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Today's episode is brought to you by splendid table this thanksgiving. Make sure that the splendid table podcast and radio show is your kitchen companion throughout November Francis lamb and the splendid table team will be covering all the bases from life-changing gravy techniques to drinking more and better. Champagne, we always approve of that to a soul food thanksgiving celebration with chef Carla hall and on Thanksgiving Day. Don't miss their annual Turkey, confidential. It's alive Colin show for a full two hours Francis. And it's liberty guests Dorie Greenspan summing Nosrat and Patty hitch will answer whatever questions you may have on the busiest cooking day of the year. You can listen and call in from splendid table dot org or wherever you listen to podcasts. Oh, hello. And welcome to save her. I'm and I'm Laurin Vogel bomb and today, we're talking about say Thanh. Yes. Satan, not say ten let Satan, no different thing. Very different probably not vegetarian that second one. I don't think. So. But you never know you never know. No, we're talking to you about Satan, which is flavored wheat gluten sometimes called a gluten gluten reproaching or wheat meet. It's tofurkey slices. Yes. Yes. But. Really, though is it. Okay. Satan is a protein product created using wheat? Gluten gluten is the primary protein wheat. It's stretchy and sort of Linke and the texture of Satan is well, it's a it's a lot like meat maybe more so than other meat alternatives. It has a sort of fibrous chew. That reminds me a lot of chicken, or at least a chicken nugget actual chicken and you make Satan by a first coaxing the gluten out of wheat flour. And then by encouraging that gluten to lock up just right to give you a nice chewy texture to get the gluten out you make a sort of dough of flour and water. And then soak a need it with a more water like a lot more water. Gluten is not water soluble. So it will stay put in your sort of dough. But the starches that make up the rest of wheat flour are totally water soluble so they will eventually wash out you're then left with gluten and okay glue. Eaten is made up of two types of protein molecules gluten and bleed ins, plus a smattering of a few other compounds like Sistine, which is an amino acid and all right under normal circumstances. Gluten is a sort of gel like suspension of this stuff, and maybe some molecules of water, but, but when you mess with it, both physically mixing or kneading, the gluten and also chemically changing it's ph by adding stuff like vinegar or baking soda, those Sistine will make the gluten molecules link up the gladdens are smaller, and we'll get trapped in these like cross linked matrices of gluten molecules like a, okay, imagine imagine you have a few strands of giant Christmas lights. Oh, I do like. Like like the bulbs are like the size of normal lamp bulbs. Okay. And these strands are just super tangled up don't know as they do. And for some reason you and all your wisdom decided store a bunch of biddy little like pinky sized globe ornaments in the same box as these strands of Christmas lights. And so when you take this mass of tangled lights out of the box, all of these little ornaments come with it trapped in the little like pockets made up by the twisted cords at my mom puts you up to this. Gets a lot of work taking down the decorations at the end of the year. Mom. No shame. No shame. Okay. Okay. Does this imagine that you can eat it? Oh, does that make better than I don't don't tangle them? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. That's sit-on. Cool. Guilt free. You can also make it at home. It is notoriously difficult to get the texture. Right. But yes, you can totally work your own gluten out of flour. Or by wheat, gluten often called vital wheat gluten in stores and use it to make your own Satan. You can also use vital week Luton to up your homemade bread game. Who I'm always looking up my homemade bread game. If we're talking about flavor, I actually don't have too much experience with Satan Satan. Yes, the former foreign movies but say ton. No, not really I do remember having a hearty meaty texture absorbed flavor. Really, well, it can mimic some of the flavors and properties of meat. So well that it makes some vegetarians or vegans suspicious that there might actually be meet in whatever vegetarian. Vegan dish ordered the head. Stay in it. Yeah. By itself week Luton is pretty bland. But say time is usually made with flavor additives to. Make it taste meaty common recipes recommend savory things like nutritional yeast Tamari and or sincere sauce and for talking about nutrition say Thanh has a good amount of protein. One outs comes in round twenty one grams of protein slow fat, low carb, but obviously not gluten free. If Sealy axe are gluten intolerance is something that you deal with. Yeah. And this this package of a really high protein with really low fat and low carb is something that some