Nikki B Bobbin For Big Apples (#2 STWR Live In Brooklyn) - EP 283


Dear HIV. There's nothing. Dear about you. There's no cure, but there are treatment options, echo, echo science, talk to a healthcare, professional. Learn about a treatment option at X ex science dot com. Sponsored by Gilead sciences. Well, I hope you listen to part, one of our straight talk live in Brooklyn last week. Yeah. There was a little audio issue when we went into the audience, but. What are you gonna do? Like always say you want your money back. But I, I hope you enjoyed it now that I associate because we did to live in Brooklyn that first one was about being kind of like a daytime show, because it was recorded during the day, and then we all took a break, which pictures with everyone there had a cocktail and unbuttoned. If you will. This show is fun. We go. There is filthy and it was so fun to really let loose with all the street talkers from all over who came to hang with us for just a little bit in Brooklyn. So without further ado, I give you our second late night. Show live show in Brooklyn. What's up? Everybody has to go. All right. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Whatever you identify as welcome to Brooklyn, New York, three dollar Bill, bro, live painting of your podcast. All right. Take as many deplorable in Kentucky. Hilar off. I said Hello Ross. It makes your to use the hashtag. S. T. W. R. NYC. Guys ready. Meet your host. All right here. You know, he's the host. Oh, it's like gay day. Past. He is also reflect buoyant automatic and writer. He's welcome back. See. See. He is regular on the Wendy Williams show, everybody. Welcome. Mickey. All together, everybody. Give it up for C. All right. You know what time it is? Right. Is a best selling author and award winning TV hosts on balls drag race. And the host restraints Ross Mathews, everybody, please, welcome Ross. Who was that? Oh. Well, I am lies to shoot. Okay. Ready? Four thirty show was like I consider it when the daytime show. Right. Are y'all ready to give Phil? Cannot believe this shit. We get to say on straight talk. I, I mean I, I was on the tonight show, when we are in mainstream television, I, I never thought I get to say this stuff with, with the microphone in my face. But it is the stuck we all say when our best friends, right? Thank you so much. You are all I think we've got to hug, and meet just about everybody at the four thirty show. And how many of you, this is the first show. You've been to today. Number nothing. But you pick one guy. Earlier today. We had auto here. Ms cracker. We had the cast of Beetlejuice the music. At the seven thirty show. Got us. On purpose? I didn't I wanted to have a conversation, one show, and then just do a good, old fashioned nitty gritty tipsy episode. G-o-v any of you had a cocktail. If you don't drink, I did bring edibles from California. Just to see Jay Nikki. And I are going after the show because I am over broadcaster. You can't give someone an EMMY, and then let them broadcast high now pan knew that would be. Okay. So we are in the midst right now of what on, on a straight talk with Ross, we call the prayer. How Louis a- and God bless you as well. Thank you. Every show there is a prayer word of the day, today's prayer word for this show is pride. Beeri then. Okay. You already get this show started. Are you in the mood for a little mumbo jumbo? He's the gay best friend. You wish you had. No you need. Money is Ross Matt. Sweet me. But all show we have two quick, worry Gerard. You know, or any love her. The. Mnay. K K. Aw. The man, whose idea this whole thing was to bring straight talk to New York. Notre tonight, an engineer cut. Our very own printing Queen the what. It is been so fun to be with all of you, you know, I had a salivary gland infection. I understand I still look gorgeous. But and you're right. But there was no. I insist that you're right. But there was a significant swelling going on and she's she's calm down. I see some swollen going on you sir to. It's gone down. Thanks to anti-biotics. I will say that those are rough on tummy. Really? We'll have a very graphic story for you next up. Three dollar Bill eating establishments. So we're going to hold that one for the Airways, okay? We've been talking about a lot. I just don't wanna share because it's too recent, so we're not going to go there yet about four minutes. Shut up. Nikki Boyer dare you. We also have some notables in, in the audience today, I want to get to them. If you're a long-time listener of straight talk, you know, that on the east coast. We, you know, all the big news shows CNN, MSNBC HGTV. They all have correspondence. Nationwide. Kiss kiss. We are lucky enough to have a team talker. I always like to keep my finger on the pulse of the teen beat. No, I'm not gonna say that. I always like this. I like to keep myself abreast of teen. No say that. Jordan's here. Jordan. Talker is here. Jordan now known. Drag Queen EPA LeVine. Darling. I'm so sweaty all my goal. Okay. Do you remember when Jordan sounded like Ross Matthews on. We met you when you were how old darling, maybe about fifteen sixteen and now how you're what, what, what how old are you now? You're twenty one twenty one. Yes. And you look beautiful darling or thank you so much you too. Now, I wanted to because when we met grew up in Scotland and then came here, and when we were fifteen sixteen was like, really