Andre Ward: Sergey Kovalev Stops Yarde LateHONESTY or Retaliation to Tunde HATE


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Plus sales tax inactivation fee fifty dollars plan required not valid for numbers currently on t. mobile network on metro in past ninety days offer subject to change offer valid for amazon prime members amazon prime has a twelve ninety nine per month restrictions apply see store for details and terms and conditions the power of mosquito good morning t._b. He be and welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another edition of the box voice radio. I'm your host instagram g._t._o. Hashtag tag t._b._b. Podcast we are back. It is fight week anthony yard sergei kovalyov andre ward. Ah yeah yeah the pound for pound king or at lease once upon a time has come out and he's had a few choice choice words and endless and i think that you know he deserves the say what he wants and how he feels especially since sunday ji-seon okay and anthony yard have had some things to say about him but this is what we're gonna be talking about his fight. We talking kovolev versus anthony yard russia. We're gonna talk talk about missing bags. We're gonna talk about know-how water. Calibrated scales translated press conferences everything having to do kovalev awarded is thursday morning. Ladies and gentlemen good morning and let's get into it. You know the number to call in one four to five five six nine fifty to forty one press one one time voice your opinion right here on the voice of the people hotline. Don't forget you can add nestor gibbs on skype to be part of the conversation. Don't got the skype at downloaded absolutely free and your respective market app share market while you're there download the patriots app and join us today for some common creep in and you can get your ex eddie hearn because i'm going to be seeing eddie hearn today. Lewd bella did very chanko. I messed that up d'oeuvres chango and <hes> gennady so you want to ask him a question head on over to our patriot on drop your question on the respected posts and get this thing going. Let me go out to indiana to you. Big mike production mm-hmm sponsored dot com. Your main <music> points comeback dot com yo yo yo yo yo. Oh good morning good morning good morning everybody out the universe back with another one. Yes it is by week. It is thursday's that means the flagship bait preview. There's warnings and predictions tonight. We got coppola. Anthony are out man. It has been at sean week for the yard can't man missing bags knowhow water <hes> just may just being the b side on the road north and little things that that <hes> boxing promoters in in inboxes home countries do but but but i i still think apnea yard oh looks like they're very very focused inya andre warheads and essay but not not under first time speaking out against a yard into monday so what's going on this man another day another podcast hoping that <hes> after our two interviews we can get this wrapped up in time and i can make it out to the press conference to see eddie hearn indochine go when the rest of the bunch but i on the docket. We have brian custer right at nine thirty. I'm waiting. I'm waiting for the govt correct. Yes not thirty. I thought we was on since she was nine thirty. You're jumping the gun on me now. I'm joking. I'm joking. I'm joking man candy stores guy who's the other guy. The other guy is jake donovan vinh a writer from boxing scene dot com great great great and <hes> yeah. We want to get his thoughts. You know we want to talk to the experts. The people the breaking news we actually wanted to get him on on yesterday for the deleo white sample because he's the one that wrote the article but you know how shit is connect. Sometimes you can sometimes you cannot news. It was coming out today that i heard in reference to the didn't wiped sample. I was told that now. I'm not quite sure how accurate that information mation. Here's but my my my guys been pretty accurate seven every time. Oh you guys been accurate. Has he owns. Oh has your garbage. They have control over the heat. Throw airport or london or whatever it's called like do they have control. Did they pay those bag egg men to leave it all like come on think about how far that goes or are they saying now that the bags flew and the plane and the russian bagman left it off and sent everybody eddie else's stuff upstairs only to give it to them the next day. I don't know but i'll tell you this hour ride with the conspiracy man. I'll say that it is strange. You know oh because these are the type of things you would assume. We're gonna take place so to actually see them or hear of them. Taking place you know i it kind of makes you think i think but you know they being anthony yaar. He's not he's just like. I think the way he's receiving it feels all coincidental to him and not malicious. He actually said he's being very well looked after absolutely absolutely and one thing the daybreak everybody on the on the fly got their bed with them so i thought that was going to say that everybody on their flight was white except them. I don't know that mentioned this. What are you doing. He literally said that steve bunce he was like i can't believe leave. I can't find my bags. It's crazy. We weren't hard to spot. We were the only two black people i think we would have only two black people on the whole flight and they laughed about it is right when he's talking about the bags on how you miss that mama. I heard something else but you said that they were. We're the only two people get back. I mean could be conspiracy but they got the bags the next day so i think that's a big deal but no water now you now. You burn like really water now again. That's why i don't believe in the conspiracy is just coincidental because they gave him another room a couple of floors above and that also had no hot water so he decided no shower no bath. I'll sleep dirty lines in camp. See you in the morning but but and then there was hot water so are they really going to those leaps and bounds controlling to flaws of water. Come on man that's assistant. You ain't got to control two floors control room but i'm not gonna believe you're right. You're right from contractor standpoint. I guess a hotel would would want their own main valve per hotel room in case something happens to narrow. You shut the water off there but i don't know that they've done that like mu and i've i've been a plenty of hotels. Have you ever seen a main unless it's tucked away hidden here for the conspiracy bringing up. Let them know about what happened in the beginning. I mean this this week in russia. Now i do think that <hes> that both guys like they're ready for the fight cobra. The heavens come out noticed column kittens. Collins said he's not ready now that stuff so i like what i'm seeing from f._d._r.'s i hear focused now not really going along with the conspiracy. Theories saying is leading roll off his back saying i think we can look in our expert possibly and that's what i was saying to myself like man this dude saying all the right things. You know. He's so calm relaxed. I <hes> but ward said something interesting in that article. I don't know if you wanna pull up the quote but to paraphrase he was like oh. I've heard that all my life like being ready and you know <hes> i'm going to do. I'm going to do that like none of that matters to so fight night none of that matters how good you talk don't matter like especially this year has been proven. How good you talk how excited you seem how pumped talk. You look. Don't matter don't matter you know unless you're gonna keep it with the fifty mentality 'cause you bring up markets brown. He she had energy pascal energy so pascal was confident. You know what i'm saying. He was conflict. If anything he was the cova overlay i mean the the the the yard in this equation because yards the underdog you know what i'm saying and he and his confidence prevailed when we aw brown would be taking care of all the chance i said as i would say oh that was that was just my little. You know my little slickness from from sunday today. This quote is coming from andre andre you were in a in the this is like the the question was was going to be the down for was going to be the downfall of yard. I like what i saw her job. That's fight and i saw the confidence from yar in his coach but they can feel the way they feel. I've been hearing best of my whole career. That cove fights harder than they realized at the highest level. It doesn't matter how you do mid work or how big muscles are and you have to show that you can fight that you can take in addition to that. You've got the conditioner in q. Your coaches have got to show they can perform under pressure to there will be a lot of pressure russia. I'm the guy who who was a crack in the door person to show up and be great but i'm not a fan of a guy facing sea level guys and making them making a name of themselves than a guy it but honestly speaking. It's beautiful yard everything that's happening. He's he's counted out. He's the ruis of this equation the andy ruiz if you come out winning overnight success you done what we thought you in do and everybody rides which you at that point. Everybody rides with you but i've been watching a lot of i f l videos. They seem to think that <hes> you know whatever oh no. No no no you can't just do the headman and say you know what whatever i was moving that number by the way you watch gotcha andrew baldwin. I actually watched scary movies retailer in the dark. Okay all right all right it. It was all right. It gave me the whole it feel like. I feel like it's going to have i mean i definitely will have a sequel if it sells tickets if they do well at the box office we'll have a sequel. They definitely set it up for sequel cool and compared to scary movies. It was all right man. It has some you know. Ask some some some some stuff you know. It's hard to scare an adult adult right especially off a movie yeah. Some good shouldn't like some good thrilla moments dramatic moments. You know i made you think you you know <hes> at the movie conjuring secured the fuck outta me <hes> well. I mean let's let's digest. Adjust some award say you watch. I feel videos in a lot of <hes>. If you look at the titles it seems that either because i don't got time to watch all those videos so i go and see you know the most appealing and click it but you got spencer feron. They're talking about race. You got some other white kids. Talking about race. Couple of wyche is talking about race though is like. I don't know if they're bringing it up because coppola overload. Had you know a pass racism. I don't know if they're using that to fuel yard or kovolev didn't have the time to clip. You know. I'd rather listen to yard. Tell me about his luggage and his hot water with stevenson. You know whatever but there's a few of those out there and you know it can't be ignored. It's not like kovalev had hasn't said some. You know things that <hes> are considered racists. It's not like he didn't wear the shirt. Did he wore <hes> so you know i i just we're so. I don't know how remove the but. I feel like that happened. A while ago is still following them was that the whole racers should gear. I mean i'm always resurfaces with the fights of course ame- <hes> if you have a black fire fighting something this thing that he did pass when we eighty five ninety said about donald statements and know what i'm saying is going to go for the simple was it yeah and you know we haven't seen him be any more of a killer when facing a fighter <hes> african american descent you know what i mean like. He's faced a lot right equal. You know he's pass cows for like derek webster. I mean excuse me someone else but he's fought a lot. We has now he's fighting yard ward twice the some say that he won the first war to the beginning of the downfall in my opinion but i get you all right man that the war was that was very very close. I thought he did enough to <hes> to edge watching lobster but <hes> yeah man i know mill at the kobe had had his pants but to be honest. That's not only help or her. Yard and despite orsay can can look at that and think man. How can you afford gasping at big s._u._v. I pay less for gas and everyone else. I got the free. Get upside gas at picking up to twenty five cents a gallon cash back every time i buy gas horror hotel you get up to twenty five cents off a gallon with free gifts. I guess app while i'm paying full price. You know always people aren't over a million dollars. Last year. You just got to take a picture of your gas receipt and bam up to twenty five cents a gallon cash back. You don't have to tell me twice. I'm downloading the free. Get upside gas now download the free. 