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Hi, it's me Dame Judi Dench. I'm kidding. It's Ellen isn't weird how much we sounded like though, anyway, welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show, and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love. They have been with me from every every single show from the very beginning so they know a lot. And if they say anything that I wouldn't like, please tweet me happy listening on today's episode. Nikki Manashe gets personal about her love life, Ellen dozen, impromptu g m a day interview. My boyfriend Mark Wahlberg talks all about a dump truck. My girlfriend, Anna Kendrick, performs the rap. Welcome to our podcast. This is very exciting. Thank selling for that nice introduction. I'm Mary Conley. I'm Andy lasts ner. I'm Ed glavin. I'm Kevin Leman the second. So yeah, we're really excited about this podcast, Ellen Nastase if we were willing to do it and we said, sure and asked her how much we'd get paid for it. And she said nothing. And so here we are. I thought that was a joke when getting a penny for this. Anyway, we're very excited about it and hopefully you'll be listening to us every Tuesday and Thursday where we're going to give you some of the clips that we really loved from the past week show and also give you some behind the scenes of how harsh, oh, gets made every day. We always like to be highly topical in our premier, and nobody seemed to be getting more press this summer in the entertainment world than the Queen herself. Nicki Menaj over her album drop over her Queen radio. She was trending on Twitter and we said, any chance we can get Nikki for our premier and she showed up what I will tell you about Nikki Manashe is that Nikki Manashe does not disappoint. I'm not sure if this is a, this is a easy thing for these guys that to to accommodate or or not, but you enjoy exercising three times a day. Well, I would set what you say. Yes. It depends if you have someone that you don't see on a regular basis, it's not like if you living with the person that you see them every night. But if you see them, you know, like once twice a week and yeah, three times a night when I see you three times a night. Okay. And if you can't hang goodbye. When you say three times, is it spread out over the night or just three times right away? It has to be well, no more than a half an hour between each things. No more than half hour. And then I understand you don't enjoy being touched or cuddled afterwards. I, hey, cuddling after I hate all every man legs is like you notice. Ellen is like once I get mine, if I feel really, really great leave me alone. Don't make me some food or damage or something will make a sandwich. Go make a sandwich, like. First of all, I don't. I know you all thinking. I can't believe Ellen is talking about this show. I always feel so like a radar on Ellen. I'm sorry. I tried to be nice and you know, but she pushes new species. Don't blame me network. They don't care. Okay. There is curious as I am you like huddling before. Okay. I like to link I mean, but I do. I do end up getting men who likes to kiss a lot and I like kissing a lot, but it's just like okay to it. Is that what you mean? Oh, definitely get to it. So you don't do your workplace do trap to do in Harvey up? I don't got all of that. I'm just gonna say is a fifty one year old man. I'm good for exercising about three times a month too much information and he likes to exercise alone. I'm just going to say Swiss ball to all of it. Going to say what you. To say, yum, Nikki does this thing where she spontaneously will hop on Twitter and give money away to help people with their education. And that feels so in our world, and it was still pay for their book. She gets on the DMZ with them, and it was. It was so exciting that we wanted to like be part of that we wanted to play that game with Nikki. Have you ever sent a d. m. to to anybody that and you didn't hear back? Actually, yes. With the last batch of students wanna we send. I think his name was with a j. we sent to the, but he never responded something with a. I think it was like a Jawad or something like that. Jacobite. Jakup. Yeah, yes, yeah. He didn't respond because he's here. Oh. Oh. Yeah, yeah. Let's let's go say hi to them. Where do you go to school university report? What are you taking door major in music. Oh, do you do thing? Well, well. Something. Move you. He. Beautiful, beautiful. It was music to my ears. So I, you just heard me say, would WalMart is doing and WalMart want wants to help you and give you fifty thousand dollars. I'm really good. Where do you go to school? Cal State Fullerton. Seeing what are you taking nursing student? Their nursing? Yes. Alright. In what year are you in? I'm a junior. Junior. And how much debt you have right now? Just taking up forty thousand twenty thousand