though, like other people whatever I just focused attention other things I care about that. I was like very into that. You know, like how would celebrity couples and people like loves dead. I feel Chris Pratt affairs. When they when they ended like love is dead while this show back. Lomas never been more back. I'm just love is in the air. Like stroll that I think I did like a we're out any girl. I see. I was just like, yeah. Maybe he'll propose that girl on the women like just anyone's going. Yeah. He was like sure. And the last bit of news, sunny, gray. He didn't interview in the Fleck, and I'll pull it up here. It's very interesting and. He basically trashes the Yankees, and you can take to two ways that he's right? And the Yankees, you know, treated him like shit for the most part didn't help him at all when he was struggling or that. He's just like got this built up anger from the fan. Maker right. Exactly. Like, he never. He never wants to anything in media. He was very bad with the media. I think he you know, he would laugh it off and try shoulders shit. So it's like shit he'd say this. Now, I kind of just kept my mouth shut its bad look on his birthday come out like this. But some of the things he said it's just like when he was struggling this is this is an exact, quote, maybe the four CM park situation led to the homers. But why so many walks at home he nearly doubled. His walk rate at home gray said that's the question. It was insane. It wasn't like two or three starts either pretty large sample or with that drastic of split. And they said it caused a picture to go the coaching staff questions as he said, what do you think your members asking am? I nuts. You see a difference? What's the difference? They said, no, you've just been lucky. I was like that's bullshit seems like a Larry Rotschild thing. I mean, we're about his anti lower Rothschild as any podcast out there, and that sort of confirmed everything we've said is that Larisa doesn't do. He just he's early go out there today. And if nothing changes he does not if if you do bad it has nothing to change nothing to address that's enough. It's luck of the draw so sunny, grace centigrade is an excuse maker. But at the same time now people always say don't wanna make excuses. Don't make excuses. But sometimes excuses are valid so I mean, yeah, you know, the New York media stuff like that that's sort of bullshit excuse. But yeah, if you're struggling and you're pitching staff, you're pitching coaches post to help you just got unlucky today. There's nothing really we could do about excuse. And I remember talking about this probably on the show last year when he got taken out of the rotation. He was doing well in the bullpen or whatever. And people ask them like working with you. We said, no. The pitcher not working with was concerning of some more stuff from the article won't go to through it. But. He sunny was known for his twelve six curb curb drops out of the sky. It's Tomahawk curveball. I it was awesome. And oakland. And he said that the Yankees are just very obsessive with sliders. They love sliders. She's probably Whiteley sign not amount of you know, because he's believable slaughter. But he said that they basically forced him to throw the slider. And he said when he throws slider a lot just in his history. Going back to Vanderbilt college. We throw slaughter the shape of his curveball changes. Just like, I guess mental muscle memory and all that type of shit. But he said, that's what happened my curve all just went to absolute shit. And he said is exact quotes where. I don't have that type of slider Tanaka slider. His slider. The catch will catch it in the battle. Swing and miss. If I get a swing missed the catchers blocking the dirt when I throw when I try to throw sliders for strike. I get around it. And it's just a shitty spitting pitch. I don't know. How people throw sliders for strikes that are still tight. Good pitches. I'm at two oh, and I'm throwing a slider and either throwing shitty slider in the zone. That's going to get crushed or Yankee in the dirt. And it's three I'm screed away. I think we can we know a bunch of sliders dirty would yank and it'd be like what the fuck was efforts just pitches. They'd never had a chance to be in zone or even thought about swinging to he said that he would love he's he's going. He's with his old pitching coach had Vanderbilt there about and they always in Cincinnati. And he said he's going back to throwing scribble on the con-. It's not even so, I guess we gotta see. I mean, that's way. And sees thrown his cutter a lot more one. Last part was about the Red Sox last year. His last outing second last game of the season. I threw two innings out of the pen. As did all I did was cutters. I said fuck them all gonna do. Oh cutters today and he just ninety four monarch cutters. Six up six down four punch outs. And I thought maybe I'll make the postseason roster here. But I didn't seem. I think we know why the posters roster, but very interesting winnings was not going to change that. Yeah. So take it. You know, I think it's probably both ends how Sonny was definitely frustrating. This kind of a bitch move him. But at the same time like this probably a lot of truth to the lia- Rotschild thing. And how the sliders that everything we're going to get into now, our first interview, we did a bunch of stuff we're gonna get into after this interview of how we broke down. I guess we should say. Now, we are joining the barstools boots that were as buckets, very cool. We weren't on the we were just kinda on ourselves to build this up. We think we've done enough. We've got the green light green light. So we are officially a partial pockets as of March eighteenth our first show. I mean, I guess from today. I mean, I guess technically we're already kind of barstool fuck as speaking like nothing's really gonna change drastically. But yeah, we're here. We're here to stay. We're hopefully going to build this thing up section ten is a great Red Sox podcast for borstal sports. And we cut kind of trying trying to bring the same type of thing. Just for the Yankees that's deserving. A lot of people want that you know, less. Boston stuff. You know, we're Boston site by nature. So we're gonna try your best to do that. So last year, really, you know, started, you know, it was a heated rivalry between the red sock fans in the office with the playoff series and all that. And we're going to try to build off that will of other Yankee fans from the office on every now and Willie mardi mush, Frankie, Frankie for sure. Maybe we'll maybe Liz if she wants to on a crazy rent? We'll we'll build it up up New York. I Boston and starting with some some player interviews to. Yeah. We did a lot of great shit down here. I think we really like I was a little worried of what it was going to be like, and what what we're gonna get because he just never really know. But it really worked out couldn't have worked better. I think given our first time. Yeah. But like giving our where we all right now. This is great. I love you is Michael king. He's a top ten prospect in the system, if you don't