The Masters is Postponed, PGA Tour Suspended


Now on the it's Mattie in the caddy here's Matt Berry and Michael Collins. This was not the type of special or emergency. Cinematic the candidate. We wanted to do but news. His dictated that here on a Friday Friday that I thought after the Thursday was an unprecedented day in our world but it is Friday march thirteenth. And a day that will perhaps live in infamy for quite some time the caddy is in Florida. In Orlando at the players suspended players. I am in Florida as well caddy. Let's dive into it. I WANNA start with the most recent because we knew of the players Yesterday which I thought shocking news but the shocking news today on Friday is that the masters has been postponed which I let out an audible. Oh my gosh because I didn't know if it was still going to be in the window but let me read the statement really quick and then we'll get to the opinion. This came from the Masters Tournament respecting the health and wellbeing of everyone associated with these events in the citizens of the Gusta the Augusta Community the Twenty Twenty Masters tournaments the Augusta National Women's amateur and the drive chip and Putt. National Finals had been postponed that from chairman of August. The National Golf Club Fred Ridley and believe me Mattie when I tell you here at Ponte Vedra beach as players. This announcement came down as players. Were coming to the clubhouse to clean out their lockers and all their stuff to go their various ways. Some Guy's going home. I S Shane lowry. Hey Are you heading home? He said Nah. I'm just GONNA stay here. He and then. He chuckled and goes. I'm going to try and get some Sun. You're going to be off that long bud. And we laughed about that. But the overriding tone for everyone. Coming out of that locker room and leaving was this really got real and hit home because if there was one place one place in golf that would be able to make a tournament happen. It would have been gusty national. If there was one place that was gonna be able to without patrons they're still be able to have a tournament and feel like the masters. It was the masters in the fact that they couldn't do it or or chose not to number one. I think they made the right decision. And number two goes to show the state of the world. We are in right now. Yeah because a couple of things one with what you said I love you. I WANNA get into the perspectives. You're on the ground. There is player. I want to get into yesterday. What the reaction was to that when I found out just kind of eerie feeling there but a couple of things one. I don't know that the masters was going to be played in front of patrons to begin with. I think that was a locked at. That probably wasn't going to happen a relied. I disagree at that point if you weren't going to allow patrons you don't play the tournament because I don't know that it would've felt like the masters about the roars and so I I told you that we can either cancel the masters or play but it has to be without fans you would have chose cancel. Yes or no I don't I would have. I believe I was fine. You Win the tournament when the NCAA tournament all this stuff started happening with the conference tournaments in crowds. I was like all right. I hold a separate feeling about conference tournaments general anyway but when they said the NCAA tournament was going to be played in that a crowd. I was like well then. Why not just postpone it? Why postpone all this? Here's the W- I don't WANNA get too far out of the Gulf War because it's distort and golf because the masters is the fifth. Pga events that will be played. But here's why because for me postponing something until we get an idea of the safety of this is better than playing at half ass. People deserve to be at American sporting events. They deserve that. That's what we are as a country so if you can't go and why have them because because if you can't go you can still watch it and but because of the changing tone of the time we're in right now the time that we're in right now? We are in a period of time. That is historic. We are living through history right now. No question and because of that. So let's look back at history looking back at history. There are years that the masters was not played. There's already years that that didn't happen. There's never been a time. This is the first time the NCAA tournament played through World War. Two the masters did not well the master. It goes back to nineteen thirty. Four has never been played outside of March or April. And that's this is the big discussion that's going on now since they use the term postponed. When could the masters be played and I was just on sportscenter and I taking they were asking feasibly if it was June or July. And the answer to that question. No the clubs closed this winter golf club so it is only open from the middle of October through may through the middle of May and let me get into that for a second asking. Why can they extend it? Yes no but it has to do with the type of grass and everything. That's it to where it goes dormant and look like a golf club so look Martos yes. Yeah the September stuff going around the the grass be yellow no no the mid mid September the Bermuda there would still be in full because it's warm enough that far sell it would be in full it would just be. Bermuda wouldn't be bent grass which is what the members play on when they get there. So that Bermuda would look fine. It would look a little bit different but it would still