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Michael Cohen Testifies Before Congress, part 2


Hi, Trump cast listeners earlier in the day. We posted the audio of Michael Collins introductory remarks at his hearing before the house oversight committee today. Now, here's the rest of the hearing Trump cast will be back next week mega very much. Mr. coin, I now recognize myself, Mr. coin before I start I wanna make sure you really understand something you have admitted lying to congress to this very body. And now you're going to prison for it. Do you miss a coin recognized the gravity of your offenses? You are lawyer as of yesterday. I am no longer a lawyer. I have lost my law license amongst other things. But you understand the gravity of this moment. I most certainly do missed chanted. I want you to really hear this mythic on. We will not tolerate lying to this congress. By anybody? We're in search of the truth. You understand that? I do. Now, the president has also made numerous statements that turned out to be inaccurate. For example. He said he knew nothing about the Hushmandi payments to miss Clifford and his twenty seventeen financial disclosure form said he'd never owed money to reimburse you for those payments. Yet in your testimony, Mr. going you said that you met with the president in the Oval Office in February twenty seventeen and discuss his plans to reimburse you for money you pay. You say he told you and I quote, don't worry. Michael your January and February reimbursement checks are coming. Is that accurate and was that in Oval Office? The statement is accurate, but the discussions regarding the reimbursement occurred long before he became president. Would you explain that? In twenty seventeen when I try pouch is in twenty sixteen prior to the election. I was. Contacted by Keith Davidson who is the attorney or was the attorney from miss Clifford for stormy Daniels and after several rounds of conversations with him about purchasing her life rights for one hundred and thirty thousand dollars. What I did each and every time is go straight into Mr. Trump's office and discuss the issue with him when it was ultimately determined and this was days before the election that Mr. Trump was going to pay the one hundred and thirty thousand dollars. In the office with me was Alan Weisselberg. The chief financial officer of the Trump organization. He knowledge to Allen that he was going to pay the hundred and thirty thousand and that Allen, I should go back to his office and figure out how to do it. So yes, sir. I stand by the statement that I gave. But there was a history to it in your testimony. You have you said you bought some some sex is that right? You said you'd bought some checks. Yes, sir. Let me ask you about one of these. This. From the Trump trust that holds the. President businesses. Can you tell me who signed this check? I believe that the top signature is Donald Trump junior. And the bottom signature, I believe is Alan Weisselberg 's and can you tell me the data that check? March seventeenth of two thousand seventeen now. Wait a minute hold up to date on the check is after President Trump held his big press conference claiming that he gave up control of his businesses. How could the president have arranged for you to get this check if he was supposedly playing no role in his business? Because the payments were designed to be paid over the course of twelve months, and it was. Declared to be a retainer for services that would be provided for the year. Of two thousand seventeen was their retainer agreement. There is no retainer agreement would Don jR, or Mr. Weisselberg have more information about that. Mr. Weisselberg for sure about the entire discussions and negotiations prior to the election and Don, jR, would have cursory information. Now, here's another one. This this one appears to be signed by Donald Trump. Himself is that his signature that is Donald Trump signature. So let me make sure I understand Donald Trump wrote you a check out of his personal account while he was serving his president of the United States of America to reimburse you for hush money payments to miss Clifford. Is that what you are telling the American people today. Yes. Mr Chairman one final question. The president claimed he knew nothing about these payments is ethics following said he owed nothing to you based on your conversations with him. Is there any doubt in your mind? The President Trump knew exactly what he was paying for. There is no doubt in my mind. And I truly believe there's no doubt in the minds of the people of the United States of America. And these do documents appear to corroborate what you just sold us without yield two. Right. I will make sure that you and I meet one day while we're in the court house, and I will take you for every penny. You still don't have. And I will come after your Daily Beast and everybody else that you possibly know. So I'm warning you tread, very lightly because what I'm gonna do to you is going to be FM disgusting. You understand me? Mr. Cohen who said that. I did. And did you say that Mr. Cohen in your testimony on page two? You said you did things for Mr. Trump in an effort to protect him. Was that statement that I just read that you admitted to saying did you do that to protect Donald Trump? I did it to protect Mr. Trump. Donald Trump junior Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump. And then your sentencing statement back in December in front of the judge. You said this Mr. Cohen, my weakness can be characterized as a blind loyalty to Donald Trump a blind loyalty that led me to choose a path of darkness. Is that accurate? Mr cohen. I wrote that you wrote that and said that in front of the judge is that right? That's correct me read a few other things here. And let me ask you why you did some of these things when you file a false tax return in two thousand twelve two thousand thirteen two thousand fourteen two thousand fifteen and two thousand sixteen was all that out of blind loyalty to the president. No, it was not when you failed to report four million in income to the Internal Revenue Service. Did you do that to protect Donald Trump? No, I did not. And when you fail to pay one point four million in taxes, I got constituency don't make that in a lifetime. When you fail to pay one point four million in taxes. To the US treasury was that out of some blind loyalty to the president of the United States. It was not. But the number was one point three eight and change, and I have paid that money back to the IRS like this. I think the American people appreciate that one point three. And I would also just like say it was over a course of five years approximately two hundred sixty thousand a year. And that's what I said two thousand twelve two thousand thirteen two thousand fourteen two thousand fifteen two thousand that's five years. Yes. Got it. When you made false statements to financial institutions concerning a home equity line of credit taxi medallions on your Park Avenue apartment in two thousand thirteen two thousand fourteen in two thousand fifteen and you plead guilty to making those false statements to those banks was that all done to protect the president. No, it was not how about this one. When you created the fake Twitter account women for Cohen and paid a firm to post tweets like this one. In a world of lies deception and fraud. We appreciate this honest guy at Michael Cohen. Hashtag TGIF. Hashtag handsome. Hashtags sexy. Was that done to protect the president? Mr turin. I didn't actually set that up. It was done by a young lady that worked for red Finch. And during the course of the campaign, which you would know get somewhat crazy and wild. We were having fun. That's what it was, sir. Who having fun was done to protect the president. That was not done to protect the president fake Twitter account. That was no that was a real Twitter account. It exists a firm to create this. I didn't tell you the firm. It was done by young lady that works for the firm. And again, sir. We were having fun. During a stressful time the point is Mr. Cohen did you lie to protect the president or July to help yourself. I'm not sure how that helped me, sir. I'm not sure how did either. Right. And I would also note them with. Half the people in that site are men. Here's the point just gave you thirty minute opening statement, and you have a history of lying over and over and over again, and frankly, don't take my word for it. Take what the court said take what the southern district of New York said Cohen. Did crimes that were marked by a pattern of deception and that permeated his professional life. These crimes were distinct in their harms, but berry common set of circumstances. They each involve deception, and we're each each motivated by personal greed and embellishing a pattern of deception for personal greed and Embiid, and you just got thirty minutes of an opening statement where you trash the president of the United States of America. Mr. Cohen, how long did how long did you work for Donald Trump proximity a decade ten years? That's correct. You said all these bad things about the president there in that lasts thirty minutes. And yet you worked for him for ten years. All those bad things. I mean, it's dad I can see you working for him for ten days. Maybe ten weeks, maybe even ten months, but you work for him for ten years. Mr. Cohen, how how long did you? How long did you work in the White House? I never worked in the White House. And that's the point. Isn't it? Mr. Cohen, no, sir. Yes. It is. No, it's not wanted to work in the White House. No certain brought to the dance. So now, I was extremely proud to be personal attorney to the president of the United States of America. I did not want to go to the White House. I was offered jobs. I can tell you a story of Mr. Trump remaining out Ryan's pre-bus because I had not taken a job where Mr. Trump wanted me to which is working with Don Mcgann at the White House general counsel telling you work for one second. What I said at the time, and I brought a lawyer in who produced a memo as to why I should not go in because there would be no attorney client privilege, and in order to handle some of the matters that I talked about in my opening that would be best suited for me. Not. To go in and that every president had a personal attorney, Steve here's what I see. I see a guy worked for ten years and trash trashing the guy. He worked for for ten years. Didn't get a job in the White House. And now and now you're you're behaving. Just like everyone else who's got fired or didn't get the job. They wanted like Andy McCabe like James Komi same kind of selfish motivation after you don't get the thing you want. That's what I see here today. And I think that's what the American people, Mr. Jordan, all I wanted was what I got to be personal attorney to the president to enjoy the senior year of my son in high school and waiting for my daughter who's graduating from college to come back to New York. I got exactly what I want. Exactly what you want. What I want to? Right. Received. Exactly what I wanted gentlemen. It's time is expired, Mr. Wasserman Schultz. Thank you. Mr chairman. Cohen. Thank you for being here today. As you likely know, I served as the chair of the Democratic National Committee at the time of the Russian hacks, and when Russia weaponized the messages that it had stolen, but I want to be clear. My questions are not about the harm done to any individual by WikiLeaks and the Russians it's about the possible and likely harm to the United States of America, and our democracy. I have a series of questions that I hope we'll connect more of these dots. Mr. Cohen is it your testimony that Mr. Trump had advanced knowledge of the Russia WikiLeaks released the DNC's emails. I cannot answer that in a yes, or no he had advanced notice that there was going to be a dump of emails, but at no time did I hear the specificity of what those emails were going to be. But you do testify today that he had advance knowledge of their of their intimate imminent release. That that is what I stated in my testimony and that he cheered that outcome. Just did Mr. Trump likely shared this information with his daughter, Ivanka son, Don, jR, or Jared, Kushner, I'm not aware of that was Evonne Jared or Don jR, still involved in the in the Russian tower deal at that time. The company was involved in the deal, which meant the family was involved in the deal, if Mr. Trump and his daughter, Ivanka and sundown Donald junior are involved in the rump in the indie Russian Trump Tower deal is it possible the whole family is convict conflicted or compromise with a foreign adversary in the months before the election. Yes. Based on your experience with the president and knowledge of his relationship with Mr. stone. Do you have reason to believe that the president explicitly or implicitly authorized, Mr. stone to make contact with WikiLeaks and to indicate the campaigns interest in the strategic release of these legally hacked materials, I'm not aware of that. Was Mr. stone, a free agent reporting back to the president what he had done or was he an agent of the campaign acting on behalf of the president and with his apparent authority. No, he was a free agent a free agent that was reporting back to the president what he had done correctly frequently reached out to Mr. Trump, and Mr. Trump was very happy to take his calls. It was free service. Roger stone says he never spoke with Mr. Trump about WikiLeaks. How can we cooperate corroborate? What you are saying. I don't know. But I suspect that the special counsel's office and other. Government agencies. Have the information that you're seeking onto a little later in two thousand sixteen a major WikiLeaks dump happens hours after the access Hollywood tape is released. Do you believe or are you aware of Mr. Trump coordinating or signaling for this Email dump? I unaware of that I actually was not even in the country at the time of the Billy Bush tape. I was in London visiting my daughter knowing how Mr. Trump operates with his winning at all costs mentality. Do you believe that he would cooperate or collude with a foreign power to win the presidency is he capable of that? Calls on so much speculation meme it's it would be unfair for me to have tremendous amount of experience, Mr. Trump, and he's all about winning. And it will do what is necessary with our to win and experience would he have the potential to cooperate or collude with foreign power to win the presidency at all costs? Yes. Based on what you know, would Mr. Trump or did he lie about colluding and coordinating with the Russians at any point during the campaign? So as I stated in my testimony. I wouldn't use the word colluding. Was there something odd about the back in forth prays with President Putin? Yes. But I'm not really sure that I can answer that question in terms of collusion. I was not part of the campaign. I don't know the other conversations that Mr. Trump had with other individuals. There's just so many dots that all seem to lead to the same directly before. My time expires Mr. Cohen. The campaign and the entire Trump organization appeared to be filthy with Russian contact. There are Russian business contacts they are campaign Russia Russian contacts. There are lies about all of those contacts. And then we have Roger stone informing the president just before the democratic national convention that these that WikiLeaks was going to drop documents in the public arena that we knew at that point were hacked and stolen by Russia from the Democratic National Committee gentle lady's time has expired you may enter inquiry. My question is given all those connections is it likely that Donald Trump was fully aware and had every intent of working with Russia to help make sure that he could win the presidency at all costs. So let me say that. This is a matter that's currently being handled by the house select and the Senate Select Intelligence committees. And so I would rather not answer. That's specific question. Other than just to tell you that Mr. Trump's desire to win. Would have him work with anyone and one of the thing that I had said in my statement that when it came to the Trump Tower Moscow project, it was worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and we never expected to win the election. So this was just business as usual. Tennessee. Thank you. Jim. Thanks, chairman ranking member Jordan chairman in this committee of promised members of the American people a fair and open process yet. The Democrats vastly limited the scope of this hearing they've issued a gag order to try to tell members of this committee. What we can and cannot talk about my colleagues on the other side of the aisle claim that they want the truth that they want transparency and fair oversight yet, the Democrats witnessed to testify before congress today is none other than a scorned man who's going to prison for lying to congress. Let that sink in. He's going to prison for lying to congress, and he's the star witness to congress. If you read the sentencing report on Mr. Cohen words, like deceptive in greedy are scattered throughout that report it paints a picture of a narcissist to bully who cannot tell the truth, whether it's about the president or about his own personal life. But today, he's the majority party's star witness. If the Democrats were after the truth, they'd have an honest person here testifying if they were really after the truth, they not restrict the questioning to just a few topics. But let's let's take a look at those restricted topics. Mr Chairman, the first topic in your limited scope that. I can ask Mr. Cohen is about the president's debts. But Mr Chairman, didn't Mr. Cohen plead guilty to lying to banks about his personal finances. So we're asking a guy going to jail for lying about his debts to comment about the president's debts. He's the expert. Mr Chairman, your next couple of topic say that I can ask Mr. Cohen about the president's compliance with financial disclosures and campaign finance laws, but didn't Mr. Cohen on two occasions break campaign finance law with his own donation. So again, the majority party star witness on the president's compliance is a guy who broke compliance laws himself. Mr Chairman, you graciously allow us to ask questions of Mr. Cohen on the president's dealings with the IRS and tax law. Your star witness here broke the law with regards to the IRS at least five times he pled guilty on cheating on his taxes lying to the IRS. He's the best witness. You got. Next up with the permission of the chairman. I get to ask Mr. Cohen about his perspective on the president's business dealings. Let me get this straight. The the witness lied to multiple financial institutions to get loans to pay off other loans just to keep himself afloat, and he's going to be the expert on business practices. Obviously, Mr Chairman, the witness might produce documents that he suggests incriminates the president yet. He lies to banks all of those laws were done on fraudulent documents documents that he forged nothing. He says or produces has any credibility. Apparently. He even lied about delivering his own child, which is wife had to correct the record. Ladies and gentlemen, how on earth is this witness credible with all the lies and deception the self-serving fraud begs the question, what is the majority party doing here? No one can see this guy's credible. He will say whatever he wants to accomplish his own personal goals. He's a fake witness at his presence. Here is a travesty. I hope the American people see through this. I know the people back in Tennessee will. And with that statement, sir. I have a few questions the witness. With your loss of your law license. I think you mentioned in your opening statement that you had been disbarred, what is your source of income in the future? I don't expect them going to have a source of income when I'm in federal penitentiary what? Is there a book deal come in or anything like that? I have no book deal right now in the process. I have been contacted by many, including for television movie, if you want to tell me who you would like to play you. I'm more than happy. Right. The name down. I'm sure they will feel like to earn around and just to correct your statement on me, no ill. Let me ask you another question. I only have a limited amount. No, India one quick one quick question who paid your expenses to be here today? Who's paid my expensive be here today? I paid my expenses. Miss chairman. I'd like to yield the remaining in my time to the the ranking member Michiko, and how many times you talked to the special counsel's office. Seven. Did they talk to you at all in preparation for today's hearing between the seven times, you talked to him prior to your sensing have you had any conversations with the special counsel's office between sentencing and today, I'm sorta trying to understand you question. You talked him seven times that's in the sentencing memorandum's that were in front of the court back in December. What I'm asking is. How many times have you talked to the special counsel's office since then? Up to today's appearance here in congress did gentlemen time has expired. You may answer the question now that one I don't have the answer to that slowing wasn't. Well, I'll come back. Thank you. Mr Chairman, and Mr. Cohen in your your ten years of working for Donald Trump. Did he control everything that went on in the Trump organization, and did you have to get his permission in advance? And report back after every meeting of any importance. Yes. My was there was nothing that happened at the Trump organization from whether it was a response as the Daily Beast story that you refer to ranking member that did not go through Mr. Trump with his approval and sign off as in the case of the payments. How many how many times did the president Michael ask you are direct you to try to reach settlements with women and twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen. I'm sorry, ma'am. I don't I don't have the answer tonight. I'd have to go back and try to recollect. It's certainly the two that we know about and. Why why do you think the president did not provide the accurate information in his 2017 financial disclosure form? What was he trying to hide he corrected other forms, but he didn't correct. This one. The payments on the reimbursement of the funds that I extended on his behalf. Can you elaborate more? Well, going back into the story as I stated when we Alan Weisselberg, and I left the office, and we went to his office in order to make the determination on how that money was going to be wired to the I o love the interest on the lawyers account for Keith Davidson in California, I had asked Alan to use his money didn't want to use mine, and he said he couldn't and we then decided how else we can do it. And he asked me whether or not know anybody who wants to have a party at one of his clubs that could pay me instead or somebody who may have wanted to become a member of one of the golf clubs, and I also don't have anybody that was interested in that. And it got to the point where it was down to the wire. It was either we somebody wire the funds and purchased the life rights to the story from miss Clifford or it was going to. End up being sold to television. And that would have embarrassed the president, and it would have interfered with the election, but the president has never amended his 2017 form to this day. And while you're facing the consequences of going to jail. He is not well, I believe that they amended a financial disclosure form. And there's a footnote somewhere buried, I don't recall specifically what it says. But there is a footnote buried somewhere. Can you describe Michael to the American people catch and kill? Catching kill is a method that exists when you're working with a news outlet in. This specific case was I national choir David pecker, Dylan Howard, and others were they would contact me or Mr. Trump or someone in state that there's a story that's percolating out there that you may be interested in and then what you do is you contact that individual. And you purchase the rights to that story from them. And and you practice this for the president. I was involved in several of these catching kill episodes. But these catching kill scenarios existed between David pecker, and Mr. Trump long before I started working for him in two thousand and seven. Michael, can you suggest who else this committee should talk to for additional information on this or anything else? Yes. I believe David pecker Dylan Howard, Barry LeVine of AM is well. Alan Weisselberg, Alan garden of Trump organizations. Well. Thank you very much for your testimony. And Mr Chairman, this is a story of redemption. Thank you, Mr. calmer. Mr. Cohen and your testimony. You stated that you began work for the Trump organization as lawyer dealing with real estate transactions. Is that correct? That's correct. Prior to come into congress. I served as director of two different banks Watson hundreds of loan applications and to try to determine your credibility here today. I just wanted to ask you a couple of real estate transaction questions just to see how in fact you operate according to the southern district of New York. Prosecutors you lied to banks to secure loans by falsely stating the amount of debt you carrying Mr. Cohen. My question to you was it Donald Trump's fault that you knowingly committed a crime of deception to defraud a Bank. No, it's not was that fraudulent loan you obtained for the Trump organization or for you personally. It would be for me though. I'm not familiar with which loan that you're referring to we'll like to. I would like to say one thing. That's throwing. So I would like it just to respond when alone when we're talking about the home equity line of credit, which is what I believe you're referring to. We're also referring not to ask him in dining junior summer home that you purchased you've never purchased a summer home. No individual on no Bank in the twenty two years that I've had loans have ever lost a dollar with me. I no money to any Bank with the bank's. Usually find out if someone's trying to deceive their indeed your years. Oh, how fun you'll ever been owed, Mr. call any individual Armony Bank. Mr. Cohen did your so called blind loyalty to the president college you to defraud the buying for your own personal gain. So I take exception to that. Because there's never been a fraud on a never defrauded any ballast dig a little deeper on that on the Bank fraud. According to the southern district of New York, you failed to disclose more than twenty million dollars in liabilities as well as tens of thousands of dollars of monthly expenses. That's according to the southern district of New York. Now, Mr. Cohen you being a lawyer. Surely, you knew you breaking the law. Not why would you have done that? So I'm not a CPA, and I plead guilty. I'm going to prison as resolve your con-. No, sir because I pled guilty. And I'm going to be doing the time I have caused tremendous tremendous pain to my family, and I think. Does go back to the question about the Bank. When the Bank found out about the liabilities that you failed to disclose you lied again to the Bank. This is according to the southern district of New York and said it had been expunged. When in fact, you just shifted the debt to another Bank. So apparently, according to the information that that we