Episode 154 (2019) Professor Michael Roy On What Social Enterprises Need To Succeed


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Economic sociology and social policy unison of social business in health Glasgow Caledonian university in the UK professor ROY has acidic expertise and studying the health and wellbeing impacts of social enterprise led activity publishing extensively on this topic in major international scientific journals such as social science and medicine and public management review. His also written on policy ecosystems that support for social enterprise and on social impact bonds, which the subject of a racist. Type in Stanford social innovation review his program later for master's program and social innovation which attracts students from all around the world and he's participated in a wide variety of panels and conferences internationally, including the US, Canada, ustralia New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, India and all across Europe. Professor Roy's Ray search has been funded by the CD, the Iowa the European Commission. The UK's Medical Research Council in economic and social research council, employment and social development, Canada, the Scottish government and the Swiss government his participated conferences on the social Konomi at the invitation of both the Italian government and the flip back government on the Asian that presence. The e you cancel he is deputy editor in shape for the social enterprise journal, and is on the board of volunteers, the international journey voluntary and nonprofit organizations he was awarded the Helen Potter award of special recognition for two thousand seventeen by the association of social economic spiced in the US site. Some today's podcast will discuss Markle's views on the current state of the social enterprise sector globally. We get Markle's insights expected on social innovation opportunities, and we'll hit what Michael blades can be done by governments in social preneurs to create stronger opportunities puzzled social change some Eichel. Thank you very much for joining us. L? Thank you. Thank you for having me. It's my pleasure, Michael. So the kick things off could you please share a little bit about your background, and what led you to working, academia, and the social enterprise sector will I along in Georgia's head of Germany to it. I am today. But tempt I was several Safran for many years so several for over a decade. It's an award betas of economic development and skills and science and also ladies like the NF the government actually setup and renaissance line to price for a while. I was interested in the mortal on I I had a really interesting time and said it was a challenge in my life on one of the things that I find was that I was so what can closely with the local government in the area on the challenges of working with local government. Socialites is really quite fascinating particularly sensitive smoothly in toll. On the challenges of Technip units that eventually led me to academe ya onto to a win back into the master some first of all who research and then aggravated to applied for peace scholarship on topic. Also, find a prize the the newly constituted in unison of social handle Glasgow Caledonian. So this was back into detained to eleven. So fast forward today. I'm still working in the end, though, still enjoying the Logan's and. Yeah. Run the FU Toth a little bit more about what you're doing. At the moment, you professor of economics social policy the Unicenter facility business in health. So what types of projects in research at you in voting ninety projects, actually, there's a number. We've generally just finished allowed a major project funded by the UK's Medical Research Council in economic and social research council, which can blue funders of his hatch any. In the UK that was on the health and wellbeing impacts are establishing to to 'em evaluate social enterprises. The health will being intervention or elder initiative fulfilling keeping the nation because sting stuff to people, but we we really focused on the idea of social Ryan's community wins community based social enterprises the impact on the health wail being in all of vulnerable people in Unity's. So without Nuys. The major program would be out shows a five-year pronoun em and literally finish just a couple of months ago. So join breath when women looking at a reformer, and has a we we go next without research folks with a with other 'em streams researches WALE. Yes. Oh, hope that. I different projects gear web sounds like like a really really big one to to sink you take into for you at one time. It was one of the largest slant price projects, I think those being is what I two million which is just just shy for Mary dollars. Looms? I really significant accused project. So would have been a lot of learnings from that you have worked with government as well. So looking at social enterprise Dame from a policy perspective, Michael what do you believe some of the case steps that government need to to help fostering, supporting innovative social sector? From my experiences. No one-size-fits-all solution. I think people attending governments. I like to go around the world Clinton policies on looking at best practice in what works when secular lady on the