know him, you should he was acquired in the kale. Smith Garrett Cooper trade from the Marlins. He is awesome. If you like baseball baseball porn. He breaks it down. Like he is. Honestly, we were just sitting there. And it was just a joy to hear him talk about the game baseball how to pitch and all that stuff. It's not and this isn't a nocco, Mike. Okay. And he knows it's not like the sexiest name to, you know, have on an interview because not in the majors yet. But he is really good. I mean unbelievable minor league season last year. And the interview itself is awesome. It's good as you're going to get with really any major league players and said the way you said the way he broke it down to really chill guy. Stolley awesome. Yep. So with our do, let's do Michaelson. All right here with Michael king top ten Yankees prospect. How you doing good? How are you? Good. I've been happy here. Little little rushing this. He came over a little short notice. But it it's all good for poolside. It's nice. A little worried about me getting a sunburn in the sun frying the equipment. But hopefully, it'll tan up real nice women to pretty doesn't fry. So I will how're you doing? I mean, you had the scary stress reaction in your elbow little few weeks ago, your shutdown people were freaking out. I think I actually hit you up. And I was like, oh, you good. Good them like this. But yes, how's everything going? It's good. I actually had a similar injury my freshman year college, and I was at three month shutdown. So that's how I was kind of afraid of. But they said it wasn't nearly as bad as I went to the doctor when I was a freshman as well. So he saw my elbow then. And so they said we're gonna take a month get another MRI reevaluate and that was on Wednesday. And they cleared me on Thursday. And I've been thrown for the last two days and everything's feeling good. So nowhere is we're kind of breaking news. Yeah. So when do you think you'll be back into, you know, full form or you there? No. So yeah, it'll be a decently slow progression. I'm trying to get them to move fast possible. See I wanna be out there. But I think right now they have me back live in a game on April eighteenth. But that's just one inning. And then I'll have to build up from there. But that'll be whatever. Four more starts from there to go one inning two three inning until I'll be able to get a five inning start. I mean, your your one of your top ten prospect in the system, and it's crazy because couple years ago. I mean, even to the point when we when you were in the Gary Cooper trade Kayla. Smith like not to insult your anything. But you are bit of throwing I guess like and been Cashman, his kind of emitted how like this. This just happens in trades were guys just fucking boom out of nowhere. And that's I mean, you I mean that's to your work. You probably the best Miley season of any minor league pitcher out there last year. Thank you. But yeah, I mean, I guess I kind of use it a little bit of motivation. Just because like I like. That the entire STAN. And in every article about the trade who was just like Yankees going after Otani their cleanup, forty manned space. And no one really said anything about me. So I mean, it's not like anything big. But I still wanna be noticed a little bit. You know? So it was it was definitely on the in the back of my mind. But I mean, the like I love the Marlins I love all the guys I met there. I love coaches over there. But I definitely had a little bit more freedom, and there's a little bit more knowledge with coaches in the in the leagues with the Yankees here. So that made me definitely develop a little bit faster even than I thought it was going to. Yeah. So I had the goals of like just getting the AA last year being a high star getting a AA and then going from there, but I change those a little bit just because I got fasttrack a little bit. What were the biggest adjustments? You made when you came over the keys that enabled this breakout. So I mean, my fastball command really increased step across my body with two or so it's really tough for me to get side. That's like in on lefties away. To righties and the Marlins had move all the way over to third base out of the rubber. So now, I was even further over there, and it was really tough for me to get to that side of the plate. So I was really pitching with only half the plate. And then the Yankee said not just do whatever's comfortable go back over there. All back to the first bayside and just felt like I had better command my fastball my Slatter side develop a little bit. And that was just me throwing it more and more. And then I'm just like a preparation type pitch. I love to watch video guys love to see sequences. I that's like that's like my crack Phil guy analytics with that. Yeah. Especially as I started moving up in levels. They had more access to that stuff. Definitely. Also, just the difference between the Marlins and the Anki the Yankees had that kind of stuff where when I I mean, I was only low with the Marlins, but in low aid, the only video I could see was when I was facing that team a month ago, or whatever it was. So I didn't see any video of of new guys that were coming in. Whether it was a guy that just got sent down or called up or traded, whatever I didn't get anything. And then I just had to kind of go after However, I would. Yeah. And then and then it just throughout the game. So definitely let me have a plan as I was going in to those games. And that's like what added to my success. Interesting. It's almost like the opposite of with sunny greatest, bashed the whole Yankee. Let article it's like it's almost like he he seemed like none of that was happening. And now we have proof that. Yes, it does. We care immensely about guys. I read that you have a new cutter that help help at the arsenal. Was that all with the Yankees to? They were just like it was kind of kind of a mix of both. I was flirting with it a little bit because I usually throw to change up and move the same direction. And I always struggled lefties, and it kinda like that too. Seems are two seem movement goes right into a bad path of a lefty. Right. And they can just drive to less than a gap. And I started getting trouble. If I would miss at all with that. We're if I missed with a with a righty up there. I knew I could get it under a barrel or on their fists or something have we contact. So I wanted something that was hard and going the other way originally it was a four seamer. But then I realized my four seamer still had some run it just didn't have the sink like my my two seamer. Did so I tried really getting on the side of it and rip in it. And in bullpens all throughout AA. I was throwing it. And then once I got AAA the opposite hitters are a little bit better. And I felt like I needed to do something and. I face Lehigh valley. And they had like seven left these in their lineup. And a lot of them were the big power left. He's really drive a Mets as up, and I threw it probably five or six times that day and a lot of it was just backed Orna where I throw it off the two seem throwing it where it runs away and that have