Beware, Dont Tell Delilah!


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Site at all bickford dot com or Obita for dot US, and you can just go to podcast page, and you can listen does matter where you are in the world are what device that you use today. I wanna talk a little unique subjects and it is bewilder, don't tell Delilah. Don't tell Delilah when you hear the name, Delilah, it, generally speaks of one thing in the mind of everybody who are familiar with scripture once we hear the term, Delilah it points back to the woman who the seved Samson in telling her where is Trent was her desperate cry for him to pool. How much he loved her was nothing more than her cry to make herself rich because of the. The promise on the contract. She had if her finally and friends, who were the enemies of Samson, if she could find out where lie is strength, and let them know that she would be paid a great sum of money. But don't tell Delilah and I will also say, don't hang out with Delilah. Here is what is important in this thought it is not so much of the name and person of Delilah. But rather the character of the Lila in this sense, there is not a feminine character per se. So we don't want to in this podcast. Get your mind focused on a woman, a female our agenda, but on a certain character, and I'll I'll I'll explain that in a little bit. The meaning of the word Delilah is important to give perspective to the thought the word actually means one feeble. He that weakens. It means to be oppressed to bring low are to make Finn, etc. So then we can also say be careful who you hang out with look for those who will we can you the own saying is that if you play with puppies, you'll will catch. They're fleas, if you hang out with the wrong, people, they will have negative influence on your life, and we must be aware of that, because sometimes we just casually and carelessly, just handled with the rump, people get our says attach with the people who will not be a source of inspiration to encourage us to become stronger spiritually. But will feed on a speech of strength, and we're us down our bring us down our cars focused to be diverted from what we previously desired to, to serve the Lord and how we intended to walk. So we must be careful who we hung out with Anhui may or friends, and who influence our lives. It is interesting in the scripture because, as we always recognize that names have meaning and they often speak of the character of the people as the oftentimes person's name is an indication of their character character is tied into their name. So we look at those that we find in the scriptures. It is interesting that may maybe God intended to use. These people are to make an example of them. So the influence on their parents in naming them. Was a an indication of the character that bay would eventually develop because again, God, who is all knowing his foreknowledge. And what he saw from the beginning to the end on who will be part of his ministry are part of his plan and process, how he would fulfill is plan apprently. He allow those people to be named even on known to everybody else who they were and why they had their name and also was just just what's the some story. And as we read about this something story, it goes back into minds about Delilah. And this great man sumps, and how he was brought down how he had a great covenant with God and how it ended up that he just lost it and gave away the secret that should have been kept between Imon God. So as we as we think about. Don't tell the Lila beware. Don't tell the Lila don't hang out with the wrong people. Don't be influenced by negative things. One Israel sinned, looking at just before something even was conceived in his mother's womb, here is years. What happened Israel Sinden was delivered to the Philistines for forty years. The angel of the Lord appeared to the wife of Manoa, who was from the family of done and told her behold now, you are buying, and you do not bear, but you shall conceive and beer, a son. There are stipulations to this pregnancy, because this child shabby special Bobby said he should drink no wine or strong drink naive. Anything unclean? According to Moses law note, the wife's name was never mentioned in. The scriptures always see of her is the woman, and now for the child, according to the plan of God, no razor shuttle, come up on his head for he shall be at Nazarene from the womb, and he shall begin to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines. So then that made some season also a type of Christ, which we're not gonna go into that the from the time she went untold. Her husband of the experience, that she saw this man of God, whose countenance was like an angel of God, very terrible. She said to her husband, I did not ask him his name, and he did not tell me his name having heard from the Lord that the child should be another right to God from the womb. To the time of his death brought fear up on Manoa. He entreated the law to send back the same angel to teach them what they should do to the child with such a requirement. You can understand if God said, and when a give you a child, in old age in the time of being barring old aids, and he's going to be another right? Another rain, and he should have no razor, should not eat drink wine or come close to anything dead in a dead carcasses on all these things that means there's