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Davis Overpowers Nunez, Destructive TKORamirez Blasts Out Hooker to Unify


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Insurance Company and affiliates discounts not available in all states or situations track on what's happening from fight town to fight town and access to the inner workings of events allows you the listener a chance to get inside the fund today to continent coast to coast we give you the caller a consistent outlet to voice Europeans on topics relevant to you by subscribing to itunes creating tight knit community by connecting this sweet sides is most enthusiastic fans nestor gifts year welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another addition of Sunday which is Crow Hashtag T._b.. podcast we are back in. I know I got some encroach. Eat Damn Jose Ramirez definitely making us all believers so much to discuss <hes> great weekend of boxing nonetheless very happy with this weekend's action and results can't complain for sure just really enjoyed this week and honestly men down to the lower level fighters or you know. up-and-comers is whatever you WANNA call them but we will be discussing the zone card. Mike isn't here at the moment he'll be joining us in a bid but <hes> yeah he he puts showtime card as the first first topic and and I believe that the unification between Jose Ramirez and Maurice Hooker deserves to be the first topic we discuss so we'll go into this weekend with the Zone Card <hes> Jose Ramirez stop and Maurice Hooker unifying the division of the W._B._Z.. Chant unified versus the W._B._O.. Champion in one hundred forty pound division Regis pro-grass Josh Taylor await <hes> seven form gets a decision over his mandatory challenger and we have some juicy details as <hes> farmer took to his social media to respond to some criticism of his fight we seen mighty midget Tremaine Williams of being compared to Cornell Whitaker. You be the judge does he deserve such heavy praise when he got the win over yet flow your FA- now on and I'm supposed to be Dominican my I dunno but the center it was a ten round decision. It was a good fight man. I watched that one. You know it was my sleeper and you know I don't pick Dominicans. It was entertaining fight throughout and percents they kept bringing it definitely tested tremaine Williams which that was his first step up really outside of I believe Christian divas is or something like that a Martin. Excuse me Austin Williams ammo. I like the nickname ammo and you know he also was on the zone car will be discussing that Joey dwelt go got a decision some calling it a Gif another sleeper fight for US Rodney Hernandez was on a win streak Nikita A- bobby gets a decision for the first time making him six five so we'll give you the details on that and Bob Arum and Eddie had an Eddie hearn. Go at it now I don't know if it should be read by Baron. Manetti her and go at it or was it just Bob Arum really bringing it to Eddie and not really being challenged in my opinion but it was still in detaining and topic number four is going to be could the I._B.. Force a mandatory of Andy Ruis versus Pool Lab because pool levies filing a petition and trying to have that fight be made then we have tons of news in notes to discuss <hes>. We'll be touching on the onset wilder who's in the U._k.. <hes> sucks we could make it but he's definitely doing his media run in <hes> it's looking good. He had a sit down with B._T.. Sports discussing the dillion white positive test result so a lot to talk about their Mickey Bay has linked up with Andrea Rozsa who just started his havoc management and advisory <hes> INC which has Richard Komai with others and we've seen the work of Rosia with Saddam Ali even Daniel Jacobs guys like Curtis Stevens so <hes> rozier starting his havoc management now and signing up Mickey Bay now make you pay he kind of his has always had these issues. It's funny because I knew who've Mickey Bay before he signed to see and it was more of the same it was like Oh this great talent that can't get on promoters or keeping them off but but then he got with Florida Floyd put him on. It became came a chance before he got T._v.. Tom I don't know what happened. I don't know what caused them. The fall off the scene with caused them to either by how or his contract with mayweather expired or he was dropped. I don't what happened. I just know we stopped seeing Mickey Bay and now he's back but he is talented. I just don't know how does he right. Now I mean even though he takes the time I'm also he could always be fresh again. He was talented <hes> man his boxer. He doesn't even come a long. It's been since he's probably box. Let's see what what when's the last time he fought Mickey Bay last time he for was in September two thousand eighteen which is not too long ago in his last loss was Tarantulas Bartholomee and before that was many years ago in two thousand thirteen versus John Molina. That's the one I always talk about that. He was winning that fight and decided to show boat and look to the crowd to floyd and Man Molina caught. 'em was something but we'll see what's up with Bay man. I mean look look at his record. Riots like two thousand thirteen. He had one two three four fights two thousand fourteen one to two thousand fifteen one two thousand sixteen one two thousand seventeen none two thousand eighteen none to two thousand eighteen one thousand nine t none so a lot of inconsistencies with his level of activity and he's thirty six years old so we'll see what he has but he is from Ohio you know he's from Cleveland and Cleveland. Cleveland breeds some pretty good fight. Let's be road like there's really no bombs coming out of Cleveland and Shit like even their journey. Men are pretty good at this point but that's Philly right philly produces them too. So what else do we got to discuss. We got Julio Cesar Chavez senior Bro when I seen this. It's news of Hulu senior being robbed. I swore it was junior because senior took to his twitter and you know let the world know what happened in English and Spanish and I'm like well and then I had to double check and it's like wow this was Cesar Chavez junior like this excuse me senior that was robbed at gunpoint in Mexico and it's like damn not not even a hundred and something fights bro for your country right representing your country become an legend in the United States you know in boxing keeps you safe. It's like damn I I go. Some some dudes should get passes from like robberies right like damn fucking. He put it on the line for his country bro like he's forever GonNa be <music> synonymous with box in the amount of fights he had like we don't even see should anymore but yeah we'll discuss that and obviously you guys can call in and give me your take on that. You know the number to call in one four to five five six nine fifty to forty one press one time voice your opinion right here on the voice of the people hotline. Don't forget you could add nestor gibbs on skype to be part of the conversation as well man. We gotTA touch on Frank Warren. <hes> furious rent on. I forgot where he writes beefy B._B._C.. Five or something I don't know I know everybody reposted it because he went in and it's funny. Eddie is trying linked to deflect with this whole dillion white positive testing scenario and to promoters that the boxing fans don't think highly Julia right like we're not like. I don't know super duper. Would you call it like we don't really trust <hes> frank. Let alone you know. Was this guy's name Bob Right. Let me fix this camera. Sorry about that so I know it's little weird to me little weird or actually not weird yet. I Dunno does it add more truth to the situation the two rival promoters even though in right now now the kind of tag team right then like Frank Warren and by Barrymore Buddy Buddy but they both have they both have and shares similar opinion on the Oscar Riva situation and him testing excuse me daily and white testing positive and you know Ribas not being notified like Frank Warren felt that was wrong. Bob Arum felt that that was wrong but you know Eddie didn't feel it was wrong and he's blaming the B._B._c. now. He's like well. The B._B._C. approved them not me and it's like I don't know man is just sucks that we've come to a day and age where something like this could be swept under the rug right like it doesn't matter what dillion tested positive for the fact that there was a rushed hearing earing and both parties were in given the whereabouts. The knowledge of the situation makes this soul sketchy <hes>. I don't like it and it really sucks. There's just the bottom line. It really does suck. I can't wait to see what comes of it and what what what what the powers that be due to rectify this situation. I'm seriously interested but let's get this thing started. <hes> still no word for Mike so we'll just keep this moving. <hes> you guys know how do when and where in this situation we'll just go to the callers quicker longer all that good stuff we got obviously the showtime car to discuss but let's just get into the zone Jose Ramirez Card where he stopped Maurice Hooker Oker great little boxing card <hes> I'll start from the bottom I wanted to do a life I chat me and my both differ. The Joey Dwelt go <hes> Rodney Hernandez fight <hes> <hes> we know it wasn't a high level fight but we both believed in in in the comeback of Rodney Hernandez dwelt go in Hernandez had a draw in the past Hernandez having you know some momentum <hes> defeating the undefeated Nigerian heavyweight out of the heavyweight factory that was last on P._B._C. knocked them out in one. I can't pronounce his name but you know tall guy he was said to be promising and Fernandez stopped them. You know and had maybe three or four wins before that he was running on consecutive win streak and you know what the bottom line is. He did well in this fight and I don't think the judge has got the right decision. I think that this was politics. Keeping Dwelt go with the win relevant so that he could fight Murat Gassiev. The thing is my story or theory might sound ridiculous Dallas because he was already fighting Iraq Gaza coming off a three consecutive losses so what the fuck is one more right but this particular one is quote unquote on television so you know we want to see him do well or get the win and I don't think that he did that. I'm just being honest. I could be biased because my money was on Hernandez but hopefully when the call is calling they can give us you know they're take and whether or not you believe that Joey dwelled got a gift decision or did you truly be Rodney Hernandez. I've seen them having some success with the hook but Hernandez was just out working them and you no again. Maybe I'm biased because of the commentary right could have been the commentary because I feel like Sergio more Raphel just like me. He felt like listen. Dwelt goes just not doing anything. He wasn't letting this fucking hands go and that's just the bottom line in my opinion. Hernandez was moving well punching and combination punching in bunches. He was in control of the FIBRO. He was in control it a fight in my opinion and he got job and you do it right by staying on top of knowing when it's time to stain your deck and your fence lows is here to help you do it right with the supplies you need and the know how to get it done. Plus even help you save because now when you buy one gallon of select boss bar exterior stain and seal it. You'll get a second one fifty percent off the mail in rebate. Whatever you need to make your outdoors even greater do it right for less start with lowes offer valid through seven thirty? One exclusions apply see store for details U._S.. Only the style light launch presents an evening the progressive box that's Ugo tickling the ivories he just saved by bundling home and Auto Progressive GonNa firing for that Gal of Yours Hugo send condolences doleances this next one st there's in my aw thank you because of Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates discount's not available in all states or situations unit I mean gene and it sucks because he's journeyman that turned it around. You know he got some good wins. He knocked out of dude the F._A._A.. Knocked out in one he knocked them out in five so it was like Bro. This do was really China. Get his shit back. You know now <hes> and they derailed them. They derail them. Hopefully he gets return fight but they derailed them for sure next on on the on the car was Austin Williams ammo so right with the ring walk name I started to pay attention and you know listen to his story. Listen to what he wanted to eat. I don't know what's that older woman with the gray hair. She used to work on E._S._P._N.. She did the Spanish now. She's on Zone A lot. She did an awake with Robert Garcia yesterday on on a disown and <hes> you should know her from that so she did an interview with robber and and she did an interview with Austin Williams Aka Ammo and she acts what was he gonna eat or what did he eat actually after the way in and he discussed his breakfast and his `blanche and everything that he had eaten up into or before three o'clock and <hes> it was extensive right the details of this food <hes> but I paid attention than the less I said maybe there's something here. Maybe they see something and that's why they want us to soak in his story so I did and we did see something he got. I believe the second round stoppage. Maybe even first round stoppage body shot the only issue I seen he was fighting guy that was already owing to and he's already to win. Oh and that's cool. I guess right like we it's not like we haven't seen gene that before where you know the the heavily touted guy is facing someone coming off losses or that has but this guy isn't just coming up. We'll just never one and <hes> I mean I mean they had a story though they had a backstory in the backstory was that these two faced each other in the amateurs and the last time that allston Williams fought he knocked out this guy in the amateurs so then he knocked them out and improves essentially as what happened but he's a prospect you know improves three now. He's in the Middle Way. Division Big Kid looks strong and he talks of his strength in the Post interview he spoke of the strength in power and he believes that he just has to work on his skills because the power is there in both hands so look I again. This is the only sport I watched so I'm happy with it and what I mean by that is think about it right like couple years ago. We wouldn't see the development of these fighters to Ano- on TV three and on T._v.. That's great for us. It's also bad it's all right so it's great for us. In two ways I won't even use the word bad right because I guess is not bad for the fighter in a sense but but it's good for the fight fan because the debate by seeing the development of a fighter like Austin Williams from the very beginning at two we know what happens benzes the networks put pressure on him. He gains momentum he gains popularity and then he can't get a T._v.. Fight with Oh and two fighter or oh and four fighter so we see see the match ups that we want sooner and we're starting to see that you know again. I use von Moderation as my example. He was like thirty something in Oh before he got his first interim title right and we're seeing the FEMA Lopez Chicago Stevenson's ten twelve and no Daniel do bar like making all this noise with ten fights fifteen and under fights getting titles or or being you know Internet sensations in terms of analytics but it looks like we got our co-host. Let me jump out sue him a big Mike in Indiana Action Sparta's dot com fan of in the West Dot Com your Yo yo Yo. We'll we'll come begging him. Out in the universe are known stash. It happens to happen shabby big weekend. Jose Camaro stops Murray's hooker aren't they David shows why that he's on top names in the sport guys that we do not know when I in the rain William he totally totally dismantles them destroys them. It really really really makes it a like a one-sided affair also he said he won't informer but seven former didn't sound like he really wanted him but we'll talk about that and brigadier what's going on this. What a what up so I chose to go with Ramirez? I because that was the bigger fight tank was fighting a cane a Mexican. I wasn't being disrespectful. <hes> any in my room shop to do so yeah man. I'm on Ramirez Card. I started with the welcome Hernandez and you know I let them know I feel that Hernandez got the win. I was talking about Austin Williams. I don't know if you've got to see the young Allston. Williams Renault improved at three no catch a left hook body shot a former amateur arrival that he had wh what's your thoughts on the fact that I mean for you. I guess three years ago they probably already just started started to do this but we're starting to see now the development of fighters you know to no one no Nikita ocoee fucking on my own boy's name. That's such an Akita A- Ah Bobby. We've seen him Orono. So what's your thoughts on the fact that we're living in this world where back in the day we didn't even see a dude on T._v.. Till he had like twenty five if you were good fifteen fives maybe you got on Friday. It is now we're seeing them. You Know Orono and do you think that speeds their career up because what I was insinuating is because of that they gain popularity network see the metrics and they start to Oh not approve these owing two fighters versus the big name fighter. Honestly I saw normal meeting all these big names and all these guys come come up. I've been watching Chicago. Come Up. I watched the whole twenty sixteen <hes> Rio Olympics in there's I won the first time that the world though I only time that I've seen a other classes come out so it pretty much like all knowing the I'm like Oh man we got all these young. Now I mean it's like we got a full card. So I mean when you put <hes> Arjan prospects on their ended this one thing he did bring over with him because he he's known for like putting this prospects on a car early on and just building up he did with A._J.. That it will waxy did it with a MacAulay Judge Kelley. I mean the kind of been let's go on and off so the man is all normal but it does put them in the eye of the of the audience earlier and unless the audience decide if they want or like that kind of firing on San so there's with no <hes> G- Winstons that <hes> people like to see the Kea Bali bobby fight and the numbers show that <hes> he said when you go on Youtube age he does good number so I just think that it just a sign of the time that we're in everything is so digital now everything is so visual now so if if there's no visual of these guys and you have three four hour card as a promoted the a disservice oh my hands off metro my hands also B._B._C. in my hands off to bring but doing it yeah no. I'm excited that this is the era that we live in because believe believe me like Bronner's I fight. Let me check it. If you know what I being too slow with it <hes> I believe it was something can terro yeah. No it was on E._S._P._N.. I think burner may be have fifteen fights. Maybe considerable had fifteen and burner hat eight. That probably is