GSMC Television Podcast Episode 262: Tenet Opening, All the Emmy Nominees, the Historic Universal Deal With AMC


Watching TV has changed over time streaming has become the new norm. That's why golden state media concepts television podcast dives headfirst to the world of cord cutting wants to be on Bloomberg what's hot and Netflix or if it's not a preference what about original shows in Hulu we've got you covered join us as we fill the blank and talk about movies to stream and what show you should be binging. This is golden state media concepts, television podcast. Home. Pitcher and then. We are back for another one. Hello and welcome to the GMC television podcast. We're part of the mighty GSM see podcast network and I'm your melting into a of sweat. Howard Fletcher. It is hot here in the DMV in it's been hot for about a month straight. Wow I am joined as always by my trusted engineer Jack. The Black Pug. And positively honored and thrilled and excited to be here with you once again. If you're new to the show, I'd like to give you a very warm. Welcome. Thank you for giving us a try always saying you can pick from A. You can do a whole bunch of things your time besides listen to me. So the fact that you chose our podcast and you're listening to me I appreciate that and I want to show my appreciation by hopefully giving you something that will make you stick around i. hope you hear something that you like that's the plan we want to keep you coming back, and if you're a loyal return listener, you know how we feel about you. You're truly the reason that I'm here. So let's have some fun today. We have another jam packed show for you today. Valley On Stars. It gets another season and I'll tell you about that ish. The Ellen show is coming under more scrutiny. You may have heard about that. Already I will update you on that story. We brought it to you in April. The Emmy Award nominations were just announced. You probably have heard them by the time this podcast dropped, but I will still give you every nominee in every televised category and I'll even tell you what I think or who I think are what will win. And then we'll see how wrong I am later on of course, bring you news as breaks and I'll finish with a shiny new agreement between universal and AMC theaters that looks pretty darn close and I'm being nice to something that I've been suggesting for weeks on this podcast and I'll get no credit but first, let's get started with some breaking Christopher. Nolan News. Tenant. May still be able to salvage a summer release after all. At, least outside the United States that is. Christopher Nolan's sci-fi thriller from Warner Brothers will debut internationally. This is the plan starting August, twenty six before opening and select cities in North America. Over Labor Day weekend on September third now remember folks. I now, I did go on the record I'm probably last week or the week before saying I didn't think it was going to open this year at all. But if it did open it, it'll be in limited release. So so far I'm kind of close. I'm still patting myself on the back. Studio announced Monday that tenant. Had is launching at the end of August in seventy overseas territories, including Australia Canada France Germany Italy Japan Korea Russia, and the United. Kingdom. At this time, it's unclear what parts of the US will the? Film play in, but the studio does not have plans yet to release tenant, in China. And China is a big market. Warner Brothers said last week. The tenant would not have a traditional global day and date release. A surprising though not unprecedented break from the tradition since North America's the world's biggest film market remains pivotal for major movies turn a profit. But the studio hopes to innovate and recalibrate given the fact that foreign markets already starting to open safely and desperately need new Hollywood movies to entice crowd. I want to repeat the beginning of that sentence because this is what? The movie theaters aren't doing to the studios hope to innovate in recalibrate. That's what they need to do. Now, the US on the other hand has seen corona virus cases exponentially rise in recent weeks, complicating plans to resume operations at domestic movie theaters anytime. Soon. Now as was previously reported on this podcast, one brothers recently began telling exhibitors in Europe and Asia about plans for an August. Twenty six to twenty eighth opening weekend strong ticket sales for the sequel Korean movie Buster Bussan. which is the sequel entitled Peninsula has generated. Twenty one million dollars in Korea since you live fifteenth. And that was a sign of confidence the studios that Patriots ready to get out of the House and attend the movies. In Korea. Traditionally a staggered rollout would be a risky proposition for a movie like Tenet, which cost around two hundred million dollars to produce and tens of millions more to market. Beyond. Piracy concerns tenant could face other hindrances from its new release plan. Audiences know very little about its plot. And International Promotional tactic that's become modus operandi. For Nolan's twisty cerebral thrillers. What we do know however however is that it stores John David. Washington Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth DeBakey who I cannot wait to see I say that every time. And that it's not about time travel as. The trailers seemed look like he says, it's about inversion. We will find out what that means. That inception but. If spoilers leak. It could put a damper on demand to see the film in the US alternatively it's been. So long since there's been a major theatrical release, people could be itching to see anything fresh want to safety go to cinemas again. That's the big once wanted safe to go to cinemas again. So we'll say WANNA brothers is still waiting for the go-ahead to debut tenant in China the world's second biggest movie market. Initially there were concerns that tenant wouldn't be able to screen there. When theaters in the country I started to reopen exhibitors were not able to play movies that exceeded two hours in length. And Chris Nolan probably has made a movie under two hours since Memento. That I could. Anyway ten o'clock in just over two hours and thirty minutes. But cinema owners have recently booked Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone. Of Unbelievably