Week's Best (LeBron vs. Durant, Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys, Baker Mayfield, Heisman hunt)


Welcome to the weekend edition of the undisputed podcast on your host, Johnny Taft. Today's podcast features all the best segments from this week sleet of undisputed with end up interviews and discussions. We have a lot to talk about heading into next week, skip, Shannon. Let's get to it. Let's start with LeBron and Durant because yesterday NBA dot com, released their annual survey of the league's GM's and they were pretty unanimous that LeBron Katie are the best players on the planet. The GM predicted that LeBron would win MVP this season with Durant finishing second LeBron was also voted the best mall forward. And they said the king is the best leader the most versatile and has the highest basketball IQ. And when asked which player they would want taking a shot with the game on the line, the GM's said Durant. So Shannon, what's your takeaway on how the GM's view LeBron Katie LeBron was the best passage, but all right, we thank you. I almost go. So now now, so I'll bet you said that keep that in mind. You said LeBron the best passed? I say, like every day. Okay. Skip Bayless. Why are you talking again? Why are you talking? She asked me, I didn't ask you a question. I didn't get to a rhetorical part. I didn't even know I was taught you. Exactly. Well, this validates and confirmed what I knew to be true all along that LeBron James is the best player in the NBA these thirty men, their sole job is to a value, wait talent. That's what they're paid to do. Bayless man. These guys could not both for their own player LeBron James finished first in eight different categories. He received at least one boat in fourteen different categories. Kevin, the rampant is I in one category, he finished got a boat at least in ten different categories. So that tells me when you the best Powell small forward Asser lead is I q greatest leader in tears task, getting bet LeBron James is universally regarded as the best player in the NBA. Now you mentioned all the time that LeBron James was the best passer, these general managers validate and convert what you've been feing. So we're now I need you to confirm invalidate what I've been saying that LeBron James universally. He's unquenched. You just lean salad lead to the wrong. Skip. Don't do that. That is becoming someone of your character. You'll your, you're ill that you'd be a neat of my basketball. I, I've been trying to tell you this. Look at this hairs, a man is you're in your sixteen. We've never seen anything like this before someone a year sixteen being regarded as the best player in the NBA or for that matter. I mean seven straight years get. He's been preceding picked to win the MVP seven, three, seven, okay. And you argue with me, you wanna go back and forth up living in the past now, or I don't know what is this about now or then? No. Hold on. They said in the twenty if I'm not mistaken, these based on what we have been twenty eight t l. so he finished number one in eight different categories based on what skip. Now he got a boat in fourteen different categories based. On what now. So what are we talking about the the thing is hard is that when you debating you make a case for one guy, people to medically lead to the conclusion that you're trying to be little or be rate the other GATT two things can be true. Kevin Durant is great second best player in the NBA. Top dog. You know, you put the top when you go to the grocery store, they put the best of what level I level. They don't want you to reach poet. They don't want you to bend down for all of that. I know you don't. Stop boys know that I would why, but I just know certain things read I levels get turn to your right to my left. Who in the front. Three. Oh three. Okay. Best leader you to tell me you don't Kevin Durant tonight. Yet one vote for the best league skill trying to figure out how can the bath. Now you tell me Tom Brady, if not only the best player, he's the greatest leader Charlie playing team for. I'm trying to figure how can the great of NBA player not get one. You mean to tell me a very good question you just asked, what is your turn. You ask a question would have to ask him, but yes, all follow all by listeners out there. Seven odd trae yet. Several hundred thousands can stop hating. What do you care. Turn? No, you asked me another. All I'm saying skip is that if LeBron is not the greatest, that twenty nine people because you own or manage for you. Hopefully these really? Okay. So by the way genes, nice outfit late too late that trains gone. So we'll see where we go. It is now might turn and my take away from this GM survey which is now is that they're finally seeing what I've been seeing and that is that Kevin Durant has closed the gap on LeBron James because last year LeBron James got fifty percent of the MVP vote fifty. That's half. That's a lot. Yes. This year he has plummeted all the way down to only thirty percent of the MVP votes. Wow, that's that's actually shocking to me because I do think he's going to win the MVP just because of his circumstance playing with a bunch of kids in cast-offs in good. Yeah, I love how he plummeted. He wasn't first place. He plummeted all the way down fifty percent of the boats all the way down to thirty percent, but what place and guess, what. Kevin Durant right on his tail. It's thirty to twenty seven and VP percentage. Thirty percents twenty seven more than thirty. It's not. But how close is it? It's only three percent off. I'd say gap is narrow wing, and then we get to the all important final category. This is almost at the end of the survey and they saved the best for last. The question is which player do you want taking shot with the game on the line? This is it and this is clutch city. What. Heaven Durant, buried LeBron James in this category twenty nine general manager says, Sharon, sharpen. They know what they know. They see what they say, and they gave Kevin Durant, forty percent of those votes LeBron's seventeen percent. So forty percent to seventeen say. I want the ball and Kevin Durant hands with the game on the line who so now we've got most valuable and then we got most clutch and most valuable is very close. But most clutch is not even close, which I'm I'm saying, the pendulum swinging toward Kevin Durant in this survey. Wouldn't you? Because that's significantly does not skip. Well, forty. I love how to had like forty different categories. You pick the one category that Kevin Durant the two most important categories most valuable, most clubs. So I thought you told read into story while the rest of its window-dressing. Oh, I'm glad you say that and don't ever miss and Tom Brady and leadership again, because window-dressing is he in this song. No, no, no, no, no. No, you put Tom Brady, and here you would get one hundred percent. Man, I love how you did this. Okay. You said most? I didn't do anything. I just okay. You confirm that Kevin Durant was first on taking the last shot? Forty percent to seven, still only seventeen percent want the ball LeBron's hands, scared. If you don't mind me asking who was second. I don't remember curry. We're, we're just talking about k. d. curry those to gather them same team because LeBron tried to take them back. But, hey, LeBron was third. If you don't mind me asking who's fourth on that list. One carry urban, the guy that will be killed by told me to hear same LeBron legacy. That was the general manager said they would rather have LeBron James, it's irrelevant, questions, relevant. Are we trying to distract our viewers from what I just said? I think we are trying to move everybody's eyes away from what I just stated in close the on Kevin Durant over LeBron James. But what about Steph? What about Kyrie? I don't care about Kevin this. Let me ask you this. I've beat you eight times in a raise. You beat meet once you better than me one category. He was one in forty category about Kevin Durant areas categories. Hi, welcome the because you said so we could keep going. Okay. Well, you go in this category, best defensive player LeBron getting votes in that category. What you wouldn't Kevin. Most versatile defender. I think it's my. Yes, rack knowing mashing them Durant got votes in the defensive player of the year category, best defensive player, right? Who votes what I don't care about that I'm asking you to respond, what? Why didn't I learn about that LeBron votes out. Okay, so so basketball is half offense and half defense at least Kevin Durant got some consideration for best best defensive player, which I've been telling you he is coming toward being that