people find very desirable and numbers wise in two thousand twelve some research put the meat alternatives industry in the US of which Satan is a part of at five hundred thirty three million dollars. So it's making some money. Yeah. It's making some money. And if we look back at the history it features a cameo from someone I was not expecting that. We haven't talked about in a while in this show, but you're gonna have to wait to find out who it is until after this. Quick break for word from our sponsor. So I can't believe that. I'm about to say this but season one is over. Yeah. That's right season. One of committed finished, so many incredible episodes, so many great stories we fell in love. We had our hearts broken. I'm still in awe of all of the work that we did this season. And if you have it, listen, all the episodes. They're not going anywhere. No, no. 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But who Romanized either h u or f you, but yeah, who is not exactly what we think of when we think of Satan today, but is also a product made from wheat gluten that has been processed to form chewy protein products. It's usually a little list fibrous than say, Tom more like the texture of seafood than chicken or sort of spongier like a sort of springy cake. Yeah. There isn't too much when it comes to history recorded history when it comes to say ton. But I do know that some people ignore this whole thing in say that this isn't say Thanh when they're talking about the history of Satan. Yeah. Depends, you know, mysteries of history. Yeah. Sure. Yeah. It's been a southeast Asian diet staple since sixth century, see e. In Japan, for instance, where for centuries up until the nineteenth century eating four legged animals was forbidden this resulted from the arrival of Buddhism circa, sixth century, CE compounding, existing Shinto beliefs against killing are eating animals because of that Japan and also India which had a similar story. The idea of mock meat wasn't really think for a good while because there wasn't really a reference point. Yeah. There were pockets of cultures that ate meat anyway in Japan, but it was not widespread. Like new emperors had a long standing tradition of as as they rose to power reopeing that edict against eating mammals writes, the same wasn't true in China. Not for the common person at any rate. A Buddhist monks on the mainland and increase wouldn't eat animals, either poet, Iran may included a recipe for a Satan textured to be similar to goose in the book recipes from the sway garden journey to the way. West book out of the Ming dynasty comes with several wheat gluten mentions. One involves a demon trying to trick a monk into eating human flesh and brains that resembled wheat gluten tricky demon. Oh that sounds like it could be a future fantasy food. Oh journey to the west is full of. It's the legend that we got so many other stories out of like palsy and Yuki and all of these weird pro. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Revisit that for sure. Yeah. Who or you know, whatever precursor to Saito near you wanna talk about did feature pretty widely in Chinese art. There's a poem from the eleventh century, CE book dream pool essays that said steel is to iron as gluten is to flower. It's only after thoroughly washing the DOE that gluten is revealed. Wow. Kinda wanna go think about that for. But I suppose we should continue in eighteen ninety five vegetarian restaurant number one opened in New York. Thanks to the New York City vegetarian society vegetarian restaurant number one. I love how on the nose that. Is we have a restaurant similar to that in Atlanta? It was similarly named but the opening night menu, included, fruit and grim bread. Yes. That graham. But that's not the came you. I'm talking about although related George Ohsawa came up with him say ton in nineteen sixty one he was also the founder of the macrobiotic diet and indeed states on wasn't that common in cookbooks until the nineteen seventies that word anyway. And like, I said earlier all veterans history. We we've been talking about some folks dispute it saying that Satan got its start with the macrobiotic diet in the nineteen sixties. I think say Thanh is based very heavily on who like to the point where you can really call it. I mean that you can you can count the history of sort of like a progression. Yeah. Absolutely. It's just an off shoot. Yeah. I agree when Mormon settlers were making their way to Utah in the nineteenth century, they needed an inexpensive protein source and say Thanh was their answer. Oh, and also, you know, who was a huge part of this movement. One John Harvey Kellogg Kellogg that Kellogg as part of his whole health sanitarium thing that we've talked about it in a few episodes. He was looking for a successful meat alternative for the vegetarians in his Faulk. He and his brother will Keith through some weird circumstance came upon the conclusion that try wheat flaked super well, and you add