804: Better to plan, or just aim and fire?


The sigler show comes from the legacy of Zig Ziglar, and brings together personal and professional growth, business, success and faith I'm your host Kevin Miller in this episode better to plan or Aim and fire while the punchline. Our survey was exactly fifty fifty from Ziegler, audience. Some people want a plan to walk out and others pull the trigger and figure it out along the way, and it's more of a personal style than a right or wrong, but the trigger point is either way you are going after something so I play a three minute clip from Zig Ziglar, where he sites that people who set goals and make plans of action have better lies and success all around, and he gives some great stories from. From this though I asked the audience, this question for those who do set goals in strive for progress in your lives, do you WanNa? Create a plan of action to walk out or to pull the trigger and figured out as you go. The responses were not just cut and dry, however and Tom Ziegler and I talked through the nuances and insight brought to us by everyone's testimony and comments we're about to hear should feel free, and and confirming to you in your style and convicting take continuous action in your life! Hey. Quick call out of thanks to everyone listening sharing this show as of this recording, ziglar show has now been downloaded over forty seven million times. There are few podcast can claim this. It's why we've been ranked the number three career podcast of all time in I tunes for almost two months now. If you go to the business category, itunes boom right there front and center. You'll see us. It's because you listen. It's because you want to succeed and make a difference in your world, and you're sharing this with others and I. Thank you. Okay folks. I'm going to start us off with a three minute clip from zig. Ziglar and Tom. Ziegler and I will read through your comments right after I share some products and services with you. My true. Life podcast focuses on personal wellness. If your body and mind our compromise, so are all your efforts. You want to be as fully functioning as possible. When episode thirty five, we discussed stress, but with a very relevant twist, you'll hear my co host Dr James Claim. The opposite of stress is death will impact. What stress is hurting you? What stress? You're likely missing that you need more of you can find the true light podcast episode thirty five on stress wherever. You get your podcast. Happening at Ziglar right now, the choose to win coaching system is designed specifically for coaches and those who want to become a coach Tom Ziegler teaches that choose to win coaching system and addresses the five keys to being a successful coach and building profitable coaching business. You can schedule a free strategy. Session with Ziglar Coaching Strategists Angie Krell and right away. Goethe's ziglar show dot com slash. C. T. W.. That's ziglar show dot com slash C.. T. W.. David Johnson of UCLA. As a matter of fact, he's the chief administrative officer for the Institute. The UCLA School of Medicine Bid Study on their people who come to this seminar and who said goes programs and who develop that plan of action. We're GONNA be talking about the follow through on the goes program and in this study. Here's what he learned. Those who sent their goes and developed their plan of action earn an average of seven thousand four hundred one dollars a month. Those who get exactly the same information, thank you. It's nice. That's not for me maybe later, but not now earn an average of three thousand three. Three, hundred ninety seven dollars a month. It pays to set goals, but even more exciting, and that study did number one was the fact that their family live improved number to their health also improved number three. They're balancing live. Itself was infinitely better. That's what goes. Program is all about you gotTa have? Can you imagine Redman Hillary the first man to scale Mount Everest the tallest mountain in the whole works. Can you imagine him climb down off that mountain and some report comes, and as tell me Sir Edmund. How'd you climb the tallest man in whole world? How'd you do you think for one moment? He said we'll. Just walking around. Ridiculous. And yet aren't there in the number of people who will spend more time planning the wedding? than the will to marriage. Who will spend more time planning a two week vacation then they will. They're very life itself. Let me also say something. Sorry. Edmund Hillary did not scale Mount Everest, the first time he tried as a matter of fact, he left several of his climbers dead on the mountainside. But, the effort was so enormous. The reddish parliament called him before them to give him England's highest award. And as he walked into. That August body as an individual, they rose in gave him a prolonged standing ovation. There was a huge picture of front of the peak of Mount Everest. He ignored the crowd. He walked straight to the front of that picture, and he literally shook his fist at it and said you on. This time. But you're as big as you're ever going to get. Still growing. So, you didn't reach your goals the first time you said so what? Failure isn't event. It is not a person. Yesterday ended last night. Today's a brand new day. The obstacles mind still be there, but when you continue to go your chances our scaling that obstacle and reaching your go or rather dramatically improved. Can you imagine the chairman of the Board for General Motors? Somebody says how did you get to be the chairman of the board? He said well showed up for work. Started promoting me and here, Various is no way that happens ladies and gentlemen. We've got. A plan and the plans that way develop enable us to do. More of the things we really want to do. If you don't have time to set the goes now. You've probably never have, and you never will or at Tom this question. I want to start out because I ask you again, do you when you set goals when you solve problems? Do you create a plan of action to walk it out or do you pull the trigger and figure it out as you go, so? Make a plan or figured out as you go. That is our focus today before we jump in to the comments which I'll let the cat out of the bag here. It was exactly half and half I did not expect that. Yeah exactly happen I mean literally so we take every single comment that we got and it was exactly half and half that we had a few people say. It's a little. It's both I put them in the category, but those who chose plan or figure it out exactly half and half, so we're GONNA. Talk about that there, but now one person did Timothy he said I. have always struggled with setting goals. I have gotten better the last few years, but I still over analyze everything I've never I've never done an action plan, but to what he said I've always struggled, said he goes. This is presupposing that you do set goals that you do strive towards a desire that you do have problems you commit to going to fix, and then once you do. Do you make a plan and I'll even put this out there. Because, we're not going to should on anyone, but should you. You may think that you should make a plan are you may think somebody told you you should figure it out as you go, so we have comments say half and half but Tom Before we. Jump in to that I. do want to anytime. We talk about goals. Now I can't do it. I don't want to do it without. You bringing forth what you did in a show. It's been a while ago now what we've talked about it since then about how some people the majority actually don't. Respond as well to that term goals they respond more to. Give us that quick. Give us the outline real quick. Yeah so generally speaking and I learned this from a good friend of mine, his name is Bob Td, and and he was he. We were talking a couple of years ago and he said you know