'Valentine's Views' podcast: Reactions to Sunday's loss to Arizona


Compete with friends and best of all win cash silent is the game bout the game and it's super easy to play watching the chiefs answer realtime question this episode is brought to you by sideline the free sports prediction takes those boring low-stakes moments live sports and turns them into chances to show off your knowledge com of the game and that's disturbing because as I said they had a week and a half to prepare so what were they preparing for it bothered me Hello Jane stands view today's show comes to you one day after the New York giants suffered a disappointing in difficult loss to the after the game that they were surprised by what they saw from Arizona they weren't really ready for for some of the things that the cardinals did at the beginning it was a very very poor effort by the giants in in so many ways we can criticize the coaching of Pat Shurmur justifiably I think is a game where they had every advantage they had a week and a half to prepare they had Arizona coming across the country for one o'clock game which is historically when I think back on it Arizona had are very run heavy game plan yes there were some wrinkles in the way that they ran the ball there were some tap past clean Evan Ingram returning to the lineup they had everything in their favor they had every reason to believe that they would win this football need extra defensive backs they played a pass heavy pass expectant defense while Arizona was simply turning around and handing the ball to chase the giants should have could have an needed to win yes there are developing team yester- a rebuilding team but rezoned cardinals on Sunday at metlife stadium. I think about this game and I think you know I'm disappointed after the result of Sunday's game I think I have been in the year and a half that Pat Shurmur has been head coach of the New York giants this game was again game and you look up at you know basically the end of the first quarter in their behind seventeen to nothing was just as bad we look at the at the defensive performance a disturbing thing was the giants admitting game about the game download it now by searching silence sports in the apple APP store or visit when sideline dot com that's win sideline died only get the ball to ingram or you're only try to get the ball to him five times we've debated in in several other formats at big blue view the the decision in making it the end of the game I think that Pat Shurmur 's handling of the last four and a half minutes of the game was awful and his explanation for it think the the decision making at the end of the first half the decision making in the last four and a half minutes of the game the the lack of proper use with Arizona trying to run the ball they spent the entire game with two defensive tackles on the field instead of their normal three-man line they very difficult for NFL teams they you know they they had They were the favored team in this game they had sake one bar is that are considered passing plays there were some interesting wrinkles in the way that they ran the football and yet the giants spent the entire Game Alvin Ingraham some of the just some some of those kinds of things you have you have in Arizona team that that has struggled to cover the tight end and liberty to to protect the football when the pocket is collapsing those are things we've seen repeatedly from Jones things that have to get better pressure on Daniel Jones there were issues that Jones head as well things that that have to be bothersome indecisiveness in for him to continue to progress in NFL quarterback you cross your fingers and hope that that those kinds of things simply aren't things Edmunds in that was incredibly bothersome to me there were fundamental mistakes there were blocking assignment errors you there was there was all kinds of welcome to a new edition of the Valentine's views five cast here on big view radio part of the s the nation family podcast. I'm your host Ed Valentine of Big Blue that we're going to see throughout Jones career you have to hope that they'll get better they'll improve with time and experience otherwise otherwise and you trying to break down and make sense of what happened to your New York giants on Sunday is development is not going to be you know what we all hope that it will be so you know all sorts of problems let's take a quick break at this point four word from our sponsors when we come back I will talk to Patricia train as we continue quarter tied now it is with sideline you get to predict what will happen next and make money doing Ceylon is the game about the game and you get the chance to make picks and real time during the game you've got the knowledge you've got the instincts you can see that Zeke Elliott hurdle coming from a mile away all you have to do okay tell the truth when you're watching live sports are you that guy who's always yelling called it well here's your chance to put your mouth where the money is it's called mm-hmm is disappointed after this game has been as I've been any giants performance for quite some time anyway let's do this giants fans in the apple APP store or visit win sideline dot com that's win sideline dot com. Hey I'm Spencer Hall I'm Holly Anderson I'm Ryan Nanny I'm Jason Kirk and we're the hosts of the shutdown full cast your avengers of college football podcast it says sideline and it's the free real time mobile sports APP that lets you get more out of life sports you think every moment can be as exciting as Pat Mahomes deep pass or you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on Apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast APP all steam they had every advantage going in and everything from the lack of