dollars. It's a lot, but you wanna be a nurse to a really good thing. We'll find a nurse. I wanna be a labor and delivery nurse. Oh yeah. Right? So we won't help you as well. WalMart wants to help you with fifty thousand. Draper come on. So you wanna be nurses? Well, no, wanna be a doctor. What kind of doctor do you wanna be neuro surgery. So you're in debt, I assume. All right. So WalMart wants to help you and give you fifty thousand. Just seeing Nikki in our audience with Ellen was so fun. Just like the two of them up in the audience. And Nikki had this bright orange hair and they're totally surprising. These three young people in the audience who are trying to make their way through college and work at the same time and pay bills and had no idea. This was going to happen to them. It's just really cool. First of all, it's cool that Nikki does that. That's not like a huge story that Nikki goes on Twitter and helps people who are in need. You don't. When you think of Nikki, it's not. That's not the first thing you think of when you think of Nicki Menaj it's really cool that she does that and doing it on our show just like amped it up and you could tell you both. She's the perfect combination of sex and philanthropy. While we were all here this summer working hard to put together the show, Ellen decided to go to Rwanda to see mountain gorillas. I did take one vacation. It was a lifelong dream of mine, and I went to Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas if you get a chance to go to Rwanda, I urge you the country is amazing. The people are amazing. And everyone said, when you see the girl is you're going to see, they're going to be very, very close and they were right. All these girls have been around humans for their entire lives, and it's like they knew we were coming. They were just waiting for us, and then they ask for tickets to twelve days. I'm just going to say, I love Ellen dearly. I have zero interest in getting that close to any type of primate and I would be I would be scared and I just don't think in the video they literally move out of the way it's crazy. Yeah, it made me how close you got to those, but apparently they're very genteel. Ellen show stand up special in Seattle, the three of you guys are able to go up there and actually see, it was unbelievable. It was so fun. The energy in the room was incredible. Ellen was on fire. Her comedy was fantastic. It's going to be a really great. We got Joe early on your do tests. That's a little venue here called Largo. We still like ten minutes, so much fun to evolve from ten minutes to or hour and a half with hilarious QNA. And here's more about that. I mentioned that I worked a lot over the summer. What I did was I have I went back to stand up. I didn't do up for fifteen years. And I decided. I just all of a sudden it was like, I missed end up. I want to do it. So I made a deal with Netflix and I was working on stand up all summer. I taped it in Seattle. I loved it so much. The audiences were great. Seattle was great. Thank you. Everybody in San Francisco and San Diego, the specialists called relatable, and it premiers on Netflix December eighteenth. And so. Mark Wahlberg talked to us about how he has a Chevy dealership in Columbus, Ohio. And we got very excited about the notion of that, and we like Mark Wahlberg. We like to help him out and sew Ellen and Mark Wahlberg did a commercial for his dealership which was really fun for everyone involved saying, you fought a car dealership in Ohio, Columbus, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio. What made you want to to number one by a car dealership and then why there? Well, we have a restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio. We're opening Columbus, Ohio. I love working. I have a lot of business in the Michigan area, do Ohio area, and it was just a great opportunity that we discovered my partner j Feldman is from Michigan. He's one of the biggest car dealers around there. I was a car salesman when I was younger, I was a mechanic and training. Okay. So in how long has it been open? We've been. And for a couple of months now doing it's doing great. We just got. I think we're in like one ninety seven on a top two hundred and fifty auto dealerships right country. Let's let's make it like number one. Let's do. That's the goal I had liked the way. Why do you my partner. Next time you invest in something, let's do it together. All right, but here's what I wanna do to help you out. We're going to do a car commercial that we we wrote and you'll just say the lines that you see on the camera and just don't ask any questions, and then we'll do a car commercial, and then you buy the airtime and stuff. We're not going to do that and then it's we, we help raise awareness offers. All right. Let's go. Let's all right. Hughes, how a good sport Mark Wahlberg was we told