trying to be American. Right. So when we met Ethel you sounded like Kelly capacity. A now you've let your we've moved in with your grandmother, sins. And so you're, you know you're somebody moved in with family members. So I moved in with my uncle from Scotland. But now I'm not with them anymore, but because we're talking about, it's gonna come out. So, because you lived with them reverted back to that. That is I could go so balls. Deep on this right now. So fascinated but we don't have time will you call. But we will you call back in the show. We can go deep into this. Yes, please apple Jordan team. Talker. Dating. No. But I'm here. So maybe I could meet someone really nice. Maybe. We could have a straight talk wedding. Can you imagine? Up. Eighteen talkers not our only I call them friends and family in my file on the computer. There's a friends and family file, and these the regulars call it. So we have a lot of do you remember we did a Saguenay with CJ called. It was called Dr top, and I had Lance Bass actually record, Dr top. We had a listener reach out and say, will you need a doctor bottom? You remember that? Dr bottom, would you please come up? Very. Dr bottom it is so great to own person. I think you're the tops ideal. Have you are you able to walk the streets now without people stopping you say surprisingly after that episode a lot of people hit me up on Instagram or just like even at work actually at work? I would tell HR about that. Are you are? You are you in a relationship. Currently I am. Yes, I'm married for three years. Audience has turned on you. They're booing now if it didn't open relationship. There you go. I know that was a couple years ago that you called in a doctor bottom answered questions about bottoming is there anything you've learned in the past two years since just a one nugget of wisdom. Practice makes perfect and lots of fiber. Broccoli great great. Super, thank you so much. Dr bottom. A real champion of the broccoli industry. Thank you. Thank you so much. Another friend family that we got to meet, you all know I've been obsessed with this person at brigger up more than I should. And to be quite Frank. I met her today, and she, she was there for the four thirty show and I said to her facts, we were you there CJ with CJ? I said, oh, I thought you were going to be nuts. It's Gina sexual Gina. I am not. I am totally nuts. But I'm here for you, Honey. Honey? Swing know that you're nuts. So you don't buy sexual Gina calls a lot all the time. Minimum used to voicemails on the show that was remember. There's a lot for me to at it, but by sexual Jeanette will never give up calling and leaving voicemails on that number what, now there's not even a number to call now I just recorded voice memo, and then just Email, right? I'll get an Email. That's like pats me, Gina, and I just here. Here's what's going on with me and the Email, I would play them, but their seven eight minutes long, while they're like, hi it's me, and like everything's fine, Geno, anyway. Anyway, anyway. Right. I'm so not embarrassed. Absolutely true and accurate. Sorry about it. And whenever not this. Good. Whenever whenever I get an Email. I always ward it to them and go on another one. And let me. There's a couple of terms where I ended up being bras, at you're still listing super. Because I listened to till the end. And I've been trying to find a way to incorporate you in the show. But you just hold shut the fuck up. Everybody knows me. So we should do a game hole, shut Gina. I'm going to. I'm gonna think of a way to incorporate you because you're moving very close to us coming up. We'll tell the people where you're moving your you live about an hour and a half from here now and you, she says, I don't know if I can come to the branch tomorrow because I've got to pack I'm moving to Tucson, Arizona. Which means you're just a hop. Skip. And a Hello from palm spring. I will be there. Anytime you want me to be there a mortgage might be there too much. Whenever you want me to be there. Bisexual. Love you. Isn't it fun put a family reunion? We have one more friendly. Well, I, I paid for the friend and family plan. So they're all here. A regular on the program. Most recently heard on afterglow with facsimile. Please put your hands together for Bela Vish gone. Bell of a Scotty everybody. Belva Scotty, drag Queen who we've met who either. Right. So many songs for the program, and has even performed at Ross's bubbly brunch in LA. Right. So still thinking about it. That makes one of us. Okay. No Doshi was amazed. At you really were amazing new. You look so fantastic. I just dragged on LA grace, and you got to do afterglow which is the new after show. It's free. It's right near fade kind of listen to be a great job with it. Thank you. On afterglow. And I said, oh, I love Bella. I called after I love bell. How was it? You went to these house. Miriam, darling. Right. Was it beautiful? It was come and delicious and Buta at I didn't find a sex dungeon in the basement. I didn't look didn't pay for the tour, but I said to the and I don't know. I haven't cleared this. Oh, no. I don't know. But you're talking about ice said, usually. Usually, I would run by a bitch. But I did. I said, how was it having Bella there and said, you are wonderful like a total delight and mentioned something else. Anything with talk about. I love you. Please fill the people in okay? First of