Ep. 455: Vitameatavegamin


Yeah Ladies and gentlemen again in welcome back to. Don't worry about the government. My name is Christopher Brennan. Join me on the show today. Is Brian Halverson? Hey Brian how're you doing Chris Four three on the rather isolated with with my five year old I think we're both a little bit strangely similar to one another now So why my five year old has some late thirties male tendencies and I have some five zero tendencies. I explained it. What late thirties male tendencies has the five year old picked up It's it's definitely some some jargon of mine were some Like such as well. I give her some Soma some year. Yes And she's picked up on my year. Yes wherever I feel like she's giving me the business like Like there so thin cleaning involved In and she tells me she's doing it and I give her the year. Yes I've noticed that now when she's making some lunch. Requests for instance a Ernie making lunch. Oh Yeah Oh yeah yeah. Yeah she's giving Me Yaya. Yes so Sounds like you've got a little bit of a Buster Brown on your hands. A regular buster Brown. I I don't know what the what the dynamic is. But there's definitely I feel like a cross cross the nation or across the world. They're are the nation they they are. They're these many sitcoms going on these families of just learning to To exist around one another and then parents learning to Teach kids In in at least more comprehensive ways or were more or academic ways of the they're accustomed to. I've found myself daydreaming more recently. They've been pleasant daydreams but I have been finding myself daydreaming a little bit more so I got furloughed today. I guess I wanNA talk about that. I was a bit of a shocker. Well I mean okay so like look. Here's the plug section if you've been enjoying this show over the last several weeks here last several months here or year plus two years mean we're episode four fifty five. How long have you been listening to it? And you've got a buck show. I would appreciate it. I'm going to put out more shows here. I don't want free money but if you can support the show right now certainly would appreciate you being able to support the show right now. The issue with the business I work for because I didn't just get furloughed like everyone. My company got furloughed And that actually ties into politics and so the reason I brought it up is not just a Chris thing although expect more content on the way here so I I guess it's kind of my loss is your gain dear listeners situation so my business not my business but the owner of the business that I work at We had applied for the small business administration loan that was included in the stimulus. Bill right you know that. Two POINT TWO TRILLION DOLLAR STIMULUS. Bill had something like three hundred fifty billion dollars allocated for business. We had all our stuff together and my boss went in and he was banker and they filed the paperwork six hours into the the first day and they're go ahead and get your applications and within six hours we had ours in. We were initially getting screwed by the rules. So one of the things with our business is we are largely essentially like a a hub for hub for independent contractors. So also I guess I'll mention this too so if you don't want to just support the show. Perhaps you WANNA guitar us if you want one. Go to Taylor. Robinson Music Dot Com. You can sign up for a web camera lesson with yours truly through our website I would love it if you would do that. Please support our business on. I will teach you a quality lesson. If you've ever want to meet me you do that and get a guitar lesson. What a deal. What do I tell myself well anyways? So we applied for these loans and they told US initially. You're not going to be able to get them. Because you're not going to be really get as big of alone because you'll only be able to get your staff not for your payroll of Independent. Contractors are payroll of independent contractors is robust and that would have qualified us for like a much bigger loan. Because everyone. Who's in WHO's Agee Tar instructor like myself technically on an independent contractor status. Because you might have only two or three lessons a week. You're not going to have forty hours of lessons a week. Just it doesn't work out like that it me. Most Serious Chris to to relate this directly to to So I guess the jargon of the day is this apart of the GIG economy you know. The thing is Gig. Economy is actually a term that popped up. After Tiller Robinson was a thing until Robinson's Bene- thing in basically during the same model since two thousand eight. When you and I were living together and going to college I was working with Taylor in basically doing the same model. It was a part time job on you. You do at the Pika before the first recession I was teaching there The first recession and You get maybe eight to ten hours. Maybe ten twelve hours of lessons and like that's decent. That's decent part time job and it pays well for part time work so like it's a cool gig especially if you're more advanced teacher but It's also it's not full-time work so anyway. The reason I brought all that up and the reason we're kind of lost in the weeds on that is just because we weren't able to count anyone who is on the independent contractors that we were able to count the office staff so initially the lung was going to be poultry like a very very small own. That was only going to get us through about like two months payroll then didn't qualify for that long and then The backup loans that we had in place or the the backup places we were trying to get loans from The issue with them right now is that they're tied up. Administering this Stupid Small Business Administration program that is largely not going to small businesses The reason I had stupid is that so much of the SBA and the business help loans people who are bigger businesses. They're able to get the better seat on this and there wasn't that much money. Three hundred fifty billion dollars. Sounds like a lot of money until you remember that. This economy is a very large thing financially. Speaking in three hundred fifty billion dollars doesn't go along with Sally. You just give a dollar to each business than they're doing. Good things. Great things are happening. Like businesses need thousands of dollars. And you know you start talking about things in terms of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars which is really more businesses need. Three hundred fifty billion dollars goes away really really fast. This is one of those November's where the public the public will hear him Him Pain on this and I think the red hat crowd will was here that number and hear him say that he got three hundred fifty billion dollars for small businesses and they'll look at that as a positive winning in reality was I think I think the The number one rule of the response to things like this is. If you're going to do this wrong overdo it. Never Underdo it. Yes yet and that was the lesson from the Obama stimulus package right. Yeah I I thought that was like a general rule that like like even a civil with the last day of Trump or Kushner or you know Any number of people who would know that like and this was definitely not like we can't. We can't officially call. This failure hasn't happened yet. But I wouldn't say it looks good right now based on the rhetoric district coming out of the White House between between just right. Failing failing Too Big and failing to small they definitely are not failing to big. I think that trump has committed himself to a narrative where we need to downplay this as much as possible. And so that's what is guiding the impulse for the small stimulus because you only need a big stimulus. If he had a big problem. I think that if someone Lee Bannon was there bannon would go. No this cove in nineteen thing is a big deal he probably have some weird Chinese conspiracy surrounding it but then he would have convinced trump to pass a really large stimulus. Bill because it's also electorally the wise strategy and I also think he'd be slightly informed from Obama's mistake of not passing a big enough stimulus package when he got into office and having a kind of slow recovery for most of his presidency. All right so all of that is to say if you can. If you're interested in guitar lessons go Taylor Robinson Music Dot com sign up for Webcam lessons with yours truly get a great web camera. Lesson support a great cause of keeping me in work. And if you can Abucha shows all we asked you can go to. Patriot dot com slash. Dwa TGI pay pal dot me slash pay DWA T G and one last caveat. Here if you're out of work to right now don't sign up for a bucket. Show say keep your dollar. Keep you to our to our I will get through here. We will all get through Times are hard all around and I'm fully aware I'm just asking those who can if you've got a balk that's the reason why go with the dollar it's small if you've got that despair right now brother Yeah for load. That's all I got to say on that topic. Let's talk about the nineteen response. Let's talk a little bit more about trump and the way he is presenting to the public information about covert