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NLU Podcast, Episode 223: US Open Recap


Peter Wright club today. That's better than most. About in better than most. No. Expecting thing, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to the no laying podcast, Gary woodland, aka fake Brooks. Kepco is the twenty nineteen US open champion. He wins with a score. Thirteen hundred par Brooks kept go runner up at ten under par. What's I would think I thought it was phenomenal. I thought the golf courses great. I thought the competition was great woodland was exceedingly well deserved champion. I thought it was a home run this week, we will go to Randi now for a counterpoint. It was totally great regular tour events. Favorite AT and T. Pebble Beach Wells Fargo moved west. Yeah. Let's start, let's go right into that, then let's do that. What, what would you have rather seen them do with Pebble Beach, the issue is, there's probably not a whole lot? They could've done, which we can get into. I don't you know, maybe we need to talk about Pebble Beach, perhaps, becoming obsolete as championship Llosa. You're gonna love the twenty twenty one of and championship at Saint Andrews. Right. That, that take listen to. But continue apparently sources or saying they dumped a lot of water on it early in the week. So I guess that's one place. I would start the maybe should not have done that, especially with the forecast, the marine layer all week. Do you care to name your sources, Peter Kesslers guy that he was saying was watching from his backyard? One of them. No. That was more of a, a corroborating. I would, I would China's my back Shackelford chimney. They're all saying it was heavily watered early in the week. Yeah. And then, and then Catholic came in Tessler came in and the guy living off the nine toll for the last twenty five years, some dump a ton of water on it. Slowest putt, I think slowest, putty seen in the last twenty five stupid. We all know Randy doesn't like superintendents. Yes. That's true. He's got his on time. For the super is when Gary was chipping on seventeen. He goes we go. This is sick. This is sick. I'm like think about the super. You ready hated this week? They said so many dogs on the beat. That's true. He can barely watch. Another scuzzy thing is pinned on me. I'm just not comfortable. Being comfortable with them not liking him. Think they don't like you I. Yeah. I think they. Exactly like babies. But no, he's not like you either know babies are good. I'm great with babies, but I'm not good with dogs, but babies consent nervous holding them. So mine joint of the open. I was thinking about there's an inverse relationship like the happier. The playing pros are with the course the unhappier I am. And I thought you know this this week, almost to a man everybody loves the setup so great. You know, everybody happy to be here at Pebble Beach like coup by. Yeah. And it's like I'm not in. I'm really not here for that. That's not how I like my US Open's dig into that. You mean for this one week a year as a fan as a total? Yes. Total fan. I am just want to be entertained by one week year. It's almost like we got a little of that, at Bethpage, quite honestly. Yeah. And so, I guess that's a little bit of a what was more fun over lining. Pager pebble, will the thing was. I mean Beth pages couple days was a little bit more fun. But it's the whole brand. I mean that's part of the issue like the. Needs to decide what like what are they trying to do because they build their brand on like protecting par and tough right? Like hitting drivers finding fairways. And then I'm watching guys are hidden. You know, woodland had one hundred ninety yard shot out of the rough today is holding the green the fact they didn't have to hit driver. And holes of the open is a little bit. Maybe what one driver on the back nine today to drivers coming in, so the indictment, not to stick up for the US the indictment of the US J that listen to what you're onto in that I mean, because of what they've done on this end of the spectrum with technology and ignoring it for so long, setting up this championship for what you want, and what a lot of people want out of this, I'm not seeing singling, you out is almost impossible. And we saw that on back to back days, last year with Geno, cock of like too far on Saturday. Which I think you've said was. Someday softening, too much like that finding that line is such an impossible be pushed back though. Because as a fan again. I don't have to play in the tournament. Right. That's part of the beauty of like I'm just watching on TV. Last year, Chicago. Saturday was awesome. Like I can't find any fault in that, like we're pros unhappy. Of course they were that doesn't bother me. You know where where I've net out a little bit is. Feel like they were in a really good spot had into the weekend. This time I still feel like they're in a good tournament all good. But I think your your complaints. Randy are more about the golf course it self than the setup where there's gonna be a whole lot at train wrecks out there. There's only so much they can do is small greens and PO Anna and with the marine layer, you know, that it just it is what it is drink. I agree with you to like the elephant in the room is for sure the US and action on the technology and the distance like that, that probably underlies, everything. So I completely agree with both of those points. And then I think going back on your point about the US and what they wanna be I think they're getting, I think they're going to get back to that they're going to, but it's gonna take a couple of years, and they need to have some credibility, and they can't have Bodenheimer or whatever his name is just nuke. Everybody's first year out there and then they get to wing foot next year and. People already head on a platter. Well, so I, I kind of on some level I vehemently disagree with your Andy on another level. I totally agree with you and Tronto on the same same spectrum with you. But let's start with like they couldn't just come in and nuke this week because why not like do we legitimately think like players are going to boycott? Yeah. That was the run-up Rory and Phil. That's not article if they would have done if they wanted to do it. They would have done it. But at some point, it becomes such a distraction and such a such an onerous thing for the US J to deal with from PR perspective and all that, where right, cool. I kind of defeats the purpose of a lot of the other stuff that they're trying to do too. It's definitely know what else they're trying to do. Conversations trapped or good nebulous commercials about like, you know, in addition to this great championship this allows us to do all the other things we're doing to. You know. Connect people to the game with the fuck. Is that? I've never seen anything from the US. I don't know what that I saw. They took the anchor putter out of Raitis head. That's about the only other the attack. They've added away another. Your other golf governing bodies. I think it's very similar to, like politics, right? Yeah. Politics is local. So get involved with your local Muny get involved with your local course, get involved with your state golf sociation for me. I don't think I've ever had other than planning if you qualify here. They're never had any interface with the money to read a US congressman what they're really doing. One point, you make their Randy. I think about protecting par which I feel like I hear this so much year end year out, and I know we won't get a USDA person to put that on the record. But I get the feeling that is a ehre of the past. I don't know what when that stopped, but going to earn hills and I know is supposed to play harder than it was. But going to a par seventy two golf course. I don't think that at any point they thought this is going to be around an even par winning score. And I think they've done a good job in that regard of saying, I don't actually we're not going to actually care what the final score is conditions dictate the scoring. Pebble Beach that little clip? They showed of Tom Kite in nineteen Ninety-two hitting six iron on the seventh hole into that win was like that's what could happen, when you go to Pebble Beach, and you can't you have to set up a bumper in your setup. In some way, they got his benign of conditions as they probably could have realistically got. And that's what we saw was thirteen hundred win. And they let the conditions dictate that. And I thought that was a good way to run a term. I know what you mean is a fan. You wanna see people wind and bitch. And he's a big sandy Tatum guy. Love sandy Tatum. Was listen. We're gonna we're gonna kick these guys nuts. Every year. And there's nothing they can do about it. Which I think to, to the players defense in this as well. And I'm kind of an advocate for both sides in this. But I don't think the players mind it being hard. Like I don't think they mind difficult golf the best players. Definitely don't mind being hard and one the, the leader, scores were really low, but there were not a ton of really deep scores. There's not huge bunching, and huge batches of birdies from guys that were able to maintain it all the way through like everyone that made a run also gave a shitload of shots back because there were just stretches, the golf course that you can take advantage of you can make birdies. And I found that way, more exciting than Bethpage, because I felt Bethpage didn't have those stretches of, like, all right. Here we go. He's turning onto this part and he's got this opportunity if he executes that shot. He's gonna make birdie and like even some of the, the holes on the front nine this time around, or on Sunday, KEPCO missed an easy opportunity for birdie on six and easy one again on seven like he kind of let some of those get away and it looks like par on the car, but it's really like a half shot lost. So I don't know. I thought that made for an interesting competition, I think when you look back or I think when he looks back he'll look at those two holes, really the par fives in general the ones, but six and seven today. I think were what he'll lament the most. Yeah, I guess Randy. And not this is not you know, you're not being deposed here or anything. I've just trying to voice. Well, it's much more interesting than all of us, you're saying. Well, yeah, I agree. Let's, let's all say the same stuff, but I guess where I'm at is. Do you think that there's something different? They