Preachers In Sneakers


Welcome back for episode one hundred sixty nine of the Rose Bowl in podcast, otherwise known as Rb P one six nine I'm your host Ross Bohlin here on another beautiful spring day in Austin, Texas with intern-agency AJ what's up. Do you realize how big this weekend is is very big lots? You have the masters. We have the start of the NBA playoffs. It's true. We have the season premiere of game of thrones. That is three of arguably the biggest events of the year packed in one weekend. It's very problematic for me. Are you ready though? No question. Fuck. No. And we're gonna talk a little bit more about this later. Now, you know what let's get into now. Okay. The rockets scheduled just came out. We we're in the four seed we're going to talk a little bit about the NBA later on for those of you who don't watch the NBA play-off breakdown of the first round for you for people who don't watch the NBA if you wanna know what's going on anyway point being the schedule. Out. Guess what's it the exact same time as the season eight premiere of game of thrones? That game the first rockets game on the war disorder gonna do or the second one. I guess are you gonna do the dual screens meant it. It's a it's a really difficult decision for me. But at the end of the day, it has it had gained not it's game of throat has to be because of the podcast game of thrones. For me is appointment viewing now. Yeah. I can't not watch it when it's on because if anything gets ruined for me on never forgive myself, especially considering that it's the last season of the show. Yeah. I know Twitter and the internet well enough to know that it will get destroyed for me if I don't watch it when it's actually live. Plus, the rockets are playing the jazz also says not you're really missing no down on this game. One. Also, I think it's the second one. It might be the first, but we're gonna pound on them either way, it doesn't matter. So it really is an easy decision at the end of the day. It's gamma thrones. A watch it live. And then honestly, I'm probably just going to have to watch it back to back and do all my notes because as AJ just mentioned, I do a game at thrones podcast. It's the other podcast that I do outside of this one. It's called clams and cockles we've been doing it me and Barrett Dudley. My co host. Since season six before season six we started the podcast. So we did an episode of the podcast that would drop every Monday right after the new episode of game of thrones came out on that Sunday. And then we did that for all of season six we did it for all of season seven between season seven and eight. We decided to launch something called the knights rewatch on clams and cockles where we rewatch every single episode of game of thrones starting with season one episode one all the way through season seven, and we created an episode of the podcast specifically tailored to people who were rewatching in preparation for the final season for each episode. So that's all they will for you in all the same places that the Rose Bowl in podcast is available. Go listen, Deutsches, clams and cockles if you're a game of thrones fan and tell all your people who like game of thrones. If they're looking for a companion podcast to help them get through season, eight always clams and cockles fantastic option. And that's that though see shells to the clam Rb p one sixty nine is brought to you by Lisa. Everybody has the right to rest, but the key to getting your best rest. Of course is the right mattress. Meet Lisa with to Semaj successor is and basis for better deep arrest. 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Let's say you have absolutely zero interest in sports even hear me talk about it for just a few minutes, you can skip the segment it's not that big of a deal. I mean, it hurts my feelings just a little bit. But you don't have to tell me can be our little secret you keep just between you and you. That I never have to know about. Now, some episodes of the show we're going to have special guests like Mia Khalifa, for example, where it's an exception to the rule it's not going to be all broken down into segments because it's more conversational. But you'll figure all this out as you listen and get caught up on the show. Speaking of which you don't have to listen to any of the preceding episodes in order to enjoy VP 169. But if you like the show, go back man there one hundred and sixty eight backlogged episodes for you to soak in and enjoy when you've got the time so have at it. I like to include a little personal anecdote in the intro to Rb p to say, thank you to the non skippers for not skipping through the intro, which contains very important information each and every episode so today actually yesterday, I was at the drive thru for smoothie place called juice land. AJ familiar with juice land that here in Austin in Austin, a local Austin smoothie thing. I'm not familiar, but I'm also not the biggest smoothie. Fernow the asking the wrong, you're in college. You you shouldn't be drinking smoothies. You should be drinking beers. Am I right anyway, it's a local smoothie shop here in Austin? It's that's a sentence that that my street reputation could have gone without probably, but I was sitting in the drive through with my window down. Right. Waiting on my order to come out through the window. I'm in a hurry. Sometimes I don't get to eat lunch before we do the show. So I'm like picking up a smoothie like three PM to try to get some sustenance into my body. That's not we'd yes continue to operate. So I've got the window down. I'm sitting in the drive through in the wind picks up. Right. It's gusting howling blowing about in a fucking shit. You not little piece of paper happens to blow through the window and land in my lap. And I looked down and grab it lo and behold, no bullshit one hundred percent, no cap. It's a rolling paper which cannot be mistaken or anything else when you hold a rolling paper. You know? It's rolling paper. Has all the features of a rolling paper. And if that's not a sign from God to roll one up in smoke it then I don't know. What is I'll probably the only thing. I could compare it to is this one time I was playing golf in Austin out at a Kaiser is the name of the course that we were on Jimmy clay, ROY Kaiser, ROY Kaiser's the very open. Anyway, that's doesn't matter. I'm not going to get into the fucking geography. The golf course the point is I found a little bag a weed on the fourteenth hole, and you kept it. Yeah. I didn't smoke it truth be told I ended up throwing it away. Because I was too paranoid about what could be planted in it. You know what I'm saying? It felt like a trap like somebody dropped a little bag a weed. Maybe they sprinkled some angel dust on it. And the next thing. You know, I'm getting wet, and I didn't even mean to. Well, you never know. I mean, as you never know AJ. Yeah. I mean, you literally never know when you buy from a dealer unless you unless you on this before planting the plant and picking the plant then. Yeah. How could you? Fuck it now. But I'm pretty sure that my guy that you know, I trust my. We do that I deal with I trust a lot more than I trust to the pavement on a golf course. Cart path to to provide me with drugs. Sure. Rightfully so. That's the only thing I could compare it to the only other time the universe is opened up literally been like you should smoke weed now. And so I did I didn't smoke that rolling paper because smoking street paper that the wind picks up and delivers into my lap is not a path that I plan on going down at least not anytime soon. But you don't use papers. Anyway, do no not not routinely. No. Although what you will on occasion. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Now, I love a good joint. I see I thought you only took like Bong rips, and like blunts, I don't do blunts ever. I love that. You assume that I would though which is nice. No, I'm serious. That's I roll backwards. I want people to see me as a blunt guy without being a blunt guy because you're from Houston. That's probably automatically associate Houston with blunts BNO, rip a big ass Bong. That's my tool of choice on a routine. Daily basis or whatever. But if it's like ACO or any type of special not special event like special occasion out, dude. I would love joint. I just don't have the hands to pull off that type of. I assume you don't have the patience to take into joints. That too is a lot. If I get real stoned before I could sit there and roll all day, but it's just that's very time consuming. Also, re there's a lot of things that stand in the way of me and rolling joints regularly. You're just gonna have to take my word for it. Okay. But if I could and I had the skill set. And there weren't some other things like, you know, I'd like to join like on a table in the house or whatever because that's the easiest situation. Yeah, reeks and then I get yelled at. So if there weren't things like that. I would I would join smoke a more regularly. But it is just they're complicated. You gotta really love. We'd be like a joint guy all the time. Plus, you know, if you can people fucking get so good. Good at rolling those things up. They include filters in shit. It's crazy. Well, you have a buddy who does that. Who who roll? Like, I don't know like a dozen or couple dozen at a time, and he'll keep them in like this little case. Like a metal case the whole flip dope. Because the presentation who flip it open, and it's all these perfectly roll joints later box. Yeah. Yeah. He takes a lot of pride in that. Well, I need a friend like that. I got nothing going on with my anyway, those my personal antidote. I had a rolling paper land in my lap. Riveting fucking Forrest Gump style wind blowing things around right? Follow a show on Instagram at the Rose Bowl in podcast wherever you day. I'm gonna fill up the story. I'm gonna I do fill up the story with photos and videos Sinton by you guys, the listeners the Rb p gang. I pull all those photos and videos, by the way from Snapchat. I know that's a little confusing, but I'm on