received your intent to defraud the Bank was for the desire to purchase the summer home for eight and a half million dollars. No that would have been off of an equity line considering I had less than fifty percent loan to value on the assets. And it was a pre existing line of credit that existed years before the date that you're referring to where this is all surrounding New York City taxi medallions, but you understand that when you failed to disclose liabilities, especially twenty million dollars in liabilities. That is in fact. Fraud, except even with the twenty million in liability. How much was it? The medallions were at that time worth over forty five million dollars. Mitch Mitchell when you call Donald Trump, a cheat in your opening testimony. What would you call yourself? Fool you calling. Well, no comment on that. I appreciate your chairman. We said we were in search of the truth. I don't believe that Michael Cohen is capable of telling the truth. And I would hope that as this committee moves forward that when we have the opportunity to subpoena. Witnesses we subpoena witnesses that are not recently disbarred are not convicted felon and witnesses that haven't committed Bank fraud and tax fraud. That is how we're going to determine the truth. So Mr Chairman, I yield the balance of my time to the ranking member, I think jump for you. I would just make one point. We just had a five minute debate where Mr. Cohen disputes what the southern district of New York found what the judge found that he was actually guilty of committing Bank fraud. If this statement back here doesn't say at all Cohen's consciousness of wrongdoing is fleeting his remorse as minimal his instinct is to blame others is to blame. Others his strong. There's only one with that statement, his remorse non-existent you just debate in a member. Congressman I really didn't do anything wrong with the false Bank things that that I'm guilty haven't gone to prison for Mr. Jordan. That's not. That's not. Why said, and you know, that that's not what I said, I plead guilty, and I take responsibility for my actions. Shame on you. Mr. Jordan, omit, Mr. chat. What I said Mitch Mitchell chairman what I said what I said is I took responsibility. And I take responsibility. What I was doing is explaining to the gentleman that his facts are inaccurate. I still I take responsibility for my mistakes. All right. I am remorseful. And I am going to prison. I will be away from my wife and family for years. So before you turn around on casts. More dissenters, please understand. There are people watching you today that know me a whole lot. But I made mistakes I own them. And I didn't fight with the southern district of New York. I didn't put the system through an entire scenario. But what I did do is I pled guilty. And I am going to be again going to prison. It's darden. Mr cone. At the center of. The reasons you're going to prison. Is conviction for campaign finance of violations, and they sent her around. Some salacious re revelations the Washington Post. Reported. Or aired a access Hollywood video it set a record. For the number of people who watched crashed the newspapers server. Abbott? This happened in early October on the cusp of the election. What was Mr. Trump's reaction to the video becoming public at that time? It was he concerned about the impact of that video on the election. The answer is. Yes, as I stated before I was in London at the time visiting my daughter who is studying there for Washington semester abroad, and I received a phone call during the dinner from hope Hicks, stating that she just spoken to Mr. Trump, and we need you to start making phone calls to the various different news outlets that you have relationships with. And we need to spin this. And what we want to do is just to claim that this was men locker room talk. What's the concern about the election in particular, the answer is yes, then couple that with Karen McDougal, which then came out around the same time? And then on top of that, the stormy Daniels matter. Yeah. The and and these things happen in the month before the election and almost one. One after the other. The stormy Daniels revelation where prosecutors officials prosecutors learned of of of that. That. Matter. And prosecutors stated that the officials at the magazine contacted you about the story the magazine, of course, is the national inquiry is is that correct? They did just come to you. Were you concerned about this new story becoming a public right after the access Hollywood study in terms of impact on the election? I was concerned about it. But more importantly, Mr. Trump was that was my next question. What was the president's concern about these matters becoming public in October as we were about to go into an election. I don't think anybody would dispute this. Belief that after the wild fire that encompassed the Billy Bush tape that a second follow up to it would have been pleasant, and he was concerned with the effect that it had had on the campaign on how women were seeing him, and ultimately whether or not he would have a shot in the general elections. How you negotiate it the one hundred thirty thousand dollar payment the hundred and thirty thousand dollar number was not a number that was actually into Koshi aided. It was told to me by Keith Davidson that this is a number that miss Clifford wanted. What you finally eat finally completed that deal as it were on October the twenty twentieth days before the election. What happened in the interim? Contemplated? Whether or not to do it. Wasn't sure if she was really going to go public. It was against some communications back and forth between myself and Keith Davidson. And alternately came to either do it or don't at which time again, I had gone into Mr. Trump's office as I did have to each and every conversation, and he had told me that he had spoken to a couple of friends, and it's one hundred thirty thousand not a lot of money, and we should just do it. So go ahead and do it. And I was at the time with Alan Weisselberg where he directed us to go back to Mr. Weisselberg office and figure this all out. Thank you. Mr chairman. It's about oaths Michiko, and do, you know land patent? I'm right here. You know, Lynn patent justly. Do I asked Linda come today in her personal capacity? To actually shed some light. How long have you known this, Pat, I'm responsible for Lind, Pat and joining the Trump organization and the job that she currently holds. Well, that's I'm glad you acknowledge that because you made some very demeaning comments about the president that MS Patton doesn't agree with. In fact, it has to do with your claim of racism. She says that as a daughter of a man born in Birmingham, Alabama that there is no way that she would work for for an individual who was racist. How do you reconcile the two of those mis neither should I as the son of a holocaust survivor? But Mr. Cohen, I guess what I'm saying is is I've talked to the president over three hundred times. I've not heard one time a racist comment out of out of his mouth in private. So how do you reconcile it? Do you have proof of those conversations? I would ask you to tape recordings of those conversations. No, sir. Well, you've taped everybody else. Wouldn't you not true, sir? That's not true. You have a taped anybody. I taped in times if you taped individuals maybe one hundred times over ten years is that a low estimate because I've heard it's over two hundred times. Now, I don't think I think it's approximately one hundred from what I recall, but I would ask why we ask me questions. So. Have you have proof? Yes, or no. I do where's the proof s MS Patton? How many people were black? Our executives at the Trump organization is zero and we can go through this year. I would ask me I would ask unanimous consent. That her entire statement be put in the record. All right. Let me go on a little bit further. Did you click one point two million dollars or so from Nevada's? I did for access to the Trump administration. No, sir. Why did you collect it because they came to me based upon my knowledge of the 'nigma Donald Trump what he thinks. So they've played please. Let me know. Did they pay you one point to forty dollars to give them advice? Yes. They did. They a multibillion dollar conglomerate came to me looking for information, not something that's unusual here in DC looking for information. And they believe that I had a value. So how many times now with was the insight that I was capable of offering them. How many times willing to pay how many times did you meet with them? For one point two million dollars. How many times did you meet with them? I provided them with both in person as well as telephone access whenever they need. How many times? Yes, that's a question. I don't recall, sir. So did you ever talk to them? I spoke to them on several occasions. How many? Six times six times. Wow. Two hundred thousand dollars a call. I also would like to bring your on. And not yours. Did you get money from the Bank of Khazakstan? It's not a Bank of Kazakhstan, it's called BTA BTA Bank causes tambi ta Bank. Did you get money from them? I did for what purpose the purpose was because the former CEO of that Bank had obs- gone with over between four to six billion dollars. And some of the money was here in the United States, and they sought my assistance in terms of finding locating that money and helping them to recollect it. So are you saying that all the reports that you are paid in some estimates over four million dollars to have access and understanding of the Trump administration? You're saying that all of that was just paid to you just because you're a nice guy. I am a nice guy. But more importantly egg the difference in record for flex that. You're not a nicer each and every contract contained the clause in my contracts that said, I will not lobby. He and I do not do government relations work. In fact, in fact, Novartis sent me their contract, which stated specifically that they wanted me to lobby that they want to be to provide access to government, including the president that information that paragraph was crossed out by me initialled and written in my own handwriting says, I will not lobby or to government relations work. So Nevada's representatives say that it was like they were hiring non registered lobbyists. So you disagree with that? I don't know what they said, sir. But the contracts have you ever contacted anybody in the administration? Yes. To to advocate on behalf of any aspect of any of your contracts. I ask unanimous consent. Mr Chairman, I asked I asked unanimous can sail. Two gentlemen, Famas expired. You may answer the question. I I don't know what you're referring to, sir. Mrs quite Mr Chairman, Mr Chairman calling. I'm please, you agree to testify today voluntarily in my view, we all here for just one reason. And that's the American people are tired of being lied to. They have been lied to by President Trump. They've been lied to by the president's children. They have been lied to by the president's legal representatives. And it pains me to say that they have been even lied to by his congressional enablers who are still devoted to perpetuate in protecting. This giant con game on the American people. Now, Mr. Cohen, I'd like to talk to you about the president's assets since by law. These must be reported. Accurately on its federal financial disclosure, and when he submits them for a Bank loan, Mr. Cohen, you serve a nearly a decade as then businessman Trump's personal attorney in so-called fixer did you did you also have an understanding on the president's assets. And how he valued those items. Yes in November twenty seventeen Crain's New York business reported that the Trump on his Asian provided quote, flagrantly untrue, revenue figures going back to at least twenty ten to influence grains, ranking of the largest private companies in New York, according to the report while the Trump organization reported nearly nine four point five billion in revenues and twenty sixteen public. Public filings suggested revenues were actually less than one tenth of that to your knowledge did the president or his company ever inflate, assets or revenues. Yes. And was that done with the president's knowledge our direction, everything was done with the knowledge at the direction of Mr. Trump, tell us why he would do that. And what purpose did it serve? It depends upon the situation. There were times that I was asked again with Alan Weisselberg, the CFO to go back into speak with an individual from Forbes because Mr. Trump wanted. Each year to have his net worth rise on the Forbes wealthiest individuals list. And so what you do is you look at the assets. And you try to find an asset that has say, for example, forty Wall Street, which is about one point two million square feet. Find an asset that is comparable find the highest price per square foot. That's achieved in the area and apply it to that building. Or if you going off of your rent role can go by the gross rent roll times of multiple, and you make up the multiple which is something that he had talked about it's based upon what he wanted to value the asset at you know, you you have provided this committee with copies of the president financial statements are parts of them from twenty seven twenty twelve and thirteen and miss. Mr Chairman, I would like to submit those for the record was chairman. I liked to submit to statements to the record. That'd just it's order. Thank you. Can you explain why are you had these financial statements and what you use them for? So these financial statements we used by me for two purposes. One was discussing with media, whether it was Forbes or other magazines to demonstrate Mr. Trump's significant net worth that was one function. And other was when we were dealing later on with insurance companies, we would provide them with these copies. So that they would understand that the premium which is based sometimes upon the individuals capabilities to pay would be reduced and all of this was done at the president. Direction and with his knowledge. Yes. Because whatever the numbers would come back to be we would immediately reported back. And did this information provided us inflate the president's assets? I believe these numbers are inflated, and of course, inviting inflating assets to win a newspaper poed Bush. Your ego is not a crime. But to your knowledge did the president ever provide inflated assets to a Bank in order to help him obtain eight alone. But you may answer that question these documents and others were provided to Deutsche Bank in one occasion where I was them in our attempt to obtain money. So that we can put a bid on the Buffalo Bills. Thank you for your answer. Besides the Georgia to heal the second to the gentleman from North Carolina. I think the gentleman for yielding I want to ask unanimous consent put into the record an article from stat which indicates that Mr. Cohen's promised access, not just Trump. But also the circle around. It was almost as if we were hiring a lobbyist close quote. I ask unanimous consent without objection. I ask you animus consent that we put into the record a criminal referral for violating section twenty two USC of the statute number six six eleven I asked you animus consent that. My letter referring Mr. Cohen for violating Fara for illegal lobbying activity be entered into the record without objection. So I ask unanimous consent that the first order of business for this committee is for us to look in a bipartisan way criminal referrals at the next business meeting. These are documents the objectives objectives. So so we're objecting to again, animus consent request is that what Mr Chairman. I'm up to here high stemware. I yes. Are you you'll back? All right now. Let me let me be clear mister heist. I'm going to give you your whole five minutes. All right. Thank you. Mr chairman. It's the you. All right. Thank you, Mr Chairman, and Mr. Mr. meadows, I the chairman made meal under ranking member made me aware that I had given a little more time to miss Wasserman Schultz. I I was gonna let you do that anyway. But, but I just want the committee to know that because there are so many members I'm going to be strict on his five minutes. All right. All right. Thank you very much besides she had five minutes. Thank you. Mr Chairman, Mr. Cohen, you claim that you've lied, but you're not a liar just set the record straight. If he lied. You are a liar by definition. You also said a moment ago that the facts are inaccurate. If they are facts, they are accurate and that would make you inaccurate. But allied to take a moment to like to know who you can sold it with to prepare for today's hearing Lanny Davis and who else. I consulted with my counsel. Lanny Davis as well as Michael Monico. All right. Did you or Michael Orlando Davis or anyone else cooperate with the democrat majority to prepare for this hearing? I'm sorry say that again police did anyone did you or anyone else on your team cooperate with the democrat party and preparing for this here? We've we've spoken to the party. Okay. Did you prepare with chairman Cummings or anyone on your team? I'm so what do you mean by prepare prepare for this hearing prepare I prepared with my council did you prepare with within the democrat majority or chairman Cummings we spoke with chairman comings and the party with chairman Schiff spoke with chairmanship and his part and his people as well, or there any other individuals acting as liaise four you with the majority party. What do you say? Did you have a liaison other than these that you've mentioned who were working with the majority to prepare for this hearing? We spoke with the various individuals that you just raised. Yes. Tom star. Regarding him or any of his representatives anyone associated with him? Or is he or any of them paying Lanny Davis to represent you not that I'm aware of who is paying Lanny Davis at the present moment. No one. So he's doing all this work for nothing. Yes, sir. Okay. And I hope so. I kind of doubt it, but how did Lanny Davis come to represent you? Did he approach you? Or did you approach him? I reached out to Lanny Davis at the recommendation of my former counsel over at. Mcdermott will and Emery who knew Mr. Davis, and Mr.. So you reached out to Mr. Davis? I did. Yes, initially. Okay. So did did you want to testify before congress or did he urge you to testify here? I was asked to come here. And I am here. Surveillance Sheraly because it's my your question. Did did he ask you to come here? No, sir. Okay. Because he he says that he did ask you to come here. And that he convinced you and also that he did the same with. Chairman Cummings as well. So your your testimony here is that you approach Lanny Davis to represent you and to come here. He did not persuade you to come here. He didn't persuade me actually Chinon Cummings which is part of the conversations that we engaged in with his people as well as chairman Schiff and others. They they we spoke in order to ask me to come here voluntarily find the connecting of the dots here with with Mr. Davis, and you and frankly, the chairman, and perhaps others to be rather stunning. That there is a an agenda for all this happening here today, and I believe frankly that adds to bring the president down to impugn, the president you made an oath last time you were here and that oath meant nothing to you. Then we had a note here in this very room about. Month ago? And it was quote be clear that I will seek the truth nothing, but the truth so help me God in quote. The sounds like an oath to me the chairman made that statement in this very room last month. But here we are today. Our first big hearing with as you it. We all know convicted liar lying to congress a criminal. And I believe this witness is totally in Kent in compatible with the stated goal of having to seek the truth in this hearing. This is the first time in the history of congress. We have someone testifying here who has already been convicted of lying to congress. Congratulations for being the first in congress to do that in missing Cummings as well. I can't believe we're coming. We have brought this committee to its knees in terms of losing its credibility. And it's a shameful mockery of what our purpose. Is I yield back gum and Simon. They fired Mr. linked thanking about chairman, let me let me just pick up on those last comments wanna talk about a low point. How 'bout Mr. Papadopoulos pled guilty? Mr. Manafort convey, convicted pled guilty to other charges, Mr. gates pled guilty, Mr. Flint, guilty, Mr. Pinedo, Pell pled guilty, Mr. van does want plead guilty, Mr. Kalinic indicted for obstruction of Justice. And for two years. You wanna talk about an agenda my friends on the other side of the hour refused to bring any of these people up before the committee. So today for the first day, we have one witness who voluntarily is coming forward to testify your side Ren away from the truth. And we're trying to bring it to the American people. So. Mr. Cohen surfable. Thank you for voluntarily coming before the committee to testify. I want to ask you about your statements regarding Trump Tower in Moscow, and I want to drill down some of the facts and details now, you may not be aware of it. But this goes back away back in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven Mr. Trump wrote that he had had ongoing discussions with. Soviet officials back then to build a luxury hotel large luxury hotel across from the Kremlin in partnership with the Soviet Union. So. At that time, it was the Soviet Union. I want to ask you in your filing with the special counsel Muller's office the prosecutor's wrote. And I quote, Mr. Cohen discussed the status of an progress of the Moscow project with individual one on more than the three occasions. Mr. Cohen claimed to the committee and he briefed family members of individual one with the company about the project. I know this is redundant. But Mr. Cohen who we ferring to hear when we refer to individual one, Donald J Trump. Okay. And the company the Trump organization. Okay. Was through a subsidiary. Okay. And who are the family members that you briefed on the Trump Tower Moscow project, Don Trump junior and Yvonne ca Trump okay now with these in the regular course of business onto the president or family request the briefings. This isn't a regular course of business. Do you recall? There's a question on the number of briefings. Do you recall how many they might have been? I'm sorry, sir. Do you recall? How many of these briefings might have been? Approximately ten okay in total. All right. And your written remarks? You also wrote, and I quote, there are at least a half dozen times between the Iowa caucus in January two thousand and sixteen and the end of June. When Mr. Trump would ask me, how's it going in Russia, referring to the Russia Moscow tau project? How did the president communicate those questions to you was verbally all the phone verbally most of the time virtually all of the time. It would say he would say to me Michael come woke me he was heading to say a rally to a car, and as I walk him to the elevator. He would ask me questions quickly regarding a series of there being shout about what he was referring to in terms of the project in Russia. No, this would be it. Okay. Otherwise, there would have been no reason to ask it of me. Right. Right. You also wrote and I quote to be clear, Mr. Trump knew of and directed the Trump Moscow negotiations throughout the campaign and lied about it. Close quote, how did how did the president actually direct negotiations? If she tales did he directly after each communication that. I had I would report back to him. And our goal was to get this project. We were interested in building. What would have been the largest building in all of Europe? I if I can say one last please go ahead are to the gentleman statements insists on topic. The lies that I told to congress. In fairness benefited, Mr. Trump. It was in furtherance of my protection of Mr. Trump, which I stated in my testimony, and I am not protecting Mr. Trump anymore. And so while I truly appreciate taking some of your time onto it. To attack me every single time about taxes. I have no credibility. It's for exactly that reason that I spent the last week searching boxes in order to find the information that I did. So that you don't have to take my word for it. I don't want you to I want you to look at the documents to call, and I want you to make your own decision on my last. Sorry, sir. That's okay. Let me let me just say. I don't think my my colleagues on the other side. I'll afraid that you're gonna lie. I think they're afraid you're going to tell the truth. Thank you, sir. You'll back the bounce of my time. Thank you very much for the gentleman from Ohio is recognized. All I appreciate the gentleman for yielding. I just want to respond to Mr. Lynch, I want you to think about this. Have you ever seen a federal agency where this happened James Comey director fired Andy McCabe, deputy director fired lied three times under oath under investigation. Right as we speak. Jim Baker FBI council demoted then left currently under investigation by the US attorney's office in Connecticut, Lisa page, demoted, then left Peter Struck deputy head accounta- intelligence demoted, then fired. That's what happened. That's what we're concerned about today. We actually asked for rod Rosenstein. Oh, by the way, we now know three people have told us rod Rosenstein, actually was contemplating using the twenty fifth amendment to remove the guy from presidency who the American people put their. And we asked for him to a witness a day and the chairman said, no. And instead we get thirty minutes from guy who's going to prison gone to prison in two months for line to congress. Mr. Cohen got two quick questions for a yield back to my colleague. He's Mr. hice ask you who. All you've talked to you said, you've talked you spoke to Mr. ship, obviously spoke to Mr. coming Jeevan. You're going in front of both committees. You're here today you're gonna be in front of Mr. shifts committee tomorrow. Have you spoken to chairman Nadler or anyone on his staff or have any of your attorneys spoken to chairman Adler? I don't know about my attorneys. I have not spoken to know if you're talking to I have not spoken to congressman Nadler, and I'm not aware. I'm not aware if it my attorneys, I can ask them. Can turn around and ask. The answer is. No, okay. And you said at this present time, Mr. Davis is not getting paid. Does that anticipate are you anticipating receiving some kind of compensation in the future? When I start earn a living. Well, he's gonna wait three years. The answer is. Yes, I I've never done a lawyer wait three years to get paid. I guess he thinks it's important. All right without a yield to the gentleman from Arizona. Well, thank you, Mr. Colin, you know, you're a disgrace lawyer. I mean, you've been disbarred. And so I'm sure you remember. Well, maybe you don't remember duty of loyalty duty of confidentiality attorney client privilege. I think the gentlemen over your right side actually understands that very very well. And wouldn't do what you are doing here today. So let's go back at this credibility. You want us to make sure that we think of you as a real philanthropic icon that you're about Justice. They are the person that somebody would call at three o'clock in the morning. No, they wouldn't not at all. We saw Mr. Comber