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Get get this Charlie Day, condo ears, I really hope it makes you as happy as it made me and I. Hope you guys are healthy safe and staying saying, please be kind to one another and enjoy the wonderful man that is Charles Day a get into it. Charlie. Who or charity? Day? Or sweet. Food sweets, Charlie Day using earphones I. Having your phones is better to use. I just use them because I like I. Like the intimacy makes you feel A. Every of my longstanding fantasy. Being a DJ. Right Child earphones, but. Jimmy, just. Look sure White Nice and clean up. I'm so glad we're doing this. Thank you. Do you mind if we start recording and? please. Are we due? To. The video of this, go anywhere body. I could pick my nose. Yes. Yes. You're totally fine. what's going on? How are you? How are you today? Well not hang I'm using the earphones. Say by the way I I, always forget sometimes when I do podcasts. You WanNa step annual, warm room. You know you have a meeting or something and you're like, it was warm. This is a warm podcasts I. Think you're great. Thank you just removing the headphones. Made me laugh. Yeah. I wanted to say what isn't true of a lot of us? Are a funny guy. You're just like a naturally. We'd some of us are funny performers. You had that in your life link where people will laugh at you? No matter what. I remember when it was and it was usually the grownups, it wasn't the other kids. And if you got me in front of a parent that I didn't know or a new like a sub teacher or something, I was a big hit with the with the. With the faculty. The students didn't think like I had my friends at thought. I was funny. But like I really swing for the fences if there was like to this day. Something you know, I'm married now too. But like I used to love meeting girlfriend's parents and stuff like that was my my pocket now. Sweet spot. Yeah. Who was yours with with the with the Jilin's you're in Rhode Island is that At any any audience, any since I was going after as of this, just the other day where. I, think to look back on it. I was probably much more. Gregarious and much more like A. Willing or desperate to make people laugh the now, I don't know, I've lost a lot of it. We just talked about that yesterday where I was like I'm not a big pot smoker. But every once in a while, I'll smoke pot and it will take me back. To. The feeling we called it the fire hose feeling where you're like if someone's laughing. All Liquor Dog Durda, and it's not that I have a liquor doctorates. It's like I was just watching sunny and they were talking about eating attorney action one egg. On my mind like when you when you turn it into a career part of your job, and I'm assuming you have a family and all that stuff is to learn how to curb it a little bit. But I think when we were kids, it was so pure. It wasn't for business in the best end. The best laughter and we're guilty of so much of this on Sunday, but when you really not supposed to laugh. National's laugh or something has happened I mean like your teacher is far did and you know. Everyone heard him bar and you know that if you're laughing glass for those those sublime after that's it has. I still remember this is actually I. Don't have. I haven't told a lot of stories I was married when I was twenty two I. Don't. I. Don't tell stories about my first marriage and that's not by design. It's just how it happens to be. But here's what we were seeing a an apartment in Chicago. And her cousin whose name was Mike was like our big fancy in into the city, I don't know if you remember those types of was like. I live in Chicago, I can help you get to play, and so the status like we need to know the status of played, this was the cooler older guy. But looking back I wasn't like the funds. He was just like to us and he was sitting in our window. So he took a cool seat. Sat in the window and he put his leg up and he was sort of leaning on sort of waxing on about Chicago and like where to get the bus bloody Marys or whatever it was, and he let out the perfect like we're in the middle of the sort of diatribe this. Perfect. I, still remember it. Like a very long time ago I remember the. And he just. So quickly, he would. He tried to do with. You just went excuse me and then kept going. But? I was twenty two. There's no I. Mean. We waited from leave, but as soon as he left. We talked about that Fart. For decades. Lie Hope that farts will remain sacred. Funny at throughout the rest of the time I mean I. Hope that we don't get a place where like you know some people can't control their thoughts and we need to be more sensitive about heart shaming are changing. Shaming me, I had a friend who was like, I was going to his grandfather's house for the moon. He was like just. So you know my father, my grandfather can't stop fighting and don't make fun of him and like it was like before we had curb. But if I had, I would have been like, what is this curve? You telling a fifteen year? Old Kid dilemma departs I feel I think we'll be okay I. Hope we'll be okay because farts on this podcast, we always ask the guest, the hardest time they've laughed, and it's usually a fall or a fart and to to your point. Is usually in a situation where you're not supposed to laugh. which brings me my greatest appreciation of Sunning. Is there's somebody some saint some beautiful person, and I hope you don't mind cause. They used footage without permission, but they put together a master cut of the bloopers out. Great. So it's all the blue like all the bloopers are up independently, I. Think you know sanctioned, but somebody just put them all together and it's like three hours and Valerie and I have watched it through more than one. And it's it's Y. and I'd love for you to speak to this because this is not the just talk swell Charlie. It sort of is, but it's It shouldn't be I'm here her a good listen. I Guess Listen Charlie. I want you to speak to this specifically because this is not morning radio and you don't need to tell the story of the the famous. Now Story of how you pitch and made it all. It's I want you to talk specifically. To the idea that you are on a show that constantly was cracking you up is what I said to vow, and then I'm Gonna I'm GonNa stop chatting was I I really want my next show to be a show with a Blueberry Hill. I'm very proud of crashing, but it wasn't a blooper wrote real show and that's fine but sunny is like you're saying. Earth endings and you're and you're. Eating and shaming. The elements of Improv, I think, add to that where you have a script and you scripted it. To the point where hopefully you never have been promising the line into Larrea. But then he started up in someone thinks of something and then often times I'll be in the middle of the scene and then start to hear it from the outside. Imagine what the audience is hearing. A. Big Fan of of the other actors as I. Think our fans are so like. Displaying Things Macaroni Caitlin, Glenn, that just absolutely crack me up. So yeah, I just. It's gotten bad. Honestly, I have to. It's gotten better as I've been father because sometimes think okay I'm about to lose my shit in the stand and then I'm like you know what? Might. Not Home with my son, I'm out here. Doing this I should get through this and get home for him, and that's and that's helped me only a little bit because sometimes it's just too. We, there was one on crashing where we couldn't stop laughing and I. Think it was four in the morning. The problem with it though was I don't think anyone could have known what was funny about it. This scene wasn't even really like written to be funny. It's just the way someone was walking in wearing. It's towel. And if you watch it, it's the. Seir. Silverman episode. There was no way around it. I just looks like I've been weeping and every time I. Talk I'm just like well, the I'm just trying to say the line 'cause. That's all we have. It's all we have. It's funny that you mentioned trying to get out of there because, and you have to understand him saying this as to commiserate with you to relate to you sure in the bloopers. It's often you that that's laughing and dying, but you're the one that goes come on. Like. The worst although I think everyone's got a little bit bad. But I'm the absolute worst. And I. Mean like where's breaking or we're trying to break raking on just having. Too Much Fun and I think it's become almost like a nervous reaction like this and I really feel guilty if like Glenn is knocking it out of the park and I'm like, but I've got all these tricks. Rolex. Look at my shoes. We'll do cages the. But and I'm now trying to psychologically towards resolve outta laughing but. Gosh. I, just I enjoy it so much. Nikki Michele. Time? That's what I mean, and it sort of goes back to what we were saying at the beginning farts and the childhood firehose time. So I think, it's the right goal for me I'm like I, WanNa and Ensemble, and I want I want tone onset because again we were riffing. But like you sort of need to turn the I, don't even know how to do it, but you need to get the chemistry to appoint. It might have been because on crashing the the the The cast is always rotating always lots of different people. Certain certain actors. We would knew each other better than would crack more with other people. It would be like this is the only thing we're doing together the taking it very seriously, everybody would get through, it would be fine but I love that sort of. sleepover. Feel. And I what season around was that you guys were like. We feel safe because I feel like that had to be dangerous for you like at the beginning your scrappy and choppy, and you could probably be like we don't WanNa fuck up. But around season what we like I. Think we're okay and then it got harder. I don't know. I mean, I think we were always pretty bat like. It was sort of A. Commoner for like what's working? You know that? It's never really that laughing at. How brilliant the actor is or whatever it's? It's that I? Just. His character things is they get me. More happened on another movie or another project. It really is the intimacy of working with those guys in the show and the Sonny is the show that you can't even summarize the episode without laugh. You have to understand how jealous I am of the whole thing. It's so lean its friends. It seems pretty not easy to shoot, but you have some sets that are reliable meaning like it's. It's not gonNA be a shit ton of night shoots and stuff like this production porn fan. Now, it's really issue I. Feel I started feeling years ago. The opposite where I was like men were really limited in the lucky can give things. You know you have all these other shows that have as cinematic quality in their winning on his wars, and we're like, isn't because we look like a home movie. But that home quality is really what makes this show? Gives it its charm. You Know I. I. Are you aware I know I told you that you don't have to any, don't tell the story of how the show got made, but are you aware that me personally in the beginning of my career? There is no pitch to this day. I'm sure of someone starting out that doesn't have a huge backlog of work. Pitching a show that they believe in. There's no pitch that doesn't say always sunny. Like you guys really. Opened a door and left it open and I am not just buttering your bread I. Hope you feel good about that like I'm sure when I Whatever I was pitching. I I was saying you got A it's like saying a hail Mary. It's like you gotta always sunny this I. Know you don't know who I am and I believe that this can be really funny has had been. Aware of. Yeah. I, mean I. Think. So you know I think I'm. Certainly proud of being have pulling it off. You know like we were given a shot and we were able to find an audience and. And do it on a very lean way, and we did it from the ground up which was. Out. Of. Necessity. But. I'm also not aware of the impact that other performers you know it's. It's not something that. I feel like it's hit