guy. He's up there in the top five you until that he I'm trying to figure out why the closing the gap. If he has a big plus for Kevin Durant, he's got defense a player, consolidating this, all I know is out of the categories Kevin Durant, finished first and one LeBron finished first in eight out of Kevin because that's the category that you won't on that argument. Robert ory is the best bet with the best best best basketball player when you play because he was the most clutch. Robert ory would've never gotten one vote for in VP, not even. One, he wouldn't have gotten one percent. He wouldn't have gotten a point one percent or a point Ono. One percent trying to tell you given to rent is the second best basketball player. You've been trying to validate that. He's one now you trying to make the argument where he closed the gap. Why the closing the gap of he's the bath. You saying he bet that what you see in by the way there's there's another category, which player would you want to start your franchise with right now? And guess what Kevin Durant got more votes than LeBron James fagged LeBron than you're sixteen and gala vote timeout. So LeBron is thirty three years of age. Kevin Durant is thirty years of age, so there's not a huge age difference there or use different relieved three, three years in age, no league different, Kevin, Iran of going to two b. two straight NBA finals. LeBron has gone to eight straight and all the modest. Don't do that all the mileage. I don't know straighten MBA five. Just in a vacuum right here right now, we'll Magic Johnson. And boy you want to start is trying to figure out Clinton to is so click has. He's so clutch close the game. He close the deal. He had a chance in game five, six and seven, three one against Golden State to hit a shot to be clicked to be a defendant and close the deal, get paid. If you don't mind me asking, can you tell people what happened? What happened in game three. The last two years. Can I get you for one question just one question. What happened do 'cause I know when you're showing me what happened, I was on your show because remember I told you, I'm going to the parade. I told you I would go into the Burri you Bill? I do. Okay. But you also switched your pick at the last second and you did not pick the Cleveland cavalier, they'll going to operate you chicken out. Okay, folded a all of this LeBron James is number one in eight different categories like best small Ford best powerful. He's like. None of that makes sense. I don't know. I guess they think he's the center. I don't know. We'll go with them even the league in blocks last year. I don't know skew. Now all of a sudden you don't. You want to let people know that you don't know anything about basketball. You only know the position carry the Ringling. You know what? He plays a small fold. If you don't mind me asking, who is the number one small forward. I think it was LeBron. You got all the nose right down. So why? Why would it be thirty to twenty seven in MVP consideration but but all seven lebrons the best this and the best that doesn't make sense together. Maybe they got a different group voters on that one. Right. If skew what you mean to the different group of you've been telling me that cabinet better. Everybody come of, here's told you from Magic Johnson to create Haines, who knows NBA bear with all the players come up here and tell you, but that's not what you wanna hear Johnson going to tell me when he thinks he can land LeBron James, what's he going? What about the general manager? They can't land. What about the players? What have I told you about Kevin Durant? He is a cold blooded killer in the clutch LeBron is supremely talented, nice guy. So what are we going to scotch? What we gonna do about those last shot in the playoff this year? Why are we gonna do about those shots? What are we gonna do about them skill? Well, that's an interesting question because in jump shot, walk off, it took LeBron six years before he finally made. One and I can show you time. And again, when he ran from the free throw line at the end of the game by jacking up long. And then you go back, you know, just looking at his career. This is his legacy business why he only got seventy seventeen percent of the vote with seventy. You told me I couldn't go back talking about what have you done for me, but they're looking at who do you want with the ball in his hands and they're looking at the history of each player. That's where you have to factor in what have you seen over time? And what you've seen is that LeBron at the free throw line last better, free, throw shooter better, three points you LeBron's fifty, seven percent free throw shooter with the game on the line last five seconds over time with whoever who has more game winners. I don't know, but LeBron's played as you said so many not Nath well, now that's the argument. Now we're not try to tell you before they won't Kevin Durant LeBron has been in the league for years longer, and he's going to eight straight finals. And you sprinkle in a couple of lympics in their Kevin Durant is going to tooth straight final, really skill to straight MVP. Look here. First of all, if LeBron James had ever blown at three one lead regardless who it was to, we would never ever let live this down. Kevin Durant headed three one leave, and you know why they don't gyms has gotten swept twice in the finals in five gamed once really the measure but high. Kevin Durant, got zero votes for leader's ship wrote. That's why that's that is just because they say, you can't be a leader when you go during the two time MVP you can't be a leader when you go during the seventy three and nine team that leading so lean skip. If you already in the front after game four. The first round, the playoffs this year, big turnaround game for Golden State against the New Orleans. Pelicans, one, Andre IGA said after the game that Kevin reminded me of m j in this game. He said, I don't like that comparison, but he got his spots and there is nothing you can do about it. And when you see that look in his face, it carries over to the rest of the guys and we can't intern take that to the defensive in and get stops and go back and do the same thing because it's just the rub off effective Kevin Durant on that team. He was the difference maker. He is the best player on a warriors, not arguing that we are bit player in the league in the year. Like you just asked me Magic Johnson thought he had a chance to LeBron. So what would these supposed to say. Andrei Igwe dollar plays with Kevin Durant. What's he supposed to say? Well, he also said that he's the most talented score of all time hands down. He's a walking thirty points. You'll get thirty on twelve shots said, well, we never, but we've seen. But we do it just because someone says something doesn't mean to make it true. Whether you like, or will right? He's he, yeah, George, Will's, really, but you don't like it, but he's saying he's had a quote. I think something like this and don't quote me on this, but I think it goes something like this. He's lies that goals on shakes, get chronicle truth. So you keep reiterating Andre, Andre said this, Audrey says that I'm gonna check your every time you saying it's a lie. I'm checking you. Average call on dollar and a liar. He just said Iggy alive, and he mows live national TV really do take. Most guys need to feel the ball in their hands to get a lot of rhythm. Not Kevin. That's what ondre says. Have you seen LeBron said Katie is a seven footer who can hit a heavy, pull up from fifty feet out unstop. Why I'm not nine. Thank you. Have you seen those game winners Ron here? Did you see where you pulling up from in the playoffs? I, I saw him in his fifteenth season and he made one in regulation against Jimmy Butler. That was a good one. That was, of course, they're all these games are tied. What he's gotta be a caveat I'll go. I can't let it go. And then we know what happened against all the depot, deep LeBron goal tinnitus shy in the Pacers all looking at the referee, like what is up with this. You're not gonna call goaltending and LeBron goes to the other. It makes the game winner way to go LeBron shoots the runner against the rookie nudity. The runner and he, I don't think he called Glen Day. It was just one of those. What's though accidentally made it off all game really for number one seed. Interesting swept the number ones these high game game game. No real pressure because if you miss, you go to overtime, but game one or the files this year ball in hand top the circle switch, he's got Steph curry, little six-foot-three Steph, Curry's on choose, pull up and shoot it, but wait a