nineteen Because I'm getting increasingly pissed off with a and I'm getting pissed off with the media's coverage of it and then I'm getting pissed off with the coverage of the media's coverage on it so where would you like to be in Let's see here to start. Meta and then work our way in like that bolt kid can only go to this place. Let's start with the source of work our way line Now I know that is good. Good Journalism Yeah it is it is all right. So trump keeps doing these rallies. I even now call them rallies these briefings but they're not briefings aren't they? They're like proxy campaign events because he can't do rallies and this is way of controlling ratings and he's tweet about this right like he's even tweeted. This does better ratings than the bachelor and is better ratings than the Super Bowl because people have the fear of death right he keeps doing these and they're increasingly unserious from one. America News Network. Who has a whole bunch of sources like a whole bunch of problems has had problems for a long time and we were talent share relationship with Rt? America to yelling. And fighting with the Jim Acosta's instead of the world and then you know he'll hog the spotlight for forty minutes of a sixty minute briefing and then only after forty minutes of trump talking about stuff. Do you finally get a medical professional. Who actually gives you the status of medical update to the one this week. I don't know if you saw this one. That the one where he was just reading off names of people he knew met head one time stuck gum to shoe once. He went sledding with one of them in fourth grade like it seemed like he was just reading loft names of people he knew for forty minutes. You see that one though I did well. You didn't Miss Anything. And that's the real problem here. Is that Donald? Trump is the dodgers doing these like briefing slash campaign rallies. And they're not. They're not just his standard bloviating. It's it's done in that style. But he's the president of the United States of America as much as we don't like it as much as we questioned legitimacy of that without the popular vote being behind him. Whatever right. He's the president of the United States of America. And you've got a great him on that metric and if you were only getting information about the corona virus from the president of the United States of America or worse still in God help you. You're were someone who's main personal heuristic was donald trump which is to say your primary source of information clear reference point. You were kind of running information you were intaking against was Donald Trump. God help you right now. You're not getting good information from this guy. This guy's lying out his ass okay. So we know that trump's main prerogative is to get reelected. I don't think he's even worried about anything impeachment related. No Pelosi took off the table to which was crazy earlier this year but his even crazier now right right so If if you're trump and you know that your main goal is just get reelected here. He's already done. The redirection needed in order to say like well You know whatever happens with the numbers with with Kovin They could have been worse. It could've been better But he eventually made a redirection that that so one is going to be able to spin is respectable and and I. I don't want to get lost in the weeds there but I think what's What's especially concerning to be with? With trump's prerogative of of getting reelected is his base his red hat base and is Is Trump doing his best to generate a fear in them right before November? In what is he going to do with that? I think it's even worse than the fear. Let's let's get back to the rallies hero. Quick because I what I can go to a personal anecdote here because I you know I go to the grocery store like everyone else does What's your too when you go to the grocery store right now. What were you doing kind of UH protect yourself? Or if here's here's the two options the we have family My wife is the one who is out the most but she's also a nursing so her being exposed Versus me being exposed. I mean neither of us are going to be around other media family. Who's older hummy we've been warranty and Aside from like going to the grocery store. But we're we're like we still Kind of split that in so I stay away from the large grocery store. And that's the one that she goes to or her way home. Sometimes next to our house is a spark could mean store if you go to the small convenience store at certain times it's your you could be the only one. They are very easily and so. This convenience store is a place that probably goes to SAM's or costco in and buys up and fills up the store with things from Sam's or Costco in marks it up relatively but based were live Outside of Austin it's very convenient to go there As opposed to going closer to town and so what I've been doing whenever we need to go to. The store is going to this convenience store which is a little bit pricier Just to purchase things there But it keeps me from being exposed to many many more people. Yeah so when I go to my grocery store I go to the grocery store every time and I treat. The grocery store is one of the highest risk. You can go because everyone needs food right so everyone in your neighborhood is going to go to the grocery store and if you kind of keep an eye on what the infections are in your county you can have a sensitive how likely you are to potentially get infected by being at the grocery store and Stott Super Super High Right now in Dallas but you know a thousand cases over several hundred thousand. People is still enough to raise an eyebrow make. You wonder if maybe you've got a few cases in your own neighborhood right here and I currently go with I've got a Bandanna that I so In a cold and antivirus spray. That's like A. It's like an organic colden antivirus spray thing. I can clean off the Bandon afterwards in hot water and then I spray it down and then cleared off or more time to rinse it out and I use that and then I also use rubber gloves that go up the sleep through the ladies Like ladies dishwashing gloves but then like have like a cap print on them. Which I bought is kind of a ripple myself because I'm turning into a cat lady but they're also functional because asleep goes up in high. Which is the other is no bought them like it. Yeah right if you can't laugh at yourself I mean come on now so I chewed up every time ago. A grocery store. I think it's a serious deal on you know there's a lot of people I mean. We LIVE IN DALLAS. Like this is a major area got major airports. We have the DR were. I'm not that far away from the DART station so there's just a lot of reasons to be cautious and when I go to the grocery store I see a lot of people who are cautious. But I'm starting to see a trend now. I feel like we have turned the corner. Now that there's this growing narrative of you know what we got a certain point. Don't WanNa live like this really living which is to say is being in an air conditioned place even if it's just like an apartment it. America where we have air conditioning. Is this really living at like ask Eddie one for the last two thousand years the fuck yes? Of course it is like what is wrong with you for example seventeen fifty here come on Dalla. It's such a ridiculous argument but they I haven't heard that rebuttal to the economy. I is it listed like presser. Whatever but like if you really think about it no yeah. This is definitely living. Also this will pass. I mean if you go look at the history of the way plagues not place evenly. Disease outbreaks mini pandemics. That sort of thing happened in the United States in the eighteen. Hundreds and there are a lot of them. I mean they would come vaccines to have wall or they didn't and you had to just wait it out and people did like. Dow is just part of life. We become a little bit privileged. A little dare. I say these people who are going in marching down at the governor's mansion have no sense of history and they've become a bit of snow flake but frankly it's it's kind of true like it's just. We actually have a very comfortable waiting room to sit in. It's the one that you decorated yourself and hopefully it's halfway decent and it's you know it's not living out in the shotgun shack in the woods with dough temperature climate control right so. I'm seeing people though at the grocery store who I think are making a bit of a political statement by not wearing masks and gloves and I was there. And there's there's one gentleman who had brought both the kids to the grocery store or like maybe six or seven and what we know about one. Well we know about Influenza Jones Boggs. It's actually really rough on children and it's really Roth on old age. What we know Kobe. Nineteen is that's especially so. He brought both his kids to the grocery store. He didn't have a mask on his kids. Didn't have a mascot. And they're all holding hands which was like the Cherry on top of this And didn't ask him. Are you making some sort of political statement? But I saw a few other people and like you don't want to judge someone politics on. Looks or Judge Agra Group of people's politics