or miss when I meet me people like no, it's Specifically, industry people like if I meet like A. Like. A. College guy or girl get started probably, not much. Find. Meet someone like an actor whatever like. A director thing. It seems to be pretty hit and miss with who who knows it, and what the impact on them has been. It's hard to get write your own. History in terms of how other people perceive and. Show well, then maybe it's A little bit of a good feeling. Just know dozens of Comedians people. I know that are trying to make shows not only in the pitch. It made all of us believe that we could do it, and again sunny is a legit show. You guys are obviously phenomenal and were from the beginning. So it's not like these guys. These instagram models got a, it wasn't bad. It was like Oh, if it's funny and you find someone, I, think we can agree i. mean one of the things that can be tricky to find someone willing to take a chance. When I worked with Judd. No I I would be standing next to a driver or a or anybody, and then I'll be saying like I just need to get ten minutes with with Mr, Tau like like you want someone to take a shot like the ad is the the vibe and always the mythology of always sunny for those that don't know I think you're picking up from the context. It's relatively unknown people. The TV show that. Again didn't just give us a touchstone in the pitch it. It gave a lot of people. Hope it gave me hope going like Oh, you can do it. You just have to find those special. That makes sense I never thought about that in terms of. The fact that no one really knew who we were before the show. So. You know it's not like. That would probably be very encouraging thing if I young starting out actor. Huge grab a camera and can show like. Where you guys didn't have that like men were really throwing a Frisbee into the into the abyss here when you were bitching it. Thirty positive that we could do it. Useful. I'm. Like I guess is the word thing. I mean, we all started fell. Very cocky. In terms of. I mean I. Think. We, all worked I just come off of a TV show, Louis, Guzman I the year. Before I'd done fifteen network TAT's tests during pilot season or whatever. The. Okay and Glenn Harrington Works and Rob Works a lot. So we kind of felt like, all right we. We're GONNA work. was that we could pull it off I. Think we were just saying. Yeah. Show Shot I. See you only nobody like now that I live in La. I'm like Oh. Yeah. I see why you didn't think throwing a Frisbee and the best fifteen that means you're in fifteen pilots basic. Are you tested? I was casting your tested, but you knew there was some quality. People did not me? Entities this guy, this guy at plus a show will not equal anything. This is what I will never tire talking about and I. Think there are a lot of people listening that are like when you have an idea and you believe in that, we want to see it through and this is something that I think was trimmed out of the sunny mythology. So maybe you could take me through a little bit. I. Know You did some theater and then take me take me to La. Are. Actually like to dispel the idea. But I've carried for decades that you guys were literally just like I think we can do this and you must have had a gangbusters bitch. You were working and you you had a time in your life where you were grinding. Yes. So. So. I went to college than it was at the Williamstown. Theatre Festival alive. Then I got an agent through that and I was in a great group of actors. There was myself in Sterling Brown Jimmy Simpson Kathryn Hahn. Be, just. The talent was incredible. And sort of boot camp for acted and you really learn. Okay. How do I? How do I shine in audition? How do I? How do you find that? Now? I'm just thinking about someone listening and they're like, well, that's incredible. How do I get a boot camp somebody had? It was a guy in my college who was a you know a guy who's thirty in college. On there, and he knew that I wanted to be an actor and he said you should check out this summer Vita festival and it's it's a really sort of prestigious one. In the first year I went that I just emptied trash cans and build sets, mason a line in the play, and then I kept auditioning and they had a program that I kept getting back in this. Great. This is the other side I love that stuff. But this is what crashing was about I was like the part. That's the montage. Yeah. Charlie sweeping is sort of the most interesting thing because to me, it's like it's like pulling back the bow, we all love the Arrow sailing through. Yeah. But you're you had. Even. Though you were three, we're getting to that later. But confident guys the believed that you had talent and thought you had something to offer. There was also some humility i. know we sound like old men, but I love stories of like you weren't entitled. You're like I'll take out the fucking trash oh. Yeah. I mean? Like I. Lived in new. York in a basement apartment didn't answer phones an waited tables and did the whole thing and then. By fourth summer or my third summer at that festival, a got an agent, some dominated play and said, hey I'll sign you. and. Then it started making money doing commercials. I did a lot of. Commercials in, you know the occasional like a few lines on law and order. Now. The. New York Grind. I did that too. Did you go to house? Did House exist when you were there? Now, I think I had laughed right around one house. I'd just think you and I were living that same life where like I can't walk around New York to this day without pointing out to val where the casting offices are and. This is where I almost got. Sharman. I, Miss that excitement just. You know just felt like, Hey, I can. I can make it be an actor. You know I someone wants to be my agent. And all these plays now and What am I I think. Don't think qualities is I've always really felt. Good about what was happening? Done like two commercials I was like I'm a success. You know. I had that too I. It's a good way to be I. Know People that are happy, and then sometimes I have to tell them look at all the things you've done. No To be nostalgic. Walla tap is like a huge life hack, not just for life, not just for show business, but for life. But specifically, for show business, I, remember calling my brother from an an ad place. I, could take you there I. think it's on twin nineteenth street or something. Anyway. I just told my brother that I was taking a commercial acting class. And I was over the moon that I was in a commercial acting class. I, know that sounds like Ni- naive ninety. But I was like I was doing a standup and there were other things happening and he was also just so impressed. I still remember I'm embarrassed that I remembered. But he I do a good impression. My rather goes. You're slow in the process of becoming the man dude. In that. that. Blind sort of like yellow shirt optimism. I. I'm with you. I think you. aspired. Needed to make it in this business. Yeah. You, you you know you gotTa, you gotta be able to believe you. Can you know? Make. Something out of nothing. Yeah, and. And you gotta you gotTa. Kinda Grind 'cause, right? When. I'm with you taking the train. Sorry. I'm still slowing you down on this. But taking remember a Tuesday and you had an additional eleven and you had an addition, it's three and that was your day. Yeah. and. That was like a great day. Big Day out of. The net. And, I, worked at like you know if I had a Decision commercial thing. But if I had a scripted audition I worked shit. I was always completely off book while you know. because. I always figured. That's. I it's my chance to perform it. So you know if they see they like it. So. hoagie. Only Hales said on this podcast something I think you'll still find valuable although I haven't. I'm saying this because it's awesome. I have to think you probably your past edition Ingrid things but he said. I used to love auditioning because it was the time where it was mine. It was all like no one. Even tell you how to do And to this day I, still read for things. and. I'm like this is my time to do it. My way it'll change, it'll be rewritten. You'll be directed. You'll be edited. But in that audition, you can enjoy it and that's the same thing we're talking about. That's a motherfucker that was like I can't believe I get to act today like. That's something you can't fake Tony was does around in those New York days. At accused, he was buddies with my roommate Jimmy. Simpson together. and. So yes. So just was years of that and I didn't have to have a day job making enough money doing a commercial or something here. They're. To. Pay. Rent. Was Your I do remember my first commercial? Yeah. These a footlocker commercial. We were you in the. Jersey. First. Big. One is did cascade commercial where I was like a college graduated I was saying I was GONNA retire. added. Something to do with how the the cascade works but. That's. Enough money like that and. You I. Think I've made like. Ten Thousand Dollars which for a twenty. Three year old or twenty, four year old like this huge. Yeah. And then. And then. You know I was just doing the New York academic and taking it very seriously definitely trying to. Omega idolized Sam Rockwell. I knew all his like indie films and you're the same rockwell quality. I've never really thought of because I was like he reminded me of me in a way where I thought. Okay. There's a guy who's lasts is you know you're not Tom Cruise, right? You're. You're like, I'm not Brad Pitt Tom Cruise. So what am I? I'm John, Ritter. When I saw John Ritter was like I and this is before I grew up to look So much like I, know his his his wife now. Not Well. But like I've met her a few times and she she's like you look so much like I'm like. Of. Course like he was my Avatar, he was the guy that you saw on the screen. That you were like this. This is me and you do have that and I love Samdrup Jews. He is the best. The just watched What's galaxy quest for the first time? In the corner thing? This is how I fell in love San Rocco. So Sterling. K. Brown and I were We went to go see galaxy quest. and. You. Loved it. I didn't know San Rocco yet, and he so great it. And then we snuck into the Green Mile after memory when he's feeling. Better and watch the Green Mile and it was about you know ten fifteen minutes into Santa Performance I realized it was the same actor. And I. Went down to local video store. You know the H.. ACID. Bobby. My. Lawn. Dogs at the. Sundance movies, and you probably had to talk to the cleric Lake something else. That's. Absurd. Cuban being in an open unbuttoned flannel shirt and it's disinterest look on their face. But a love of film I, know again, I feel like an old man, but like the way that when I went to. A hardware store as a kid I felt like all of the hardware store employees were experts in hardware, and now I feel like we've sort of lost that art. If you've been to hardware store late like it's just a bunch of people that will google things for you now. With the video store, the video store that I used to go to in Chicago is called Darkstar video and that dude would recommend. Like you know he'd be like, have you seen my dinner with Andre or something that you never would've watched and you're like Oh, my God I'm getting school class from this guy. shorted my acting education, which is like. I mean, aside, Williamstown experienced few college classes. I would just go rent movies with. Actors I admired. You know your Hunter Watch. Anything on. Penn? Did ever. and. Just try to try to learn their moves and then At. Definitely would that was the goal for me was to be much more of that type of an actor although I liked. Acting enough that it'd be like, please put me in a Sitcom, whatever just WANNA work. But I couldn't get around. I. Couldn't get arrested in college. Yeah, I was playing like the junky younger brother in third. Watch, of one of the cops. Occurring role I had and. I just I. I can do the commercials I guess, but I just couldn't cook a Sitcom or even a comedy part in a