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Support for this podcast and the following message. Come from Samuel Adams for thirty four years. Samuel Adams has made their Boston lager. Inefficiently Sam Adams brews with one hundred percent heirloom middle Fru hops lottery. Their beer for over a month. The Boston beer company Boston mass savor the flavor. Responsibly. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Nora raum. Security officials in Sri Lanka's say they are looking into reports of explosions at two churches during Easter Sunday services in or near Colombo. According to local media reports at least fifty people have been hospitalized. The message was hope and remembrance at a service near Columbine high school Saturday in the Denver area. Colorado public radio's Android Dukakis reports. It's been twenty years since twelve students and a teacher were gunned down at the school on April. Twentieth. Nineteen ninety nine Don an spoke about the loss of her daughter Lauren Townsend who was killed in the attack. Our hearts have giant holes in them. But our hearts are bigger than they were twenty years ago. Other speakers included two students who were gravely injured in the shooting earlier in the day. Current and former students and others volunteered in the community. In what's become an annual day of service for NPR news. I'm Andrew Dukakis in Denver. Although marijuana was legalized in California last year illegal grow houses are still a problem officials in Sacramento, a rehabilitating them with the help of habitat for humanity Sacramento. Vice mayor era Guerra tells ABC news, it's a win for everybody. We hope that this pilot program helps other cities look at tackling their illegal girl house problems and making sure that they don't become boarded in a blighted property for the rest of the neighborhood, a single mother and her children have been chosen to help habitat fix up one of the houses and then move in. Well, President Trump says the special counsel's report shows he had not colluded with Russians to interfere in the two thousand sixteen election. Democrats insist he has not been cleared of any wrongdoing. NPR's Ross go reports White House adviser Kellyanne Conway argues, the president was vindicated and it's time to move. On from this investigation, the four hundred and forty eight page document outlines rushing attempts to influence voters through social media posts and the release of hacked emails belonging to Democrats while the report identified links between Trump campaign associates and individuals with ties to the Russian government. Investigators concluded there was not sufficient evidence to bring conspiracy charges Senator Patrick layhee. Nonetheless, called the report a formal presentation of misconduct. The democrat said the Trump campaign welcomed the Russian interference without reporting it to thirties Aisha Roscoe NPR news, the White House. Presidential hopeful Senator Elizabeth Warren is calling for the president's impeachment. Well, campaigning in New Hampshire Saturday. The Massachusetts Democrat said the removal report shows the president took multiple steps to try to derail or obstruct the investigation into Russian Fearance. This is NPR news from Washington. In paris. Protesters scuffled with police Saturday in the twenty third weekend of yellow vest. Demonstrations people started gathering in November to protest fuel price hikes, and the high cost of living the protests have evolved into anger against president. Emmanuel Macron they've been further angered by the swift offers by rich people to help pay to rebuild Notre Dame cathedral. That burned Monday, they say more money should be spent to help the poor. There's some good news from the cathedral NPR's affiliate. Quist arcton reports. Some beehives did not go up in smoke aerial images show that Notre Dame's beehives housing about two hundred thousand bees remain intact. The cathedral's beekeeper Nicolaj jail told the French news agency at first he sold the three behinds had burned. They will located on top of the secretary adjoining the cathedral at a new level than the main roof leaks was destroyed in the fi, but the bees are alive and active says jail, and he stunned. By messages of support from all over the world. Rooftop beekeeping has become increasingly popular in the French capital with hives kept at other landmarks, including the Paris opera and the musical say Honey from Notre Dame's beehives is sold to cathedral stuff affair be equa. Stockton, NPR news Paris. Federal authorities say they've arrested the leader of an armed group that has been stopping migrants crossing into the US from Mexico. The suspect is charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. Federal officials have been warning private militias to stop policing the border. I'm Nora raum. NPR news in Washington.

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