wrong. Brunner had more than me. I'm pretty sure 'cause. I'm telling you bro to get on T._v.. With eight fights back in the day day was Super Behar. I let see the screen shed as we got the man. Was this one Fernando Carreira. Maybe I was right. Maybe it was a face fuck. I feel like the Dude I seen him struggle with on E._S._p._N.. Was a black dude. Oh let me see how Fernando looking but now haning gotta gotTa pick what would that so like you say when you come in watch boxing eat never heard of these guys Orono. We never got to see that on T._v.. Oh hell no and that's what I'm saying like a youtube thing like that's new and great you know the the youtube streams of these fights and things like that we weren't getting that we just wearing in that but they heard our cries believe me we we were doing shows on that. Like why do they gotta you'll to Chen why I'm telling you and listen boxing listens. It might take some time boxing listens man and I'm just happy that I'm did that. I'm in I'm in the era era where I get to see Austin Williams because I liked that ring walk name. That's that's that's new. That's fresh AMMO. I like that. I like that and any work the post fight well. He's like I got to add more to my artillery. I like a like it to ano- talking like that to a note the crowd cheer for you. He sold tickets. You know I like it. Let's see it man. I mean again in other sports. They give you the triple a.'s and then they give you the major leagues and all that Shit they give you the fucking Homerun Derby in the U._S.. Versus other countries. We don't got that so this is our you know that you know Gimme everything you can like with tank. Oh my God the amount of youtube social media pushed it they did for that fight crazy in the numbers that he got for that fight on instinet holy freak like he buzzing he buzz and politically for real but we'll stick to the top walked out about about the baby nice rapper right now then you gotta son where Yo Gotti definitely got a buzz about it but back to the dissolve. There's all car <hes> ammo Yemen already did close. That's the first thing come up. You're just saying ammo nonsense what he's doing in their body shot man. There's a guy that he had previous history would end damage damages really really really good so excited to see him again. At ease putting together on cars man I know him what's my other guy's name with small but putting them on Carla Muslim so obviously I was sleeping Freddie Hernandez may one okay wait a minute Freddie Hernandez his face to Joe Rodney and as Freddie no because Freddie fought yesterday to Freddie somebody yesterday I remember that I am bet on that fight he for a midway or junior middleweight on the link lean but that fight got castle. You Got Counsel Yeah. What do you make us? I was looking for on the showtime Showtime Youtube page. I was going to go back and watch it but I didn't see it found out my I bet and slid yellow or something. That's just avoid son about what the put up speaking about betting slip. My <hes> sleeper fight of the night is next on the zone car. Tremaine tremaine mighty midget Williams undefeated rotten nation fighter people call him the next Pernell Whitaker. I don't know if he showed that in this particular fight my and I don't appreciate the pre pro hatred. I know soul and fun but I never picked the center and I was very specific throughout the many years in picking a Dominican what I did say. Is that the sense they knocked out a undefeated Dominican. You'll do it right to make refreshing updates to your home. The summer starting with your bathroom lows does it right to with savings every day throughout the store. Stop in today's shop our refresh for less kitchen bath event to get up to forty percent off select bath essentials including vanities faucets showerheads more whatever you need to make your bath shy do it right for less start with lowes offer valid or seven thirty one U._S.. Only you'll do it right to make refreshing updates to your home the summer starting with your bathroom lows does it right to with savings every day. Throughout the store. Stop I've been today and shop our refresh for less kitchen bath event to get up to forty percent off select bath essentials including vanities faucets shower heads and more whatever you need to make your bath shine do it right for less start with lowes offer valid through seven thirty eighty one U._S. only and he has been on a knockout streak. Anyhow undefeated undefeated streak but a winning streak for some time that being said he's still pushed tremaine Williams. He did not get the win the way that we wanted to or hope that he would because he was the underdog and we needed him to. Let's be real you got these sour Puss Bettas out here blaming me when I said Yo they're calling tremaine the next personnel whitaker but this kid percent has crazy power and Williams has no power okay now what William showed us is that with that straight left he wrought vicinity but percents as Wolverine by recovery allowed him to come right back in that round seconds after that and get mighty midgets attention so I'll say this I mean for a guy that people are calling pernell whitaker. The sense made him fight his fight. Cornell was not moving. He was not evading punches. He was was in the pocket. His post by interview said a different story that he was in the pocket trying to fight his fight without being hit but he was being hit he was being hit is just the sense as he was not accurate. Hey Man I got. I gotTA stop playing with my money. I'M GONNA be real Wednesday. I'M GONNA start watching these snickers fight because there's some I if I would've seen percents as style regardless of the power yeah well. I wouldn't have picked them to win on a bet but he still pushed the shit out. A midget need the pump the fucking breaks they talk about title shot next to they're talking about Daniel Roman right and that's not that's not route. I'm just keeping it real because Daniel Roman. We don't even know if he's GonNa win his next fight. Let's be real he would do six in Oh and already getting title shot and I never seen that do fight but I believe he's Ukrainian Iranian getting title shot. Mandatory shot like there is some reason. I haven't seen him fight but he ain't if for no reason that's for sure maybe the I._B._F.. His name is this is a fighter too is now. I'll just point out the fact there you know it was a different sanction. Do was doing something I would we. We had gone argument about that on on on last show. What do you mean I were? You and I talk about this you how to do was doing. I mean something I done mm by sanctioning body the guy who's six yoga title shot and when I was saying we had a long conversation about the last I'm about sanctioning bodies doing things for certain promoted but in your opinion it was only went doing that but you know we wingo. We ain't got a Google Liberal <hes> to see who is the Dude Daniel Roman man torey donate you matter but my dia dia leave. This is the one doing it might be like but percentay. I don't know him at all. I didn't even washed out just watching the pro and Nagai giving you hail the late morning Texas five in the morning talking about with the sin-tae Shit I am committee. I need to read them but I know shit about these that guy man so he'll now I- cosmic mighty midget by the title shot fat who might admitted Tra may Williams. Are you saying probably with international no no no no no no tremaine is nineteen no outgo year so to make up there I I like why are you got your dog good with come on highlights. fucking editing bre they pick an all the best shots then seem amy no breaks my way. I gotTA argue with you. You keep them. You picked big down. I'm sorry remember I picture made on the show. I picked you made on your show picking say on a on a bet slip. It's totally different different. All like people need to know how to separate the two I mean you're passionate about being upset because we go back to the bedroom but I waiting around man. It's all good good. Let me see my growth for a hooker. Quick Sayonara and gamble gamble. That's me right but I don't know if I cook on a show what pickled pig on a show yeah yeah I was because I was undecided. Man Impede nobody was undecided and and Bro Fuck Man. I really wish I would have listened to lemon not so yo ass listen the center now about Ramirez Manfred I had I had tank round to toys plus two and three. I told you keep them ahead of. Ah Wait a minute. Wait wait a minute. I know you said that but remember you said that after I I did such a great job letting you know who tank was fighting. I broke it down are you. There was no way Oh wait a minute. Wait a minute. My I broke it down. You go back to the tape to the show. We ain't got argue somebody clip. It is to know what happened so so you're saying you went I they. Are you saying you went. I I buy what when we started talking Saint Nunez Adam and he said might start being more more adamant so I started being more added whatever I'm just saying all I know is I took lead on that topic. I broke it down. I which I know with Nunez was fine. I'm the one told you he was fighting in fucking Panama. I let you know that it was there's no way he was going past three and I told you the rams one through three was safe money because it was plus money at one seventy five after I stop you said Yo Keith. He should've said one in two and three for what you me I mean you ban each hell yeah and I'm like Oh we feel the same but whatever you like to say what you like to say I guess so Tremaine is twenty seven in the world but when interviewed by Chris Mannix they're looking at title shots for him. I'm just trying to see oh yeah. He said that now about it they do so he wants now about other but we'll bring owned a deal or was it a long when the Dan Lewis Aussitot and you've seen him on since okay so they mentioned well he mentioned about. It and I believe if I'm remember remember correctly. Mandate is the one that through Rave August and Daniel Roman Adam again Daniel Roman. I believe mandatory has been called. I mean I think I just found an article on it but if he could slide a voluntary in it's looking like the zone is putting the field is out there for Tremaine Williams <hes> that sounds safe. Oh he did do some good avoid. Oh Shit Eh do more which before I give them a one more fighting between us into a timeshare yeah I mean you know there's some good defense. Defense defensive moves in and that was a puncher right. I don't know how big of a punch but it was a punch and he took them shots well any sense eight with straight left only once but he heard him that fucking left leg <unk> buckled and shook man it was good. I'm sure that he'll get better. This was as I you know T._v.. Tom Fight so with more television time. He's going to prepare more plus. He just got off Perot. He said but now he he could train he could do things he could lead a country where I have an axe and all that stuff so you know hopefully he gets better because he looks decent. Seven Pharma was up next. I'M GONNA BE REAL NO DISRESPECT TAB. I passed out like I didn't have to watch the fight to know what was going to happen and the fight you move around you. You you box. You find the Guy who took general character a drop both guys so. I figured it'd be John Kerry then he'd beat him saying so and you chose to go to war general care but you chose the box. That guy in the crowd really didn't appreciate it. They thought it was Kinda. Like luster born they started going so no disrespect seven but I do not sit down and thoroughly white. They're five Carla. Davis was not gonNA motherfucking out since guy should I don't stay tuned into and watch so <hes> but <hes> to to leak Kevin Quick Davis <hes> both guys did have each other in their mouth. After the <hes> the president seems like when Chris Manic ex <hes> seven about Devante Ponte he was more concerned about his handler than than actually saying yeah I WANNA fight him. He would just saying thought on that Vitam Eleby Nicolette invite him so I didn't like the body that's the truth proof though like up until up until now like Leonard other being floyd keep coming out saying that they not doing that. They're not going in that direction. They not worried about how far they not thinking about especially Alabi so you know I think the farmers just echoing what they've been saying and I think it's another approach to think about if you keep accent for sun join getting maybe if you start saying you not interested anymore because I feel like it did now right inge Ivanka come out and fucking finally say sevens name in his post fight. They've been going on twitter and stepped out on twitter but never gave Abraham. He never gave him the his got. All I got you put run down in Vegas about a year and a half ago. See Monkey was very very interested in there seemed like he wasn't making any kind of excuses now. You shouldn't worry about the hammer North Santa we would you tell but all the time say what you want to share like. The handler is the business S.. Seven I mean Johnson just reacting town was the first one of run down. Okay look it up seven ran down on your two year absolutely no you said You said Devante down in Vegas. Cabrera go back and that's why I got a confused because it was. It didn't happen in Vegas so you've got at the M._G._M.. In the harbor you sure I was dare okay. I didn't know but look so it just seemed like his entities done change at that point Devante in camp a clothing ella being the way that they said both they say his name they they wanna make this like nick so if I can be made next I hope that we are we getting next and zone and I still zone. I'll just say do you think that they're all of a sudden saying we want this necks because sevens contract is up because last I heard this is the last fight and he's will Lou Dibella who still got the phone calls from how how you never know what they're offering on the table for that unification now. I don't know I don't know about that but it seemed like a little bit two thousand farfetched or meeting on I I don't think they were worried about seven like that to to know his contract situation and now that he was going to be in his last night but I do WanNa see the fight between image of your flight been talking about it for a couple of years now needs to happen a loop Eddie the zone showtime may with promotions going to make their fight man. Give give him one fans and the East Coast North Philly is Baltimore as a big clarence right there man as big as too proud cities to pro city media in America too tough cities to Greece cities too hard city. She may make they should have the thing is they're going to take it out of the city. I'm sure I mean is going to be in New York 'cause tank. How many I need sickest the tank sale yesterday I think he sold a lot but they need a big arena five? He won't sell twelve whit Nunez with the foggy going to do with former he saw twelve with unions Jeez Louise that is a lot. That's a lot any names. I think anyone else other than con in Lamont did that much. GotTa Check D._C.. Army it might be only non thousand. Let me see how many tickets con make as much as that arena that was in yesterday. What was it the best ball team in Baltimore after being thank so you'll do it right to make refreshing updates to your home the summer starting starting with your bathroom lows does it right to with savings every day throughout the store? Stop in today and shop our refresh for less kitchen and bath event to get up to forty percent off select bath essentials including vanities faucets showerheads more whatever you need to make your bath shine do it right for less start with lowes offer valid through seven thirty one U._S.. Only the starlight lounge presents an evening with the progressive box uh-huh. That's you go tickling the Ivories he just saved by bundling home and Auto Progressive GonNa finally by a ring for that Gal of Yours Hugo sending my condolences this next one <music> in my all thank you because the casualty insurance company and affiliates discounts not available in all states or situations the only one in mirror than watching wielders but he brought out the people. I was thoroughly surprised that when I seem baby coming out with him wrapping Dan he really ears like a a figuring of started that somebody know O.`Neil Beckham joining these names like eight lists kind of like celebrities in their own right in their own giant. I'M NOT SAYING THAT LITTLE BABIES I. A list the whole overall but when it comes to hip out right now he's he's on all the the younger generation Tong nonsense and when it comes to a Beckham junior she everybody there but yeah man it was great to see great to see the city and support. Thank you this great the thing on happiness and really just soaking it all I I'd be happy for guys they get these kind of homecoming flights. You know lots down coming up shit. It was nearly sellout crowd of eight thousand six hundred forty seven and that's Khan and Peterson so damn shot out to ten thousand with noon years. That's good as good that is real good so then we kinda glossed over the Ramirez and went into take how the hell we did that. I was are about taking news talking about the Ramirez Hooker first round since big knock down more with trip <hes> but at the same my Hook I mean Ramirez with doing the cleaner more hardware Khokar move rendering eaten a hook. It made us dance every down again. It caught him wasn't good shot with their right hand. Just didn't didn't deter Ramirez for coming for a lower in the six roundly coca with a nice live hope Cauca backer straight up and he went to the rope saying I counted a punches on the replayed their landed the before the referee was able to come over and stopping so I like it was a damn good stoppage <hes> up to like like a Hooker `field saying this was right on point he was out on his feet and up to they've Ramirez really really shocked me. I ain't that you you had any at the fight with <hes> with the part of but guess sometimes you can't get everybody knows like I always say you can't be Michael Jordan every day but <hes> yeah Jose cited title to see what happens next fall WanNa see him against the winter reaches pro gray and Josh Taylor the rumor date and target date for them as our October fifth over in the U._K.. So hopefully next year we can do a undisputed disputed at one forty. You know the sad thing like if we're looking in the future for Ramirez that Loma Tanko while he's a star he isn't a pay per view star and these two are linked. Obviously Ramirez lost a little Marchinko and Marchinko it would be an opportunity at undisputed in another division which then being on the same promoters they could probably <hes> make happen happen but as far as its performance man who was just a pressure Ramiro Ramirez kept coming forward intelligently to like doubling up on that Hook Damn fucking hooker kept hooking with him but hook has success to men that one two three of look like he was put in I mean he lives up to his name hookup for real that one two three that level look he was putting so much mustard on wanted <hes> but damn bro I mean we can. I guess I have to apologize to Ramirez and stop doubt in them. Aghanistan <hes> I remember these Robert Garcia fighters and the most likely that they go to snack they gotta run going right now. Boy Plan <hes> Julia Williams <hes> these guys that over there that are using these neck of facilities. These are really really coming to the top so I got us. When I make my <hes> pigs from from from now I gotTa Take Into Consideration that trainer and what would the guy doing all time whatever they got going on over snag man it is working and shit or more boxes to come over there? We seen from Jose Ramirez. Look like how's it the Lopez against keep coming. Come come not not going to turn me so year. Okay I see I see how you looking at it. 