second, wait a second. What's the circumstance? You're down one. It's maker miss. It's do or die right now. He's not gonna. Shoot that shot. He's gonna pass it hills. Why are we doing this? Why everything? That's why they don't want the ball in this man's hand. That's not what you say. That's not what they said. They didn't say they didn't want to. They just more general manager for Kevin Durant and ninety percent to seventeen. I can't say agree number. What happened when Kevin Durant did the heavy pull up on LeBron the first game three days ago, he just pulled up shot at right in his face. It was game over still one county. Skill that's the category. Okay, that's that's the Michael Jordan memorial, Michael Jordan, memorial category goes to Kevin Durant. Here's the thing this would've doing and the Bronwyn that category and Kevin Durant with MVP. You said, see, he's clutch, but the general manager Kevin Iran's the best player, but now see you wanna use that one caveat that one, he's more click LeBron won eight of the categories. Hey, and Kevin Iran didn't get a voting leaders you he's gonna get IQ because I always tell you got the highest. I q in basketball, LeBron basketball. All. Best passer, so he's going to win that. I don't even get the small forward power. Lunacy. What are you talking to Michael Jordan? Play with your center. Okay. The toes. Oh, info is not lunacy. Oh, come all skill. I don't know what you're talking about. So now all of a sudden positions doesn't matter. I'm gonna give you one category nece. There was one category. You did not point out and I'm gonna have to help you make left of your argument because you completely swung and miss. But the one category is which player most forces the opposing coach to make changes to make adjustments in LeBron dominated that category over Kevin sixty percent to seven percent. And I'm saying why he makes you change what LeBron because Kevin's the guy with the unstoppable show. I don't know. I'm gonna give you that one, but it's a head scratcher. Give it to me give it to the wrong. I think that you can't adjust to Kevin. It's like he doesn't even call for the category because there's nothing you can do. You could put five guys on him and he's just going to rise up and make another jump shot. That's what it is. What in seven feet who can shoot LeBron's six nine who can't shoot. Okay, this will help you. Maybe you can help me do here the most talented score. He can get your thirty on eleven twelve shots. He has the most unstoppable shop at shot in all of basketball. He can hit you pull up and fifty. Why couldn't this guy of three one close the deal. When you one game clock, he can't win you one game. Well, he was handicapped. That that you do that rose, not gonna let you do that Russell Westbrook roughly. More credit. And I think Kevin did that to Russell Westbrook because I told you what he decided I cannot win a championship with that man as my primary decision-maker Inbal and was saying the same thing because. Okay. I'm just saying that's what Kevin decided, and that's why he said, I'm going to go begrudge, came in from leave it, but don't pretend like he didn't. He wouldn't have three one. Maybe that wasn't caring to rant in. Maybe he wasn't foot call. Maybe he grew the Golden State. Maybe he didn't have that heavy pull up well, who got to choose whether he got to shoot every time every time down the floor who got to choose Russell Westbrook got to choose. Now he went to a team that shares the basketball, but that team knows that it's bread is ultimately buttered by that guy thirty MBA no, they're Brad is butter by twenty three and the purple Ingo Shannon, horrible Ango as close only time debate. Offloading of these question Gordon. And you tell me Katie, wait, wait, best draft. Sorry, best rest, Ginny Taff. All team be put now go. Go throwing me off my game. Seven is coming there. It was the last category. You got best dressed on the NBA take it. You know. Judas kissed, oh, Jesus. And then all of them out. All right, Tom Brady and drew Brees can both make history this week, but who has had the more impressive career. This is going to be. Elliott was dealing with ankle pain against the lions on Sunday, but he still had one of the best performances of his career racking up two hundred forty total yards and touchdown is currently leading the league in rushing almost one hundred yards ahead of the second place guy out girly through twenty nine games in his career. Zeke is on a historic pace to pass Jim Brown's, all-time record one hundred four point three, rushing yards per game. Shannon will Zeke being all time we're running back. It's only twenty nine games in before address that skill. Can we address this? Can we start with this? Now? All of a sudden Zeke is dealing with knee and ankle pains. Zeke has yet to show up on the injury port, not one because I made sure me and my trusted research, Steve, we win back on it. Yeah, we win because I wanted to see. I think you have a whole team. What I got. We stop worrying about this guilt. We'll heavily compensated. So I got some of the best research of our land. We went back and we scoured and we looked weak. One knows eek week too nosy week, three week bore nosy, not Zeke is dealing with this and he's not on the in report the NFL's gonna wanna know why because in nineteen ninety eight the Broncos got fine because we knew John Elway wasn't gonna play the Monday night game in Kansas City. Bubby did now me and my big mouth. Jenny. I'm saying, we knew all week that John wasn't going to play out. I didn't know you got your team, busted, I drive, yes. Oh, cost of fifteen grand. Wow. So out of your check. Come up about shit, you responsible. I was you give address niche and I felt bay. So you, oh, the Broncos fifteen grand. That's a drop in your bucket cinema check. But anyway, if Zeke Elliott is been dealing with these ankle in injuries and not showing up on the injury report, you know the NFL's going to want to know why now back to their original question, can Zeke being all time great. Yes, because he has that ability in. This is why they drafted tyrant myth in the first round this Wedneday draft traffic, Fred, you're in the first round. Is that marring right now, but go ahead. This is a running football team. Look at quarterback. Jim Brown had look at the quarterback, Eric Dickerson had look at some of the guys, but can we slowed down genie, twenty, nine games. Jim Brown played a hundred and eighteen games. So back then, Jim, they were twelve games in the regular season. Jim Brown played nine years. So he played every single game for nine years. So Zeke had five and a half more years to get to one eighteen. There've been a lot of guys, the guy that sits richness goes a couple of times a week, skip, Eric Dixon at twenty nine games. He averaged a one nineteen which is fourteen more yards per game, rushing z.. Neil Dickson had over thirty nine hundred yards in his first two years. I played with a guy and I said this had he stayed in Denver, he'd be a hall of Famer Clinton Portas thirty one hundred yards. Thirty one touchdowns twenty nine games. How did that work out? There been a lot of guys over one hundred yards limousine. Dixon won nineteen Clinton port one, one, four. I think Zeke is at one. No. No, Clinton won seven. I think Zeki that one four to have Chris Johnson one or two, Edward, James one hundred. That's the first twenty nine. But you know, there's a reason why there have been hesitant to get running backs contract after the age of twenty five twenty six because that wear and tear there's something called a pounding. There's something called Kerry's. You start getting three hundred three fifty, four hundred. Now all of a sudden you're not that same guy anymore. Why is Levy on sitting out right now? He's say themselves note another four hundred hundred. My body so Kip does. He has the ability, but there's a reason why there have been so many that started a head of the pace of Jim Brown. At some that year five years, you're seven. They come back down to earth. So let's just hold off about him breaking Jim Brown's record as far as most average most rush yards per game. But can he be a pantheon? Great running back. Absolutely. Abs-. -olutely. So two quick points before I answered Jimmy's big picture question Ty Smith and Travis Frederick Zack. Martin were drafted to protect Tony Romo paper machine, Tony in the pocket. That's why they were around period in store because they were drafted before easycall. Elliott was dragged running back. It just didn't DeMarco Murray now, but everything was based around built around paper machine, Tony, Romo. That's what it