Tom. About. Only twenty percent of the general population. Is really goal. Setting oriented. About eighty percent of the population, people in general are problem solvers. And so just think to yourself you know, do I prefer the the way I like my day. Do I get up in the morning and right my to do list of problems and then do I get excited about solving all those problems. Is that how I operate? Do I. Get up in the morning and say oh my goodness. Today's the day I. Get to work on my goal I. Have this Dream Goal. This aspiration than I wrote down in detail and I'm going to work towards that. End So here's what's interesting Which one are you are? Do you prefer solving problems? Or do you prefer writing it out on paper and setting the goal and putting the planning going through it now? Here's the good news Ed. Ziglar we have the seven step goal setting system. Now you can change the word in there. In fact, he can take out the word goal setting. And put in the word problem solving, and it's the exact same steps. So here's the good news for everybody out there. He was ever felt guilty about not getting real excited about setting goals, and you'd rather solve problems. It's the same thing it's just how you phrase it, and so for example step one in the goal setting system is to identify the goal. Yeah, so step one in the problem. Solving system would be identified the problem. Right step two is one of the benefits of achieving this goal step to and as a problem solver would be. What are the benefits of solving this problem you go all through the seven steps, and so first off everybody. WHO's listening? Either one is right. Okay, the key is is in order to be effective day in day out. We need a system or a process. That's reliable that we actually use and when we do that. It gets US closer to every single day. What it is, we want accomplish whatever the problem is. We want to solve and we get there more effectively and efficiently in the process. You know Tom as I was thinking about this and read through some of the comments I just thought about the age old analogy of going on a road trip. I have never personally I'm sure somebody cool out. There has done this where they've just gotten in their car. And just taking whatever road and gone that direction, and just figured out or didn't figure out where they're going. They just took off. I've never done that I always have a deaf destination, but I am not admittedly somebody who plans everything out sometimes I'll go out with the family or especially if. If, it's just my kids and I. Don't plan. We drive as far as we want. At some point we decided. We've had enough, and we'll get a hotel and we kind of make it up as we go, so that's not specifically planning micromanaging the process and kind of having fun along the way figure it out, but it still again presupposes that we know the destination we're going and that's my favorite. Perspective. I grew up with Zig. Ziglar on is if I. Don't have a destination. I'm never really going to get anywhere or I'm going to end up somewhere that I didn't plan. So you know we're back to the value in it. Yeah, whether it's a goal or problem and as I thought about it, I think I do both equally. There are definitely some things I set out as a desire, a goal and I'm going to get there, and then there's just as many that just a problem I want to solve. I I'm thinking who cares as long as you're progressing towards something right and I did say I'm watching. The the in this is the podcast recording, but folks listen to podcasts. We are now airing these live streaming them on the ziglar facebook page, and right now we're doing that. There's usually three hundred to a thousand people viewing live, and then most of these or the when we do these there recorded, and they're generally getting about fifty to sixty thousand views, so you're welcome to join us so I'm looking at. At he's coming in and just on an off topic John Anderson. He just happened to put in there. Hey, there's a lot of ziglar on YouTube. There is man you. WanNa. See some of the best of Zig Ziglar on stage. You can go to Youtube and find him all over the place places where he's not licensed to be in places where he is which you'll find him everywhere there and yeah, so please please do that a lot of our early episodes of Ziglar show. Actually the ones before I came on. So that I, two hundred or so podcasts in eight hundred out I, two hundred or mainly just clips. Zig and it may be ten twenty minutes classic classic stuff. You can get there absolutely free. All right well. Tom Ready to dive into these and I thought I'd start off with the people. Actually. There's a couple that said both. Let's hit that fair. All Right Timothy. He says I've always actually let me I did his Thomas I've done. Both I've learned that writing things down and make a plan of action. Works much better, but I have done. Both Dennis says no single answer. It depends upon the condescension, the consequences of failure and the criticality of success, though there is a dichotomy is analysis of analysis. Paralysis can shut down any undertaking. We're GONNA talk about that. But I thought it was interesting. You know to say sometimes it's both I think that's a fair answer. Sometimes, you're to plan it out yet. If it is dire. I built my own house. We had a plan actually required here. They're not gonNA. Give you a certificate of occupancy. You can't get. It was good. We had to have a plan and that was. You know hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Dollars so that was so granted. That makes sense. There's been talked about a road trip where I don't well. You know there's not a big failure there I hadn't thought about it and that turns, but maybe that has some validity, the bigger, the consequences or the bigger, the investment, the more on the line. It probably does I mean if you're going after big business and take an investor money, you'd better have a plan. I agree a hundred percent and I've noticed that so many people say I do both right and some of them I played out in detail by goals. Some of them I just go along. With a right now I love audible and I'm probably always in a book. In I'm I'm going through Carol Wax Book Mindset Yeah. And what she really did. A lot of research on is that there are basically two mindsets out there. There's the fixed mindset. And then there's the growth mindset and you really need to get the book if you haven't read the book and you want to grow and learn and really understand what it is, that makes you run this. Is this book spot on Hey Tom, I tried I've tried to get her on the show. If anybody out. There knows Carol. Weck. Let me know because I literally. She's one of the everyone while find author that you just can't get a hold up. I just found another one that I want, and they literally have no contact information nothing so I, have to try to find a publisher an agent. Somebody who knows them Carol I have not gotten through yet, so anybody knows her now. So yeah so. The Blood Ziglar show once or yes. And So I'm reading the book and and this is just a quick. A quick overview. Basically if you have a fixed. Then that means that pretty much. Your Iq your character qualities. You are just born that way. There's not much you can do to change it. And so what happens in fixed mindset if you're naturally good at something. You will do it. And you'll keep doing it until an obstacle comes in. Maybe you know. Maybe you're good at math until you get the calculus in some fixed mindset, people eighteen to love math, and then they start struggling in calculus, and they make the assumption well. I'm just I don't have the IQ FOR IT I. Don't have the talent for it. I don't I. Don't have the natural inclination for it, so they leave and they go and look. Look for something else because after all. If we're fixed, we can't change