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347: Justin Timberlake Explained


He was paid six million dollars to for this one song. That's unreal. I would do so many things for six million dollars. We know that including fast food anything advantage as I would make out with Ronald McDonald Heart for six hundred dollars college. Get at me Jeff Flake. How we'll do stuff others over the others anything? Ever hello and welcome center. Three forty seven of the podcast on when your host knocks point and I'm your other house. Jamie golden the PODCAST is a show dedicated to the life. Abc and we're committed to educating you WANNA thanks entertain matter to find out more about these future. Sex Love Sounds perceives. Check US OUT KNOTS AND DOT COM. You can also find us on instagram and facebook. The podcast and we are on twitter at podcast pod. Guys thanks for joining us. We are going to be explaining Justin Timberlake but before we do that. Guess what I did last week. I recorded the audio forward for Knox's new book. All things reconsidered to tell you guys that I wrote the forward air go. I Co wrote the book I wanted and there is going to be an audiobook where you can hear me wrestle with how to communicate that I wrote in bullet points. It's going to be very riveting. I I can assure you guys if you want to get access to all the premium content that Knox's providing to anyone who pre orders the buck than just simply go to the link in the show notes or go to Knox McCoy dot com slash b word and become a best friend of the B word. Today how clue and Tim. Gunn are back together to launch the next global fashion brand in making the cut a new original series from Amazon twelve designers from around the world compete to take their brand to the next level. Join Heidi and Tim as they travel from New York to Paris to Tokyo to find the designer who has what it takes new episodes available every Friday. Watch making the cut only on prime video. 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We don't know so why. Okay why are we talking about Justin Timberlake? Well there's a few reasons. One trolls world tour. You seem really confident. Let's watched no trolls. World tour. Came out which listen. It had seventy percent on rotten tomatoes. The critics consensus was a fun. Follow up for of the original trolls. World tour offers a second helping of colorful animation infectious energy and sing along song. Lotta Sing along songs. Well trolls interestingly enough was the first film that was really released. Straight to video on demand. It skipped the theatrical release And it may bike more than fifty million dollars. Universal has not released all the data yet but they said it was Their biggest opening for digital title ever with the figure ten times larger than Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. Oh which feels like how many people were like. Oh I gotta buy me some fallen kingdom. I really was good. It was you and then no one else that's right But fandango didn't say it was the most preorder title of all time the best selling film on its opening day and the best selling film during its first three days of digital really. Oh it makes sense like we. The people were thirsty for anything. That could be great or the children's one reason the trawls. The second reason is he was recently on hot ones and we love hot winds. But it's hot ones for those who don't know it's It's a show where celebrity guests eat very spicy hot wings and answer questions about themselves and they sweat and they get uncomfortable and it's so good. It's free to watch on Youtube. It's fantastic. I'm he justin. Timberlake was on there. He talked a lot about pooping he did felt like too much. Maybe a little little much on the palm. He cries as people who are experts on the concept of pooping as content. I feel like it was too much now. If it's too much. And but he did prevail he did not even have winds up of water. I was very impressed with his skill. One to ten He Davidson is a one. And I don't know who attend is. I'm trying to pull from like who I've watched. Who is a ten recently? Who was great. Who is an man? I'll read. That's great the toll? Roads are ten parts. I would give him an eight. I would give him a solid. Here's he did talk too much about what was happening. You have to stop talking about the fact that you're eating hot wings concept like it's not it's not good but of course the most important reason that we're doing this Aaron. Can you tell the group why we're doing it? It's got a man I hear. It is so good at the whole reason. We got a third Mike the whole the whole reason. Yeah so I didn't even pick that up. I was because I was like. Is there an anniversary there was talking about right? Justify came out ten years ago or twelve years ago today. And it's going to be may it's GONNA be may so we're GonNa talk about Justin Timberlake and I think it's you know we're at a point? He's thirty nine years old house forty. He's been in our consciousness to me on when you started watching Justin Timberlake. He's been with us for very long time so it feels like we did. This obviously will smith but this feels like a great moment to really contemplate and consider who just doesn't like what he's done in pop culture all right so in thinking about like before we get into like who he is like where he's gone where he's been all that stuff. What is your current feeling on Justin Timberlake and if you wanna like amble into what the General Cultural Vibe is on just in general like you're allowed to Furton personally. I've always been a justin timberlake fan. Not of him as an actor. We'll get into that because I've been on the record many Tom that I feel like. That's what makes mistakes and he tries to be like a film actor But you know he. Unfortunately he's filming yet another movie which I would argue. I told you not to do that. And look it got you in trouble. Because he got on the balcony and He's filming this drama Palmer. And he kinda got all touchy feely with his Co Star Alicia wainwright that then prompted a An iphone notes holiday to his wife that he posted on instagram. Yeah the is the twentieth century. Press conference right. Let me get on my sad notes APP and just type in some non punctuated. Non Capitalized sentiments. Really now. That happened a few months ago and so seven years ago. I don't know anymore but now I'm hesitantly coming back To team which I find is often the case with Justin Timberlake. He makes a mistake. He makes takes a wrong step. And I'm like a bit and then I'm like But I love him okay and ask. A question is followed them. Because I have a theory. I've I'm coming into this thinking that Justin Timberlake is a. He's like a person who has Gotten like has had a success or gotten like a lump sum payment of something. Put that in the bank and now he is living off the interest generated off that. He's not really doing anything else like he originally did but we just fondly remember him. He's kind of plateaued in a sense. So do you like Justin Timberlake? When do you like when he's quiet and he's not doing anything but then when he releases something or does something you're like? Oh Yeah I'm reminded I don't really like you that much. Yeah it only because he creates now Emma casually. It'll be glimpses. The problem is is that you know who's always there with him when he is releasing stuff because I particularly love his music. There's ten in the background helping him and I can hear him. I can hear him like featured vocal. I'm like Oh I do Tim Mullin. Maybe it's I really loved to me. That's what this is really about. Yeah it probably is but I I. I think he's funny. I like components of his career. His friendships his dating life. All those things but for the most part he's not produced anything sips the song from the first holes. Maybe so it's probably been four years since I've been interested in anything. He's creator. Yeah I think so As we do. I'm going to stay pretty fluid with it because I I can't think we you know we talked about the The great man theory before right history has a theory that like the The path of history is dictated by great men who make a singular decision and that changes the course humanity right. That's a theory that some people have