all, Bella, thank you so much for being on that episode. I had the best time. So after we recorded the episode he decided, I wanted you to stick around while I was editing at right. So I'm editing on my couch and Bella sitting in the chair, and then Bella starts stretching. I see it in my peripheral vision, Mike, always stretching. And then he's like I have to p I'm like, okay so he runs any Ps. And we stop right now, you think, you know where this is. Raise your hand. If you think you know where it's make noise. It's an audio. A maybe I'll tell you this. You're on. Okay. So he wouldn't PD came back like five minutes later he had to be again. So he peed like twenty times. Probably I don't know. He kept paying, so then he when he continued to stretch, and then he's like, oh my God. I feel like the low rumblings. Like I feel he's like I have to go get it out. Go, you know, in my new Miriam, darling apartment. So he goes in the bathroom shuts the door and I hear this. One more time. I said, why he was Bella. Oh my God. I heard that. And he goes, oh, my God. I can't believe it. My God is is that let it out. Just let release. Bella had diarrhea in Miriam. Darlie. As ing. Girl girl could feel you. Imagine imagine it was pretty awful. And it turns out, I also had a sinus infection the whole time. Right. The whole time I was ill and the whole time. He's like appel don't leave any particles. I love that. You were opening up with our fantasy Marie to really use Miriam, darling. And I want you to know from the bottom of heart. The first thing he did. When you left was, I sterilize that. Yeah. All right. Audie. Anybody bell? Love you. A few VIP's in the rooms. Did anybody thinking it was going in that direction too much? Did anybody think there was like sex or blowjob involve? Totally totally opposite. Is Bella single. Oh, yeah. Bella is single. Get it. Confession to me. Okay. If Belo was straight, and I wasn't with Tommy, we rigor acquires. Italy say about everybody, everybody that about everybody. Any of you, you said it about. No, I did not say that about Ron never the fucker you like my sister. We have a brand new segment on the show, and it's already sleeping the nation. It is. I don't even probably heard about on the news. Everybody's talking about it. It's cold. Freaky Fags e. If you're anything like us, you can't you can't exact- member all the words to the things on summer complicated. But you can't get it out of your head. Freaky, freaky pads. One that took one one take one take. It goes by so fast or not. We did out in one take so. Paxi is when you all disgusting people, send your questions or fetishes or whatnot into Fags e in fact, Z will read your question to, to us that he will read your and we'll sort of reactor answer, or whatnot now do you have any freaky flaxseeds on the today? I have been receiving, you should see my inbox. It's crazy. I've seen. About seventy percent of people senior in by. All right. I just got one last year. So thanks freaky. Freaky. Marie, please. Hurrying. I go really dirty on this. Is that okay? This one's really get. Yourself? Can I anybody up tight here or we can just go there? You're uptight you raise your hand. Okay. Good. You're all okay. Right. Penn? We'd go there as a family. I love you guys. Thank you. Okay. I just got I landed yesterday, and I received this Email high Fags freaky. So free. Eight. Years me, high facts, I have a freaky flaxseeds submission, for you, a while ago, I considered submitting this for kiss kiss Intel, but chickened out, but it's perfect for freaky Fags. So I'm just going to do it for starters. My name is notched Sean, and I'm not from Saint Louis. Hello. Not very also a disclaimer. I know this isn't the safest fetish in the world. But rest assured I get tested regularly, and m completely fine. This started when I was in college and lived with some really Hadid rate already moaning, are you can handle this. Not that long. Are you sure you could handle freaky bags? You can't. Okay. Are you? Okay. So this started when I was thinking yourself free. Freaky, patchy eight. Please continue the. So this started when I was in college, and lifted some really hot strike is one time, my roommate's girlfriend visited later, that night I was using our shared bathroom, when I saw right there in the trash can my hot, roommates used condom? I couldn't guy. Guy a used condom. What am I couldn't help myself? I picked it up and tasted his. Bricky. Thanks. You're so free freaky. Eight. It didn't taste great as it was. Wait, hold on as it was kind of old, but it turned. But it turned me on so much before. I knew it, I drank all of that. I'm so sorry. All right from then on, I couldn't be stopped any time. I was home alone or found myself at another hot friend's house. I would search through their bedrooms bathrooms for used condoms. I can think of four different guys who condoms, I found and drank on occasion. But there was one guy that was better than the rest. His condoms were quite larger than the others. Any came so much. I would find them tied closed like a full shot glass of seed them. I still get turned on just thinking about it today. We just got cancelled you guys. And they can't even do that, that I no longer live with any of these guys. And I was never caught none of them ever found out and I haven't done it in the longtime. I'm thankful that I didn't catch anything from these adventures. I don't have a