Snapchat at W R bolan on Snapchat. Okay, snapchat. So the easiest place for me to pull those photos and videos. So that's why choose to collect ninety nine percent of the ones that go into the Instagram's stories so snapped me your best shit. I'll take the ones I enjoy my favorite stuff every day. And although it up on the Ross Bohlin podcast Instagram story at the Ross bowl in podcasts were also on Twitter at Rose Bowl and pod. Where a lot of the same stuff that goes on Instagram is gonna go out every day. Plus, there's a lot more fan interaction some additional content, and we're on Facebook to allegedly I don't I don't care a neither do very many other people apparently. So we're gonna move on and talk about that announcement in a men's I Texas Tech bet update your member we. Talked about the dude who had a futures bet. He put down like fifteen hundred three hundred K on Texas Tech. If Texas Tech won the national championship. You'll recall Texas Tech did not win the national championship. That is true. So our boy did not win. That bet will turns out. He didn't hedge. He didn't know. Oh, wow. But it also turns out the reason he didn't head just because he had futures on Virginia as well. I think you talked about that. Right. When you're breaking down the different scenarios and the different may. I don't know like betting. I didn't. Yeah. I didn't know he had futures on Virginia though. Which what does that mean exactly when he heals? Wilbert his bed on Texas Tech was that Texas Tech would win the national championship. And he plays that bet before the season even started right future because you're betting on something that's happening way into the future. Sure at the same time when he plays that bet on Texas Tech. He didn't just pick one team. He spread his money around a little bit. So it sort of hedging away. But really it's like pick. More than one horse in the same race and Virginia is one of the others. Apparently, he had several bets on Virginia winning which were also future bits at least some of them were. So I don't know technically you could say hedged out. I guess, but the point is the whole story now isn't even that fucking exciting. And really who cares? Like, this is some psycho rich guy who's got this type of money to be thrown around. Clearly, it's just not nearly as cool as I thought it was the first time we talked about it. So moving on speaking of sports, the masters started today, and I actually went to the masters back in twenty seventeen in case, you didn't know I did a full segment on the masters title bucket list items for everyone the masters all about the tournament and my experience there back in episode twenty six all the way back in RB twenty six if you want to go back and listen to that if you're looking for some masters, some golf talk to get you in the mood in the mode in the moment for this weekend. There you go. Well, while we're on the topic. What's your prediction who do you think's gonna walk away with it this year, I put through a little something? Something on tiger for funsies. Just because I wanted to bet on who I'm going to root for about KEPCO. I mean, there's there's probably six or seven or eight dudes that I could see if I'm picking off the top of my head that I could see you know, winning. But the masters is insane. It's an insane tournament. You never know. The in. I guess the past what three or four years they've all been been newbies quite a few random mixed. Just a bunch of guys who just come up through the rank which is not nearly as much fun is it is when you have a superstar win like Sergio. I think was the last huge superstar. We had when I happened to be there that year was twenty seventeen. I dunno. If you if you knew that already, but I went to the masters. You went live in twenty seventeen a watched live. Oh, I'll tell you went live. You can't go fucking live from there. Take your cell phone out. A sniper will hit you, bro. Oca- can't take your you. Can't take your cell phone out there pretty strict about all the fuck you up. They will fuck you up. My buddy, Dan is feel you can be sneaky about it. I still on God, you will get tossed you. It's it cannot be done. Even sneaky, there's lockers out front people put their shit in because if you get tempted and take your phone out and start clicking. It's over for you son that takes the fun out of it. Because because you can't go live promise, you it's a million times better because every more on in the place. That would be trying to go live with AJ. You're the problem. You're why we can't have cellphones at Augusta 'cause you're trying to go live while Tigers on the fucking eighteenth green putting for two million dollars. I'm just thinking of clout, you just think content. Yeah. Team content. Exactly. Go to Ross Bohlin podcasts dot com to see the very first shitty. Iteration of our website that will eventually become a beautiful butterfly. This is like we're in the chrysalis stage of websites right now. What stage Christmas cocoon cocoon, we're in cocoon? Stay just say that because Christmas is another stage. Go Raddy gentleman dot com slash Rb p and you'll see the rowdy gentlemen Ross Bohlin podcast merchandise collaboration. We got a couple new iterations of the mugshot t valuable now we've got a soft for the weekend. It it's Thursday, which means you should be getting soft for the weekend. It features like a golden retriever yellow lab on it. I'm not sure which one it is. But it's a very cool shirt as well. As a lazy links shirt that's kind of a relic now because lazy links no longer exists in. Fortnight for those of you who are big fortnight fans. Use the code Rb p one five when you check out on ready gentleman dot com slash Rb p and you will get fifteen percent off your entire order a little bit of a men's there's only one very quickly the other day, we were discussing bad tattoos AJ. Yeah. We mentioned the barb wire tat. We did we mentioned, Pamela Anderson. Yes. I completely forgot about my man, Tracy McGrady who has a barb wire arm tattoo. Would you? Then Evan ran across my mind. Holy shit. It's really really really bad. And then it was kind of like exaggerated, by the fact that the rockets jerseys from his era from the Tracy McGrady Yao Ming era were the worst arguably basketball jerseys in any air in any version of the game, NBA minor college. They were so bad. They had like these mortal Kombat shoulders on them. So you were looking all. Yeah. Those are those are not zero or some shit. It was fucking awful. So it's shoulder pads. It made his little arm tat, look even worse. It really might be the thing that kept him from ever getting a ring. And I love you, Tracy, but that's fire that tattoo is just trash. Let's get into it. I segment of our VP one sixty nine preachers in sneakers. So we're starting off today's show with my new favorite Instagram account in the entire fucking world. AJ? Are you familiar with this? Have you heard about this this weird? I have never heard of go look at at preachers in the word the letter in preachers in sneakers at preachers and sneakers. This is an Instagram account that was shared with me by gang member. Okay. Picked up a lot of steam and attention over the past several days. And with good reason, it has a hundred and twenty thousand followers in the bio says this bad in buji more like God in Gucci. The Lord works in mysterious color ways, preachers and sneakers at g mail dot com. That is among the best bios I've ever seen on Instagram. So mmediately, I'm intrigued when you scroll down this hits on many, many, many things that I love, and that are entertaining, hilarious and awesome to me. It's photos AJ of preachers, pastors priests, and whatever all the other names are you can use for them wearing very expensive sneakers. Yeah. Like in the case of the very first post on here right now that was put up nineteen hours ago. Its pastor Mike Todd rocking the ultra exclusive European release off white Jordan one actually know Mike Todd I've seen some videos on YouTube noble shit. Yeah. He's he's didn't know that retail price on these was one hundred ninety dollars plus a plane ticket to Europe while 'cause you had to go to Europe to pick up on so many bottom resale. Oh, but yeah. I don't I don't know. What's going on here familiar with him? And he's always wearing tight kicks. No. That's kind of like part of his brand. I think like that. Cool hip pastor turns out there's a lot of guys going for that look. Yeah. That kind of like, you know, he connects to the to the youth right right to millennials. I guess it becomes problematic. When the shoes go for three grand resale in your in. You your pastor pan three thousand dollars for tennis shoes. How do you feel about the exactly all we're going to get into pastor, John gray? There's a photo of him here wearing some red October's the air easy twos. But you don't have the these resale for about six grand in my size six thousand dollars. If you wanna ten and a half, you had that bag would you drop it? I think we all know the answer's yes. I don't I don't think there's any sense in me trying to lie. My way around that AJ. I think we all know the truth is, yes. So this account goes it's just post after post, and I mean my God, it's incredible. And they don't leave women out either. For instance hill song, oh, this is not that's not a woman. Got you. Holy shit. Okay. It's like the third post on your hill. Song teaching pastor Nathan Finocchio this last names Finocchio. I'm not kidding. His last name Finocchio like Pinocchio with an F. Yes. Dude, his family hit Ellis Island. And they were like he tried to pronounce his name. It was probably like phenomenology or some some cool shit. And they were like, nah, now, we're gonna put Finocchio here, and that's your name now oddly enough, you looks like a Finocchio he does. Anyway, he has very long hair, and I'm still him for a woman because of the way he's dressed. I apologize. Mr. Finocchio put he's wearing some tiger slides. I believe they're made by Gucci or or Armani or I've seen those before. Or one of the like, the very