the counter to that is That it's not about agency it's about structure the structure pushes someone forward. And they're the person who kind of Lights the match right. Like if you're thinking about The the Protestant Reformation Right. It wasn't this idea is like it wasn't necessarily Martin Luther who did this. It was like hundreds of years of the Catholic Church failing in the selling of indulgences. Like that and Martin Luther. The invention of the printing press right Martin Luther than lit the match and it started this thing so my question is is as we will hopefully discuss and figure out as we go is Justin timberlake a singular singularly great artists. Or is he someone who was in this age of boy bands and was the best of the boy band people and because of that he was pushed forward? Because someone like Joey fatone couldn't do it someone like JC shows. It couldn't do it but Justin Timberlake did it. And because of that he was put into situations he wasn't really a qualified for like acting and stuff like that we've gotten to this plateau with him which is like the logical conclusion of who he is. He's not really necessarily good. Good transcendently good at making art as much as he just being famous. That's in that might be my operational theory is. He's really good at being face being famous. I do think he's a talented vocalist right. And I don't want to say like he's socks. It's more like he's he's a tier below the transcendent beyond say you know the the people who are in another stratosphere so it's great to be below them but I think a lot of people consider him in that top tier. He's now I read so many articles that were like He. May you know like his breakout? Debut album is the model for breaking out of band and I thought no like so many other people had done it just as well or better than he did before he did right right so it's a lot of credit as we talk. I want to. I'm kind of as we go decide. What if I think he truly is greater if he is actually maybe the question is is he. Overrated underrated properly rated. That's what I'm trying to work out real time. So why don't we start with we? Do you WanNa talk about where he actually came from. Okay so for those. Who Don't know he is Justin Randall. Timberlake look you like your first name? Nice so he was born in January of Nineteen eighty-one. He was born in Memphis Tennessee. I don't know if you know that base for Memphis He. I've never ever talked about it. But his MOM Lynn His Dad Charles. His Dad was a Baptist Church choir director. Which if you are familiar at all of the Baptist Church. That's a big deal. So that means that means Justin Timberlake was saying after Church on Wednesday nights for choir practice and he was having to get up early on Sunday. And what happens is he. Starts singing hesitant? He's talented vocalist. At a very young age and by age eleven he is now appearing on star search. And if you've seen interviews with his mom particularly she beat a stage. Mom Lake early. Og Stage Malia for sure like she walked so like Dina Lohan could run dry you if you were if you were in a snake draft. Would you take Lynn? I or Joe Simpson. Oh no show sense you take him. I really wet. He's great. It's look there's there's A. There's a good book out there to be written by someone much smarter than us about the influence of like Evangelical Christianity on the evolution of Pop Culture and like the Katy Perry top that whole conversation. And so he does that on in like Nineteen ninety-two you. And then he gets cast in the all new Mickey Mouse Club where he kind of the revamped club. Which if you know anything about the Mickey Mouse Club. He is in this. Cast with Britney Spears Christina Aguilera JC Shafei Ryan Gosling and actress Keri Russell like shouts to that casting director holy sites and I do it. Speaks to there was a bottle. Necking of talent. There wasn't the democratization of ways. You can be famous like I think beyond say just there. I don't know if Britney Spears different star search but it's kind of like Oh yes she okay. She was like you had to be on star search if you were going to be famous for be anything so there weren't a Lotta different places so wasn't like all. These different types of people were could be an attended from places but to have that collision talent was really impressive. Did you did you with the all new Mickey Mouse Club and when I went to Stacy Gatehouse because she had cable so I could see it at like her see I loved it my sister and I loved it all the time I I guess early on I realized I've bad taste in town of people because all those people you listed didn't like him I like Chase Chase Hampton the ginger guy. That's who I was like. That's my dude. What's he up to now He released an EP last year and he commutes between Boston and L. A. Success is different. Verbiage Amy Right. Yeah it's fine. Yeah so he takes that. He's Mickey Mouse Club right right. Maybe you know the crowning achievement of law people's lives and he's like no we can do better and this is a largely motivated by his. Mama's while they turn this into n sync. Did you read? What instinct like how. They got the name now. How did they get they? Use the last Last letter of each of the members first names and I just thought it was like inside the house like it was just like a musical. Yeah great synchronization. It was like a a needlessly artistic flourish to. It has the asterisk yes. That's exactly right. Yeah that's last name. But so they start in sync formed in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight they really hit their stride. They released their self titled Debut Studio Album Itself. Eleven million copies including the single tearing up my heart with that like so. This is where I don't know that we keep seeing a little bit just a Demata but like I. It's not going to surprise you to tell you that. I was not deep in the NC INC universe. What is not what was randall knots. Mcclay listening to you. In nineteen ninety. Eight hundred ninety eight would be. I was a sophomore in high school. Okay I was into a lot of Pd payable on death teaming. Now you don't even know I was ripping was napster around nineteen ninety eight. Yes yes I was ripping musical festival healing. I was one trillion percents. Music sounds addresses ion like breed. Battle all this stuff. How Great was napster? Because you like the dialup speed or the Internet. Speed was so slow. And you're like I gotta just start eighteen files downloading a hundred percent. I'll come back in three hours and see right ones. I not all of the theon ALPA apple album title. Let's see if I got really wild so I'm so like there. I don't think I can appropriately comment upon like how big they were. I can look at the numbers and be like this is big and I know you weren't necessarily within two weird season because as I was in college and so for me I have spent high school. You're in phase and I had been in. Dc Top Twyla Paris For him point grey stage where I burned all my secular CDs but then I want to college and my roommate had Atlanta's Morissette. I was like was this little pill. I don't think holy molly good and so then I was like. Oh let me get the cranberries and Sarah mclachlan and Tori Amos and Patty Griffin. And so what happened was I went into a very lilith. Fair Oko season instinct did not fit into that now. I appreciated them and I like listen. You can't who I'm on dance to wake Bob like I'm going to be a part of that but it wasn't something that I was like. I have to go to the concert. I'm just a little too old. You're just and you were catching up. You're catching up on loss. I was like singer songwriters. You guys have you heard of singer. Song I was not. I was Christian but I was not. I was not euchre manipulated into them. I just came like it. Was Dan Project six. They were Krishna. Jas but I was still into secular was Aaron the right age for in sync. Yes I was. She was instant concert. I wish they would never come anywhere near. That's right in the panhandle fix. So they do a second album. No-strings-attached this'll two point four million copies in the first week and included the number one single Aaron. The edge moon was so kind To play earlier to imitate earlier. It's GonNa be me Is this a good time to ask you? What