something special about this child, and he would need extra cheer guidance and protection as he grew up. So drove fear into Manila, and he wanted that same angel of the Lord that spoke to his wife, untold her. She was going. To have the child. He want the angel to combat and to give him give them instruction how they're going to go about this, and so- Manala, intrigued the Lord to send the same angel that he should teach them. What were the requirements interesting to note that the same angel actually came back? Manella ask him is if he was the same one that spoke to his wife and the angel answered I am that is important, too, because when you see that word appear in the scriptures. Specially in the oldest meant I am it has significance. The angel of the Lord is not generally any angel in Alderney. See the angel of the Lord when there is an angel show up an angel shows up, then you know, could be any engine. But. When you see the angel of the Lord, shrink up in the Old Testament, it is an appearance generally of the pre in connett Christ the angel of the Lord and then as the angels user saying the same the reference, I am also tells you that is God himself. That's why the the, the fire season, the New Testament, they founded abominable when Christ stole them before Abraham was, I am because they understood that reference to I am was making him equal with God. Amen. Some more evidence appeared in the conversation as they both wanted to retain the angel for longer until they fully understood the awesome task of raising another right son. They wanted to dress, a kid are kill and prepare. An animal. For food an offer burnt offering. Well, the angel told them they could offer the sacrifice to the Lord, but he would not eat though. They retained him the angel eventually ascended into the flame of, of the outer and Manala thought there were going to die because they had seen God, however he was reminded by his wife that if the Lord was going to kill them. He would not have received their offering. And by the way, if we received your often in the Old Testament, you are safe, and we ought to learn something from that in the New Testament, and I'm sure one of these days, I'll do a podcast on that, receiving gut, receiving or offerings because oftentimes what we think God received our would have received. He chose not to accept it. But we can talk about that another time about the psalms and the key, the key, the key character in the conversation is something something is a guy that we really wanna talk about and said, don't tell Delilah be aware of the people, you'll let into the secret things that you'll either your uncover your secrets to be aware of the people that you let into the secret things of your heart are the things that God as posited in your heart, they can have negative impact another right vowel under the mosaic law would normally be set for a specific period of time. For example, it could be for thirty days. Doubled our for sixty days are triple for a hundred days on the other hand, and now. Oh, right. Vow could also be made by the parent, and it could be for a lifetime in this instance, it was made for some sun by the Lord. It was not the parents decision. They did not choose a time line of how long the travel be another right for it was God's determination denies should not shave. His head NAR drink, or eat anything from the vine, eat, nothing, unclean. And also never come close to a dead body. Even if it was a close relative, if for any reason, even by accident, the nozzle, right? Came close to a dead body. He would have to cut the hair he would have to go through a period of purification and consecration crook and bear the air and start. All over again. It was not a time to lock oneself away and do nothing. But the Naza right should be involved in active duty, as normal to any citizen except coming near to the dead. In other words, it was similar to that to what we know now as being sanctified set apart the word some defy means to be set apart for the service of the Lord. So the equivalence of being a nozzle. Right. Is somewhat similar to being sunk defied another. Right was set apart for special service, and they won in the Nukus mint in all time, who is some defied is also set apart that he may serve the Lord putting into the story short for the sake of time. It was God's will for. Some center deliver Israel from the hands of the Philistines, most of his early life was successful. He did a lot to destroy the listens. Eventually his wife under father got burned by the fullest in, but this time he had served for twenty years as a judge in Israel, eventually he fell in love with this woman that we know as Delilah and has the most prominent record our remembrance or reference in the life of Samson Delilah was not as I love not even the second. But as lives circumstances on his knife, culminates with her his life circumstances, brought him to her and is life culminates with her, he loved her, but she wanted. To use him as a pawn to enrich ourself again, be careful of the people that we handled with Bakir full of the people that we let into our circle bit careful of the people that we bring into our lives, and, and allow them easy access because it could be a source of the adversary, and they could be there to pull you down to destroy you to make you week to take away your strength, and eventually