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These deals won't last the salen soon at old navy and old navy dot com valvoline store eight twenty two eight twenty eight and online a twenty two eight twenty before excludes in store clearance bubbles active license and men's package tease. Thank you added motivation. You've been motivated now which i know you are not etc but it's just it's just something become follow colby guys that that's just the nature of aban famous in his world anytime you pack yeah. We had that big. We'll keep what did we see from a whole article going down. The list of traffic crashes things that many packing houses so is just normal in sports man very very <hes> truman <hes> so. I got some audio of yard. Obviously excuse me <hes> war this is. This is early early. Reactions is to fight you go through fire. <hes> they say what they wanna say about kobe you know he's he doesn't have the aura that he had you know two three years ago but he showed his last writings skylight them to take and he showed another dimension so it's not gonna be easy fight. I don't i don't i don't i don't see <hes> fighters in russia too right yeah. It looks gonna be in russia year so you have to go through fire if he wants to win. That fight is not going to be some type of blow plot or something like that is a really good thoughts. Agree jason you taking a little under it. I'm going to say i agree. I feel like it is elite. Man is elite elite and pat. Work ain't punches coming back. Just isn't you know <hes> and i could see the late late stoppage. I could see late stoppage because he hasn't been on his level for twelve rounds. You know everybody's banking on yards power but you know boxing is shown us that as the fighter steps up in the level of opposition we need to sue be guaranteed to spoul remains consistent sometimes it doesn't you know term was coming up the ranks then bundu and it was like a speed bump in his career is slowed him down. You know earl. We thought he was going to buzz through mikey eighty twelve rounds boxing is just so unexpected is hard to just hang your hat on anything traditional when it comes to despoil spoiled because you just never know right like yard has been looking like a punch but all the bowling pins he's been hit in the level of coppola or or have that resistance right on that level. Don't you have more resistance more loose. I was impressed <unk> last fight with buddy mcgirt. He was using the jab exceptionally well against other avarice little address like he didn't have asked for for for for so. I do agree with what would this elite other league like. This is where you separate the though we'll be champions from the would've been champion an analog kind of stuff so i do think this is going to be the toughest test of your life but i do believe that he's gonna come through a victory now. What is it that you see right 'cause like when you talk about crawford you say tests you know so. What do you see in yawn. I like yards. Come ordinance. I like the fact that he does do the body where he goes to the body or not. So that's gonna be a play worm perform an an <hes> destroying jab that he had he has a nice strong strong fucking. What's the word i'm looking for a gun gun second of january and he goes out pretty pretty straight in sided point so i'm like i just just i don't know maybe i'm just infatuated with land and the camp i do. I do like what i what i've seen from in insights. It's not even the no the the level competition wasn't what what it was supposed to be and it's just i think he's he's signing code at the right time and to be honest with you i think the <hes> on the downside of his career in if you're a champion and you're going to be on in your chapter coming up then this kind of fight that you're going to have to come through yoga. Can we say he's on a downside when he was able to turn it right around he was able to show you like it's not over. Look at my game and how i can change at this stage in my career. I could still learn. I could still do something that you didn't think i can do and i'm not talking about the wind. I'm talking about switching styles not just being the crusher. That's that's a good point but i just think that he's downsize career because of age. He's not the he's not the same question that had or about a month before for <hes> for the underworld. There's no say even even after the arabs lhasa. I think there's some chinks and coppola armored that your can exploited. I do think that yarwood stop cola with a body shot saying like almost two weeks now. I think that's the that's the remedy for success if they really really want to watch the film in a study for them they know the code is not is not a person that really no box. She liked body shots by cope without actually a bit more to what who's to say that you know buddy <music> buddy mcgirt number not taking the proper direction in trying to change cova like they know they gotta do sit-ups to they watched the tape to absolutely i mean the gert that i have them in the best shape br. I don't expect this to be eighty five yard. Don't expect us to be a welcome apart form at all but i'm just ragging gun. You bring up some good points but that's not it'll give me the change. <hes> <hes> my payment. I i respect the fact that you are bringing up. These dugout kobe dish last fight against alvarez. A guy who knocked the mountain was had the ability to come back and really boxes fucking on and that's what i'm having the biggest issue with my it's like elderly rbis at least showed us. He was on this level. He beat one or two guys before fighting kovolev you know and then he beat kovalev and they say when you fight a chant or when you become champ rather you know that you get eighty percent better so then kovalev beaten eighty percent better champion that had been showing he at least belonged on that level where yard has never shown that and you're giving your more of a shot then you gave alvarez as a champion champion immutable. I'll pick everest. I on the show. Remember <hes> <hes> i mean i already thought there was chasing a cold back then when i picked avarice so as not far fish meeting to pick <hes> anthony yard but <hes> but wasn't as something about alvarez or has it always been about cove eleven his age for you i think i picked alvarez to and it was because he was the boxer he was going to stay away from the power the sneaking their which you i was just trying to sneak in which i'm not here but <hes> just audio but we'll take it. Where for are we we got. We had a run on the show and audio now to prove it right now. So you're out you're out. You're right. You're right. We could just say you bluffing often for. We know absolutely right. What was the question again. I mean is just hard for me to believe that you're given a yard more of a shot than alvarez alvarez and i know you're saying you're not because you also picked alvarez but again at least alvarez gave you reason reason to pick him right like he actually fought people. It was well known that he took step aside money final aw yay <unk> money from donny's from madonna's. You know what i'm saying. I guarantee you we we. We check his resume. <hes> and he's got some sort board of secondary names that we consider decent paying john pascal on a resume. If it'd be so much <hes> i bring up off. Don't worry about it. I'm also doing this all good all good. Let's see let's see. How can we remember all this stuff box wreck so here we go l. D. lear varez system to john. Pascal pass cow which that win now looks a lot better due to his win over. Mark brown also beat lucian boo tay by k._o. That looks eggs good lamba. Oh coppola four hundred twice right who was tony belly for him twice twice or both of them probably fordham fordham twice on time now do outside kabul right checking. We got kovalev so far. Once elderly alvarez's will tony belly twice got brian custer on. I think it's a blog number. No there's numbers but no block okay so i need something or mythic to a work jersey. How's it going mr key. Well let me give you a proper introduction. Ladies and gentlemen we have sports was analysts and the color commentator for the big three mr brian custer what's going on this morning. Mr brian custer man fellas. I can't call it a three man so <hes> just want to thank you obviously for coming on the show. Now i know <hes> you're busy busy man and <hes> we just wanna talk some box i mean i guess the biggest fight of the weekend for boxing fans is cove lab versus anthony anthony yard and i was with my co hosts here. I'm a little bit like shocked that he's so confident in the untested anthony kinney yard and i was just comparing elderly alvarez's shots who upset kovolev and you know the rumor. Is you become once you become a champion like eighty percent better yeah but he wasn't able to keep that title. What's your thoughts on this fight yeah well. I think it should be really intriguing considering the way kovalev look last time out <hes> i think after especially after the andre losses you know i think a number of people thought that cove eleven lost it and and you have really done damage to him mentally <hes> you know but then he snapped back and you're thinking okay <hes> maybe maybe this guy is back. Yard is a big guy <hes> powerful <hes> but i think if if kovolev dot dot fights inbox like he did the last time i think we saw him <hes> i think it can be a really interesting fight but if he gets caught with something boy could be lights out now ward at some interesting things to say and i just want to i guess preference it by saying could this have possibly been said ed since he had gotten so much hate directed at them by yards camp most mostly a giant you tend to basically saying that anthony yard is better than andre ward a bunch of stuff for pound and all that so then ward comes out and he says you know that yard. We'll get stopped late. That muscles don't win. Fights pad were doesn't win fights unique conditioning and going from sea level fighters to an eighty. He called cova than