fundamentals being executed to some of the play called Decision K. giants fans I'm joined now by Patricia Traina of the giants Maven and the host of the law was answer five questions right and then you just one yourself some cold hard cash sideline the game about the game download it now by searching sideline sports Sunday at metlife stadium a disappointing loss. Ed I mean giants had ten days to prepare for this card it's not all insider daily fantasy sports and it's not complicated like live property Ceylon is fun and super easy to play just join the game before kickoff owns and get this thing turned around but watching some of the decision making last night knowing that it's not the agree that Shurmur is gonNA finish out this year he's probably going to be back next year but if they don't start turning things around next year half hour ride home last night to to think about a lot of that and I wake up this morning and I have been a uh-huh I mean I I walked out at the stadium last night and I was shaking my head and I I said look I gotta sleep on this because if I sit down and write it in middle school we also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early and unfashionable pants that coaches where now between a rock and a hard place here they needed to get a new quarterback in which they did in Daniel Jones and you know despite his struggles the young man anything I'm going to regret it in the morning and even after sleeping on it I just still camp believe what I saw or agree with you patty I had a two and first time we've kind of scratched our heads at at at what pat was thinking I wake up today thinking for the first time really wondering if the giant couple of games hinted that he could be or does his development sort of stall which is kind of what we've seen going to be the giants head coach throughout the rest of this year throughout the throughout next season as well as the giants try to develop Daniels I think has a very bright future now with that said they have now tied themselves to Pat Shurmur because Shurmur came in as having a reputation the giants podcast on the lockdown network patty lots to lots to get to after What I can only describe as a debacle reporter of Pat Shurmur for a year and a half I have I look at it and I think there's some good work that's been done I think Shurmur of being a you know proficient in developing quarterbacks you know they saw what he did with case keenum out Minnesota and and you know that certainly appeal to them the script to riff on what that means and basically what I mean is it's all spoiled every Tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling too unfashionable pants Out Patty and I think that that what it all ties to what it all comes back to is Daniel Jones the develop but with that said now because you're just putting Jones the now to I think to change a head coach at this point especially when was going on with with the giants defense the biggest overriding issue for me at this point has to be Daniel the last couple of games does it stall over the issues of of sort of indecision and ball security amount of Daniel Jones does he develop into the franchise quarterback that his preseason and his first are then I could see them considering a change. I do think you're right I think that's how this is all going to going to play doing it. How is it that you know some of these other rookie quarterbacks are doing it and you have to wonder what are they doing these other places that the giants aren't doing that head coaches so tied in and so involve with your next franchises your next franchise quarterbacks development I think that would be detrimental so like you we're not seeing progress from Jones I agree and and it goes back to how is this young man being prepared every week now we hear how he we see is if you go back to Jones and you look at his scouting report one of the issues was indecision all too long the more we see him a little bit loose with the ball in the pocket and and you just you have to hope those things get better but it's have the right coach for the long term that's a tough one to answer at I mean you know what the giants I think kind of stuff and for me you know you get beyond the Coaching Dis- The coaching decisions in the handling of the last four and a half minutes and whatever just not seeing signs of it yeah I I mean are they giving him too much to do too soon I mean there's any number of we holding the ball too long you maybe when they got away from the the quick game kind of concepts and and I guess the concern right now is through five game to get these guys ready I don't know Patty I really don't I wish I did but I guess the problem that it's building up confidence over the long term is indeed a long term process and I I just don't know what the answer is you know I know the I don't know Patty but lots and lots of concerns in in for me you know another concern I think both offensively defensively we saw so many fundamental breakdowns on Sunday Michael Thomas referred to James we're seeing the same kind of thing the more we see him play the more we see him be a little bit indecisive the more we see him hold and let him build up that confidence and not just for one game but just maybe for a couple games now maybe that limits you a little bit offensively but you know confidence me again as much as as much as almost anything else because when you're looking for signs of progress those are signs of going backwards to me doesn't make the same mistake twice we hear how it's you know growing pains how it's a process and nobody's GonNa expect him to I guess to come in and be we saw in in pass protection we saw not only you donate solar and Mike remers struggle

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