should have done, or do you feel cheated because we didn't get good enough conditions and or were maybe at the wrong golf course for what you like good question. I'm probably not smart enough. In course setup manner to really answer the first question. So I guess the easy answer is I don't know what was that? They're supposed to do necessarily. So that's part of my ignorance, the scientific convenient. And then sorry it was the second. We'll just repeat the question. Just if it's not that then it's basically feeling like, you know, maybe there was nothing you could've done. But I feel cheated because either the ball goes too far. This wasn't the right golf course. Or we didn't get the right wind or whatever. Yeah. I don't know cheetahs word. I just think is like, and maybe it's just style GIC or whatever. But I when I think of the US open, I think I don't think it guys necessarily going on runs, I think is almost like a war of attrition. Like, if I can make eighteen pars today, it's going to be a hell of around. Right. And it's almost like the Altima tournament, where you're not really scoreboard watching, because it's like dude. I just gotta take care of my shit, and I gotta just make par. And if I may eighteen of them, it's going to be a hell of a result, when Danny Willett and work is kin hold cotton, sixty seven's on Sunday. So that a little bit, I guess, and again that's for sure just like my preference. That's, that's what I want to make clear. And I think we've just, you know, like you said, solid like maybe that's just not possible anymore with. With us hope I think you're onto something with it being a beef with Pebble Beach because of the amount of wages. These guys are gonna hit into greens here if they thought for one second, we're going to get scores around, even par the what they had done to that golf course to manipulate it. That much Mary was a bit of a disaster on that part. I mean it was just like balls with wedges hidden greens and Ronald rolling off and three overhaul. When I picture Marian all I pictures, Justin Rose hitting literally perfect offshot into eighteen and it like one hopping over the green. All right, sick like chipping like what I don't want to know you're smiling and nodding Randy's clown gall. But what I don't like to see is like a chip and contest. And that was my point regarding Pebble Beach is a lot of people kind of nebulous Lee saying, like, oh, they should've gone harder. They should have done this. They should in this. I'm like, okay, let's break, like, let's get into that. What should they have done juice, the rough the rough was chip out in some spots? It was thick with three. Okay. They should have made the greens, firm degrees were mega firm. You could hear like what the first hop sounds like sounds like a major championship, which was awesome. And then if they go even firmer than that. Like the greens are so small a, there's not really any like, there's not very many pain locations on any of those greens, and be if, if you make them even firmer like yeah. We're just gonna be seeing a chip in contests and then saw it. I think we've mentioned this in the in the preview pod. But what ends up happening? There is like, okay me. DJ shitty golfer is coming into number number two with three would hit my seven hundred dollars. Okay me, and Gary woodland are both playing I wouldn't be able to get number two. So we'll, we'll number nine, I'm coming in with three would and I hit it around the green, and it comes in hot and it eight hops over the green into the back of he's coming in with a you know, eight iron and it's the same thing when, when the greens get that firm greens are so small. And so it's like me and Gary within should not be in the same spot in that instance, you know, like a good shot and a very, very average shot should not end up in the same spot. And that's what would have happened. I think if they would have pulled all those levers and really tried to, like, which I don't, so I completely completely agree with you on Shinnecock was phenomenal because the pin locations were brutal and I think that was the difficult part was the pin locations. Right. And like if you play if you played right if you had played Shinnecock, you would know that like the greens, there are massive, and they're so crazy undulated. And so, like, there are a lot like they can find pin locations like that. We didn't see anything close to that this week because they're not really out there like the slopes. Pebble you saw maybe on fourteen they could have had something crazy, like. Borderline unfair, which would I would agree with you there that would have been sick but. Outside of that. Like it's just really hard to find those pin locations because the greens, just aren't like that two things one, but real quick sorry, maybe they should maybe that's an answer. Maybe go blow up all the greens and you make them. If you're gonna have a seven thousand year, golf course, for major, then maybe the greens should be absolutely bananas, which is, I think we're all we're eight thumbs up on that one looking around the table, which I think, to that exact point, and we talk some in the preview pot about what we think of pebble and whatnot. And I think as a as a test of maybe major championship golf. I think it's phenomenal. And there's a lot of things that I think for a playability for everyday players that they should do a lot of reasons why they shouldn't do it also, which is they print tens of thousands of dollars every hour in times, of course down. But let's say capitalism is not going to be the way to win Randy over here. What they've already started doing is expanding some of these greens. And I think that is the right thing. They can continue to do to make this even better test for major championship golf to give you opportunities to bring the pins even closer to those bunkers. Get rid of some of that rough that is in between the bunkers and the green as it stands and have even crazier slopes in crazier pen positions, and make the playing of angles even that much more important in ROY talked about how important angles was, I think this was like the best blend that I've seen in recent memory of like tight fairways, but every teebox standing, it'd be like, okay, he needs to be on the left side here or he needs to be on the right side. You really had to really decide on a line when you're exactly, it was not just like it wasn't just hit it down the middle of the fairway on eleven. It was like, do you wanna pound driver all with the left or like do I wanna fade towards the center? I get bettering on the left. But I'm risking going the left rough. And I think as much as we love with angles. It's not the best at tournament golf because of how far the ball goes of this was a great combination of angles still matter. But, like we're also not gonna let you just mash it out of the rough. Yeah. You're gonna pay a price. And that didn't really get enough enough play probably the telecast is like they have been slowly making those changes to Pebble Beach like thirteen thirteen they added pin positions. Here. I think I think thirteen fourteen they both added a back. Right. Pin position that wasn't there in, in two thousand teens got expanded. Yeah. Exactly. Seventeen read that green is like I was out there for a couple of days this week, and that was seventeen minutes. Oh, god. There. But seeing seventeen green is was the highlight. I think just seeing like the left's, how different everybody can see like the two d. The shape of the green that it's that our, our glass Korean whatever, but seeing how much of a Punch Bowl, the left hand side is. And how thinking about, you know, Gary, I think it foreign he wasn't close to going at the pin, but Gary hit four hundred I think into seventeen and seeing what downslope there is right over that bunker and how you can get if you like if you land that ball in the wrong spot is so much more subtle than it looks on TV. And that was one of my biggest takeaways this week, a quick break. Let us know when the world's best show up to play odyssey continues to lead the way they were number one at Pebble Beach this past week been number the number one putter at every single major for twenty nine thousand nine at seven of them could use name all seven majors so far don't do it. Could you for women's men's and women's men's? I think like well the champion has like seventy. Yeah. US open a inspiration, US women's women's opened they're getting a bargain. There's gonna be like a sixty second. Moving on for this tradition. There were senior PGA championship tasting presented by kitchen. Mid. Mix. There were sixty odyssey putters in the field this week at the US open fourteen more than the nearest competitor. Odyssey dominance has led by the new stroke lab putters featuring a multi material. Shaft designed to improve the tempo and consistency of you're putting stroke, visit Ozzy odyssey golf dot com or head to your nearest retailer to experience stroke lab for yourself and start making more putts today. I've seen so many stroke, lead putters, I was looking at Woodland's driver, and it was like two tone. I was like, oh, cool. He's got like that strip shaft that's driver. That's I don't think the double flex would quite work as well. Driver. All right. Let's get back to the show. Okay. Brought up a lot of good points. I agree with them. No, no, no, I'm not gonna I'm really not going to rebut. I have a question for the group. There's one lever that the US could pull that maybe. Placates everybody. Hell, yeah. I know it's going to be do. I don't they make number six apart for a number seven par to make it like a par sixty nine and then it's the same condition eighteen should be part for eighteen could be a part for mega par sixty eight and then what about the championship though perception like make par for the course like factor in the technology and the distance and the you know. Like make it an actual par sixty eight. Then you're talking about, right? So you're talking about changing the perception. But earlier we're talking about just the actual viewing experience and what you want to see out of it. That's not going to materially change anything. I do think it would so would change some strategy or the way that guys went about stuff. But I don't think it's going to change the way that the tournament played. Maybe it'd be fascinating experience. I wonder if it would if eighteen was playing as a quote, unquote, par for I wonder if you would