him he just had to read what was on the prompter the teleprompter. He hadn't really seen the script ahead of time and he was full on in because I think he really likes and an enjoys his time with Ellen. Warburg and we're here to tell you to come on down to Mark Wahlberg Chevrolets central high largest inventory of new Chevy's down. That's right. I got a ton of cars for you to test drive everything from film rod. Marisa Silverado Simonis due to the high demand, we are currently sold out of Ambani's. Well, I'll tell you what he don't sell. It is two thousand eighteen dump truck. This is not a joke actually sells a dunk for short doing. Imagine all the things that you can do with that beauty on you can don't gravel dirt or a mixture of gravel and dirt. And if you right now marks gonna throw in something for free, we don't give into, oh, no, I will. That's right. You'll get a copy of Ted to or transformers for Blu Ray or DVD your choice and get this all of Mark's cars come equipped with a steering wheel and tires. Great deals like that. I don't know how to afford to feed month and actually, you know what? I'll do. I'll give him some free Woolmer's for south by anytime in marple personally sell you a Chevy. He'll be there right? Mark in spirit us. All right. Tell where you're located. Three nine zero zero, broad street in Columbus, Ohio. Just just a half mile east of Wesland flea market a little closer than that, but come on down. We'll suit you maybe one of these hats. Ellen starts with hall. Do they say that they're. Ohio. But first words. That was a car dealership thing she was trying to do or thing? No, I think it was a car dealership. I think it was like looking at like an ad from the nineteen fifties of let me take a car dealership and tell you what happened. What happened was the wardrobe department, put Ellen in a cowboy. Tell them was in a cowboy hat. The hall just came running out of her. Now Andy, did you did you enjoy when Mark Wahlberg told his story about how he likes to go into Crimea chamber once a day? I'm going to be honest with you when he was telling the story, I did find it fascinating and interesting that someone would take their body temperature that low. Okay. So with Mark while norm and who works out a lot, and it's, it's evidence you just look at you and you can see that, but I, I know you do something that's a, is it a cry? Oh, what is it called? Cryan chamber to try to know first of all you didn't have once you got in freezing cold water when you were on vacation, right? So this, how freezing is that water? It's like fifty. Something degree you'll watch if I go a little, I see it starts getting really uncomfortable right around that level. It's like fifty five degrees, but the crime chambers like one hundred fifty below zero. You go in for three minutes, but you can move around. You can listen to a song. It's an a really kind of helps with your recovery takes lactic acid, say the temperature. Again. It's one hundred fifty below in the crowd chamber. That's like fifty. You cannot be one hundred fifty below temperature. It's that's what they're selling me. You can only go in for three minutes. You go in, you know, you have a mask on gloves socks a hat. But yeah, you went for three minutes. That's all you have no underwear, no other things you just have serve on the world. Carpentry, but that's a real thing. All right. And so you go in, how do you not get frostbite? We went in the water. There's one where there's one in in Columbus, Ohio, which we can get to later. We actually have to cover your nipples as well because they will start to really freeze and whatever else could happen. But it actually about your stuff. It's okay. It's comes back to normal, but I'm telling you it is great for recovery and it just takes all the inflammation onto your body helps you sleep good. It's, you should try. I'm going to tell you that one of my favorite moments of the week has to be Andy being surprised by Ellen and being forced against his will into a cry chamber for three minutes. So Mark Wahlberg tells that story that night Kevin and Ellen have a conversation and Kevin Ellen decide that the next day they're going to surprise Andy and put them in a in a crowd chamber, Kevin. You want to tell us a little bit about how that's why it's still so fun. Sixteen years in like Ellen loves torturing Andy, and we heard that your body goes to minus one fifty. She's like, can we get one here? So we drove one from San Diego all behind Andy's back. Normally we're all involved with all the decision making. This all happened behind his back. We wrote a whole fake monologue that she. She rehearse. So he had no clue. We got a camera on them. We find we than the show starts. She comes out, big smile, starts a Ma. The Andes never heard. You see him get instantly worried when we showed the clip of Mark Wahlberg