question or a moral to the story. I just thought it would be a fun way to make Nikki gag. Like a thousand times, I love the show and all of you, and I'll in this very sloppy kiss una kissed. I don't know if I wanna kiss care. I don't think I wanna could pitch. Wasn't too much that was rough. Aw. It's real though. It's I would what I you know, I'm on. It's getting wow. What a lot of protein. No, they're on. This guy was on Kito. Okay. Another one. I have a freaky, faddish freaking out. Fetish from the audience from Patty. From up here alive. One out of Patty, please from your. Free. Keypad. You're so free freaky. Patty, Patty freaky. Panting everybody. Okay. Here it is. Actually, do you want to come down here? I was wondering about other Mike was can we? Can we up so much? And I'm gonna come out there. On the bottom outing. There you go. Thank you for sharing that before my story. So much easier for me. Yeah. Oh, patty. I know. Okay. So it's not free. Freaky, freaky pads. Eight. Howdy marine marine. Marie came up to me between shows and ASTA finish which I didn't. But I have a story the first time I ever did anal. I was trying to be very process, and like. Yeah, go for it and I reached back like halfway through felt a little nugget. Oh, not wanting my boyfriend. I grabbed it in my hand. Yeah. I mean what else does she supposed to do? Until completion. And I was like I just need to use the restroom. And that's when I let it go wing. Patty, really. But. Do you feel you must feel lighter? Now that you shared that with everybody, I know we're all looking at you pick during that. That was wonderful. Patty, thanks, thank you with the why not. With an I go on me. Okay question Patty when you had it in your hand the nugget, and you open your hand did it turn into Moldova. That would've been amazing. A motivating. Now is there should we do one more? Can we do? But I can't handle growed says, you know this one's not as grows. Okay. Okay. But it's just fascinating shits fascinating fascinating, one, this grinder interaction supposedly went viral. So some of you may know about it. It's a grinder message someone received from a guy in Australia that has an interesting. Fetish, this is the message. He sent on Grindr. Hey, mate? How are you? Nice pick. You are hot. I'm Lee mate. I'll be up front. I have a bit of an uncommon fetish interesting. This is where I'm hook, right? Okay. Basically, I get off seeing a dude blowing up balloons to the point of bursting seeing the guy acting macho and showing off fearlessly pushing it passed its limit. You look like you'd be good at it ever blown a balloon till it bursts. That's the message. So I thought it would be interesting. Pulled out balloons forever. So we're all gonna blow blue I want to use condo. Okay. We're all. So, so we're all blow balloons and see who's the first as I can get it to pop. Yes, I. You got a pop it. I don't what okay see blowing what have we put on an I who do you think's going to be good at this audience? Who do you think's going to be able to do it? All right. C LOKI up really high right now. I want to leave. Positions were all going to blow and the person. I'll tell you this, the person who the straight talk member who gets their balloon to pop. I gets to choose somebody in the audience who wins a Ross Matthews t shirt. Available for sale today. All right. The positions. Bitter petite. But nominal. Are you also heard you can't be doing, sir? Shit out of me from the heard you can't be doing pop like that. One of you in the audience who? We've got a big show. Lots coming up, straight talk with Ross live in Brooklyn. We're gonna be right that grab drink. Don't go anywhere. Is there something that interferes with your happiness or is preventing you from cheating your goals? If so better help online counseling is there for you? 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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat care prevent any disease. Just have to say the go. There you go. New chapter. She looks down shop at the nearby brick land. It is a live, straight talk with Ross on the east coast for the very first time. So much fun to be with you. I always had a dream that we would come here one day together as a crew. But it just never really seemed possible until CJ had vision partnered with a great people here at three dollar Bill in Brooklyn and made it happen. So thank you. CJ. Thank three dollars. And also shot out, straight talker, Adam through because Adam really helped me. The back. Thank you. Thank you so much. You know, we've found with the brunches are these live shows, it's you, it's the straight talker to approach us and say, hey, I have a venue or you should come here, and I know these people. So if you want us to come to your city out them, and TJ proven, we can make it happen, but only because you all showed up. So thank you so much. Really, really really, it means a lot to us. You know we were in the Big Apple the apple. Do you notice all the apples on the table here? I thought it would be a little symbolic. We're, we're in the Big Apple. And if you if you know anything about Ross Matthews, you know, that I like a theme, you know, like an idea, so I'm thinking what could we do when we're in the Big Apple and I always liked to do something. Awful to Nikki Boyer. So I thought, well, how could I do something about the Big Apple and awful to Nikki Boyer? And I really think