see different clubs that people would hit off the tee. I would I'm rolling my eyes at it be no. I know we all around the same pay in the world. You'd be like, oh, oh, there's this number on the scorecard next to it says it should be a four. So I'm gonna play differently. You're playing against everybody else. Playing that whole it doesn't matter. It could be a par eight in the strategy should be the exact same legitimately. If somebody told me like, hey, I know this used to be, but now it's apart for. Okay. I better sack up here, but this is relevant because this is how pros think I'm telling you. Yeah. So we before we get to any Johnson wrote a piece like word for word on this exact topic. So I don't know. That's where he got it from. But that's where that was his argument is just a that kind of illustrates like fuck, maybe we might have messed up on the technology stuff like these, these par fives are not par fives. And there's nothing we can do anymore. Like think about lengthening eighteen like you literally can't like the team oxes is on a rocky outcropping. And the green is on a rocky outcropping. You can't move either just because some of those rock outcroppings, working out there. Look very fuzzy. You're gonna have to from a drone to add. Yeah. And I know people through the pars are element me, and I'm like, okay, cool, then if it's irrelevant, and let's move it, then let's make like everybody should be on board with that. Then maybe it will like fans like me Joe fan who tunes in US open. It's supposed to be really difficult. I wanna see these pros mix them bogeys, you know, may maybe it's best for everybody. And that was that was Andy's point is a you get that kind of peace of mind, be if you and this is where it gets, really laughable, if you think about them going to. Trying to think what's coming up. Let's just say so wing foot didn't I think you'll hands did like a whole renovation wing put. Right. So a lot of that was probably, you know, in anticipation of this US open. It's like okay we can go like continually spend millions and millions of dollars at these future hosts sites by lengthening, tees, and lengthening holes and moving greens doing this. If Oregon's like change the scorecard. Printers scorecards. I don't know what do you think would be a better use of, of the resources of the US whose quote connecting players to the game? And so it's just when you think about, like, that's like, whoa, that's, that's, that's pretty interesting. I think going back, it's such a different lens that we look at the, the US open through where remember last year at Carnoustie versus like this is what nature gave us. So we're just going to accept it. This is what nature gave us this week. But nobody seems to want to accept it. Right. What was funny? I saw another tweet to that was Africa. Who posted it. But why were we all okay with thirteen? Winning at Pebble Beach because the wind didn't blow everyone's like, oh, hey, that's the way it goes. You know there was no win. But at Aaron hills, this is a fucking disgrace. I can't believe the scores. Are this low T? It's, it's the same issue. I don't know why people are upset about this. I or we start Truman showing, if you're getting ninety three million dollars a year from FOX, maybe bring out some put a dome over control set. Christophe els. You just read enough in like, you know, psychology behavioral finance, like it would have an effect either on players, and, or on spectators, that would be fascinating to see totally, and they've already changed the par like it plays a part seventy two. Am I right in that place as a par-five for resort? Yeah. Already changing shit, just make it like every year, you can't make a par seventy. Somewhere. That's a rule. Yeah. Andy's any last point that it kind of made in this article was if you did that if you extrapolated that out to every event, and so I think the example use trinity forest. So there's two I think three two or three par fives that should play his par fours. There's, you know, I think he in his article he said there's two to play his par fours, and there's one like three hundred yard par for that he said, should play the par-three, if you did that, like everybody's go, my God. This is stupid Twenty-eight unders winning or whatever. And you do that, like all of a sudden twelve hundred wins or something. And everyone's like, why would it you know it's a pretty? Pretty good. Wise he really played well this week. And so what you have then like if you did that every week is to his point like you'd have so much of a better barometer event to event because like he's he was saying, like, okay thirteen hundred US open like what does that mean in comparison to how well, did Gary within play in comparison in comparison to, you know, like twelve under at so and so or twenty under at another then when someone who's twenty under then all of a sudden, you're like whoa. Twenty under adjusted par man. That guy must've really coughed his ball. And it's just I don't know. It's a really interesting way to think about it. Yeah. And so I get the par- relevant, and it's like the theory is there. And I get it. But if we're not gonna take the action then then what are we must be somewhat relevant or else? Make it a damn parts of exceed. What was the other lever that you thought he was going to pull? Yeah. Where did you think I was going that everybody had to play the same golf ball? Yeah. Sure. Yeah. That's a no brainer. More thought about that. It's like I can't believe there's not a uniform gullible, that's at the professional level. Absolutely. I mean, it would address stocks like twenty minutes or it'd be like take almost all. We just show of pebble and play it. And it's like the scorecard is basically what it'd be like it's like apples and oranges Bill, like imagine ten players rolling with their own times falls on their serve right play with. Play with your specially designed ones. That's asinine. Yeah. Back to the actual golf tournament and the winner of it. And we talked to Gary woodland. I mean, I don't I don't know really exactly what to do with it. We weren't. We're not expecting him to win, but it's not a totally out of left field is not a Ben Curtis. Todd Hamilton winter woodland was on a certain career trajectory, and he kind of stopped rising kind of just leveled out to what I thought was this level of tour player, and I was not expecting to step up and win a major championship man. He was unfaithful the shot that he had fourteen to sixty five straight up a hill. It seaside like one thing, it was really refreshing to see guys actually have to hit normal shot yardages, because they bald as not fly out there that shoddy hit on fourteen one in the tournament. Like when he was standing over that I thought back to Mickelson's quote that he told bones when he's in the pine straw on thirteen at Augusta and fills, quote was like at some point, I'm going to have to hit a shot under a lot of pressure to win this tournament. I'm going to do a right now. Now. Yeah. And he stepped up and did it and got up and down to birdie and won the golf tournament that drive. So I know a lot of what we had kind of said was is it good that he, you know, he didn't have to hit very, many drivers coming in, and I guess it's probably fourteen and I'm trying to think where else would have even hit drive around the back. Nine I mean, maybe then but even that driving fourteen. I mean he like hugged, the corner perfectly gave them a chance to to get their into. And then so that's raining. We're kind of past the watching guys get addicted conversation. But I thought, what was really cool as like actually seeing guys, showcase really great shots because again, I don't wanna keep prefacing sentences with, like I was out there this week, but being out there like you would trust me. I saw a lot of guys get viscera this week. Shout out to a couple of our friends of the program, but like it was not as easy as it looks watching the guys who are literally playing the best of the one hundred and fifty six players and. And seeing shots like what would hit the shots at kept a hit on the front nine that's what maybe there was just like lack of context, what this came to be. Maybe they need to stop showing as much of the winners and just show a lot of guys who are playing shitty. Listen, one tweet that was Justin Rose enough as on f s to, and that's. The tweet that was like for all Olympic races. They should have an average man. Totally so yes, it looks like so I, I don't wanna air him out too much, and maybe this is a weird segue from congratulations to gear for winning, but followed Zach Blair, a lot on, on it might have been the guy on Thursday. But he like he shot eighty three. Zach is like among among the best players in the world. You know, when you compare to look at how many people play golf one percents. Yeah. And he said that he tweeted this, too. But, like he, he missed eight greens with chip shots like that. It was not easy act like we played with him in Greenville, and literally we had breakfast with Rex within that morning. And we're just kind of talking about the course and talking about game, whatever I was like in Greenville like you. Shift, your balls off, like it was crazy to see, like, how good of a Chipper you are, and he went out in over the next two days. He missed eight greens with chip shots. And it's like dude, I promise. It was not playing easy. It was playing really easy. Four, Gary woodland, and Brooks cap because they were hitting a lot of fucking good golf shots down. Cock and listen down. Yeah. So that's actually, you know what I just thought of that. Now that might be the way to save the US open play like just show, more shitty gophers show, more guys who are really struggling, I'm might be how you doing. Tension for sure. Yeah. Think going back to woodland. That was that was a segue mysterious back normally on the one. When he was in the web dot good. Honest. I don't ever remember with them on the web dot com tour that was kind of be my point. He's can we just because I don't think we're going to get back to it. Can we get there's one block? I want to get on. So I don't know if they're making the announcement today or would, but apparently web dot com is out as a title sponsor of the web dot com tour and it's going to now be the Korn ferry tour, which is a management like Korn consultant so porn period consult. I don't know if, if the C's going to be part of it, but that was the block getting in