expensive is the point those leggings as weren't they they might be like a pink plaid. They're like high pajama pants is what they look like I don't like him to me. But the whole account is still with pastors preachers in. The like wearing expensive designer shoes, which is very very funny. So there's a little bit in Houston chronicle that got published yesterday about this particular account written by MARCY, Delun a- that kind of sets us all up even better for you. I'm gonna read here just the intro pastor Keoughan Henderson of Houston. The lighthouse church owns a pair of designer kicks that retail for more than six hundred dollars. Pester Robert Matto of Dallas city of Dallas's city. I church has a pair of Balenciaga sneakers that sell for more than eight hundred dollars. Former Lakewood church pastor John gray who continues to preach at the Houston. Mega church. Owns a pair of hot red air yeezy to kicks that retail for more than five thousand dollars gray. Who is the current head? Pastor relentless church in Greenville, South Carolina, previously faced controversy after he purchased a two hundred thousand dollar Lamborghini for his wife in December other celebrity passers across the US wearing blamed out sneakers and price. Fashion items of the new focus of a new Instagram feed preachers in sneakers a little bit later. They go on to tell us about who founded this thing the founder who goes by the alias Tyler Jones, the alias grew up in the church, and it's still quote heavily involved in evangelical Christianity, he told the Houston chronicle this on Wednesday. He also closely follows sneaker culture, he said, quote, I never meant for it to be this massive church conversation, which it's now driving. There's been some harassment of the preachers. I didn't mean for that to happen. I don't feel great about it. I feel bad about it every day. You can't feel that fucking bad because you're still putting up the pictures. Second you doing the Lord's work here, sir? This is this is good people need to see this. And it's not just for the reason that if you see your preacher rock in red October's, you know, you don't need to give that dude anymore your money. You don't need a tide. Ten percent to that. Dude are about to go deep into the snow. I'm not gonna go deep, and I'm I'm not trying to offend anybody upset anybody. I'm just saying if my pastors were in. October's. He's not getting any of my money. Yeah. For any reason ever. And I don't care how much I have. Why would I give to a man who's clearly more interested in making sure he stunts with his feet, then he is in helping the congregation and the community that he's supposed to be helping out approach ties offerings from a different mindset. I know some of it does go to the pastor about to me out of the greater purpose of that musher. No, and helping the church or on the money that's going to help others. Also, he's my point AJ if you passed you don't wear red October's on stage. It's not that difficult. If you if you listen, I'm sneaker guy. I get it. I understand wanting to help people and wanting to have bad ass shoes. I completely understand. Don't wear on stage are at the at the podium, or whatever at the alter its that's not difficult to to be smarter than that. You know what I'm saying? You should should they also not drive their Lamborghini to the church. No, probably not like, I get that. It's pro. Oh, maybe it's not fair. Maybe it's a double standard against people in the in the ministry, but if you're number if your career is preaching the word of God other human beings. Then there's things you have to do and know about image in the way image works, like don't buy Lamborghini for your wife. If you're if you're a pastor don't wear red October's on stage, just where I'm at home in their saying just be more discrete about it. If you're gonna do that. If you really do if this is the listen, I believe that there's a balance to everything right? Maybe some of these dudes in order to be able to do what they do in impacting communities in the positive ways that I hope that they do maybe the other thing they need to be able to do that as bad as fly sneakers. I don't fucking know for all we know it could be their way of connecting to the youth. Like, I said earlier like I mean, obviously, this this generation's really connected sneakers for sure if it's between John gray like picking up a prostitute. Or picking up some red October's, dude, go with the red. Oh, yes. Obviously, the lesser of two evil. What I'm saying routinely? I think people have to pick a situation. Like there's for me. I have to have some vices. I'm always going to need some vices. We all we all have our vices for sure. But I'm saying like you have to pick the ones that are going to be the least dangerous or the least negatively impactful or whatever treasure. Yeah. Try to keep shit straight. All the time. I believe that could apply to some of these people. Now, others of them are just scumbags who. Don't give a fuck. I just don't like it's some of them just enjoy sneakers. I mean, some of them are just sneaker heads, and they just wanna flaunt their sneakers bad. Look, man. It's about the look in. It's it's I understand being the hip, cool, preacher, whatever. And I get that. Like, I if you're a preacher, wouldn't you wear your sneakers onstage? No, not on stage. Not if the cost six thousand dollars, that's just fucking. It's just something wrong about that. It's not morally wrong necessarily. It's just off. Even if you're the best dude on the planet and. You listen fucking. It's your money, man. Spend it how you want. If you wanna buy shoes by shoes. But it's about the message or giving off to the people who showed up literally to listen to you, tell them how to live their lives, and you weren't six thousand dollar shoes. Okay. That's just not responsible saying it's kind of a contradiction. Yes. I mean if conduct a hypocritical way of approaching a little bit. Yeah. It's I mean, I don't want to call it hypocritical. It's not even all that. I'm just saying from base level from fucking the highest view possible. It's not a good look. That's all I'm saying just maybe think about it before you wear your fucking red October's to go preach, bro. What are you doing looking silly? But it's funny that these people are getting called out now and the account I will follow forever. So I hope you never stops. And really, I hope the preachers and pastors never stop either because the account would stop, and then I won't be entertained anymore. So maybe I do want them to do the content. I will I will give it that also say this. I only have like one. One or two of the pairs of shoes that featured on this account. So maybe I'm just jealous and angry. Maybe I should have been a pastor instead of a podcast or it's not too late next segment stuff to Wikipedia when your high. So we like to do a little segment on this show called stuffed Wikipedia when you hi, it's usually about random cool fascinating shit that I didn't previously know about that somebody either sent me or told me about and now I'm sharing it with you the Rb p gang today's stuff that we Kapiti when you're high is the banana massacre. Okay, which is just an attention grabbing a sounds like to me for an event, right? Yeah. Right. But a no this is actually incredibly said it was a massacre of as many as three thousand United fruit company workers that occurred between December fifth and six in nineteen twenty eight in the town of CNN IGA near Santa Marta, Colombia. Okay. So there was a strike AJ. The began on November twelfth of nineteen twenty eight the workers of this. United fruit company said fuck this were out. We've got demands were not working anymore into region agreement. And you you give us dig. Defied working conditions. So several weeks pass no agreement. No terms. No work, costing the company severe financial losses, obviously. So the conservative government of Miguel Mendez who I'm assuming as the president of Colombia this time sins in the army against the strikers which results in this massacre. So officials in Colombia and in United fruit portrayed, these this worker strike as a communist thing with subversive tendencies intelligence to the United States Secretary of state as they were trying to portray exactly what was going on there to the US because as you know, we are team America world police so the United States government threatened to invade with marines if the Colombian government didn't act to protect United fruit's interests. Okay. Scan pretty serious things are getting super tricky in in. Maybe we actually did this. Spurted anyway. So the Colombian government was almost pressured by the United States to go in and take care of this strike. I don't think the United States or whoever was applying this pressure directly realized that it would result in the slaughter of three thousand employees of this company. But nonetheless, maybe they didn't consider all of the potential consequences to to to this pressure that they were applying. So the Colombian government is compelled by the United States to go in handle this shit. They're scared that the US is going to cut off trade of Colombian bananas. And they've got significant markets in the US and Great Britain that they want to handle so Columbia feels pressured and they go in and handle it. Here's a list of the complaints. Or the guest demands that the strike the workers had put out that were on strike. They wanted them to stop their practice of hiring subcontract. Hiring through subcontractors. They wanted mandatory colle-. Elective insurance compensation for work accidents hygienic dormitories in six day work weeks instead of seven increase in daily pay for workers who earned less than one hundred pesos per month. They wanted a weekly wage abolition of office stores abolition of payment through coupons rather than money. They were just getting handed fucking coupons and the improvement of hospital services, essentially, they were asking for the most basic ask version of like benefits. Yeah. I mean, every everything that