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Alan requested this song. Because like Mariah Carey. Allen is at the top of the charts. Banging around these microphones. I Kirk Morrison in for the guys big. Matchup tomorrow for the Lakers and the Clippers Christmas Day five o'clock pre game coverage begins at three thirty and it will be Alan Sleep. Woah and Michael Thompson we are joined by Allan Sleep the host of WHOA. What are you doing on? What's going on guys? Yeah that that Mariah Carey Song that kind of just got three going every morning. You know even even when it's not even close to Christmas just like in August you blast that choose for me in the summer huge for me and it just didn't never you never want the holiday to feel too far off in this game. Obviously a lot of implications for both teams. Who Do you think it actually is more important for before we even start breaking breaking it down? Who Do you think the game is actually more meaningful towards I I would? Actually you know the Lakers are healthy and LBJ. And Anthony Davis no problem problem there and the game they get to play their full minutes. And everything else I I would be you know. I'd really be surprised if the Lakers lost the game. Because I think it means so much. The Lakers Lakers They won't tell you that. And do you know this. It's been a lot of zero hype from the players and the coaches on a lot of these big games. Whether it's against the Milwaukee Bucks or leading up to this clippers game coups may yesterday was saying the Lakers practice to Saudi. No no this is just another game But I have after imagine hopefully behind closed doors. It's not just another game because you didn't lose to the clippers and I I think that aside from just losing to the clippers to start the season season no Paul George Look. It's a two horse race unless any of these other teams in the western conference and up making some kind of move And if they don't don't make then Lakers and the clippers at some point are going to face each other and One of those teams are going to be representing the Western Conference. So the Lakers. You don't want to start off. Owen Owen to against the clippers I think there is I know they're they're not handing out trophies on Christmas but at the same time If you're a between that that knows Here's the clippers team. That's very talented. Even eventually have to go through to start the season off only to against them. One at the home obviously technically went on the road. I think it'd be a bad. Look for the Lakers. You listen the Caspian Los Angeles. The one thing I can say is this game to me. And I've said this before Allen Lebron James takes his game to a different level. Right aimed we watched. Lebron throughout the season is an especially on this last little Road trip I got a little burnt out. I would say the five games and they didn't really have much against Milwaukee in that big game. That Mitt way eight more to Milwaukee than it did to Lakers. But I feel like this. Christmas game is different. It's special in so many ways and we always seem to get the best Lebron that we probably probably haven't seen so to me. My question would be is. What kind of Lebron do we get with? Anthony Davis now. What kind of brown are we going A to get with? Anthony Davis that we have not seen in these I. What twenty nine games Guardian? I actually think you know what he's done over these. I thirty game the Thirty Games. Whatever the case is right? I think what he's already done. it's been amazing to watch what he's done so early in the season I just give you an example. We'll probably Bond James. Just think about this kind of kind of funny when you think about it. But when Lakers went to Denver December third they have that game against Denver. Lebron James Plays Lebron Lebron. James Plays in. That Game Lakers win by nine on the road. Lebron doesn't play in the game against Denver on Sunday. that You know home game. I'm Lakers lose by twenty four If Lebron James just is Lebron James whether that's another level whether that level he saving the postseason wherever the cases just having Lebron James on the floor is everything to this. Lakers team We all love. Anthony Davis we no how valuable. AD is but the next level is just having Lebron James on the floor in my opinion so is Christmas is going to I is it going to be different. Type Lebron James. I don't know but I'll just tell you the Lebron James that we've just watched this season night in night out that Lebron James is still arguably the best player in the world and we're talking with Alin Sleep. A host of Lakers talk. You also does pre and post game coverage for every Lakers game including tomorrow starting at three thirty and I and yeah on the the difference with this team between Anthony Davis and Lebron even in Games where you can see that Davis can change change things on both sides of the ball. At times he can be like a transcendent force. Defensively blocking shots the way he can switch and stuff. This team is not built to to operate without Lebron at the helm. Doing everything like they think they will. Miss Anthony Davis but they are better built to offset his absence at