Mini Crush #150


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Visit edward jones dot com slash advice. Welcome to movie crush production of iheartradio. We wish you crushed christmas. We were christmas. We wish you were crutcher. Christmas ring ring ring. Jingle bells jingle bells a happy new year or at least a different year. yeah yeah. that's that'd be good would be good. I could use a change. How you doing chuck good. No i'm also looking for the twenty twenty being over. So i can just quit hearing about people fucking talking about twenty twenty. Yeah twenty one that says roll off the tongue so well to twenty one. That's hard to huger. That is a future and it is starting to feel like we're dealing in future type dates where we're entering into blade. Runner type territory passed that a while ago. Thank true for me. But yeah when you're on the twenty twenties like where the where's that meal that i can just put a little drop of water on a pill and it turns into delicious meal. You really want that chuck. Yes oh you mean like it actually reconstitute itself into a delightful roasted turkey it or whatever you want with the little footy things on the ends meet me team rising turkey every night you ever seen those footy things even four meeting. They keep the end drying out or something you think they would catch fire in the store. I don't know they don't bake it with those on. They pop them on afterward. And i do not know this at all but my educated guess would be is that it just covers up that gnarly little leg nub it makes you feel a little less barbaric. I think so. That would be my guess. It's the same reason they don't like you know raising they cut off the head. That's a good point. That's a good point. Chuck wow right. Yeah but yet people are. Some people are okay with whole fish with a face on it. That's okay yeah you know i will I don't eat the eyeballs. But i shall down on brandy. Now that's for sure. Oh yeah no i i. I think there's a distinction because you know how their peski -tarian who will eat fish or won't eat chicken or beef or anything or any work. Yeah they see. There seems to be a distinction in terms of. What's the word cruelty in the minds of some between sea dwelling creatures and land dwelling creatures. Yeah you now Everyone has their own internal compass when it comes to stuff like that and Far be it for me to tell anyone else what to do. Where do you stand on a horse. Meat chuck where do you stand on. Horsemeat may good good talk. Good joke so No we were chatting very briefly as we were buzzing into zoom. That today's your daughter's twelve th birthday on this the day of my dot as twelfth birthday. That's a movie reference prize prized anyone. Who can name that film. Yeah can't yeah you can on this. The day of my daughter's ellos our wedding. It wasn't her birthday. Never mind now. Guy was misplaced reference. Yes she's twelve man and she and her mom little sister came over this morning and they brought me a doughnut. And i gave her her present. Which is a skateboard Great because apparently i do not value her safety. But it's something that she's been risk guards nip ed. Yeah we're going to go get that. I want to make sure they're the right ones. I know we're gonna go together and do that tomorrow. But like it's been wanting to do and she was doing dance for a while and she kind of felt like all your kisner dance class were sort of like caddy and care for the vibe. And so she needs an outdoor activity and she wanted to escape. And there's a really good skate park near us so we're gonna get her to let lessons as well so well. No you know she takes to it a little bit and she ended up liking skateboarding I looked into this couple of years ago. Because i was. I was all hot to get rubio skateboarding. Emily still like wait another year. Even though i don't think after. But i'm you know i'm i'm giving in on that one in waiting a little bit but there is a girls skate camp in seattle. Wow in the summer. I was like man. This looks really really cool so Just put that in the back of your head. Maybe if she really gets into it how she does or the next. She can always go to seattle skate camp. And then you go and you stay there with for a week interesting. Do seattle actually haven't been to seattle. I was going to actually had it booked me and jordan run when my colleagues on my team we're gonna go to seattle to do like a sales thing for for work and then you know the world exploded. He'd never been known seattle. No no it's your town. I'm excited to go into that skate. Camp and then you go just live as a seattle light for a week. you'll airbnb. i'm into it hoping with these vaccines that we can at least go back to a semblance of our previous lives Because i have to say like. I mentioned on the before like i was traveling to kind of an alarming degree where it was almost cutting into my quality of life in terms of personal time But i would like to now. I've kind of gotten comfortable. Like i know the balance that i want and i think i read push for that and i think i've earned it so so what's your balance and all like. How many times a month will you fly and be okay. I think twice. But i was doing once a week sometimes and i was doing quick trips sometimes twice a week like it was it was a lot you ever do up in back in the day. It's not new york. Not new york. But i did it to chicago. A couple of times for some sales are not fun. No but not fine. Go to a great city and you can't even joy would dumb meeting then you get back on a plane. Yeah yeah although You know the story when i heart was was circling Our network to buy it. They sit down a private jet for me jerry and our bosses and never flown private jet before and that was an up and back and yeah it was pretty great. That sounds pretty cool. That's it was a bucket list thing i always wanted. Flying private generally does amazing. You're the best part about it. Is the jets find actually kind of really small and not so spacious. It's a little like claustrophobic. But man the the lack of hassle ho boy. Oh i it's so great you can only imagine it is walk right on you park at the airport. I walked through the lobby. And a guy said are you mister bryant. And he was like. We're waiting on you and you walk right through and get on a plane like man. I should have smuggled some drugs. Yeah definitely so. They do that what they did not check. Nobody checks But with the skateboard thing chuck eden