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Contracts salary caps. Why do I were favorite teams make some of the moves? They do. It's usually the money. It's time for the business of sports with Andrew Brandt. And they're boys and girls walk into another dish into the business of sports with Andrew Brad special edition with Charlie Ebersol founder along with Bill Polian of the alliance for American football. Starting this week the new football league in the void that we have after the NFL season ended more on that a minute. The businesses sports podcasts is presented by bet. Online dot AG. There your online sportsbook experts. And of course, they're the exclusive partner podcast one sports net. Use the promo code podcast one yet fifty percent. Sign of bonus bed. Online dot AG. L start you out with my rants brands rants of the week. Couple of quick ones. I on the NBA what's going on with this trade deadline. I think it's fascinating that you have stars holding teams hostage like Anthony Davis than the New Orleans pelicans. What he's doing to me is fascinating as an expert in student on the business and legal issues in sports collective bargaining agreements, including especially. That of the NBA are designed with this in mind to keep stars where they are to keep them within our incumbent teams because players like Davis could make so much more money staying in New Orleans. Chris Bosh could made more money staying in Toronto. Lebron James, of course, could have made a lot more money. Staying in Cleveland the first time staying Miami. The second time staying in Cleveland, the second time and staying in Cleveland just now before he went to LA, but they leave and Kevin Durant. Of course could made a lot more money staying in Oklahoma City. Gordon Hayward Kalat made more money staying in Utah. This is what happened. So what did the CB? Do it even created more of a disparity with the supermax contracts? So here we are with Anthony Davis if he stays end size in extension with the pelicans could make two hundred forty million dollars as life changing wealth beyond anyone could ever expect as an athlete. But now look what he could do. Turning his back on that. He threw his agent a city wants out specifically to Lakers. And of course, we're going through Mackin nations. Now, the trade in the Lakers are offering up all their spare parts all their young players all the draft picks taking on bed contracts, the whole deal still no deal. But as we sit here today as I record on Wednesday twenty four hours before the NBA trade that line where it looks like the talks are off. I say talks will be back on. I say this deal happens. There's too much in the air about it does happen. But the bigger picture from a legal point of view is the CBS creates all these incentives to keep players where they are. And it's not working. It's not working the players leaving to play better places for them to have more opportunities to win to go to the big markets. So the next CBA is going to have to address this in. How do you dress Delta's in my class? I teach sports laud Villanova. Why ruin program? How do you do that and students came up with well had a hard cap because then if you're paying? You know, play if he will that won't help New Orleans because a hard cap they can pay Davis is much they want, but they're going to be very limited. Otherwise, another idea take one player out of the cap again, you could do that you could out even more financial incentives for players to stay where they are. But the financial incentives aren't the deal because Anthony Davis turnings back on. I don't seventy eighty ninety hundred million dollars by going elsewhere. But yes, people note, they make so much shoot contracts that make so much outside their such factors in all sports that these superstars run it that they're dictating terms. Now, some do stay James harden signs of supermax in Houston, Steph curry, of course, Senan supermax in Golden State. But you know, these these players are able to do this. So I think it's fascinating. I don't know the answer. But think about it if your listeners something intriguing to think about and let me know your thoughts. What do you do to keep stars worthy? They are if they don't wanna stay money doesn't do it alone. And even these wide disparities of money, sixty eight hundred nine dollars on my God. It's not working something to think about. The other ran to the week is obviously we just had the Super Bowl couple things on the Super Bowl. First of all the rating or one hundred million dollar one hundred million people. It sounds like it's down for saying. It's down when a lowest approval ratings in recent years, give me a break to get to get a hundred million people to watch anything in this day and age with thousands of content. Choices is amazing to me that they got one hundred million be able to watch and it's a bad game. It was not a good game in all these casual fans that are watching the didn't go away. No, they're super parties in blah, blah, blah, but they stayed with it. So that's a fascinating fact to me that they stayed with the game. Even though it was not a good game. And the other thing about the ratings. It did a forty four Sharon L A, which was under the forty five share nationally at gets expected. LA's no matter how good their team is. It's LA. You know, people are going to do other things even for Super Bowl with their extensively their team. Although their team is still new to them. I was a little more surprised. People talk about a fifty seven share in Boston. It sounds like a great share. But my questions will what are the other four forty three percent of TV's watching forty three percent of TV's in Boston or not watching the patriots in the Super Bowl that shocked me? So that was interesting. The other thing is on