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Now let's jump into this conversation riley and as always thank you for listening and episodes seventy nine we gave you a snapshot of some guests will come on board and the but a month ago maybe three weeks ago. I had a really rate connecting compensation with who's in front of us today introduced riley coattail to the best and brightest of healthcare three sixty and Dynamic story really unique story and again atypical. many also is doing something. I think is really really cool. We're going to introduce his well and went overall mine wellness. Mla him explain that story. But it's in path with a lot of the best and brightest out there knowing that i'm going down so it's intriguing and of interest to me so rally. I can't thank enough with making time in in coming on the show man appreciate ya. Yeah thanks for having me appreciate been looking forward to this conversation for a few weeks so we probably could have ended it after our first discussion man it was just connected like you said and obviously thinking along the same lines and had a lot of the same philosophy so excited to kind of talk about it and talk about this journey that we're all on a quick background on your a quick. You play professional hockey for eight years. In two thousand and two thousand ten part of that notably with the flyers because my wife. Michelle who you met. There is a huge flyers fan as well as my mother-in-law. I did ask a question to a friend of mine. Who played in the eastern hockey league. Aiden correct there. I'm i may be wrong. He said that you are an absolute savage. And i remember you playing. I don't remember all the details. I'm not a huge hockey follower. I fall off over the sports bandwagon. That put most of my time into either my family and my business by i remember you in when he said that was like oh and immediately popped up but at the same time he said you would just like this ruthless player that i'm navigating this little bit and the reason why is because it goes into your wellness journey that you're talking about and i know when we first spoke talk about a lot of concussions and things of that nature and the impact that it really had i like to camp out there from and if you don't mind i had a lot of concussions play division one football i did not know of the overall impact really had on yourself when you walk us through your career. Your playtime approach the game the result of that post career in this walkers through that story. Yeah sure i guess. I'll go a little bit further behind my My pro hockey critters. Kind of tee it up and i grew up in winnipeg manitoba and played all my youth hockey in winnipeg and moving away from home at sixteen in played in the western hockey league. Which is a major league in western. Canada also known as the. Who or under the umbrella of the canadian hockey league and played four years in prince. Albert's is a little town. North west of saskatoon saskatchewan. I played four years. There was not drafted my last two years there at pretty good offensive production but not enough to get drafted in that world. I was looking at the guys. Getting called up was guys with a lot of goals and a lot of penalty minutes. And i was going into the next offseason which had the ability of going back to junior for another year or turning pro. There've been a few fights. Junior's you know. I wasn't considered a fighter. I was You know still thinking enough skill to make it and you know that kind of at the crossroads of my career am. I gonna be okay with being a minor league player and live in this minor league life or am i gonna actually go through with my childhood dream of playing nhl. We're going to have to do this the old fashioned way and get my hands dirty and when you start to plan. I was five years five organized hockey. Wow yeah you probably skating few years before that. Or that's what i think. It was unscathed by three three and a half years old organized. You know half ice hockey at five years old and it also never be canadian cable. Blood is to play hockey a street hockey pond hockey actually organized hockey. So it was just like something that was ingrained in my dna. But in my mind. When i'm young. I'm thinking yes i'm gonna wayne gretzky mark team salani or whoever has fallen at the time but not recognizing when you're young and having this big extravagant dream that you're going up against the best in the world right so having said that Going into this essay overage year of junior eligibility or turning pro. I made the decision to again. Get my hands dirty and do it the old fashioned way you know as i knew in my heart i was a competitive guy. You know i. I knew i had the will inside of me to fight in one on one man to man combat. Basically my mind decided to be this enforcer this tough guy role to protect my teammates and get myself astounding chance to ever actually play one. Nhl hockey game. So i went to toronto. Maple leaves Training camp back in two thousand one and with this idea of. I'm gonna be this enforcer right i'm gonna go and stirred up i'm gonna bring on the fight and i'm gonna get myself notice in one way shape or another and and that's what i did when i did my first shift and training cabin trauma of strange. I ran the sky clean. Hit you know be lineup. Splitting his head open guy came to challenge me to punch them. You know this bigger than life ego. And all this whole thing was kind of like the creation of this riley coattail. The enforcer this tough guy right it was you know taking on this role obviously had the back it up. So that's the way i did. You know. I decided to pursue my professional hockey career as a as a tough guy. So my goal going into every season was to fight. The biggest is and the guys are the most pelley minutes to earn some street cred. And that's what. I did was fighting thirty five times a year. Started off in the central hockey league's signing to deal with trauma believes myrlie team after that training camp central hockey league. Thirty five fights that year next year signed with columbus blue jackets syracuse crunch east hockey league for the most of that year and fought earth thirty five times and the basically took that attitude that effort. You know this meathead mentality of you know acting as a role elements of it as well as a half the back it up. You know. i'm fighting the biggest guys you know. Learning getting my ass kicked winning some. You know triggering myself out of this identity and early on. It was almost easy for me. Because i love the competition and i got an ego was chasing something that was maybe a little bit more superficial than recognize. At the time. I was chasing glory of chasing fame. I was going to be chasing my dream out of the fear of failing or failing my parents for all the time they put it. I'm not sure. But i was balls to the wall and it's hard as i was going on the ice. I was going off the ice. So you know. I've been over two hundred hockey fights in eight year span and obviously took its toll. you know. there's there's physical damage. I got disjointed fingers. And rhys my nose is clearly not straight and surgeries and the whole bit but between getting punched in the face and playing a hard game. Concussion issues including the body checks the phone on the ice. Yeah it's just like hidden by accident. You know vibe bruises things of that nature. I mean for those who have not played hockey. I haven't played hockey to kit as a brutal sport you have to have the athleticism of gymnasts were the veracity of frankly linebacker. Yeah yeah there. It is a combination of a little bit of everything right. It's it's functional movement. It's a one legged sport. You're always kind of on one leg. Cores anaerobic element. There's an explosive powerful element and the puck protection. Like this hunger of carrying on the puck element than there. Was this this role right. It was like okay. Forget about hockey and playing the game. Let's just go be a banger. So like i said. It took stole physically mentally spiritually to the point where. I wasn't sure exactly where some of these issues i was you know dealing with were coming from was it. Was it the punches to the head. Probably i mean everyone knows again punching into facing godfrey brain but i think a lot of it had to do you know the the accumulation of some of the things i was dealing with was how i was treating my body and my mind again in the culture of hockey. It's ingrained in boos right lot of beer. Lot of drinking a lot of late nights a lot of partying and every level. You went up. The party escalated you talk about mixing punching in headed punched in the face for a living and you mix that with booze and other recreational drugs. Something doesn't exactly connect the right way. There's no balance there right dehydrated brain so long and short of it is i got you know eventually the game punch enough sense into me to retire and to take control of my personal health mental health my spiritual health my physical health and kind of shed this ego centric being that i had become or i always was and i basically kind of decided to take on that role. I need the kind of like separate myself from that. And he'll right. I mean because i realized that. I'm not this is not me. This is a job. I did to the liver childhood dream but there. Is you know obviously all all kinds of mental health issues that