left you kind of see that and then lay off it. And then I throw it starts on that same plane, but comes back and catches the outside corner. And I think through four or five home it had like three or four. Look looking punch outs. Just because that was just because it was a new pitch. So my thing is I don't want to get into the habit of throwing more cutters and be a cutter guy. I wanted to be where I can almost like shock somebody. I love how much of a student the game. You are. This is like a clinic say, you you have obviously great stuff. We also talked about wanting to watch the film. Yogi Berra has the famous quote. Baseball's ninety percent mental. The physical math is just incorrect. How would you break it down? How much do you think is physical mental on your end? I it's totally dependent on the player. There are a lot of guys that are out there that say like, I just can't think when I'm out there. I I don't I don't wanna be thinking. I just wanna attack hitters even like like, I read Chris sale at the Red Sox will not shake off the catcher, and it just because it puts doubt in both their minds at the call and the wrong the wrong pitch. But for me, I wanna be I wanna be throwing the piss I want to throw for sure the most confidence in. So for me. I like as much it. It's probably for me. It's ninety ten mental physical just because when I'm on the mound. I wanna know my plan of attack. I wanna know everything about that hitter. I want a study everything from when he first broken in a pros. And I got notes on guys faced when I was in the ACC that's still are playing in the pros. And it's just I wanna see their their progression. To then know where I can exploit them where they haven't changed anything. And then just. Their overall approach of the game. And I when I go watch game like I was sitting there watching judge yesterday. And I'm trying to like see what I would do to him. And it's just like little things that I play mind games with myself to like put me in that in that situation and see like all right based on his body language. It looks like he's taking first pitcher here. And then you see him. He takes first pitch. You like, okay. I'm trying to get these little cues a lot of it. I I know it's the Yankees here. I was watching like Pedro and Jason Verita short. And that was like he had so much faith in Varitek because Varitek was studying that hitter. And like how hard it was gripping the bat as he got into the box. No one he's going to be aggressive. And so as much as I can't really see that those are the kind of things I'd like to see it's really interesting. How you said that the the shaking offing how sales though, we just interviewed adamant, you know, and he was like I wanna call my pitches, I'll shake off until they kill. They make me step off the mound. It's like everyone's different like that. But I mean, I pitched like in high school and stuff. I I needed to shake off like when you're you wanna throw. Yes. High school fishing and in triple eight hundred percent the same thing. But. People rave about your control your walk rate last year was ridiculous. A four point four walk. I mean, that's preposterous. But the the haters will say that like, you know, the the people criticize you a little bit. We'll say that you out pitch. What's your response to that? I totally agree. I that's something. I need to develop. I think that a rotation has to have a lot of different pitchers. You can't have Severino's all five of them be ninety eight plus on top of his slider. You have to have a J hap- coming in there at ninety ninety three with sink in can can command. And then Tanaka comes in there with whatever eight different pitches. So it just keeps a lineup off balance throughout the whole rotation. So I just wanna say to my identity of getting quick outside almost sinker baller. So I'm not really trying to get swing and misses I'm trying to get quick ground. Ball outs, we contact. But I'm my sliders. Never been great. I definitely had great strides with it this year. She talked to add out of you know, about that. That's one. Yeah. He he went to northeastern. I talked a little bit. When we first got here. I I so I went to college we had a BC alumni weekend. It was right after he got signed and one of my buddies who's who played at BC when venos- at northeastern said, yes. From ABC boys didn't think anything else I played in northeastern. He might know some of them. And I guess he was dating a girl at BC. So he was there like all the time and hung out with all the BC. Boy. So I was trying to get into it. Because he's big that like analytic stuff of the slow MO cameras and all the like tunneling of pitches. So that's something. I definitely want to get into. I'm I've been messing around with little grip changes. And since I've been shut down. I just like holding the ball just like feel it. But I'm gonna see if a new grip I have has made it a little bit more. I just needed sharper because it's anywhere from like eighty to eighty six and throw in nineteen ninety six I want that to be higher up that wanted to be like eighty five eighty seven eighty eight in their sharpen and with quick by. But then again, I'm not gonna change my. Punchout pitcher. So I really don't care about having that knockout secondary as long as I'm still getting out early in the count. I take it. You're someone who'd rather have the Greg Matic's eighty five pitch gem or you out thunk everyone. Then like, you know, fifteen strikeouts. Overpower and people right. Yeah. It's definitely cool on a statute to see like ten punchout game. But those come few and far between. But yeah, I mean, I I wanna be the guy that just eats up innings. We were just talking about it with J P firehouses news in AAA with me and bullpen hates it. When like you get in trouble in the first inning. And now all of a sudden bullpens got back in the first. And now it's a bullpen game from the first to the ninth inning. And so my my role is just to get to that fifth sixth seventh inning. And especially in today's day and age where you got four bullpen guys that are hundred plus coming in there that can just close the door. It's valuable to save those arms and give a guy seven eight innings bullpen, seven eight innings. So they only have to cover that one or two such kind of pride myself off of and I think it's it it could be. Able in any rotation. Just because it saves marv's. Definitely you see you're from New York originally. I was born there. Right. You didn't grow up there. We moved on six months old, but my whole moms out of families from upstate New York. So I was born in Rochester. And then we moved to Minnesota for four years and then came into Rhode Island. Gotcha. That's that's on me. But I was gonna ask if you if you were a Yankee fan like your your life growing up say was. Now, this is actually a funny story. I I really don't really want this to be out there. But whatever so my dad's from Boston. I'm offering New York whole data families, Boston everything patriots. Celtics. Bruins Red Sox. Any raised me to be a Boston fan? Two hasn't three. I was. Seven when boon hit the walk off. Right. And