dissect you right in front of this committee, you con conflict your testimony, sir. You're a pathologic pathological liar. You don't know truth from from from falsehood? Are you are you referring to press is my time for answer? I ask you a question. I'll ask for an answer. Sure. Now. Are you familiar with rule thirty five of the federal rules in criminal procedures? I am now. Oh. The committee understands that you've been in contact with the southern district of New York is that true. I am in constant contact with the southern district of New York regarding ongoing investigations and part of that application is to reduce sentencing time is it not yet. There is a possibility dancers, you know. It's not, sir. Yes. It is. Okay. It's not an so testimony. Here could actually help you out and getting your sentence lesson. Isn't that true? I'm not really sure how my appearance here today is providing substantial information that the southern district can use for the creation of a case. Now, if there is something that this group can do for me. I would gladly welcome it. Well, I I gotta tell you, you know, America's watching you. I've been getting text right unless saying how can anybody listen to this pathological person? He's got a problem. He doesn't know fact from fiction, and that's what's sad here is that you didn't do this for Donald Trump to protect Donald Trump. You. Did it for you? This is this is all about you. This is all about this Twitter feed. And and and let me read one of those another one women who love and support. Michael Cohen strong pit bull sex symbol, not no nonsense business oriented and ready to make a difference one thousand. Great to make a difference against the law. That's pretty sad. You know? Over and over again, we want to have trust. It's built on the premise that. We're truthful that we come forward. But there's no truth with you whatsoever. That's why that's important to you to look up here. And look at the old adage that our moms taught us liar liar pants on fire no-one should ever listen to you and give you credibility. It's sad. It's sad that we have come. In fact, I want to quote, the chairman's very words. This is a real hold on. Bad state. Who's going to take over? Mr. Cohen several times in your testimony. You state the bad things that you did for Mr. Trump. And at some point. You apparently changed. Sheer course of action is a recurring refrain in your testimony that says and yet I continued to work for him. But at some point you change, what was the breaking point at which you decided to start telling the truth. There are several factors Helsinki Charlottesville. Watching the daily destruction of our civility to one another. Putting up silly things. Like this that silly really unbecoming of congress. It's that sort of behaviour. That I'm responsible for. I'm responsible for your silliness. Because I did the same thing that you're doing now for ten years. I protected Mr. Trump for ten years, and the fact that you pull up a news article that has no value to it. And you wanna use that as the premise for discrediting me that I'm not the person that people called at three o'clock in the morning would make you inaccurate in actuality would make you a liar, which puts you into the same position that I am in. And I can only warn people. The more people that follow Mr. Trump as I did blindly are going to suffer the same consequences that I'm suffering. What warning would you give young people who are tempted as you were would you encourage them not to wait ten years to see the light. What advice would you give young people in particular young lawyers? So they do not abuse their bar license as you did look at what's happened to me. I had a wonderful life. I have a beautiful wife. I have two amazing children I achieve financial success by the age of thirty nine. I didn't go to work from this Trump because I had to I went to work for him because I wanted to and I've lost it all. So if I'm not a picture perfect. That's the picture that should be up there. If I'm not a picture perfect example of what not to do. That's the example that I'm trying to set for my children you make mistakes in life, and I've owned them, and I've taken responsibility for them, and I'm paying a huge price. As is my face. Family. So if that in and of itself isn't enough to dissuade somebody from acting in the callous manner that I did I'm not sure that the person has any. Any chance very much like humming right now. A recurring theme in your testimony is concerned for your family's safety. What specifically are you most concerned about well, the president? Unlike my cone, for Trump has thousand followers, he's got over sixty million people, and when Mr. Trump turned around early in the campaign and said, I can shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and get away with it. I want to be very clear he's not choking. He's telling you the truth. You don't know him. I do I sat next to this man for ten years. And I watched his back. I'm the one who started the campaign, and I'm the one who continued in two thousand fifteen to promote them. I so many things I thought that he can do that it just great, and he can and he is doing things that are great. But this destruction of our civility to one another is just it's out of control. And when he goes on Twitter, and he starts bringing in my inlaws might. Parents my wife, what does he think is going to happen? He's causing he's sending out the same message that he can do whatever he wants this is his country. It's becoming an autocrat, and hopefully something bad will happen to me on my children, and my wife, so that I will not be here and testify. That's what his hope was to intimidate me. And again, I thank everybody who joined and said that this is just not right. Have you ever seen Mr. Trump personally threaten people with physical harm? No, he would use others. He would hire other people to do them not. So sure that he had to hire them. They already working there. Everybody's job at the Trump organization is to protect Mr. Trump. Every day. Most of us knew we were coming in. And we were going to lie for him on something and that became the norm. And that's exactly what's happening right now in in this country. That's exactly what's happening here in government, sir. Thank you, MS German. My time is expired. Thank you. Mr Chairman, can can we take a break. Not right now. All right. I did, sir. So it. That's okay. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Jimmy. How are you? Down there and say, hey, I want to get on exactly ten minutes back. Thank you. Mr chairman. Mr. Cohen, you have admitted to lying on your taxes. According to federal prosecutors in the southern district of New York, you also lied to banks to get loans. The prosecutors wrote quote to secure loans Cohen falsely understated the amount of dead. He was carrying omitted information boost personal financial statements to induce a Bank to land based on incomplete information, and quote is that correct? That's correct. You lied on financial documents. So you lied to financial institutions in order to secure loans. So we've established that you lie on your taxes, you lot of banks and you have been convicted of lying to congress. It seems to me that there's not much that you won't lie about when you stand to gain from it. In fact, the prosecutors for the southern district of New York noted that each of your crimes, quote bear commonsense characteristics, which each involving deception and being motivated by your personal, greed and ambition is your parents here today motive. By your desire to remain in the spotlight for your personal benefit. No, ma'am. You have sought outweighs to rehabilitate your image from tax evader Bank. Swindler an all around liar to an honorable truthful man by appearing before cable news, I'm concerned, you could be using your story. And this congressional platform for your personal benefit such is the desire to make money from book deals. So can you commit under oath that you have not and will not pursue a book or movie deal based on your experiences working for the president? No, you cannot commit to making money off of a book or movie deal based on your work. No what I just there's two parts to your question. The first part of your question. You asked me whether or not I had spoken to people regarding a possible book deal, and I have and I've spoken to people who've sought me out regarding a movie deal. I didn't ask you. If you if I said, can you commit under oath that you will not that you have not and will not pursue a book deal. And I would not do that. No, okay. Can you commit under oath that you will not pursue opportunities to provide commentary for a major news network based on your experiences working for the president? No. Can you commit under oath that you will not pursue political office in the state of New York? No. So you don't commit to. Changing your ways, basically because you want to continue to use your background as a liar. A cheater convicted liar to make money. That's what you wanna do. And that's gonna get me a book deal in a movie deal and television spot on television. I don't think so. Well, it appears that it will. I'd yield my remainder of my time, Mr Chairman to mistake. Thanks Joel lady for yielding MRs Cohen in your sentencing statement to the court and in December of last year. You said I want to apologize to the people of the United States, you deserve to know the truth proximity months later. Buzzfeed news ran a story that was the story in the country for a couple of days. Buzzfeed story ran January seventeenth twenty nine thousand nine on January. Eighteenth, your council went on TV and wouldn't confirm or deny the story. The next day. The special counsel's office did something that's never happened. Never happened. They said the description of specific state. Wants to the special counsel's office in the characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office regarding Michael Coen's. Congressional testimony are not accurate. Why didn't your lawyer the day that he's on TV? When this story is the biggest thing in the news in the country. Why didn't he deny the BuzzFeed story? Because I didn't think it was his responsibility to do that. We are not the fact checkers for BuzzFeed on TV to talk about the very story you committed to the court when you were trying to get your sentence reduced that you that the American people deserve to know the truth. You had the golden opportunity to give them the truth on a false story. The BuzzFeed story, and your lawyer didn't say a thing he acts actually he said this. I can't confirm. My can't deny you had an opportunity to do exactly what you told the judge. You were going to do one month after you said it, and you didn't do it. Why not? Again, it wasn't our responsibility to be the fact checker for the news agencies. They're sort of. The president says so far approximately two thousand. I got I got eight seconds. I'll let you finish your chairman Mary fast, she'll count him. And can he's finish something. They've never done. They said that her story was false. Now, you can respond. My response. The president has told something over nine thousand lives to date. Do I ask Mr. Davis Romans to Monaco, would do I go on television in order to correct his mistakes when mystery answer on our pockets? No if subject, you know, and I I would like time as a listen up. The gentleman's time has expired you may finish answering the question, and then we're going to go to Mr. Connelly all they wanted to say is I just find it. Interesting sir that between yourself and your colleagues that not one question. So far since I'm here has been asked about President Trump. That's actually why I thought I was coming today. Not to not to confess the mistakes that I've made I've already done that. And I'll do it again every time you asked me about taxes or mistakes. Yes, I made my mistakes. I'll say now we can and I'm gonna pay the ultimate price. But I'm not here today in the American people don't care about my taxes. They want to know what it is that I know about Mr. Trump and not one question. So far has been asked about Mr. Trump, Mr. Connelly? Thank you determine. Well, Mr. Cohen based on your testimony and your tenure experience. I think you can recognize the behavior you're being subjected to and the other side of the discredit slander. Massie use any trick in the book to prevent your testimony from sticking the idea that a witness would come to us who's flawed, and you certainly are flawed. Means they can never tell the truth, and there is no validity whatsoever to a single word. They say would discredit every single criminal trial of organized crime in the history of the United States because all of them depend on someone who's turned. It would make Rico null and void we couldn't use it anymore. This congress historically has relied on all kinds of shady figures who turned. One of the most famous who led to the decapitation of organized crime families in America Jove lachey congressional hearing. He was a witness and he committed a lot worse crimes than you're convicted of Mr. Cohen. So don't be fooled by what my friends and the other side of the aisle trying to do today. It is do everything but focus on the principle known as individual number one in the southern district of New York as I recall is that correct? Mr. Cohen, those correct now Mr. Cohen, I want to ask you about something that's not in your testimony. And that's so far it has not been made public. In our committee staff search of documents provided by the White House that we're otherwise redacted or already in the public, and I guess the White House thought that was funny. They made one mistake the White House. There was an Email from a special assistant to the president to a deputy White House counsel, and the Email is dated may sixteenth twenty seventeen and it says, and I quote Podesta's meaning the president requested the meeting on Thursday with Michael Cohen and j Secolo any idea what this might be about. And quote, do you recall being asked to come to the White House on her around that time? With Mr. Sekula. May of twenty seventeen. Off the top of my head, sir. I don't I recall being in the White House with Jay Secolo was in regard to the. The documents the document production as well as my appearance before the house select Intel, but I'm not sure if that's Pacific -ly well that front, but what I will do I will check all my records, and I'm more than happy to provide you with any documentation or a response to this question. Well, that's you sort of touched on the presumably the purpose of the discussion at least among others this occurred. This meeting occurred just before your testimony before the select committee and intelligence here in the house. Is that correct? I believe so. Yes, was that a topic of conversation with the president himself? If this is the specific instance that I was there with Mr. Secolo. Yes. So you had a conversation with the president the United States about your impending testimony before the house intelligence committee is that correct? That's correct. What was the nature of that conversation? He wanted to be to cooperate. He also wants to just ensure by making the statement. And I said it in my testimony there is no Russia. There is no collusion. There is no. There is no deal. He goes, it's all the witch hunt. And it's he does this stuff has to end. Did you take those comments to be suggestive of what might flavor your testimony? He's been saying that to me for many, many months and at the end of the day. I knew exactly what he wanted me to say. And why was Mr. Secolo in the meeting? Because he was going to be representing Mr. Trump. Going forward as one of his personal attorneys in this matter. So it was sort of a handoff meeting. Correct. In any way, final question to the president in any way, from your point of view, coach you in terms of how to respond to questions or the content of your testimony before a house committee, again, it's difficult to answer because he doesn't tell you what he wants what he does is again, Michael. There's no Russia. There's no collusion. There's no involvement. There's no interference. I know what he means because I've been around him for so long. So if you're asking me whether or not that's the message that staying on point. That's the party line that he created that. So many others are now touting yes, that's the message that he wanted to reinforce gentlemen, Siamese expect us to messy, Mr. Khan. Can you just clarify? Did you say that at times you would do what you thought? Mr. Trump wanted you to do not specifically what he's told you to do at times. Yes. So you just went on your intuition. I don't know if I would call it intuition as much as I would just say my knowledge of what he wanted because it happened before. And I knew what he wanted. Does does a lawyer have a duty to provide his client with good legal advice? Yes. Were you a good lawyer to Mr. Trump? I believe so when you arranged a payment to miss Clifford, you say in your testimony, I'm quote from your testimony that you did so quote without bothering to consider whether that was improper much less whether it was the right thing to do you said that unquote, that's your testimony today. You said you didn't even consider whether it was legal. How could you give your client legal advice when you're not even considering whether it's legal? I did what I knew Mr. Trump wanted this conversation with Mr. Trump. I didn't started. I didn't ask where good fixer I asked whether you were good lawyer. Sometimes you have to melt both together I needed to at that time ensure and protect Mr. Trump. So if I put my which I'm clearly clearly suffering the penalty of I clearly let me you're on the on the side of wrong. So you feel like by without bothering to consider whether it was proper much less. Whether it was the right thing to do by ignoring any conscience, if you have one that you're protecting Mr. Trump. I'm sorry. Sorry. You feel that was how to protect as his lawyer. You feel that you did a good job. You said you were a good lawyer. Right. That's that being a good lawyer to not even consider whether it's legal or not. I didn't work for the campaign. I was working and I was trying to protect campaign. I sat with Mr. Trump. And this goes back all the way to twenty eleven. This isn't the first scenario with mistaken. Let's go back there. So wouldn't my point my point is this is this was an ongoing situation if any just start in. Let's let me finish. Well, this started enough. It didn't start enough. Let me started there many years earlier were you disbarred yesterday from what I read in the paper yesterday wind should you have been disbarred based on the legal counsel. You were giving a client. I have an answer for your question. How long were you counsel for Mr. Trump since two thousand and seven when is the first time you gave him badly goal advice your failed to inform him of his legal obligations as you as you testified today you did in the case of the payment to miss. Clifford? When was the first time you did that would that qualify for disbarments? I don't know. I'm not the bar association. I think you should consult with maybe occasionally on some of these things is my point. Now. I lost my license is anybody anybody else promised to pay Mr. Davis for representing you know. Nobody has. No are you offering question quickly. July you said in this is also in your testimony and the days before the democratic convention, you became privy to a conversation that some of Hillary Clinton's emails would be leaked. Is that correct? Correct. Okay. Was that in you said late July? Do you know the exact day? I believe it was either the eighteenth of the nineteenth. And I would guess that. It would be on the nineteenth. But it was definitely July. I believe so yes, you know, that was public knowledge in June. This was Mr Assange an ad like to submit this unanimous consent to Smith this for the record without objection. Mr Assange reported to the media on June twelfth that those emails would be leaked. So I'm not saying you have fake news saying, you have old news, and there's really not much to that. I would like to yield the remainder of my time to Mr Higgins. Thank you, sir. Mr cohen. Quoting you close. Can't early said I spent last week looking through boxes to find documents. I was support your accusations. Where those boxes good, sir. Where are those boxes in your garage or their storage? And these not boxes I should have been turned over to investigative authorities during the mini criminal investigations. You've been subject to certain these boxes that were returned to me day include data pertinent to crimes that you've committed. Should they not have been turned over to remanded to investigative authority did Mr. Lanny Davis? No of these boxes, gentlemen. Enormous in charge. You may answer the question. I don't understand his questions. Very well. Cohen. Morning. Thank you, chairman Cummings for convening this hearing and thank you Mr. Cohen for voluntarily testifying this morning. Mr. Cohen, you the executive vice president and special counsel for the Trump organization. Correct. I was the executive vice president special counsel to Donald J Trump and special counsel means you or the attorney for him. Is that right? Just means. I was there in order to handle matters that he felt were significant important to him individually, and those included legal matters, you, sir. Serve as a former attorney. You're familiar with legal documents known as nondisclosure agreements or NDA's? Is that right? Yes, sir. I'm sure you know, that NDA's properly written in scope can be reasonable in certain business contexts, but they can also be abused to create a chilling effect to silence people as we've seen in the metoo movement, and and other places isn't that? Right. Mr cohen. Yes. Mr. Cohen, the Trump organization used NDA's extensively isn't that? Right. That's correct. Mr. Cohen, I'm reading from a recent Washington Post article regarding the language in one of these types of NDA's as where the terms were described as very broad, for instance. The terms confidential information was defined to be anything that quote, Mr. Trump insists remained private or confidential including but not limited to any information with respect to the personal life, political affairs, and or business affairs of Mr. Trump or any family member close quote to those terms sound familiar to you I've seen that document. In fact, there's a class action lawsuit filed this month by former Trump campaign worker, Jessica Denson that this NDA language is illegal because it is too broad too vague and would be used to retaliate against employee's who complain of illegality or wrongdoing. Would you agree? See that in the use of the end of these types of Indy as with this type of language and later when Donald Trump sought to enforce them that he intended to prevent people from coming forward with claims of wrongdoing. Yes. Would you agree that the effect of the use of these NDA's and their enforcement was to have a chilling effect on people or silence them from coming forward? I I if you wanted to find chilling, I'm not sure just that he would and using these NDA's or trying to enforce them would basically try to keep people silent that was the goal and nothing at the Trump organization was ever done unless it was run through President Donald Trump. Correct. That's one hundred percent certain okay. Mr cohen. Do you believe that there are people out there today either from the president's business or personal life who are not coming forward to tell their stories of wrongdoing? Because of the president's use of NDA's against them. I'm sorry. Sorry. I don't know the answer to that question. Okay, sir. I have a couple of other questions for you. When was the last communication with President Trump or someone acting on his behalf? I don't have the specific date, but it was a while ago. Okay. Do you do you have a general timeframe? I would suspect. It was. Within two months post. The raid of my my home. Okay. So tell early fall of last year, generally, generally, and what did he or his agent communicate to you? And unfortunately, this topic is actually something that's being investigated right now by the southern district of New York, and I've been asked by them not to discuss it not to talk about these issues. Fair enough. Is there any other wrongdoing or illegal act that you are aware of regarding Donald Trump that we haven't yet discussed today? Yes. And again, those are part of the investigation. That's currently being looked at by the southern district of New York, sir. Congressman Cooper asked you about whether you were you were aware of any physical violence committed by President Trump. I just have a couple of quick questions. Do you have any knowledge of President Trump abusing any control substances? I'm not aware of that. No. Do you have any knowledge of President Trump being delinquent on the alimony or child care payments on aware of any of that? Do you have any knowledge of President Trump arranging any healthcare procedures for any women? Not in his family. I'm not aware of that. No. Thank you. You'll back. Thank you. Macleod? Thank you chairman. Mr. Colin, can you? Tell me the significance of may six. After may in terms of, sir. Couple of months from now that's the day that I need to surrender. Yes. A federal prison. Could you for the record state? What you've been convicted of I've been convicted on five counts of tax evasion. There's one count of misrepresentation of documents to a Bank. There's two counts. One dealing with campaign finance for Karen McDougal one count of campaign finance violation for stormy Daniels as well as lying to congress. Thank you. Can you state what your official title with the campaign was I did not have a campaign title and your position in the Trump administration? I did not have one okay in today's testimony. You said that you were not looking to work in the White House. The. Southern district of New York in their statement. There are sentencing memo says this Coen's criminal violations in the federal election laws were also stirred like others crimes by his own ambition. Ingred Coen privately told friends colleagues, including sees text messages that expected to be given a prominent role in the new administration when that did not materialize Coen found a way to monetize his relationship in excess with the president. So were they lying or were you lying today? I'm not saying it's a lie. I'm just saying it's not accurate this. I did not want to go to the White House. I retained a an boarded an attorney, and I sat with Mr. Trump with him for well over an hour explaining the importance of having a personal attorney that every president has had one in order to handle matters. Like the matters. I was dealing with which included say like some some zurve time or me Daniels as dealing with Stephanie. Asllan consent. Other personal matters that need no excuse me. This time. Thank you, ask unanimous, consensus omit this sensing memo from the. On the district of New York for the record without injections. Order. All right. I'll get that. Second. Okay. This memo states that you committed four distinct federal crimes over a period of several years you were motivated to do. So by personal greed and repeatedly used your power to influence for deceptive ins. It goes on to say that you were that