playing into the ruined on. Indeed that Setlow explains a lot of host which lines price or social social policy, frankly travel, the World, Social policy ideas is often by individuals going to different countries and saying, oh that out seems like a good idea will do that. So, but I do have a number of different things that governments can do temps of creating a support of vitamins amfar for social enterprise. On Nevis social sacks of us was social enterprise sector, for example, access to finances beg important fighter. Frankly, potato Justice out phase butts in video off to a of from emphasis placed upon the stock top phased also a key phases of longer. Life. Course owning them our development the enterprise sale. So when the looking to commercialize on idea, stop business spouse attempts of accessing different markets am oughta maybe Ryan's internationalizing the offering or mighty access from markets with a nationally internationally, or it may be mission impact that sort of thing so system support a key stages along the along the Heston us or pipeline here to to use along the delay stage of the enterprise sales in terms of variety. From products processes services provide long way. Yep. Absolutely. So if you've had exposure to lot of social finance Markle Bena sexual on yourself. So what do you see some of the most important traits of successful? So, sean. Is. Again, there's no one-size-fits-all what we do. Find at any often, social entrepreneurs unreasonable, people, frankly. And find the dead of reasonable people often gets gets things done our from the the ones that will to retain when fitted communities they basically to Seattle. So those that have empathy. They also have business skills have expertise variety of of the eighties, Abbott. Generally, speaking empathy is the most important traits. I think and also to be mavens the need to be bridges by respond to be site posters, of course, to expect Taylor, but actually fight what's far more important as that they they know someone to someone you know, I mean that able to connect people from from from disparate areas together on I think, that's probably most important trait. And I think that some obviously it's important in order to to make coaching case for someone supporting their vestments idea to find a few of yada. Passan than inevitably that will that will I some of the weaknesses at any business fine. Frankly, because we often hear the people people, I think that that's absolutely the case when it comes to the social enterprise yet at from great influence them are who. So he's a little bit about empathy in being these bridges in the communities will so would you site in that common raisin Ube, leave social enterprises might file is simply lack of that. Or other any other key elements that you think might come to play. Yeah. Thank lack of that. I think connected to that. As we often have notion codes admission drifts jobs lent prize acting academic speak where actively enterprise reach acceptance, the septum signs, and then it's all about fitting based by keeping them going rows rather than focusing back on the meshing your setup to start with in the first place, and I think mission Justice. As big factor in in socialites is if not failing than failing to maintain their mission in the fatal install being. So for enterprises. If you're a call associates is make where the close associates that are doing nothing else of van where the other enterprise mainstream enterprise does than it begs the question of whether the to the railway really social into prize after yes, another thing told good, really technical. Relates to win social enterprises were particularly with the public sector. We see awful law end something institutionalize morphism as eventaully that means stout. Waiting codes looking like just another part of the bubbling sector, they they start Potanin place systems start. Professionalizing before you know, it's they another part of the public sector. So they need to maintain that independence so prizes need to maintain their their focused on the Russian and they can do that. I think they can handle of courses a million what other other reasons flights failed. I think those are the two main things that the saintly I've seen the the main pet folks comes to to to socialites prizes from great reflections. You'd speaking from Glasgow at the moment in country, which I believe Scotland being one of the latest such enterprise in the world, Michael. And in fact, we met over the last year the social enterprise well foam where you lead the academic symposium. So being plice sort of at the epicenter of social enterprise laced, in my opinion. Are there any countries that you believe really leading the charge when it comes to social innovation? Any saw what I that? You think is strategy in other countries around the world could adult. Well, I think that Scotland is probably the best country will do sailing sale is being the best doing social enterprise. A genuinely though does no one country is leading the charge 'em by to thank the IT. Was the IT of things this call in half done. The are really interesting in terms of tenure social price strategy developed could design and wins by sector south from. I think that's really valuable to have a strategic direction which is shared