you're supposed to get. We would like to not die on the job is essentially what they've said here plus and get paid for the love of God. Could we have a day off a week? That's and you and say to me because they're like, hey, let's work six days a week and not seven right? And like we complain here in the United States about working traditional five day, dude. It's funny. Our we we actually work more than than most countries though. Really? Yeah. Like in Europe, they get like eight months vacation. It's fucking nuts. Like, nobody in France at work. Not it's like, four months or something Razi. What do people do I shit? You not month's vacation months. Paid vacation. Yes, dude. It's fucked up, and then we're here like grinding our dick soft, but we also have. I mean, that's what we got. We got. That's what we got preachers running around in in red October's. Yeah. You don't have that shit in Europe. Maybe they do. I have no idea. Anyway, the strike turned into the largest labor movement ever witnessed in Columbia up until that point. It was completely out of control. According in the eyes of the Colombian government. Anyway, now in the eyes of the protesters and the strikers, obviously, they're trying to accomplish something here. The army got dispatched the troops set up machine guns on the roofs of low buildings at the corners of the main square. They closed off the access streets. And after only five minutes of warning, they opened fire into a dense Sunday crowd of workers and their families, including children who had gathered after Sunday mass to wait for an anticipated address from the governor come on, man. This is so fucked, and they just murked everybody. Yeah. I mean, every every country has its own horrible things in checkered pass in its own hit the worst things I've ever heard, but it's a really bad one point blank murdering somewhere. Between. Nobody knows the exact number. I'm. The somewhere between eight hundred and three thousand a your own people is completely completely unacceptable. Obviously if that even needs to be fucking said, the guy's name general Vargas who commanded the troops during the massacre took responsibility for only forty seven casualties when in reality. The exact number will now never be confirmed. There's a guy who wrote a comprehensive and detailed study of this entire situation. His name is Harare, Soto in he estimates that based on other estimates, given by contemporaries, and historians that it could have been anywhere from forty seven to his highest two thousand people who were killed survivors and popular oral histories and written documents give figures between eight hundred and three thousand killed adding by the way, the killer through them into the sea other sources claim the bodies were buried in mass graves is all part of the reason why we have no idea how many people were actually lost on this day. But man. One of the survivors is name was Louis Gamez. He later became a famous local figure he survived by hiding under a bridge for three days. Well in every year since the massacre, he delivered a memorial service over the radio for those who were killed. Guerrilla movements in Colombia such as the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia FARC argued that the growth of communism in Colombia was triggered by atrocities like these and they called it state terrorism. The banana massacre was one of the principal causes of the Boga Tiso and the subsequent era of violence known as level you never want an area in your country's history to be called Lah Violencia, the violence is what I believe somebody's make a movie called LA Violencia in it just translate to the violence. Yeah. Anyway, that's the banana massacre super fucked up, but you didn't know all those people died over that fruit. I'm never eating banana again United fruit company. You know, what's funny as the only thing I've had to eat today's a banana, you should you should feel terrible. I'm gonna go throw it up. Now, Rb P one sixty nine is also brought to you by manscaping. Let me tell you. A story about a man who didn't have the right tools. 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So you can call anytime of day any day of the week any day of the year in it's going to say leave a message after the beep or whatever the fuck it says, I don't know. I should actually go check. And then you leave your message. You could ask us a question gives a hypothetical trash or not trash segment recommendation some constructive criticism. If you must whatever the hotline is their disposal. Eight WR bolan we picked out a few calls to play for you today. Here is the first one. Hey Ross Minnesota podcast about a month. Now, really enjoy the stuff. So my name's Michael I'm from boulder, and I got into a little bit of a predicament last week. So about a month ago, I broke up with my girlfriend, and we haven't really been talking kind of a bad break up. She blocked me on everything whatever. And some of my boys are downtown thirty minutes away from me, and I get a call from one of them that they saw her downtown that she's trying to hang out some of my friends, and so they called me they ask those okay for her to hang out with them. And you know, I don't care at this point. I'm not going to try to control what she does. Or with my boys? Do so I told him I don't care. She ends up hanging out them all night and come to find out that she made out with one of my boyfriends or one of my boys girlfriends. So she's down there hooking up with one of my boys girlfriends. Weird situation. Man. I don't know if I should even be salty about this. Or if I should have a problem with by Boise. Hang out there in the first place just wanted to get some advice on this. Thanks. That's a weird turn didn't. It wasn't expecting him to say that. Can we spleisson the Konya excuse me, the Konya line girls kissing girls because it's hot right? I can't say that line. I won't say the next part. But anyway, Michael from boulder goes through a rough break-up dramatic young person's break up with the blocking on social media and shit. And then she goes out and hangs with his boys and his boys end up seeing her actually hook up with a girlfriend of one of his boys plot twists classic. This is always the most complicated. Part of breakup, though, in this does not change when you get older, by the way, the breakup are just called the voices, and they happened maybe slightly less frequently until you get into your late thirties. And then people start dropping like flies, but they hurt even more. It's just an epic cluster. Fuck of poorly thought out union, so you have that to look forward to his well, if you're young, but of course, every break-up is different. They're never easy. They're always complicated. And there's nothing worse than dealing with the fallout from break-up, that's ugly. Right. It sucks. But the advice is pretty simple. Just take the high road. Always don't ever ever ever ever get down in the mud with. Your ex or whoever in start slinging you're better than that take the high road, no matter what be respectful of your now, former girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever and just try to realize that everybody goes through this shit. It feels like the biggest deal in the world, and it's fucking not. It's not a big deal every human being goes through. Heartbreak breakup and everybody feels like their life is going to end or that. It's the worst thing that's ever happened to them or that they could never possibly recover, and then every single one of those people who is smart and strong enough to hold on for long enough to get past it ends up laughing at themselves. They you meet somebody else. Yeah. Get all about. It's just the way life is man, sometimes relationships don't work out that applies to friendships to it. Applies to family in some cases. Unfortunately, it applies to marriages and girlfriends and boyfriends it pledged to every relationship you can have men sometimes relationships just don't work out. Sometimes you have to tell your fucking barber. Listen, I'm out. I gotta find somebody else. You're not doing a good enough job, cutting my fucking hair the there's levels to that should've. Asleep? But in every relationship, there's a version of that where you can hit a breaking point where people have to go there fucking separate ways when it comes to friends, and how to handle your friend groups these things have a way of sorting themselves out. I know everybody freaks out like God. What about the fence that we share listen, it's going to sort itself out? It's going to hurt like a motherfucker don't pretend otherwise like everybody, always wants advice or fix to these situations that can help them avoid the pain and the suffering. Right. That's what there's no clear-cut answer to that. It's not that. There's no clear cut answer. It cannot be done, sir. Yeah. You the whole point of going through something like this is the pain in the suffering. Those are the things that teach you the lessons. Sure. Yeah. If you don't have those then you get nothing from it. So even if I knew how to tell you how to avoid all the pain in the suffering, which I don't I wouldn't because that's the point if you wanna grow, and you wanna come out the other side different than you were when you went in which you do or you should anyway. But yeah, man, if you're. Dealing with a difficult situation. Like this especially one where you girl friends off making out with chicks, which I know can probably be confusing. If you're just like a straight up straight, dude. Just try to keep your fucking head down and take care your own business. Don't don't be looking at what she's doing necessarily. That's that's she's got to do her own thing to recover. It will let's just the issue of her hanging out with his friends after they broke up. We didn't talk about that yet bidding college this is unavoidable. It cannot be avoided you're going to the same bars you're going to the same party as you're you're gonna have to share some airspace sewer your people now it's on your