long movie and inception long movie and other old titles with lengthly run times suggesting that China has eased up or doesn't plan to enforce the restriction. Nolan is a vocal advocate of movie theaters and exhibitors. And he had long hoped that tenant. A saving grace for cinemas after prolonged shutdowns that began in March. But that's become increasingly complicated in the US. A majority of venues are still closed as experts have found that the virus bridge rapidly inside confined spaces such as movie theaters. You contrary to what John Fithian will want you to believe restaurants and churches. Exhibitors have based their timelines to reopen around tenant and Disney's Milan. And ordering concessions, rehiring employees and taking steps to Become Corona virus compliant has proven to be Pricey. Theatre owners have privately expressed frustrations because they are losing money every time they gear up to resume business only death studios pushed back release dates. There's no telling if the latest date will stick but if it does ten will be the first major tentpole to release in theaters since the pandemic. Dolan's latest picture has been delayed three times since you're the was originally scheduled to debut in July. Given the rapidly changing nature of the global health crisis these plants could remain fluid if the situation worsens. Studios have continued to adapt in modify theatrical plans shutdowns extend into their fifth month. In the past few days Disney has taken off. It's calender altogether and paramount moved a quiet place to from. Labor. Day weekend to Spring Twenty twenty. One So. Paramount is not willing to risk a quiet place to. which will be a money maker but is not in it. I doubt that water is going to want to put it out there unless they kind of know they're gonna get their money back. Well what I was able to find was the global relief plan for tenant. So. These are the countries and the dates were tenant is going to be opening whereas plan to be opening and then I'll tell you what I think is going to happen. I'll make my next grand prediction but I thought this was kind of interesting. 'cause. It shows just how. For head. Some countries are in their opening plant. Than we are and we'll see how successful they are. Hopefully they are because that'll be. A good sign. Here we go. Wednesday August twenty sixth. Tenant is going to open in Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Denmark, Egypt Estonia Finland France Holland Hungary Iceland Indonesia Italy Korea. Via the Thuwaini A- Portugal Serbia Slovakia. Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine and the United Kingdom. That is a pretty healthy list. Thursday August twenty seventh. The next day here's another big list. It opened in Australia Austria Bahrain Canada Czech Republic Germany Greece. Hong Kong Israel Lebanon Malaysia the Middle East. I don't know what that means. New Zealand Poland Saudi Arabia. Okay. So the Middle East is in Saudi Arabia. Singapore Taiwan Thailand. In the United Arab Arab Emirates, which also apparently is in the middle. East so I don't know what Middle East meets. Especially? Since I see Kuwait Qatar down in the list why they say the Middle East okay? Anyway. Those are two big dates of opening. So as you can see, that's the lion's share of countries. I hear some the tailing off countries, Friday, August twenty eighth. East Africa, of course. They never named the. Very rarely name the countries in Africa, they just named parts of the continent. The here we go. They gave me a couple east Africa Ghana Nigeria Norway Romania Slovenia Spain in Vietnam on Wednesday September third, you have the United States. Kuwait and Qatar. Thursday September tenth. You have. John. Kazakhstan and Russia aright Thursday September seventeenth Cyprus get the opening all by itself and Friday September eighteenth Japan. And there are several other countries that they listed down here that haven't been given a date set for them. Mukomo. Main them. I don't think there's reason to have to do that. But what I wanted to say was about the United States because they have if they're successful. In all those countries that I named. The week previous which is. To the US opening that'd be the last week in August. They are going to try to open in some limited. SCOPE in some theaters. In the United States on September third, which is Labor Day weekend. Wednesday September third. Is the beginning. The way we go that's the beginning of the Labor Day weekend. Okay so I think what's going to happen is they if they if things go well, they're going to open in New York. DC. Some of the other cities on the East Boston some of the other east northeastern cities where. We've had it either plateau or or actually go down they may have a Los Angeles opening even though California's jacked up, they still might feel they need to have a Los Angeles opening and maybe a few others, but it's going to be very limited and very -clusive probably. I think if they start seeing that they can pull enough money. Out of those countries when they have that release date. 'cause I think right now given just the way things have gone. For Warner. Brothers to be extremely bullish on their return on investment on intent. I think would be overly optimistic I think at this point they realized that just. Timing. Wasn't good and if they break even on this, they will have done. Well, if they can turn ultimately a profit of some sort, it would be a great thing. I think that they are going to see if hope pray the China opens up and they're gonna see what these other countries do. If they start approaching two hundred, million dollars, it's going on HBO Max. That's what I. Because they just have to get this thing out and if they put it out there and. I think eventually it's GonNa go to each be oh Max. So here's here's the Howard prediction I predict. That if this schedule Holt. And they have a US opening. Well first thing if they have an international opening before September. And they do meet the September third day in the United. States somewhere. Tenant. will be on HBO Max before the end of the year. And that's what they're going to hope that they can make it up somehow or it'll be on video did. That's probably better. They'll put it on video on demand I. But by Christmas. Feel Max. That's my prediction given what was reported