Get the Stress of Debt Out of Your Life (Hour 3)


Live from the headquarters of Ramsey solutions. It's the Dave Ramsey show. Or dad is dumb cash is king and the paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the BMW as the status symbol of choice. I'm Dave Ramsey your host. This is your show. Thank you for joining us. It's all about you. The phone number is triple eight eight to five five two two five. Devon in Tampa starts off this hour. Hey, Devon, how are you? Hey, good. How about you? Dave better than I deserve. What's up? Awesome. All right. So I'm gonna pick right now. I'm twenty two. And so let me just say this story. So long story short. I thought I had Gabba churns in my previous are it was a Lexus is fifty. I got completely butchered on on did my interest rate when I bought it pretty much valuing it at twenty one thousand and it was really only fourteen thousand dollar car when he was long too short. I didn't have gap. I got into a car accident. I didn't get paid off for the full amount. So I still owed forty five hundred the issue is now is I also have a closed credit card which affect my credit score significantly. So I can't really get approved for many loans, some time to get that's awesome. Right. From you. What I should be doing. I think it's awesome that you can get approved for anymore because you put his well suck at this. Yeah. Every time you've touched debt, you really blew it up. Didn't you? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So. Listen, seriously, all kidding aside. It ain't working, dude. Stop it. So what do you make? Makes around fifty four thousand a year tool. You live with roommates or at home or what? Yes. So actually when I had good before the credit card close. I did buy a home about two years ago. And what I do is. I just rent the Reeves out, and I lived there. So I don't pay any mortgage. No utilities or things. So okay. That's good. Good. So many everybody pays that works out. Good and you're twenty two and you make fifty four thousand. Yes. You don't have a dime. I do actually have I have four grand ogre, and I'm not previous car. Do you have a car? Do you have a car? No, I don't that's the issue. I don't have a call right now. Okay. By four thousand dollars car. I have well I have five days to pay off the Lexus financial that that loan or what that too that credit or what. Or hits I credit? Oh well. Gain credit? Anyway, you ain't getting credit anyway, your credit suck. Right. Yeah. So it's five eighty gave me option. I was asking you. I they give me an option to do a payment plan with them, which would be over my previous payments. It'd be the has to be over three hundred fifty dollars a month. That'd be off of that. That'd be great as long as they don't report on your credit. That'd be great. Okay. So stop stop listlessness. Let's just call this through. Okay. Let's blow this through carefully number one. We're going to write a check and buy a car probably really about three thousand because I want you to have at least a thousand dollars in your account. Right. Okay. Then you have one debt to your name is that correct? Yeah. Other than the credit card debt. I'm sorry. How much credit card debt is there? Now, it's it's three K, and I have a payment plan, Senate Wells Fargo. Okay. Let's stop. Let's listen to this. You have four thousand five hundred and three is seven thousand five hundred you make me fifty four thousand dollars a year, you have zero housing cost. You need to be on a budget and stay out of the bars on the weekend. Right. Okay. Your party and spend all your money, and you're broke you can clear seven grand in no time, you're bringing home for five four forty five hundred forty two hundred forty three hundred a month. Aren't you? Yeah. Three. So how much of that? Can we put on this debt? Let's say it was two thousand you'd be debt free and four months credit card and Alexis is out of your life. You got paid for three thousand dollar car. Then we build an emergency fund of three to six months of expenses. You're sitting there with ten twelve grand and the Bank at that point only for emergencies because you've seen some emergency. So you know, you need this. Then that's there. Then we're going to save up and move up in car 'cause you're driving a piece of crap at this point. Right, right. Yeah. Yeah. You gonna do this. Yeah. Yeah. That's four months, you're debt free. Six months, you've got money in the Bank nine months, you're paying cash for a better car a year. From today. Your life is going to look completely different. You're going to be driving a ten thousand dollar paid for car. You're going to have zero debt and twelve thousand dollars in the Bank one year from the day. If you follow what I'm teaching you. Absolutely. And that will get the stress out of your life. Man, what you're going to have to concentrate and focus everyone of those dollars on those goals and not on a bunch of other goals. You got one thing to do debt free bilge emergency fund pay cash for your car. Put stupid, Lexus credit kiss on a payment for the gap. And then never do that. Again, never do it. Again. Learn your lesson. You will never need gap insurance. Again, you know, why you will never have a car payment again. If you get rid of car payments. You have a real shot at building wealth. You're a hustler, man. I'm not in a bad sense. I mean, you know, how to hustle and grind you're out. There pushing things around you got a lot of energy. You got sixty three ideas going in this one conversation. You know, you've just