on I would love to bran this thing like the KFC tour a tour. No, let's call it the KFC tour everyone listening to it forever referred to as the KFC tour forever. This thing. Colonel Sanders tour. But it has to have a chance of catching on, we need the players calling it the KFC tour we need. They call Sanderson farms should become a KFC tour instead of call on the twenty five at the end of the year. They should call it the twenty four bucks. Love. I saw that twinkle in your eye taunt. I love that. Tough for people just allow Renault twenty six is here, just outside the bucket. Yeah. The buckets, tough sounds like some ambush marketing potential case through that's true. Sorry, woodland, no more distraction. I tell a quick. On woodland specifically, I think I said this on the live show, but this is not that significant story. But how crazy it was to me, my dad and I were at the twenty ten US open at Pebble Beach, never heard of Gary bragging, and just I'm walking around, we're walking around, and we get to t- nobody's following Gary woodland. And he just walks with a certain swagger. Now he was walking with double, the swagger. Just losing the man. And he hits his drive onto, and he just absolutely bombs it, and even grinned the crowd at little crowd that was there after he hit it. And, you know, we start walking up kind of we're making our way out to the good part of the property up there this ball like almost in the bunker way down there, like somebody already punch out, and we got up there, and it was woodland, he hit sandwich in a number two at the US open, and we were all like at the same time, like, who is this guy, so immediately became like one of my favorite players back then, and to see it all come full circle from win the US open at Pebble Beach, nine years later was very weird out about it kind of experience. So I was gonna say just going back to twenty eleven when he kind of I burst on the scene. He is not finished fell outside the top one hundred the end of the year twenty twelve but since twenty thirteen he is not finished lower than sixty third in the world. These kind of plateaued. Yeah, he's always he's, he's had at least one second place finish on the PGA tour every year since twenty thirteen. Like that's a. Consistency in at least really three to five. Tenth place, finishes or better every year. So I think that and then be just earlier this year. I mean, the, the light bulb that went off in his head, as far as putting absolutely remarkable. You guys are never going to guess the answer this question, never, I promise, you won't get this Amsterdam. Who do you has more regular PGA tour wins? Gary woodland or Brooks kept goose you'll never get already. Come on. Within three regular PJ and got to the now. He's got woolens got four wins. Rick Scott five. Well, that's cool. You need them. One other point on woodland out to Maddie Kelly every every week before a major always ask them. Hey who should I be looking for this week? He said like first thing off his tongue. Dude, woodland really, really like on this course he's gonna hit that two or three iron. He's aggressive. He's, he's confident like in Mattie. I think that's the other thing about woodland is all these guys out there seem to like him, like he kind of comes off, as this Uber. Aggressive, bro. But he's actually I think there's, there's a good. I think he's just old behind. I think he's just crazy confident. Exactly. It's like how can you get to where he is without being what he's not a douche, which is very hard line to straddle. We'll know when I was in Malaysia during the fall of twenty seventeen we're walking back from a restaurant and the players just stick out like sore thumbs. And we end up the same stoplight giving it across the street. Gary woodland stick out of Malaysia and woodland, it was there with a couple of other guys. And I've never met Gary woman in my life. And we're just kind of standing there and he just like turns me sub bro. It gives me like. I had to ask agent after it was like you'll do I know get met him. He's like, no. Like he's like that with everybody goes at people and says, what's up and just start talking to him. So he seems to be very, very well liked guy so good. I thought that was I thought rainy legitimately I thought you had a lot of very good like criticisms from the fan perspective. But at the same time I thought it was I don't know. That was great championship a couple of things civic to woodland, I did find it surprising. This was the first time he's closed on a fifty four hole lead. Yeah. He had been over seven. Oh, I didn't realize it was that stark hope for Ricky. There's very interesting. But to your point to it's like, man, if he could of converted even two or three of those, he's, you know, in our minds is probably I always pick him seems he always plays. Well to guess too, which I looked up. He's one top twenty five in his. One of those guys kinda like rose with you know, I don't know. Man. I don't know what it is. Like I always feel like he's just he's got a good game for Augusta. It's fairways, but he's never quite potted. Well enough. This year. I was still bummed like, really the being this week, and then when he started leading woodland really, because he says last year. That's so yeah, he beat him in the Phoenix at the waste management beat them up to after remember who won Phoenix this here. Rickie fowler. I know dinner. That's my favorite game to play at the end of the year. Just like who I could probably tell you, I watched every tournament, and I tell you maybe forty percent of the guys. You know what that's like for the Sony like the next year? Sonia, like the not the sun, excuse me. The Hyundai Kappa Lewis like try century second. How is this? Especially now that like the opposite field guys like bid desert team guys. Get it. Julio bell. Deep. No calming cut. You know what doesn't quite feel right? Is that Gary woodland in lieu used as and have the same amount of majors? This is within I ever five major intestine Johnson. Gods? Disappointing we go. Go ahead. Dust. And I mean he's got he had to have this circled on his county for, like five years. They're like the same age too. Dustin only ones fifty four minutes at Petrie wasn't that great after fifty four this week, either now one major get you on the list with some interesting names. Yeah. There's some some Freddie Davis. Love chasing day. Yeah. Justin Rose JT hurt us. Sean mckeever in Curtis rule that was cool. I was going to answer this one on a heater for the next exam years or so. You wanna a few classic the Booz Allen, classic good shit up four hundred the world when he won the British au third alternate acted up. He made he won a few more times, so quiet and no creek, Ohio. We're kind of on the subject, but Curtis. Really, I've been no with Gary woodland winning. Does he fit more as a we've been on such a run of strong, major champions recently? Where where do you see him is he kind of a one time outside the box type winner is he, he might be the Mendoza line? He could be that he could be. It could be the woodland line. You know, is he above or below the woods is woodland above or below Charles Schwartz will say about? That's a good question Schwartz. Danny Willett or the to kind of comes above willies about because he's had a longer, like for me, the fact that he's had eight years or nine years, or almost a decade out on tour, and he's been consistent as he has. And he's he's one and he's just a really solid golfer. There's nothing fluky about it. And I could see him when one or two more over the next decade, I would say it's, it's definitely not a fluky. Fluky winter, like some of the throwaway names that we just listed off. But I think that it was weird. It's one of those things that looking at his stats and stuff, you're like man he he's number twenty five in the world and he hits it really far and he got. He's putting it great. And like you said, Trump when you're watching you're kind like, oh, there's no way he's going to. He's going to hang on. And then he wins. You're like, yeah, of course he was forced. He won the us. Let's go. Let's do this. We'll stop me or just kinda yell out fluke when we get to like a fluke, major champion. Disclaimer here. Ships, flew million. Plus, I think like almost none of us have automated, correct. All right. Gary, maybe Neal. He's not here. Brooks KEPCO tiger. Woods brooks. Kepco Francesco Molinari Brooks. Kepco Patrick read Justin Thomas Jordan's beat Brooks KEPCO Sergio Garcia, Jimmy Walker fluke. I'll say fluke, lewke top ten in the world. He's a backstop. He was playing on run then so good Henriksen. Also, we don't know that that would happen. That's true that could have been a computer simulation, as we've mentioned many times, Dustin. Johnson Danny Willett. Danny will again, was like thirteen DJ. To block I'm starting to scope out. I've been held on. Jason day. Zach Johnson, flew Jordan's beat Jordan speed here. Rory mcilroy ROY McElroy Martin Bubba Watson, Jason Duffner. Phil mickelson. Justin rose. Adam Scott Rory McElroy Ernie Els look that was that was. Yeah. Ernie Els it wasn't a fluke that he won a major. It was a food. Yeah. Yeah. I'm saying at that time that was fluky Webb Simpson Bubba Watson, Keegan Bradley win was a little. It was see, like woodland feels that cut above Keegan. I think for sure keen was rookie is like he was fresh off the KFC deal too. How? But he'll chew is how you wait. I think he was like, number seven in the buck Lynn. Stepped on. To me. I don't even if he didn't have the eight to nine years of background, man. Like, he's, he's still sleeping on the thirty six four lead to win. That's what Jimmy Walker was wire-to-wire like that. I have a hard time. Call him effluent again. It's conjecture alleged. It's alleged. I go wired on Darren Clarke computers. That's the one that is. That was a fluke win because he didn't do anything after that to the rest of his career. And that's goes broil should DJ shank did out of Al. Yeah. In the realm of what we've experienced recently in majors. That was a somewhat fluky win. I think we can say but at the same time I in the, the twenty fifth ranked players, which is like speaking to what we've been through in the last. I mean we kept saying that all the previews, it's like dude, it has been so good lately him. It's crazy. How good it's been. It's everything. Speaking about everything. What could we talk about this? I will step out of the room. What did you think of the television