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This is kind of embarrassing. But there's no toilet paper over here. He's going on. He can't spare three square rocks off. Now I don't have a square to spare spare square right for talking about it right now. Invincible still uptake one. We're going to talk about on social distancing. Have good is this. Yeah this is great that you race to Miss Jaren here Dante. GotTa the problem with doing prerecord intro. The never know if I should be doing intro. Not Like I'm fucking skid. Now that if I saw Tokyo we cut off I want your goofs gaffes anyway. Hello Everybody. Welcome to podcast. How could this step? Ross how are you good race? Oh really good really good. Thank you very much for asking this this good and he does not gonNA. Hey cut today yeah. I went to the cell on copy. Hydrogen seventy five dollars with the full Dr full-term how much does it cost? You guys cost me between twenty and forty five the most of a forty five. Yeah thirty five bucks. Let's Reef Baba's the my my my hairdresser. Maybe we always talk about hot stone and switch and told him that I taught him told him to what you guys on twitch friends with my style. Special rate really aren't donated. Yeah well what's happening boys that we good dungy the fans of pumped because we've had stavros amazing interest song which Do you WANNA YOU WANNA join. Explain finding the concept again for the brand new listener so as far as far as. I'm aware Steve had no idea where he just went. Steve Rosenberg to NASC- song. And then as like most of ideas it that competitions or ideas come from wanting to like may challenge you guys to running race because all like running you know it's it's never actually just like good fun. It's just like hey I've got an idea. I WANNA flex muscles a little bit. So let's have a listen to step roses just a little bit of an insurance and this would be when when he into an arena or something or room. Baseball walk up on makes me ill like honestly. I feel like fucking vomiting. Yeah and my my song. It would be. The stadium goes. Dark Road live. Rain goes dark and then he this he's got a real natural gift with God. Donny j imagine you devil wrestler. That was your anyone. Can you set the scene for your interest on which we to here? Okay I thought of it more your traditional kind of theme song like Forty Club theme song kind of thing like you know. I think that was the premise. So I went with the premise of it. as soon as Stave suggested this. This came into my head and I didn't recorded Race did his but I had the idea from from whenever it was two weeks ago when it was yeah. Let's let's listen to it. Saint is cracking doses. Laser men this why GE later of the thugs and what his customers would be don Jay. Donny rabbi led us. Hold just hi Hi Animal Cross which. Tv AND EATING FANTA- chain the U. N. G. will have on saying will do nothing low. Say Home even on Nice Days Donny. J. J. Donny. Donny Jane Baramulla just hi hi. Cruiser real funding wanders not racist rat anyway. Ge Animal Crossing twits TV eight head to the UN and new. I donny. J. J. Hold US. We just high high on on a G. Man. You really learn a lot about your seeing register. Use Do that one. My other initial feedback is. I'm sure race would have sent you the book fighting. Mp Three Yeah we yeah we make yeah we can all get ups and Fox and make it into something you know yep wow a fantastic ut. But I can imagine football team running at two that doing some laps around the MCG done really really. Well I did. I tried to ride in Betcha somewhere. But it's nothing wrong with budget. By Gra Thatcher. Okay sorry I'm speaking of seeing registers. I'll be be doing a lot of seeing. I do a lot of you guys. Don't really get much of it because you get it in the podcast. But I do what I do a lot of my phone next to a youtube video and sing along and I said it to people and I haven't saved for a while and we'd that yeah it's it's a Lotta easy going. How you doing his mason. Retitled hot is a little aquatic. Talk which is literally that Not into it but I have been practicing a lot. And here's a new song that I've got for you guys but it's also a new segment code Davey and eady's Steve vs Stephen Hanging out in Croydon stevie hanging out in Croydon for those of us who don't know I'm too young and I was in Bendigo I don't know what vs in Croydon. Where but there was a band that I was friends with a year older than me. Who would often play? Tv's in Croydon. Can you tell us what it was? Set the scene for US trying to think about exactly what the format of the building was. It's kind of like was a rock and roll venue. They had a little later in the anti a little. Be Even the tote and it's Kinda more like a Bowls club sort of community whole kind of vibe inside but yeah it was a bit away at that mid-nineties alternative peak quite well answered to the outer suburbs at that time and you are underage at the time. Yeah so I guess. The through the night turned eighteen in two thousand sir before that prime so I went to. Yeah going well I wanNA know what like what would you wear? Where would you stand well? there was probably wearing really baggy. T. shirts quite potentially some Like army pants like cargo pants. Basically yeah that's cool straight green cargo pants. I often in the mosh pit. I guess that was the one place I've ever staged was. Abc's during a set on that's cool dogs up. Yeah those during that Song Dogs. Louis People At that Gig there was probably just is probably going to be one time saving so sees all my stories but yeah there was like a little crush aqui key to not to get into the door. That Giga was like literally like people old squeezed up. It was like a mosh pit outside just to get in for details and Yeah the foes and then reloaded title game That Sita and then it started