been really impulsive and disorganized. So now, it's time to just grow up and fine. Tune this and you can do it. And if you're fifty two or you're twenty two advice is the same. It's not an age thing. So you can do this. You can do this. Hold on. I'm gonna give you copy of the book the total money makeover. And show you exactly step by step point-by-point. What to do and how to do it? And it will walk you through what we were talking about here. You can do this Courtney is with us in Spokane Washington. Hey, Courtney, how are you? Hi, courtney. Hi, courtney. How are you? Good. How are you better than I deserve? How can I help? So I'm calling because my husband. I recently got married about two months ago. Congratulations. We are on baby steps to tackling our debt together. Great. And she has talked about the tension. Getting a second job to help pay for some of that that my concern is I'm Ardy working about sixty hours a week while going to graduate school, and I'm concerned about him working so much that we never see show other in sort of tank our marriage before begin, oh, you're newlywed. You'll find a way. Even with him working. Second job new you'll be your schedule time together. You just watch. What you're doing? What your schedules and overlap how much dad have you got? Thousands eighty thousand how fast it'll be paid off. If you guys really get after it. Well, currently I make twenty five thousand a year on my own, but I'll be finishing up my degree and a little over a year and a half. Great. And I will have a PHD great in what? Great. And what what will what will you be doing with a PHD in criminal Justice? Working has professor at a university. Great good for you. And what does he make? He makes about thirty five brand year. Great. Okay. So try the part time job if your marriage starts struggling because of that one thing, which I doubt. But if it does he can quit the part time job lot like a big life decision. We're not chiseling this stone go Mike a little money. See if that doesn't help sometimes debts bigger stressor than working. This is the Dave Ramsey show. What happens if you die without a will leave a mess for your family to deal with it doesn't matter if you have dependence or not everyone needs a will go to legalzoom dot com and get your last will and testament legalzoom's not a law firm, but their network of independent attorneys can answer your questions from start to finish. Check out. Legalzoom dot com today and get special savings when you use the code Dave at checkout. Legalzoom where life mates legal legalzoom dot com, promo code, Dave. If you didn't know we have the Ramsey baby steps community on Facebook. And Joanna says Dave I've reached baby step four. I think I'm reading to start investing in a Roth IRA and getting ready for retirement. Does anyone even know where to start? Absolutely you start with Roth IRA's Roth 4._0._1._K's if you have a match you start with the match. That's definitely the way you go you go Roth means tax free growth, and you always invest in good growth, stock mutual funds. I personally invest and have recommended for almost thirty years here on the air that you spread your investments across four types. Our everyday millionaires, many of them did something very very similar to that. The four types are growth, growth and income aggressive growth, and international. And if you need some help doing all of that because it's new to you or for that matter. Most of us needs a male by have help I have. Someone watching mine with me, they're called Smartvestor pros. I'm not in the investment business. I don't sell investments. None of my people do, but we have an endorsement program called Smartvestor, click on Smartvestor at daveramsey dot com and info it'll drop down a list of the Smartvestor pros in your area, people that are professional advisors. What they do for a living. They'll sit down with you and help you do that. It's very very easy to do. And. You know, there's a list of them you choose which one you wanna work with in your area. But you're gonna find them to be people that give you advice similar to what you'll hear here on the air. And so you're not gonna hear anything inconsistent. You're getting three kind three different directions to go and not know what direction to go. But you're all about learning when you're investing. You don't put money in something. You don't understand you don't put money in something. 'cause Dave Ramsey said to you don't put money in something because anybody said to you put money in something because you understand it and not until then. You know, what people say right before they lose all their money. All I've got a guy handles mine. That's what they say. Right before they lose all their money that when someone says that what that means is they have no freaking idea. What's going on with their own money? They just handed it to somebody. It's like dropping your kid off with a stranger. Kind of paranoia, you, really? You're not gonna do that. You're going to know what's going on. You're gonna know who's the in the house what's happening with your kid. And what's that with your money because I got to tell your money's gonna get mistreated. If you don't know what's going on with it. Rianne Anna is with us in state, college, Pennsylvania ran and hour you. Are you better than I deserve? What's up? So just near doesn't under a half on my father passed away, and he left me with some benefit sharing money. With a hundred thousand dollars. Are you? I'm twenty two twenty two. Oh, well, she. He