I've cracked the code. I'm gonna drag the stool over here and then can I get Jay rod and CJ Toco? You guys. Nikki. I asked her on Hilla Ross pod. She would be down for doing this. She said, yes. Jay rod and CJ are bringing out a big bucket of water. It's like a Tupperware thing. No, I'm gonna have you hold this right here. We're going to secure that. No, I had a vision. Busy own kiss kiss video. But I need your help. Everybody are you willing to help. Because we're gonna play a game called I hold on. I have I've used it. Hold on. We're going to play a game called you gotta wait. You gotta hold. Oh, it's so worth it. I texted into myself back stage Colt. You say hold, please. Hold, please. Okay. Now, J rod shit still how moment, I have the ads on YouTube j. Rod gave me a coupon. I'm busy. Hold on. Fox. Time to play the game. Creeping the nation. Mickey Bob, and perhaps. I even met. Nikki, be Bob and for Big Apple. All right. Now here there, here's how this is gonna work. Okay. I put together, here's the deal. I have eight apples and huge see-through bucket of water. So you're gonna see Nikki beautiful wet face bobbing, apple now here's the deal. The only thing standing between Nikki Boyer and a wet face Bob. And for big Apple's in front of all you is you. If you love. Nikki boyer. This is your chance to save her. Because I'm going to ask you a series of questions. I've got eight questions. If you get an pick randomly in the audience, if you get it, right. We don't put an apple. In the bucket. But if you get it wrong, we put an apple in the bucket, and Nikki bobbin for big Apple's. So the only thing standing between you and Nikki. Bob, and for big Apple's is answering a question. Right. Who believes that they are up to the task of answering a question -burse? Let's check in with Nicole. Boy. How are you feeling terrified? I have a fear of drowning. And also, I believe in you because you're going to get these. All right. And there won't be in the apples of the Bill. Okay. If you do that Nikki bay, don't be bubbled per big Apple's. Who wants to be first? All right. Stand up, please tell us. Your name John, everybody say, hi, John. So all of these questions are in a way around about New York. So where are you from non New York? Nikki, how you feel right now. John eat it. You'll know you'll say that again, John great. You'll notice that NICKY has put her hair in ponytail. She does not believe in any of you. She thinks Nikki beat Bob in for big Apple's. But let's let us be gin. John in sex in the city too. Who sing- single ladies at the gay wedding. No you dare. Don't you dare John? You cannot phone French everybody. Do not cheat. This is Nikki's life on the line. A sequel. I understand it wasn't the best movie of all time, say it but I feel like it's a community. We've digested it. We worked through it. So who saying at the gay wedding, single ladies, who saying at the gate, wedding and sex city to Joan no idea. Verandah. The place in apple and the fuck it. John, what please we've got one Big Apple in the bucket. So every time every put about apple in the bucket. We've got to say to say with me we've got one big. In the pocket. Question. Number two wants it wants it. You do right here, come here. Stand up for me. Darling. What is your name? Stephanie. Everybody's say, hi, Stephanie. Stephanie, the question is yours. If you were rushing to rent to one bedroom apartment in Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. What it costs more or less than five thousand dollars per month. More. It's a one bedroom apartment, Trump Tower more or less or more. What do you think more? The answer is. Five thousand nine hundred. You have. We still have one being. All right. So on the edge of our seat, sir waving come here. No, you come here with me. Come here, please. What is your name? Bill quickly. Everybody say Hello, Bill quickly. In a kiss kiss to you. Bill quickly. Here is your question. In funny, girl, which took place in New York. Barbara won't let anyone rain on her prayed, when she sings lives, candy and the sun's Abol of what? Ross is pissed. I'm rooting for Nikki. Said ross. Never the answer is butter that we have we still have. No. I love you. This is to excite. Oh, he's cute. I know what are they gonna do? What's your name, Anthony? Yeah. Where are you Bob for Anthony? Where are you from? And what is your what is your home address? Okay. I need you. You're all whistling, you're horny focus on the bucket. To save. Nikki from another apple name, three songs about New York. I love New York. I love New York Madonna. Come on. Empire Empire State of mind. You all need to shut. Let me tell you something. I will call the police if you yell out the answers. So far, we have I love New York, New York state of mine. I need one more song about New York. Anthony, New York, New York sit down. I think I need to show some gratitude. Mickey marine, please, don't Anthony what the no. No. We will not have heterosexual love making year. I will not stand. Not on my watch. Come over here. Look at this court, John. For days. Slowly, be ready to go looking gorgeous. What is your name? Tile. Everybody's high call. Did you get all made up just for? Demure your voices, but I'm going to ask you to project. Okay. Great. Okay. Kyle. Where are you from Brooklyn a retrieved from Alaska from Alaska? Maim the five boroughs. Manhattan. Well Bronx Harlem. We. With an I'm sober y'all. I'm