'cause I was GONNA say Yo. 'cause you know the Robber Garcia camp has taken some losses like major losses this year too but I see you. You're talking the style like the come forward style and the fact that they all training together or they probably got the same tank engine style. I Guess I mean Ramirez definitely was coming forward and and what I always factor in is the level spawned that he's getting in Robert Garcia Cam. Obviously you know what I'm saying. <hes> he get the spot with Mike he getting a spot virgil it-it's so many good people is just S- flooded over there with talent but shot out to Ramirez man. I mean yo how many tickets were so for that one because savemore Senate has fifteen thousand all the time but I don't think it's the same price though say must be having less a price tickets but I mean I think Ramirez is earned day. <hes> go back to save Ma and you know who who's fight necks over there that isn't cry on different to a homecoming five for him. They GonNa pack that bitch out and go solar cars. He great numbers over. There is a sellout everytime fourteen sixteen thousand in the arena so I took a big home and fight for him letter on this fall yeah interesting bro Interesting because Bob was there calm already was there yeah and <hes> I don't know if it was a co-promotion I didn't see top rank on any of the banners or anything like that and Innomax and myself if they send Ramirez over there to get that bell is that based on the matchmakers believing Ramirez could be hooker or was that based off the offer the Eddie and dissolved put four four Ramirez because there was a headline out there by Ramirez saying that he's receiving more money for this unification fight with hooker than any of the guys in the World Boxing Super Siri you know so. He said his check is bigger than any of the money. The guys in the world boxers Hooper Susan One forty is getting and <hes> was it that was it office so good to Bob. Say is probably better that you go over there or was it bob and his and his handlers right saying now <hes> we know you're GonNa win because it just makes me think they got other fighters that they must believe in if they believed in Ramirez right like obviously the biggest name to come up as earl like like you would figure they would believe in Earl and sent him to go do exactly what it is so interesting and what makes you feel like they should compla- yeah. Oh Josh Taylor reaches pro gray who can only net. You'd think that we can't get that matchup. You just don't sound forecast from my what you've seen already from. Both guys who you get a favorite to the pin robots are super series is so if he could fifty. We got to see if they're going to actually have their fight because you know those guys my they might get out. I've seen no neto like yo if they don't get me a fight. I'm bailing so if no need those saying at pretty soon own program he could be saying that but I don't think that we don't get that fight. I think because as we Lou Dibella he doesn't have anything big doesn't have any big television deal. He's already fighting onto zone with the world by super series is going to be an easy link to bring him to dissolve problem is where we got the biggest bang thing. The problem is those belts are not in zone so if he's going to take the check to go to zone be the hooker champion champion again right Hook Hook was I'll take the money I'll be your champion and then you know they make the unification however they can and you get your money that way a little longer row but you might get the farm around two. They might bring you there and reaches get to have a bunch of showcases uses to not only honing on skills but collect some checks in until he gets that unification that he's waiting. He says she trying to like play around at one forty years. He's trying to get by the hopefully mealy Jose Ramirez within once I at the Taylor fighting any plan moving up on thing he really a no he's big for like one forty on San not far like statute but ages like a big a guy so they want forty seven on. I think I know he want that smoke with BUBBA. I don't WanNa see that I wanNA see him properly. Get acclimated to the way you know 'cause like I pay the bill going to being around a long time. I think he going Oh by the Martin Blue Lose the same do descend Felix Defy Crawford but the navato great in the fucking gold medalists far the amateur we see more promising my <hes> pity from from a program amateur or you mean pros farther pro life far the professional we probably lose a why but why because they halted Felix career Eh Diaz first of all had controversial loss with Lamont Peterson with world thought he won in the months so that's been a month pop for something different fight. I don't remember Google. Remember the MOM pop and forever. They may be the conformable. That's the only fight I've ever remember him popping four and after that I enjoy day kitchen so what was are saying yeah so yeah he thought loot or D. as one F. I. N._S.. How he got the crucify but that's what I'm saying like? Do you sit down Richard Guy and be like oh I got a title shot coming in. What was that a unification at the time title shot coming in from the other side from Bob Arum and his for this guy? Would you thing now give it to go. You know my man probably ain't even though yet as why if you read this if you Bella Union brings regis I know you gotta obligation but sometimes in saying he took it away read like they won forty seven then that's the thing he's got a presented that way. He's gotTa say he goes your title shot with Crawford but disowned is offering you three five deal right here. Let's take this cough. I still going beat it. That's I gotTa do it. You Dizzy bargains nonsense out somebody who fight listen. How does he redesigned almost thirty? He's close to twenty twenty eight twenty nine around still got two years younger than Crawford and and he's right there where he's right there were earl and we'll do a writing on saying he almost six before he turned thirty one and all this because I don't Wanna be typical necessarily hey yo. He's already with Lou. He should just go over there high because he really should just go over there. There's more belts over there. There's more fights over time. We've seen what we seem so you you know the thing is there's more bells. This wouldn't let me say I'm pretty sure that <hes> Lou is in God they can. I seen those fake rumors right and I flew he. He'll answer me right. I had you sent him on the big question guard but former fight about B._B._c. on the ship I just don't believe evermore right because like the basis of that rumor is that he ain't fucking with Al because he fucking with fight pass then what you crazy like these dudes that are talking is rumored. They don't even receive Lou Dibella email own the fight pacify cards the fighters they they like there's no way Lou close the door to open up a door for for lesser known fighters like we all know brewery. Boxing is separate Broadway way. Boxing is the easiest way to do Broadway buy into two to let you know what it is. It's like a Friday night. Fights show box type of thing speaking of isn't someone doing a digital series up fighter the thing now and know that WHO's digging day yeah yeah yeah man I thought I seen that along with an interesting article on streaming coming and the future of intriguing Argon argue article on gambling. I was very I seen that I've seen that and we could talk about it because it definitely definitely the satellite lounge presents an evening with the progressive box. That's you go tickling the Ivories he just saved by bundling home and auto progressive. GonNa firing that Gal of Yours Hugo you go send him my condolences this next. There's in my aw thank you progressive casualty. Insurance Company and affiliates discounts not available in all states situations. Hi It's Jamie progressive's number one number two employee leave a message at the Hey Jamie. It's me Jaime this. Is Your daily Pep Talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your acapella group mad harmony but you will bounce back. I mean you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool. It should be you giving me the pep talk now. Get out there hit that high note and take mad harmony all the way to nationals this year sorry it was pitchy Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and Affiliates Pricing Coverage Match Limited by State Law based off the article and just based off my own emotions. It's raised the level of interest in boxing myself for myself again like you weren't even on this this morning. You weren't even on in the beginning when I said Bro me and Mike was going to do a fighter for Joey. Dwells Roddy Hernandez for two journeymen. That's because of betting so betting definitely brings things in a new level of interest and in new fan or an old fan comes back so yeah man the fact that New Jersey in Pennsylvania have already adapted it. There's a lot of other states that are starting to implement it and it takes over. You know I have guys call them me weekly. Now you know alumnis like Yo. draftkings ain't working on my bird you could drop to Jersey driving turnaround around bribe. Don't even driving around me Jerry go to complex right. Mike and I actually enjoy yourself. The Way Nikki sound like it's a restaurant is a baller is all the fan duel one yeah. They got a whole lounge with all the every all the bells and whistles though if you wanna go to even go to van doing even use your phone and do a draft king so if you WANNA go to New Jersey in my opinion you you'd be yourself with the service. It's not a fan do and just checking out gambling yeah man. I mean look. It's definitely made it more fun for me. I'm fucking mad though Bro not only more refund but it just gives us more knowledge about guys that s who we don't know and I seem again down the line with over he had a fight with so so he was he no business and like the Gal Fault Pima Lopez who fight again he he. I'm thinking my he'll go to a decision who he they going to decision. Go wherever Bob don't give eat oh probably in Japan. He's coming up their loss Lina so we have to eat glad bobby herring gain that roads fight man Joe Discrepancy Man God is good man. Look at his career turned around brought like he got the eat though Oh fight and that gives you like you a true chant 'cause you beat the O._B.. Ito Beat D._A.'s right but do four and honestly if you wanna just like a pair something we can look at your meal heroin and look at their middle. Somebody Bijan we see level progression above careers. Oh my gosh speaking of progression. A lot of credit goes to bow MAG Brian McIntyre who now is taken over the services of Lee Trainer for Bryant Rob Brandt Rob is now going to be trained by Outta here. Oh I put it in the pre you fuck around around middleweight. Keep all around rob but now after let me get the details but obviously they both were in Texas. Rob Is from Texas and they linked up man and UH Brian McIntyre will be the trainer for the former secondary which means obviously the regular W._B._A.. Champ and T._B._B.. Patriot Rob Brandt twenty five and two seventeen Cao's McIntyre toll e._S._p._N.. On Saturday he replaces Aces Eddie Mustafa Muhammad in the wake of brand second round knockout loss to the Iota Marotta Aka Toyota Corolla that cost him his bell in July twelve rematch Macintosh said that he was introduced to Bryant through junior junior lightweight titlis Jim male haring who McIntyre trains after some discussions he I'm brant met Friday night in Dallas and made a deal Brent lives in Dallas and McIntyre was in town for the Maurice Hooker Ramirez Macintyre who is best known for Welterweight title as Parents Crawford Trainer and manager said he likes brands determination will and I heard he's a very disciplined fighter. I like working with discipline fighters and quote. There's a good look Brent Monson going to go on with a trainer who knows down turn around the Rick Career. Military who's been lied <hes> Lee Voice in the League <hes> informed on there and it's corporate a career so things are good. Lui's damn great look on Sanso. Hopefully some of the things that <hes> those guys have been learning can rub off on Rye Brennan. He just bring what he always bring all saying that bit hard Haryana work at the game just get better glad to see it in Haiti for Eddie from because I don't think it was entirely followed on ten weapon but sometimes sometimes you lose lighters yeah man the issue that I have with this news is he's changing a train every time he loses. I was GONNA say that but I ain't WanNa be like I was drinking. Look at the bad thing but you he last Bremer. You're saying you have their ganged any was able to God's to A._O.. Worth I don't even know it was a regular still be will sometimes consider as the world titles. Oh Yeah I think any didn't deserve it but I understand saying maybe WANNA fresh breath of fresh Irian maybe being around some ciders that that are successful in their way class money though right he was already in Campbell Earl Spencer in Derek James in Jamal Jamal Charleoi like and when we when we asked them it's like Oh you know I it just wasn't for me gene and that's cool. It wasn't for you but look whatever works man whatever works because I thought we brand heavy duty so you know we need to give them a shot. See what's going to work worked for home and go from there. You know let him do his thing. Obviously we seen the Brian. McIntyre can can really turn around a fight his career you know <hes> <hes> we've seen it with Jamal Heron we gotta give them the opportunity to do it again with our brand and you know the raw Brennan's with the right promoter if he sticks with McIntyre he might stick with top rank because you see the McIntyre brought inhering and then herring gotta deal with top rank Macintosh not only training but he's managing to this is not a game him. He's being intelligent much like Freddie. Freddie had his own management company as well when he was in his prime and Robert is doing the same thing as well so it's only expansion you can only be trained for so long and you can only make so much as a trainer so shout out to Brian McIntyre expanding his stable with some familiar names definitely some familiar names so you know credit to them and what else what else we got Ronda showtime Carter the Dearest Miller gets a decision over just a Rocca rathers corral like he was a job he fight. I didn't really that's Mike. Are you guys. I wasn't obscene. Take over then I did watch to watch though one thing I want to see the another time and time I three or four times vengeance like he does relieve that his hand goal doesn't really do enough in the fight so I don't know if that happened last night but that's that's kind of he plays the role of counterpunch and the issue with that is the judge Zero Kerala's Liz's not. I'm not going to call them. herky-jerky buddy shifts positions a lot like you don't know what he's doing. If anything it reminds me of a young Avi Fortuna and a poor man Sergio Martinez right he would like take his is leave. Put in place it to the left place into the rice like stepping up and right giving Miller different looks and Miller would just sit there you know he had a good success with his right hook but he just wasn't active enough. I mean he was rose more accurate than Jezreel for sure Jezero was a wild guy whenever he wasn't using his feet as defense right to keep Miller thinking he was using in his feet to fuck in Dart in in a in a manner that was going to lead to clinch because they're softball orthodontal rather there were both south poles but they were like clashing heads. It was just a lot of clinching very little action. They really couldn't hurt each other so it was I could see where it was hard to watch you know <hes> even for a purist but Miller you know the dairy is I thought he got the win in my opinion <hes> but I also picked him on a betting slip writing move onto the main event. The poor is able to stop ah man shocking to me. Stop <hes> Rocky Martinez Yeah. I was shocking to me. I didn't think still saying had at any but apparently wanted that. They're taking fighting. So if we don't see taking former I guarantee you take gamble Brian and you know off again boa woody get he got one big fight with the Crawford. I wonder if he got paid well for that you know because he was already in hot water with top rank so I don't know he walked away from that Rios Fi. I just don't know like I don't know Tom. Is he casting himself trying to fight tank will cause bray. He got one fight and you WANNA fight tape around me and it wasn't even a fight. It was to round so it'd be a big money on amongst Brigham and that's what I'm saying. Is it a cash out like because honestly I mean Nakae right like he feels he could be A._J.. That's why he ain't take that rush A._J.. A._J.. Deal like do Gamboa's does Gamboa's think he can be tank you know and how could you make that way. He's not making one thirty. He's not making one thirty bell. Oh no he's. I probably making their way that day. I think came in like a panel to over but I pay thirty. I'm even would check the way though that wo- I know they came in one thirty three and a half the other one one thirty to his last night he was one thirty six man. He Ain't been one thirty since two thousand sixteen chant away. I'm looking at the wrong name. Fuck I'm looking at rocky mountains but let's see for Gamboa. Gamble has been gamble was one thirty in two thousand seventeen two thousand eighteen thirty five and this fight one thirty two and a half so he he definitely in better shape he might be trying to get down to one thirty fucking crazy induced as far the topic about it. You've been cast Ke Kenny off but thirty was a better way from what I'm saying like. He was his best at twenty six. So you know going up ain't going to help them. You know when he beats Toledo he was one hundred twenty six pounder and as far as the cash out just think that game boy woah sport now don't think they as passionate about it and he was once upon a time he's thirty seven Holy Shit Shit Kripa Bona's right holy thought fought thirty seven fuck fuck and Rigo if he's thirty seven Rico by thirty nine seven in Cuba us your watching this on Youtube. Don't forget the hit that thumbs up with the visibility to show. lets us know you enjoy what it is that we're doing when we're doing. We're doing seven days a week my window. I want to talk about a little bit. Bri Tank Davies his hardest look how that left Hook Woke Nunez as well. I put him to