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Approach. Listener's support W N Y C studios. I'm sorry. But the. When being consumed by repressed anger. Hugh, realizing the actual end of the world date. 'cause I know we've gotten like previous apocalypse saves the day sorts like y two k or the Mayan apocalypse. But yeah, I guess it just feels like the news is so relentlessly negative. Sometimes it almost feels like well is there just gonna be a point where they're like? Okay. Well, now, it's fischel like we're not coming back from this. Number three being told bad news without a heads up. Number four squandering every moment with negative thoughts. Number five not ever feeling truly connected to other people. Number six losing touch with reality completely. We take for granted that our brains are always contentious like show up in the same way every day. And if one little thing got crossed, you might like become a totally different person. So I think also as someone who like, you know, takes medication for my brain and stuff like I'm always like, I don't know what if I mess with the wrong thing because it feels like something that we don't fully understand at all. Number seven throwing up in public or fainting in public. Number eight someone breaking into my apartment. Nine having bad performance, anxiety, and it not getting better. I guess the way you hear that old trope of like, oh, magin everyone in their underwear. Like, I almost just imagined. No announces their just to like be like, you're fine. You're like you've done this before like, you're by yourself. But it's almost like I have to like block out the rest of the room, which feels antipathetic the Clive performance. And number ten falling down the subway. Stairs. My name is a pardon intra. And these are ten things that scare me. The ten things team includes Amy Pearl Daniel met, Sarah samba, Emily, teen polish human Joanna solitaire off a Melissa two-set music and sound design by Isaac Jones. You know, it scares me. That one day. I'm going over here. Kid saying to mom, Why's that man? Look, so sad. What are you? Scared of tell us at ten things podcasts dot org.

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