very sorry. Fags e. We now have. Who can name name borough? Do you want me to name can name all the boroughs? Brooklyn, Bronx queens. Right. And manhattan. It's okay. I Google Staten Island. On him. Community ready. What's your name tell everybody? I'm Stacey stay. No staging case. We just named the five boroughs jaylo is Jenny from the block. She started made Manhattan, but reality, she's from which burrow. I will kill you. I will slip your throat. I want an apple the bucket. So I'm gonna say it wrong queens. She played. We know have. I still like Lipton within the big brother house with Omarosa, I can handle you. Okay. I think this is a good amount. But Nikki, we have two more questions left. Our winner of the t shirt and hat, thanks to C J. Yeah, what's. What's. Everybody say, hi Noel. No. Well, does it cost on average more or less than a hundred thousand dollars a year to operate a hot dog stands near central park? More or less than hundred grand a year. I will kick in the balls. I will kick you in your testicles. So. I'm saying. The more. More. Nicky. What do you think? I'm sorry. We were talking about the fact that I when I went like this, I think I pulled my groin, and I'm not joking. So I got I was telling Jay rod because I don't know why. Nikki believable, but shut up. We have a job to do. I'll give you some mold of it'll heal it. Now, let's focus. I'm not near the sound effects are. You know how hard Carvey playing motive is. I should never be away from that computer, the answer more or less than one hundred thousand dollars. What do you think? Noel Lockton on more. The answer is three hundred thousand dollars. We currently still have. Big Apple's in it, and only one question left. Come here. She's cream rough. Here. I appreciate the person last name. I like it. Yes. All right. What is your name trista? Everybody say, hi. God, I won yell. Trista. Okay. Now this is easy. This is so easy trista. And you can only three out big Apple's in the bucket. Nikki, you do three apples with her clothes. She can I don't know. That's just a saying, but four is a lot better than three. So all you have to do is this simple. Simple thing, everybody will know this what now. I'm so scared. Don't be scared smart. How old are you? Thirty five. Yeah. Smart. You pay attention. Every. Every state has two senators name your now shut. Chris Murphy and dick Blumenthal. She's from Connecticut. From New York. Put nipping Mickey down hugging her. I should've said, New York senators. I'm sorry audience. I fucked that. I still love your off. Yeah. Will trust them so on you right now. All right. I love you. All right. There you go. Nikki's gotta easy. We have. Big Apple's in walking. Okay. You want to be rolling. We're gonna roll on this. We have a towel ready for her. All right. It's time to play the game sweeping the nation. Mickey. Lobban for Big Apple. Sure faith in the. Mickey put her in the bucket. Nikki waterboarding is legal it unacceptable. Mickey completely so a Rio k with one. If you wanted to get one more. I would let you off base set what four. Oh my God. She's completely. So. We'll be. We'll be back with much more. Straight talk live in Brooklyn at three dollar Bill right after the how apple. Maybe. Two thousand nineteen is just started. And yet history has already been made the new normal is here. Have you seen it brought to life in a short film that runs only two minutes long the new normal seeks to leave behind eighty years of unjust prohibition in favor of a saver happier world? 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And I've had the worst Tommy stopped because of my antibiotics and I always use a wipe right like a, a moist. Alette but the other day what I was doing. I started seeing shitty why. Raw. Now I can't get out of my head. Great. Can you believe we do this show? How about a round of applause for? Nikki boy. No ideal getting myself into buds. Thank you for the shower, and I have water in my ear 's and saved her with only three apples to get she managed to get to of well die. I literally would've drown. If you would've made me going, do you know when the referee at a boxing match calls it? Because I, I kind of called it before that third apple. I just thought no Nikki. You're gonna you're gonna drown. So. We love Nicki. We love that you'd love. Nikki, thank you. You love water. Okay. I love a new saying on the show that started is bags east segment on the show. Was sleep. Gerald. A young woman from the valley. Memed. They. Spots. God good fat. Joe? On straight with everybody. Gonna work if you remember bags. He started it, and I don't I couldn't tell you how it happened. I don't remember. I can tell you CJ. You're better. Oh, yeah. But how CJ did it in the first place and why he did it in valley girl accent? But, and now we have subtitles on the show because if I could get CJ to the front of the state. No. C j it's the steers heart. I know. So he's he did steal it from facts, but he wants to share with some of you. So can I get do? We still have our friends and family members here in EPO belt Bella, can you come up here, Dr bottom, Dr bottom here, Dr bottom come up, but Gina bisexual, Gina and F still here. She might be in the bathroom or something. We'll try to get out roll calling Ethel. So what? To actually, you know what we're gonna do our server today. Stephanie, yes. Definitely everyone needs needs. Stephanie, she's a straight