my dad had tickets to like game three your game for whatever it was at Fenway. And he was a news anchor at the time. It was a Sunday night game. We go to the game. We're on the T gets rained out. Reschedule the Tuesday. He's gotta work the six o'clock in eleven o'clock news. So he can't go anymore. My mom like it's ails ES Red Sox Yankees. You gotta go and my mom's like just sell a ticket Celtics get so much money for it. She's he's like, no, you take them. It'll be a great experience, whatever. So I go as a Red Sox Yankees win my mom's pumped she's the biggest baseball fan I've ever met like knows everybody stands huge Mary honor of air fan. He closes it out. They win the game. My dad gave me twenty dollar Bill to get a souvenir, and I come home with the Yankee hat God and seven whatever just stand wagon fan. And then seeing my mom all happy. It just made me Yankee fan. And then when I came home, I turn around the corner, and I got a Yankee hat on. And that's my dad laying on the couch, and he's just like stabbing himself with an imaginary knife and. And he's because he was so pissed at me. Maybe wanna be more of a Yankee love that. And I was just like I now once I got like older and everything especially living in in Rhode Island. We only get Boston coverage. So like, I'm not like I'm not diehard Yankee. I hate the Red Sox. But I mean now that I'm a Yankee. It's getting the moment. You get traded to the Yankees. What is that life? All that was that was we I was actually lifting when it happened. And I got a call from the Yankees area scout, and he's been a good friend of mine. Matt hides his name really good, dude. I thought I was checking in on how my off-season was going that kind of thing. So I let go to voicemail com back after after my lift I'd give a lesson to a kid right after that. And he calls back, and I'm like something's going on. But like still I'm letting go to voicemail, and then I got a call from Jupiter area code, which is the Marlins spring training. And I'm like all right something's up. I gotta answer this call, and I just like jokingly said one of my buddies. I was at facility I was at like, I just got trader go into the office. I close the door. And there was another guy in there. And I said. Hey, don't let anybody in just cases important conversation answer. And it was when like jeeter just came in cleaned house. So the guy I didn't even know who was answered was a interim director player development until they find somebody. And he said, yeah. Like good news for the Yankees, bad news for us. We just traded you to them. And I was like, wait. What like what? And he is like, Yep. We have to be the first ones to tell you. And then you should get a phone call from the Yankee soon, and so I'm just sitting there like after I'm lifting, and I got this kid that said give me a second. I'm giving them a lesson. Just like that. I'm not giving. I figure this out. So I remember coming home. I was calling my mom all this stuff. And I thought it was really cool. Just because it's like a minor leaguers dream to get traded. It sounds weird. Is it? It sounds really weird. But like when when I was with the Marlins, it's like when we're in stretch lines and everything it's like, yeah. Get you traded deadline like maybe trade, and it just like put you on a map with the other team. You know that they like you because obviously they wouldn't ask for your name. And I was like all throughout the two thousand seventeen season one last year with the Marlins I was kind of like getting weird vibes. Like, I was part of trade deals are pitching coordinator came in. And he said something to me like you're in one of the trade offers. But we just climbed it and like casualty walk by me. And I'm like all right, whatever drought that and then obviously happens, and I didn't know anybody with the Marlins. So I didn't even know who to call like thanks for what thanks for. I don't know centimeter a better organization. But I mean, it was it was exciting time for me in my entire moms out of family. Going nuts. Just what what do you think seven year old? You would have said if you were told that Derek Jeter is going to trade you first baseball executive to the Yankee God, I have no idea. I got the first text, I got was actually from aircraft. See my strength strength to the season. And he goes what did you do to piss off? And so I love the guy. He was one of my he'd never met him never met. But I mean, I can't think of enough now thinking damn she hates me. But I mean after that I was like all right. He brought me to better organization we were just too 'cause like stay in the big big deal from the Marlins to the Yankees. And we're talking to somehow we were talking about that trade, and how jeeter got ridiculed for cleaning house with whatever ozone yelich, Gordon, all them real mute now. And I was like you guys are missing the point. They they got rid of their best attribute they're like Stanton. And I was like I was Marley jokin brand this podcast is interview with an early player. Derek Jeter traded from the Marlins kiss. I another one. I hope I'm not listen. But I was out at a bar probably like a a week after I got with a bunch of my boys. And so because it was week after there was like all these articles that were like my name would pop up. Yes, it was highlighting Otani and all them, but my name would still pop up on Google image. If air, Google, search and. It was like staying just comes over. And it was literally a week after I got trained get traded. And a lot of the girls are like so you got traded for Stanton like not really knowing. And I'm like, no, no, no. I was boys with staying on the Marlins traded over. And he just couldn't be without me. Wait, you actually know Giancarlo Stanton. All my a hookup your. Little STAN has no idea who I am. But right now. Like. See you're starting pitcher by trade. I have a feeling when you do get the call. You know, they do have know fully starting rotation. You're gonna be reliever thoughts on that, you know, different mindset. And all that you okay with it. I'm sure you're okay with it. They say you're gonna be hitching stadium reliever. But yeah, I actually disagree with you a little bit on that. Oh, that's oh. I like that. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, well like, I totally be reliever. But I think we had like ten starters last year throughout just like J have Catan foot mouth. Do you need very firm? So me communicate with front office that kind of stuff I feel like that'll be more my role this year as a sixth seventh starter type deal like better Louis Sessa lost. He's he's one of the best either, absolutely hilarious. But but he so he he's one of them like low icy good her mind for sure I was talking about agent about like those guys are all forty man guys. So if a guy goes down for start it's an easier paper move to just send a forty man guy over then it would be for me. We said don't expect that. But if something like hopefully doesn't happen drafting goes down for an extended period of time and you've proven yourself. Then. That's when you prob I love that mentality. I'm having disagreement there. That's that's like, that's that's a killer like professional mentality. You were talking about life in the minor leagues. Little before a lot of people say that, you know, the best part about reaching a goal is like the journey along the way or you enjoying the journey of being in the minor leagues. Or you just you ready for the bright lights? Yes. And no it's fun to have these stories to tell about like making no money and being on a bus for eleven hours. And all the all the guys you come across. But it's not fun. It's not easy. And that's why you got so many. There's so many of my good friends that retired even though they were young in and actually had a promising future. But it's just a grind. And fortunately, I love it. Unfortunately, a lot of guys that are in this organization love it. But I mean. I've always been known to be like results oriented, which actually isn't great, and you wanna be process oriented in wanna love that grind to then get there. But for me like I want to do is win. Like, I don't care if I give up ten runs as long as we put up eleven then like, I'm fine with it. And. The I when I was getting scouted in college and high school and everything I was just so into winning that it almost skewed my my numbers of my mentality, but say one seven nine area through every high level system. The miners you figured that that helps that helps. But I mean, like, you you just gotta do it. It's like you can't. I'll less you're one of those like really high high round picks that can skip levels and stuff and throws hundred in his own time. You gotta just get get through all of it. And it definitely bills you as a person, and then kind kinda prepares you for for what you're you're about to see at the big league level because I mean, I mean you've done it to guys like New York media is tough or not shall I try not to turning new leaf. Oh, yeah. He's pretty self. I guess. Like one player we want to win the business. It's it's tough. And so you got you gotta like gotta be thick skin. And you gotta you gotta be able to take the heat and as long as as long as they're parents Ford a little bit it makes it a little bit of an easier transition. So for sure you mentioned the bus rides. How do you pass that time of those those long ones? I mean got TV shows the watch, you know, what do you like I try to sleep a lot of us play cards. Sometimes it Gaza bring like four night on the bus, and you like connect your four point nine guy. Everybody wants no big deal wants whatever thirty times, percentage wise, I say percentage wise, I'm better than injure like I likely Senate wise win more than injured us. What's one for thirty three percent three percent? And my average finish hide in bushes. The whole time like I said before kind of a pussy, it's kind of like a survival strategy where I always come top ten sometimes top tube. And then just me and the other guy I can't shoot guy killing is. Now, not my thing. I just like lasting long coming top five. But to me like so my average finish is higher than injure. Probably. Gotcha. No big deal. You're like Matt Damon and saving private Ryan. You just sit on side and cry. No, you guys got this one. I'm gonna sit out this how clean up the scrabble. Not a big guy. I played once I finished fifth, and I retired any kills. Yeah. Killed. I remember killing two guys. And it was like a big deal. That's I wasn't sober. Who saw? No. I'm more of a up to Kane stuff like that that got as we wrap up. So the minor leagues you got a an even down spring training. You got to see like a bunch of former Yankees legends. And all that, I know Nick Swisher has a big impact. I see your face right now. I mean, he's he's a nutjob. We're going to have him on soon. Hopefully, just talk about like those guys in Iraq. Who has the biggest impact? So I had no idea. That's wish was even like retired. I felt like he was still playing get called to AA and I walk into the locker room, and we have a bad boy Tommy down singer kid. Cutest kid in the world love him. And he's got Swisher in a headlock on the ground as he's like playing WWE music just going nuts. And I'm like what the hell's going on? And like Switzer's w like I had no idea who's on his team. He's like his special assistant. Steinbrenner. But I'm telling you the man stories are unbelievable. You gotta get 'em on here. But he's just like he's an absolute nut. It's like he's on something at all times. And it's just like his blood now. That's just what he is. And I don't know kid hits a home run. And each is going nuts in the dugout like we're up. We're up six runs over the solo shot. He's going nuts. We I remember having lunch and he's telling stories about like, I'm telling you once you get them going good. I don't even want to spoil it because I can't I can't do we've been in contact with him. I think he's gonna come on. Oh my God. I mean, he's got stories about like JR Smith and his prime. What should we ask him about where we gotta get? No. You gotta JR Smith story that was it was right win. God who's a kid guy ball dude beard played on the Knicks like tours ACL coming down for a rebound along time ago. Not like a long time ten years ago channel now point guard. Aired Barron Davis Davis. Yeah. That Barron day their news. He like had a I don't know tore like everything is neat. Yeah. One day. And it was Swisher is good good friends with him. And he goes over you got on telling goes over to his house, and like the characters that David surrounded himself with and then JR Smith comes in. And it was I'm telling you, it's one of the best stories. You'll have you got assets. Amazing. Tommy have anything else there? What's? Yeah. Just one last thing. What is something about you that surprise people to now if you have anything top your head if people hear this? I wouldn't have expected that about Mike, okay? Spot. Good things. We'll say I mean, like it's not like that bad love cooking. I don't know if that's like some weird. Seamless? I don't know if it stayed in money on my minor league salary here. But I cook all the time for myself my grandma's like the best cook in the world. So she teaches me every now and then. Some weird. I don't know. I feel like I'm kind of kind of a normal, dude. This is like probably bad. I'm one of the fakest people in the world, if I hate you you never going to know like I'll I'll be nice in the world got a really good debt. Like right before this. I was like. Well, I wouldn't know though. Yeah. No. Like, I just I don't wanna like make enemies. I guess it's more being polite than anything. But like, I don't know if I like you. I'm more joking around with him not being nice to you that that's really guys in the minor leagues for listening to this. And be like this. Survivor that I think probably kill that show. You watch I into more into the bachelor. I know that sounds terrible juicy that fence Trump. I mean, one not eight feet high. I know it was like I in my head hand Shaw saying it's more like seven. Yeah. Yeah. 