then this just validation that I don't have what it takes. Okay now on the other side of this mindset coin are the people who are growth mindset oriented, and so what they do is they, don't they? Don't look at the gray. They don't look at how easy or hard it is. When they first start doing something, they just ask themselves am I learning. Am I getting better. Is this going to help me down the road I mean why wouldn't I try something? No matter how awkward. How difficult how I look think of dancing, there are some people who were natural dancers, but then they give up on as soon as they rise up to a certain level, because they don't want to be judged harshly, and now it's difficult for them, and then there are other people who they don't i. don't care what people think about him on the floor. They just go out and have fun. And then they start working on their skills and they keep doing as they learn so. How does this relate to? Do I work goals. Plan in detail before I. Get started or do I. Just take. It is how I go, and so what I want everybody listening to. This is asked this question. Is the reason that you don't set a goal, because now it's holding you accountable. To the plan. And perhaps you'll see that as a failure. If you don't follow through an accomplish the plan, which could mean it doesn't necessarily does mean, but it could mean that you're operating from a fixed mindset. You see the reality. Is that you could? Have a growth mindset in, so you ride out the plan in detail knowing that you're not going to be perfect in it and it's GonNa. Change in. You're going to have to you know work around, but that's okay. Because every day you're learning and growing and getting closer to that, and so I think that's a which one's better I think you know to plan it out or to take it as it goes I think the person who said Hey, if it's critical for my success or catastrophic is. Is a failure. Yeah, absolutely, you need to plan right. You need to work that through, but your mindset as you approach it I think when we get on the growth side of it, it gives us a lot more of an opportunity to go. Yeah, as you're talking about, that made me think, too. There have been some times. No I should say there. Often are sometimes. I'm a blank page guy. I like really new concepts and ideas, and sometimes they're so unknown is really difficult to plan specifically we. We might put some benchmarks out there that we're. We think, but I even had a businessman one time as an investor and he said do. This is so conceptual. There's no way even believe any plan you right out because you're going to figure this out as you go. He believed in the ultimate initiative, but he. You can't make a plan here sometimes. If you're really going out on a limb, it is difficult to micromanage that, but to still say. Hey. I'm going to go here and here necess-. NECESS- we can make some primary benchmarks for sure, and I am I do want to say to the folks that are on facebook. If we miss your comment or question I will go back through afterwards and try to address that, and I see Dennis Durrell. Who I submitted a question or comment to our show here. He said he added Carol direct to his library. highly recommend. Yes, she is, she is significant and at some point we'll get her on here. If if at all possible, we'll talk. Some to what you said. Let me at least dive in here. Here's here's some folks. I'm going to read a handful and you just you just jump Ben. Is You feel led to on this? These are the people who voted for it. They make a plan. Marvin. Panicky says a little bit of both of my natural bent is a plan. Jonathan Peyton says you know there are some great psychology articles out there on implementation intentions, James Clear. He said who who you've talked about Kevin. He's the atomic habits guy. has written about it and another good article by Peter Goal with Zor both talk about the effectiveness of having an if then step or just another simple step or a plan on top of a goal. To me comes back Tom to what you said that I think the plan. Having something there is a good fallback or necessary when you hit that insurmountable obstacle which I think. We talked about in the last show which would have been what eight Oh eight Oh two episode about. About just that aspect of you are going to in any worthy initiative hit a seemingly insurmountable goal. And if we expect that and have a plan for that, that's powerful. Because if we had a dime for everybody who said Man I had something I was going forward as excited as motivated, and I lost momentum or man than I just hit something that I must have been. It must not have been God's plan right because I hit an obstacle, which is contrary to every story in the Bible. Because even the ones you know called out yanked out by, God hit obstacles. If, we plan for that. If we have a plan for that, I think that's powerful. Just to what you said so that we can overcome the obstacles that we are going to hit. You are listening to the Ziglar show in this episode on having a goal or objective, you're going after and whether you want need to plan or your fare better when you just pull the trigger and figure it out as you go next Tom Shares three keys four successful goal setting from the Classic Ziglar Goal Setting. System so we'll dive right back in after I. Share some great products and services with you. Right now, affording your medicines shouldn't be stressful. Introducing the medicine assistance tool or Matt brought to you by America's biopharmaceutical companies. 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They use one hundred percent purely herbal ingredients, no sweeteners artificial flavors. They have a four point six out of five star rating on the Independent Review Platform Trust pilot. You can get fifteen percent off. Visit Lost Empire Herbs Dot Com Slash Ziglar and enter Ziegler when he check out. That's lost empire herbs. Dot Com Slash Ziglar Inter Ziegler, at checkout for fifteen percent off. Yep so here's a here's a everybody. Wants to get your pen out if you're driving down the road, don't get your pin out, but. Speak it into your notes or something. That's right You pull out your phone type this into notes, but here is here the three secrets to goal achievers. They. Write it down in detail the goal, right? They had the plan. Number two is they work on it every day? And number three is they have an accountability partner. Now. Why do I like having a goal right now? One of the things we teach in the goal setting system. Ziglar is that you review it every single day you write your goal out you review it, and that review of all your goals and we tell you to work on four goals at the time it takes between six and ten minutes a day, and so here is the idea of when you have something written down, and you make it front of mine your mind and amazing tool in it starts figuring out how to accomplish. Even, when you're not intentionally what working on it right even though it might be a week before you put some energy into it, if you're reviewing it on a regular basis, then you're more likely to have the answers when you get to the time when you are going to work about right because your your brains, always figuring these things out, and so, what does that mean? It just simply means this. We give ourselves I believe. A tactical advantage. When we write it down because we're tapping into the operating system of our mind, which God created. Now for those of you, who were like you know what unless it's really really serious. I just go with the flow. Let me give you a little bit of Validation K.. Nissim to leave who wrote the Black Swan? And he wrote Anti Fragile too great books. He? He talks about uncertainty in any in the book the Black Swan, he he goes into detail about these. A Black Swan event is an unexpected event that changes everything. So just you know. The