yesterday and I've been able to glean from my own sources. I just think that. This is the. Just for tenant and maybe Milan same type of deal. But over on Disney plus rather than HBO Max I think those two films are going to be the. Victims for as far as what the money they could have made. However, they may be seen as movies that. Prime the pump for the movie industry and exhibitors on the exhibitor. Level to start cranking again. So. That's it. That's what I have for now on tenant I as you know, this is my baby of a story so I will keep you all informed. But next we're GONNA talk about Allen. And it's a story I brought to you in April. And? Nothing else surfaced until now I'll be back with that in a moment. Go get some professions I'll be back soon we're GONNA pay some bills. Thank you for listening. She's she might be well. Jack we'll say. We're back. And listen this is part of a story that I brought you all back in April and I said that I keep looking I can find something on it and news broke yesterday. And a matter of fact. In it wasn't such a great big story back in April but this morning I happened to see the mentioned it on the today show when I was. Flipping around the channels and so if it's on the today, show that it's like forget mainstream the Ellen Degeneres show has become the subject of an internal investigation by Warner media. Following numerous accounts of workplace problems on the long running daytime series. Executives from producer Tele pictures and distributor. Warner brothers. Television sent a memo to staffers last week saying that they've engaged in a W. B. T. TV owner Warner media's employee relations group and a third party firm who interview current and former staffers about their experiences onset. A wonder brothers television spokesperson declined to comment on the matter but a rep for the Ellen Degeneres show did not immediately respond to reporters for requests for comment either. The memo comes on the heels of recent unflattering reports about the working conditions at the show. In, April, I reported on this podcast about the treatment of legacy crew members during the coronavirus lockdown in mid-july buzzfeed published a report alleging racism and intimidation on the show. The memo came from the desks of Tele Pictures Executive Vice President Donald Writer lint and WBZ TV vice president of human resources. Donna. handcock husband. The name of the third party consultant was not immediately clear. Both. Companies underscored their commitment to providing an environment where employees can flourish said one of the individuals familiar with the document. BUZZFEED's story contained a spectrum of accused racist behavior from micro. which is a word. Let me tell you microaggressions. That's the word I only care for. That's another show but anyway, this story by Buzzfeed. said that they were accused of racist behavior from microaggressions. To jokes about mistaking to black female employees with the same hair style. As well as criticism of statements alleged, Lee made to another staffer by executive producer at glut. Glavin and fellow executive producers, Andy Lassiter, and Mary Conley address the allegations a joint statement buzzfeed. Quote. We are truly heartbroken and sorry to learn that. Even one person in our production family has had a negative experience. It's not who we are and it's not who we strive to be. And not the mission Ellen has set for us and quote the group said. Here's another quote for the record. The day to day responsibility of the Ellen show is completely on us. We take all of this very seriously, and we realize as many in the world learning that we need to do better in are committed to do better and we'll do better and quote. In April I reported on this podcast about distress an outrage among degeneres production crew who were subjected to poor communication and told you expect reduced compensation during initial coronavirus shutdowns even as the series hired non union crews to mount a quarantine production from the hosts Ellen Degeneres. Purses. Los Angeles home. The crew was restored to full pay prior to the publication of the story and a because it was about to break on variety dot com. At the time, a one brothers spokesperson acknowledged that communication could have been better but cited complications due to the chaos caused by covid nineteen. Warner media has like all other studios been under pressure in recent years to investigate all claims of workplace hostility in response to increase focus on misconduct in the wake of the. metoo. Movement. So, as this story develops, I'll keep guys informed allegations Chelsea's the. Run very counter to Ellen onscreen persona and I imagine that she would want to publicly and quickly address these. Some out. I said I was was the story for another time, but I'll just mentioned it. This is why I don't like the word microaggressions. It's appropriate if you're if you're class in organizational behavior or sociology or even psychology and you're talking about. A descript, her of something, and then you're gonNA get into specifics. Then microaggressions I guess is a good name of a chapter where you go into what micro aggressions are but when you say I had this hostile thing. Had I was in this toxic environment? Well, what happened to you? microaggressions didn't tell me anything. and also it seems rather subjective. So you gotTa tell me what happened see IVA problem we like to like not talk in specificity. And not only do I am I big on vocabulary and I think we have enough language so we don't have to use words like microaggressions. We can talk about what happened. Unless. Of course, you're talking theoretically then you can do it in an academic setting if I said. Anything against personally, it's the word but the way it's used and people talk about things that happened to them it doesn't tell me anything. And I've been running into this lately. Somebody brings up stuff in a bad situation I said, well, what happened out there so many microaggressions. That doesn't tell me anything. That's all. Now. Let's talk about some pe-. Valley News. He Bali. Has Been Renewed. For a second season. At Stars. The premium cable are made the announcement on Monday after just three episodes of the series of aired. PEOP- Allie was created by Katori Hall and based on her play Pussy Valley. The hour long series