sleep. Then it will call says up like Bra that we win taint like land on their whole fucking sexual or he goes sideways or the facial like they actually feel the power and no different than than that and I went straight up there really really got Iraq and Oh shit on Loma yeah I mean that's GonNa Hook from like his ankle okay. He's he gives why but he already got him. Hurt man is that the say wild thing is when they hurt he gets a little while not why you'll wide Berbie you right. He has very harmon gusting he can do who is stay disciplined acts for activity and just stay at that wait you know back in the day like poem Stanley own never moved up like this whole moving up thing is new like this is all new people never moved up people sitting they division in dominated. You know what I mean. you go out as the man in your fucking division. I won't have the one forty you do it right by staying on top of knowing when it's time to stain your deck and offense lows is here to help you do it right with the supplies you need and the know how to get it done plus. We even help you save because now when you buy one gallon of select boss bar exterior stain and seal it you'll get a second one fifty percent off the mail-in rebate. Whatever you need to make your outdoors even greater do it right for less start with lowes offer valid through seven thirty? One exclusions apply see store for details U._S.. Only you'll do it right to make refreshing updates to your home. The summer starting with your bathroom lows does it right to with savings every day throughout the store stop in today and shop our refresh for less kitchen and bath event to get up to forty percent off select bath essentials including vanities faucets showerheads and more whatever you need to make your baths shine do it right for less start with lowes offer valid or seven thirty one U._S. only min around again. Wow No mash I'm no gas will was moved up my one thirty five forty seven so then that may be a reason why we didn't feel old letter influx the graph moving up but match things like the sport is like insects. I will say this. I WANNA believe Bob. Remember one forty being around at least ten years that I've been doing this okay. I mean I think a half through those but we've been saying that that started early by the time they in mid twenties mid twentieth. You gotta move up away so I don't see any different from from think tank started at one thirty right. He's been areas Oh career. He might he might say neither move to make it more comfortable notes but the situation man I think it's like it's like a slippery slope along with the angles and boxing ability but I think teenagers you had your power that can change folks minds about maybe throwing punches as we see in such good feet is like even if tank hits them with one can he hit him with two or with low may be out after that and try to recover on using his feet like Keith Darmon. That's that's what we want to see. We WanNA find out can survive the thing Davis love and is a boxing ability of machiko. Maybe too much time I bet you after that though a lot of fighters are going going to you know that's kind of like the Aracruz knock out in border wall knocked down in Boorda was it was only inside and you relaxed you were waiting for the referee to break you up without calling for break and tank took fool advantage and that powers just game changing a do WanNa talk about because we switched the tank but there's this new terrorist Crawford curse going around. You've seen it no no they come out every every Friday. Take a picture with losing now they posted like <hes> him and Jay dubb's him hooker Karwi Irving on what he he did wrong but they put a picture to the he he do braids tall do always at the fights. Let me go Kawhi Leonard Not as man you know I'm. I'm not go with that Shit but let me see crop recurs Daniel Jakup's Jerry her easy money sniper right yeah those are just some of the nays they put like eight nine coffee ticket picture with these dues they lose where you can find probably on the Internet but to go yeah Yeah yes Clinton you know a lot of pressures on San Juan POW POW come around some God rise vacation there and get a title somewhere else don't <music> them but I do WanNa talk about the fact that parents coffered really really really stands on zone and just like sided St Mary's we all blocked <hes> we see we got two platforms to different <hes> promoters making a big fight tonight. I don't know no reason why we should make the Earl Spencer was cute and for the fact they they didn't mention him. He didn't take no shots. He didn't come at a DEROGATO- convinced what they want to do. WHAT THEY WANNA do not ain't what he said he says on about <hes> the shows that they think about what you sound like that? What did they scare you scare? You're thinking about you sound like that. He said <hes> I thought it was saying I like some of the shit he said but also if you've been listening to this show you know that I like to say I live in the reality that I live in towns. Crawford is obviously not living in that reality and reality is there is a cross the street <hes> he may not want to believe it but there is and that's the other side of the street when you have a sports journalists. That gets paid the amount that he gets paid that works for E._S._P._N.. Sports illustrated zone prefacing his question like that. It's because he knows that there is a across the street he's lived through and written dozens countless articles on Mayweather Pacquiao in that saga <hes> Chris Mannix has been doing ownership for years before Crawford was fighting so he knows that there's across the street but it was good to hear Crawford answer it that way to give that not a losing Jin but narrative. I guess that that shouldn't stop the big fight and you had dropped off earlier. When I was talking about this? I really want to repeat it but fuck it. Bob Offset Ramirez over there to zone right so I was asking listeners like was it that Bob believes in Ramirez or was it that the Eddie offer was good because remember they didn't go to bid was not like that. This was unification where the offer it was good enough for Bob to say Cool Ramirez over there and fight on dissolve all was bob and calm already who were present Bruce tramp wasn't there but the day sit down and say Look Ramirez is going to beat this guy no matter if he'd beats them here here or there regardless. You'll beat them then he'll bring the belts bat so what's your Bob say it will good offering and they like a one off Ramirez go there Kinko's stays on <hes> as the union the him campfire don't go to persevere also was a multi deal so that's very important right because again then then we have on the network everyone selling oh look. This is so beautiful. We were able to get this done but look what had to be done in order to get this done. It's like I our budget here. You budge there plus. We budge on this together and that's cool. That's combine that I want to be part of. I don't mind that but it just goes to show that it wasn't as easy as saying. He's the best. He's the best. Let's fight. That's not it which is what we want Crawford. We won't coffered to be able to say I'm the best let me challenge early but now hearing this from you that means he's gotta be able to do and they can do. It would Crawford Neuro. All you got what do your you're jumping abuse so we all know that very water going to be a dump pay per view in I don't mean join pay per view obviously pay per view but I mean a fury deal. You see they did a three way deal with this do a three way deal with that because because obviously Crawford alone is not interesting enough for out they have in acts for yet but they are interested in the fury. Wilder is his own boss. He wants that theory so maybe of how can say hey Gimme fury on showtime. We'll give you you early on a co-promotion are paying the money and both legs trump. I think is another money in both ice both sides. Both sides are happy and ain't GonNa do that. I know you like to say the money on. Both sides is there but we don't have anything to really kwan quantify that right because if the money was there then earl won't be talking pack you out next that's right like his whole thing was term. Impact I winner nets and and we know we know we got a factor into that's easier to make but if the money was better over there I'm pretty sure he's going to at lease because look at wilder right. He always knew the money was better with A._J.. So he kept trying to get that deal done. That's my point if the money's really bad over there why early ignoring it. I don't think that's the case. He's getting better money with Mikey which is a reported twenty. He's is getting better money with pack Gal who got a reported ten plus ten on the back so I don't know there's nothing to say that the there's more money in Crawford fight yeah. I do believe that there is bigger money to cover for cars. I believe that stands boxing has been screaming and clamoring ballot ever since I've been around even across forty they identify both of these guys possibly being to the best fighter is not on the vision but in in the sport the whole and people have been talking about this like even casual fans as I see a lot of sports media there are E._s._p._N.. Fox Talk About <hes> stance coffers identify people WANNA see now. I just think commotion that will be behind that will be probably better than any promotion of any other what the way to do you think Crawford spends does more pay per view numbers than than Earl and Paco. Yes I think coming up the he'll that it over PECCI. Are we going to have a lot more people. No no no no no no no but that's not what I'm saying because then that means that Spence's doing what he's already seeing he's going to do which is not what you want and not with the fight fans and obviously not the narrative. That BOB is putting out there but we know what's going to happen but that's my point point you see. Why are you saying we know what's going to happen? If that's not the bigger fight of cows not the bigger fight and it's not the big money. Why do we know the plants that P._V._C.? I believe that the crop by the biggest ibook we know how could be you're getting going Spence Puerto and try to put that pack y'all stance. I mean that's why I mean if spence porter got a whole to say about this especially aired by writing them off and Shit Knob ain't going today. I've been trying to play. We each Camp Kennedy Protocol in early Insanity Shit so <hes> Sean Puerto GonNa be ready for that spicer. We're not GONNA be fight but if if this were to win the yes I do believe that the fight will be at the mattocks totem last night. It's basis able to fight back yard waiting just a little bit longer so my whole argument is if the pack I'll fight Adas and bigger than the Crawford. Why would they go the pack Yao route? You've got the other bill you can make undisputed fight with the undisputed which is another unification won't be undisputed because coffee. We're still got the other bill. I'm saying they pack you offers in any best life part of the the Eisai Shit that they've been talking about from day one. Let me get all three bills so I got hold of a bigger position position new bargain room. I think it's different smoking now if they follow through absolutely said that but that's still doesn't have anything to do with the bigger fight and you won't let me make my point which is if Crawford was truly the bigger fight how and boxing history with how shows us that he puts his fighter in the bigger fight regardless awesome network regardless of promotional tie he done it with trout. He done it with Laura. He's done numerous signs while the tried to get him that that A._J.. Fight he's even going out you know while even told us he left and was in the meeting with him and Shelly something that he normally doesn't do so. I just don't see why wouldn't he like he did with mayweather impact yeah. Why wouldn't he talk about or see if the Crawford fight really is bigger than the pack Yao fight you know I just think that that narrative is trying to sell that? Crawford is the bigger fight and they're just not doing it because P._B._C.. Wants wants no because the same narrative is both ways if if they're just fighting pack coutts have another belt they can justify earl to have another bell especially if earl is attached to a bigger fucking check according to you but I know that's not true ICU moving <hes> Bob Arum eighty into it about the franchise <hes> little topic on Santa thing bobby hats. I think both guys were they had data data points known Serna said a lot of similar things that we've been saying bobby artisan shot about shots eighty about the whole drug testing fiasco and the B._B._C. and you can think of had nature then they not sandbox at a lot of things that we said Oscar we should have been notified as a disservice to him and as far as everything else I mean we've seen before from Eddie and bobby and those guys do do do great business together. They do come together on a lot of things but sometimes and the media they each other have. I don't think that's a bad thing or not only entertaining but chose the the fine in engaging side of the motor in good for the people to see yeah. I don't know if you watched it all or if there's different interviews or what but the video that I've seen with Bobbin Eddie was more than just franchise champion <hes> he slaughtered Eddie the face with the Dylan white you do it right by staying on top of knowing when it's time to stain your deck and your fence lows is here to help you do it right with the supplies you need and the know how to get it done plus. We even help you save because now when you buy one gallon of select bow spar exterior stain and seal it you'll get a second one fifty percent off the mail-in rebate. Whatever you need to make your outdoors even greater do it right for less start with lowes offer valid through seven thirty? One exclusions apply see store for details U._S.. Only you do it right by staying on top of knowing when it's time to stain your deck and your fence lows is here to help you do it right with the supplies you need and the know how to get it done plus. We even help you save because now when you buy one gallon of select bowel spar exterior stained sealant you'll get a second one fifty percent off the mail-in rebate. Whatever you need to make your outdoors even greater do it right for less start with lowes offer valid through seven thirty one on exclusions apply see store for details only fiasco and the fact that rebus wasn't notified a told the he clown ooh CAD and BBC and <hes> insinuated that hopefully nothing being scandalous happens in Chango Luke Campbell Fai so yeah it was more than champion franchise champion but credits Bob he obviously listens to the show felt out? You know very very very the <hes> identical to everything that I was saying on Canelo <hes> and I just want to echo that basically kinda paraphrase and these are the words he used was like Canelo is Canelo. Let them do what the fuck doc once he moves the needle that much you know he said. I wish I could promote Bonello so you know Bob but I I liked Baghdad. Bob Did what he did. Man Eddie didn't even try to respond to rebut instead. He played it off like Oh you know that's what I like about Bob. You know he'll he'll shag you off in your face but it will call you to make a fight and that's that's how he was able to switch the tone into the whole Loam of sill bullshit <hes> but he was very evasive and deflecting when it comes to the Oscar rebus and dillion white positive testing situation which is crazy to me that we still don't know anything that there's no results on the b-sample or they haven't pulled to be sampled to test it crazy crazy crazy crazy that okay and eh B._B._C. Acted in that way Frank Warren's. I'm GONNA pull up. Frank Warren's <hes> article did you did you read that. Have you had the opportunity which won his rent worn his rent on the river situation pretty much echoing everybody saying I mean I guess us but I feel like it means more when it's coming from frank and Bob Right and and I said this earlier when you weren't on show that I know these guys working together now right so maybe they both got that narrative Halos both go out there and say the same thing. Maybe maybe not or maybe it's just them being old-timers in the sport and realizing that what happened is just fucked up bottom line anyway you look at it but Yeah Frank Warren Shit Okay let me Screen Shit is Frank Warren Lauren furious that reverse unaware of whites tests <hes> and it's pretty long this fucker. He likes to right man. He's got his own column. I think on BBC five or some shit like that <hes> but let me see let me giant jump around here right okay so darn fight we dillion white was informed of an adverse finding in a recent anti-doping tests and nearly all concern were made aware of this also so billion new his promoter Eddie hearn has admitted he knew and the British Boxing Board of Control and U._K.. Had were obviously in the picture as who had are exclusively appointed by the board to handle all anti-doping matters under the World Anti Doping Agency Wada Protocol normally under these circumstances. They boxer is immediately suspended. And is given seven days to respond up the two samples taken a and B the b-sample is retained to be tested at the request of the boxer at a later date if he refused the findings readings in the sample in ace simple so I just want to stop the first of all is giving detailed information as to the due process which is something that I am I enjoyed reading reading in education power right so anyway in the meantime the press conference continued with as if nothing had happened and they continue to sell the fight against Oscar Rivas to be broadcast on pay per view strangely most athletes wait months to have a hearing but on this occasion a hearing took place on Saturday morning which was kept kept secret for reasons. We don't know but the one person this should have not been kept secret. Excuse me who have not been kept from is Oscar Davis so I don't know hey look. I don't WanNa read the entire thing but it's definitely worth the read because I got to find that part. Actually it's because of this Billie Joe Saunders things so he says what we we've got now is about turn from hearn in contrast to his reaction when Billy Joe Saunders was deemed to have failed a vodka tests for using a nasal decongestant while own on while out of competition which is permitted by U._K.. In the eyes of U._K.. And the B._B._C. Bill was an innocent party and had not broken any RUHR violated the Wasco oh but hearn when it suited him and his agenda vocally supported the stance of the voluntary organisation and insisted everybody should know about it resulting in bill having to vacate his world title now now we have the cloak of secrecy thrown over the whole issue furthermore what have the vodka tests come back with this time and why has it all been conducted in secret all right so I won't continue to read that but you know it was on the ship misleading also guys it was cooled over in in in the U._k.. Which is fine and Dandy but if I was not taking place over there