movie. So, interesting and seeing as our conversation started. You have comedy voice. I. Think you know that because you lean into it. There's something just really funny about the way you put sentences, sentences together. You're funny when you get worked up all of this is a compliment by the way. was completely unaware of it. What I'm getting worked up in a scene, you're just getting work done. Just getting worked up in a scene. I. Just happened to sound like a ridiculous human being is so good though it's Jhangvi -able. I mean I think I. Think it's something to be very a proud of unhappy, but that's just naturally how you sound. I'm grateful now that I uh Rear. But that that's so amazing. I'm with you on Sam Rockwell too because I watched there's A. I think it's called I forget what is called, but there's a documentary about galaxy quest that we watched after we watch galaxy quest and they talk specifically about how Sam Rockwell was about to break like he. He didn't really have a break I. I'm pretty sure until then and he had the green mile coming out. Yeah. Everybody was sort of concerned that here's the sort of they didn't know what was going to happen with quest ended up finding this cult following, but they're like Oh my God. There's this like very, it's the same thing with Alan. Alan Rickman, there's this very a serious actor. Is he going to do it like an? Is he going to give it life to put himself behind it and he commits I? Think that's that's the genius of him. In that movies. You're like this guy is not. There's not even a hint of I can't believe I'm in a no disrespected. Tim Allen, but he could have been like I. Don't want to be in the Tim Allen Comedy Right now, but he did he just takes the acting very seriously. I think that was just such a good. Lesson for me as a young actor to do that whether it was a comedy or drama didn't really matter. You gotta play everything like at the drought. Yeah. And you know. Hopefully, the lines are funny when it's a comedy, this timing things, of course with comedy but. And so you don't Su Jimmy Simpson, I lived make all these funny home videos at our apartment in this pre youtube. So these are just for us we. Did that too. Yeah, and. Edited in camera like you'd just be rewinding it and then try deposit on the cut point. Watch it. Yeah Yeah, yeah and the camera. There is a, there's a great movie called safe men that San Rockwell Steve Zahn Paul Giamati Zenit John Hamburg road at a comedy stage crackers. Seem. So funny in that movie in such a subtle way and a lot of there seems because they were saved crackers whispering in the scenes now. And hoping be will think of me a whisper but I'm. Like you know Jimmy and play with that. We could shoot things and we would act out the scenes in trice and really smaller. You know subtler kind of ways of going up comedy and just. It was just such a great way to learn how to do it, and then you're seeing yourself. And you're getting used to look. You know how you sound. But isn't that what we were talking about earlier to is that the situation cracking a safe is a quiet situation explaining, Chicago, in my apartment is a funnier place to Fart, right? Yeah. Yeah. Then add Chili Festival. Like you you were learning. Oh comedy doesn't have to be. And it can be cracking a safe I. Mean. This was Tarantino were similar age when we saw pulp fiction and it's two hitman talking about what they call a quarter pounder. You're like this is funny and it's funny for the same thing we've always done in comedy is because you're betraying type or you're you're you're having a conversation, you shouldn't be having while you crack a safe or your your cold blooded hitman and you're talking about, McDonalds, like there's something funny about situations, and then the actors can play it as real as they want as long as the material is good. And I liked both both styles comedy to because then I love Chris Farley and yeah. I mean, when you saw eastern Tura at high school did not blow your mind wide open of course, and so I remember seeing the preview for Ace Ventura, and now I was already like I, it was like seeing my life. Like? Oh, there's a grownup person because he seemed like such a grownup. Now, you watch these educated. You're like, that's what the what I WANNA do. That's what I was doing in those videos that we were editing in the camera. I'm with you. No disrespect to stuff because when we started talking I've told you that we watched the day man episode. Over and over and over, and if I brought valley and here she could sing I'm going to call it an Aria as you're being lower. Charlie I. Really Hope this can get in your heart because you should feel i. hope you feel good. We rewound. It's like But there's a part where your voice cracks go. Kind of cross that threshold that boys have in their vocal register. But you do it. I'm surprised. I knew it. But I I shouldn't be because we watch it so many times and it's pretty good. You rewound it. Over and over and over and. Not. Fifteen times and it's fucking. Homeland areas every time and it's what we're talking about you found. The most heightened you invited the girl you like to play play is a great place for labs, which is why that episode great is. There's tension I was just talking about why is the office you talked about Ricky, office, and the office in general is so funny is because there's a certain way you're supposed to behave in office, and there's a certain way you're supposed to behave in a theater show and you're betraying it and you're even betraying your own show and I got off into fan town, but it's just like so that's as to me. That's so fucking. We'll speak to that to that moment in in that. You know I think I. Look I owe a lot of that show to all those movies that I was just devouring as a young man. So that dropping down on the sun. That's that's John Brennan tweet lowdown. The Great. Scene where he's terrified. He's come up with this great idea that he's going to descend on this moon and but then he he he is terrified about it. The way he actually gets up quite Larry's Nah. You can buy characters make up in that. That will that's waiting for Guffman. Don't just that. That heavy eyeliner. That S yes. Totally made up certain stage by. So you're definitely. Influenced, the way you know all all the if you try to watch good movies I am. Friends. I. Know that love to watch really bad movies and I. Don't WanNa Watch. Bad Movie. Movies. Sometimes watch bad move, but I understand. Will will pay off and you're trying to make something that's going to resonate. Will Are you familiar? There's you look it up on Youtube Jim Carey's like I'm pretty. It's like it's the thrusting of the hips and and I'm not sure if it's like all righty then, but there's he has been open about that. He got those moves from something. It's another monty python type thing. Forgive me, I'm not I'm not living up to my comedy duties, but he's like if you watch, you're like, oh, he got that sort of like is your number still none one sorta thing from this guy and he's on this is not me pulling the sheet off? He's been open about it he did. Get something from somebody. Yes. Everybody in. It's the Picasso, great, Artists Steal. But when we say steel, we don't. It's so interesting. I always think of it as a blender. Put, enough influences in and blend net. Your Voice, it's so strange will kind of come out through that blending process like the your Eunice will be expressed. Through your influences there've been times when I'm sure you have to where I watched somebody. I'm like, Oh, I think I'm an influence on this guy, and you don't get mad you go like, yeah, I was doing Brian Regan for ten years and Seinfeld and all these Steve Martin and that, and that was in my blender and and then. Ask. Certain point you do it long enough something. There's a birth thing, and now you sound like Charlie deck even though you were doing these other things. Yeah. Never did stand. But I imagine specifically in stand that there's a lot of that right, which is that you have to try everyone style before you find your own Dude I. Wonder if I'll blow your mind I, realize this podcast, fat guy. Little. Code. Who does that sound like it's Bill Murray. Hey Sing like Bill Murray. That's not the put it down. That's to say everybody's doing it. So like your point, two young creatives listening to me, keep feeding yourself good shit. Oh. Yeah. Absolutely. Just devour everything. I'm Kinda. Mad At myself. slowed a little bit in i. need to I, need to re up my watching things. Being apparent that slows it down, but let me keep going the. Disease. So it's in this time in New York and making the movies, Jimmy. David Hornsby. Who's big writer contributor actor on Sunny. That I get out to test for a pilot. In La. And on the plane, need a young man name, Rob mcilhenny and. Hype. and. It's the kind of thing where you're both in the airport, like that guy looks like an actor. Actor. Like who else are they flying out to test. Right? Odd. And so. I I don't know who introduced to but got talking and started hanging out I. Think I actually, he had rented a car. So I hitched a ride within the dish everything. Was He testing for the same show we were testing for part. Get the fuck out. That is one of my favorite La Cliches 'cause like we were saying you have to learn to enjoy these things when you're walking into a building and I see another tall lanky as goofy motherfucker. I'm like I like it sometimes I get the feeling. They don't like it, but I'm like you're reading for Stu. Aren't you I? Think it's so funny. But there's a bunch of people that look the same yeah I now and so. Well, so we we went and we both read for the part, but they pulled the plug on the pilot like that day. Second time in a row would happen to me like Robert Remember being really upset about it and I was like, this is what happens. They fly out in, cancel the pilot. But, then we just became buddies. And start hanging out in? New. York, a little bit. Did you sit together on the plane I'm sorry to keep slowing you down, but like I'm like. The long flight, I don't think we sat together I. Think we had different. You really bonded on the ride and maybe at the audition and. We're like, what was it? Do you remember because this is such a classic I mean as a history-making meeting. was there a moment where you were like? This is my kind of motherfucker writer. Not Remember one, but I mean I, think I was. Always, a genuinely sorta affable guy and and. I think at that age too. I was into just meeting whoever you now I wear. I wanted to know more people make more friends. And I imagine round was found in the same way. So. Or who knows, maybe we just had a you're bringing me back. You're being too when we used to commercial audition and if there was another actor. I still get juice just meeting another comedian. Even if I don't know anything about them, I'm just like. And, I've been doing a twenty years. I'm still kind of five. It's like one of the reasons I loved running into you. At that party I was like, this is fine. I WANNA talk to. Some of it. But when we were young men when we were in our twenties, it was like Holy Shit another one. So I, completely understand. Yeah, Eso. It was unreal like a hey, you're you know. We're in the same boat in an ADENOID. probably exchanged home phone numbers. I, Don. Now gives maybe I gave him my Did you a thing where was like your phone number and you check the pay phone? It was like a etc service. So answering machine. Dunno must have been computer somewhere, but I would like. You know pony order to pay phone and dial this number, and it was like my personal answering machine, an answering service. Doesn't have that in swingers. I feel like that was that was of a time when it was like call my service, you'd give out your number for your circle. Yeah, origin. Banks. and. The whole line was unreliable of yours. That crappy answering machine might break or a busy signal. Your roommate like a racist or whatever you know yeah yeah yeah. So