milk while a toasted weed flakes now Kellogg and his brother will Keith out a huge blowout. When it came to the profitability of the cereal of many leading to will spinning out the Kellogg. We all know that company and John Harvey Kellogg starting the battle creek food company. This company's product line was primarily mock meats, the most popular of which was known as protas. It was a combination of soy peanuts. And wheat gluten sort of the first commercial approximation of Satan, some Seventh Day Adventists fans of. Got the idea for mock meats, more closely, resembling, hotdogs and hamburgers. And adding more seasoning for flavor, including one Dr George Harding, a relative of award g hurting. Oh, yeah. We're going to all kinds of surprising people in this episode from this came the Worthington foods company and their two canned imitation meat products in nineteen forty nine. If you're wondering because we were meatless wieners still available. These days be looking for a throwback and soil on steaks. Although legitimately made me a good. It's a good pun. And we talked about these meatless wieners and our hotdogs episode. These were maybe the first veggie dogs on the market, eventually worthington's got bought out by miles laboratories, and from this came a brand you've probably heard of MorningStar farms. Yup. That one they were the first that we're really able to commercialize the mock meats market in the US like the chick with a K Patty that was them MorningStar went through several companies before once again falling under Kellogg's ownership. Satan's success largely depended on the public at large accepting vegetarianism, which for awhile was a tough sell in the United States, especially for middle America in the nineteen twenties would have America's first chain restaurants. It was called child's attempted to transition to a full vegetarian menu at an affordable price at the behest of owner and vegetarian. William Childs folks didn't go for it though. Sales plummeted and child was removed from his leadership position even progressive. New York City was iffy on the idea of vegetarianism during World War Two inter cranks in nineteen sixty one in all vegetarian restaurant that went on to attract famous fans like Linda McCartney and Princess, Diana. And I wanted to put in here at the end that these days Satine is pretty widely available in supermarkets. But if you're looking to expand from say Tom into who territory, the fresh stuff that's mixed with glutinous rice in Japanese called NAMA FU is is hard to find in the west, but you can probably find a cooked and dried who called a Yawkey who or yucky boo in whatever agent import market is in your area. I'll have to keep an eye out for that. This episode has inspired me to try try some more Satan. Yeah. Me too. I'm. Sort of I'm craving it right now. I've definitely had clear breath Japanese soup that has these little it almost looks like a like a little spongy cracker. And that's definitely this this like yucky who like tried and. Yeah. And I'm just like, oh, it's nice. It's soaks up. It's up. The broth that's a nice little texture difference in the soup. Yeah. Oh, man. I got a craving. I've I've said it before. And I'll say the end the temp episode to date is the one that has changed my diet the most because I eat Tampa all the time now, really. Wow. That's so cool. Yeah. Oh now, I want to I want to like pick your brain for recipes and stuff. My goodness. How do you like cooking it? I like a good simple stir fry with soy sauce and a little sesame oil. Oh, yeah. Sesame oil makes all the difference. Yeah. But now, I'm hoping maybe I'll have a similar revelation about Satan. But in the meantime, it is time for listen nerve male. That was good. That was on point there's hand gestures now way coordinated but it wasn't coordinated but it ended up working out. We're taking the straight to Broadway. It would be really off Broadway. But actually before we get to the listener mail. We have one more quick break for you for word from our sponsor. See thousand four in a tiny town. A young woman named Rebecca Gould was brutally murdered. Nearly fifteen years later killer is still on the loose. Suspects work everywhere. So we could have already talked to the killer. It's just really surreal walking around. I left Arkansas became an investigator. And now I'm coming back with my team to finally get Justice for beca. Yup. I'm Katherine towns, and this is Helen gone. Now available on apple podcasts. And we're back. Thank you sponsor. Yes. Thank you. And we are back with a letter from Jared. He wrote I heard you were looking for food poetry while not a poet myself. I wondered if you had heard of the poem address to a haggis by Scotland's most celebrated poet Robert burns as Scottish American. We celebrate burns his birthday each year on January twenty fifth. And traditionally there is always a Haggas as part of dinner. There are all sorts of rituals and whatnot. And the evening is generally