the game itself. Again, coulda gone either way people talk if the patriots dominated the game. I don't think. So I think the Rams were right there in laws. But now we have to folks on the patriots. What they've done is amazing. I talk about sports law sports business in this world where it is competitive balances everything in sports were all these rules and regulations are designed to achieve competitive. Balance parody is what I call it like a reverse order draft like three agency. And of course, the salary cap. The patriots have thrived and their run of sustained success as compelling. It's something to admire you, look at it in basketball, San Antonio Spurs. They're just very few teams. We try we tried to do that in. Football as the Packers. I think we were closed, but the patriots -bility to win throughout all these restrictions is uncanny. They just seem to be now. They're lucky in that the dolphins. The jets in the bills have not been formidable opponents. They started every year five and one six in our form to whatever it is basically looking at the games they're going to win. Yeah. That's good. That's a nice start. And of course, Tom Brady taking less money. That's not the mystery that he does. Of course, he does a documented that many times the question is why in the mystery behind it. We may never know. I don't think as simple as having a rich wife. I don't think it's as simple as trying to help out the team. I don't get it. He's got a good agent. He's competitive guy, but he takes so much less than market level quarterbacks at his top tier again. So that's my rent the week. It's about the strange doings in the NBA. With stars dictating terms. I predicted deal with the pelicans Anthony. To the Lakers will happen. 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How it came to be who's involved their relationship with the NFL or lack thereof their relationship with the XFL or lack thereof with. They're paying players with the value of these teams are whose owns them. Without further ado, the chairman and founder co founder of the alliance for American football new football league starting this week Charlie ever saw. Charlie. Welcome to the podcast. Thank you for having me. I'm going to give you an open landscape. Tell us how the af came to be and how you are looking to fill are. Void of us wanting more football and going through this withdrawal after the Super Bowl. This status Sunday in America's no longer going to have to be sad. Indeed. You're correct about three years ago or little over three years ago. I the thirty thirty about the XFL about my dad and Vince, creating a lead together and during the course of it. I spent a lot of time looking at the papers and the numbers, and what they made and what it worked not work, and Tom V who was the head of business operations today for me, and the X af was the general manager of your landed him XFL, and he went on to help create the US L the United soccer league and use a us president in the MLS for quite some time. And he and I spent a lot of time during the filming of the documentary talking about if you were going to do this again, how you do it and out of those conversations over about six months. We developed a business that was a interesting business model if you focus not just football, but on technology and. If you could build something larger than just something for football. And then I went to my father. And I said, look, the only thing that matters is quality football. You can have all you're going to business model in the world. But if you're probably football this matter who do you think can help do that. And he said, well, I think you need to go talk to Bill Polian and see what he thinks if it's viable or even a good idea. And I called Bill and said, you know, you willing to sit down and he said, yeah, when had breakfast with them for about five hours and after the breakfast, I called my father, and I said so Bill not only thinks it's a good idea. He wants to co found it with me. What do you think? And my dad said, look if you go pulling the greatest team builder of the modern era of professional sports, do it and from there, I moved forward, and we went off, and we see went and built a cadre of coaches, and general managers that have combined refined hundred years of NFL experience Twenty-one Super Bowls, untold number of college national championships. And we on my. That went on to raise money in Silicon Valley from technical from tech investors around the idea that we're going to not only launch a football league route and build his Texas that had you -bility really in our view revolutionize how data's captured and sent from from sports games to everyone from gambling to daily fantasy to medical to all the areas with data really hasn't been able to be done and this Saturday, we will launch the first game of the alliance of American football and alongside at launch an app that for the first time in professional sports history will be truly fully realtime. Meaning we'll deliver data and under four hundred milliseconds which is under half a second. And a lot of people to play in game guessing plays play the play. And then part of that is our partnership with MGM which ultimately not on day one, but ultimately will allow fully Indian betting, which has never exist. Before. So much unpack here. But since you mentioned, let's stay on the path and differentiator you're talking about with real time data and analytics explain how that will work, and how that differentiates you from the NFL in terms of coming up right away with this real time data and analytics what kind of things will be shown and how will your interact. Well, first and foremost, one of the things that we focused on was the fact that if you started from scratch if you didn't have all of the antiquated technology