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Episode 022 Fantastic Failures: General Motors (Government Motors)


Jonathan since you're cheap I have a few cheap advertising ideas under fifty dollars for your business cheap cheap. Oh you're totally cheap. I am yeah aw I'll be interested to hear that but before I give you these cheap advertising ideas on the fifty dollars aspire of the podcast. It's do it <music> welcome episode. It's twenty two to two of the commonsense show Mike I am Jonathan proper. I am just to common guys business. Since I like throwing you off thank you where can people find us on facebook facebook dot com slash the common sense podcast instagram at the common sense podcast twitter at since podcast and where can people send email for us info at the common sense podcast dot com. Don't forget to subscribe folks. Yes instagram is not one of them but spotify is I tunes stitcher stitcher Google Music and player F._M.. Disrupt ran a few other places but a couple. It's all good you get the point those just a few yeah well. It's time for our this week's this shows does this week's the shows fantastic villiers all right man. Will you have an interesting fantastic failure for us. That's right well known company well. No It's government motors group government. I mean General Motors. Did you really right oops there. I did that so corny yeah oops. I meant General Motors so general motors well. Everybody knows that I don't think he'd much of an introduction but we're interested because General Motors went from just being this powerhouse company most of the century to needed to be bailed out like what happened you know for years. People believe that it was way too big to ever go away. Investors had a lot of confidence in the company anything had employees and invested like savings into the company <hes> but in two thousand nine company declared chapter eleven bankruptcy so there are a number factors that led to G._M.. Becoming one of the largest auto manufacturer in the world I think we should talk about that for a second because they could also share some late on why they failed and so one of the number one thing that that was really interesting is the offered Ford Lines of credit to consumers in the twenties and this is back at a time we're Henry Ford was morally opposed to offering credit to customers Ford sounds like a jerk. It's like you ever heard that line. Where if you wanted the model eighteen different color he's like you can have the model t in any color you want lungs? It's black like okay jerk or does ironic. I'll just go to G._M.. And <hes> Lisa brand new whatever they had in the twenties in blue it just to Piss you off <hes> so yeah they did that that that was cool another thing that they did that. I guess a little controversial is they had a big involvement in World War Two so they were really instrumental in the war so the U._k.. Division they build tanks but then they also profited by <hes> doing contracts with Germany even after Hitler declared war against the U._S.. <hes> but you know whether right or wrong their involvement in the war was lucrative for for them and they continue to grow and lastly there introduction of popular models in the post wire so <hes> such cars as the Os Mabille cutlass things like that became huge in the sixties and seventies of May G._M.. This powerhouse our house back then but then there's also reasons why they failed and so as of late they had an unsuccessful line of automobiles so like I mean we're talking about old school cars but I think even some of the newer ones too like they just put out some really bland. The cars like like like one bad G._M.. Car You might think of like Chevette or at Nova something yes to begin with yeah but I mean if you want mops either recently. It's like up until like the the the bailout like a lot of cars are just very bland. It was a car you know another. It was the payment to retire workers so one of the things that may G._M.. Such a great place to work for actually started hurt them eventually. <hes> you know when business was good. They were <hes> people were like Oh man you know they're so generous and everything but over time time they couldn't keep up with all these pensions that they were <hes> paying out why surprise yeah and of course the investors aren't happy with this and so something had to get done with that and then like we kinda brought out loss of innovation and Shoddy Eddie Management Yup so the innovative spirit was the driving force behind G._M.. Success over the century but then when new managing came into the picture ended attorney until like this bureaucratic mess like they're more focused on the numbers numbers versus actual real quality of the product that that's really what made them popular in the first place and you know in leaders alas that book that I just finished by the way I finally finish by the way is that a the book is excellent book Sinek talks about that <hes> the companies who have the hardest time growing and had the worst culture typically have number driven leaders who were trying to piece stockholders not surprised that focusing thing only on <hes> the stockholders would plummet like in some ways affect the G._M.'s business. You know I mean nothing that you called me has to be completely people's centric but your priorities Kinda get outta. Whack when you start focusing on profits over people yeah usually now you're right speaking of talking to people savvy cynicism beast public speaking yeah like I heard a level of his ted talks yeah. He's pretty good yeah yeah. He doesn't really captivating way of