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Friday 5/8/20 - Who Is The Best James/Jim/Jimmy? (ft. Rico)


Are they make today? Is Friday may eight? Welcome to the dog. Walk President by Barstool sports at a snake draft Friday. We Me Karl White Sox. Dave we got chief and we have Rico on the Line Rico. Are we doing went through it? I just want to say this the back. You guys are always You don't have to extend into this thing but you do and it's been the only kind of pleasant last couple of months. So I always thrive on the Close Knit relationship and you guys have nailed that so I love doing this and I appreciate. This is bigger than sports. Recall we care about you. We know there's not a you know porn on the radio call in to all the time so this is the least we could do so especially when your wife's getting tired of you to you know what I mean. Try working out material working obstacles you on the rule here we go all right. So here's the draft doing today. Actually thing is really fond. It'll be really funny. We are drafting a name. I entered a name and I did a random name generator and the name we drew was Jim James and Jimmy. So we'll be drafting. There's five rounds usual. We'll be picking athlete. A famous person a fictional character a dead person and a person. That's personal us. Okay so they got to be named Jim. James of Jimmy. I think there should be Should be pretty fine But before we get into any of that I do WanNa talk about Miller lite right off the gate. Carl tell us why you prefer Miller lite I prefer Miller lite because it's great. Tasting is less filling ninety-six calories be honest Miller lite. Is there for me? It's there for us. It's a wonderful beer so I have like honestly no other beer in the world that I would rather drink that an ice cold great tasty Miller lite so loyalty is it more than that bigger than sports chief. I'm sorry I mean you're just like I chiefs on. Because he thinks that he's GonNa take. I was walking drafts. And you're nervous nervous sweating cards falling on your fucking without doing we barclay ninety three fucking trying so the the personal jimmy that we're adding to the list. I can't remember this kid's last name for the life of me and I've been trying to like figure it out and I think thinking so hard about it and I know it's like coming up so I'm like what the fuck was that. Kid's name and I blacked out trying to think of his name so I'm into the game I wasn't into the beginning of the show but I'm into the game so I apologize for that. It's all right. This is an extended address here for Miller lite. I prefer Miller lite. Obviously because that's what the Goldstrike Dave you saw the doctor last and stock It's been awesome Rodman. Pippen boys is drinking in the trainer's room. They sent us a Swedish Jersey. Ever number seventy five cents have been around since nineteen seventy five Miller light. It is the original light beer while you're home. Enjoy a classic. It's available for delivery today. Go check out their website. Miller lite DOT com. Here's like five or so companies. You can just have them. Just drop it at your door celebrate. Responsibly Miller brewing company Milwaukee Wisconsin Ninety six calories and three point two carbs per twelve ounces. God I hope people listen that whole just to hear chief blackouts. He's GONNA blame it on having a brain today. I had a great night sleep. Last night my brain's feeling pretty fresh with the exception up. Remember by like third grade friend's name out all right so we did the random order off. Ca- off Mike The order will be chief White Sox Dave Rico Eddie. Carl saw chiefly this off here. Jim James Jimmy. Yeah so I don't know if this is a one one pick necessarily but I can't risk let it get by it and having them snake me for another one thousand nine hundred Olympic team. So I'm going with Jimmy Craig. The Sieve Nineteen Eighty Olympic team Movie Miracle all-time. Sports moment. Great Goalie Craig. I thought you guys are going. Because that's saw you guys like make eye contact off camera and I was like I know it's Chiefs about he's about to get back at Ed for what Ed did to him last week. Watching miracle you just watched panels all the way through for the first time. I understand so I thought you were going to go with my pick James Gandolfini. That's fucked up fucked up. I've while chief I'd sit here and pilot about how much I like it and chief. Just finish it now thirteen years. Hey interesting how the shoe is turning. Guess what what I didn't pick it ball but I'm saying but was I did. Does it fucked up for me to pay? It's not fucked. We're going more fucked up for me to do it. I didn't. I took the guy that meant something to me. Dave took a guy meant something to him. I can't believe you didn't if if it were up to me. And I I love spiting grudges as much as the next guy I would pick James. I know but I've set a standard of behavior that I expect. I'm not going to do the exact same thing that I that scumbag Ed over their whole thing said I mean I honestly sat down there. I WANNA watch shot but I didn't WanNa yell debt so I can't even watch