was. I'm sorry. That's what he was. Who had who has the most rushing yards single season in cowboy history when the guy that have the most rush yard by accident, how this you had Tony fling it all over everywhere and they were pretty good. No, no, no, no, no, no. Why would you do that? So the other point is, obviously Zeke is not worthy of being on the injury report because Stephen Jones and the interview he gave yesterday's just operating with gamesmanship. He's trying to make Houston maybes if the're whatever, he's got bursitis in his knee and he's got an ankle problem. He had the ankle problem mid game on Sunday. Then what happened? He kept happening. Nothing happened. Nothing wrong with the. Thank you very much. So I'll go with that. Now back to the question, here's my big picture point. Ezekiel Elliott is better than Emmett Smith just in a vacuum. He's just better and I covered Emmett Smith for years in Dallas. So I know what I speak of here is equal. Elliott is bigger. He's faster. He's str-. Longer. Overall, he runs more. He runs more strongly than Emmett ran, and he has better hands than at, although that year ninety five when it was so special, he caught sixty two balls. That's a lot of balls, but they are all little flip passes. Swing passes. Little safety. Valve passes. He can't do what Zeke did to win the game Sunday, which is to run around out of the slot and go down, catch it over show overhead. So given all that, I'll take Zeke in a vacuum. One game from my life. I'm going with these equal, but let's just put this in context right now as we speak. Zeke Elliott is exactly this far behind Emmitt Smith's rushing total for his career. Fifteen thousand three hundred sixteen yards. That's the margin between Emmett Smith and Zeke. And if you just take that margin alone, that's the third highest rushing total in league history. So he would from this point forward have to have the most. The third most rushing yards in the history of the NFL to catch and pass Emmett Smith. That is. Staggering amount of the are in. Why did that happen? Because I've told you before emit built low to the ground and five nine ish had this incredible ability to make people miss in tight spaces. I've never seen anything like it before, but he just had that little neck that survival that little that little wiggle in Hallward. Nobody ever got the quote, unquote, kill shot, the direct shot. You have never put himself in that precarious position. We're all send you get bent over pret- sold whatever. He was always ducking and darting behind what might have been the greatest offense of line ever during those two or three years. And he utilized it because he would duck and Dr and beat three of that offense of line and eight yards into your secondary before you found him. And again, the reason he fell in the draft is because he ran for six at the combine. Well, every combine I see guys, I see defensive lineman running four six, right? Yeah. But with the football under his arm, he was pretty hard to catch and really hard to hit and bring down. So he lasted. He the durability in the longevity were staggering to me. No. Running back currently planned, skip, no. Have fifteen years with them how to carry the here. Do you just can't do that? So his yards per game kept falling because he kept hanging on any went to Zona for two two years after a bad year in Dallas. So his yards per game fell to eighty one for his career, but but the yards are just it's just incomprehensible. It's eighteen thousand three hundred fifty five yards will Zeke will never even dream of getting that far because I must say, I hate to say Zeke, you'll Elliott's he's high collision. He's, I'm not saying he's quite Adrian Peterson, but he's in the ballpark with Adrian trying to run people over because when in doubt. Out, he will duck his, you know what? He'll lower his shoulder. He'll do whatever it takes to get that. That third one and a half, he'll fight for that extra half yard it. He'll take punishment this, why don't think he'll break Jim Brown's record? See Zeke has a problem that's not football. That's not on the field. That's a whole nother issue. Yeah, because you think about it's given, he's already missed how many game? Six? Yes. So you look at AD didn't have the issue of the world is not. So most of these guys that it miss gain for personal reasons for personal Brown for off the field note. I got. So that's going to wait. Now that might help him out because like you said, m it started playing two years and it kept coming coming down, coming down coming down, but maybe missing some games, take some wear and tear off its body with the way this offense is set up right now, skip with his ability. I give you that he could run. He could. He can run through tackles. A first step is good. That it comes. It's just he's got like shocking acceleration for two, twenty five. We're all sudden you're like, whoa, he hit another gear. Yes, he's off to the races and that and that office of line they, they mall people, and that's what Dallas did in the mid nineties. They leaned on you to and and EV and all the Nate Newton. They were having. With loaded or loaded with offense of line, which is why I told you going into this year, I gives Zeke a far better shot at breaking Eric Dickerson's single season record, which is staggering in and of itself in two thousand take a two thousand one hundred six yards to break it right images. I'm sorry, Zeke is a head of that pace right now. But Eric, if you go look, what started happening mid year, then late year he started taking off and he had some monster games, four or five of them is e capable those. Yes. But again, got a knock hard on this would he can't have bursitis in his knee and turned ankles and whatever else. Knickknack vigilant, teams are gonna fourth back to beat them and you hear what caught Landon Collins says. That's the prevailing theory round the league's get. We got some how we gotta find a way to shut that running game. Now because everything they do is predicated on that if you look at during the season this year, forget the last two years when Zeke. Look at. They want to games, look at Wednesay running the football. Well in that can play option play, play action off that that's got that big touchdown to table and also what second play the game. You look at Sunday. His first game over two hundred yards. That's because Zeke is grinding it out. So if I'm a team Deekor Nater now to one, you're not gonna beating daybreak. Hope you had a belly for you got the working, you would know Email what I wanna see. I wanna see four eight with the football in his hands. I wanna see four run the read option and pull it back out and keep it six or seven. Eight me running the mercy can. I don't believe you can gash you. He can get you get Tim yards. Ten yards care abra cut six or seven Carey sixty or seventy yards. And all of a sudden you're saying we'd better not. We can't crash the defensive in down all those guys other than Zeke Elliott get your paper cuts. That twenty one thing to the trauma center. So I'm not worried I'm not worried about that running. I'm not worried about that. Throwing the ball, the Gallup in her and all those other guys or or down another first down another first down. I like you say, you want to see this. I know what you what was that move with? Hers move. You want to see anything you just wanna see, because you know what comes out of that lay action pass. Same c. four social media. I did it because I was celebrating celebrate. You know what my caption was. I'm going to have somebody for breakfast. Own body. Mall that it took his door performance. Zeke's greatest performance as a as the NFL players. It took that analysts the go to win by two. So what happens if he doesn't have that kind of this really Matt Stafford shredded Bill Belichick the game before one game. I'll really one guy. The guy who gets seventy five percent of the credit shredded humiliated and embarrassed by Matthew staff and what to do, what you do to China, he'll what does it matter? I'm just saying this matter we had to deal with the hometown boy returns, Matt Stafford. What I really wasn't home. Have y'all had beat him in Detroit? Remember we'll have time went to Detroit right? Three thirty nine having Calvin Johnson Hamilton Stafford. Did y'all in? So I need understanding a bunch of times really did us in the other day. Somebody go, do y'all Leno Sunday night? Okay. I'm good to cases of doing no just one game, you know. I'm good. See, see what you do here on buying anything though. You try to make me go one by one. I gave you like five here three, but I'm good now. Big showdown in the