I, don't know that we bonded and then. Now, the next step is to me, but I moved out to La. Forearm like maybe. Six months or year before him. And then he came out and. End We were continued the friendship out here and started filming a few things together because he knew I was still doing stuff with Jimmy. Jimmy, moved out here and I moved in with him out here. And we just made a few funny videos was writing a lot. So we would do readings of his. Movies writings for serious movies and things. Ownership what fun. Yeah. And then we just kind of hanging out being young guys hanging out. and. I remember this specifically I I had a great gig as the voice of the independent film channel for years. So for many years, those are sweet gigs. Oh, buddy. It was very sweet. In fact, I almost turned it down because I had a callback for the movie eight mile. The EMINEM. and. It was such a big deal for me. and. The commercial agent said Yeah. But you gotta go take this recording GIG and I said. You know this is a Curtis Hanson, film? You know they they really like me now in. The late management was the casting director and she was like really on my side a lot and. And the guys like, no you. You might make like eighty this year. So okay. Kyle. Kinane is the voice of Comedy Central and I. I don't know this from Kyle, but I feel like first hand. But I'm always like if you can just be recurring. Voiceover in a thing I mean, just the the quantity of things you'll be attached to. Oh, it was awesome. So for three years. You know I don't know exactly how much it made with taxes or whatever, but it was just it was great and it's like A. Rob Office, he was waiting tables and come to my apartment. I'd have a pile of cash. Jackson? My. Isn't. Schwartzman. In funny people. Terrible. Man. I'm my privilege. I mean, look at this. Golden Boys for you know. As say a little bit of rasp industry loves the little RASP. That was the only voiceover. GIG? I. Hadn't many years I didn't do another one. But and. This time I've never get one randomly. The independent film channel wanted to sort of offbeat voice in. But Then I remember as recording one of those met rob for like coffee across the street. And we just hanging out had a conversation we were saying, you know we really should just try to make our own show. We try to make our own thing was, what was the spirit of that? Was it frustration that Moore wasn't happening or was it just kind of like wild eyed wide eyed sort of like we can do whatever we want. This is our time. It was it was that we can do whatever. I walk like I have a lot of that rob has that states. which is I have a lot of like, Hey, I, WanNa do something put together. Rob. Is it more than anyone I've ever met and? Just. Like that sort of like, go get him. I WANNA go make a big thing. At the time, just a conversation and then. Passed I wound up getting a job in the Luis Guzman shows a will gluck show. And the end we did like thirteen episodes in. And I remember thinking after that. Okay. I, really really would want to do something robin been off. I. Didn't know this working with Glenn. And they've been developing script for the pilot. and they came to me and they said look I'm probably made the correctly. Maybe forgetting details maybe started with just wrote a scene and I said Hey, let's do this funny scene about someone comes to someone's house. At just want sugar. Glenn comes to my house and then. I tell them that kids are, and then he's like, okay. How do I get out of the apartment and how do I also get the sugar? Ha. What a perfect little snapshot experiment of Like I think. That becomes sort of the tone of the show. It was. Yeah. It was the it was the DNA for what the show. and. You know shot bad in, it was really sunny and then. Sarah developed full length pilot and they. decided to shoot it together. And so we shot entire version of the pilot. Ourselves does with cameras. Like. Panasonic DX one, hundred I, remember with cameras because I wound up buying one my IFC money. I. Think it was like two thousand dollars. It was a great investment. And we. Who in the group knew about? And shooting, and cameras I mean, was it just you guys enthusiasts? I. Think they're. Fran, around Glenn at a friend who helped us with the very first one. I think and he knew a little bit about the camera and showed us. and then. We didn't know much against life the lighting. Look. Great. At the way. We knew enough intuitively to not screw the angles up. But we just cross covered everything, which is that you know. But. You knew to do that. I? Mean that that's not beginner stuff. I do want to give another shout out there. So many youtube channels I feel like this is right up your alley. You can go down a worm hall on Youtube for three hours and I swear it's a year of film school I. Just it is like now watching and I didn't direct crashing. But you know when you're the writer Creator, you're sort of involved. You were the same hats director, where begs right? You picking the props? You choosing the location, you're casting the show. You're giving actors, Direction. You right everything except where the camera goes. That's right and he. Moved the camera. If you don't like where the director, that's true, that's what they say. TV is the Writers Medium and film directors medium, but so I also got to observe all these directors. So I'm saying from that whatever authority that gives me that these youtube videos that I watch about crossovers analyze scenes like seen breakdowns. Look at how they cross the line here. I. Sort of learned a lot of that stuff after I made TV watching youtube videos. So when you when you talk about cross coverage being young men knowing while we want to like. It. Seems like a bad move especially in a comedy. Judge Judge, there's a lot of cross coverage to 'cause you WanNa get the riffs you want. The real reactions to bring people in who might not know we're talking about if I shoot a scene and I should all your parts and I'm off camera and then we turn around and shoot all my parts. It's not going to have the same music as if we were getting both at the same time. Right, that's right, which is what you did. So I think maybe we'd. Got, sort of feeling from the offense, the British office and maybe curb your enthusiasm edit was hand-held and we knew we knew he could do that. We knew we didn't need Dali's all sorts of things. You know we had a cheap boom to cameras. And like a guy who knew about like white balancing or something, but I don't think we ever properly didn't. Answer the first one was shot. Was Okay not great, and so we tossed it. the Fuck Outta. I. Love this story with I'm about I, I. Love You guys were like, let's do something and then you're like, let's just shoot it. I mean like I feel like that force. Is. Why you guys are so successful and so good, and I can't I'm sorry to slow it down I. Just WanNa save read you hated the first one and you threw it away and like whatever that is, that is the glue that holds together. The LEGO death star of your dream is the instinct ago. I think this sucks. and. Unfortunately I have that in spades and it's a curse, which is like nothing is ever good enough. Really, well, ever good enough I pretty much feel at the end of every sunny so that we blew it. Moosh it, and it takes me about a year to be like, this is actually GonNa Fun, and then I love it. Yeah. But in the moment that always striving for something I, can never achieve terrible. I'm reading this. It's called the good neighbor. It's the Mister Rogers biography and believe it or not. He was the same way he'd stopped production on this pretty. Pretty. Low budget show to like, consult and re writing, and so I was just like I love knowing that even something like sunny. Mister Rogers Mister Rogers feels Albright an easy and like we're just having fun with puppets and your show does I mean this is a common feel like funny people fucking around underneath that is we're throwing this pilot away and A certain. I see two energies, right. You have the Charlie Day. That's like I can't believe I'm an actor. I can't believe you're an actor. Let's be friends. This is amazing. I think it was good I. Think I'm great. I'm GonNa prep this addition because I want to be excellent, and then there's this part that I think you also need the Yang of that which is like I think this might suck because. If you have that, then you're going to just show everyone crap unless you just happen to be a genius guess not. I mean, and I don't remember if it was me or WHO's Rider Glenn? WHO's all collectively? Just we just knew it was off. We. We knew it wasn't so much crap that we were like, Hey, let's never tried to make a show again like there was enough there to be like. Okay. Almost. What's wrong? And then we did it again. the second time around we got in much better shape dot gus. We can actually show people this while. The quality of re shooting something, we did this. You know there's that doritos contest where you make a commercial for the Super Bowl, a lot of young filmmakers and stuff do that. We did that. One of the first year is me and Orrin McCarthy this sort of film group that we had, and we shot one and it was dorito Scotch was was the premise and it's every chip has the equivalent of a shot of Scotch and the guy gets drunk Mateus, and then we're like I think we should reshoot it. It's more Super Bowl Li to make it beer. This is. Is the same situation by by the way friends with cameras location that somebody lent us just just that that. That early energy that we habit you guys have, and we re shot it, and when we reshad it, we made it so much faster. We like every say everything faster because it's thirty seconds everything faster. So it was so much faster than we actually had time in the commercial. You know sometimes after the product screen, there's enough time for little tag a little NB. So it was ten times better for being reshot because we had the experience of watching it and going like. Why are we talking so slowly? Something when you're look like I I imagined. You know I imagine. Wes Anderson doesn't see get to the end moving be like. This like like there are certain people that they've got. Down there style so much and I don't feel that way about sunny. Now. I don't see Saudi Say Gosh. I. Wish we could read whole thing. When you're starting out and you're beginning and you're in that trial and error phase of of what is your voice and what a show is specifically show. Yeah. Just reduce something is. What. What got picked up. What was the difference? Did you rewrite or did you just chain do perform differently? I can't. Remember. It's so long ago I know forgive me this I. Just Watch an interview with David Foster Wallace where they're asking him about an infinite jest, and it's the most uncomfortable thing I've seen because he keeps going. It was. It was seven years ago and and he's sweating and like he can't remember. So I am not doing that yellow straight this when we shot that pilot was twenty, seven, forty, four. Yeah. I think one thing was not to discredit David Hornsby. But David Hornsby played round mcilhenny role. The first time we did it And was going to do it the second time as well. But. had take a trip to. The couldn't move without allergies should round. And it is Boy. It made more sense for WHO's writing for himself in a way yeah. Yeah. I love that. That's like that's like a falling in love story like there's so many things like that. I don't want to go into specifics for the same reason, because I, don't WanNa, hurt feelings. But there were there were many times. The many things that I've done were, what we wanted got shifted because of something like a trap or another job or somebody that we books we were really excited about couldn't do it, and then we're like we'll just give it to this prison, and then it's like it couldn't have been anybody else couldn't have been Al. Pacino, like this is perfect. And that sort of providence stories like desert are dripping with that and I. I. Love It. I'm not surprised but I love it. Yeah. No. Apart, they could mean, who knows you know that's A. Are Meant to be a certain way by David Hornsby you know he plays a character called Ricky cricket. Our show starts out as a uptight priest is in love with D. in that, he just slowly devolves or very season. I was just watching the the state of Virginia. I was just watching man, that's what I said he deterred. and. And he's written on every season of the show to, and he'll land world-class ready starring on our apple show that we have a committee quest. Okay. Dealing with aggressor involved in that, I was involved in the writing of the pilot and then haven't been involved since that. So. I. Think a pop in the editing room twice to be like I like it looks really good. That's great. That's that's all Megan's Dan Hornsby and routed. They're just knocking out of the park. That's great. I didn't know was Meghan. Meghan is a friend of mine She's wonderful. She's brilliant. Anyway. So after we shot that, we had sent it to our agents and. 