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Thoughts & Reflections on Bart Starr


At farmers insurance. We know the sound of perfect hot air balloon landing and a less than perfect one. Governor click for more. We are. Them. Underwritten by farmer's truck. Fire insurance exchange center. Affiliates products. Available in every state drags salary caps. Why do I were favorite teams make some of the moves? They do. It's usually the money. It's time for the business of sports with Andrew brand. Hey, there wasn't goes, welcome to another dish in the business of sports with Andrew Brandt were presented by Ben online dot AG jer online sportsbook, experts. They're exclusive partner podcast. One sports net is, you know of which this podcast is part of use promo code podcast. One get your fifty percent sign of bonus today. Bet online at AG going to give you a rant about marijuana in the NFL, but then I'm going to get into Bart star. I think they're few people in media few people alive. And I don't say that brigade Asli that can sort of give you insights into Bart Starr, the great, great great man and football player the died this week as I can. I hopefully will be I'll share some memories of Bart from my time. And so many people have tweeted and, and left me notes that just something I'll share with you. So if I rant and this rant is about marijuana use. We see news over the past week that the NFL NFL PA have formed a committee to. Committees one to study mental health, which is obviously a great thing. I think depression and mental illness run rampant throughout society, and football is no stranger to that, too. Just like any part of society? You're gonna have mental illness issues with a population of football players, and I also say, coaches front office, executive staff, etc. And it's important that players and owners are studying that, you know, when I was in Green Bay, we had a mental health clinician that was kind of on call for the Packers. And she was around, but in retrospect, I wish that is sort of had her mandated to meet with every player every year in the players would have no choice because of that time. And maybe even now there's some stigma attached, so that didn't happen as often as we would like, but mental health, obviously priority in DC, stigmatization is underway, which is great everyone, including myself, who I see a therapist as well. A need to have that. I think it can only help. There's no stigma to it. Everyone needs someone to talk to kind of an independent voice about what's going on the other committee of courses for pain management. And I think the key with pain management is nowhere in this release as it mentioned marijuana. But of course that's going to be the focus in has been as we've heard of the past week from people like Chris long. And of course, we've heard over the years from people like you, gene Monroe cow. Turley Jake plumber many others on the benefits of cannabis as opposed to opioids that's gonna be a continuation of this study. We're gonna see what comes out of this study, the NFL's careful to say this is not about marijuana just about pain management will we'll see where it goes. Because pain management in cannabis use are going to be linked, and then we get into the whole issue of whether we're going to have an NFL tolerance for USA marijuana right now, we have discipline, intesting. Everyone has to know the. If they don't already this is collectively bargain. We mentioned the NFL and the NFL PA. They don't agree on much, probably don't agree on the color of the sky. But what they have agreed on in recent years. Average two thousand eleven agreement with the testing for one in the discipline. But would they have agreed on as a revision which raised the standard the nanograms from fifteen to thirty five which is getting rid of the second hand smoke issue? Although it's still under the threshold for baseball in for the W ADA, the world anti doping association in terms of nanna leaders, but it did raise the stakes on that. So they agree on that. But will they agree to just dump it? And our say the NFL owners if they're anything, they are relentless negotiators, so they're probably gonna want to extract a pound of flesh for giving up this issue, the NFL PA is going to say it's a health safety issue. It's a pain management issue. We shouldn't have to give up something. But again, it's good luck with that. So we'll see where marijuana. Testing going again, the pain management committee, never mentioned the word marijuana, but it'd be interesting to see where this goes that's going to be something to watch. I think marijuana, you know, now we have so many states, twenty two states where there really are, are some kind of lax restrictions on marijuana. I think things are going to change. But I think the NFL is gonna want something out of it. They already did get something out of the latest revision with some HGH testing now allowed in the NFL blood testing as opposed to none before. So this was a quid pro quo already, and who's to think that it wouldn't be the next time as well. So that's where we are with marijuana rant. There really comes down to. You know, we have state law will have federal at some point, but there's NFL law, NFL laws determined by the NFL in the NFL PA in this Magna Carta agreement called the collective bargaining agreement right now it has testing albeit only on window that starts on four twenty. Yeah. Good sense of humor. But it's in there and will it be out of there. We'll find out as we talk about collective bargaining going forward. That word from butcher box. It's offering all its new members free the ultimate barbecue bundle. Plus twenty percent off the first box is going to be a great deal as you celebrate the started grilling season right now. The ultimate bundle three grow ready favorites. 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Plus, you get that twenty dollars off, when you go to butcher box dot com slash B. O S, businesses sports. That's a seventy nine dollar value. Butcher, box dot com slash B. O S. Enter promo code b o s start your summer, right? With butcher box now to my rant of the podcast and I'm gonna talk about Bart star. He passed away on Sunday. Obviously, he'd been suffering. If you watched anything in the recent years about Bart suffering with debilitating disease, still trying physically and mentally as hard as he could. But ultimately succumbed to it the other day, listen, there has been a lot said about bark star in there will continue be allotted said about Bart star on the field in all the titles. He won with the Packers and the ice bowl and going across the goal line. Maybe the biggest play in history of the NFL before we get to the Super Bowl era, and then winning those Super Bowls and winning so often. And then he was coach at all those on field exploits. But hey I'm talking about his office exploits. I'm talking about Bart Starr, the man and I was lucky enough to be around. Green Bay all those years, where, again, he was in a little more robust health than recent years, I was there