rebus in dealing white so the fight was taking place in Rhode Island and in the State of Rhode Island they they use the vodka of things via had that shit that was taking band and the fact that he was in a row Allen Colin then you can use that ship over in the states now if the taking place over in the U._K.? Everything would been finding Dan in you would never heard about Billie. Joe Senators even even Costa filling a drug test. No I get you but I think we're frank. Warren is trying to say is that billy was within right in the U._S.. Excuse me in the U._K.. As long as he's out of competition and Dan when vodka obviously found him positive but luke had was saying that he was innocent. Due to their rules you know Eddie obviously took the stand Sevada because it would benefit his fighter defy further vacant title. I think that's all he saying like now. Eddie is choosing to say oh UC had approved them so I've I let them fight you know I think that's what he's saying like when it suits you you rock our U._k.. When it don't you don't I guess than if not one day we'll have to interview them? I'm where else are we going. Champ Nick bucket o the mandatory own Andy Ruiz live petition to try to get his mood up going to be able to fight. I put it seemed like before the end era weeds and Joshua rematch can go on the way probably a chess moves from from Bob removes or something like that Yemen be interesting to see if the I._B._M.. Really does that you know and what would happen right would like does Andy half to let beat like does he have to allow himself to be strip because he's contracted obligated to rematch or I don't. I don't know I think the same petition that are pulled up. Put in any earn team might putting in trying to that the Abbey of give them a a exemption for the remeasuring and we say them do before we kill Brooke and I think we also seen them. Would somebody else I can't think Matt have been pulled up to pull my josh mandatory. We twice in a bottom one time with the time before that <hes> pull the something had on. I don't know but they had to find somebody else and things like that but yeah man I don't. I don't inspect any W strip I think they'll be full district Andy in Nike that big money in the rematch from all those sanctions fees so I'll be of don't care but I don't think that the mandatory that Nicole yes so for this year so it could be coming down to pay one. I think normally because the I can't believe they're doing all this for pool of man I mean Pool B like Samuel Peter's Huey fury to get a shot at the title settlement and and you know what I can't be too mad at that because you know big baby probably beat the same around level fighters and he was getting shot and he was already mandatory but he missed his spice so I think he really dropping the ranking. Thank you so whenever he'd be probably with. I write back up their number one he he's been having ranking debut for many many years. It just seems like they would yeah. No I remember one time. He denied his status versus Joshua Riley. He was supposed to Jocelyn then pulled out right so I don't know he's this is what he was waiting for the right opportunity and that's what we were talking about a little bit earlier with with some of these other fighters you know you don't need to be rushed pool level on the other hand. I mean he's pretty old at this point. I think he's like thirty eight. Maybe thirty nine so clock is definitely Tikkun my my my thoughts on this is just I don't WanNa see the the I._B.. F- interject themselves into the situation allow to play out the way that it's supposed to play out we were supposed to be given a rematch allow that to happen not only for the fighters sake you know <music> but for the fight fans we enjoyed the first fight it was unexpected and ended up being fucking cracker. Let it let it let it happen again. Bro <hes> but yeah man. That's that it's news notes deontay wilder says A._J.. Loses the rematch which is obviously what we're talking about and <hes> I mean he's been saying that you know we did a show earlier last week or this week to pass. Whatever saying that wow the recommended a tune-up might doesn't think that I believe the tuneup is better because I believe A._J.? Is a franchise that can suffer a loss thing about it that floyd and Cannella loss avoid. He didn't get into media rematch he rebuilt and he's is bigger than anyone in the sport like just rebuild A._J.. You don't need that shit sanctioning bodies trying to get involved anyway. Fuck them. y'All he so big he gets his Co.. Defy anybody Bro. I'm telling you you have to do you twenty thirty million all of a sudden they start paying you five. What's the difference five versus Joey Dee Welco plus pay per view upside and shit like that who gives a fuck you know but I hear you man? I know Mike Stance. This is something like you know what if the do wants to be grade or thinks he can win and all that and that's that's admirable man but you know generational wealth man the way to get that is rebuilt and come back to the old A._J.. That was dominating thoughts on that news and not my me <hes> thank you hit it right on on the J.. Imagine any it earns there will be no interim. Place in the in between all indications are that we will get every match in in the fall Mickey Bay Lincoln with Andre Rosia any thoughts I kind of touched on this while you were not here glad to see Andre Rosiere coming out with his management company. Thanks good for him. <hes> thank you can really <hes> sill divided what he dealt with any Jacobs put him in a position <hes> getting some good wealth under his bill and I'm glad to see Andre Brassiere expanding his portfolio and the Frank Warren Ladder. Obviously I read it your thoughts. Are we already talked about that Frank Pretty much br bringing forth what we said. Travesty debt remains one notify a B._B.. Of C. You guess them explaining is planning to do and should be held accountable to Bob Aaron completely the fuck off with a interesting with barbershop conversations. He talked about Shit Bob with not happy camper talking about like wearing a duty to the fighter map to Rivas even contemplate on what he wanted to do. I get a option on care cleared him or what it cleared him. It just doesn't make sense not to give me the option but who knows senior rob at gunpoint in Mexico shocked about this guy can walk down the street in any any blogging co beloved so but for me the reason travesty it just really a travesty I hope I hope they didn't know who you do it right by staying on top of knowing when it's time to stain your deck and your fence lows is here to help you do it right with the supplies you need and the know how to get it done plus. We even help you save because now when you buy one gallon of select boss bar exterior stain and seal it you'll get a second one fifty percent off the mail in rebate. Whatever you need to make your outdoors doors even greater do it right for less start with lowes offer valid through seven thirty one exclusions apply see store for details U._S.? Only and no an ad from dad all right save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with with progressive gotta take these off right. What is this this wow? Where did you get this? I'm talking to you with the hair yeah. Where did you get this good stuff solid? That's not the near that solid pilots now progressive cats eighty from becoming your parents but we can save you money when you bundle home and Auto Progressive Casualty Insurance Company affiliates in other insurance discounts not available in all states or situations who he was shot in the dark Vaneau you would that was Joseph Mohan Rob Rob Religion and that that's that's what I was saying early. I don't think he was on. It's like Damn Bro after one hundred or something fights you know being synonymous with boxing forever fighting for your country like you should get a g pass. You should get a g pass in every hood in Mexico. That's like Yo. He's untouchable like that's fucked up man. That's crazy bro that that that he got right like I thought that was junior when I first came across news in that may sense because juniors a fuck up but damn bra the father that's crazy but we met him. Yeah Hell of a good guy man. We had a great interview with him. Everyday math perimeter touchdown a programming Taylor the B._B._S.'s targeted for October feel <hes> Kenny Puerto said earlier shape and showing Puerto Been Training my ma key Ito back on September thirteenth in Japan right well. Let's go out to the callers. These calls are brought to you by El Camino electrical services experts in electric vehicle charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation visit us at El Camino electrical services dot com remember a two writers five stars on itunes subscribe to YouTube dot com slash boxing voice for the latest and greatest interviews with favorite fighters going out to big supermax in Texas talk to me what up man that that a Hooker Ramirez fight was was was a damn barn burner man that was that was a pretty good fight to see <hes> I definitely feel would be dynasty. Rematch <hes> the seven farmer <hes> starting to believe that he he can't really doesn't really have anything for tank but what I WANNA cut down is <hes> is I believe else next fight seeing how the pay the numbers do will determine whether or not they could do co pay per view Nah <hes> Mike I know you push for that but there's only been really to Major Co pay per view co network promoted pay reviews and you know with Mike Tyson in Lewis with may impact you but Pekka Mike Tyson with a besides no fights weren't doing fifty thousand us on pay per view so earls pave you fight is successful. He can do another three hundred or so <hes>. I wouldn't see Fox tag having a reason to do this split with E._S._p._N.. And Making a CO promotional pay-per-view why should we why should we put you in line for fifty fifty when you guys only bringing in one hundred fifty to fifty thousand eight hundred fifty thousand buys when our guys doing doing a steady three hundred plus so <hes> I think I I think we'll be able to get a clear picture if that can happen come September but other than that I totally agree with national at the other day whether we like it or not boxes of business I and that's just the way it is sometimes but that's my Gabu Joseph. Thanks for calling him brother. We going out to one thing. They're going to get a real quick good argument but at the end of the day we all know dance partners are are what's important in his board of boxing. I go to a very very popular guy. I'm a big nicest today. They're nice and popular guard that goes by the name of good night economics we see him do low numbers by several view we send me we seen him with Jacobs but we also seen when it came to that big fight with Nello a guy who did up million with Chavez also did a million with which would g so the right dance partner partner can either be familiar with what what Jean four hundred thousand con four thousand with Neil. It's easy to dip. Even though it's still could mellow doubles to this all Mexican a fair Chavez. I big money triple guy that we perceive it and the Big Punch the monster of the division big money fight airless parents intense proper won't be any different case. What's your dumb confront with the it was going is show boy as money? Mr Does all the box invoice two thousand nine hundred Rickie Eddie Year and yeah it was a great fight ness. I'll tell you about it all week. It lived up to the high the fighter year the fighter two thousand nine hundred thousand does unification boat Maurice Soccer whereas this Jose Ramirez Arrays. Somebody has to go in happy. Jose Ramirez delivered the Mexican style undefeated champion. You know fire where Chappie he did it for his country. He did it for Mexico more results. You put tremendous performance your family. was there your kids cry. Guess what you have tonight. You did it for your family and you put on the final year on Metro boxing and yard Haiti was at the Fight Will Smith Farris quote Mike. You'll find your fighter Sarah's corporate the way it was a great night of hype lead the the N. G.. K. would tell you why we did. was everybody else they <music>. We say why the greatest fighter we did that getting nuts. I'm jealousy weird. Money would energy all the time all Mr T. C.. Maybe it was good much mistreats. That was my favorite song back in high school but <hes> let's talk much of David. That was a beautiful fighting man like I mean I I kinda thought for a second that it was a quick <hes> in <hes> that they call it off a little bit too quick but when I watched it a couple more times he did KINDA got knocked out while standing standing up and <hes> ten farmer. I watched on his lives back in the day and then washed out last fight you did. I don't like his style and China like dot e posted his thoughts will be take less punch of do more damage but he takes more punches Devante Take Davis and ten farmer. I just don't see how ten `Pharmacon beat Gerard to take Davis 'cause we need to dodge those punches in this term far get hit one time. I'll I don't know it only takes one one punch to into fight and <hes> you know that's my car in three first time. What made you go to again it in man on? There's one of the best life shit I mean I'll tell you the tickets rose up so I was I fucking go to Canada and <hes> I went to Vancouver females encourage you want to my fucking survey where the ending ungrounded that brought up is crazy crazy. That's my call Mr P._B._C. Mass and that P._B._C. money out in Vancouver. I hear you champ. Do you think that best life man. Let me see what we got. We guy we going out to Brandon Cincinnati. Talk to me. All night was good loud and clear without cut chant job. <hes> gotta get my crawl was right about the Ramirez Hook only got wrong with gamble at the gamble with Ramirez Benakka not taking the win say there was about decision. I just picked him to win but <hes> yeah to gamble but defy tech attendant is a fight I've been wanting to see because of the twitter shit back and forth needs to come to an in they need to go in and get it in settled at Schick. It's like every other week they going back and forth read any initiates split and get it over with <hes> Sata not way cropper cropping zone lasagna acknowledging a champion is showing the proper respect not lynette bre network should get away at US looking for that and it's funny because I was watching the fight this morning that went out last night. I didn't get the shit last night. I was fight. I am I old lady bigger mess land. You know I'm telling you like man but acropper undisputed chat you know he won this one that she like what is undisputed me and I'm like what do you want out of that. Everything he eat only wanted to do that it Nah it too and she was like people to do that. I'm like yeah and I started thinking right. Ben At brain up Chris Shields Name when you talk about undisputed nigger going out but this is for Queen. Mike did Forgot I started thinking like would've fighters ness undisputed on the road and undisputed and what they haven't come. You Got Low Machiko with a clear PAT on the student. You got the one forty division on the clear pep undisputed you got book comforting Alexander who have been disputed and with all that mccown no AL hand. Is that a Arnie or is that Samantha everybody on the puck undisputed affiliations. You can go to answer that when I got. That's my cop brandon. Thanks for calling in <hes>. We're going out to clemente. I mean I thought you opposing to unite imposed to me. Okay go ahead and answer my question on you know he never even adjustments amend the hey. How's it going without nestled up <hes> Mike Going Home Roberto Clemente one of my favorite baseball players that I really could? I never seen a <hes> yeah man. <hes> the I was real happy with the fight last night. They were really good. <hes> especially the remiz <hes> the Ramirez <hes> mighty Mo fight <hes> was shot. I was shocked a couple of times. I was shocked. I <hes> I didn't expect I I didn't expect to knock out her and I also didn't expect your Yoga's gamble at a knockout rocky Martinez and <hes> it's not because I <hes> all my parlays had Martinez winning the fight light bill but now man I'm hungry greedy and I'm right there with you right there. Were two. I wasn't expecting fucking hooker to get slept man fucking Mabro because we got Alex Lemon. You know we got Alex Lemon and he told us about Andy fucking Ruis he told us about Ramirez he called them both by knockout but his bias doesn't let me believe him ever yeah yeah yeah man and <hes> the with with Iran T- <hes> what I what I won't want what I would want for him out of want him to fight a of Burchill oh. I don't know why nobody's calling out for that fight. He he's Mexican so you know if he's <hes> he's GonNa get more popularity for for beating Burtel then he is seven farmer. I think ten former is going to be a would be a boring fight. I ca- Kevin would make boring <hes> but <hes> <hes> yeah that those are my thoughts on that while I recommend him and thanks for calling in we're going out to to me go out to miss the lemon. I won't deny the Aussie production. Mike was what about man exciting night about seeing last night man. I'm scared if I can exciting time. Believe I say that work. I can't believe because I believed it from from day one man I I admitted it was it was perfect. Man I mean Jose went in there. He demanded his five he went in there and and he took that belt and any with with a knockout electric knockout there's no doubt and and he lived in determining their boat. I mean even after the fight you see it in his face. The face of champion man this guy ready ready for for unification OUGHTA belts man. We're talking about undisputed. Bring bring the next born regis. You'd better get past Josh Taylor wherever I get passed out by first before we started talking borrows. Hey man was a great night. <hes> thank you do it right by staying on top of knowing when it's time to stain your deck and your fence lows is here to help you do it right with the supplies you need and the know how to get it done plus. We even help you save because now when you buy one gallon of select boss bar exterior stain conceal it you'll get a second one fifty percent off the mail-in rebate. Whatever you need to make your outdoors even greater do it right for less start with lowes offer valid through seven thirty? One exclusions apply see store for details U._S.. Only you do it right by staying on top of knowing when it's time to stain your deck and your fence lows is here to help you do it right with the supplies you need and the know how to get it done. Plus even help you save because now when you buy one gallon of select bow spar exterior conceal it you'll get a second one fifty percent off the mail-in rebate. Whatever you need to make your outdoors even greater do it right for less start with lowes offer valid through seven thirty? One exclusions apply see store for details U._S.. Only put a a lot of our. I wish we would have been some money on it and I've been happy for you. Guys <hes> Alison guys over here they want twenty three hundred five hundred and <hes> not Jose Ramirez. Let me tell you