'cause think like we were. We were all represented at three arts entertainment which a great management company We were all at WMA. Like just three guys in the middle of nowhere we had access to. To get in the right hands and they like the idea that they were gonNA. Set up meetings to pitch it. and. then. Just. Months went by accident waiting to have a meeting with like big producers. Think we've met with. We were supposed to meet with John Fabra, but it just kept getting put off, put off but. You Know I. Love Jon Favreau, but I'm also really glad I. Don't cut him a check every week. Isn't it interesting? One of those moments where you realize. May like you didn't know that you could do it on your own until you add to sort of thing. Oh, yeah. No, I did. Yeah. And then. While we were waiting. We shot up second episode. So. I, love the story. This is what I miss man. I miss this especially because we're all inside these stories of just the wild west of like we're going to make another one I fuck in. Love it because it's not, let's make a show to be rich or famous. It's like we it's something that was waking you up at night. You know what? I mean. It's something that you needed to do, and that's fucking I. can't get enough of that out there the cycle and the second one was really funny and I believe it was the second one that. Rob took around town for the pitch meetings. Get Out loud, and we decided that we wouldn't go to the pitch because we were so green and had been in the before was just like. He's just the nation in that way. And he I think he wanted to like to be the guy and so he took that episode. and. Pitched it I mean, we pitched it everywhere, but you know what? Muslims were going by, we weren't getting these meetings with producers. And I think. We threatened although. It's funny looking back as the agencies will with you guys, but we like threaten to fire the agents. Take the pilot like, CNA, I. have been robbed maybe the code. There was a coup and that's when the meetings got said like, okay. We'll set on his meetings up and then I think we. said. We're giving you a real budget to shoot a real pilot were. There are a lot of steps forward even. Came to the air. So then we shot another pilot of sort of a hybrid of the two episodes. and. That one I think we have like a real budget of like two hundred, thousand dollars was nothing much, but it was enough to. Make It, look. Okay. and. And then they picked it up for seven episodes. Wow. There's so much so much unpacking so much that I love about it again, just stand on its own, I could just be like what was Rhode Island like but. I I was the best I know I know where you're from I would've said about anything I lost my virginity in Rhode Island Providence. Still there after go get. Okay, that is a dumb as. Bad. As joke, and I love it and I'm feeling the shame, and that's what it is to be alive. Say. Do Nine jokes in my head, and I was like now A. Travel. My God of course, I now know the jokes. Yeah There's too many jokes. Zero refers blow job is the setup, and then there's a million watch the sopranos. If you want to hear the punchline gives their jokes. About a bang I just to relate because I wanNA talk about the energy behind this. It's so helpful to people that are creative in whatever field they are just being creative in life. I wrote the pilot for crashing, and then in that interim which you and I both know talking about bad jokes but I find it helpful to remember that show business slow business I know that stupid. But I'm not trying to be funny. It's really helpful to remember. You can be on such a fast track I was like you guys shot something talk about a fast-track. You have it. Here it is. You'd think you'd be like, okay. Can we start you probably as young men even been like we might be shooting this this summer? Like, should we look for director like I? Love getting ahead of myself? With crashing I was like we got Jed. And this is after HBO. No they didn't they. We hadn't pitched yet, but we were setting up pitches and he had the pilot and I just had a month, the just kind of waiting around for things to happen. And I wrote. I wrote five episodes per judd's requests. He was like just write another one, and then he was just write another one and just write another one. So we wrote five can come to find out years later. HBO picked up the show and then I found out that they were like we didn't even get it until we read the second. So something like if we just been like all right though setup, the pitches will wait a couple of months. It probably wouldn't have happened because. The whole like. You're with a different person being needed to be illustrated and they were like, okay, we got it and then I like telling this not that it's all about money, but they retroactively bought the scripts that we never shot them. But they were like amy, Schumer Scripts, all these guests I don't know if we could get, but they bought them. So it was like. The. Stuff that you're doing just because it's written on your heart to do ends up. Being bought, there's something that feels very satisfying about like to reward that sort of. Enthusiasm. Yeah. Well, it takes that enthusiasm, but you're right. It takes two things move. So slowly and you want to think that they move quick and crazy things happen in maybe for like just an acting situation. Yes, things can move quick. You can do audition. Next thing you know you're moving moves big hit. Your career is taking off the that has happened for people I'm sure. But even even that audition by the time they got into was was years and years and years. Set up and the that's right. Especially, if you're talking about making something selling something convincing anyone to make anything, it's very difficult to do. You. Think. By the way that apple show. that. Like Robin I. So we had a little time between seasons and rob had gone up to video game company and said Hey. This isn't really funny world. Would you be interested in writing a show? Man Said, yeah, I think I give run show. All right. And You know we wrote the we wrote them pilot fairly quickly But. In hitching it around town, we didn't get a lot of bites. Including and I mean. I. Don't mean to bite the hand that feeds me, but like you know affects passed on it. And you would think. That a workplace comedy. From the two guys that have brought you in arguably your longest running most successful show about nine. Maybe the most successful I don't know I don't know the economics and business the certainly the long run. Yes. You would think that a workplace comedy is safe bet. You know everyone has Different agendas in different tastes, and it's very, also very heartache. Convince someone what is in your head or even on the page y'all look like right, and so that's why I think. Not only is it takes a lot of time, but it's it's hard to convince people. What, something can beat which why we shot sunny originally because when you can actually see. There's a lot less explaining to what it's GonNa be. But of course, the risk then is any. You could show it to my mother and she would know if it works or not. You know like to a certain extent. Yeah. So like you're you're putting your tripling down and going like this is what it is. But if they really know what it is, it also makes it easier to say, no, well depends on the thing you're making. Right. So if you're making a workplace comedy remaking budget people in an apartment or something, then you probably can pull that off if you if you are making a inner space comedy then yeah, he probably WanNa. Shoot yourself or. Quest. We watched the pilot. I. Thought the pilot was great. By the way I have the same card to play where it's like. It's really hard to. Have a joke about people say like, have you seen mythic questioning? What do I work for the TV like I'm sorry. I get to it. But that some times how I feel. But I thought it was great and and I don't normally necessarily notice things like this I was like this is a high budget, Joe, the game. Like I play games and I was like this whole thing if the game looks stupid, yeah, everybody's out. Everybody is completely like. Is that a to interview you about mythic West. Maybe that's not were you WanNa talk about, but it's like. Where did the game come from? was that developed for the show? And like I said, I'm not totally on the incentive of how they pulled everything off. But So. We had a partner new this off, which is where rob had gone to huge games of. Yeah. So I'm pretty sure that they helped create the animation for the little pieces of the game that you see in the show. So we had an actual video game company. Know. Of course, but it's not I. Mean just a complement to the show again. We'll get back to your yours world. I'm watching it like it wasn't just like. You see the title screen, you see like game play, and I'm like really watching it with the lens having played assassin's creed them like. Are they just repurposing shit and it looks really really good. They end the end. The sat looks great and I was like this is a high budget show Yes. A legit. Naked stronger to. Go Out of ROB. Record one. At, that his sister Katie wrote Six episode edits like a flashback to the. With the Jake. Johnson. This is the one I'm friends with. Dana. WHO's at Apple? WHO's a friend of mine, and she was like you gotTa. Watch that episode. That was the one that you. They're very proud of that episode. One anyways. That's great. You know. Let's just talk about that for nine hours, Jacob. I want to know a little bit about what you've learned. From the beginning to now, when it comes to the day to day the running it, the writing it, there have to be huge mistakes and stuff his what I, what I'm always fascinated with to give you a little context of why I want to know this is you take people who are artists and Chris. Rock I've said there's a million, he's like giving a comedian. A show is like giving a waiter. Waiter a restaurant like, why would a waiter know how to run a restaurant yet? We're doing that. You take a Sam Rockwell enthusiast who loves acting loves the CRAP loves writing. You're good at all, and then you're like, okay, welcome to and I don't mean grind in a bad way. But welcome to a timetable. Welcome to Monday Monday morning. Welcome to deadlines. Welcome to notes. Welcome to edits. Welcome to you gotTA. My friend. Tommy. WHO's a CEO or CFO? I? Don't even know CEO see he. Knows what? He's a high up in the business world and I was like Dude, next show that I do I'm GonNa talk to you, and I wanna read some books on business management when it comes to like incentivizing writers. Giving them a sense of ownership over the show giving them a sense of place and belonging and structure. All these things that like we need, you had to learn how to do that. The sunny have like a traditional rumor you running the room. Yeah. So we have traditional room than rob and myself and. Megan Ganz David. Hornsby. Run it at this point and I mean. In terms of