on their looks and they weren't even standing in a crowd or whatever but I was just it was beginning to occur to me as as looking at that gentleman with his kids father deciding to make that choice for his family Like my problem with this really is like suppose you think. The risk of covert is overstated. I don't agree with you. I think that it's right to take this pretty seriously since vaccine for it but if you did think it was overstated bringing in three other members of your family or two of the members of your family makes you three times as likely to get Cova. Nineteen than if you had just gone into the grocery store yourself and moreover just the kind of the basic math on the basic science on the disease. Yeah you could have an acute case that really strong case of Covert Nineteen in your mid thirties and room. We we've been seeing stories about that too. But if I had to choose a member of my family right now to go into the grocery store and it was me in my mid thirties. My Parents Age seventy or my child at age nine. I'm going into the grocery store right. Yeah so I it troubles me because I do see the start of the politicisation of the disease and not taking the disease. Seriously as some sort of form of Macci's Mo- conservatism. I think there is okay. We we gave out on Easter now. it's been a week. It's very weird that the people who WanNa let go and let God or having a hard time accepting an act of nature like this. It's also asking people to respect a Spanish flu like time-line who have been who have been whipped into a donald trump lifetime line. Yes absolutely. I have a little curiosity. This is kind of a project that never really is yet to come to fruition but one of my curiosities is Based on Leap Day. 'cause with the leap day is a is a day where you can remember. Things happened on on that day. Sorry holiday And so If you have any notable leap day events in your life that you remember though no no I don't either. Yeah Yeah Okay. For instance if if If someone died on that day Oh yeah sure. On is dead And Leap Day did not happen. That next year In my opinion you're gonNA process that grief somewhat differently. Whatever Leap Day actually happens even though it's not a big holiday or certainly something you're celebrating instill Leap Day cut award the whole process When things like that happened where for instance if you've got a If if your car broke down on leap day like you would remember that every single fucking leap day for the rest of your life like every time leap day would happen You'll be like ours. Did my car broke down but if your car broke down on March first you're not going to remember every March I that your car broke down. It is it's just strange. It's because the days unique and so I don't exactly remember what I was getting with this whole weekday thing but I guess are saying is People's perception of time has been worked in in in in Donald Trump's favor in in for the sake of of him winning in the media like like the faster things. Move Better in in order for you to really respect. What's going on with this virus? You have to have a respect of how this virus evolves and matures declines over the course of possibly three years and to ask people who've been acclimated to Donald Trump to take a step back and think about a three year. Timeline oh they can't no no I. Trump has been programming. Those people for four years not to think about anything other than the like the constant drumbeat of the now. It's a big thing that trump uses to his advantage which always keeps the ball rolling forward so that you can like the the whole. Rolling Stone Gathers no moss thing. It's how he was able to slog his way through impeachment. I didn't think he was going to be able to get away with firing the FBI director. I don't think a lot of people do but were they kept the momentum going and they were like trying to fire muller and you never able to stop and focus on any one thing because there was just always something else happened and how many tons of we told our cells. Remember this moment. Because this'll be the bovid with the paradigm changes with him and it never does it never has no no I mean but the paradigm did change you. Unfortunately we just thought it was going to snap back at some point right like I just. I can't live forever on from time. Like in just a constant procession of the present with no sense of historical mooring. At least so I thought but but the reality is is our political discourse and it was initially obviously the Republican Party and the left and the Democratic Party tried to hang on as best as they could for a long time. But you're starting to see the slippage happening over there to where history is becoming a thing that we appeal to rather than attach ourselves to. It's completely gone on the right here. And there's no patience either like what you're talking about Spanish flu like this is the real issue is back a hundred years ago. You could tell people you were going to have to stay indoors for six weeks. N. As in certain parts of the country it wouldn't seem foreign to them in the slightest and they know exactly what to do for six weeks sheltering inside certain parts of the country. It was like oh well Would you. That's called winter. Who Voice Yeah You. You just had a much more compliant public. And it's I mean it's a grocery store thought maybe maybe I just saw one thing one time. We'll see but I'd be interested to hear listeners experiences when they're going to the grocery store in particular if you just want to give me semi anecdotes. Christova Marino edgy meal dot com or tweet at me at Chris November. No I'm interested to hear one. What's your routine right now and to like. Just give me your quick little commentary of what you're seeing from your window so to speak Chris. We have have a combination of here of a lack of public compliance with age of technology where complying to a warranty Should be that much of a stretch like it. In comparison to times pass people are complete. They can't go to the frigate movie theaters and I'm sitting here. Do you can stream movies from your fucking house. You couldn't do that. Twenty five years ago. Shot up being it. In my opinion it is Eventually it chugs down to a lack of curiosity in a lack of How to ask Google question? Yeah No. It's a lack of imagination. Totally Cola you. Have you have tremendous resources available resources available at your house and you ever in your pocket with your damn cellphone. Then you ever had at any other point in your life I'm not sitting here going like you're living good tremendous will like there are people who are acting and it's the same people who are like bootstrap see types. You know it'd be like the type of people who complain complain about like the welfare state and that sort of thing like you have all these resources to amuse yourself. Just do it get on the xbox store the playstation four store by a game watch movie do some make some art for once in your life. Do something I been lucky enough to. I luck enough to live in a place where I could be outdoors. I spend a lot of lamb jealous of you to be able to do that. Yeah it's I I have the most incredible of post file I will. I will tell you the Jason Justin compost pile. It is I can tell from over here maybe There is not a weed in my little law. I actually keep up. like We have a little vegetable garden that I've started in a I've been keeping the bugs -pletely away from it It's it's It's been nice to have those outdoor activities where I can actually maintain things like that But the suburbs coming in. It's not GonNa be is nice to be outside soon and Unreligious tried to take advantage of being at home during the North Texas. Rain is very fickle thing. and Just try to be outside as much as I can on so that on the days where it's just unbearably high in. We don't want to go outside I just don't want that. Whole hibernation process to accumulate the way it does make and If if if I can delay this or or or optimize this I'm GonNa do it But I there are especially as a as a single person If if you're a single person in you have total control of the technology in your in your your house look There are so many of bullets. That that I I wish I had Now looking back on you know not being parent in just trying to imagine ways to gather that time again. I think now's a good time to try and start some different habits. That can hopefully transitioned over into your life after this This paradigm of takes. Its course. Yeah I've been getting into huffing puffing. Yeah yeah cans of chemicals on Iraq. You're going to the grocery store in possibly affect you could probably get away with this habit for quite a while but given that you can walk around the earth mask only face know. I'm not trying to help. People could get we. Slate delayed these slave for the show. Really forty minutes to lives. Troub- failing public said that no hit though Kellyanne Conway but a number of administration officials because we've obviously talked about the hydro Quanta equivocal clone. The fake drug does hit that drug. The one that the what's his name Jessop Staley or whatever that guy we were talking about before