movies anymore without worrying saw it. Things are getting sad. Recall to you. We need a rules. Clarification there though Dave are you taking James Gandolfini as your payments person or you're dead person so we talked about that off camera that is dead so if he is no longer living he is no. He can't be used for any other categories guy so I was you know I I wanted. If if the draft order would have felt differently. I would not have taken Gandolfini. I would have taken a different couple of Jimmy's or James or Jim spoke in okay so to confirm. Gamble Pena's dead. Yes Denver anybody. Who's on record high? Yes still dead though correct. Correct all right I am going to take. I'M GONNA take this one because I don't think it's going to get back to me. I am GonNa Take Jimmy. Two Times from goodfellas guy named one scene but he ultimately fucking say that line. A you get the papers. The papers that will live in folklore. And what's even crazier. It's fucking Jimmy. Conway is the Star of that movie and you have to take you can come and goes into cultural appropriation. So I don't even know if that's the right word but I'll take Jimmy through times I don't know I'm I'm shocked you or him over Deniro's character need to. I was see that's the question. I was asking off camera too. Because his real his name in the movie Jimmy Conway but he's based off someone who's his last name's not forget it actually is but there is a fictional character. But he's not fictional. He's a real character by his name's different movies based off a real person. There's a little or you're working so hard to confuse this just a character in a movie character off someone more real. And what's ahead RICO? Good pick I'M GONNA take my famous person off the board. I think it's far and away the best famous person Jim Carey Man. Man I watched fun with Dick and Jane last night for a little bit sucked at it. We're just going to pick that her a liar. Liar guy the fucking biggest savings kidneys he's been mia for so many new. Yeah that's why I'm saying Matt Not that. His his mid ninety stretch was fantastic but I regard and take years person when a friend takes a vacation. Forget about them. That's upsetting. I take a kind of guy when the free goes on a family vacation for the summer for a week. You just drop from the rotation that's upsetting. I fucking preach excellence like it's top guy. You gotta stay that. That's why the country was in shambles. Where reward people like fucking Big Island fussing moaning? Don't you think twenty years at stinking grows band anything that I think? Even Scientology fucking weird bird now he paints I. Hey Anybody WanNa buy my stock booking our minal come on you know what's stock went down you can't I get it. I get it on the flip side. Maybe it's time to buy Jim Carey sock true. Never know good point all right Carl. You got the snake I got. I got two picks my first round pick fifth overall Jimmy Chitwood. That'll be my character. Great Jimmy the scene where he hits fucking eighteen in a row. You know it. Just I do. I need to say anything more. Yeah you do. Yeah you gotta get. I mean he's from hoosier. So Yeah Jimmy Chitwood hoosiers. He's The star player coach coach. I'll make it. I'll make good if he goes. I go price. Is that what he says? He stands out tells the town if he goes I go and then he stays. They win the State Championship. Jimmy Chitwood and then in the six one. I'm going A now I don't know his last name. I don't know what house he was in. But I'm just going standard King James and that's my dad. James the Bible. Yeah the one who's responsible for the Bible? Okay so when you pick up a good book and it says King James Edition. That's what I want on my squad. Hard to get a dead person and we got a fictional character off the board It will snake back to me as I guess between personal dead character. And you really gotTa keep these in order. You know Fuck Man. This is tough. This is a lot harder than I anticipated. All right I'M GONNA go with I'M GONNA go to Jim Levinstein. I mean you guys. I mean American pie had to do it. Then he's just you know he fucked a pie. But he's he's to into take my fictional characters off the board aright to Rico Rico Taking Jimmy Stewart from. It's a wonderful life. The He's count as my dad person. it's a wonderful. Life is appointment television every Christmas Eve the ultimate most uplifting Movie of all time You know talking just great. My Mom's favorite movie bonus points. Rico Jimmy Stewart's a decorated World War. Two fighter pilot like one of the best fighter pilots at the United States had in the Pacific. So all right. That's even now. You gotta be careful with that stuff. Because there's a famous clip of Francesa saying Captain Kangaroo and Miss Garages for decorated warrior on. So you have to be careful with that stuff. I'm not doubting you. I'm just saying that's when do before so I don't know if you've seen it. It's a fucking legendary clip. I haven't seen in Mr Rogers was out there for like I thought that was real for a long time. Just 'cause Francesa spread it started with Franceso but like I remember