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01-29-20 Music Maker: Levi Platero Band


Welcome Welcome to native America calling from Studio Forty nine in Albuquerque. I'm Tara gatewood today. We welcome the Levi Tarot band and their new self titled Title Album and it's packing a lot of energy. Here's exactly how much this January music maker were going to find out would lead to the songs on the album as well as find out about the musical evolution. The band's headman Amen Levi Petero has been on get ready to let the blues. Do the talking right after National Native News. This is national. Native News on Tonio Gonzalez. A federal appeals court panel told a Wisconsin tribe. It cannot review a decision by two agencies that reinforce Michigan's permitting authority over a proposed mine. On the Michigan Wisconsin Border Danielle catering reports the menominee tribe obsess plans for an Akilah. Resources may near the menominee river in Michigan's upper peninsula don't do enough to protect water quality and cultural sites in an effort to address their concerns. Tribal officials officials asked the US Environmental Protection Agency in Army Corps of Engineers whether Federal Review of a permanent was necessary. The tribe filed the lawsuit when they said Michigan had sole permanent aurthority chairman. Douglas Cox says the ruling is a huge disappointment. There's government to government relations in August responsibility that the government knows agencies holds the tribe and they've failed unlike federal agencies. Michigan is not required to consult with the tribe Cox says they're contesting the minds wetlands permit with the state the US this department of Justice did not immediately respond to a request for comment for National Native News. I'm Daniel catering a lengthy legal fight over an oil and gas lease on land and sacred to northwest Montana's black feet. Nation continued recently in federal court the US Court of Appeals in Washington DC. Heard arguments over the US. Interior Secretaries Terry's authority to cancel the lease Era Bolton has more former US interior secretary sally jewel in two thousand sixteen canceled the last two remaining meaning oil and gas leases in the Badger. Two Medicine Area MONCRIEFF oil and Solan X.. LLC took the Interior Department to court arguing that the agency agency couldn't suddenly change. It's mind moncrieff later. Settled out of court but so an x is still arguing. Its case Tim. Press O with Earth Justice is representing the blank thank feet nation and environmental groups intervening in the case the challenged lease cancellation decision protects. An area that the black feet tribe has described as its last traditional sacred territory. He backed the Interior Department's argument that the government had the right to cancel the oil and gas lease because it violated the environmental and federal cultural protections. So an ex attorney David McDonald told justices that the Interior Secretary lacked authority to overturn the lease decades after it was approved because whatever authority agencies may have to reconsider their decisions that authorities must be exercised within a reasonable period of time. The justices questioned McDonald about the interior department's reluctance to approve drilling on so an XS lease because it was still determining if that activity Eddie would violate federal law. McDonald argued the decision to deny its drilling permit. Request doesn't void. The underlying lease and future technology may be able to mitigate environmental and cultural harms in the area. It's unclear when the appellate court may hand down its decision for National Native News Mare and Bolton turn flags on the Navajo nation are being flown at half staff Wednesday in honor of Sophie. Yossi Yossi was said to be the longest living veteran in Arizona. She she passed away Saturday at age. One Oh five. Yossi was born in Nineteen Fourteen Canyon to say at age twenty eight. She joined the Army Air Corps and served during world four two after her military service. She worked at a boarding school and raised a family. Funeral services are being held Wednesday and Saint Michael's Arizona on the Navajo nation. She will he buried at the fort. Defiance Veterans Memorial The confederated tribes of. So let's Indians Portland's native American Youth and Family Center and other native eight of organizations are celebrating the opening of an affordable housing development and northeast. Portland a ribbon. Cutting ceremony and tour is taking place Wednesday. The fifty nine unit building is intended to help address housing issues in the city I Manto Neon Gonzalez. The National Oh native news is produced by Chronic Broadcast Corporation with funding by the corporation for public broadcasting like the circle of life. There is an opportunity that comes around every ten years a chance to participate and lead our voice be heard it. Lets others know who we we are and where we are the twenty twenty cents. This will be our opportunity to shape our future generations to come shape our future. Sure start here. Learn