spent with friends and family reading some of Burns's poetry, however, during the opening sequence of the feast burns night, her burns feast is what the event is traditionally called, and is celebrated as a national holiday in Scotland the presentation of the haggis before dinner is accompanied by a miniature parade from the kitchen to the dining area during which a variety of tunes is played by a bagpiper. All things nine is another poem written by burns. And then later set to the music, we all know and love. And the recitation of the poem addressed to a Haggas. It's a lot of fun. And since some of Burns's poetry can get a bit body. There's plenty of laughter. I've included a link to the poem below for your pleasure. It's written in the Scots style of English. But this one includes a translation if you haven't yet done an episode about Hagous, perhaps you'd like to consider it as of today, you can't get real high in the US because of laws regarding the consumption of sheep awful. So perhaps it'd be fun to research. I think so. Yeah, lovely. This the best kind of party a parade a bagpipe poetry readings posting. Yeah, I've never had real haggis. But I'm I'm into the idea. I had it once and I liked it. Yeah. Yeah. It was a you had to get over. At least. I did because I was pretty young at the time in relatively young. And I had to get over all of the the context is the Dino in the US we make a lot of jokes about it. Yeah. But it's just it's really just sausage stuff. Yeah. Yes. It was good. I believe you. But yeah, if we should post the poem somewhere, it is pretty it's pretty excellent. Oh, we'll have to do. We'll just have to do an episode on Haggas and do a dramatic reading. Oh, yes. So in. Brian wrote. Can you imagine manny's on Hawaii in pizza? Nope. No, I wouldn't want to either. But Nevertheless, I was witnessed a such a huge by shipmate some years ago. I was working aboard a traditional wooden hulled schooner where several crew lived in a rather dank foxhole that smelled of wet would see salt rope people end the more pleasant to me, at least odor of Danish. Pine tar I've never been seasick, but the smells of that boat. Plus the site of our boatswain slathering man as a top her slice of steaming. Hot Hawaiian pizza seeing melting into the ham and pineapple was enough to make me just Ted green. Don't get me wrong. I like mayo, but this is not an acceptable. Use for such a condiment even once-over overs is mayo. I am from Connecticut and still live there. But work on a tugboat down south where the Cajun crew has converted this Connecticut Yankee to dukes having been raised in the north. I had never heard of dukes helman's, and it's a busy. Approximation called miracle whip were I new, but as soon as I tried dukes on a cucumber sandwich. I was elated to find that it was less. Sweet. And pleasantly Tangy turns out these others were right about their preference for dukes. Unlike their preferred treatment of lobsters by boiling them with crawfish, seasoning or crab, boil blah. Oh, I love it. Who'd opinions or so. Yeah. Yeah. Neither endorses nor nor denies. Get cards. I yeah, I didn't include it. But at the beginning of this letter, Brian wrote don't show this to anti it'll make. Or something. And he's right. I got a little queasy man that description that's an intense condiment usage. Yeah. I've never witnessed such thing. And I have no desire to I don't approve of warm applications of mayo. Okay. I think it's I think it's basically a cold sandwich. Only condiment. Okay. Yeah. Florence food opinion. Yeah. I can I can see an alii. You gotta go case by case, generally. Yeah. Yeah. You've you've really got to step up the spices. Somehow if you're going to apply a mayo product to a warm sandwich or cetera. Yeah. It's all I'm saying, I'm sticking I'm sticking with that. We should really have a a book of your. I love this this kind of stuff. Keep track. Thanks to both of them for reading in if you'd like to write too as you can our E mail is Hello at saver, pot dot com. Where also and social media, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all @, safer pod. We do hope to hear from you. Thank you so much to super producer Dylan facon. Thank you to you for listening. And we hope that lots more good things are coming your way. Hey, Matt I have yet to ride one of those birds scooters 'cause I hate those things that does not surprise me at all Joel. But you know, I've been getting Instagram adds to give me to become a Birger to join that gig economy. Oh, that's right. Just like Hoover folks are getting targeted to start side hustles to make an extra buck or even to try to make a career out of it. But should you? Do it not all side hustles or created equally? Exactly every week. We dive into practical money topics like this on a podcast. Listen to subscribe to our show on apple podcasts the iheartradio app or wherever you get your podcast. Just search for how to money.

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