shows it was Staley Lane Stale Jessop or Jetsam knows definitely staley. He's a guy in San Diego. He was selling four thousand dollar Family Cove in Nineteen Jer treatments of hydro-quebec clobbered with with Z pack. Don't take your kids. Don't don't take the hydrophobic lawn. It's bad you've got administration officials Kellyanne Conway saying things like well. This is the nineteenth corona virus that is part of a trend from this administration of putting out bullshit when their job is to inform the public. And you brought it up earlier in the show. I think it's dead on which is now. The Pelosi is taken impeachment off the table. And it's not off the table because they impeached him earlier in the year. It's off the table because Pelosi took it off the table. Let's just get that straight now. The Pelosi is taken that off the table. Trump could fail at a very basic role of the presidency which is to inform the public especially in matters of public health. He's just not doing it. This is not a democratic or Republican thing. If people think m people think that the hydro-quebec Laba con is actually some sort of Miracle Cure because the administration was putting that line out there at the same time. They're calling it the Wuhan in Chinese virus if people are taking that drug in dying and they are in a people are selling that drug and they are and they're some of that drug because the president said it. And there's there's a whole body of stories all around this drug the hydraulic flow careen. I don't actually quite know how to say it. Off the top of our heads so the joke is actually covering up my inability to say this thing the hydro Kuba cloth. It's funnier right life. You know what I'm hydric. Cloak will lean relationships in the same way but I could be made like remember. I Love Lucy Bid Bida might've it Amelia's. Yeah yeah there's a little bit of that going on here too. I isn't that joke if you if you want to hear the full deconstruction we've gone to the nut of that that could be a gem of mine and now that we have let us return to the point that the problem is this is on the market right now. We're even joking about it because trump put it out there and there's nothing to this. These are antibacterial drugs or they treat malaria and Lupus. There was no science or there was really ten tenuous science behind this. There are some signs indicating that trump's friends directly benefit from this and so that's why trump was may beginning whispers year. Hey this hydro chloroquine is a great thing. That's actually what it's called hydrochloric win like it's this great thing deal or tell people that it's GonNa make them safe. It's not and there's not enough of it you wouldn't be able to scale it up anyways. I think what's difficult for? A lot of public to discern is the difference between rushed good science and rushed gripped or his supporters. Will give them a chance to just say. Oh well you know what I mean. He was trying. He thought that or nobody knew. Trump is really good at hiding behind. Nobody knew I I would recommend everyone look back On a soak in the period. Polio was cured. Polio vaccine came out of that. That was the last time Our our culture experienced going through something where the entire nation was afraid of something like this and it was waiting for a cure and then through unconventional means of pain to a cure. Faster than most of the scientific public thought they've they would find cured And one of the ways that that cure was Established the vaccine was polio. Vaccine was established was through a very large scale of public trial Where I forget. How many hundreds of thousands of kids had just had to sign up to take this vaccine? Who is like a? It's worked so far in In testing is worth so far on animals Let's let's see if this works And There were some After the first round there was a bad batch of the vaccine in it led to children being infected with polio and killing them And they had to deal with like the the the the optics of that having to explain that that was just a bad batch of the vaccine is that this is something that the public can can still truss And I imagine our public going through the polio scenario in the pope you are already seeing people saying they won't take their own. A virus. Naxi the put the polio scenario is less complex than the corona virus scenario It's it's less complex but still I think that's the closest thing we we have To something rotavirus comparable that that The change in public sentiment in public mentality like there are certain things obviously that the modern age has advanced on. I I have this kind of slated for later in the show but you you brought up. I'll bring up point here now. There are certain things that the modern age obviously has on one hundred years ago right like our medicine our medical resources that sort of thing but one thing one glaring thing that is just working against us so hard that smacks you in the face when you go back to. These areas is any sense of shared fucking sacrifice whether it's during the nineteen eighteen Spanish flu epidemic where everyone gets Spanish flu in Philadelphia. Because they're all at this Liberty Bond Rally. Because if you didn't go there we'll call the slacker and it was like basically stabbing the country in the eye and nobody wanted to do that and it was like if you're saving right now and not giving the liberty bonds. You're not helping the country. There's this real sense of shared sacrifice and did O and World War. Two's you're only going back seventy years at that point and that is just completely gone right now. Right in particularly absent from the Hawks in the country. There's a lack of shared sacrifice at a time. Where like you said. It's not fear that the trump is generating. It's something different than fear. But it's playing on a lot of the same vulnerabilities as what you would play on Friday to instill fear. It's certainly working around the fear tricks. It's it's sort of like telling his voters in his base. Don't be worried about this. And I think maybe the crass strategy would be something like tell your base that it's safe to go outside even if it's not especially the closer you get to election time and frankly it doesn't hurt you to have the opposition party think rightly that it's not so safe to go to the ballot box This time around the smart vote hostage earlier is hostage in their vote. Because they're scared of the Kuroda Virus. Not because they're trying to boost your some third party there's also such an element of Alpha in the in the openness like it was one thing to wear the hat the hat. The Red Hat crowd is wearing. The hat was the statement. Like you didn't even have to have a conversation. Oh it says so much. It says so much but I think it's going to start to say something win. You go out without a mask or the same way that the red hat says so and I. I don't know if it's doing that yet in Dallas. I think it's starting to do that in Austin The the Mandatory Mask Ordinance. I think that happened of three days ago. In in tribes. Carrie B roll but I know that it Dallas or you live in a place that's just higher population density. So I just imagined that You've been around A population that has chosing to wear masks sooner than the population. I'm around the reason I'm thinking about like this is. It's got to be a political thing because if you're looking at this more scientifically or just you know. Kinda based getting your news like ABC CBS NBC NOT MSNBC. But like NBC. Where you're just getting the news part of it. I think looking at the science of this. You go okay. This is still very serious. We are kind of starting to plateau off in terms of New Delhi cases which is good but we're not even really on the signs of meaningful sustaining downswing. At this point we are just at what appears to be a plateau and let's hope the virus doesn't mutate and let's hope that these cases that are starting in Africa and South America are small in or ultimately contained not feeling great about that. You know like there's a lot of hope being put their on this initial plateauing I hope as well but I think some people are looking at that and and if your political particularly if you're backing the president you want one his bill to be the only thing that they have to pass so that the Republicans don't have to go back and work with the Democrats again and pass something else to also I think for the Republicans. Now they're in this position. Where if this bill wasn't big enough and that the past the second one your sort of conceding that you didn't do it right the first time around aren't you. What is the timing of the inevitable? Second Bill with respect to November. It feels like that's GonNa happen like august-september right like they're gonNA they're gonNA get back to go on congressional recess in August but you have to imagine especially if there's any sort of stock market tumbled like they're going to have to pass something in September or October and I think a think Company knows that around August and September. I don't think they even have that law. Now that I say that out loud will there be back in their passing something in June