more at twenty twenty senses dot Gov paid for by the US Census Bureau mm-hmm native voice one the native American radio network. This is native America. Calling your host Taraji would never donation Blues Man Levi. Pluto is given his music many audiences over the years. He's also shared the stage with some pretty mean Blues Masters Today he's heading up his own ban belting out songs that are has he says Berry sentimental. He's been building up to this moment and is facing his musical path with no fear. And we'll hear more about this today on January music maker. We'll also get to hear some samples of Levi Petero band self titled Album and the bonuses. If you're one of the first ten to make it on air with a comment or question you'll receive a complimentary copy of the band's album courtesy of the Levi Petero ban so time to dial in phone lines are open. The number to call is one eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight. That's also one eight hundred nine nine native and right. Now it is my pleasure to introduce you to Levi. Petero WHO's here with us in Studio forty-nine Today Levi thank you for joining us Royal Pleasure and Levi your blues are very distinct in a really enjoyed Running through this album and just getting to know a little more of what it is. You're putting out and for you understand. This album is very sentimental. Tell me why I think. Think of the reason why it's Or not I think the reason. Why is sentimental because I had to we do a lot of growing Not just in my guitar playing but mainly just in general I had to grow ahead to learn something I had to had to humble myself You know had to had to face. You know prideful version of myself and strike them down and I had to kind of go back and really re evaluate evaluate things that I've done things that I've said and Just Kinda face myself and you know Kinda just dig a little. Oh deep in not just with the lyrics also with my playing and This didn't happen just like overnight. You know I did a lot of thinking and meditating You know within the past four or five years and it was an easy because so you know I'm a prideful person. I mean I I mean my my biggest enemy is myself and having to deal with that. I think it was one of the toughest things and it's still is because I have no where near perfect and I think that's really cool because it gives me a lot of room to have have more productive creativity in the future. Well it takes a strong person to admit in face this to and through the music MM is definitely a place. A lot of times people say go to heal or understand more And so you know what leave i. Let's give them some of this music. We have good man ready to roll anything you want to share about that. It's just about me one of my personal experiences. ooh Here we go. The Levi Petero ban. This is good man UH Okay wake up call impose back uh back And what this soon Gani survivor. Ah No It's just Sam and Dan this is what Levi. Petero is up to these days. If you'd like to chat with him go ahead and dial in one eight hundred nine nine six two four eight. This is good man off the album. mm-hmm self titled Album Levi. Petero ban. Join US right now. One eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight is the number wiz Kid you it down for good as miss you too close to give Back in UH sabotage He Ed man from the Levi potato is here with us. You just heard good men Levi. That is a fun song in your voice. Your Voice Voice is really come on strong in that one In anything you want to share about just putting that one together I think of when I wrote this song I remember writing that Song. Probably probably at one of the lowest like kind of points not in my life but like within one of the years I was really Kinda struggling with certain adversities and you know Ambiguous anxieties and the only way I knew how to deal with that was Through some kind of substance abuse and I I enjoy talking about it. You know I always think that's healthy because if you can't talk about it it's Kinda something that's always going to be a problem so I remember writing this song and I remember feeling like I remember thinking back on a lot of mistakes that I've made and Just like promises. I've failed to keep now with just like you know like my family or you know a certain relationships but mainly with myself it was just Kinda like this some this Kind of battle inside of me and I never understood you know when growing up it was always the outside side looking in in when he kinda sensitive like the inside looking out the perspective on on those conditions are just really dramatic. Because is you never understand what each side looks like until you've actually been there and so that's what I wrote this about. It was just me being on the inside inside looking out instead of always looking from the outside in and those internal problems until you're actually internally in there so that's kind of like what I wrote this about and so like I said my own personal experience in some it's so interesting mm-hmm How introspection can turn into a blue song? And I think that's