'cause he's not eight foot eighty but still I mean, just the just a prime show. And that's another thing survival of the fittest type thing. And as you do what you can to stay keep getting those roses. That's I do I make my friends. I would make my enemies. But I I'd get that final rose Michael can get to the mind pads it after the bat. On survivor. Do you? So last question to you, would you say you're going to be in Yankee Stadium pitching the? I mean, it's obviously the goal you gotta be coughing yourself. You're going to be there. You're going to be there. Yeah. Thank you. But yeah, I. I. It's just kind of a matter of one little setback, obviously with with this injury and spring training. But my original goal is be like early may they're playing the Mariners my boys. Justin dunno if you know him. Mets traded to the Mariners. They play the Mariners wants this year, and it's may tenth or something like that. So I wanted to be then, but I don't think it'll happen then now we're pushing for June June, June, July where I'm really trying to get their feeling refacing done quite a bit the rest of your career. So you'll have some ups. Don't we had a great plan? Sorry for going over land. Because he was my roommate in college like absolute boys, I live with them every offseason we work out Christian Jupiter every off season, and we hadn't planned where we're both going to be in New York. He's obviously for the Mets Yankees were gonna live in the same apartment as cool story like college roommates, then become roommates while they're in pro ball, and we were pissed when that first came out when the rumors were coming out, I was like pleased not go even though he's got an unbelievable paternity there going to be almost fasttrack because Mets have a great rotation. I don't know how long they're going to be able to keep all those guys. But. Mariners don't. And so they're building Sheffield's coming over there. Chef wanna going over? There are big. And I know Donny said he was gonna start in AA. But if Swann your chef breaks or gets up there quick he's going to be the next one that goes triple so he's like hoping that they that they really succeed southern I hope to hope to see you in the Bronx year, if you need a roommate I plan on moving in September. So that would be cool. It's done is out of the picture. It'd be great. But I pre she's so much for coming coming on and the whole short-notice thing. But I wish you all the luck in the world. We're all rooting for you. Thank you. I appreciate it. All right king. Everybody. And thanks again. The Michael king for coming on. It was kind of like an on the we we had some interviews lined up. And then and they were pushed back a little bits. We will squeeze Mun earlier than initial worked out full-size better. So we came earlier, and we kinda were just shooting the shit with him that whole time. Like, we didn't have a lot completely prepared as much as we did the other interviews terms of structure and all that. And it was great or sometimes like honestly is and Michael he's a just a bro big stolley went to BC. So it was it was very cool to have him on hope to see your best luck everything. And I guess we're breaking news with that that he's good to go helpless, which is great. So that's big throwing again Amara seems to come out. Good. And I mean, he is we're talking about Donna's Anya deeming Armand and whoever in the beginning of the show, Michael king. If he was healthy, I think he'd really be in the mix to start the season. And I think I think Michael king will make a start in. As the I really like how disag- he's like, I'm gonna disagree with you. And he he was when I disagree with two. I think his stuff plays better for being snow for sure I just didn't think there was going to be a spot. But then he broke he's like those injuries happening. Right. Completely. Right. I think for sure he suffered disorder and. Yes. So I really hope we get to see him in New York this year. I think we will especially at the at the minimum September, call and stuff. But I think before that you should you will see assuming, you know, health and everything he's good to go. And you know, he continues the same stuff. So we should nothing. Best hope to have him on again after cracks the roster and everything she'll have some funny stories. But yeah, Michael king was awesome. So it's getting the trip. We get down. Here had a few things lined up. Some things didn't work out terms of the universe. Do. But overall, the production guy unbelievable to break. It all down Tyler Wade. We got weighed in a barbershop you're gonna listen to that one in a probably done a few shows. Out of at out of Iino was incredible to see him today. You were downstairs passed out basically so hot. We're gonna go chronological order, but I got to see out of you know, today and his stuff we were sitting a couple rows behind on plate and his stuff in that angle is unbelievable. It's truly Ramar. And I was tweeting. Oh, it's spring training. Dude doesn't fucking matter at the scene. His his his whippable stuff in person is great. He's and we kind of touched on this in the interview with him. But he might be even better because he's out of Colorado. And he preview it a little bit. He was talking about how being in the air. They're takes away from his slaughter a little bit. And now he may never give up even contact. They weren't coming close to him today close. There's this great to see. So out of you know, we actually did poolside was kind of funny, and we were praying. Yeah. We didn't. We don't have an RV down. Here. We were kind of just doing everything at the hotel aside from one special guest and remember to go. We I went to go get out of it. He was in the lobby and you're saying by the pool, and it was quiet in the moment came back. The started started gusting little of the women's find Audio's. Great and kids started coming the pool. And I was like e text me like, you got fucking kidding me. The last thing these annoying little kids being jumper the pools. I thought it was gonna come back to like a nine on nine volleyball. Yeah. Somebody that. Luckily, pretty much all worked. Yeah. It was great. So that was a great interview. Then next was sterling, right? John fucking sterling will can't yet king between king between that. Right. And we were able to get hold of John sterling somehow pretty sure he only has a flip phone, and we really get a hold of him. And he was nothing like nothing short of unbelievable. He is what you'd expect? I mean, he he walks in. We tweet out the picture whatever type of shirt, he was wearing was was electric and have a when I walked into the lobby. Yeah. He said I knew you guys would be early. Yep. I knew it. He was talking to sell. He. Yeah. Came back down. And we're really looking for twenty minutes ended up going forty minutes. And then at the end of it. He gave us a very nice compliment. We ended up basically like boys now, John sterling, he was really impressed. It was I mean. You can't top that. It was the best moment of my life. It was I I'd met I've loved on forever. I met him as a fan twenty thirteen interviewed him with Fordham two years ago in the press box. Don't think your member me at all. But now getting getting to be as a fan at WF UV and