a level fighter. It's the path that he would want his fighter to see <hes> yeah. I think you know a a lot of people i think now <hes> have that kind of <hes> thinking especially in light of what happened with anthony joshua and you know i think for the longest longest we had said you know when we were doing some anthony's fights how big he was getting and it was like yo he needs to cut down on some of the weight training and dan stick to more boxing training <hes> so i obviously i could see <hes> <hes> the point there. I think some of that did have <hes> <hes> something to do with it. When people were talking about <hes> the fight and andrei that you know obviously you're you're you're human so you're going take that into your response but i think he is on the money with it. I think yard guy that. If this thing goes deep into the fight i don't know if that plays into well into his skill set and <hes> you know i'll say it again for kovolev if he finds like when he fought a- later later alvarez the second time he boxed he moved. He didn't get sucked into a slugging match. <hes> i think it could be a fight that kovalev that could win especially on points before i pass it back to mike i want to say. Does this feel like a big fight for you or is it just us hardcore boxing fans that are really expecting or looking anticipating this due to i guess the the intrigue in in yard right being yes yes or is it a big fight among circle of casual fans yeah i think i think you know listen. We all know that a boxing using the sport. I think it's getting bigger and getting better now that it's getting more platforms national platforms <hes> they said we we should just tell you to try mcdonald's but crispy chicken biscuit for breakfast and we shouldn't make a big deal out of it but how can we not. 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That's right kovolev in yard of are fighting this weekend <hes> but i think a some some of it too has to be because of the deal with e._s._p._n. And you know and then they put some of these fights on their app as opposed to just showing them regularly early on e._s._p._n. Put them in prime time. <hes> put them at eight o'clock. Put them at nine o'clock so that the the the country can see them as opposed as sometimes throwing them on the e._s._p._n. E._s._p._n. app where some people are like way too many streaming services. I'm not paying for all of that. <hes> so to me i think from our hardcore boxing fan. It's an intriguing intriguing fight. I think for the casual fan <hes> to be honest. I don't know if they really know too much about it. Do you think that these treatments services a help or hurt boxing well. I it's a great question. I think from a financial standpoint i think it's hurting <hes> because because you know some of the money especially like the disowns throwing out and paying some of these guys all of a sudden has upset the apple cart and so so now because these streaming services like zona paying so much money to canelo so much money to a law skin <hes> i think tyson fury gets all this money from that e._s._p._n. App to to fight on that that now guys want big time mm money for about that should be like a main event on showtime or a main event on fox now fox's into into the business well we can't you can't really pay them that kind of money <hes> and so then they say well this needs to be pay per view and which is really thrown the pay purview market out of whack so from a financial standpoint <hes> it. I think it has hurt the sport because i think a lot of these guys are expecting <hes> <hes> pay days that are out of whack for what the market should be hurt the competition that isn't zone yeah well. I mean i think <hes> in some cases it can <hes> i think in other cases <hes> the guys look at it and say well. I think i want to be <hes> on this platform because we we like the way you know number guys for example. You know i was <hes> i was just in dallas and i got the opportunity to attend <hes> aerospace his training camp happen. We were talking for a little bit and he he was happy that you know he's he's fighting. Shawn porter on fox pay per view and he said man not really wish you guys and he was talking about showtime. We're doing our fight. He said because you know last time when i look back at our fight. He said the audio was off. I i on you know some of the guys <hes> who broadcasting the fight and hosting thing made reference to me being w._b._z. Chan when i'm high bef you know no and so sometimes that happens and i think that's that to me. That's the frustrating part that you get some of these. You got all of these outlets and sometimes they have people on there who they just think look good and they said okay well. Let's put this personal. I think this person's popular and let's put this person it's not but really don't know the sport well and i think in the end it kind of hurts the broadcast and the sport when you don't have people on there who really love the sport and put a lot of time into the sport <hes> so. I think that that's where you it hurts. <hes> different networks then we are still question what was going on with showtime because two thousand seventeen. You guys had a spectacular year last year. You guys started lashed. You guys started off the year with a big announcement. A big schedule announcement edition zych there hasn't been a lot of fights on showtime and the fights that we have seen kind of being inside. I think <hes> you know for me. Honestly i think they goes to what we had talked about. Just before on you know when you have all of these people who are now jumping being in to the fight game you know <hes> it dilutes <hes> what we had a- prided ourselves on and that is always bringing ringing people big-time fights and so now with fox in eden though both of us have a relationship with the p._b. P._b._c. into the fox fox wants to make a name for themselves <hes> they just don't wanna get into boxing because it fits their their <hes> <hes> mantra of fighting whether it was you know losing u._s._c. so now. It's like okay well. Let's pick a boxing. You know make a splash well. How do you make a splash. Well we make a splash by putting on really big fights and the only way we're going to get really big. Fights is if we make them all pay per view and if you look at fox i mean an all of their big fights have been pay per view fights and it was i. I don't know if i should be a pay per view fight but they done that which is again goes back to our other. The argument which is kinda messed up the market when it comes to what should be a paper view fight and so in doing that they've also oh now taking said okay well. Showtime has done a great job building up this fight or building up this fight or building up. You know what this fighter popular. Let's let's get this guy and we want you to come on fox. Oh well usually i fight on showtime but we'll pay pay per view money. I'm in you know and so then they that's how they have have gone about their model this year for us. It is about i think still staying true to try to deliver the best product but now we're we're trying to deliver not with pay per views. I mean we generally try to maybe due to to pay per views three at the most most year and that's being generous most of the time we just wanna do championship boxing fight and that's basically what we've been trying to do so <hes> obviously we had a lot more or fights <hes> last year then we've had so far this year but you know from understanding. We'll be back in october <hes> in brooklyn <hes> i know we we still have <hes> deontay wilder luiz ortiz rematch. We have that <hes>. I know we have tank <hes> back again. If i'm not mistaken i wanna say they said november november december ish and one of the things that they're trying to do with tank is get him that unification fight whichever farmer now do you think that the wildfire will be on showtime pay per view if you guys landed custody dear his and things that <hes> that sucks alexa could be possibly competing for that <hes> fight yeah i think i think <hes> my understanding that when we do deontay wilder that it's definitely have to be a pay per view <hes> and and again that goes to <hes> what we talked about before because because you have guys like fox who you know is almost like we've become kissing cousins. You know what i mean. Yeah we both in the p._v._c. relationship. We're koo do but we that coup when it comes to competing and they obviously want to get into the deontay wilder business and we deontay has basically basically had his <hes> for the most part entire career with us and showtime. We've built him up <hes> he had some of his best fights with us and so you know obviously if you wanna continue on their relationship you know he's looking around the marketplace mike hey when they're doing. Don't pay per view. They're doing their job. I wanna be pay-per-view guys so yeah i for my my understanding in november. When we do dante wilder it'd be on showtime pay per view. I want to get your reaction to this whole well. <hes> andy ruis anthony joshua's saga and the whole saudi arabia well before you switch the subject and let me just stay on while the with my follow up. If if i can please it was just yeah. I wanted to get your thoughts. Now i guess in retrospect everybody gave wilder and i mean everybody being the fight. Fans ends <hes> on social media obviously being very vocal and upset with him not taking that disown offer. What are you now in retrospect now that the landscaping aimed scaping the heavyweight division has changed for zone due to the rematch upset. I think we talked talked about this at at barclays <hes> right before he fought <hes> dominic brazil and at that time i said listen. I give a guy props for saying no. I'm not going to be beholden to one network thing that they you want me to do you know i'm going to i'm going to dictate my career here going forward and i'm going to decide where i want to flight now. He's had a great relationship. I think were stephen espinoza who are boss running showtime and i think that's the reason why he's continued for the most part fighting <hes> with us on showtime. I thought it was taught. It was a wise move because as you as you point out i if i'm not mistaken i think big anthony josh what may have one more fight if i'm not mistaken with his own coming up. Is he okay. Yes so oh you know now all of a sudden. It's like the zone thought oh boy. We got it 'cause we got anthony joshua. Well you know he can he can bone out at any time and so now with release. Having the title you got deonte wild avenue title look for the most part the a big time heavyweight fights or either going to be on showtime or they're going to be on fox so if you're zone and eddie hernan those guys you're looking over there like man. I don't know if we've played this right and you can see them kind of scrambling you know aid to try to keep anthony joshua would be trying to secure some other people over there to fight on their platform because they've shelled out a lot of money to basically just two guys is in triple g well. I gotta disagree there. They have definitely invested very heavy in that heavyweight division. They got a high highly touted prospect flip hargrove nick obviously relations with you know not wanna call emma. I'm a journeyman but a top ten fifteen player in carlos tackle them. They got derek jeter zora. They