like speaking like I. I was listening to one speech that he gave where he's giving like these tips. I didn't even know it was Simon Sinek when he was talking until afterwards <unk>. Oh well like so I I knew the name but I didn't have a face with the name right but <hes> yeah he's very very good speaker so another thing that they did that was stupid is they emphasized on big gas guzzlers and so like again kind of focusing on their bottom line they were like well. We make way more margin on gas guzzlers than we do. You know these smaller compact cars but around the time in eight Oh nine gas prices skyrocketing right those years and they're still focusing focusing on suburbans and Tacos and stuff like that and it's like people aren't buying those anymore. They wanted to buy more greener fuel efficient cars like hybrids and <hes> Jim didn't play slot emphasis on online and then <hes> yeah the other was competition. They have a clear did not have a clear Pana respond to the competition from Ati Manufacturers in Japan Europe and that suffered in a lot of market share losses as well so there's a lot of things that we can learn from it and I think <hes> we we could try to like maybe break down to like how that affects like how that affects people listening yeah so would you have in mind well one thing I really thought of when I think about it is failure innovate and just blatantly ignoring competition <hes> as a key to their demise. You know like you can't just focus on profiting from from you know profiting in the moment without looking to the future because like the thing you could be profiting like exactly like let's say a brought this up before but it's like we want to have a little <hes> hobby shop and we have fidget spinners <hes> and Oh my God we have all different types of fidget spinners <hes> fidget spinners of blown up making so much money we can't even help it and you know what I'm going to heavily invest in more fidget spinners fidget spinners with lights on them and knives and what what if you don't know where to fidget spinner is. It's like this little this little five pointed. It looks like a star kind of thing where you the middle is fixed and has ball bearings attached to it in you can spin around your fingers. It's for is for people that have like attention issues primarily but like at some point we all kind of stem a little bit like clicking a pen or do that so it can they kind of became a rage actually with a lot of people yeah so maybe the question that people have though thinking about this fantastic failure now that I'm thinking about it is okay so you have a car right or I have a product or service. I'm trying to start a business. How do I innovate something like a car because it's a car right right well with thought process goes in the innovating as a business owner a product that has seemingly been on the market for years? Well Look Gandhian. All you have to do is look at Tesla. Tesla hasn't had a profitable month and who knows how long they business but people continue to buy their stocks and their stocks go up whatever Caribbean recently but the point being people love the company because it breeds innovation <hes> like that's all they're doing is innovative and that's what people want to see now whether you think that you know. Electric vehicles are the future all that stuff. It's a move in the right direction until I say like maybe that's not the future per. Se You know mining lithium is has its own issues and stuff like that and we still don't know where we're going to put all the old batteries all the Tesla Batteries in Oh yes saving world yeah and there's a lot of t to make those batteries requires gasoline waste and stuff and so there's a lot of like questions with it but I think it is a step in the right direction but it's innovative but my things like when you when you're trying to figure out trying to use your brain to figure out how to innovate on something you have to think you have to. I think you touched on this earlier when you said you have to consider future use what is the future look like nick. What does it feel like how are people going to behave in the future are the things that my product or service can interact with that will make the experience better a blend them together? This is why companies acquire the customer other companies is why big companies like Microsoft apple firms like this acquire smaller companies because they realize the value for instance in a proprietary product or service that could go along with this service. Now you may be a small shop and you don't have the the means to acquire another business but thinking about how people interact on a daily basis with what you're selling or providing and changing how they interact is the best way to do it in my mind innovate. That's how you innovate for instance fifteen years ago. There were no bluetooth you too. Thank ours there. Were no backup cameras. There were no blindspot mirrors on this I view mirrors and if they did exist they only existed in the highest in luxury cars that were on the market and the quality was great for the day but now the quality's gone a lot better but now when you see Focus With blindspot bears and Bluetooth why because people are starting to wrap their minds around the fact that these are <hes> safety measures and there's legislation behind <hes> in many states about using your cell phone right so okay so if I can't use my I can't if I can't use a hand <hes> hand-held device in the car I he only used hands free in the car I need. I need a car that act because I 'cause. I'm a salesperson or something. I'm