your favorite do you have a favorite insects by by by okay? I can do the whole dance. You can do the whole dance that I'll do that. I'll maybe on. I'm posted on instagram. If you follow scrambling for that if we ever do large part of it like part of it I'm telling me some bye-bye if we ever do again that'd be like wolves I will absolutely. Did it live shows if that ever happens again So their third album celebrity Third Album has that's had by by girlfriend this. I promise you probably don't know. Did you think it was as good? Because like just as a cursory glance It had good songs may ask you here in their third album. Slavery is that is that the the best album or is it kind of the Crescendo. Like the whole experience. I don't think it was the best album I think no strings. Attached is probably the best moment but celebrity was like a good like all right. We're we're good momentum. We're going through this now. Okay that makes sense so after celebrity the do the tour they go into high in two thousand two And that's when The rumors about justice zone start to Start to creep out a little bit. Which is weird thing when you think about? This is a band who assaults seventy million record. I mean that's a lot of albums that's a lot of money. That's a lot of money for Mama. Lynn that's a lot of money for Lou. Pearlman like an I an when you look at yourself and you are. Who Like if you're if you're fatone? You're like crisper. Patrick was really thinking. Yeah well it's an indictment that you couldn't think of his name and I'm not one hundred dollars name right but we both know who were thinking like you're going oh no. Jc and Justin can't Everley. We need you need you to say otherwise. We're going to be on Disney Channel and joy to cut to Joe. Stone was on the Channel Several years we look. We can't just replace them. Look we got. We're we're facing the heat of the backstreet. Which did you know that the backstreet boys have sold almost twice as many albums as incident? Why do you think the hens thirty million? They're the they're the highest selling boy band of all time see. I think he's a sports reference and you're going to get this million a lot of ways. This is like the Miami Heat Dallas Mavericks Final. Wait wait and Lebron James who are just objectively better by themselves but the Dallas Mavericks had Dirk Nowitzki Had J. Berea had Jason Kidd all these really good team players that as a collection were better as a whole than Lebron James in the mind he can. I tell you is you were like I'm thinking this is. I do know that Dwayne Wade is married to Gabrielle. That is correct. That's all. I got out Twain Way but but I think like if you're taking the draft you would take just I maybe J. C. J. C chassis seconds. Yes then then. You'd think about actually boys the Brian Guy. I think trump's guy looks like he sells drugs with a trenchcoat. Oh has the Mustache. Dark hair with his name. His I want you to guess I'm GonNa give him a Tyler Kevin. I'm going to give him a cabinet. I feel really how it's getting rid of all Kevin 'cause we there's a house is not how he duro and Doro serious how does is that. True Aj McLean did you. I'm going to ask this Aaron. Did you have to like? Is this a team Jacob? Team our situation did you. Atop densify shoes really chosen saying absolutely. Why did you choose in sync? I don't know I like their music. Who was your who now. See like a minor sending a when. I was tiny. You know new kids on the block with my boy vanish. Choose a person. Did you choose a person in an think to have your allegiance to you? Oh No I did. I did okay and I would like to know who it is. It was Jaycee okay. Yeah we'll talk about that not now not now but I did that but I felt like there might have been a moment where if you were evaluating in both of them I think. Jc has gone on paper. Jc was the right choice. 'cause he was he did have he was just better looking. Justin Timberlake had that weird highlighted curry hair. That was not good yes to go back to basketball nowadays because I feel like we're coming on Timberlake's like the European lot upside JC. He's just like the four year college player. Who's good but like Jano? That's pretty much it that hair that's going to be there forever. I'm not getting better and Justin Timberlake. It's all upset and I would have argued for Justin Timberlake. There's no way he can ever make this hair. Look better he did he did he did but I would not have well no. He didn't actually. He didn't make that here better. He's got rid of it. Know what I'm saying. I'm not she's got to start all over. So that leads into a Solo Career. He does actually go solo and from two thousand to two thousand seven. He effectively is a solo artist. He starts with justified which was released in November. Two Thousand Two. It debuted at number two on the billboard two hundred. I don't know that he's quite a successful as he wanted to be. But it's it's a success. He's doing well Then he goes directly into wardrobe malfunction gates and February. Forget please please do not sleep on. I'm Levitt from McDonnell which he was paid you guys. He was saying six million dollars to for this one song. That's unreal. I would do so many things for six million dollars We know that including fast food. Anything advantage as I would make out with Ronald McDonald's heart for six stalls Donald College. Get Out me. Jake how we'll do stuff over the others anything ever so. He gets paid a lot of money then. He goes to wardrobe malfunction. In the fact that you're saying that and everybody knows what you mean the fact that wardrobe malfunction that that phrase is birthed from this event from his explanation of what has ever said that phrase until here. It's even that crazy. So does that speak to. Do you think well? I'm constantly trying to figure out. Where when is he had the beacons powers? When is he had the highest? He'll ever be? Is it because it's him coining that language that goes into or is it because of the Audacious nece at the event that it's the day because I remember like I've been seeing on twitter recently. Like what is your generation defining events. And it's like millennials. It is not eleven and probably this to financial collapses grave right all the things but like I was like oh the Challenger and then I always go. Oh it was it like for me. I know where I was when I got to see Janet Jackson's Nipple and there for you I'll never forget. I was upstairs at my parents. We're all watching it together and it was waste because what was it shiny whether or not happening so he he gets off Pretty. I mean he he takes him. He has apologized multiple times for it but fronton purposes. They move on from it. That's that's deadened on Jackson. That's not really hitting on hit yet. No she'd have definitely takes all the hit for it. doesn't sixty releases future sex love sounds And He di he hosts a SNL and as the digging a box music video with any Sandberg for which he would is this the peak of his powers. I don't know to me. This is in the running. It is. I'm thinking of like when do you have the most currency when you know but this is also? This season is also win. He makes Edison Alpha. Dog We'll talk about the black snake Moan. Do you remember that? Harvick thing look at me. Now don't ever say a bad thing about Alpha dog ever again in my problem. My Gosh Southland Tales. Okay about Third Shrek. The third socks short to is amazing. And it's the godfather to animated movies with numerous times with sucks. Really bad see to me. It's like it's the height of his powers and so in the height of your powers. You think you can you do right so you think you can do these things. And that's what I think is acting career wise because he had to take a break. Because you can't just because I re I remember at the grammys rare at the grammys. Four justified he's nominated for multiple grammys. He has to do an onscreen apology for CBS. Even let him be at the Grammy Apologize. For the Super Bowl. Which is an Janet? Jackson was like. Oh I'm not coming. I'm not going to be like I'm not going to use the system. And he was like my bad can win a grammy plea fleas grammy. Don't really go to the cell. He take a break. I think he gets look. I got out of the way band curse at like. I've