doing that noise. It sounded like it was breaking the pay so they stopped doing pretty quick and then I just played an almost pretty good. No also got dropped on my head. Craft. That's probably. Why was Eric Right? Who lifted the floor in the war is is that Ruby's now? Is that the same and that some Bill Graham totally yoga vices races. I'm sorry the same today was gonna say the equivalent for me was The album roller rink. Which is similar you you to one of those yes. I saw The mavis play that and Greenspan play. Yeah Yeah speaking. He was a regular there. While we album roller rink was my one of my local hangout cease to play Sri flooded so there was was amazing and pretend to roller skate. Good was that one of those ones. We go clockwise ten minutes and then the DJ. It'd be like earn category-wise. Yeah we had a roller rabbit and this just obviously stern dude in rabbit suit. We'll get out in every three minutes. Stop pulling on the Rabbit's tail. This is amazing kid but even now sometimes I go past like the Docklands Ice Skating Sin and always put my head and have a look at people going round. There's always forever one guy who's just amazing at the thing but has no friends there. You go bowling alley. There'll be a guy who's doing amazing things but has roller roller. Rinks and ice skating rinks. Their famous for DOTS is another one. I reckon there's always some dude just not talking anyone. What was some of the best lineups you saw stabbed that would make also Mahtani Support Nevada? The toy a saw area seven and My I if a concert I actually the first time I ever saw making. It was at Croydon fiscal ahead. They played on the back of a truck out. The Front of babies actually end. I was like just started playing guitar. I was like Fuck L. I want a while while pedal and So I got one that was first pedal. I ever got Hawas thing. You did not even like Boston. Actually Nah just straight up fucking while on the funny thing is I they. The ban has video someone should video that Gig so to what they actually went. I joined that was like clockwork orange. I just sit in the chair night. Prod buys of everything was I had to absorb it all and yeah they have a video of that so to watch it back and I was like fucking hell no under like these and right at the end of the same age like clapping because as I can remember where I stood as a Gig and I was like looking for myself and then right at the end the camera pans over the crowd and you can just see my arm in like Green Day. T that I've got three days shit there. I am wait a minute. Very delayed the guy which banned just saying and much Green Day Ninety six. I told you even like Green Day yours as the the OJ. Ritual I I just. I know one album likes or have for the songs ever is making fun of Tony Jay. And you hiding this real pizza work then you piece of work obviously surely got my anyway. It doesn't matter you so that drummer dumb fucking real life is living in supposedly from what I remember. They had to stand up at the time. I'm not be just imagining that but I don't think I am what they had to stand up grown. Yeah Yeah Yeah. That ain't six February ninety six. That's what I was just being born or actually another festival. They used to have these metal owning over the drink. Stolz at the back and it was a guy like jumping on the trampoline and then he jumped into the crap from the back of the audience. Well next time on Stevie Davies. I wanted to bet the worst times at some every okay. I think that many times I Puerto Rico onto I went to the doncaster. Whole more. We can Well that doesn't case. Yeah that's very high cake. Their rally band. I'll save it for the next time. Green Day will you wearing for probably was wearing the green day own my pillow guaranteed Sweet Mark Yeah Let's get into some of era ban talk. Tokyo shall we steps okay Okay sad and Don Dante. Twelve three Dante plays Bass and he's funny one fuck in Arkan- Three a four about lust like skits. We've played all claim to be the funny one law claimed it is is the original. You know it's funny. It's banned talk and we don't even have an ever music as the this era music has never been played on this podcast. We have a holy pays worth one one whole thirty minute. Ap At a five years six being banned once we hit the big time. We're GONNA get a lot of copyright to come back over as this time. I've been thinking European planning that out with my lawyers when I started putting up all the episodes on Youtube and they had one copyright strike. Like they're not really listening getting four. Protege we've got narrowband do we. We just WANNA play down having had this. Then we'll get straight to the bacteria to protect you from dangerous pathogens trying to infect you through the fence. Keep the germs away in yet another day. I thin defenses. Defending often redraw fencing responsive. There's nothing worse than than a a song that teaches you something educational as a teacher can hate that stuff. I want I just faulkner's funded so fucking cringe-worthy anyway. Sorry I beg Syria Bar Paper Legal Shit true rhythm. I'm more like beautiful people to kind of go okay. Yeah it's more something than the size of staple. Yeah Yeah. Yeah the forest for the trees. It was funny in whenever you. Tanner your eleven. When that came out and Great three me in in In media we will have to bring in a song that we really locked in. Play it and talk about why we locked it. Not Our Zeppelin Sung in and this Guy Gordon. Beautiful people the cut version and played. It's all of us than teacher. Who's like sixty? Something had no fucking idea he was upset anyway. what are you got for me this week race? I WanNa talk about this Almond Roca. Honey is completely pure and natural collected straight from nature more than just a great flavor Manuka is renowned for its powerful natural