how to do it, it's different for right in. It's it's changed through the years and I think it starts. Okay. Be a decent human being like I. Don't know. I can't speak for other people. I think people have worked on our show for so long and stay with us because we created or at least try to create a good work environment. Don't be an asshole. You're just making a TV show star start with right. Then people don't dread going to work. So that's probably certainly if you're running a comedy I think that's helpful. I Megan. Obviously had lots of horror stories. About. During writing rooms in I know she is really enjoyed working on Sunday. But mostly I think. It's it's interesting where. I just written directed movie that just sort of finishing up. As a very different thing because. What's great about TV is you have. Others voices, you have that team of writers. You have I have Robin Glen Mcginn argue about what's the best way to do something? Now. You also have that on a movie. You know you have your editor, you have your caution designer, you have a producer but. It's intelligence really a great sort of almost team. Atmosphere? Like. Here, WE ARE PACA writers. We have this mission you know have to make. We don't do that many ten episodes. Right? We're going to break it up in the first five and then the second five. Annual spend the first. Few weeks, just talking about general story ideas you know. Some might say Waterpark, right? Okay. Yeah. Where is it going? Will break the rooms up. and. We'll. Talk about that and then? Why do you break up? You want it's almost like splitting up witnesses or suspects who crime he wants them to each develop their own story you want. For Time so for. Yeah. So we'll get to two different rooms working two different stories because we gotta. We gotta get him gone. earned. The earlier days of doing rob and I would be in one room of the glands, well, the whole time or actually we would all. All in the same room at the same time, then we started breaking the two rooms than we. And then. Now. We have. David. Run the room and or Meghan Meghan run the other room, and Robin I will be we ragnar script writing script from scratch. Are they long days? Are you are you alike, let's grind and stay for dinner Kinda, room, or you know. I love it. My whole thing 'cause I was on, I wrote on some shows. They were great shows would stay for dinner and they'd always be not often. But there would always be a nagging voice where I was like. This about SNL, it's like SNL. Could be nine to five. You don't have to write from eight PM. Like, you don't have to let me ask you this because sunshine. You you might have to because if it's if it's a network show and you've gone and like a so I written a multi-candidate did one season of it called the cool kids and now now. and. Wasn't able to be there the whole time pilot pilot, but like shot Around the pilot. But. Then what I would pop in when I was free to pop in. For a table, read at the network blow something up and you're shooting it on. Friday in front of a live audience than those guys did have to grind it out and of course of Korla. That's that's like a ticking clock, but I just thought it was it was when I was writing on a multi cam. Those were longer hours. Yeah. Tough. But was send. You know we're just trying to get it all written first so that we're not writing in our trailers while shooting, which inevitably happens with at least one scripts but. Yeah. So we get all about editor, a lot of what I would love you mentioned, wes. Anderson. The COEN brothers I so many of the people that I admire are the people that shoot like they. They story boarded out. They even know in no country. This is when the bullet hits the rear view mirror and excuse at this angle, and they know like, wow, that that sounds so cool to know exactly what you're going for. But when my heroes James, L. Brooks You know McKay. These guys seem to have an appreciation for like will do seventy, percent eighty percent. But then it's that twenty percent that year forced into that sort of makes the whole thing fertile. His at I sit unethically I like both so. You, know I am I shot the by moving much more like the way Conrad. In fact, they used their story board artist and throughout the entire movie before I even got that Oh Shit I. Know? Yet. Because Violence, again, I had here. He gave me the story boards asking now. I have the whole, the whole movie story out right here. My God. But and but that was essential for the fact. I was in every scene I I was in front of the camera lot and I wanted A. An I was doing it in such A. Comparatively. Achieved budget added budget, but comparatively cheap from what I am starting to pull off. I needed that plan now. Sunny. Are. Directors always come with a plan and it's great. But sometimes, you could just break. WE'RE GONNA move over here just rest. Very. Different. Look. In. Terms of the movies it doesn't really matter I mean. I love movies that are shot Loosey Goosey. I don't know conscripts as work that way where they're like. He's another one I. I watched an interview with Scorsese and I sent it to judd because I was like, this sounds like you which I think is funny I. Don't think people would necessarily be like Scorsese in Jed, but Scorsese Jeb. Where they're like. There's a certain. Gap In in the a free space to sort of figure it out as you're going PT. Anderson to I. I had a funny exchange with PD Anderson ones at Largo where I was. I knew about the master do. In Houston and you know the movie, the Master, of course. New about specifically the scene were walking jerks off on the beach. If you watch the movie, there's all this like Yeah. He was just nominated roll camera. And it's not quite that. But it was. He said an I. What makes it funny and it makes me the fool in this exchange Is that I I was like he said that was just walking being working like we just said, you're this guy. Like. Are you have you heard the theory that it's the ego and the superego Amy Adams is a superego. Phil, hopping is Ego and Joaquin is the head and he just didn't seem at all interested in that. He thought that was. So in the way of making a movie, like you can't think in those terms and I was like you know you have the the different Jerkov scenes. There's Joaquin who just jerks on the beach because he's he's like completely shameless, and then you have Phil Hoffman getting a hand job from Amy Adams in the bathroom. So there's these two very key one is like a shame. Jerk release into a sink, it's very jarring, and one is just what what Phil hopping admires. Sort of secretly about Joaquin, is that he's just an animal and just jerks off on the beach. So and so when he said that Joaquin was just improvising and they were just like we were just shooting whatever he did. and. It wasn't scripted that he jerked off I. Basically I was joking around, but I almost contested them. I was like that can't be because it was so perfect at one point. He went I've seen the movie like like he's like I, know what you mean. I. Mean Even now even if you have something really specifically tailored down to the T., you're still looking for little bursts of life. You know you're still looking for. I would say accidents but things things have come alive, right? Yeah. So I would imagine I've never imaginer. Even. Though you're being wordperfect and the shot is dialed in and deacons three, our lighting it or whatever. That they're still it'd be robotic, right. They're still looking for whatever pacing timing just gets that seeing that spark in. This just different ways to get it. You could be like, Hey, here are the here are the boundaries. And this is exactly what to do. Now, bring us to life, and then you gotta find that spontaneity within those boundaries. That's right for you. Give me like, Hey, here's a beautiful beach while game it. You're feeling Horny, go ahead and. We've got plenty of. The. Camera. Quick, because we're shooting fifty one meter and it's In my own defense, if you've seen that movie a thousand times which I have. It's like a silent movie. Obviously, it's a silent part of the movie. He is with the sand woman. He gets a look on his face, and then he goes off to the waves to to masturbate. It's so deliberate and it's so perfect. FEELS COEN brothers. That I can't believe it wasn't Coen brothers. So that's like it's like using chaos to look like a symphony instead of necessarily aiming for a specific infamy, they were doing it on the fly and I'm just blown away by that. It just seems like something that you would appreciate. What can you tell me about the movie? When when, when can people see this movie that you're working? Well, I. Don't know if people can see because I've got a little slow down by the pandemic. But I just finished a cut and actually I had Leslie Jones come on and finish the cut comanche, cut the master by the way speaking. No ship and the AD, some really great movies. The thin red line and Finding Century Women Punchdrunk love than inherent vice and she's She really had a great sort of the take on the film. And So it integrate now and I'm probably going to start taking it around town in the leading some of the streamers look at it because I think that's the world we're living in right now is going to go to the theater anytime soon. So right? Hopefully AL, get it. So the this month, and then if that's the case God willing. I said a little bit of the music to work on. So did you finance it like this wasn't something that you saw them in a studio. Said I got I got into bed. So. Okay. These guys. Are. Good. Reason partner guy named John Regard done horrible bosses in fistfight. He's been talking to me about the script for years and I'd always wanted to make it. But I I just haven't had the window and or wouldn't I couldn't find anyone sorta pony up for odd story and end. and. Let's go aggressively, try to find the financing. These guys, armory films, they did peanut butter, Falcon mudbound. And they got behind moving shot. A year ago. Okay, and Dan was cutting it. With my sunny editor Tim, Roach, and then I got a little slowdown by sunny. So I, had to deliver an episode of the Season Sunny. And then by the time, I, was getting back in the editing room. Manager head to do other job job, but I. Found Leslie and she's was genius Finally got into the right place, and now I'm just ready to take it out. What is the weird? You said a couple times a weird idea. Can you give us the General? It's I'd always wanted to make a movie like being there. So I'd sorta use that Model I. Don't know if you know Peter Sellers movie. I. Think that's dreads favorite movie by the way. I, really. Yeah. I mean, it's one of the best movies. So it's it's. Total. Buy This woman in East La and. She started telling the story of However father refers to everyone in this town of Los. Angeles, it's fools and. While it's happening, you meet my character and and he referred to me as the fool and you don't really and she didn't understand why. and. Anyway, I meet her in the get pulled into her world and. There's a incident where I I. AM working with her father and a producer thinks, Eh, just like this method actor who will come out of a trailer. Park. In Hollywood and death I, go through this sort of crazy rising fall but. but I don't speak speak iser. Silent silent character. which I think maybe part of the challenge sailing. But I'm really happy at I. Think it's it's released touching movie in And it's very funny in lots of places I. The cast. Is Amazing. You. Know I have. Were start. Ken. Jong. Common. Came back and sale John Malkovich eating. where? Adrian Brodie. Holy. Share it. Good for me. That's awesome. Fun for these guys because people as my character goes through world's people could kind of common shine and. Not have to be on set for an a shot in La. La. Yeah. That's awesome. What's it called? Just keep people can keep an eye out for whenever. It's called just fools go. Just fool's gold. Yeah. Working title was Tonka. Which means the full in. Spanish. But