something that's so relatable just about this genre because it it is a pouring of emotions in some of our favorite blue songs are about somebody who's just saying like it is and you know no sugar coating Life gets hard. I'm GonNa tell you a little bit about it just to get by you know so I mean that's something that I know. A lot of people really enjoy about the blues is is. It's so human full of emotions In just letting you know too that there are other people out there who are thinking of this or either battling attlee met same battle as you and I it's it's interesting why people do turn to the blues. And of course it's connections how deep its roots roots go in influencing other genres and you know if we take that route of the blues going into rock and roll you know that's a fun journey to But but you can journey with us too we have Levi Petero here with us and he is sharing his new album. If you'd like to talk with him go ahead and dial in one eight hundred nine six two eight four eight is number our first ten callers to call in and chat with him on air. We'll get a complimentary copy of the album so if you liked it call him tell him and then you can add it to your library which gotta get on air so go ahead and give us a ring. One eight hundred nine six two eight four eight is the number we look forward to hearing from you blues fans were you at war ready for you. One eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight Football fans are gearing up for the Super Bowl on Sunday especially those who are devoted to Kansas City and San Francisco teams at the same time the mascots for both teams are stirring up negative reactions among native watchers. Join US where the next native America calling as we dive into history Anita Imagery at the big game the yacht plane well takes practice and teamwork so does stain healthy let healthcare coverage guard you on and off court contact your local Indian health care provider or visit healthcare dot Gov or call one eight zero zero three one eight two five nine six a message from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. A hat thanks for joining us on our January music maker I'm Tara Gatewood in here in Studio forty-nine with us as Levi Petero and we are sampling sounds from his new album Levi Petero ban. That's a self titled Album that we're featuring today and there were also sharing with you. Our first ten callers will receive a complimentary implementary copy. But you've got to get on here. One eight hundred nine nine six two. Four eight is a number to join US leave. I'd like to introduce you to one of your fans. We Have Swan. WHO's on the line and listening in on Standing Rock in North Dakota tuned in on Kale in DC Swan? Thank you for calling. You're on air. Hey Hey Hello Levi had just calling to wanted to give you a special shout from North Dakota wanted to remind you we used to go to revivals together even little kids and it's really good to see you doing for yourself and this name to your music is very awesome and just really proud of you. That's cool thanks. It's good to hear from you. Aw thanks lots one Enjoy that music again. Join US one. Eight hundred nine six two eight four eight is the number so leave i. You have shared your music many different places. In how much does wear you visit play into the music. You make say that again. Sorry How much does wherever you visited play into the music? You're making gorgeous. Even how you get stronger is a musician. I ca I think When doing a lot of traveling? It's it's really inspirational because you mean a lot of them. You know a lot of different souls out there a lot of of a personalities and but it's it's crazy how they're all kind of the same too at the same time we all have this interest in just having a good time and just you know love each other and just you know bad vibes. You know once bad vibes get started. It's like people just want to like forget about him right away and it's a kind of his universal. You know thing that comes with music. It's just people just enjoy Roy music in going to certain places and seeing that they get festivals and you know we played a lot of bars and a lot of them do a lot of venues and when we meet these people who just wanted who just want to be our friends. It is really cool and traveling traveling all these places as you know I think I realized that I'm not just you know in New Mexico anymore like I used to think You know playing around Albuquerque and you know all like Santa Fe and all these places but Starting to get a little little you know in my horizons are being extended and it's really cool and it's very inspirational because it makes me want to it. Just play even more and go after it even more so very nice. Well you know what. Let's take another call. We're going to say hi to Arnold Arnold in Farmington New Mexico listening in on case. Ut Arnold thank you for calling year on air thank you and good morning to you. Guys is Levi my question is I just got into the blue. I'm in my. I'm halfway two hundred. My wife and I thirty eight years. Who actually really started