least for a little while. They're less functional without Lebron. I think that's the difference. Yeah I completely agree I mean. He's the it's the best way to put it in a while. But the quarterback of the team is everything that they do on the On the night at night at night in night out basis is in Lebron's James his hands. It's on his shoulders And I know you might say well guys about thirty. Five years is older. He just turned thirty five Should they have that much dependency on one player. If you like it or you don't like it. That's the way this team is built and everything else. Kinda really doesn't even matter from this point. It's going to be on the Bronx you know. We've gone through our checklist little bit earlier Allen and we're trying to figure out you know who has the advantage right but it's a couple couple of position lists players right. Are we calling Lebron forward. Is he a guard Same thing with Paul George and and Kawhi Leonard we look at the bigs in his game. When you look at position is there really an advantage Going back and forth. Or what do you see to be. The biggest advantage for the Lakers in this matchup. So I think I think for the Lakers. Anthony Davis you know as much as I just sat here and I you know obviously complimented Lebron James. Anthony Davis specifically the against the Clippers is the big advantage that the Lakers have You Know Clipper certainly have their advantage of might be say the bench mantras herald the the three spot got to kind of have that option. Paul George or Kawhi Leonard to Kinda play multiple physicians. But there's no answer answer for. Anthony Davis mantras heralds a nice player. he's not stopping Anthony Davis if it's a zoo boxes Matched up against Anthony Davis That's not good for you. Know the clippers. I so I I think the Lakers It's kind of interesting combination. AD is top five in the NBA. Question about it. Ak You mentioned his ability ability on the defensive side and we know what he can do on the offensive end It's it's kind of unique to have a player like a D and then You when the Lakers and the clippers face each other the biggest advantage Lakers will have is that position but I I do think that combination No question about it to me is Is Anthony Davis. How do you think the Lakers go about trying to slow down that that bench combo of Lou Williams and Mantras Herald? I mean it obviously gives a lot of teams across the league problems but in particular to question for the Lakers because their bench has been hit and miss in terms of production. Yeah I I wonder if tomorrow Avery Bradley doesn't get the start and he started in the last game that had more to do with the fact that Lebron wasn't wasn't playing so they put Rondo in there as well as the starter. But maybe I could see avery Bradley. WHO's the best defender the Lakers have you know On the outside outside I could see avery Bradley coming in off the bench and anytime Lou Williams is in Avery Bradley kind of follows as far as You know mantras Entre Herald that that might be an interesting match up for a guy like I like Dwight Howard White is one of those players. I don't I don't want to sales going to move append down a lot faster a lot quicker than than Dwight Howard can but Dwight's played good for the Lakers this year. He's been a great player off the bench. I think you know it's more on the defensive side where the Lakers can kind of hopefully slow things down a little bit for the clippers. I never that first game Lakers played against the clippers like jumped out to a thirteen. Four lead mantras hairline Lou Williams came in and before you knew it Clippers just kind of took over from there so that bench that that part is an issue issue and the problem with the Lakers. They've just never had a consistent player this year that you could say okay. Well we know when when we go to the bench. That guy is going to do this for us. It's kind kind of been a a coin. Flip every single game But I think on on the defensive side I could see avery Bradley trying to do what he can't against Lou Williams I could see Dwight Howard trying to run up and caloric mantras Herald. Yeah I also think too. Why can hopefully get heroin the foul trouble just like go Adam and may make him defend him because that's not his strength? You mentioned also to the situation with Avery Bradley and I wasn't quite sure why Frank Vogel decided to start Bradley Bradley. Wi with Rondo and Rondo was obviously needed him out there to to run the offense with Lebron not there. I hope this was a one time thing Allen because you get so so much of a better version of Casey P by and large when he's a starter and I don't think it necessarily makes difference for Avery Bradley one way or the other but I I I just think you get a better version of the Lakers. When you get a better version of Casey P yet I think match Matchup lies if you look at tomorrow's Game Are you overly concerned about Patrick Beverley. Do you need a good defender on him. And I don't think you do so. I think really if avery Bradley's your best defender in the backcourt then I agree but let Casey P start. The game off hopefully Lakers can You know kind of get things flowing