talker. He reach out to us and said, I work at this restaurant called Jacob's pick on the Upper West side, right on the upper two said, would you all straight talkers wanna come in and have lunch? And so we got an, an Uber went all the way from the Lower East Side of the Upper West side today and met with Stephanie for love. Changed my on tire dental. I'm so glad give Steph Canadian. Thank you so much checkout. Jacob mickle. Apple at. Okay. So the reason I bring up, our friends and family is, you know, fact, he started CJ CJ wants to share what we're gonna do a siege is going to show, our friends and family, the beginning of the joke, and have them read it in their valley, girl voice, and CJ is going to deliver the punchline got it. Okay, CJ. Why don't we start with Ethel and just show? Ethel the first part you have to do it in a Scottish valley girl accent. Okay. All right. Just that bit in the box. All right. I wasn't going to visit my family this December. But among promise me, what do you not understand? In like valley girl like a valley girl cook ready beautiful. Here we go. I wasn't going to visit my family. Do it like Doria. I wasn't going to visit my family this December. Bye. Mom promise to make make me bandit. I wasn't going to visit my family this summer. But my mother promise me to make a Benedict. So going home for holidays. I'm going home holidays. Thank you. Doc, you ought to do after these. Okay. Dr bottom. My whole life with us, by the way, my whole life already. This is a knock knock jokes. I gotta go back. Forgot. Knock knock. Knock knock. Who's there? At you bless Efron. Let. Bruin is in deer. Bisexual, gino. How does a penguin build? It's you have to do it. More valley girl for me. How does a penguin ballots house? Does a penguin build its house glues at the? I didn't even understand it say it again. Igloos it. You guys you guys. That's cold. Oh fuck. Bella biscottis. What's different? Bits and a chick pea the difference between a lentil, and a chick pea. I've never had a Wintel. Oh my. Really? Baz a good could be my number one job. Ross is there. One more one more one more. Before we to that lasts. Joe can I just give shout out to marrow and her friend with their kick ass shirts? Look at their shirts. They printed off, they photo. All right. Talk shirts beautifully. Well done. I notice marks right in there in the middle that I think that design, but otherwise, it's great great. All right. Stephanie from Jacob's pickle. Okay. So seventy my dick, my dick just died. Can I berry? Ever. God. Good fad. On straight with. I love that. You love that theme song. Because. I don't think I been given enough credit as a musical artists for all the theme songs. I've created flaxseeds done one or two as well. A couple. Do you ever get a theme song stuck in your head? So before way way, we wait who's got who's got one of our things. That is one of their now because I feel like I want to give away a prize or to come you come here. Please now. You, you yet, you're raising your hand. Why are you so shocked? Okay. Now what's your name, everybody say? Hi, neck. Now do you have a favorite theme song, do because it's always in my head? What's the name of it? I just. The name on Nikki believable. Okay. If you can sing some UNMIK believable, I may have a price for you. Okay. Ready? So don't help him. Nikki believe. Fifth good a debt, maybe. Let's see. You believe a. Choice of a pri-. Do you have a choice of a prize, you can pick a Ross Mathews shirt? A Ross Matt. Thank you. Bye. Sexual. Ross hat Gina. A, a thirty minute automatic pen writing session from fag Tamila. Now, you down how much valued at how much thirty minutes, sixty five bucks. Okay. All our. And he doesn't know this yet a lap dance from j rod. It's up to Nick, Nick, what do you choose? As much as I love thirty minutes with Fags the, the audience wants the laptop. I just want everybody know this is my mom's first impression of the show. Okay. Greg. I'm on. Oh my God. Oh, yeah. Here we go. Chose. Really? Jay rods the audience. My mom. Ross of fishery, pushing the gay agenda. Going on by bears. So now we have an t shirt and a pen, reading anybody. Some here. Come, please. What's your name, Busse, everything? What is your favorite theme song? Only one of the most infamous tar chapters that we have around, but there's no. Then you can you see mother's milk. I'll try. Mothers from t. He. The Chinese others live heard. On my me. Rum, her tea. All right. Did you have a hat assure an a thirty minute ten reading already bought assured? I donate my services for a lap dance. No, Dicky NICKY. No, no, no way. Wait Nikki midnight. I would let you but you pulled your groin remember, okay. But I will be giving you a lap. Dan? No. What do you want? I would love thirty minute. Valued at sixty five dollars. Malone will read whatever fuck does with. Basis. Okay. There's only the hat in the shirt. Yes. Behind. Yes. Yes. Cute, cute cute, come here, and one more. One more cute. One compare you up here. Eighty okay what is your name janey? Everybody hygiene, Jamie one song and one theme song, only what is your favorite color song, though? It is called color song in the caller song. Now does anybody? This is what we what we call in the music business, a deep cut. Okay. This is a b side. Wait. Why do we not know this? Nikki, you know this when you hear it. Can you sing a little bit of do remember? You're calling