got tack them just on with with <hes> with jodie guardia but if you read the article today still in the running alexander andrei fetisov accepted the terms but they still do want carlos so you know eddie does relations with all those people <hes> quite a few. He's got michael hunter sergei kunsman. He has a lot of players. It's like the more recognizable faces but those are the yesterday right like areolas on the way out kaufman. I mean do we really want to see them. Lewisham also seized you got tyson. Fury calling them forty nine like showtime has adam right but adam is on a collision course wilder. Where is he going to be any good after that fight. We'll find out. I mean i think i think that's what makes it really interesting. You know cassara and you know we've. We've <hes> had the rights to show some. Your source fights as well so we've done that. We did that <hes> earlier here this year. <hes> we on showtime international the second doing wifi right exactly exactly exactly another heavyweight anyway. Disown has dylan white that the zone matchroom connection. There's a cloud over deleon especially with it with a ah the positive drug testing absolutely but bryan you and i both know look bob. Arum was out of fight and he was rubbing elbows with jarrell miller if they can use zoo they're gonna use you. They don't care about what you may have. They're going to dust that off. You know put out a good and you yeah you're right. I know that that's the business of boxing. Absolutely you're right about that. Are you have more form. I i got one more audio arabia saudi arabia. I wanna know your reaction to the <hes> announcement and do you think that what happened over in saudi arabia yeah. That's a great question man. I mean i know ruiz in his camp. Were really trying to dictate tape. I i know for a fact you know talking to people from the b._b._c. They did not want this fight anywhere near england in light of what happened daily in white and they felt like the testing procedures over there were loose and so they had no intentions on doing that fight fight there <hes> they certainly wanted to come back here. <hes> do it either at the garden. You know he even talked about doing it. In mexico i think from i you know obviously i don't know the inner workings of the contract but because <hes> anthony joshua who <hes> had was the champ and could therefore automatically say we want the rematch they could somewhat dictate some of the terms on how the rematch was going to be a lot of standing does like okay well. Let's find a neutral place and there's all this money from this outside. Entity pumped it in and said okay here. Let's go over here to saudi the arabia. We're gonna pump so much money. Both of you guys really about to get paid. I was like wow. I can't believe that it's actually going to go forward. <hes> if i'm not the last time i heard that it was in <hes> it was agreed to you. Guys could probably abreast me has been signed yet. That's what i wanted to see. Has something been signed and yet nah not at all. I'm going to see eddie today thirty. He'll be okay good press conference. I wanna go see him for specifically for that because he's very slick with the wording he'll say they said we should just tell you to try mcdonald's buttermilk crispy chicken biscuit for breakfast and we shouldn't make a big deal out of it but how can we not. It's crispy juicy chicken warm buttermilk biscuit breast with butter and you can enjoy it for breakfast for only three dollars on the mcdonald's one-two-three dollar menu. Forget it making this a big deal. That's more like it. Participation may vary cannot be combined with any other offer or combo meal here. It comes again lunch. 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I'm sorry but as a commentator would you be willing like had this somehow been a showtime or a fox or whatever anyone affiliated with. Would you be willing to travel to saudi arabia. Cover it who we boy <hes> you know i would assume that are are. I usually are people are very good about vetting and going over there. I making sure that we are safe and and wherever venue that we're gonna do it so just because i know i can only speak for showtime and i know how good <hes> stephen <hes> gordon hall and those guys are about going over weeks and months ahead vetting out where we're gonna stay where we're gonna move things of that nature <hes> i i would. I would feel comfortable doing it because i remember we did. Anthony joshua fight in it was it was a a day or two before they had that that ed bombing that terrorists about bombing the grandes at the arena there may manchester so that had just happened and we got over there. Maybe like a day or two afterwards so yeah. I i would be comfortable because i know how good showtime is about vetting those things and do you think five fans are just overreacting reacting because lack of knowledge of saudi arabia or do you think that this out they're having is justified but i think i think it's i think it's twofold. I think number one because you think saudi arabia like why are we going over. De country like that for this kind of fight and then number two because it was here here. I mean it was in the state in new york city at madison square garden. I mean you can't get any bigger than that a- and it's like why are so then for the rematch. Why are you going way over there into that country. Why not here why not in the same place or i can even see how some would say well why not then england but <hes> i think it's to think is because of where the proposed location is and then number two because i think the first time it happened in the state at madison square garden in new york city. I think those are the two issues that fight fans have with that. Will i only have one more question for you and is not basketball boxing related to do anything before i yeah thanks for quick. Go out you always. Has it been watching joe johnson. Give dues business every weekend. Yeah yeah you know <hes> i it's great i mean joe first of all does a great guy <hes> and he makes no ah yes he makes he makes no bones about it that he he should be <hes> in the n._b._a. <hes> right right now and he he said because of his play already sixteens have already reached out to him and have invited them <hes> envited him to their camp. That's he talked about that. You know you look at my resume. I don't need to be invited to a camp. You need to come to me with a contract a guaranteed contract and say okay here. We go whether it's a year whether it's two years <hes> but he loves it. He thinks he thinks the big three fits exactly where he is right now. In his his career he always stays in shape. I didn't know that he was such a family guy because i i talked to him about. I said man you come you came in a and shape shape and be you come in so motivated and i said you know was it just you were watching big three and you said okay. I need to be a part of this now that you are out of the league and and he said that he had been watching it but be i guess his mother passed away. I wanna say february and he's an only child and he said it really affected me. He said he was depressed for maybe two months and he said the only thing that got him out of the depression was getting back into the gym and playing basketball and he said it just so happened that ice you called him and said hey man you know we really want you to be a part of the big three if you're not plan in the league this year and he said it just all the time it all worked out and he said he just worked out like a maniac because it helped him get over the death of his mother other this year and he said that price probably one of the reasons why he's been playing so well to me touch me. I was like wow. I had no idea but he he is a really humble guy. <hes> you are right here. He is giving these people the business <hes> we'll be in new orleans <hes> i'm heading out today <hes> for the play offs and without question. He'll probably be the m._v._p. This year and his team if they keep winning. I'm sure lisa leslie o._b. Coach of the year as well in the big three absolutely i really really really enjoyed enjoy this victory season but brian. That's all i have for you. If you have any social media that you want to give out to the people go in and do so now <hes> my <hes> twitter order <hes> instagram on both the same. It's be custer at because t._v. <hes> at b. c. u. S. t. e. r. tv map. Appreciate you catch. That's man you know. I'm always watching the videos. I'm always there listening to y'all and you know every time i turn around at the fight jail there so i appreciate what y'all done to the sport because we we need cats like y'all who are a invested <hes> be loved the sport and then see give the fans the truth and i think you can't ask for more than that brian man. Thank you so much for the kind words and obviously time we appreciate you keep doing doing a great job in and i can't wait for the next time all right man to fight october at barclays. Thank you see you there. We're going to go straight into our next guest. We have jake donovan from boxing scene on the line. Jake sorry to keep you on hold. How are you in. Thank you for coming on the show and obviously sleep taken out the time yourself to be on the program and just talk a little box and with his man how are you. I'm doing well. Thanks and then over on the way honest on a listen to brian knowledge really great stuff then a lot of great insight on what if anything you want to jump into that you might have heard obviously we're talking aw kovalev and yard and wards opinion over that but <hes> we can jump to josh dillion white. We wanted to get you on yesterday due to a your article on dylan wide and his w._b._o. Appeal being denied and just see what more you might know on. That b-sample has tax six six hundred days. I'm gonna do not <hes> declined comment on on anything lady billion white. That's something for two jillion match room. They'll lawyers and anyone else involved. You know they can decide on that. <hes> my knowledge i can has been ordered yet. Obviously you know it's the results of come <unk> out so <hes> right now matters being looked into about a national anti-doping panel so and then it's gonna eventually be reviewed by the british boxing board of control the w._b._z. A._b._c.'s conducting their own internal investigation the w._t._o. Is kind of following the w._b._z.'s league so it's a lotta hurry up and wait for deleon white right now so either either he or someone that would be best served on that subject and and they've been silent for. Let me ask you a question did you. You been around for for like the the b sample to come out. Whatever has it ever in your recent memory or past memory took this long for peace apple to come out it generally does not usually want such a request by i think the test he was notified that this has on july seventeenth <hes> instead of requesting the the b sample on the spot how they requested the b sample and the fight with oscar reverse when it happened it would have been postponed because they would have to wait for that results come out so he went straight so we're hearing <hes> he he he pled his case. <hes> they heard what he had to say. Permitted the fight to continue since then you know the question is whether or not he has to be able so even from timing. I mean it's been a month. The the result would have come out