maybe the Freddie Roach going to all the years a Freddie Roach learning learning what he learned from Freddie then learning learning what he's learning from Robert Aggressiveness May is taking Jose to another level man in fact he does the the best. Would you agree that the best we've ever seen. I mean you gotta say yes because this is the like his highest level opponent. You know that that's that was my issue like I didn't think he could get the knockout because you know as big as not guy was fucking. Mike Reid Bro my yeah yeah I mean I would expect more now now with Robert Glover Garcia training him out expect more and and <hes> I mean I would spend reaches to get knocked out regis. We're just as open all the time and I I would go with Jose for our against reaches <hes> great night and it was all on dissolved. I mean that's crazy that I got the networks are doing that and I know they're saying that that they did that. Little Swat with the low my Campbell but let me tell you the the fighters have to be willing to do that because they always do this thing and dance song and avoid Oh boy major matchup like that like some of these other fighters are doing that we see I but I want one. I think reform done yes. They're shot out the Jose Ramirez congratulations man bugging the Chatman People's Chat <hes> A._l.. Lasting <hes> what did you think about break cropper being an opposite corner. He was back in Maurice Hooker. Who Does I mean that's all storyline? Man Bud don't have fighters to Fi- Jose's at one forty his next stop op is one forty seven. He was an Olympian. You know he's a unified champion. He's building his story. You know same thing like regis who isn't on top rank is trying to link himself to Crawford to be that gotta get the coffee fight. <hes> you know that's a story now. Hey picked against me. You know you didn't believe in the whatever I it's a storyline and when when when Jose moves up he might get a fight right speaking Jose's bro Ben Evita's I A._M.. Getting locked up for car racing my yeah yeah we've seen it doesn't not surprising follow David Benner me fucking muscle cars and no you like they kind of ship in the car world gotta couple Nice Nice vehicle at that but yeah man not a big surprise me I thought he was injured. S Wi fi my boy Lewis collazo but he I had doing donuts issue you in your engine. You do dry. I mean it depends what Senate but let me go out to pass supporter on the in the Nola. What up was <hes>? What did I mean? I'm Congr- Br Congratulations Ramirez Not Stop Acting like Ramirez look fires last fight. I mean this when he looked focused but his last fight. That's the reason why people without no so that last call I mean yeah you got. You know you believe in them but he looked at spiffing there last night. Ah last night on V. man that's Su he called Ruis by upset Him in him and Liz low was the only ones calling in San like you said that was that was Mexican buys. That wasn't I <music> imagine me call two boxers from the wall and GonNa win. I mean come on now like Ooh over hooker like a big aw was the better box of but I thought I going in and fight like all the people have been very defy so I think it was you look you do see Hook it through a couple of punches where they have muscle behind it. I was surprised is marriage is eight so doing any also closed each round like you said he started around in close I around but let me the vowed to saying last night. Show that boxes you gotta pay attention. 'cause Levada was fighting. It wasn't like Devante judges prominent <hes> he called like do have confidence to do was walking down devante what scares devante actually like to see him in another good fight you know <hes> on one thirty side in <hes> Erbakan get young age I answer and he gets answering. Don't be don't be scared to say Oh and Mike Man stop lying. Bro Pack is not going to sell more. I mean Earl Earl and on bud is not going to have more than pack out <hes> the Earl right now pag outdoor five hundred thousand bro come on. I liked Mike like this. This is the part where we want this. I don't care what arguing G. and butter to different people at least for backyard we only but only has a top rate of the top rank the people do you WanNa bet no but if I better when when they're if earl site then we'll competitive numbers it all depends on when they fight if it does it does depend my brother if early pack you out and getting do a bigger numbers because of the pack out of fanfare at the but if you find them before well he's not gonNA have it'll make no sense for you on the other side anybody do lower numbers potential. Why would you help out another <hes> promotional company only time they do Co.? Promotion winners like a million a million have buys and it's not going to be a main advisor early on but right now. Stop it you you. You want a million so you telling me early and spent right now. I think I think no no no no. I can you ask a question. I'm trying to yes I I believe when Ireland and in a in a book dewei pay per view it will be over a million buys all right boomerang for my mastermind big supermax talk to me actually agree. I think if Crawford and Spence five right now it doesn't do over a million buys. <hes> you know the the neither one of the names are that big yet. <hes> not even spins to go back to what I was saying earlier. Mike you yeah yeah the death mainstream T._v._d.. Undisputed you gotta get up. Do you guys watch. I take sports guys. Watch uh-huh Yes yes but that's those are sports. Channels at the mainstream may may like five covered by like C._N._N.. Fox who what channel is not the same thing my sports of course Michelle sports if people are fantasy sports than that they're gonna go to a writer own thing mainstream. Not Everybody's a sports fan and that's why channels like C._N._N.. Crowd up bring group group that here the only thing go Joe Rogan U._F._c. guys talk about ways man you you you know my car. Let's talk about my comment. Not Everybody listen to breakfast club and you said you're correct. The best partner makes a difference but those fights were on the same network. Chick Chippucci was on the same way now five Fox and tench Crawford on his own kate. Do One hundred fifty thousand pay per view buys more than that but L. Spent on an average with anybody can do at least three audit. Why am I gonNA split with E._S._P._N.? And give them fifty percent of that when we can do more than than what out them terms comfort won't do that with anybody else but it act after September the number and their the U._N.. Bidders line so for you to come here and say that they won't do it when they will be WANNA. Give what makes you WANNA cut in another network on half Crawford what you do if tange qualification you have what Arrow does that with anybody else but air on a consistent basis will do at least three hundred why would he is fifty percent of that because we know it's a bigger fight and it's still not what the me purview buys lies at this point. What sense does that make for Fox and P._B._C. but like I said man you the same aerospace and does that fifty split in that age for either? That's my call big. supermax got who's next troy in Baltimore what up brothers name who was not the previous call about the caller before him he did ask you very good pushing with me but one if you chose to answer wise it that he was coming casino. Necessarily I mean in general might just in general question Maurice. Tell you who that question. What targeted for it I I? I WanNa talk form but I I pretty much got his drift. You know what I'm saying so you can't answer because he he he didn't he didn't he didn't specify who we want to answer your brain instead online. He's not on not on the line back then. I'm expecting you accident. Bring on you exit a bring on brain choice call accident to bring him on online. I didn't say bring him only in fluctuate but I do apologize. I start a time over appreciate it. I'm just curious if you know when you choose to answer it or cancer is good listening. We'll see was off for built. Were edited question the asking why why do P._B._C. fighters all the undisputed champion we gonNA move on with that. One word ends. You got a lot of feedback back <hes> Troy my one-word answers beyond a wide muted my one word answers while there was three separate. What did I mean? I mean you let me speak. I was in the middle of saying that was three separate negotiations with wilder to make undisputed disputed with Eddie hearn and that has nothing to do with Bob and everything to do with Alan Eddie so he said that there was he said mentioned any undisputed or role to undisputed. It's and the road road yes he did say road and he said the key to it is none of them have ow which he's wrong okay so no because Spin Spencer not undisputed <hes> but said mention option one. He didn't say mention more than what I in even evening tonight. Just go off Nick asser even better one week. Okay yeah three belts. Okay let me the road to undisputed exactly and he's across the street. What do you mean if he's a now Hayman fire? He's already on the roads. Undisputed muted. He's got full has the other built in need. You got across the street talking about a Halley. Don't drink it all periods talking anymore because your time's up <hes> me and Mike was talking about a heavyweight you access to answer the question. I said well he said Ruis both are Al Hinman fighters. I just don't mind using that. They're saying that weren't bill. I know the the ain't but I like <hes> thing in the Chat J. rocket but we all know go to boyd not interested in making by got full of bells now. He got to stop this suspect Bobbio and everything that they stand for actually day. Would you hold obvio- higher regarding the W._b.. Owing no I didn't I said it all depended it all dependent if recognize it and listen I remember I did so you. Your memory like combined combined together sometimes so member said that if how doesn't recognize the W._T._o.. Then he might fuck with the I. B. O. Because he probably going to need need another sanctioning body and it's a business. That's what I said that day but <hes> we got stainless on a boomerang strict for those what attention deficit the street city coming with me upcoming. y'All Devi what what what I don't know another Mike Ness then I'll tell man and doing another weekend blocks in there <hes> this is kind of off topic but your idea discuss this so only only gave a special shut out to barbershop conversations. I noticed this is not his platform but but I know that he does listen to this show here comes again lunch Lupi the same old same old or are you ready to take a vacation from the ordinary. The new Jamaican Jerk Turkey sub at firehouse subs freshly sliced smoked Turkey breast crave ably sweet mustard sauce and a hint of Caribbean seasoning just five fifty five remedium save time order the new Jamaican Jerk Turkey sub on the firehouse how subset firehouse subs enjoy more subs save more lives to speeding locations limited time only plus tax prices vary delivery and I've seen the work that he's doing kind of how about the turn question we ask her as far as the destroys transgressions that seem to be going on with the second sample of from Dili White and get real answers to it and just pissed off any her and gets when he casts questions that Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah that was pretty good the one with Bob and Eddie I think both of those probably some of the best interviews is saying this weekend any two nations this is about to like. He doesn't allow shoot down so like I say settled down but I was saying all platforms given worse than the people just just like to the number one <hes> boxing podcast on the same. That's the box on wants to this weekend spice. I didn't get to see all of the Ramirez Hooker <hes> <hes> fight and under car 'cause I know Pfizer coming onto. I don't know what's with zone and putting them price on his latest fucker possibly Mabley we had to go gotta get up at full. Were there was still a good night. That's why not tax might like doing the fight chat. I was already had my title everything these fuckers put these fights. It's on later and later I was just talking to my lady today like Oh. I'M GONNA have to make coffee to watch these fucking fights and then we start the ban like copied shit I go. They crazy with this shit man. It'd be almost one in the morning and watch Friday crazy man. I thought after a home <hes> mayweather <hes> was one man McGregor pay with you because you remember that came on so late and they started talking like we just going to start broadcasting earlier and now you know ah I I noticed that it's just Zona top ranked. Doing you know I don't I don't WanNa disappoint things like that like no not bright but E._S._p._N.. Like showtime with to <hes> so so tom usually come on about eight nine o'clock. I'M GONNA I'm on central time right now. You'll saying I'm not I'm not you say what I say. Come on a non wasn't during the main Van Gogh. Don't get to buy them thirty yeah but if it come on at nine hi in a in usually that's because those spice go twelve rounds you know vice as we are not going to be unpredictable. They can go go half around and go twelve grounds but have you starting. You'll fight at ten eleven o'clock at night. The WHO's going to be up to three vice later eight or to eat a main event but as used that booming Rodnay seven. Oh what's going on doubt. Hey what what a man first of all these as negative here talking about our Hayman fire thing aren't impositions but unification's go eggs either WANNA know fighters getting their fucking here punch Stan. Would they rather get them out heyman checks or were they rather be sitting in line for Goddamn unification making a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a fight. That's all I gotta say fucking unification given that money <hes> the next thing I wanted to talk about it suffices weekend hooker disappointed me and <hes> tank. Davis did his thing Teva seven former was born in his hailed as usual but he box good now. I WANNA say this. I WANNA go on a little rant real. Quick <hes> I'm getting tired of these black fighters and I'm pointing out black fighters in particular because these motherfuckers are super athletic great fighters great skill and they get beat a lot of time simply be a lot of time simply because they don't work and I ain't talking about working in training. I'm I'm talking about in the fucking rain like they're simply getting beat because they're being out work. Not Because of the fighter is better they they don't let their hands go on look pretty with gold chains and shit on between the fight is going to other fighters <hes> events instead of getting in there working their ass Ramirez simply be hooker because he outworked them. Hooker was named some good punches launches. You obviously see he had a better job. He had the better right hood. He had the better right hand but every time he got on a roll he led Ramirez beat the shit out of them and when you watch Robert Easter in bronner walk around Brian Looking like a fat pig talk about how they did a net and great and then motherfuckers Oh and five and they last five fights but because they won't that they hands go. I'm just tired of a man he's black fighters there and work. which is I o four to three and who you are now oh three and two throughout your right and in all these motherfuckers newest so oh so so <hes> near the last thing before I go <hes> read the super check because I didn't have time to go to get on Mike Morita supervising for Mike? That's no way spence. Crawford does more shaking my head aerospace versus chance Crawford this three hundred and four hundred three hundred and fifty two four hundred babe of you've is Earl spends manny Pacquiao those five hundred six hundred fifty url spins versus the does four fifty earls Acropora one prediction of the first fight poverty about eight nine thousand second into a million half and if we're blessed thirty five speak about to Mike also said that while wilder would do a million versus fury right or would you say six hundred six hundred six. I'm trying to pay off and we really I think if I were coming up a little bit of luster luster nonsense do something with Tall Martin's parts of being a theory opponent which is that Sam but while to give a big knockout does fury get the tune in why is he like what the fuck speaking of fury. Let me just tell you something right. Let me just tell you some facts right because fury's this fake star right the negative eight hundred thousand were for ticket sales in the same arena that Thurman impact took place meanwhile dollars eight hundred thousand bucks bucks and a pack but same seats same night but one of was play as a player right. I let you sell it but there's no come on man. I know dark alaister. She owes pack. He forty years old fuck out. He's still are selling your ass. He still outselling you. Pack Young Vegas Thurman Permanent Theory Sports exactly exactly no no no let that be less eight hundred thousand because you fighting people we don't fucking no show west side with that bullshit shit man tired of that they listen he got to do something more. Victories ain't victories do something fighting tune-ups child my back to Charles. Dr Martin is not an opponent that I want to say thank you level and Charles Ain't GonNa get it. Let Charles go fight obnoxious shit big babies some shit in. The the Joe Call Vile Y'all with them about brothers. What might what net joe a man trying to beat this Kelly? He man hoping we don't handle our brother. Yell sat out to the boxing gods <hes> Hey al Nope I'm just living in the moment man but I think this year is better than last year we and we haven't even got through the the ended his year yet but US having <hes> fights <hes> every weekend man shout out to the boxing Gods So San Jose Ramirez <hes> and Hooker Looking Man Hooker you first defeat brother you can bounce back wings on your way. I know it's hard losing your home town with sat out the Jose Ramirez man he did his thing man. <hes> I thought it was a fifty fifty five from the beginning. I didn't get a chance to call in and Thursday my pig but I was gone for a hooker though but shout out to re Ramirez shut out the Alex limit he'd been repping him for a whole year and a half probably sit but <hes> devante Dave is good knockout man amen. I wanted to see this guy in the fight that we already don't know who's GonNa win man. He you know it's about time you step up. I don't care who we fight that fight but at least give us a sixty forty five. I'm tired of going in knowing that he's going won't be to win already and I wanNA speak going with Andre Ward said about the same day way in or I._B.. Pack I agree with him is GONNA force due to fight in their in their <hes> the way class they should be fighting and and John Name for what the I._B.. Pacman because I don't see the same day Wayne is GonNa Happen. That's more realistic but <hes> it adopted from killing yourself China makeweight man. He's those we should only spiders manny date body through hail just even make way even before we would him the same day way and didn't work in the past because people was sucking down twenty pounds to fight and