Katie Groves The Courage to Not Give Up


I'm ready to take the next step. I'm ready for university. That will help me advance in my education and career university. That will make me feel supported an connected them. Ready for ODU online. Click this ad or go to online dot EDU today. Welcome to courageously go where we will venture places. We've been afraid to go women of the world. We are going to start a movement a movement towards courage. Hello, everybody. Welcome to create Asli go. My name is Debbie pit-row. And I'm your host. And I'm so thrilled that you're here. This is the show where we have a global conversation about courage. Why are we doing this? I believe that when we live from our hearts by choosing courage the life of our dreams and a better world for all our possible. No matter our age or circumstances. We never never, and I mean never need to feel stuck or alone. These are essential truths. I choose courage. I use my voice, I embrace the new I welcome challenge. I continue to grow. I am a woman of action. I courageous league go if any of these. Statements resonate with you. Then you are most certainly in the right place. And we are so glad that you have chosen to join us. So today, we have very interesting guest. Her name is Katie groves. And I'm just gonna read a little bit about read the bio that she shared with me. She says this about herself I am almost fifty four years old in I'm legally disabled due to near agenda cardio Cinco. I'm not sure if I'm saying that right? But she can correct me when we when we bring her on here. She says this about that. My brain doesn't tell my heart to be correctly all the time and conversion disorder, which is very similar to PTSD on January fifth two thousand fourteen I passed out at church three times before rescue arrived and spent one and a half months at different hospitals as they tried to figure out what was wrong with me. Then I spent two weeks in a rehabilitation center undergoing physical therapy because I law. The ability to walk or even stand on my own at that time, I weighed nearly three hundred pounds and was considered morbidly obese I was in a wheelchair until August of two thousand fourteen where I was finally able to stand on my own and walk short distances. My husband Dale, who was also morbidly obese kept telling me that I would one day walk again in that I had to have the courage to keep trying I had a physical therapist come out to my home to three times a week to work with me. I believe that it was so much harder than it had to be because of my weight over the past decade or so Dale, and I tried numerous times to lose weight. Sometimes we did. And sometimes we did not. But no matter the outcome soon after we got off the quote diets, we would go back to old habits and gain back the weight we had lost. And then usually some extra pounds and two thousand fifteen we discovered a program that taught us how to get our bodies healthy. And in intern. Our bodies start burning off the extra weight in less than nine months. I last seventy seven pounds and Dale last ninety seven pounds. I was still disabled, but I began to dream of a future. Again, I began to have the courage. Stay that one day. I would now three and half years later. I have maintained my weight loss. I am walking. And I do have an amazing future. Now, I help others reach their health and weight goals, Katie groves, welcome to create Asli go. Oh, thank you. Thank you for having me today. Oh, I really I'm thrilled to have you. And I tell you what this is. I'm I'm I'm looking forward to learning more about you and your story here. But but what a tremendous thing, and it took a lot of courage for you to get to where you are in. And I can't even honestly can't even imagine like, I grapple with my like, I would love to lose twenty pounds right now. I really would I put on a little weight this past year. But I can't even imagine, you know, the the journey that you and your husband have gone on to to get to where you are with your health and your weight. So so why don't we just dive right in here? And you know, what would you most like to share with us today? Well, letting women knows that no matter what they go through either physically or even mentally that they have an inner strength and courage. I think that is what is already put inside us by by our Holy Spirit. And that we can overcome. No matter what we go through we can overcome and be courageous and be the the full woman that we can be Katie just clarify. There was a point in time that you are not walking. Is that correct? That is correct. I was in a very bad emotional state, and I actually lost the ability of my legs, and my limb arms and stresses funny thing restful fact, your body, and so many different ways and. Affect me neurologically when it affecting neurologically. I'm off the ability to walk and to talk, and I I lost that ability for eight and a half months. Then what was really important is that I was very fortunate. You know, my husband was such encourage or to help me get through the he was by my side, twenty four seven and popping me to let rea-, you know, reconfirmed to me that there matter what I'm going through physically that I have the strength, and that I will walk again, I will be able to do the things that I couldn't wasn't able to do during that time. So he just kept encouraging me building me back up started to believe it and started to regain that courage and started really fighting for myself and fighting that I can do the and push pushing through disappointment and. You know, my life really dry stickling changed, and we are very spiritual. We believe in you know. NG's christ. And god. And and you know, we know he is foundation and going to church one Sunday Alice still in the wheelchair through in August of two thousand fourteen and I went up to the altar to get prayed for and. And that that point the Holy Spirit said, you know, you could do this. You can walk. You know, I I feel him telling me, it's it's okay. Just go ahead and get up, and I had a very special lady that was standing in front of me. And she said you've got this. You can do this. And I stood up for the very first time on my own after eight and a half months being in their wheelchair being being in bed. Not being able to get out of bed and when I stood up. You know, it was like, okay. Just walk John. And when when you're when you go through