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Subscribe now to our podcast to get hot topics delivered every afternoon, and while you're at it rate us in labor review, the topics are hot, and the view is live heroes and told the kids who thought back during the Colorado school shooting and tau they're demanding adult grow up and work. Together to find solutions plus Oscar winner, Anne Hathaway talks about doing the hustle with rebel Wilson. And if sheeting into the call to play a female, JAMES BOND, and Dr Jennifer Ashton shares how her family was shattered after her ex husband took his own life and how they picked up the pieces. Here come hot topics with Whoopie. I'll be Huntsman joy Behar, sunny Hoste and Meghan McCain. Now, let's get things started. So. So stem school students in Colorado who bravely fought back against the shooters are being honored wake of the tragedy. Cluding Kendrick has steel who made the ultimate sacrifice to save his fellow classmates. Here's what his dad said about losing him my life stopped yesterday. When I found out the news that he was deceased. You know, I mean, literally we wake up and go to work, everyday and come home. We do things together for him. That's not there. You know? It's taken from us. But he did what he had to do. And I knew that was my son's nature that was who he was. He's gonna protect people. Yes. It told his son not to be a hero in an active shooter situation and his son answered that he was raised to help other people and wouldn't think twice about taking action. Because that's how he was raised by his mom and dad, and unfortunately, isn't this the wakeup call that we all have to have these conversations with our kids now, but how many wake up calls? Do we have to have as many as the Tam more lives have to be taken as many as it takes? You know, I think that is is the hardest part is just this keeps happening and happening and happening, and he's an he's a hero that he was an only child, but the school was his family. And so he lunged stopped the shooter or to try to give the students some time to hide, and he obviously saved many lives. But my issue is that the kids. Are the adults in this conversation? It is the kids time and time again that are saying we need to change. We don't wanna live in fear anymore. We don't wanna lose the friends that we love. Why are they the ones that are handling this DC's not handling it? The adults aren't handling kit is the shame of this country that the children have to pretend they're the other children is the shame of this country. And that we have so many feckless leaders who do nothing about this situation. How many children have to die before somebody does something it was in in New Zealand? It took one mass shooting for them to ban. All all assault weapons. Not that this was an assault weapon situation. But many of them are in Australia. It took Justice days to ban automatic and semi automatic weapons. They took a stand. Of course, they don't have an amendment kids who took a stand. We mobbed them. We mopped families who's lost children in sandy hook. So you had to we get how do we get that conversation going because clearly. The defied line is not working. I, you know, eighteen years old to have your life stolen from you. As the mother of a sixteen year old. I'm I was so horrified. I cried. But I as Joyce said, you know, our kids are having to protect each other. And it's it's it's mortifying that that's the state of our country. I know when we had Dr Joe Biden here yesterday as a teacher, she said one of the things that she does first day of class is that she has to teach her kids about active shooter situations that wasn't my first day of class. My first day of class was about learning about my other my other classmates, and so I think the change starts with our vote. You know, she said that Joe Biden would take care of this. And so we know people out there aren't gonna take care of. To take care of it. They will end on both sides people have tried to take care of it. So the question as since the conversations are so polarized. How do we get past the polarize part and actually start having the conversation because you know, politicians have been shot at you know, children are getting shot. So there's a conversation that isn't happening in them trying to figure out why the money don't you and see where all this money is going usually that's the situation. That's what truly behind everything like is. There was a vigil yesterday with with these students and highlands ranch high school, and there were actually two politicians Senator Michael Bennet and congressman Jason Crowe who were speaking out about the need for gun control. And actually several hundred students walked out chanting mental health because they want more emphasis on what's going on with the these alleged shooters who had a history of mental health issues. And as we know there are people in the past that had been flagged by the FBI numerous times, and then somehow let loose, and I think that it's a holistic conversation as well, not just about gun laws, which is a valid one, obviously. But also about why we aren't paying attention to people