come along with it near your attached to an identity does not really a divine your divine being if you will and then you're dealing with concussion. Issues and some substance abuse issues and and then navigating the substance abuse programs. In which direction do i go. Because i've seen it fail for so many guys and gets the long and short of it is that i decided to kind of just Believe in mother nature more than than almost than man and kinda reconnected back to my roots soon. Nutritional healing transition my way of thinking around exercised from lifting heavy and stressing my body and joints and muscles out to more yoga based exercise. Mindful movement. Supplementing with minor avenue as well as some thc some functional. Mushrooms i kind of just went all in on these on these pieces that seem to be a mental to human health mental health and spiritual health. No longer short of it. That is just realized that i was so mindless i needed to become more mindful of what i was doing when i was putting in my body what i was people i was surrounding myself with and again the nature of some of these energies right the energy of alcohol land's pretty dark i've seen kill people i've seen it destroy lives and you know the more you drink the more you unconsciously becoming you know if you're trying to heal your brain trying to heal spiritually i recognize that booze wasn't part of the equation. Yes leaning on these other really positive Mindfulness practices including physical. Yoga is meditation and breath work and all these other pieces. There's a lot to it as you know right but is basically i needed to get punched in the face and learned the hard way to kind of like you know. Wake up from this. I guess eagles was your most memorable fight or your toughest fight or the easiest one there. I remember game that i played in college. And there's always that hit or that stop. What do you remember the most there. Well there's a probably two or three fights come to mind when you ask that question is memorable and maybe more life changing but one of the best fights. I best fight fight. I had was against a guy named sean thorn in boston here. You know it was like totally throw five twice. Almost similar fights total good honest old school hockey fight. I would say you know. One of those. Two fights against john thornton couple others an international. The best fight is far as a highlight reel. Toughest guy around is a one punched. This guy andre wa. Who's a legitimate tough guy. And last couple good punches two punches and and put them down you know as far as like you. Glory and on top highlight reel said and the way it works out perfectly. That'd be the fight. And then the most humbling firing on my ass beat and probably really kind of really started to kind of question. What i was doing and i know him personally. I trained with them when he played. For the flyers names dollar bushehr one of the baddest dues ever lay some up and I trained with this guy. He was way bigger than i than. I was in way out of my way class really but i fought him few times before but in philly again. I don't know the ego got in the way it was just like. I'm so just trying so hard to prove myself Beat my ass. So good In the corner and landed breaking a sinus caveney broken them next morning followed him a second time in that game and it was just kind of like a draw but i think it was in that moment that it was just like whole we get a pump. The brakes your riley. You know it's like you can't keep living this hard and there was all the now is all of a sudden after this game is over this game meaning like went to hockey career is over. You still gotta go be human and there. Was this like a lot of these questions. I started asking myself. I don't know if that fight itself started helping me wake up a little bit. I'm not exactly sure but so jansher questions. Three different fights there that kind of mentioned one being like the highlight pinnacle of my career. One being the overall best fight and one be probably the most humbling fight. That probably punch me into this. This path that i'm on now which thank god. I'm thankful for that beating. What about play. What do you remember the most from your play. You goals greater assists things of that nature. You know what my pro hockey career. I was so consumed by fighting that. I almost forgot that it was a hockey. Learn to a fault. I think part of it almost like allowed me to be this. You know bigger than life. Character that i was pretending to be on the ice but i almost drifted so far away from my roots of playing hockey on the pond that i think that's where the was always going after the practice in greco roman wrestling. And you know what. I mean all punching boxing all this combat stuff. But i wasn't spending the time to work on my skills. You know what i mean. It was always worrying about the next fight. Who whom i fighting this weekend. This next game wasn't like get the puck in and produced and try and generate. Some offense is more consume. You know always try explained people. It's like the humid conditions about fight or flight. Right you pick one go away or you fight in this role specifically it's hard to explain but it's a crying standings excited because you don't necessarily know when the fights can happen in the game i i can probably predict most nights. I'm gonna fight. Don't know exactly when it's going to happen. And soon as i fight is over i could potentially be another fight. That game like give you the example At the biggest baddest dude in the game twice in one night. And who wants to do that. So it's as chronic state of anxiety that it's hard to really explain to people. Maybe i i would assume maybe military veterans could probably relate to something like this. Because it's like you're never you can never let your guard down right. Someone's going to be coming after you and you know and take your job or beat your ass or you know what i mean or whatever else so I it's it's it's an interesting role and it wears on you. I think the easiest part about fighting was the actual physical combat. I kind of enjoyed that. Okay here we are. It's like you know honorable men fighting and making some sense of roles but it was the emotional toll. It took the buildup of the fight. It was you know the the trying to calm my mind after the night or after the fight when just worrying about the next fight you know so. It's not a normal state to be in. And i think i just started recognize all these signs right needed to make some change some significant changes in my life and get away from some of this poison. That was you know surrounding myself with chose you know as my it was my own choice but and you learn at all. When did you find out in. Start recognizing in yourself that you started creating habits that were nine desirable an owner and say you're an addict. Obviously there was partying. There was alcohol. Those recreational drugs was fighting. There was the perfect storm. If you will when you know that you got trapped and then what was the first steps of getting out because there are a lot of people today that are in your position. Now that you were in and i'm sure they'll learn something like that. What's a really good question and you know you make me think about that a lot. Here and I think. I think i really recognize there was something wrong. You know when you say when you talk about being a healthy person. Just thought in theory. I was my first year pro. I moved away move to the. Us from canada introduced to this kind of pharmaceutical world of muscle. Relaxers and sleeping pills and all this stuff again on the bus type stuff again. We're in the central hockey. Nhl so it's handing out prescriptions and stuff africans beers on the bus. The whole bit not saying that had wasn't drinking before i turned pro but i think it was like in that moment of taking on that role and then party you know. The party was now out of hockey. Now you're pro. You can go to the bars. And you know what i mean like. You're pro hockey player. It's gotta go drink beer and party and do the whole bit rate and then again this like the abuse of whether it was back in the day vallat and i remember that one week o on it was like my first real introduction to these anti-inflammatory world and the sleep aids and all this crap rate. I mean is garbage yet. Answer your question. When did i actually take initiative and do something about it and clean myself up. I was twenty eight years old. Still with the philadelphia flyers one more one way contract with the flyers and i decided to turn in my one way contract with flyers and to embark on this quest of him healing. What i did. I had a relationship with cannabis in a misalignment mushrooms. Previous to my retirement but again there were there were using a very recreational ways no a real understanding of the plant medicines themselves but basically i found myself in a crossroads when i went into the off season in two thousand ten where had a shitty year on my mind wasn't in in. It only played seventeen games guy. New coach didn't see a need for me was kind of like a crossroads of my career but also a crossroads. In my life i went to the off. Season sat down with general manager. If i went back home to winnipeg and he knew where. I was mentally and spiritually. I think he kind of scene. I was a warrior. But i was like you know what's going to happen next year. May go