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Training Tips; Bear Defense; Best Choke for Sporting Clays: Gun Talk Radio | 05.24.20 Hour 2


Stop wasting time searching for deals on the gun and gear you want. Let Gun Deleo do the work for you. Download Gun deleo for free enable notifications and start saving. He'll find hot. Deals exclusive offers and more triggered. The deals gun. Deleo Tom Gresham gun talk. If you'd like to join US eight six six talk gun or Tom Talk Gun. I mean we can't make it easier than that. That's pretty much what you got. I mentioned earlier. I was out for a walk this morning and Rando neighbor and we shouldn't Abreu's we're talking about guns. Of course this is valid. Never met and it took about five minutes in the conversation before we start talking about guns and then he's asking about to go take like a real taken concealed. Carry class like take a real defensive gun class. Maybe three days or something I said well he said where are you out of San Diego actually talking about friend in San Diego? Yeah I say well. I don't know being placed local probably are I said. But you're really not that far from the place you really ought to go. Which is gunsight in Arizona? I where I would no take it back. It's not where I would I to go when I have an opportunity. Go take classes there that just what I do or joining me right now. Is What my good friends longtime firearms instructor and now a longtime range master at gunsight illing new. Hello Elaine how are Ya term? Great so good to talk with you. You know when you think back. It's been a long time since we first got together at gun side. It sure has and you've been so instrumental in helping me and so many others out there. Thank you well thank you. It was a it was fun we got to put you on TV. You get started with that whole deal. Which is you know. It's always fun. Work Trainers trainers. Know How to present information concisely and directly and all I have to do on the TV side is just basically and you've heard me say it so many times to say. Look if you know how you're going to start and your know how you're going to finish every the middle is gonNA take care of itself training. You make it easy. Well I appreciate that. I was mentioning this fellow I ran into and I said you know honestly if you can do it if you have the wherewithal at the time and get yourself over to gunsight trying to explain it and I told him the thing. I will not make this offer to everybody on the radio but I have made this personally several people I I said. Here's the deal if you go and you don't agree with me that this has changed my life literally. I will personally pay for your tuition and I made that offer more than a dozen times. I have never had anybody come back and say I want I want you pay my tuition. They all came back sits Hewa right. I had no idea his absolutely changed my life. I do not go through my day the same way I did before. It's hard to explain that to people. Isn't it it is indeed but I will say also from my perspective as a trainer and a student gunsight is the kind of place where no matter what your skill and or experience level. You're going to come away from the class Knowing more about yourself and probably doing better than you did. It's good point. Yes when people look at me askance when I say this it's not just beginners are even accomplish shooters who go there. You may see a team of people who are the go places and do things kind of special forces people who go to gun sight for specific types of training so as you say no matter truly no matter what your experience and expertise level. Is there something for you there? That's right and you actually see some of those very same professional And Mail chainmail in classes that you would think would be to quote unquote fundamental for them. But they are there precisely to review the fundamental. Okay quite what somebody like that? Who is go there things person? Where are they going to get out of a fundamental class? They're going to solidify what they know. They are going to have the benefit of professional coaches. And there's something to be said that a lot to be said for having a professional look at you while you're executing whatever it is and to tell you what your strong points are also you know what I can be smoothed out improved or changed a bit tweaked And that's why a lot of those people go to those early on classes. It's funny you mention it. I was at gun sight. When was that so few months ago and we were shooting new pistol doctoring deal with one of the manufacturers and I'm shooting pretty Nice Oh groups but they are absolutely not where they're supposed to be and I shot enough to know this case. I'm not flinching. Not Anticipating. You know all of that. I mean I know people say I'm not doing that in this case I knew it wasn't I can't figure it out and one of the gunsight. Instructors goes to your point. You laying a coach. The coach I say is you're paying for an experienced set of is and this instructor comes over. He says well. Let me see what you're doing and watches me shoot? He says? Move your trigger finger into the trigger guard about a sixteenth. Maybe a thirty second of an inch engage the trigger with more of your finger. I