who have who are struggling who have serious problems who aren't in control of themselves. I think that's also something we need to well. Oh, I mean every country has mentally ill people and yet they're not having these mass shootings. And so people have to think about that. You know, what these kids also said we don't want to be used as political props. And I think that is so well, I think the politicians went too soon. I don't I don't think they should have been there yesterday. I think kids should have had the time to be with each other. And and because that's the response you get, but but I like what you the direction you're going in because it's multifamily yariel with. It's not just one eight persons to pull the trigger excitement than who. Is that person behind the gun? And how do you get there? There are a lot of factors. I think sort of gun control certainly is a factor. But mental illness is also a factor. And I think our teens are under so much stress at this point. There have been studies that say twenty percent of youth ages thirteen to eighteen live with mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety. And in fact, in two thousand eighteen the American psychological association found that youth h fifteen to twenty one are especially concerned about guns and school shootings, and they are more likely to report mental health issues. And so at this point, they're not only dealing with teenagers. They're also concerned about being shot at at school Marta now together, I'm Disentis his past trying to pass a law. I don't know if it's done yet that the teachers should have guns. Now, they think that more guns the solution. I it's not one more thing. Kendrick castio who is. The student at died. He idealized his grandfather who served in the marines. And he kept the flag that was draped over his grandfather's coffin close to him. And his dad said he loved patriotism Spanich by nature, but we love America to the core. And I think that's a really beautiful message. And it's really horrific that we have to be talking about this horrible tragedy. But kids like this really are get make you feel hopeful about the future. Just in the sense that he loved America, and he sacrificed himself, but it is a horrific. It is horrific could go we'll be it was Riley Howell. Your remember what happened at UNC Riley? How twenty one years old? He was one that charged the gunman and knocking him down. You always wanna think you'll step up with these situations, and you will you will help. But I can't imagine the fear in a few days ago. Brendan vilely. I hope I'm pronouncing that right? Billy eighteen years old another there was another. He helped him he helped him. This is another kid at the same time helped disarm one of the suspects here. And all those kids in Florida calbos. Cal those kids. Are you know, look, this is where we are. Right now. This is where we are. So in the words of well, it's not exactly the words, but cleaner, we have to get off the pot because this is this is no longer acceptable. And we've seen it take the lives in little tiny kids and we've seen it. The life of eighteen year olds. And at some point we're going to have to figure this out or we're going to have a whole bunch of kids who are moving this way because they don't want to be shot, and that should never be what you think about at school. We'll be back. Later. Don, jR subpoenas. Does a Republican led Senate committee still want answers on what he knew about plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Promise that you'll never find another like me who never find your fears strong, independent women, then right here on this view, five women that would stunned sweetheart. View. You get this information in this may just look voicing their view and not the way Amy Poehler Sierra come into in debut, her hot new video, Ferguson, your she heating what jumper Howard Stern. Gayle king. Eric Stonestreet, Allison Williams and Nathan lane bluff as the twenty twenty race eats up. This table heats up to with these voices, come into a rock, our political view. This is what the show does proud of it. We're the views on ABC. Oscar winning star of the hustle and Hathaway and Dr Jennifer Ashton opens up about life after her ex husband suicide. Okay. Welcome back. Alex having birthday. I didn't forget we got into another. It was just couldn't just. And today. Today is her birthday was many years ago today. I'm not that many was a couple of little scanner you daughter. No. But you know, when you see see she wants to be here for bring your kid to work day, and I don't call. And then I forgot to say have birthday, I sent her a whole bunch of stuff, but happy birthday Hal. Born in eleven o'clock in the morning after even gonna tell you how does that couldn't even believe if your daughter just had a birthday to see did she officially a teenager as of may fourth on Saturday. And what was what was so great? Was Warner Brothers allowed us to scream Pokemon detective Pika chew with a bunch of her friends on Saturday and the movie comes out tomorrow, and Hugh these kids love that movie much. I would encourage everyone to go out and see it because I