look fine. The one thing that wouldn't be there in the middle of September would be the AZALEAS now. Augusta lay source. You give me a choice between values and patrons. I'm taking the Patriots. You know what I'm here's. This is the way I'm looking at it if you are if I have the choice between having sport and not having Sport I'm picking having sport but you're do you understand what I'm saying that you're understeer nine. You don't have it you do know yes. You know where. The Patriots aren't allowed inside the ropes to hit the shots. You know who hits the shot the players but you're not having the masters if they don't have the pressure of the galleries and the crusher is to win the master now. There's so much more to it and I appreciate what you're saying because I've been sitting here for the last twenty four hours. I flew in from J. F. K. Thursday night Ed out here to West Palm and I appreciate what you're saying because Michael I have no damn clue what I'm going to be cancelled a trip. That was supposed to be on next week right. I have no damn clue what I'm going to be doing on sportscenter. Come Sunday morning because it was supposed to be selection Sunday. And we'RE GONNA be talking about because there aren't any sports. So I from that purview. I appreciate what you're saying what I am telling you is that we don't have sports if we don't have crowds we just don't yes we do we do. I'm sorry I disagree with you. We do you understand. Do you understand back you up. I'M GONNA back you up here and ask you a question okay. 'cause this already came up with the players that are out here. Do you think when they were playing in college to try and win a college tournament or win for the first time. Do you think that that pressure is any different whatsoever and and if I would be curious thing if you think it's different now knowing for these guys that it's not you know what the crowds were like? Then there were no crowds okay. It's nothing like they have not played in front of crowds. That is what percent would often valid. Has NOTHING TO DO. Like it was your. That's IT wrong no listen. I'm not saying it doesn't add to it. I'm not saying it doesn't put an element there but the pressure to win a golf tournament or hit a golf shot against people who are trying to beat you and against the golf course. That pressure is there regardless of whether they agree people there or not does not take away from the pressure of the sport but it I agree but it. The crowd adds to it. It had for us. It adds more to it for us. The spectators now it look. Yes it does. Okay you know what then you go tell Alabama Lsu to go playing empty tiger stay. We're not talking about that sport. We're talking about the individual route. We you know what we're talking about. Crowds were also talking. About how on Sunday if you're chasing the leader and you hear a roar. Come up from the eleventh or twelfth gets in the players heads. Uh-huh what tiger just do what just do you know? I'm GonNa tell you know what I'm going to tell you. Why because what are their all around? Golf courses later boards correct. But even if you don't hear a roar if you're a shot behind guess what you you're looking at a leaderboard where do I stand so they're not turning off aboard leaderboard of all places who are always going to have a walk? Listen we are right now. This week this week at this event they had set up that you can watch every shot from every player every shot from every player. Who had nothing to do with four years? Yeah but for who for the people who aren't here for the for the fans? Correct out on the golf course not for the fans on of course dude not for fans on course if you're on a course you. Are you watching it on your phone and not paying attention to the guy standing there? Come on man this year. The fans at home so think about this now so with that technology with that technology. Do you truly believe that guys cannot find out on a tee box on the fairway exactly where they stand in tournament. No I get that but the bigger picture here before we just veer off into a whole other debate because again the story is sports is complete standstill American sports. And you know what I love Golf. But I don't care about the individualism of this sport. I care that people get to be up close and personal with the players during a tournament if they too. I aren't every wising every golf tournament to sell out. Why is it every tournament sell out at that Point Michael? Most has it half of this podcast. There are too many tournaments to begin with. But this is my my point is how people consume what is being given right so gold has only option if the option is look. I'm not saying golf isn't better with people. I'm not saying that it is that it is i. I love everything that you're saying about the roars and I completely agree that it has bearing on occasion. I'm not saying that it doesn't but to say that. Look if we can't have crowds out there. We can't have sports. No no no. No no no that. That's just not that's not true that I would love an and it's going to go in a direction when we first when we start playing sports again. Yeah we're going to do it without crowds i. It's going to happen that's going to happen. I don't because that's the choice. Be telling you. Absolute here's here's why here's why is that? Let me just throw this in there. Here's what I don't think so because we've had enough players test positive for this yet so where at first. We thought that the players are the ones