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34. Life without football


So when I wanted to start my podcast. I didn't know where to start at a no where to look. And then someone suggested anchor. You can literally create an entire episode of Your podcast on your phone you can edit it from there added sound effects at your transitions. Do anything anchor will even take care of the distribution of your podcast for you spotify Apple podcast. Google podcast and all the other podcasts APPs that are out there and best of all it's free which is great free and easy to use. You can't beat it. You can download the free anchor APP or you can go to anchor dot. Fm to get started so very very rob. The ninety plus extratime podcast. I hope you guys had a good weekend. I know a lot of people would say the majority of people listening to this spent their weekend at home. And you know probably all last week Either isolating or quarantining or shelter in place. Whichever variation of that that you're doing It's been pretty tough A lot of people are working from home and you know obviously kids are out of school. People starting to get cabin fever now. I used to think that working from home with was one of the greatest things ever. I used to talk to people that actually got to work from home and I was. I was envious and then this happened and I realize exactly which I don't like it. There's something about the social aspect of being at work talking to people being able to walk around and you know just do stuff It is nice to be able to however you want when you're working from home but it it almost makes you feel like you can't get comfortable in your own home while you're working you know home is usually like a safe sacred type place away from work so when you have to do it from work and you're taking these calls and your video conferencing teleconferencing and it just seems I don't know I guess I just don't like being like on call. I guess while I'm at work like I don't WanNa have to or not. We'll see while I'm at home. I don't like the fact of having to you. Know having deadlines and things like that while I'm sitting in my house Now I'm still not living in a house upsilon but You know it's it's basically place I've been living for the last almost two months now so it is my home and But I just don't like you know that whole work from home thing. It's killing me so hopefully This thing will end soon hopefully not prematurely but I know a lot of people are you know starting to get back cabin fever and Like I talk to my son. He's fifteen and easily. He's he's a homebody and usually enjoys being away from everybody. He's having with his. You know playstation his anime and cell phone But the other day I had to like put some sense in his head he wanted to go out and meet a friend and You know with all these measures in place even though he kept saying to me my friends. Okay my friends okay. He's not sick where nobody knows. You know you could be walking around with it. And the of no clue But yeah like I mentioned on the last episode. It's crazy how how unimportant football becomes when you know. There's something like this going on. And it's affecting so many people have said it's I don't know how many people like I have a soccer podcast. But nobody's playing football. Podcast I have a football slash soccer podcast and nobody's playing any matches right now. So I've been playing a ridiculous amount of FIFA to be able to fill that void But you know ultimately that leads to a lot of frustration I'm not that good but This past weekend I made it a point that I was GONNA sit down and watch to classic matches So I watched the first. I watched the two thousand and two World Cup. Final between Was Brazil and Germany. Now I don't even remember Brazil and Germany. Yeah Brazil Germany and then I watched the couple of days later. I watched the ninety eight final between France and Brazil. And you know it's amazing to me. I love that. Brazil team in two thousand two was great. You know contrasting. How rinaldo played in ninety eight? He was almost non-existent in that game. You know there's some controversy behind that because he was for. She was on the team sheet. Then he wasn't that he was back on and you know he was allegedly injured. But you know I think there was something something the underlying that happened because he he was not in that game at all I watched it and I think I probably heard his name maybe two times once. The the whistle blew I remember watching the ninety eight World Cup but I wasn't really into it like I am now But that was a great match that Both of those actually were great. But if you fast forward to two thousand and two final I mean that was like the Rinaldo show and you know so my son my oldest my fifteen year old he has the same birthday as Cristiano Ronaldo so whenever my son references Rinaldo. He's talking about Cristiano Rinaldo when he's talking about the Rinaldo Rinaldo because he never got to see him play. My son was born in two thousand and five thousand five. He calls him that Renaldo because when I started playing football Rinaldo from Brazil was on the heavier side so he couldn't believe like I would show him videos on Youtube. Couldn't believe that this other Rinaldo was amazing as he was because when he saw him on. Tv or whatever talking you know in like the late two thousands you know he was. He was on the heavier side so he always calls him fat Melville and to him. Cristiano Renaldo is Rinaldo. They share the same birthday. Chris Ronaldo's exactly twenty years older than my son. It's pretty crazy but So seeing the contrast between Rinaldo in the ninety eight final versus a dozen to final. I mean it seemed like it was it was a completely different person And then you know that two thousand two final. He had