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Live from npr news. I'm janine herbst. President biden today celebrated the fifteen million corona virus. Vaccines administered so far fifty million shots in just thirty seven days since i've become president. That's so weeks ahead of schedule. Even with the setbacks we face during the recent winter storms. that's halfway biden's pledge of one hundred million people vaccinated in his first one hundred days in office by also says his administration will launch a campaign to educate people about vaccines this as a food and drug administration. Advisory panel meets tomorrow on drugmaker. Johnson and johnson's one dose vaccine. The fda could authorize this weekend. If that happens it would be the third vaccine available in the us former michigan governor. Jennifer granholm is the country's new energy secretary. The senate voted sixty four to thirty five today to confirm. npr's jeff radio reports. She is expected to refocus the department of energy on climate. Change like president biden. Jennifer granholm has focused her climate change message on creating jobs at her confirmation. Hearing last month. Granholm told senators that every state could benefit from the transition to cleaner energy. The products that reduce carbon emissions are going to create twenty three trillion dollar global market by twenty thirty. That is a massive opportunity as michigan. Governor granholm worked on a federal bailout package that encouraged automakers to focus on cleaner technologies like electric vehicles. Republican senators said they're concerned. The new employment may not be in the same places and at the same pay as current fossil fuel. Jobs jeff eighty. Npr news first time jobless claims fell last week but are still at a historically high level. The labor department says the number of people applying for unemployment benefits fell to a seasonally adjusted. Seven hundred. thirty thousand. That's the lowest number of weekly claims. Since november more than nineteen million people remain on some form of assistance. Meanwhile stocks lost ground today as the yield on treasury notes climbed here scott horsely reports. The dow fell one point seven percent after hitting a record high just a day earlier for months now. Investors looking for any kind of return had little alternative to buying stocks but the yield on unsafe treasury notes has risen swiftly in recent days the yield on ten year treasuries topped one and a half percent today for the first time in a year. That's more than the dividends paid by stocks and the s. and p. five hundred index making riskier stock investments relatively less attractive orders for durable goods rose by better-than-expected three point four percent last month aircraft provided much of the lift. Now that polling seven. Three seven max jets are flying again. New claims for unemployment benefits dropped last week though. Bad weather and other factors may have distorted the count scott horsely. Npr news washington and you're listening to npr news. In colorado tribal members are calling on lawmakers to replace a statue of a union soldier who took part in the slaughter of native americans during the civil war with a lightness of an indigenous woman. The soldier statue was top last summer amid a nationwide reckoning over racial injustice in the movement to remove symbols of racial oppression from public spaces. President biden has revoked former president. Donald trump's executive order calling for classical architecture for federal buildings as npr's elizabeth blair reports. Trump's action took aim at modern design president. Trump's executive order called modernist designs ugly and inconsistent. And that the preferred style for new federal buildings should resemble the architecture of ancient greece or rome. The american institute of architects is thrilled. The order has been reversed in a statement. The institute says the biden administration has restored communities with the freedom of design. Choice trump appointed justin shoe one of the champions of classical architecture to head the us commission of fine arts. The commission advises the federal government on design. He tells npr. Seventy two percent of american adults prefer classical and traditional design for federal buildings. According to a survey shoebox says the commission will work with the biden administration to build quote a truly democratic architecture. Elizabeth blair npr news. Washington and wall street was sharply lower by the close. The dow down five hundred fifty nine points. Thirty one thousand four hundred. Two the nasdaq down. Four hundred seventy eight the s&p five hundred ninety six. You're listening to npr news.

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