that were endangered. But now that it's gone into players coaches and officials. I legitimately believed that. They're going to wait until the whole thing is before they allow anybody to be in contact with other people. That's why I don't think matters and I don't agree with that and I'll tell you what right because without any sports being played. It's not just about the fans that are going to enjoy it. It's about the gamblers and the faster that we could get sports fired up again. Is the faster that gambling can get started again so in now? This is where team sports is different than golf. Here's what you can do for team sports. You can take two teams and you can both put him in facilities and the referees trainers everyone there and these people are now quarantined and that is it and they're in there for two weeks for to whatever your quarantined in there. Now if I'm an owner of a team I'm going yet we're doing this and here's why we're doing. This is because I need y'all back on TV so we can get. These revenue started up again and right draft kings and whatnot. So we're GONNA go play in it and there's GonNa be no fans but we're going to have TV all over the place. Gambling gets the start up again. You'RE GONNA start so that dictates happen. Okay you under the power of the FANS. Overrules the power of dollars. Yes I know that. I don't think that what I do think is that we just voluntarily cancelled the biggest revenue making machine in Las Vegas. Yes and for the NC Double A. Correct. And that ain't coming back. That's not always. The postponement was a cancel GAM if the gamblers thing that made the world go round. We wouldn't have done that. That's not what I'm saying. I didn't say that. That's what makes the world go round. What I'm saying is the amount of dollars added to what the TV revenue is also bringing in loss. Is I I understand that. They're lost but the fastest way to get that started again is to go. Here's what we can do and I was asked about this. All sportscenter is airway when it starts again for for this for something like that to happen and my issue is golf is played by independent contractors. So it would be difficult for the PGA tour to say okay. Hundred fifty six guys from all across the world. Everyone fly into here. And you're all going to sit in quarantine for two weeks where most players will be. They hammered self quarantine. Well unfortunately that that's not gonna work like he's gotTa be under tour quarantine so that everyone we know did it. The way that is in everyone's together there is zero percent chance of that happening. I totally agree. There's zero percent chance of that happening with golf with other sports. I think there's there isn't a chance that that would happen. Lawyers would be frothing at the mouth. Why be for someone to be made to play something. They're in a pandemic. No no no no. I didn't say I didn't say during a pandemic. I didn't say that it was going to happen right now. When we are in the throes of this pandemic what I said. What I'm saying is once we are through the initial stages right like if we're if this is a scale of one to ten where three right now so after we ten after we hit ten? Then it's gotta go back nine back eight seven and we are going to get to a point in the future when the call. An uproar for sports is so loud that even the players are going to say. When can we go back to doing this again? Yes and the visiting team. Sport is how that's going to players. Don't run the league. The owners and the commissioner run the League and if the owners and lawyers are telling the league offices dude don't do this. They're not going to do it. Why why they won't understand. Why would they not say if we're going to play this? We need these players trainers to come to the facility. And isn't that are you whalers? I know in preseason football unless the guy lives where they're doing preseason air all in dorms are how long's Ad for you willing to guarantee that one hundred percent of the forty people team rosters and support staff. Let's go forty times the thirty two NBA teams. Yep so that's over. Twelve hundred people. Are you an? Let's go officials. Let's tack onto out the door. Let's make it a fifteen hundred person arguments. Are you willing to guarantee that all fifteen hundred of these are a not sick have recovered from being sick and see are not in danger of being sick hence the two week quarantine okay so then but but again you cannot beyond these people's will quarantine them just for the sake of bobby two balls getting his bat in in Las Vegas? The while you're doing it though. What are you doing well? What what do you think the players are going to say when the checks stop coming in a while? The that's not going to happen number one because it's not a work stoppage for slight reasons. They work stoppage for health reasons. Okay so if I'm the owner run out of money how am I paying? You let me let me be clear about one thing. These owners aren't running out of money. That's okay man. That's real easy to say like that's easy for us to say but there's plenty of dues. They got a lot of money tied up in the stock market. And if business is not occurring. Would you thinks happening. I just don't believe we live in a planet or on a planet where the athletes are going to be. Put that whole thing of this cancel. The World of sports we were putting the athletes on the same level as you and me and everybody else getting sick. I don't know that there's ever GonNa be a big enough