experience this week? I'll get mine out of the way because wines, very service level. I thought it was I think FOX is great. I think they're audio is topnotch. There's, there's a clean modern presentation to it that I think is lacking by CBS. I think I think FOX and NBC do a good job. I really like FOX for. Some of their shot tracer some of the camera angles. I thought were very cool. And I think they're audio is probably the best audio of all the broadcast crazy. What a difference that makes it seems like there seems like something that would be the least important and it Scott. It's I think everything objectively on all the objective fronts. They do really, really really great job. I think it's just the fact that they don't get as many reps. Yeah. They don't they practice and they made huge strides last few years, I felt like they kind of they, they may have plateaued a little bit this year. They make more errors than anyone, there's more like audio cut, which is the most forgivable thing, I think, because I know they're trying to do a million things, and I just don't care that much about small little showed us golf shots tolerance level for what will put up with exceptionally exactly, I think they buy a lot of favor with people like us just because of how much and I got an Email from somebody today that I sent out the request after I time that CBS did twenty golf shots. Thirty minutes for somebody else at time segment. He's like, dude, I time to segment and they had five and a half minutes, commercial in that segment, which is like kind of a lot for FOX. And they showed forty Gulf shots, thirty minute segment, which is pretty damn good. I thought just one little thing that audio point that, first of all, Graeme McDowell got a lot of cover on the broadcast, which is fine. I like Graham. He was on there a lot. But won it last time. Yeah. One of the things that I thought was so cool. And I followed him, I think it was all Friday afternoon before everyone of shots. It was just. Right. And they got that every single time the deep breath, that he took right before he went to hit a tee shot. I was like dude that, now I feel like I'm standing go man. What's going to happen? Yeah. I'm not getting somebody talking over it was like that's his routine every time at every section at the same spot of every pre shot routine. And I was like, whoa, I never knew that in that I watch a lot of golf, and that's really cool was wild was Nance coming in the booth and being like, man, I've never seen. Seen some of the shots for Florida. Out there, all that, this guy has has done the broadcast from Pebble Beach, how many years Rono for CVS seventy eight. Mean it's wild. It's like, yeah, man. This is kind of over saying, Jim. Yeah. And then I think FOX Baid lost a little bit of. I wanna say identity but they lost a little bit of their mo- Joe when they hit primetime each night when they switched like they would switch it from f s one to FOX on Thursday and Friday I feel like they were trying to be all things to all people and broaden the base on Thursday and Friday when they did that when you got Stanley Cup and NBA finals on, you got golfers are watching your telecast, just keep doing what you're doing. Keep keep the keep the flow going from the afternoon, a lot of segments lot of features, which I don't even I don't we pretend like we know the business. I don't know how the business actually works and whatnot. I don't know why they have to do so many features and run for fucking fifteen hours, a day, they need to go to the bathroom. They have commercial breaks for that. And they have not. People are watching that Cedric the entertainer, I missed that one. I was at pebble mentioned, what was the, the entertainer, it was like him. Rehashing Tigers run in two thousand it was like a five minute segment, and they replayed it twice. It was it was not great. What is he was in his some show on FOX? He was in who's your caddy also. I don't know if he had a unique perspective on the golf in that way Stevie, you're tight. I thought Brad Faxon really emerged as a true next level analysts and the best color guy that FOX has. And I like Paul easing her I do. I really do. I, I didn't hear one nice word on social media about him this week. And I did not think he was spectacular. I definitely did not think he was spectacular in the broadcast, and I like the I like the folksy charm and the feel like your your buddies talking to you. I felt the reservoir, just ran a little bit dry. A little bit early in the weekend with him almost seasons. Like as in your needs to be part of a three man team. Yeah, it should be, you know, a host as for kind of the folksy, you know, quick cuts jokes. And then, like a Brad Faxon. Yeah. Why not bring facts and analyze? That's what I'm getting getting just make it a three man boots and have the two of them play off each other, as is probably better in a more free flowing. It's a lot. A lot is being put on singer. And I don't think he's put in the best position to succeed. And I think like Faxon in bacon are the best prepared golf guys to talk about golf and like buck in Zinger together. Just don't bring that same kind of Gulf Centric energy to it. You know, it's kind of more of the like you're talking about being all things to all people buck is kind of brought in there and someone, always a very polarizing figure, but he's recognizable. And like people will watch even if you hate Joe buck you will tune into watch him like Howard tune into listen to Howard Stern, if you hate him, but I don't know. I feel like the really onto something and for true, golf fans that bacon facts and do Brett Quigley. I think it's pretty good. They're on course. Guys do a really good job. And the combination of all the different shots. They give you a really, really cool viewing things where I fall out, at least with this weekend. Is it didn't feel like we've much in and out of the two booth crews seemed like it was mainly Zinger in book, at least. Saturday Sunday late in the day. Whereas I feel like in the past, they've kind of switched on and off a little bit more. Also DJ really idea for Steve Flesch to drop the c in his. Private. Because he's both flesh get it. That's coming that up. I thought I said that it confidence. Did you Steve flesh from northern Kentucky hack as you mentioned every time he's on TV? So my retirement from coverage takes. Criticize this. But I, I can set the parameters in retirement. It was from complaining about the broadcast. So I do want to say something positive I thought you'll hands was exceptional. I thought he was gills such a cool addition to the broadcast. I thought he did such a good job explaining, a lot of like you know what you're about to see what guys are trying to do. What the history of you toll was why some things can't be changed. Why some things could be changed. I thought like I forget, I think it was him at him. And. Yeah, it was him. And Joel Klatt for a while. And they were going back and forth. And that was one of the more entertaining sections of the day. So more of that I thought was more hands later in the day next year. I bet they will next year because they're wing foot. He's doing the whole the renovation there. So which does my thing. I'm just. Fuck entire the whole like primetime. It's like man. It's hard to keep yourself from watching too much golf because it comes on. Yeah. So early. And then eat stays go to sleep, the last couple of nights, because I've been jacked. Well that was probably due to Chaz reviews performance. Listen, of course, what a gritty what a gritty performance from chess, and they showed that was the other complaint with, with FOX, where they missed is listen. We're really hard on other teams for you know missing a lot of shots. I thought Jez Eddie jetted, and he played like one of the steadiest US open rounds. You could play today and they didn't show bother to show. He was never a factor to win. And I get it like there was some real drama going on. And there were three guys in the mix. So they, they focused on that they got really honed in on that. And they delivered on that. That's the most important thing. They miss some of the other stuff and not showing says if you felt a little personal did he. He's a walk on. Well, yeah. I mean that was kind of. Onto the. Kind of my block is he reminds me of? You know, when you're when you're playing high school football, and there's, there's a kid who you know, he's got no business starting. He's got really no visits feel that he might get hurt. But he's just trying so hard. And you've got kind of apathy much more talented starting quarterback or shutting receiver. And so the coach kinda uses Chaz is like jazz is the, you know, you can pick which one is in this analogy, but he's the one that the coach kinda uses to motivate the other players, like I think I mentioned this actually in the Phoenix pot when he got beat God. If I had eleven Chas reason on this team, you know, we wouldn't have to worry about getting bounced from the playoffs in the second round, really cool as Rory Chaz this week, ROY learn Lori like it literally is that quarterback that tip. Mike Davis might be the coach of the TV put put Rory Kay. I think this is good for change. If you could see Chas, you could see great for one day, it's gonna make you a better player is Chaz. The guy we always say would would be racing down a del mar in the afternoon slow. That, that one hundred ninety five pound defensive tackle who's got the face mask that nobody wants. Yeah. The bar. Yeah. The centerpiece bar that facemask, we'd like you're going to high school football practice ever, all, please, don't give you that one. Just give you the Dion one or whatever we've, we're pretty far into the pot. I don't think this names been wrenching mentioned yet until just now ROY McElroy cat was not guys. I am proud of myself Roy's, no one loves ROY Moore than me. I was proud of myself that this week like going into last night. I was like this is not falling for it's going to happen. I've seen like I'm not doing this. Yeah. And peaked early kind of. And that's where it's like you clean needs more winds on fine with him. Peaking actually fine with him not winning the US Open because it's like it's more important for him to win the British Open about her majesty the Queen. I don't know if it's an either or. I think he could Brooks not. Yeah. In a vacuum very important this year that he went. Well, why is that because he's going to be