that's been built on top of on top of on top over the last couple of decades. If you start from scratch, you could eliminate a lot of challenges one of the major challenges is that the capture of the data using chips on the players and software and other analytics, the capture of that data and delivery to the end user right now takes anywhere from ten to thirty seconds, which basically eliminates ability betting as one example, because it's basically like you're in the movie the sting someone sitting in the stadium with their cell phone is way ahead of what you're seeing on television. Or what you're seeing and stack cast or game cast or any of these data delivery devices, and so we focused first and foremost, narrowing that down as low as got his two hundred milliseconds, then we created smart, chips and smart software, which puts machine learning and. And artificial intelligence around that data to be able to create predictive analytics, we call it pre-cast. So with pre cast were able to tell you the likelihood of them running to the right or thrones laughing running down the middle cetera et cetera. We create a game that is not a gambling game. It's just a fun to play him on our up on day one where you can guess is ultimately that will evolve through our partner, I'm Jim into an engaging betting pot from where you can take God's play to play. You seem to be focused on the gambling side. And again, the NFL starting to brace that it is a tricky dance with their integrity arguments. You you sound like you're all in, and you know, what an incredible fan page tool. That gambling is. You know gambling to absorb. We're not a gambling company executives and reason the NFL isn't which is we don't wanna take bets on games that would obviously create all kinds of integrity issues. The other thing about gambling, which I don't think it's talked about very much. But I think is the real challenge for both the NFL, and I think for us as well is that football is the only true for quadrant piece of entertainment, the United States. Mom, dad billion sue all watch football in almost equal parts. Sending in football is about forty eight fifty two fifty to forty eight male female in its breakdown when you look at age demographics. It's pretty even across all four quadrants. The challenge dot creates her gambling the gambling really skews male excuse male, eighteen thirty six so you have to figure out a way to create engagement around that that is much much closer to what the beer ship as otherwise your primary engagement device which is going to be gambling potentially is going to undermine. What is your single biggest advantage, which is that you have as? Almost as many women and children watching as you do men with football, which no other piece of entertainment enjoys. So I think that will we tried to focus on is how do you build a standardized data collection company that can then create solutions for all types of engagement because what you know fantasy is a much closer male female split then daily fantasy and and daily fantasy is more is still more evenly numbered the gambling. So how do you create products out of that that get, you know, mom billion sued? It'd be as interesting dabs. And in that situation, we think that by creating a standard set that we've built and then giving people the ability to build on top of it or partners like MGM, but also our fantasy partners drills are medical partners as well as our our mobile game partners. We think is really important. It's one of the reasons that on Saturday the product you actually, see when you see the real-time animation is animated in. The way it looks closer to like Madden meets angry birds than it is something that heavily male skewing because we wanted to be game to feel consumable by everybody given that it's the first time ever in professional sports history anyone's ever been able to see the data in real time. Fascinating. I want to peel back a little bit Charlie with your name being royalty in sports broadcasting. Of course, your father dick ever saw and your connection. Now, of course with Bill Polian. Speaking of royalty certainly NFL royalty. I know Bill well from my time in the NFL might timeliest PIN. So I know this is how you're gonna answer this question. Which is we're not competing with the NFL. We're all we're all in with the NFL. But explain the relationship if you will. Because again, you've also mentioned the XFL in relationships back in the day, and that's coming again later. So talk about how you're gonna work with alongside the NFL, and whether you are planning on having any competition with them. Well, when you talk with the NFL used to talk about the ecosystem of football, right? So two hundred million people watch football professional include between the middle of August. And in the middle of February. And then eighty million people stop watching sports altogether until football comes back so football is this galvanizing moment in America that only exists for six months and then for another six months ago. However, the difference between college football and professional Ables really significant the speed of the play the quality of the play the size of the players the development of the players physically. Mentally etcetera is such that there's a very big up twenty six thousand kids graduates visual one football every year in the United States and only about two hundred of them that are given the NFL or shot at in the NFL. So the marketplace has arbitrage around fans, but also charge around players now football is also the only. Sport that doesn't have a developmentally every other every other league in all sports has a developmentally. I mean, everything from NASCAR to hockey to baseball soccer basketball, everyone you can play that sport in multiple places except