was forty five young. What happened? Yes, she had a heart attack and they pronounced him brain dead. Or so later, I'm so sorry. Well, but it was a year ago. He left you one hundred thousand dollars in your twenty two. Wow. So what are you gonna do with it? Well, spend more of it than I wish I had I, you know, if my student loans for my bachelor's degree, which is about seven thousand and I also bought a new car for about twenty seven thousand which I regret now. And then also been living off of a lot of the rest of it. I was working and making money too. But it became a little bit too much to be working and fulltime at school being in my junior and senior years. So right now, I have about fifty thousand and six hundred dollars left in the Bank from that money and how much how made finish school. I well what I plan to do plan to become physician assistant, and I will have to take. The program for that is going to be about ten thousand dollars. How much do you? How much do you need to finish school? Oh, I'm about to finish school in two months. It's it's paid my bachelor's paid for but in total eight thousand and you have fifty thousand left. Yes. We know what we're going to do with the money. And then we've got to figure out how you're going to eat during this time, which means you are back to work. Yes. There's going to be on a tight budget watching what you're doing because otherwise you're not gonna finish school without debt. Right. You make enough to make enough to eat and pay your rent while you're going through school, and you have the money to finish school. If you don't screw it up and go buy something else, you paid cash for twenty seven thousand dollar car. Yeah. Chill. I paid it off. I took out like a seven. Build credit, and I just recently just all of it. All you could sell that. Yeah. And that's that's what I was considering. I looked on TV. And it says that the card values about twenty six thousand dollars. Now, it's not, you know, you haven't taken taken too much of a bath for this mistake. But honestly, twenty seven thousand dollar car in your situation as broke as you are with the with the goals that you have that are much bigger than car ownership. I mean, your education goals should be your dad's legacy, not a car. And yeah, I realize that no I shall live in. Five or six thousand dollar car and get yourself on a tight budget and make sure you're working and lay out a game plan where your income will cover your housing and food needs. And and you've got the money then to complete tuition and that that's a good game plan. And you'll you know, and what three years you'll have the degree, right? Yeah. Since about from now, and you'll be a PA. So what you said. Yeah. That's what I'd like to be. Well, are you are you getting the grades? Can you do it? I think so. Yeah. I mean, it's going to be is going to be tough work, especially working to do it. One of the ways you you can always test yourself, and I've used this with my and with others to on whether you're using an inheritance properly is you visualize standing beside the situation that you use the money for and ask yourself is your dad and heaven smiling. And I see you standing on that stage graduating with that degree in your hand driving three or four thousand dollar car five thousand dollar car six thousand or car whatever and zero debt and I'll see your dad smiling. Don't you? Yes. I agree. Driving a twenty seven thousand dollar car. Not so much. Yeah. So make sense. Yeah. Yes. Makes sense. I just wasn't sure. I I'm always leery of getting I was weary of getting used car because the expenses that go into it. So. Yeah. You're you're gonna spend twenty thousand dollars on six hundred car. Okay. So we know you're gonna come out ahead. Okay. And if you start spending too much on his sell it and get a different one. And you know, that's the thing. So yeah, that's you know, that's the thing to think about it's just an idea for you. I know you got some tough decisions to make and you've been through a tough time. I'm sorry that this is left on your plate. But I'm really glad that hundred thousand dollars was left on your plate to to be able to start your life off. And you have the opportunity to honor your dad's memory by doing this properly. And I think that's a thing that calls us to more nobility when we say that I'm not shaming you. Instead, I'm I'm calling you to nobility, and what's the most noble version of Rianne, and in this case, and it's the one that seeks out something that's great for her future not for her Friday night. And that that that's the thing don't spend this money. This money is for your future in your education, and you graduate, and you live on a budget, and you're responsible, and you're careful. Hold on. I'm gonna send you a copy of the book, the total money makeover to walk you through this process. Download that everydollar app. Get your budget going looking where you can work. You can do your undergrad work and work most people work while they're doing their underground. Most people were while they're doing there. Hey, america. Did you hear that most people work while they're doing their undergrad? This is the Dave Ramsey show. In the lobby of Ramsey solutions. Brian and Kate from Denver are with us. Hey, guys. How are you? Good. Welcome. Good to have you. Welcome to Nashville to do a debt free scream. How much of you paid off paid off two hundred and ten thousand change and three and a half years. Good for you, very good and your range of income during the three and a half. We