officially dead? Five full years without winning a major in some of the prime years of his so who disciplined, you more Rory or DJ. This week or this week this week because Rory's that's more of a reflection on like a my expectations for DJ have been lowered. Yeah. Not like in a joking. No. I mean, I just don't there's some about DJ just I don't have much confidence in them, whispering and trans ears. The ROY how well ROY has played this year and winning two events and one of them being a fake major like elevated what we thought of him for this week taking that back though, I didn't expect him this setup to be great for him. We deny both picked or no rain. I both picked him as well. He's not gonna win this week, so him top tending was actually not a surprise. But I think as good a fine week, he showed some grit, more than usual, just, you know, chipping manufacturing's and stuff. He played the par-five is like shed, which was. Everybody. Yeah. It's hard to this is where the takes get dumb. I think but I'm going to make me even dumber. But it's, it's really easy to forget that somebody wasn't in contention like nobody's disappointed in, like, Tony female. He missed the cut, you know. But we're saying, gosh Rory the way that he played himself into contention. And he didn't win like that's so disappointing. And so it's on one hand, you got to give props to God. He was six under three rounds at the US open. That's really good and played really good golf to get there. Yes, he did. And then making he comes out and like when you're like dude. All right, Rory. You're one of five guys on this leaderboard who can just absolutely flame. Throw that front nine and you go out and like make like the worst double ever onto cool. Oh, that's over. That's very disappointing. How many top ten's Roy's got an majors all over all of them. Probably like probably eighty is no. It's twenty twenty guys actually there you go. About. He's super talented. Yeah, he gets graded on a different on a different scale. I mean we've gone into that, but. This is I made cut at the US open since twenty fifteen and process. Yeah. Yeah. That's, that's pretty jarring. So I think wing foot next year will be should prodigious good one for him to pay should have been good though too. But again, I think that just kind of puts into perspective not to bring everything back to Brooks. But just how freaking like consistent and good. He's been in, if we got this out of Rory that's what felt like a win of like walk, God. That was as close as he's been since two thousand fourteen like he's, he's knocking back on the doorstep. And if kept go to one today, he would've is rated Rory's, major career in two years. Yeah. Have been Rory. It's still. He's trending right? He's trending in the right direction. He's he's making. He want he won last week he will kind of like him going into the players where everybody was like, oh, I don't know. He's, there's all these close calls, like is he gonna win any kind of goes and boat races given hip players. I think that's, that's always thing is like it's never bad to, to just give yourself chances shout, Ricky being contention. Well before we get there. I. On the Brooks thing. I don't know if we're gonna talk about Brooks more or not. But I almost feel like I have a very similar feeling too. I know the sound stupid, but to what we felt when tiger when the masters I can't even like can't can't wrap my head around this like Brooks has been Atlanta really back. Yeah. It's, it's shocking. You don't. I don't hear anybody talking in talking about it in a way, that makes sense like everyone just kind of. Yeah. I don't know. It's pretty good, right? Like notes, historically hood. It's insane. Like people should be freaking out. But I just don't know of anybody really knows how to feel it's kind of weird bothered me. And I know by technicality willy Anderson won three straight. US Open's ending in nineteen zero five. I wanted, just we like, dude. No one has done this. Nobody's fucking straight. US. Like that would have been you're going to be hearing from Williams said nation on Twitter. Did did Brooks not today because Nike put him in a white plane hat. Well, when he was like, we can't pay out anymore, bonus money. Thank you. Can't we can't have you? I think bringing Randy's whole thing back into this. This was as live under par US open setup gets and Brooks does not win on live. Under park golf courses is interesting hills. One week to week tour either I'm saying, yeah. Speak. Still band-aiding it. It's not great. Not good. It's not great if feels like. He's giving me when I watch him. Yeah. Done look easy as an outside observer, like sometimes you just watch guys and you can just like it looks easy. Like you feel comfortable watching them speeds. You don't well that was my thing I was texting guys on Thursday before before teatime, and I'm watching him. I don't I'm not at that many vents. I don't really get to watch him up. I was watching go through his whole routine, and the chemical is out there, and he's like hands on this is fifteen minutes before he's like getting ready to go to the T for a major championship, where everyone's like you should definitely win your this is so perfect for you. And they were grinding it was so unsettling to watch and it's like very routine stuff. And of course, like I wouldn't begin to. Think that I know what they're working on or whether that's abnormal or not. But it's weird as hell to, to watch. It is stressful to watch. I feel like maybe this is Jim going for and that it's like watching somebody tried to do to stack like fifty two cards like a house make I'm not calling his game a house of cards. But it's like for a while it was like duty get to the second level, and it would fall apart, and like it would, and now he's on the third level of the cards. Is it going to happen now? And then like falls apart he keeps climbing levels, but like it's still like he's got he's leaking oil in so many places that it just never gets all the way to the top. I'm not I'm not calling a house of cards. But here's here's a two minute analogies. Oh, that's so cool. Make that analogy on Father's Day because we've been trying to potty trained, Freddie. And that's kind of help potty training feels like getting. Oh, God on toilet. On the side. Like you totally missed it. But like man, you're, you're closer third level. I was gonna say what levels yesterday? We've regressed since he got sick. But it just it just feels like happy. Father's Day, by the way, there's more and more good things going on yet. The, the things that are bad are still there in new Ming. And they bite they just rear their ugly head and you just the gremlins, Eddie Pepperell talked about. Yeah. He looked like he had mad fucking gremlins. Yeah. That's a good way to think about it wasn't had like, no grandma, and you look at KEPCO to. It's like dude, he is so free and easy. It is just pure in the moment competing and speeds feels like he's fighting and he's fighting back to Rory in feeling. Like I just don't feel the real threat in it because we're watching the guy who is the threat kept. Get is the guy that we wanted this killer that we wanted so many different players to be. And we said this after the PGA but, like he, I don't wanna say, proved even more to me, the not winning this event, actually coming in with real pressure of having one of these and having to double defend and having one guy beat you may be the most impressive of. All this. Yeah. No, you're exactly right. Like we've played three majors and two guys of beat him fright. That's four out of the last four. Yeah. And it's just it's like, when, you know, Jack talks about this, a lot and stuff too. But it's like when you put yourself in that position. And one guy be too. It's like it could go either way, you're like you're kind of, at the proverbial rub the green at that point, you know, it's just who gets rakes to chips in who makes like what in this IT Brooks is playing good enough to win. Every time he tease it up at a major, which is which is the funniest qualifier. Yeah, but like not only that now though he's got nowhere to hide. We expect it now this week was like the most expectation we've ever had. It's like all right do good. Like we're watching go do good. We're gonna watch all your shots. And for the maybe the first time since he won the first one, I felt like I cared felt like I was rooting for him to do it and getting pissed when he was hitting bad shots and felt like maybe he's burst through and it he's not always he's, I don't think he's ever going to be the real likable guy. But he's also he's successful enough now that we feel like we're watching some history, and there's a certain validation, you get when you when you feel like you're watching something that matters storage relevant, or it's a lot different to watch him at Erin hills where you're kind of, like rooting for rooting for the train to go off the tracks. Rooting for someone else to come back and win or whatever it's different to watch that than watch him today after everything that we've seen. It's like no, he's better than everyone else. Like he deserves to win. You know, that's where it almost felt like to me, it was like if he doesn't win. He's he's getting robbed because he's the best player. Well, it kind of. And I was trying to find the good good. It's hard to mean in the middle of all this going on. But like Thomas Jefferson is right in the you, ever see, like independent that somebody will have a fake, like a stuffed animal that's similar to a pet in the pet will look at it like all confused, like who's this impostor? Like that was KEPCO watching a little bit you call them the Rinaldo statue. He was like the worst version of camp. Did I looked up the Rinaldo statute that would have been very insulted who is the result of that's like maybe coke wreck? It's like the Rinaldo version of, of KEPCO Rinaldo the statue. We're talking about, like that notoriously famous bad bust. What else we got Victor Holland. I don't want to start with this with Victor hobbling, but it was like a lot of the treatment he got. He's incredible player. Sears are going to be very good pro. A lot of GM was like unbelievable accomplishment. And I looked it up. When Jordan speeds was twenty one years old, he was winning the USO as his second major one the my lead into be like, yes. He's an absolute stud, the fact that he doesn't take David's with mid irons double blows my mind. I don't understand this