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Eddie Redmayne, Vol. II


Prepare your is humans. Happy sad confused begins today on hoppy. Say Confused Eddie. VITMAIN RE teams with Felicity Jones for the era knots. Hey guys I'm Josh Horowitz. Welcome to another edition of happy. Sad confused yes. The Great Eddie read main one of the more charming sweets talented gentlemen on the Planet Planet Returns to the podcast today for another random fun interesting conversation about a great many things including his excellent new film kind of like an old fashioned adventure story with him and Felicity Jones as I mentioned. They've re teamed they of Course Star together in the theory of everything that one worked out. Pretty well where Eddie Tacoma an Oscar for that and in this one they play too. He plays like a meteorologist. They scientist They are in a gas air. Yeah balloon and they kind of a real time adventure set you know. Many many years ago obviously and they are testing the limits of science And exploration and find themselves in a really harrowing adventure It's it's a it's a really. It's a great film to see on the big screen. They're both excellent in it and I had a great time with it. It opens on December. Sixth you should check it out. It is called the aeronautics. So that's the plugging for for Eddie's new film out of the way other other than that I just want to mention that this conversation you know really runs the gamut. We he he was last on the podcast. I think it was about five years ago. Surprisingly although I talked to him a obviously many times for on camera conversations for fantastic beasts and other projects but it was it was really fun to. It's always fun to kind of like really go deep with with Eddie in a kind of a A little bit more of a haphazard conversation a little extemporaneous conversation. He's currently shooting a film that we reference In this chat that I couldn't be more excited about its Aaron. SORKIN 's new film that he wrote and directed called the trial of the Chicago. Seven We allude to the fact that this is a true story about antiwar activists that were put on trial in the late sixties You can look up the details if you want. That's going to be coming. I assume probably late next year that that's a bad. It's an Oscar kind of film for next year. So that's very exciting Also talk about his his his many friends. That are currently working on Broadway whether it's Jonathan Price. Tom Hairston or Charlie Cox who again was in the theory of everything he really came up with this amazing crop of of young a young talented actors who are all now like hitting their stride. I mean they've been hitting it for a few years but they were kind of ruling theater and film so that's pretty cool Ah You know if you've seen Eddie talk you know he's charming and self effacing and just always a delight so really thrilled that he came back on the podcast the talk about the aeronautics today other things to mention let's see other cool things you could watch that I've done recently. Had A great chat with Amelia Clark and Henry golding their film last. Christmas is currently in theaters They couldn't be more fun to talk to that conversation is up on. MTV News Youtube page you can still check out my personal space. Conversation extended offended chat with Jason Momoa. who was just a blast to talk to? We went to link Livingston gets horrors in New York to talk about his life and career and his new film on Apple C- And then I saw I talked to the Charlie's angels gang the all of them though the three three leads including Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Banks. Thanks the writer and director. So that's going to be up on. MTV newses social platforms and Youtube page of very soon. I think by the end of this week. You'll be able to watch that one so lots of good stuff. Lots of good movies out there guys. Ford v Ferrari opens this Friday. I would highly recommend that one. That's James Mangold latest film. Another true story starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon Yeah there's a lot of good stuff. Marriage story is playing. I think in in New York and select elect theaters. That's going to be a net flicks in a little bit. But that's one of my favorites of the year. It's turned out to be a pretty great year in film So hopefully you guys are enjoying doing The newest offerings as much as I am. And that's about it. Let me let me toss it to my my big old conversation with the Great Eddie Redman right now and with one last reminder minders to review rate and subscribed happy second fused. Police spread the good word. And I hope you guys enjoy this this chat. Can you believe Okay Eddie. It's been five years since he's been on the PODCAST has it. There's no I mean I've seen you thousand thousands in the Internet and the interim doing other things I guess making like doing happy second it will do again. Yeah it's five years since you broke broke the bird man action figure that still here. I God that was vicious of me. I'm with Michael Keaton so I'm going to say he can hash this out. I'm sorry I'm so excited. He's you probably got. Did you get to normal little bit on the surface and fleetingly and I liked him so much and we've got to scenes together in this movie