NFL. The Cowboys visit the Texans Sunday night in a match up of two promising young QB's both Dak Prescott and Shawn Watson had incredible rookie seasons. But since then they've both struggled to live up to the hype Dak through for over two hundred guards last week for the first time since last season, a Watson is off to a one and three start has turned the ball over five times in four games, Shannon who's better Dak or to Sean. I would take John right now and probably for the foreseeable future to Sean averages. Two hundred sixty yards passing the game is to fifteen that number. If you were to factor in this season that Descharnes over three hundred yards passing. Daggs on the two hundred. Yes. This is what I didn't know. The Shawn Watson almost out, rushes him per game. Two to one is thirty. Nine rush yards per game to twenty. I didn't know it was that big of a gap skill fault is that how about my play callers? What you brought it up. I'm just saying, what do I pound the table for every week? Just run him. I just believe seeing the Sean play a. He grew up about thirty miles from where I lived in Gainesville, Georgia, maybe forty. He the better of the football Dak Prescott. He has a Dak candidate better running game better off into line. I just think in a passing league, the better passer, probably gonna be the better of the quarterback. And because I think the Shawn Watson better quarterback throwing the ball from the pocket, throwing the ball on the move. I would take the Shawn Watson over Dak Prescott as my quarterback. So this is almost an impossible question for me because you know how much I love both of the and I was on the record ahead of a year ago draft. The Cleveland Browns are going to make a huge mistake if they don't take Shawn Watson and I still think they made a huge mistake as much as I like Baker Mayfield. But desha Watson showed us in back to back national championship games. That's what you what he is, why you really like him? He ain't Nick Saint exactly. Put it on man is he threw for four or five in the first game they lost, but it was four touchdowns in that game. He ran twenty times for seventy three yards. That's pretty good against Saint Nick's defense. And then in the one that they one threw for four hundred and twenty yards three touchdowns and ran it for forty three more yards. But the point is that would just play making supreme that was just poise and confidence and whatever that intangible that's a winning intangible that you have. Now, what did Shawn do at Clemson, that neither one of us. Like he's too old bunch of interception because in those two last two years, when he was a starter at Clemson, he went thirteen and seventeen interceptions and combine those thirty interceptions led division one for those two years. Not a good sign, not a good predictor of NFL success. My right, yes. So what have we seen so far in the NFL he throws interceptions he's twenty six touchdowns twelve interceptions while Dak has been much better on the interception front. He just. Even then if you just look at the overall decks forty nine to nineteen touchdowns interceptions and he's had a couple rocky stretches here of lake because he didn't have any weapons, but who's the more successful starter so far? Just the winner will Dax twenty four and twelve starter. That's that's pretty good. And so far Sean, his four and six is starter into Sean, got hurt in the one thing I like about Dak is he's a bull man. He's he's six, two. What do you say? I think he's to fifty, but he said they moved to list to twenty nine do that. I thought to thirty eight. That's what I saw today, but whatever we'll give to four. He is a big strong man and he can take a beating and he can also dish it as well as he can take it. And so the point is, I think on durability, I'm gonna take back. So overall, I disagree with you on throwing the football. I don't think to Shawn's a better throw the football Dak. Prescott docs got a little stronger arm, and I think he's very accurate, but look at weapons. Look, you've heard deandre Hopkins and you think he's any good will destroy has benefited from having a de'andre. Dak does not have. Ditty, that was a liability. Lash. Law lady is rookie was pretty good, whether it's hard for is hard to shine to throw the ball to Deandra Hopkins when he doesn't have enough lab because he's constantly on the move. Okay. And I'll give you this. He is quicker and faster than back. I don't know if he's a more effective runner because they just don't let Dak run it enough, but keep going down. Those weapons will fuller better than any other receiver hurt. Okay, but, but is he good? He's really good. And did you see that KiKi Cutie, Texas Tech. He caught fifty five balls from Patrick Mahomes two years ago, but against Andrew luck and company up in Indy. The other day I game he's been healthy is a fourth round, rookie pick right. Desha targeted him. Fifteen times caught eleven balls for a hundred nine yards. Dallas doesn't have that. There's nobody. I got measly Beasley, but but that's about all I got. That's my point. Okay. If you want. That's why just you'd be running team because you haven't given the the weapons to debt to to make sure he succeeds Sean has weapons, and I believe the Sean is a better natural, throw the ball, considering he threw the ball a lot more in college as opposed to Dak that or zone was. So that's why we'll give him a slight. A slight nod right now. Maybe we looked, maybe we overvalued to Shawn because he, lo, he played those games. He went up there and he doing with a Tom Brady New England. He lost them land. Second throw. He went to a Seattle through over four hundred. This league. This league sketch, the mom syndrome, it's like, wait, wait and wash a little bit more right? Like you deal with that. Oh, here, see you. We you put him in the hall of fame utility. Oh, you, you put it whole uniform. They can. If the hall of fame right now it was the greatest rookie quarterback season ever. You can't find one better. I just can't because not that many get a chance to to start as a rookie and nobody can go thirteen and three. What was he? Twenty three to four touchdowns wow. Led the league QBR most of the year until the very. Well, he let it to the last game and it was a giveaway game because they had already wrapped up the division. So he goes out, Philadelphian skid, stinks it up. We think you want to track it, but doing Olympic. It doesn't matter racist. It doesn't matter who who crosses the finish line first. That's how we measure winners who crosses the finish as a rookie finished third in QBR after leading for what is it? We don't do the patient. Okay. We don't do skip. I keep telling you this. You don't win the bras metal. You lose the go metal. What if the last game had had stakes attached to it, he would have won the QBR. We don't know that we can say that, yes, we can. Well, what would have turned around and put the ball in the basket. What if labata taken the shutout we made it was not in heaven. You have been in LeBron hours. You see what he did. He finally made a walk off that mattered because they were down one woke up, indie. It mattered hide against. Do. Do do this tide. The net safety net safety coury was eighth in it. They were tied, okay, I'll give you that, but nobody can make shot. And all of a sudden he said, okay, I'm done with this. Watch this. None. Nobody could make a shot, India, mild to combat. Could nobody make a shot bras they give me the ball thirty. Drought, eight, Todd, lose a Bronco. Would you take these while at the end of the bronze? I Gotcha. I was a good move by Tyler. He's being guarded by a everybo- rookie the bra that bay hit with the old. I put it live head Hobie. If you Diddy. I'm gonna call. Glad I'm not. I'm too far on the basket. The less second I got. I can't shoot it off the glass. I gotta shoot straight. Oh, I accidentally kissed it in the game though. The night, his first shot. He made. Yeah. And I'm like four feet is opposed to, but that's his shot. If teen death shot. Fish us the running one hander off the glass case. Well, he wasn't behind the basket the other night, but that's okay. You know what. Just go to the game. I think because what happened is is that you've seen Michael play if you would just to go out one time and see LeBron it, everything will crystal porn. You could see watching every night. I watch everyone dribble every night who end his purple haze. Oh yes, my dressing room. We do a field trip to Laker game deal. Traders think I can organize like it. I know someone. Yeah. Could you break your rules? Hurt my profile. Profile, geez. All right, never mind. We're going back