right now but also you got to remember too. You can basically issued a gag order that they're not. They're not issuing any comment at all so even if the behalf contested. We're not gonna know about until anybody wants us to know about it. So can you break down through what happened with the w._b._o. Because from your article yeah yeah my interpretation if feels like w._b._o. Is acting out <hes> and taking delights mandatory status due to the fact that he his interim champion with the w._b._z. but we add marie show on the show and dillion isn't suspended but his status as the mandatory tori is suspended and his <hes> what else t- the interim title has also been suspended so if he's not the champion camping due to suspension how could the w._b._o. Deny his appeal of him being a champion that he's technically not right. That's a good question. I mean we could start with you know just with suspensions and the sanctioning bodies. I'm gonna use miller is an example when durrell mill you know tested positive how's it first flew of banned substances before that <hes> <hes> eventually cancelled anthony joshua fight the w._b. W._b._z. a announced that they suspended him for six months no sanctioning body nor any drug testing agency can actually send a fighter so what the w._b._z. Announcement was made to do say that he can't fight in any w._b._z. Sanctioned action events so that's really the same thing with billion and the w._b._z. Billion white can fight tomorrow if he wants. It just won't be sanctioned by the w._b._z. and presumably by the w._b._a._l. Either so that-that's that's all sanctioning body suspension really means so it regards to the mandatory status <hes> doing white was contender. This is why i appreciate. The idea of the the i._b._s. Is the only sanctioning body that will actually leave the number one slot vacant until they are ready to name a specific mandatory challengers so that a lot of confusion is coming in gilead. White is the number one with the w._b._z. the b._b._c. fall that time he was named the number one by the w._b. L. but never specifically named mandatory challenger. That's why he had to appeal following appeal earlier this year he wanted to w._b._z. Make that distinction they wouldn't they instead granted to <hes> alexander u._c._f. Who who on appeal as super champion he was moving up from crews away. He decided he was going to campaign. Heavyweight and as super champion day gets right to say okay. We'll i wanna fight for its high. You know they're going to call the right for title. Amanda serano did it when she was <music> a champion at one forty. She was named super champion. She went over down so one fifteen and four <hes> for that for the w._b._z. Titled down there so the same thing applies to white white house the right to appeal it what you did who filed a motion to dismiss. I'm w._b._z. Ultimately sided with the drug testing stuff certainly didn't help doing whites case case because the review process came after all that stuff came out so you know we have to remember that so it's not so much that well if he spent about a w._b._z. Why can't he be recognized by the w._p._a. The other w._b._o. Actually took all of that into consideration wow so he can fight next ex- that's actually good because we did see him training on an instagram posts on brothers instagram <hes> so what's your thoughts on this whole saudi arabia thing with anthony joshua andy ruis. Is this really going to happen because we still have no true official announcement with both parties being page. I mean they're definitely not on the same page. I believe the fight will happen. I believe you know match showroom and anthony joshua. No they have something in place commitment from andy ruiz and he is committed to rematch andy. I'm not gonna say leverage but he does have some say and you know all the final terms ultimately i. I believe it's going to happen as announce eddie. I don't think he would go out of his way to announce. What's going to happen out there with you know without any probably knowledge. He's a very smart man. I i believe if i will happen december seventh and saudi arabia whether andy reid gets the amount he was promised in the first contract that he signed or he gets more money th that remains to be seen and also. I'm sure there's a lot of topics to discuss you know drug testing complete disclosure transparency all that stuff. That's being processed by reason t._b. P._v._c. actually just you know they clarify back on last night's inside tennessee boxing show you know they have yet to confirm but they did acknowledged december seven paid out there and the fact that you know and you release most likely go through with the rematch with your other points to be worked out before anyone. Can you know hundred minutes or would you be willing to travel to saudi arabia to cover that fight if permits <hes> breakup committed very great point with that. I'm not with the showtime team so i mean i don't have that. You know those type of people it out for me. My initial reaction was no. I would not go over there. If i was assigned by someone who specifically covered out event i would i would need to be insured about the my <hes> that that is it safe so i would have to look into it a lot. Why like i said i i i kinda jumped on that. I'm not opposed to the fight taking place there. I think the buzzkill just i to me personally the fight you know once they say joshua had full control of it. I know there's only wanted it in the u._s. Because would've helped boost subscription rates which i firmly believe would've the first fight went viral. I thought the rematch should've taken place in cardiff wales. You know that that seems to be the front runner you know. Joshua has a massive nasa following over there had an ounce. Come out like mid to late june. I think a lot of people would have then okay with that just because it's taken a long to announce you know by the time you know cardiff became the absolute front runner was gonna take place in the u._s. All the the drug test from stuffed go to which you know res chance to press pause on that so you know i it doesn't matter i just. I don't think it's it's a great momentum bill to have the fight. Take place in saudi arabia but <hes> i i would have to look into whether or not i would <hes> covered all the right now. My initial reaction is i would not go so what's your thoughts in retrospect eggs brian now that wild it didn't take that deal summer's almost over but it hold a._b._c.'s styles are as hot as ever get to old navy now for thirty percent off all genes forty percent off all dresses and fifty percents off all tees that's right get thirty the forty and fifty percent off all your favorite styles for the whole family plus up to seventy five percent off clearance hurry in fast. 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You know you know hundred million one hundred and twenty million dollars on the table but a massive chunk of that was to guarantee fights with anthony joshua so if you took his own deal the first flight was always going to be down nick rizzo so yeah he gets twenty million dollars there so once anthony joshua lost the injuries while i mean he he's he's still had the rematch clause in there so he still could've exercised a rematch close zander ruwais so who was a while the fighting in a second and he getting that forty million dollar guarantee so so you know and that's i mean i know you're very close with that. He's he's a very smart man he. I'm sure he examined he's not the type of guy was going to leave that much money on the table without having a plan b. and plan six. It's so i. I never really questioned the judgement. You know we can look at it they. How could you leave that much money on the table well in the position where he can turn down one lucrative deal in favor movin up so i personally don't think he made the wrong decision. I think you know you know grabbed the right for lifetime that other guys i thought louise so t- should taking a fight. I was a little surprised when you didn't take the fight but as far as they go so you know he he's got options. I i don't have any problem with the decision now. Why is it a given the zone gets this fight when obviously eddie's on numerous interviews saying that <hes> anthony joshua has a fight by deal. Why do we see any p._b._c. e._s._p._n. Or even showtime who desperately needs boxing offers to broadcast this fight. I i don't believe it. It is give him you know hasn't even announced that they are going to pick up the second site. I know they're waiting on on their marcus. Put out some you imagery on this social media that they are yeah of course yeah yeah. Of course they wanna make another. They're all the way invested in the site but you know they. They're not in a position to officially announce that they have it but you know i'd have to imagine this ideal place with you know it's all i writes unless refusal is gonna wanna fight they would pass on it but why the hell would they wanna give that up any any other platform so and a lot about their networks i mean i believe it wasn't the bidding you know showtime. Pleading the case right now for fox would be pleading the case where it right absolutely. I want to get your reaction to airing <hes> working with trilogy now. Do you think can possibly push bush. <hes> the rematch for nilo or is it just like a <hes> a mouthpiece for gina i. I don't think it's about mouth three. I just think it's <hes> you know any at he's one of the leading promoters in the sport. You know go off in his first fight on his own. He handled the bulk of the promotion of self luth avella had elements of the of the car just because motorcity charles conrad but that was by and large a triple g promotion and it wasn't a very successful one so addy eddie that brings a massive sense of stability so i think it's a very good move and he's definitely going to be way more that i'm out. Peace will be all the way hand on give <hes> zone the assurance that everything's gonna go smoothly we i think this is gonna be a very big promotion at a matthews on as opposed to zone dealing directly with gennady which danny wasn't the smoothest transition for his first fight on without bill so they have that very strong relationship with that he so. I think that's just a lot of people's minds. Daddy's do you think this is always been the plan for granada because we've seen the quote not reduce role for k. Two promoter tommy offer and he fired a bunch of people did he always just one align himself with the most popular promoter right now. 