is pretty good at like sticking with things that she's really passionate about but if she's not she drops it bad habit so i'm hoping that this is one that she sticks with because she's well she knows what she wants he doesn't know what she wants and she's like super invested in the things that she She's feeling but i also like as a dad. I'm like you gotta try. Nope give up after you know. Yeah but also also believe it or not like if your kid knows they know. I'll give it a little effort if you don't like it screw it right. You are chuck. So i guess it's christmas now Yeah so big. Happy birthday to eden and this is actually going to be our only christmas many content christmas content many that. We're going to do because christmas movies. Kind of suck. No did you know that. What do you mean all of them. I mean you know there are some nostalgia and some feels but mostly if you're talking about just great cinema. A lot of christmas christmas movies in general. We've talked about this. They do kinda i will say. There's a new one. that's out on netflix. that i haven't watched yet but it's getting a lot of love. It's called jingle jangle and it's a new spin on christmas like elf kind of magical santa land kinda world. Michael key is in and it's got a lot of music and it's I watched the opening sequence in it is pretty grant and delightful and it seems like it could potentially be a new christmas tradition for some families. Oh all right. We'll check that out. Have you seen the trailer in the buzz about this and kfc colonel sanders. Thing with mario lopez my friend sent me. It's real a tweet was real. And i also didn't immediately get the fact that mario lopez was playing colonel sanders. I thought it was some sort of like schlocky. You know like way. It was like a period. Rahm drum you know presented by kfc within the small print. it says mario as colonel sanders. What is sanders. The new show. What is the deal. I don't know dude since it's a mini movie. So i don't know how long it is a lifetime though if i'm not mistaken think it's gotta be i mean it's clearly obviously branded content from kfc. But boy what a concept would do anything to have. Been in those meetings. Yeah when they cook this up pretty famous for their. A lot of these brands are these days. They're kind of snarky political tongue-in-cheek social media presence. So i think they're really starting to lean into this kind of stuff lena's installation way. Love it very funny by the way just very quickly as an aside. I said i was going to get one new game to play now as we wrapped up stuff. He should know yesterday for the year. Very big relief. Not i love doing that show. But it's a it's a lot more work than the show. You know what i mean. So we wrap that for the year and we're taking our nice big fat christmas break and i wanted something to play and i got that spiderman game Have you ever played that. I haven't i mean it's just brand new. I remember the last one that came out was a lot of fun. I never bought it no talking about the one from two thousand eighteen. Oh yeah well. There's there's i think there's a miles morales pretty. No you're talking about the one that i've played them. Yeah it's great. Yeah the one for two years against swing around town and like you know like it's very and you can of do whatever right. It's amazing because especially if you have a love for new york city to do like all like i spent. I spent half my time not even playing the game story yet. Because i'm like. I wanna go perch on that eagles head building like he did in the movie that you can find. It is allow map accurate. Yeah man that's right there. That's look up perched on the empire state building. I went over. And i was like. I wonder what it's like to sit on top of the radio city music hall sign. Let me swing over there and do that. Let me walk the highline. Let me swing above the line. It's really really fine and you know and it's accurate with the big things like that but it's not like what i really wanted was ultimate accuracy. I wanted to go to the west village right and and go by magnolia bakery. People walking eating cupcakes by your favorite little record shop. You know yeah browse would love to little bit. Yeah but it's a great game that i mean the visuals. That really feels like you're swinging around. I just. I'm having so much fun and this one ruby is watching and i let her climb walls and do stuff like that and she loves it. It's we're having a lot of fun. That's awesome man. I what else gaming wise. I just like i have a switch. I told you about that. I love and i just realized what is a switch. What what is it. What's the newest nintendo console and the assist regular console. Well yeah but it's It's interchangeable between being portable and be hooked up to your tv. It's docs in this little station. And it has a little little side. Guys that are kind of clicked clip onto the side of the screen and they go into this dock and then it goes on your tv and you can take a little side guys off and they become like left and right hand held controllers or they clip onto the thing and then it becomes like a game gear portable thing you can take on the subway and it's not like wi fi is wifi dependent but the games are on that little portable device so it's not like streaming from some large thing but it's just a really fun system and the games are really like designed really cleverly and nintendos says does a great job with kind of pushed the fun factor and if you are a member of the online little very miniscule amount of money that it costs to be a member of the online thing so you can play with your friends you can get like all of these super nintendo and original any s games for free. Yeah yeah I just got all these. Mario games that i'm gonna mess with Later this week. I'm excited about awesome. No i want us to start a band just so we can have a record name pushing the fun factor pushing the fun factor is not bad. It's a good record name. I agree lately. It's been hard to think about the future. Especially when there's so much going on in the present but thinking about the future is human nature and helping you achieve a better future is what we strive to do at. Edward jones our nineteen thousand financial advisers. Connect with you in a way. That's right for you whether online by phone or in person as we gradually reopen our offices we worked to provide you with the july's answers and attention you need. We