some. You know, women tend to beat themselves up in their brains and there, and they they they have this whole conversation in our brain. And and we have a lot of that stress in our bodies. And we're talking to ourselves brain. We're not letting other things get in. We're not letting encouragement getting and we're not get letting the orchid, and and at that moment, I was like, you know, I'm a strong person. I've I've always been very very independent, strong and everything and then this happens. You know it. It's like, oh, I'm not really strong. I can't really just be you can. And when I got when I got through it. And I was able to make those sets I walked away from that wheelchair that day. And I've yet. To be back into that wheelchair. That's quite quite a story. Well, you know, what you say is to about, you know, the negative talk that we tell ourselves and it can be figuratively. And in your case, literally paralyzing, right? Yes. I think that's a really tremendous message. So once you really believe that you could you did. Yeah. Absolutely. Only because for a long time. I didn't believe that. I could I didn't believe I could. Live. And and it wasn't because I mean, I have a wonderful marriage. Wonderful husband wasn't from that. It was from previous relationships and those previous relationships were not a healthy relationship and not knowing how to get rid of those stressors. I never knew how to get how to release them. And I developed of all the physical problems from the mental stress from from the past. Well from that Sunday when you started walking what what has happened since that in your life. Oh, wow. Life has really really really changed. I. I know I know I I could no longer work. You know in a corporate level, but I I can help other women get that courage back. You know, my husband, and I we found a program that has helped us physically and all because of that physical health nece. It also started helping me mentally and knowing that I'm strong enough to be able to walk again be able to do things. Now, there's a lot of things I can't do anymore. But I've now recognized the I guess you would say triggers. So I don't do things that would cause me to tritter to have a repeat episode. So I learned to deal I learned to keep that out of my my out of my life. So like, I don't watch the news. We don't go to any movies that deal with life situation. We don't go. You know, we don't put stress we don't, you know, some people like that kind of stuff. That's not. It's not good for me. You know? 'cause when you did what life life situations in the past it can trigger and bring things into your brain of past that happen. So I just choose to take those out of my life and moving forward, and I have a happy life today. Now, I can relate to that. I know, you know, they're nights where I I kind of, you know, splurge on my I take my phone into bed with me, and I'm up late watching the latest on the CNN app, and that's not really really lead. That's not good for restful night, sleep. Right. And then then right? And then they're nights where you know. My husband. I take a break from TV I put my phone in the other room at bedtime. I actually read a paper book, you know, just a nice story or something, and or or or write my journal or read, something spiritual or inspirational, and, wow, what a difference, you know. Arrest restful place. So you're able to go to sleep and have a good restful night and not as also important for health to do that. Because when we get that restful night's sleep. Our bodies can regenerate. And if you're going to bed stressful. Your body is not going to get go into the ram plea that you need and your body's not gonna regenerate. And that's when when you wake up in the next morning, and you feel like you're just totally drained, and you didn't get enough rest. So you know, it's so important that we put the phones in another room. That's really good. Getting Lou light off of art. You know, get away from that were life because the TV and everything all that mess up our run our ram, it it recharges us and and keeps us awake. So we wanna do things that is going to help us to read a lot. So we can go to. Sleep and get our vice to regenerate. And that's one of the things that we learned Delon. I learned about, you know, getting the weight off that's one of the main things and stress is a huge thing in our lives that keep overweight. Yeah. And you know, the sleep pieces is so important, isn't it? It just I've I've heard that if we don't get a good night's sleep. It is it's easier for us to put weight on in the next day, we crave sugary foods. Right. Yep. So I know this show this goes by so fast. So what else did you learn there so many in? There's always a million best selling diet books and fitness crazes, and you know, all kinds of things and it's hard to to navigate through that. I'm a wonderful wonderful. Armchair dietitian. I'm a great armchair. You know, I love. I love I love picking up the latest book and reading about it. Whether it's it's going, no carbs or high fat or this or that or all raw food. So so what have you learned what are some of your takeaways that you're finding that that helps you and your husband, and that is also helping you members of our community that you work with. Okay. We did the fad diets. We I was his name. I would get you know, a magazine try to get the next best thing. Right. We've done a budget different type of system. But what I found is that learning about your optimal health how to get yourself to your Optima health and set of going. I need a diet. You want to you need to learn how to get your Optima house, and that the weight loss comes off not from a a very well known article care doctor from our program that we now coach. And we became certified health coaches from and there are several habit. We're learning how to have good habits in our life, and and learn how to get rid of the bad habit. So one is stress he'd to is cry. You know, like when we don't get enough sleep. The next day were craving the salt, the suite that kind of stuff we learned that water hydration is so important to keep our bodies because our our organization our biggest Oregon is our skin and not any lotion in the world is going to keep our body hydrated. It's actually your water intake and just for person to maintain their body to say hydrated. He need to drink between sixty four to eight ounces. And