to have you suck them to the pressures of life and lose faith confidence and the relationship you have with the Lord, she's the only one name among the woman, he loved because our names mean her name means feeble, watch this. He who. Weakens. It means to oppress, and it also means to bring low and indeed, we see these work just as her name indicated in the life of Samson. She pushed him time, and again, to tell her where his strength lied. She oppressed him with the idea that if he really loved her. He would not continue to hide from her. We're his strength was she didn't have an interest in his strength, so that she can boast of house Trung her husband was, and so she can feel safe in the presence of her husband, because he was so strong. He was a nozzle. Right. He had divined contact with God. He, he was Trung that was not her motive or multi was that if she finds out where his strength lie. She could rip that away from him and have his enemies destroy him. And so she would enrich ourself again, as I said before she was using him as a pawn, what I'm saying to you today, my friends. Don't tell Delilah. In other words, beware of those or will, we, can you be aware of those will bring you feeble, beware of those, or will oppress, you beret of those who are bring you low cool. Rob, you of your spiritual strength. Beware beware of those are right beware of those. She showed her real colors time on, again has she pushed him to tell her. We re secret where the secret of his strength was, and he kinda you know, try to sidestep it and but he should have learned also he should have. Learned the lesson that if she keeps coming back keeps coming back and when he told her something that wasn't true. And when he saw what a reaction on our action was, he should have had is, is open and should be aware of the dangers, but because she continued to use the reference to love, he wanted to keep proving to her that he loved her, but he was too much in love to see the conspicuous evil demonstrated time. And again before is very is. Eventually, it came to pass when she pressed him daily the bible says with her words and urged him so that his soul was vexed unto death that he told her his heart and said unto her there, not come a razor upon Minehead for I have been a nozzle right unto God from my mother's womb if high be shaven here comes a secret unfolded. If I be shaven, then my strength will go from me, and I shall be weak and be like other men. She now knew she was now. Convinced amidst, all the other things that he had told her, she was now convinced that he had just poured out his heart to her. And she had no care. No sympathy. No love of his life. No honnor for God. All she wanted was money. She mmediately sent to call the lords of the Philistines, because she got what she wanted my friend, if I could emphasize over and over again. Don't tell Delilah where your strength lies, don't and again, don't keep your focus on the woman Delilah, but keep your focus on the character of the woman are the person Delilah because that means the one who weakens, the one who will bring you low. The one will rub you off your strength. The one who will deceive you don't trust people who will weaken you. Don't give your secret to those who will bring your bring you down. Don't tell the Lila, you don't have to be vulnerable to every and everybody every anybody. Choose carefully who you will tell the hidden secrets of your life, be careful of those who want to exploit you Samson let God down for the love of the Lila, he broke the secret. And she was delighted to put him to sleep and cut off his seven laps. Unlike other times when she when she when he woke up when she woke him up and said, the Philistines were up on new and he woke up on broke all that she had tied him up with this time. He knew that the Lord was departed from him. She weaken him. She made him feeble. She brought him low. She took away his strength. She allowed causing to break is nother right? Vow. And now he was on the Moos ING end. If we look at the character of the Lila, again, I want to remind you let's not keep focused on the woman who the, the seved Samson, but look on the character of the person, and this could be male or female, young or old, the character. If it's one that will bring your low, if it's one that will make you feeble if it's one that will take away your spiritual strength. If it's one that will call you the brakes, your communion with God, if it's one that will cause you to wonder away from God is one that will cause you to. To divert from the fellowship, you have the Lord than I am saying, don't tell Delilah don't hang out with the wrong person. Don't let them into your secrets. If we don't immediately dismiss some things, we ended up falling for it, some sun, did not dismiss the Lila's effort in finding out, where is Trent lies. There should not be this great pursuit of the strength and how his e so strong, she should just celebrate the mind that she was fortunate to have as a husband. But that's not what our motive was the longer you give in to a thought the more vulnerable, you will become the more, we allow ourselves to listen. To negative influence and digest and absorb it. And oftentimes react to it the more vulnerable we will become some things need to be addressed immediately something, we need to walk away from instantly somethings. We need not to