going. I'm aware that and I'm also aware that if she goes to hang out with his friends more than likely she's going to hook up or make out with one of them, which wasn't the case here. Thank god. Because of this plot twist. But but yeah, plot twist and in the normal in the normal world. I guess that's what you thought. It was gone at ten. That's what happens, especially when you're in the college atmosphere. This is actually like version of the story. Yeah. Like, she breaks with you. Okay. She's gonna go hang out with my friends. One of my friends is going to bang her. Of course, I mean that was just inevitable now then in that instance, it's uh. Of the argument of like, okay. Is it up to your boys or your girls diff the shoe's on the other foot to not hook up with that person? And there are people who believe yes, I happen to sit firmly in that camp at this point. And then there are people who believe not really I mean, it kind of is what it is. Like, you know, what I mean what if she does herself at one of your boys and your boys fucking wasted? Like, this is the type of thing that unfolds all the time. And this is why say no matter what no matter how complex situation just take the harrowed in be respectful and you'll be good. You really will it might take a little bit. But you really will be good next. Call whatever, it's your boys. Michael Austin neater shea, Kansas. So we're going to see what your opinion is on going home for Easter. When you're in college. Because we both live not very close to home. So we wanna see I if you're at university for each year Sunday, how important you think it is to go home on Easter Sunday even the class on Monday. Thanks rosh. We we love. So the gang tight. Okay. I only heard one voice, but those people. Yeah. Apparently, first of all live, two and a half hours from home. I don't live far from home only living hour and a half some home. So it's the opposite AJ, and I both with close to home. But to answer your question. I think it's it's very important to spend as much time with your people as you possibly can obviously. Now, I know in college it's lame shit to be the kid. That's going home constantly don't be that kid colleges. Time to spread your wings and fly Wailer in the the experience not back toward it constantly you pussy. Go hit the bars that being said family is among the most important things in life and Easter is a dope ass holiday. If you're a Christian, arguably the most impose. Or second most important by Christmas or whatever. But even if you're not religious, it doesn't matter any excuse to spend time with family is a good excuse don't take that for granted when you're young. And when you're in school when you're in college because I'll give you my personal experience. Once I got back to school long story short. I had to go home for year after my first semester. I've thought about this before to some extent once I got back to school. I was so happy to be back. Then I never wanted to leave again. So for shit like that for Easter like it was important, then my family to my family that I came back and spent time did Easter at my grandma's house. All my cousins would be there and shit, and sometimes I didn't go and I regret that because those are holidays that now on ever get back. And I know that sounds stupid, and I don't like sit here with a bunch of regret like hating myself. I've got plenty of other reasons for self loathing. This is not one of them. But that being said, I do regret not maybe keeping a little more focus on making sure I spend quality time with my family during college because all you wanna do is get fucked up and chase ask. And I understand that you're just chasing dig and pussy all over campus. But if you live close to home, don't go home all the time, but pick your spots do right by your parents, or whoever it is in your family, that's helping to support you even if it's just emotionally not financially even necessarily while you're grinding do college. Don't forget about those people. They wanna see if you live far shit, and it's a really big deal to get home. It's a different set of circumstances. I mean, clearly there's financial things that come into play there with the flights and the travel, and you have some kids that go to school out of country. Yeah. Go to school like in Europe or somewhere. Then you don't go home for you. So you have to be you have to feel fortunate and blessed that you have the opportunity to to go home. You know, you're in close proximity to your home family, and I'll say this fro the hate like the mainstream -ness of religious holidays gets. Yeah. Like people like us. Celebrating Easter United Christian. What does this come on? I like that. These holidays have been mainstream that everybody can have a little taste of Easter. Not just people who wanna believe what Christians believe not just people who wanna do the Easter bunny shit or hide eggs or whatever. Like everybody can get it on it. You know what I mean? Like you said it's about spending time with your fan. That's what the mo- I think at this point in the human existence. It's time to spend with their family. And I'm saying let's just have that be the bar you like there's a lot of things we could worry about. But let's just have like a let's try to get people spending time with the people. Yeah. I mean that would be that's not a bad goal. So now, you should go home. If you can now if it's a huge inconvenience it's gonna fuck your whole week up and you're gonna fail a final exam or something as a result, dude, stay home. I mean, stay at school. Don't worry about it. Not that big of a deal your people understand that too. But if you have the ability don't take for granted, go spend some time with people in enjoy enjoy Easter enjoy every opportunity you have with those people because those opportunities will not be there forever. And then when they're gone you may regret. The next and final. Hey ross. It's Travis from Kentucky. And I've got a little bit of a correction. This is from a couple of so ago. Don't exactly remember which one, but you said that if percent of marriages and force, and I'm not blaming you for believing the stat because everyone's the stat, but it is very much long. It's basically the result of a evil study from the nineteen seventies that was incredibly. And in reality the divorce rate for first time marriages currently sitting around thirty percent. Which is good news for you. There's a seventy percent chance that you were going to be married to your wife for the rest of your lives. And that's a good thing. And that first time doors rate it peaked the peak around forty percent in the early eighties, but has been in decline pretty much ever since. And at the end of the day. I think that's a good thing. You've talked about your parents divorce and how bad that was. I'm very thankful that my parents never got tourist and. Yeah, I just think that's a. Good thing that has happening in American site today. Thanks, gang, gang, gang. By the way. Your one shining moment is not good. It's. Yeah. That's my one disagreement with you right now. Thanks get excited to we've got a seventy percent chance baby. We're doing it. I appreciate the clarification you could actually go to like APA dot org. If you wanna find all the divorce stats on marriage in the void. There's a bunch of different resources for this. I don't look I don't know what the fucking current percentage. Number is. Maybe he's all correct with his numbers. Maybe not maybe not. I feel like is high though because there's a lot of people that get divorced like all the light. You see happen? So often nowadays I three percent. And he's breaking it down into first time. Marriages and shit, which is going to change up the number. Obviously, look, I'll say this for divorce. I've been married for almost four years or whatever. It's absolutely delete shocking thing ever how many people end up divorced because getting married marriage. As a thing is incredibly difficult is not easy. It does not make your life easier. It makes your life Horder. But the idea is that you struggled through it, and you work to build something that so much more meaningful than any other relationship. You could have possibly have on earth. That's going to benefit you greatly. For the remainder of your life. That's the goal now. Not everybody accomplishes that in fact, I would argue that very few people accomplish that even people who maintain their marriages through death a lot of them fucking hate each other. And they don't get the things they're supposed to get out of it because they don't manage their marriage. The way they're supposed to. Also, I'm not gonna come at further on the terrible nature of one shining moment. And I ask that if you for whatever reason are not seeing this quote unquote song for the trash that it is. I ask that you go. Check out Darren reveals Twitter feed and watch the video of him singing the song and then come back and fuck and talk to me. Okay. If you wanna if you wanna defend one shining moment, go watch the video of Vail singing it, and you feel we'll have a little chat sqi two to go back to the divorce thing though. I'm not Mary. I'm not married, obviously. By me. I still have a take on it. I feel like nowadays you see way to me young people just rushing into. I mean, I guess that goes without saying geographical though. Because like, here's the thing you say that because we're in Texas, but like my people on the west coast in the east coast like what the fuck you talking about. Because that's not the case. It's it's quite the opposite. In fact, like people in New York City in Manhattan, people in San Francisco, they're not running off to get married because a they. Have any fucking money and the cities that they live or the most expensive cities in the world. And then be because they're all workaho, Alex focused entirely on their careers, and then you know, drinking or whatever. So it's weird because we have a skewed version of it in the south that does not pertain to the rest of the country. And there's cause me I grew up in a in