football. Right. And so what we look at is. How do you support the ecosystem of football from a developmental standpoint? Making the game better by putting more players in finding the Kurt Warner's that are hiding their those twenty five thousand kids each year that don't contract to the NFL finding those guys, but also developing all the aspects around football. So what does that mean? I mean, I've eighty-five referees. That are being overseeing my Perot and dean blend, you know, underneath them of those eighty five referees thirty of them are currently in the NFL ODP process, which is process to prepare referees to be officials in the NFL. So then this normally takes twelve years in our system, it could take a little as four we're looking at can you fly skycam over the defense something the NFL's never allowed, but we can develop that and take a look at our data collection system. Our health care system, all of these things support the NFL and professional football in general making better part of that is because I'm like, everyone is tried to do this before me the big difference reunites and all those people have similar. We are the NFL not how different. We are everybody, you know, the XFL tried to replace the coin toss with scramble and all these other kind of marketing gimmicky catchy things at all. The other leagues have done. We've gone. The other way, we only have nine or ten changes in the entire NFL rulebook and our rule book because we won players build a complaint are the we give them an NFL out. So during our season and go back to the NFL that has led to a very positive relationship with the NFL. The reason why we've nineteen of our forty three games are going to be on an NFL network. It's why we sent seventy-one players to the NFL in the last six months. It's white thirty five of them have been released to come back and play for us underneath that NFL out contract. We created we look at this as being a very significant partnership in being complementary. And I think that's also the thing that differentiates us from everyone. That's trying has tried to before. And is trying to do. Now is look at who he brought into Bill Polian. Mike Marge, Mike symbol -tary. Tripod? Malo Hines words Willie Lanier. These are. These are lead not only legends of the game. But they're deeply deeply route as the NFL. And ultimately, I believe that it is to work. You've got to have quality football that quality football players have to feel safe to complain your league and be able to go back and play in the NFL. Tell me about player economics, three or contracts. I've heard with an out towards the NFL and tell me about numbers is their salary cap. Are there standard contracts every player signs is there any room for negotiation every player in the league signs of three or contract with two hundred and fifty thousand dollars seventy thousand the first year eighty second one hundred third in addition to that contract, they signed a commercial license agreement which affords them the ability to earn bonuses for on field performance. If you're an offensive player in the offense scored a touchdown. You get a bonus at your team wins. You've got a bonus. If you do charity work, you get a bonus. If you your team sells the jersey you get a bonus. So on top of the non-guaranteed seventy thousand dollar contract this year, you probab- and on top of it. We give you a one year scholarship wherever year you plan our lead to post secondary. Education. So we look at this as being a financially adventitious you make the most money in our league of any available turnip league. It's in the marketplace right now. And if you're a very successful player in our league at getting Twitter, followers, doing charity work etcetera. You can make more money above it. And then like I said before we offered NFL outs. The player can leave our leading play in the NFL if the chance arises for them, and that's completely. I guess unfettered. I mean, I know you're number one draft pick overall. Josh Johnson went right to the NFL. And I believe he's going to stay there with the Redskins. So is there any? You don't put any kind of fence in front of a player that has a chance to go. The NFL's, correct. Well, they can't go to the NFL during our season. So between December twenty ninth April twenty nine th they have to plan our league because that and that is probably the biggest reason why we don't distinguish ourselves as developmental league. Because obviously AAA baseball the players can get pulled, you know, during a game pulled up we don't allow that. But if you look at the seventy-one players that we really the NFL could Josh being the best example, we also have guys like your Gilbert who we allowed to go to the NFL he played for the Panthers. And then he came back. And now he's starting quarterback for the Orlando team. That's a perfect example of a player who could have stayed in the NFL but chose to complain early because he thinks he can greatly improved his positioning in the NFL by getting reps in a pro style. Offense on national on multiple national television stations, including the NFL network and CBS and Turner and improve his position in the NFL, and we support that because ultimately look worm. Kurt Warner is the ultimate example of the validity of winning alternatively could be if the business model was predicated on something bigger. Just selling tickets hotdogs. So we've talked about player economics. Tell us about league economics who has ownership value in these teams is it always it through the league is is I'm understanding. These teams are not with quote, unquote, owners, correct? Crack it's a single entity. So all teams are owned by the league, all of the players are fulltime employees of which is Howard able to offer such such exceptional medical coverage for them