down to the minors and have to fight all these young punks. That are knocking on my door. Or am i am at peace with what i've accomplished you not saying that. It's you know in the grand scheme of the hockey world. That's anything significant. But i'm at peace with potentially being in the minors next year and be one year contracts. You know the next three or four or five years and being that guys bouncing around so going to the off season i guess putting some energy to the universe. It was kind of like. Give me a sign what to do. I don't know if i want to go to the minor leagues and five. I'm going to have to pay me. Five hundred fifty thousand dollars to do it. But what i wanna do. You know what. I mean about my past this. I'm kind of asking for answers two weeks after that meeting with paul holmgren the draw manager go back home to winnipeg give them my phone rings and homers calling me. He's like what's up. I was like hey homer are you doing. He's like listen he's leg. I know It sounds like i understand where you're heart's at Shell samuelson whose assistant coach of the fires. Myrlie teams house burned down and And he's not gonna be coming back or in this position Would you be interested in taking on a coaching position. In the flyers organization the minor league team so almost like in that moment. I was like this is my exit strategy. This is it right. This is kind of what i've prayed for. It was like stay in the game. You know now it could be on the other side of the fence disconnected from the actual players in that moment. When you asked me i didn't think about like working your ass off your whole life or something. You know grown up in canada. I'm gonna be any jog your player slugging it out you know toughest dues nhl and then having this phone. Call where it's like. Your dream is now over. This is it you're embarking on what matters most is not the coaching gig. That was about to embark on. It was the fact that you're now able to give yourself the self love and self respect that you deserve and he'll and then take what you've learnt and help the younger generation out right it. That's kind of how. I was super magical honestly. Brought me tears there because i remember in the moment i was like this. Is it rows returning a new chapter in your life. Your hockey career as a player is over your identity. As a fighter is over now we have to evolve our thinking you know and and diminish this ego and we create yourself. Recreate yourself redefine yourself find yourself. I guess is what it is. You started the hard thing to do man hard thing to do it. I had a nation this morning. What my wife about that and we were just going back and forth. I don't ever really talk about college football much more past thing. It's like hockey's passing thing for you. But i remember after that last game. You coaches are not calling you anymore to find out where you are study hall. Are you going to class a working out. It's over donald over. That's it and then all those years of preparation and training and being prepared for a ten week season in your case. Nhl season and then. Now you don't have to do it anymore. But you've aligned yourself with that identity as you know the athlete the whatever you wanna define yourself as in my really person you much more than that. Yeah that's cool. yeah. I know it's a. It's a tough when i realized that a lot more people than you think go through identity crises and actually happens to all of us at some point. Maybe a couple of times three four times throughout your life. You know who knows what it is is kind of getting back to who you truly are as the spirit spirit versus ego and it's like we live in this ego centric world right here as we glorify joaquin things. You know crazy things. And it's only the ego like looking for acceptance and all the i mean all these things and people glorify again you think that being any show live with my childhood dream and again being this tough guy that people in the community looked at me as but still feeling Like i was missing something. There wasn't that fulfilment rate is because i was serving it was selfish. it wasn't selfless recognize. That kind of not in the moment in the words of alan walks. Alan watts always says you know the difference being the physical spiritual is nonsense. The two in the same. It's really interesting right now that you bring that up or as you're you're transitioning from one kranj to another but you're identifying and then you dissolve the other one. What did you go through as far as your emotional state what you starting to go through there. And then how long did it take you to bounce back or started grab on or selves direct. Where you're going down the path that you go now now. I think it was pretty quickly. That i recognize that the path that i chose was the right one. The win wired. Is this like i'm all in right him. It's all inter. I'm out in you know when i decided to make that choice i was like i'm all in on healing and probably to a fault in a sense right. I mean look back and be like well. Maybe it was an extremist. But the guy i wanted to be on the right side of the earth in And so i was just trying to make up for some of the damage i caused and repaired. Try to repair some of the damage it caused and the whole bit but Nutritional healing was the biggest one. You talk with substance abuse you know besides the alcohol and cocaine and whatever else. I was abusing olguin abyss. I mean i was literally abused it anything you could find It was food too right. I mean either relationship with food. A lot of people do where it's it's emotional eating and it was like. Maybe i recognize that. I was convincing myself. I could eat lot of this shitty food. You know the is highly sugary food. And you know what i mean the food. That's not really. You know living in new rich and the whole bit. Because i was like trying to be a bigger guy like you know i was trying to stack on the weight and be tough and you know what i mean i can get away with all of it but remember before games drinking mountain new and eating pretzels and red bull and all this crap and i was so consumed with protein and eating to like a football player would right. I was two hundred eighteen pounds of me my heaviest and barely hundred eighty five pounds right now so it was just this way of viewing food substance right and it was just all of a sudden. I needed respect towards all of it than nutritional healing to me. It was like the biggest thing besides meditation as far as like understanding overall physical health health and spiritual health. Is that the you know. The old saying you are which eat. And they'll be biden's craved nutrients and being so committed to nutrition rare the gates. I was able to kind of find my groove in again flowing with mother nature working with the laws of nature versus against them. You know what i mean. You're talking about the gut brain connection. I think once you start nutritional healing prebiotics and you're you're g is thanking you. Everything's more digestible. And your brain is thanking you. And i know in conjunction with again. The yoga physical exercise mindful movement the meditation the breath work in supplementing again in these minor cabinet. Cd wearing a heavy dose of cbc for years instill taking it as well as some of these functional mushrooms again. Just trying to Just trying to repair you say repairs. Like i know i caused more damage than the common man so i just need to go above and beyond with some of my. You know my treatment options. How many concussions did you have or do you remember. And how bad were they at the worst only diagnosed with three concussions the pro level that think about the spectrum of concussion right. i mean. They're saying that. Any sort of jarring motion of the brain inside the head is on the spectrum of concussion. So you like every time you get punched in the head. Is you know at least a little tip on the concussion spectrum. So i i don't know i don't want to throw a number out there. How many. I think i had but i had my bell rung several times where you know. You hear that the saying of getting your bell rung where you hear the kong. You know several times where. I've woken up on the ice and Thought that someone sucker punched me but it was just like i got hit so square. That was trying to make sense of what happened. Was there were several. That you probably shouldn't have played in going back to the ones three. Donald brashear we kick my ass. Oh good that. The next morning i blew my nose in the shower. Swollen up the other. I because i crack the sinus cavity. That was probably probably the worst one. But i was also in a position again when i say i would relationship with cannabis and mushrooms. I didn't understand the science of it. But i also had a lot of questions around the traditional protocols around concussions and some of this other stuff i've seen guys being put on valium for concussions and locked in dark spaces so i had a lot of mistrust with how they were doing things. And just based on my own intuition of what i knew from cannabis and what i knew about scylla sivan was that i was just gonna trust mother nature more than this model of a or whatever l. It's nothing wrong with that. I think it serves. Its purpose for some people but i just You know. I felt like i needed to use some of these plant. Madison's to use them as crutches right crutches help