to the NFL Baker Mayfield we'll turn the Browns into winners. Is he right? We'll discuss that with the Angelo hall next. And I am still remembering the. Baker Mayfield has had an eventful start to his NFL career, came off the bench to lead a comeback, win over the jets. Then he turned it over four times in an overtime loss to the raiders yesterday hall of Famer. Brett farve had some very nice things to say about Baker. Let's take a listen, can be great fun to watch. He's a playmaker. He's resilient. He's all those things. I tell you what he scrappy and you know, he's going to give you the best chance to win and he's going to do it to the last whistle, the winners, they just have it. You know, somebody call it, cockiness may call it overconfidence I make you call it whatever you want, but the winners have that little bit of air about him and how they carry themselves, and then they're play making -bility and just how to me equally as important as you've just see a heighten enthusiasm when that players in the game. I like that word scrapping. We're joined by f. s. one. NFL analyst de ngelo home morning morning. I am going to give the floor to skip though on this one. Times I'm trying to win you over here. Do you agree. I do, and there's part of that sound bite. We didn't hear the prefaced all this with the guy who tipped him off to this spot was the great Ron woolfe who built the original Packer team with Reggie White and brought Brett Farr from Atlanta that won a championship. And I know Ron woolfe around he was the greatest talent evaluator I was ever around. He really gets it. And what Brett said before, what we heard was he was talking the other day to Ron woolfe because they keep in touch and that Ron told him that when you're picking a quarterback, you cannot underestimate the winner. Intangible that most people. They look at the combine result. The pro day result that you have to look is the kid made at the right stuff. Whatever that winter thing is and Baker Mayfield has that in him. And I'm not saying Baker mayfield's gonna be Brett Farr because it was really good. And I'm not sure if you figured it'd be, there you go. I don't think Baker is that gifted. I just don't. He's going to be really good, but the hall of Famer I don't know. I'm stopping short of that, but to Brett's point, then you have to look at what what the intangibles are because Baker plays on intangibles more than he plays on talent. And if you look at what he did at the university of Oklahoma and the three years he started there, he goes thirty four and six as the starter pretty good and got them to playoffs twice lost in the first round, but but played very well in both games. And in those three years, they had awful defense's like he was having to overcome. Even in the the final year, they ranked fifty six overall in defense. They were not very good as you know, recovering a lot of those games. So he had to keep overcoming them. So I missed a little bit on Patrick Mahomes because I watched a lot of games at tech. I didn't see this coming and maybe he'll level out, you'll come back to earth a little bit, but the Mahomes I saw Texas Tech, they didn't have. They didn't play defense either, but they went thirteen and nineteen with him as the starter. Well, I didn't see great intangibles. I didn't see him be able to lift a medium talented team up to the top level of the big twelve because they were not a top level team. Look at his record against the top teams wasn't very good. He went over six against Oklahoma, Oklahoma state, and then I can go down the line. So he didn't show me. Hi winner, like contagious intangibles at Texas Tech right now, he's got weapons. He's got a coach. You loves him. A dynamic offenses play caller and so is being lifted by that. Obviously, the kid is extremely gifted. Patrick Mahomes is way more. Shifted to me than Baker Mayfield, but I still Baker for what Brett farve is talking about, which is that contagious that rub off effect is he said the heightened sense of enthusiasm. You see when he just steps on the football field, everybody's like, oh, we got this. Now here we go and you guys highly accomplished NFL players to say, well, that only lasts so long and your league. And maybe that is true. But I still say it's an underestimated intangible that that doesn't like with Sam darnold. I couldn't see any of that. I saw the pro day stuff. I saw a measurable 's, but in the immeasurable 's I don't yet see it and Sam darnold. So that's why said I'll take Baker Mayfield over Sam darnold. Agri some them. But for the most part, I'm going to say no, because you know what confuses me is when they say he's a winner. Let me tell you a lot in college jamarcus Russell. He won the national championship, Mark Sanchez, joy hair out on jamarcus. I can go back and show you wouldn't have time to do this, but every time LSU played Florida or Tennessee or some big game, he did not play well, and he was a big interception Thor too, but go ahead but they want a lot. Most of the quarterbacks in NFL they won a lot. It's very few quarterbacks get that lose, especially if they go to prominent programs like at Oklahoma, Leica, Florida, like at Tennessee for the most part, they're so supremely talented. That's why Mahomes at Texas Tech couldn't be Oklahoma, Oklahoma state, Texas Tech is not getting four and five star recruits. They might get two and three, four and five. They got if they're gonna go somewhere. They're going to the bigger school, but and it helps also if Todd Haley, Hugh push the ball down the field. Let you know. Baker come. Then he's throwing the ball down the field. They got tyrod or jailbreak screen in swing, but that's neither here nor there. He's a game manager, right? Yeah. When the coach the coach let you do. But anyway, here, no desk Bela's now I think Baker can be good. I don't see him as Patrick Mahomes because I don't see him having the weapons that Patrick Mahomes. I don't think he has the physical weapons that no, he. I mean that you don't have the have the ability to throw the ball like this kid can, but. Breadth, the-the. A lot of himself in Baker Mayfield. Kamikaze style. Yeah. And this is why he's heaping praise and education. I think that has a lot to do with its get when we see someone like ourselves playing the game is natural. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. There's a lot there. I don't think anybody thought Brett farve would be Brett farve when he first started out skip. So it's hard to definitively say, what a guy's gonna be live get? Can we at least get like four or five games in we saw a half and we saw entire game the half with great the game, not so much. So man, we just what we're just so quick to somebody. Yeah, we always this day and age. We always see one one one big play, and wow that guys the next big thing because we're always looking for that next big star. I do think Baker has a winning quality like Santa Sabe act. I can't go off of what he did in college though. Because he had a great team around him and he doesn't have that great. Did not have a defense. He did not what his defense was. Probably his defense, I would say was comparable to what clean has been putting out on the field as far as overall. I would argue until this past Sunday rate at one point. But I know run with an I know what he puts value on. He drafted me in Atlanta. Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah. Whenever I see run around, we always sit and talk about how he sees the game, how I see the game, how how I see this player, how he sees this player and. It makes sense. I didn't know Ryan had a part of getting Baker up there in Cleveland and not not had a part of that. He would just tell them Brad, that's, that's why this got that winter. Into front? No. No, okay. Well. I still I need to see him do it on this level. And so absolutely shanty say Bret sees himself in Baker Mayfield. He sees a kid who plays the game with such a motion and such passion and runs around and have so much. Fun can go hang out with the DVD's can go hang out with receives with old line d. line in a locker quarterbacks don't do that kind of stick to their, you know, their more of the pretty boys. They stay over here nights hiding quarterback. Yeah, they're not the ones going out hanging out having beer with you and when you went across a guy like that. Yeah, it just brings you in you wanna play form. You want to see him do well, and, and I just really think that's what it comes down to Baker is a guy who you can. You can generally sit down with and have a conversation because he wasn't a golden boy. He came from, he was a walk on. He had lighting his way into the national spotlight and. So that resignation would a lot of guys because for the majority of the guys in the National Football League, we don't play those positions that gets the limelight and for quarterback to get the limelight, but still feel like one of the guys you never run across death. That's what makes Baker, I think a little bit different in that winter stigma gets thrown on him. I think that's what may John Elway. So special now is skip because he was a guy who he was, but in training camp, you know, we play cards, we're rolling dies. We're having a good time laughing talking. He come in there and he rode, I play cards with us and training camp like, okay, what are you guys doing tonight? We get a night off. He come hang with us. Yeah, you know, we shooting basket poppy shot and he does that with. So now we look at him like he could be standing doing his own thing, he would, or he's mad at four kids. We go out, I'll beat up minute. He come hang out with. So that does meet that does play a lot because you don't want the quarterback. Yeah, you the face of the franchise and they treat you differently, but we. Don't want you to act different. They might treat you, but you act like the rest of us. What is Baker Mayfield made of what we see at the university of Oklahoma he played. I thought the best regular season game of the year year ago was at Ohio State. And then what did he do took the flagging went to the military and stuck it in the ground? Did you love that? Did a lot of people is that role model quality of, okay. That's bingo. Gets mad at the worst team in the big twelve, the Kansas jayhawks because they disrespected during the coin toss. Somebody said something to which they give. In their words to and he's like, he's grabbing his crotch to say, okay, how about this role model? No, but the NFL people say, I kind of liked that teammates like that. Yeah, they did right. And then what he do before their biggest game of the year against TCU when the kids dared to run across the back line while he was warming up on their end of the field, he just drills, the TCU player in the helmet with the football, a good throat to caught him right in the helmet. Okay, in he's got some stuff to his game. That's that's what he's made of. He's going to be combated. He's going to be feisty. He's going. If you wanna go fight after the game, he'll go fight you after game. He's that kind of kid. Okay. Do you like that you play with that is that I do Philip rivers, alot how Philip rivers you. You're not used to seeing quarterbacks jaw back and four. And I remember planning Philip, we came together and he was always a talker. And I'm like, what is each state doing all? Let's talking, but he kept doing it. He kept doing. Guys on his team loved and respected him, would he you? He would talk to anybody. He didn't care. He didn't care from the sideline to the other. You could be on the bench sitting there watching in the preseason Phillips John from sideline sideline like it was something I had never seen from the quarterback position before, but guys on his team. Like I was saying, they love that about film you as an opponent, you hate it because you wanna get you wanna get you wanna hit them. You want to hurt him. Tech that you love me? Yeah. When you play with them, no, you love them. And that's kind of bakery, if you're if you're an opponent. You hate, you wanna go, you wanna hit them. You want to try to get them sack, whatever pick them off. But when you want his team, it ain't then you wouldn't do for that new. Okay. That's some intangible. I can't measure. We measure though, is he six feet and a half inch tall? Yeah, little like a little stocky Bill, you know, like I don't think he has a great body exactly but, but Kenny, Kenny escape in the pocket. Yep, he can do that. He can. He make place? Yep. I still think he has whip of an arm. It's not Dan Marino's arm, and it's not Patrick Mahomes aren't, but it's pretty good. I mean, they got them. We'll see. They have landed. They have Callaway. They got good running backs. So we'll see. And Joe coup wish she had Josh Gordon. Josh, Josh is going what you always something that's always go. You know what at first you didn't won't dares. Now you're talking about looking at what we got. I think Dan's might be pretty good now you won't dance with the even in front. Even Dez would be better than what I write. Not saying you always do that. You had him. You didn't want him. I didn't. The guy always wants to girl what she's gone. He's desperate. So that all day today. Times desperate measures. We got the championship Texas on Sunday night, right bragging ain't no championship. A couple takes is. Case do on it. Probably I'm thank you. I love my chances against. Went to the last play, the game go input to do. It's on. It's all do now. The in, if Dak has to throw it to Zeki will throw it to Zeke and the game will be over. You're gonna take one play. He may one over the shoulder canton three, but wouldn't it? It was the play of the year and pro football. It was. Think about it with you. Don't have any receivers and finally your to your like a two man offense of team in the to say, okay, let's just in this thing right here. I'll go lineup as a wide out. I'll go line up in the slot and I'll run a go route and Utah over my shoulder and I'll catch it. Am I right knows play. Given the degree of difficulty come on a routine play. It's routine for a running back. If if you say he got hand like maybe. Garner's got better hands led the know about that one. Well, you saw, I saw great great team play, but when it comes over. Remember it came to that. That's all I got. That's what I'm trying to. It took a historic performance from Zeke. And you kick the game winning field, you feel good about that? Nope. I don't honestly. Sunday Dangelo. Thanks for being here. You're gonna be back a little bit later, but someone who's not afraid to speak his mind. Aaron Rodgers is everything. Okay. And his head coach. So Oklahoma quarterback, Kyle Lowry was benched for the start of their game on Saturday. After oversleeping being linked practice, he then came in through six touchdown, passes in a blowout win, ran for one Murray's hot start now has him with the second best odds to win the Heisman behind to televise Loa. And as I mentioned, Keiler has a big stage on Saturday at the Cotton Bowl against Texas. We have been looking forward to that one mal year. Joel Klatt joining us now, and we have had we've been fortunate enough to spend some time with Cuyler Murray. What do you think what our heads odds now to win the Heisman. He's playing unbelievable football, but there's a guy playing better football right now, and that's unfortunate for Cuyler. There's a couple of factors at play here. One is that Keiler is doing basically whatever other Oklahoma quarterback and really Lincoln Riley quarterback has done in the history of this system, you know. So you could make an argument that he's a byproduct of the system. Now, I happen to think that he's playing unbelievable his feet or dangerous. He's throwing the ball down the field as well as anybody in the country. However, there's a guy right now playing college. Football has taken the greatest program in the history of the sport to another level. That's tough to do. Think about these numbers. Jenny when Alabama won their national championships under Nick saving, you don't have to convince you got. All right. Go ahead. You're the easy part. Thirty five points per game is what Alabama averaged in their five national championship years combined. Okay. Not shabby, but not great. Fifty. Four points per game is what they're averaging right now. Number one scoring offense in college football nineteen points difference. I mean, you kidding me. You're talking about close to three touchdown. He's taken over in terms of throwing the ball down the field. Thirteen point, two yards per attempt that's way up from Alabama from what they were a year ago. Eight point two yards per attempt. Three incompletions total on third down three, three, seven touchdowns and twenty one attempts by the way he's averaging eighteen and a half yards per attempt on third down to Tunga via Loa has taken the greatest coach in the history college football, the greatest team in the history in terms of a decade run and he's ratcheted up what they've been able to do Oklahoma's great. Keiler is great. Virtually the same thing that we're seeing last year and the year before. Four. This is just a different deal with Alabama. Bama play this time Samford or who they got. Everybody by the way he's doing this in one half of football. This is the quarterback