properties introduced blossom. Manuka honey in your daily life for a healthy and natural alternative magic happens when the NOCA- blossom of what the fuck is Manuka. Honey why is it so popular wasn't so expensive and why be putting it on my toast. Yeah well honey love to say about this There's two sides to this roster on one side is climbing things that aren't true and the other side is a Assad is the bay The the other side is things that archer so like honey has been known for a long time to be like anti-chinese antibacterial. It's good full. Healing wounds. Lots of Cultures of many centuries of issues in healing wounds And it it does have my anti antimicrobial things at loss for a long time But MANUKA itself isn't any different from any other honey so the same properties that Manuka has Only over honey's do this people climbing. I know it's should be used as wound dressing souls Kinda stuff because it keeps bacteria way the thing is that Buchan hospital does that and no one does that at all. The reason is because we actually have things that have been like chemically produced that have a much greater efficacy against yeah peanut butter against against microbes and stuff like that. The reason that Manuka honey is so popular is because it's one of those like celebrity six hundred thirty three mil tube of moisturizer so it must be really good for you so it s the only reason why it's like the same reason that people like fucking that bullshit bullshit. Suspect paltrow sells like it just because it's an aging monitor. John as we speak. I want us. And there's there's different it is that works Yeah there's there's no evidence to show that it does anything better than anything else. So yeah it's it's just for the prestige of saying. Hey this is Manuka honey. I probably not yet My wife for me when the virus hit she's like we need our honey I said all right what about let's get out at Cardio applets improve your hot note. This forty dollars. Top of honey will solve. All of our problems was in it for the same reason that people have you know Grand Rhino Horn and Padded Talk Athena's like this. There's the mythos that these natural things are better for you than something else. But that's really no trade like taking as mythos of old things being apparently good for you to dinner on. What's the paddock fingers? That said I still claimed that. Double Edge pretty good album. I listen back to rather recently and I'm like this is good for the time like it's pretty. It's gotTa fucking height fanning. But anyway parable wouldn't is the first EP from lock whenever it was actually not bad. Anyway Sorry Steph. I'm not parable Japan. Take before I go into a huge fan GonNa live gone a break. You down and desert you never gonNA give you remember. I pay that guy five. Us dollars to write a script for us and Peaceful so this is the honest. I don't know what to do. I've written to Essex go through this and say could you basically I say. Could you make this more horny? A- was this is your request and reply. He's got the money and I can. I can so you're allowed on the website to rewrites. He's stipulated that. I could get my money better should I? Should I do it so if he's not going to? How many how many chances what's being to sin? I sent that message to make this. Please make this more horny. Ah Many superlatives pleased. That was two weeks ago. I think we should follow up and say look. Can you do the rewrite otherwise? I'm GonNa Climb Refund. Thank you all right. That's what does it. Yeah that's actually pretty good at telling him double offing. Tell him if he does watch this here. I you got you got one day to me is double horny. The I think I'm in the couple of episodes again where we asked for it to be just a little bit. Hunia but maybe telling him to give it to cliques. Gone for the ten for ten bucks. Ten up sixty sixty nine. We wanted to be a little bit problematic not not not not just. I mean problematic Consumption not problematic intended. I want it to be Grosso liking consent. Yeah yeah well sexy I should send you the official word document. He sent me because it had all these comments them side. You know saying. Hey I'll send you that the the official version There's a great skit about a Dante confusing playstation full with socks masturbation but ram that the holiness level up. We don't even that's old episode didn't go viral. I think yeah. I guess that's probably that's probably right. I. I'll I'll threatened to go to the curb Karen on. Is that what you're saying? Go Karen by giving them a chance I say you. You've been talking to a friend. Sabe lately because I've been hanging out with a lot on coal judy warzone and I like to hear him a Lotta time it's said but yeah he's still got time for afterglow fans out there and His latest weight during the playoffs refers. I've glitched quiet. And that's why I keep churning area episode for their transition between segments. Hulo THUG LUMPS BUMP Fergus. Welcome to yet. Another hit episode of same reviews recaps in this absurd. I invited SIP to share some anecdotes. About why you should buy a dyson vacuum cleaner and not to shit off version. Like Re Sports Women Building and Office. We traditional like smash the balls down. Grab am here beside Chemma. Lots of construction dust. Everything that we didn't have a vacuum so we went home and crab mom you know. Stand up all back. Which Dawson and it. It fucking loved it it just it construction dust like no Tamar and it was. It didn't complain at all members of pissed when she found out but It's been up. There was one of the best construction back in. Well Fuck Golos. That's good enough for me is a good enough for you to way. Too Good for race races mentioned it. Was you know it's really hard to even find one of these vacuum cleaners and get it into the country? But I don't know