July. Yeah and this is kind of this is kind of furthering We've been talking about You and I. I think we're talking about this episode. Were fifty the next thing you would show. We're talking about this but What happens when the President gives you money A thinking there's going to be a second stimulus here and I'm thinking it's going to be right before November and It seems like there's gonna be crowd who susceptible over to vote for the guy who gave him money. I hate to say. Yeah yeah so I mean you start stacking this together. If trump's give out money if he is telling his base that is safer outside then the lips think it is. Don't worry about it. You don't really need the mass. Plus there's like herd immunity or some shit that kicks in. It's going to be fine. Stack the money thing if he does a second or third wave of the money. All of a sudden people think he's doing pretty good by the numbers. The United States is because we have such a federal response. A real mixed bag. Some states like Florida are doing Godawful California New York doing pretty good Washington's doing pretty well. You know it's a mixed bag you look at us. The number of infections and the number of deaths for the United States seems high. But what's important to remember when you're trying to analyze United States against other countries? Is You gotta look at the overall population of those countries So if you wanted to compare us to countries in Europe you're probably adding four or five countries together like France Spain Germany. I did a I did a mishmash the other day to get to the. Us population you took. Five is like Spain plus France plus Germany plus like the UK and one other country And that gets you to the US population when you when you start stacking it up like that you know. We're we're middle of the pack so trump's giving out money. He's got a mixed bag response that he can play. Fifty fifty on and against the Democrats fifty fifty seems to always be fifty five. Forty five If he's got that and he's doling out checks and he's convinced his base that it's better outside and safe outside than it really is and our side thinks it's dangerous outside also has a hero demographics. Who's on his side? Yeah Brian this is the truckers the truckers have been of supplying us with with all of our things to keep pushing home to keep us safe. I I've seen over these last a couple of weeks I think he's going to move away from the coal in board towards the O. The truckers are way more sympathetic. To right I mean who who hates the truckers. Yeah I mean it's dig- industry. It's got all the problems is cool but like coal especially among the lives like I mean we go. Yeah you're like destroying a perfectly good mountain to get a fuel that is dirty and you have to read their shitload of processing and it's a dying industry anyways in like why I think over the next few weeks there's GonNa be a SA- people start to talk about. Why is he talking? So much about the truckers. When he's he never talks about anyone else like there's some obvious See Planning that. He's doing here. Oh is this. It was the same way. He was teasing about putting his name on the checking teasing. I mean he was like floating out there he he is working rallies. These press briefing rally proxies as the same way. He works sort of his reality. Show see floats in idea. And then a couple of weeks later he comes back around and does the putting the name of the quintessential right like he really wants you to associate the money with him. Sort of the media. The media has got to stop covering this shit. The way they've been covering it. Resistance is very happy that CNN is taking a more combative tone. They love the chirons. Oh they love the Chiron they love Trump does propaganda blah blah blah. Well here's the thing these outlets if they really believe that they've got to stop doing it. Because last time around and there are articles written about this to beat the band. They gave trump something. Like what two billion dollars worth of free advertisement right? Yeah it was like some ridiculous amount of money that exceeded the campaign budget. His accusers able to get free coverage Alice. Our first they're going to have to attach themselves to some other momentum that could potentially get them better ratings of trump and then like what do you do with that like what what is it? What do you do with it I don't know of like what direction can you take? Where where Where we're not. We're not giving him it he sort of of airtime or just your properly of silence again or just You know try. Try to police in a way that the media do that of there there has to be something else out there. it it can't just be righteousness What they're doing right now like the gym. Kosta approach to journalism is a weird form of pseudo campaigning for the Democratic Party. And it's not the job of the media to do that. I mean if you're worried about trump doing this trump wouldn't do these events if it was only Fox and Phoenix News or whatever weird outlet they find from China. I'm convinced the trump wanted that Chinese outlet in there specifically so that he could skewer the Chinese outlet like I think that actually it was the administration playing the Chinese on that one. But he wouldn't do it. It'd be too downscale form The media if they really WANNA cover these they can do like fact checks after the fact on them But what they need to do. They're going to keep sending people there is any descend actual doctor's not like Dr Phil Not Mr Phil or Mr Ause. They they need to actually send real doctors there or medical correspondence people who actually have like medical degrees or some sort of medical background and not Jim Acosta and not you know I like you Michel Cinder. It's not like she's a horrible person or anything like that. She's actually good. Jim Costa's coming. I think I'm used as a pretty good job in. Does a good job holding the president to account although does kind of fall into that proxy campaigning things? Sometimes that I was talking about but they need to stop sending you Mitch. They need to stop sending Jim. Acosta doctors doctors who ask medical questions. Trump's GONNA get the fuck off a TV. The second real questions are there and what does that mean. That means. You'RE GONNA get more Dr Falcone. Hopefully you want more Dr Foul. She let Dr Ci Speech. He's the guy who knows the most about this. Dr Burks as well but yeah I want. I want trump having a field questions like all right. So tell us everything you understand about the H. N. virus and the history of it. The second the second there'd be like it's very good virus. Bad H is a complicated letter. He's definitely showed his his poker face or whatever he gets. A certain type of question looks to the left or the right families like this is replaced whereas point. So you know so. Let me get the expert up here and the media would be doing their job if they were getting the experts who was faster their jobs to inform the public fighting with trump doesn't inform us. I agree that it would be a better world if the physicians were the ones asking the questions. But I just don't think that the media outlets are going to take the chance on. Someone doesn't have Polish that these other people could can provide of debt that the doctors just aren't going to provide like there's there's too much of an order known or their in No I'm just telling you what I think should happen. I don't think they'll do it. No I mean you know this is kind of like when you're talking about politics stuff or we're talking about voting strategies. It's this is more like what ought to be happening. Because I mean I just. This is a huge problem right now. I'm getting texts from Democratic voters who are slightly defending trump because of the way the media is covering him and my response to them is something like well no. Yeah I understand that the media is doing a bad job right now but trump's the fucking president and let's not forget that he's the one who's not informing the public but the media is not doing their job in trying to force that issue more also the way that the public trump's the ball is by saying Some of the media is doing a bad job. We liked to hang onto those moments. Because it's it's fun to cloud the media whenever they deserve it but also we're not going to expose the moments with the media gets right The those moments are going to twist the wind Either way to gain noble Benham because what the public still warrants is is so amusing and part of this. Is the media zone problem too like they have created in environment on TV where there is no history and there is no context. It's it's kind of like it's the same problem that WWe television has had for the last several years. Here where it's like the booking from three months ago. What happened at Summer? Slam doesn't matter. By the time you get to survivor series but the kick it back trump real quick here like executive power and we talked about that. I'll on this show. You know that executive power has completely runamuck in this country when the president can say and this is the exact quote win. Somebody is President of the United States Thirties. Total and