did that and the groups went right. Absolutely to the point of aim. It was unbelievable. Amazing just it's like. How do you know that well? That's because that's what you guys do. That's what you do all the time you see things we're part of. It is frankly an instructor you have seen so much you can refer back to something else you either saw or heard or something else and you bring that experience to those of us. Who Don't do that for eleven. That is absolutely true. And then the other thing you said right to the point is we should be watching you shoot. Yes yes we look at your targets. Eventually to confirm or with the initial issue is but we should be watching you shoot and the Benicia that that that instructor found in you make all the difference especially with the skilled and experienced shooter. Like you question for you as a veteran firearms instructor self defense instructor. How long does it take you to size up a student? S to that person's safety awareness. Wow about a minute. If we're around firearms about a minute. Maybe even less than that and you know. That's I'm not going to have to watch where you're going to watch them anyway or somebody to go. Yeah I'M GONNA keep my on this personal lot until we get this straightened out. Yes and maybe we start off with a few dental nudges of course every class regardless of where you are but certainly had gunsight should start with safety. Yeah and if that's not being integrated as it were then some gentle nudges unless it's egregious in which case the no just maybe not quite so gentle but we have people that we know. We should be watching our our still people. Don't be bashful. I don't care if you're an instructor or you're just know with somebody and you brought a friend out there are things you cannot be bashful or reticent about and Gun. Safety is one of the first time as I say I tell people. Hey you know. Watch that Muslim. I share a story here. I hadn't thought about this in years. I was a gun sight. We were doing a shotgun deal shotgun on my shoulder very short barrel shotgun and it was on my back over my shoulder and I bit over to pick up something and use it. Watch your muzzle because I've been over the muzzle. Now is going almost horizontal. It was one of those Aha moments and I was not at all offended by it. It was just another set of eyes experienced device that hey when you do that bend over became for where you're Muslims point. Thank you and if you weren't offended at Oh no no. You probably don't even remember that you probably do that. So often was just a thing for you but it made oppression to me. I actually do not remember that. Because that's the thing too is that you leave. We operate with our firearms and different environments. Some of us are alone. The great deal of the time. Some of us have ranges completely at our disposal of us with large groups of people. It varies and so sometimes you know. It's Kinda hard to kind of click in our environment right away. Coach can do for you. Exactly WanNa take a break here. We come back yelling several things. I want to talk about one of that. You teach dangerous game or are basically four legged Predator protection that kind of thing I have so many calls before and about Beer Protection. And all the rest of we're GONNA tap into that with you. Okay all right. Sounds good eight six six. Talk Gun if you want to know anything about bear guns bear protection or handgun hunting healing. New is your expert. I guarantee you call me right now at Tom. Talk Gun. Introducing the all-new Saint Victor from Springfield. Armory are versatile line of battle-ready configurations designed for Syria shooters and built on the Rock. Solid Saint Platform per unwavering reliability available in carbon linked rifle. Spn pistol configurations. Each same victories purpose built loaded with features to deliver ultimate performance under extreme conditions. The all new Saint Victor from Springfield armory never a victim always the mental health and guns at walk the Talk America. We're working with both the mental health community and the gun industry created by a gun industry veteran. Walk the talk. America's seeks to raise awareness and create change through suicide prevention and firearm safety without legislation we strive to eliminate the prejudice that firearms and mental health. Face for more information and to support walk the talk America. Please visit walk the talk America Dot Org. Hi this is Tom. Gresham from gun. Talk a miracle is using critical wildlife habitat at a rate of one football field every hour. It's happening on the Louisiana coast. But it's critical to all sportsmen and conservationists these precious wetlands provide winter habitat for more than ten million ducks and geese annual waterfowl that migrate North who dozens of states. Don't shrug it off get involved. You can help visit vanishing Paradise Dot. Org We're talking with Ling News. He is a gun sight trainer but also a multifaceted person loves to HUNT LOVES TO HANDGUN HOT. And you're not the biggest person in the world but you will take on the biggest critters walking the earth with a rifle or a handgun happily. There's lots of great equipment out there and I had training and trying to Philly so yes exactly