they each involved they were distinct in their harms but bear common set of characteristics that they involve deception, and we're each motivated by personal greed, and ambition. There's a lot. We don't know in regards to this investigation. But here's what we do know, we know that you were expecting a job at the White House and didn't get it you made millions lying about your close access to the president. You have a history of lying for personal gain, including that's banks, your about your accountant to law enforcement, and your family, the congress, the American people the southern district of New York, you'd said that you did all this at a blind loyalty to Mr. Trump, you're syncing memo's, set states this. This was not an act at a blind. Loyalty is Cohen suggest cone was driven by a desire to further ingratiate himself with potential future. President for political set success coin himself claim credit for now we're in a search for truth. And I don't know chairman how we're supposed to ascertain the truth in this quagmire the hearing when the best witness we can bring before this has already been convicted of lying before us. And what's sad is the American people have seen this play out before we have people. In prominent positions fail and then couple years later, they get a book deal. Now, you're set to go to jail for a couple years. He come out with a multi-million book deal. That's that's not bad living. And so my question is is will you today? Will you today to commit to donate any further? Proceeds to book deals two film reviews to charity. No. Thank you. Well, the gentleman you. Now, if you meant you, man. Fifth may finish with gentlemen. You yield to Mr. meadows. Jim. My finished my Mr. Cohen. He's yielded me. And so I didn't my my response. Listen every minute maid. Mr Chairman, I finished my response. The answer is what's please. Mr. Mr. Cohen. Everything's been made of your lies in the past. I'm concerned about your lives today under under your testimony. Just a few minutes ago to me, you indicated that you had contracts with foreign entities. And and yet we have a truth and testimony disclosure form, which requires you to list, those foreign contracts for the last two years, and you put NA on there. And it's a criminal offense to not have that accurately. So when were you lie either on the testimony to me earlier today, or when you filled out the form Germans time has expired. Mr. coin, you may answer his question, and whatever you wanted to say on this is his. Questions. Fortunately, I don't have an answer for his question. But as a no, no, no, no. Mr Chairman as relates the gentlemen, not a word. I said he does not have an answer. But Mr Chairman when when we were in the majority with all due respect, Mr Chairman, hold on order. The gentleman has just said he doesn't have an answer. And you had governed went on over your time. He's under oath to tell the truth. One of them is not accurate. Mr chairman. You will you'll have time to answer the question. Mr Chairman, just a question. Miss. Arash can Mr. Raskin Cohen. Thank you for your composure today. Our colleagues or not upset because you lied to congress for the president. They're upset because you stopped lying to congress for the president. Now, you've described the Trump campaign as once in a lifetime money making opportunity the greatest infomercial of all time. I think you said, and this may be the most trenchant observation of your hold testimony. Do you think the Trump campaign were presidency ever stopped being about making money for the president his family and his organization? Yes. When did it stop being that when he won the election, and it what did it become about at that point? Then it had to be about figuring out what to do here in Washington. Can you carefully? Explain to America, how the hush money payments to Karen, McDougal, and stormy Daniels. Worked can you carefully? Explain what catch and kill is short. I received a phone call regarding both Karen McDougal as well. As stormy Daniels, obviously different times, stating that there were issues that we're going to be damaging to Mr. Trump. With the story Daniels. It started in twenty eleven when she wanted to have something removed from the website. And that was the first time I met Keith, Dave, I spoke with Keith Davidson her then acting attorney, and we were successful than having taken down from the website. It wasn't until years later did right by around the time of the campaign to they come back, and they ask what? What are you going to do now because she's back on the trail trying to sell the story at which point in time, David pecker on behalf of the National Enquirer reached out to her and her attorney in order to go take a look at? Lie detector tests, that would prove that she was telling the truth. They then contacted me and told me that she was telling the truth that which point again all the time. He took a lie detector allegedly took a lie detector test was seen by an employee of the national choir at which point in time. I went straight into Mr. Trump's office. I explain why this time it's different than another time. Okay. Now when you say different than other time, we're there other women paid sexual hush money by Donald Trump or his organization was this standard operating. No. So you're not aware of any other cases where to taken place, I'm not aware of any of the case that Mr. Trump paid. So which brings us to the Karen McDougal. He was supposed to pay. He was supposed to pay one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars for the life story of Karen McDougal, for whatever the reason may be he elected not to pay it. David pecker was very angry because there was also other monies that David had expended on his behalf on. Unfortunately, David never got paid back for that either. So David pecker had done this in other cases of other mistresses or women. Others some circumstances. Yes. Okay. Not all of them had to do with women. Are you aware of anything that the president has done at home or abroad that may have subjected him to or may subject him to extortion or blackmail? I am not. No, okay. Are you aware of any videotapes that may be the subject of extortion or blackmail? I've heard about these tapes for a long time. I've had many people contact me over the years. I have no reason to believe that that tape exists in December two thousand fifteen Donald Trump was asked about his relationship with Felix Seder, a convicted felon and real estate developer any replied, Felix sater's boy have to even think about it. I'm not that familiar with them. Why did Trump endeavor to hide his relationship with Felix sater's, and what was his relationship? Well, he certainly had relationship. Eulex was a partner company called bayrock that was involved in the deal, the Trump SoHo hotel as well as I believe the Trump Fort Lauderdale project. Why did he want to distance himself? That's what Mr. Trump towers, he distances himself when things go bad for someone and at that point in time Lewis going bed for mister Seder. You said you lied to congress about Trump's negotiations to build his Moscow tower because he'd made it clear to you that he wanted you to lie. One of the reasons you knew this is because quote, Mr. Trump's personal lawyers reviewed and edited my statement in congress about the timing of the Moscow tower negotiations before I gave it so this is a pretty breathtaking claim, and I just want to get to the facts here. Which specific lawyers reviewed and edited your statement to congress on the Moscow tower negotiations and did they make any changes to your statement? There were changes made on additions J Secolo for one where there is about the timing. The question of time as expired, you may answer that there were several changes that would made including how we were going to handle that message league was finished. Yes. The the message, of course, being the length of time that the Trump Tower Moscow project stayed and remained alive. That was one of the changes. Yes. Grossman. First of all, I like to clear up something just a little something that bothers me you started off your testimony. And you said I think in response to some question that President Trump never expected to win. I just wanna clear clarify that I dealt with President Trump several times as he was trying to get Wisconsin. He was always confident he was working very hard in this idea that somehow he was just running to raise his profile for some future adventure. At least in my experience is preposterous. And I always find your offensive when anti-trump people imply that he just did this on a lark and didn't expect to win. But be that as it me. My first question concerns your relationship with the court. Do you expect? I mean, right now, I think your your sense to three years. Correct. That's correct. Do you expect any time using this testimony other testimony after you get done doing whatever you're going to do? This week. Do you ever expect to go back and ask for any sort of reduction sentence? Yes, there are ongoing investigations currently being conducted that have nothing to do with this committee or congress that I am assisting in and it is for the benefit of a rule thirty five motion. Yes. So you expect and perhaps what you testify here today will affect going back and reducing. This weaving is a relatively light three or cents you expect to go back and ask for a further reduction based off of my appearance here today. Well, based upon whatever you do between now and request re rule. Thirty five motion is in the complete hands of the southern district of New York and the way the rule thirty five motion works is what you're supposed to do is provide them with information that leads to ongoing investigations, I am currently working. With them right now on several other issues of investigation that concerns them that they're looking at if those investigations become fruitful, then there is a possibility for rule thirty five motion. And I don't know what the benefit in terms of time would be. But this congressional hearing today is not going to be the basis of a rule thirty five motion. I wish it was. But it's not. And like to yield some time to congressman Jordan. You'll to the gentleman from North Carolina. Mr. Cohen, I'm gonna come back to the question. I asked before with regards to your false statement that you submitted to congress on here. It was very clear that it asked for contracts with foreign entities over the last two years. Have you had any foreign contract with foreign entities? Whether it's Novartis or the Korean air line or Kazahkstan BTA Bank. Your testimony earlier said that you had contracts with them. In fact, you wouldn't believe talks about lobbying? I did no lobbying on top. I'm not asking about lobbying, Mr. Cohen government agencies. Do you do? Traded companies. Do you have foreign contracts? I currently have no foreign aid. You have foreign contracts over the last two years, foreign contracts contracts with foreign entities. Did you have hundred? Yes, yes. Why didn't you put them on the form? It says it's a criminal offense to not put them on this form for the last two years. Why did you not do that? Because those foreign companies that you're referring to are not government companies. It says non-governmental Mr. Cohen you signed the on knees being non-government in right? It says foreign agency it says foreign contracts. Do you want us to read it to you? I read it and it was reviewed by my counsel. And I am in nongovernment employees. It was not lobbying. And they are not this has nothing to do with lobbying. It says it's a criminal offense to not list, all your foreign contracts. That's what it says. Well, then I'm going to take a look at it before I leave. Oh, you've Purdy. I will. And hopefully, I will amend it prior to leaving. Because that's not the way, I read your document. You know, it's just one more example, Mr. Cohen of your skirting the truth. Okay. I want to ask one other question. So another question, Mr. Cohen. It's my time not yours. Were you advised or where's your council? Advised to withhold your written testimony to the latest possible date as John dean said last night on CNN was it. My what were you advised? Or was your council advised to withhold your written testimony to this committee at the latest possible date to get it to this committee at the latest possible date as John dean said that he advised you we yes, or no, no. We will never advised. We John dean. I've never spoken with John dean has he spoken to your attorney. I don't I've never asked your attorneys Ryan will working last night til til. Eleven twelve o'clock you you've been coming for some time. We will working till eleven twelve o'clock last night to finish every. So you writing it last night, Mr. Godwin that bull. We were making edits all the way through the night. I'm sorry. Thank you. Mr Chairman, Mr. Cohen in November two thousand and thirteen President Donald Trump testified under oath in a lawsuit related to the failed real estate project, Trump International hotel and tower in Fort Lauderdale during the deposition, President Trump was asked about his knowledge of Felix Seder, a Russian born real estate developer and convicted member of the Russian mafia who according to press reports but guilty for his role in a forty million stock manipulation scheme in it's worth noting as well publicized, the direct relationship between the Russian mafia and the Kremlin over the years. President Trump was asked how many times he? Acted with convicted Russian mobster Felix Seder in two thousand thirteen President Trump testified that quote, not many if he were sitting in the room right now. I really wouldn't know what he looked like unquote. Mr. Cohen as you. Previously testified isn't it? True that President Trump new convicted Russian mobster Felix sater's in two thousand and thirteen when he made that statement. Yes. Isn't it true that because of Mr. Seder's relationship to the Trump organization that he had an office in the Trump Tower and on the twenty sixth floor, Mr. Trump, the twenty six four is important why because it's Mr. Trump's floor. So he had an office on the same for as President Trump. In fact, his office when he left became my office. It isn't it also true that convicted Russian mobster Seder even had business cards indicating that he was a senior adviser to Donald Trump as reported by the Washington Post. Yes. Did convicted Russian mobster Seder pay rent for his office. No, he did not. So based on those facts, isn't it true? That President Trump misled at best or worst lied under oath. Yes. Supposed. In December two thousand fifteen President Trump was asked again about his relationship to convicted Russian mobster, Mr. Seder by reporter for the Associated Press. He stated quote Felix Sater, boy, I have to even think about it, unquote. He added, quote, I'm not that familiar with him, unquote, Mr. clone. Where would we find business records that explained the president's relationship to the convicted Russian mobster Felix sater's would those be in the Trump organization's files, they'd be in the Trump organizations files. They would be CC's too bayrock, which was the name of Mr. Seder's company. I suspect on Mr. sater's Email address possibly hard files in possession of Mr. Seder. And when you say in possession of the Trump organization where? It depends upon who the attorney was that was working on it. Now, it would probably be in a box. Offsite. They have storage facility that they k- old files it addict in addition to convicted Russian mobster Seder, do you know of any other ties to convicted or alleged mobsters, President Trump may have I am not aware. Is it true that many people with ties to Russia ultimately bought condos and Trump properties usually for cash? And if so how many are we talking ten twenty fifty honestly, sir. I'm not aware of any statement. That was referring to I believe it was made by the Iraq or Don and. I don't agree with it. So are you aware of any cash purchases by Russian oligarchs and family members of Trump properties? I'm not aware of that. I can tell you when you say cash walking in with a satchel of rubles of the answer is I've never seen that happen. I've ever heard of it. I will tell you when we sold Mr. Trump's property in Palm Beach, the home for ninety five million dollars it came in by wire, and that came from Mr. rebuttal of. Yeah. Abs Bank account one other question. You also talked about President Trump doing to go she ASICs throughout the campaign regarding the Trump Tower in Moscow was he directly involved in those negotiations. And if so how do you know? Well, the answer is. Yes, it is it relates to negotiations. It was merely follow ups as to what's currently happening. What what's happening with Russia? Meaning he wanted me to give him a status report the problem with this is that the project never advanced because they were unable. Mr. Saito was unable to provide me with proof that somebody owned to control the piece of property that we can actually build on gentleman's time has expired you too much. Mr cohen. Why did Mr. Trump choose to hire you, and why did he trust you with the various tasks that you perform from? I don't know. So you would have to ask him that question. Well, we've heard here that you have bad character you've admitted to that over the years. You have no idea why he chose to hire you in two thousand and six I was asked by Don jR to come meet with his father. I did he then followed up by asking. If I would take a look at an issue that was occurring at Trump world tower with the board. I went ahead, and I looked into it. And I found that the statements that were the board would making about Mr. Trump were inaccurate. And the reason Don came to me is because I had an apartment there for investment. My parents had an apartment there. My inlaws live their friends of mine, we all bought is a big block from a from a brokerage company. We've got a good price on each unit. And we ultimately turned over the board. And I became actually the treasurer of the board because the out of control spending was going to put the building into bankruptcy. And it was proud to say that within a year we had plus a million dollars versus minus one three the end of the day. Mr. Trump appreciated that and he tests me with something else. Who's to handle the problem that Don jR had? Created in terms of business license steel, and we resolve that. And then on top of that the third time. Mr. Trump had asked me to take a look at the third Trump into resort. Chapter eleven reorganization because he had a series of questions that he wanted answered. And I read these to stack books gave him the answers that he needed and with that he the next time. I was sitting in his office. And he asked me if I was happy at the sleepy Old Firm that I was with. I said, yes, you said would you rather work for me? Nice. You off me job. And he said, yeah. And we negotiated. I actually never went back to my office. All right. We you suggested that the president sometimes communicates is wishes indirectly. For example, you said. Quote, Mr. Trump did not directly tell me to lie to congress. That's not how he operates and quote. Can you explain how he does this? Sure, it would be no different. If I said, that's the nicest looking tie I've ever seen, isn't it? What are you gonna do? You're gonna fight with him. The answer is. No. So yeah, it's the nicest looking tired I've ever seen. That's how he speaks. He doesn't give you questions. He doesn't give you orders. He speaks in code. And I understand the code because I've been around him for a decade at it's your impression that others who worked for him understand the code is well in most people. Yes. Miss growing up. I don't know whether we should believe you today. But I'm going to ask you this one last question. What is the truth that, you know, President Trump fears most? That's tough question, sir. I I don't I don't have. I don't have an answer for that one. What is he fear? Most what's the truth that he fears most from your perspective? And again, I don't know whether we should believe you here today. But it's a tough question, sir. I don't question that let me ask you this. What principles have you chosen to follow in your life? And do you wish to follow different principals now? I've always tried to be a good person. I've tried to be a great friend. They will many. I think over forty statements written in my support to the sentencing judge. I have friends why treat incredibly well that I know for over forty years, and I treat people after forty minutes the same exact way. Did I might perfect. No, I make mistakes. Yes. Have I made mistakes. Absolutely. I'm going to pay the consequence for it. But. All I would like to do is be able to get my life back to protect my wife, and my children supporting grow old that's pretty much where I'd like to be. And you feel your your following a different set of principles now than you followed throughout your life. I do and I'm trying I'm trying very hard. I thank you for your questions. Some of the other ones are really make it difficult to try to show some redemption. But I am I am trying. I am trying. Thank you. Thank you. Michelle. Thank you. Mr. Chairman. I want to mention really quick clarification on the truth and testimony form, the the mentioned was around whether it talks about foreign entities at all. And the question is, in fact, whether witnesses have any contracts or payments originating with a foreign government, it does not cover all foreign entities just foreign government entities. So Mr. Cohen, what I'd like you to ask you to do is review this issue over lunch with your attorneys, and if you need to amend your form, we ask that you do that before the conclusion of today's hearing. Also, I represent a purple district. I did not come here for partisan bickering. In fact, I actively wanted to avoid it. So when I ask these questions today, it is not as someone who has of indebted against the president. It's as someone who comes from generations of servicemembers who sworn oath to obey the orders of the president of the United States, and who along with myself and every single other person up here swear to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States. My forefathers served their country they served their commander in chief. And they serve the idea that America is free and just that the law of the land rules, all especially those in the highest levels of our government. So I ask these questions to help determine whether our very own president committed felony crimes while serving in the Oval Office, including efforts to conceal payments that were intended to mislead the public and influence the outcome of an election. I hope to God that is not the case. So Mr. Cohen on January twenty second twenty eighteen just days after the Wall Street Journal broke the story that Mr. Cohen paid one hundred and thirty thousand dollars to Stephanie Clifford to silence during the two thousand sixteen presidential campaign, a nonprofit watchdog called common cause to file a complaint with the call common cause filed a complaint with the department of Justice in F E C alleging the payment to miss Clifford may have represented an illegal in kind contribution to the Trump campaign. I asked that their complaint the entered into the record on February thirteenth two thousand eighteen Mr. Cohen, you sent a statement to the reporters that said, quote, I used my own personal funds to facilitate a payment of one hundred thirty thousand dollars to miss Stephanie Clifford, and neither the Trump organization, nor the Trump campaign was party to the transaction with miss Clifford. And neither reimbursed me for the payment, either directly or indirectly was the statement faults. The street news not false, I purposefully left out Mr. Trump individually from that statement. Okay. Why did you say it that way? Because that's what was discussed to do between myself, Mr. Trump, Allen Weisselberg. So it was carefully worded your smooth great. Mr. Cohen, a reporter for the magazine Vanity Fair has reported that she interviewed you then very next day on February fourteenth twenty eighteen about the payment and reimbursement. She wrote quote last February fourteenth I interviewed Cohen in his office about the statement. He gave the FCC in which he said Trump didn't know about the stormy payment or reimbursement for it. Do you recall this meeting with the reporter by do the reporter also wrote Trump called while? I was there. I couldn't hear much, but he wanted to go over what the public messaging would be is that accurate news did the president call you while you were having a meeting with the reporter use did the president call you to coordinate on public messaging about the payments to miss Clifford's in or around February two thousand eighteen yes, what did the president ask or suggest that you say about the payments or reimbursements? He was not knowledgeable of. These reimbursements. And he wasn't knowledgeable of my actions. He asked you to say that you're smooth. Great edition to the personal check for thirty five thousand dollars in July twenty seventeen is there. Additional corroborating evidence that Mr. Trump will a sitting president of the United States directly reimbursed you hush money as part of a criminal scheme to violate campaign finance laws, there were eleven chicks that I received for the year. The reason why eleven because as I stated before one had two checks, and you have copies of all of those. I can get copies. I'd have to go to the Bank. So we will be able to get copies of all eleven checks that Mr. Trump. Provided to you as part of this criminal scheme, either from his personal account as what was demonstrated in the exhibit or it would come from the Donald J Trump account the trust account. Thank you, Mr. Khan. I yield back the remainder of my time. Gibson? Thank you. Mr chairman. I'm just from sitting here. I'm new to the committee. I'm not attorney sometimes your answers to your competent or are Aligarh. I think may be a better attorney. I don't know. Looking through this you come in here, and you rail on the president of the United States commander and chief is over across the Pacific Ocean. Trying to go shade a deal to make this world safer. And Mr Chairman that's just having this committee at this time. When if mayor choose out of the country is just it's just I think it's a new president. But you see great call them a racist, a cheat and hacking his character, and I've been with the president I was a little bit. And and I didn't see that in the president. I see a president who's very sincere is trying to make this country better for every American and come in here and do disagree pent on your part is really unbelievable real repentance would be go serve your time. And and don't don't come back here and make allegations sorts band. You can't substantiate. Now look in here from the remarks from the prosecutor of the southern district New York. False statements to Bank three which Cohen pleaded guilty was far from isolated event. It was one as long series of self serving lies Cohen told numerous financial institutions early in your testimony. I think I heard you say the only there's a home equity loan. But apparently, the prosecutors in New York think that there's other financial things that you did you also they said managed to commit a series of crimes, all withholding selfies license. Attorney