pandemic is a Black Swan Yeah. Okay so what he's done as a consultant is when he works with fortune, five hundred companies. Who have the what I call the Elite Ivy League Oxford Cambridge Harvard Gail. Executives! Who Do all the corporate planning? This is what he's discovered. He is discovered that they are the ones who have the hardest time. Adjusting to a Black Swan. Because they don't see the new environment. Their blinders are on in. They're trying to execute the plan. That spent so much time in. In goal setting is kind of the same way. You might have a goal to buy a house in two years. And then you come home and your spouse. Your wife gives you the great news. Hey, we're pregnant and we're going to have twins. Okay. So what's happened well, your priority is just changed. Your your you know. The House may be put off a little bit right. Because of the new edition to family heard the size how she wanted minded channel. Okay so now let me flip it over. want to give you a real world example of how it should be done. So this is Thomas. Nelson Publishing and Thomas, Nelson, they publish the books my book. Choose to win DAD's book over the top, a bunch of different books and San more was the odor. Of that business for many years, and he's from from Lebanon e passed away a few years ago. But Bruce Barber WHO's my agent? Who Works for Sam said you know what sandwich do every year. He bring the executives in any. Have US write a three year business plan? And then once we got it done, and we turned it in then. We never talked about it again. The only thing that we did is we talked about this year's plan. And you see what? Sam Moore was done what he learned on the Business Street was. We need to have the long range goal in mind. We need to focus on what we can control the day now. Okay, and so for those of you who were caught in the middle? With the right mindset, yeah, right down the goal in detail. But. You understand that life and circumstances change. And so, if it's a long range goal written down, you ought or what you're working on now in, it's okay, if the big objective changes, a little bit based on what's going on in your life. It's such wisdom and what you just said I'm over here on facebook. See and Jessica Moore who just went through. Legacy? Certification joining US Jessica. Thanks and Dennis drill again post in here. He says battiston comes to mind about Mark Patterson. I didn't pull it up. Quick enough, but Mark Patterson. We had on the show. Gosh in the past in the past thirty forty episodes id God isn't going to say well planned my good and faithful servant, and also Eisenhower plans are worthless. Planning is invaluable, and I WANNA I wanna hit to what you said Tom. You said Multiple Times in your and what you just went through. Tapping into the mind. That men Dat win win I have that goal out there I mean I. can't take the next step without a few plans I mean I'm and I got to wake up the next day and do something. What's IT GONNA BE! You gotTa have again. A semblance of a plan and stewing on that is one of the most beneficial things to my goals of anything is at I'll. I'll do it I'll stay awake at night. Sometimes, not gonNA, sleep, or or or sometimes wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning, and my mind is working on it, and so you might appreciate this, so my kids. We don't have regular TV, but these days you can stream stuff and somebody got us into the show Sherlock I. Think it's an old. Pretty old, it's with. Benedict Cucumber Patch guy whatever his name is. and. It's really cool. He has this part of the show. Is Mind Palace? He goes into his mind, but he just thinks it's always stood out to me. It's one of the stories of Bill Gates back in the day when he's building computers in his garage, his mom comes out. She's like what are you doing? How is he says I'm thinking? I'm just saying we don't do that was Pascal who said that man's downfall is that we can't sit in a room for fifteen minutes without doing something. Just be there alone and I'm thinking. We're missing out on what you said is tapping into. into our minds when we have that goal when we're contemplating the next steps when we're seeking wisdom that we've got so much power up here God works through this power appears well and to tap into it to stew on it to ponder it, but it is what are the next steps? What is the next best thing to do? And we missed that? We're looking for the one two three step for somebody else what to do, and so much of the time. We've got so much within a so. Thanks for bringing that that up Dennis. Thanks for your post Thanks for your post there. Let me go through a couple here again. These are on the aspect of. People who do plan Suzanne Bennett. She says I start with a written plan and flex as we learn, which efforts are most effective and efficient and productive life has been known to force an updated goal or plan as well I've learned. There's no shame in surviving through tragedy to rise again. Of course. My mom always said if you want to make God laugh, tell him what your plan is. So I flex his leading as well I wanted to pull that out, Tom. That has been a kind of a learning by at heart by hard knocks for me of authentically experiencing. What I? was vision was a call in something that God put a desire and my heart for and led me toward I've experienced that and in retrospect. Confirmed it time and time and time again in my life. Okay, so God's vision. God's call it now. The other side of that though is generally when that happens. A general I. Don't want to say journal. Let's say more so in my past I. Hope then now is I. Take that vision and go. Oh, I got it I. got it I'm good I'm gone and I. Go, and I do it as to my own planning. Planning and I often run aground. I have run aground in the past with that and I find myself going God. Where are you now? Our come on God ketchup, and that's not how he works and seeing. Though as I adjusted as Suzanne talks about as I adjusted an open myself up from how I saw it plain out and opening myself up I would see God do something different. That was nothing like how I saw playing out. The vision then happened, so go again to go back to say. I've experienced so often God being true to the Vision being faithful to the vision that he gave me that he put inside of me, but it seldom happened as I saw it so now it brings me to I hope it's wisdom and maturity. The A place of going okay I think I hear you, Lord, here it is. How do I go about it now. We're back to Bob Boating's two chairs God knows what's going on. He's big enough to deal with it and listen to him and MY A. Perspective has become one much more of knocking. I'm going to actively wait on God I'm not going to force things down. I'M NOT GONNA. Kick Doors, but I'm going to knock I'M GONNA. Get up today I'm going to knock and see where God wants to answer I have found so much more fruit from that. Trying presuppose. Oh, there's the vision. Okay? Here's how I see it happening. That's been significant so back to her. You know quote that we laugh at if you want to tell them what your plan is. There's I've I've lived out the validity of that. To some painful, some painful instances admittedly. Should you know one of Kevin One? That reminds me of one of the organizations we work with a gentleman named Steve. Anderson came through ours ELC and he is worth he's got a group called work camper, and so it work camper does is they help people who wanna live the RV freedom lifestyle, and so people of all walks of life. We've got millennials doing it now. You've got retired people doing it now, and it's people who really value. Saying I'm seeing the country living different places working out of their RV. A kind of having that freedom type of lifestyle and his partner we were. We were talking any any look to mania, Tom. I, look at my past. and. I think