so I mean what's the biggest thing you ever shallow the handgun. It would be the K. Buffalo. That's pretty big. That's we're talking two thousand pounds plus and metered snake so that will work one of the I know you teach the hunting class handgun hunting classes but also the Predator defense classes and I mentioned before the break if I ever want to. Just get a conversation started all. I have to say is bare gun and we laugh about it now. It's like I don't care if the person lives a Madison Avenue in Manhattan. If they're into guns the Oh yeah yeah I got to have a gun so when people are asking you who do I need? What do you tell them? Powerfully time? You're right we do. We do laugh at that I kind of look at them. And I say what's the biggest for should say most powerful caliber that you can choose what you have a hundred and ten percent confidence in shoot a raging charging beast with okay and to do that to be able do that all the time. Tom You need to train with it. Where you get the kind of the knowledge and the know how but you need to practice with it. Yeah whether that's a forty four magnum or four fifty four casule or if you say that's just more than I could shoot okay. What about three hundred seven egg if you could shoot one well? That's probably better than a forty four magnum that you put in the rounds into the dirt with. That's right exactly exactly. I heard you talk about the shoemaker today and also carrying three fifty seven and I did for years as well absolutely. It's all about how well you shooter can inform with your equipment. And now I have this four special. Which is like a throwback goofy thing to do except that with the bullets and the good ammo we have like different people but like Buffalo bore and different outfits making really good ammo it really kind of bumps some of those calories up a notch. Yeah it really does. When you're choosing AMMO is penetration. You're looking for more than anything else. Yes and then I also consider what kind of beast I'm up against. Because the penetration factor will vary depending on. You know. Hide sickness where I may have to shoot what I'm what kind of situation I'm planning for is it is purely defense. Ms Hunting situation attach. There are so many variables it's true it would be could be different load for defense than it would be hunting yes interesting. I One of the reasons that I really WANNA many new reasons why I love. Revolvers is oftentimes. I'll go in with a revolver loaded with hunting animal for the first one or two chambers chambers but the rest will be defensive loads so the the the first ones will be the defensive loads and then if I come upon a hunting situation and I have that opportunity to to to rotate that chamber little bit. Then I'm sure you can index the chamber you can rotate the cylinder and then go to a different round so if you have a quick. You've got defensive loads that's GonNa be I up. And then maybe you've got time you can just rotate that cylinder a couple of US chambers around and now you've got your hunting load. It's kind of like out here. I've decided to curie snake loads as my first round. Because there's about one hundred times more likelihood I'm GONNA come up step on a rattlesnake. Get close to one that I am with a bear so you kind of go with whatever it is. It works for you question for you. We're all over the place or even we're supposed to be talking about today just everything every time we get together. We have so much fun. I before I do that. Was there something and this is like crazy. The Nascar there something in particular you wanted to share today. I just wanted to encourage everybody out there. Male and female to get out there and shoot. If you can't get out there and shoot you should be practicing at home and that can even be mentally practicing visualizing. I'm talking about personal defense. Now July situations that you might be in watching first-person defender talking with your family. Members Room is whomever just kind of keeping that fresh in your mind. Basically doing the what ifs and the sports psychologist tell us that what they call the pre visualization basically running. The ski run or doing those things is almost identical to your brain thinking about it and doing in detail than if you actually did it yourself. Yes and so you can visualize your actual manipulations as well. They've shown that your muscle actually engage when you visualize even though you're not physically manipulating your firearm. Your ski or what? Have you. Your muscles are actually engaging so? That's fantastic work. You know one of the things that thinking about gun sight and of course necessarily if you have ten or twenty people on the line. Hugh are restricted. As to what you could have everybody do. You can't have them all running around at one time. You take that information and then but one thing is I try to impress upon people is the idea that pre visualize work on your mind because if something goes down one of your very first things you need to think about is move move move. Move and if you've had to stand there on square range and a bunch of people maybe you could take one step to the left one step to the right in a Conga line kind of deal but it would be a good