'cause eddie really does have the public on his side from the outside looking and i would say hundred percent no but but i mean that's just my opinion based on what i know eddie. They had the chance to make that relationship happen. When gennadi i signed with his own he did the deal without any harm. Eighty was not there at had any press. You know initial price johnson announcing the deal i mean if that was the case he would have been announced as part of a team when kennedy announced he was moving over time buffalo going after what part of of gonna team. He's just not the lead promoter. He's not the mouthpiece but i mean he took the lead for the june event. He's still he's still very hands. On in terms of all things cannot equal can he just doesn't have the same role t._v._d. Year ago but as far as you know this the plan all along though i think this is something zone kinda requested going into this fight with surrogate of tanko well according to the stories obviously the her brothers were still involved with gennady for the disowned deals. Yeah that makes sense to eddie couldn't get involved but once it looks like one triple g shook welcome. There's the merger with i think honestly i believe it has to do with you know his own wanting eddie and place then it'd be into plan all that that's just my personal view i want your opinion on this fight coming up this weekend anthony art and so in your personal and there any way that arche lenders fight or is he is he like my house was in over his the liberal before i i. I'm picking sorry a call up to win on points. I think there's a good chance that ah you're winning upset. Though i don't count that at all the thing i like about it is yard and on his very outspoken training. They've been scouting sites for over a a year. I mean they demanded you know a ringside presence to for homeless fight with a later alvarez last year but the first fight they saw something called. They believe they're exploiting voice. You know whether or not that happy. Obviously you know we'll find out on saturday. You know mike you for something else. Then you can exploit that certainly didn't happen but <hes> i love that confidence <hes> <hes> this is the fact that have been on the radar for a long time and the kind of playing with house money. I mean 'cause even anthony your loses this weekend and certainly not gonna ruin is very limited damage career. He's still you. Oh so very young as a pro. You know you can come back some lost so i i. I think he's in a very good position this weekend. Well i mean i don't know i. He thinks he's gonna go position but he's still picking cova win by decision. Yes absolutely yeah yeah. Co- call is the favorite. I will say this though i mean anthony on absolutely absolutely have to fight for title this weekend you take the form the set went seventy five i give him the best shot against cold left but i wouldn't necessarily pick any other three outright against public once you put those four like in a in a format ornament ornament so i i it doesn't match up. Although i mean you know the three times that <hes> called love is lost. Its andre ward is an all time grades. You know olympic gold all medallists two division world champion later hours had a very deep <hes> you know amateur career. He was well credentialed as a light heavyweight contender. So obviously you know that's why he's only lost two. You know the very best anthony autism on that level but in the second fight reward and even the first site with alvarez you know it was the right hand. That really turned the fight around. That's where it kinda got away from code levin. That's that's yard home yards. Best shot us land up big right hand at some point in this right. He's probably going to give away early rows and that's very dangerous against colville but yeah he's he's not gonna win the one. That's going to work at your table. I think he's going to give a very good account themself saturday. Was it interesting any for you to hear. Brian custer kind of say like oh zone is overpaying when that was the knock on <hes> ah brian terrific he he does i mean and he's well more diverse than in the business side of this then i am so i'm going to defer to his wisdom. I i agree with with a lotta points that he made but it's yeah like you said you know when h._b._o. Was still running things. Everyone's planning that overcame. These guys are not getting the right fights mismatches on all these networks so you know p._b._c. The only ones that are kind of you know rationally paying directly and everyone else. That's all the time so all the time. He's always been a big problem in this what the h._b._o. Priced out all of the networks back in the ninety you know and you know people complain that you know we weren't getting good. You know the best fights because of that so that's always been a problem in the sport. It's probably more so now because there's so many entities that are you know paying these guys well beyond precede will market value and i was gonna ask you that to do you the thing that what the nation of the zone e._s._p._n. Plus showtime fox e._s._p._n. Too many platforms for like boxer ask watch boxing all n._b._a. Occasional paper view. I believe so it almost seems like there's too much boxing on. It's like events aren't aren't being fully covered like they showed like this weekend for example the u._s. Cove eleven yard. If it's a big event or it's just a fight that feels too casual boxing fan i mean so hard for it should be a big event but it's you know it's stuck in russia. It's on e._s._p._n. Plus it's going to be watched by people who regularly watch boxing. I don't think anyone who doesn't watch boxing. We'll go out of the way to watch this fight which is ashamed because it should be the other way around you know. August is usually a dead month. I want to say there's been like ten or eleven scheduled shows this month alone. Just you know a chaz in the u._s. To be able to watch t._v. on app so that's your we probably at our point of massive saturating. Jake was sort of <hes> <hes> a chance. Do you give eddie on a true takeover u._f._c. like right like when i came out i was beating the drum. I was really beating the drum hoping that how could swallow everybody have everybody on the one banner right so we get what we want but obviously he only had one hundred million. He had a hedge fund. I mean it seems like eddie has unlimited funds seems like he wants what he wants. He gets it and now he's finding venues to give them quote unquote eighty four million i mean it just seems like he might get a guy. Botch leads to drive the car to get us to the next level. I said publicly and even in private to eddy. I've only spoken to eddie a handful of times in my lifetime but i've always said i'm rooting for his for his vision to succeed especially in the states. I believe no other promoter is working harder than eddie hard at trying to grow boxing. You know you can make your argument that by putting on <hes> zone that doesn't have any part in the companies that have kind of shrinking the industry but he. I believe he's trying the right thing. I i'm rooting for him to win. I don't know if i want everything under one promoter. I want always wanted t._v. To succeed but i didn't want pe- only for boxing h._b._o. Didn't need it to be the only network that was offering boxing so i never gonna root for once the u._s._c. model i maybe could help the sports but obviously you know the best case scenario was emotive working together. We need to get point where you know like <hes> bob arum kinda. I'm not going to give him but he was enticed to deliver jose ramirez to his own. Uh he saw a winnable situation was fighter and it was a very lucrative opportunity for him to fight maurice fucker maurice lucas hometown and on the platform but that's more the north. That's that's always been the normal they get when there's a lot of money involved and that's kind of the issue to have the pepsi coca-cola keeps us divided and they only come together when jose ramirez gets an excess of four million to fight hooker. That's insane right. Think about that. Wall also getting four million plus means the von's is gonna want ten fucking millions so unify with seven yeah well. I mean yeah davis farmers farmers and other situations that that's just a complete mess but i mean i'm gonna look at you know next week facility tanko and luke campbell the driving force behind that fight being made was decided decided you know he was ranked side for six win over bellevue in manchester england either side. I wanna fight in england at some point in two thousand nineteen so it starts with the fighter. The boxer needed you to take the initiative chango. You know he told frank. I'm gonna fight luke campbell vitamin england. He got the w._b._z. to approve to him to fight for that bacon title so now that fighting shitload of money was on the table. Although i'm sure they're gonna both being well compensated for it but norman wanted to fight he told operatives. If i don't want to happen you know some more fight. No more absolutely take that lead with their promoters not necessarily worth decision situation where they're giving whereas the promoter is truly acting as the employees to the athlete yeah but then you got bud on joe rogan one of the most popular podcast yang top ranked stands in the way of him doing big things in boxing. I mean that's the that's the top rank problem. I i was very disappointed. When i heard that remark for you know it's up to bud and especially bo bo mac another shot with his opinion so you know they they need to tell bob looking at swallow your pride and you know start talking out you know if you know if if the wild type and furic get together for a rematch then why the hell can't buzzsaw fighting. Somebody's p._v._c. was the way it doesn't have to be aerospace straightaway. There could be a fight with danny garcia. You know i no easy against relationship in your personal opinion if i was any garcia in a tense crawford what would take two to lure danny garcia over to his p._m. He wants a number because that's what i want. They offer danny four million and i think that was disrespectful. Full especially after ramirez got four million who hasn't even begin to do. Danny has done in his career but he didn't back. I'm sorry i was just going to say <hes>. I read the same story in israel. The four million for <hes> ramirez wasn't entirely all. Here's correct yeah. It was the packers right. It was a package <hes> for ramirez and top rank and the ramirez team split so with daniel. I don't believe take a specific. I mean obviously you know if they say danny. You know here's twenty million dollars. You know p._b._c. is gonna pay danny garcia twenty million dollars to anyone not even many back though so but i don't think it's a specific number. I think it's you know danny has always been loyal to al. He's one of those you know. Com san miguel cotto always said you know i'm gonna fight but they put in front of. That's always been danny garcia's mantra. He's never been watching colin went out so i don't know if you can't put a specific price tag on that fighting. I don't know how much how far you want to break the bank to make that fight happened so and especially now brian mentioned earlier. It's like we're getting to the point where there's so much money on the table that despite tactical on pay per view and we certainly don't want that to be a case you would love to see terrance cauthen offers danny glossy a fight on e._s._p._n. Or fox or unit showtime what's your thoughts on task offers pay per view success over the years sh which is a great t._v. Fighter he is not a paper. Do platter yet and that's half the prize. Everyone keeps building. You know aerospace say etro by t mobile cut the best deal wireless and it's all for you all for me just switch quickly because metro has to lance but eighty and to samsung galaxy deejay seven phones for free plus amazon prime included. That's the way while it should be only at metro. Sales tax and activation fee fifty dollars plus required inquired not valid for numbers currently on t. mobile network on metro and passenger days offer subject to change offer valid for new amazon prime members