survived them. You see him going into film as like Michael Jordan playing baseball. Yes Oh really because I just don't think he is talented. This is maybe it is the height of his powers because probably everyone around him. Like my amazing you can totally do you in Edison. You should for sure do more of because I won't let let's go into the next phase and wolf kind of overlap here a little bit into the Solo career because you talked about Edison in Alpha Dog and I think that's not quite eight to two thousand twelve but this is really where he goes into like. He really is into acting so I I just want you to know. No one knows he. People have ever been more invested and a movie that goes strict to DVD. Then Jason Waterfalls and I and she doesn't five we were all in on Edison. This you with Morgan Freeman Justin Timberlake. This is it. He's going to be great. Morgan Freeman thinks of that. Like what do you think he was thinking when they brought in tiny twenty four year old Justin Timberlake? Think my sins and Morgan Freeman. Choisy may was like will this. Check cash great trait that if it doesn't then we have otherwise let's go so he starts in Well I guess a better question is when do you get to a pretty good movie performance in his acting career or do you ever get inside? Lynn Davis okay. He's great thirteen but takes. What ten films before that? So you're not counting the social network. Listen we've discussed this because the social network guys is a fantastic film. It is so good. It's the only time I've really loved Jesse Eisenberg like really loved him is because he's planning a whole. Oh good at it but he likes so is Justin Timberlake. Yeah he's playing in a whole he is like entitled to Roddick Paranoid a whole and I think episodes ago. We watched recently recently and his performances. A hold on for me you. You made the comment. That Dakota Johnson is better in Russia. Lean crushes Jamie free crushes? She crushed Ellen on Ellen show and she cries Justin Timberlake on this. Do you know who the student wanted for? Sean Parker in the Social Network Jonah Hill jong-il. David fincher vehemently did not. No you can't do Jonah Hill because shopworker needs to be slightly charismatic. And I just don't think Jonah Hill. He is the acting jobs pulled off. Oh I think they would mix talks you into that. Performance is the Charisma the presence. And I think Justin Timberlake's always at presence. I just don't think and I'm here and I'm like I don't know what it is about. And that's not good in in movies. I don't know if he has bad taste. I don't know if he's there's a cheesiness and accordionist about him that I don't know that I can ever get over. Yeah because I would argue that inside Davis. I am letting him draft off of Oscar. I think and he's playing kind of like a dippy do-gooder yes dushi baggy. There's something there and a great film separate from him it it is. It's like social network. That's a great film whether it's Justin Timberlake or not not because of Justin Timberlake's performance so then when you watch trouble with the curve guy. Amy Adams what were you doing? Look like Oh okay. She had to kill a lot of people. She had declined through a lot of sewage fields. To get to where she's at now so let's not that's very true was like wasn't she in? Talladega nights she's like the first one we can't hold that against her but like I mean he's in bad teacher for some reason God only knows. Why routes that a couple months ago. No He's like I can't tell if he's best in a side roll like a supporting role or his best in a like Dushi a whole character. He plays that really well and I don't know if that's because that's where he is or that's like I don't I don't know if there's like the boy band residue that's still on him that he'll never get. Maybe so maybe it's not that he's really a lot of people say a lot of. Nice things about him actually have worked with time or that have been working environments with him. They'll say he's a really Nice Guy. He's really friendly. I think he's just he is one step to the right from that. Do She. Easily BE THAT PERSON. And so he knows what it's like. Oh I could be that really easily so now channel that sure I do think I maintain His best performance is Frankie and Alpha Dog. Like I'll fight. Anyone asks he's really. I remember friends with benefits with mealy. Kunas tough tough movie So Acting goes you know not great so then he goes from acting. I guess that didn't take off so he goes back into music. Face five is Twenty thirteen releases twenty experience. It's fine then. He releases his fourth studio album. The twenty twenty experience two of two yes on September twenty thirteen. Yes in those albums are Be careful there like these out. Do you really well talked me through okay. I think they make one really great album. If you take from each of those albums four or five songs okay. Make them one ten song album if you cherry pick. The best parts of mirrors is a mere says a good song great song. Tko Is a Great Song. Like sitting title love. But I love the video. I don't like how slow it is. It's so slow I really listening to it and I forgot how slow it is. Yeah there are things about better does albums that are good but it was not necessary that we have Amnesia like that. You didn't need both. You didn't need that. You didn't need twenty five songs to get like six good ones. Is that what you're saying? No relaxer to and yeah he does. I don't know how to. I still don't know how to feel about that. But he did it. And it's something we have to reckon with and we have to recognize He does some soundtrack work but then most after that in two thousand nine he does man of the woods which is not a good hang man. Listen No one if you were like around my instagram in two thousand eighteen. Nobody was more excited about that album. And then as disappointed as I was when that album came out. I remember you really not like that because I tried to talk myself into a couple of songs about his son. In fact there's one just be on it. I can remember which one that is Yeah we have to listen to dumb tolerated Olympics. The problem you make me. He makes them into the woods. This is what he said he was like. Look I'm going to go back home. And like he said. I think where I grew up in America has a lot of influence growing up in Tennessee. Very of the country Memphis is known as the birthplace of rock and roll but also the home of the blues. But naturals right down the street. So there's country music too. There's so much thing or some geographical issues with so many problems with that also with when you start playing man of the woods. The first song is filthy which F. Why is not a blue song or a country song? It is like it's a straight up aren be like Damn saw. The whole thing bothered me because he made it. Seem like he was gonna make a country album. He's like oh no no. No I'm just GONNA have to country songs on this album supplies on it which. I love puzzles such as midnight summer jam. That is a great fun but it's like the marketing was so bad because he was like. Nah Montana now but see to make a Montana album. You've to follow John Mayer's role model right. You have to make a whole paradise alley like it has to be all Montana or do. Connie does and go to Montana but not make it about Montana. The album didn't either and he picked the middle and it just didn't it didn't really work. And I know you know depending on how you about twenty twenty You can make the case that it's fourteen years since he's made like a good like a great album does fair to you. I loved twenty twenty. So what do you call that? Like a great would you is. That is that on par with justified. No absolutely not yeah. I might argue that that The future sexy lovey. Salma was my last favorite thing. I can listen to that from beginning to end and not be sad at all. And that's I don't know like I think a resum philosophies on albums and I think even now album like we're kind of post album album is worth more than the singles but I think that's the hallmark of a great great album is you can listen to it. At any point you can finish the whole thing. Never mind even built to listen to that way. They build it where it's like it. Never the song. Don't ever stop. They just roam right into each other. Yeah Yeah there are eight minute songs on future. Sex love sounds and I'm like I'm here for it. Let's go lifestyle that's a that's a commodore and how great it is but here in this last phase this most recent phase. We're not really getting that. He is involved with trolls. He does right Can Stop Feeling which is great fetch. It's just voice. Acting I mean. A branch like quintessential Justin Timberlake Josh. Gad could do that role and I'd be like great it's aloft but he's a troll now and that would be fine. I don't think like that depends on Justin Timberlake. Okay so let's do superlatives What is his biggest? W and when I say that it could be the powers or it can be like the singular experience. That is the quintessential Justin Timberlake like success. Oh to me. It is justified. The album I was listening to it this weekend and I was like this is good. 