Special Episode: Twitter Trends - Manny Pacquiao


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We all have something to say. Thinker. ooh! ooh! Pillow wild is up saying no Mark Custodian, not welcome back. Need to sustain your spirit squad gassed. For this episode, the Hong Omarosa my host and set up. And in this episode Macabre Minimum Diana is under discussion, but don't say so tweet. On twitter trend in PAGOSA episode NATO. I Know top one. In US NATO around row. Third. Senator and the boxing legend Monica Cow. The reason why he became the number one trending on twitter dispatced few days. Is Because Bob Narrow. said that she will run for residents. In the upcoming election in twenty twenty two. So see Bob Arum. Interview. Thought would see albion his own. Did Not Belong President Sir Twenty twenty two elections. Officials statement released. By bottle showed art. The cat released by he'll start dot. Boxer turned sanatorium. Monica. How who was sending stop absentee from July? Twenty eighth to June twenty nineteen is allegedly eyeing running for president in twenty twenty two. Our Room said. Eyeing presidency. I did zoom telephone. Call with him. Bob I'M GONNA run in twenty, twenty two, and when they will I want to dare my inauguration. Said Bob I room. The four hundred old man was previously entertained thoughts of seeking the presidency, having served US congressman in Prentiss, Dan and then as a senator scenes spent. Being. So long at being fighting Senator Nunn dotting fighting congressman lung on a dotting fighting lung, fighting boxer long. I. May Buddy Balita. been remorse and there is a statement from aramark Dr Moosa. Belong President. So. Let's read the streets of the people. On, you must've been. Don't go deep the side. So. Let's read some tweets nets start with that. Noel! He said. Monica cow is planning to run for presidency. Gas will never forget when Monte. US Muscle pass a high of sixteen, and that alone will never make him the president of this country that a home of bobick boxer. So before anything else on Abo being a whole move phobic. So let me just search it on Mariah Webster. Whole food. So Homo. Irrational. Or Aversion to. or discrimination against homosexuality. Wow. I remember now. When he gave the statement, he apologize then right though we saw an exotic. Modernise. I've been up top business of being tom statement that all. It was in the Times of the issue of same sex marriage in the eighteen that he gave this statement the mass. High. So. Low people still, remember, that. I mean. Yet elegant among. LGBT the community can tell us a good omen de more. neely than the Mossy I've been. But I think Doug saw Mancha and. Wong sincere dimension. Sorry show, but I don't know. So Nessa Lgbtq community nothing, and so so you'RE A. Fresh the Mossy now I've been. So, you know. Britney Noel! Noel Hashtag junk. Their bearer built. At among Whitney the third INAU MIC's, Not! Precedent piece. I'm calling out now. He has reached the farthest. He could possibly go as a senator in that is already saying a lot without hurling insults veiled or otherwise. I love him as our boxing legend and hero, but I won't go beyond that. So I like a tweet of the third day. nomex this just A, healthy opinion! So I love also how he appreciates manoeuvres for being boxing legend and being a hero marine. Merimee national nerve. Damage donate and metal shown through so partisan donal. But being. Didata. On precedent. Being a Senate or is enough? So, let's move on to the tweet of one zero. No coauthor development will ever make y'all have muddy takes to be a great. President. You just can't give him any benefit of the doubt. Never. He's better off as a philanthropist. That government official let alone a precedent. Novi district, let me asked some. A small listeners, not an Baio. Dow Ditto. qualities. SUNK PRECEDENT THE SUNKEN DIDATA? Haina don't. I mean, didn't I building? Penal McGowan. Dying on up, no. Knowing the time on the WHO under your own MRI for example. There among without on the Hey Mitch Bill May or Saddam Bo. BOSS NOT Residency but, people. Bush Kim to run the suppressant. Ducks permitted tomato. You want. To be. President and look fest now. Look at the people now. Look at the majority people now. So Ramming Kate. President Third NCGOBO signing administer Sean. Of course there are many laps. There are many. Michelle by. That, Agung cannot condone the mobility no. But. Let me, just go back to the question, but the. It is not precedent Augusta in Waseda Alice nut. Than A gun. Made necessarily be necessary, be admitted on Tele- gone Dow. Ditto should not high enough now up me, and they're always a recent point. Young, biomarker Always have some recent though he. Criticize. Okay. Let's move on to another. Sobbing Mark Austria. Do not vote for backyard. Just because may not when? Up Knowledge Him for his generosity charity, but remember one just not read or one does not need to hold the high position to be charitable. Okay. So sobbing Amani. COVID Barra's. Monte a cow is home bobick. Transport y'all don't be fooled by his pleasant manner. Subbing Amani via. forget that monarchy was. By night for being a homophobe Shit. Up Hypocrite claiming to be a servant of God, but once the debt banners theory in state that even suggesting that by firing squad in support of the therapist. Don't vote for this clown. Wave calling. Why are you calling