but the film filming sorry currently. I'm really excited. I'm also looking at your table able things most terrifyingly. I'm sitting a poster for Willow Willow was yeah. I was taken to see when I was about eight years old right and I went to the Lou about twenty six times during Ed and my taken by grown up. She's not you're around. I find I was so terrified of that film. Queen by mortar is an imposing. was that her name. A wicked witch stealing ruling babies about a genuinely seeing that image is. Ptsd yes he has the Eddie's broken out into a cold sweat so is New York temporary home right. Now it is so my wife and I Have moved over here with other ones for four months and loving it absolutely loving it. So is this the first time you've lived in New York since since since radio so I did a play here. I feel say this point decade ago. Yeah and it's is as vibrant as ever filled with life and it's something about the CR- also one of the first film. My Dad's one of the first ones was good shepherd and we shot back here and it's the first time I've kind of wish the New Jersey but I I'm here for an age so what must also be obscene. Your life has changed quite a bit. You've got a four on family. You're you're a different. It's a different Eddie in some respects that's living living's actually a New York life right now and it's talking about all these restaurant the restaurant I'll see it also strikes me I was looking around. I see a fair amount of theater. Here I feel like everybody you've ever worked with is currently on stage on stage now. This is quite true. Yeah which is probably a sign saying that. I should so so Tom. Tom and Charlie Cox doing betrayal. London was fantastic and offer all the price on a hero. Stage yeah waiting for the errands doing go on ruse rates Aaron Tomatoes Doman Rouge. Have you seen. This is extraordinary spectacular as expect about clearly the tickets nine thousand dollars and are impossible to get. I'm going to have to pull as many restaurants in town right now. I get into that one two hours. Yeah Mockingbird I've got I've got plenty of theater and then this amazing play which was on in London called the inheritance. I'll just opening the again. I didn't see in London someone to catch all that to the West. So is is theater again. You've got you've got a lot going on at homes or something realistic at this point to get back to or as realistic and the book for Me With I. Suppose there's a certain sense with British actors there's this like Canon of I've parts that your mentor. Sort of play a lot of the Shakespeare and classics and when I started doing theater my first play London was an Edward Albee play with a goat and then I did John Logan's play read an Christopher Schiphol. Now they all new plays and I loved left having the writer in the room and getting to create characters sort of for the first time. Yeah and so. The last pair did which was major goes Richard the second. Ah since having a craving to a new play and finding what that is has been spoiled the ones you rattled off there. I've been so spoiled and I've had this weird thing in the theater. I mean films. I've done lots of sort of films that are hit or Miss Right but theater of the the difference with eateries you my way of choosing theaters. I always go okay. Worst case scenario right unit right to don't get on the. The price is a nightmare. The reviews a horrendous. No one comes and sees it like. Is there enough in the park and the player to still give you kind of sustenance continues safe for months when your paint. So where did that's quite kind of is decision to whereas with film there is an Alchemy. Which which I've never quite understood their scripts thought were brilliant? Yes end up. Being bad films their scripts though I thought bit dodgy the end up being good films. There's something in the process of making it. That is that is that is almost here which is wonderful. You mentioned and I've seen betrayal. I saw both in London in New York. Yeah Charlie and Tom do their thing along valley. Yeah so did. I know you knew Tom in school. Partly just on the circuit like like met. I'll tell tell you I met him. I met him when I was doing. It was the opening of the goat to separate Albie plant in London at the Alameda Theatre and Charlie had just finished doing and much in Venice with Chino and he came see the play and we were both we and clicked and became fast friends friends and then when he did theory of everything was kind of the most amazing in theory of everything because oversee Palestinian I had some showy apart and yet he grounded that film and this real man in wonderfully and so that was special for us. Does the Peer Group that you kind of got to know early on like whether it's like when you see Tom's career for is that what you would have like. Yeah he's going to be this like I mean. I walked out of the theater with him once and I saw I've never seen. Yeah I've never seen people reacted with any of us. Had Adore is that there was this troop. We were all auditioning. Whether it's Tom with Charlie overall Pattinson or Tom Sturridge Andrew Garfield we just for years we were scrappy. Hungry young actors like but but we were just going up a tiny parts. Tiny things we'd be like looking slightly kind of shovel