now with Barcelona. It's awesome. He was incredible. So that will be our March eighteenth interview, it's forty minutes long. It is hid has I-. There's nothing we didn't talk about currency Yankees talked about his whole his whole life and everything history his stories. He's he is fantastic. Is a funny Joe bookstore in there. So that was unbelievable. I kind of like when he walked away took the picture. I did like a Tommy Canley fist-bump after I was so pumped up and then after him. That was with it was that is that. Trying to think my head. No last interview we did. We had some discussions with other players today. Didn't end up. Well, yeah, we should have a few phone interviews. Very very soon with some bigger bigger names. We hope people are giving Luke for shit because he did the starting nine podcast, which rightfully we're corrobos. Yeah. Yeah. For sure. I think he does that. But he will we hope to have him on the phone. He had family down, the whatever things I don't really blame it, but we will have him on soon. Hopefully and. I was just it was a great great weekend. Trying to re embarrassed myself all we can with taps just attempting to death. I'm pretty good at it mean. Wade was very smooth. That's so we we interviewed weighed in a barbershop. Yep. So the way very cool thing the do that at amount of you know, was telling us about was when they don't aren't scheduled to play or they're done playing for the game. They can just leave. Then they there that's different with a lot of teams in baseball. But it's very cool Yankees do that they let their guys have have the rest of the night off. And because they realize it's a grind all year hundred sixty two games. So you're down in Florida. You can do whatever you you your job. You get your stuff sitting the dugout watch a game. If you're not playing so I think that's very cool. So we were at the we went to the Friday night with pretty seats. We've got a great view of Stanton's homerun, which still might be going. Pretty sure he was still out in front of the pitch. And he's still hit it like over the score monster ridiculous this year market down. I'll take it. So we left early from the game. We we met up a weight his barbershop to kill two birds one stone. How just a very interesting situation. But your dad was horrible. You went to shook his hand, I'm old school. I like to shake someone's hand when I meet them. I think that's because there's so many different ways. It could go you go in for a hug half with a hand on the back. Do you just let it go? Like, how do you release? There's so many different are overthinking Yam thinking it's tough to so many different ways to go. And I just never know which one to do. So why am I so smooth? I'm awkward person. I figured it out. My that was like my number one full-time with weighed like I was so it was like. Hundred zero but the end of the weekend. I was addressing it as I was dancing people up. Look, I'm bad at this. Like down here. Let's not this is gonna be weird. Yes. I was recurring theme all weekend. You had a really weird and count. We were in Tampa Bay for five minutes. We're waiting for a bags at baggage claim in the airport, and what happens so we're standing away for bags and this girl like turns me, oh my God L. Hey, what's up? Jeez. I o or whatever boyfriend brother like our big fans. Thanks that was like pretty quick interaction. And then I go on Twitter that night. I get an at from caller daddy. And it just goes we have is everywhere. Tomsk belly knock it off with the khakis. And it's a screen shot of DM that this girl sent them saying just running to the airport in Tampa news in colored khakis just thought you should be made aware for anyone that doesn't l I wore khakis, I used to work having people are khakis. I I'd work khakis and call her daddy. That's one of their big things that your guy you can't wear khakis and one day they're on radio, and I was in the radio room doing social and they were trashing khakis. While I was in the corner. Trying to cover up the khakis. I did have on awkward. I flipped the curb music under it really haven't weren't khaki since the pants. I had on Thursday. I maintained we're not really caq. I mean, I guess I mean they were like three khaki when people talk pants the color. I mean, the they were I think that's I don't know. They were blue I guess khaki, chino material, whatever you wanna call it. But they weren't like Jake from show. They weren't Jake from state farm khakis. Okay. I'll give you that. Yeah. Like, the beige or whatever. That's yeah. Okay. I thought they were I I'm pretty sure I've even worn them in front of Colorado before and they said met, which take care about your khaki colored. Daddy is the scares people in the world. Daddy, gang is. It's the most intimidating group in the world. Why haven't we unleashed on ISIS? They could take on ISIS, forty hours. They could just end they could end every war the daddy gang attacks you over there. And they're everywhere we found that actually the minor leaguers love colored, by the way, people are saying that minor league. Baseball, everyone listens to call it that which is this week and the interests of people that call I know call her daddy everywhere. They're everywhere. God, dammit. They're scary. What else was there? Trying to think anything crazier have what you'll see got it. We're all fried where we're today. We were just I mean we were sitting in the heat today. And you know, me, and my we met up with Marty Moshi was here. Visit oh my. So we SC me mardi. We're gonna take the we we went into dugout club that we were in. It's a nice actually, see. But there are no seats in the dugout club. So it was like either get to sit down and rest your feet in the heat outside. Or do you go inside and get a C ultimately, mardi weren't just sitting on the floor. I mean, we felt like legit. I tweeted the pictures hilarious. You guys look children. Oh, and I mean, we had the crazy experience. Well, one of the weird experiences of our life. Oh my God. Okay with so before that we have to with the talk about the minor league show. So we got an invite comes the minor league complex couple blocks away more than a couple of blocks and all the guys down there. Big Shalit's, whatever Billie Fleming. Michael king were down there punch, weather guys. And they gave us a nice tour clubhouse manager, Michael was great shove the him. He did and the fucking which is where we're going to talk about now. But he gave us a nice nice little tour. And we have some some merch whatever, which was cool. We gave them some merchants. Nice little trade off and we're leaving. And we're leaving the complex to go to the game. And we have about an hour and twenty minutes. We were good on time. We're like, oh, he's a very close on the map. We didn't look, and we're like we walk Uber. And he goes, I don't know just walks a five minute walk. Okay. Cuco wish we got gifts directions or walking. Five minutes is this inception time or something because it was a half hour walk. I almost died so hot it was the hottest on, Hugh. Really, no reason. Yeah. So Saudi it was really I thought we we we