idea then break out and go get whether instructor one on one where you can actually learn to move and I mean really move. Get off the exit. Get somewhere because you know one of the best ways to win a gun not be there are get behind cover or something else. Where do you think could not agree? More just sitting your big easy chair and thinking about if this happens what am I gonNA do set of saying well? I'm going to slap leather. John Wayne how? `Bout I'm going to scoot decide. I'm going to go get behind a post. I'm going to turn and run and get out that door and not even be there when it all goes down. Yes I will add to that if you have a tool at your disposal preferably a firearm. You should be figuring out what you're going to be doing with that tool as you are removing yourself. Okay suggestions there. What do you think quote? Well I tell people that first of all they should be carrying if they can. They should be carrying concealed to and when they when they get dressed morning. They should be doing dry presentations from wherever they're carrying. That day was whatever they're going to be wearing that day because it will change from day to day week to week season to season. And so that's that's kind of number one for me. It's interesting you say I probably learned this from you when I put my gun on every day and I think it was. You said look. This is a free draw. Why are you not taking advantage of this? You know when you take put your gun in the holster and taking your gun out of the holster. Dobie to slow about it. You don't have to be doing it super fast. But you need to practice that movement and particularly with the closure wearing that day. Let's do a moderately speedy. Draw to a a very safe place to point your gun exactly exactly now. In the scenario of I have the opportunity to move to a position of safety does not mean that. I'm going to be throwing my firearm at that moment. Certainly going to be accessing it so that I tand when the moment is right here okay makes sense so you could actually be moving in putting your hand. I'm just making this up as I go putting your hand on the pistol grip heavier hand on their wire moving. And then maybe when you get to a position of cover and that's where you're going to hold up then you can come out with that pistol from a position to cover in weight engage if you have to but maybe just hold up there absolutely know when the time comes. You don't WanNa be the guy polling at your whatever your sweatshirt your jacket whenever trying to find what it is you need and the only way to know if your system works in your system is everything you have on your sweatshirt. Wherever else is to practice with with please please please an empty gun dry gun practice and what you may find. You Know I love this outfit but it just is not work for me for this. I'm not going to be able to make it work. I'M GONNA switch. Yes yes I want to go back and underscore your comment about practicing dry. And this is a great opportunity. Also consider the tonight when it's time to be. I consider that to be a part of my practice as well. All all right. We're GONNA have to wrap it up. I'm just going to say thank you for what you do. Thank you for all these structures. You give me personally and I do love gun side. I have no problem sending everybody family members and everybody else to it so again. Thank you keep doing what you're doing. Please keep doing what you're doing here term. Thank you absolutely best to you. All Right L. ING new gun sight. Yeah gunsight genus. It DOT COM DOT com. There are a lot of great shooting facilities now where you can get good training. I Got Sick Academy Shoe Right Academy Gunsight Thunder Ranch and goes on and on. There's some really good ones out there. The main thing is go get something and then go to some other place. Don't keep going back to the same place. Different instruction eight six six. Talk Gun open lines now. Jucci asked to call in Something interesting is going on here and I think I'm GONNA call it. The Post Virginia move much in Virginia. Of course we saw what happened when Michael Bloomberg went and spent about your money to flip the legislature to Democrat with the promise that they would pass all sorts of restrictions on second amendment rights. Gun Control Gun. Bands gun rationing month. All sorts of things. We had massive rallies. The media said were twenty. Two thousand people there are probably sixty thousand people at the state capital. Huge huge rallies. It awakened people not just in Virginia but all over the country and people said you know maybe we can show up. They were somewhat effective in their rallies. But look at the deal was done. Democrats got elected. Bloomberg money bought the election and the people that he paid for. Their campaigns paid off their debt to him by passing gun controls. Now we see in some other places some interesting things going on in Oklahoma. The governor has signed a an anti red flag law. Bill that's fascinating and your member a couple of weeks I said I'd been at the Louisiana legislature and testified their the reason a house passed a bill expanding conceal carry access in churches in Louisiana. The law is carrying church. Less the church allows it basically