'cause you have to think about it like first of all? He's breaking a hugely successful boy band which mark. Paul McCartney is still trying to do that and he has not been successful right. You've got people like Diana Ross. Michael Jackson who Justin Timberlake says that's my idol You got beyond say Harry Styles. Maybe camelia come bail right. That have done that successfully but very Kelly has a new album out this weekend and I like the single on it but like no like. She's just not only is going to happen Kelly. Kelly. I'm so sorry you're so pretty But like he named us he named an album justify his name is just you get it. I get it will get people get it which that's one of the early things you could do like name your like album like Jamie situation or whatever and he gets. He gets four grammy nominations. He wins best pop vocal album. This is a guy who's like just one best my first out of the gate for shot-for-shot wins. Listen tell me we. I play for you right now. Crimea River and we would freak the freak out. Listen it is. That's my biggest. W like through the looking of what you're saying it's crummy river because of everything that you just said but also it's like the ultimate f you break up song. So it's IT'S A it's a dope video I didn't realize for instance Lawrence Did it yes? Because I think he went on to do the hunger. This is a big deal like director and I think like not only was it. It was Proof that he could differentiate himself from Brittany Spears and not just differentiate but like punch back. Because she was I think at this moment she was big a bigger deal than him. She's much bigger but to show like oh. I can actually throw shade. And it's really good and impressive and I think that video It's creepy video. Can you win when you read about the making of it? They were like we really intentionally wanted it to be weird we wanted it to be. It's kind of abuses refuse a million times. But it's like Josh Jackson cruel intentions being like lethargic character. It's Pacey wise PAC- seducing guys and girls what's happening here right. But they needed to do that to to make him not pay anymore and similarly just goes video he needed this album but specifically this video to be like is he weird like what's happening here not is not just in from the band because the other thing about this is that Crimea River wasn't the first single off the album right. You know he debuts and he does which is Great. I love it Senorita. A Song Bob. Y'All rock your body. I like got up at my house and started dancing but crummier river. I Love Britney Spears. Didn't like twenty eleven interview where she was asked about Crimea River and she was like he called me an aspirin. He said he was going to do a video. And it was gonna be I was going to be in it and I was like doesn't make me look bad and he's like no it's fine. It's fine no it does make you look. I don't on him. She cheated on him. And so it's just reminding everybody for the rest of eternity that Britney Spears cheated on Justin Timberlake and he ended up his whole life ended up better best true true roads diverged in a wet. She doesn't know it at the time. Maybe twenty eleven she should. We've already shaved her head in like head a SUV with an umbrella. We know it now we do not know and so she said if I I said well no. It's your video you can make I like. How can I say no? He's well if you don't want me to make this video I won't make it and you know it's video make your video. And she goes. That was my big regret. I should have said don't have me in a video. See I think it adds the mythology of Britney Spears you know because like I mean it's a it's a great video and it it propels him forward but an another lens it's like She kind of broke him really hard kind of a flex but I read that There was I think a week or so where they thought the videos get killed. After they had shot it she saw the cut and they thought it because they were at the same label and she was bigger and she had the power to kill it. But obviously like you said she didn't kill it so we got it. I just I I think that I think there's probably he's probably in the future sex. Love sounds like vibe. That's probably powers you know like when he's on. Snl To an Omelet Ville. I think that's when approval rating is like a million percent. But this moment is like I think that's the biggest thing we were all like. Did you see that video is what about biggest? L. For you well I think for me. His Biggest L. And it's also like this. Pardon me could say his dating life because it's a weird listen. Y'All can. I just quickly run through? Who He stayed Yes. He dated Furby when he was sixteen and she was twenty three. You'll problems there. Because she said it was before he got real heavy with Britney I argue confirmed it in an interview then he starts dating obviously Britney Spears dates her for four years. Okay he then. After he wakes up he dates. Genita- one And was like we dated. But not that long. We're like frenzy. Dated then he dates baby spice from the spice girls of course dates Cameron Diaz. Who at this time is one of the biggest movie stars steal dill then he starts dating inexplicably Jessica Biel? Yeah Yeah from that. Here's a just be all other than that when you can go? Jamie from the biggest actress in the world to acquire actress on the. Cw You make that move every single time. She's in her underwear and that was the only time I was like. Oh she's really hot. It's not I'm sailor movie but listen. They break up in the middle of their dating because he has allegedly cheated on her with Olivia. Munn who I would argue is one of the prettiest people like. She's Avar L. confirmed that right okay. Then while also on this break would you like to know the three women that he slept with sure. Why why Libya Wild? Okay Ashley Olsen. Okay Scarlet Jim Hansen holy cow. Who who's Ashley Olsen Cain Ashley Olsen Oh Dang? Us You know what's so bad? I don't know when you don't say you're nationally. I don't know who you're talking to Olsen both. Who are you talking about were you did? Is that the Sadat's to me aloft. The other thing that I would say just really briefly even though we could spend a whole episode on it is. He has a someone who has always. I've done a really good job of quitting to. Who has inspired him and he said on hot ones that he really wanted justified to be an rb album and it costs five as pop and won best pop album but he was always disappointed by that. Because all I wanted to do was being R. and B. Singer but that's all I ever wanted and he's always pointed to who has inspired him and I like there's a writer on vibe Luria Freeman. We'll put the link in the show notes to the article. She wrote and she says if a white performer benefits from black culture they should also fight the injustices that come with black life and he is somebody who has you know he. He's made some. This is a guy who had big domineering and had corn rows and put a bandanna around his corn roads. Like this is a guy who's trying to draw rule and did some cultural appropriations specifically but he's gotten an an even off of. Maybe some would argue off the body of Janet Jackson. Although we've always said she was fully in on what was happening. Jermaine Dupree was walking around the literally. Make sure you pay attention like something already going to happen. And so but I like that where he says in this