of standing member of the bar. Also, the southern district prosecutor said that wrote that you're conscious of wrongdoing, it's fleeting that you remorse is minimal and your instinct is to blame others is strong. So I'm kind of left here. Why you worked for the president for ten years before he was president? If you have any sense of integrity that you're trying to tell us you have now it was that bad. Why didn't you leave? You weren't you weren't stuck there because financial reasons you had ways to leave your attorney. And so that's just kind of you know, is working tirelessly, and you're going to make these allegations, and you could've left anytime you won. It looks like you're trying to save face. And what the other questions that came out? Here was looks like to me, you're going to have a very lucrative deal at some point in your life. But you don't look like you're close to retirement you're gonna have some type of Luca for deal. And so one of my questions is and it's come up a little bit talks with you and your Turney, and there's been talks about members of congress and staff, and and you said there. Wasn't discussions was any of those discussions that you or your turn? He's had with members of congress or staff or prosecutors to considerations to favor or other considerations. Your family in the future. No, the conversations were about the topics. And because there were things that originally we could not speak about at the request of whether it was the special counsel's office with southern district or any of the other agencies, including the house select Intel while the senate's selected until. Search just for your personal had vacation here. I was asked to come here. You're chairman sent a letter to Mr. Davis, and I accepted. So I'm here voluntarily I understand that. And if you believe that I'm like, I understand I think it's splitting we'll theater star. If you believe it's not political theory of me, and I take no pleasure in saying anything negative about Mr. Trump. You've met him for a short period of time. I've been with him for over a decade. I've traveled with him internationally. I've spent dinners with him. It doesn't make me feel good about what's going on here. And as far as saving face. I'm not sure how being. In front of the world being called cheese day with these lucrative book the United movies that come about. I think you'll be pretty good in five years. I you of my time to wrecking member. I thank the gentleman for yielding earlier said you started the campaign. That's correct in twenty eleven you started the campaign for president. I'd states for Donald Trump. I certainly did, sir. Now, that's news should Trump run dot com. Wow. Twenty eleven it was my idea. I saw a document in the newspaper that said who would you vote for in two thousand twelve. Six percent people said Michael Michael Ellen six percent of people turned around and said they'd vote for Donald Trump his presence because I brought it into his office. And I said to him Mr. Trump take a look at this. And it's why wouldn't that be great? And with that is where it all started. Yeah. Okay. Like, I'm sure I'm sure he had never thought of anything like that. Until you know, I didn't by eight seconds. I got eight seconds. What did you talk to Mr. chef about? I spoke to Mr. Schiff about topics that were going to be raised at the upcoming hearing. Whoa. Not just what time you show up. Actually what you're going to talk about gentlemen, time to expire. Wow. Mr. Sarbanes, Mr. Sarbanes. Thank you. Mr chairman. Thank you, Mr. Cohen. I know the other side is suggesting that you are a in liar, and that you're lying here today. I can't think of anything you have to gain at this point from lying. I mean, they talk about book deals and other things that you want to do. But I see a lot more that you could lose. By telling the truth today, given the threats and other things that have been made against you and your family. So that's how I'm interpreting it. And of course, you brought documents with you as well to bolster the credibility of your testimony. I did want to go back to an earlier line of questioning regarding the preparation. Of your testimony before you came before the intelligence committee. You've talked about a meeting at the White House where the testimony was being reviewed. And I think you said that it was at least one White House attorney j Secolo. Who was there? And you knowledge that there was some edits that were made to your testimony. So on that topic who who at the White House reviewed your testimony. I don't know the answer to that. The document was was originally created by myself along with my attorney at the time from McDermott will and Emery and it was a joint defense agreement. So the document circulated around. I believe it was also reviewed by Abbe Lowell represents Ivanka and Jared Kushner. Why did you provide the testimony to the White House? It was pursuing to the joint defense agreement that we were all operating under. What were the edits? They came back substantively one the testimony. I'm sorry. I don't know. Sorry. I'd have to take a look at the document. Did you have a? Do you have a reaction to why? There might not have been in a sense of protests to what was going to be false testimony. That was going to be provided. No Serb goal was to stay on message, which is limit the relationship whatsoever with Russia short. There's no Russian context is no Russian collusion. There's no Russian deals. That's that's the message. That's the same message that existed well before my need to come and testify. So it's an example of of where this idea this this mentality of you toe the line, whatever the story line the narrative of the day or the month where the year is going to be you toe that line whether results in false testimony or not. I told the party line, and I'm now suffering, and I'm going to continue to suffer for a while along with my family as the result of it. So yes, let me switch gears. Quickly before my time expires, and you may not have direct knowledge of some of these things. But you're offering us some very helpful. Perspective on how the Trump world operates. And frankly, another reason I find your testimony fairly compelling incredible is because a lot of the things you describing a lot of the behavior describing is very consistent with what we all see every single day. So it's not it's not a leap for us to rive in the same place of perspective that you presented. I'm interested in in some of the activities around the inaugural on committee the inauguration of the president. There was a article that appeared in propublica. It's a watchdog group about Senegal Chichan on pricing things at the Trump hotel where it looks like the. The rental that was being quoted was substantial even double what you would expect to pay according to what the market should bear. And. So in a sense that the Trump hotel was up charging to the inaugural, even I couldn't afford to stay there knitting. Yeah. And so I'm just curious. Do you have a sense of whether that kind of a practice is something that is consistent or inconsistent as possible that that kind of upcharging could be done inside a Trump operation. It did happen and gentlemen, Simon. What I can say to you is I wasn't part of the inaugural committee. I raised a lot of money for the inauguration. But I was not part of it. And there was a lot of things in that actually that issues something that's also obviously we've read about in the paper being investigated at the current moment. Thank you, Mr Higgins. Thank you, Mr Chairman, Mr. gone on my hard to tell you. So that. I'm I'm sorry for what you families going through. I feel for your family. The word tells us clearly that a man's mouth. This is destruction and his lips or the snare his soul and see you a man trapped in that. However, I must tell you that arrested several thousand men and your mind made many of them the ones that immediately become humble and remorseful at the time they're actually booked and while they're incarcerated quite penitent, and then return to their former selves when a back on the street, so respectful to your family, and what they're going through all the honesty to tell you that. That's my sense of you. Good, sir. I'm going to give you another opportunity to respond what you brushed off earlier regarding your own statement during his testimony from C span notation at two hours and fifty seconds in. You stated. Regarding your credibility that you're being accused of having no credibility. That is exactly for that reason. I spent the last week searching boxes to find the information that I did. So you don't have to take my word for it. I want you to look at the documents and make your own decisions. Now to documents you're referring to Mr. Cohen other documents you submitted in your what your testimony today is correct. That is you believe those documents to be worthy of evidence for this oversight hearing today, I leave that to to ask you again, sir. And please don't be incredulous as a serious question. Where are those boxes that contain documents worthy of evidence to be presented to congress? And why have they not been turned over to investigate in thought? He's looking into some of the many criminal activities that you're allegedly cooperating in where are these boxes who knows of the where is this treasure? Of evidence the boxes that I'm referring to. We're boxes that were in my law office when the FBI entered and seized documents. Mr Chairman was at move as the gate in the thirties of noted what the gentleman had just stated and that actions be taken for those boxes to be seized reviews based upon proper warrant signed by sitting judge you noted earlier today, Mr. going. Quiet incredulously lead to one of my colleagues ask you. We're going in the television deal. You express wonderment that you're predicament could possibly get you on television. It certainly got you on television today has it not, sir. Soro's on television, representing Mr. Trump going back into twenty eleven but I didn't know you weren't till today. Really until until it did FBI raided you home. Most of America's didn't know, you were how many attorneys you'd think Mr. Trump has had to the course of his career. Quite a few. And you're you're just one it's in a trap right now. And understand you're trying to get out of it. You're in a bind. What I ask you. Good, sir. Have you discussed film and book deals with with your your state had garnered attorney Mr. Davis Lanny Davis with Mr. Davis, you know, but I have been approached by many people who are looking to do book deals movie deals and so on it's the arrives American. But it it it leads me back to my instinct that compares you to many of the men that I've arrested during the course of my career, Mr Chairman. With all due that are that are from area hearing to introduce the oversight committee, the one hundred sixteenth congress. The American people has manifested in the way that it obviously is this is an attempt to injure our president lay some sort of soft cornerstone for future impeachment proceedings. This is the full intent of the majority yield Meyer main in thirty seconds to the ranking Member Mr Cohen earlier said the United States southern district of New York is not accurate in that statement. I'm sorry say that really are you said that the United States southern district of New York attorney's office that statement is not accurate. You said it's not lie. You said it's not accurate you stand by that. Yes. I did not want a role in the new administration the courts, right? Can I can I finish police? I got exactly the role that I wanted there is no shame in being personal attorney to the president. I got exactly what I wanted. I asked Mr. Trump for that job. And he gave it to me. I'll ask him if it could. But I appreciate Mr Chairman, you're saying that statement from the southern district New York attorneys is wrong. I'm saying, I didn't write it. And it's not accurate, right? Thank you. Well. Thank you. One of the most significant events in the last presidential campaign, of course, was the dump of Email stolen from the Democratic National Committee dumped by WikiLeaks. Mr. Cohen during your opening statement, which was at the height of the election. You testified you actually meeting with Donald Trump in July twenty sixteen when Roger stone happened to call and tell Mr. Trump that he had just spoken to Julian Assange is that correct those correct, right? And you said that Mr Assange told Mr. Trump about an upcoming coating your opening statement, quote, massive dump of emails that would damage Hillary Clinton's campaign. So I want to ask you about. Roger stone's phone call to the president first of all was that on speakerphone is that what you indicated. Yes. Mr. Trump is a black speakerphone that sits on his desk. He uses it quite often because with all the number of phone calls. He gets now. January of this year. Twenty nineteen New York Times asked President Trump if he ever spoke to Roger stone about these stolen emails and President Trump answered and I quote, no, I didn't I never did. Was that statement by President Trump true notes, not accurate, and can you please? Describe for us to the best of your recollection. You were present exactly what Mr. stone said to Mr. Trump. It was a short conversation. And he said, Mr. Trump, I just wanted to let you know that I just got off the phone with Julian Assange, and in a couple of days, there's going to be a massive dump of emails that's going to severely hurt the Clinton campaign, and whereas Mr. Trump, and Mr. stone aware of where those emails came from that, I'm not aware of did Mr. Trump ever suggest then or later to call the FBI to report this breach. He never expressed that to me did the president at that time or ever since. And your knowledge indicate an awareness that this conduct was wrong. No. The reason I ask is because on July twenty second on the eve of the democratic convention Wicky leaks published as you know, the twenty thousand leaked internal DNC emails could your meeting with Mr. Trump have been before that date. Yes. So Mr. Trump was aware of the upcoming dump before it actually happened. Yes. Right. And is there any Recco, sir? I don't know whether he knew or not, and I don't believe he did what the substance of the dump was going to be only that there was going to be a dump of emails, and he was aware of that before the dump occurred, sir. All right. And are there any records that would corroborate the day of this meeting calendars, perhaps I'm not in possession? But I believe again, this is part of the special counsel, and they in best suited to corroborate that infamous. It was anyone else present in the room during the call. I don't recall for this one. No, sir. Is there anyone else that committee should talk to about the president's knowledge of the WikiLeaks, Email dump? Well, again, when he called Rhona Graff yelled out to Mr. Trump Rogers online one which was regular practice, and that's his assistant. Yes. All right, enduring a news conference on July twenty seventh twenty sixteen then candidate Trump public publicly appealed to Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's emails and make them public. He stated and I quote Russia if you're listening. I hope you're able to find the thirty thousand emails that are missing now going back to Mr. stones phone call to the president. Do you recall if Mr. Trump had knowledge of the WikiLeaks dump at the time of his direct appeal to Russia? I am not. But the call with Mr. stone you believe was before. Yes. This twenty seven I'm sorry. If you I thought you talking about different set of. Documents that got dumped. So I was in Mr. Trump's office was either July eighteenth nineteenth. And yes, he went ahead. I don't know if the thirty five thousand thirty thousand emails was what he was referring to but he certainly had knowledgeable. Thank you just last question. Mr. Raskin had been asking you some questions and one of the things in your answer was that Mr. pecker, expended other monies to protect Mr. Trump can you elaborate on what some of those other activities were sure Bill was the story about Mr. Trump having a love child with an employee. With an employee and actually the husband of that employee works for the company is well, and there was a elevator operator who claims that he overheard the conversation taking place between one of Mr. Trump's other executives in somebody. And he ended up paying fifteen thousand dollars in order to buy that story to find out whether it was true or not. And that's just one example of things that David had done over the it was the reason why in the recording. When David was looking to become the CEO of time magazine. We were concerned about we'll call it. The treasure trove of documents that have been created over the years that if he left somebody opened up the key to a drawer and find all this information. So we were going to look to buy all of those life rights and so on. Sandwich. Badmouth norton. Let's go and thank you for testifying. I join Mr. congressman Higgins, then feeling for your family. They have no part in this. You know, I've heard all the testimony, and I'm trying to decide what Claes trying to side is. Are you really sorry for what you did? He just got called. And the thing that amaze me is that in your opening statement, which let me quote. Last fall, I plead guilty in federal court felonies for the benefit of at the direction of an in coordination with individual one. Was that president, sir? Okay. You're you're crimes were of your own to benefit yourself. Yes. No, go through all the ones with the real estate with the banks. On your he locked long, you failed to disclose more than twenty million dollars in dead you fail to close disclosed seventy thousand monthly payments. Own your fourteen fourteen million line of credit, you failed to disclose that you had drawn on that. So this was all for yourself. This wasn't for the benefit of President Trump. This is the benefit Michael Cohen. That's that's my question. Did you just get called? And you worked for this man for for ten years, Mr. color, you came in here with these with these he's a con, man. He's a cheat. This is a very man that didn't you wiretapping illegally? Did you not wiretap President Trump without his knowledge? I did record Mr. Trump in the conversation. Yes. Is that law client privilege is that some something that an honest guy would do honest lawyer. I actually never thought that this was going to be happening. And that that recording even existed I had forgotten. But you did it. Yes. I did have you ever. I had a reason for doing it. What was your raising? Because I knew he wasn't going to pay that money and David pecker had already chewed me out on multiple occasions regarding other monies that he expended. But this is a man that you've trusted you take a bullet for you secretly recorded the mashpee, this mess. Goin have you have you legally or illegally recorded other clients? I have recordings of people. Yes. Lately are illegally. I believe that their legal. Did you tell in New York state? You don't have to do that. You didn't tell them. No. I did not. Okay. Sometimes I also use the recordings for contemporary new snow taking instead of writing it down. I find it easier, if the shoe will reverse would you like your trusted lawyer recording? You I probably would not no, no, sir is untrustworthy. It's something people just would not do. Now, you buying clones that I just ran down. Did you have a default on any of these long? No, sir. So the bike didn't take any loss. No, no, no Bank has I am not into fault. I never followed. The pancreas. The he'll walk you referring to I replaced that from different. He lock. If it pays it off. There is I know banks any money about you. Diane taxicab. Did they you have to sell them still while the ones in Chicago. Yes, I do have to sell. However. New york. The answer is no I don't and they are the industry is going through a major major correction because of ride sharing. It's changed. A lot of things the value of it. Yes, sir. Right. Has no bike would the banks. Make you alone again based on your record. Actually, they did they did post the yes, the the Bank actually redid and they refinanced the entire packet. Charlie hostess. Yes. Okay. Have they never had to do a loan loss. Reserve for the projected losses. I don't know what they did. But it's still the same amount. I didn't get the benefit of it. No, sir. Most likely they did I was on ought audit commit. They may say may have done that surp-, but that's for their own banking. Not from my mind, if they suspect you of Lyon, which you admit it to if they suspect you of maybe not been able to make a long payment. They have have to have a loan loss. Reserve that's one hundred twenty five percent of what you if it's twenty million that to post in their account. Twenty million plus so they get no interest on. And you know, who pays who pays for that the American public who deals with that by? But sir, I'm not in default, and I'm current on each and every one of those medallion loans, and I've never owned any money to first Republic Bank. In fact, at the time that I had the he lock I had more cash sitting in that same Bank than last than being the he lock in my mortgage combined. Have you been to Prague I've never been to Prague never have. I've never been to the Czech Republic. You bounce my time. Miss fear. Thank you. Mr chairman. And thank you, Mr. Cohen on page. Five of your statement, you say, and I quote, you need to know that Mr. Trump personal lawyers reviewed and edited my statement to congress about the timing of the Moscow tower negotiations who were those attorneys. Chase from the White House. Yes. J sokolow. I believe Abby Lowell is. Well, and you have a copy of your original statement that you can provide to the committee. I can try to get that for you. All right. If you would do do that the letter of intent for the Moscow tower was in the fall of two thousand and fifteen correct. Correct. Was there an expiration date on that letter of intent? There was no explosion could technically still be in effect today. No, it's been terminated. It has been termed just moved. Okay, did Mr. Trump tell you to offer Ladimir Putin, a free penthouse? No meme so that was that was Felix sater's. It was a marketing stunt that. He spoke about so Felix Seder had suggested to you that Mr. Trump offer a penthouse to Mr Putin just because it certainly drive up the price per square foot. No different than in any condo where they start listing. Celebrities that live in. Property in two thousand sixteen did you travel to Europe? Yes. Did you meet with persons associated with the Moscow tower project? No, it was for personal over snow. My daughter was studying a Queen Mary in London. So you did not meet with any Russians know there is an elevator tape that has been referenced as a catch and kill product. It was evidently of Mr. Trump and a woman. Presumably, this is Trump is that correct? We talking about in Moscow or the the Trump Tower elevator tape. There's a there's an elevator tape that went up for auction in two thousand sixteen. I've heard I've heard about this. And who is on that tape? It's Mr. Trump with Milania, and what happened in that tape of the story goes that he? Struck Malania while in that elevator because there's a camera inside, which I'm not so sure. Actually, I'm certain it's not true. I've heard about that tape for years, I've known four or five different people, including folks from AM I who have cell, but they're only tape that went up for auction. I don't believe that auction was real. And I don't believe anybody. I don't believe Mr. Trump ever struck. Mrs Trump ever, I don't believe and are you aware of anyone purchasing that tape then. But don't believe it was ever. You never saw this tape Nome. And I know several people who went to go try to purchase it for catch and kill purpose. It doesn't exist. Mr. Trump would never in my opinion. It's that's not some good to know. Is there a love child? There is not tonight to the best of my nut. You would pay off someone to nosing me. It was a my it was David pecker. So he paid off someone about a love child that doesn't exist. Correct. Spell fifteen thousand dollars. Okay. How many times did Mr. Trump ask you to threaten and individual or entity on his behalf? Quite a few times fifty times more one hundred times more two hundred times more five hundred time probably over the over the ten year over the ten years. He asked you when you say threatening tone with litigation or. An argument with intimidation a nasty reporter that has writing an article. What do you know about? Let's go to your tape. She said, there's probably one hundred tapes, voice, recordings voice recordings. And will you make them available to the committee? If you would really like them. Did Mr. Trump Jeff to gaveled, sir? We will Mr. Trump did Mr. Trump tape any conversations nothing. I'm aware of no. Were you involved in the twenty five million dollars settlement to Trump university? I had had a role in that. Yes. Who paid the settlement? I believe it was Mr. Trump. I don't know the answer to know the answer, but you were involved in the US in different aspects. There's some reference to a businessman in Kansas being involved in that. Are you familiar with? I'm not familiar with that. No, right. Finally near my thirteen seconds left. What do you want your children to know? But I'm sorry for everything. And I'm sorry for the pain that I've caused them and. Which I can go back in time. Thank you. You'll back. Art for the to the members of the committee before we go to miss Miller for your so that you can plan properly plan is a vote apparently coming up in about ten to twenty minutes. And what we will do is we will recess and we will come back. Listen up thirty minutes after the last vote begins got that not. It ends thirty minutes after it begins, and we'll do that promptly by Miller. I am very disappointed to have you in front of this committee today, quite frankly, this isn't the reason the people of West Virginia sent me too congress, I find this hearing not in the best interest of the American people. This is another political game with the sole purpose of discrediting the president. If it was not already obvious. There are members here with a singular goal in congress to impeach President Trump to achieve this goal. They will waste not only precious tax payer dollars. But also time in this committee and congress as a whole in fact, they will go so far as to bring a convicted felon in front of our committee. We are supposed to take what you say. Mr. Cohen at this time about President Trump as the truth. But you're about to go to prison for lying. How can we believe anything? You say the answer is we can't this begs the question, why are those in the majority holding this hearing I am appalled. We could be focused on actual issues that are facing America, like border security, neonatal abstinence syndrome or improving our nation's crumbling infrastructure. Instead, the Democrats are trying to grasp at straws. Let's talk about this witness from his sentencing hearing in the southern district of New York. Judge Pauley stated Mr. Cohen plead guilty to a veritable smorgasbord of fraudulent conduct willful tax evasion. Making false statements to a financial institution illegal campaign contributions and making false statements to