people walk. It was just like you help me get through the grind. Not just like physically mentally and spiritually. But i think we talk with the identity crisis i think suicide sivan specifically helped with the ego dissolution helped me kind of like evolve of that old older way of thinking into the newer me is. You could call it a rebirth if you like to call it that emmy dive into this real quick so we use study introducing sivan under the medicinal intent. That's really important. People understand their intent. I've admitted on this show and acknowledge that i've taken suicide with myself. United spoke about. We had a great conversation around it. And i do believe from different purposes with the correct intent. It's great when doesn't have the correct and that's why you hear the stories that it wasn't the best experience and i hope i did a good enough job at leading this way because this is what i want everyone to get this point here. You have this really dynamic great career as a professional athlete. You live the lifestyle that you recognize. That wasn't the most desirable you changed yourself out of that You looked to the universe for some answers in it was answered. Now you're recognizing your body nutritionally that you need to change things up. You're not eating the mountain. Dew pretzels licorice before gains with the nutritional change a reintroduction of more nutrient rich foods that you star introducing plant based medicines. What was your intent behind there. And what was your progress. Because you're right a may not be everybody maybe for some folks. It's up to them. It's their connection for you. Point based medicine worked and is working to this day so that introduction that flow and then also want to make sure that we're talking bodycheck wellness. And how you integrate it into a business as well. 'cause in our first conversation that the audience has heard yet is that significant problem in professional sports surrounded. By what you spoke about that. I think a lot of people even this at the collegiate level having gone to the professional ranks are dealing with. We had a friend he had passed away. There's one theory that it was intentional. There's another theory that was by accident. We don't know but we do know he had a lot of concussions. That's why i'm kind of went down that avenue a little bit exploring kind of kind of highlight some of those points in your manifestation in change. Yeah so i think. That's a pretty Deep question but As you mentioned intention is everything right intention behind. Whatever you're doing is the key. Having all these spiritual teachers forever been teaching ramming. Its intention right. So when i say. I had a relationship with cannabis and suicide mushrooms previous my retirement. I guess there was some intention behind it. But not the right intention. It was like the go-to kings of leon concert. And you know party and that was. It was gonna used very mindlessly in recreationally Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that if it's respected. I think there's still an element the respect there have. You can go out to a civil and still be okay if it's respected but i'm not condoning. The use of of illegal drugs. Anyways here been intention. Was everything for me. So when i got into the nutritional healing and almost them when retired to i went into a deep die was solicit mushrooms with intent. All of a sudden it was. Like what am i trying to accomplish here and understanding what it's trying to remind me of. Never people use talk with mushrooms as teachers but what i learned. I heard a shaman. Say well you know. It's they're not teaching anything. You don't know the reminding you so. I thought that was kind of a eloquent way of saying it. I basically start understanding that. The more distractions that you remove as you would know you can listen better right so you essentially with suicide. Mushrooms with the proper intention that proper set and setting mindset in in calm peaceful environment. You're essentially going into a michael meditation. A mushroom derived meditation. Where you can go into deep places in an explorer so that's again creating that space of comfort. Think the first one. I done it in silence interview remember terence mckenna talking about doing heroes dose in In pure silence darkness. I space get the point of my my life there right. I needed that. And i did that but again. It was the intention behind it. I remember writing down my intention and and really kind of going into this. This journey a- as a true ceremony kind of kind of self taught shamanism. You know kind of learning this And then it would change you know maybe adding some some music and vibration right at the power of healing of sound healing on. Its own an pairing it with solicitation so then there was obvious progress of just kind of changing the ceremony but always having the proper attention behind it was healing my brain. It was finding myself know all these different things. And then the same thing with cannabis Relationship with cannabis. Was you know back when i played junior hockey hockey early. The only thing you're gonna find the cannabis role was wherever you can find on the street which is dry flour right and wherever he wasn't like twenty varieties it was whatever joe blow has it all of a sudden there was a shift in market. Where all of a sudden delivery systems increased in the technologies improved vape pens and capsules and perfectly dosed. Edible all this other stuff in this world of cbd and minor can avenue. It's like i'm my relationship with cannabis was. Let's go get hi. This is smoke three bonds and it'll be be belly up and watch silly show on tv that my relationship with cannabis changed was okay. Well now i understand or read this book. it's called him for health and it. Just kind of laid out the whole cannabis plant. Nutritional profile hempseed a digestible protein source. And you know mega three six. Nine fatty acids and and then it just kind of broke down these other minor can avenue. It's outside of. Thc had just like a moment. i was like oh man. Like misusing database right. I mean i miss use cannabis for years. I'll be honest with that. But like misusing cannabis lots of the misusing heroin or things right and i think if it was taught to me you know or say taught to the younger generation on how to respect these tools and you know i mean how to combine cb potentially was small doses of thc depending on where you're out with your you know your plant medicines extremely valuable for treating brain injury or mental health issues. It just goes back to. Your question was always about intention. So since i retired every time i've engaged in you know. A suicide in ceremony has been real true intention and cannabis as well. And am i ever with cannabis relationship with canvases as evolving. Still i think it always does. I'm at the point now. Where it's like cbd products mainly. I have rarely you know use. Thc anymore and i don't know if the audience knows how many people know by in the early days early colonization of the united states back when the country was formed hemp was used for almost everything everything by just of health close on monetary value exchange. All of it and then it became you know quote unquote illegal after the third or fourth presidency and no one really understands why or will admit as to why they'll have to look that up and put it in the podcastone linked to that in the early colonisation of the country. Hemp was very visible part of the economy. Yeah massive massive part. I mean in fact at one point you had to actually grow a percentage of your crop hemp. There was like the law and you could actually pay your taxes with hemp. One point two with a outlawed hemp cannabis in nineteen thirty seven shortly thereafter or to came round. You know the united states department of agriculture came up with this campaign called hemp for victory where they forced all farmers again to grow a section of their farmland ham for the war right for the for the textiles in parachutes and the whole bit and then once the war was over they they banned it again. So it's it was obviously political right. I mean synthetic fibre verses nylon or cotton which is a dirty crop a lot of chemicals and pharmaceuticals compete against cannabis. I mean here. We are nine. Years later in cannabis is still schedule. One drug go figure. It's not because it's bad for us. If we can't figure out the science and people can accept that is truth the something seriously wrong when he was pumped out a vaccine in twelve months. And we can't get the science on the cannabis plan which at one point in history. Was you know the the number one ingredient in us pharmacopoeia. For one hundred years right. I mean like how can we get it so wrong. So or one of the exact courses. It's always attention. You've got to get all the money streams right and who wins and the whole bit. Nobody story now about bodycheck wellness high. You go into that. Janjua high developed the business and some stories of people who are benefiting from well grown. Cd oils thc in nutrient rich grounds soil. Like you explain it. Yeah so building off all the things. I've talked about here. On ending the cannabis plant for more of a high level perspective understanding these minor cabinet. Cbd being the most abundant in the hemp plant rates. So in two thousand fourteen. It was the