hearing that was like. Oh yeah like. He was like a sniper sneak in camps in Vietnam and like he had like more kills than anybody. It was like really Mr Rogers. Rice like gentle retired Brigadier General. There you go offer fake. He more in depth of Captain Kangaroo. It's a fucking legendary Clinton the guy who does Francesa like you have to go to France lunatic like me. But he tweeted out. I'll send us all you guys. It's fucking hilarious. It's a good pick sessa. Kogyo WATCHER FOR THE FIRST TIME. last Last Christmas thank that Rico. Good pick so it's onto me to white sox and I cannot believe he slipped me with the fourth pick in the second round but the most famous James of all time. His movies are fire all the like four or five different actors at this point. James Bond. How can James Bond Fault fourth pick in the second round fictional von Guy? I love those movies. I watched a couple months ago. Was Golden Eye is Goldeneye. The video game in laughing at Davy. Got fucking love those movies. I fucking watching a couple of months ago so funny like you've got collect besides yeah. I saw him. You know quarantine be just watch them all a couple of months going. I ranked the Pierce Brosnan versions and Goldeneye the video game. James Bond is like a part of every thirty ish year. Old dudes like childhood gravier game. But I feel like we grew up on. I think Pierce Brosnan. So we grew up like a bad bond. So Daniel Craig's awesome. Bondo talked to yeah to talk to but yet Daniel Craig's good. I'm just haven't got back into it after that. So all right ups achieve for the snake. All right I'm surprised this last this long. Maybe the greatest voice in the history of of mankind James Earl Jones field of dreams. Move Fossa Darth Vader. All powerful powerful voice James Earl Jones. Feel great about that. Pick so nice pick was on. My big board won't so that's my famous person. He's not dead. Had to look that up ninety nine worried book. Yeah so James Earl Jones not not no. He's then I'm a big history guy so I'm going to go for my dead person. James Monroe founder an author of the Monroe doctrine which basically said Hey Europe. Don't fuck with our hemisphere. We won't fuck with yours. You Cross that Meridian. You're going to have hell to pay and we kind of use that as like a foreign policy thing for like. I don't know a couple of hundred years so James Monroe forgettable founding father Monroe doctrine. You've heard of it. I know interesting from chief so far. I I don't know all the things are looking good for him. But just just for the record you James Earl Jones should carry. It seems real terms was good but are famous people have to be alive. Yes why tax. Dave to you back to me Am going to go with athlete Not necessarily the best athlete. Put a one that losing Chicago or at least I'm going to go the punch. Qb Jim McMahon for an athlete. Oh I didn't WanNa go like James Harden or Jimmy you know Jimmy Butler anything so fucked them Jimmy. Jim McMahon Punky Cuba. He's my pick third round on. I don't think anyone in this from argued Rico to you okay. I'm GONNA take fucking Sweet Baby James Carolina in my mind. I'm GonNa Take James Style. James Taylor great pick fuck either. You WanNa go into on James Taylor just good. I mean you know fucking. He's right there. He's below. Definitely below billion bruce being from this area but he's talking to sing him mccarroll. King. I'd that's Relationship where they would like give each other song just seems like a fucking cool guy my him. My Dad went saw him at Wrigley field a couple years ago and he didn't invite me. I found out like the next day he was there and I was really super fucking visit. Him I was mad. He's like my parents went to Elton John. And Billy Joel. One time and my phone dot com back from high school and my younger brother got to go instead of May so I pulled up and they will leaving. I was like well here now. I could go now here to give was I. I was livid. I wasn't my brother like you take the opportunity on table but I took a long shower and fucking walk up a time to get out the frustration. There we go all right to me. I'm between a dead person in an athlete. I'm GonNa go with an athlete. Well not the most successful person here. I believe he is the most entertaining athlete named Jim. James Jimmy it is Jim Harbaugh. I mean he's a Dick but he's entertaining though he's entertaining. No one could argue. That human body craves contact. You know the the Milky the successful guy. He's funny he was he smearing blood on his face. Some shit a maniac. He can hang with this next year. Battle True Yes. You're right you're right hasn't been great recently. As he's kind of like Jim Carey good good San Francisco faded off little now Stanford. Yeah Yeah it's Carl for snake. I'll stay athlete from one Michigan Man to another classic one arm. Jim Abbott one hand. I should say Threw a no hitter. You know big ten baseball player of the year. Lots of people forget this about you. He hit like four. Eighty is a senior in high school with like twenty five bombs. He's like an awesome. When did you lose his arm But I think it was