week like main Randy swing so hard, and he has euro fear, and that's wing. And he looks like he's tailor-made to be tremendous profession. You know what I unlike DJ? When gang is told Randy holy shit, dude. You're like you're even worse shallow than Sergio. One thing I absolutely love is I am still bummed about this year later that I didn't really watch. I forget what we were doing. But didn't get to watch much of the US at pebble last year. I love when the us is like a lead into the US open. That's a great way of doing so cool, and USDA gets gets a good test. Run to figure out what they wanna do for, for certain pain locations, and how they wanna grow their off, and I think that's such a cool thing. I hope the USA keeps doing that. I don't really I guess, we could look at the schedule of the Pinehurst year where they went back to back open in US, women's open. That was great. That was a really cool touch. So the ams going back to chambers right? And they announce that I think they did in this year not this year, but down the road, it's going back chambers day. Maybe that's a trial balloon for another US open there watching this week, also made me think like guys what were we doing? There's a Nuff when you look back at some really bad fashioned stuff. What would we do? Try to do here. But like Louis got these golf courses. I love shavers. Another look at the news up there. Pure. I just I just think that there's like I started thinking about it was like, man. How sick would it be? If I knew we knew in five years, we'd be going back to pebble. I got we know the shots. We know the golf course and I think it's. And I know it's going back to pebble in the future. But I think like what they do with the old course and it's like every five years, I know it's going to be six now like it's frequent enough time that it's not enough time that you forget the Gulf holes in forget the shots or whatnot. So speaking of pebble if you'll indulge me a few things from being on site. I thought that a, it's awesome to be at a US open haven't done that since chambers bay and one of the things that really stuck with me was kind of one of the things I said in the in the last wrap that we did, which was like the gap between majors and regular vents has never felt wider to me. I have been to the AT Pebble Beach. And I know this obvious because we're talking about the US open, and there's a ton of fan interest, and it's one of the four biggest tournament of the year. However, I think I've been to the AT Pebble Beach, three or four times and coming into the gates this week. I thought I was on a different pieces of like a different piece of property. Like I've mentioned on this podcast. Ton like, oh my God. Go to the Pebble Beach tournament like it's so relaxed. It's so chill. Like you can go see all these great golf shots. There's nobody stressed out. You're not like this week was jarring just like how much infrastructure, there is how many people there are like I was walking outside the ropes with, like somebody's and stuff and just not being able to see shots of like very low priority players. Like there's just so many people everywhere that it's impossible see shot. So where I'm going with that is not a complaint. It's just like it's crazy to see the interest in in these things compared to a regular tour. And that's I'm telling you that's something to keep an eye on. Because like I don't know how that can be like, I don't know what happens to the tour if that chasm keeps getting bigger and bigger. It's almost like the more guys like the more like the tour promotes guys. I don't think it's like people tuning into regular season events. More it's more like the more you promote Gary woodland. For winning in Tampa. The more like people are gonna be jacked up to see him at the US open. You know, and it's almost like it's almost like ripping really weird. I said, how like what is tiger scheduled for the rest of the year because the tour still seems to be at Tigers still the needle, and they she is. Yeah. And he didn't. All right. So he didn't play between the masters and the PGA. And then he played the memorial. And then he played the US open, and then it doesn't sound like it's gonna play again before the British Open presented by majesty, and then so he's like he's playing like five or six regular tournaments year now. And that's where again, I'm, I'm fully aware that like maybe I'm just biased on this because I worked at the tour for a long time. But yeah, it's it's these events like just feel like they're turning into wraps or something. It's really weird if to from a casual fans perspective, and maybe it's always been like that I was gonna say, I think PGA tour events week to week are like a local event. It's for. Local people, it's for you to come out or stop, except for its main ended on, like big ass TV contracts. Well, that's different attending an event talking about a major is like a world lying for total travel. And there those events are not meant for you to be able to follow people, I tell people this Ryder cups, like get a spot where you can see a Jumbotron you could see the other action, and you can watch everybody come through do not try to follow a group. You can't do it at majors. Don't try to follow group because there's so many people when you have the US runs one huge large men's professional event, every year, they're going to try to make a shitload of money off of it, and they do, so they have a ton of hospitality. They have also means demand. Yeah. Yeah. DJ's point to where like this travelling road show that is that the tour like it doesn't it's not really engendering that same demand. And then when they when they when they pump up Tigers, the main draw and tiger shows up five times a year, six times a year, like that, that really hurts products. That's kind of what I'm getting is it seems like both the majors and the regular tour events are like built on the same model. Right. It's TV contracts. It's, it's presenting sponsors or in the majors perspective, it's presenting sponsors of Rolex and the people we saw this week. But. When, when they're those events are getting so fundamentally different from a casual fan interest perspective, like man, I don't really know how you solve that. And I don't know what that looks like in the future is not rooting for chaos. I'm not rooting for these events to become irrelevant. But it's like how do you watch the US open at Pebble Beach, as a casual fan, and then get jacked up for like the three m or the, you know, the Quicken Loans in Detroit, and I'm going to watch events, and I'm going to be psyched about it, but it just seems like more and more like they're going to be so dependent on really hard core offense to support those events from a TV perspective, especially as things move you move into like a new TV contract and streaming and streaming services and people paying subscriptions. And that kind of stuff I don't know. Anyway, it's a whole other topic. But I was blown away at the infrastructure in the footprint and just the spectacle that major championship is because it's it is wild man. And so to see in. Did you notice it being very, very stark even relation to say the PGA championship now I think it's probably similar. I mean, the PGA is a big deal, like it's there's a lot of big footprint. There's well but I think what really drove home was just. You know it's so easy to sit in and be like God. This place should host a major. They take the US open here here here, like there's twenty places in the country that can legitimately hostess US Open. It's nuts. The amount of parking in hospitality, and all that stuff. It's just it's a good reminder in something to, to think about is casually thrown stuff around. The other thing was pebble like is so much more subtle than I think I ever realized like seeing it up close and actually like looking at a critical, I just from like a major championship perspective. You start to look at. I think a lot of people saw the green. Oh, god. The balls are spinning back on the greens. Like this is bullshit. So US open. But then you look at, like taking looking Randy, you take a whole, like number four is a perfect example, and people oh my God like these balls are spinning off the front of the green. It's like that green is tilted like thirty degrees from back to front, and the fairways, tilted, like thirty degrees. So talking to some players about this. It's like when. In that fair, you're freaking out because, you know, you're on an uphill. I to a green that's back to front and controlling the spin is half the battle. It's not like this is what I'm saying where you just make these rock-hard that's not the challenge. The challenge is supposed to be things. Exactly like that. And so I just saw a lot of stuff like that whole, like, number three where you basically whole like, number three where basically, you're sitting on a drawl lie. And to get to a lot of those pins like you have to hit a fade. There's just little things like that, that even are hard to come out in the broadcast. Even when you have all the time in the world and you have someone like you'll hands on like you still can't capture all that stuff. So just. Yeah. I don't know both. I'm both saying don't go to major because there's too many people, you can't say anything, and definitely go to a major because there's stuff you can't see on TV for sure. I think almost any golf course like going in person like when I went to Firestone for the first time I was like, oh, dude this looks way different than it does on TV doesn't make for an any better viewing experience on TV. But having that appreciation for like, oh, there's like lane movement out here that looks TV flattens, everything there were a couple of really good pictures this week of tiger guys hitting shots like in nine fairway showing death of the beach back there and was like do that, even that's what the drone shots were. So key showing the elevation change on the seventh hole. How many times have we seen that whole? I forget how much downhill that is. So that wrap around view, from the ocean showing how much higher that seventy is, is really. And that's kind of some that like you're talking about that nuance to the discussion we had about pebble being overrated before the event. I think I have even more appreciation for the golf course again as a major championship venue. Now, I think. A lot of our discussion was more based on it being course that is the other fifty one weeks of the