listening to the blues? About twenty years ago now was never never really I was like man that's like I I just couldn't get it but recently and I've seen you twice once and ask tech and then once in Farmington where you just a little church venue. I think it was about ten years ago. Got To meet you. Say Hello but my question to you is Who has like the greats like Eric Clapton? Dan Buddy Guy. Have they expired. You and in what way I think one of the grades grades. That really inspired me was Was Probably Stevie Ray Vaughan Just the now only because has of his playing but his his his life his life changing event. You know he He was able to conquer certain things things about himself. That almost seemed impossible and at the time when he was already successful you know. And that just encouraged encouraged me and inspired me to be as strong as I could and watching him play. It was just something so amazing. And you know after he was he conquered those certain. You know things about himself. It was no longer something that was artificial. But it was all straight organic you know after he the recovered from alcoholism and all this substance abuse and it was just very encouraging and hopefully one day. You know I'll I'll be able to like AAC be as good as that you know but He's one of the biggest. Inspirations like when it comes to guitar playing in Blues Artists With Stevie Ray Vaughan on and when it comes to guitar plane Not only him but You know advocating. BB King Freddie King. All the grades Charlie Early Patent Robert Johnson t-bone Walker Elmore James I I could. I could go down the list so many so many guitar players but the one that really stuck out to me was just Steve on and his message will thanks. Thanks for asking Arnold and you can ask your questions to one. Eight hundred nine six to weed for eight. Let's take another. We got melvyn in santee Nebraska. Melvin thanks for calling. You're on here Martin. I do a follow up. Did you have in a native artists that influence you and but other question would be. Do you do any in the north here in the casino inaccuracy no circuit. Melvin thanks for asking co-head Levi always been a Bonnie Raitt Fan so I've always always loved Bonnie Raitt here Guitar playing and not only just guitar playing. But you know her songwriting and she she's a pretty good slide player as well. there's a as a fellow Endorsement artists I am with an with Delaney Guitar Guitars. Out of Austin and her name is Samantha Fish. And she's a good Blues Guitar Player in She's very inspiring and when she the music that she's been coming out with is tremendous and is really really great. You know it's got all that Kansas City vibe. You Know Kansas City Blues Vibe and same thing with Daniel and the coal She's more of a bass player but you know she's just got choosy. She's got it you know. She's got the voice voice she's got The songwriting capability and she's got the melodies and As far as it comes a touring I think I'll be doing something called kinship tour with Motto nause from South Dakota from the blues rock band indigenous. Yes We'll be doing a lot of dates in the north But you could check those out at indigenous rocks dot com. I'm going to have all those tour dates on there. All right. Melvin there you go wonder where we how many you're going to do this summer. Great to hear from you Let's take another Roberta in winslow Arizona. Brenner thanks for calling. You're on here highly. This is Roberta Wagner my girl a big fan of yours We follow you wherever ever whenever you're in flagstaff or anytime in Arizona but my question was where will you be. Where next concert in Arizona okay? Roberta thank you. I mean I think I know who you are met you a a couple of times. I think I remember you being a couple of shows even this past weekend in flex and Our next show is actually going to be at the American Indian festival in Scottsdale Scottsdale Arizona. And it's going to be. I think we're playing on February. Eighth had Forget it it's the museum or not too sure I'm very terrible at knowing these things right right ahead of time you know given the spy never really tell people were endlessly. Yeah just go look it up but I'll be there from five pm six PM. Doing an hour set on Saturday February be wary. All right thank you for that in your online too right where people can find out a facebook instagram. What's the best place to keep in contact contact with you on a mall a lot of social media platforms? I think only a lot just like four like twitter snapchat snapchat instagram and facebook. But I think we have everything updated on facebook because we have a bigger following from there and But they can follow us anywhere in. I usually let people know ahead of time where we're GONNA be I try my best and we also have our own websites Levi patera yeah music dot com. Check it out I'm still working on it. It's it's just been a process that I've been trying to learn how to work a website so it wasn't easy and there's some places that have whole teams who do that and make it look easy. Well thanks for that and Roberta thank you for