for almost ten years ninety nine zero nine and what I saw was an incredible person like beyond incredible in the grace in the graciousness in the genuine in Sacira interest. He showed everyone he came through the offices. He was checking on things. He was always in a basket for the Packers coming up for games coming up prevents coming up to check on his rawhide ranch for at risk youth that he put so much effort in attention and money into. But when he went into an started talking to. Employees. That's when I saw what was going on? With Bart Starr, usually with his wife, who always had a smile on her face always hundred percent of the time is wife cherry. They would just wanna walk through the offices and they really didn't want anyone to make a fuss over the didn't want to be led around. They just wanna walk, and they'd stop at the desk, and they'd see pictures and they talk about. Oh, that's your daughter. How old is she? What is she into? She liked dance. She liked gymnastics. What's her favorite pet? What's your favorite color, and these were sincere questions and they would follow up with handwritten notes everyone? I know in the office got a handwritten note from Bart star, including me. I got to any ended every Renault with the exact same line, which was thank you for all you do for the Green Bay Packers. It was cherished because what the Bart Starr. They're not they're not minimum around or not many of them left the truly truly cared about everyone, but themselves. Obviously, this was something that, you know, you see a person like that. And you think how are they like that? I used to watch him and I would watch the way people interacted with him. And more importantly, after seeing this few times, I would watch the person who interacted with Bart after Bart walked away and inevitably inevitably that person man or woman would have a smile on their face. They would kind of look around. They look down they'd smile. They go back to work, little more pep in their step. It was. I mean just thinking about it gets me a little choked up because he left a trail of appanage wherever he went Bart. Starr was that special where he took such a sincere interest? In people that had nothing to give him had no way to pay him back. There was no quid pro quo. He just had an interest in even in his darkest days as chronicle by Peter King in that moving tribute he did with Aaron Rodgers last year. Was you saw the bar, you know, trying to get the words out not about him not about anything else. But about Aaron he wanted to do it for Aaron. He wanted to everything for everyone else. It just it just impressed me so much. And, you know, close friend of mine shared something with me after this, and it was a letter that his father, my close friends father had sent had sent a letter to bar in nineteen seventy. Six basic criticizing BART's coaching, and discussed it with the play on the field, as you know, they weren't a good team under bar when he was a coach. So Bart writes back my friend, I put this on Twitter. I'll just read it, dear Mr. clump ner. Quite obviously we cannot answer all the letters we receive from fans during the course of a season, whether they be dissenting or complementary nature time, simply does not allow it. However, in a case, where someone takes the time to write and sign his name, we make every attempt to answer when we deem appropriate. We're sorry to lose fan, of course. But what is Saturday? The example you're setting for your sons. I hope while you're redirecting their young minds in the future. You will include tolerance so that, when you occasionally air or unintentionally, disappoint them, they will not lose their faith in you. May your sons always accelerate. Enjoy the numerous rewards of athletic competition. Thank you for taking the time to write and express your opinion. Best wishes Bart star. My friend, talked about his father being disgusted with the play of the team in sending that letter only to receive the letter back and become reengaged and have such a favorable opinion. Bart Starr, and use it as an example, intriguing his sons better netting. Never letting them see a negative side of him. It meant a lot to my friend, mental to me for me to share it out there that my friend allowed me to do this. And of course, thousands of looks from people on Twitter about this again, all about Bart Starr, the man all about Bart star off the field. So when we talk about Bart Starr, when we talk about losing a legend, losing hall of Famer this podcast Mike column might Twitter. It's nothing about Bart star on the field. I I'm not that person. I'm not gonna I mean there are enough people doing that. But what I can share is what I saw off the field. I saw. Someone that cared. Honestly, about the Packers in a way that few have not just cared about the team in the symbol in winning games, and the players would care about everyone who worked there never ever to do not have time for the lowest level entry Evelyn entry level employees up to BART's up to Brett farve, or Bob Harlan, our president, at the time, just a model of a man in as he's now laid to rest is just something I've been thinking about this whole week in a one share that with you. That's my rant about Bart Starr, the man not the player not the quarterback. But the man. Now final word from bet online that a g there's only one place that has you covered for everything going on in sports right now. We're at the end of may. You got the NBA NHL playoffs, the most exciting time of the year, every moment is lined with only two remaining teams left and both sports. So we got the current NBA finals matchup of course the warriors against the raptors starting this Thursday. And of course, the NHL Stanley Cup finals going on with Boston in Saint Louis don't sit on the sidelines. Get in on the action. Don't forget to use the promo code podcast one get that fifty percent. Sign up bonus NBA Stanley Cup finals all happening right now. Don't miss out on the action bet online at AG your online sportsbook experts. That'll do it for this week's addition of the business of sports with Andrew Brandt, preset, you indulging me and my thoughts about Bart. Thanks to you. Those that follow me on Twitter at Andrew brand. You'll see a lot of Bart store notes this week. And of course. Apple podcast rankings comments are always appreciated. We'll be back next week with another addition of the business of sports with Andrew, Brad, thanks for listening to the business of sports with Andrew brand, make sure to subscribe to this podcast. So you never miss an episode. You can also get additional inside inside by listening to the Ross Tucker football podcast fantasy feast even money in college draft podcast, all at Ross Tucker dot com or wherever podcasts are found. At farmers insurance. We know every windshield collision has unique sound beetle Burt boop. Drone seen it covered. Click for more we are ours. Of underwritten by farmer's truck fire insurance exchanges and affiliates. Products unavailable in every state.

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