always on road. I need a car that can accommodate that right so forward thinking car companies will no longer build cars without Bluetooth seems kind of insane to me yeah and for the amount of money that it seems like it would cost to put Bluetooth in there. It's just not worth losing a customer because your car the Bluetooth now. The question is trying to innovate a service or product base business. How do you do that well? You have to think about like let's say in your case how people interact with their heats there he or the air conditioning heating and cooling of the house in fifteen years into the future yeah the funny he said because I just went to a seminar where this is something we were talking about like what is home ownership look like because it's a bigger picture than just one question you have to look at like what is homeownership doc lake and the next fifteen years would buying decisions look like like a lot of people that have money right now our baby boomers. That's where all the money's at lot of new homeowners don't don't have ten fifteen twenty thousand dollars just in their bank account like older generations do very right so finance is going to be really big point so if you don't have financing for instance in my industry and you go to someone's home like at you know we could replace your H._V._A._C. Systems GonNa cost twelve grand <hes>. You're not going to do very well right but right now you probably could you know but that's GonNa Change Twenty Years From now ten even ten years from now so what's the other thing to if you're service-based MRS in you're not using automatic tools like online booking services or text message servicing then you're not innovating and like you're at risk because if he will have to wait for you to whip out your calendar book that you got for C._V._S. for like eight dollars in like turn to the page and try to scour your schedule and they don't have access to see let me look my thumb and yeah like in this like how I stick appointments. When I you know what it was like it was kind of ego trip for me when I first started training because I like seeing everything written down because it just my schedule so full it made me feel good but it's not about what makes you feel good? It's about how the customer perceives Your Business and like are you staying ahead and locked up with with people want you you know like for instance is the future of is the future of heating and air conditioning. How is it a technology where the H. Back but will the system in your home continues a scan the human bodies in the room as opposed to the room itself and actually some some of them do that now yeah and like a matches matches whatever the it averages out the temperature to make people in the entire house comfortable it depending on what they're in like to me like? I didn't even know that that existed right now but like I'm sure it's like stupid super expensive to have that no but it just came out. It just came out so it's probably wonky technology. They may be but I mean yeah but that's where stuff's going more smart autumn Automated Self Automated <hes> one like for instance one report was showing met a lot more millennials are more like green conscious <hes> and they don't want like fossil fuel systems and things are looking for ways to get rid of that so in the same realm of millennials really like an easy cars and stuff. There's more more heat pumps systems that runoff electricity that they're more interested in so that's like becoming the future. So how well are you up on that which we are very much on break point being. That's because we're doing that. We're always looking at like okay what's coming on. How can we be there? I and I think that's G._M.. Didn't do they didn't look and say that's great that suburbans are doing good now but like inveigh could if they have a potential to be the tesla right like they could have been. Hey listen. We're doing something. No one else says we're GONNA drop cars and they kind of did a little bit with the the fault. That had a little bit of Success I. I don't even think they're continuing that though now no they discontinued it like two years ago yeah well. That's the thing is just like I think feel I feel like you gotta meet the customer sometimes where they are and sometimes you have to meet the customer where they will be in the future and explained why this is like this more than a concept. This is going to be reality for them. In a few years like with fitness. You may say okay well as fitness well they have these things like a mirror at home where person come home look in the mirror and exercise on this mirror like that's cool technology but I don't think that's the future of fitness I think the future of fitness is driving customer experience at a facility like on some level. All people are still going to have to go into facilities because we all it doesn't matter how technological we all have human desires <hes> like we need. We have a need for touch. We have any for personal interaction. We haven't even all this other stuff. When science has has shown that when personal interaction one first interaction goes away people start to feel more depressed more isolated more lonely that kind of thing even with technology abounding you can still feel like you're in a silo? So what do you do like that means that the personal interaction one experience the answer the group dynamic is not gonNA is not going to just melt away means that now if you want to be the best facility you gotta have the best experience. How do you control your experience? While you've got you control