previous farm. Bill was signed into law which allowed cannabinoid 's derived from hemp to fall under the category of of him and not medical marijuana so charlotte's web. Most people are familiar with the story of page. Figgy the rioting of cannabis hemp specifically was Bread for just trial with epilepsy. Right so originally was actual marijuana variety bred down the the to below point three percent thc and allowed it to be tampa under this under these laws so it opened up this world of of you know. Cannabinoid xdrive from hampton. Not medical cannabis a recreational cannabis that kind of flew under these different laws. So once i started learning that i'd already started taking. Cb products you know knowing that there was a the stage of the game at there was different varieties and levels of thc interpreters and the whole bit but then all of a sudden that has opened up. This world of you know cannabinoid therapies under different laws and up to go through the medical cannabis program and you know it was federally legal. It was flying under the two thousand fourteen farmville which was legal. Depending on what attorney you talked to you in a lot of people been playing that gray area so that's ended up doing took a couple of years to take the leap but you know taking the idea of understanding of the soil rate nutrients in the soil soil health and understanding just proper genetics and proper farming practices. You're growing. cbc rich varieties of ham really takes. Someone had put some tlc into their plants. It's not just growing corn or you're going to sell the seed in it's going to all of a sudden give you this magical madison so understand again. Just with every back on nutrition understanding soil health practice of cultivating healthy plants and just wanting to provide high quality medicine. When i was realizing one of the brothers started getting into this and we wanted to be a little bit different nudges. Hemp drives cbd company but also getting other minor can adenoids getting into a new product but also functional mushroom so is his vision of combining One of my favorites the cannabis plant hemp in cb monarch avenue turbines combine that world with my other favorite which is the world of Fungi functional medicinal mushrooms deter function mushrooms. And millie meaning more the lion's mane. The quarter said more. Medicinal not that suicide. Sivan can't be a functional. Mushroom is more on a micro dose level. I mean it's more of a ceremonial on a macro. Does think functional has meaning microbes level. You can use it as a daily supplement or optimizing brain health and brain function. You know it's a pre biotic. It's good for your. Gsi the gut brain connection the whole bit. So i- functional. It does fall in that category. I'm talking about legal. Medicinal functional mushrooms and talking with lion's mane quarter steps ratio java. Gary khan turkey tail mushrooms of that nature which we have in one of our products. It's capsule with ten milligrams of full spectrum. Cbd and then it has six different functional mushrooms all known for a little bit different things but immune system immune boosting properties the anti-inflammatory properties. There's an estimate one time planning a lot of people do not understand the impact of inflammation and that includes hypertrophy of muscles folks. Yeah it's all included. It's not natural exactly hundred percent. And then you know you go back to the cbd compound and cbd's high natural anti-inflammatory paired with mushrooms so maxims. They're adapted jains. They work with your body's ability to manage stress so nervous system manage stress and anxiety. Right able to sleep better as all these things kind of work in line when you can get to the root cause of some your stress obviously Cbs and functioned. Mushrooms aren't heroes in the sense that you have to actually do the work as a human being. You need to move properly mindfully. We need to learn how to breathe and calm the mind meditation but these tools certainly helped again relaxed nervous system. Where if you're on a healthy diet of cbs and functional items. You'll know right away. How your body's responding because you're you're in a state of calmness again. It's not a stimulant high anti-inflammatory calming agent. And then when you're able to be in this congress state of mind. I said the adapt near the lion's mane specifically probably the chorus They really have an influence on your brain function because we're calmer when we're calmer we can think more clearly we can be more presence and we can perform in a higher level. It doesn't matter if you're an athlete or nine to five just be more efficient with your brain if you're cluttered stressed anxiety. It's hard to gather your thoughts if be productive right. See that all the time with people all over the one thing. I noticed to coming off of being an athlete from college. And ain't going into the professional workforce identifying yourself as an athlete. I you can hit and move you. You can do multiple things at the same time. Well this is why a lot of companies look for athletes. Because they know they can multitask like no one else and they hit move and they can go for me personally and in this scenario one of the hardest things for me to adapt to when i was thinking of coming down or bringing my focus to present which is a better way of putting right and not being on the edge on the go. It's you lost the ad you got. It does actually the reverse the now mind trap that is just it hurts and that's ego so everyone knows as well. I don't know if i've ever said this before by edging. Got out and fall into that trap at the same time and it was just when i look back on mike man. Look at all the traps. That i've set for myself and i found myself it's a big deal and more than people recognize or realize but then once they do all we're supposed to become and healthy and thought provoking versus reactive and over stimulated and go go go all the time. Yeah i think most animals in their natural state are in a very relaxed state unless they're on the front or they're being chased right. I mean it's like they're just grazing and maybe look over their shoulder. A little bit fears. And it's not you know. Chronic fear right it's not chronic exile city. It's a state of calmness until something happens in the end fighter flight right now all of a sudden now. We have to make a decision. What we're gonna do they. Most people stress so stressed out there in this chronic state of anxiety chronically stressed out chronic fear and obviously not living in the present. They're they're trying to do a million things at once in. Obviously you can say multitasking. People argue that you know we have to learn how to multitask and do more things but the art of zand says doing one thing at one time you know what i mean and being okay with that. And that's being able to focus your attention on the president you know and that's a whole nother conversation around absolute mindfulness. You're going back to the. Cbs mushrooms is like they helped bring it in the help. Bring in that sense of calmness enough for you to maybe even understand some of these teachings that you'd be okay with just waking up early and then instead of you know. Jacking yourself up with coffee can at least take a deep breath and have an caffeinated tea. You know maybe twenty milligrams of full spectrum. Cb and thousand milligrams of a functional mushroom blend in august feeding her g. i. The mushrooms are doing their thing. The is relaxing. You and being okay with starting your day off in a comment versus stress matter. Your day reflects your morning. He started stressed. You never gonna really real in this. You have any doubt. Get up really early. And now it's been a flip flop of reading i. I've actually in the middle of a couple of different yoga books. Mindfulness off the mat And then meditation. So i flip flop. Maybe he's wake up. And i think meditate but i've really dialed in the practice of yoga and when i say yoga. The philosophy of yoga. I'm not just physical exercise yoga. I love that part. I'm more fascinated with the mind being able you know learning how to control the mind training the mind. Bc me being the master of my mind. You know not the mind. Mastering me type of deal. The cool thing that we're doing here with with the mind and in the flow and and then the recognition of small little signs when you pick up on them and then you like and then you you put the forms together and it just flows and i was telling a friend just the other day which is pretty cool. I said look never really thought about this before in this manner i do now but when you think of something it could be anything if you feel light. It's a good time. If you feel heavy you need to stay away until it becomes light and it's one of those things we convincing yourself. There needs to be light if it feels heavy. Your body's repelling it. That's your energy system saying now. When something came up. I said well. How do you feel you feel heavier light and he goes you know something i feel pretty heavy i said what do you think you should do like. I should probably stay away so they go. Bump zen master intuition rates of being in tune with energy right. I think you know about the darkness of alkyl energy and versus the lighter more feminine energy of mushroom you know and understand. There's legalities involved in differences with