started sixty and we're little north of two hundred last year did your income. Go up so much sold a lot of plasma. We started off we both graduated from veterinary school same year. I took a really low pain internship to begin with Brian started his own business. So he was building that up. And now that we're on our way than we were able to increase our income cooking with gas now on both of your vets also good. It's a great career field. Very good. Very good. So two hundred ten thousand how much of that's vet school every bit of it. So when did you get married twenty fourteen came out of school about the same time? We got married three months after we graduated a new immediately started on your debt. We did. We took financial peace university right before we graduated three months before we got married. We wanted to start on the right path. Right knowing we were going to come out with a boatload of debt. We wanted to get Jeff right? And it was awesome. Yeah. Very good. Good free marriage counseling. Good way to set you up. And go because a lot of your a lot of your compadres in vet school. It'll be there for ten fifteen years paying this off. Oh, they will knocked it out in three and a half. So what's the what's the secret? How do you get out of debt? What are you? Gotta do for for me. It was have a plan. You talk about that in FPU. I got just giddy excited when I was as you're laying it out for us. Just all of a sudden because this is kinda my second career. All of a sudden there was going to be purpose to the money. It wasn't just gonna easy and easy out. I got excited that there are suddenly future. We had. That's neat. I like that. Well, done well done a game plan to attack a plan of attack user a treatment procedure, right? Yes. Yeah. Very good. Good. What about you Kate? What are you tell people that the key to getting this for me? It was just a lot of patients. We graduated got married and we wanted what everyone wants a house. We wanted to buy upgrade our cars things like that. But knowing that this was going to be important to pay off all that debt. I it really you kind of have to swallow those things those dreams that you want to start off right away knowing that in the end it will all pay off. So patients was the biggest thing for me. Good job. Well done well done well done. Well, who is your biggest cheerleaders? They're sitting in the lobby with us. My parents. Yeah. So I just you know, I grew up watching them kind of live out the principles that you teach. You know, never having debt pain cash for everything never buying a new car. They were very diligent to save for retirement and kids college. So they passed down that legacy to me. And I brought him along. Good good. So how did you end up taking financial peace university? What what made you decide to do that? So my recommended or where did that come from right before you graduate right before you get married? They offered it at your church. Brian kind of had been listening to your radio show before. But when we were tending church they were offering that class. And so we decided yet, it's great premarital counseling. Let's get on the same page before we get married, and then we've sent sexually leaden FPU class our own church a couple years ago. So very good. Thank you for doing that. They're cool to which mom and dad said we already knew all that stuff. Exactly. Here's earning from this guy stuff. I already taught you. Say that I'm certain absolutely well, good. Great job. What we're proud of you here to you got a great income. You got no debt most of all as a young married couple. You've got the idea that you can control this. It is the destiny is your responsibility. You're not a victim to chance or happenstance. You can do this winning is not a lightning in the bottle action. It is an intentional act, and you are on the road. Baby. You got this. I'm so proud of y'all. Thank you. You're on fire. If all right, and actually, you segue perfectly. There's one of the thing kind of like to talk about on our journey. That's all right. Sure. Awesome. Awesome. So as we are kind of going over the questions, you'd likely likely ask one of them was what was the hardest thing and just kind of our path through through this. The biggest thing for me was maintaining hope. Like, you said I listen to you years ago. Made a lot of money. Didn't actually listen to you and spin it all didn't save anything had no intention no plan whatsoever. Till to my life is when it came down to to pay the student loans off, it was all one big pile of loans that was my dowry to marriage, and for some reason her parents, let me married their daughter. But because of the nature of it. There was really no time for a debt snowball. No real time for a moment them, right? We just rent smack into the pile of stupid that I'd I'd made for us with very little shovel. That first year when we when we got married and started this this journey. We knew it was going to be tough. It's reasonable first year marriage. No money building a practice. She was survived her ship and a mortgage size student loan payment on the minimum on on top of everything else. There are multiple times where he had to do. A good gut check in a heart. Check make sure we were still on board for this knowing that we will get out of debt, but it will take years and years to this log this thing out, there's a guy I know gave a pretty good mouth formula. I'm not real solid on my math. But this one works for me focused intensity over time. Multiplied by God equals unstoppable. Momentum. That