this is what I always wanted to do, but none of the things that I did. Before this make any sense. But every single one of them when you connect the dots. Are the only reason I'm able to do this now. And so, what is the lesson here? The lesson is that when you when you feel like. Hey, this is my goal. This is something I want to go and accomplish. Write it down go in. And then as I love this. I. Call it the God nudge. God tends to taps once we take action getting us on the right course. If maybe we weren't headed in exactly the right direction to begin with, but it's very hard to tap somebody into the right course if they're just stuck in not moving. And so his example was in his role, he taught, and he educated. He wanted to quit people to be successful on their own in everything that he'd done before perfectly prepared him for that, and so here's the danger the danger somebody else said this earlier. If you'd never star. Like Dad said if you don't take. The first step, you'll never take the second step. And I think planning and goal setting. Makes those steps a little bit more likely to happen? Yeah Absolutely I. I'll I'll put a call out on what you said there. Tom To setting deadlines or committing to things that is a habitual part of anything that I believe I am supposed to go forward to I will make a big commitment or set a big public deadline or something that holds me accountable, and from that then I have to do whatever it takes That's my own, we all. All have our own medicines to deal with our own dysfunction I. Don't believe we're all going to get rid of our dysfunctions, but we need to figure out how to manage them I'm a procrastinator I'm not a planner I wait to the last minute I know that about myself so I'm manufacturer things to make me come through. It reminds me of Dr Ben Hardy. Who recently had? Had on the show for the second time to talk about his book, Personality Personality isn't permanent. His first book was willpower doesn't work, and that's what he talks about in that book. That's another one folks. If you don't know that book, I would put a either of his books on your on your reading lists, but willpower doesn't work is so strong because he ultimately talks about that. That about how our willpower limited grit, our teeth being of all disciplined. There's a limit to that and we generally are going to fail if that's all we are working on and How better if we plan our circumstances create circumstances that helps guide us, and I'M GONNA paraphrase my own perspective to manage our own dysfunction so I like the big deadlines. I like the big commitments. For, sure here, let me read another one Andrew I always put together an action plan so I can see the steps ahead of me, and so it doesn't seem so daunting. This works fantastic for health and lifestyle changes I stick to the planet, I and adjust as I grow. Learn accomplish my intermediate goals early when it comes to larger shifts such as career. Career Entrepreneurial Goals Goals I. Put together a solid plan, but that is often where I get held up pulling the trigger is difficult, likely due to the fact that my discomfort in my current position is not too significant, I dream big, but I fear the unknown. You only put another one on their John Skipworth. He says I struggle with this pulling the trigger. Has Never worked in my favor, I am a planner by nature, but I tend to over analyze before. I tend to never get started. Let's talk about those quicktime before we go into because I keep going on this, these are the people who buy foreign large voted on the planning side, and then I want to read some next on the figure it out as you go side. Both of these guys talk about pulling the trigger and we did have people. Maybe that's what's coming up and the next section on figuring out as you go. People who talked about. The struggles of okay, here's a goal. Here's the planning that I. I WANNA. I WANNA. Walk Out! But then they get a analysis paralysis. They get in there and they don't just pull the trigger. As you said a minute ago, just take that first step. They can feel caught in that so on the good side I guess maybe the good side Tom. The balance of having the goal setting the plan makes accountable, but it can also be daunting to get past that and actually just pull the trigger. and Go I. Don't know if there's a there's a tension. Maybe that's just as in everything. There's there's a tension. There's no perfect answer and there. It's just maybe that's what we need to plan for. That is where the difficulty lies or one of the places right and so let me let me give you kind of a growth mindset approach to that a as a locus of control in in how important is I'll just refer to a study by I. Think Frederickson was the psychologist who did this study. But they looked at senior citizens who moved into You know senior Susan Holmes Living Environment and so basically all their decisions were Kinda made for you. Know what Tom was dinner. What was on the menu? That was all done. And it's like studied the citizens, the the people who live there. They noticed there was a smaller group of these out of the container is hard to please. People in the in their in in what happened was they bring him the food and the food was always too cold or too hot or not seasoned, right or overcooked or undercooked whatever? And they would always send it back. And as they got into it. They also noticed that in general, the people who were contained chorus like this were healthier and live longer. And so they're like well. What does that mean right because you know contained in long wife, those two things don't go well. What they discovered was is that these people had maintained as much control as they could. And, so when you feel like you have control over a situation, you're generally happier even though it may appear to be contained Chris. You're generally more satisfied more happy with your life because you realize you can affect your environment. And when you? Act and believe that way. You're more likely to have hope in the future right. If you have no control well, then it doesn't matter what they fade me anyway because I'm here to die, right, this is my last stop, but if I do have control and I have power over mind. Then when I get sick. I'm going to take the medicine by because there's hope. In people who don't feel like they have control. They're like well. Why Bother! Whether I die now or six months or five years, it doesn't matter and so that's why their life spans or less so somebody. I just saw put a comment. Out Work somewhere and I don't have any control over my goals at work I'm told what to do. What does that mean? So. Here's a growth mindset that will help people get started to pull the trigger and we'll help you if you feel like you're environment where you don't have a lot of control over the goals that are set for you. A kids could have the same because the parents are setting the goal. Ask yourself this question if this is the goal I want to achieve. Who Do, I need to become In order to achieve that goal. What character qualities do I need to develop? What skills do I need to learn? What knowledge do I need to acquire? What are the disciplines and habits that somebody in that position has house? That I need to develop in myself. Now ask yourself this question. If I go about developing myself to become that person. So that I can be successful in attaining that goal. Ask yourself this question. If I! Don't obtain the goal was worth it. was elevating myself to the next level was learning. These new skills with gaining this new knowledge was becoming a more capable qualified person is my life better off because I did that. Well the answer if you're going after something that's worthwhile going after. Yes, you are better off. So. Why would you wait? In becoming a more qualified more capable more rounded