that crazy haircut. Which I just read an article He said that he did that. Because you know he's trying to distract people from talking about potential injuries that he had So he came out that crazy hairstyle. And it's I mean it's like connick now. Nobody else is ever going to do that but he came out with that. You know we had those two goals. He played amazing thousand into final. And I didn't even watch that two thousand and two final I don't remember where I was at a time. I think I was in. The thing was living in Missouri at the time but the time difference between the two. I never watched so when I watched that final the other day. That was my first time seeing like ever so But it was it was ridiculous. I mean he played. He played phenomenally. Just seemed like Germany was completely outclassed in that match Then a few days later you know watched the The the final between France and Brazil from ninety eight and that ninety eight team was just their ridiculous. I mean looking back now. You know the players that were there. I guess we didn't really appreciate it We never really appreciate the greet teams while we're watching them. It's not until after they you know they're done playing or you know years later that we look back home. I got like for example this Liverpool team. That's playing right now. Granted yes to get out of the Champions League you know this was even before the premier league season was suspended which may not even finish but then they lost a watered but we will look back on that team because obviously if the season plays out they're going to win the Premier League there's nobody catching them We're GONNA look back on that team. Talk about how great they were. I mean if you take the calendar year like from you know this time last year to now you know. They're not playing team was phenomenal. I mean they won the they want the Champions League. They won the league. Even though the League might not be played club World Cup Not sure what else. They want but the team was phenomenal. They went on a run. You know challenged that Oh three Oh four. Invincible squad from From arsenal and you know while it looks like the season you know even if it were play out You know some people are calling them like a failure. Whatever because they didn't win they get knocked out of the Care About Cup. I think there are the FA Cup and the Champions League. All they're going to win the premier league but the way they did it is just ridiculous and then throw on top of it. This whole thing with the cove. Nineteen messing up their season. They they you know they may be forgotten about at least for a little bit but people are GonNa talk about that team for a long time. I mean they just plead amazing but I go back. That's what I'm saying about that. France that ninety eight team and then the the two thousand team. Also I watched every single match. Euro two thousand Is My first time in the living outside the. Us House in Germany. And so I was like same time zone and It was just. It was ridiculous like that team was great. I think they were actually better in two thousand and they were in in ninety eight because on re was know. He's like an integral part of that team. But that ninety eight team Zenit. Dean's done to crosses two headers two goals. I mean looking back on it like I mean do is phenomenal. I mean if it wasn't for what happened in two thousand six cover. We got the red card in his final match. The World Cup final against Italy I mean we talked about him is one of the greats of all time. Some people still thinking is one of the great salt. I think just the way that he ended his career it was it was a little tragic but Yet I mean in that World Cup performance in fast forward to euro twenty year. Two thousand He played he played great. So I I strongly encouraged if you haven't watched that That ninety eight World Cup final in a while. Excuse me we should definitely check it out. It's on Youtube. I'm sure you can find in other places But that that game was Was a great you know. And then you had Deci got sent off. You gotta read and then petite scored in the extra time or whatever to Or Stop it's time to To seal it I mean it was the final but I mean it was great and I was watching it and I knew what the final score was but I'm still like in here watching TV watching the match cheering and celebrating like it was live. It was crazy. I guess maybe I'm going through a little bit of football withdrawal also so with drawl hayward's like that but But yeah as it is a great match. The watch so This coming weekend. I'm not gonNA have again any football to watch so I think this weekend I am going to watch the euro two thousand final and I haven't decided if I'm GonNa Watch the The Euro Ninety six. Or if I'm GonNa Watch the The two thousand six World Cup. We'll we'll see 'cause see thousand six. World Cup by actually you know. I know all about that. I was in Germany at the time But we'll see and you know there's also a euro two thousand and four which was in Portugal that That I can watch too so but You know because there's no there's no matches on I don't have the ability to you. Know Stream like me playing fee for which. I don't think anybody would want to see anyway because that's just before of frustration and laughter I'm going to on the PODCASTS. Next week my plan is to dissect and talk about that French squad from ninety eight to two thousand or ninety seven to two thousand one you know because I mean they had a great core of players. I mean you know they have all those classic names that you know when you mentioned them now I mean you know people still have memories about you know how they how they were playing and You know just what they brought to To their respective leagues so That's that's my plan in. You know it it does suck having