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A lot of my clients really truly struggle with is this idea of being seen being heard and knowing and owning their own self worth so a lot of that really truly comes from the idea of being marginalized and workplace really truly not necessarily having equal access to opportunity to get to wherever Robert is that they want to be in their chosen careers or I could be a matter of basically. They're just not treated the same. Hello everyone welcome to the KTBS. Success Factor podcast for women where we talk about challenges senior female leaders face and being happy and successful at work. I'm your host Dr Sarah e Brown. I guess today is Dimitrios Henderson. She's the CEO and founder of D F H coaching and consulting LLC prior to her formally launching this coaching and consulting Business Dimitrios spent fifteen years in the corporate world. Then then she went back to school to earn her. PhD In business management. She advocates for equal access to opportunity and fair treatment for all in the workplace applies as a coach. She works primarily with marginalized groups in the workplace by providing them with the tools to not only seize opportunities ladies that they arise but to create opportunities that will advance their careers as a consultant. She worked with organizations to help them in creating in maintaining workplace cultures in which all employees feel included an have a sense of belonging. Dimitrios has a BS in mathematics. Just like me. And Ms Organization Development and a PhD in business management. In addition. She's a certified professional coach. which welcome to meet you? Thank you thank you for having me and where in the world are you today. I am in Harrisonburg Virginia. The vendors were great so I am at a client site right now in Wilmington Delaware where we've got snow squalls all day long. How did you get any today? We got snow yesterday at but it was a gorgeous day. There is a gorgeous day to day sales stuff starting to melt already. Wealth terrific so tell me in your business to meet you. What is the biggest challenge you help female leaders face and give me an idea of the symptoms of this challenge inch myself one of the things that are really find that a lot of my clients really truly struggle with? Is this idea being seen being heard in knowing winging owning their own self worth a lot of that really truly comes from the idea of being marginalized in workplace really truly not necessarily surly having equal access opportunity to get wherever it is that they want to be in their chosen careers or I could be a matter of. Basically they're just not treated the same as others and so along the symptoms that we see with this is that definitely you would think that over an extended period of time. It will become a little demoralized and There is that sense of feeling as though they are not respected. In addition to that what we sometimes see is that people start to withdraw. You know that could be physical withdrawal. Where like no you're going to have that impacted the organization where people are actually quitting or they're just not just not going to work our could be actually just that nets draw where they might be physically present? But they're not they're right zone other words. The organization is still isn't getting what they want out of that particular individual and that individual definitely is not being hit the way he or she needs and wants to be fed more diligent. They're being that productive resourceful person for their your chosen a company or corporation wow sounds like a pretty demoralizing state of affairs so what. What are the biggest mistakes? Your clients make Neko before working with you to address this challenge. You know like the term mistake Because it's one of those choices that with me. Being being a coach. I think that anything that they may have try prior to baby getting themselves out of the situations that they find themselves that all great learning opportunity either works or doesn't work right and so for me. I don't necessarily view that as a mistake. Just use that as learning opportunity and so what what I really truly by is that really. Is this idea of people trying to do it by themselves going Solo. They're trying to figure it out all by themselves Dell's and that is I think. Probably the biggest hurdle and struggle that probably encounter and so it's one of those things where myself You know working as their coach. Become a part of their support system I really truly work with my clients in working to try to identify. Who or what is support system to really truly get them to recognize that everything doesn't have to be perfect? You know there is no perfectionism. It's like we don't have them all the ducks lined wind up in a row before we can take any sort of action and so and I speak to that from personal experience because I myself consider myself as recovering perfectionist. You you know one of those situations where even now you know. Sometimes I have to check myself. You know making sure that like you know. I am not inhibiting my own Congress by no feeling as though I have certain things in order for me to take action and so in some really and truly at at a really tried to work with people get them to understand that you. You don't have to do it alone that it really is gonNA help and be to your benefit when you really truly likeness start to leverage that support system for yourself. What is that a tip? Yep a free tip that you can give my listeners to help them address this challenge now if they are actually experiencing it themselves the biggest step. I haven't I guess going ally of going along with what I previously spoke to. I would say it would be that building that leveraging of their network. It's a free actionable tip is not necessarily the easiest thing to do. I think a lot of people struggle with that. But I've really truly find that your network is really truly going to be one of the key drivers to get some change to start to act to start to occur within your actual career right for that transformation to take place and so I really the encourage people to really try to start identifying who is currently in my network you know and then try to understand okay based on where I think I wanna go where might WanNa go who might be the individuals what might be the resources. What might be the tools that I may be to actually start to consider? So that means that. Can Start to broaden this networks works about maybe I might get introduced to opportunities and things of that nature. Is there any valuable free resource. You can share particularly with my women listeners. I help them understand this challenge. Better than what what comes to mind is a book that I read last year and