calling and and let's go in and take another. We Got Carol. WHO's in White River? Arizona tuned in on K. N. B.. Thank you for calling carole. Go ahead you're on here. Thank you for taking my call on Aleve. I compliment you on your Music I love I disown you sound before is forever forever with me. I forget that but I love that saw. My son is always has this but I love blues. I love those I loved Von. I've always followed him. I have this these deals that he was You know one of them. The I don't that dumb that single blooms that was That come out of recovery and it's the one thing that I like to compliment you on that and say thank you you thank you appreciate that Carol. Thanks for tuning in you know what Levi. Let's give him some more. We have work hours ready to go anything. You WANNA share share body. Oh this is. This is a song that I wrote because I was tired of nine to five. I'm really leads. I of a nine to five and I know how to deal with it so that was going to quit. Never did that. I kept that going for half a year then I finally quit quick. Let's hear how it turned out. This is work hours by Levi potato You look in so uh-huh eh MHM bulky go how long Eh tell him. Not only Salaam served not only you this some. I'm back in her. Are you relating to this song. Did you grab that dial in. Turn it up. Because you're enduring a week well go ahead and tell Levi about it. It is our January anuary music maker. This is work hours and Where Sharon albums to got five more leff give us a ring? One eight hundred nine nine nine six two eight. Four eight is a number. Join us as we take in these blues. mm-hmm uh uh-huh New York Ece Levi. Tarot you heard another one from the Levi Petero bend sell Totta titled Album. Go ahead and dial in now. Did you really relate to that song. Tell me about it at one. Eight hundred nine six two eight four eight is a number and what do you think about that guitar playing a No. Oh you're thinking something. Dial in one eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight is the number liked liked the circle of life. There is an opportunity that comes around every ten years a chance to participate and let our voice be heard it it lets others know who we are and where we are. The twenty twenty census will be our opportunity to shape our future for generations to come mm-hmm shape. Our Future start here. Learn more at twenty. Twenty Census Dot Gov paid for by the US Census Bureau. This month's music maker is all about the blues I'm Tara Gatewood from sort of Pueblo and a visiting Levi Tarot you can also visit with him. I'm to join us at one. Eight hundred nine six two eight four eight and just a reminder. We have five CDs LEFF to get one. call-in lean make it on air share your thoughts End Maybe even ask questions. One eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight again is the number and Levi that that last track. We heard he really made that guitar seeing in talk to me a little bit about that process or even making You know that solo come to life anything getting there. I think the the solo was only a product of you know my emotion that I'm portraying in the story that I'm telling if you get if you follow it along with that You know I I like I said before the song Came on I said something like I wrote it because I was. I took a job as a torn musician. I took a job a I. I only worked for about maybe like six to seven months bowl ready after the first month I told myself. Oh God I gotta get Outta here I got I got I got I gotta go back to music. But you know touring isn't really all could out to what it's supposed to be you know it's a lot of struggling Very few can do it and Those who can do it. You know. It's a very long climb to you. You know something sustainable and to a good foundation and I that's why I matter Specht to a lot of musicians and and not just musicians by artists to are doing something that they love to do and they're traveling to not just make ends meet but you know because they love to do it and that's a good reason why I went back because I love to do it and I remember i. I took about a week off to go go on a Blues Cruise International Blues Cruise. And I got to meet like a Kenny Wayne Shepherd. I got to meet Christly in from double trouble. Who played with Stevie Ray Vaughan? I got to meet him Chris. Tone King Fish I got to meet You know hunt from Kenny Wayne. I got to meet Danielle Coal All these artists is Tommy Castro and Tab Benoit you have to sit down and actually talk with. I got the jam with Tad pin which is really cool. He's a Louisiana cat with You Know Kenny Wayne as well and I thought that was really cool. Who and I remember one night? I was with my drummer. WHO's my who's my brother? I'm cousin brother and he was like we couldn't get our sleep sleep schedules right so remember we up at like four thirty in the morning. We're having breakfast. I don't know what we're doing. We're up just eating Israel Hungary and he talked to me and he never opens up to me you know. And he just told him he ages really. He said some things that really encouraged me and then