both of those and you know being honest with energy right. I mean food right. The the life force energy out of a sip organically grown berry. Or you know organically grown broccoli had versus a nutrient depleted process food. You know what i mean. Something without know- lifeforce you'd like for the argument. You'll be like what you're both eating. But one really the nourishing your cells and hydrating your cells and giving you life force and the other one is. Your body's doesn't even know what to do with it doesn't know how to break it down as know how to eliminate it and then he talked with that energy. It's like all of a sudden the very same thing that was supposed to give you. Energy is actually robbing you of energy and then giving that sense of darkness. And it's just like listened more raises going back listening and trying to teach my kids. This is just like. I don't care if you're gonna go to joey's birthday and have a cupcake but just be mindful. How that cupcake makes you feel omen orca sugar and you're going to be like e you know. I love my love my karen so listen to that. That's like i'm telling you is wisdom right there. Kids enjoy yourself. How fine have a ball. But how do you feel after you eat that. yeah. I don't ever remember telling my own kids or being told by my parents about that. Maybe i did. I don't know maybe. I got Again too many concussions forgot that stuff and it's an important my fussing right there really isn't it. Keeps me on my toes of like you know how mindful i have to be as apparent to teach my children to be mindful. The energy is how is it making. You feel. there's an inflammatory response. You know my daughter will get a little bit stuffy nose after she had a birthday today right and we had a little of pre party last night and all of a sudden was an hour later in her nose thirty running. Your nose is running. Do you have any idea. Maybe why that could be. I'm not trying to tell her the answer. I just want her to be aware of. Maybe where that could be coming from right. It's a mucus response from the sugar. Have these conversations with are now four year old and five-year-old about you know fruit sugar and naturally derived sugar versus like gmo high fructose corn syrup refined sugar. And how you processing if you came to my house be. It's actually comical. You know some of the stuff they say about sugar but nonetheless as this planting seeds rages be. It's awareness and if you don't bring any awareness around that subject they're on the verge of being addicts whether they think they are not know. Most people in this country are food addicts sugar addicts specifically right refined carbohydrate. Addict's you know how important what you're saying is right now because you just mentioned the age of your kids right. And i was one of the lessons i was listening to this morning was a youtube video called after school and in they doctor per slept in on there and it was his conversation with brian rose and they were talking about the jesuits that they'd taken children between the age. The one seven. And that's where a programs those children or us at large so the fact that you're teaching your kids at age four and five. No one wanted to said you're programming. The right way congrats human as awesome. Yeah thanks no i. I'd like to think so too and know what i've learned is that your children are essentially sponges. They will absorb anything that you put in front of them or any energy that you met right so Just the energy that you put right. They absorb that and they recognize it as well they recognize. There's no question and it's like you know being a cannabis guy and you know You cannabis being know medicine. People say well. You expose your kids to canvas. And i said my kids. You know exactly. Canvases is because i'm going to teach them the truth. I'm not going to hide it from them. And then and then sit there and fight them and drink a beer and the you know what i mean this to me. There's a disconnect on philosophy there if you have no problem who's in the furniture child but then when you talk about sacred plant medicine that you want to hide that from them. What are you teaching your child and my kids. They've used nothing. But cbd products have like cuts burns and lasted. Whatever all this stuff and sleep issues. They're very well aware of cb mushroom products. You know what i mean and this is because that's what they know. It's what's being taught and they're very well. Aware of the natural world is far as nutrition goes and yoga. I mean sometimes. I find my my two daughters sitting there Out there doing it for show to please daddy. But there's there meditating you know or they're just start doing like a downward dog instead but again all they are is a reflection of the environment that they're in all you can do is plant seeds but be the exam editor. Take them out of that environment of go eat hot dogs all day long and no philosophy around food and there's no respect towards it. How could it ever be taught. You know i could be learned if it's not taught school systems aren't doing a very good job at it. They sent an email saying oh. Can you maybe bring something for his birthday. And then you know the easiest thing is the god is just go. Get like cupcakes or something from the grocery store with. Kobe didn't want anything home-cooked wherever was like screw that. I'm not going to be the dad. That's going to bring refined carbohydrates to a school. That already has no philosophy around food. It's like no we're gonna go to store and buy some organic strawberries cantaloupe. And you know it's like you got to stand for something with fruit fresh fruit this morning. Ferber thin normally probably doughnuts and again chocolates or wherever else it was like you got to set a standard right. You got to lead by example right now. No one's really tolan this this rope in the proper direction. We've almost ignored nutrition completely when you talk about obesity. Cancer hypertension mental health. Adhd all the stuff. We've ignored it right. It's like oh the guy doesn't matter at all. We have an episode coming up on synthetic meet and doing a lot of research on it now. It's a new topic knowing really has dispatched the product yet at mass. Kfc be the first one at least on record at the moment according to some news articles Deep dive into that. Now we can deliver some good information and trying to get some people who can just align well onto the topic point and not to say that it's a bad thing. Maybe there's some good stuff that i don't know i mean it's it's for us to explore for sure that's an interesting one because i know a lot of the meatless alternatives that i've seen are are soy based in canola base and all these ingredients that i went like personally put it in my body as they are on their own. But what about the salt. I mean you look. Yeah i mean you. Possible burger has sodium count data. Three days of quivalent in one. Burger is insane. Yeah so there's a greenwashing going on right it's like okay. Well i understand careful. Farming animals. Farming is terrible for the environment. Writers terrible for the carbon footprint. And it's terrible for you. Know human health they're farmed and we're taking on the energy and the whole bit you know. I'd like to think that the meatless alternative aviators less less of a negative energy transfer. I'm not sure but you know we talk. About the way. Some of these agreements are farmed anyways in their solis. Crops can always solis Soya solis especially when we talk about Genetically modified crops. Most the soy and canola is. Gmo anyways so let's you're getting or ganic. Meatless alternatives like struggle with like again. He said that between the sodium. This fillers lead the market. Well it can make a taste really damn good with seasoning and salts. They could throw on thirty grams of protein wherever they're gonna throw on there as a marketing agent but to me. That doesn't exactly exude health. Wellness shrug that disconnect. If we're trying to teach people how to be well. We can't really endorse frankenfoods. We're substitute or it's again greenwashing. It's like okay. Well we're gonna all go vegan here and there's this like fake facade of a vegan movement to orioles are vegans like okay. What does that mean to be shoes. Not the animal protein animal products. You can still be a junk food vegan and eat shit and be sick. So what are we standing for. We actually standing for optimum not just physical spiritual but also environmental wellness. Right i mean is there a way we can. I don't know the carbon footprint of making some of these synthetic meets know. I mean how much how much waste is there. You know what i mean. How much smoke is going into the ozone. I don't know enough. What the process. But just some of the ones. I've seen quote unquote suspect. You know at the very least in at the very best. Maybe i don't know like less than come up with something. That's maybe maybe there's some hempseed in there. You know what i mean. Maybe there are certain protein or something a little bit more little more substance to it. No more nutritious than just sewing canola may be happy convinced a little bit. But i just feel like there's too many corporations to seeing the movement did i mean like more of a plant based lifestyle but not necessarily finding the optimum wellness in that transition. You know what i mean. I think we