a factor something that any. That's unbelievable that was super cool when we were kids. I don't know yeah I remember. He pitched for this socks for minute. There'd be a lot more highlights. Jim embiid if he pitched while the Internet was his his glove from his like whatever his head to yeah and well but if you should see how fast you can do it. Look pilots of liner. Sit Back to flip it off and catch it. It's fucking crazy call for not. I did not think that was goal. That's a phenomenal. Pick things on Jim. Abbott one absolutely fucking top notch appearance on boy meets world really really. Yeah was his early years or later years early early when Corrie still when the before the show jump the shark Alan jets. Cory Cory gets caught from the team. I think basketball team Pretty sure and he gets mad at the Com any signs the cards for the kids and he tells them to stay in school and shit like that like he graduated from. U. I think he graduated from the University of Michigan. Yeah so it was like a Bigger than sports thing. It was great camel. If you can find. A mother hunts a second thing. The second thing I mean. Listen I feel bad but we're GONNA comedy network. He's fluent no-hitter which nobody can do one handed. That's all I'm GonNa say you know it had to be a team that okay? I'm so picky. Am snaking. I am taking a famous person. He is alive. I am taking Jimmy Buffett. Fuck us a good. That's good value there in the throne so I am now passing. I do I. Would've his concerts are the best. Everybody loves a guy. It's a good value there. Who who's WHO's it over to me. All I need is a dead person. Sakaba going. I'm going to go I'm GONNA go Jimmy Hoffa Jimmy Hoffa from you know obviously Nice Union man supporting the local unions here with this. Pixel I better get the fucking union. Vote Yeah a lot harder. Jim Harbaugh Jimmy Hoffa and then I got fucked pie and a guy who's been in a lot of comedies Jimmy Hoffa Rico to you all right. There's a guy on I really WANNA take. Because he's just a fucking warrior fighter. I'll touch on them later but I think just being a basketball hoop fucking junkie. I'm GonNa Take James Task for debt. Which is Jim for? Debt was thinking about him. I know what his real name was. Though all is a little thing called Google and that's all I was thinking about him. He wasn't good enough to get good things. Us use being or ask Jeeves Some other things you know. Siri has a few things out that but this guy walking bucket. He's a fucking legend. Run the Donnie fucking one time traffic jimmer James Jim for that could pick. Let's move it over to White sox debut needs a dead person. No I don't or you need a no yeah. You don't need a famous person. If I'm correct right yeah I need so I if I could have gotten Jimmy Buffett in the last round I would've ran away with this draft but I'm GonNa take someone who is responsible for some of the best movies of all time. Titanic Terminator Two amongst them. I'm going James Cameron say Avatar Avatar avatars. Good Movie Anata. Aqua aquaman could pick didn't make my big board but that's a good pick US actually himself in the moon on the she for the snake to end it off here all right so you know some people in this room would take Jimmy McNulty if they were me. But I haven't finished the series so it feels like I'm eating so I need a fictional character down to halpern conway. I think I'll go. I'll go with Jimmy Conway. I love Goodfellas like that. That movie like does it for me. So I'm going to go Jimmy Conway Goodfellas so prior to the show. I told at that if I if I wanted to and I kinda did want to burn the show to grow this to the ground because I could've taken Jimmy Alpert or Jimmy McNulty. I've seen maybe ten episodes of the office ever and I've seen a season and a half multiple times of the office of the wire and stopped. And I didn't do that because I'm a man of integrity. Well congratulations Dave. Thanks for doing that. Thanks for being. Well it's it's back to me now right. Yeah and our personal one so this one. I can't remember the kids last name and it's like I started the show with it. It's driving me crazy. We had like a group in our neighborhood of six or seven kids and we would always. We'd always play this game. Every fall was basically just dodgeball with crab apples. She picked the crab apples off the tree. And just like run around with them at each other and we'd always get yelled at for doing it but we're like no one's ever heard like welts and bruises and one time. I hit this kid. Jimmy right above the eye and like split them open. He was bleeding everywhere and his his mom came out. My mom came out and they're like yelling. It's like what happened what happened. I felt like he's like wasn't crab because we're throwing CABOT. He's like nope. I just fell down. I hit my head like a has nothing to do with. How old are you realize? Third Grade so nine ten something like that. That is I would crab apple Jimmy Crab Apple. Jimmy Yeah does your mom know that now she will when this episode drops. Yeah wow good for the kid right now. That's a topic you're right now. Who serve in like five