waiting for something like that got to come from him and when he told me all these things it just kinda like men a really needed that and then I come home after the Blues Cruise. You know the big goal like almost like the dream you know. I've always had just like back to reality. I gotta go back to work. I gotta go go work some hours back to my nine to five and I remember just thinking man I I can do this I can. I can just pursue music as much as I want and it was cool writing this because then I thought man but there's some people who have nowhere to go you know like a lot of people don't really have things like they have the opportunity unity like to to do something else but you know and I thought man. That's that hurts. You know that hits home and I had to read a blue song about it. I was like I can't quit if I didn't have music I couldn't quit. I couldn't quit my job. I just have to see where this takes me and I wrote a Blues Blue Song about it and that's kind of the emotion captured with the guitar plane was just Kinda like hurt and just long suffering and just waiting for something happen. And that's a six minute track there I could. I could hear your pain somewhere. We're in there. Thanks for sharing and you know what I got a caller who like to chat with you again. One eight hundred nine six two eight four eight SII reach us. We're GONNA say hi to Glenn who was in sells Arizona listening in on Kale Aitchison Glen Gray to hear from you. Go ahead you're on air. Hello this is Glen. I do Gurjin music. I was doing my paperwork and I could just feel what you were talking about. You know I played a while back but every really caught on but the musicians you talked about artists Stevie Ray Vaughan and those influenced you oh man that was good. I could feel it you know and I just appreciate it. You know just This Native Music Music that I hear sometimes but it's not like it doesn't grab you is like yours grabbed me you know and that was good. You know it's beautiful. I appreciate Sheet Glenn Man. You're getting a free. CD You know that all in for good man they can just jam and all you put when you take it up and turn it up loud. When you're doing that paperwork Glenn shake it up in there? Make the Boscombe Glen. Thanks for your call there in cells Let's go ahead and Say hello to another one of our callers. I we got Elvis in Dulcie to Mexico tuned in on Casey I e thanks for calling. You're on here. Hey Levi I just wanted to let you know Oh thank you for Dong servicing our youth of our community and do not New Mexico. You're popular concerts and that you did a lot for the youth you are not in our community and I was working with the Department of us. That's one of the former culture awareness coordinators and I really appreciate you coming up here and being here in your your conflict there a lot of our community around summer so thank you. Thank you man for bringing me out. Maybe I'll come back out there someday. Yeah Yeah Fortune. I'm that's all I'm saying is that you know we did a lot for community and things. All right Elvis. Thank you for tuning in there in Dulcie Again a couple of minutes left in the hour join us one. Eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight is the number you tell all stories well Levi especially when you are doing it through the music Tells the story behind the Song Warrior. Oh Man Oh Jeez. Jeez I remember writing this and thinking man I am not one to be in some kind of a movement you know says but I support those who you do. I just remember thinking like they can't do what I do and I can't do it. They do but you know what they do is good food and I couldn't do it but man when I see it it's encouraging it's empowering it allows me to move and do something about it the way I know how to do something about it and and that's I have a voice you know and when I wrote this song warrior I remember I forgot who it was it was a it was a thing on TV. Not that I saw that happen. I'm not going to be specific about it but I remember seeing this individual just kind of stand. You know this This Native man bandstand totally piece and nowhere near you know no no hatred in his in his heart but he he was he was at peace and he wanted to to do something and just kind of spread this kind of this joy in this love that he had ad and you know when I look back on who we are. We're you know it's like I don't like to think of us as you know these the wet you know. Something stereotypical recall about us. I like to think of us as we were very spiritual and peaceful people and you know we knew the land and it was just and we had all these things that we had to stay away from and you know standing strong in you know not being moved what kind of planet into the soil and you know it just all came together and I remember writing this and remembering that you know. I don't want to be you know I don't want to be conformed or you know misguided by anything if I if I go out on into this music industry I don't WanNa feel like I'm pressured pressured or I have to feel like I have to do something just to be accepted along