talking about the crowd chamber and the next thing you know, he's talking about his p p on TV, and since you can't see it on the podcast, you should probably know he was naked. Are the same way about you. Thanks so much of the things I love about this job is that I get to learn new things every single day. For instance, Mark Wahlberg was here yesterday. He is a great actor. He's got an amazing body in my right ladies. He told me about one of the secrets how he keeps fit. It's something called cryotherapy. It's crazy what celebrities do to stay in shape. But I was curious. So I bought one. I wanted to know what cryotherapy feels like, and there's only one way to find out. So Andy come here. I just need to find something I all right. I really do because you're assistant was going to sign, but that's not fair. Okay. Just you're not pregnant, right. Okay. You don't have any of these things severe Nimia real machine. It is. All right. It's going to be so good for you. You're gonna. Thank me. All right, one hundred eighty five. Well, that's too cold. Just sign there. All right. You're going to go behind there and change because you have to cover your stuff. All right. Yep. Minus one hundred and sixty three. I can't wait to hear how this is. I was. So I was so curious and that was like this is going to be so fun. Once I got in there, I was like, oh, this isn't so bad, but then I realized that timer hadn't started yet. And then once the guy flicked whatever switch he did, I felt the cold and suddenly my body is getting colder and colder. And I'm also aware that there's an audience watching. And so it's just a lot of panic and fear. It's funny because people always say to me, come on, you had to know that was coming and it is unbelievable. Considering the amount of time we all spend together and the amount of work we put into each show that I am completely left in the dark and have no idea that this stuff is coming. And I find it very upsetting that the four of us are supposedly in trust tree. And do you know Mary does care about you? We've got a three page release that you're supposed to sign for your health and heart or whatever. And she made sure that we had you signed that on air. I was a little worried about you. I know, I love. I love you and I was a little worried about you. Well, you are frail and I did not want it to all go badly and people are like, did you feel good? Like did it help you with your? I don't work out, so there's no recovery that I need. Here's the thing. Twitch. Talked about how he does it all the time. Yeah, but he does it after a workout like he works out. And then when he's sore and has tired, muscles, he does it. And then. He has a recovery is so much easier and what I realized what we needed to do, what we should have done is we should have gotten used sore. I we should have made workout. Oh, made you work out gotten you tired and then see how the recovery do you know that we were originally trying to get Mark Wahlberg wake you up at four o'clock in more into go work out with them. Yeah, that was a pitch where Mark Wahlberg was gonna come to your door and wake you up at three forty, five AM and take you to a four AM workout. Yeah. I can't remember why we didn't do it. It was such. I think. I think he's schedule. Yeah, that was a good idea. We had. Have you had any bad ideas make all the way to the show or in your own personal lives? Have you done something? Not so smart. That's a good question that the only thing I've ever done wasn't smart at this show was accidentally flipped a switch in that the latest for two hours. Right? The only thing I've done some dumb. I. Oh, you flipped a switch and the entire studio went dark, went silent and who was rehearsing at least you key cheese in addressing room ready to perform. And we had to tell Shaquille is to just take a minute while Derek westervelt our producer went onto the roof of the building to try to figure out what had happened. She had already set up all her audio equipment. It was all ready to go. And what kind of what kind of place puts one switch and a control room that controls everything to. Like a TV studio where, yeah, there was also a plexiglass box covering the button is the part that we're leaving the story so much. It was an accident. He opened plexiglass box, which clearly means don't touch this button and then hit it. 