announced to it's congregation etc etc. That's the only private business in the state has that and so what this bill does it just flips. It around makes like every other business. Where if they want to ban concealed carry there they could put up signs and they have that ability but otherwise you can carry into those buildings in churches there several other bills actually four bills that were passed and moving along through the state legislature. But it's interesting to see that people showed up by the dozens big numbers flooding the committee hearing rooms. What are you seeing and even more are? You're part of that that's going. On eight six six talk gun at of Alamogordo Mexico. Charles is with us on one. Hello Charles you got an idea here what you're thinking. Yeah Tom I hear you talking about the forty four special and I'm an older Fella seventy four and I've been reloading since nineteen sixty six so I've always liked the forty five Colt but I never could afford a forty four special Lipsey or tallow out of Louisiana. I'm sure you're familiar with them. They came out with a flat. Top roofs just like skater. Skilton and John Tapping I'm their disciples right. I'm there disciple and I've watched their reloading. I watched their guns and I never could come up with a forty four. I liked and feel about to their Bazeley flat tops and works for special four and five eight five and a half and I wanted to seven and a half but I couldn't find one. Well I got this bright idea. I got on Ebay and I found a forty four Super Blackhawk magnum barrel or around eighty. Seventy five eighty dollars had a gunsmith fitted to flat top new model and now got a seven and a half inch forty forty four shoots like a House. Afire and my low is the old sears. Skilton load seven point five grains unique. Yup with Keith style. Bullets cloverleaf at like anywhere from fifteen fake. Twenty five yards. That is mainly and it doesn't cost what And I don't blame me for getting a mainframe wason but for a whole lot less money you can buy. Ruger if you like to. Single Action Ruger also has a five and a half inch barrel five. Shot Forty four special on the first one hundred fun. Well I've got a flat top. Forty four special ruger. I also have forty five Colt the convertible a Ruger. So yeah and I am in the process of GonNa take a forty four magnum ruger and Senator John Linebaugh. I'd have him. Were kids magic on it and see what we end up with that. So I'm with you there all the way But going to shout out here Jason Klaus over at Lips. He says the one who comes up with these wonderful specials that they do and anybody who's the end of this stuff ought to be looking at lips website because they come up with these ellipses exclusive. That are so cool if you knew anything about history like you. Are you talking about Taffin and skeleton and you look at that and go. Yeah I mean. They're they're getting pretty close to the Keith number. Five kind of thing so it's very cool stuff that's going on there right. Well appreciate your call the wonderful land. It is four or four great with forty. Five Colt is fabulous as well. And you know cool stuff. That is exciting. Let me talk to rusty. He's in shreveport onto. Hey Rusty I understand. You've been to gun sight. I I've just shown you talk to the gun side of black times cool. Got The gone for a long time in so it's trapped was favorite guy in the world. All Love Corey. Don't you I worry? I call co Corey Santa Claus with a machine seven. Who's that well? I don't know honestly I don't know but the most of the folks are still there but some of the guys have not passed on but just aren't working there anymore. So there you go. I was very fortunate to glass there with a friend of mine is passed away Get anywhere flashed. Three thousand long range goes seven five thirty April fools and like I said Corey runs a great program and that long. Now let me ask you a question about the kimber. I I've got to Kim Russo. Lows never miss buyers and the mutation twice and I watched your video camera Mesa gotta shoot him and that munition of it just doesn't matter what you put is going to bring up and interesting brass. Which selling the Selva because mistakes have you talked to camper about that? I have not just watched their videos and they showed all the different bill and I've tried to shoot every bullet that they had two shots by Hank and I've got another one never own as well. I'm just GONNA say this. Our My go-to thing is give them a chance to make it right. Don't don't just call me and say I got a problem with a gun. I'm the wrong person to call on this one. If you say look this is what's going on. I got one that works like a charm and one that Dutton. Here's what they're gonNA say say. Send us the one. That's not working and let's take a right. Give them a chance to make it right okay. The reason I called you thought was talking to gun side like like three times in buddy fast way January so flash to your back. They did Arkell. He might have sought cover their magazine about Sierra will settle dollars all probably solid pig. I hate to do this but I've gotta run. This break is coming right up on top of me and I got scoot. Hey if you'd like to join US eight six six talk a gun. We'll get