but from a bench perspective You L. Clippers. Do take things to another level when they use their bench. And and I'm with you I. I'd rather see Avery Bradley coming off the bench right now then him in the starting lineup. And hopefully that's also a benefit pittock. ACP in one thing. I was thinking of though you mention about Patrick Beverley I just feel like his intensity is going to be ratcheted up. A Notch Right He's the guy to me that the Lakers Khanna really have to keep I won't say in front of them but don't allow his antiques is to get the best of right we. We saw it a couple of weeks ago against Houston right him in Russell westbrook getting after like he's the guy that's going to feed feed into that right feed into this underdog mentality in an arena. Tomorrow that is going to be pro. Lakers Rondo so to me. I'm watching the best kind of the The situation in which the Lakers handle him throughout the game. That too meek. And also put a lot of that riffraff out the way. Because that's the that he's going to be the guy that gets game a little chippy. It's already chippy enough. But I think if the Lakers don't allow him in his antics We don't have to worry about a ojection from maybe WHO IS AT A? What's my guy? Jared Dudley or or Rondo. Sort of Dudley's designated Roy. That's his rolled out but still dove anybody's. He's GonNa get a jacket it's GONNA be. It's the emotions of the game tomorrow. Can they handle that. which is what after Beverly's role is and at the end of the day We talked about just the the coaching aspect of it too. And I'm looking at Tilahun. I'm looking at you know. Obviously Doc rivers and we looked at you know Vogel and Holland and Jason Kidd Kid and so tomorrow to me is which Coaching Staff is the better coaching staff. Why like I? I'd say this first one on Patrick see beverly. You're right. That's his job that's all. That's what he does for the clippers. The Lakers No one should have to say anything to the Lakers for them to get up to this game This you know this should be an important game for the Lakers. And I said this I said earlier. They downplay the game. They downplayed the game and gets Milwaukee box but the way they started the game game against Milwaukee that's how they lost the the hopefully they They kind of come out a little bit different than this or knowing and understanding that this should have more meaning than when you play the Orlando Magic or the Atlanta Hawks or the Phoenix Suns From a coaching staff perspective. Look walking into the season. I think people were looking at the Lakers coaching staff with a ton. The question marks and it's just going to work Vogel's last night with Orlando didn't happen. How's the dynamic with Jason Fitz so forth and so forth so far to thirty games you could say okay you know what this is This is better than we had anticipated than we expected. But it's these big games that You know I think matter most that. We're most curious to see how the Lakers acres coaching staff does. And you know the the clippers do have an advantage on that standpoint right now doc rivers has won an MBA championship Tai Lue has wanted a an NBA championship. There's obviously a deep staff is there as well but that that's what I think makes this such an intriguing. match-up top to bottom for the Lakers. Whether it's ownership ship for the Lakers ownership for the clippers front offices going at each other coaching staff and all the way down to the players. This is why you know I find this matchup so fascinating and And we've never had this. We never had this between the Lakers and the clippers so this is the first time where both of these franchises are colliding. Both have a legitimate chance to win the chip and then lasting Allen really quickly prediction tomorrow look at maybe I put too much I put too much into this game for the Lakers. I but I know I said it's Kinda stop the show I I'd be. I'd be really surprised if the Lakers don't come out with a w tomorrow I I think it is I think it's a big deal arm and the Lakers bikers by five there. You haven't run Vegas Allison with a host of Lakers. Talk also doesn't pre and post game for the Lakers including tomorrow beginning at three thirty. Appreciate the time out. Thanks man. Thank you and Alan Sleep. Was appearance is brought to you by Bradley Wallace. If you're injured I get the W.. Call eight four four eight. Four four wins or Wallace Wins Dot com a lot to chop up from what Allen just said and we will do that next Allen also requested this song so he went to play this. Even though he's not here to enjoy Allen is just GONNA be taking over our music choices for the next Oh yeah already. Five minutes exquisite musical taste also is listening to this on a regular basis during the summer. Yes yes you know just for funsies. Absolutely yeah I thought it was interesting. Raj when Allen was talking about the coaching matchup between Doc rivers and his staff Frank Vogel and his staff both have done a really good job this year both have a lot of respect among the assistance. All that. But what's been interesting about. This season is heading into do it. There had been so much talk about Vogel being on the hot see