mean, I haven't heard teenagers laugh that much at a basically an animated film. Unbelievable. So thank you weren't soon. That for me. Thank you. Now. Good. Well, I just you know like that. Verve. Yeah. Sean, I'm three one two. I'm three one two. That's what I'm afraid of. So the Republican led Senate intelligence committee is not done talking with an oxymoron, Johnny junior. There's a lot of speculation that they may want a couple more answers about how much knowledge he had about the Trump Tower Moscow plan, you know, that's the to build the big hotel in Moscow in some sources say he may plead the fifth. What do you make this? I just don't under- well one I don't understand why they have to subpoena him because he's already spoken to this committee, and he voluntarily spoke to the committee, and he said at that time that he was just ten generally aware of this Moscow project. But then Michael Cohen testified that he had ten meetings with Donald Trump junior and Yvonne ca Trump to talk to them about the Moscow tower project, and they set they were really peripherally involved. There wasn't really much of what's so interesting about this is the first congressional subpoena for that we know of for a Trump family member tells me that he didn't want to voluntarily come at ASO a bipartisan effort Senator Burr who's well respected publicans circles public. Yeah. Yeah. Then I like Senator Burr his job. He doesn't want to be liked to he wants to get to the bottom of what happened. And clearly there's still some question marks. So we don't really know exactly why they wanna bring him back. Well, it must be is. My Cohen telling the truth were you briefed ten times or were you just peripherally involved? I don't understand this either because he did eight to nine hours of testimony in front of Senate Intel already and twenty seven hours of testimony in front of various committees in total. That's a lot of testifying. And I want to know if he's going to be out in front of congress and making me laugh be out pulled out in front of congress. And you know, we're going to watch it live because this is a guy you have to think about how insulated he is. He pretty much does interviews with people who are like minded people on box. You know, he's in circles where he's he's like a beloved figure, and it'll be interesting to see someone who's insulated as a beloved figure before to testify in front of people people loved the in Trump circles. Yes. Based Trump as people he also feels cutting out. I'm just I'm like, but I just. Julia's love larvae realize I he's not going on. I also think he feels vindicated right now. Because maybe there was all this talk about, you know, Trump junior going to go to jail, you know, once we hear more about the molar report. And if you read his tweets right after the report came out, I mean, he feels like there was a lot to celebrate. That way. Now, they will say they will say, I'm exonerated case closed. Meanwhile, the democrat says sending them subpoenaed slept the Watson. That's what you want to see him testify joy a lot of your every one of them on television testifying. Must be. You can gay their crew down this. Yeah. Then do you want to? Ability. Where we I'm wondering about this bird this Senator it's like really all of a sudden a Republican. He's doing the right here. Really great guy. No, he's as actually being. You can't do that. If you know we've been saying true housing kept. Why aren't they stand while somebody standing up? Yeah. Somebody's standing up and say, I d- I on. Well. Yeah. The fact that he said out loud. I want to see him in my office is like on the principles. I want to see him in my office this afternoon and. I mean. Yeah. You you betta Konta my off. Well, you know, I think that you have to and you'll go if you don't bet what it you find out, Dave. Won't we? I find that. If you end well. Well, we'll find out if loaded job because it is. I'm going to jail. I didn't take Trump Tower in their done. Now. We'll be right back. Welcome back. There's a new reality show hitting T as C call smothered about moms and daughters who take their relationship to new extremes. Take a look. If the water is still hot, we will share the bathwater. I have the strongest influence in her life and without my blessing. I doubt she'll take it to the next step with you. Would you accept my love? This is not right. What do you do give it back? Yeah. Sascha question. There's a water shortage apparently. Beating that us. Why? Remember when we were elsewhere. We had the housewives on. Yeah. And one of the ladies mother, she was having trouble with a mother, and we had the mother and the door and John handy. Manny, Burress guy and her mind her mom Joyce enjoyed her husband. Yeah. Said you need to back off and let her make her own decision woman is over twenty five. Yes, what the hell and the back one. Is. So it's so disgusting. Only did they do that. They let it get films. For us to a new will do anything to Calvin. Look at us. When getting backwater with Malone. I know. I wait getting Beth what went y'all. I know I was I'm so close to my mom, actually, speaking of bath with my cats together. No, my mom