article. She says there's a very thin line that separates appropriation an inspiration but it does exist does purely inspired by another culture are not always seeking to exploit characteristics of that culture for personal gain. I believe that as someone who has benefited from the creative trailblazing magic that is Black Culture Justin Timberlake owes the black community. His voice yet he has consistently remained silent My biggest though is just a series yours. It's on punked. Got punked by Ashton Kutcher and like this was a foundational pop culture moment in my life. He was the first celebrity to ever appear on forgotten that I just thought he would. He was just a guy. Yeah me too. I thought the episode that actually makes it more powerful. Are we wash. They won't included in the show notes but So he is basically the premises. He hasn't paid his taxes to the. Irs is Repossessing all his property right that is clearly in excess of nine hundred thousand dollars he owes which is what makes us a funny but also I read that he so at one point and DAX the real star here if we're going to break down his show it is and I forgot and I remember the moment thinking this guy's really good but you forget how Great Doug Sheppard is and we dunk on him a lot but he is perfect in DAX. Shepard is the best and he deserves everything he has just because of that seat. Leifer season he gave us but he plays like a really chatty. Iras agent like chatty enough that is believable but also really annoying and I won't play They revealed that they've taken his dogs. And that's when Justin timberlake cries cries in it's just perfection and I read that. He later admitted that he smoked weed when this was going down so he was a little laffargue when everything was like. Tinder dies vulner-. I guess I don't know that you. Do you really know that. Know for the big knowing laugh question. Did you smoke weed just before this? I mean you could call this an L. A. or you could call it kind of a. W. It's a humanizing moment. It really is because I think a lot of us if we were like they took the dogs. And you're scared and you're young. You have to think that this was he would have been no kidding like this one years old. Oh Yeah this. Two thousand two hundred eighty so young very young when this happened. Yeah I think you could. Also you could also say the social network is an L. because him being in a prestige movie it makes you think this is a real deal actor and then we found out and he just doesn't work out What is like his most low key? Mbp type decisions. He was actually asked this in an interview. Like what was the best decision? You've ever made the best decision I've ever made is he says I I look at. I look at just because sometimes when she's not looking and I had this moment where I'm like if you never make a decision if you only make bad decisions for the rest of Your Life. You made one really good decision. Look that's a perfect way that you read that because that's exactly how I see it in my head. Can I match your quote with another stupid quote that I found athlete? He said so. I guess people with my soul. I don't kiss them with my mouth and like what were you saying? What do you what do they mean? That's we do have to be talking but I also think like just GonNa deal is like it is the best decision he ever made for me for. My Network is eight. His two hundred fifty million I to me though the low key. Mvp like great decision. That makes them still very interesting and likable to me. Is His bromance with Jimmy Fallon. Oh good that's one to Italy is a humanizes them in? I think it it draws out the best part of his which is how funny he is. He's very funny like if you watch them do you like 'cause they they originally meet on. Snl because he and he's the musical guest and he does Berry Gab like they lease and the BG's and that is so good and they're so good at and he's a really he he's able to do an impression it's really good and then them together is just like a perfect white bromance. That's just delightful and it goes beyond it goes to wants to be found gets SNL and it's like it's still going to this day. I still ride for the automobile sketches. Hose Olive Oil. So good okay. Let's wrap up this conversation and talk about where. Where do you think like in ten years? Justin Timberlake is. Where's he going? What is like the course? The PATH FORWARD TO SUCCESS. Ram know what it is like. I think he's GonNa do Palmer which is going to be completely overshadowed by the fact that he put his hand on her thigh on a New Orleans balcony. It's going to be like a Weirdo version of Mr. Mr Smith. Where you're going to ask you might WANNA see. I'm I see it just because I remember what happened because I don't Wanna see their chemistry on screen. But he's not. I just don't know that acting I'm not saying you can't get better at acting right like obviously practice makes perfect and you can take classes. And obviously he might can get better but I just don't think that's the thing but to me. The only way he could make another album is I would like to see him. Genuinely make like some kind of singer. Songwriter country album. Like I would be interested in that. You know I 'cause when you were talking about I think he does not get. There's so much about him that we all know and that is always like interfaces but the thing that I think we don't really perceive as much is how talented of a of a songwriter. He is how great of a producer he can be. And I don't think he gets credit for that so I would like to see a world where he does. I know it's it's different with music and movies but he does like Brad Pitt. Kind of I'M GONNA be behind the scenes I'm gonNA produce I'm GonNA help shape And I'll I'll pitch in and do some songs do but I like the idea of him like taking a more executive approach to music. Because I I don't think I just don't think I think you get to this point as an artist where what you have left to say like. What is your life you can't. You're you have to go to the woods till I wanNA write something. That's a good thing because you've been successful but like at at some point you don't have anything else. Jeans able to give up the stage though to be or is that maybe like a misunderstanding of who he is. Because I think about who I think about is I think about Ashton Kutcher and Ashton Kutcher. With like after. I'm a decent actor and I'm funny and I'm in these. I've been in these heads but you know what else have a lot of money but I've invested very smartly in a lot of things. I like that part of my life so I don't have to be the sky anymore. I can go be this guy and I'll still get some publicity because I'm still Ashton Kutcher and married the meal. Kunas so I'm going to be on red carpets. And things like that but I don't have to be. I don't have to really be a great actor anymore. I I don't know I part of me wonders because I've always thought of just as having a very very poor man's version of like Frank Sinatra like Sinatra's obviously talented musician a singer right but it became more like he was just cool and people just like Sinatra right and I wonder if that is the destiny for Justin Timberlake just to be like mythical cool not really have the receipts anymore but that coolness just carries him so he hosts award shows. He shows up on Jimmy Fallon. He's always around but he's never. This is my book just published. Please check it out of the. You know what I mean right. You just kind of Ranga Warren Beatty. I was like that was Warren Beatty. Did he was like? I'm not anymore but like here. I am presenting the office. Just here. I'm just a guy here like I'm just 'cause I don't think this is not a heartache. I just don't think he can be a good actor because I think if you're going to be a good actor when you're like malleable. You know but you're Justin timberlake now and you're forty years old a if it's not going to happen if it didn't happen not going to happen. I don't think he's in a place for director to be like So that sucked your terrible and I need more emotion from you at a certain point. Success you don't have a lot to say but also you're not really coach -able anymore because you're like wait a minute. I'm just really quick. What he's talking about. Who I think has navigated