wandering around Soho in London. All these these audition rooms in the basements of this underneath the edit suites and we'd go for these additions and you end up having catastrophic auditions and going to the pub and laughing about it afterwards and it felt. Ah We look back on it with great romance. Yeah it was probably horrendous and what was love news that you were what's been amazing from that group we've all won on some lost some and so and of course as competition and there's and over the years the wonderful things because everyone has sort of had an element of success. Now it's like everybody got not underdo and figure it out there pal. Also the wonderful thing back thing. Is You get to work with the older actors from the word. Go and you see and you hear from them in kind of mental larouche places that obviously careers in our world. They also late they never go. They never start in one place and end up going continuously being fantastic kind of ebbs and flows and the lovely lovely thing about working with L. Directors is the that's still doing and that's still passionate about it. And that you can have moments that hit at different times and parts that suddenly appear and then you can have periods when it's so. I think we will have a reassurance in that you mentioned like Jonathan Pryce who somebody that like like. When I was a kid I love? He was in Brazil and you mazing and urban been probably five five patches where I haven't seen them price on a film and like he's probably been working steadily for whatever reason right now. He's got the two popes odd way as well. So Joe Johnson is I. He gave me so he basically put me in this. Play the goat. This Avi play when I started. I'm really was a mentor. And I adore him and his wife Kate by he was also play and learn so much from him and continuously go and watch awesome onstage and do brilliant things on screen but but getting to then extraordinary thing when apart hits the right person whatever point in your career you are and seeing two popes which is a masterclass from both him and Anthony Hopkins assist. I find really emotional is very moved by it because Sir all Johnson's workers always been exceptional but for me this was sort of other level. Yeah now I will say we're talking about your your kind of your friend group. It's funny because like in a different way like obviously I talked to you guys to over the last ten years therapist therapy like I do feel feel like this weird like I'm rooting for all you guys. This connections like I knew you before like fantastic beasts happen tonight and I knew Robb way before I saw rob at a party this weekend. And I'm like your Batman and what happened. Yeah and it's great to sort of just like even be like to watch the ride. So wait is when you've been in it long enough like our our relationship with you for example it's this sort of we meet and these off environment. Yes and your kind person and you you have like warmth to that it is a sort of. It's lovely to but that's what the industry is is that you realize when you start out you feel like it's going to end with the next job and the wonderful the thing even doing it long enough that whether it's journalists or actors people human beings one person back to begin with it sales line as good so we should mention you mentioned felicity of who obviously you've redeemed on for this new one the Aaronow so when did you first meet felicity the city we contest she. I feel like we. We met at a party of a playwright. polly Stenham who was actually kind of almost a sort of ringleader in some ways of oatmeal of ringleader? But she housed a lot of these young reprobate actors when we were all starting outing out wonderful playwright screenwriter. I thought we met at her house once but flippity things. We didn't know digitally made an audition for film that never got made could mood indigo in which felicity was cast and she was telling me the other day. It was me Tom. Hardy and Andrew testing for this part opposite and Dominic Savage Mitch was directing it and we had to stay. He told me to stare into these is just to see if we had chemistry of two minutes and the thing occasionally when a review goes great chemistry feels very warming because there was is a period when it wasn't so and then but we really become close again so simply to the guys you know whether it was st st or Carey Mulligan Haley and all these sort of axes. I've what is we. We were powerless as well. So it's kind of it's wonderful getting to two with it's funny. I think when I saw you maybe it was for the last Motassedeq Beasts. I think we were just chatting and I was asking about this film and I was so like like under the. I didn't realize what this film was. I was like. Oh it's going to be a sweet story of just like hanging hot air balloon. He looks like a nice little romp. You're like no I'm dying and almost killed me. Yeah and yeah. It's basically it's like gravity in a hot air balloon. I mean it's what I loved about it. So when you read a script we're talking about Alchemy we'll makes I just read the script and there's a moment in the film where felicity client which may have glimpsed trailers. And she she you know she climbs on top of this balloon and she is literally on top of the world and I