congress each of the crime. Involved deception, and each appears to have been motivated by personal greed, and ambition. This is who we have in front of us today in our committee. Someone who is about to be sent to prison for three years for evading his taxes deceiving financial institution lying to congress. Among other counts. One of the most appalling facts about this hearing is that Mr. Cohen has used his experiences with President Trump both before and after he was elected for his own greed and prophet. I'd like some yes or no answers. Isn't it? True. You tried to sell a book about your time with President Trump entitled Trump revolution from the tower to the White House understanding, Donald J Trump. Yes, that that happened early on when I was still even part, I believe of the RNC. And this book deal, which you had with hatchet books was worth around five hundred thousand dollars, isn't that correct? No more meme how much more thing was about seven fifty. Wow. Mr cohen. I did turn it down given that you continue to profit from publicly discussing your time with Mr. Trump. I worry that this committee hearing the majority has given you will only serve as a platform for you to continue to lie and sensationalize and exaggerate wherever it suits. You. Do you plan to pursue another book deal about your experiences? Yes. I would presume this book would be a little different than your latest, Pat pitch. But your new angle might please some new fans anything to sell books. Mr Chairman, we've canceled hearings on child separation and on other issues that are close to my heart for this media circus, what a waste of time and money for a man who has gladly exploited the name of the president to promote his own name and fill his own pockets. It pains me that we are sitting here adding another chapter to his book. Thank you. And I yield the my time to Mr. Jordan. Thank the gentleman for yielding earlier, Mr. Cohen. Gilady from California talked about this this tape. I'm sorry. Sorry. I can't hear you earlier the gentleman from California talked about this tape. This elevator tape that you said does not exist. That's correct. I do not believe it exists. But it was also your testimony that the Trump team was willing to pay to make sure a story about a nonexistent tape. Never became public. No, sir. That's not what that's not what I said they were willing to stop a false tape. We looked we learned that this tape was potentially on the market and that it existed. And so what we did is exactly what we did with all the other catch and kill. We looked for it. And if in fact that it did exist, we would have tried to stop it. That's what I would have done. It's of course, I've never got hurt in. I can assure you one thing about Mr. Trump many things he would never ever do something like that. I don't see it with ally. Thank you, Mr. chair. Mr cohen. I'd like to ask you more about the details of the one hundred and thirty thousand dollar payment you made to Stephanie Clifford, the adult foam actress known as stormy Daniels in order to purchaser silence shortly before the two thousand sixteen elections. I according to documents filed by federal prosecutors in New York, you created a show company called the central consultants LLC is that correct? It's correct. And you created this company for the purpose of making the payment to miss Clifford. Is that correct? A most of the things. Yes, you then use a home equity line of credit to fund the account in the name of essential consultants. LLC is that correct? That's correct. You then wired one hundred thirty thousand dollars to the attorney representing miss Clifford at that time and wrote in the memo field for the why the word quote retainer. Is that correct? Correct. Can you tell us why you decided to use this complicated process to make this payment? Well, starting in LLC is not a sophisticated means LLC, call up a company you pay for it. And they opened it for you. And the reason that I used the home equity line of credit has opposed to cash that I had in the same exact Bank was I didn't want my wife to know about it because she handles all of the banking, and I didn't want her coming to me and asking me, what was one hundred thirty thousand dollars for. And then I was going to be able to move money from one account to the other and to paid off because I didn't want to have to explain to her what that payment was about. I sent it to the all account the interest on a lawyers account to keep Davidson, California mistake, annuals attorney. He would hold it in escrow until such time as I received the executed NDA nondisclosure women, it Mr. Trump. No, you're going to this process to hide the payment. Yes, why not just use Mr. Trump's personal or company Bank account to make the payment? Why was a distraction so important beside you not wanting to know what his concern was was that there would be check that has his very distinct signature onto it. And even after she cashed the check all you need to do is make a photocopy of it. And it's kind of proof positive on exactly what took place. So here. He the goal was to keep him far away from as possible. Can anyone corroborate? What you have shared with us. Absolutely. And that is Keith Davidson Alan Weisselberg, President Trump. Okay, now, let's talk about the reimbursement. According to federal prosecutors, and I quote after the election Cohen sort we 'imbursement for election-related expenses, including the hundred and thirty thousand dollar payment, prosecuted stated that you and I quote, presented an executive an executive of the company with a copy of a Bank statement, we've flexing one hundred thirty thousand dollar wire transfers that accurate Jacques your do. You still have a copy of that Bank statement just actually made part of the exhibit tie. So you go it to the and just according to federal prosecutors executives at the company, then and I quote agreed to reimburse Cohen by adding hundred and thirty thousand and fifty thousand grossing up that amount to three hundred sixty thousand for tax purposes, and adding a sixty thousand dollar bonus such that comb would be paid four hundred and twenty thousand in total. Executives of the company decided to pay the four hundred twenty thousand in monthly installments at thirty five thousand over the course of a year is that accurate. What was the purpose of grossing up the amounts is essentially doubling what you had paid to miss miss Clifford and other because if you pay one hundred thirty thousand dollars and you live in New York where you have a fifty percent tax bracket. In order to get you one thirty back you have to have to sixty otherwise my if he gave me back one thirty. I would only I'd be out sixty five thousand what was the purpose of spreading the reimbursements to you over the twelve monthly installments that was an order to hide what the pain was. I obviously wanted the money in one shot. I would have preferred it that way. But in order to be able to. Put it onto the books. Alan Weisselberg made the decision that it should be paid over the twelve months. So that it would look like a retainer and did Mr. Trump now about this. We 'imbursement method. Oh, he knew about everything. Yes. Thank you, Mr. Cohen. So the president now only knew about the payments. He knew and help to hide the payments and the reimbursements to you. You know, we discussed it everything had to go through Mr. Trump and had to be approved by Mr. Trump. And now you're going to prison, and he's an I'm going to prison. Yes, ma'am. I yield back. If I. Thank you, Mr Chairman earlier you'd yes, I yeah. All my time. Gedid earlier you'd said, I'm assuming New York's one party can sense eight one person can record the other one without it being illegal, correct? But you also a member of the New York bar. I was yes. How would you rate recording clients in the ethical realm of being a lawyer? It's not illegal, and I am not asking if it's illegal. I'm asking if it's I don't know that we'd have to leave in judgment of the bar association. So I think every other lawyer in here knows exactly where it is. And the standard. When you said, you had a hundred tapes where any of those types of other clients. Yes. And I think this is pretty amazing. I I really do in any of them wave privilege. No so five minutes ago in the middle of our hearing on oversight. You just immediately responded that you would you would hand over tapes to this committee without any of your previous clients, waving privilege. I'm not the only one in possession of those tuck uments, those documents are in the heads of all ever else's charge of those documents is not my concern. My concern is I know lawyers that would go to jail before they would violate attorney client privilege in a manner of a second. You just said, absolutely. I will turn those over just trying to cooperate sir at the expense of clients who have never waived privilege, the already in the hands of all of the agencies. As was I didn't ask what law enforcement determined to do something, and what you determined to do something, but client privilege and not trust accounts are about the two most sacred things that you can ever do in your entire career as a lawyer and buggies matter of a second and the table with Mr. tone. Clearly, it's out there because really Giuliani wave the provide. I'm not talking about Rudy Guiliani. I'm talking about you in this is I don't know whose on those tapes, only, you know, who is on those tapes, there's a hundred of them the other one is also subject to ongo point is it within a matter of a second one second you took. No, absolutely no calculation of your role as those clients counselor the role that plays in privacy and the role that plays in a samba. You took when you pass the bar when you signed onto the bar until recently where a member of the bar, and you just immediately said if if it helps me out in two day in front of TV. Yes, absolutely. Mr Chairman, you can have that. And I think that just goes into what we're going to talk about next very flea. We talk about these tax these indictments on tax fraud and Bank fraud as if they are isolated incidents, but they're not isolated incidents of bad judgment. These were intricate elaborate lies that created near that needed to be held with. Constant miss just constant deceptions of banks businesses associates. Accountants potentially your family your received over two point four million in personal loans from taxi company taxi medallion company one and those those those were blown payments for business loan, correct? No, sir. They you weren't receiving. Go ahead. Those were payments that were made by the management company that was operating the medallions who you to me. So and you those were those were deposited into your personal account are in some instances your wife's account. It was it was deposited into the joint checking account of my wife, and I that's located at the base of the building that we reside in. And we're those disclosed on your tax returns. They are not they were not disclosed on my tax return. And in fact, when you're at your account and talk to you about those those deposits, you told them you wouldn't pay for a memo that you didn't ask to be done. That's inaccurate. So the sense in court in New York has it wrong. I don't know what Mr. gets all wrote my accountant there are ceres of issues regarding his memo anyway, including the fact he's almost directed me in an earlier memo to commit fraud. But putting that aside with Jeff gets all the answer to that is I pled guilty. All right. And I made my mistake. And I'm going as I've said one hundred times now, I'm not so sure why the singular attack on my taxes. If you wanna look at them, we I'm more than happy to show them every twenty minutes. I got plenty of everything every single word. That's right. I'm going to. Reclaim my time. Not one hundred percent accurate while I'm down. That's exactly why when it comes to the credibility. Why asked was the Davis, Mr. Monaco, please, let's figure out how. But that's my point with credibility you under sees. Art is elated Beezer not isolated incidents of attack. These were constant deceptions. Whether it's rolling over a twenty million dollar line of credit to a fourteen million dollar credit. You went through great lengths to conceal that from one Bank while at the same time, you are reducing your net income to another Bank. These are things that happened on January one of eighteen January one of seventeen January one of fifteen. These are things that were constantly involved on. My question is was it exhausting. Keeping track of all the lies that you're telling all these people gentleman's time has expired. You may I don't have an answer for him. I. I thank you. The narrative. Thank you. Mr Chairman, Mr. Cohen would luck on your road to redemption. Thank you. I'm gonna be a long way opposite of that is perdition is I remember, and that's particularly hard on your children. So I wish you well. And I wish your family. Well, Mr. Cohen, as you sort of describe your road to hear Mr. Cooper asked you where when the moment was moments when you decided you needed to change, it strikes me there is a transition that you have you have eliminated here. Your period of time the ten years working for somebody who you admired as a developer. And then when Charlottesville happened, and quite frankly, when the special counsel called you called you in obviously was key part of it or you wouldn't be here. But the inbetween part, I find really interesting and troubling least in terms of appearances and confidence that the American people would have in this institution and democracy, quite frankly, so during that period of time I want to ask you about two specific if we have enough time, I the Trump Tower. So you were negotiating for this is you. You said it was to be the tallest building in Europe in your guilty. Played with a special counsel. You quote say it it quotes Cohen asked individual one. Is that President Trump? Yes. Okay. About the possibility of injury of President Trump traveling to Russia in connection with the Moscow project and asked a senior campaign official about potential businesses traveled business travel to Russia. What when did this conversation happened? Do you recall early on in the campaign, and who is a campaign official Corey Lewandowski? What what did you discuss in this beating? Possibility of which dates that Mr. Trump would have availability. If in fact that we were going to go over to Russia to take a look at the project. I'm sorry. Go ahead. I'm unfortunately, it never came to fruition. Because we're never successful in getting the first prong of what I needed which was ownership or control over a piece of property and until such time. There was no reason to come up with a date. But when I first received the information request to go to Russia what I decided to do is spoke to Mr. Trump about it. He told me to speak to Corey and see what dates might be available. If I got the information I needed so it stopped because of appearances or or did it stop because the parties decided not to pursue it. I'm so sorry. I don't send you a question. So why did the pursuit of the Trump Tower that Mr. Mr. Trump has now said, of course, he pursued it because he thought he might be going back into the development business. Why was the reason that the deal stopped because he won the presidency? Okay. So in that interim period of time you must admit it looks. Troubling that? Now that we know what foreign influence was attempting to do whether there was collusion or not it certainly appears troubling that you were Mr. Trump was part of this negotiation and at the same time what we know perhaps separately that the Russians were gauged in our election. Well, I don't know about them being engaged in the election. I can only talk for myself here. I would say to Mr. Trump in response to his question. What's going on with Russia's? I'm still waiting for documents. And then that night at a rally he would turn around and do his battle cry of no Russia, no collusion. No involvement, which aren't. Okay. On a separate subject but somewhat related on January seventeen of this year. The Wall Street Journal published a story stating that you hire John Gager, the owner of a consulting company who works for liberty university in Virginia to rig at least two online polls related to Donald Trump. Did you hire him those were back? I believe twenty fifteen twenty fourteen fourteen twenty fourteen so you did hire. Yes. I spoke with Mr. Gaga about manipulating these online pulse. And did he use bots to manipulate the poll he used algorithms? And if that includes bots than the answer's yes, yes, that's accurate. Did the president have involvement? Yes. In directing you to do this. Yes. What were the results of the poll exactly where we want to them to be in the CNBC poll, we came in at number nine and the drudge report he was toppled the trudge report as well. Okay, poll and. Sun-sentinel? So the CNBC poll was called the contenders. And it was top two hundred and fifty people that they named and it was supposed to be the top ten most influential just finished with earlier today, you directed a comment to my colleagues, and I'm quoting so correct me if I got this wrong, you said the more people who follow Mr. Trump, the more people will be where I am. Visit your expectation that people in the administration will end up where you are. Sadly, if they follow blind blindly like I have I think the answer is. Yes. Thank you expired Mississippi. Thank it was chairman when I ran for congress. I talked about how Washington was broken. But I certainly did not expect the level of political gamesmanship partisanship cheer stagnation of policies. That would improve the lives of Americans that I'm a witnessing today. It is terribly. Disappointing to me that this committee and its chairman chose to spend our time and questioning and individual that has zero probative value and zero credibility instead of spending are limited time focusing on improving the lives of Americans creating jobs or streamlining the functioning of our federal government yet here, we are taking testimony from a convicted liar and not someone who has just lied to his clients or family to friends but testimony from an individual who deliberately in premeditatively lied to this body. He lied to congress through false statements and written statements. He lied to congress through his testimony. He then amplified his false statements by releasing and repeating his lies of the public, including the other potential witnesses yet now we on this committee and the American people. Are expected to believe Mr. Cohen testimony. I don't know a juror in America that would believe anything. Mr. Cohen says given his past actions in lies Mr. Cohen you stood before multiple congressional committees before today and raise your right hand. It's worn off to be honest. Is that correct? That is correct. And you lied to those congressional committees. Is that correct? Previously. Correct. Yes, sir. You stated that Trump never directed. You to lie to congress. Is that correct? That's correct. Therefore, you lied to congress on your own accord, then admitted to lying to congress, correct? I've already stated in my piece on that. I knew what he wanted me to do. I was staying on party line. But he never directed. You to lie counter. He did not use those words, no in your evidence that you provided this committee. Amir two hours before the hearing started. We're payments made to you by Mr. Trump. Correct. Amongst other things. Yes. Yet other than your testimony here today. There's absolutely no proof that those specific payments were for those specific purposes is that correct? It's my testimony that the check that I produced as part of this testimony, the thirty five thousand and then the second check that's signed by Alan Weisselberg in Don, Trump junior were two checks out of the eleven that were meant for the reimbursement of the hush money payment to stormy Daniels. So in your testimony on page thirteen you claim and I quote, Mr. Trump directed me to use my own personal funds from a home equity line of credit to avoid any money being tracked back to him that could negatively impact his campaign. Do you have any proof of this direction? Just the payments are so no Email, Mr. Trump doesn't have Email so no recording. I do not have recordings. No, no text message. Mr. Trump doesn't text message. So no direction other than your testimony today that that's what the payment was for. And the fact that I paid on his behalf at his direction the money to Keith Davidson's I account. You're right. There's no other test. There's no other documentation, I have. So nothing that you produce as part of your exhibits proved that President Trump directed you in any way to make that payment. I don't even know how into that surf. It's it's pretty simple. There's nothing in the evidence. That shows the exhibits that you provided today that show that Trump directed you to make those payments other than the nondisclosure agreement that has been seized by government to authorities and widely shown I don't believe there's anybody out there that believes that I just decided to pay one hundred thirty thousand dollars on his behalf for you were you were his attorney for over ten. You got doesn't mean that I pay one hundred thirty thousand. Well, it doesn't mean that he wasn't paying you for representation of council. How did President Trump even knew you had a he lock? I'm so sorry, sir. How did President Trump? Even know you had a he lock. Because we discussed it because I told them the same thing that I didn't want my wife to find out about it. And as a one additional Rudy Giuliani himself came out, and expressed that Mr. Trump reimbursed me for the for the money that was spent to pay stormy Daniels. And did you tell Chris Cuomo that you had no access to Mr. Trump during October in November of two thousand sixteen. I'm so I don't know what you're referring to your interview with Chris Cuomo. I I would need to see the documentary. Did you also tell Chris coma that you made these payments without telling Mr. Trump because you wanted to protect Mr. Trump, and I was protecting Mr. Trump, and you told him that you made these payments without telling him when I said that if that's what I said to Chris Cuomo. Yes, that was my that was my line. And if this unsupported claim was true, then it would be part of an ongoing investigation as evidence of a crime. And the department of Justice would not let you discuss it during your testimony here today is that correct? I don't know. Expired. I did want to say one last thing. Not only did I lie to the American people. I lied to the first lady when the president called being I was sitting in a car with a friend of mine, and he had be speak to her and explain to the first lady. So the answer is there, you're you're not you're not accurate. I don't feel good about any of this. And this was not my intention. It's lawrence. Sorry. Thank you. Mr chairman. I just want to put on a record is being a black American and having endured the public comments of racism from the sitting president as being a black person. I can only imagine what's being said in private and to prop up one member of our entire race, a black people and say that that nullifies that is totally insulting. And in in this environment of expecting a president to be inclusive and to look at his administration speaks volume. So I have some questions I want to talk to you about this intimidation of witness, Mr. Cohen, you were initially scheduled to testify before the house oversight committee on February the seven, but your legal team delayed your testimony quoting ongoing threats against your family from the. The president and attorney Giuliani is that correct just ma'am. And then on November twenty ninth after you omitted that the president's negotiations over real estate project in Russia continue well through the summer before the twenty sixteen election, President Trump called you quote, a weak person in accused you of lying and then on December sixteenth after eight twenty eighteen after you disclosed. It was the president who directed you to arrange hush money payments to stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal to conceal his extramarital affairs. He called you the president United States a rat. Mr. coin, why do you feel or believe that the president is repeatedly attacking you? You are stating that you feel intimidated asking us to protect you following your cooperation with law enforcement. When you have access to sixty plus million people that follow you on social media, and you have the ability within which to spark some action by individuals that follow that follow him. And from his own words that he can walk down Fifth Avenue shoot someone and get away with it. It's never comfortable when the president of the United States. Do you think he can do to you? A lot. And it's not just him. It's those people that follow him in his rhetoric. Let is a lot. I don't know. I don't walk with my wife. If we go to a restaurant or we go somewhere. I don't walk with my children. I make them go for me because I'm I have fear, and it's the same fear that I had before when he initially decided to drop that tweet in my cell phone, I receive some, and I'm sure you you'll understand I received some. Tweets I received some Facebook messenger, all sorts of social media. Attacks upon me. Whether it's to private direct message that I've had to turn over to secret service because they are the most vile, disgusting statements that anyone can never receive. And when it starts with your children. That's when it really affects you on January twenty twenty nine thousand nine Mr. Giuliani called your father-in-law, quote, a criminal and said that he may have ties to to organize crime Mexico, and do you believe that the President Mr Giuliani publicly targeted your father in law as an effort to intimidate you can you elaborate, why is your father in law being pulled into this? I don't know the answer to that. My father-in-law was in the clothing business came to this country because they the night nine hundred seventy two seventy three the expulsion of Jews from the Ukraine became here to this country. He worked hard and he's now enjoying his retirement. Never in my life that I think that Mr. Trump would do something so disgraceful and he's attacking him because he knows I care about my family and to hurt me. He's trying to hurt them. Interestingly enough, my father-in-law's biggest investments happen to be in a Trump property. So it just doesn't make any sense to me. I wanna be clear any efforts to prevent a witness from testifying in front of congress is against the law. I wanna be we're clear about that. And as chairman has said retaliating gets witnesses and threatening their families and members is a textbook mob tactic. That does not dinner fit the president of the United States or this country. And I wanna be on the record. This hearing is not about discrediting the president. It's about the OPEL office that we take as members of congress to have checks and balances and to meet the laws and the policies of this country to serve thank you. You'll bad ROY. Mitch cohen. I want to offer my heartfelt thoughts for your family and what they're going through. I know it's tough and for your time here today. I know it's tough for you to stand here in front of this committee. The chairman