and their families as well as 4._0._1._K's and all the other benefits that they get. They're all employees of league, all the coaches, all the executives all the general managers. Everyone is an employee of league. And then there them their various teams. Yeah. This is familiar. I was the first show manager of the Barcelona dragons of the NFL a world league. That's how we operate as well. On the. The investment. So I know you may not be privy to tell me, you know, names of investors. But the sounds like it's it's quite a venture. So is this something you mentioned sort of your tech background and knowing people out in Silicon Valley seem like a big raise was it. And. How is this league being funded or is it fully funded? We raised a significant portion of our money from Silicon Valley and a lot of that was around the idea of building technology platform that had total control over sports leagues. So you could actually do it. Because if you look at data capture and all these other things one of the challenges that the leagues have a lot of his historical debt. Meaning they've been building technology type of technology. So they've got all of that antiquated tech, then they have players unions, then they have existing media deals, and then on top of all of that they have just the institutional challenges pushing things through sixty seventy eighty one hundred year old businesses. So we looked at what major league baseball advanced media, did bam and said what they succeeded doing they corralled all the digital rights from all thirty teams, and then they built, but if they'd been able to corral all the rights cross the league imagine what they would have been able to build their and the fact that bam sold for four and a half billion dollars right around the same time. I was raising my money helps significantly. I mean, just saw where the opportunity was my my set of relationships, particularly at the league, you know, Commissioner levels Roger Goodell's Adam, silver's, etc. Was helpful and helping technologist understand how that relationship between us and those leagues ultimately would prevail. Because we're not just looking for consumer adoption of our technology. We're looking for proving our technology for commercial relationships for the leagues to be able to buy our data set like MGM did and invest in the way that I'm Jim did is sort of proof in the pudding. We also raised our money over the course of several rounds. So that we could diversify the type of investors. So we started with Silicon Valley we added onto so valley with investors like I'm Jeb we brought on high net. Investors we brought on current and former team owners from multiple different leagues we brought on athletes. Shaquille O'Neal being a great example of one of our bigger name celebrity investors that was all by design because as the company grew like any technology evaluation. Company went up when we're able to sell significantly larger state, excuse me, smaller sticks to company for larger sums of money. And look this is a massive investment. You're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars over the first five or six years ago this business out, and so you have to show them multiple ways in which they can get their money out of this. Because obviously people have attempting to do this run football have not succeeded in the past. And so how do you create that environment where they feel like they're gonna succeed the technology to media development, all the things we're building which are all on by the parent company. They're investing in it least gives them some level of comfort. Yeah. It's interesting. You mentioned shack another names, I know, a friend of mine Justin tux involved as well is the role model just because can I went to college together Notre Dame we had like eight classes together. And I think I often like six of them. So whenever I'm trying to do something big. I need to have you know, smarter people around me and a smarter Notre Dame graduates. Always a good place to start. You mentioned briefly something your father was very involved in. And obviously, I can't I'd be remiss to not bring it up. The XFL is coming back twenty twenty. They obviously have serious investment as well. Probably in-house investment more than anything else from WWE in Vince McMahon. I'm assuming you're three or contracts do not allow an out to the XFL which begins in the year. And how do you look at them coming on the vigil landscape as well as you wanted a great benefits of having five hundred years of NFL experience among my executives that I have of 'bout Twenty-one Super Bowl rings amongst them. And the guys that have the ring tell me that the way they won the rings was knows years where the years they didn't concentrate on the competition. They just concentrate on themselves, and they built the team as the only competition they had themselves and all the years that they lost Super Bowls didn't go to this years. They were focused on the competition. We don't believe we add competition. We are launching in twenty nineteen no one else's launching an alternative football league. This year. Nobody else has television deals. Nobody else has the coaches. Nobody else has GM's. Nobody else has a co founder who has built football. Not only football teams in football leagues in the past who's a hall of Famer. So we don't we don't look at what other people are trying to do. We only look at what we are actually doing a lot of people have talked about launching. I'll turn a lot of people talking about massive investments very few of ever gotten to the starting line. And nobody's at the starting line with us today. Will you let players leave for a league beyond the NFL assuming the answer is. No, no, no, no, our contract only allows players leave for the NFL. So we're