a military town and being in that area. You see a lot of young people lot young small. Yes, for sure they get married at a young age, you get more money. You get the be A H Q, forget, whatever. All. Yeah. The housing allowance rate, you get more money if you're married so you have these young soldiers rushing off to get married. We'll put hastily plus, dude. When you're when you're a soldier like, that's that's always been a big part of throughout every, you know era of American history. You when you're a private you get paid like it's not that much. Right. So it's like you almost feel compelled to do it. But you're saying you're running off to war. Like, there's a chance you could never come home. Sure. There's kind of fucking element to it where you're like. Let's. Let's get married. I didn't think about that aspect. That's that's the aspect of it. It's always been fascinated to meet that I totally relate to like if I was going to if I got drafted was going to Vietnam one not get married before. Hunter just your way to me stories being where I'm from. And I see it too young couples young soldiers getting married, the marriage doesn't work out, you know, their wife or husband cheat on them or they'll go off overseas to go fight in these wars or overseas. Yeah. You know, lo and behold their spouses spending all their money, you know, cheating on them with like another relationship back at home while they're the worst fucking stories about it's as bad, dude. Servicemen and women who have sheeting situations. Yeah. It's not good. But no, you're absolutely right. I mean, the younger that you are I think the more difficult that it can be depending on your circumstances. Now, some people are ready at a much younger age than others. Like, I I wasn't ready when I got married for sure. And Taylor would tell you that straight up. I don't know if she was probably more than I was. I was not ready to be married. Why did you feel compelled to make that commitment? If you if you sincerely felt like you weren't. Ready at that time your life because I'm love Taylor. And I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. But I didn't know. Early from the the marriage aspect of it like that. Yeah. You knew that you loved her, obviously. But no, I didn't know what what marriage was going to be like or what getting married was gonna be like though, and I didn't oh who does the amount of work that was going to go into it. Or like, I I didn't know that the journey speaking to the fact that when I got married I was still drinking. I was still really really fucked up. So I didn't have a good grip on my life to then be combining lives with someone else. And as a result the first year and a half, or so, I guess the answer would probably differ, depending on which one of your tail you ask of our marriage was incredibly difficult because I was so fucked up. So I think it just depends it it's totally up in the air like on 'cause Feroza very easily could ended in divorce. It could have been a situation where I didn't stop drinking or I didn't pull my head on my ass or whatever. And Taylor would have inevitably left me at some point before gently for me. I saw what was going on and was able to pull my head out and start this podcast, which really helped me. Me get through all of it. So so marriage was the best thing to ever happen to you really we I'm not going to disagree with that on the area. Wouldn't it? Yeah. Yeah. If I was like, no ninety four ninety five when the rockets won the championship was the most important thing that's ever happened to me that's gonna result in me never having sex again which results in the show being awful, which is going to result in getting cancelled. And then I'm unemployed then where are we saw another point? I just wanna make too is a like I say, I'm not married. I I really don't have plans to get married soon. But if you're married, and you're not happy, I'll say just get out or just I mean. Get out get a divorce help the divorce rate. Get back to where it once was make America great again, we can get back to fifty percent if we work hard at it. Well, not I don't understand why people in marriages they allow themselves the suffer will here so long. I guess for me as a single guy never been married is hard for me to wrap my head around. I'm gonna dump all over what you just said. Real quick. So like, here's an example. I put tape through at least a year of nonstop misery. If she left she would've left. I mean, why do you think she stuck with you through that tough time? You're like, I think she believed that I could turn sounds like true love right there. Like, thankfully. I hope it is. But that's the that's the the idea, right? Is that you never know until you're every circumstance is different in my circumstance unfortunate that she was strong enough to not leave and see the potential in me turning around. And and you know, believing that I was a good enough man to figure it out or whatever. But that's not always the case it just everything very so much situation by situation but one shining moment. Factually sucks, dick. It's an awful song one on that. Yeah. That's the end of the hotline segment. What was our number again? Eight WR bolan is our hotline number call it keep the hotline calls coming. We'll play some not every episode, but most episodes I'm going to try to work in at least a few. Okay. Next segment. NBA playoff matchups for people who don't watch the NBA. So as of last night Wednesday night, the Western Conference in Eastern Conference playoff matchups were set in the NBA. We don't spend a whole lot of time talking about sports on this show. But I'm a huge huge huge NBA fans. We're gonna spend a few minutes breaking down these matchups for those of you who didn't want any of the regular season NBA. Maybe you're not an NBA fan or you don't give a fuck. Maybe it's something that you're looking to get into or give a try for the first time this year. I would compare it to like giving a game of thrones breakdown before season eight. So that if you can if you wanted to get prepared and watch that you could or something I I don't I don't fuck in what a pro plug groin is. We're going to go through each of these matchups very quickly starting with the Western Conference, the number one seed, Golden State Warriors versus the eight seed, Los Angeles, Clippers clippers scrappy fun, Golden State automatic. Yeah. It's there the back to back champs powerhouse dynasty, the number one seed got five starting all stars. It's not even fair. The Golden State Warriors are still very much the Darth Vader the empire of the NBA. Okay. If you didn't know that because they're very much the the heal the bad guys are the people we hate. All right. They win every time. Nobody's gonna beat him this year. Probably this this series is going to be a fucking. It'll probably be a sweep maybe a gentleman sweep average point margin probably twelve or higher. You're not gonna be a fan. I wouldn't even fucking bother watching. It'll. Depressing slaughterhouse. You definitely don't need to watch this series, just pencil. The warriors into the second round. There is a negative percent chance at the clippers pull some kind of upset here. Yeah. Next. We've got the number to Denver Nuggets against the San Antonio Spurs in the seven seed, this is one of the more interesting series in the first round out. So so to you never wanna stumble into the playoffs. And while the nuggets did somehow retain the two seed during a ridiculously hectic night final night of the regular season last night. This is not what you want. If you're a Denver fan. I highly recommend because you have legal marijuana that you smoke yourself stupid throughout the entire course of what is sure to be an infuriating series for you and your squad. Coach pob is going to run in strategic circles around Mike Malone. No offense to my Malone. That's just what popped dozen the playoffs. No matter how few future hall of famers. He has on his team this one could be fun. See Denver has no playoff experience. Or they have very limited playoff experience on you. Remember the last time they're in the play very limited playoff experience. And. A bunch of young guns. And they just it's the stumbling towards the finish line that you never ever ever wanted. Never bodes. Well, I've seen it too many times hot for a while though. They very hot one of the hottest teams in the league. This ya. There are just right up there with Golden State like head to head for the number one spot. They were in the ones they're in. Yeah. They're yeah. They're actually in the one spot. So the players to watch in this series Nikola Jokic. He's the power forward for the nuggets. He's a kid. He's like twenty four. He's a Serbian seven footer. You can't miss him. He's the giant ugly white guy who will be on the floor probably the best player point blank in this series. I guess you could maybe argue rose. I think it's Joe Joe catch all you said in the series. I'm just men on their team. I mean on counting the Spurs. Let's how do you feel about the rose in liked to rose and he's good? He's very very good. But I think joke it is like a seven feet tall, man. He's a generational shoot to these Serbians fuck around you. Remember, a Thomas the bad ass little dude from the Celtics few years ago. I do how can I forget he seemed poised to kinda take over the league before an injury that at least a couple different trades kind of sent him spiraling into relevancy. Now. He's an afterthought. He's on the nuggets. So you can. Him in this get the I always forget that. And then the most important guy in the Spurs as internet Jay mentioned damore Rosen. He's the guy that the Spurs traded away. Leonard four he was once in Toronto on the raptors he was the face of the franchise at Toronto. Yeah. You remember him non MBA fan? You remember? And then lamarcus Aldridge, she'll be the really boring tall black, dude. That shooting fadeaways for the Spurs and getting cursed at by shea Serrano on Twitter the entire time. But again since United MBA fan the odds of you carrying