you know. He was the perceived third fourth choice. At best are supposed goes to be tyler whose job then really the Lakers wanted Jason Kidd. But they felt like they couldn't bring him in because the optics but he was really the guy that they were keeping the seat warm for their been any problems. You'RE GONNA start hearing about the narrative with Jason Kidd and coach killing and all that stuff and it's been quiet you and Frank Vogel is done a really good job frank bogus on a great job whose on a show last week with us and we talked about it and and another thing. We didn't mention to him. But with all these personalities you have on nineteen. This is another thing that coach needs to do the massages personalities. And you know these guys. There's been no barking. There's been no trouble no beef. No nothing I think. He's done a fine job absolutely right right. I thought this point of the season at this point you're hearing Oh of Kid was coaching. And there's been nothing Wrexham Job Vogel but you and I thought what actually the moment that he set the tone for the job that he's done this year was during his introductory press conference which was frankly was a charade it was ridiculous because has really people were treating it as their first opportunity to talk with Rob Pelinka because that was after the magic bomber. Right after the was the it was right after the magic bomb but it was also the first time Kalinka. Ha or anybody from the Lakers had spoken publicly in three or four months after magic resigned. Nobody from the organization spoke nope publicly. True so frank. Vogel was basically just like an accessory at his own press conference I mean he was just like a prop and the times where he did speak. He expressed total confidence. Total optimism no bitterness over any of this and I thought he was you know. He acknowledged the narrative with Jason Kid. You know the the narrative there was out there and he just said look. I've always wanted really good people on my staff so I can be part of a collaborative process S.. I'm good with this. I know what you I know what everyone's saying. I don't have a problem with them even acknowledging yeah they they kind of told me you need to put Jason Kidd on your staff. I'm good with it but if the Lakers do happen to lose this game and it turns into a four game losing streak. I'm not saying all of a sudden knives are going to be out and there's GonNa backbiting and there's going to be problems but it'll be the first time that I think people start really remembering that. That's what everyone was expecting in the first place. Yeah yes struggles in and you guys mentioned earlier with the checking of the box. You still gave. Who did you give your check to on kyw gave a slight checked acted? Doc rivers just in terms of overall body of work recency bias. Because Vogel hadn't been coaching for a couple years. Yeah that was my question and look docs done a really good job this year. He's done a really good job. The last couple years vocals done a terrific job this year to. He's a terrific job especially with the defense and making everyone accountable. Oh to playing defense. Even Lebron last year was criticized for the defense. But one thing doc does you and I were talking about this during the break when I watched the clippers even in some of the losses but there's just waves and waves of effort and consistency like on their bench. When they go out they just don't let up and it's even last year you watch against the gold say words where they're outmanned manning out gun? Obviously they still just waves and waves of justice. This Carlson pressure effort fighting loose balls in in in having a two guys off the bench. I was listening to NBA Radio the other day. They were doing six man of the year they're NBA awards. Like the court of the way through and the clippers had the top two choices for them with last year. The second yeah last year. That's just such in. That's where you just see in some of that to me and I bring up the bench. I know retire coaching. Some of that is coaching. I think doc coaches coaches those role players up to perform big moments and take big shots and be comfortable with them. Well he found something mantras Herald. I mean he came over in that deal with Houston for Chris. Paul and you know herald been considered kind of an afterthought he n really been considered a big part of that deal. It's been mostly considered just as this energy guy but without a specific skill set. But he's now not just like this you know pick and roll finishing partner partner for Lou Williams like he's become better with his own face up game. You Know Br break down defense you know. He's he's not like somebody that you can run an offense through no but he's become better skilled like he. He has improved as a player. Which makes him more dangerous with Lou Williams and I actually think the bench is really going to be key he to this in terms of just all right? That's the biggest advantage. I think the clippers could have over the Lakers in this game. Absolutely so how do they go about stopping alhough. Putting on Lou Williams. Alan mentioned earlier. Avery Bradley as a possibility