you in and we got interested in guns. If you've got guys who like to hear about it. We got new gun. Yeah of course and then the question is. Are you buying ammo these days? It is available if you look around there sexy some really good prices. Yes there are you. Just gotTa be careful and shop hard. So what are you buying eight six six talk gun? In in Twenty Twenty Brown hills continues its tribute to Eugene's donor legendary designer of the AR. Fifteen a our one eighty and more the. What would stone do twenty twenty rifle answers? The question of what stones would have done with modern lightweight materials inspired by another stone. Her designed Brownell one. Eighty lower receivers helped complete firearms. Optimized for folding stocks are pistol braces visit Brownell Dot com today and pay tribute to one of America's greatest firearm engineers. You got your carry permit and that's good but you know you could use more training get the DVD's which would you need springfield? Armory presents concealed carry one and concealed carry to with battle group learn specific concealed. Carry skills from top gun fighting. Trainers get trained be prepared. This really is life and down shop gun dot. That's Chop Gun. Talk Dot Com. Perhaps more than any other landscape wet lasts embody the light. The giving abundance of nature has to offer and perhaps more than any other organization ducks. Unlimited is working to ensure that our confidence wetlands not only surviving dry generations. Well beyond this time is now to band together. Time is now to rescue our wetlands interesting story out of Las Vegas Guy Gets into a defensive shooting. Actually they brought the story so. I'll just give it out it's bj Baldwin described as a defensive pistol. Practitioner has years of training guy. Came Two guys came out and pointed a gun at his girlfriend in a parking lot in Baldwin. Got All my shots. I got all my hits here doing. Shot this guy. Ten Times like and four seconds. He said about four seconds. Ten shots all hits killed him stone dead. What was interesting about the whole deal? Was it the guy who shot the fella who was with him was his brother? So the gunman's brother was there. The brother said he had a feeling his brother was going to do something stupid. And then the brother who has not shot ask authorities pleased do not file charges against Baldwin. The defensive shooter for using his weapon. So this guy knew his brother was up to no good. And it's well as occupational hazards. If you're going to be a bad guy and you're gonNA come at somebody and point a gun at somebody's girlfriend and try to kill her in the guy. You just happens to be a champion pistol shooter. You may get shot. He made shot a lot. You may get shot and all shots or hits stuff happens you go work. I tell you. Let's see here. Line vibe Joe Pederson Texas Jefferson Rather Jefferson Texas. Hey Joe Man. At the risk of sounding like a range snob. I I just had been thinking about this for several weeks about calling you but your last conversation kind of prompted it when y'all talking about whole string and and and I got thinking on the range. How many times I see people come out with a pistol rug or the Glock blocks and that's fine. I don't WanNa be condescending. But they never they never come with the whole strict they get it out of the pistol rug or the Glock box. And they're if they're not on target they don't know what to do with it and just it's just uncomfortable a lot of times and these people they go get their concealed carry but they never carry because they never get a holster and so I just wanted to call and kind of encourage listeners out there to recognize the importance of holster certainly for everyday Kerry but even just on the range. Well you know it's interesting point. Obviously there are a lot of different kinds of ranges if you're shooting an indoor range. There's really no need for wholesale. You GotTa Shelf Right in front of you and a lot of indoor rangers. Don't let you shoot anyway. So I I get that but to your point and I've seen it where people the have the gun out there shooting shoot shoot and now it's like. I don't know exactly where I'm supposed to do with this thing now. Especially we don't have a table or a place to put it and I remember long ago. Somebody told Me Look. There are only two places that handgun belongs. It's either in your hand or tenure holster and the holster is the safe place. So when you shoot the you're done you just move back. Put it down in your whole sir. Now you can turn around. You could walk around. You can have conversations the guns in the holster. It's an safe place. Keep your hands off of it until you ready to shoot again in. So there's that it is very much range dependent but I want to go back to something. You said. A lot of people get their carry permits and they don't carry which has always struck me as an odd thing. Maybe they didn't learn the less always liked the folks of gun side. Say Look in there right something online. I said if you're reading this and you can't reach your pistol from where you are. You have not learned our lessons. And that's of the point isn't it? I think it's it is an interesting dynamic there. Psychologically how people get the concealed