SIP. He tells about just finding spare parts which is something race will never be able to do with his but Is it easy to get a spare part for dyson? Sip ordering a positive thing was the breeze like Use told to dyson. They they send you like a pot you give them the thing that's wrong and it's like they charge you like two bucks for plastic fend or something and they send it to you for free. The service is like insane. We asked to add to get like. It's probably probably construction does but we had to get like this is like literally like six seven years later. I had to get a new a gooseneck pot which was in the middle of the pecking cleaner and that was like twenty bucks and the vacuum play like magic again. Am I using you? Said it said amazing until next time coming is being sabe reviews recaps everything yes sucked in. What about this? We can now because in a place the next podcast we don't. Gts We cover his floor in stuff. Ivory my Xiaomi dream vacuum for three hundred dollars with a carpet hit for freight you bring you a overpriced garbage know as soon as the warranties over that a fuck about you and then that's that's true I was reading four hundred dollars anyway Rough just listen to Sabes ring amount when you buy me back. That's within warranty. Apparently a soon as it's out of warranty they don't give a shit but the fact that they even need warranties chummy. Don't even give you a warranty because I know it's going to be there just like you never need talks. Get a once in a lifetime. Purchase some spice in your been ready. To put that he will bring vacuums. Donnie and Donny J will get to test them both and say which one is best. What do you think I'm GonNa have to run this past? Yes Joyce going to be a vacuum you rug for like a few days and we'll just half his mama half step process because you've got copying your house. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I wouldn't mind testing mine. My who've is pretty good. I don't know if it's good as they is done. You don't to get involved. Find Akai fine sir. On next podcast we can do in house with vacuums in there. What do you reckon? GotTa it'll work. What do you mean of course it? Did you deathly afraid God having together to have a sucking competition podcast and I and I highly recommend that vacuum. What you've been watching listening to thinking about doing. What are you recommending to the listeners? Only enough I have a youtube channel to recommend identified. I'm on before but I'll go ahead and Lynn Really GonNA recommend bound Gutna. Restoration is a guy in the states. I think he's INLEX Seattle of some organize in Chicago. He does fine art. Restorations is videos are incredible there. Just the most chill thing you'll ever watch It has kind of yours like ICS ICS versions of videos. Which I don't watch by like he's narration is a guy. He really really really really knows what he's doing. I get Different pieces of art and totally restores them. Me He goes from you. Know receiving the pace to Finishing the pace in his videos he's just finished a two part Video on a really large painting that he did and they're absolutely amazing. The meme mesmerizing to watch I'll I love watching videos when people really know what they're doing online honey nine well let the funding had you discussed. Gold's yet called the It's a thing called the Internet if you have it yet but I've component Yeah Yeah I'm cool. I see I don't know how maybe I was watching Maybe recommended to me on on Youtube or something But anyway I'm yet bound gotten arrested restoration He's an amazing channel on Youtube. Sweet well I'm recommending. It's an it's a show from last year. What we do in the shadows from the movie what we do in the shadows. I the movies. Tv SHOWS TV. Shows really funny. I've watched the movie Matt Berry Fan. But it's actually. He's actually really good in this he's not I don't like the I take pretend I do because my book is like the. It crab too much but you'll take But a really like this series and I'm burning through the episode's so I recommend that one I'm I'm trying to get into leftovers and I cannot do. I'm so sorry I I'm really struggling with eleven. Watch Goth MERINGUES DOC place Matt Berry did amazing series always pot of a serious offering stock place which was is kind of sending up like a hospital dramas from from the eighty session on his And it's a amazing and a Harley highly highly recommend snuff books which he He did with a rich culture from the mighty Bush. Books is incredible like a it. Deconstructs like mile identity in amazing kind of way to in vacuuming a house. In Clifton Hill what recommending to recommend APERITIF the Americana. He did this last week. This back to our podcast. Reused run. Bits Electric Amend having less Americano is bad your memory next question ripping up your short term. Memory I'm sorry. What was the question now? Have you boys been ripping it up? My hair ripped out be. Today's that's pretty good. You didn't need a net spicy. Made the PODCAST I have been ripping up playing a little judy. With my friend Steph and Saeb and sometimes robin and would you like to play straight after this steroids can do a straight after and then I'm going out onto the going. Oh my God Buchanan. Cash is house. Yeah Take You. Thank you playstation. I actually planned this. I'm like hi. Maybe one of them will play with me to. Let's get I if you were wanting to watch that we're much you watch that and the Internet and have you heard of. It could be more specific events which dot com slash switch dot. Tv Dot com the dogs dot com. That's the longest way more than we can change it. I'll be up. There will be in the Taylor camping. It's going off in fifteen mega ten guys. I'll see you next time we'll forever vacuum Ada Woo Woo.

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