I actually would go with Alex Russo. Because I think he's got a little bit bigger Size is and reach little more athleticism to deal with Williams. Would I think you're probably GONNA see a lot of both of them. You know how do you try to gum up MANTRAS Herrell you know. Try Try to keep them from having the the type of roaming room that he usually has in these games I think got some. Dwight Howard can just continually put a body on and put some pressure on him. Actually make AAC Herald Defend Howard and then coups. MMA needs to score in this game. This cannot be a game where coups puts up nine points like like they need. I don't expect him to necessarily keep point for point pace with Lou Williams because Lou Williams is one of the best fourth quarter scores in the League George specialists but Kouzmine needs to make his presence felt with the points. Like it's really important in this game. I saw something where he needs. Still wait a make himself himself felt a special sensimist at first game. Lakers apparently are dead last by a large margin in driving to the hoop and scoring There they get their appointing obviously with Lebron being being kicked out in your guys at stay out in the line and shoot the threes which has been effective for them. But I would like to see coups ticket to their whole against his. A clipper team where you could say if there is a weakness. It's the belly right. There's no absolute change shot or anything like that. That's intimidating but Lakers being last in driving points is a bit of a concern. I think that's where we're coups McCann. Pick up some of that slowly. Kosov that to the first game that he Denver Sunday was his first game back and he went to the whole on consecutive possessions off Defensive Offensive Rebounds that he basically took coast to coast so he really. He did a good job on that he you saw his ability to who be productive around the rim and be aggressive and that was really important. All right coming up next. NFL power rankings. Heading into the playoffs Kirk will give his next. Well Andy as you know. L Z. Isn't here today. I saw so instead of. Let's so let's switch it up a little bit and e you know we're going into week seventeen so let's do you big kirk. Morrison fell power rankings as we head into the playoffs. Almost we got a couple of things to wrap up here a couple of Division Cup number one sees yes sir cowboys still alive. Yeah AH top teen here. I'll go from the bottom to the top so I started ten. That's where we always go to work for some some people. Do some people do who. That's how they do it. The College Football playoff right. And that's not true. That's correct. They start back and go afford to suspense man. We're in the business a suspense here. Who Ten is yeah? I just can't I just can't wait to break Raja's heart by the way number ten. It's the EA GL Ese Philadelphia. Great Dominant Win last week against the Dallas cowboys really kept them looking as if they don't belong in the playoffs. So I like Philadelphia ten followed by the number nine team and this is a difficult one because you get inconsistent play from week to week you put like man. It's hard to not fall in love with Shawn Watson in the Houston Texans at nine. They won their division. They'll have a home. Playoff game is just that you can get some good Texan play and then you get bad tex. Play can't figure that one out but I have them at number nine followed by number eight team and I think this is a team. It's kind of scary. Because they have of an identity and when they get role in they get rolling and they can control the clock. They play great defense defensive-minded head coach Guy who are really like and respect But the buffalo bills and Sean McDermott with Josh Allen. They got an opportunity septic athleticism that kids good man just having covered covered him at a man he one time. I'm covering the game. And he literally was on his own. I think opposite thirty yard line. Maybe twenty five. He's rolling out of bounds and off the left foot. So you gotta remember. He's rolling right. He literally throws off the left foot and I saw him throw it an air sixty sixty yards for completion for touchdown. And I said that's an. NFL throw regardless of what people may say about his accuracy. That's an NFL throat. No he can really really huck that. Yeah he's good. He's played in Wyoming. He fits in Buffalo and look. They're able to go on the road and I think that they can make some noise. Just win a game. That's a big time contender for the bills. Yeah winning a game would-be huge. We'll get into the playoffs. Huge having been up in that community excited for them so there by a number eighteen follow by my number seventeen at usually follows eight. Yes good. You're doing well. Yeah thank you appreciate it. Yeah my number seventeen. Seventeen seventeen is is actually one that will be named No. I'm trying to describe them because going into last name. Well I like to be suspenseful in my description. And let you kind of leave cliffhanger there all right yes so because going into last week they were actually the one seed in the NFC. A lot of people really thought that. Wow the road to the super bowl