'cause you figure maybe it's a button that affects a lot of things so they have it protected. So yeah, that was one of my not smart things that I've done. One of two things happened either. Andy doesn't know that him hitting that button caused this issue or Andy didn't want to tell us right away that hitting that button was the thing that powered everything down. So we had to trace back to the fact that there was this button in the room and I believe it was Ellen believe it was Ellen who is like, wait a minute, Andy. Did you hit that button? Andy. Sheepishly said that he might I might have been an accident. The cover up is usually the thing that is your downfall, but that really wasn't smart, but not smart. Do you know what is smart? Andy? What's smart going to ZipRecruiter dot com slash Ellen to hire the right person, the job posting website, you guessed it because ZipRecruiter doesn't depend on candidates finding you. It finds them for you all the time. You'd say that's such a good idea, right? ZipRecruiter's powerful matching technology scans, thousands of resumes that identifies people with the right skills, education, and experience for your job and actively invites them to apply. So you get qualified candidates faster. It's actually how we found Jason Gallas. Wow. Except recruiter. Harvard grad Harvard graduate money can be one of our best writers perfect fit here. Super collaborative. Yup, very ZipRecruiter. That's why they're rated number one by employs in the US we love them. They worked for us for Jason. That's so time saving for us, then that just makes it so much easier for us in terms of trying to find the. Right candidates to fill our jobs, but it feels if we're going to be talking about this, our listeners should benefit from that. Andy, you're right, right now our listeners can try ZipRecruiter for free at this exclusive website, ZipRecruiter dot com slash Ellen. That's ZipRecruiter dot com. Slash Ellen ZipRecruiter, the smartest way to hire. I just want to say, I love Anna, Kendrick. I do love every time. She's here on the show, but she's just her Ellen have such a great relationship on the show and off the show. And I think they're just so funny together. So Anna Kendrick's new movie is called a simple favor, and she does something that I thought was hilarious. So Ellen comes up with a great idea and by Ellen coming up with the great idea, it was. Getting forgetting an time by. Here's nobody in this room. She wanted Anna to recreate a moment from the movie here, but I, she told Ellen about the unusual birthday party. She threw for herself. I'm so happy to see you again first of all, happy belated birthday. Thanks. When was it a couple of weeks ago? Yeah, I didn't. I didn't. I didn't do anything. You did nothing? No, I did. Nothing specifically didn't. I'm one of those people that, hey, it's not birthdays I'll go to your birthday, but I hate my birthday. I hate it tension. No, I don't know why, but I. So I actually like, you know, who's really great about birthdays is all the girls from pitch perfect, and they are. They always try and get me to do something with them. And I, I actually told them I was like, I'm in Vancouver visiting a friend and now they know that I wasn't. But yeah, they always wanna plan stuff and I just like I sat at home and I organize my sock drawer and I didn't do anything that was amazing. Really? I mean, did people give you gifts? So even though there was not an event? No, I'm good, really good. I'm chilling. All right. Yeah, that's weird. It seems like you'd want, you know, ordered a cake for myself. I'm not a my. I see. All right. So at least you had a k. Yeah, I'm not a sociopath. Yeah. Yeah. So what I thought you were hanging out with the whole cast? No, the I saw picture it that was Chrissy fits birthday. This is a different girl from the cast pitch, and we are very big on birthdays and the cast. So we, we all went to the magic castle and magic hassles like this secret club for magicians, and you can go. And it sounds really dorky because it is, but also it's amazing. Like it's genuinely like so amazing and they did all these like magic tricks and it was so much fun. They actually this one guy toward the end who did this trick where I don't know how he did this. There was he. He was like asking me to just punch random numbers into my phone, and you know, we're just telling each other random numbers to punch into my phone and add them up, and we look at the number and he's like, what do you think that is? And we're like, I don't know, Bank account number. That'd be cool. And someone was like, it looks like a phone number. My friend Kelly was like, oh, I'm in. To call it and it was the magician, spohn number I don't. I don't know how he did that, which was like, so cool. And it was the greatest night. And then the next day that magician because he had my friend Kelly's phone number now because she called texted her and was like, hey, just wondering if you would want to go out sometime. So my question is, did he was he just going to like hit on the one of the girls that called him or like, was this like a really good trick? Like did he no. Like did he know how to get her to call? And they're going to end up like married with kids and it's like the greatest magic trick of all either way. It's great. Does she like him and she's going to go out with how she's good. But now he has phone. Yeah, you never know. All right. So wait. So like literally you'll just made up numbers and that was the I know it's amazing. I mean, I'm probably banned for life for telling that story now, but it was a great now. It's not, but you didn't give anything away. That's the whole thing. You can't give tricks away. Yeah, that's the thing. But you didn't give that? I don't understand. I love magicians. I fascinated by them, yes. All right. Let's talk about the movie. 