me you're playing. One guy. Me a rate. The york. That you'll life is just one big giant. King of. No. Back on. Two. After this too long song promise. You that all try? To give you advice is where all be nice until it solve. I run not be calm. I apologize. Was so cute. Cut it off to. It was premature. I'm. We'll see. They know it don't you love that every single member of the time, like I don't know that song. Okay, really phenomenal work. Now. Do you want a hat or a t shirt, I will take the hat? We got here. Go. Bottle it put it on every available now outside. Thank you so much. Now laugh you are playing for the rock. Matthews t shirt. What is now? We have to pick one what song do you want to hear? What is your name? It is up to Katie, Katie, what theme song do you want to keep it short and sweet with west which Chris. Why? Which is one of those. One of those songs that if so underrated in the music community even. Nikki to fucking. Little known fact doesn't like it not her favorite. It's not sweeping. Can you sing it, Katie? How does it go which? It's prouder, which Chris. Chris, with Chris prouder yum, alright teeth. She's right hit it. Which crave gets pine Chris witch craze. Pints who it's crib? Credit applied. I. I never thought I'd win awards for. I, I didn't okay? Wow. You all I have to tell you all joking aside, I turn to them before the first show if you were here for the first show, you heard me say this, but it's the absolute truth. When we were backstage, I heard people out here and I said, are there, people out there and J goes full? I said, are there any straight talker there and? If I could begin to tell you how it feels to going on five years ago. For your own almost three hundred. I wanna tell you again, I know said on the show. But when I started this program, it was because there were a lot of fuck heads between me and you. There were, and there were an there will always be fuck heads between me and you when it comes to that world. But I wanted to create something where nobody could get between it. And so sitting back there, and I just didn't know if anyone ever listen and the fact that you do and that you show up and that when we say, Hello Ross pod, you say. When I say, really phenomenal work, you say. And when we play which, Chris, which, Chris, you know, the words it is. So let's not hard. Nikki, please. Nikki. They know they knew every word that song. Nikki. I want you to know this and this, it's on, on behalf of all of it all of us truly no bullshit, from the bottom of my heart. It's like this is my diary, you know, and you guys old Rita. So thank you for crawling inside my head and getting it, you know that it's, so it's so stupid. It's all so stupid. Thank you. I can't believe it's coming to a close, but it is. I know. I love who all. There are some of you have been drinking with us now four thirty. But the time has come for us to shut the fuck up. So on behalf of all of us a big, thank you, huge. Thank you to three dollar Bill here. Remember, we will be here tomorrow doors open at noon for a rough bubbly brunch. We have ten drag queens here tomorrow. All be doing stand up at the beginning of the show will all be hanging out and eating with you. So please, if you don't have a ticket yet. Come hang out with us. All right. Okay. Right. Let's give a big round of laws to Nikki Boyer. Nicole. Thank you. Responsible for making this happen. CJ. Each and every one of you who came to see us in Brooklyn, and to each and everyone of you who have downloaded in episode. Listen told your friend told your family, we're almost three hundred episodes. We are entering our fifth year together, as a family and I would love to do this again. And can we hear it for the man who brings us all? Out there with Tia brunch tomorrow. And if you're not here wish you were than by fucking ticket. When we come to your city. We'll see you everybody. Thank you. Well, there you go. There were our live shows in Brooklyn a big thanks to everybody who came out and especially to Adam, and three dollar Bill who which is a beautiful venue there in Brooklyn, who took such great care of us e if you want us to come to your city. Well, I'm gonna do is reach out because that's what happened Adam reached out to St. J, they put it together made happen. And we had such a great time. Honestly. I talked about it a little bit there at the end of the episode, but you know, we just do this show in precedes. It really is an excuse for me to get together with some of my best friends. Nikki. Fags E CJ once a week. And connect and. I almost kind of forgot. That. It wasn't just us in the room. So this is a really nice reminder of. How? How important the little show is does that make sense? So I don't wanna get like heavy. But thank you. Thank you. Thank you for listening. It is in honor. All right. Okay. New episodes next week. Bye. Dear HIV. It's me science. I didn't give up while there's no cure, there are treatment options and sticking daily treatment helps people get to and stay undetectable, which means so little HIV at can't be measured. I lab test, and the CDC states that staying undetectable means there's affectively no risk of transmitting HIV through sex Exo science, people living with HIV should talk to a healthcare, professional. Learn about a treatment option at X ex science dot com. Sponsored by Gilead sciences.

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