will go through the emerald city of Seattle. But yet yet they lose two running backs in the game They lose it offensive. Linemen and Dwayne Brown. He's got a little meniscus situation. They signed Bee's mold like you start off the show with mode action will be back in action boss and they signed Robert Turban. God Time Machine Gene. Dopamine it Let's go all right but I I got Seattle. They're in steal the reason why I'd have Seattle at seven. It is because of the guy who's going to be still under center in Russell Wilson. If there's anybody who can still make a a sandwich out of nothing he that's the guy so I go with him at at seven followed by my number sixteen Right in front of six I got Green Bay and it was a good win for them last night. Monday night football. They go on the Road Minnesota place they have not won at the new. US Bank Stadium and they got a victory. Aaron Rodgers WanNa Rogers and look sluggish first half and then they finally came through true and that's the scary part because we've seen roger saw Aaron Rodgers takeover divisional games against his cowboys. And that could happen in the playoffs. You don't want him to get hot so actually a lot going here right now. Andy wise that well Seattle's is this week that does elevate Green Bay they now we'll get a first round bye. You gotta go go to Green Bay that miserable coal. You don't want them. You don't want them problems. A lot of people right now are hoping that the Seattle seahawks take care of business to give Green Bay up here. We go my top five now here at five. I like the Kansas City chiefs started at five Patrick mahomes homes raining. MVP Picked up Terrell suggs for the defense before that their defense has been one of the top three the last last three four weeks implant deacons farmland. Well Tyron Matthew Frank Clark where they picked up this off season they got a good defensive. Roster Steve spagnolo honey badger well yeah. I'll pro bowler honey. Badger The thing about their defense led by Steve Spagnolo who we know was the legendary defensive coordinator who beat the Patriots. Everyone talks about but they're getting things going defensively because we know what is going to be offensive Patrick Mahomes and tyree Keel Kelsey all Guy Williams just about the run game right. How does Andy? Reid incorporate the running game this this postseason right. Does he get to pass happy. And put it all on the home or he just the third year quarterback you don't WanNa put too much on him Four New England patriots they are still the reigning super bowl all the way down to four though. Yeah therefore because I'm still identity is offensively yet defensively. Great with your identity is get cared by the defense. I'm serious I think that is their identity enough that the defense can carry. They are going to try to be two ways special teams and defense and so if they get those two out of the way they just get anything any production From the offense They'll be fine radi. Looks like he dyed his hair darker. He's done something his his cheekbones though all his just his jaw structure sharper. Yeah he he's very sharp right now. I'm like man what he always having off-seasons spending too much time under the knife vegan ice cream that's what it is probably The New Orleans saints are at three they could be a team of destiny remember. We know what happened last year in the NFC championship game versus the The Los Angeles Rams could they finally get over the Hump and I'm not happy. Are they upset about that. I think about the last ten years in the last five minutes. Look about them for the last two years. They've lost games on crazy things right whether it was the miracle in Minnesota last week's last year's non pass interference call. Could this be the year that they do it. -Til destiny SANFILIPPO forty niners are too I just the only thing that puts me at a little reserve. Is Jimmy Garoppolo. First Time he's proven it though. People people kept questioning him over and over the last few weeks he has proven he can bring them back. He can have a big game he can drive down for a field goal. What else you want from Jimmy G.? Now it's the playoffs rush. That's the regular season now. It's the playoffs Because my number one team is now. The Lamar Jackson led Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs. And we saw what he did last year and update Yeah he did not look good in his first playoff start last year right charters figured him out so now I wanna see what does the sequel look like I. I think he'll be better. He's figured Oh yeah right. But we haven't seen Jimmy Garoppolo do it yet. So we'll see what he looks like. That's my top ten Baltimore San Francisco New Orleans England England Kansas City Green Bay Seattle Buffalo Houston and those pesky Eagles of Philadelphia shot by the way to the number three saints in keys. He's nephews setting records. Oh Man Michael Thomas can guard. Mike Look Trust me. No one's talking about his contract anymore. He's the highest paid wide receiver. NFL here's WHO's record. Did he break break. He broke Marvin Harrison Harrison. He never got charged. I wasn't even going to answer that. Yeah I knew the answer but I wasn't gonNA