you know brainwashed. Into how much pro team deed all this other stuff. I think that we overeat protein space in my opinion talked about inflammation in how. Cd in thc helps with inflammation gut health etc. Now when it comes to people who are struggling who have. Let's say they're ex-athlete's. We'll we'll stick with that john or from obama and they has some cautions that had some traumatic brain injuries. Tb is and for those who are just dealing with inflammation. Because you know. They've been eating poorly or they'd had bad. Choices is the effect on either one of those categories of folks who yama because let's face it. Even the people who had traumatic brain injuries are still inflamed from or from the diet side as well to the fact that helped the same way. It's reduced inflammation proven clarity wellness etc. Hundred percent yeah. We're we're constantly ridding ourselves of inflammation so whether you have a brain injury or not whether you're pro athlete or not you. Sitting at the desk from nine to five is inflammation your lower back and everything is inflammation rate. Any disease state is inflammation any joint issue muscle issue. It's all inflammation right. So what we understand that. We look at the causes of different inflammations rates digestive inflammation starting with just diet again. It's like your diet can either be inflammatory or anti inflammatory so again going back to the you know the nutrient rich versus nutrient depleted your other helping with inflammation or he packing on extra inflammation on top of the inflammation. Already have maybe. It's from sitting too long. Maybe it's you know from an old injury or whatever not being mobile enough. Whatever lands of being on the physical side of things compound with the digestive stress in the digestive inflammation haired with you know maybe some substance abuse issues with alcohol and these other things that you kind of fall into the nutrition world or lack there of not drinking enough water. You know what. I mean like hydra all these things you know what i mean. So and then there's people right. I mean people stress can really bring in a lot of negative stress into one's life and recognizing certain energies and how they affect your life and how they maybe draw your energy away. You know ca- stressful inflammatory response in the body meaning zaidi. You know an and the whole bit so whether you're treating you know concussion or tbi Or years wellness. I think the difference is likely diet. Should be clean as a possibly can be right. Because it's like your main brain is is understand in your gut wrenching. That's the intelligence and his telling this what to do so the diet got to be as close to spot on his possible. And then you talk about supplementing cbd and some of these other plant medicines whatnot then is just the boat that dose so i was going to heavy on the cb. When i retired and got into it you know three hundred four hundred milligrams a day like just kind of let out going out of my way to be like okay well. This many fights follow budget in the math. Those like trial and error. But i knew that i was getting a ton of anti-inflammatories in my body and the mushrooms was getting up to two thousand milligrams of lion's mane a day and i was like doing all these. So obviously you've bio hacked for your own personal health you casted again. Lion's mane with oecd. Have you put together. What you would call i e baskin caution of wellness medicines. I would say so. I would put up against anybody's in the market. And i think it's like the way we market at to is tough right because we can't make claims because the cbd right it's just the way on unregulated in the whole bit but as far as again it goes goes to the dose of the medicine right so it's like if i'm just you know taking right here you. Some of is mushrooming in cbd caps started off two of these so twenty milligrams of full spectrum cd and then it lands just under a thousand milligrams of functional mushroom blend and that's just the maintenance that's just like just me just optimizing and feeling finding my groove if i was to talk to someone about treating anxiety or tbi concussion or depression. I would jack that up. I know people have taken this productivity ten of these a day one hundred milligrams of full spectrum serbian these capsules upwards of you know of a few thousand milligrams of mushroom blend but the constantly. You know understanding what we're trying to accomplish. What's the intention behind goblin. These up like gummy bears. Your you know you've got your gobbling these up. Because they're feeding the brain feeding prebiotics mushrooms pre box again. The cbs effect on the gi. It's just calming the brain is again going back to the The anti-inflammatory properties and then the kicker is that. Us government holds a patent on cannabinoid as neuro protections antioxidants. It's understanding that little tidbit of information that cannabis plant this a cannabinoid. Cbd is as all these other minor. Can i think they've identified up to one hundred twenty. The actors neuro protective. So you talk about like just protecting the brain and they actually promote neurogenesis near brain cell growth neuro plasticity in conjunction with mushrooms like lions. May that is known as a neuro protectant and grow no genesis agent so you know between the actual just inflammation general inflammation around the body and then specific to the brain. I mean. I don't know why you know as a culture. We're not lie heavily. Zero winning on the cannabis plant with government money and mushrooms if government wanting the fungi kingdom is virtually untapped in the sense of we know now we that as a a whole discussion. That's going to be coming up because they've lost thirty years of potential research. They've talked about episode earlier after we had Gene avalon on episode. We talked about. They lost because they schedule. I think it was a scheduled one on the same line with heroin which is clearly not what their excuse was. And i'm going to say they mean in the government the government. Excuse was that that you'd have serotonin overdose. Because at the time. The thumbs market was releasing. These society drug therapies. And if someone who has a medicine. I say like an anti anxiety. Med like as an accident increased. Use our tone down on top of it. You could have an adverse event. That's that's one thing that they're looking at what i wanna know here. This is important. Does this also helped. Detoxify your body at the same time because i know that if your body has toxins in it and not depleted in evacuated than not that it's not working but it's not optimized it is gonna work but you want absorb as much because your body is still frankly just fighting to push. Y shouldn't be there so they're also serve the detoxifying agent as well. He absolutely mushrooms are notoriously like filters right mushrooms in the body. Help will help irsay regulate appetite for me personally. I find that. I can ride the wave of the energy of the mushroom and fast a lot longer where i'm just you know riding this raw primal energy and not needing to to eat again bombard my gi track with more food more food toxins nutrients to kind of wean through so that being said again The longer you can extend fast obviously with intention and you're actually using your brain and again gaps between meals and understanding how much fuel your body actually needs. I think naturally or indirectly. It's helping detoxifying the body because you're not eating as much right. I mean your body's the process last drink a ton of water on my shrooms in this product specifically. So you mean when you're drinking water in mindfully hydrating mixing lemon water and himalayan pink salt wherever you whatever you do to me. It's just like it's pushing out the toxins right pushing back right. Yes i have. I have the salt. It's flipping amazing. I get it at whole foods. Himalayan sea salt. If that's the thing mix with really finally grain. How interesting it up now. People would use the salt shaker. They dump it right on a movie grabbing it like a chef into students sprinkle and it's perfect just enough. Oh my it's amazing. Data each bottle. It probably looks like one of the sizes of the enhanced mushroom. Help that size of a bottle bottles fifteen bucks for salton beano. But i'm telling you have on. Almost every piece of food has an interest a little bit. Yeah sure that's amazing and is awesome. It really pushes down the hunger. You feel satisfied after the meal. It's really cool stuff. So i decided just came up in my brain to distract down though. It's good good piece of information. But yeah i think it just kind of just mentioned there. You just helps curb the appetite and just flush the system right. I mean it's not craving cream food all day and stimulants. do i find a helping my craving of stimulants. I haven't. I haven't drank a sip of all gone over a year. But when i retired in two thousand ten i made the decision. I wasn't ever going to party like i did before. And i haven't. I've never really been truly drunk since then. But i have a glass of wine now and then but it was just like just so tired of just the way even one or two glasses of wine made me feel. The energy was off forever. Eight and then again. You got a call from vibrating. Naturally right yeah exactly so i find myself like the next morning having to like go deeper