separation. Between Athlete in public to then put the athletes on a pedestal again and allow them to play an empty arenas I just. Don't I think that we've come beyond that point because now you're going to have to guarantee that everyone involved in sports is healthy and? I don't know that you're going to get one hundred percent agreement on that I just don't i. I don't know that you'll get one hundred percent agreement but I will say that that's the way to do it. And and there will be an uproar for that at some point and that uproar is probably going to come from some players as well. I would agree but I doubt you're one hundred percent right. I don't disagree with you on that. I just think we live as of today March thirteenth at society with this Corona Virus World pandemic that. It's GONNA have to be one hundred percent certain by everyone and not just allow some players doing it. Some players won't show up. We play other players or iffy about it. It's going to have to be one hundred percent across the board. That's what you're going to give it. Let's get back to golf as I know the people see this. This special absorbent might get into that. Let's talk about our friends at Thera Gum. The stress of daily life ways on us all whether you're an elite athlete or just a regular person trying to get through the day muscle pain and muscle. Tension is a real thing. That's why I use thera. May hand-held percussive therapy device that releases your deepest. Muscle tension used scientifically calibrated combination of death speed and power perfectly weighted Ergonomic. 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Oh we're GONNA go without fans after the first round Bennett was LPGA camps events than it was after the first round. We're going to spend the rest of the players we want to have you here from. Pj Commissioner Jay Monahan on what he said. Ask to the decision to stop the players in any event leading up to the masters and now since we know the masters has been canceled. We're obviously incredibly disappointed to suspend the PGA tour season for our players and our fans. I've said all along. The health and safety of everyone associated with this organization is our number one priority. We tried to be as thoughtful and measured as possible during the during his dynamic and challenging time. We took all the steps within our control and felt comfortable proceeding. I'm proud of the team and I'm a fighter. I wanted to fight for our players and our fans and for this tour to show how golf can unify and inspire but as the situation continued to escalate and there seemed to be more unknowns at ultimately became a matter of when not if we would need to call it a day our goal now is to focus on a plan for the near and long term and maintain the strength. We built through our organization over the past fifty. One years. And I'm confident will do exactly that. So catty you were there with all this was going down at teepee SAWGRASS. Why was it like the Commissioner looked defeated? Beat up. I felt bad for. I felt bad for him. You could you could see how beat up he was and how lacking he was on sleep. Because if you remember on Tuesday he said full speed ahead. Yup everything is as scheduled. We're GONNA keep doing this. And then Thursday that changed and there were text messages and out to the CADDY's that said you know be ready. Were still going to play. But it's GonNa be a little different but be prepared. We're we're still playing as scheduled and that was the decision comes out and we're going to have no fans that's how we're going to keep people safe but that decision strangely enough was made as fans were on the golf course and even as we ask the commissioner what about people that are coming to the golf course in are the people that are at the golf course. GonNa get kicked out. Nope and the people that are coming to the golf course are allowed in. Yep that's fine but Friday. That's it and when I pulled the commissioner to the side after that press conference before going on Sportscenter said what's the most important thing you want me to tell people that they should take away from your decision and he said that the health and safety of players caddies volunteers staff that worked off course and the and the spectators that health and safety is the most important thing which was strange because during the press conference when he decided when when the decision was made that they were GonNa play without the fans. I I asked the Commissioner. Hey Not all these guys out here are wealthy and a lot of these guys fly commercial. Are you comfortable with your players? Flying Commercial to some of these next events after Tampa especially when they're going to place like San Antonio and he said yeah absolutely as long as the airports are open if the airports are open. I'm comfortable with them. Getting on an airplane but later when he was asked what his conversation with the governor of Florida was like you said. The governor told him that the most important thing and the reason that they weren't having crowds out was. You don't want people gathering in more than two hundred fifty individuals you don't WanNa gathering bigger the net and my first thought was will what in the hell's in airport. Dow Somebody just flew from JFK. Hotbeds OF THE COUNTRY. Like it was still pretty crowded in but rial little more sparse than you thought but yes. Every time I hear Mayor de Blasio as I was leaving New York City yesterday declared a public health emergency and I think