read the description of it and I said this time where everyone's questioning cinema and I want to see that I just WanNa see and sometimes the reason one chooses a job is competing beat to do with who you're working with. It can be to do the character. It can be collection things but for meals is wanna see that like I would like to be in a movie that happens in sort of a diesel fulfilled that for me and and and the weird mixture in this film of in the one hand you have the intimacy of two people confined to this to me. Talk to me to space. And then you on this canvas like this to reeling macro adventure so I thought those things kind of entry a clever kind of construct words essentially in real time. But you're flashing back to earlier portions of the ship. Yeah I mean there was a point where director wanted it because so the so the the the balloon journey takes place as you say in real time as a second when he wanted it to be exactly second to second second second and also. I think it's going to be based the timing if anyone's really guy I must be like Al Roker say movie. You're celebrating meter meter meteorology asses. His aides say he's been waiting for is the most British film ever. It's up to people in a balloon in tweed told me about the weather much. What did you? I've never hot air balloon. Yeah so I'M GONNA I'M GONNA call you on this so it's actually gas abilene. Mary's a difference just because so basically gas balloons are literally a balloon filled with hydrogen helium with ropes so touched to it attaching it to a basket or as hot air balloons. You can turn up the heat. Which Ritchie judges? How high and so the only way that you can let gasoline saloon? Down is by letting the gas out pulling out and lets the gas out God and it means that the only way that you can keep going higher is by letting sandbags out losing losing balanced anyway. Listen I made the film. And they'd built this gasping. They don't really existed in Britain anymore. So they built one which has to go through the same testing syrup lanes the aaronow test of good which is fine. which makes it sound really safe? But it was in no way saying and often bliss denied done all this research search on these nineteenth century balloonists and they all basically ended up dying and then suddenly after we did I fly in which they were being shot from how we are being shot from helicopters and drones and that was all very great and peaceful and beautiful and then try to land. We did crash into a forest forest and come hurtling down and flip very died and and also oh why did it not Kurt. Why did it not occur to me having read all this? Nineteen essentially knowing that basically the technology hasn't changed in one hundred and fifty s right. Why did I think it was gonna be different now? You know why they kept going back then let themselves go. Yeah that's the way. The oddest thing was that whenever you do film the Insurance Medical thing you do they want to check. You're not going to die of illness while you're doing it because because all this money has been invested in on this film that the insurance rigmarole they put me through till I run topless with things. Attached Voids Attached to my to see whether healthy enough and I love it. Basically put all the fat check that I wasn't going to get a stitch breathless but at the same point. They're very willing to to put into a death Mississippi. Anyway have you jumped out of a plane. Have you bungee jump any of that stuff. I'm not gonNA I feel like you did I saw. I'm not that guy but I know if I were to do I probably would jump out of a plane rather than Bungee jumping bungee jumping site at least as of osteopathy offer his plan. You're putting your trust in one expert. Not Too I have done is. I've like jumped off. I have paraglider off a cliff out to go. Take that judgmental race. The back with someone chasing you or was this just walk off actually skied off like a mountain okay. It's great there because you don't have to have the moment of going. Oh I'm jumping cliff. Because he just just gently ski and then it catches the catches the parachute behind you and then you all was attached to someone who wasn't but you you have a great yeah yeah. So what percentage of the actors that we've talked about what you WANNA be confined in a basket with for for months on guys. Do you know what are the ones. I've mentioned how it'd be very happy to to hang out in ALFALFA'S I haven't made any any of the Turks hard-core yeah so okay. So although I know what you're looking by omission now I can figure it out. Oh wait okay. So since we haven't had this kind of a chat post a remarkably posted the amazing a theory of everything. Oscar run. Did it. Did it change a lot for you personally personally. And professionally. In retrospect I mean what would it changed was it just gave you more choice because again the the other thing thing is the sort of The reality of our industry is all financial one the euro unless apparently I've never seen these lists and how financially viable. Oh you are internationally and whether small movies can be put together with and again with older actors and your your on a list a certain place and and and and you don't know where that is but your conscious that you're not being