'cause I, I loved the movie. I love it. It's it's very hard to explain what it is because it's a mystery, but it's done with with such a twist of on explain it. It's it's hard to explain. It's yeah, it's like I play a mom who's like a mommy blogger and she needs this woman through her son, and you know, she gets close to her and then that woman disappears and it's just a really fun movie because there's this mystery that's very real and the stakes are very high. But it's also like funny. Yeah, you're and like it's kind of. Like sexy and you laugh a lot, but it's not a comedy show. So I thought if you want to ask me a favor and then I could ask you a favor, and so do you have a favorite for me? I, yeah, I, yeah, I have a favor. No k. I want I want to take over your Twitter take it over. Yeah, like I, I want to completely well not forever, but like I wanted to, I wanna make you post stuff like whatever I want. All right. What do you want? It will let me say, what do you want me to push? I mean, only if you only if you agree and endorse the center. Yes, that's why I want to know what it is. Right. A simple favor is so great. It'll change your life. A simple favor is so amazing. It'll get you laid. That kind of movie. Anna, Kendrick is my favorite person. Late is LA ID not l. a. y. u. d.. All right, and and a favorite actress of all time? Greats. Okay. Does that what you said? I said, my favorite person, but if you want to limit it to actors on fine. Yeah, I'll say person I'm going to do because I'm gonna ask you a favor. Okay. Of all time all time. Okay. I'm going to tweet this out, really. Here's what I want you to do. Number one year in the movie in the in the car, and then you have that amazing rap song that you do. I loved it. So. Okay. It's so good. So embarrassing crate? No. Great. I really got. I was really feeling the rap. I say that you have to have respect for the streets, which is how I try to live my life. I think so. I think the street the street. You're absolutely right. You don't say street the streets. It's just one St.. The stream. Three regulate up again back down. Things that we need money. Wait, indeed, food, booze essentials branch of the three. When you sleep foothold. Three. She's lovely. She's lobby this week. We got to hear sign for Mellon that we never get to hear. Very rarely get to hear. She was interviewed by other people. So Michael Strahan and Sarah Haynes are starting a brand new show called the called g m a day. So our producer, let's coat had the idea that since Ellen can't get to New York to appear on their show, that we would build a replica of their set and by replica, I mean, cheap imitation, and they could interview Ellen on their show right here on our set. Hey, we're back with Michael three hand and Sarah Haynes the host DMA day and. And we're, we're ready for you. We're lucky to have our, I guess here today, she's one of the biggest stars in the world in the world. Please welcome d one knee only Ellen Degeneres. Thank you. In the world. Wow, that's very nice. Thank you. We're so happy for you to join us. Thank you for taking the time. I will. I just in New York for a short amount of time. So I thought I want to see the two of you. We used to. We could ask anything, let's get personal, can I it before you say anything? I was so nervous coming out here to meet you. I was crying. I was I was back stage in your state person was I don't do this because I was so. So excited anyway. Paying with people make all the time all the time. Good. So you imports, you just celebrated ten years together? Ten year wedding. She was the one like any date stories or funny things that happened. I knew she was the one when I first met her, and that was three years before we got together, but yet, no, we kind of like we didn't have any crazy dates always only the crazy date story I have is like early on. She thought it would be funny because the first night we met there was a limousine. That's how long ago was that we met fourteen years ago and people were taking limos to events instead of SUV's. Yeah. And so she got a limo for a date for us with filled with balloons because I hate balloons and smoke. The limo couldn't get out of our drive. It was doing like a, it's kept having turn about nine times to get out. And then she took me too long French dinner. That was a meal, every twenty minutes