takes every night Pasha down to me a little break there. I was afraid. Because bath time like I remember coming home after like hanging out with friends, and my mom would be in the bath. And I I would sit on the bathroom floor. And that's when we had like some of our most memorable conversations together. I would tell her everything. No, I would never share her bathwater. Plane it he'll the bat. I understand the relationship in the bond. You can take a bath through the Tra. How long what is it? Yeah. Release in the war. I never did not sitting in there. I never did that but I have done. No, not that young a little bit older, it'd be trend. So what is the age bracket training? No toilet train. Then. Like a hard. No to I know so hard. No, no, not on this one. Not somebody that we know very well. Yes. Use that with her daughter. Yes. And they were it was. Twenty five. We'll be right back. Oscar winner and star of the hustle and Hathaway gives you the real deal on an epic online conspiracy theory about her and her husband nags. Better. Help offers licensed professional counselors specialized in a wide array of issues like depression, anxiety and grief connect with your professional counselor and a safe private online environment. It's a truly affordable option and listeners can get ten percent off your first month by going to better help dot com slash the view fill out. A questionnaire to help them assess your needs and get matched with a counselor. You'll love simply safe is award winning home security that knows it feels good to feel secure in your home blizzards blackout burglars. Simply safe protects you through it all twenty four seven try simply safe with free shipping and free returns. 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There's nothing more compelling to amend than evolve. Nergal woman upset. Wow. You can tear up like that. He can just balance a T rod on that lower lead. Can you make the tea roll down your cheek? Oh, oh, okay about Kenya. Make go back up. Come Anne Hathaway. I'm always amazed that actors can just start crying like the drop of a hat to that. What do you think about that moment? I try not to think. I'm really hard. Not to think, I don't know. It just you know, it's coming up. And so you kind of think about what would make the character like why what would make them emotional. And then I read something Bryan Cranston said once which he said when you know, you've a big crying scene drink a lot of water three days before. So you don't get dehydrated and it works. Knows how to act. The tears come fest when you're hydrated, so. Yeah. And you can do more tapes because you know, sometimes you would I don't know you could exhaust your tear ducts, why does that sound like it makes sense that will great now? Tip. It would come in handy in your personal life. Also. No, I use I use it for good. Come in handy. This. This film is a remake of the nineteen Eighty-eight comedy dirty rotten scoundrels, which was very funny. Steve Martin now. So Michael Cain. Yes. You believe that your con woman is not in fact, rotten. Why not well, I think look I think it's all contextual fun. But I do think there's a difference between female con artists amend. Cock male carnival. Oh, yes. Gosh. That's a hard thing to say. And I think that when you look at kind of the way the world is stacked currently and pay an equality, and you figure that women depending on their race make anywhere from fifty four cents on the dollar for every dollar away me it's up to seventy eight cents you figure we're the ones getting conned the kind of rigged against us. So. Yeah. If if you play by the rules, you are getting taken advantage of so I don't think my character feels bad at all making money, but that's like shoplifting because of the Trump administration. I blame it on them that listing. How's that work for you? If we can that would have loved to talk about your shoplifting past but we have to move on. Okay. All female reboots. It's hard trend right now on your obviously on board for with oceans eight and now with your new movie, the hustle, some people right now are calling for JAMES BOND to be played by a woman when you think about idea why not why not I mean. Think of own my gosh, like is in your mind exploding with ideas of it would be amazing at it. It's so important for all of us to see ourselves up there. And that was one of the reasons why I was so excited about making the hustle because. No, we're not at the absolute for front of inclusion for everybody. We could have done a better job. But we did add to the conversation positively about gender, and I'm really proud of that. At least to me a role model. I I cannot tell you how many times I watched satellite. It's reading the out due to tell you my younger sister. When Princess diaries came out. She was like five she thought she thought I would movie for the long. Complimented? Yes, it did. But then I'm allergic to cats when she found out that you had a cat. I do want to ask you about. How your life has changed because you do have a three year old boy and Meghan Markle Pretoria. Just had on their boy, not wonderful Amy Schumer had her baby too. Right now. To