a football podcast and you know football to To talk about so But I hope all you guys are doing well. Hilbert family's doing well I know last week I talked about somebody close to me that had been exposed They're fine now You know they weren't able to get the test for the for the virus but They're good now and You know if they're listening which I doubt they are I'm glad you're okay and I'm glad that that was a short-lived you know so Y- but I mean this thing you know still affecting a lot of people It just seems like There's not enough being done You know people can't get tests that need tests because they don't have certain symptoms or whatever so I'm sorry I'm relocating but yeah I am actually probably going to take a quick little break. Real quick to adjust some things but I shall return Back sorry some background noise there but like I mentioned I'm not I don't have my own studio yet. So costly dealing with having to adjust from different noises and sounds from people actually right now. I'm recording in the bathroom. Kids I think the Acoustics are pretty nice in here but I it's so frustrating to not be able to watch any football and I'm so sick and tired of talking about this virus with everybody You know it's frustrating. Especially when you you know I do know quite a few people. Now that have been exposed to this the city that I'm in right now San Antonio they just issued like a like a lockdown thing basically so everybody has to stay home unless you have something to do like your essential personnel work it hospital or gas station supermarket. Something like that You know we've all been dealing with the whole issue which is Kinda funny Still people aren't buying soap which I don't get but You know hopefully this whole thing ends soon so we can get back to you. Know some semblance of normal. But I can't see that it's going to end like this thing might just be like the new flu. Where every year? It's something that happens and you know we have to worry about it. I mean there's been like an here in the US. I think there's been like six hundred deaths now which tragic but you know. People died from the regular flu every euro so not to travel less than anything but yeah. I don't even know what to say like. Yeah well anyway let me get back to the football The little bit of news that there is talk about So you know all the leagues are shut down all the professional sports leagues for the most part. Even though I did notice that Australia at least this past weekend they were still playing matches in the league. I didn't get a chance to watch. Any of those matches might do that this weekend. If they're still playing. I don't know why Australia doesn't seem to have a lot of cases because they're so spread out but they're still playing matches. I don't know if they're playing them behind. Closed Doors and not. I mean that might. That might still be thing that they're doing What else UEFA said I mean? Obviously that the Champions League and the Europa League are going to be postponed. They're still trying to figure out how they're going to do this. Whole thing. Euro. Twenty twenty has officially been moved to two thousand and twenty one which is going to cause more issues like I mentioned in the last show because fearful wanted to have their sorry getting call. I will be back sorry about that again. Got A phone call. I had to take that. That's the one thing that's terrible about this. This whole thing too is never going to happen when you get a phone call so I apologize for that. Had to take that though. Yeah so like I was saying with the World Cup. They're planning for next year and not that I was really looking forward to UEFA. His hated the idea from the beginning so I think they were more than happy. Probably a little bit giddy. Even putting out the news that they were moving the euros to next summer we. I don't think we've heard any news yet from comparable about when they're doing The exact date of the co- belieber doors but they did put out that they are going to be moving the Copa America next year. Also there'd be Kinda copying everything that the US is doing. So I mean we're just waiting on news and it's just funny and I know I keep mentioning this but you know we're talking about how the two thousand twenty two World Cup is going to throw everything off. Not You know that was back when we were not even didn't think something like a virus could completely wipe out not just football but everything you know and I think that was more destructive to the to the table or not a table but the calendar then moving the World Cup to the winter so I mean everything is so up in the air. It's it's pretty bad and I apologize. I guess rambling but tables have moved in a while. You'll maybe I'll start talking about the league if they continue Accepting them the Turkish league suspended but I think now the Russian league is still playing Purchase it so bad and that watching that does not is not necessarily bad football. But it's not like what I'm used to but I don't think it's anybody's used to so you know hopefully Hopefully this thing and soon I really do. I just can't see an end in sight because people are violating the stay at home thing people are doing beaches and you know people are still. I mean all the clubs or whatever is still closed but people are just doing things that you know makes you believe that They don't care about everybody else so I guess we'll we'll see what happens so I am going to end that for the week. I will be back on Monday definitely Mondays time. I'm not going to push it off to Tuesday like I did so. I hope you guys have a great week. Thank you for listening to contact me. You guys have all my contact information in the show notes and I will get one but.

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