that's the way it's gotta be and it doesn't even elicit a reaction or of any sort of note from the left or Libertarians. Like reason didn't basically make it the front page of their magazine or anything it just. It's not even moving the needle for a lot of people anymore. His Authority is total. Trump's just saying now and people will move on as though this quote never happened it will really not factor into their calibration of this guy as president. That's really really dangerous. And that is distortive. Field put into relief. There's countless examples of this right. I Daniel Dresner has that book out toddler and chief. I don't know if you are familiar. With the toddler and chief thread right that he's been doing where he's got like thirteen hundred examples of people from inside the administration relaying to press anecdotes and stories and descriptions of the president to make him sound like a toddler. He's got over thirteen hundred of those. He's made it into a book But the reason that that book and even exist and people don't just come to this conclusion of Holy Shit. This guy's like a man child is because trump's put up this constant perpetual distortive field of You know there's always something new. There's always something new he's GonNa say something new so he can say. I have total authority. And you don't even remember it a week from now. I mean we kind of fuzzy remember. I could shoot a man on fifth avenue and no one would blink an eye he could become the president say his authority is total and no one would blink an eye and he did. This is the crossing over from a culture that respects the morality were immorality as opposed to the culture that it's morality. It's it's just a non morality. It's it's it's It's a Do you have power? Don't you I really? I keep going back to like libertarianism. That is anything other than openly hostile to Donald. Trump is a completely bankrupt libertarianism. I've said it time and again but trump heaves giving me examples to work with here when you're the president of the United States. The Authority is total. Come on what liberty what. Ron Paul. Loving Libertarian eight years ago would have ever bided such a comment from Barack Obama. Yeah and I think what's is heartening. Especially for the Libertarian. Side of things is that you have so many in that group were willing to attach themselves that because they know there is no other direction from the right that you can attach yourself to an end. Foresee being a part of something with Moreno There isn't it's very confusing to me. How little talk there is about A groundswell of of a some type of non Gop right-wing Party Who whoever they are more of the problems in terms of understanding the right on that would be like the Christian conservatives in particular they're mostly pleased with the trump administration. They made the pie smaller. They probably reduced their appeal to the independent voter but at the same time like they don't have to worry about a lot of this internet. Seen stuff like what they don't have is. There is no or bust movement on the right right like they've done a pretty good job on it. I mean they they scuttled their own primaries. This time around like they have shored up everything whereas you know the Democrats like they're still biden still trying to work things out with Bernie Sanders and Bernie. Sanders is having issues with his own former employees less than one week after cutting ties with some of them. You know what the right is done very effectively. This time around is made sure that they are not going to be facing any sort of like intra-party scrum. You're starting to see the formula for success. This time around right like the low turnout. Election scare the left of center into not voting. As I said like initially they'll try to do the kind of classic 2016 model of vote hostage ing the whole. I want to vote for the lesser of two evils. All those classic arguments. I've heard them all before. They sounded great with the First Time. The first band played them. But this time around. I think there'll be a new hit song and I think that new hit song will be. I'm scared to go and vote. Because of the corona virus which is great to be much much harder to rebut especially. If there isn't mail in voting available right so I guess the pass on Matt here. Chris and I don't I don't know how disillusion you feel with progressive politics but These seem like some days to be Either reflecting on on It a success in the past or reflecting on what's happened with things didn't go your way or no all right let's let's let's talk about Bernie Sanders here. I've got enough here to do an entirely different show. We've got plenty more to do here. Let's let's let's do the Bernie talk here. Yeah like the at the end of this right. The this primary way before. Corona virus was extraordinarily frustrating to progressive politics. Right how do you face it opponent with With Ted Cruz voter hid it here. About J. J. K. assassination. A claims still vote trump yet. The Bernie yet. The the the Bernie voter can alienate themselves. over issues like how provide? Medicare for all war is or isn't like this new one right at as a party like like. I'm just trying to conceive the Democratic Party. Just moving the football. Whatever you're facing the Republican Party who has a group of voters were so willing to congealed themselves over anyone and you are the Democratic Party. You are the big tent yet. Everyone in that big tent doesn't act in ways that you should act strategically when you're inside. A big tip said of big ten. Yeah no I do boy boy. Do I feel that man this is? I'm not normally a both sides to it but this really is. I could give you examples in near Tan. I give give you examples. Brianna joy gray right like like they are. I can give you examples from Anderson Cooper like this is for a quote unquote big tent party. They do so much the burden people do so much to push away everyone else. And the democratic establishment does so much to push away the Bernie people And it just it strikes me as so asinine when as you described it perfectly over on the other side you have people who go and vote for Donald Trump or go and vote for Ted Cruz but also probably believe Donald Trump when he says Ted Cruz. Dad like killed Kennedy. And it's like not even remotely an internal tension. Who's you vote for in the last election? Oh Ted Cruz. Even those dead probably killed candy. Yeah sure not a question so tell me again about Elizabeth Warren the native American appropriation. That's your competition. That's who you're up against until like I mean one of the problems I think both sides are dealing with the people have to deal with it in practice here but the people had to do with it in practice as well. Is that like a lot of the never trump people going. Oh I couldn't even bring myself to vote for Elizabeth. Warren like that is how the trump win. They win when they like when you get everyone who is supposedly a non trump voter finding reasons to get off the fucking trolley. Because they imagine that there's this third option a reason put out. It's a very very bad video too. It's not funny but reason videos. Like Hell Libertarian. Makes a DIY Safety mask gotta doing a send up of the grow virus or whatever and and the person is making a bad mask out of limited materials and the mask is supposed to be an analogy for Joe Biden and interesting analogy the sense of like if you have a bad mask in Joe Biden or the option of no mask at all in Donald Trump. You're going to wear the bad bass. You're not going to sit in your car and hope that some better third mask shows up on that you can use to the grocery store. Are there better mass than like a T. shirt mounted on some ALASKA ELASTIC? Sure do you have those available? No and I mean that's the problem with the never trump people I mean. That's the problem with the Bernie. People now they think that they're gonNA vote for some third option. That isn't there and a lot of cases and meanwhile over on the trump side it doesn't matter of trump gets their family members killed. There is no sense of facing when you when you say that You're going against trump is subway or or at least you're able to beat trump In we you rally behind a candidate who has said for the beginning that they're going to win doors wherever wins the primary off? If you don't believe in that you should be alienating yourself that Kennedy immediately in you right right. Yeah he should never have been. He never should have been vile off if this was going to grind. You how you reacted and the only thing that generates the reaction. Is Your candidate losing? You're not playing. You're not playing a congruent aim. Here you're right right because the Democrats the Democrats refused to endorse Bernie Sanders. It would be like those same people have been shot in the fucking leg a thousand times. Right they be howling. They be how it. Why won't Joe Biden Indoors Bernie Sanders just like they were howling? Why won't Liz warden endorsed Bernie Sanders right? The it's this one way. Sense of grievance. I'm far more sympathetic to the progressive position than the democratic establishment