about this series based on the franchises and players involved. Isn't great boring superstars, not a lot of drama or potential for fighting or anything like that it will likely just be depressing to watch pop pick Denver apart. So we're picking the Spurs, right? I think we should make a pig for each of the if I'm picking upset here yet. Okay. I'll agree with you. I'll go Spurs one would be the one I would pick as an upset in the west. If I was going to pick one next we've got what will likely be the most exciting series in the first round in either conference. It's the number three. Island Trail, Blazers versus the number six. Oklahoma's this is the one to watch. Yeah. This one is stacked with scoring power. We got Russell Westbrook. Obviously, we got Paul George you guys. Remember, Paul, George? You haven't been here in Weil non MBA fan. He was on the Pacers back in the day. You remember, Paul George? He could have gone to the Lakers because he's from L A actually this hold the buckle. And then he didn't you got Damian Lillard on the failures on the Johnson. Magic johnson. Oh, yeah. Lakers. GM? Yeah. Yeah. I was like magic is not on the team. Jay, this is you've trans you'd gone back players in the NBA. Yeah. He's an old, man. Just quit his job the other bras name because of that hold the Bockel with him. And yeah, I feel you juice if nurture. Yeah. Another one of these these guys CJ McCollum, and then Steph curry said little brother, Seth Seth out watch this purely for a the bad blood between Russ and Damian Lillard because you know, they're they've kinda gotten. Into it. A couple times Russ has gotten into it with every meaningful player in the league a love. That's why I love him so much. She's the best the fuck Damian Lillard though, no shit. He broke my heart one year on never recovered from that, you know, exactly what I'm talking about shoes. Damian's? Yeah hail. No, no. I saw you wear them before. Dude. You don't think I would know if I had Damian Lillard shoes. Trust me. I don't the the bad ass shoes. Just for the record. I really like him. He's in a d guy. Yeah. I just don't have any his particular shoes. This one could easily go to seven. I don't have a lot of faith in the thunder to advance. I think they all really know. I thunder won the head to head against them the whole season they wanted against the rockets to but I don't think that means much in the playoffs. I think they steal two or three with the just the sheer talent of Russ in PG thirteen but Portland de Lillard is pretty clutch when it comes to the postseason. He's made like numerous game winning shot back breakers. Yeah. And I think they have the more talented team overall. If you're a board non MBA fan in your China pick a series in the Western Conference that doesn't involve the Houston Rockets. The most exciting team in basketball because you James harden and his genius level play. This is the series. I would recommend for most people. So you're you're going with Portland for the first round. Yeah. I'm picky. I'm going with o'casey fair enough. So Casey will probably sweep Portland and make me look like a fool Harry Potter next. We've got the number four seed Houston Rockets my squad versus the. The Utah Jazz jazz the most important game finally for the show rockets jazz. Yeah, this is probably one of the best four seeds in the history of the NBA playoffs and the Houston Rockets. They've obviously got James harden. Chris Paul Clint Capellas they're very tall. A black singer who sign like an eighty million dollar deal off-season future Tucker. He's got like a he's got one of those splotches of his hair, dyed blonde. He's that guy. When you're you're non MBA ass is watching now, you know, PJ Tucker fucking love him. Erik gordon. Then Utah has Donovan Mitchell, who's terrifying. Joe ingles. Grayson allen. I don't like that guy. Very very anti grace now in Rudy Gobert. I'm just gonna go ahead and call this one gentleman sweep a gentleman sweep is where you let the other team have a game. So it's four one instead of four zero right? It's the best of seven series non MBA fan. So if you win four games a series is over because the other team can't win as many games you can at that point there. Only three other games in this. Series four plus three is seven you. See that's how mathworks so a gentleman sweep is when you let the other team have won because mo- many many many NBA playoff series. They would have been sweeps. If one team kept their foot on the pedal, the whole time like they're supposed to sometimes you get bored. Sometimes the other team catches fire one time at home, or whatever you give them one. It's a gentleman sweep I haven't thing is going to go deep into the series. I know you're saying this should air Houston fan. I'm hoping this is an unbiased take I'm a Houston fan. And let me talk a hater. And I genuinely believed the rockets are the best team in the league outside of Golden State. See I've been watching Utah throughout the season. Well, I'm sure you've caught some of their games to honestly, they're very like talented team. Donovan Mitchell, very underrated. Same with Joe Ingles. Like, he like Joe's. Underrated because he's white. But Donovan visually shooter anybody who loves the NBA knows. Donovan Mitchell is like a top fish is the next generation. He's he's generate. He's crazy. He's crazy towns. I'll would I would say this is going to go deep mad nickname, though the spider. Oh, yeah. That's that's our spider. Whatever it is. Dude. It's not good. It's not good. But I think it's gonna go to either six or seven, but still rockets on top I say rockets in five, but you don't watch the NBA inclosing for this. You none NBA fan not AJ Jay watches. Let me tell you a little bit about James harden. The best player since Michael Jordan. Shirley, your fruit of Michael, Jordan. Just think of this like this James harden is like the next Michael Jordan. Now, you know, everything you need to know about this series. And frankly, the playoffs in general, but we'll keep it going into the Eastern Conference here. Milwaukee Bucks got the one seed in the Eastern Conference. They finished with over sixty wins. The only team in basketball. They did that this year. In fact, they have the likely MVP in Jeon onto the Cuco his nickname is the Greek freak. He's like the seven foot six four hundred foot wingspan, you're gonna see him running around doing things. Nobody else is doing on the court. That's him. He's the Greek freak he's legitimately MVP worthy. He would run away with that trophy this season any other season in if James harden didn't exist, he'll probably still get it. Anyway, because the NBA MVP is among the weirdest awards in sports. Do argue that a Russ's in that conversation out to all these triple doubles. He's not though, you could argue he should be. But the trip the triple double is a meaningless statistic that is basically been I mean, if what do you say that the well, okay. For instance, Russ is clearly I have nothing that's an incredible feat to do it has done all wrong. It's an incredible feat. But it is not what it once was to average triple double. He's done at three seasons in a row or whatever. And I know it's the mundane. What we've already seen this? Now, we don't care. What have you done for me? Lately. Do something else. Exciting. I understand that in Russia's all time. Great player. I don't I'm not trying to take anything away from what he's accomplished. All. I'm saying is that triple double mindset that we got into his country back in what twenty sixteen whenever he won that MVP. Yeah. If the whole the whole thing 'cause you had guys like averaging what point four rebounds less? So they weren't quite averaging triple double in your acting like that's like significant, but they're averaging fifteen more points per game. It just the whole thing gets so skewed by you. Having the hit that ten ten ten barrier. I can see what you mean. Because it seems like nowadays all about you can do all this. But if you're not getting the dub for not getting a winner in. No, it's about winning winning at the end of the day is the most important thing. You're exactly right. So that's where it's like, I appreciate Russ. I appreciate the high energy that he's able to play with every night, which I do not think is rivaled by anyone else in basketball. But nah, you cannot give it to that. Dude. This year. There's like four five guys I would pick including one of his own teammates. I'd put Paul George in front of him this. He's been pretty close this season. So yeah, I don't I don't I don't know about all that. But anyway, John will likely get the MVP award. If you're wondering who's gonna win it this year? I would be surprised at this point. If he didn't I don't think they're gonna give it the James harden again now, I don't know dick about the pistons. I don't really know much about the east at all. Frankly when your team the Blake Griffin he plays for the pistons true, they have. Oh, yeah. About the so we'll get to see Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond, get dunked on by John for at least four games, which will be fun. But when you is in the west, you don't you really you have too much bullshit to worry about already. So we don't really look over to the east much. It's no offense know, the west is way more competitive than the Easter my opinion. It's a higher higher level of Cairo. Yeah. I'll I'll say so because the matchups are more exciting and west than the east and the and it's been that way for some amount of years now non MBA fan, but the bucks of the real deal. They won sixty games with a superstar carrying the nickname Greek freak that does not bode well for posing teams. I believe that probably get bucks and five or six year. I dunno. I dunno clean sweep maybe maybe more. Right. Like, this is this'll be too, easy, light work. The next one is the number to raptors up against the seven Orlando Magic, another easy one. Yeah. The raptors have Leonard formerly of the San Antonio Spurs. He's very very good has the personality of seashell. They also