became our mantra. We thought this thing together supported each other encouraged each other, and we're able to celebrate with each other along the way set big goals, and we just kept chewing up ground and getting rid of it this this last year we paid off. We knew we had a big goal to be done. And celebrate independence day. Right. We had to average over ten grand a month to to get that done. And we knocked it out. The biggest thing for me wanna talk to the people like me. No that you don't have to wallow in your own stupidity and your own weaknesses from the past. You can win. You just have to as you say choose. We used to do the hard things we chose to climb. This mountain of stupid together, we took it down. And now we get to look back behind us and see the mountain. We're standing on his actually a big pile of victories that we get to launch forward going from premier on out. You said it. Well, well done it's a scratching in Cologne and the unity, and guess you guys. That's why you're so setup to win. It's not that just that you're debt free. It's not just that. You have household income a couple of hundred grand? It's not just that you both have great educations in great career field. It's not any of that. It's the fact that you've learned how to do something with all that. And you do it together. And that means there's no stopping you. So very proud of y'all. Well, done got a copy of Chris Hogan's retire inspired book for you. That is the next chapter. They get in that's being millionaires every day millionaires. And of course, outrageously generous as you go along well done, you two very very well done. We're proud of you Kate and Brian Denver, Colorado two hundred ten thousand dollars paid off in three and a half years making sixty two two hundred count it down. Let's hear a debt free scream three two one. Baby. I love it. That's how it's done. If you'll have that thing happening in your throat. You're probably not going to get out. You can wander into that. But you can't wander out throat doesn't get ties when you're talking about this for my motion. Is that doesn't show. You listening to that. You're probably just listening for entertainment. You're welcome. We're glad you're here. You're not going to get out of debt, you get outta debt. As you get that ahead thing going. Yeah, by yeah. Baby. I'm not going to be stopped. Touchdown. This is the Dave Ramsey show. Our scripture of the day psalms fifty one ten created me a clean Harto God and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Albert, Einstein said weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character. Thank you for joining us, America. Now lease with us in Napa, California. I know how are you? Better than I deserve. Honor to have you as crush over. Yeah. How are you? Good is crush over. I should as crush over is the harvest in. Oh almost guy. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. This year because it wasn't as hot as usual. Right. Cool. Cool. How can I help and? Okay. So I have a question. My husband, and I have been following the baby steps we were throwing babysit six. We're not saving for college because we just had a baby actually last year we were doing fine. And then three months ago, we lost her house to a life. God if only. God if only. And so we received some money from insurance that it's not enough through date because it's really expensive right now and to get a new house here, not louisi- talking about six hundred thousand dollars for a house, and we would actually caters in at three hundred twenty dollars left in our help. So we paid off. Yeah. That's me. But we don't have out. Husband, and I thinking about moving from California thinking about moving to cheaper state we visit Texas, and it looks great family family. And it's that we would like to family, but we mostly because we had really good job hearing up on we make get about a hundred eighty thousand dollars a year, but we have to ask for a huge loan to Ford a house here. So. Fission to quit our jobs and moved to another state and our house cash and have money left. To kind of leave more than a year looking for a job. Instead of why decision. What do you do for a living? We word Indiana articles about actually has been wants to move. Food's good weird. Healing Stu would age fac in. I am an article Jones that turn Texas doing that job. And they make an on forty thousand a year eighty thousand here. So what can you not wind up jobs before you leave? I had been fine. Nineteen did any reviews yet. I'm wondering if it's more difficult to do it from here. That's why maybe I'm not getting each review in also go to phone call and the guy that loan when you hear me. I don't know why people only it's not very to someone that is not yet in this state fully they say, we're not serious about it. All the guy back that says he wants to talk to you when you're there. Fly down there and meet with him and say we can be there in a few weeks. If you hire me. Yeah. My husband could do that good. And and you know, you start hunting for a job like you mean it? Right. And if you need to jump on a plane and fly down there to do an interview, you do it. Okay. You have the movie jobs and move without enough. I would at least have one of the two jobs lined up and have a good lead on the second one. Okay. There's no reason to just jump off the dock and hope the boat drives by let's pull the boat up and pull the boat up the dock and step in. And regarding the pay cuts. Why is it a pay cut? Because I know that what I do. I