suggested you volunteered to come here. You testified that you were asked to come here is it, correct? You were asked to come here. Yes, or no, yes. The combined total of the crimes for which you are sentenced would bring a maximum of seventy years. Yes, or no, yes yet you are going to prison for three years. Yes. Or no. Yes. The prosecutors of the southern New York say to secure loans Coen falsely understated the amount of dead. He was carrying an omitted information from his personal financial statements to induce a Bank to lend on incomplete information. You told my colleague here today that you did not commit Bank fraud, not parsing different statutes finder. Stand could be one for clarity, are you? Or are you not guilty of making false statements to a financial institution? Yes. Or no, yes. I plead guilty. You said clearly to Mr. cloud, Mr. Jordan at the southern district of New York lawyers for being untruthful and characterizing your desire to work in the administration. How do you say again at the lawyers of the southern New Yorker being untruthful and making that characterization? Yes, or no, I'm saying that's not accurate. Okay. So you're saying they're being untruthful. I didn't run not using the word untruthful. That's yours. I'm saying that that's not accurate. I did not want a role or title in the administration. Sure, the live got the title that I want. I'm sure the lawyers SDN WI appreciate that distinction question. You testified today you have never been to Prague and have never been to the Czech Republic. Do you stand behind that statement? Yes, they do. I offer into the record and article in known conservative news magazine, mother Jones, David corn in which he says, he reviewed his notes from a phone call Mr. Cohen that Mr. Cohen said, quote, I haven't been to Prague and fourteen years. I was in Prague for one afternoon fourteen years ago and quote question you, as my friend, Mr. Armstrong rightly inquired offered to the committee taped information involving clients with the bad of an I do stand behind that. Yes. Or no, I'm so I'm so you said so fast you as my friend, Mr. Armstrong rightly inquired offered to this committee taped information involving your clients with the bat of an eye. Do you stand behind that offer if the? Gymnasts me, and it's I'll take it under advisement now. And it's not a problem in terms of attorney client privilege. Yes. I will turn it over you as my friend, Mr. matters pointed out misled this committee, even today in a written submission that contradicted your testimony. You have suggested you're going to review that did you review? Are you going to review it in our next break to correct the record? Yes, or no, yes question, you helped out the president's campaign or were involved in the campaign as representatives a spokesman even in your words today. What's your idea for the campaign dating back to two thousand eleven is that accurate? Yes. Or no. Yes. Two thousand eleven is a year that sticks in my head for the year. My daughter was born and it was the year. I was diagnosed with cancer. I was not then pushing for Donald Trump to be president. I was fighting cancer even in two thousand sixteen I was publicly backing certain Republican from Texas some might guess who it was. But you you were all in. And you either want to Donald Trump to be your president because it would be good for the country where you did it for your own personal advancement or both. So it's sort of the two options real Americans in my district and across the country wanted the president to be president not in any way because he's perfect. But rather because they are sick and tired of this whole they supported the president because they are sick and tired of the games that we are seeing here today. They are sick and tired of politicians refuse to secure the border balance our budget restore healthcare freedom, and then get the hell out of their way. So they can lead their life. They're mystified that we amass about one hundred billion dollars per hour, which means we blown through three hundred four hundred four hundred fifty million dollars during this charade in amassing debt four hundred and fifty million dollars. They're sick and tired of a democrat party willfully, ignores cartel driven asylum prices on our border that endangers American citizens in the migrants or seek to come here. Just yesterday in eagle pass Texas border patrol agents, arrested in MS thirteen gang member in mcallen, Texas. Federal authorities are offering a reward for a man to Mexico tied to Mexico's Gulf cartel for his alleged roles in various murders, kidnappings and home invasions in south Texas. A mass Honduran migrant brush the texts border, Texas, border force brief closure of the Laredo port. This is this week. This is what we're doing. This is not what we're doing for the American people while we engage in this charade. This is not what the American people sent us here to do. This is an embarrassment for our country. I talked to my beautiful white back in dripping springs, Texas, just before the hearing, I said don't bother. I said don't bother watching. She says I roughly expected don't worry I won't. I have more important things to do. And she liked the rest of the American people have a hell of a lot more important things to do than to watch. This. I said, Amen, darling. I can't help. But think that is what the majority of the American people are thinking while watching this unbelievable circus. Are you back? Spice yet. Thank you. Mr. Chairman. I've done a lot to do as well. I've got houses in schools to help rebuild in the Virgin Islands expansion of voting rights educational opportunities, permanent Justice reform. Thank God, the democratic majority can walk in to gum at the same time. So we're here with you right now. Mr. Cohen, you learned well in the ten years that you worked with Donald Trump. What was your position with the GOP in the up to eight months ago? I was vice chair of the RNC finance committee. You are vice chair of the finance of the Republican National Committee, right? Correct. Okay. Do want to say I was a democrat until Steve Wynn found out I was democrat and made me switch parties. That would Democrats would be the vice chair good. Let's get to. I don't only have a little bit of time on behalf of the many members. Here who have expressed to your family are apologies to your family. But I want to apologize for the inappropriate comments in tweets. That have been made by other members of this body and as a former prosecutor and his former counsel on house ethics. I think the very least there should be a referral to the ethics committee of witnessing timid ation or tampering under USC fifteen twelve of my colleague, Matt gaetz and at maybe possibly him being referred for criminal prosecution. So I wanna put that on the record on may second twenty eighteen the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani who was his personal attorney like you appeared on Fox News and referred to the president's reimbursement to you for the hundred and thirty payment for Stephanie Clifford has part of a retainer and on may third twenty eighteen one day after Mr. Giuliani's appearance. The president tweeted, and I quote, Mr. Cohen, an attorney received a monthly retainer not from the campaign and having nothing to do with the campaign from which he entered into through 'imbursement a private contract between two parties known as a nondisclosure agreement or NDA. The office of government ethics which is the agency which the federal government with responsibility over what the president needs to report publicly about his assets was puzzled by this. It seems and they were skeptical that our retainer was actually in place and asked to see the retainer agreement on call of may eighth with the president the president's personal counsel Sherry Dylan replied that. She would. And I quote, not permit OG staff to read the agreement because it is privilege. Ms Dillon would not even let OG staff come to her office to review the retainer agreement Mr. Cohen in a court filing. Maiden August of last year federal prosecutor stated that quote in truth. And in fact, there was no such retainer agreement. Mr. Cohen, did you ever have a retainer agreement in place with the president for the payment to miss Clifford? No. So was Mr. Giuliani's statement inaccurate. Yes. Was miss Dylan statement about the retainer agreement. Inaccurate. I'm trying misdealing statement is about the retainer. Agreement is inaccurate. And her state understatement is what her statement to them was quote, not to permit OG staff to read the agreement because it is privileged. There was no agreement and is the president tweet or his statement accurate. I'm sure we'll move. And his statement was Mr. Cohen attorney received a monthly retainer not from the campaign and having nothing to do with campaign from which he entered in through through a reimbursement. That's not accurate. You've mentioned some individuals to my colleague from New York, miss Connelly and also in your testimony about Mr. wisenberg and other individuals misread who are those individuals. Are they with the Trump organization? The there are other people that we should be meeting with. So Allen Weisselberg is the chief financial officer. You got just as many names as you can because so we can get to them US. Mm-hmm. As miss Rona. What is miss Rona brought Griff who's the Mr. Trump's executive assistant. And would she be able to corroborate many of the statements that you've made here because she was heard offices directly next to his and she's involved in a lot that went on. Hey, Mr. Cohen when the president's lawyers were having the discussions with the office of government ethics in two thousand eighteen did they reach out to you to talk with you about these payments Nome, and what did you did you share anything with them, otherwise in any other conversation? I do not recall. No can the committee obtained more information about these facts by teaming testimony documents from the White House, the Trump organization and the president's attorneys, I believe so Mr. chair, I think that those are the individuals that we should be speaking with and I yield back at this time. Many will now stand in recess again. We will come back. Listen up thirty thirty five minutes, thirty five minutes after the last vote begins so off Mr. coin go in we're talking about probably about an hour about an hour or so. I want to finalize issue relating to your truth in testimony form. The form requires you to list, your contracts or payments originating from a foreign government. Not from all foreign entities. We said we would give you a chance to consult with your journeys. Have you done that into you, add any additional information? My four turnings continued to believe as they did before that the language of the truth in testimony form, which I was given in signed just right before this hearing, and which requires disclosure of any contracts or payments from foreign governments in the last two years did not apply to my work for BT a Bank, which is owned entity. They vise that had entities been intended for disclosure that word would have been in the disclosure definition. However, if the committee's council has a different view that I should disclose my contract with BTA Bank. We'd be willing to do that. All right. No. That's chairman. Let me finish. Sure. I want to understand clearly you are you thought the advice of your council is that right? That's correct. And your counsel advise you to say what you just said is that right? That's correct. And you know, that to be the truth. Is that right? Yes, sir. I will yield to the gentleman from I think the chairman for his courtesy. Mr Chairman instead of making points of order and going back and forth on this perhaps a way to solve this is for the chairman to request Mr. Cohen, give to this committee all the foreign payments that he is received over the last two years whether they're an entity or a government because we have strong belief. Mr Chairman, there's over nine hundred thousand dollars that came from the government of Kazakhstan on behalf of Mr. Cohen. And and it it is either the truth the whole truth are nothing, but the truth and the rules, Mr. Mr. chair chairman. Really look at foreign payments that come from or with foreign governments and in the Bank. He's talking about is owned eighty one percent by the Khazakstan government reclaiming my time reclaiming my time, and then we're gonna move on. What I will take. I would first of all let me be clear I said to Mr. Cohen. That if he came in here and lied. I would nail him to the cross. Yes, he did more than once. All right. So if there's any ambiguity, I want that to be cleared up. I have no problem in working with you to make sure that straighten out because I don't I don't want it to be a thing where he thinks one thing we think one thing, and we can we can clear that up. All right. We have another members that I've been waiting just on that subject, miss, Shannon. I don't think we should be limited just to the Bank, which has the affiliation with Kazakhistan. I think we should also look at Korea aerospace industries, one of his other clients, and any other client, that's sporran that may have some connection to that respective countries government. I hope him and his attorneys look at all those and we get the exactly right as Mr. meadows one time, we will take that certainly under advisement. You are. I'm a man of my word. We will do we'll work with you. And see what we can do to come out with that. I don't think that it's an unreasonable request. Mr guana. Hello. Ghana? Mr cohen. I want to focus my questions on the smoking gun document, you have provided this committee. This document is compelling evidence of federal and state crimes including financial fraud. You provided this committee with a check from president Donald J Trump's revoke -able trust account, which is marked as exhibit five be. It is a check for thirty five thousand dollars, and it is dated March seventeenth two thousand seventeen after the president took office. It's right now on the screen. Do you see it, sir? Yes, sir to be clear. The Trump provoke -able trust is the trust the president said up to hold his assets after he became president. Is that correct? I believe so do you know why you were paid from the trust as opposed to the president's personal account? I don't know the answer to that. Did you think it was odd that he paid you once from his personal account, and then he's paying you through the scheme of trust? I'll be honest. I was just had to get the check. Today. You testified that the check was signed by Donald Trump junior and the Trump organization CFO, Ellen Weisselberg is that correct? That is correct. According to the criminal charges against you. You sent monthly invoices containing false information to an individual identified as executive one Weisselberg is executive one, correct? Yes. The criminal charge against you. Then states that executive one forwarded your invoice to someone referred to as executive to presumably Donald Trump junior who signing this check is executive to correct. I believe so. As federal prosecutors laid out in their criminal charges payments. Like this check resulted in numerous false statements in the books and records of the Trump organization, and it's important for them market public to understand there's nothing to do with conclude collusion. This is financial fraud garden variety financial fraud. It was disguised as a payment for legal services to you. But this was not a payment for legal services. Was it Mr. cone? No, sir. It could give rise to serious state and federal criminal liability. If a corporation is cooking gets books based on your testimony today, Donald Trump junior and Alan Weisselberg directed this payment to you and approve this payment is that right? Mr. Trump initially knowledged, the obligation the debt myself an Allen Weisselberg went back to his office. And I was instructed by Alan at the time that they were going to do this over twelve installments and what he decided to do then was to have me send an invoice in which case they can have a check cut. And then yes, the answer would be yes. To your to your fellow and Donald Trump junior obviously signed off on this. It would either be Eric Trump, Donald Trump junior and or Alan Weisselberg, but always Alan Weisselberg on the check, and you think executive to is Donald Trump junior. Yes, they knew that this payment. Whereas false and illegal. Correct. I can't make that conclusion you told Representative Kelly that the president was aware of this scheme. Is that correct? That's correct. I just want the American public understand the explosive nature of your terrorist testimony in this document. Are you telling us mister Cohen that the president directed transportations in conspiracy with Alan Weisselberg and his son Donald Trump junior as part of civil criminal as part of a criminal conspiracy, a financial fraud is that your testimony today. Yes. And do you know if this criminal financial scheme that the president Alan Weisselberg and Donald Trump junior are involved in is being investigated by the southern district of New York? I'd rather not discuss that question because could be part of a investigations currently ongoing, but I just want the American public to understand that's only apart from Bob Muller's investigation. There is garden variety financial fraud and your allegation and the explosive smoking gun documents suggest that the president his son and his CFO maybe involved in a criminal conspiracy. And isn't it true? Mr. Cohen that this criminal conspiracy that involved four people that there's only one person so far who suffered the repercussions. And that's why you're in jail who'll be going to jail. Yes. The three other people though who were equally involved in this conspiracy. That's true. It is true. Thank you. Mr cohen. Yield back. My time. Gomez. Thank you, Mr. chair. Mr. Cohen, I'm going to tackle the president's tax returns during the two thousand sixteen campaign. You said you personally, wouldn't quote allow them to release those returns until the audits are over unquote for the record. Nothing prevents individuals from sharing their own tax returns, even while under audit by the IRS. Mr. Cohen, do you know whether President Trump's tax returns were really under audit by the IRS in two thousand sixteen. I don't know the answer I asked for a copy of the audit. So that I could use it in terms of my. Statements to the press, and I was never able to obtain one. So do you have any inside knowledge about what was in the president's tax returns that he refused to release? I do not can you give us any insight into what the real reason is that the president has refused to release his tax returns statements that he had said to me is that what he didn't want was to have an entire group of think tanks that our tax experts run through his tax return and start ripping it to pieces, and then he'll end up in an audit, and he'll ultimately have tax textbook consequences penalties and so on. So that's an interesting point that basically said he didn't want to release his tax returns because he might end up in an audit. So could you presume from that statement that he wasn't under audit, I presume that he's not underwrote it? And the reason why I bring this up because I'm. Also, the only democrat on this committee that also serves on the committee of ways and means it's the chief tax writing committee in that in the house of representatives. And it's the only committee in the house of representatives has jurisdiction to request an Americans tax returns. And that includes the president of the United States my constituents need to know, whether the president has financial ties that are causing him to protect his own bottom line rather than the best interests of this country. Can he be blackmailed because of his financial and business ventures, including by foreign governments. And I know the opposition is the first thing they're going to ask or say as that he released his financial disclosure forms. But I believe that there's other things we can learn from his taxes. Do you? Do you have any idea what we can learn in his tax returns? If we actually we got our hands on them. No. I've actually I've seen them. I just have never gone through them. They're quite long quite long one of the things. I also find Ron IQ as the way they're kind of attacking us to undermine your credibility is one of the ways is by saying they commit a Bank fraud and tax evasion. And the reason why is a big deal is that it really goes down to the a person's character when it comes to taxes. But yet the Republican minority has never asked to see his taxes. Right. A something that for forty years, Democrats and Republicans alike have released their tax returns to prove to the American people that they didn't have financial interests that would be leveragable by a foreign government. But this minority refuses to ask for his tax returns. I also want to kind of go on I'm noticing a pattern. I'm noticing a pattern about. The president and those in his inner circle special counsel, Robert Mueller's team has indicted or receive guilty pleas from thirty four people and three companies that we know of the latest being long-term Trump adviser, Roger stone. That group includes six former Trump advisor, it appears that the president has a fondness for entrusting those who will one life for him to break the law for him three cheat the system for him essentially, he wants to surround himself with people who are just like him. Would you agree with that statement? From the facts and circumstances that appear so Mr. Mr. Cohen, the American people have a lot of questions when it comes to this president to conduct when he went to Helsinki bowed before. Vladimir Putin, and nobody can really understand why he acts the way he acts, and we believe that the way we get those answers is really looking at everybody that surrounds him who's been associated with and his tax returns. Because that is the only way that we can get down to the to the bottom line. Thank you. And I yield back miss chairman. Champion. I have a unanimous consent. Request. All right. I asked you animus consent that we read into the roar for the record a tweet from Dr Daryll Scott, which says Michael Cohen asks no beg me repeatedly to ask Podesta. Give him a job in the administration. He is still lying under oath. I ask unanimous consent. I have one more from Bob deal getting sick watching these hearings. I know Michael Cohen personally for many years, and he told me several times that he was very angry and upset that he didn't get a post in the White House. And that he quote would do do what he has to do now to protect his family close quote. I asked that'd be. I thanking Mr Chairman two quick ones. And then we've got other ones what we're gonna do you Mr. rank amendment? We'll do the other ones at the end because I have some things to want to get in kind. I ask unanimous consent that an article in salon magazine written by Stanley brand former house counsel to tip O'Neill title. The article is oversight committee session with Michael Cohen. Looks like an illegitimate show hearing. Soda and ask unanimous consent that a letter that Mr. meadows, and I sent to you the chairman requesting that you call deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein to testify at this hearing also be part of the record. Thank. Let's make sure men can I can I respond just one second. All right. The Article V Mr. Barone. I just want to deal with this right away. We when we saw that article. Mr right. You member we knew that. It was inaccurate. I mean, just on basics. I mean that the case is that Mr. brand. Us are definitely distinguishable for what's going on here. And so we got Irvin b Nathan former general counsel of the house from two thousand seven to twenty ten and she says in short committee has ample jurisdiction and responsibility to consider it a upcoming volunteer testimony and Mitchell coin that's dated February twenty nineteen twenty fifth twenty nine thousand nine and one internet into record without objection. So ordered. Where are we? Miss a Cossio Cortez. Thank you, Mr. chair. Mr cohen. I'd like to quickly pick up on some previous lines of questioning before getting into my own. So I may go a little quickly to get it all in five minutes. I my colleague from Vermont had asked you several questions about AM. I the parent the parent company of the National Enquirer, and in that you mentioned a treasure trove. A quote treasure trove of documents in David Packers office, relating information assembled from all these catching kill operations against people who potentially had damaging information on the president. You also mentioned that the president was very concerned about the whereabouts of these documents, and who possess them does that treasure trove of documents still exist. I don't know I had asked David pecker for them. So you would say the person who knows the whereabouts of these documents. It'd be David pecker poker. Barry LeVine or Dylan Howard. Thank you. Secondly, I want to ask a little bit about your conversation with my colleague from. Missouri about acid inflation. I'm to your knowledge to the president ever provide inflated assets to an insurance company. Yes. Who else knows that the president? Did this Allen Weisselberg Ron Liebman, and Matthew calamari, and where would the committee? Find more information on this. Do you think we need to review his financial statements and his tax returns in order to compare them? Just need funded at the Trump org. Thank you very much. The last last thing here, the Trump golf organization currently has a golf course in my home borough of the Bronx, Trump links I drive past it every day going between Bronx and going between the Bronx and queens. In fact, the Washington Post reported on the Trump links, Bronx course, in an article entitled tax payers built this New York, golf course. And Trump reaps the rewards where many that article is where many New Yorkers and people in the country learned that taxpayers spent one hundred and twenty seven million dollars to build Trump links in a quote, generous deal allowing President Trump to keep almost every. Dollar that flows. In on a golf course built with public funds. And it doesn't seem to be the only time the president has benefited at the expense of the public. Mr cohen. I want to ask you about your assertion that the president may have improperly devalued his assets to avoid paying taxes. According to an August twenty fourth August twenty first two thousand sixteen report by the Washington Post while the president claimed in financial disclosure forms that Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter Florida was worth more than fifty million. He had reported otherwise to local taxes authorities that the course was worth quote, no more than five million. Mr. Cohen, do you know whether this specific report is accurate. It's identical to what he did at Trump National Golf Club at briar cliff manner. Do you to your knowledge was the president interested in reducing his local real estate bills tax bills? Yes. And how did he do that? What you do? Is. You deflate the value of the asset. And then you put in a request to the tax department for a deduction Inca now in October twenty eight in the New York Times revealed that quote, President Trump