listened to understand the things that are important to you. And then we work with you to create a personalized investment strategy tailored just for you never grabbing a cookie cutter solution off the shelf for over one hundred years. Edward jones has been helping clients find opportunity in good markets and bad. Also you can get back to drafting dreams and building your future edward jones. It's time for investing to feel individual. Visit edward jones dot com slash support. You're ready to get back into yoga. So you ordered the essentials a non-slip matt yoga blocks to keep balance and exercise ball. And you used your bank of america. Cash rewards credit card choosing earn three percent cashback on online shopping or to five point two five percent as a preferred rewards member which you put towards the cost of your most essential yoga gear. Noise cancelling headphones apply for yours at bank of america dot com slash more rewarding copyright two thousand twenty bank of america corporation. All right. no. This is the christmas crusher spectacular and You know we've covered a know. It's hard every year because there's only so many questions you can formulate around christmas movies so I decided to ask family. Tradition wise What holiday tradition to you hate but you do it anyway because your family expects it loves it so if you have one. My mom always used to make this really gross jello salad that show. She's called gentlemen's salad which sounds disgusting. In and of itself get strip global. Exactly a gentleman salad how that was such a cliche like seventies saying like jello salad and it's like made with lime jello and like horseradish. It's the weirdest fucking thing in the world. I never nuts. And i never wanted to eat it and she eventually stopped making realize nobody liked it but she she made it because her mom would always make it and her mom before or whatever like it was when she likes. Does she like to eat it. My mom liked it. Yeah i just found it like also green and it just looks like a really does i just thinking about it now is giving me the the cringes but that that stick i mean that just crystallizes the holidays with family and stuff like that. That's great all right so we're going to start off with the most recent comment here. Rachel mccutchen says overspending. A bunch of money could be saved but my husband loves it uk. There's a lot of those people saying if giving it's over it's a lot of obligation and i've certainly narrowed it down to my immediate family. I'm not likely yeah. Universal gift giver and also because edens birthday so close to christmas we kind of have to split them up a little bit or don't go to ham but yeah i do agree that like. It's the inherent commercialism. Listen to me. Sound cliche is held but the inherent commercialism of the holidays is kind of a little obnoxious. I would say yeah. I mean listen to each their own. I'm not gonna tell anyone how to christmas. But i'll say is when me and my siblings decided to stop giving gifts to each other. It was a great year. Yeah and now like we'll get together and do something for my mom. And then that's it besides kids and you know emily. I we try to surprise each other with a couple of little things. Nothing extravagant like thoughtful gift. Suzanne have one thing in mind for her. That artists is going to do that. She's really really gonna love. And it's gonna be special but other than that now we of go like. Hey listen you know if there's something you want let's just earmark money and get it for yourself like last year. I got that new guitar and this year. I'm getting me some golf clubs nice. Because i haven't played golf in twenty years in east. Look playing the. i think. That's the thing to chuck is like i'm at an age. Where if i want something. I either probably already have it or thinking about getting a or i don't want it that bad and i think the reason christmas and stuff like that is great for kids is because they don't have like agency to get things themselves so they really depend on like you know santa claus or mom and dad to like get them that dream thing otherwise they'll never have it so that i think is neat but for adults. It's like come on. What are we ate like. let's just come up with ya and and that stuff's fine. It is genuinely a young child on christmas so i'm not gonna knock gift-giving altogether subsided. Sound completely like oh no adults getting presents because of to your point. The thoughtful aspect is the way more important aspect. When you're so it's like oh. I know a little something about you and have gotten you this thing that i think you will appreciate that you never in a million years would have thought of for yourself. And it's just like maybe something decorative or like a sock subscription because you know what turns out adults love socks. Yeah everybody likes you. Got me those socks with ruby's face on it and my two dogs in her. And those are the sox win on the road. See perfect combination of functional and thoughtful chuck. Yeah not not expensive and looking through these posts. I look through them last night. There's a lot of people say that have parents that like just still make such a big deal about all that stuff and they're like enough already like please don't make us open these gifts one at a time and then remark about the gifts and talk about the gifts and then you're next like i think a lot of people on this thread. Just wanna be with family and have something kind of low key toilet all right so having said that One of our oldest pals rebecca robe. I'll be honest. Threes to be a lot. That i couldn't stand but life has a way of making you appreciate all the joys and annoyances that the season brings but had to pick one thing. It's the shopping. Loved the giving hate the shopping. I get it robes. I mean all my shopping online. Even if there wasn't a pandemic nullum going into a mall. kill me. I like them all chuck. I'm not gonna lie. I like you really do. It's an established fact here for me. I don't know there's something about it. Like i just i you know as a kid of the first places you can kind of. Go hang out you know. Yeah it's like before you could get into bars. Go hang out at malls arcades. Just there's something about that gives me the warm fuzzies see. I was never allowed to go hang out at the mall. That's why i think diversion but it was never like my mom never dropped me off at the mall. I wanted to be that good. Yeah