offered the work and then and then suddenly for a moment on top of that list and you get offered more things and again that'll change and shift so what it did. Is it allowed choice which I hadn't hadn't film for and and that but what's interesting about that is whereas at this time when we were all in so hone going out for auditions is what happens. is you get sent an email by agent. It says you know this is Elizabeth the Golden Age starring. Cate blanchet direct by shake Kapoor with Jeffrey Russian. Wow all those people are brilliant. Uh they want to addition for this part and so you go on a par I get it where suddenly what happens when you you is your now being sent me scripts before they may be directors attached or. Maybe you're the person who has to taste. I suppose is being challenged Allen Jr all right I whereas before a lot of caution when Koga machine but you'd also go well if these great quality people attached hatched than you. You'll sort of having to sort of make some of the calls and and that's been curious kind of loved it in some ways and The judge of a script like I read. Let's do you know what my I often have an instinct. Alfred Molina said something when we were doing read which is used to read a script and added. There's a moment where you feel nausea. which is when you basically realize you've got to do it? You go from reading. Reading is an objective thing to kind of see I feel sort of the same But then what's lovely is when there's a no brainer which like for example. The film to Chicago Seven where where this thing. Just leaps off the page in a way that that you just got some of you know outdo craft service thing. What's that one I like because I'm so excited for that for reasons? Aaron Sorkin. Yeah I don't have a bucket list Gracie hey this is quite often. When you're acting people go what are we going to do the act together and I don't really have any answers to those questions other than our sorkin so when this came around? It's yeah it was a moment when the phone calls happened. And then I'll read a sentence crypto. Please please be pace because it was and for those who don't know I mean I I know I remember saw Daca. And he was by Brett Morgen many years ago about these guys Antiwar activists. This is a problem. It's been around around for a while to Spielberg was going to do it at one point. It's an amazing ensemble. You're playing Tom. Hayden Antiwar Activists Talked to me a little bit about. Also here's something that occurred to me. I don't think I've ever I do at least in a while speaking American accents. Yeah how's that GONNA. Yeah so I had years of doing these tiny little films Sundance Yohannan playing angle. The Americans and on theater on stage you know read playing America and so basically my whole ten years but the known surroundings so it doesn't feel strange to me. Sounds a good sign but but it's but it's also nice been wonderful getting to workweeks. I've actually love dialect because I tend to approach it in a way. It's a bit like playing the piano or learning a dance Mike. I'm already cropped onset and it takes me forever to learn the move but once I've really got embedded in me I can kind of and and so what I love a- as an actor yours trying to work out. What you'll route through character is what the process is? I'm what's lovely when you doing specific accent. Is you start in a really technical Michael level months beforehand is how I live today and then by the time you're playing embedded freeze you anyway. So yeah did you question. I don't it's okay. We we both are extemporaneous the perils of this podcast on. Did you know that much about this history like this. I knew nothing about it and then I read the script and it's you know is a. It's a film about these antiwar activists it's about the sort of the state making an example of them. I've got to find a way to talk about the film. It's a courtroom thriller thriller but it is the most scintillating writing. I'm sure that I've I've I've read in an age and it has this thrilling kind of urgency to and and at its appropriate symbol. And that's what I suppose was something that I hadn't realized that I was whether it's there have everything. All the Danish girl or arnauts beasts is much more of an ensemble but but to get to work with this a ray of actors. I knew that because of the quality not of the writing that Aaron would attract wonderful rice but the film's not since attached to it for a couple of times and it's and you the that's been quite emotional already. You're quite right invested in it. Got What Sasha Baron Cohen and just Karai Lines Juggling love lovely actor shop And Giancarlo Lynch and and uh-huh Michael Keaton. I it's really failed to the brand and rylance literally gave me my first ever job playing violin in twelfth night opposite him paying Livia almost twenty years ago and that was that got me an agent and a career and getting too because a lot of it is courtroom at the Franklin Jenner is getting to watch Franklin Jello and Mark Rylance masterclass. It's a genuine near that kind of. Yeah because I didn't realize he was playing William Kuntsler who I as a New Yorker I grew up like. That's a I can see right well anyway so also you. We've also made light of the fact that like part of