then trying to rehydrate twenty pounds and I._B.. Will be better yeah but that's the thing I better. We simply do who is doing universally fight as won't be able to do that if you can't fluctuate more than ten on fight night. You Ain't going to be fighting in that way. You Ain't GonNa be finding that way instead of instead rbm during the morning they do a fight night weighing. You Ain't win ten pounds over one forty seven. If you of four forty seven parallel you better be wearing one fifty four and guess what that's how I was back in the day you watch Bradley he he was like one hundred and fifty four pounds in the ring hundred forty one hundred fifty two even even even Ortiz was a little heavy he will come in sometimes Victoria's coming one fifty six I think on finite and we was only joe the way about it. We were able to see that on H._B._O.. Sometimes because that was Lampley thing you know he started getting his shown but go ahead what you said. That's fair man. That's fair. That's fair. That's because I liked the bre. They gonNA cheat more because they don't care you could come within death you what Debbie training themselves any and that's my point Mike. If you know you're GONNA have a fucking boost pat that you you get. I don't think it's a booth pay everybody using they on the planet view man is a boost pacman. It's full of vitamins in nutritious and we know that's not fight is no no if my father wants to be healthy. Tell them get a fucking nutritionist. Why gotTA cheat get everything? fucking trayvon reform was universal then not cheap if it ain't it would have been already in the game is about Backman Day I._B.. Or something like that before I aromas of some shit like that no facts I heard with one fight one five so that that doesn't even make a point Zane Day way as was taken out because people was draining so w._B._Z.. Push for that the but if they if they monitor it if you like it's not hard to tell. We know what these fighters way. You know you know how much earl for instance ways right now come on man like Brad you gotten more recent photo. We know he say star Camping one seventy seven. That's just the bottom line whoever whoever the powers that be that Aren Shaw's need to decide so how much fight is how much weight is safe how much way to save if earls thirty pounds heavier than his division is that safe if they deem no and you can only be fifteen pounds heavier when starting within that's what it is and the same way W._B._Z.. Does thirty day weigh INS fifteen they weigh in same day like they could do checks on every fight and we could keep them within. We don't gotTA DO I._V.. Packs niggers will be gambling. I promise you that but my biggest listen the biggest fighter people career they take three steroids at a time you're going to tell you ain't gonNA fucking sh drain themselves within inches of death knowing that they're gonNA have a fucking boost pack. Come on man though I'm not with that. I'm not out with that at all. He say he was done. We go into stunning New Jersey. Talk to me on stunner going once twice three do I._V.. Pants other sports are able to to use it. I know people boxing as like a gladiator sport and people get hurt but hurt in other sports to all I'm saying just makes these guys are hydrated. Mentioning God had the proper liquid around the brain and again in the ring a lot of different things go into having that I._V.. Paid Charges Me WanNa guys make weight or being tested before why give a fighting Avi pack give him fuck invited test you fucking universal should do I totally agree. I in every Friday should be twenty four better. Go Fuck and be nurses this same what look the fuck off V._p.. Yeah terrible yeah. I'd say these already alley doing a they came date. It's Ain't nineteen seventy five new age. Thanking people are trying to make this sports eighth either going to get to the same day or they committee gadget with rb. PEX are like it's going to be the ladder but the issue is that they're trying to make it safer due to the fighters causing this danger. Stop letting dude start can't forty pounds above their division is simple. Listen Yo these sanctioning bodies our nonprofit. My you know how much money they begin talking about forty thousand dollars per belt on fear what I'm protect somebody's sanctioning bodies nonprofit and he got subsidaries. You Know W._B._Z.. Cares and all that shit tax write off left and right breath. All I'm saying is you dead. Money is right there. The money is right there. You know they need to listen W._B._Z.. is so powerful then the candles local commissions anyway fuck they need to become they own sanctioning. You know not only body Book Commission. Look at the shit that just happened with Davis and now W._B._Z.. Bell is online and is mentioned in this this scandalous fight imagine Ribas would hurt. It's going to be something that Congress don't have to do the thanks as far as an American way W._a._B._C.. You fill that void because this money to be made. If you become your own commission more man baseball back in the day I mean they need to do it but whatever man look good is what it is. We're going out to <music> stainless on a boomerang talk to me. What's going on with the man I just WanNa touch on what Chelsea at the first off shot outside of blacks and Guy School we have had Boston them every week here this year and a husband a boxing little complaint there so I do appreciate that <hes> but I think that's had a better idea without with the idea you know maybe not that I had at a fight with instead of doing like the eight A._M.? Maybe the afternoon <hes> you know sound like before they leave for the fight you know saying wait a minute and they not a win. Something like have coming. You know what I'm saying like like like <hes> two three hours before the arena actually the opens up. You know what I'm saying for fight night way or something like that that would make more sense <hes> for what does this healthy for the fighter. I mean when you when you drop into drain away like that you still need to recover to wait back on. I want you can't rush that he would think about it from the business to say. These fighters do come in day Friday coming in five pounds over them than what he has to say. I I did do check baby. That's well. That's normal. One time when we go see Erik Morales came in ace and we'll be a case we start exactly just like with with just like with thank Davis when he came in over overweight man. You can still getting the place position. I can't remember the big fight stainless Buchen. You tell him the big fight. We're a thousand a million dollars per pam. Oh Chavez challenge the same day night. Somebody say I'm not fighting in the be over and promote is GONNA lose money so that's why I'm seeing possibly contingency. NOBODY'S GONNA lose money to contingency plan same way core above stepped in for Jamaal Charles. He was already training on the codified as noted that when we we talked about literally three hours and hours notice yeah contingency plan. We wanted to come up with one glad you think. I don't think that I don't think we should help them Chee Chee and in the universe. I guess that's all you with the caller feels the same way he feels the obvious cheating here here for yourself different opinions true this is this is a four hundred debate in in a mob rebuttal on telling you this too many opportunities to allow things to happen. were out of it'd be added into those I._V.. Unless it's something like a sailing was shearwater you go to those same problems no matter what when oh you are we talking dirty. I hydrate up man fuck all lasette eighteen. Fuck Assay. Lee is like staying said next in you know next thing you know you find some is sailing pack in the Locker Room that contaminated had all traces of fucking Ma Fuck and red bull shit now be I just WanNa show you something. I know Mike and be able to see it immediately but you guys can look at this two weeks ago. Look at this picture thing. Let me just zoom see that see that now look at this this picture tame man. How much did this hell two weeks ago? How <music> own listen might even if wade him that we but we know that's a promo and we know promos get shot? Maybe weeks months before the fight and it's still the same argument overweight man fighting in the division struggling to get down. It's the same miss wait I showed. Did you see his face on the twenty one. I was looking skeletal. I'm not sure because he's look skinny or skinnier than the fat. Picture is how skinny look at his teeth. Kamal number is dangerous. The weight cut is dangerous. That's why we need. I be better know why we don't eat Avi because no one that you got the I._V.. You will struggle to make the way more because everyone is thinking advantage so I'm the big man I just got even Tevin look crazy at William Bro. He looked crazies. He'd be suck thin man. I don't I don't know how to do it. God bless them. They better be careful. H Money Boomerang Charlton Aimez neck. That's a boxing is all about the fighter year to fight a two thousand Nineteen Maurice Hooker versus Jose Ramirez. The veterans are undefeated. snus lived up to the hype. That's low boxin is all about unification bouts me different networks meeting up and making big fights <unk> own zone. You fill me just like Andy were ways versus Anthony just just like the onsite wilder versus entity Joshua the biggest fight in the history of arson is going to happen on dissolve Anthony. He's GONNA got a knockout Andy release and we get the biggest fight deontay wilder the greatest cider obey the best fighter in the world the site wilder. We're a guess what hanging he's getting. They don't know we ain't GonNa White. No we don't want that. He signed with the wrong promoter. Come on this talk about a man I hate he may the next one hi weather better than Floyd Mayweather Sugar Right Litter Haiti Promotion D._A._C.. We're here this yet. He may seem like you like. We're that you find everything. Shut off the d. not M._G.. Jimmy Jimmy Right. We're going to ring lids low. Talk to me I and then <hes> I give my shot out to bow depreciate the ring of my guy on. I did a advice in this game. I <hes> I did I gave him. You know one. The three round this shit I on the yeah we're talking about earlier about Leonard Elegance. He did have a different energy. I and I ain't GONNA lie. They kind of made me enough Kinda. He didn't make me mad about it because I understand guy trying to make him a superstar and whatnot but that bought out doing what he doing. He going to be a star regardless him so I was. Hey I started not like Linda L. O. B. for real. I'm like man he go with their Bush. Now he wanted Thompson. They don't need any hearn all this and don't know tall like their shoulder like Cologne for real man and got them like I say put him on focusing Ryan Tang say he won't got them Tevin get at negative and that's how tangles stay or flows. If he had Leila Situation I mean not like big night but like him going in. That's cool now ten and got different energy now. He's like Oh shit now now got now. You know tying one fight Tim's on I ain't worried about not. Isn't it see that's another the thing about prolonging the fights like I say A._M.. Visa Shit somebody at the end of the day like Wow d he likes. We'll fuck it in. I ain't gotTA fight you. Then you WANNA fight me. Fuck you angle fighting and he'd be understandable but I just won't do. I understand they put their lives on the line and whatnot shot. I dig it. I dig and dig but default need to give us the fights now reason I triggered about Crawford and got now early because I earl had made it clear where he tried to do. I aim at Kabul at aim addict but like okay do what you do minding McKee fine doing what I gotta do. We'll meet up when we meet up cool bean so to the other champions. y'All get like Oh what's Reza's program. I liked the way they bought. Were talking when his interview guide them right. Give me with your call Oh. He said he wanted the win of Hooker Ramirez. You know what I'm saying like. There's some good she going on. We gotta make sure he got down fights having avenue my understand a S._B._C.. Bushy understand people on day money I did well. We gotTA Hattie fight one forty looking real good now so we got once one four to seven one forty hail one thirty and we got a lightweight lightweight. There's cranking up. You know there's some good she'd come in like. Let's say we get in boxing match every guy down weekend. That's what's happening. Keep bringing us this Shit Josh just keep the bullshit away from ice sheet. You know why fan shaking in my Yagi page on Day like flooding y'all foot wood Baldi one hundred there's low <hes> we're going out to on the mastermind boomerang was <hes> was a I wouldn't I wouldn't buy but probably my here. We need to stop back like this. Coming together was like the best fighters in the world. All the reason why look Mraz went the other because they had to me like it went like they had to get a million and a half because they fighting the average fired <hes> during a beloved fight the average fighter so this is not like no earlier bud coming together so we need backing like these two big top names that just came together and everybody else needs fog online different circumstances so you they gotta do different things so that's all right and I kinda agree with that man definitely not on the same level. We're going to make Boston talk to me Yoyo Mike Neth can you hear they include all right yeah. Hey man up and let me tell you something I think people so underestimating potential tank first of all with you think he's top five Alpha found skills. You can't name firefighters in boxing who has better feel since then take carry it but within Bisi secondly didn't do in his whole coming on pay did a fourteen thousand six hundred eighty six. He's he's just a fifth largest boxing cloudy here. You know what I mean. When todd of four Tyson theories down I'll close and he only did like five thousand six six hundred something you know they try to force low more down told no more? I never had a crowd over three thousand. You know what I'm saying. This boys got the star power and you know some crazy of course if you're the demographic devotional is predominantly black city. That was the first time I've ever seen a predominantly black crowd <music> out to come out for boxer bugsy and it was oversold which means they had <hes> standing on now. You've got rabies stadiums right down the street so when they have a major major major major fight I bring it the Ravens Stadium guarantees you. He goes forty fifty thousand. I'm telling you this kid so people want him to fight Loma Lomas one thirty five they wanted him to fight early. Let him get him getting through back. Get All the bells become undisputed then he can fight Loma then that would be a huge fight ten and tendency fighter of the caliber fighter people who comparing him to Cornell <hes> Cornell about <music> walking when you see guy. He's trying to disrespect Cornell's May. Are you kidding me but man. I'm telling you the tank if you're not and let three hours down role while you're in income down there screaming. Why didn't you go through the fight alot while I go to see tank fight noon Hess appear man laughing? I'm not laughing. I'm telling you right now. I'm not driving four hours spending a tank of gas and eight hours on the road to watch Nunez fucking kill music to round knockout. I I would've would've been a waste of time to round knock while the business how when you have this was doing what I never heard any. The New Year's never heard of course. I you know what I was excited to see. I didn't go to fight Arizona. You'll probably male win but the paint is a you know I mean look. Let's be real man tank dorm across been dead man people started hating on Crawford Nike and find Nebraska No more but he was selling thirteen fourteen thousand Nebraska easy twelve thousand night. You know the low with Echo so yeah man. I mean look again tank. Thank is all that in a bag of chips be. That's how I am now. Girls snacks bagging a data used to be all at in the bag of chips might but <hes> yeah man. I mean like if I Nunez Man. I'm not dropping eight hours for Nunez for. I'm kidding me. No Sir Slug in Baltimore. Did you go see tank. I hear you man. We work in man. That's what I'm saying. I was working last night to N._F._l.. Asleep on my way to finally get off that speaker. We're going to let you go man. You know you alumni so I'm. I'm a deal with a one most second but get that we go. I don't know yeah but <hes> a quick question for you. Do the come on man. The sound like you swallow twelve month look microphone when he talked illness. He Loud Shit. Oh it's all about as he liked blown yeah. He liked blowing my speeches and shit when anytime we listen to be at work you should not all of a sudden they come on man. He's scared her whole laboratory laboratory. I would like what the fuck you know be recorded the fight last nightmare in <hes> you know tanks debris you're supposed to do you mind in <hes> you know I really wanted to see him in there with the name that was under fifty cent <hes> debt gamble yeah yeah yeah yeah actually look good last night mind. You know what he's supposed to do but rocky Martinez no measurement Matt Nagy Martinez was a bum before the champion Eddie campion and after the damn he lost the guy bands out what is needed retire. Man <music> pounded the canvas when he got jolly he was gonNA pound a Catholic schools that they've been in there with tank that would have been a great fight man and you know what that layoff man. We gotta give Gameboy at least one or two more fights coming off that layer before if I take my tank a beasts may only putting mcgann both yeah I know I know but you know all would have been a good measurement Tang good measurement foot tank but let me let me make this before Gogo already but you know he's become a champion and Gambar like Florida like a gatekeeper. You know I start you know Dan. He's still about what point opponent than me but let me make mister euro quickness. I WANNA see motherfucking <hes> pack. Ya'll fight Sean Porter. That's the back by the way he wanted to get a win to do that. We have we go out to Santiago in California was going on coming back. The border was September fourteenth taking on big supermax Texas would do not much man <hes> so hell of a weekend of fights and hell the past two weeks <hes> I went to catch <hes> backout backout Thurman theaters in Burbank was completely sold out theater and universal city was sold out so I'm not surprised that they pretty well and then like brutal knockouts by both you know Gamble Davis and Ramirez Ramirez <hes> Ramirez probably being the more impressive one in my book just due to the fact that like honestly coming off the the Saucedo win. I I was concerns because of that reach that Hooker possesses but Ramirez what he needed to do I I had a hooker winning <hes> so I gotTa Take Crow for that for that one but <hes> I look forward to seeing the winner of programs Taylor taking on Ramirez to see who's the at that point that King of one forty and being with one of them really and seeing which one of them really separates themselves from the rest of