him a hypocrite? Claiming to be a servant of God. Alabama SOMMA. Yen some of. That are GONNA show NASA. How he holds onto his fate to God doggone proud. chump banana pilot. I. Don't think that hypocrite thing to in the summer. Not Guyland down more and. Mona Mary on Anatolia. Lila's outing fung known. and. Suggesting suggest the death penalty. Doesn't make you a hypocrite. It's a mere suggestion and McDowell. Excessive. LONGCHAMPS. Now. And I. Know There are also many. God, fearing people or Claiming God's Servant People Starring Young Death Penalty but we can brand them as hypocrites. Don't semantic up your alumni thinking going nestle. Going along on standard one. Is a hypocrite. So, unabomber, on moons both Alma similar Latin. Gin out go out go up. Guys this healthy of billion expression by your host so. It does not affect the show so indeed guiding indata scripted Malaysia, show, it does not affect the show, and it also show the back your personal opinion. Special Ma Picnic personal opinions and personnel stunned in your, so you know Biolog- John, so I am spreading hate anyone I am. condemning anyone or discrediting anyone I'm just sharing my obedience by healthy of binion's I. Am just exercising my right of freedom of speech. To the spot cast. Here are here is a Markelle from starred the COM says context. Of Six, fifty one plenary sessions from July eighteen to. Twenty. Nineteen Senator Manny was pressing forty nine times incurring absences, so tell Agung. Absent don't see Monte. SOMMA Senate hearing. Month from interruption, following talks of his plan to run for Presidency People Quest John his credentials. But how is known for his attendance record and controversial stances in issues, such as same sex marriages and their revival of death penalty. SABINA money. He's. People taking dead idea. The puck you'll burning for presidency as a humorous manner will. In fact, we should be disappointed by now. He could actually win A. Wicket Balkan gigging disappointed. Will happily. Yes he could actually leaving the down again. What I'm showing supporters, but now Mayo necessity being known overall opinion about this. Sabi Julia. Ninety puck Yao Shu upstate in boxing gut. Home of ood bitch. Wow elegant begin. Subbing Amani Anne. I'm really leave. The country. Bill becomes the rest then. Mayo. So, why didn't you leave earlier? So seeing a bong will stay in palm. MANATEE SUBPOENAS GONNA. Don't Benalla she. Reggie now. There are fifteen thousand known animal species that Brat this homosexuality doll pins are known to be bisexual for most of their lives. Only going into periods or day are exclusively at drafted the same or opposite sex. I will not make it into office, so had begun WHOA WHOA WHOA. WHOA WHOA Neten stop right there Bra. So, you are comparing as you humans. They woman homosexuality community. The DR homosexual community to dolphins and other animals. So, we bro. In being not at all. No, we are the highest kind of Arnim on Indian Doto. Guiding Thais own way, and now you were comparing. Homosexuals saw mama doll pins among animals now homeless NAPA practice homosexuality i. I mean. That's a bit absorb mine. Bits of be absorbed man. Come on Bro Don't have to go that far so compatible Yamato. Especially the homosexual similar high Yo. So. Don't know what to say about this. Sobbing Money Booth, Joe Hashtag Bright Twenty, twenty. Monte up your me. Run for President in twenty, twenty, two I breed Filipinos. Never forget this moment. And could those tonight. A hashtag so long, but in hushed that bright twenty twenty. Snake on terminated up their home, boobs nurse. Sobbing on me. Hashtag junk tear bill now. Okay carry how it's reacted on the news about running per presidency. Ice just. Just because he donates monitor, the poor doesn't mean he deserves to be the precedent. Up The always not good leader. Or finish my he my. Second said. Despite all the heat, I would take a Yao residency over another six years of sod thirty slash Banga. Rule. The winning formula in the. In the bill is always choose the lesser evil. I mean this. Is the best. Among this trend. I mean let's at again despite all the hate I would days of your presidency over another six years of Sarah, the third the. Slash, bond. The weaning formula in the Philippines is always choosing the lesser evil. So the fact that. This came from a doctor who us. He's full credibility and his full entitlement. Make just makes it more powerful. But I'm saying Of. Greg -bility from your. Mini Express your opinion. I'm just saying that it's just. They're being more powerful and I think you'll agree to we to me on that. So good? They don't at all. So. In Egypt Goal My House being saying. Dooney Topic Dallas Komo. Sosa Amani a your. Girl they have feelings for buckle. Beyond this. Because the Philip Morris or saying that. PUCK yellow. He's because he's standing patio. I guess you need to faulk off. The money Josh come to think of E. IF buckle actually runs, he would have a high chance of being elected the president. Would it be about about system? Failure brought to us by boomers and neutrals I whole not. been a mind now. Biko have me. According to local media reports bleeping boxing legend Money Puck y'all reported Gironde for countries presidency in twenty, twenty two. The nominee. In. A So so I've been a mind, Dido. Now. Joe's j-o-s-e actum. No Look Y'all will not win for presidency nor Bongo. We've