this like pivoted. I maybe can't make music all the time anyway anymore. But I'm gonNA still do stuff because have skills that are in other places and it. I never believed it would have been successful but Kelly Clarkson the Kelly Carson show has been hugely successful because she's still taps into music and people love cover so she knew that from tours. I was like if I can figure out a way to do covers all the time. Oh I can do them every talk show and I'm fine and like a doofus so I have a Rachel Ray component to me. I like that a lot. And she's managed to like translated into one now. I have a steady home and my kids can go to school and I'll be on tour. I think that's for him to you. It's like he has a five year old. Where does Iverson? I've heard talking about? Gosh stylus means from the forest. Okay let me put to you because you saying that I was like I love that. That's great what if it feels like Ellen is about to be cancelled not like as a show but as a person if so there's going to be like avoid what he's just like. Hey welcome to the Justin show and he does kind of the same stuff hangs out with celebrities says a little music everyone Muslims number lake. I am I. I just don't think he wants to work that hard. I think he wants to golf and I think he wants to go to basketball games. And he's like two hundred fifty million I don't have to. I don't have this drive to work. Every day I think is stealing his lunch money right now John Legend Oh really. Yeah John Jameson. You know the Christ. If he's married to somebody is that we go back. What are you talking about this Broadway show about Jesus? Jesus Christ superstar. Jesus Christ is. I don't even know is a different thing. But the great musical. Show him a copy of the greatest stories It's like the greatest American hero but anyway John Legend is married to somebody cooler. He has a really interesting online life. He doesn't -dorsements he's still makes music. And it's really good and people are really drawn to see John. Legend has figured out the math. That Justin Timberlake doesn't have an interesting enough wife to do your point why I know like Justin timberlake probably couldn't have been the guys save jobs in La La land. Why is he doing? It's GONNA ask that. Like why isn't he in the John Legend Role? Because I don't think I think why isn't he? Jesus did you know the NBC live performance. He was offered the notebook to be James Martin's character and he's like I want a meteor part. I want a bigger role. That's not enough for me and I'm like actually my man. That role is perfect for you. That's exactly what James Marsden does works. He works he works okay. That's our conversation on Justin. Timberlake explained I feel like we explained him perfectly so you now should understand him perfectly if you thought independence on our thoughts and opinions please. Less nauseam accomplish three forty seven. Hey guys a quick break to talk about one of our sponsors open fed. Big shocker here. 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This week is I went to the grocery store. So here's what here's what happened. I had not been into a public place for thirty seven days. Really I know it was an listen. It was your yard. I've ordered a lot of the online. I've a lot of cardboard at my house but I went to the grocery store. Because they're just some things that I just wasn't able to get Erin was sweet enough to bring me paper towels and toilet paper but still out of things that I knew that if I could just get into a store incident pickup bears a thing at Walmart pickup in my neighborhood and I live in like a lower middle class neighborhood. Everybody wears a mask like everybody. Walking into the store has a mask on but I thought well I'll go to the boozy side of town and go to their publics with your your hypothesis being being that like Oh those people are also going to be like really serious Yeah they weren't they. Were not the booty people are? These people were not wearing a mask. Only about a third of the people were wearing masks. Public SET IT UP. So that like aisles. Were one way and women were like. I just got my bars. Getting even when staffer like no ma'am. This is not the way to go. I'm just going to sneak by. Do you know who I am. Now do you mean. They weren't wearing masks but they're wearing like survivor. Buffs like some people have to do anything and then their children running about licking shells corona donner seeing that. So I'm GonNa Red Light Emmy one who is not taking the proper precautions. Because here's what I figured out wearing the mask and listen my mom. Amy Accustomed House that you can put like. Ip twenty-five carbon filter in and take it very for real for real call of duty high that but what I love about it is. It's not even that it's about me like not getting my droplets on anybody. Got Us thinking about your droplet. Do don't want to get him on anybody or on anything but it helped me not touch my face. When I'm like 'cause I'm touching all the things in the grocery store to put them in my buggy I'm touching the becky. I'm touching the shelves. I'm touching all the things and so it helped me keep me from touching. My face can remember like what you said about mask. No he said no one cared you. I was so I put on the mass. That's something to think of exactly right. Plus I did like the mass to also somebody. I knew who I know has lots of underlying conditions. You WANT TO NAME NAMES. No but thought you and you're not even wearing a mask. Why isn't your family going to the grocery store for you do not understand it okay? What is your bud by my relied this week? Is the trailer for a new project. Called Perry Mason. No you know it. I'm redlining it because I thought it was a movie. Now's very excited for it now. It's a TV series the TV series. I'm even more excited. Says Too Much Red Lights? Are The are so great. Thank you for that compliment. It'll be you know be two hours tops and that'll be great but now I found out I get like I get like eight hours with these people. It's Matthew it's a race is the and you know. I thought it was Taddeo to our Tatyana. Mas Lonnie Yeah and John Lithgow. They're not in a much like a couple of minutes. And the whole 'cause you look They die. I don't know I don't who knows knows I did. You Watch Mason again at my mom. Loved Harry Miss With Pyramids Homesick. I would go Perry Mason prices right and like skinny like tight like black and white. Perry Mason was there like a robust. He got a little husky across fit. Or got like no oh. He ate a little bit. Hasn't cheeses begrudge that. Listen we don't shame here on the Guy. We like all kinds. I think Matthew Rees if I maybe vote he he. He's going to be more of a sexy Perry Mason show. I'm here for sexy trailer. It's It's kind of got like a noir kind of feel to it. Yeah and One of the main directors he I think he just four or five of his Tim. Van Patten who Direct Law Sopranos and did ally lock in which boardwalk empire looking for something to Like some organized crime to stream right now during the nineteen th. That's a real tiger. King fix like organized crime. That's right want something. That's like better dialogue. Yeah that's exactly. It looks like a million bucks. Do you ever reconsideration this week. I do have a reconsideration so I had actually cancelled my youtube. Tv because we weren't recapping the bachelor the Bachelorette really you cancel. Well I cancelled it because I don't have anything else to really watch that I need to watch live because we don't have any award show when the weather's bad which it is like every other day here I don't know if you know but phones have access to like data about watching eight hours of the same people tell you the same thing. Okay L. W. X. And that tells me what's going on but I noticed on twitter. Everybody was hash hiding the last dance and I was like whizzes about and and then I was like. Oh a best about sports because anytime. I don't know what something is on twitter. I'm like my yes. Yes no reply. All is always sports related and so I found out it was an so. I'm reconsidering like one. I'd like got my youtube. Tv again. Okay said that I have. Espn and I watched the last dance. And I'm reconsidering that sports might be my future okay. I'M GONNA