ambition machine by the sector government. By also, thank a number of other countries are doing exactly the same thing than example, people often Quebec, for example, as being one of the Demane countries potato in terms of social solidarity economy upset was tradition on do that is something a country light Scotland on like, which I'd wanna clay are actually division that the count come up with for social enterprises often created as a as a reaction to forces, which are no together happy with and Tampa cannot O'neil April economic model healing, and it's. Focusing on the importance of unity note, just about until, you know, a cat is Monte Hedwig usually male social entrepreneur yet celebrated people working working. As a collective and events coming out with no towns vision for is which which goes with the grain of the national culture couch. They went to kids feel like so scully's itself is progressive modern nation on there for the ones who prize to the flight that and that one seven into beautified prize if you like. Like is similar mission. Thank his bail. But to be fair. This lots of really good stuff is happening all over the world. So particularly Italian Social cropped toes undergoing Spain. It's a really excellent stuff that came out of Canada, for example, in eighteen twenties thirties at the technician movements, which which precipitated the creation of social cooperatives on cooperatives credit unions as on cross the whole of North America, some excellent examples in North America detail in the states in coops and credit unions that we don't really get hit about because they're not the really isolated lights on the part of the mainstream additive. So I don't think this one as a set have some being more distant. Scotland's behalf vitals. We have only answers. I still lost to land from promote coatings countries yet. United over a New Zealand, for example, we reunions, Tom. Tom, I would've loved vein that my wife was giving birth. So we were with were happening welcoming another member to the family hour. Well, we saw some really awesome stuff happening. New Zealand, for example, indigenous communities of enduring social enterprise like stuff for, you know, hundreds if not thousands of years, so I still find this plane T we could land from from indigenous communities as well with really will need to to to become more equipped to allowing from from from other cultures other countries. Excellent. Insides, the Michael so what inspiring projects initiatives. Have you come across in racing which believe creding some great positive change while that side as tuck Gration, Tom we come across so many different enterprises almost every day really kill as find the prize is funded in Glasgow code lingo, Flamingo code, really nice as ads really at Robie novels a guy who's knows leading that. And they are kissing on people older people have have dementia or risk of dementia on the teaching them for languages. So there's a lot of good research says that Tim wailing horn language, in particular way to life helps prevent the dementia. It helps them some higher in terms of the NANDA. I'm a incentives here so helps with the connections in the brain. Who is the maintains those helps keeps keeps on my remains active unhealthy there. He's been so wonderful stuff that law tank for lingo Flamenco, ROY is a really inspiring guide Fisher on those programs than like the reading some great changed with the people the finish thin Markle's off the self. What books would recommend that listens? Well, I'm also researcher soul. I I'm quite dull when it come to to to to BIC semi avid always recommend in a good tax that can assigned his any other this any tax on fly into prize than the by my colleague said at Duffin might Bill on understandings surprise the onto the second action on 'em. I think they'll be working on this out. FM not working on the traditional thing. They will be as soon at orient might agree guys. And the other is coming as actually one is coming look, I'm because I have a chapter on social is equal systems with my colleague, Richard Hazen. Bark. Where is called a research agenda for social entrepreneurship on big published by Dale gar, and it should get twenty nineteen. A collection of unedited collection. So. Collection of chop toast with a whole host of really leading lights in the social enterprise, social entrepreneurship, academia, so there's some some really goods in chapter by ninety of excellent scholars that bass by diploid 'em is is a New Zealand scholars on the mccully Simon Tisdale in office. But so under Ronin teased, a research agenda for Swiss lunch from the ship is coming brilliant wealthy from length of the bottom of the article for the pigment click on three, but multiple is being some great insights that you've shed tonight's. Thanks so much for sharing your time with us in your experience before tracking your journeys you continue forward. A thank you day much Thomas in a players contain today. Listening to impact your find links to the initiatives people in Raizal as mentioned in podcast on impact rug. Please leave comments pelote. And remember, we'll be publishing thrashes brash insights of you create positive impact every week on the website vice page and Twitter.

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