you experience by making streamline for people making it easy see I get in the scheduled to be there to say that kind of thing you make the experience frustrating for people and that that will help you become less of a fantastic failure move left to a fantastic failure and more to a successful startup. I was just reading that a lot. More millennials are moving away from a traditional membership at a gym in favor of more Boutique Gym memberships. Oh yeah the boutique sector of the fitness health and wellness injury is growing exponentially exponentially accidents you it is the problem. Is that the petition the open rate of boutique facilities is double the growth of the people who want these boutique facilities to work out yeah. It's like you're it's. It's like you have a stomach virus and you're stuffed Pizza Dang throat. It's like okay yeah. You're nourishing yourself to what extent looking causing more issues more harm than good. I do have interesting way though G._M.. <hes> innovated. Did you know that black people save G._M.. Save Cadillac. No Oh yeah Cadillac. Is Jim Funding Right. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Did you know black. You'll save Cadillac so a longtime ago. It's true that oftentimes the sales people would not sell oh cadillacs by people. They thought they could afford them right. This is <hes> I don't know in thirties forties fifties something like that <hes> between thirty and fifties I believe and so what would happen well. I mean we're we're black people at the time well Oh believe it or not back then there was a stronger middle-class of black families isn't that sad because while black people had more intact nuclear families and there was a stronger middle-class black people back in those days so there were more black people who could actually afford to buy cadillacs so you know what they would do is that they would hire white people to go by CADILLACS for them and then <hes> they would own the Cadillac 'cause they was the black people boy was happening. When when the Cadillac Service vis there were a black people that were bringing the Calix Service because they own them Peterson the white person go buy them? They would own the Cadillac so one of the engineers or service managers for G._M.. At the time is German guy was traveling around and he they would G._M.. With frequently monitor the service he noticed that there was a huge population black people getting their cadillacs service initially he just thought that those cadillacs belonged to the white owners of the cars in the black. People who were driving them brought the cars in right and then he found out that no the black will actually own the cars so he went back to the board of G._M.. You know what he did. He said we have the focus on this target market because is black pupils a driving these cars in so cadillac actually almost went out of business because their sales were so poor in two years G._M.. Turn not only turn the Cadillac division around it was by far the most successful all the models that they bought Larry's. It's crazy. Crazy right and thus amending Cadillac as the official car of black people and it is true any old time where the White Walk Cadillac Cadillac's about about the Cadillac because it was such a symbol of success but that's smart man like that's that's what they missed now. So what does it tell you about the being fantastic that's like. They've lost their way with stuff yeah. It's it's so true. I mean there's so many other things to pick up from but you know I think I'm not really just again falls back into understanding your target market even now like and I see it even still like you know people funny when gas prices start to go back down. Oh I'M GONNA get back into buying my big huge inch house of a car gesture and it's like but then when they go back up people could be looking for you know so it's just it's funny to me but I I'd even like if they were like listen. We're going to leapfrog E._v.. Technology and look into whatever I don't. I don't know what the next hydrogen cell cars or something like what are people e._v.. Technology is just electric vehicles but yeah like just leapfrogging figure out a way to be different and better you know they are doing some stuff though that I I kinda do like I think it'd be annoying file in the car but like the new trailblazers through the called if you like when you go to park and before you leave there's a light that'll ding and the light is telling you to look in backseat and make sure there's no children in the backseat before you leave and you actually have to press online before the intellectually let you take the key out really the door yet that is cool so they are trying to like do better with like safety and stuff like that and I do applaud them for that. I actually because that's a for some reason I don't know why but that's a serious problem right now. People leaving their kids in closed cars and in Florida and stuff which is like. I can't even imagine that but yeah exactly so that that is good good yes. I think we're small business small business owners entrepreneurs. I think you know the story we just talked about Cadillac like the information you brought out innovations important no that any company can go can go bankrupt <hes> any any company can be affected by a recession. <hes> Jonathan's is predicting recession within the next twelve months <hes> but my point my my whole point is is that goes along with what you said you have to innovate. Ah have to know your market and you have no your data about who you customers are and <hes> you know who they're