would apply if player a year from now wants to go to the NFL what would happen. He's under a multi contract us. He couldn't okay. Have you worked for ESPN you three or contract with ESPN? Good ESPN up the first year and say, hey, I want to go work for CBS. What does he has a good luck? No, no, I get they say we've been backing me. Here's the thing. We're not paying to develop players to go for another league. The NFL is a is a partner the NFL is the ultimate goal. The NFL players could go make millions of dollars. We're not going to stand in the way of them doing that. But we're not gonna develop players for a different league. That makes absolutely no business talk briefly. If you would in final minutes here with with Charlie ever saw a f- starting this weekend would. Talk about the team's star players what we look for opening weekend from the F. They're going to be some really interesting names that come up. I mean, there's the names of people know, Trent Richardson and Birmingham Aaron Murray and Atlanta Zach Menton burger and Christian hackenberg in in Memphis. And then their names that I think people don't know like the middle linebacker in in San Diego Tupelo who I think is going to be a star based on what we saw training camp. He's really good player in preseason. He's in on every tackle. He has a kind of pro Palmolive style of play. He just always seems to be where the ball is. I think you're gonna see guys over the course of the season are starting to build their names build their brands. But also, I think what you're going to see the quality of play the people haven't seen before in this integration. We did. We had all eight teams play preseason games last week, and we did a full production complement, and everyone we had sixteen NFL scouts there. We had a dozen of the sports bookmakers from everyone from MGM to Golden Gate etcetera. And the one thing that came back was that the quality of. Play was so surprising, which you know, I guess it shouldn't be surprising. When you consider. How many players are getting really really good training in college. Based on how these programs have become, you know, multimillion dollar programs that didn't exist as recently as when the XFL seventeen years ago, but I'm surprised how quickly the tapped into the pro-style systems. Now, the fact that seventy percent of our players played the NFL not eighteen months does help significantly. But we'll see I think people will be pleasantly surprised that when the Super Bowl went off the air three months ago. Football didn't have to end and CBS you mentioned CBS sports network as well as the main network NFL network a digital presence, where can people view it? You can watch on. You can watch on CBS opening night. Heavy ninth. We'll have two games if you're in the SEC country, you'll see the Atlanta versus Orlando game. If you're on the rest of the country. You're gonna see San Antonio versus San Diego if you are in and then the next day at four thirty on Sunday, you'll see BSN and then that night and primetime Sunday night football will be on NFL network and then going forward every Saturday afternoon. There'll be a game on TNT or Bleacher report live Saturday and Sunday night will be NFL network and Sunday afternoon. Every Sunday at four thirty will be CBS SM all the games are available in one form or another on our app the alliance app in the app store and Google store. And additionally if you wanna learn anything else, go to af dot com, and you can learn everything that's going on and season goes from now early February until when the season runs from February ninth, April twenty seventh. So the exact window one week after the Super Bowl to the NFL draft championship. It'll be in Las Vegas on CBS. Charlie. Ever solve founder co founder with Bill Polian of the alliance. American football starting this weekend on men many outlets. We wish you all the best. We'll be watching. Thanks so much for filling. The void of us warning more football. Thank you, sir. I appreciate you taking the time and look forward to catching all of you and not just in future. Hey, really hope you enjoyed listening to Charlie ever saw as much as I did bring in to fascinating conversation about a new football league starting with a lot of NFL contacts this week in running through the NFL dead season, which is from now until the NFL draft, you know, Super Bowls over, but the action continues NBA college basketball in shell trade deadline in the NBA if I've been talking about there's only one place that has all the early lines all the action that's bed online that a jeez. Sign up today. Get free account about online at AG. Use our promo code podcast one fifty percent sign a bonus today. NBA action. Can anyone slowdown? The warriors Denver the real deal, the bucks and raptors are at the top of the east Lakers. Are they gonna make move college basketball? You got Duke always steady Virginia both Michigan's Gonzaga watch out for surprising, Nevada. They're nineteen to one win at all. And of course, NHL action as well. So use your mobile device today. Use the promo code podcast one fifty percent. Sign of bonus. Also, try the in game live betting app for all the fun action. Bet online dot AG your online sportsbook experts that will do it for this week's edition of the businesses sports with Andrew brand, really appreciate all your kind comments. Those follow me on Twitter at Andrew Brandt. Those that give apple podcast ranking's. Always appreciate nice comments in rankings. Thanks to my extrordinary producer, Brian Neal. And we'll be back next week with another edition of the business of sports with Andrew brand listening to the business of sports with Andrew brand, make sure to subscribe to this podcast. So you never miss an episode. 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