better, skilled, more knowledgeable person. Why would you ever wait to do that? And what this does. Is it change your mindset from fixed? I have no control. I'm going to die anyway. What's the difference in how the foods cooked into a growth mindset? That says hey. I do have control. I may not can change. The leadership in my organization, but I can change who I am I can change knowledge my skills, my discipline, my character, my integrity, and what? They may never recognize me here, but somebody else will. And in fact, if I continue to grow the that gives me more opportunities ever bad to have better opportunities I. Don't think so so there you go. There's a kind of how the growth mindset. Will help you start taking action now I appreciate what you just said. In my paraphrase, you will be found out for better or worse. You will always be found found out and I. Think we all know that the people we work with the people were around. We know who they are good and bad. We know if we can trust them or not. We know what their characters like. It'll come out with you, too. So if you feel like you're doing as Tom, said and you are. Better bettering yourself. You're doing the right thing. It will be found out and please have please have faith in that. Couple of people who are watching posted on on facebook here as we're talking live Marnie Rivera asked what those books are again and these are ones I'm happy to promote I'M GONNA hold it up for those guys. Watching willpower does not work Benjamin. Hardy Dr Benjamin Hardy I've got I think he sent me ten of those. Pass them out to my family. We talk about it continually. It's such an incredible person, development concept, and then the other one that he just wrote that we just recently did a show on is. Is. This one personality is not permanent and man. What you talked about right? There Tom and just We can't change everything out there, but we can change ourselves. This book will give you freedom to realize you also not stuck in your personality. It is not static you and are not I am what I am and it's a cop out a lot of times, and he really goes to task against some of the perspectives. We have on personality but Jessica. I don't know if you saw this post Jessica, Moore. Who is now one of the Ziglar family and she has a she's I. Don't know if this is a fair. She's a lot of things now. She has a fitness. Play an actual brick and mortar. Business place up and I think it's Delaware and now she's doing personal coaching. She says I work with clients the struggle of setting goals with so many unknowns. Is Quite challenging. What is your advice, so? She's working with people. You know maybe women who are. Different fitness goals, and now of course thinks she's doing I assume some life coaching dealing with yeah as a coach consultant Tommy Man. This is your playground. I mean you have the choose to win coaching program right now. that we've been talking about so much. What's folks? You can find? Ziglar show dot com slash C. T.. W. Isn't choose the win. And you can connect with Tom There on on that, but for those who are coaching and consulting. You're dealing with so many different entities there. This is a human being and none of them are the same. You can't have any cookie cutter advice for everybody It's going to be different for every single person, so if you're the coach consultant helping them set goals with so many unknowns. It is quite challenging so challenging that I'll give the question to you. How's that? So? There's a there's a gentleman His name is story whether? He was an astronaut. And he had I think it was seven PhD's. You can look it out. He went out and he. Was the guy that did the space walk. To repair the Hubble telescope. So remember the Hubble. It goes up. It's a billion dollar project probably more than that and when. They couldn't focus. They couldn't focus the telescope. They had this amazing piece of equipment. That could see you know millions of light years away, but they couldn't focus it. And they'd left out a part, but it was like a two dollar ring. Okay, that's. That's what they forgot. So, his job was to go into space. Go out on the space. Walk and fix it. That was his job now the problem was is they can only give him on his belt like seven tools, and and you know ten or twelve options as to how to fix it. And so they were trying to figure out who do we go I mean? Do we send an electrician up there? Do We send a mechanic? Do We send a? A A rocket scientist. Do We send telescope expert who we send? And as he was telling the story of how he got picked when they interviewed him, and they saw all of his PhD's, and he was already, a pilot and astronaut had all this credibility. They asked him about him growing up and they said tell us about your childhood. And, he said well I grew up on a farm, and he said well. What did you do on the farm and he told them? In so basically the reason he got the job was growing up on a farm. He learned how to fix broken equipment. With Baling Wire and duct tape, macgyver macgyver. He was macgyver. Okay, so here's the thing when somebody says. Wow were in such an uncertain environment. What do we do? The first thing I think about is if I ever get stranded on a desert island I want a boat. Full problem solvers with me. I don't need category experts. I need problem solvers. Okay and so when we get the growth mindset problem solving mindset now we have a strategic advantage because guess what. The environment we now. It ain't fair and everybody's in it. And so a lot of people are paralyzed sitting at home, while I'm just wait until things clear. Whereas problem, solvers are trying to figure out right now. Who Do I need to become? And what problems can I go and solve, so my first mindset is this hey? Because it is an uncertain environment, this is the best time in the world to set some goals. There is no better time than right now. Number two is this. You Go as far as you can see. And then when you get there, you'll be able to see further. That was. That's ZIG. Ziglar quote on goal setting. Hey you know what we set the best goal we can right now we take action on it, and we review it every day and in three weeks we'll be able to see further and we might change our goal. which in cycling we might change our specialty to from mountain for Mountain, climbing to distance, or whatever thing is based on her physical attributes based on what we enjoy more based on our. You know our capacity. But. We gotta start to know where we're going to go. We gotta start in a great segue into I. Want to throw some of these you, Tom. Some of the comments now on the folks who said they're not as much planning. They are more so into figuring it out as they go, so I'm going to read a few here and an end with one that has that's of interest to me. Jeff Bellinger, he says the journey of thousand miles begins with the as you just said Tom the first step, sometimes, taking the leap of faith and improvement as you goes the best effort, just start start from where you are with what you have now. Welcome feedback and improve as you go can't sanders, says I used to be much more of a planner, but now I just try to take action and learn as I go. It's easy to get paralyzed by too much detail and no action Mason Bassett and this is where I wanted to comment on. He says for me. Setting goals creates expectation and unnecessary pressure. Everyday's a new adventure, and with so many variables changing constantly I just go with the flow. If I had the desire to accomplish, something will eventually happen with approach I never let myself down. Art I ended on that last one because I. think that one is dangerous. Tom you mentioned a minute ago, going with the flow and it will eventually happen. With approach I, never let myself down. That is the struggle that we have. When we set the goal out when we put the