Prince William and Kate inspiration. Yeah. Yeah. There was an article about a parenting technique that they did. And it was about how they when they want to communicate with the kids they get down on their level, and they contact and I started doing it. And I swear made a difference because not only was able to communicate with him. And I think it empowered him. But I could see what he was seeing. You know, you look at the world a big it is how big it is in like, and that thing that feels totally normal. This might be scared to him or something that we might overlook is really fascinating right at that level. So it was a good that that, you know, Kate and William the noon a good job. Well, you don't drink anymore. I don't raising kids dot raider does for anything that's not entirely true when I need to. But I just find it's a funny thing. It's a funny thing growing up, and you ask me, what's different. And I think about who. I was when I made the Princess diaries, and how little confidence I had. But how? Ambitious? I was and those two things were not a comfortable mix for very long time. And it took me a really long time actually took until having my son and connecting with a certain Joe, I don't know. I just had a realization that inside every single one of us. There is something that is sacred. And there's something that is pure, and I think it's important to acknowledge that in everyone, but we have to acknowledge it in ourselves when I started doing that. I didn't want to apologize for taking up space. So maybe in the beginning, I would have come out here. And I would have felt like I was wasting your time or I would have felt like just really insecure like it didn't have anything to say that if I did it would come out wrong. And I'm just I don't I don't feel like that person anymore. I'm really happy to be through with. With. This is so funny. You have the same name as William Shakespeare's wife Anne Hathaway, I didn't know that. Some people have pointed out that your husband bears a striking resemblance to Williams beer. Internet conspiracy theories that this is more than a coincidence law. Are you married to? Happy. Yet, a descendant of William wire that I'm sorry. My husband is so cute. Doraville. There's. I know I have no I have no idea. But it did kind of become a thing. Yeah. It was a thing. And then one rumor was that we've been reincarnated together. Oh, I really like obviously is true. Parco by any plan. This back. O two. We were like, let's do this again. I wanna wear pants this. When your husband's starts writing plays that. We'll know what's really true fat was so nice to have you here again. And Liz in theaters tomorrow just in time from this day. We'll be right back. Dr Jennifer Ashton shares how her family found strength support and hope after getting rocked by her ex husband's tragic suicide. Sierra after selling triple platinum records marrying a Super Bowl winning quarterback where the Sierra Goethe drop debut her next big music video on the view, of course, tomorrow. Don't miss the exclusive only on the view. The loved one taking his or her own life is a tragedy that no one can even imagine. But that became a reality for ABC news chief medical correspondent, Dr Jennifer Ashton when her ex husband and father for two children died by suicide. She opens up about it in her new memoir called life after suicide finding courage comfort and community after unthinkable loss. And she joins us right now, Dr Jennifer Ashton. This. For me. And I would imagine every single person in this room in some way is connected to suicide it was just two years ago. Not that long ago. Your ex husband took his own life. You were co parenting, Alex and Chloe eighteen seventeen. How are you doing right now? Well, first of all thank you guys as my fem tribe for having me here to talk about this because we really are family. You know, we're doing thank goodness pretty well that we have our sad days for sure were incredibly lucky to have a great therapist. And you know, we're all learning about this concept of post traumatic growth, which I didn't even know was a thing. It's a real thing in psychology. And I think my daughter said it really well, and I talked about this in the book she said that she remembers week after rob died thinking, I have two choices. I can let this destroy me or I can use it to help me become a better person. And I feel like that's what we're all doing. She's mature believable. You know, the one question that I'm sure you get all the time. When you look back where their signs were there moments where you thought maybe we should have noticed something was going on. I mean, you can imagine as a doctor married to a doctor for twenty two years that those questions though, through my mind pretty much every day. Rob didn't have any of the classic signs that we learn about in medical school, and we adjust gone through what we were calling in Volve divorce, which then in retrospect, I thought maybe the reason it was so volved is because he was slowly pulling away from life. But you know, no one who loses someone to suicide ever gets answers to those gnomes. They never come out. And the proceeds