i was a latchkey kid. Little more a little more strict. Lucky guy Brienna rossi says buying gifts. Honestly i just want to spend time with people Bacon cook and eat with them. And i always feel too bad to say something when i'm really tight on money and a lot of people Replied in up loved that it's common sentiment well. A lovely meal is a great gift in and of itself wouldn't gift i mean absolutely and so much thought and care goes into that. That's a me thing. I love cooking for people. I love cooking for just one person you know like it gives me a lot of joy so cooking for like a group and then feeling like it's reciprocated. People are having a good time. Because of the work that i put in. That's a gift that gives both ways. In my opinion it does. It does know. Anna gwyn says making our gingerbread house. The kids love it but they're always fights and my need for things to be right. Drives me nuts because the kid has decorate the house itself John hewitt says all of christmas. Jason devonshire says celebrating christmas. We got some scrooges on here. Say humbug yeah. You know if you're not into it your mind to it Jason says over decorating. I'm all for a tree and a few cute displays but like maybe a snowman cookie jar in a wreath simple but my mother is a christmas fanatic. Yeah mine too this year. We built a house and moved her to my octogenarian grandparents in so we have three households and four generations worth of stuff. Oh boy that's tough. My mom's actually pretty tasteful about it. She's got pretty good Minimalist sense of of christmas decorations. There's some kilo things that she does but like. How do you feel about the massive ridiculous yard displays chuck. Well there are an awful lot of fun to drive by with child short but not for me right right a christmas tree we have About probably thirty five little crafty wooden santa's of different shapes and sizes that emilie's grandfather made every year. We have the whole collection so those sit around the house. We got our stockings and Emily loves the little mercury trees. We have those on our mantle and that's it and then i do a one strand of the little icicle lights on my front porch and we got a little white up blinky snowman on the front porch. I'm sorry mercury trees and then get buried the lede there. Chuck what the hell is google. That shit knoll. Look it up all right mercury christmas tree. And you'll see it's like a. It's like a mercury glass. Oh yeah okay i never. I never heard it described that way. Yeah they're they're classy are cool again. Yeah i like him all right. This is great. Marlborough buds robert paulson. His name is robert paulson. Says this it used to be going to the neck. God paulsen is great. It used to be going to the nutcracker ballet. But then i convince my daughters that they hated it to say got older and now we don't have to go. I'm sorry man no no. I'm not sorry. I mean we're we're on the same page. It sucks i would. I've never been. I don't want to go. The first part is is charming. Because the first part i i've made me mentioned before i used to work at a theater and was sound guy and we do nutcracker every year two different companies would do it kind of like back to back popular. So there'd be like the local ballet theater company that would do it and then this other ballet theatre company from a little outta town would come and do it. And so i had to sit through like weeks of nutcracker and the first half is like the part where i keep wanting to call. Her clarisse cutting. Its clara. the girl and it's like the christmas miracle thing where the world turns into you know christmas land in like you know. The creepy grandfather with the patch makes the nutcracker come to life the rat king and all that and then the second half is just all these fucking weird dance routines with no really drags drags. Oh my god. Is it ever drag it. Who i know nothing about it. Nothing to know literally told you the whole thing. Yup i never. It wasn't a thing in our house. So i was spared the nutcracker growing up. I know that song obviously didn't grow under a rock. So i know the dan then ten. I think that is that sugarplum fairies. Now that's not sugarplum. Fairies is due to to to to to to to you know that one. Yeah i know that. Too but spared at emory watched it in saw it growing up in likes it. I think but made it quite clear. That really don't wanna go. I will really quickly say though it before. move on. there is a really cool. Kind of alternate nutcracker tradition. It's like a dance company. I wanna say new york. But it's called hot chocolate nutcracker and it's like i think it's a much more African american centered approach to the nutcracker and kind of like More fun exactly. It looks like a lot more fun. And it's it's become like a real tradition in like in terms of like the kids that do it every year and netflix documentary about it called dance dreams hot chocolate nutcracker that's put out by shauna land production Which is a company that we partner with. That might be an board with the nutcracker and you want to have a little fondness this style. Maybe give hot chocolate nutcracker at all right. That's only one elsie. I'll say that fair. If i ever see anything klay strider says pretty much. The entire christmas thing. I'm a fairly devout guy. Find no reason for the orgy of excess that my entire extended family does the name of the one we worship. Sorry not trying to be a downer. Just not feeling the season right now. That's the thing though. Chuck right the whole religious side of it just seems totally glossed over and basically made up and the idea of balancing those two things like seems really off like no one really thinks jesus was born on christmas day whether you believe in god or not. Are there the bible. I think that's all pretty much understood to be arbitrary Not real connection there van. Valen one would you say hot. Take i guess. But i don't know gentlemen valances this the way my inlaws drag out gift-giving for hours one person at time to open gifts and time to reflect and discuss the gifted so painful jackie warranties. We always wished that he would cover the origin of christmas lights. Fourth years the charm. I think we've done that. Jackie maybe mono we just record our christmas episode yesterday. So it's it's coming. You look at that cat in the background. No i kid. You see my kinney and i see your kid easy. That's i was about to say something because