certain things and I remember I. I like being who I am. I like knowing what I do is is good and I wouldn't change anything about it and I remember writing this song and I think I'll take take my hand. This is this is crazy. I don't know I don't know what to say but I was just remembering like man if I write something about this. Have to be prepared to talk about it. I sometimes times I feel like I don't really like talking about stuff like the have because you know what it talks about is just being being a warrior you know being in my own on my own definition is like how to be you know with me had to be native. I guess and it doesn't have to involve certain you know things is just for me. This is what it meant and I thought man I have to talk about this but you know later on down the road. You know. I'll maybe I'll be able to really talk about it but you know if you listen to it. It's kind of subjective too to whatever it is you want it to mean to you and I remember writing this and I thought man this. I've never felt comforted after it comforted after something like this. Listen I tried to capture that same emotion at the end with the guitars and stuff like that so well let's go ahead and here. This is warrior by the Levi Potato Band Radio on native America calling. Ah Uh it helps you and move travel. We've all this blood progressive roads truth. Gin Oh love you know these kids or you can't stop Rome bring live way. The Kim ways been see. Aw Three uh-huh I know. Uh and rare is the PEOP- Fred is a in red is the fat And here we go another caller on the line when we got marge at a warm springs Oregon tuned in on K. W. S. O.. March thanks for calling go ahead. You're on Air Oh man Levi that sound too who good. Let me tell you black Sabbath person and I love the sound God going on and I know Stevie Ray Vaughan you've got got that nailed thank you. I really appreciate the in my thank you for giving us a ring out. A warm springs things in Levi. We'll let this play behind us as we get ready to exit out of here but This album we just played three songs in talked talked about it. There are other ones that are really exciting. Sounds and you really have taken things to a whole other level with this You delivered livered. What you promised was in this album and I appreciate all the fun that you are leading us is letting letting escape today even against still paper at work and leave anything you WANNA leave us with okay now now? I can make up for what I was saying earlier earlier. This song. I think I was kind of nervous because When I was writing this I remember feeling like you? You know mad at the same time because I remember thinking like man I 'cause I know I'm I'm native and yet I had the things to say I want things to be revealed. You know I want like history to be brought back to life and all of those things and as a native eight of American. That's basically kind of all we want. You know we want some kind of I wouldn't say justice just kind of kind of out there but I like something you know wanted something and there's like I said there's people out there who are doing those things and man. I applaud them. They just that they're going after and they're making in his stand in those situations and I remember like man. I just remember feeling mad and I wanted to do something. I'm not going to revolt. You know I'm not gonNA I don't like you know like you know because I'm like I'm not. I'm not hurtful mean person you know I I love I love my family and I could care less about certain you know certain things about what's going on but I just want to be like yeah just wanted. It's a right something that just kind of portrayed something like that to where sentence those fires will you definitely let that one go into flames with a lot got a good energy levi potato. Thank you for joining us. Meet US here tomorrow. I'm Tara Gatewood. Support by vision maker occur media whose mission for over forty years has been to empower and engage native people to share their stories vision maker media invites proposals for fiction and nonfiction shorts by and about American Indians and Alaskan natives through March first. You can find out more about film. Project submissions free streaming films receiving their newsletter. And how you can support the mission at vision maker Dot Org Yacht. A A cost on her acquire your east baton hot air base. So it's not illegal the Nick S Tico. Or what are your name on a nasal in adopted audio eight or diarrhea. Healthcare DOT GOV is patience a case of Arctic unedu- one eight zero zero three one eight two five nine six a message from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Native America calling just produce the Birds National Native Oi Studios in Albuquerque New Mexico by Twenty Broadcast Corporation and Native Nonprofit Media Organization. Funding is provided by the corporation for Public Broadcasting Casting with support from the public radio satellite. Service Music is by Brent Michael. Davids native voiced won the native American Radio Network.

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