will make what I'm making here. I will make forty thousand tops and you make no. Eighty thousand. Year and all benefits faith, but it's great, you know, but we're not very excited or happy here here now that how like we don't have anything left year. We don't have families here. I think I think you wanna move. And I think you need to talk about how you're gonna move not if you should move. I think. Yeah. I think. Here. I think you move. I think you move. But I think you've also got to think about how we can make more money in the move this idea that you have to accept less just because you have found more yet doesn't make sense. It's confusing to me that an Aggie specter in California makes double what they do in Texas. Yeah. At least working for the government that would be an inspector otherwise you wouldn't be egging specter. If you weren't working for the government. But that's just I I'm wondering about the information you're dealing with. How accurate it is? Or is there some seniority or is there some education? What steps would it take stood of forty for you? If you start at forty two years. What would it take to be at sixty five and that kind of thing and investigate what you've gotta do to reset your career? But not think it's a permanent decision to go from eighty to forty and his. You know, his heating air business could be anything. It could go all the way up and down the line on that people make all kinds of different money in that space all the way from being broke to making serious Bank and owning company with six heat Nair trucks running around doing work for people. So you got all kinds of things you can do. I think you're moving. I think you just need to do it in a smart way. And not just go. I hope we can land. No that's dumb. Go get something lined up and go take it as your starting point. And then go from there, but don't accept that. Our income has to cut in half. Just because we moved from California to Texas. How about our income doubles? If we moved from California to Texas. Oh, and by the way, your taxes go way down and your cost of living from Napa coche way down. All right. Ben is with us in Boston mass. Hey, Ben, how're you doing? Well, Dave, how're you doing better than I deserve. What's up? Hey, so I got a question for you to give you a little background and twenty two just graduated from college degree in mechanical engineering, very job. But I have my student loan debt. Okay. My grandmother co-signed on the loans to get me through college. But now that I have a job. I wanna take off the cosign and consolidate my student loans. Good pay for do it. My question is do you have advice with a company I should go with? No. But I'll tell you what to look for. Okay. You need to do it. Because it gets grandma off I want grandma grandma off the hook. Okay. I wonder I'll real bad. I would like for you to get an interest rate is the equivalent that you have now or less. So I had Sallie Mae, and I have a variable Sallie Mae with her. It's right around ten percent right now. Okay. So if you could get a BIC st- and not a variable and get it at ten or less. This is known as a home run. So what my research I've found that just to say discover has a fixed rate for Costa five and a half. Oh, home run. Yeah. That's a home run. Right. I mean, you're cutting interest rate and half, and we got grandma off and we got fix. Yeah. Yeah. Got rid of variable that this is a if you can get that that's kind of a no brainer. It's a win. It's a win on every box. We're checking every box here. Yeah. Hey, good thinking, man. You're you're critical thinking she came out with that that whole mechanical engineering degree well done. Good job. You're on your own game. Now interest rates not your salvation and get Remmel offs. Not yourself. Your salvation on the money part is to get an attack mode now and knock it out as fast as you possibly can. I mean, I want you to get in gear at a rate you've never thought of before. So how much student loan debt? Do you have? Well with Sallie Mae REDD around one hundred fifteen then the government unsubsidized, subsidized you've probably Costa. I think it's like thirty. Okay. And what is your income that right now take home is between sixteen sixty five. Okay. I'm picking up all the OT inside gig shoot can get and a single guy. You can clean this up in about three years. This is doable. And you just you just lean into it at your main job. It's it's job one as they say. So hey, good. Good thinking man, you're right on track. Yes. Do every bit of that puts this hour that I've Ramsey show in the books. We will be back with you before you know, it in the meantime, remember, there's ultimately only one way to financial peace, and that's to walk daily with the prince of peace, Christ Jesus. Hey, guys, this is James Childs producer of the Dave Ramsey show. I'm excited to announce the word now carried on six hundred radio stations across the country to find one near you had to daveramsey dot com slash show. Hey, guys, if you're looking for real world, leadership and business advice from the top minds in business. Check out our entree leadership podcast. Hey, folks, Ken Coleman. Here would love to have you. Join us weekly as we dive into conversations with the top minds in leadership and take your business questions to help you grow yourself your team and your profits. Don't miss an episode subscribe to entree leadership where you listen to podcasts. Hey, it's James producer of the Dave Ramsey show. 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