slow. They are and I was impatient and so I left before the cake even came with the one after all the all that, yes, I knew that before that me out balloons. Yes, yes. But I'm just you. You took your some of you to take a break this summer. You actually went back on the road to net flicks pets? I did. I didn't that place. Listen, I. How is it though? Because you're back on the road house, they'd be back in front of a live audience again. Player live? No. No, yeah. No, I know comedy on the state. It's it's definitely a different kind of thing when I'm doing stand up, then I'm doing this show. I mean, I hadn't done stand up in fifteen years and I was really excited to do it and I had a lot of fun. Do you get nervous though? Because stand up is a hetero to me. It's like a unique beast. It's what we have nightmares about standing in front of people and trying to me. Yeah. Do you get nervous when you up there? I don't. I love doing it. It's something. I mean, I did it for like twenty years when I first started. So it's sort of in me, you know? So no. Do you get nervous? Why don't try to do that ever craft that I would. Hoagie hitting when they get nervous. I do hug people awkwardly. I just start hugging anyone. We walk into here. She's stranger this week. Do you get nervous about things? I don't get nervous anymore. I used to. Yeah, yeah. Used to. I don't know what I'd do when I'm nervous. Maybe I've never is. Now I'm talking real fast, but sometimes I get nervous, but I got a question for you, and this is a great question from your show. What do you do? How do you stop a gift who's talking too much. I zone out. I just kind of look past them. And then I know I, if they're talking too much, I just let them go. And then we have to, unfortunately edit them later because I don't want to interrupt them, but we only have certain amount of time in a segment and there are certain people, you know, Kanye west who talks a lot. You know, there are people that like to talk and they don't pay attention politicians as they have no idea about time. They just will talk. You get the message, it up some bars and emergency tone. Sorry, we lost our know. Thank you. Gotta go big sometimes. I'm okay. So I want to talk about if you went, I wanna see you in the wild, not in your studio where we were invited. So you do? Yeah. In the wild. Well, that's we didn't invite you there. So it's like seeing a celebrity out and about Hong, you're in the grocery store. Oh, that's the wild. Why? Sorry. Yeah, we're not in the jungle. Okay. I thought you would have put me on an island or something. I'd like to see how you Ellen. Naked for eight, right? No, no. When you went to the grocery store last time, do you go to the grocery store? No. Okay. We'll have time you've been to grocery store. I went to a grocery store about two years ago. What'd you by making good? I was going to buy tequila actually. I was for like a last minute party we were having and I went to buy tequila and and it was a little bit of a fiasco, you know, came up to you. You know what they do feel bad, like buyer tequila with a bunch of strangers. Well, she can. What they do is they pretend like I'm. They're, they're near me, but they just have their phone out and then I'm behind them like, I don't know that that's what they're doing or they pretend like they're reading text, but it's this high and. But there was a lot of phones out and stuff like that. It was actually Oprah who did it, but. She loves when she sees me out. We have. We have one final question for you, and I don't know if you're gonna answer this, how much money do you have a lot. Okay. That's all I'd be most as much as you Michael almost as me you keep on working. And the way Sarah Haynes, lovely, both of them. Yeah, Sarah Hanes is so like regular normal. She's like just a mom and cute and funny. I can't wait to see the new show. It looks. They're funny together. Yeah, they have great chemistry. She has a mom. Awesome. Yes. She's a mom of two kids Mary to an attorney lives in New York City. He's got a good life. How do you know all this. I'm in love with her. Thank you for listening to our virgin episode. Maiden. The maiden voyage of this podcast, you are still listening. If you're among the three to four people still listening. Well, our family. Thank you for joining. Thank you guys so much. This is really fun, and here's our promise to you. We'll get better at this. But for today, thank you for joining Andy and friends. And if. Oh, I thought we agreed that it wasn't going to be pulled Andy front. We all know we all know. It's mostly you. It's okay. Call Ellen on the go, mostly these podcasts. Okay. And you can subscribe today on apple podcasts or ever. You're listening to us right now and don't forget to watch Ellen weekdays for even more fun. But.

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