have Kyle Lowry. Mark assault. Danny green and shit. There. The problem is if you had to pick a problem, it's the Toronto Raptors playoff basketball is like kryptonite, but Orlando who plays for Orlando. Aaron gordon. Okay. He's he can dunk real. Well, I couldn't name like. I really don't know. I don't know how they squeeze their way into the playoffs. See I was looking through their lineup. And they have quite a few. Good dunkers. Yeah. That's an exciting thing about their team. They've got guys who throw it down. You know, what do since we're on the Eastern Conference? I really wanted Miami to get the eighth seed because I wanted to see d- way go out and blaze glory. It was it was sad. Yeah. We'll get a little more out of him. Yeah. Yeah. I would've liked to see one more place. So you can kinda rubber LeBron's face to just the fact that he would have made the playoffs when the Brandon I just like playoff D Wade so much that I would have enjoyed one more one more year even just one more series. Even if they lost that series would've been cool shits, but they're gonna him. Did you see the Budweiser commercial with him yet? Fuck and re tweeted, I quote, we and you wanna talk about maybe maybe cry is on my ram line. Yeah. L is really. I I like that. Anyway, I'm getting bored. Thinking about Toronto Orlando candidate and five the next one's Philly at the three seed, Philadelphia, seventy Sixers versus the six Brooklyn. Nets de ngelo, ROY. Russell is on the nets. He was a Lakers player back in the day. Now, he's the best player on the Brooklyn nets. He led them back to the playoffs this season for the first time since like the early two thousands or some shit. But what you must remember about the ngelo. Russell is that he's a rat bastard. He's a snitch to do aired out swaggie p for cheating. Swaggie is a total piece of shit. Rules are rules, and we don't talk to police G coat. Philly has Joel Embiid. He's a seven foot tall Cameroonian, dude. Who trolls harder than anyone else in the NBA in for that reason any series featuring Joel Embiid is watchable at the very least non MBA fan. You should keep that in mind. They also have been Simmons who days. Ru KENDALL Jenner believe there will be jenner's court sat. I'm all in for that. I'm all in for little Jenner handle. Yeah. Yeah. I'm there for that. This could be a good match up. I don't really know. These aren't teams that I tune in for no offense. If you don't watch the NBA, you're not missing shit here unless you're from Philly or from Brooklyn, of course in which case watch every game loser. That's how it works. If you're from one of these places, you watch the games you support your squad. That's how it goes. And then finally in the east we've got the Celtics in the four slot versus the Pacers in the eight slot. God, this is this is not an ex do how many times we even have them any. I'm not excited for any of these matchups really these first round matches. The problem comes for me when it comes down to the NBA playoffs, even as a huge, huge huge guy. If one of the two names on that fucking piece of paper that shows me your matchup, one of the two team names does not feature a team that I deem to be a realistic championship threat. Then I don't really care about the series. You'll still watch it though. I'm assuming right? I'll watch most these games I'll probably bet on most of them to. But but for the purposes of like, really really caring you need to have a championship contender for me to care in in the age of Golden State. There's there's really only like three four everybody's saying. It's going to be books and warriors at the end of the day. That's that's what most people were predicting. We'll see that's not exactly going out on a limb. You know, but we'll be back in November overweight. No. We haven't even finished this fucking. Oh, except Kyrie Irving Hayward. He's the white guy who snapped his leg a twig and game on last year. Did you see that when it happened in real watching alive through those gruesome coup, Jason Tatum, Marcus smart, Jalen Brown, Al Horford, that's an incredible lineup? And yet, I still don't really know what to make the Celtics. There have been very inconsistent. Extremely inconsistent. Lots of struggles over the course of the season. They're the clear threat to Milwaukee outside of Toronto in the east and yet it wouldn't shock me. If they somehow choked away this first round series, even with all that all star power. Kyrie Irving is a fucking weirdo. He believes the earth is flat. If you're looking for some reasoning here, also Bill Simmons the Pacers are weird bunch. Victor depot is their superstar. He can throw it down. He can fill it up. Great off into play a very fun to watch. They have Croatian guy named beau. John bogdonovich who balls hard? Yeah. There's a lot of these dudes in the league in. Twenty nineteen like six of them. These white European dudes who ball anyway, Boston fans. I got Boston though, you probably gonna take this one. If I if I had to guess, but keep your shit your fucking head on swivel y'all been known to fuck up stuff like this. Are we going to revisit this like as each round progresses? Yes. We will be back in November to discuss the second round. Once this first round wraps up in several months, and that will do it for P one sixty nine. Thank you very much for listening before you go though, it is time for some very important announcement. I as I mentioned the top of the show game of thrones season. That's Z in kids is here starts on Sunday. Episode one of season eight airs on Sunday evening, unfortunately at the exact same time the rockets play the Utah Jazz. What the fuck why why can't you schedule things better MBA that being said as I said earlier, I will be watching game of thrones live why I have a game of thrones podcast. It's called always tres clams and cockles it's going to drop the next morning after season one episode or season eight episode one airs, and it'll help you digest everything that occurs in the season premiere of game of thrones. All right. It's going to help you understand as much as you need to understand to make sure that you can enjoy season. Eight to the fullest extent of your abilities. I host the show with my good friend Barrett Dudley. New episodes are going to come out every Monday and Wednesday during the game of thrones six week run that starts April fourteenth through may. Okay. Always clams and cockles is available all the same places that Rb p is available out to the clam is actually hilarious AJ like Hasso during between seven and eight seasons. Seven and eight right. We knew the listenership was going to be much smaller than it was during season seven during season. Six shows like a down period. Now, the show grew to two enormous heights very between seven and eight even they got huge during season seven. We were blown away like holy. Fuck a lot of people listening to this podcast. It's actually what gave me the opportunity to eventually start this show. Yeah. Was the great success voice. Clams, and cockles OCC is also ranked a saw that article you posted on Twitter. Frank number two out of the gamma. Thrones pock will. Yeah. Is ranked number two. It was really engine mode from Israel, a number one been on us. It was behind bitch mode from the ringer, but come on man, you putting me and my buddy Barrett signed the ringer sitting in a room competing with these motherfuckers got Bill Simmons and millions of dollars in access to the actors and shit. Like, okay. If you want to give that to them, that's cool. But we'll take them any day of the week. Our show is just better. I'm I'm not going to be like humble about the hard work. We've put into this. I mean, thousands of hours into game at don's fucking nuts. But was seen the rundowns early. A book we have a lot of fun. We got featured on BuzzFeed a few days ago, which was cool as one of the best game of thrones podcasts in in the world. Or whatever. That's the ranking AJ was referring to number two n. Anyway, tell everybody, you know, who loves game of thrones that there's a companion podcast out there for them. Call the wasters clams and cockles where every day after the new episode of a game of thrones airs on Sunday on Monday will release a new episode of oyster, clams and cockles it helps you understand everything that went on. If there's any confusion, we will explain it for you. We're gonna walk through episode. We're gonna walk through in the Monday episode. We will walk through the entire game of thrones episode seem by seeing almost to give you everything you need question. Are you going to be live tweeting or live streaming during the premiere episode for those are wondering live tweeting? No because not enough people will get to watch that game or watch the watch that show, right? When it airs as a result of the games that are going on at the same time. I think so I'm gonna try to be respectful of people on Twitter the same cannot be applied. Elsewhere like I could go live on Instagram or some shit to discuss right after I don't know. I might I just might bitch. You can't stop me. Always. Clams and cockles subscribe to episodes a week during the six week run to help you understand everything in the world game. Jones hit Ross Bohlin podcast dot com. You have to legal obligations as a result of having listen to this entire podcast, whether you realize it or not you've been saddled with these two legal obligations, the first one is that you must rate in review specifically on apple podcasts. I don't mind if you listen on Spotify soundcloud, or wherever, but I need you to rate and review specifically on apple podcasts. Hit us was five stars right two or three sentences about why you liked the show. Why you think other people would enjoy it boom. It takes like one two three minutes, you're done. You're Secondly, globalization is to tell one person whether it be a friend of family member coworker. A neighbor just share or BP with one other human being that you're suspicious might enjoy the show this week. 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