to ten point anything. He's like no friends. Not Iraq Crab Apple Jimmy Tight Lips. We'll just call him. Jimmy Tight Lips. Can we call them that? Jimmy crab ask smoked all right to Y tax safe I tried thinking about this one really hard Jimmy My personal pick is Jimmy whole trop. I've talked to you about him before chief. He his kids. You should have known at Saint Charles North High School. Br apparently didn't What's that supposed to mean Because you say they would like in the same graduating class with them. If you went there for three years though starting quarterback on the football no he wasn't a kid named Bryan Duncan Ryan Dunkin. Was You played hockey to a Ryan. Dunkin was starting to get to the bottom of this off camera My Dad hitchhiked six ago work on oil rigs with them. I've known them like as long as I've been alive. So Jimmy Hotrod. He's probably listening to this to actually. I mean I just love the fact. They're arguing about who the Saint Charles North. Qb Wasn't thousand five right. Yeah I think it was two thousand three two thousand three. It's that's incredible that's out. Ryan Duncan ended up playing at Wisconsin parkside or something for for football. All right. Jimmy Chop I recall Jim. James Jimmy right so this kid is Jimmy yet. We're GONNA know Jimmy. He's my brothers my younger brothers age. But you know I when I was a senior. My brother was a sophomore. Other brother was a freshman. So all groups like have intertwined So we have a big group and this kid Jimmy first of all the fucking nicest Kim. The World White Hilarious but he's always got a scheme so he's like scheming. Jimmy I out a couple of people because I forgot some of these stories. I was reading my pants last night. Like reliving them so I'll go through them real quick. The first one is Is another buddy was telling me it gets picked up from high school and He's like Jimmy. What's going on your leg? Got fucking in depends. It's like now also that the like that type of kids that's a little one. Then he fucking is doing something for verizon running a giveaway and they're going to pick a name out of a hat so he calls his buddy right away and he goes know. Get down here. You'RE GONNA win mets tickets. Like don't ask any questions. So of course they fucking comes in he goes. Hey Sara how are you? And He puts the name right in the pocket and fucking takes the Takes the kid game and they'd better seats fucking Wilpon. What was what was on his pants. I missed like the answer. The answer to test the road. I'm on his side. You couldn't say okay then. There was something else that he got. Got Everybody into some kind of weight. Loss Pill Scheme like a pyramid scheme and these are the two best. I know it's long but he's back. He's taken his driver's Ed test and he either hits a curb or like he makes a wrong turn. Something in the women's like well you know you failed just like on the spot like we can head back. He's like no he's like you have back he's like. I'm not going back on the highways over there. I'm just GONNA go home. What were so. She made him walk. You made her walk back to the DMV like three or four blocks but the best forgot his paperwork work. We gotTA fucking go back there anyway. Included this lady. Walk this one right. So he's talking during Prom. You always got the Limo Guy you know what I mean like you got to get the deal and they fucking Hosur big time. They charge through the roof for the fucking problem. Limos so scheming Jimmy called the company and he's like Hey. I need a boss for an awards. Sports Awards Dyke with dinner housing. So they give it to them for like sixty five percent of the price because they know there's no risk nobody's GONNA be fucking throwing up and you know and fucking ice is back there like they don't have to worry about right so the guy shows up he's like this isn't a fucking sports awards he's like company like don't worry about it fucking of them all and a guy drives the limo. I think any such a fucking legend got the five or six was. He charged like he was like he knew what other people are charging for their groups in those charged. Everybody that price. Except there's like best friend and the money that he pocketed he went and bought a tourney pizza and via the party. Like you know the next week like they were hanging out walking Jimmy. I Love Sports Awards. There is just for the I love Jimmy from the. I'll pick good on him to spend the money on beer and pizza my pick fix. I mean real personal person obviously had to go Jim Grazziano. I mean come on like you. The guy leaves the first sponsor for this show. He's the best subs in the city. And he always is good. Dossiers hooks us up so I feel guilty pickled. Yeah you should shit too Dave's all you know Jim. I need some. Tim knows that they didn't take it. It's kind of unfair that you picked famous person way is your friend. That's that could be spun right. I'm probably I could probably finagle. Jim Belushi in there but I didn't. He's dead that would've been laugh all out funny if you took Jim Belushi. I mean he's his murals. Emma my dad knew the family. But you're not. He's