them because <hes> I someone was making parallel comparisons to bud but even even though they're not on the same caliber of fighters these guys have been fighting <hes> I think Ramirez could be or Taylor Not Taylor or program could be that next successor at one forty <hes> obviously with the P._d.. Scandals and the fighters that we've had dying not a good look for Dylan wide or any other users combat sports is a very very tricky situation where it's probably the only one of the few sports where you deal with people having really really massive weight cuts and I can't really we see you know in the in the immediate future like what they can be to curb that because you know I think the W._b._z. in the I._B._M.. have it right where they try to find ways to like. Keep the fighters in check California's been doing something like that where they're constantly weighing and relaying fighters just to make sure that they're all waiting not an unhealthy way because they are seen as unfit to participate in in the competition but we'll cancel the fight outright so who knows Dell's what can be done at this point but hopefully something to avoid these tragedies that we had because <hes> it's a fact thing to have to like see these guys go out there put their lives on the line and then not just only come out short but not even come out of it at all. All you guys have any questions regarding any of the topics feel free to shoot other like that's my call and I'll try calling on the next border war show well. We have a super chaff from Joseph Big supermax opponent who says Yo US mel food on the line has tax timber fourteen yeah. Well enjoy some good food. After the fact <hes> I just hope he has those hands insured if he's going to try to punch holes in me because no fighter as without being injured even with punching the well they go let me get out to my boomerang in New Jersey Jersey me what up was good fellas what upset yeah now not the man listen great job at all been doing man. I feel like it's been a minute but <hes> it has hooker and yellow man. I've been getting my ass kicked man between work in the summer. You know what I'm saying fucking trying to keep the kids busy all this shit man but you know we've been getting a lot of boxing. Oh Oh man that's the one thing we all can say we all agree on that. Shut out the INFO Joe Stainless Santiago shut out the youtube guys man always staying in the fuck and mix man <hes> Ramirez Hooker surprise. Oh Shit Outta me <hes> I mean honestly like I was up on marine hooker. I heard more about him from listening to the show. You know what I'm saying. I I wasn't really up on him like that. <hes> then see Ramirez Ramirez. I really really didn't really think much of them. I think I'm not talking about like disrespect like no class. I'm just saying like I really was never impressed by my size. One forty 'cause one forty when I look at one forty. Sometimes you forget about who's there because sometimes sometimes I forgot the call that said it but sometimes you looking at like one thirty five and you looking to see what tanks going. Do you look and see what you know. Lomas going to do you looking to see what them cats do and they look at one forty seven so without bud at one forty one forty guy that Kinda got a little bit law. Even though you got the <hes> the boxes super series but either way one four years is Kinda bumping right now you know take and gamble is not a good fight at all but I want to ask this. I'm I'm just throw it out there and then <hes> Shutout Cherry Pie but <hes> you know if gambling out they give New Jersey you stay. We'll have a strains yet. I sit as a struggle. Sometimes Eh for real struggle sometimes now shrewd businessman though we're talk <hes> Yo this guy fucking on you know <hes> a gamble. I don't think he looked all that good would and so for anybody that think Gamboa's looks good or going to look good against tank then why people shitting on bug coffers win against them because at that point I know is a fourteen month layoff and he wasn't really you know what I'm saying but I'm saying like he can't look good at this point in his career against fucking rocky Martinez and then turn around and Shit on on buds victory over him and you could say 'cause it's bud but I disagree. If you're trying to say then he looked all good anybody. You're saying you look good. He can't look good at one incident. You look like shitting next moment so Gamboa's honestly shit. That's who you say. He was trying to cash out against the cash out against tank right main if he really gonNA fight tank nice this cash and that's what I'm saying. I really don't see like you know. I mean like he could be done. I I was GONNA say gatekeeper now the off I four rounds. I think he'd get knocked out. Gamble always been Chinni. I don't think nobody knocked them out. Maybe Crawford gotTA T._K._O.. I'm not sure but like he always been Chinni lessee of <hes> DEVANTE CA keep him down right like he goes down but I said. I don't think he'd been knocked out like that. Mike now I think devante definitely put them down but you got it. You know seven farmers. I I fight out. You'll Gary Russell. He'll Gary Russell up. Gay Rosewood arms is too short Gary Russell the can't do with that <hes> I I said put them in. They would tear female. If top rank is that big on female dome and they're not a female. I know that <music> Shit like that. That's another thirty you keep thinking at thirty five thirty he would seven and Birch out but yeah I know I'll see take moving up that fast but <hes> if he ain't getting nothing at one thirty I mean either way 'cause 'cause at one thirty or he really got on that side of the street. If you will is a farmer and that's zone but I'm just talking about like in terms of like free agent fighters at one thirty eight much when I don't want to see a move up. I don't think she's a move up. But what else is he gonNA do at one thirty. That's my call. I'm highs a tight now. Oh come on man stems Yossi Brand into my yo before Al Him and got into boxing. We had these problems. My man before I got into the boss wasn't even know fucking. Black fighters man dudes dude as great as winky rats can sit around so they fucking late thirties to get real fights like that's which I forget him because our made it normal he made it the fucking normal for black fighters to be popular on TV and commentator but in the past show me that shit show me show me we'll fucking black Friday H._B._O.. Had Oh roy okay more man terrible. Yeah yes so so fickle. May I forget so quickly Marcus Talk to you box invoice mag good man. You know I feel like fighters and you know I won't see no sides of the street. I think they're saying in verse. Show will be a Greek fight. Don't even think about whether they're lying. Is I listen to says agreed fight and I think they Asian make that happen to them. I think is easy. You know I think at one thirty <hes> tank tank thing is the guy that you know at one thirty you know <hes> you know all on another side of performance Tom you was you WanNa fifteen thousand in Baltimore. One nine go to be more fight data sharing that was unfortunate but not Bingo but shot out of the box dogs invoice shut out the tight Davis mad great fight. You know he's really either proud like really and <hes> you know there's more common Ernie man and I think he got bigger fight coming up. I think I think having to Mars come back around Outta visit Raton. I don't know if that's GONNA happen or not habit but I know fight though that's a big fight. You never thought it was going to lose tomorrow yeah but I mean thirty only only quite that I'll say I don't even know I call it. A fifty visits Berge. Oh you know other than that. We asked them to step up to thirty five and take on on the Chanko take on <hes> Devon Haney or take on Robin Easter. You know what I'm saying. You know we we get we get preoccupy like you said we forget so quickly like why we're so preoccupied with making people do it now. He he at one point time see like he couldn't make the way but I think that was outside distraction because you may wait really easily for this releasing for this so I don't know I would like to see in the virtual to be honest but u unify them get degree strapped to go with his W._b.. And <hes> you know go from there. Well thanks for calling in. Let me say my man as usual T._v.. Man D._C. in the bill to me you know we do T._v.. For like men I'm out Mark Is D._C.. Calling and we're GonNa Hurricane Ray in Miami talk to me everything man. If is there anything other than that we still we still shining meant. I wanted to touch on that because then you got the goods and I don't know what's really left a farmer man. He's GonNa smoke them out of the water. I don't know why we looking up to us by like it's GonNa be like like the next like the next fight of the year some because he wanNA smoke that due to reform the goods like that man but what is the next level opposition decides to reformer obvious opposition for tank. You know he's gotTa step it up man. He's he's he's nice smuggled out of the water. Another thing is my still. It's nice to his recent would up. 'cause I WANNA I wanNA touch on this because we always talk about how Bob Arum there's a lot of conduct business with with P._V._C. and yesterday Crawford was talking about what what fucking street are we talking about crossing the roads. This make the fucking fight hat. We are on a brush up on that right because it doesn't play the narrative but the fact is that we need to make this fight hat and bro we make we need to make we see truck. Tears fight fight else thanks or supported the wind up but you know we got that title with the mixed now but you're honestly Bob Baharom and the we share that bother for a lot of bullshit that he does man that makes chips right now he got Ramirez. He Got Crawford. He got AH Kinkel. Hey has become a fight. His stock in the heavyweight titrate is looking strong right now. I know he's not even the he's in the later part of these years. We've got big up by Baram. Not I let what you're doing that C._N._N.. Throw shade of our Barron like that because maze wonderful things for the sports and he's been around for a long time. Manda Fight Will Ramirez Hooker Hyder two years so far amazing fight. I know that that we think that they're they're they're a level fighters but nonetheless that unified the belts great fight and I can be better this no so that's my call shot on T._v.. None of you guys right southside Ducey talk to me the over the deel term you include I. I just wanted to call up to say this man. I may have like three or four conversations in check. If you're in you got something you're Dr Carter Show. That's what he's makers is here three times a day. Nigger is to the wake up early in the morning be late night talking boxing so all got a type in Chattanooga Karma to the show and get your dial they say that shall not be Venus and it'll be A._B._C.. Bill medium in all of that good for sure miss. Some people just rather chat man I. I noticed that a longtime ago. I was just like you late eight not understanding. Why would you techs all that shit when you could just talk but I don't know they feel safe on keyboards Steiner talk to me y'all? Can you hear me now. Resolve to the number one podcast for boxing boxing board. Let me touch on these two topics man. I did a little white now if you remember that I've been calling since like two thousand seventeen telling you about this nickname this dude. I'm telling you right now. The little white has been juicy ever since the rubber had lenny is fight when he didn't knock out rubber millennials that's when he started taking the juice so I wanNA 'cause y'all. How is it that dilawar not able to knock out Robert Selenium but Johan do Gerald Washington able to somebody explained that yeah well let me let me touch on this to urge? I'm talking about the top ranked deal with <hes> Bob Arum poulet trying to get in between like unification but <hes> this is what's missing here right. If Bob Arum was successful in getting like Andy Restricts while he goes to fight Joshua right pool leads right number one. There's nobody ranked number two in the I._D._S.. Number three read about <hes> Euro Duda Agip Combi Yell and number four is <hes> Adam Komaki now. Here's the thin cover yell. He ain't nobody he's going to be standing in that spot but next week release fights fights <hes> or not release <hes> Kotecki bikes areola connecting able to knock out areola on pretty Sir I._B._M.. is going to have them jump as I yell or put him at the number to spot so if Bob Arum I'm successful and he got you know pool of a Bake I._B._M.. Titles most likely to get to Adam Cole NECCI and if that's the case most likely Adam connect. He's got a knockout poulet. The Fiat remember the last time pool that fall they were struggling with Bogdan. Being you know what I'm saying. Connects going to be shut out a pool of P._v._C. still have all the belts so bob. Arum can do whatever you want to do with that but so it's all going to be P._p._C. side Indian. That's stunning. Thanks for calling man. I hope Andy doesn't vacate that shit that would be not cool at all but <hes> yeah I mean I hit the whole boomerang effect back that comes back to the to the to the house but I would rather andy go fight. pull the Fuck Shit. Keep my boat a rather I._B.. Of Not do anything rematch. He saw the Laura with the Super Chat says Uh Ness will we have a September Mexican card yes or no I look in that way. It ain't looking that way. I don't even know why Eddie heard is trying to jump on September fourteenth car with with six weeks to garner. He's bugging. I'll stay away from Russia but you know I guess he'd mind don't six thousand dollars. I mean excuse me six thousand <hes> tickets decent in some markets gets judge Joseph Rodriguez big supermax a super megs versus Santiago silent killer will win fight of the night bonus. I hear you chat. I hear you UNKNOW OH MR says. Do we really know spence can do that with anybody. Are we not giving money Garcia. Any credit. Did Earl have another pay per view. Shuman got a factor mikey man man I get it. I got it. We'll see now. This one's pay per view man. He's GonNa do it on his own and look I mean don't doubt him right because tank just did fifteen thou- that's like Whoa that's a lot of tickets tickets man versus Nunez like wow dozens on fifteen thousand versus a Nunez like while doing what twelve thirteen fourteen embark you know with a maim. That's a lot brought them now. I thought I thought Peterson was a drama and I'm going to Peterson in D._C.. Man Bagman Day was lovely. I'll tell you it's like a nightclub in D._C.. Feis man I'm telling you but no man thank might be a started. They say he is we gotta see man. It would be interesting to see what he does began boa but gambling not a big U._S. name in my opinion and his lack of English in those kind of fucking hold him back. I don't know what that division has to offer saying men who who and how they can make them pay per view star Leonard Adler being fully keep saying I don't know I guess what would eleo or or abner they can. They can take a chance on page view but I don't. I don't see Leo Abner as tests or challenge for <hes> tank at all what I'm Elise Nestor gives Formula Instagram and as E. T. O. but you can find me easier tomorrow more than nine A._M.. Eastern A._D._M.. Central Seven A._M.. West Coast Two P._M.. U._K. Grit we can boxing big to devante Eh spectacular knockout in the the second round <hes> Well on argument and moving them just the right pace and former thing they fight this year the Jose Ramirez knockout of Mighty Mary soaker of impressive <hes> bringing the unified champion a lot more things to come with White News Lancy. I'm intrigued to see how that unfold and everything else follows the social reforms to six P._M.. It's both something about mountain panel. No Man about nineteen eleven on twitter at growls to here yeah yeah let me get to bow on the leap. They call them at all. They know call again late night his book what else I remember I remember where <hes> <hes> Kinda got popular and Kinda guy sign about me with the bar then bowl in front of me with that I guess is he was sparring bullying doing real good job so this kind of some <hes> build up there. I'm sure they'll talk about your be ever did decide to by getting former definitely needs vitamin my opinion because Kevin he hit a a lot especially later on in the fight and you don't want to know punches from taking my team and then I watched that dude dealing price and I remember some about him as well <hes> I actually think him lose and they took defy. They took the mouse back due to his opponent. <hes> tested positive after the fight so and then I actually watched him again on under guard yesterday and he didn't. I like the guy but he didn't look the bears. You know what I'm saying. He's like twenty five hundred thirty you know do they smile that I understand but I watched lose before and even look the big yesterday and also <hes> people be playing that Billie Joe Saunders still have to use nasal sport but the other day I was watching crane and as I was watching prank I noticed that he went he was trying to stay alive. Stay alive and he went to the doctor he was asked asking for like a federal or something like that and they will get so that was behind the counter year do those behind the counter was like a <hes>. He's like the nasal spray he looked over there and winning grabbed a whole lot of males break so throughout the movie whenever he was like on the Slough whatever he would always just keep sniffing in his birth so we can keep his heart rate up and keeping pumped up enough to live so yeah. They're really goes on this issue Toke man he probably hype you know. I want some nasal spray. I'm keeping my fucking dominant. I want some nasal spray. I'm dominating age. Each and my girl will be proud to be his body. I was I was talking to my barber about it and I'm thinking what boxing hardcore boxing fan he was like yeah I get my son but he was like no wonder he'd be so high about the did it medicine all of their. They got their sit in favor and then there's something about getting whitehead's De Ball deep ball is D- steroid schwarzenegger them to says like these steroid ah the base of muscle-building steroid that like the one you literally got to take appeal or bad but putting neither yet A._M.. You do take the peel or you take shot de ball look at Abreu she would. That's all my guide man. Oh Man on that no peace your will your child be ready for kindergarten at Chester broke academy preschool. The answer is yes. Our curriculum offers the perfect balance of learning and play our teachers personalized that experience for each child through engaging activities the develop skills. They need to be ready for what comes next attended Chester Brooke Academy Open House on Saturday August third from ten A._M.. To One P._M.. To find a preschool near you click the banner or visit Chester Brooke Okay Academy Dot Com. That's Chester Brooke Academy Dot Com no an ad from dad all right save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive right. What is this wow?

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