participated in dubious tax schemes during the nineteen nineties including instances of outright fraud that greatly increased the fortune he received from his parents in. If further stated from Mr. Trump, quote, he also helped formulate a strategy to undervalue his parents real estate holdings by hundreds of millions of dollars on tax returns sharply reducing his tax Bill. When those properties were transferred to him and his siblings. Mr. And do you know whether that's specific report is accurate. I don't I wasn't there in one thousand nine hundred eighty s. Who would know the answer to those questions, Alan Weisselberg? And would it help for the committee to obtain federal and state tax returns from the president and his company to address that discrepancy believe so thank you very much. You'll the rest of my time to the chair. Presley? Thank you. Mr Chairman one more time. Mr Chairman, I just wanna thank you for your leadership and the way in which you comport yourself in. I know there are some that would have you believe that the more you say something the more true it is. But in fact, this committee, thanks to your leadership, and our democratic majority has been doing the work of the American people before this committee alone. We looked at the issue of making election day, a federal holiday, reducing drug pricing in pursuit subpoenas to reunite families. And just recently before we returned here. Tried to pass a universal background check gun Bill. So we are doing the business of the American people including today. It has been said that the best sunlight some light is said to be the best of disinfectants electric like is the most efficient policeman will let there be light. Because the point of oversight is for us to pursue the trust to pursue. Do the truth and Justice for the American people to understand if lies deceit and corruption threatening American democracy and indeed our safety. Mr Chairman charities should not be abused as personal piggybanks. It is both against the law and extremely unfair to charities that play by the rules. A line of questioning the we have not yet addressed and we've been glaringly absent in tackling is that of the abuses of the Trump foundation now the president's charitable foundation agreed to dissolve in response to an ongoing investigation a lawsuit by the new York Attorney General the New York attorney journal found would it called quote, clear and repeated violations of state and federal law including quote repeated and willful self-dealing by the Trump administration administration. Apologize by the foundation, if I understand your opening statement correctly amid two thousand thirteen you arrange for a straw purchaser to sixty thousand dollars four portrait of Mr. Trump painted by the artist. William Quigley at a charity auction is that correct? That's correct. Why would the president want to bid up the price of something that he was ultimately paying for? It was all about ego. How was it paid for? I believe it was paid for by check from the trust. And abuse. And again, you know, this is not a partisan pursued here. I think ultimately were demonstrating is patriotism. This is about what is right and just for the American people did the straw purchaser purchased the painting, and then the foundation funds reimbursed the straw purchaser. Can you explain the mechanics of that payment? I'm not involved with the found. Okay. Did the president know what was happening? Oh, yes. And how did, you know knew what was happening because he tasked me to find the straw, bitter to ensure that his painting which was going last in the auction would go for the highest amount of any of the paintings that have been put on the auction block for the day. And what happened to the painting believe it's in one of the club's, okay? According to the new York Attorney General Mark thousand fourteen Mr. Trump again used the foundation to pay ten thousand dollars for the winning bid on another portrait of Mr. Trump that ended up as corn one of his golf courses in Miami. Mr. Cohen, are you familiar with that transaction? Yes. Are you aware of any other instances where the Trump foundation was used to benefit the Trump family? Yes. Could you elaborate? So there was a contract that I ended up creating Trump's behalf for Zeh Ukrainian oligarchy by the name of Viktor Pinchuk. And it was that Mr. Trump was asked to come in to participate. And what was the Ukrainian American economic forum? Unfortunately, wasn't able to go. But I was able to negotiate fifteen minutes, by Skype where they would have a camera very much like television camera very much like that one, and they would translate Mr. Trump to the questioner, and then he would. Sponde- back and negotiated fee of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars for fifteen minutes. I was directed by Mr. Trump to have the contract done in the name of Donald J Trump foundation. As opposed to Donald J Trump for services, rendered. Thank you any other abuses of the foundation that you'd like to share again, it is against the law, and again extremely unfair to charities that are playing by the rules. Not at this time. But I think of one how okay and then for the balance of my time. Would you agree that someone could deny a rental units to African Americans lead the birther movement referred to the diaspora as shit shithole countries and refer to white supremacists. As fine people have a black friend and still be racist. I agree. You make the question. I did. Yes. Miss chairman. I have to unanimous consent since we're we're finishing up before we get done. I wanna go ahead. Okay. Just give me one second. I just wanted them. I wanted to get the missile even and I'll come to you. Okay. My cell labeling. They've been waiting all day studied. Thank you. Mr chairman. Thank you, all of you first entering this committee on our sole purpose is exposing the truth. And some of my colleagues can't handle the truth. And this is unfortunate because it's the center of what is protecting our country right now, the people at home are frustrated Mr. Cohen, and they want criminals schemes to stop especially those from the Oval Office. Mr. Cohen, I am upset in know that my residents feel the same way that a man you worked for for the past ten years is using the most powerful position in the world to hurt our country solely for personal gain. We are upset that some of our colleagues here are. Disconnected of what what it means to have this president of the United States, sending checks to cover bribe payments, not hush payments, bribe payments, you made on his behalf one in two thousand and seventeenth of March. And another August two thousand seventeen after he was sworn in as president. They are upset that while my colleagues are trying to discredit your testimony by some of your own unlawful acts lies that they are disconnected with the fact that you were the personal lawyer for this president of the United States that this president chose you as his legal counsel. My stance has always been the same. Mr Chairman based on the facts, not on future reports that we're all waiting on my residents back home don't need a collusion 'cause with a foreign government to know this president individual one has disregarded. The law of the land, the United States constitution, and that he has missed used his part in powers. In the sentencing memo, Mr. Cohen filed by the federal prosecutors in New York in December of last year. They stated quote in particular and s Cohen himself has now admitted with respect to both payments. He acted in coordination with an at the direction of individual one. Mr. cone is, you know, president Donald J Trump brand comes first not the American people based on what you know, now based on what we know. Now is that individual one used his money businesses and platform to rich to enrich himself has brand. And then the process directed you Mr. cone to commit multiple fennel felonies. And you covered it up. Correct. That's correct. You called it protecting his brand correct and him as well. Mr. Cohen with this. Do you think the president of the United States is making decisions in the best interest of the American people? Don't. Especially those you said that he used horrible words about like African Americans Muslim Americans and immigrants. Yes. Yes. Just to make note. Mr Chairman, just because someone has a person of color, a black person working for them does not mean, they aren't racist. And it is insensitive that somewhat even say, it's the fact that someone would actually use a prop a black woman in this chamber in this committee. Is alone racist in itself. Donald Trump is setting Tra chairman I asked her wants to be taken down president. I reclaim my time chairman president based your office can be an issue chairman. The rules are clear cover up in hold onto business assets to break campaign finance laws and constitutional clauses. What we have here, Mr Chairman is criminal conduct and the pursuit of the highest public office by Mr. Cohen and individual one, I hope that the gravity of this situation hits everyone in this body, the court report in congress and across this country. Thank you, Mr Chairman. I yield the rest of my time. Mr Chairman, I asked that her words when she's referring to an individual member of this body be taken down and stricken from the record. I'm sure she didn't intend to do this. But if anyone knows my record as it relates. It should be you, Mr Chairman. Chairman. I I would like to hold on. I want the words right now. No, no. We want to know exactly what she said about a colleague, excuse me. Would you like to rephrase that statement, Mr. elite? Thank you, Mr Chairman. I can actually read it from here. Just to make a note. Mr Chairman that just because someone has a person of color, a black person working for them does not mean they are racist. And it is insensitive that someone would even say racist say say is racist in itself and to use a black woman as a prop to move to prove it otherwise. And I can submit this for the record. If a colleague is thinking that that's what I'm saying. I'm just saying that's what I believe to have happened if as a person of color in this committee. That's how I felt at that moment and I wanted to express that. But I am not calling the gentlemen. Mr. medals racist for doing so I'm saying that in itself it is a racist act. I hope not Mr Chairman because I need to be clear on this particular, Mr Chairman, Mr. Mr. Mr. meadows, wait a minute. I've defended you at the medicine, false meadows. I'm the chair. Yes. Are you like you? I will clear this up. Now, miss Lee. I wanna make sure I understand. You did not you not intending to call Mr. meadows races. Is that right? No, MR chairman, I do not call Mr. medals racist. I am trying a person of color, Mr Chairman, just to express myself and how I felt at that moment. And so just for the record. That's what was my intention. Which about this medal? Mr Chairman, there's nothing more personal to me that my relationship my nieces and nephews are people of color. Not many people know that you know, that Mr. Mr Chairman, and to indicate that I asked someone who is a personal friend of the Trump family who is worked for him who knows this particular individual that she's coming in to be a prop. It's racist to suggest that I asked her to come in here for that reason. Mr President the president's own person. She's a family member she she loves this family. She came in because she felt like the president of the United States was getting falsely accused and Mr Chairman, you are you and I have a personal relationship. That's not based on color, and and to even go down this direction is wrong. Mr Chairman, first of all I wanna to thank the gentleman for what you have Satan. If there's anyone who is sensitive with regard to race. It's me. Son of former sharecroppers that were basically slaves. So I get it. I listened very carefully to miss sallied. And I think and I I don't wanna PUM not going to put words in her mouth. But I think she said that she was not calling you a racist. And I thought that we could clarify that. Because you Mr. metal, you know. And of all the people on this committee. I've said it and got in trouble for it. The U one of my best friends, and there's a lot of people and likewise me, but you are and I would do an I could see and feel your pain. I feel it. And so, and I don't think miss Salib intended to cause you that that that kind of pain and that kind of frustration. Did you have a statement necessarily yielded you we just trading this up and to my colleague, Mr. battles? That was not my intention, and I do apologize. If that's what it sounded like, but I said someone in general on an as everybody knows in this chamber. I'm pretty direct. So I if I wanted to say that I would have. But that's not what I said. And thank you, Mr Chairman for allowing me to clarify. But again, I said someone and and those not referring to you at all as a racist. I think the gentlewoman four her comments. I think the chairman for working to clarify this. And and I appreciate the chairman's intervening now to the gentleman first of all thank you for allowing us to resolve that. The gentleman had asked a little bit earlier. I will withdraw my request. Oh, you don't want to do the unanimous consent. I need the unanimous consent. I need I think I need to officially withdraw my request. It'd be stricken. You did it. I did. All right. Sounds good. Now, I will recognize you for unanimous consent. I think you want to put in records and documents. Thank you. Mr chairman. I I ask you animus consent that we put forth in the record the vantage Vanity Fair article, which indicates that Michael Cohen must be the most gifted consultant in in America, outlining his insights into government healthcare policy and real estate suggesting that he's not a it's not a real company, but and just like he's not a lawyer without objection so order, thank you. I asked you animus consent that the LA times article of July sixteenth two thousand eighteen actually be put in the record which outlines the one point two million dollar payment and their misgivings thereafter without objections ordering any other unanimous consent request size. Thank you, Mr Chairman, asking animus consent to make the February night twenty nineteen Washington Post profile of Michael Cohen, titled Michael Cohen, secret agenda, part of the record. This story shows Cohen to be a selfish manipulator who is all about himself. It even has a faults anecdote about how he wants claimed at deliver his own son his own baby without objection. So thank you, MS chairman, asking animists consent to make the mate night twenty eighteen Washington Post article, South Korean firm paid Michael Cohen one hundred and fifty thousand dollars as it salt contract from US government is part of the record the article reported Korea. Aerospace industries pay to shell company run by Cohen who is ordered. Thank you, Mr Chairman asking animists consent to make Michael Cohen sentencing statement to the southern district of New York part of the record statement establishes that Michael Cohen continues to fall asleep lame. Crimes on blind loyalty to the president. But only Cohen is to blame for his many false statements to financial institutions and the IRS objected to order asking animus can Santa make August twentieth. Twenty eighteen CNN article fed scrutinizing, Michael Cohen's, former accountant and Bank loans part of the record Coen's account. It was subpoenaed to appear before grand jury and required. A lawyer in his sentencing memo, prosecutors said Cohen attempted to blame his tax evasion on his account without objectives. Order to more quickly asking animus consent to make the February twenty six twenty nineteen order filed by the appellate division of the state of New York regarding disciplinary proceedings against Michael Cohen part of the record this order, which proactively apply starting twenty February twenty eight established his cO Coen committed a serious crime and cease being an attorney when he was convicted of lying to congress out of action so ordered and Finally Mr chairman asking animus concerned make the Jill. By twenty six twenty eighteen Washington Post article Michael Cohen secretly recorded. Trump does that make him a bad lawyer part of the record the article describes potential ethical violations of a lawyer Cohen recording his client Trump without the client's knowledge without objection. So what Mr. Norman, thank you? Thank you, MS chairman, that's unanimous consent to make the January eighteenth two thousand nineteen Huffington Post article eleven tweets from the fake fan account stud. Michael Cohen pay to phone over. And part of the record is described as a place for women who love and support. Mike Aucoin strong pit bull sex symbol, no nonsense. Business oriented rated make waves vowed objectors ordered miss ROY. Thank you. Mr. Chairman. I would ask unanimous consent to make the April twentieth. Two thousand eighteen article in mother Jones, titled Michael Cohen says he's never been to Prague. He told me a different story part of the record without objectives. Order they serve. Very well. I. It's going. I have a some concluding remarks before I do that. Do you have anything you'd like to say? Yes. Yes. Mr chairman. I would I have some closing mocks. I would like to save myself as an appropriate time. You can do it. Now. Thank. So I I want to thank you chairman cypress create the opportunity to share some final thoughts. I've acknowledged I have made my own mistakes, and I have owned up to them publicly and under oath, but silence and complicity in the face of the daily destruction of our basic norms and civility to one another will not be one of them. I did things and I acted improperly at times, Mr. Trump's behest. I blindly followed his demands my loyalty to Mr. Trump has cost me, everything my family's happiness friendships. My law license, Mike company, my livelihood might honor my reputation and soon my freedom, and I will not sit back say nothing and allow him to do the same to the country. Indeed, given my experience working for Mr. Trump, I fear that if he loses the election in twenty twenty that there will never be a peaceful transition of. Power. And this is why I agreed to appear before you today in closing. I'd like to say directly to the president. We honor our veterans even in the rain, you tell the truth. Even when it does aggrandize, you you respect the law and our incredible law enforcement agents. He don't Vilnai's them, you don't disparage generals gold star families prisoners of war and other heroes who had the courage to fight for this country. You don't attack the media and those who question what you don't like. Or what you don't want them to say, and you take responsibility for your own dirty deeds. You don't use your power of your bully pulpit to destroy the credibility of those who speak out against you. You don't separate families from one another or demonize those looking to America for a better life. You don't vilify people based on the God, they pray to and you don't cuddle up to our adversaries at the expense of our allies. And finally you. You don't shut down the government before Christmas and new years just to simply appease your base this behaviors churlish, it denigrates the office of the president, and it simply unamerican, and it's not you. So to those who support the president and his rhetoric and his rhetoric as I once did I pray the country doesn't make the same mistakes that I have made what pay the heavy price that my family, and I are paying and I thank you very much for the additional time chairman. Thank you very much. The ranking member has closing statement. Thank you, Mr Chairman. We know Mr. Cohen has been dishonest in the past. It's why he's going to prison in two months. But there are things today that he said during the several hours of questioning that just don't add up either. He said he'd never defrauded any Bank. When he was having a conversation questioning for Mr. colmer, obviously that's not true because he's going to prison for that very offense. He said today, he was a good lawyer who understood the need to represent his client his client with legal advice, but in his written testimony. He said he never bothered to consider whether payments to women for improper. Whether payments to women were improper much less the right thing to do. He attested in his sign truth and testimony form that he did not have any reportable contracts with foreign government entities earlier. He admitted to having consulting agreements with at least two foreign entities owned in part by foreign governments BTA Bank of Kazakhstan and Korea aerospace industries of South Korea. He said to chairman Cummings that Donald Trump directed him and the Trump organization CFO, Alan Wiesel Berg to quote, go back to his office and figure out how to make one hundred thirty thousand dollar payment, but in his testimony, he says, Mr. Trump directed me to use my own personal funds from the home equity line of credit to avoid any money being traced back to him that could negatively impact the campaign and in response to a question about him paying to set up the fake Twitter account at women for Cohen that he didn't direct the commission of that Twitter account. He says I didn't set that up and it was done by a young lady that works with the firm. When in fact, he did ask the IT firm red Finch to set it up, according to the owner of red Finch. And finally, he said he didn't want a job with the administration. Even though the attorneys with the southern district of New York stated that this was a fact went ask about this. They said, I wouldn't call them liars. But that statement is not. Not accurate. Champion. I think maybe more importantly as what we should have been doing today, Mr. meadows, and I sent you a letter asking us asking you to have Mr. Rosenstein here. I think it's important to know that last week when you announced that Mr. Cohen was coming this week just happened to be the very same week that we learned the deputy attorney general of the United States. Was thinking about wearing a wire to record the commander in chief was actually contemplating talking to cabinet members and invoking the twenty fifth amendment. That's what we should be focused on. Not this sad display. We've had to go through the last several hours. And again, it's not my words. You can take the words of the former general counsel for the house of representatives under tip O'Neill. So I hope we've learned some things here today. But Mr. Mr Chairman as I said earlier, your first big hearing d I announce witness of the hundred and sixteenth congress is a gentleman who is going to prison in two months for lying to congress. I don't think that's what we should be focused on you'll back. Thank you very much. You know, I've sat here, and I've listened to all of this. And it's very painful. It's very painful. You made a lot of mistakes, it's gone. And you've made it that. And. You know, one of the satisfies of this whole thing. Is it some very innocent? People are hurting too. And you acknowledge that. And that's your your family. And. So you come here today and. You I deep in my heart after I you know, when I practiced law represented a lot of lawyers who got in trouble. And. You've come saying I made my mistakes. But now I want to. Change my life. And you know, if we if we. As a nation. Did not give people an opportunity. After they made mistakes to change their lives. Whole lot of people would not do very well. I don't know where you go from here. As I said here, and I listen to both sides. I just felt as if. And you know, people you now use my words did they took from me that didn't give me any credit. We are better than this. We are so much. We really are as a country. We are so much better than this. And you know, I tell you I and for some reason. Mexico, and I tell my my my my children. I say when bad things happen to you. Do not ask the question. Why did it happen to me? Ask the question. Why did it happen for me? I don't know why this is happening for you. But is my hope that a small part of it. Is for our country to be better. If I hear you correctly. It sounds like. You crying out. For new normal fuss getting back to normal. Sounds to me like you want to make sure that our democracy stays in tack. When I the one meeting I had with President Trump. I said to him the greatest gifts that you. And I Mr President can give to our children is making sure that we give them a democracy that is intact. A not democracy better than the one that we came upon. And I'm hoping that the things you've said today will help us begin to get back there. You know, I'm being come on. Now. I mean when you got acquainted a Washington Post. I president has made at least eight thousand seven hundred eighteen eight thousand seven hundred falls misleading statements a stunning. That's not what we teach children. I don't mind that. And for whatever reason you sound like you got caught up in it. You got caught up in it. You got caught up in it. And some kind of way I hope that you will. I know that is painful going to prison. I know I know it's gotta be painful being called a rat. And let me let me explain a lot of people don't know to signify of that. But I live in the inner city of Baltimore. All right. And when you call somebody Iraq. That's one of the worst thing that you could call them because when they go to prison that means a stitch, I'm just saying. And so the president called your rat. Way better than that. We really are. And I'm hoping that all of us can get back to this democracy that we want and do we should be passing on out outfielder. So that they can do better than what we did. So you wonder whether people believe you, I don't know. I don't know whether they believe you. But the fact is that you come you had your head down. And this has got to be one of the hardest things that you could do let me tell you the picture that really really pay me. You were leaving the prison. You will leaving the courthouse. And I guess it's your daughter had braces or something on man. That's being man thing. Hurt me. As a father of two daughters. It hurt me. And I can imagine how I must feel for you. But I'm just saying to you. I want to first of all thank you. I know that this has been hard. I noted you face a lot. I know that you are worried about your family. But this is a part of your destiny. And hopefully this portion of your destiny. Will lead to a better a better. Better. Michael cohen. A better Donald Trump, a better United States of America and a better world. And I mean that from the decimal, right? We're dancing with the angels. The question will be ass in two thousand and nineteen. What do we do? To make sure we kept out democracy intact. Did we stay on the sidelines at say nothing? That we play. I'm tired of these statements say become people come in here and say, oh, this is the first hearing it is not the first hearing. The first game was we've regard to prescription drugs. Remember a little girl? I lady said that miss worse them her daughter. Die because you could not get three hundred thirty three dollars a month insulin. That was our first hearing. Second hearing HR one voting rights corrupt government come on. Now, we can do more than one thing. And we have got to get back to normal. With that. This meeting is a germ.

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