she's literally been circling my legs. This whole time comfy we're my kovic shorts and it's the most comfy like sweets Interaction ever. she's so cool. Did she's really taken to the house. And like is just like a curler. She'll get ready with the cats named Karami which is an anime character of some sort or another. I love it very nice. Really happy to have her. She's such a chill good girl Did ever tell you. The story of. When i house sat for my friends many many many many years ago and their cat crawled up my boxer shorts. I was house sitting for my friends in their loft in cat sitting members who just recently passed away. Meteors live to be like eighteen or nineteen so members in the middle of the night when night crawled under the bed sheet. I didn't know this. I was asleep and crawled. Had these really big lucerne like sleeping boxers and numerous crawled up the leg of through the leg of my boxers. Right there next to my junk in crawled through mine beds and started to poke his head out the waistband. And that's when. I woke up with literally a cat inside my underwear and to wake up in the middle of the night with a live animal inside your underwear. There's really no way to describe that feeling now. It was one of the funniest weirdest things that's ever happened to me. I am processing this right now. Chuck and i'm trying to myself in your shoes or boxers. And i don't know if i would get or delighted combination. Seems like it would be a lot to take. That story is gone down in Friendship laura with all of our friends when mir's crawled up my pants. Let me see here. Deb sanders says. I hate pretending to hate christmas stuff. When i'm around christmas. Cynics i fucking love christmas. The horrible presence in music the cookies the lights the jamie's all movies except the chevy chase won the family. Everything so deb is up with christmas. Get out of here with that grinch stuff. I'm with her. I like christmas. I think it's i think it's fun and i like it. It's something i don't know like. I said despite the problems that are obvious but i think it's nice. I like christmas a lot knoll. I am really ready to be done with christmas. When that time comes also a month is that's it. I'm not there. Because that's i'm surprised. No one said like their beef with christmas is that the stores are immediately. Christmas defied like day. One after thanksgiving or thanksgiving halloween is the season is extended far too long so at ten it can it can. It has the potential of wearing on its welcome So this one. no. I'm not gonna read in full but haley wells christmas trigger some very bad childhood memories for haley. And so i'm not gonna get all the details on the page if you want to read it but haley. I'm sorry to hear that. And that's true for a lot of people. I imagine and it happens every year. And it's kind of shut down your throat anyway so We are always thinking about the people who don't like christmas for reasons. That are very personal to them. You know grade Let me see here. julie rutherford. Hello julie says putting up a tree. I do it because of societal expectation right. I like the tree. I treat you. Don't have one. But i to do in this year and doing this year. No why not. I should have his my first time like having my own like my first time having my own place but nights and all i guess i could do it i should it. I share your. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do it you know. I'm not pressuring you if you don't wanna do it don't do it now. I do want to do it Here's the thing. Casey was going to give me a little small tree because they were gonna get a big one but then they realized they didn't get the big ones. They kept the small line. So i kind of have have to go my own way now and get. Get my own tree. So i hear you. And that casey in your family not casey peg and my family my beloved mother of my child who is trying to lovely human being in a dear dear friend she is a portraits that she posted online the other day of you and your big extended family and you in eaten and they were great. They were lovely lovely pictures night. Nice very nice. do you want to plug. Who took those as their local her. Saugus courtney goldman She isn't based Portrait photographer and you can check her out. At courtney goldman dot com. If i'm not mistaken. She's lovely good. Good friend of the family. Cindy decker says a sit down meal. I would much rather have finger foods. All right vanessa. Lopez dear friend loves all the holiday things. yes. I'm one of those people. And i'm not sorry you shouldn't be linear burnett. One of our powell says i love all things holiday related but every year. My husband asked if. I want to go to the christmas eve mass in every year apt to remind him who he married. That's really great. Yeah do you think you can casually go to a mask just like you know to appease somebody or do you to stand by your guns if you're like super religious like well i mean it's up to the person like i don't think there's anything wrong with an agnostic or atheist going to amass richard services if they wanna with peace of mind. That's a nice thing to do i'm not into it but in lineas not into it. I i don't have because we're both right yahoo. Exactly my thing is i. Don't really have any kind of like anti religious soapbox about not going. i just find them intensely boring. Like wanna ruin. Christmas could be drinking hot toddy in watching christmas story. Yeah you can. That's what. I'm talking about stephanie. Del colbert cardinal great name. Don't hate any of our traditions with anything. Loved them even more now. That's very sweet stephanie. I love that love hearing that. Let me see here. We'll both do a lot of these quickly. Rochelle jones watching love actually right. I've heard them movie stinks. John boles kerm says listening to christmas music. Aj middle set one world trend says the same food every year. Robert eldridge putting up a christmas tree. I seriously could care less. It's so funny as we're buzzing through these. I keep forgetting. Are these things people love about christmas or hate and then like one that you do in that you do anyway. But i i remember but it's just like some of these sound like nice but they get love actually didn't even was a christmas movie. I never seen it helen. I this is a good. I don't hate it at all. But i do feel a little awkward at age. Forty five my dad. Read my sister and me clemency. Moore's twas the night