what I present many people I think appreciate about. You is like a your kindness but also your self deprecating and sort of like very own your nervousness this attack. That's how can be summed up right if there was a sound that embodied anywhere near arsenic the flooding. But here's the thing okay so even post-oscars that's not something that we're you can like. If you're you're nervous moments on set you can you can think like I have got. I've reached the top. I been celebrated no because because you know the look the thing about acting. His anyone can have an opinion Because you're playing humans and so any human can stop and go. I think that's it's unreal. I don't like that and and in acting you're made aware of it people and they tell you lovely things of course and they tell you when you when you think you've you've felt and so what's so it's a life of any. I suppose a person working in the public is something for for for people's criticism but the interesting thing is that no one is as critical. I heard Kate Blanchett said actually it was interesting to see again from people that you think middle. Yeah but you're no one's credit 'cause you're by yourself and so what sometimes tricky acting is when people are going. I don't I agree. I'm not sitting here and the weird the thing about Phil more than anything is you can't do anything to change it. So you in the hands of others. And that's what I'm I and do you own people go here. We go hundreds of takes you really. Don't I don't particularly something like I'm the silicon movie which is a low budget indie film in some ways you you get out and there is and then you just have to wait and see the things that you're upset with worse than fifth you can try and mend. It is the constant appeal theaters. You can kind of go and have another iterative. It's sort of like. Yeah what's also you're making a Komo struck bug actors that have to make choices on that first day on the set that you can't like there's only so far you can you can vary now from where that initial choice. Well this is consistent and then you you talk about an pull. Dino is a good friend and he was directed a film recently and was talking about how riveting actress is being in the edit suite and seeing from all points of view. You see isn't actor you. You have an instinctive choice that you've sort of created in a vacuum because you've been working by yourself tonight and when you have four takes you choose those four takes to mine that specific choice because you've got this idea but you want to make sure the camera captures the best version of it or you just let it go for different completely different various and hopefully consistently listening listening to what the other actors are giving you back and it was interesting hearing his take on that having having step from behind the camera. So what does he as a director want does he want. Yeah yeah when he says well. I think it's I think it's more complicated than one or the other. It's riveting to to find the and I think the more I sort of. Ah I find that all of that compelling an actor who said I'm totally misquoting. Because of this I was told secondhand recently as of one of the things that makes acting unfulfilling. Sometimes when you go home that's is just a graveyard of of untapped ideas and so robin guy all those ones but all of these other things have been at number. Actually that may be slightly kind of excessive. But I hope he's right there talking to mark rylance about it. The other day he described it is and he's such beautiful optimist and he was like thinking of it more as a meadow of growing ideas. I try to take. That was on told him that recently. Recently my wife and the House and she's a great gardener and she. I'm super impatient and not Gregg Allman. She said I just thirty some seeds down. And just just make meadow of men and I thought you just had to rattle these seeds around and then transported. You had to subdue meadow died. Sounds like Komo is telling me about. This meadow of identity Meadow Slam. That's your nickname. Is there a point now. Still in every film where you even. If it's not a rational thought you think you're going to get fired. You think it's not gonna I think I'm sort of weirdly weirdly a little bit but what happens definitely when it started like for example theory of everything. Now I was cost without an audition I was has cost through a long discussion and I think there were various other actors that Jones March two one Taylor spoken to and sweet. He cost me without addition. which is? It's amazing but got it would have been terrifying to try and audition a Stephen Hawking before having done four months research short but I do remember day one on set I I hear it. Is You say well those interesting in the Danish go we did some tests very early. F- F- partly. Because I wanted to Tom. Hooper wanted to to see just months before we started filming and then yeah and so quite often for example. Now it'll be when you're auditioning with other actors who are auditioning for the directors will get a first glimpse something in your way is. That was a are. You still have to audition can you. Are you non. Not No not at the moment but that is we've been through the traumatic dish. We get through but at the