follows the employee's of a Strip club in the Mississippi Delta season two will consist of ten episodes up from eight episodes in season one. P Bali has quickly become. This summer's newest must see television series as critics and audiences. Are Taken up by the authentic and compelling characters that make the pink, which is the name of the Strip club. Come Alive said Christina Davis President of original programming for stars. Katori has delivered a provocative drama that looks beyond the Glitz into the hearts and minds of these fully realized and compelling characters exploring them through a female gaze then invites the audience to take a walk in there stellato's. We know Katori has a lot of incredible stories to tell and a lot in store for these women in a second season. P Valley received strong praise from critics upon its release. With the show earning one hundred percent critical approval rating on rotten tomatoes. Per Stars? It also has a new record on the stars. APP for the most viewed series premiere drawing seventeen percent more viewers than the previous record holder. I don't know who the previous record holder was power. I'm not sure the series also grew its viewership thirty seven percent on the APP between episode one and episode. Three. The Series Stars Brandy Evans Echo on Shannon Thornton. Johnson Schuyler Joy j Alphonse Nicholson Parker Sawyers Harry Def- Oi Tyler Leslie and Dan Jay Johnson. All of whom I've never heard of before and and I've never seen them that I can remember either I've seen all three episodes that have aired on valley so far season one also features a lineup of female directors including. Carina Evans Kimberly Pierce millicent Shelton Tamra Davis. Cheetah v Patel Tasha Smith Sydney Freeland and Barbara Brown Like I said, I've watched all three episodes of valley that have aired so far. and. I have to say. I couldn't disagree with the critics more. I'm sorry to be negative again today I think this show panders to the lowest common denominator of people and it shows the black humanity and some of it's worth light in a lot of ways at least the black male community. These women who are working this strip club. I'm not talking about working in the Strip club I know doesn't about that? But the men in the show, it doesn't show him in a good light at all. There's not a redeeming black guy on the show I'm saying, this is a black man. Now, I'm not saying that necessarily. The you know. The most upstanding people in the world would be walking into the pink. I'm not saying that either so I guess in that way it's authentic. And after it's never been one to give something. Dep. For showing the dirty laundry of your community. On a network, TV show or on a cable show. I appreciate the work that all these actors are kidding and the directors are getting and I'm really really happy that this playwright was able to take her work and turned into a show and it's only been three episode so far. So you know. It's hard to judge but again, I don't see based on what I've seen why it's like getting all of these rave reviews because what I saw wasn't. All that now that sad as I say always on this show, just because I don't like a show I would never tell you not to watch his show as a matter of fact, if this show sounds interesting to you, I would encourage you to watch it. Because you'll remember, I'm the guy who didn't like the mask singer and friends. My taste isn't what is necessarily the mainstream and Katori. Hall didn't make this show for me. Obviously. So what I would say, please give it a peak. Please look at it if you have stars. You know I like the fact that Katori? was, a black woman who could could can have a show that successful and I support her in that I I can't say that I support the content I can't say that but I think it's bad television I do. But shot the season so she can add me I'll operatings I'll want finish finish out the season and if I change my mind. Out Be the first one to say on this podcast but right now. I was surprised to see this article because I didn't think it was canceled night have read and heard from people who have enjoyed the show who enjoying the show some not surprised. I got a second season. I'm just saying based on three shows to declare that this. Groundbreaking Television I think is premature and it's inaccurate. So we'll see but. That's my two cents on this thing. But I will also say check it out. Be, sure to check it out if you have stars and let me know what you think email may have podcast our to g mail dot. com I'll be happy to read your e mail whatever it says just please keep it clean on the air because. Obviously I'm not seeing it, but the same is is the critics and I'm watch the whole thing like I said. If, I give it give it another chance or she brings us thing around maybe even a knucklehead like me will be able to see. Why Valley is so good. Okay I'm Debbie Valley next. And talk about the Emmy Award, Y'all. They just broke this in fact I was going to do a totally different. Two. Segments. Of. This show and I had to go back and record the intro and do everything because the emmy awards were announced. Over the nominations and then this universal AMC theaters which talk about in the last segment, which is pretty massive. And again has a lot to do with what I always rant and rail about on this show. So those things are coming up next which you need to do is get comfortable get something to eat something to drink whatever get comfortable if you like this information some good stuff for you coming up after this don't go away. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts now listen close and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. The golden state media concepts podcast network is here nothing less than our podcast bliss with endless hours of podcast covered. From News sports music fashion looking entertainment fantasy football, and so much more. So stop lurking around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to build that podcast is. Whatever it may be, visit us at www dot. Jesus MC PODCAST DOT COM follow us on facebook and twitter and download on itunes soundcloud and Google play. All, right. Let's go. Long list. Okay The Emmy nominations for the seventy. Second. Annual Emmy Award unveiled Tuesday, which was yesterday. This podcast drops on Fridays so you probably may follow this type of thing heard of these nominations by now but I'm still since we are the TV podcast, go over them with you. Netflix's walked away with a massive one hundred and sixty nominations the most of any network or streamer. Netflix Ozark and HBO Succession led the drama categories with eighteen nominations each. Amazon's the marvelous Ms Mazel or Mrs Mazel dominated the comedy side again with twenty nods however HBO's watchmen my favorite show like or miniseries landed the most nominations of any series securing twenty-six nods. For the Regina King led show. Saturday night live alum Leslie Jones was joined by Laverne Cox Josh Gad and Tatyana as Lonnie to announce the nominations the emmy awards hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. Probably from his kitchen will air on September twentieth on ABC. Now here is a list of the nominees. Of the televised awards and I will tell you in most cases. Who who, or what I think win and maybe if there's a dark course, I'll tell you that and I'll probably be wrong on both counts. But anyway, let's start with drama series. These are the nominations and it's a long list of series in the drama category that renominated. Better Call Saul from AMC. The crown by net flicks. HANDMAID's Tale Hulu killing eve BBC America, and AMC The man Laurean at Disney plus ozark on net flicks stranger things on Netflix and succession. I think. That the winner in this category. Should be better call Saul because I think they have a heck of a season last these now in most of these cases I have not seen everything on this list. Did Not Watch last season of the handmaid's tale did not watch the man of the and all the way. And I did not watch the whole season of Ozark and I don't watch succession. So those are my qualifications and disqualifications by better call Saul win in that category in the comedy series category you have curb your enthusiasm hbo dead to Me Net flicks the good place NBC insecure Hbo. The kaminsky method net flicks, the marvelous Mrs Maysville Amazon Prime Shits Creek on Pop TV and last. But not least what we do in the shadows on Fx I think that Shit's creek is going to win because they are wealthy air which might not be a good reason but that's why I think they're gonna win dark horses what we do in the shadows just like it was my dark horse on the critics choice awards because I hear really great things about that. I'm probably wrong in both cases. Limited series, the nominees are. Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu Mrs. America. Hulu. Unbelievable Net flicks unorthodox net. flicks in watchmen hbo you all know what I'm. GonNa pick watchman on HBO is GonNa Win that category. Lead actor in a drama series nominees are Jason Bateman Ozark Sterling, K. Brown. This is US Steve Carell the morning show Brian Cox Succession Billy Porter. Last year's winner oppose in Jeremy. Strong. On succession. I think the winner of that categories wanted to Brian Cox in succession. And My dark horse is Jason Bateman in that category because he wears several hats but again, any of these. These is a strong field. I haven't looked seen a nominee yet where I'm like why well other than the good place but that was just an assumption of mine other than that. All of these are strong strong nominees is a strong field lead actress in a drama series. Nominees are Jennifer Aniston for the morning show. Olivia Colman the crown. Jody comber killing Eve Laura. Linney. ozark. Sandra. Own Killing Eve, and then day for you for you. And I think the winner of that's going to be Sandra. For Killing Eve your darkhorse than that one I think Laura Linney in Ozark but again, very strong field. Any of those actress can win lead actor Comedy Series Your nominees are Anthony Anderson Blackish Don, cheadle black, Monday, Ted Danson, the good place Michael Douglas on the Kaminsky myth method Eugene Levy Shits Creek Rama Yussef Rami. I think the winner in this category go be Don cheadle for black Monday. I think sentimental favorites can be Eugene Levy for Shits Creek and we'll see who wins that I'm probably on both of those I will say this Ted Danson is nominated for the good place. I don't watch it. So I'm sure he did a good job, but this is podcasts before Ted Danson as one of the best agents in Hollywood because that dude never goes off the screen I. Don't think a years gone by the tape dancing has not been on the show somewhere on television. Lead actress in a comedy series. Now these are Christina applegate dead to me. Rachel Bronson, the Marvelous Mrs Mazel. Linda Cardini dead to me. Catherine O'Hara Shits Creek Isa Ray insecure and Tracy Ellis Ross in blackish I think winner there. is going to be Catherine O'Hara but again, I, could be wrong I think the black horse in that one might be Christina applegate but. I who knows we'll see lead actor in a limited series or movie. There's less strong list listeners, Jeremy Irons in Watchmen Hugh, Jackman Education Paul Meskel Normal People Jerry. Pope Hollywood Mark Ruffalo I. Know this much is true. I think you're winner. There is Hugh Jackman advantage -cation. He was fantastic. That said, Mark. Ruffalo is my dark horse because he was also very good and he plays two roles which they get rewarded in Hollywood. I'm doing that if you do it well. Lead. Actress in a limited series or movie. Your nominees are Kate Blanchett is America. She were House Unorthodox Regina King Watchmen Octavia. Spencer self-made Kerry. Washington little fires everywhere your winner. There is Regina. King. Going away. Okay. That's the only battle. Supporting actor in a drama series. Your long list here are your nominees. Giancarlo esposito better call Saul. Bradley Whitford. HANDMAID's tale billy crew up the morning show Mark Duplantis the morning show Nicholas Braun. Succession. Hearing Kokin Succession Matthew McFadden Succession Jeffrey right in Westworld. I. Think you're winner is Yan Carlo Esposito for better call Saul who who will get a standing ovation if he wins. I think your dark there is Jeffrey Wright and Westworld. I think the succession guys and the morning show guys cancel each other out. So I think that Yeah Giancarlo Esposito's I'm going with. Supporting actress in a drama series here your nominees Laura. dern big little lies Meryl Streep Big Little Lies. Elena Bonham Carter the Crown Samira Wiley. The handmaid's