before. Christmas picture book every christmas eve. I think your dad's is fucking with the lap or something. Yeah like gather around cab. Twenty jared adams hates bing crosby music sierra. She also hates midnight mass. oh it's at midnight. Yeah exactly there's no way. Be bombed totally. You don't want drunk chuck and church at midnight kira. Brion hawkins is dirty santa. Even then i know. It's a game and i am an adult. I always end up mad for one reason. I don't know that game. What is your dirty santa dirty. Santa is that is that like a white elephant. Christmas situation like why you know. Gift giving exchange number l. is dirty sounds like kinky sex move. That's the dirty sanchez. Jim remnant says bible readings pointer when a prince is getting christmas cake. That's too expensive and chicken dinners popular in japan. I knew that. Kfc is a big thing in japan. For christmas dirty yankee swap. Or like you know it's really got your white elephant okay thing. It's like a exchange as apt to be paid. A vibrators thinks as dirty. Santa tends to be geared more toward a new gift in the fifteen to twenty dollar range. White elephant will just self to something that is free and tack year. Got a cry dirty sanchez. more like a cool gift. It sounds like it should be like. I'm going to say that this show has limits to know like but plugs or something or well sure i was going to say something else but that's along those same lines. I said thank you for that you walk. Years is in the mail by the way. Thanks bud and when i say in the mail i don't mean the one i bought for the one that we share and mail back and forth to each other hundred percents I will say there's nothing more festive than plug because it looks like a christmas tree. What is wrong with us. The best holiday sexual. I'd i mean no question hands out little christmas tree up your button austin. Him loves at all he said. There's a reason that my nickname at the holidays is santa claus. Sten austin hammer. I love that out there in new york all right. I think that's good. Yeah it's great. Those are enough grievances. What's what's festivus. Remember festivus on in silence. Seinfeld was in the air and one of the festivus traditions yeah. The classic defeats have strengthening very funny stuff. Very good i know people that have festivus say put up now. Lengthy the gelato and the clear jar. That you've seen around but sometimes the name your tongue. No the woman five layers and he's jar like vanilla fudge cookie or layers like chocolate cherry cheesecake. That clear jar. That's you smooth creamy tomato and jar made with real ingredients sourced from around. The world made the traditional way pretentious now indulgent absolutely so lengthy raise. The jar was everybody. It's jill scott. Here's one of my favorite moments from j. dot il. The podcast brought to you by netflix. New film iranians black bottom in the powerfully strong presence of marini that loomed over the whole all over everything. If almost unbelievable that she has such free she was so free. Spoke to those those white men who were ran her record label and wish she refused to do end away that she understood it. She understood that she was a tool and all they wanted was her voice and she was gonna make sure she got to. She wanted because they was gonna get everything they want. That's right listen to a new episode of j. dot il the podcast every wednesday and check out my rainey's black bottom in select theaters now and on netflix. Six december eighteen. This film is rated r. Under seventeen not admitted without apparent all right so family tradit- out of the way. Let's do this then. Let's end on something. A little cheerier was not speak about plugs and vibrators in atheism. The whole now my god. We're not trying to ruin christmas. There's nothing wrong with atheism or by plugs or vibrators on. I'm down with all three. Let me see here. What did i put i put. What's your favorite moment or seen from christmas movie or special so not the entire thing but just your favorite moment I i mean. I've got a lot of favorites. But i will say the the one often quoted in my house is the peter linkage seen and elf. That whole scene is fantastic phony and especially when he jumps up on the table and will ferrell goes look at you and he reaches out to get a hug loved that part and then he just bum rushes him. So good britney story. One of our old pal says when kathleen kelly is hanging more twinkle lights and That's in quotes in decorating her christmas tree in the store window of the shop around the corner. As if you're you hear. Her read her latest letter to joe fox describing the joni mitchell song river and expressing grief over missing her mother and worrying about the uncertainty of her business surviving. It's beautifully written scene and utterly heartbreaking. Someone is mentioned yeah. I was on an instagram story. I think the joni mitchell song river was mentioned is like good song at christmas song. But i think it was. Maybe because it's associated with this movie. Yeah i just got. I just came in the mail. Yesterday i got emily joni mitchell's blue the original Pressing which Found on ebay. That's very cool was not cheap. I bet meals like sixty bucks sixty bucks for records a lot of. I think i've only ever paid more than fifty for a record. Once i got like an original pressing of new order substance which is like kind of like a career spanning retrospective from their early just post joy division days but said like a double lp. But it's on factory route. Throw down for a collectible record and then The original van halen demo record And i think that was saying like forty fifty bucks. Oh dude. I have to tell a very quick story. It's not holiday at all but we're talking. This is too good not to mention. I had a call with dude the other day about a podcast pitch and me and jordan Who worked on the music late together. Jordan was researching something and he came across this detail that charlie manson Had made these demo tapes in the sixties actually heard them and they were produced by this guy who had the same name as the dude we were in the coal and it tracked because this guy like sixty s kind of like mystery. Pr guy who ran in circles with the likes of the rolling stones. And i'm not gonna name his name but Anyway so we do the call you the pitch. It's great at the end. I'm like okay. I'm gonna put jordan on the spot really quick. We got ask you about something in