pause there 'cause I'm going to talk about that in a second. The last dance. But I'll do my reconsideration as well. It is it's the NFL draft. Hear me it's this week. Great it's Thursday. I know that from a commercial on. Espn exactly right. This has always been like I think Christmas for the July. Nfl draft. It's in that order hall. Miss Fourth of July infiltrate and then we're is Easter. Oh can like Sunday school or like real talk real taught it's down is down the list pass Allah. We always bring guys. You know what I wasn't Jesus all year round. I don't just keep it to one month so I don't know but like I. I love the NFL draft so much. And I know a lot of people poop on it. And it's like a boring telecast but reconsider it because you don't get any sports right now this is only see how you're getting for a while and I know maybe you like to watch the nineteen ninety masters on CBS. Or whatever that sucks this is real life. We know these people it's going to be a cluster f because you've got old boomer GM's who got draft zoom call. It's going to be a disaster. In the best part is they're not going to be in the room or they can't so they're like like the the bengals. Gm is going to be his living room with his. See the running back put on the Jersey up with the hat. They'll like CGI on snapchat filter. That's the thing no one knows. And it's all old guys having to navigate this so it's unintentional comedy. Sports highlights can be great. What is your this week? Okay my Greenland. This week is to okay. I thought I can't read anymore. Read like for two weeks and now it's like I picked up three bucks this thing. I was like gross and I can't do illiterate literate now next so now. I'm back into TV so this week. I'm going to recommend Mrs America. Okay on Hulu whole Lee moly guys. Mrs America tells the True Story of the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment Witch as women's studies major. I was obsessed with made in a lab for you specifically for you. Listen it was. Even though I did say out loud I was like I love it. These these female icons of American feminism are being played by not Americans but they're being played very well by them. So Rose Byrne Plays Gloria Steinem. I want her glory sign. Speak at my college and I like. I just couldn't even see I couldn't get up from my seat. It was such a big deal that I can tell you I. I never came to my college are you? Are You surprised? I'm not surprised by that. And then Phyllis Schlafly who is like the focus of it because she was a conservative who really fought the equal rights amendment for a lot of interesting reasons and those play out here. She is played by Cate Blanchett. Tell you Kate Blanchett Kate. Blanchett is our Meryl Streep. She's so good she's re in this and then there's like you got like all kinds of people in this. You Got Margo Martindale you got. Sarah Paulson was in. Don't sleep on Moore. And she is so. She's so great and justified. She's just like one of the best character actor when I see her anything. I'm like. Oh Margaret must. This must be like in the Americans Do you bet and tracey. Ullman is playing betty for Dan and she is killed. When I thought I was like tracey. Ullman amazing in it so that's my first recommendation. The first four episodes are out so listen like watch it. It's fantastic and then the other recommendations if you want like actual like documentary history The innocent smiles on. Netflix is really good although it is very disconcerting about maybe like our justice system if you listen to you a lot of US learn about the innocence project when we listen to serial. Yeah I did my master I. I did my senior thesis in college on Women on death row prison and said this is very very close to my heart. In essence fouls is a documentary tells the stories of eight cases of wrongful conviction. Where the nonprofit the innocence project comes in. I noticed that him went audience. Review on rotten tomatoes. The guy was like I see who this is run by and it's run one of the CO founders of innocence project is Berry Shack. But I go this. Is Barry Sheck trying to make amends for representing Oj Simpson and this is like how he can make any Centigrade job. They've gotten a lot of people who are wrongly convicted out of prison. Although after twenty years of being imprisoned so it it's done by three Academy award nominees documentaries. That's how good it is so good. So what's Your Green Light Migrelief? You alluded to earlier. It is the last dance it's on ESPN right now. The first says outs this weekend. it tells the story of the one thousand nine hundred season for the Chicago Bulls after they are Will in pursuit of their second. Three peat It talks about the tensions between the Front Office for the Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan talks about. It's a lot about Michael Jordan. Did you know he green lit? He's kind of been sitting on this like they've had this footage obviously for a long time because they shot it This documenta crew was granted tons of access in one thousand nine hundred so they've been sitting on it why. Well I think this is very telling After the two thousand sixteen Cavs came back to beat the warriors down through one and Lebron kind of cemented. His place Jordan said okay green light go ahead go ahead and make this mythological documentary about me which this is and it's not you know. I don't know I've seen like the Taylor Swift documentary and we've seen all kinds of documentaries where it's kind of like. I don't know this is certainly in the defecation of Michael Jordan. But it's fun. It's fun to watch. It's fun to listen one thing about it. Here's the thing I've learned about. Upn and it's from you and your green lights. I am not interested in sports. Mostly you like documentaries sports. I love and listen nobody does it better than ESPN OJ. Remember that OJ documentary okay. They're so good at this thing and it makes sense because they're having to create like they're having to use. I just kept thinking. Well this should be their sweet spot. They know how to Telugu story with A. We're with something that they can't control and they're so good at the the only negative I found this whole thing was when there was a commercial will won their commercials because I'm watching it on Youtube TV. But well I got lazy and was not and so and I listened. Some of the commercials are really get. Hold on. I WANNA go back. What does that got lazy mean like I just. Can't I like that? You're in three thousand twenty with weather but like with commercials. You know like like look at that cute. Little James Harden turns like show me some mint sports? Your skin care which you don't need by the way just use regular skin care but he it was I'm sorry it was facebook sad where they referenced themselves as the Facebook Company. Oh yes what. We're going to red light that you refer to suddenly come on. The part of the social network is that Schlumberger got rid of the rights. You keep the electric that but the documentary itself is incredible. This guy. The first two episodes are wonderful. I've heard the whole thing is really really great. If you're on the fence let me just say a couple of words Traveling cocaine circus. Just watch for that. I was watching that. It's really really all right guys. That's going to do for this episode of the podcast and before you remember anytime you do any shopping on Amazon. Make sure to go to Amazon. Dot Com slash shops slash the podcast? I saw your purchases US earlier on purchase using dot link. Because we was Jamie. This is a Schwinn. Wayfair bike for men and women hybrid retro styled cruiser. Okay this is a very cool like I was like okay. Whoever's bought this with Arlene that a very cool thing but in the one of the questions asked was how about if I'm under five feet tall and Augustine who had verified purchase. This he rip back fits perfect. I gifted it to my wife. She is five six August idiot. Okay all right you guys. I'm Jamie Golden. You can find me on twitter facebook and instagram. At Jamie Golden score you can find mental social and you can pre-order my new book. All things reconsidered anywhere. Books are sold guys. Thanks for listen. What's next time?

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