Tale Fiona Shaw Killing Eve. Julia Garner Ozark. Sarah Snook succession intending Newton in Westworld I. Think you're winner they're standing nude in Westworld. And Your Dark Horses Sarah Snook for succession. That said the SHAWL for killing. Eve should get consideration and as always Meryl Streep will probably not win but she acted her butt off and big little lies and probably should win. But you probably won't because they'll say. Don't give give it to someone else. Supporting actor in a comedy series your nominees are Andre Bra. Brooklyn Nine William Jackson Harper. The good place Alan Arkin the Kaminsky Method Sterling K. Brown the Marvelous Mrs Mazel Tony Shalhoub the marvelous. Mrs Mazel are shallow Ali Rami Keenan Thompson Saturday live and Dan Levy. Shits Creek. I am going to. Pick. Tony. Shalhoub and the Marvelous Mrs Mazel. but it could be anyone on this list except for probably Keenan Thompson who does a great job but I don't think he's GonNa win. He's just been on that show forever and does a good job saying worth up with that. Supporting actress in a comedy series. Your nominees are Betty Gilpin, glow. Darcy Carden the good place divine orgy insecure Alex Borsen, the Marvelous Mrs Mazel in Marin Hinkle, the marvels Mrs Mazel. Kate McKinnon Saturday night live cecily strong. Saturday. Night live and any Murphy Shits. Creek I. Did not. I don't know I don't watch many along these shows. I'm really probably qualified to pick this category of all the categories I'm not qualified to choose I'm GonNa Pick Kate McKinnon just because I think she's very talented she's. GonNa win this. No. One would think anyone snubbed but it could be anybody on this list because I don't know where they are. Next. Category is supporting actor in a limited series or movie. Give Dylan McDermott for Hollywood Jim Parsons for Hollywood Tie Burgess for the breakable Kimmy Schmidt. Yahya Abdul Mateen for watching. Joon UPDO for watchmen and Louis Gossett. Junior for watchmen I'm GonNa Pick Ya ya Abdul Mateen the second for watchmen excellent job. Supporting actress in a limited series or movie. Nominees are hauling Taylor Hollywood who's Oh of Deuba Ms. America. Margo Martindale Business America tracey Ullman. Toni Collette unbelievable, and Jean Smart in watchmen. I am going to give this one to Margo Martindale for playing, Bella, Abzug, and Mrs America in Your Dark Horse here is Jean Smart. In watchmen. I'm probably wrong on both of those. In Reality Competition here are your shows. The mass singer on Fox nailed it. netflix's Ru Paul's drag race VH1 top chef. Bravo and the voice on NBC. I am going to pick the mass singer on Fox just because I am always wrong when I pick against the mass thing or so I'm picking this time. They'll probably lose because I picked them and I'm sorry mass thing or but. You know that's that's my. That's why I'm picking them for those you who are listening. Variety get series. Nominees are a black lady sketch show on HBO Drunk. History. Comedy. Central, Saturday night live NBC. And your winner there is anybody I'm not gonNA pick one of those 'cause. I don't see one standing out group. They're all good shows but none of them really stand out to me. So we'll see what happens there. Variety. Talk. Series. Your your nominees, the daily show with Trevor. Noah comedy Central full-frontal with Samantha B on TBS. Jimmy came alive ABC. Last week tonight John Oliver Hbo. In the late show with Stephen Colbert on CBS. I think you're winner there is going to be full-frontal with Samantha B. Because I think she they put on an excellent show their TBS. I mean to do that show on TV TBS another. A second rate station and that's not what I mean I'm about to say however, TBS, is not known for putting out high quality original content. They usually don't get a lot of nominate nominations. Okay. I think between TBS submitting this and Samantha. Teams production I think that they may win your dark horse here. Is Another dark horse actually the winner of this category is always last week tonight with John Oliver. They're the best show that's there but they've won before so. They probably might be given the Meryl Streep. Treatment and just say, okay, well, we know you're. So that's it. That's the list of the nominees of the televised awards, and those were my selections win the winter's come out. I will save this list and I will go ensure you just how wrong I was succession is a is a show that. I need to watch because they're recognitions throughout all this and my sister keeps telling me that it's a crime that I don't watch that show. Next I am going to you. On the show of those listen know that I've been railing against universal against AMC for banning universal because they got mad at them about trolls world tour at deal we'll guess what? AMC and universal pictures have just signed an agreement and a lot of it sounds a lot like my recommendations I don't think they stole it from me but they might have. Of what AMC needed to do to work in this type of world. So I will give I'll get into this next segment we'll give AMC credit for making this move although I think universal had the leverage and and we'll get into all that next go get a stiff grinker. Or whatever it is you you take to relax. And unless you're driving, then don't relax too much in. I'll be back after this don't go away. Yeah I should be an Asian I should be across confronts people. For back. And I'm just GONNA get right into it universal pictures and AMC theatres have put aside their bitter feud and signed a multi year agreement that will allow the studio's films to premiere on premium video on demand within three weeks of their theatrical debut. The pact. Sure. The sends shockwaves throughout the exhibition industry has the potential to reshape the ways that movies are marketed in distributed it. Rivaled studios are likely to begin pushing for exhibitors to grant them more flexibility when it comes to determining when and how they're theatrical releases can make their way onto home entertainment platforms. At the financial terms of the degree of the agreement were not disclosed, I'll tell you why would they weren't disclosed because? Universal AMC God redeemed I believe but we'll get into that later. But they had to do it. So I'm I'm not going to get onto hard anyway however in a statement AMC CEO Adam Aaron said the