same point as I always say to. You know. I think what the other thing that happens is within within an industry. Your seen in a certain way and I've done as we've said like years of dealing English period dramas and I always make it absolutely clear the as you just said. You haven't done American accent for wall in fact that those little films that you've done the people that you care about the directors you'd like to work with obviously haven't seen those because they were tiny films they weren't necessarily right but so I'm always an advocate of you've put yourself taper to to to prove people uh-huh yeah you're you are capable sign different so I i. There's no kind of relation pulling any and you've watched what your friends have have done it. Re- crofting people's interpretation of them. Yeah is so. In retrospect what in the decision process fantasy beasts was there much doubt at all or was it like this is. There's too many grows. There's too many obvious great benefits to this to have much concern that I got ought to read the first script and I just I love the magic of the world of it and I found the character unique because he was he felt like an anti stereotype really of in the midst of a of a of a big sort of movie. Well that's not the protagonist and so that was. That was my question and I've got to say I have loved loved making them that it's a really creative bunch you do keep in touch with cast between the big as a beast of what's up briefest Allison's currently in Australia I think so he's back in New York. God knows Astra is some knows as this makes me so happy being one of them do a great deal seeing except for the fact that when we came into your madness wrangling as percent me Mike Dodd. Hey this wasn't say I've got some choice videos by Ezra to uh-huh randomly amazing from the streets of like random streets around the world and I'm like what are you doing. What is amazing? Even come together I some I know yeah so is it. Sounds like the third one is moving forward. Steve Clovis is now helping to right. It's the this is exactly what I've heard the same thing I really don't know I don't know any more than that other than it's got to be exceptional. It's gotta be like it's got to be something wonderful because it's hotch an astonishing world and it's a world that I loved in the Potter Films Swimming and and there's a fan base. It's just people that love that women have expectations for it and we need to hit those excited to go into it with a with everyone. Having Faren ringing all senators and wanting to make it the best we can be sensitive at all or do you watch serve the reception of it. It's so funny. 'cause the second film I think made like six hundred fifty million. Yeah and there was also the there's some perceptions that it wasn't as great as I one table for whatever reasons for better worse hair all of that and and and the reason when people say you re Chris I do because it's sort of galvanizes you and that's why I was totally open to all of that and and and and I think that everyone was because again because jk rollings created something that is so. Is this weird thing where world's reach of status with that almost owned by the by the Argonne was this. Yes they feel that they are right as a fan of of of complicated thing where it's called still how how a baby and her imagination. The expectations are high. And so I think we're we're going to go in with guns blazing. I just hope he ones. I just hope you guys supposedly it set at least partially in Rio. Ya just let you guys go to Rio. At least I mean if you're going to have a film in Rio any should get go to Rio for can tell me about it. Let's in his speed walking down. Copacabana Lauro's going Polit Pale red main Ford slash commander. Skin there's your down Cococabana combined with like I don I I like it. Yeah I mean to be honest. If what you're saying hang is can you actually go and shoot locations. Can I just make it absolutely clear that I have fought hard to go to every I I sort of right emails relatively consistent consistent to offer juices going so you just on like scouts in this country looking at what the so that you can rebuild. Build indies if we all shooting which we are shooting I think quite low in leavesden. Yes they are rob and Zoe and pull will are all shooting Batman in leaves. And that's the way I have a busy pitching for like although I think that's been caused as well now is it's like basically. I could come dressed as news out. I could be the anti circuses. Alfred Alfred's Powell Harvey Dent Harvey Dent. Yes they're still looking for that are they. Okay desperation the desperation one brothers making it. They know me they do. If I was crossing their mind they would have. They would have called happy freezing. I think the fact that we're shooting at the same time that's why are you okay with do you feel like you still need to check the superhero the box or is it so I honestly it's script script I would never. I know that sounds city but you don't don't say anything. There's I mean like your buddy benedikt like you could have done dr strains that make sense like I feel like I have. The physical presences is Ben. Does you know he's got like the. We've never seen him in a speedo on the Copacabana. Yeah I okay how