jordan found this and we gotta do jordan so he asked him and he goes. Do you want to hear the story. Charles manson's producer. He is so. This guy apparently was buddies with a dude who was charles. Manson cellmate And charlie manson guy that prison and he wanted to be a musician. Everyone knows kind of that part of a story. That was his whole deal And he his cellmate. Hooked him up with this guy who worked at universal The the the movie studio at the time who had just launched a small record label and recording studio. He got him an end to like record these demo tapes so he says charlie pulls up this school bus to the studio lot with all these like you know hippy. Chicks on acid like with no shoes on and they have a meeting and agreed to the demo and they they make it and then he ultimately. It doesn't go anywhere because it kind of sucks but he also had manson over to his house several times and he said he was fine back from la to new york or new york to la and he looked at the newspaper at the at the Airport and it was like charles manson arrested after multiple homicide. Sharon tate house and he said his blood just ran cold and then he got home in. There was a messages machine from the fbi saying they wanted to talk to him and he called him up and they said that they had found this list. This murder list at charlie stuff and that his and his wife's name were on it. Oh jesus oh my name's never been on a murderer lists yeah and one can only assume that was because he failed to secure him a record deal. Kill him to exactly yeah. It's funny when i was a kid like charles. Manson was seem so scary to me. And of course i'm not saying what he didn't sit horrific and scary but i'd never heard him talk anything. I get a little bit older. And he's just this little short redneck. Persona nichols nichols or whatever it was a whole is a great little kim ranting kind of speech and he just sounded unhinged in nabatiyeh lee scarier threatening at all and you yet more smart. Yeah yeah it's very interesting all right brianna rossi back to Or moments from christmas. Movies brienna rossi. One of our oldest says What about the semen home alone in the church with kevin talking to his neighbor office suite. Yeah we're gonna watch this this year with ruby. I think she's old man. It gets pretty brutal. Don't forget like the direct stepping on the giant nail and the hands to the face. I mean it's it's of course it's all in fun. I think it's appropriate. I'm just saying like like. I even saw a mean the other day saying like horror torture movies pale in comparison to that scene where marv steps on the nail directly. Think oh it hurts my heart Melanie kaufman says not christmas movie. Necessarily but then little women little women feels like at christmas movie. beth receives the old grand pianos a christmas gift and now it will make music again brings tears to my eyes every time. Great moment classic Scholar word says the family back and forth. And while you were sleeping when sandra bullock he gets invited over for christmas. Yeah movies all right. It's fun enough. Melanie dickey right says the of. It's a wonderful life. When george finds a copy of tom sawyer from clarence in the note inside says remember no man is a failure who has friends then everyone sings and ugly cry ugly specifically have to have to do with running makeup as you make a weird face that that i think. Okay just sobbing. Yeah ugly face yeah good. Ugly cry feels good Nick erickson says. I enjoyed that harvey korman julia child cooking segment in the star wars holiday special way more than i like to admit david. Barlow one of our old buddy says. I've always loved the scene where the finally get those lights on in christmas vacation. I like that scene to never seen him. I'm a fan Joe kaczynski says in the family stone. That is a good christmas movie Because it's not you know it's a family movie that is set near christmas. Got good movie When the dad and the son or out these. I don't know. I just love how comfortable they are together. I always hoped could be that comfortable with my son really anything. That luke wilson dozen. That movie made me laugh. Quite enjoyed it. sara garcia says chevy chase watching childhood movies getting sentimental then falling through the roof attic door when beverly dangelo opens it. Yeah that's a fun scene Let me see here. The train scene at the end of while you were sleeping. When sandra bullock describes when she fell in love. That is from cindy ainsworth Karen karen always mispronounce your name to name sorry Erica rene bazaar says the scene at the end of home alone with mom walk through the door on christmas. Morning is reunited with kevin newman. Hit me right in the mommy heart and gets me choked up. Or how about this moment knoll. Karen knox in charlie brown christmas when linus fixes the little tree says all it needed was a little love. That's really cute. And that's the thing about charlie brown right it simultaneously kind of depressing but then all. That kind of culminates in like a really warm kind of kind hearted moment you know. Yeah totally. here's a spoiler and the family stone. So if you haven't seen it and want to. Don't listen for the next twelve seconds but heidi niven says the final scene of family stone where the family gathers decorate the tree. After diane keaton character had passed away. Rachel mcadams character places in on the tree in her reflection shows in her. Mother's photograph on the living room wall gets me every time metoo wants to see that we went diane keaton deliver all. I have not seen it. I totally totally ruined for me. Now chuck why said spoiler. He could've taken off those damn head. I you're right. I don't care and one of our old palaces bill murray's epoch speech at the end of scrooge d- also carol kane beating up bill murray in scrooge d- Let me see andy. Long says What's his name from new york. Dolls as the cabdriver and dexter in the scrooge as the ghost remained johann. Yeah andy long. Says both in christmas story with the grouchy master. Performance of darren mcgavin amen. When the old man clicks on the radio to silent knight and puts his arm around ralphie's mom Content unhappy in the glow of the tree while watching the snow. Come down through the frosty window. And then when ralphie's mom opens a cabinet door under the kitchen sink in randy emerges for dinner In a settlement of genius the old man sees strange event occurring gives a