plans out. If we make ourselves accountable to ourselves or to somebody else, especially, there is absolutely the chance to let ourselves down. That is somewhat what accountability is at and to what I testified to before I do a lot of that commitment, because then I'm forced to act because I don't want to let myself down or I. Don't want to let somebody else down. That is a very real pressure. That I wanted us just to bring up and say that that is a part of it, and you may sure that the what's the number one way to not let yourself or anybody else down is is don't commit anything. That's not a great recipe as well as like. We often talk about if you're gonNA. Put yourself on a pedestal like we all right here on the show and talk about something like this. You're going to get shot at. At, you're going to get criticism the best way not to don't stand up and say anything. Don't stand for anything, so there is that I want to elevate that that. Yeah, we are talking about setting goals making plans having accountability so that we act because we as humans generally need some pressure to act, and that is one of them is leading ourselves or someone down. That is very real and true I. Sure don't WanNa shy away from it. Yeah, so let me give you a ZIG ziglar secret Here it is when when he would come off the stage. And you know, he got standing ovations and the audience thought it was amazing. The. Dad never judged his presentation by the response of the audience. Okay He judged it basically onto things. That, I prepare as much as I could have. And? There's a little Astrakhan there because he judged himself based on how much time he actually had to prepare. Okay. So, he didn't fault himself. If the circumstances didn't allow him to prepare. As much as he would have liked to. But he held himself accountable. To preparing much as he knew he should, if he had the time, okay, so when he walked off the stage, he would say. Did I prepare enough and number two. Did I speak God's truth in love. And that was it and so here's the problem one of the reasons that people don't. Ride out a plan. Is because it does hold yourself accountable. Yeah, right? It is that it is the measuring stick, but here's what I want people to understand when it comes to goal setting, it comes to achieving something. Don't judge your success on the applause of the audience. That's that's wrong. That's results oriented results results-focused. Wait. We don't need to carry. But. We can hold ourselves accountable to is. Did I do everything I could? To. Achieve this and then I do it in the right way that honors that honors God. That's man. That's a higher standard, and it's also realistic and so last week Gosh. Why can't I think of the name of the book? Too many books Kevin, but in this one it talked about having victory mindset, but then I heard the phrase for the first time I hadn't heard of before and all most victorious mindset. Okay. Okay now this is Kinda cool in this kind of goes into the growth mode, and so what? They're saying imaginary. You're a salesperson. You do all the right preparation you go and give a fantastic. Demonstration presentation to the board and you've got a competitive product. The quality's there the pricings in line. Everything's there. But. You don't get it. You don't get it. Were you a failure in that absolutely not. So the question you ask, yourself is wow. I didn't get it. But you know what I almost did, I was almost victorious. In the reason that I know I was is because. I had the right mindset when I went in. I had all the right preparation. We had a great solution. They, just chose someone else. Okay so you see that we're. We're basing our It's it's not. It's a learning experience. And so when you elevate that to growth mindset, what would you do well? What you would say is okay. Did everything I knew to do so I'm giving myself in a I didn't get the business that was out of my control. I controlled everything I could. But I couldn't control that which is okay. And so the growth person within say you know what? I'm calling back and I'm saying hey, can you know if you're able? Can you tell me what it is? That pushed the other. Company the other offer over the edge. Why did you pick them? Sometimes? They'll tell you sometimes they want. Sometimes it comes down to as simple as well. You know the vice president of sales. That's their. That's their son in law. Who Came Ed? So! What are you a failure at that point? Because! They made a decision that had nothing to do with what you just did. And so we don't need to hold ourselves accountable or feel like it's a defeat when we do everything right and we do it in the right way. We do the preparation and it doesn't work out because we can look back and say am I better more qualified more capable for the next opportunity, and if the answer is yes, then guess what you've learned you grew, and you know a few more questions to ask for the next time. I love that Tom. Where yeah again the success I tend to, because I will probably because I'm one of human humankind I. Tend to look at success is the end result and I have had to well hopefully. I've been I've been grateful to. Realize that man that the end result is not always the goal. It's what you said. What I learned and grew along the way towards. That is sometimes better, because yeah, Gosh, you're talking about you. Know Sales and ziglar sales one. Oh, one is what is the absolute goal is to make a sale the take care of the person, and that may not be to sell them your product or service that goes against the grain of the integrity that we're all shooting for, but yeah what we learn and grow on the way it's not always about the end result of the pithy saying right, it's not the destination. It's the journey, but it's just true most. Most of the best pithy sayings are are are so because they're true. Here's one Tony Cooper. She says I used to just pull the trigger and go then develop a plan once I started. There would ultimately be a plan of action in the end now. I actually set goals creative planning. Go for it while setting the goals helps me be more of a success. Sometimes, it can also be a hindrance for me as crazy as it sounds. Planning sometimes brings doubt to my mind and I'm less likely to pull the trigger, even when the plan is good, mainly out of fear of not succeeding I've had to really work on that the past few years. Well as much as I just held up been Hardee's book about personality isn't permanent. I agree with his book and the premise in his book. However, it does give propensities. We all do have some well. We can't always say is a natural propensity natural born. It was ingrained in us when we did. We learn it. Be Environment. I, don't know you're going to call that for yourself I. Don't know that it matters today I Kevin Miller. I have certain propensities and when she's talking about planning that. Sometimes it can feel like a hindrance or feel confining. I am going to submit that. There are some personality aspects, and that I know some people like my accountant in my CPA my bookkeepers. Thank God. They love the details. They loved the plan. They walk it out and they save me boatloads of money I love him That's why I'm not an accountant. I play really tight plans feel feel confining to me. They find these plans as Frene I. I know some people and other aspects of man. The plan and walking it out is so free and to me it generally tends. Tends to feel confining, so I'm not even GonNa put that off on personality type. I'm just GONNA say propensities. Tom And I WANNA. Hold that out that that's that's relevant in its discussion and I love again that as we look at this for those of you who set goals you go forward and strive for something. Do you make a plan and walk it out? Do you figure it out as you go? And that the literal truth it's on facebook. You can go see it