actually who's actually using your service. You know you can't just be blind about that. You know even if you're a product based business and you have inventory somewhere you house inventory. You have to know who like not just what is the highest seller in your retail shop but who is who are the group that makes up the highest selling product women as a young woman is a young white women like as a young Hispanic woman. Who is it right because the national affect your marketing you know like you market to that specific group of like who were were buying your products? You know it's so true. It's so true it's but yeah so it's smart and that's what I see now to like. Even G._M.. Gained a lot better with their their marketing like you'll even notice in their marketing like Chevy for instance. They'll have <hes> it'll be a focus group that that's what the commercial is and it'll be showing the different trucks and hey did. You know that this car one J._d.. Power of the year. which would you think it'd be in there was I think it's a iota and then it's like Sh- knowns a chevy? Wow I love this thing. I could see myself in it. You know but they're trying you know they're going into direction but unfortunately that he bailed out I right but in almost every like S._U._V. or pickup truck commercial that G._M.. Has Now they almost always the gas mileage college because their product in some of it has to do with the governmental mandates that Obama put in place regulating their car companies have to achieve a certain amount of mileage. That's how I guess technically speaking. That's how people because the government can't necessarily control is charged at the pump but they can control the regulations of the fuel efficiency of the cars so that that kind of makes it even if you're paying a higher premium for gas <hes> your car will go longer theoretically because it has more it the mouse for gas split deer like the always brag about how many miles per gallon they're getting and then when I'm finding now that there's new generation of people shopping for cars almost always look a gas mileage. I don't think I don't think many generations before they did know said Oh care this. This gets like fifty miles a gallon. Now people actually looking at stuff except for my dad. My Dad knows to like the tenth decibel like he's like ridiculous with it. He has a Toyota Tacoma and and for car. He has his three cars. He has a jeep that probably it's horrible. Gas Mileage Eighty Two C._J.. Jeep <hes> Toyota Tacoma two thousand eighteen which for truck that actually gets decent gas mileage right and then for for his car to Subaru Impreza that also I think it's a four cylinder impressive that gets you know good turbo. I don't know I I've clueless postcards but yeah he he's always like Charleston. I get twenty eight miles per twenty eight point point four miles per gallon who cares getting closer meanwhile mine I'm like I don't care right yeah so that's government motors yeah and like I said there's other lessons but I think that's a really good one for us to to to focus on hairs because it's so true <hes> I'll give you a great little story I was I was really hungry. One day and I searched for places and I found mixed reviews on this one place but how starving I don't care just GonNa go into it and the reviews were spot on. They said you know the places good it but they just don't understand what the place is like something. I don't want that means so in Oh my goodness spot it's store Adelie a convenience store a liquor store like and it was maybe something else all wrapped in one. Oh a bakery a bakery so they made baked goods had had wine and cheese section. They had liquor another section. They had a convenience store with you could do like small shopping grocery store shopping but you could buy some stuff and then a deli all the same little shop and it was like I agree. I don't know what you do like like I want if I want good wine and cheese I wanNA grinding cheese store. I don't WanNa go to Delhi for that. Yeah and vice versa you know not gonNA wind and she store for Ham and cheese sandwich like I want to go to a Deli for the odd yeah yeah so it's like like what do you do like I mean I could see some pairings kind of makes sense to have parents like wine cheese. Maybe some stuff that go with that that people like all lives or something you know like yeah yeah so yeah not not like skittles and Doritos like actually while I'm here I could pick up a few things from thousand by some Jackson replace some of their next next to the French artesian cheese. Oh shoot. I didn't need to funnel to change oil in my car right exactly right so you have one hundred dollars for your wine eighteen fifty dollars for your cheese and then seventeen ninety nine for your power steering fluid shop in a place like that so that's what I need. I was like they left review them like so. My point is though is sometimes when we get in business just like we have this seizure about us. That's like we have to be everything. All people in we have to make everybody happy and it's like no you don't like you. Don't don't you have to have spheres of things that you sell that you that you provide that relate to just like you're kind of like exactly what you're selling like for instance like if they were to sell stuff olives or something at the wine and cheese shop that would make sense because that kind of goes with everything else like <hes> you know we sell supplements because it kind of goes with exercise program we also clothing because people need to wear clothes moves in our clothing more like <hes> graphic