company will quote share in these new revenue streams. Which means that it's going to get a cut of any money made on the digital rentals. Universal only has the ability to put its movies on premium on demand meaning the rentals that for roughly twenty dollars a pop it can't sell films or rent them for lower than on demand fees in the three to six dollar range until three months after they debut in cinema. So within the three month window, they gotta keep the video-on-demand at a premium price. Now even though universal under this new agreement could theoretically debut the next Jurassic World or fast and furious installments on premium on demand within seventeen days of the debut. They will likely have longer exclusive runs in cinemas. Instead, the studio has the option to capitalize on its new freedom with mid budget, fair comedies and horror movies that might not have as robust a runs in cinemas. But if smaller movies perform better than expected on the big screen, universal can wait to put it the on digital rental services. On its upcoming slate universal also has minions the rise of grew. Halloween kills with Jamie. Lee. Curtis. Jamie Lee still get that Halloween money good for you girl. The spy Thriller Three Five Five With Jessica, testing penelope, Cruz. And LUPITA Yongbo. Culminates period of hostilities between the studio and the world's largest theater chain. A. Chill in relations that began after AMC vowed to stop showing universals movies after the studio decided last bring to unveil trolls world tour simultaneously on digital platforms and in the few theaters that were still open during the coronavirus pandemic. On Tuesday both sides made nice with universal praising the viability of big screen and AMC hailing the decision as a sign of its willingness to innovate. Okay. I got a break in here. For a second. AMC's about to go under. All right. And granted I know they put a good face on this thing. And I know universal is willing to let them. Cleaning up as much as they want to cause universal would love to have their stuff in the theaters and getting those ticket prices. So they both help each other out however. AMC should have been doing this from the beginning they should not have had to be be, and they probably would have gotten a better deal than what they negotiated had. They approached universal as a partner rather than talk said, we're going to ban your movies because they didn't run this. Cartoon trolls world tour it's ridiculous. Here's a quote. The theatrical experience continues to be a cornerstone of our business Donna Langley Chairman of Universal, filmed entertainment group. The partnership we forged with AMC is driven by our collective desire to ensure a thriving future for the film distribution ecosystem and to meet consumer demand with flexibility and optionality. and quote. For his part Aaron said focusing on the long Pisa. Quote focusing on the long term health of our industry. We would note that just as restaurants have thrived even though every home has a kitchen, AMC is highly confident that movie goers will come to our theaters in huge numbers in oppose pandemic world as people enjoy getting out of their homes, we believe Miss School escape in the magical communal experience. Offer it at our theaters will always be a compelling drawl including as it does our big screens, big sound and big seats not to mention the alluring aroma of are perfectly prepare, popcorn and quote all right Erin. Let me tell you. They've already in this one of the reasons why AMC was so much in the red, they've already gone to great lengths to make movie theaters be as comfortable as your house. All right. So just because when you who restaurant if not like eating at your house, the restaurants not trying to make the experience. Just, like you eating at home the movie theaters. Are Morphing into living into REC rooms. Okay. So that's not a good analogy that analogy sucks when he I know he's got to make a good put a good face on it I. Get it. All right. But AMC just frustrates me and every every turn. They. Got A good deal here. I don't know if they grant pay but. I think universal might have just saved their baking a little bit. And AMC this is what they should been working toward anyway because the communal experience guys talking about this offered theaters I don't think people are craving that yes people wanna good out and it's great to get a group of people together and not all of us have rec rooms in large places where we can meet fifteen of our friends and comfortably sit down and watch a movie on a flat screen in the five novels have all of us including myself have huge flat screens that are like movielink. Okay. So I understand there's a place for the cinema. But. It's not what he described. People aren't dreaming about this. So. We'll see how it goes here. Here's some more. For years universal and other studios. Have pushed shrink the window industry parlance for the period of time between a film's theatrical release in its debut on home entertainment. Traditionally that frame of exclusivity has lasted for about ninety days, which theatre owners have maintained his critical to prevent customers from opting to skip cinemas and wait until a film is available in their homes. Let me repeat that. Theatre owners have maintained that ninety days is critical to prevent customers from opting to skip cinemas and wait until a film is available in their homes. So in other words, going to the cinema is not such a great journal. Okay they wanted to hold onto the these movies and force you to go to the cinemas. That's why they had to start making them more like your home. But studios have griped that those terms are onerous. They maintain that movies make most of their box office revenues in the first few weeks of release and waiting three months debut films on demand and across other platforms requires them to spend more money to advertise them. Familiarize the public. However. Kobe. Nineteen has altered the power dynamics in the relationship between studios and theaters. Bulk of cinemas in the United States remained closed due to the virus and plans for large-scale national reopening have been delayed again and again as cases surge in the south in on the West. coast. Theatre, they'll have the leverage they want. And they're looking for ways to make money at a time when it's