if somebody is looking to wanting to lose weight. They want to drink more more water. So like if I weighed two hundred pounds, then I need to drink a hundred houses of water a day for me to start losing the weight, but no less than sixty four ounces a day. So those things that we learned is we changed our habits. We changed an helped change our clients habits to looking about looking that we're gonna live one healthier life at a time and with a healthy habit. And that how we that's how we coach. That's how we teach our clients. And then we we introduce good foods back in good vegetables. And and the proper way of eating and. With that. You know, they don't you start healing the insides of their body. And when they start hit some people may be on medications, and they're noticing that they may not need those type of medications anymore. I don't ever suggest quite come off medications that is between them their their physician. My husband was fortunate. He was able to get off his medications. He was on a high blood high blood pressure medications over seventeen years because he worked for the sheriff's office as a as a place to active and now that he's retired. And he lost the way and his insights has changed. That's what we want to do is we want to reverse the clock inside is almost like giving the fat live new, and and you your but people actually. See they have more energy. They're able to do the activities that they've been wanting to do and getting around do those things. And their body actually strings. So it's been a it's it's been an amazing journey helping. And that's what we've been doing this just helping family and finds get their use. I call it. I call it. The out of us for me. Because you know, it, you know, it's take it's taken. I was on. Right medication is reversed that I were by Cy work because I had sat around my sideways. It's amazing that you can have fat around your organs, and when you reduce that fat that around your organs organs to work properly. That's why. Oh, I love I love that. And I love the positivity. I mean, I've never really been a big fan of the word diet bright. And and just the whole and taking few notes, I've been listening to just the optimal health, and I'm looking I'm bit a word too. So I look at that word optimal. And it looks like that's connected and related to the word optimism, and it's very positive in Iran. I find me the sounds great. So so for all our we're going to run out of time quickly. Unfortunately, so be well, we have time if there are people out there listening, Katie that would like to work with you. How do they learn more about your practice, and in in do you have a website or social where should they go? Well on Facebook. We have our band page out. There are business page Dale and Katie gross your v. You know on Facebook dot com. We also have our own blog. It's under Dale in Katie gross dot com. Okay. Okay. With Katie dot com. I mind my husband's over here reiterating me, and I'll. Did I say it wrong? We shouldn't have. Where he could have we should have had him jumping in this conversation too. But he's there waiting giving as his moral. He's there with you. That's nice as the. Yeah. He helped me he's he's my he's my sidekick, so he's wherever I go. He's with me. So he helps incursion me and help me out. So, you know, it's wonderful to have a husband that that right there. You know, I I've met women paying I didn't work with my husband. I could not were got be without my husband. I have been with him that that's another 'nother thing, and we you know him. On with this program with me and encouraged to me. I mean, he's the best thing in my life. Besides our kids, and our grandchildren. So it's it's been really awesome. That's awesome. So okay. A good night's sleep. Lots of water in a sweet loving spouse. That's a that's a good good. Good recipe for a nice life. And. Yeah. Or website again. It's Dale and Katie Greves as Katie dot com about that. I keep putting our last name in there. All right, but staling, Katie dot com. Wonderful, and we I'm just getting the two minute warning now. So maybe and just a sentence or K before we say goodbye, what would you like are primarily this is a women's show? So is primarily women fifty and older. So what would you what can we do at this time in our life, our health, and again, we're out of time just in the sentence or two what would you advise us? Believing knowing that you can make a change. It doesn't matter. How old we are that we can really 'cause I'll be fifty four before the end of the month. And we could we could really have a better outlook in with the rest of our lives. Healthy living healthy along the life one day at a time. So it's never too late to re make that change. Awesome. Perfect. Katie grabs eve Bennett delightful guest, and I thank you for joining us here today. What thank you, Debbie. I really appreciate that. You asked me to be on. This is my very first podcast. I'm pretty excited about it. So well, you were very brave and courageous to do this then so thank you. Did it? Good for you. All right. Well, we'll be in touch. I know we'll stay in touch. So so enjoy the rest of your day. All right. Thank you everyone out there. My name is Debbie. Petro. And you've been listening to creatively go you can visit my website Craig's go dot com to find a little more about this show. If you would like to perhaps be featured guest or listen to past episodes. We are on I tunes we are on iheartradio. Spotify spreaker in so many outlets. So wherever you like to listen to your your audio your music, and your podcast, you can subscribe and download and listen to us during your commute to work, or when you're cooking up your favorite meal in your kitchen, a right ladies until next time. Remember this? It's our time to shine. Let's make it. So and courageous league. Go. Factor that seems Casuals claiming tens of thousands of LGBT lives every year tobacco. Yes. Smoking cigarettes can damage nearly every part of our bodies. So we choose to keep this life free from tobacco this free. Life read them to be tobacco-free. I'm ready to make my credits. Can I'm ready to take classes from university. That will help me build a my experience to prepare me for the future university. That will make me feel supported encouraged and connected quickness or go to online over media today.

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