got to the stairs. Huge flight of stairs. And me you and mushroom looked at each other. Or like this. This is at Boyce. This is not going to happen. So Michael, really? And the craziest part is he's never done the walk before he told you after your head. I was more than a five minute walk. I was like dude you really screwed us. I said a. Let's see I said laughably, not a five minute walk. He goes all shit, you straight? I never personally. Did it my bed? Cool. Look, I'm the biggest Uber guide. Not walk. No matter. How close always take an Uber. No shame. I regret this decision. I should've stayed true to my philosophy. Uber. Wherever you got to say, the course so, but we had this. We have you know, each of us had a bag of some merch. And we you know, you guys about this. Yes. So we get what I forgot why we're interviewing it. So we get to the the nice little lounge they got under home plate, and we have a few drinks. And we're getting some food. We put our bags below. No chairs being this place byways. Crazy. It's all standing maybe. We were just the biggest complainers. Can we just did a thirty minute walk the because of Michael complained about a Friday night to? Okay, I always complain. I wish my our next trip. Together. I'm missing have a no pet of complaints from you because it is crazy. I'm a complainer. And so we have our bags of merge. Below vs tables. That were standing we were standing leaning on. And some fella to starts rummaging through Tommy's back. Yeah. So we had the bag on the floor. And you know, we're at this high table he comes over he's bending down. Crawling like looking at the bags, and it was so stunning that. I almost thought we were in the wrong. It was crazy the way he was going through it. I was like, oh, you just can go through people fabric that the confidence. He did it with. Maybe I've been wrong my entire life. Just how society works. You're actually able to go to some strangers bag and rummaged through their bags because the confidence he did it with was jarring. And is also thinking all right. Maybe they were here before he left the bag real left something under the table. I kinda tapped, hey, also, like not not like the bags off to the side. They were. Really touch. You're touching very clearly our bags. I it was it was the most shocking moment in my entire life. And I was hey. But again, I was so shocked. It was a mixture of art, maybe he left a Bagri forgot his phone or something underneath. And then it was also just maybe you're just allowed to do this. Maybe you just can go free in the dugout was so drop a, sir, sir. Yeah. I Louis cert- him like, sir. What are you doing? And he's like, oh, these these your bags? Yeah. No shit and his son or whatever it is. I all sorry misunderstand misunderstanding. What kind of misunderstandings out? You're an idiot. You're an idiot. If you can either innate or just. No misunderstanding. I mean that was either you're the rudest person the world that you're just gonna steal veasley intimidate us into steel or you're just so goddamn stupid that you should. Yeah. This is. Okay. This is. Oh, yeah. They they they give out free Mercier in people's bags under their feet. Old. You can just do it. I think this was all they knew they could send over the the, you know, the old guy. And we'd this is the reason that thirty forty year old whatever didn't do it. Oh, you think they sent him over as like something? If we could just do this. We can do when you're old you shouldn't be allowed to make decisions when you're old like any decisions. Like, oh, should I go over there? You shouldn't be allowed to do that you should consult like five people when you're above the age of sixty to do anything. That's why I think I'm just if I ever get to that point just put a bolt in my head. I'm going to ninety three Ivo said that ninety three. Yeah. That seems way too long way toiling do anything. But other than that. So that we were sitting the seats nice seats, and you just wouldn't you couldn't do it? He got to your base heatstroke, you'll acid to mardi. It wasn't just me. I was. Yeah. Maybe it was it was a little harder thing of me. But I just really wanted to watch some baseball. We didn't really get to watch much on Friday. So we watch is able to see out of you know, strike out the side and all that clink on RBI single that was cool. But. You were just an absolute pussy and every since nobody's ever accused me of not being a policy. So you look like you. I mean, we were not we were out the night before doing all celebrating of nice weekend. We had and we were all kind of I wasn't hung over. But like we were all like little tired. Ain't they're probably oh people are looking at L rough night last night. Oh, yeah. Like, you know, like party like, no, I'm just incredibly weak person who couldn't take the. So that was our weekend nutshell. Basically, I don't know if we missed anything. But it was fantastic. You as you're gonna love the interviews. We did. I hope you love Michael king. If you didn't. I mean, you you definitely Michael king. And he is as cool like that wasn't just for the individual cool, dude. So have you really cool to see him grow? You know, be build up and become a big time guy because I'm big fan of his right now. But and that's it. So next week Fishawy on the barstool network very very cool goal of ours. Since we started this thing didn't really know how it's gonna turn out. So our next episode that is our next. So you'll hear Johnstone next week. It's just the way things had to go here. And then after that, we don't know the order, but oh we're also going to tweak coupon casts a week starting Sobe Monday and Thursday releases. We're going to try the beginning of the launch will be we're just gonna give you all the interviews because they're mostly about spring training and stuff we really can't hold onto them. And we don't wanna hold them from you guys. We just can't give you all once we can't just do six years and one sorry, but they're very good. So Thursday will get him until probably season starts and the way the structure will probably go with the show. Thursday will probably be the more interview oriented part of the podcast while I still talk about crazy things. But the time in between Monday and Thursday, it's not a lot you can lead to. So we're we're trying to do interviews much. We can release Thursdays Monday and stuff. You guys got ideas for us, send us everything. Got if you haven't followed the short porch on Instagram yet where we've been trying to build it up as much. We can it's at the underscore is the shore underscore the underscore. For port. Okay. Yes. A fall that makes you do follow us. And so, you know, smooth, really an easy one to find really. I mean, it was taken so traumatised, very cool. Very very very good weekend. Made some good connections to for that. Hopefully will help us pick time during the season. Aside from the interviews and making connections, players wise, we made some good connections otherwise. So I hope really like the interview, and we will see you next week with John sterling.

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