position and particularly as watching them. Probably going to lose this election here. Inflict former years of trouble on us but like you have to have rules that go both ways on the road. The further away someone is from my politics which are generally progressive. The further away somewhat is from my politics. They are part of a system. That is more strategically settled the fact that I have to just deal with this bashed up bag of of of infighting infighting that doesn't really pay off either it infighting with though even potential reward of like let you look at the odds of When you look at the odds of like how much better would Bernie have been been wore a you look at the odds of not only one of the winning the nomination but birdied winning over war it coming down to Bernie and war. It is the establishment candidate that that the establishment through lying on. We look at the odds of that scenario playing out. And then you look at the odds of how hurt is. Bernie's chances if Warren is completely alienate. There is a point in time on this show last year. It was in August where we were talking seriously. About a scenario that was viable where the knockout blow was delivered to Joe Biden. The other establishment candidates collapsed and the establishment had to run for shelter behind. Elizabeth Warren to try to head off the pass on Bernie Sanders and that was the path to progressive victory. Because that's how you win. That's how you win. If you want to actually put the establishment on their heels yet to put them on their heels like Biden was never facing any meaningful pressure from anyone not named Kamla Harris. I still have yet to see or to hear from anyone around the Bernie campaign and I. I don't follow everybody on twitter but I follow a lot of people who were at least one person away from it. I I'm I'm around a circle that Things things occasionally revealed I guess and It's interesting to to be around that the to hear what said but I still have yet to hear anyone say. This was our plan for South Carolina because we knew South Carolina was the problem like it. I still have yet to hear from the Birdie campaign it response that let me let me understand that they were even herring to to To oppose that that hair done yeah like what was the South Carolina plan like they. I mean generously. They had to assume it was a schedule loss right. What was the plan to right the boat? What was the plane to not lose so bad that the momentum shifts so much that you you now go from a position of power to a position of of of trying to do the math To see where you could potentially something out nets and didn't really feel a sense of recalibration from Bernie on the debate stage during those debate performances. Either so I mean that that was part of the issue. I got more points on this here. Let's let's get through them. So like the Bernie elite and the Bernie discourse. We talked about them a lot on the show during the campaign here. They made themselves. They're really prominent part of the campaign especially online. They didn't lose the election for him. Though which I think is sometimes the trope that gets hung on them. But you're basically hard pressed to say that they helped him in any meaningful way on the campaign trail. I guess the the the two big media people is C- Speaking on behalf of Verdy Senators that I follow our John Cusak David Cross well. I'll give an example the Bernie discourse yelling at Elissa Milano Right. Obviously this happened after the campaign. But it's sort of representative of the type of move that the Bernie discourse was very fond of and I just don't think those sort of impulses are helpful moves even if you think they're right even if you think that Eliza Milano is full of Shit on the tear read or her version of why they didn't look at the terror read story. You know whatever like if you if you believe that yelling at a list of Milano. Does that help you win? The Democratic primary when the Democratic Party likes Elissa Milano. That's all I'm saying. And and and also then we get into the lack of inward-looking thing like this is a problem with the Democratic Party after the election Many of my more blue no matter who type of voters got mad at me and didn't listen to the podcast runs. Sheppard the PODCAST. What I was saying that the Democrats need to stop blaming everybody else but themselves for why they lost it. All trump in two thousand sixteen and I was talking about that author 2017 up to and including the Fabulous Book Club. We did on what happened which you can get when you subscribe on Patriots Dot Com slash. Dwa talked about that at length there. But there's a lot same not inward-looking stuff happening now inside of the Bernie discourse like I kind of feel like we're ten days away from blaming James Komi as far as looking. Edward is being interested in progressive politics. I've I've got to the point. Where will yeah? Well I guess my strategy is now. What's happening Congress working in last? You bring up the strategy thing. You're literally and word the progressives at least in the Progressive Caucus who were also members of the new doom prohibition that number was aiding water eighty two. So I'm wondering. What could we do? Turn that into eighty-five what can we do turn? That did not ED. What what what are. Also the benefits of a Senator Sanders being on the Department of Energy. Yes they are being on the I the Senate panel ever instead of Joe Mansion will does that mean. He loses his authority on the Department of Energy. See and then Bernie. Sanders is the most senior member. Ed The does that even move the needle as far as climate change legislation like is that a variable that even amounts to anything or is that only a variable a variable that amounts to something if you actually have votes in the Senate has yeah. There's there's a lot going on there so like real quickly. I mean conventional wisdom among some of the Progressive Congressional Kid. It's they don't necessarily know that I agree with is that they they're worried with Biden as the nominee. It's going to hurt them when they're running and I tend to think based on what we saw in terms of voter turnout. The progressive voter turnout. Right now is simply just not there. I wish it was I mean. I don't think the voters were trick right like. I don't think they're so easily tricked that you can't use them and they weren't buying what was being sold so what. I think is a much better approach right now. If you're progressive candidate is you have a person who's Kinda dopey just going and voting for Joe Biden and they accidentally vote for the Progressive Congressional candidate for the Progressive Judge candidate. Trying to remember the last time with With the Youth Vote. Eight all look structural disadvantages. Did He have them? Of course. It's a pretty sanders man. Like it's progressive politics. This is an unhealthy Democratic Party where the democratic moderate establishment is trying to kill the young progressive base in just crush them into submission and hope that they can win elections without really any sort of enthusiasm behind them It's not a great strategy. It's not healthy. Democratic Party but that being said none of these structural disadvantages not none of them most of them were not new and as such the sanders campaign had four or five years. If you want to start the clock in two thousand fifteen to plan for some of these they'd experienced so many of these roadblocks whether it is inside of the Democrat Party with the intrigue I mean wikileaks even put out the email so that the campaign among other things if they wanted to could sit and actually studied the entire Democratic Party. Playbook ran against them the last time and try to make some modified strategies and really amplify that or they could bring it to the spotlight. You play hardball. Bring up the fact that you fucked over by the Democrat Party and run run hard against him and say like you know. They're they're doing a really bad job. Risky strategy if you're trying to win but like if you really think you can rally the people and the roar of the masses behind you go for it but the blocks. They were all known the only new one that I can come up with in. Terms of structural roadblocks was that there were twenty something candidates but even that new for the Democratic Party new for Sanders but one. It's not supposed to be a two person race is you're not. You're not entitled to a two person race. It's not a coronation. Either Hillary Clinton remember anymore than it's a automatically a two person primarily. I think the bigger faults of the birdie crowd is their focus was so much reflecting on how Hillary burn them in how the establishment was out to get emotional wound rather than a strategic analysis. Yeah well there wasn't enough reflection on what happened in twenty sixteen within Almost twenty Republicans. Go against one. Another in what happens with the field is so large. And how do we come out on top of a big field of and I think the the the Birdie crowd was used to riding the wave of a primary that was a primary of a few people and they feel comfortable riding the waves of primary of about