allow the take wrote because if they take root, it'd be harder to get rid of them. They got him this time she told him finished in rope on him, he rose, like other time to break the chains on the feathers on Tina were tight that he was tired. He was tied with. This time is Trump was gone because God add left him. They got him. They gouged is is out did him all manner of evil use them to grind mid lake animals. However, the merciful, God will always restore those who have repented and that's where we find ourselves in a good position. Because while we are encouraged to be careful and not to allow ourselves to fall into certain traps. If for any reason doesn't that description says my friend, my little my children, sin, not. But it says yet if any man sin, we have an advocate with the father, Jesus Christ, who pleads our cause. And so, unfortunately, if one falls gone. God is always willing to lift you up and to restore you don't trust people who will weaken you. Don't give your secret to those who bring you down? Don't tell Delilah don't leave yourself vulnerable to the mercy off your adversary. We must dismiss some things right off the block because if we allow them to fester are too high around too long than we might lose away, as I said, they got him Gouges is out, did him all manner of evil use him like like a beast of burden. However, the merciful God would all will will always restore those who have repented Wiley grind. The meal is heart went back in retrospect, watt have high done. How did I allow myself to fall into this predicament, why have to so many times? Didn't I learn that Delilah meant mean? No good. How could I not? Discover this because he was blindly in love. And he was so taken up with being in love that he forget the secret that he had with God and the vow that he had. But now he was saying in the midst of this without his is with all this vision can't see where he was can tell who was next to him. But in his heart, he was crying God. I'm sorry. I let you down. But if you will restore my strength, I will avenge. My enemies. The good thing is that the enemies of Samson. There were also the enemies of God, the enemies of something. The Philistines were also the enemies of God and the reason in from the very first place. Why God had some sun, born to abandon woman and became a Naza. Right. Is because God had a plan for his life and a plan to use him as a weapon of destruction against the Philistines who were gods. Enemies, don't tell Delilah. But if you messed up, God will not leave you without mercy and grace, every repented heart, God will forgive everyone who seeks for restoration, God will restore choose carefully. Who you let your guard down with make sure they can be trusted mix. Sure. They have your best interest at heart, make sure they're looking out for you and not looking for an opportunity against you. Make sure they really truly and sincerely want to be a source of help and strength to you a not just trying to find out where your strength lies are what you are most vulnerable to. And then use that to exploit you, if you don't want to hear some things back, don't share it with some people. Look out for the Lila's who will bring your week. Remember Delilah is a character. It is not a fixed to woman. It can also be a man. It could be a situation that could be a circumstance hit could be a challenge in your life. Something that will weaken you something that will bring it on some they'll make you feeble guard yourself against every character off Delilah if he or she brings you down. It is Delilah on the thought today is don't tell Delilah if you have something to talk about tell it to Jesus tell it to him today, because he is able to lift you up to bring you out to guide you to keep you to strengthen you. And if you have been made week just remember this one thing. Strength is found in him. Many may have already suffered at the end of others, but there is hope for victory. Some gut is strength back and God helped him to have the final victory, you may be down today. But I trust God. You're not out. It is not over unto. God says it's over. You may have stumbled you may have struggled, you may have done the wrong, you may have opened up to the wrong people. You may have put yourself in a position that is wearing you down and is gradually feeding on your spiritual strength. But my prayer today is that you run to the Lord and find strength. Don't tell Delilah. Don't have it with around people. Don't tell the enemy. We're your strength is don't let the devil see your vulnerability. Take it to the Lord trust him. And he would bring you through. It is my per today as you listen to this thought in this spot cast. Don't leave yourself vulnerable to the adversary. Don't let in unscrupulous people. Into your life be careful, who you, choose us friends, and who you choose to handled with mega bless you may strengthen you may make you wise as a serpent than HAMAs other. Now, this is grace, without Varda's Bishop over veterans seen that same. Thanks for tuning into the spot gas. I hope you share it until somebody about it be blessed inspired van courage. And by the way, you can Email me up all our ministries at g mail dot com or be ministers gmaiLcom, I'd love to hear from you and may God bless your until next time. See soup. God bless you.

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