Super Bowl Halftime Show: J Lo and Shakira


Can Low this is raw of seek to break and I wanted to jump in like so many others and share with you my Takeaways from last night's super bowl halftime show with Djalo insecure. And I guess before I continue. I'd like to add that some of my responses Mrs are little bit biased because I happened to really be huge. J. Lo and Shakira fans big fans of their music I love Jaylo. I love the Shura Reps Puerto Rico on. I mean she did the big reveal. Choose rocking that you as flagged for like Co best and she exposes. This is like she's like on no matter where I go. This is always here. And that's what what this is like for me. My sister for example like we don't blast this out all of the time but the truth of the matter. Is We wear this. Dr On our hearts carry all of the time And we think about a beautiful people are island Everyone who's whose input and everyone the United States. So hats off the performances with the both of them were so amazing And I guess my technical Critique would be may be in this land of Metoo Maybe we could have more upper angles and not so many under neath crotch shots You know some of the comments that I've been hearing from people is that It they go. From the the ladies were half-naked they performed a scandalous Routine gene and that a lot of people will turn off and that a especially you. Young children weren't allowed to watch it. I definitely Salihi can understand why those kind of dancing than outfits may we know necessarily be appropriate for young children and I am a little bit on the conservative side but at the same time judging it from the production perspective and someone who directly has worked with these artists through empty projects. And you know having Industry insight Something that I would like to offer is that it's not like they're the first ones to do it. And it's their continuing a trend. I mean let's be on his allowed of the artist. The females the top females and anyone. WHO's breaking into mainstream so many of them Perform in in very little outfits bathing. Sue Lingerie things showing everything jiggling and every year seems like it's more and more scandalous and more and more exposure. I think that by yes to these definition and that was conservative concern in relationship to other things that we have even seen in many other mediums and with other other celebrities I think that some of the comments that I enjoyed is the fact that you have two beautiful goddesses is who are you know. They're not young ladies but they are so well kept. They maintain themselves as well. They have a beautiful Zeke's They're always you know dancing and training and you could just tell like you could just see eh in the choreography. And the way they look the way they represent themselves. And it's sort of like to see you know I grew up just so that you can see the contrary Where a lot of people who were even in the fifties these they look like they were almost about to meet the grave and the redefining what forties fifties and sixties and seventies ca. Look like and you don't have to look like you need to meet the grave once you Are Hitting these older years. You could totally have the best health. And I loved that sort of being epitomized and encouraged in that. They're being it's not like they're they're You you know talking down at us saying you need to be like this. But no they're just showing you with their beautiful physiques. Just how how Athletic they are and and they represent the Puerto Rico's be representing Latinos You know the messages of togetherness of unity on was that propaganda with with J Lo's Part in the show. Where if I'm not mistaken. Her daughter was one of the young ladies singing. And then the camera pulls out. And then you see these children in cages. And if I'm not mistaken that was to be in protest of the children and they have been held in cages in the detention centers. So it's just one of those things that lately debut here that little typewriter. That's my charlie. He's just making making his security browns in Lincolnshire that everything is okay Just kind of lost my point I thought To data to secure Security Shakira secure had that gold outfit. I was thinking Sun Goddess and She came on at the end with it and J.. Lo Kim Kim was in silver and I was just thinking goddess. I love their beauty their duality the way they both express femininity You know for someone like me when I was growing up So much of the messages were that when you Aren't older woman that use is going to be like an old mop and just to again see. These women redefining Even these tales of what things should look like. And also that if your mother you couldn't do this and you couldn't do bad glad. And it's like you know they're breaking boundaries they're setting new New Bars right again again. Just because of everything that I've seen and understanding how television and what you the images that you constantly see portrayed over and over and over again of you see all the artists over ten plus years come out and they're big names and they're always like in lingerie or in scantily outfit whether you realize realized a Ni- is just going to just send the message that in order for you to be to break into the industry that you have to look like that and and or be extreme but there are examples of beautiful goddesses that are doing there are that are sharing their music and they're bringing divine feminine currents in there that look more Covered up I think that in the heart of me is that why is it. Latina's will I know that we're irresistible. resistible sexy spicy creatures beings human beings. Why is it that. That's what always leads when it comes to women Latinas and sex sexes and always have to lead and we don't need to always lead with our sexiness There are ways that you can use your beauty and being be magnetising and be charming and be magnetic attic and and set a new wave of what femininity also is and can look like so. I'm sorry three Someone my points. I missed because my little Chucky Brown distracted me but I think that I got most of what I want to see Z.. Out In this video let me know your thoughts guys. I welcome your comments below. Thank you for listening By the way Eh we did too and we just published a show on the break dot org. It's on the feed is under. podcast catchers so check it out. Oh it's what Ruthie and myself and it's our Monday morning live show format and so I hope that you check it out and will connect soon please subscribe. We are hundred percent independent and please share not the Nissan is.

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