tease things like that but like it's Kinda still released the industry like we went and sell like I don't know doorstops yeah spatulas yeah that'd be weird. You'd come in and get your Williams sonoma like Capri Pants in here. You know that'd be kind of weird but yeah man those good so that's it man. I mean they're in business today but it's not the same G._M.. Yeah totally different but because they didn't innovates. We're GONNA play a half a tap for G._M.. All right at the beginning of the show I said <hes> Jonathan you're the cheapest men have ever met besides my wife or call the man she's I'd love to hear how how this is the case but like your electrical went up like a mere ten dollars. I'll never forget that you'll like look off. Oh I can't believe it just like just pay like by the way meanwhile you hell like nine thousand dollars worth of like Amazon packages at your door. You say I don't know how cheap I guess maybe in some some respects respects can be cheap. Probably the things that you don't respect like electricity and no respect for Electricity Chevy three exactly issue really should be free. I said I have a few chief advertising ideas under fifty dollars for for your small business and I feel like over a few of them the first one is that like service APPS service APSAR away to advertise your idea if you're a service based business. Perhaps you've heard of service APPS like. Task Grabber to thumb tack kind of help you get in contact with customers who need them. <hes> basically what happens is a customer typically is looking for a service professional. They write a <hes> <hes> like a ticket almost of what they're looking for a few people a few service pros are able to respond to it for the great part about it. Is You just pay for the lead. You don't have to pay for getting the lead the marketing stuff like that because dumb tack in the other companies. Danny is have they pay for leads <hes> they I mean they pay for the marketing and they put like millions of dollars marketing. You just focus on trying to get as many of those leads as possible. I Made I'll give you an example of how it can be beneficial like a service up one hundred fifty thousand dollars dollars over the course of three years through them tech <hes> okay you know it's not bad <hes> from one service one place why not <hes> have used a service APP or service professionals listening service before we started we started with a service magic and then that change to homeadvisor and we use a sprinkling of homeadvisor at this point but not as much as we did that but yeah this literally how he started because like you said like what are you going to do. Are you gonNA start pouring money into advertising when you're not you're nobody yeah or just pay per lead right you know paper Lee and that's the thing like you can spend like fifty dollars a month on like leaves light on attack at the time and then Tom that fifty dollars can be worth like my case. You know it turned into one hundred fifty grand plus plus now. We're in the PLUS territory <hes> business cards. I mean it's old school but on fifty bucks you can get one hundred business cards from vistaprint is something <hes> and you can pay a small fee. Maybe two local restaurant of businesses or ask the manager to leave your cards in the counter business cards fit nicely on like Bill Bulletin Board the public market or public location <hes> it's hard to figure out the return of investment estimate because oftentimes people now just like snap Fisher their phone. They may not take your car down but <hes> you know that's a way to Kinda just again just putting east of other. That's very very old school and mark my words with the amount of money that companies are spending on facebook instagram. I am in as crowded as as advertised mark is going to go is getting and social media. These old school methods are getting away more way more like guerrilla marketing like hitting the hitting the street and grinding like you are getting way way way way way way more <hes> necessarily if way to actually market <hes> it's a great way to promote your business or local groups. Let's say let you saw facebook group. You know for people who have heating air conditioning pop for like once a week. You were just go in there. Maybe had a service tech or something you no questions asked the tech right like it's agreeable stimulated and talking in central location as seems pretty cool to me you know <hes> it's a way to get some good target targeting and remember people who are often the facebook group. Uh are actively facebook title is it could be heating and could be training could be fitness. It could be <hes> you know it could be hill nail products could be you know you know sp rockets for like machines whatever it is <hes> but of starting his facebook groups kind of generates a conversation around your brand or around a topic to have you guys have used no email marketing is a great way. We've talked to email marketing before well how effective it is doing email marketing complaint co campaign so your existing list is a great low cost way to <hes> professionally send nice professionally crafted emails <hes> you can track how many people looked at it. How many people evil viewed it? How many people click on downloaded you can even see who unsubscribe? It's a great way to do. It's one of my favorites. I email marketing all the time. I just did a campaign for my business. <hes> email more we did like seven days sales cycle. It generated something Li- <hes> three people off list yeah who otherwise when common that's awesome yeah marketing fantastic