to make sure Essequibo does what nevermind. Nevermind the right. Do you know what's what's coming up after you're in the middle of this year just I started getting started halfway through shooting Jeremy Strong in this movie as well if you want accession astronaut Jeremy for many years and he is just so wonderful in this again talk about an after finding the right part of the right. Yeah and so. We're right he was pointing out. We're literally halfway through. I've still got my Michael. I actually break the Birdman Wings. I don't think I did. It wasn't like you cracked it enhances your ear need let you picked it up. It was probably already precarious construction. Okay that wasn't on purpose. I thought I just heard the I remember losing the institute. Those are gone. I think those are your passing off like you didn't steal it but we know now to check your trailer on the set of this it spilled with Saas Harlot Shit everywhere I love. It is the thing you're always welcome here came on set. Yeah Yeah that was that was pretty cool he spielberg what. I'd met him once when when I was doing red and and I was really hung over. So they have this thing on Broadway where they do like Sunday matinees which in the UK. You don't work on Sunday and it was the first week and I had done the first week and I'd sort the forgotten that was the Sunday shows how got to Saturday. We have two shows. I've gone out and it'd been pressed week and gone out and got really really obliterated and then turned up the next really one of the only time I've ever been slightly out of on stage and there were only two of us on stage so I felt like I was floating the whole way through the play and then at the end as I was coming down past past. Alpha from Lena's dressing rooms I hate. Stephen likes buckle with shame so I did. I haven't that was about ten years ago. I hope you didn't apologize. I I was on the verge of just scoped into a back room. Yeah he's clocked me. That's Yeah Yeah No. I'm excited to see west side story. Not Saying that he had an amazing tale that. I'm glad you're enjoying your time in New York with Mr Aaron Sorkin just talking for hours. People probably checked out of his paws about no not always welcome here. It's not gonNA be five more years before you're back and as you can see there's plenty in the office to Karen just has. Has this office been photographed. I talk about. How can you be this office in Los Creepy things a mixture fo- sort of Mash Mash up photo of Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper? That should be perfect and yet. Somehow he's very has jay's mcevoy's professor triple X. Business Card. This is a sketch I did with him. You know. I'm always trying to get into one of these sketches. Soy We did a Hoffa powerful scratching the surface. How long have done saying is it's good? It's good you'll have time. I'll take care though I I did this one recently with James Corden who adore I love. It hasn't oh I saw the one one. I think he's going to be so humiliating the levels of humiliation that we'll find the sweet spot of humiliation record. I'll ring you back in from your book about an idea. We'll take care of you. I'm here for you. Shannon the non sexual escapades another. Wow think about. Is that thing that that's what we did. Check out your youtube channel around with the kids around the Dow frankly so obsessed interesting anything. That's on the screen though prison coming soon the old enough to enjoy. It's funny so my kids. I feel like the second. You've seen anything Pixar thingy you can't go back so the moment there on on the old Robin Hood which is my favorite cartoon ever and Irish. My daughter is really into that but but she's through subliminally throughout the kids as singing let it go and so now. She's in New York. Michael Grandad's WHO's right hundred directed frozen on Broadway so my my wife and I decided that we were thinking. We probably should let her see frozen right in order she can then go and watch the Elsa for Halloween or anything like that or listen. Listen to she joined. She actually did Mary poppins. She's obsessed with no problems returns an obsessively as she did send the photo of Irish dressed as Mary poppins too early. Because I said was the amount of effort into probably emily creating which I think is amazing performance by the way runs. Iris was like save that society. She's broken harmed Brennan the slack. She doesn't have a talking umbrella. It runs the family like father like daughter. They break break. Things can leave this podcast. No horror and came in feeling that way. Okay get no progress just stasis stasis no progress so so you can vibe. You're trying to say do nothing will change. Go see the guys come goes through the aeronautics if you come away with one thing besides our neuroses it is to go and particularly if you have a fear of heights yeah yeah for me I have a fear of heights fair. Fight everything again. That's why we get along. We need to stop. Stop shut up and so ends another edition of happy. Sad confused remember to review rate and subscribe to the show on I tunes or wherever you get your focus focused on the big pocos person. I'm Daisy Ridley and I definitely wasn't fresh by Dutch

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