version of Barry. Sanders did and imagine to be if he could play in the fourth quarter skip or if you play late into the ball, late late third quarter. I mean, think about then I'd win one hundred enough. Got through. True. If two right now to use aim boat in eight through twelve when he had such a heat such so far, if he doesn't pull a hamstring, his trophy and I know you look, he's not even top hundred in the Tim's at the quarterback position. Eight, Tim's got fourteen tubes interest you in eighty completion. Can I ask, you know what? He's taking a team when you think Alabama, you think running backs and play defense. You don't think running-backs anymore. Skipped in a six year span. They had Eddie lacy mar Ingram. Second TJ Yoda and Kenyan Drake, Derek and Alvin Kamara you know, harangue running backs on now because this guy see we've always seen and that's what Oklahoma Oklahoma used to be known as running back school. Remember Steve end and billions. Yeah. Yeah, you think, but then all of a sudden he became your research. Why am Bradford it in Baker Mayfield now they're no more every past team. Alabama was known for running and playing defense. This is the first time that I ever remember and I go back to watching coach Bryant when he had major Ogilvie and all those guys running the wishbone wishbone you knew that they would poorly. They did not. Like, oh, you're not what autos national championship. They got skipping. It's not even close. I don't even know if two or does not think about it. His neck for the next ball game. He's not gonna be playing the fourth quarter. They got like Arkansas. His gonna come with illeg improbably champion, Auburn at home, maybe Auburn, but yet it's a home. But to this guy, this really renarrowed ABS. We still remember the second half against Georgia. Yeah. So I'm going to be an objective. Always I give collar Maury, a good shot to win the cosmic trophy because I think it might just get called the cosmic trophy before this year is over because he is right on his tail and two is off to an all time. Greatest start. There's never been a start like this quarterback is had through their five games. It's it's off the charts, but right on the same chart is the guy at Oklahoma because let's do my favorite stat QBR to a leads the nation at ninety eight ninety eight on a scale zero to one hundred and is just it's just impossibly great. Kyle is right there. Yes, he's at ninety seven ninety eight to ninety seven Mr. sharp. He's right on his tail with a ninety. Seven let's do degree of difficulty because Alabama predictably is now tied for fifth and points allowed. Oklahoma is fifty first in the nation in points allowed and ninetieth in yards allowed because I don't love me some Mike stoops's the coordinator. I don't wanna get you probably here, but I know you gotta go see him, but I just don't. I just don't love. I know you said their defense looks a little better. I'm not sure about that. So the degree of difficulty for collar Murray is off the charts compared to because he knows what the defense is going to do. Just going to hand him the ball back again and again, and again and Cuyler Murray. I'm starting to wonder is possible Lincoln Riley is a byproduct of Baker Mayfield and Cuyler Murray cholera is legit because I had no idea. I'd seen him once against Iowa State last year whenever it was, you know, he ran one serums when baking suspended. He is leaping off my TV screen because he's more accurate with more arm strength than I ever imagined. And the releases lightning-quick and speaking of lightning, his acceleration, it's it's off. The charts is Lamar Jackson, esque. It's right in the same ballpark on just pure. About two of male. Okay. Not he can run with, but he and his electric Czyz kids feet these. It looks like he stuck on fast forward when he takes off and what Hershey on that on that QBR because you're right, like the argument I get it right, and I'm not suggesting Kyle is not playing because he's playing fabulous football, and he's such a dangerous player to try to defend because these explosive with his feet and he can hurt you with his arm. It's a really rare combination. But the problem is Baker just set the NCAA efficiency record to shrink years. So this offense is built for QBR efficiency. I mean, that's what it does. They gotta do it to execute it. Here's here's what I will give you. I'll come to your side a little bit. Here's what I will give you. I do think the Heisman Trophy is one by not only numbers but moments, and I'm fearful for two that you're not going to have a moment when you're in a baseball cap in the fourth quarter. Now that's not his fault, like very Sanders in one thousand nine hundred eight. But when you don't play in those big games in those big moments and you're not the impactful factor that. Can way on voters minds in particular when Kyle got a game like this week in Red River against the defense that has not given up seventeen points, three straight games against the defensive coordinator, Todd Orlando that by the way is to the last six times, Lincoln Riley has been held under thirty thirty points. It's been Todd defenses once a Houston, Texas. Yep. So this is his moment if Keiler is going to overtake too. I think he's got to do it this weekend. He's gotta play great on this day happen because nobody puts value Texas team who they've lost to. But we've seen name someone that comes up on the Mike Leach named a quarterback that played at a might leave fifty that haven't unbelievable numbers name. They don't do anything in the NFL, but in college from that system, they're gonna throw for fifteen thousand yard. They're gonna have a hundred plus touchdowns. We've never seen it all Alabama. Mike system coached by Michael. No, Lincoln route. Definitely. Fiscal degree. It's a little different. He got his teeth under. Yeah, yeah. He might take a little bit of this and added his own flavor to it, but what within with two and that was Alabama. When have you ever said Alabama's offense is better than his depends in the history that program certainly not under. He's he ain't gonna like this. Saint Nick. I ain't gonna like he's gonna lose credit here and guess what to have to do. He has to worry about Jalen hurts because that's the play. Qossaibi doesn't love that say because guess what? If you just run the ball in play defense co, sabre Zabre. But now you got somebody coach saving once a Heisman winner at quarterback, I ego have way if it gets him another ring, he'll take it again. This is the most dominant decade we've seen in college football hevea and this is maybe I would say, arguably the greatest coach of all time. And this single player has taken them to a just a different level Alabama's gory. That margin for me is Optima running into you, Alabama in scoring fifty, four points. The number one defense fifty been there. So you know, he. Keep us thank overtone FM involved in. Now he got somebody that can spend it like two young receivers, get by. What did area judaize once about the forward pass? Three things can happen in two of them are bad, so too is a lot of forward passes and Saint Nick is thinking to the things that can happen are banned, really wrote have many passes Kaunda Murray. Do you know how many interceptions he has none zero. Well, guess how many Keiler has to teen to to really or teen though, technically that's two hundred percent more than two. Oh, ninety eight to ninety? Seven. He's coming to Lowe's and agree is close, but man to stage for best Saturday. This is a Heisman type of game. Heisman, how close Dallas Fort Worth actually to each thirty? Forty five. Okay. Close Dallas Fort Worth. They're not that close to Murray. They not. That's the only point, but it rotated. Saturday, I would try to get over here, but if you watch the game on, lay out nervous watching, you know, are you like wound up about this league? It's these guys. I tell you this is going to be about this. Let's get it. I get it this. This is the biggest Red River game since maybe Bradford McCoy and eight. Legitimate title aspirations for be watching and listen to my man Joel in my Ashu with our show which Oklahoma can get a hold Obama. No, Tim, she'll Jimmy. Against Oklahoma's we didn't want. We care about you overnight. We've upset because they kick things we've may. You can ask collar old in the Heisman pose when he scores winning a little to Alabama about have a running time, you say, hey. All right. Thanks for listening to the undisputed podcast. I'm Johnny Taft. Join us again at nine thirty AM eastern on Monday for another week of undisputed. We'll see that.

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