awesome so awesome if you're not doing that you gotta get on that. Asep step up your games. Some of US are into businesses that have that require a little more explanation so webinars are maybe an an effective way. Maybe advertising for Webinar for like a a service that you're going to be doing that. People don't necessarily I understand and why it's important for person to do that. You have low back pain. You know I'm going to teach you like five effective ways to treat you little back pain for free on this Webinar and then you have this Webinar. You have five ways <hes> your. Let's say you're cowboy actor physiotherapists therapist <hes> I'm sure you five ways to treat a little back pain. You go you take people through this Webinar series of maybe proven results that you've had working with your your your patient base or something like that and then at the end you basically you're like hey if you need any questions at all you can contact attack me by my email that great great way. How many times have you ever like? I'm sure you're on email list for <hes> consultancy services for H.. Back companies and you get like Oh we have this think about like John Around Women Arlington next Thursday so you can see with this is all about Yup. I learned a lot from to you know Oh yeah I if I can. If I have the time I always try to take time in jump on a Webinar for that reason yeah but those are just a few ways that you can reduce your your marketing to fifty dollars less. I liked that marketing ties not even now. There's so many ways like you're bringing out. There's so many different ways you can get creative to get really good are wife or not that much money might just take more like sweat equity but you put in the work you can. You don't have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to do. Sometimes that's stuff doesn't work. You know there's a company out here a bigger H._R.. Company on here they're spending dumb money right now to put advertisements on all the local all the local <hes> billboards billboards like if you drive up neither side of this yeah yeah I see an yeah if you drive up ninety five on sexual about that by the way yeah they're on everything I think it's like seven branding billboard two and they're not just billboards are on all the buses and stuff like yeah. They've been going hard but it's like. I don't know what state every business it's pretty but it's like it's in a few different states. Also is a franchise I think so okay so the the franchise companies probably paying for that yeah and they're like pulling their off the top of franchises they pull their advertising like they part of that five percent royalty fee like maybe two percent goes towards marketing from all the the people the NL the resources and they by national adds that the funnel into a one eight hundred number of the maze push those leads out to the individual places that makes sense. Yes so that's kind of that. I found that interesting smeets like I don't know I'd rather put my money money in setting somebody you know personalized letter you know and saying like you know here's a a magnet with the personalized letter anytime you need need service you know whatever will be there for a magnet. Hey have you ever a patriots or a Red Sox. No you just trying to do that actually just reminded me we should do that for this fall. We wanted to yeah and then send like the the Patriots season and I think that's like so smart yeah for sure people all of those. I always get a magnet from the bank from the Credit Union. Whenever I go you know yeah yeah so that's it man few Chiba advertising ideas under fifty bucks for your small businessman great show take weight off man yeah man? These things are going by quick banging them out. So what are we talking on next week maker next week. We're talking about what is a great for Noor a gray per nor I've never heard of that. Well pretty greyhounds. You may be a great apor newer if you meet certain characters ristic six. I think the root wording raper newer is gray really poor yeah man it. Maybe you've retired by now and maybe you are a starting out this small business buying a little older. It's never too late man. I like that now. I can't wait to talk about that. We're going to define that next week with that means in how you can actually be successful he and buddy but first before we go onto our next dropping dropping episode we have to figure out where people find facebook yes sir they could find us at facebook dot com slash the common sense podcast instagram at the common sense podcast twitter at sense podcast n. not s our show email is that info at the common sense podcast Dot Com and don't forget to subscribe to the commonsense show on itunes spotify stitcher Google Music Player F._M.. And give us five stars please. If you like what you heard I guess helps ranking helps people find US help people who are looking for the answers to the small business question help us help you like that what you are your generous will help us up until next time you consciousness in your business and your business will grow but for now so you have the fascination with tents now I do. I've been looking up way too much like looking at reviews right now. Do seem obsessed with you know what it is. I can't stand by something and then like regretting. It pisses me off all this effort into and then it's like well back or like you get rained on or something like pouring like I've read. Some of these reviews can't control the future Jonathan. Don't even try and that's my dilemma yeah.

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