say the navy. I know this is going to let that one sitting. Silence I'm staying. I WANNA make sure in case anyone's hearing Andy Cabinets sqi stayed out of that one all right coming up Christmas. Lebron Anthony Davis. Will they be able to play. What will they look like? If they're on the court and in that next time from the take it or shake hit last night. We saw the Minnesota Vikings lose to the Green Bay packers in their house Monday night. Football Kirk cousins. Now now. Oh and nine on Monday night. Football and Mike Zimmer. The Vikings coach was asked about a supposed kirk kirk cousins curse curse in prime time. I'm not going to get in this kirk cousins on Monday night thing and all this stuff Offensively they didn't play as well as we can play. I'll say that okay and you know defensively we could play the run better so there's a lot of a lot of things that we need to clean up. Uh taking a shake Kirk. Kirk cousins is cursed on Monday night. Football yes he is now. Oh ooh yes. I'm going to take it by the way. Yeah Paul so yes No I'm just thinking in my mind. That kirk cousins. Now Oh for nine hours over nine but then also remember this too When he plays like last night he goes from Kirk to Kurt with the tea? Right mass. How Bruce Allin his former general manager when he was in Washington would called in Kurt? One time in so Kurt has a bad time on. We know Monday night football. Primetime Kurt is not good. And there's a real thing so I gotta take. It is a real thing prime times in the playoffs. They got him in early game. They they gotta fill early early six in the morning he. He may not be cursed on Monday night. Football he sure is not Hashtag blessed. No say that much. Even if he does win what he'll still be one for nine fine Speaking of teams limping into the end of the season. Vikings are GONNA go to playoffs but they don't look particularly good The Cleveland Browns got spanked over the weekend Freddie Kitchens in setting the world on fire in his first season with the browns and he was asked if he'd been given any assurances about next season. No not I haven't you know I mean they you know I don't know how to answer. That is just undoing. My job today. You know and I'll continue to do the best job I can possibly. I do take it or shaking Kirk. Freddie Kitchens will be the coach of the Cleveland Browns next season take take. Hey the reason why I'm going to take it is because Cleveland just can't go through coaches like this. There has to be some stability Freddie kitchens in his first season as a head coach even as a play caller fulltime play caller. There was going to be some ups and downs. Some bumps some bruises. But let's remember. It was the expectations that were put on his team by national media by its fan base and at the end of the day a lot of people just have to realize until pill the curtain back that this team was still never a true. They were a playoff contender but they weren't ready for Super Bowl. I think season like this really humbled and brings them back down to Earth. But you bring Freddie Kitchens back so I'm telling you it's like we always do right the first time we do something. It's okay but man we do it again. We're going to be better at it. Give him another year give him another year. I take all right. He's going to be on the hottest of seats. Oh now yeah now. That's different now. You're Oakland Raiders Kirk Raw Prepared for that. Andy never never happy that. I don't have my headphones headphones. And you go to a game. They just get you a nice little group. They hey adult beverages and that's all they do the whole Game they don't even watch the game. They turn several years. They've had no real easy. Watch the game they literally the field is facing forward they will turn around around and just look at everybody in the crowd and just go. I mean again sometimes. That's the best thing and you can do in that stadium because your other options watched the team because they want someone to tell them. Hey sit now. What they're looking for? I remember when I went to USC. That's back when the the raiders were still playing in the gym. I was more scared of the Raider fans. Yeah then I was of the local bangers that used to be around gap like generally be left alone by them- Raider fans were looking to fight anybody they were just looking to maybe be looked sideways but they are still in yeah. They're in the playoff mix. They need the Texans to beat the Titan. Correct the Ravens to beat the steelers and the colts beat the Jaguars. Then they need to win their own game this week in a four team parlay take it or shake it. It happens for the raiders. And they're in the playoffs Kirk. Wow I gotta shake it man I gotta shake. What's a sad raiders? Yell is a Yeah I gotta gotTa shake it. That's a lot that can happen. I mean it's it's a lot trust me. I got some friends who are trying to partake in a little bit of wagering on that because you mentioned it's so so much that has to happen right And I just thought this out there. Cleveland yes I think they got the opportunity. They beat Cincinnati. That's the one so actually Andy. That's their early game. That's in the early portion now. Those other