not clear if customers feel safe going to cinemas I, think it's clear but. You know. Whatever At the same time universal has found continued financial success with its strategy to bypass theaters at a time. When most of the country is still staying home on demand platforms have been booming during the pandemic and universal estimated at five million people rented trolls, world tour, and its first few weeks generating roughly one hundred, million dollars in sales. Empowered by those figures, it also debuted Judd epitaphs comedy, the King of Staten Island on premium on demand this summer and has put movies such as Emma Jane Austen adaptation from its Indie label focus on demand after the releases were truncated by corona virus closures. In the past universal has perhaps been the most aggressive in pushing the limits of the theatrical release window and trying to find ways to offer its movies to home entertainment customers earlier running afoul of the exhibition community with its aborted plans to offer the Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy Comedy Tower Heist on demand within weeks of its twenty eleven debut in that case universal back down after threatened to stop showing its films. Okay let me tell you the difference between twenty eleven and twenty twenty technology. There was not much. There's not big time streaming in twenty eleven. There wasn't streaming at all of really I mean it wasn't around yes but it's You know Netflix was still DVD's back then in the mail. And flat screen televisions. I mean for what I paid for a little forty, eight, fifty, two inch flat screen in my condo back then. I could get a TV set now like can like almost cover half a wall. And you know. So it's just a you know the situation that competition between the living. Room. and. Theater have changed. The dynamics have changed. We had a paradigm shift I always keep saying paradigm shift on this podcast, but it's not as simple as the coronavirus pandemic did this? No, it just set it up. People were going away from theaters again, that's why theaters were renovating and redegaard redesigning to be more like living rooms because people had the option now and they're willing to wait three months. That's why. In the coming weeks, the two companies will begin discussions surrounding international distribution agreements in the countries in Europe in the Middle East served by AMC as cinemas nationwide have struggled to reopen. AMC has been saddled with concerns of its liquidity even before the pandemic. Closed for four months. The company was heavily endebted. doodoo expensive refurbishments of its venues and deals to acquire rivals like on and car Mike Cinemas. At one point AMC. Filing for bankruptcy recently renegotiated terms of its debt that have helped clean up its balance sheet. Okay. So That's what I could call from all of the breaking news that came down last night about this deal. That I conceived. Okay. This is a good deal for am seems might like I said, it might save their begging, but the comments on the hearing from their leadership still concern me because I don't think they still understand that what they this magic that they think is in the theater exists. Doesn't exist anymore. Yes. There are people like going to I like seeing certain movies and like I said the bond movie and tenant and Lan and wonder woman movie maybe not so much the wonder woman movie but the wonder woman movie and dine all those movies the fast and furious they will probably open pretty big if we get the virus under control somewhat and they debut them on these screens however, there's a significant. Percentage of people in the public who aren't. You know ingratiated to theater they're not enamored with the theater anymore. Given the technology they have at home and the ability they have to watch these. Productions on what they own and so they may wait for streaming. Under this agreement but again, this still gives AMC a chance. They still have exclusive. PM. Premiere. Deal with. Universal. And you know as much as exhibitors you know might be upset at AMC from making this deal because they feel as though they're three month window has now been. Pretty much raced that three month window is going away anyway and these these gift with that. So this deal it was rushed it there's probably some problems with. They're probably going to find that. It's not constructed the best and I'll make some tweaks to it over the years and other companies might change up the terms but something like this had to be done, and that's what I've been preaching on this podcast they needed to find a way to work with the studios. During this change in paradigm. So that's it for that story, and that's it for this episode of the GSM See Television podcast brought to you by the GMC podcast network. Like to ask that, you please remember to subscribe to the show and the right a nice review. For us it helps us, and also if you can follow us on facebook and twitter and Instagram, we'd appreciate that most of all, please email me at podcast tower to I did have emails I'm GonNa get to them next week or next show couldn't read them today because we had all this breaking Emmy Award, and then there's universal AMC news I had to get to. Please send them if they're if they're. Anything you can talk about the show good or bad. Or. Any suggestions you have for me and I'll read them on the show. And I love to read them on the show listen I know we're in some strange and challenging time right now that's all try to pull through this together. So what does that mean? It means we're in a worldwide pandemic, please wash your hands where a mask if you go out into public if you would please and just limit your interaction so we can get past this so that we can go to AMC theaters and so your premier if we want to. Especially when that's the ideal way to watch a movie, that's what the hell produced to be watched that way as I said on this prompt podcast I think in the future they're going to produce them to be. Shown on television, but that's another story. So. have a safe and weekend till we meet again stream with Care Jack and I love you guys kind one another. bye-bye. You've been listening to the golden state media concepts, television podcast part of the good state media concepts podcast network. 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