the. Area had changed the title, but I'm happy it's really A. Movie I was trying to make and. Challenge the hallway through I. Think next time. AGO FOR MORE OF LIKE A. Bigger budget but. By, the way I don't mean obliterated actually had a great budget, but it's a big story. There were like out locations and. Passions and Garrett goes I mean if you're going to recreate a Hollywood premiere or a major movie set, it's it's not cheap to shoot on a lot or yeah, you'd have. To really create the story the right way Serb Odyssey. It was challenging good for you man sometime off Mike I'd love to talk to you about how you balance that doing a show while making movie because I'd be fascinated by I. think that's a little too inside baseball. But next time I see I'M GONNA bend. Did the movie I stopped and I did the show and then it picked back. But still I mean just even you said window and you said it's so casually I was like that must be a big part of your reality is you have what you want, and then you need to find the time to do it while balancing your personal life and two things, it's very interesting to make. We can talk about that another time. I'd be remiss if we didn't at least touch on music because again I'm reading that Mister. Rogers thing. And they were talking about how important it was that he learned to play the piano and all that stuff. And I was like, of course, like I felt like a drippy idea. But I was like to a young person music sort of shows that the world is operating with a metronome whether or not. You know it, there's a timing to life, and then music teaches you to merge with it that you can then betray. You can play with it. You can manipulate it and you know where you could flow with it to create sound and I was like what? What a valuable thing to give children when you mentioned. By the way, my daughter's on almost two inch. You'll already sit at the piano and she knows well enough to play one key at a time, which is, makes me so excited aspects. And I take your little finger and i. have played a scale or something, and and she and I'll say, can you saying it just makes me? So thrilled she can do whatever she wants I'm just saying I loved I. I'd love her to grow up in a world where music instruments are toys. These are toys like we can. We can do this I. Think it's essential for children to be if they can introduced some kind of instrument, any kind of musical instrument. It's just a learning another language, right? I. Don't think you have to be able to read music. You know. Although I think it's great if you can. But. I just think just to be able to say, Hey, it's Katy goof around instrument. Then people get locked up right in this I, can't do that I get. Go pick up an instrument anthony. Is. Just another way to express yourself or justly meditate or hang out or bombs someone? Totally. So I think it's you know you. WanNa introduce your kid that, but the gives them what you just said to put it another way that I love the idea that it kind of gives confidence. A piano is Landau imposing and it's sort of embarrassing. What if I play? Wrong? What if it sounds bad. So it sort of teaches risk taking. I think in the same way that sports would I don't know. Know. If people are GonNa follow me there, but it's like shooting a basketball is a vulnerable thing in the same way that telling a joke is a vulnerable thing or hitting a key on a keyboard or doing a recital. But we WANNA learn to like take risks and that it's okay to fail and it's okay to be vulnerable in all this stuff. Visible thing, right? It's hard to get out the door and and put yourself out in the world. And you know I, think that's the problem. Is that people are? They feel so vulnerable that it comes out in ways that are unfriendly, but many the being you're having these conversations i. It's borderline risky these days. But like. You know and the. Same thing just. To get up there and singing venison. Someone is the most vulnerable thing you can do that. There's a reason that people respond to that so well. You know and it doesn't stop. Yeah. It's so. So we finally had a nanny, our nanny iris come over. because. We've been quarantining and everybody's taking super serious and we're like, I, think it's time I think you can come by just today, we'll try it. And to see my daughter who hasn't seen another person I, think as a father, you'll appreciate as she was just putting on a little bit of a show. She wouldn't let me put her in the stroller. She wanted to show Iris that she could pick. Danny Lyons and smell them just like the little things that she's able to do and I was like this is what show business is here are strangers. Here's the thing that I've done when I felt safe. Now I'm GonNa do it when I feel less safe to delight you I. I was like Whoa. This is really blowing my mind, but when you talked about timing and when I see your instagram fucking phenomenal, I know that sounds kind of hollow. But I really think they're special to blend really good music with comedy I, see the music in your acting I can feel someone who understands timing when to even the cadence of your voice when to be sharp. Not that you're thinking that way. But this is a funny time to sort of rest rest rest rest. Then the line. Oh Yeah. It's all music scene with making a piece of film. Or. Even a TV show like the editing when you're cutting it, you know. You obviously hope you have a great editor here she. Has. A great serve musicality to the editing, but you're also trying to match it to your musical tastes. So you're like in some fuels off, there's a timing. that. You know I think Robin Glenn Habit as well too I. Think Danny, Caitlyn I. Think it's helped. The show everyone has a little bit enough musicality the. Music I know. I. Think. That's forgive me for being leading. But I felt like we might agree on that. It is all music and even even sports is music. I was watching the Michael Jordan doggy series like all of us and was like there's music to this. This is it's all sort of like one. Thing, it's all creativity. It's all risk. It's all vulnerability. It's all conquering our fears and would you I even you could trace that down to our fear of life itself? Like you were saying, it's hard to leave the world, but music is taking all of that uncertainty and instead of freezing your dancing with it, you're you're participating with surfing his music. It's. It's the same sort of the rhythm of the waves and merging and using. When do I cut into when do I fall and all these different things. Everything is music, but I didn't I didn't I. Don't think I just wanted to mention that I. Don't think it's a mistake that you're so creative. You're so funny is such a great actor, the music. To be the. It's not a coincidence that those things are going. The same time was very nice. You say, I. Think Yemen musical upbringing was essential in that, and there is a point in my life where I wasn't sure if I wanted to pursue. Or disaster than. I enjoyed writing songs so much and. And I think I've gotten away from. Gun Away from. That outlet I think it was vulnerability I. Think it was A. Fear. Of. Failing. At Music Very, safe thing for me to write a funny song and Instagram and much less owner. Right. One. That's sort of sentimental, right? And I think it was the same but sort of pursuing music. I'm a son of two music teachers. So then it's like well. What failed music, you know. Whereas I think too I would just occasionally beat another guitar player because I started a guitar. I'm going to start a ban was a kid, but like. College Play More Guitar Piano. Not, a lot of a piano is leaning against a bonfire and. pull it out of the woods. Now, they were all stone baby grand. Teeth eight. One of the very likes dancing. But I I think. There was some fear to pursue music and still over. There is a piece me. Why wouldn't I ride it album just for people but. The block there I, do too. I did the simpsons. Voice on the simpsons for it doesn't matter and I had to sing in my real voice. Vow was with my wife Al and she. Always wants to get me to sing in my sincere voice, and I'm a guy i. think probably like you. They will do a lot of things for a laugh. But if you're just like get the guitar and Sing Amazing Grace in your most sincere like you're being good at singing voice, it's I. Think it's one of the few blocks I have, which is like I can't do it so. So, for that episode, I had to take amazing grace and I just sang it and she was like just so tickled, not laughing at me. But she was like I, heard you real voice, I heard your voice because I always want to go sad guy earlier. Same thing. Same thing. You want to put those walls up and keep yourself safe in its worst thing you can do for yourself. Is. Definitely, you can do when it comes to art you know. Trying to smash through that fear and just keep putting yourself out there. Yeah. Even, making this movie was very I was attached to it in a way that I was uncomfortable with. I need. Not. I need to separate the movie and my own sense of self were. Do I know I just told the story on another episode, but we just want release these for back to back where I pitched something, and my heart was just on the table that afterwards, I went into vow and I was like I have a vulnerability hangover. I feel so exposed. So fragile. That's what that's what I wanted to see because even your your your I'm sorry, you're saying, was it. Who was the the most confidence sunny voice you're saying? macanese. I'm sure even mcelhinney will do something like that, and there's a part of them. That's like, Oh, no, my throat is so exposed here. And someone could rip it out at and make me break my heart basically when you're when you're in the creative field, I feel like you're having all of these babies, all of these darlings, all of these love affair as and when other people get to like. Unfortunately or or just what we're doing. Leila is invested in what the nanny thinks of her flower picking and I'm invested in what the producers in the backers and the audience thing. There's a real. It's like what we were saying with you. You have the the happy go. Lucky Charlie, but you also have the hypercritical I have the like. Sell to quote Tommy Boy I'll sell a catch obstacle to a woman in white gloves. But what you don't see is after I do that pitch to the woman in white gloves even if she sells it if I sell it, I'll still be like am I am I F for? I, am I am I like nothing am I am am I an embarrassment? You're right. Yeah. Just a sprinkle. I got too bad. I'm glad I don't have that too bad I. got enough things. I don't need another one, but that's so funny. I wouldn't even say I have it as much as when you put yourself out. You just feel it. You feel it psychically. Oh. Sure. Something you care about. You, you give a baby bird in someone else's hands and you're like, please don't crush my bird. Well, the thing that's tough thing. About just our field sort of emotionally like a, you can be a professional golfer right, and if you shoot the low score for four days in a row, evil knowledge can say, Hey, I don't think you want. Like Maybe, this I don't think you're that great, but like, well, Y-. orborne. Scoreboard. Yeah. Scoreboard. You can make You know you can make. Whatever you can talk Sanderson people will be like the Master Saxon that you and I can both this. fucking. Immaculate. Yeah. I just saw the master on a list of most overrated or like not great. fucking. I would've. What are you? What are you? So you gotta just. It's almost impossible, but you have to remember gear Modell del Toro telling that once which. Doing Pacific. Rim. With him and he was saying he's like the thing is someone's GonNa. Let me someone's GonNa hate by moving has nothing I can do about it. Yeah. But it's hard to actually live that field. I think those are those guys that have a little bit of Stoicism I don't know. But. Like that idea that like you're doing it. I have this is on my posted on my computer at says commit to the work for its own sake. Because like I think