befuddled and exhausted. Ed shake before returning to his paper. Yeah that's the funny moment. I told you we watched that. Rubio to overhead. Yeah it's not a five year old movie no it's got a lot of innuendo and like adult themes and i'm sure i've mentioned it's not that funny for five year. Now that's the thing right. Like i liked the west wide. Disney movies works well because they work on multiple levels because they've got the jokes for the kids and the jokes really adults but christmas story is like a adult movie masquerading as a kids movie We talked about this. They play it every year are on. Tbs like don't do it anymore but they used for years on a twenty four hour. Marathon is playing the movie on repeat. And i don't think i've ever seen it from front to back in one sitting. I've just seen like in weird like cut up reverse order like from watching it like oh turn on the tv for a minute and like grab a little ten minute clip and then okay now. Do some of the stuff turned back on now. It's back in the beginning. Because this loop over. And i've i don't think i've ever seen it all in one go but Definitely seen the whole thing mig. Miguel mig jesus. Christ i'm so sorry. Miguel beguel miana. Yeah i think that's right. Seems right not money on a tiny tim. Thank god blesses. Everyone is my favorite. I mean atheists so it has become a family joke whenever something nice happens at home. I'd say it out loud sir. That's very funny. Miguel stuff like that. Tiny little voice to god bless us everyone and welcome to the Crusher community miguel. and. I think i've seen before. Let me see scott. The oh without a doubt at the end of how the grinch stole christmas that two minutes and fifteen seconds gets longer every time i watch it. It's a family favourite though all right. Let's finish up with out. I have to assume. They're referring to the animated classic and not the kind of macabre. Jim carey one that i find wholly unpleasant. I don't know how others in kennewick that maybe liked it. You like sure. yeah i do. I think they really think really brought that world to life in a very kind of cool creative believable way. Practical sets and costumes enough. Look good. i liked it. Maybe i'll check. I'll give another go now. That's not for everyone. i don't watch it again. No i definitely won't Dan maynard says zoe day chanel singing and elf. Not because she's in the shower. That's a bonus. Hey now dan. That's when i discovered her as a singer and found her band she and him who are brilliant. Yeah i like gm. 'cause i'm a huge M ward immortals guy. Here's little inward secret and you don't really get it from his records you get it a little bit. He's one of the best guitar players i've ever seen. Is he really dude. I saw him at city winery from the front row there and just him in an acoustic guitar. He fucking murders that gets crazy finger. Picking style crazy crazy crazy and an emmy huge. Jim ward van but like it really doesn't come through on the records like it does live interesting. It's something else so additional can take it or leave. What was it to say. Pay people have a beef with zoe because use the deal. Yeah dude and i don't want to be mean but when someone is clearly sort of singing like an affected sort of billie holiday thing it just like you can't convince me that that's how zoe additional just really saying from the moment she opened her mouth care for. It added chuck. I think she put on a thing to sing like that. Yeah exactly. I don't care for either. It'd be wrong. no. I know others though do that. And it takes something real special to pull that off and have feel authentic and not affected by the way she does it combined with her dislike general kind of quirky thing which you know. I'm not trying to like whatever be yourself. Do your thing But she does she has kind of gotten pigeonholed as that. Like manic pixie dream girl kind of ukulele. Playing like you know sarcastic. Cute girl Like here's an actor in the stuff i've seen in all the real girls is one of my favorite indie movies about time with print of the show. Paul schneider in zoe day chanel. I think she's a good actor. I never saw the new girl. People speak to that. But i like her. I just don't like it. Just don't sing like that okay. Fair fair fair. I think there's gonna be divisive. Half the people are gonna say totally dude and half. The people are going to be really mana on the internet. People being divided. I don't believe it all right. Let's finish the substitute with a couple more brandon sir Surigao says the fight between joshua and rigs gary busey. Mel gibson lethal weapon. It's pretty great. We the weapon. Christmas movie die. Hard candy then lethal weapon. Gabby i mean the first one takes place in the christmas season right or at least the big questions. It's been a while but that sounds about right then. We'll finish up knoll with adam storm because it's one of my favorite christmas specials when river bottom nightmare band takes the stage and of course this is during image otters jug band christmas. The most pure hearted great christmas piece of content. That's ever been made. Is that the heat. Miser snow miser. No no what's that from. That is the a t the rudolph one you know. It's one of the rankin bass stop motion christmas specials. I don't know if it's rudolph. I think it's the root often or maybe it's not baby new year. What the heck are all great though. I love those the year without santa claus man. I know that might be a sequel. Okay never mind but yeah got it. You're talking about hinson property. I'm talking about a stop motion thing to use ready different things all right my friend. That is it for this holiday edition. We got another one coming out on christmas day this year. Knoll which is pretty exciting and We're gonna record that next you and me but for everyone out there listening Hope you're with friends and family keeping it small and having a good time anyway and we wish you well and we love you is produced and written by charles. Bryant enroll brown edited and engineered by seth nicholas johnson scored buying brown here in our home studio upon st market atlanta georgia for i heart radio for more podcasts. For my heart radio. Visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows at american public university we believe quality. Education must be more affordable. That's why as a leader in online higher education. 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