four games including the raiders and at Denver. That's a little different. All those games are going to be at one. Twenty Five Pacific Time. So the raiders are going to be playing a game and yet they're gotta be looking at what's going on with Baltimore in Pittsburgh whose Baltimore's already said what we're not playing Mark Ingram Lamar Jackson and I mean they're not Earl Thomas Social you'll get a Lotta. Rg Three Raider fans got to be cheering for some. Rg Three you know a man this. This can make for strange bedfellows unit. you start rooting for players. That you hate our room for teams that you hate lot has to be lucky for the rain coming down into the Houston Texans as well who already clinched a spot in the playoffs. That got a home game. They won division. How much time do they go out and play against the Tennessee? Titans I said he disney them off of IRR so the Houston getting a little help. Well he's so. This may be a game which he plays a ton of and then look Indianapolis and Jackson Jackson was got one foot out the door but remember Doug marrone and their general manager call. Where do they come back next year? We'll see but you don't WanNa lay an egg. And so as much as I do. Want the raiders to go to the play. I think it would be needed to be fun and give them momentum going into laws vegas but yet. That's that's a lot that has to happen in a quirky week seventeen. I'll tell you this. I was part of the team. That got Jon Gruden fired and Tampa in week. Seventeen graduates back in two thousand nine. I'll tell a story later. All right I want to say. It's a shame that keyshawn is an era when we told him up man we told him boys up. All Right Eddie Murphy. Over over the weekend hosted Saturday night live. It had been highly anticipated and the numbers came in. It was a huge huge. Hit Kirk it it was the top rated. SNL In nearly three years. The biggest since May of two thousand Seventeen Win Melissa McCarthy and Hame performed you had Eddie Murphy and Lizardo which is quite the powerhouse lineup averaged two point five rating for adults eighteen Through forty nine Almo- almost ten million viewers according Nielsen. And this is all part of kind of a Murphy assaults. Yes going on right now and also him promoting the movie dolemite. What is my name on Netflix? which man breath? If you've not seen is a fan tomorrow I will watch it tomorrow. Really really fun. Wesley Snipes is really good and supporting role. Eddie Murphy is terrific in the lead role and he has questions he has been what. I'm getting getting to it. There has been in a lot of talk about Eddie Murphy as a Best Oscar. I mean a best actor Oscar nominee take or shake it the SNL pushes it over over the top and gets him that bid. who no I I I shake it at all man? I'm just I'm just happy that he's back. You know what I mean like Net flicks is giving guys like Chapelle guys like Chris Rock Eddie Murphy I mean giving these guys a platform that because I'm a big CA comedy guy. I love stand up comedies. I used to watch them grow and I can watch delirious and raw raw like those to me. Were the ones that got me excited to Richard. Pryor I still seek them out I've watched Thing Bill Burr. I watched his recently. Like anytime like I when I get the email from net flicks like. That's what they tell me. Hey you may like this. Oh Yeah and they know me they know what Lionel your algorithm you're watching and so you know to have Eddie Murphy back. We need that right. I'm not trying to downplay Kevin Hart. He's the new age comedy comedy and for all of us especially I think ties into Laker fans as well right we all love the the. What the Oh we love? The old showtime Lakers. And Yeah we embraced the newness but man think about how it was. When you remember watching those films Watching those comedy specials that was Hilar- and the the comedy I was wrong uncut. Yeah it was edie himself rawls said some of the stuff on rise like looking. I'm back on it like I wouldn't do it the same way like I was in there. You know. Forget it being a different time. I was in a different place in my personal life. Like you know I wouldn't do it exactly the same but we saw with. SNL and you see. Don't you think he's still funny. Was it a bad I didn't think the joke doc about bill cosby was was that off like it. Wasn't that bad. Considering Bill Cosby by the way is complaining about it complaining about it from prison like somebody collect man. I'm just giving you a little buzz. How about this? Don't do what Bill Cosby did to put yourself in prison. And then have people make jokes. Looks at your expense. If you're bill cosby you don't have a lot of ground. Stand on right now to be complaining. You're the reason you're in this position in in the first place and I thought it was funny to just gotTa be honest about it. Plus Dave got sort of a few that goes back a while. Anyway like Richard The bill cosby's tried to Chide Eddie Murphy a few times anyway so he gets the last laugh yet again. Coming up uncle. Dennis Kawais uncle had some demands demands around the league. And for the Lakers. If you WANNA Colli services we will get into that next.

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