there has to be something and then it's for joy I think joy is important. you know I, I, saw I'm sorry. What is it called me? It's not called fistfight. It's called. Despite all I'm sorry, it's called fistfight this. Saw It in the theater it created joy and I? Don't think that's stupid. I. Think it's like. I was talking to j Barrichello is like one of the reasons for art is to make life manageable to make it worth being alive. I. Know It's silly to say maybe, but like we want to create a world that we want to be in an art plays a really big part in that. Even if it is just creating silly joy, I think that I think that matters. I. Have to think some a genius like Eurodollars, their Del Toro has to be like I'm doing what I wanna see, and in his case, I feel like he's doing the dream he had when he was thirteen. Yeah. The nightmare but. Awesome name, but you ever have an awesome nightmare. Nightmare Yeah I've from nightmares before and I was like specifically with skyscraper-tall monsters I was like that was scary when I was in it. But when I think about it, that was the coolest dream I've ever had like, that was really really cool. I don't think I have any surrealist dreams, my dream girl her and. Trying to get the sugar even though somebody has cancer. Yeah. Well we've talked so much. Obviously, I think you can tell I really enjoyed this. Let's just do a little bit of a speed round. To closes out unless you have to go, which is totally within your lights. No I'm good. You're okay. But had the right to go but. I? Like. I'm supposed to your boss everybody like me would be like will I look like a jerk relief like you? We've been talking for two hours. Ville. Duty Love it ninety time Jenner talk okay good. Well, here comes the last part people always laugh because I tag it on at the end. But every episode we talked about the meaning of life we talk about God. Religion a framework for the universe. So I'm not asking you to nail it. I'm just wondering you Charlie, day today how do you feel about Is there to this chaos. I saw on your wikipedia pages said that you're agnostic I'm wondering how you were raised and how you sort of make sense of the miracle of life, the miracle consciousness where we're going what's happening. Raised Heavily Catholic. Catholic in new. England. And you know full believer as a kid I think as time went on and you sort of learn the history of the world against skeptical about. People but I look I've always show about religion like this. I don't know. What the ingredients? are in toothpaste. Okay. I know that there's Floride in there. But I don't actually know how toothpaste works I. Get my word. If someone hurdle me back in time I I, I can tell the peasants in the kings. Hey, we should all be brushing your teeth and they'd be great. How do we do not a clue? How to make things, right. So why me you? Me Plus you identifies as Charlie. Why, why is it on me to know the answer to all things? Yeah. In the meaning the. Let's, let's say free myself with that. I think I'd be much happier in being I. Think. I just I. I will never. No. No one will ever know. And I'd rather enjoy my life than try to figure it out some people get a lot of enjoyment trying to figure out the meaning of all things. But I don't know. I'm not even convinced. Anything is actually happening that there is a reality I. Don't I don't know. Yeah. No I I mean. I was just talking this morning with Iras about how at its core Buddhism Hinduism you strip them down far enough. They sort of have a forgive me Buddhists and Hindus if I'm not representing you correctly, but there's sort of an idea that there is nothing happening. That's what my daughter's name means. Leila means the dance of the universe meaning what you said. Don't take it too. seriously. We're just making TV show saying it's all Leila, is a way of saying this is just a dance. This is just a play of light. It's a passing show. So don't get to up your own, ass. What's funny about what you're saying is. I'm with you. We can't know. That is such an important and fundamental part of of mystery and of religion. What I think is interesting about toothpaste is what's different between the phenomenon of God or awareness. Right? itself is the toothpaste is what's making you operate like you are part of toothpaste sort of that sort of what makes it interesting to me. So while I can't figure out what's in toothpastes because? I, don't work at proctor and gamble or whatever. The thing that's looking for God is God. That's what I think is. So fucking trippy. That's what sort of gives every human being every piece of reality sort of a pass to explore with. Certainty with not certainty. With green light to look for yourself because what what is looking. So if you WANNA say reality is just a play which I'm with you and you want to say we can't. It's what is looking is what what you're looking for is what you're looking with. Saint Francis said. So you you are toothpastes. Which is what makes it fun for me and saying, I don't know what's looking out. My eyes is the perfect place to start. I wouldn't for what it's worth. Wouldn't correct that at all. You're still invited to the to the. Example. That though like Began to feel with religion. Especially when I hear other people try to tell me what the meanings of all things were. That, it was like sitting in a dark closet with a crossword puzzle that none of the questions and none of the answers connect. And outside it's the most beautiful sunny day on the beach and and everything's happening, and then if you spend your whole time in the closet without crossword puzzle, your missle of the day outside. And I just started to feel that way about religion, which is like a shirt whatever you want believe great at it's probably right is probably wrong. Hey. It's a beautiful day outside to go. Limit is I, think it's room me the poet. Who writes all of this beautiful mystic poetry about finding God about being the toothpaste, but he also has that I love where he says. Don't waste your time in the orchard wondering where the trees come from just need some apples. All I'm saying. If I'm trying to be inclusionary. Saying your stance isn't not mystical, not wonder I. would agree with that. Yeah. Yeah. Your stance is gorgeous and participatory and saying. When we're this is exactly what I was talking about. With Iris, sometimes, I have an issue with some of the traditions that I love going, we're all trying to wake up and escape the cycle of birth and death, which is again, any of the reincarnation ones are like we're trying to get off the cycle. And wake up and that's enlightenment, and then I was like life is is so it's everything even when I told that joke remember and I was like, I'm feeling shame and that's what it is to be alive that sort of my perspective is I'm like even when the flight is delayed and I'm feeling horrible or the headache won't go away just like this is even when it's not a beautiful damn just like this is it. This is an experience like there's a show happening and I what I'm hearing, you say I think it's going to be a memorable talk for me at least I. Think for the people listening is like we can't get so up our own asks that it's dark. Yeah. Put it But with me I think it's acceptance as opposed to a denial. Right? So I'm not denying, oh no, there's nothing greater than ourselves or whatever you know. It's it's an acceptance of that. There's disconnected. And the expansiveness that if you just look at any sort of map of space. I mean how? Where do we begin we're? Trying to some this thing? Well. When in doubt, zoom out, we say it every time I. Bet you know this and I say it all the time. But in the seinfeld writers who made a picture of the Cosmos and I think we could all use a picture of the cosmos. Some people get cold and scared when you think about that. But when I'm having a bad day and I remember. It's the difference between thinking your visitor in the universe or you're a part of the universe, and if you think you're a part of the universe that you belong here that you're not a visitor here, you can zoom out and go like look at the fucking. Crazy infinite mystery. Mysterious. Symphony. Often. Horrible. It's often wonderful. But like look at all of it, we are as someone said on this podcast, were dogs trying to understand the internet and there's a piece there. That is non resistance that saying. I don't know. But I'm connecting right now with Pete. I'm connecting right now at Charlie and that is. The one thing clang with itself in the way that it sees sped meaning reality isn't an error. I just sometimes take issue with the idea that realities in error that we need to break away from. It feels very evangelical to me because I was like this isn't my home. We're just passing through I just. Want get on board with that in right I just reality. What's that? Reality. It's just reality if it is at all, that's right and I think you'll like, Alan, Watt says, the point of life is life is the of life is life which I think is what I hear you saying I, think. It's wonderful. Well, this is my last question for you Charlie. Thank you for for doing a episode. Very in depth conversation. I. Think we covered a lot. I'll tell you and I. Hope you get this way when I, do this and I do it two three times a week. I'm just in a better mood. The rest of the day, there's a, there's a therapy element. The connection element. And I hope you're feeling some love and appreciation and think about the you that you were at the beginning and the me that I was at the beginning like you I've watched myself melt and reform and Melton reform, and that's what the human experience is like. There's the anticipation. There's the what's it going to be? I. Don't know I interviewed people like what if they're not talkers? So there's like nerves, I. GonNa have to go to my notes, and then there's a wilting. You don't get me talking about why like one podcast? There's a, there's a shedding of lake. Oh, I. Think I'm safe like I. Think this person has my best interest in mind meeting for me with you and you and. Yes. And, then you're having a sleepover again, you know what I mean, and then you can actually feel that kind of humanity, which is why I mean. If you ever want to get me worked up, just talk to me about podcasts that like feel like they have to be an hour I'm just like. Says who? Feels like the same people that are like down shoot pilot, you sell a script, you get a producer, you know what I mean. It's like or. Whatever, the fuck you want because it's it's creative energy. Do whatever no rules and granted his music. Go Bang on the piano. Last question. Go be with your family. You already sort of answered it with the Sunny Blueberries, which by the way, some of the hardest times I've laughed the time in your life. You laughed really really hard or maybe the hardest. If you can remember it maybe you were a kid maybe somebody forwarded. Maybe you shit your pants. I. Was Pretty Lucky live I've I've laughed at hard many many many times. I'm a laugher at I'm enjoying this ride. I mean everything from teachers farting. To. Happen to teacher really farted. Oh. Yeah. Definitely. What teacher was definitely high school. But the guys talking the board gotTa squeaks out. Any just causes what he's saying for long enough to know that. Okay. He knows we heard it. We definitely heard. Everyone else seems to be nice. Of keeping their cool I'm lose. A had an. ambling. Maybe. On my own it would it be laughing, but insisting that little sign I glance at your buddy where he heard it too I need. I. Need this in my life. Thank you very much. Charlie Day I really appreciate you taking the time. Thank you, Peter. It was my pleasure. Yeah. Would you say we have the the guest? Say the catchphrase, which is keep a crispy. It's just how we ended this little Richard He'd be crispy. Dated David I. Love It. Thanks, man lots of your family stayed. Thanks you too. Okay. Bye. tastiest. Crispin. So crispy.

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