he said banning crowds of five hundred or more. But it's the same thing like to your point. Well yeah every place like travel hub. An Airport is going to have that. Yeah this is what I why. I don't understand how that part is being overlooked if you have two flights leaving gates next to each other while there's two hundred and fifty people at one gate and two hundred and fifty people let another gate. You just got yourself a five hundred person gathering. Yeah so in that sense and then when Rory mcilroy came out after the first round and said look everybody on tour should be tested players. Caddies everybody and if anybody test positive you gotta shut it down and I think the world's number one player saying something like that along with the LPGA tour cancelling three of their events including their first major of the year was ended up being a bad look and knowing that at the time. The only sports that we're going to be going on was going to be golf the PGA Tour Golf and NASCAR car. I think wasn't going to be a great look. And then the thought of if one guy if one guy ends up having this in let's say he tests positive next week when he goes to get ready for that then then it becomes an absolute disaster for a great and I think that that even though the commissioner spoke to the president of the United States the CDC than the World Health Organization and said he was getting great information from all of these top people in these positions and the Florida Health Administration. All of that went into his initial decision. Saying we're going to play. I think all of that was overridden by the fact of the better safe than sorry and Rory said it. Great to that someone had said to him. Today's overreaction is tomorrow's underreaction and that's where you got to say I don't want to be in that position I would much rather seem like I'm over reacting now. When in the long run it could be the best thing that I do for all parties involved and I can tell you how many players were leaving this place and you said what you know. What are your plans and almost to a man they said. I just WanNa go home and be with my family and when you think about it that way you're like you know what? Yeah we all kind of wanted to de Right now when we're all going through stuff like this it's like you know what you just. WanNa go home and be with your family. Jay Monahan. The last hour released a letter to the fans of the PGA tour. And I'll read it to you. He said no to our fans were incredibly disappointed. Suspense suspend the PGA tour season. I've said all along the health and safety of everyone associated with the organization's number one priority. We tried to be as thoughtful and measured as possible during this dynamic challenging time. We took all the steps than our control and felt comfortable preceding. I wanted to fight for our players and our fans for this tour to show. How Golf can you find? Inspire as the situation continued to escalate. There seemed to be more unknowns. It ultimately became a matter of when and not if we needed to call it day. Our focus will be on how we use this moment in time to inspire the communities where we won't be playing continue inspire once we resume playing and makes your reused the strength of this organization to do good. I love this tour. I love our players our fans. I love our charities volunteers and our partners and I always say golf is a great unifier. Equalizer were hard at work ensuring that our sport has a positive impact in this time of need and so Jay Monahan released that At about eleven thirty. Am and that was a letter to the fans is again. We all will sit and wait and Wonder when we'll see Gulf consuming. Y You you know you're patriot of this podcast and everything in general but stick with us during this and we'll we'll we'll be as flexible as anything without golf tournaments. Maybe we'll try a lineup. Some players out what they're doing. Yeah already had some players some players already that they wanNA call in okay now that they're going to have nothing to do. I said a lot of guys are going to be doing fishing. And even Jay. Monahan said at the end of his press conference he said. Listen if you can safely do it. There's going to be some golf courses open and get out and play golf golf courses out here in the Palm Beach. Area opened still talks and so yeah let look Walter. We'LL TRY TO LINE UP THE ROLODEX. And maybe even if it's a twenty minute conversation a player a couple times a week we will throw that out for you but as in terms of the big picture. Weekly podcast with a bunch of topics. We'll put those on hold until we figure out news warrants and then of course walk back on. We can always talk life with golfers. Man. Let's do it. Let's just put that Rolodex to work. Boy You're not gonNA I was GonNa say yours has got what two phone numbers in your vacation. Tv for your air quotes. Job has just been put on. Hold so you can just get back in there and start working coffee that gentleman. We appreciate the downloaded. Listen tell your friends about it but we will as we always try to keep you entertained during this unprecedented in time. Not only in sports but in the world of golf for the caddy Mike Account. I am the Mattie. Thank you for listening to this special edition of Mattie again for listening to Madina caddy checkout more great. Espn podcast on the ESPN APP Apple. Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcast Mattie and the caddy.

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