this is kind of comes from research that I'm familiar with and working through my she program and all that other fun stuff but when we talk about this idea of building networks a lot of people are under the premise. That it's GonNa be their strongest ties right. People that are going to be closest to the that those are going to be the ones that we need to reach out to you to help them really truly. I can achieve on sort of transformation in their career but research science tells us that know. What's our weakest times and so the idea? Is that what you WanNa do is really truly start thinking about who are in your friends of your reds of research by the name of David Burqas. He wrote this book friend of a friend and he really truly homes in this idea of really truly explaining the idea of the strip of those weak ties. The idea of really truly thinking about okay. Who may be might be in my network? I maybe haven't talked took six months or a year but they can about that. Those might be the individuals that we might need to start reaching out to branching out to if we're looking for some sort of change is because we think about it the people that are closest to you for the most part you guys for the most part no the same individuals You may be hanging in the same sort of corners corners and things of that nature but those weak ties. That's new information that's new resources. That's new knowledge that can come into you and so that is it's one of those things so get not necessarily a free resource but I would encourage people to probably check out that a friend of a friend David versus and really truly goes a lot more more detail. Friend of a friend by neighbors. Earth very. Good very good. Dmitri Ah what is one question that I should have asked asked you. That would help my audience take action to address this challenge for themselves or for their organization. I probably the rush that comes to my mind is let's process work with individuals in answering that like in understanding how she worked with individuals to help them to really truly transformed as formed their careers as well as their lives is. I've developed a framework in which I call a stuck to soaring career as system in. which when I do is identify by the various reasons are very places where people may actually be stuck within the career and ended where they are? That's when we start to work with our eyes starts work with them in terms of helping them understand okay. What are the things one of the priorities that we really truly need to focus on to really get you to that next level to get you to where you want to be so for example when I talk about my framework I have in the quadrant when I call my bystander? So this is that individual that they're stuck they don't know where they want to go then taking any action nothing happening life is just happening to them. They philly just lay down and burdened and all that other fun stuff. This is that individual. That's probably like Oh God. It's Sunday and Monday's coming tomorrow. That means I gotTa start the cycle all over again right and so so they're a really truly sort of in that state but just don't know necessarily how to get out of and individuals like that. It's about really truly making sure that we start to do that. Background worker. We're trying to figure out. Okay who are you. What are your strengths? What are you want? What you value? Where do you WanNa go with this? Really truly helping to identify that priority in terms of who they are and then helping them to actually district putting the steps into place to get where where they are and so my other problems out of I don't know how much time and we have but I also have what I call Andrea. This is that person that they for the most part. They're doing a whole bunch of stuff but they don't know where they're going in other words words they're taking action with no clear specific direction. This is that person that might job hop a lot. You know. It's just kind of just trying out different. Things never necessarily saying them to the end. Then I have what I call my paralyzed lawyer so this is the individual that they know what they watch your clarity in terms of where they WANNA go. Oh but they're just not sure how to get there and so because of that that he can paralyze and so therefore no action is being taken and so do the vigils like that. It might be a matter of really truly getting venture. Just try and take those small steps so that they can start to experimental a little bit you know and and just see because again remember their mistakes write this all just learning opportunities and so it's about really truly getting into into action and so and so the end goal is to get what I call the pioneer. This person where they know what they want kicking all those actions really truly kind of like you know in that particular stage in your career where they're really truly rocking and rolling. And so what I find is that as individuals we all been in each one of those projects the various phases of our lives and so and so really and truly like I said for me as a coach about really truly helping in recognizing where that individual is currently currently in really truly getting to where they wanna be through that process that I've dealt and for my listeners. I met Dimitri in an online training session. Shen where she introduces framework and it is a very good framework so dimitri tell people how they can find you to see that and talk about that framework more. Yes so you can reach me on. My website is d. h. services dot net. I'm also unlinked in and that's just under my name Dmitriev Henderson Anderson and also have a facebook page journey to you the number to actually between the journey and the U So those are the primary social media media platforms that that you can find me on But yeah so if they go to my website or even to the facebook page I also have a lane actually want to schedule a free thirty minute session with me me like you know. We can just hash out. Some things maybe happened. Walk Away with one actionable. A bigger put into place a software they are currently. They're thinking they can get to that on your website site via the age services dot net correct great to meet you. Thank you so much thank you. Thanks for listening to the K- t- F- success factor podcasts for women. If you like what you're hearing please go to I. Tunes to subscribe Rada Data and leave a review. And if you would like more information on how we can help women in your organization to Thrive Thank go to www doc Sarah e brown dot com. You can sign up for our newsletter reach show notes and learn more about our podcast guests. We'd my blog rousted the books or contact spur chat. Goodbye for now

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