not a personal out personal personal to you. Is it me I'm taking a guy named Jim. Doyle Jim Doyle was. The is a very good friend of mine from college friends and my brother. He's from Saint Charles. He's in accounting real Polish. I think Rico satellite you say the name Jim Jimmy like Nice right like this is a type of guy you wanna like have over for dinner like meet your parents and stuff like yeah go to college. Guy's core guy great story quick. I've walked down the baseball team in Illinois. We know that story. That happened sophomore year. I tried out my freshman year. I didn't make it you know. I'm all pissed off. I'm like man. I wanted to play baseball here in my brother. Kevin was like well. I'm going to try out for the baseball team. You should come with me in. Jim was one of the two guys that ran the team until I got to know Jim and he was like yeah. This is how it works and so like I got to know this guy and he had set up this baseball team. Then I got the play on for a year and like I didn't really try out because I missed the trial. He was like you can be on it and he just helped me out and he stays close with Barstool. We you know we've been. He's a phenomenal Golfer. Just a great fucking guy you think about. Jim's this agenda changed the trajectory of my life without Illinois Baseball. I wouldn't have this job. I won't be here with you guys. Good Jim Doyle Jim. Thanks Mister. That's a nice Mr Relevant there. All right so running and through again chief. Is Jimmy Crack Drill James Earl Jones? James Monroe Jimmy Conway Crab Apple. Jimmy White Sox Davis James Gandolfini James Bond. Jim McMahon James Cameron and Jimmy Whole traub. Rico is Jimmy Two Times Stuart James Taylor dimmer for that and Jimmy S. I have Jim Carey. Jim Levinstein. Jim Harbaugh Jimmy Hoffa and Jibril Jeanniot. Carl Has Jimmy. Would King James Jim Abbott Jimmy Buffett and Jim Doyle Carl got it excel? Do I think he's GonNa lose people on King James? That's my gonNA lose. The Judicial Can Bible King James. We'll make sure this is appropriate. This is my how you can be a little sneaky behind the scenes like hey. Why don't you take that word out? There may be misleading sneaky. I I live exactly how it is. Some honorable mentions athletes. I have Jimmy Butler Jimmy. Garoppolo James Harden Jim Brown. Jim Kelly Jim thome e Dave. I know surprising three years. Everybody actually he's like a lifelong lifer same as people. I've Jimmy tetreault Jimmy me. Kimmel Jimmy Fallon James Franco Jim. Ross and James Vanderbeek for I'm ruined so hard for van to become back. I love him I got. I just write that movie and Julia stiles and let them win. Best Actor and best actress. I fucking what? I'm talking about buying stock law. I got that guy stock like thirteen. I fucking love. Van To beat styles is still in all the Jason Bourne movies. Isn't she styles? Let me tell you something is going to win. Multiple Actress Best Actress Award. I love a stock. Didn't give you a one. I'll give you another one james. Todd SMITH LL COOL J. Ooh That's a good one. That is a good one. I also wrote down James Woods Who I a fucking great entourage appearance. Jim NANCE and Michael. Who Does basketball? I N Eagle. Who's fucking fantastic? I I have a fictional characters. Jimmy McGill from your breaking bad and Better Call Saul Jim Halpern Jimmy McNulty. Like you said Jimmy Neutron James and the giant peach. How `bout ahead. I kind of wish I took him as my my Dad Guy here James Avery who is Uncle Phil? That's a good threat and shredder. How many guys we could be drafted? We'd be we in the thirtieth round. I don't know if somebody takes Uncle Phil's fucking the guy who played uncle uncle. Phil's Great I'll tell Phil is great actor really close to taking voice voice shredded. I Dunno Rico. Did you ever fair Google website? Nancy Rico a favorite turtle haw rat donatello guy personally. He was the worst I to fixing to two good ones. I'm surprised nobody took Jimmy Smith from fucking eight Mile Jimmy Jimmy Cooper that money laundering. Dick bag from the otake hot ass wife. Okay Jimmy Smith. That's a that's a good one. You're not into money laundering RICO. No Johnson for my dad person to taking Jim Varney who is he's earnest and he's the psyche dog from toy story big man. Okay no James Dean know. James Brown know Jim Morrison surprised Dave Mister Guitar. Oughta I was GONNA take you to Jimi Hendrix. Jimmy page into Kinda surprise. Didn't take Jimmy Carter. Dave. I'm very by it actually comrade over here in cahoots with Moscow and everything. Talk have a nice to have a nice game. Invite everyone on the show and this is how I Fred Rico. This is this is great. I told you you like. Oh I don't know what's a fuck the amine. Just pick a name. Hurry this is open all the fucking tangent. It's great that is good all right and everybody else anything. That's all I got. Rico Wow Great. Yeah thank you guys. Let me on fucking great killing it. You know all right thanks Rico is always thanks. Everybody for listening. That's it for this week. We will see you all on Monday.

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