amazon prime has a twelve ninety nine per month restrictions apply see store for details and terms and conditions starlight lounge presents an evening with the progressive box. No let's go tickling the ivories. He just saved by bundling home and auto with progressive. Gonna finally bearing that gal of yours. Hugo extended my condolences this next one. There's in my <hes>. It's thank you because casualty. Insurance company and affiliates discounts on available in all states or situations expense and terence crawford. I'm i guess i'm in the minority. I i would love to see to fight. No doubt i'm just fine with the winner of earl spencer fighting manny pacquiao for three belts nestor batte massive event and you know historians care about title lineage that creates true welterweight champion tolerance welford doesn't necessarily factor into equation. You know you've seen earl spencer insurance closer to the best of the best you know what many packages did against arming houthi not discussion and how could you be bad. If that's what happened to head of a spence coffee site we we can begin good now. Okay let me ask you about the <hes> many patio and jeff horn fight. Have you fight fight a recently or have you only seen once you send me yes sir yeah. It's been a lobby. I've seen several times and at the watching the do you think that your form one. I've never watched that fight. I can see scenario where jeff horn got his decision. He did <hes> you're giving jeff. One the benefits out in every single close round. I never saw the fight as a one eighteen one entitlement many patio type we win. I always thought manny pacquiao won seven five eight two four type of fight so narrow foreign should have gotten the decision was that i'm sorry no no no. I was pretty much when i always believe as many times i've watched i always felt many tactile should've gotten decision. I see the scenario where you know. The judges you know probably bent over backwards to give jeff on close rounds or whatever reason they have to give them those route so i i was never fully outraged at jeff won the fight. I just never read it with the final decision but then again i felt the same way when any pack when some bread before until so people had many damn there fixing the shot out in that fight i always said well you know it was the seven five fight and around saying you know with smoking guns that manny one clearly. I just never agree with that. I think a lot of people just reactivated decisions and especially the scoring in a fight. You know there are times when a guy went to fight but once so bad then everyone claims the bullshit vision is just a whole lot of overreaction now. Would you agree that the way terrace chris crawford handle jeff horn. It was way better than than than many patio door. Oh yeah i agree one hundred percent. What what you know. I'll be that and saying you're going to do with keith arm back. They're gonna do with all these people. Suddenly nobody's taking all these guys to run through many pack now. We've not that old. You know forty forty year old that everyone's gonna pick apart and you know about their own name so i. I don't know if this lady to you asking if i turned off the beach many tac yeah i always thought he would have but i'm not gonna say just because you'd be easier with. I wasn't even gonna go down. Rocking talk impressed by many i can keep keep the top with the weight and the game unified champion but he was off two years and a split decision fight with homesick lopez so coming off death was keep terming the real key thurman women or was he just back into it very question even let me just i gotta check and say as a key thurman fan also there's the speculation amongst fans and chat rooms forums all that you know it's like the vodka testing it was so late in the game it's like did they even have vodka you know was that you know you know i mean the speculation is that's just the truth that that's a very dangerous discussion. I actually broke the story that you know what point there wasn't about testing after my story broke. All sunday was contact made tested. I think it was like a one month period where they had a a couple of defy. They were both definitely tested after the fight. <hes> a lot of people were kinda raise the same question about thurman. I mean i don't i don't believe everybody before the fight with manufacture i know he's been tested by utah data and then through other <hes> you know stay commission you know through their random testing for random testing just traditional state commission testing but you know i know several ways who've who raised that question about affirmative so it's a two way again. You really can't just say well. You know it was manufactured juiced up. I don't believe that was the case. I'm not going to use that but if you are then you have to make accusations of upkeep yeah absolutely right and that's why all fighters should be night. Clean bucks program like watering crawford who is even renting in the w._b._z. right now. I i agree. I mean your we the sport definitely foster testing. I i've always beaten the drums to that ironic because a lot of people are beating up on eddie for you know the way he handled the thing with billion by oscar realize for natural boxing. They're the only ones right now who they're pretty much having using losing battle for every single u._s._a. Event you know the devon haiti corner september thirteenth. I believe there's at least three fights on that card that are going through true. Testing have a holiday just signed up with a <hes> <hes> w._b._z. Clean boxing program so you know so eddie. At least he's been consistent in that. You know <hes> this weekend card called living yard. They were signed up with a oughta kobe. He's been on board with bader test. You know several fights it again. Big frightening happen. I it's gonna take the boxer to take the initiative and say you know i demand random testing for all these fight. You can't say well. You know i'm signed up with you know boxing program. They're gonna be you know one time three years and i'm gonna leave it up to my promoter manager when you do that and shit. You're still going to get done. Athletes have to take initiative you know. I think it's crappy that they have to pay for it. I mean we need a centralized commission. You know that should be covering all this stuff. You know like in other sports like basketball players. Football players coming out of pocket. You know just to get tested. You know it shouldn't be an expense on the part of the box and you know maybe sometime bad news but i i got you know athletes. They need to do far more to take the initiative. Obviously you know <hes> <hes>. I like wilder so let's talk a little while. You're in alabama too right. I'm right outside in <hes> right outside of nashville two hours down the roofing sixty-five kuku 'cause we seem to have the same i guess thought process with the crawford in the welterweight division so i'm wondering wondering how you feel about this wilder tyson fury situation like i'm of the mindset. Let's move on theory feels like very disrespectful. <hes> i feel like wilder gave him an opportunity <hes> then he got that opportunity and it turned into your bum. You're dasa but i don't wanna fight you. I need to tune-ups maybe three like and i'm gonna continue to disrespect you like it doesn't make any sense to me when right now we're so close close to have an undisputed fight like you just have to wait to see what happens with andy ruis and anthony joshua and then i'm sure everyone one can negotiate a lot simpler being as though we seen what happened with ruis we know we can't play those games anymore because any heavyweight is vulnerable at this this level holy shit. We drop them off my so. You're oh he's back. He's back on another doing all right by me. I don't know what happened to drop off the. I'll tell you what what was your. What was your specific question about the interior so i mean. Do you want to see him move. Who've owner do you really want that. Rematch what i obviously don't everyone wanted a rematch in the perfect time for it would have been made and again. It just seems like it's so typical. Two thousand nineteen is like all these fights. That should have been happening. Either aren't happening happening kind of exploration. They had they fought in there. I mean that would've mattered. I i i will say i do love the fact that supposedly you know all all <hes> all parties are on board with how the fight will happen next february and if it is something where it's a joint venture with with e._s._p._n. Whichever platform is decided by p._b._c. right now they're claiming fox that that's what i'd be massive for the sport and also speaks volumes of you know about the i've seen i think you and i probably have more biased towards the end but i think it's admirable that you know like you just pointed out everything that <hes> fury set about and you walked away from the rematch earlier this year and the still wants to handle that business i mean i think it's great that you know again. It's the boxer taking the initiative and this i want this to happen. I'm even tried. The happens move on with my own career so i think it's great. That's a rematch is going to happen. I wish it happened already. I personally wish i'd rather see it happening. In november then we saw teeth and you know i'm very closely camp. I'm glad he's getting the site but that's not a rematch. I necessarily needed in my life and i think a lot of boxes kind of feel that same way. If you had issues between the two i mean while the fury to i would be a hypocrite if he instead didn't you fight fury turned around waiting for the winner of ruis and a._j. To try and unify negotiate again because he's specifically wanted a._j. Either retire or get a tune-up go and write the wrong. He wants to go allegedly right the wrong. Got you <hes> the only thing i will say about how they handled all this. I didn't like the fact that he kinda. Just trolls joshua's fight me. There was no reason to make those announcements way back in late may that he was fighting louis so accused again and again. He didn't have a firm date and place. They didn't have a venue platform. We're here in mid mid august late august ready and we still don't have a firm date venue or platform for waldorf. He's too so i. I don't like the fact that he jumped the gun on that. How'd he made that announcement on june second. You know that have been fun. You know how do you wait until june second. Then he said all right well scoop scoop here. He's gonna wait on us. I wanna fight in louise and that could create a massive mess in the negotiation rubies and joshua their rematch so i just always thought it was. I was constraint handling on the puerto as far as the timing what well jake man. Don't wanna take too much more time ago last yeah. What's your thoughts on a youtube boxing like we see ks. I and logan paul supposed to be our rematch in any hearn is involved in the i i. It's not my cup of tea but you know there's obviously an audience for it. I think i saw some of the sixteen million people watch their first fight left manage. If people wanna watch it then godless anyone who wants to get involved you know i'm sure they're going to get paid and he's gonna find a nice chunk. Daca change from south is not for me but i'm not gonna. I'm not going to dismiss anyone. You