laxed give this tree seems deter allies another chance through win this country. We will vote them out of me. Sash alive and twenty two. All Year al-Sabah. Ouari eruption Febraury on a BIOS March v Mon hostage-taking, April Winston Ragu shooting me anti-terror, Bill June, but guilt run for president in twenty two. Yes y'all running for president is horrifying and revolting. Asked this calamities. Adversities. SCOPE. So, WE'RE GONNA! Last night in a tweet necessa about besides in. Sosa, Goto, at. Don't tweet me. AISLING LAU. Subbing. Yeah. We don't need backyard in the presidency. Yes, he switch and bill entropy, but not good. But that's not the job of a precedent. We need the president who is pro people, rational and patriotic passion that her La La Twenty twenty. Now after seeing this meets your opinions. Let me give my personal opinions and thoughts about this tweeter. First of all my action after seeing this many tweets, so majority of this tweets is the Lagaan Napa negative. dog Ditto. But not hide judgment. And don't think about the lagoon. You'll need. Asking for credentials and Montella young healthy sharing of opinion down, so the United you mugging! Peter. And we respect. Hashtag then all cops respect all the and the peanuts of all the people love so. I'm met going against any of your personal opinions so I respect all of them. Be Those for all of view I commend all of you for exercising your freedom of human rights or your freedom of speech. So! Salad long guys. Let's not Judge Book We. May mean. Not announced officially at Bouncy. Gung. DOT, Bush, Sal La Twenty, twenty, twenty, twenty two, so Telugu show you. Official statement or not official announcement in deep. Sea Bubble Iram alone. So. But, not think so. Be to go deeper. Not End up got. No statement. Chop anyone newel. Bush officials statement they say I. Don't gossip by. So elegant Szilard Longchamps but on Saluto. Casual was a Nila Gosh talking being Leland. and. I've been. Bitten. So, I mean. Let's not trust the word of other people by saying other people's statement or name out the other without the real people declaring or aknowledging. Announcing it himself, so you long store debate, so we're GONNA. Are Don't absorb the judgements that the Agung. Alum noon we'll go offi saw. I WANNA not. Officially. And then don't. Globus McGregor at the mall. And Guy Cindy and in Telugu Alarm Cassini among our. Data. Bara Salad Twenty twenty two. See limbaugh Selahattin Long President Candidates Moussa. Twenty twenty two bundle, Super Lung, being the base. And also polk Yo long Intel Agung. Nothing will on. Collaboration NATO a Masala. Or Mus unfit. Cases on yeah. So. I'm just saying. Nothing! MONARI! About any newly mossy. Base So. About assigned elegant doc seek Philippine will. Cherry. On bit is not in judge. Even though we are expressing. Not In barium Alameda Numa binion's. Hollow judgment. I think that's unhealthy. Bidermann! Number nothing without attacking the person judgment lesion. mean. I'm not saying. It bought the new superpower is saying. Pro, buckle or pro-death theol-. I'm not saying I and I also think now. Hindi Telugu your best fit for the presidency. UNSALARIED YOUNG GUYS I. Son Mugging. Shared by being snot in San. Them again has the opinion Chang Gung. Let's not make judgment. And so you delegate being Austin could eat. So. Let's not be quick to judge someone. Especially someone's credentials. In the case of backyard. Yes, but I'm Michelle among our issues La gone. The? Deal but. Presidentials. Barrow Molyneaux. Among Yari. This year or next year. So. In. So for now I'm just saying We just wait for his official statement. Allegations top. And then. SIGNED SIGN NOT release. I've been in mustard nothing. In highest forum possible. Yeah. So, forget guys to. Be Good. Other people enter respect, other people, and I'll tell gunpoint you ballad. Don't episode in the door I. Just want to tell people. Expressing their opinions does it have to be unhealthy ESPN doesn't have to be. judgemental. So we can use our opinions healthily so. Handling the North Daniel. Docs Bill. McGee expressed I know. Alan Mama socket necessarily, but I sabine so bad tire express opinion healthy. So sinema brock this now, being on demand is not about beat up. All Express going on. More, you express in a healthy way. So I am not saying that Mugabe nestled. Among our unhealthy obedience. So I'm not saying any of that so. You'll and so I'm just saying might point. Grammy dice separate. You need for this episode. And once again disarm my own personal opinion. Spare synonymous thoughts, so I am not discrediting and condemning anyone and it does not affect. Opinions of the other hosts of this podcast. So, McIntyre, among of why and I think we should respect all of that. So I'm. GonNa Talk Nice to bike. This by the way, this will be my last episode of twitter. Trains, Marissa episode NATO So. mcfaul was not on the PGA. elegant content net on story, speedy pins August, but don't worry. On vk need sappy third. Episode NATO so I am recommending you do not your ordinary podcast so genitalium Abloh. tweeter brands episode so now you'll make them on. Twitter! Episode Data Story Spirit Beings Podesta. Muscle did not increase brands. Episode is not your ordinary Desta. So Ramming Merimee sadly dice. This is your host drop, and this is story spill spot.

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