carry permit. They score well enough on the target to pass and they think they're yeah. Well that's where I ended up irritating all the concealed. Carry instructors out there when I say. Concealed carry class is not training in yes. It is instruction and yes. You learned some things but it's not what I consider training and if that's all you have it's better than nothing but it is not enough to get you through the crisis. The chaos of a self defense situation and you need far more training than that and you gotta get serious about that stuff so yeah. I appreciate you bringing this up. And for those who have their carry permit and all they did was take their class and I know people say what is expensive. Yes it is. I get that good trainings expensive. Good everything's expensive. But that's like saying well. You know good good. Parachutes are expensive. I really don't want to buy a good pair of she I could get by with a cheap parachute. You really want to go through that again. Let's let's consider that because that's what you really talk about your gun and your training your parachute is the thing that will save your life if everything else has failed so just how cheap parachute are you willing. Trust your life to training some of the best money and time that you can spend. I don't know it's it's my thing I get that. And it's not everybody's thing but if you're serious about this if you have a loaded gun on you. You should be serious about this. You ought to do it. Eight six six talk. Gone Tom. Gresham you BETCHA. This is gone. Try best wishes to Colonel Allen West? Who was in a motorcycle accident yesterday? In Hospital concussions broken bones. But they say he will be released on Monday so hope he starts heating quickly. We appreciate that. Let's see line. One Steve Palmdale California with a follow up for us. Hey Steve Hey. Tom Took my remington one. Forty one day master out Yesterday and Ransom horny lever at the Lucien. Two hundred green through it. Oh yeah sleek shooting rifle Somebody ever moved the rear sight so it had a Bushnell's sport view scope on it And it was dead on at seventy five yards. Just right out. Didn't do anything to it. Beautiful Gun the action is smooth S. Just say this for those who don't know this is a compact in thirty five Remington. And you're right. Those were old enough to where they are just made right and they are selected. Almost like they feel like they're constantly in an oil bath there. So smooth Tom if I have the action open and I've points the gun muzzle down little dislike or little moon. It's so warm. A stock is in great shape. was just an excellent purchase. I love the guns all. You're a happy camper that you bought. That one definitely definitely not never. None of my friends have one of that. They were all just like what is that. Where did you get that I looked up the barrel marks it was manufactured in January. My in forty six year old gun. That's very cool. Hey Look I appreciate the follow up report that is great a Remington One. Forty one game master in thirty five rim into very cool. Larry's in East Dallas onto question about shooting sporting clays. What you got Harry Jonah. Just bought me a new overnight or I've been shooting three Three ninety one extremist for years. But the guy the hunt with and beat me down so much. Because I'm the only Guy Shuna Cammo gone out there so I finally broke down bombing a Beretta over and under gun shot at a few times. But I'm having trouble with the second barrel with a modified choke not read here in Dallas. And he suggested I go to either get another improve choke or one. That's called choke. I've never heard of that. He is that a it might be. Here's what I would do if you want to break more targets. Sound really stupid. Okay but trust me on this one go with a skeet choke on your first barrel and improve cylinder on your second baron. Okay because here's the deal. Very few targets on sporting clays range are out of range of improved cylinder. You can break targets at forty yards of the proof cylinder. You can't mostly they're going to be fifteen to twenty yards. Maybe twenty five by going with the more open chokes. You simply have a bigger racket to hit that tennis ball. It's out there. Why not give yourself on the edge with a bigger pattern and fill that you might even drop down to nine. You're shooting. Aides spent on where it is. But I would go with a few more pellets. I will go with a wider choke the more pellets to fill that pattern. You'RE GONNA improve your score so I would go with skeet or even choke open choke which is no joke and improved cylinder and some people actually go. I see and I see just used the same choke for both of them honestly. There's nothing wrong with that but I I just was death on dubs and a lot of things using skeet and skeet Combo in. Yeah it was not really a forty five yard rig but most targets are broken inside thirty. I WanNa have a pattern the size of a Volkswagen beetle out there. So I just can't miss. Well okay I can miss with anything. But that's the thinking behind. Hey come back. We're GonNa talk about the home gunsmith projects you can do yourself. Eight six six talk gun. This is gun talk.

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