of this book are being donated to suicide prevention organizations in Rob's honored. We talked at this table a lot about suicide. And and with things that comes with suicide in your sphere is the stigma. Yeah. You get stigmatized or you stigmatize yourself. You start to sort of pull away in odd ways. How we how did you realize that this wasn't on you? Well, I'm still learning that every day. But you're right. What be I mean, there's there's like a scarlet letter for this. And if in twenty nineteen we can't talk about these things and people still feel like they have to whisper about them. We're never going to be able to fix it. And what whisper about did you think I think that we whisper about mental illness in this country? And you know, we think about the analogy which again came from one of my children, if this if someone dies from cancer, people aren't angry at that person. They're not embarrassed. There's no shame in that game. We need to start thinking of mental illness no differently than heart disease and cancer. Actually, then get rid of that stigma. Will remember this? This is new for the United States. We used to put people away who had cancelled hide, folks. And not talk about any of it. So it's not surprising that we're just sneak in up on it. But you know, you have to remind yourself every day that you know, you gotta go forward. Yeah. Absolutely. It's so difficult because I guess when you lose someone like that you think well, what did I do? What could I have done? All those things. What's go through yet? Right. The lame Shim hang around guilt. And when I decided to share our story, one of the conditions was that it wasn't just our story. But the stories of other survivors that I met and that reached out to me, and I talk about them in the book, and we all have gone through that shame game, you know, from day one and the blame and the guilt and the anger. So these are important emotions that we all have to kind of address head on, you know, Dr Ashton. We had Jill Biden on the show yesterday. And she was talking about grief and loss with us. I'm you share your own process by saying that at times you've felt angry other times guilty about laughing or just experience some level of happiness. I relate to all of that grief is a tricky bastard dead. How have you been working through that? And does it get any easier? I mean, I I have been working through it because I've been educated that grief is really just love, you know, you don't grieve someone you didn't love. And so once you knowledge that I think you can almost welcome those feelings of grief a little bit. And then I learned a another concept for the first time as we were going through the healing process called multiple truths. Which is really this issue of how you write what be like, you can feel tremendous pain and grief and sadness because of one thing and then literally at the same time, joy happiness, and one feeling does not negate the other, and you have to know that or you'll never be able to recover. Oh, yeah. What else have? We learned anything else. My god. I mean, well earning. I'm learning every day. And you know, as any parent knows my kids teach me every day and one thing, you know, that I talk about in the book is that my my kids with their spirit have really shown me how they live every day in a way that honors that our father spirit, I know you do too, and that's incredibly inspiring. You know, you also talk about in the book about this new life in terms of living has solo parents, which really means your kids only have one parent. Yes, we rely upon now. And that in the time that's passed that that's been very scary for you. You know, whether you're a solo parent by choice or your solo parent through the death of spouse or the other parent, it's really scary. And there's a lot of pressure. And I feel like if something happens to me, my kids will have no one. And you know, the the funny thing that happened because there was. A moment of comedy. I when I finally found new love, and I was Everglade ING kayaking. And I sent my kids this picture saying look at this picture. I was kayaking with alligators. And I sent her a picture. My daughter goes a twelve foot gator, and there I am with my with my love Todd. And my daughter said, what's next bungee jumping, you know, you can't you've got to be careful. And so yeah. On. But thank you. Thank you. For speaking out your impacting more lives than me lies. Thanks, of course, to ABC news chief medical correspondent, Dr Jennifer Ashton, if you or someone you care about a struggling with thoughts of suicide, please know that you are not alone. The national suicide prevention lifeline available twenty four seven you can call one eight hundred two seven three eight two five five, and please please go by life. After suicide doctor ashes book is available now and members of our studio audience you're going called with the book as well. Thank you. Well, see we've been talking about everything imaginable. Oh, then we all we're back and. I shocked myself there. We want. Everybody to have a great day and take a little time to enjoy them.

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