twenty? They got confused with what you should be comfortable about a and they got really complacent about thirty percent to right like you. Can't you kept hearing thirty? Thirty five percents. All we need it was it was at the beginning. It was polls don't matter pose matter because you remember at the beginning Bernie was winning right the polls of is so I that was that was. That was a good sign in my opinion on if the polls don't matter that means with Bernie is winning the polls still won't matter right and if the polls still don't matter you you'll be respecting migration more because you understand that This it's also the matter all this very much influence. The other problem with the structural disadvantages argument is that this time he had non-structural advantages which is saved by non stroke show. I mean the quote unquote. The democratic structure couldn't take away from him so for example. He had sky high name recognition. This time which is something like I mean. He had trump like name recognition he also had unlike. Donald Trump really really high approval. He was in many polls going into this election cycle the most popular politician in America polls going into election day he would have beat Donald Trump. I mean they're conjectural polls are abstract. You're giving people a magic third Unicorn option instead of the two actual options. They always like the Unicorn a little bit more but still but still people were voting for Bernie Sanders. He had all these non-structural advantages on people. That voted for before and then and this is the one. That really just boggles my mind. Bring it up earlier with. The congressional candidates brings back around here. He had so much money so much progressive money. That could have went to down about racist to get more. Ao Season Congress or whatever all that money was filtered into the sanders campaign this time around and it underperformed last time around in a substantial way. Even though it's still finished in second place but like we're we're the ADS on football. Where did this money go? I really I really want to see a post mortem on the campaign because people will look back to into look closer than it was because Biden's donors and donations caught up late but let's not forget that they're points throughout that campaign even into two thousand twenty where Biden was having a borrow mighty. Keep the thing afloat in donors. Were already exploring alternative options other than Joe Biden. It was obvious that considers wasn't going to win. I read a few articles again about suppose Sanders and based on her willingness to To join with Biden and based on the conversations. I've heard her have. She seems to be kind of a political mercenary of sorts. She has eroded Ideology but she doesn't let her professional Wherewithal it in the way of her. Her own are Ya'll rear is politics. She is in. Her career is politics democratic. She's like Donna Brazile the fact. That the Bernie Sanders campaign had all this money and and I know they didn't have it at the very beginning but they could have projected it and I don't know how much simone sanders cost but She was worth double whatever by paid for. I don't know what she brought A. She might be worth more than that. No because I think you know you get Simone Sanders. On binds team Bernie Loses Simone Sanders and replaces Simone Sanders kind of with like Nina Turner embryonic gray and I know that there are people who read. Let's say current affairs Jakobsen particular current affairs because they just hired Brianna Joy. Great to be writer there who would go lots of market improvement. In terms of Bernie's Bona Fida is stuff that doesn't mean anything day. Average voter Simone Sanders on the other hand is cut much more from the mold of the type of person you'd want under campaign staff when you're trying to do outreach. To voters in South Carolina especially in key African American surrogates stuff simone. Sanders probably has those relationships. My hunch is that people like Nina. Turner embryonic joy gray. How far less of those relationships and I don't know what supposed sanders do about Bernie Sanders in the the staff. That was that was with him in twenty sixteen in and the staff that remained with him in twenty twenty but there were probably a handful of of of bits of knowledge that she knew about vulnerable vulnerable brutal man. There were some handful. Hydro Quebec pronounce all her abilities. Then I am having trouble with the Bernie was vulnerable in subway and Something that Simone Zander's new helped by capitalize on however however Bernie was vulnerable. I'm convinced that And whether or not I why I also think that Bernie Losing Simone Sanders. I think love Bernie in a position where his ability to do outreach to James Clyburn of the world on his campaign's ability to do outreach. To those figures was hindered he was biasing more towards younger. People you know and I think you know the young people like we got the fresh ideas. We got the energy we got. We know what the kids want. And that's true in. That can be cool but you one of a balance of young people and older people because older people have those relationships with people in states. Where you're going to be trying to make key wins happen. Yeah I guess they thought they could be the first campaign in history to speak to the younger voter. The yogurt voter comes out and votes in droves and Bernie didn't put a premium on having some institutional knowledge. I mean losing Simone Sanders is like losing losing Simone Sanders to Joe. Biden is like losing your best chef out of your kitchen to the rival chef. Who is working down the street and makes the same type of food that you may. There's yeah it's just a mistake. That a more savvy. Restaurant tour would never allow to happen and would would endeavor to not allow that to happen. Even at pains versus. Allow you to happen realizing that this would be bad thing Spurs privatization. This was this would be similar from the Mavericks through the Spurs who Yeah Yeah Oh. Jj Berea was and in the example there was like jae-ji berea would moderately help out the spurs through of the season. But when the Spurs if this this hypothetical version spurs met the Mavericks in the playoffs. Jj berea would just murder the mavericks because he knows all the institutional secrets of the Mavericks offense you'd know how to read it and just slice it and dice. Ditto on defense. He'd know where all the weak points are and the Mavericks wouldn't have an answer for. They wouldn't have something comparable because you know in this case. Joe Biden didn't run last time around. So who's Joe Biden's team going to be who you poaching Joe Biden's campaign? There's no right theory right narrative as to why the Sanders Campaign underperform. But like I the reason why the sting so bad why. I completely agree. The Democrats can't just fucking nor this and can't do like another Tim. Kaine style move and hope you just sort of pass this is there is a real sense among progressives myself included that the movements improperly fucking dire straits now you can't just hang it all on. Amc Love Her. She's had a great first term as a congresswoman but prior to that she was working as a bartender like we can't put it all on a. Oh see needs help and like you know sanders. It felt like this was supposed to be his year. This time Into one hundred sixteen. There were no expectations. Kind of like this going back to your basketball thing like there are no expectations at first time around or you know like the buffalo bills no expectations you make it to the Super Bowl. It's great the second year round. You make it to the Super Bowl. You are expected to win especially after you didn't win the first time we went to the Super Bowl even if you were you know Saudi on board with brain centers. Even if he didn't give it to him if you're still somebody who identifies progressive this sucks. You're like hoping maybe Andrew Yang runs again and you kinda hoping that andrine doesn't embrace him sort of crazy ass ideas which he sometimes to embracing You're hoping for someone to kind of emerge from the mist here to keep the flame going and in yeah like right now. It feels kind of dire. This next episode is going to have. I would say get the tape recorders out. You're going to want to have a tape recorder out to record yourself listening to the podcast. When you hear me. Enjoy endorsed Joe Biden on the next show so I need to get my tape recorder. I'll get my own tapes out. Yeah you're GONNA need to. I mean or do you have like family home movies or anything recording over my birth of the daughter like what's the what's that tape do with these days. Get your most beloved fairly Videotape a race that fucker. Save it for the next episode. You're GONNA want Brian. Where can people find you on the Internet Coalfield busy recording over? I don't even have a VCR at save politics at safe politics at twit g twitter. I've at C. H. R. I S. F. O. V. E. M. B. R. No feel free to hurl insults at me. I I can take them. I swear so with that. We're GONNA go until the next one cheers. Bye Down One.

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