on my page is. We got exactly fifty fifty. From our audience because it's, we're not talking right or wrong or white to some degree we we are talking about what works for you. What works for you to set a goal? Commit to it and go out and get it, and if ten of you go, and you did it through the plan, great attentive, you did because you committed to it and you figured it out more along the way. As long as you're reaching that goal so I, I hope people find freedom in that now. If you find that the lack of making the plan does derail, you causes confusions. Will then you need to do that? If you find that making a plan is making, you feel confining. You need to address this. This is a fluid topic I. Guess is my Point Fair Tom. Very Fair, okay. All right well Jennifer here. She says number two, if I don't move and figure it out as I go I never start in the first place. Victoria says I would love to be a plotter at an organizer, but alas. When God says, go off. I go flying by the seat of my pants. Most of the time, however at work I have been taking some time management project management classes, and now I'm about half and half. Hey, as long as they get the job done, right. I think to what I said before I'm agreeing with with Victoria and Tom. We've got a lot here I. do want to summarize here and we've got a lot of people who are out here. Making things happen. That are talking about, and we could come away with this with what are the? Primary highlights. You've outlined him so well of there's benefit and having the planners benefited not being confined by a plan. Ultimately though we're trying to figure out how to manage, I'm GonNa, use that word. I like it Dr propensities. To get us to set a goal. Maybe we should come back to that. That is what we are talking. This is again presupposing that we set a goal. We commit to a goal and we're saying there's not a black and white PERF- perfect cookie cutter plan on how to walk out. The biggest danger that we're speaking to is not setting goals, and we're back to the destination which I think is. Probably the King of the paradigm on without the destination. Were not going to get anywhere already to get to the wrong place, yes. Yes so here's a couple of questions. We can all ask ourselves. You Know Dad said this he said success. Is the maximum is Asian of the abilities that God gave you. Okay so I love that because. Every single one of us is unique and different. We all have our own personality. We have our own traits. Gifts and talents in so success as maximizing what God gave. Okay! So then here's the the question. Is this personally? This is what asked myself. Do, I want to become. The person that God created me to be. Now. That's a big question. Okay because. I've gotta get an alignment. What will God want me to become? And it's Kinda. Cool because he created me, so he knows my traits, my gifts, my talents. He knows where I'm a detailed account type refinement artsy. Let's let's. Party you know, let's just go this way. Okay, so that means that God has has created me in such a way. And he knows that I'm GonNa fulfill my life's purpose in the way He created me. So, so then we go back to the first quote. Success as the maximum maximization of the abilities that God gave me okay. So, what does that mean? It means that whether I am. An account very detail oriented person. There's probably some techniques. Some things that I could use in my life. The don't seem natural. That will help me maximize what God's given me. And if I'm the artists you know, let's let's just do it. Let's have fun in the process. WHO NEEDS A plan? There are probably. Some skills techniques some ideas that don't come natural to me that are going to help me maximize my gift at mitalent. So what does that mean? It means that we all have the ability to adapt. Learn something new take something in doesn't quite seem like natural in yet in maximizes the ability. The Guy gave me. And I think that's where we gotta get realistic. Right? That's where we've got to come in. And so for the people who say hey, I do this or I do that or I do both. The ultimate question to me is. Do I want to become the person God created me to be. And then when that's my driver, and then I get. Pretty excited and pretty serious at the same time, and there's nothing in the scripture that says hey, when you achieve these certain things. Then I'll accept you. You know what that's pretty cool. Right because now based on a result of some action. With that in you, just speaking of God I mean that is. That is a filter that I ultimately strive to come to is at the bottom bottom line, especially for questioning something that may feel riskier. Whatever will this goal help and bless other people, will it? Will it glorify God if I can say Yes to that? Then I have faith in it. The my fear goes down and my faith goes up and. I think it's a relevant a relevant filter for us all to do. Here's a great way to. End this heather land, I just I'm looking at facebook one more time. She just said I love this and so needed this today. This is the podcast we've got an audience. Here I'm happy for everybody to share this like crazy so that lots of people here at it blesses us. We know the message is getting out there. This is a business actually and I'm shameless in that as well, but at the end of the day. I often had that thought Thomas. We're doing these shows and having these topics that you know there's one person out there. Specifically who had an acute need filled it. At just blesses my socks off so heather, thank you and everybody who posted and shared in the comments. That's what makes this show so rich. Tom Always a gift to do this with your brother. Alright thanks to everybody. Thanks for being a part of this our facebook podcast family and thank you. Kevin Miller the greatest host and all the land. Love, you brother. Well there you have it again. Folks fifty fifty on going after your goals and desires with plan or pulling the trigger and figuring it out I hope what you heard. How Bro your confidence in the way that works best for you, but further inspires you to regardless be taking action on your desires. Coming up in episode, eight, Hundred Five. You're not the victim of your biology. How's that for a line? Here's here's a thought. How much do you care about the home you live in? Does it matter a little or a lot? If it's clean and safe with Nice Amenities, can you upgrade it will, of course will likewise every day we wake up to live inside our brain like your home. You have control over the quality and state of your brain, the ability that capacity much more than you have over your outside circumstances, but we don't function from this perspective. We tend to live as if our brains or concrete and hardwired. hardwired. We have what we have and we got what we got well dot, Caroline leave has made it her life's work to debunk. Disprove this and show us how our brain can be. Our servants, said it the other way around Dr Lee was one of the first in her field to study how the brain can change with directed mind input. Neuro. plasticity is how it's commonly referred to with Dr Leaf. She's the best selling author of switch on your brain. It's all about I think over three hundred fifty thousand copies now. The other book think learn and succeed if you talk about some in the show. But. Her top ranked health and wellness. PODCAST is cleaning up the mental mess, and that is just really growing right now. It's such a popular topic. Well in the show, I did with there. We go through what letter into this field? However, faith overlaps with her vocational mission and key aspects of the control. We actually have an can employ regarding our brain till then folks, thank you as always for letting me walk with you as we inspire are true performance together.

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