year. Just people pay a ton of money to play that I think there are still a ton of improvements. They could make it for that to be a better experience than like whatever the fifth ranked course in the world right now. That's a separate conversation for watching it, tournament, there that was fucking awesome. That was great. Like I was tremendous. I don't have a ton of ton of criticism on that front. And I think that's where things as simple as like the brownie points segments. I know we, we don't get enough of we harp on this, how these are a lot. But something like that is such a perfect indicator where CBS like they'll not supposed to that. Word other now are will use like a graphic there. You know what people need is a graphic that this is look at look at this things moving. And now we're gonna have an arrow that comes over the over the hill, and it's gonna show you thirty four feet from top to bottom. Sometimes. Just fucking beach ball and show me how much it rolls down the hill like that. I'd be like whoa downhill that is. That's crazy in folks, deejays retirement. He's like the school administrator retired and took the pension come back. It's disgusting. Very discussing. I have a couple of lightning going to be doing cameos Brett Farr. Double dipping. That you guys they'll respect by price any cat, by the way, people were speculating these hurt. His back was all messed up speculated that he died. I don't have a lot to add on the cat. The weather was he was making an excuse for the cold weather. It was not good for him for the first time in my life, I have not maybe for the first time in my life, but definitely since the first time since all the scandal and the real bottoming out of the cat. I I've hit this point now since he won the master's where you watch him at the PGA to where it's like, you know what's, not as weak whatever. That's all right. Let's show some other guys everything feels like gravy now. Whereas it used to be like God show every shot, what's he doing? Why are we watching tiger? Now, Mike, whatever it's okay and kept kind of fills the void. Yeah. It'll totally in that like, you know he's he's the guy right now. So I don't know if the casual fan feels like that, but I think back then, like looking at twenty fourteen twenty fifteen even before that twenty twelve twenty seven where there's injuries and he's playing really good. And then he's out now. He's hurt. And now he's okay. Like we've had this long stretch where he's just, he's just been like readily available to go play golf. And it's like, yeah, we, we don't need to. Shoot seventy three that's. Treat them good today on that. Good. Yeah, it was appropriate. Matt Wallace t twelve Matt Wallace wolves mad. I thought this is one of his favorite in the world, picking on poor Vert lung at Augusta couple years ago, the PGA are the PGA. That's call them. Michael, what he made it as big as not only did he call Mike, let shocked. Let's go ahead. Now that was Ed. Wallis. Sixty minutes the cut over the verdict, clearly very excited to call this tape delayed, as thank you, Jim. This is Mike Wallace. Steps up and makes you keep burns name out of your mouth say now all he does it for every player, whatever they like I see. This is Greg Woodley coming. Say Matt Wallace t twelve having a pretty good year on the heels of really good your last year. Really, really good your last year, he's going to be popping in the top twenty in the world here, the wins once or twice more. He could be the news. Wanted to just get thing to put on the radio, but a little calendar, reminder there Zander. How about Zander, Randy ah? You're all over that one straight US opens, you look. He's finished sixth fifth and now third. Is he the controls years? Yeah. He seems like a very unless you tell you to get set up. Without looking without looking at the anything online. How many guys are what, what are the guys that shot under par every round this week? That's always my favorite. I know one because the broadcast was Jon Rahm. Yep. And the other two are willing to give okay? Okay. It's only three when I started to ask it, I thought it was shop Shafi was one of them, but he was not. But. I thought quiet t- three for him. I thought mad Fitzpatrick had a good week expect into play. Well there and he did. Adam Scott has been contending his balls off lately. It seems like he is in contention all the time without really being a threat to win. He just always seems like he's on the other side of the Gulf. Here's here's Scott. Putting for birdie opinion for fifteen feet. He's playing the north course today, see what he's doing Joe. He's leaving the pit in on this. Yeah. And then they come inevitably they come back, like forty five minutes later, you see miss eighteen inch, oh, it's just not as wing. Shallots Nate Lashley finished one under par for the week hung around. I think people were expecting him to get vaporized a little bit Aaron wise, bounced back today after seventy eight or seventy nine yesterday. Can we talk about the speed Gretler exchange? I know we talked about it on the live show, but I missed I missed all this as well. So speed hits t shot on the eighth hole. The Thursday or Friday, one of those is it was Thursday. He it's his teeshot in the water on a goes over the cliff long long. And then he hits a second his third drops as third shot over the green. And then, like with the with the FOX camera got right there. Like almost like he turns to the cameraman to say this not even Gretler breaking the fourth wall. He's like I shot two shots to perfect shots. Mike, you got me in the water off the tee and another one long there. And it was and then Twitter melted down on that one, which I was partially responsible. I, I try to be responsible and said, hey guys, not gonna have any Mike and. Aren't gonna have any comment at this time? And then I said, you know, this really chaps my ass like I couldn't I couldn't sit silent and you can't sleep on that. No. I think it's just because he does all the we stuff all the time. Yeah. I just the chirpiness has gotten to the point where he's just it's tough to watch, and then the rake happened the following day, which I don't know, who's putting a rake up at the top of the phone. The rake things are totally separate thing. I don't ever blaming griller for the rate. I don't hit it. He was very, very clearly blaming Gretler for what happened on eight which to me, like, like Gretler tried to talk him. Like he said, I, I like one less than this and speed hit, which we, we don't know if he hit one more than griller had suggested. We don't know what he had in his hand. It wasn't like no, I'm hitting one more. And then going on. I think that would just seemed so like, like seems so removed from it. He seems so emotionally detached from the decision making the conversation to where it's like he just needed somebody to blame on the back end, and that's fine. And maybe that's part of their relationship had a bunch people reach out and say this isn't like this is nothing like if this was bad. Yeah. I get it like it's. Yes. Guys like those guys don't don't stand up for the round and say, we, we team. I'm we, you know, so Victor Deuba son. I think it kind of the conclusion, we got to was like is very clear that speech should take responsibility for all the decisions being made and at the same time, like Gretler should probably probably would mitt that he made a mistake there, he should not have had a club in his hand that could have got in the water off this, and we're going to have our sit down this week and we're going to talk. And I thought that we'll bardwell friend of the program, eight fantastic. Tweet about Jordan's beef. And basically, this is just a veiled availed shot at bitching at the caddies and all that stuff. I said, I fancied myself, an intellectually consistent person, I've always liked Jordan speech, but disliked Bubba Watson. I'm beginning to feel intellectually inconsistent, which is pretty fair. That's like says anything people like fuck. This guy, what's deal. I saw some that do then that you'd have been all over, you know what? Yes. That's that's. Yeah. It's not great winds about everything else. But I can't stand to see him and him and griller. I know you know, that's like the one in this crazy world talking to talking to some of the guys who were who were there, like falling that group. They're like, you know, it's really weird being like in the vicinity. And this is where one of the real unique things about golf is, you know, it's so quiet out there, all the time that when somebody does yell something, it's just like a vicious headshot, like everybody hears it. And so it's really quiet after shot, you know, there's people are just kind of milling about and someone will just yell like. Griller you know, and you know that like everybody heard it everybody's thinking about it. Everybody's like people think that we're fighting and now like they're going to analyze everything we do thing. Now it's thing so yeah. Apparently that was that was really thick in the air out there, which is kind of fun. All right. So we're like an hour and twenty minutes in here. I do want to give a shout out to the gun, Canadian tour MacKenzie, Tori. Excuse me shot. Fifty nine today. To have everyone. Everyone out Charlie and savannah. Nobody will understand what that means. Except for Charlie. Maybe one other person. All right. Thanks, everybody. For tune in this week, major weeks are a lot of fun things. Tune into the live shows and everyone here for staying up late on a Sunday night. Now we're back to normal normal schedules. So we're going to be upper mid west. We're going to be at Minneapolis this week. Tron Randy knife. Trump for a few days. Randy. And I all week for the KPMG women's PGA annual stop at the PGA so we have one more thing on this week Tuesday at noon, almost forgot noon eastern the debut of tourist season. Three our road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco. So tune in for that, Randy, I'll give you a quick sneak peek. Rainy gets absolute baptized by his Lord and savior, George gang kiss in episode one. So Tuesday at noon Tuesday at noon eastern, I think we used to do eleven we're going to do because it's our show. We did everyone Tuesday at noon on the YouTube channel YouTube dot com slash what time to noon. Thanks for asking. High noon. Just twice cut once. Fetal right club today. Better than most. About. Better than most.

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