know opportunity to make money. I mean it's i think it's an intelligent way to get subscribers arrivers at least for one month. You'll get a bunch of gas releases because you know they did. Well on a ten dollar. Pay per view on youtube so you know asking for extra ten dollars dollars on the rematch to bring it up to twenty for that zone he if he can put it on his own that would be interested but jake man thank you yes. I'm gonna interrupt real quick on that. No i mean something like that those disowning youtuber kind of have to partner up in order to make that happen if that were to happen. I mean that'd be message. Wait wait wait. Wait wait. Are those guys bound to youtube. They don't they have a contract with why why now contains is only gonna carries fight either though i mean but you just assume it's i mean i'm going to see and i guess i gotta ask them that but i mean it's the obvious way to bring subscribers. This is that's the demographic boxing doesn't have mike. I told eddie a year ago. I won't percentage. I told them a year ago. He needed to do this any need to decide the winner because i think about all you just put boxing already looking resume see the winner should do you would turn pro said that took thank you you. Can you tell me eddie can get or logan porter like fifteen you. Thank you matt. Ah i'll look the guys can make look at the guys can melo for his first fifteen. Come on i mean i can name dozens of prospects with the first i fifteen look ridiculous. How could how could logan sa get fifteen. Look who's fighting this weekend. Versus brandon aimed in rio brandon figaro chuck on. He looked like he's seventy years. We could get in the ring all day. Yeah i would pick on over the either guys or personally. I pick any skill boxer overloaded browns and compiles. Those guys are like heavyweights. They weigh in mike brown would pick him eggleton over those guys. Sam is a little bit bigger chuckling as one twenty two. Maybe twenty six. I've been waiting one seventy five com bro. 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Get thirty forty fifty percent off all your favorite styles for the whole family plus up to seventy five percent off clearance hurry in fast. These deals won't last past the sale ends soon at old navy and old navy dot com valvoline store eight twenty two eight twenty eight and online twenty two two eight two thousand four excludes clearance bubbles active licensed and men's package tease would imagine fielding with those guys in his first fifteen. That's what i'm saying. We get those guys there. I fifteen to bring in the subscribers logan logan paul. I'm telling you i will talk to edie but jake. I don't wanna keep taking moyer time man and plus. I do appreciate you coming. We would love to do this more regularly though how that we got each other's infiltrators actually meet texan utah good morning from my number so you know this little more regularly man. If you've got any social media give it out at this time. Yeah just <hes> twitter jake jake in the box j. e. n. d. a. d. o. x. Just jack in the box jack in the box. Look look jake from the chat the same be police saying yes yard. Has that resume see what i'm saying when funding okay i i know it has what's well amateur fights like with his way fighter has to have the will and the mon- money these guys are get and i think they can find some motivation. You hit the nail on the head. They can pay without box. No no no fucking man. Let's say let's say y'all news this weekend. The winner logan falling right bounce back. I'm not going to stand for this. No that's all part the tunnel master plan he going back with logan paul. Thanks brother. Let me get that some of these. I want to thank everybody for tuning in and thank you again jake for coming on there. You have <hes> jake <hes> donovan. Is i want my double. Check on your imagine. If i'm jake with a new house in wiltshire how how much he would go ahead yemen you guys could check out stories on boxing scene in dot com. He does a great job. Boxing kind of dislike took over boxing right. There's no one more dedicated to boxing in terms of writing than them and they all got a bunch of great writers over there. That's not to wear boxing news they they do. I i feel like they're not as active though that i frequent their sites i daily. They're not as active boxing keeps you updated. That's just the truth but let me go out to these calls. I gotta get out to this press conference. You're making me late. Remember to rated. I five stars on. I tunes these calls are brought to you by el camino electrical services experts in electric vehicle charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation visit us at el camino electrical services dot com all right so i'm going to give you guys thirty seconds man. I gotta get it all the way to new york city. That's another state for me. You know the traffic is insane and you know we want to eddie her and a couple of questions about all this stuff that's been happening and he and i haven't done the tango and in bit so thirty seconds. Get your thoughts in order going out to my boomerang in texas j._d. Gamonal in this charter to getting sick but it real quick. I just wanted to say about anthony art art in <hes> <hes> oh andre ward to say de. I'm not surprised i mean you know a hundred wore for half a big cobra if it makes him look better for beating <hes> so you have to say that you know the guy all of that so <hes> would have been fair man i just wanna say out to brian custer one time and two thousand for the the guy jake for hating on the pets powell powell fighter ever and i'm out a cross fans come out saving <hes> <music> donald richmond california. I wanna say it is. I feel like orange. Award is kind of having that floyd mayweather or you know how l. floyd. Mayweather don't want nobody to be better to him and he looking at your like dude. You got twelve amateur. You got a you know about the going here and beat his do that. I had a tough fight we in the first bite even though he stopped him in the second so he's looking at it like you worry about the poet at all because that's go. That's not going to make andre awards win. Look so oh good if you're goes in there and stopped comex and i feel like that's what that's about. I don't i like ward. I don't wanna say he's a hater but i feel like that's definitely what is about though rumble cut cut cut it just keeping the lines moon jae wheel sky talk to me not j. wil john's talked to me new new caller where you calling from i'm calling from texas southern what upjohn utterance he's been in the ring with some highly talented <hes> <hes> boxers <hes> on to do that. 'cause i'm the do the gives the i got five on it that white boy on that one why why good morning good morning what's happening bro anyways. I love your show for real. I just became a patriot guys for a while so <hes>. That's all that i got. I say though <hes> hope you guys have a great day and <hes> have a weekend to yemen listen. I just put out some post there man so you cannot go ahead an axe eddie a specific question you ags lou do a specific question. The chanko and gennady will be up but as a patriot and you get to do that bro so go ahead and enjoy some of those patriot perks and i wanna thank you personally only obviously for the super chat love and now becoming a paycheck man without you guys i wouldn't be able to be going to new york city or we wouldn't be able to get mike in studio <hes> for that next joshua louise reaction might plan now know if you're gonna even wanna be able to. Are you going to be able to probably untitled topic because that's so close to christmas. I know you got a daughter but that's for you think about december seventh. Are we going to be together or split screen <hes> due to the holidays we're going out to a._j. Talk talk to me in hollywood up what was going on a rail with that on the real on where are the managers giving personal bitcoin and i really don't see it as any kind of shade on yard. <hes> even i wanna say or he was in the gym. We oughta good time so he knows he <hes> he knows where we are working with kind of giving up personal thoughts on that and then with with an old boyfriend about him having a fight with him it would it would kind of a couple of our other winning during this over. I like that but i'm gonna take a i'm. I'm gonna tell you on that man. I'm gonna say you open up set point. There's a second ajay we on drive by. Gotta get to new york another state mo- talk to me. They'll wiping check out this new interview tony bellevue go into sent samples. I want to open up and talk about everything and it's a good show. Let's see going out to stone bone boxing what hey man. I'm glad we got people like you and i like the new media because any they'll shut everybody up with court orders but he changed show ooh that's where these eddie sending lawyers to shut off the reporters if they like. I wanna talk to their lawyer where we real real street. We all your eddie six hundred days not sample rate at and i'm gonna take yawn. That's my call all right. We're going to aaron talk to me. That was a good interview ran. You know that's your wheelhouse when you when you basically doing that you you you actually very good at that right but <hes> back to the yard fight he is good but i just don't think he's good enough but it's a it's a good fi could cause he. There's gonna be a pass. Another torch fight or is going to be is going to be the old vic sharing that says okay well. I'm still here. Y'all have to go through me so you know that's what makes despite despite a big fight. That's what that's what makes it. You know something to watch. If you're a fan or you're just you're just a casual fan as they say but if it goes by and i am pull woah yard to win but i got a feeling he's going to get caught and cut. I wanna thank everybody that rocked out. What does this morning. We appreciate it. We got some super chats from that one. Why boy right let me sean senate right now. Who says go to patriots aboard t._b. Stay high yeah. My friends stay hot. It's fucking right. Got the cookies yo and that's one. I'd say look how much is left grows like powerfulness right. I'm gonna use used this for the trip to new york city. <hes> then we got another one from that one white boy who says mike. I love the conspiracy mind. You have lifestyle so i wanna thank everyone the tuned in. Thank moco host getting up early this morning. We're going to be back with some more of you haven't checked out all the work that we've been doing. Make sure you're tuned to this boxing podcast on on. I tunes tune in. I heart radio stitcher spotify everywhere. You can even copy r._s._s. Feed and put it on your web sites. Drop it into your podcast players. However you want to consume it. We're also right here on youtube. You have youtube red. It's obviously you know a lot. More pressure. Look <unk> mobile. Mike cut me out there. Jack russell there you go pleasurable <hes> to listen to you know on youtube except if you don't have to read chit closes out you know you gotta be wasting your fucking battery so wack but yeah this area both six five sinema on board award hell yeah man. I'll take the all all day he got. He got five amateur fights and we've seen that he actually empower. He's not he's. He's pretty good well. <hes> eddy makes way too much money. 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