and work harder to maybe flush out those nitrates most of those winds unless you're drinking organic and even those are suspect a ton of poisons toxins And wherever else you by trying to push. I just felt like it was wasn't serving me any longer. So just a real focus on purifying the body an and cleaning the body and staying toppis once in a while you know. I mindfully every day you know. Drink my warm water. Lemon himalayan pink salt and mushrooms and drink non caffeinated and just common. The system still drink coffee now. and then. but it's not like my go-to energy stimulator. Something i haven't had coffee now and probably close to mind. My wife is probably six four months at least but these little guys neuromancer here. They can see that we know the ceo. Well you mentioned by bees are phenomenal phenomena. I just had one. And it's a they just naturally dissolve and it gives you energy throughout the day. You don't get. That burn. And i had a sip of coffee the other day just to test it out. Let me see what coffee tastes like. Now they haven't had it for so long and it was bitter. It didn't taste good and it was good. I don't have the taste of you. Know i gotta let me say it. I gotta love hailers drip coffee. Every time i go back to it. I feel like just like something. My stomach is just like the. I don't know if it's again it's not sitting well. So it's churning some sort of anxiety. Why are we adding anxiety. And i found myself using where cannabis more cd and just stay away from it. I think it's more routine of drinking coffee that i like more than the coffee caffeine itself. You know you grow up. In his visual hockey rink they drink a ton of coffee. Warm up around the ranking relative. So i have pulled the arab dot net Us through this. What's going on right now. I'm very intrigued by it. So i'd like to know a little bit more. Yeah you cut out there second seemingly talkable awake dot net if you can't walk us through the wake dot now. I'm intrigued by it It's something different something that i don't know that's happening right now. I know in the eu. I just read an article about. I'm gonna say give or take two or three weeks ago. The first ipo is to be released for a simon mushroom based pharmacological drug therapy in the e u for anxiety and depression relief. It's not here in the united states yet. I know they're doing some testing with it. It's big time right now. Over johns hopkins. So i would imagine. Farmer is trying to get their hands on it and they're trying to curate the mushroom to a point where it's not gonna be enlightening and they're gonna do control. Substance theory here is that they've jacked up people so bad when these anti anxiety antidepressant medications and drug therapies. So bad they have to go back to the natural if they're gonna have people act in function normally again. Yeah personally you know what's even know where to begin on that one. It's it's interesting right. I mean as as a whole list. Now i believe that mother nature is abundant and it has enough of everything for everybody right if you play cards right right. And it's growing mushrooms. Isn't that complicated. Yes it takes you know obviously a. There's a science there but it's not overly complicated. I think we've proven that we can do that at scale with a minimal environmental impact. The whole bit. I'm convinced that we can do that. Unfortunately we we're not playing in a natural world anymore right. i mean you know. Industrial revolution comes along hundred years ago and essentially pushes out. The natural competition ray would hamper earlier. Would say you have to outlaw. The natural counterpart to allow a synthetic industry to thrive right again. The nylons synthetic fibre the oil industry. And the pharmaceutical industries. The only way to allow that to happen. It was to outlaw mother nature and mushrooms. And the whole bit get lumped into that right so unfortunately and i say this you know i would love to believe that these quote unquote biotech psychedelic companies. That are synthesizing use. He's other plant medicine. Compounds are doing it for the better good of mankind. Unfortunately it's patent grab is playing the pharmaceutical game. You said yeah. We're in a deep mess with mental health. You know mother nature should be the answer right and should be okay. Well let's go back to a roots is not quite so simple because the system itself isn't designed for this human spirit to flourish enslaving people and treating mental distress and trauma weakened people and chop people's knees out we are. It's back to natural versus synthesize in the psychedelic world. So i'm i'm kind of all in on the whole mushroom play. And that's wake dot net. Were in jamaica there cultivating suicide and mushrooms as well as other functional mushrooms. the ones i listed earlier as well as a full pre covid clinical emergent so with the the guidance of other shaman or a sound healer doing the civil assignment in sound clinical immersion sound bath and just listening. It's laying on a mat ice shades and just listening and finding stillness and then integrating that with nutritional healing yoga breath work the whole bit. They actually wake right now. I'm so on an advisor and investor and helping kind of structure this athlete division in the study around silla simon and specifically. Tbi and right. Now wake ms few weeks away from having a. Da import license to bring actual suicide mushrooms from jamaica to the us which is big because every study you've seen in the us so far as come from synthesize solicitation of the johns hopkins university. Maybe one other institution active. It's three now. Is what john hopkins duke in ucla ucla. Okay and I can't say who the partner is right now but Wake is recently partnered with one of the largest institutions on the planet that has the largest database of genetic profile brain tissue cultures so basically they have the ability to kind of target certain mental health issues as well as brain injury issues and see how silly have the largest emory brain scan database in the world. I can't say for sure at emory. But i i doubt for you. Yeah the only reason why. Because there's a study off to look it up podcasts notes but there was a ted talk where they had done in a curated ninety thousand brain scans of professional athletes over twenty years and there were looking at concussions in again traumatic brain injuries and of the source. No comparing those two people who in car accidents in finding patterns and what was going on. They didn't direct or redirect natural madison's by they were saying there were alternatives. That were out there. And i believe that there were referencing indirectly. Suicide men's mushrooms lion's mane etc right. That's why i was curious because there is something out there. Now that it's hinting at that again. It was in a position that you are and they just couldn't elaborate anymore. Yeah i can't say for sure on the database. But i'm assuming if they have the cultures they must have some sort of can't say for sure but it's the same one or not but You know so. I like to. You know kind of go back on where we're going before synthetic versus natural and again love to think that these synthetic version of psychedelics corporations that they are encompasses is almost like a billion dollar company already couples. Other big ones is this. Is this in the best interest of of humanity. Or are we selling out to the plant madison's and then you know again patent grabs will. We're gonna make this not affordable you know socially equitable in an all of a sudden. It's like we've essentially strip the plant medicine from the shaman. And the native american communities are the peruvian communities and we're going to isolate these compounds patent them whatever else they can do. And then and then they're gonna get in the way of lobbying against natural forms of this which we've seen in cannabis right. We just need to teach people. How do you get spores and then cultivate their own growth themselves done hundred percent. Be you know how people are not driven enough. They're lazy and they want someone else to do it or they're waiting for you know Again the fda come in and save the day you know word say That's again the pharmaceutical drug development path synthesize patented medicine in theory. I think it could help the science and the research component but as we know it reductionist is certainly different than holistic science right. I mean it's like okay. Well we're going to synthesize one compound. The silla sivan compound which is essentially the spirit of a what goes on. You're going to remove you know. Have nothing else with it. So a mushroom is essentially ancient intelligence ready to eat a mushroom whether you're talking about suicide and are functional is the active compounds. But there's all these other alkaloids in in whatever minerals and compounds that worked together synergistically right. I also Recommended people go in and look at the joe. Rogan paul standards. Right yes discussion. How crazy was that. I was the best of the best description. Yeah i mean. It's polish a brilliant unbelievable and then he just goes through so it when we're talking about the biology and be micro anatomy of silla sivan or mushrooms at large against our body. What we would consider human flesh. It's not five percent the same. Yeah loud right. And we're closer than we are any plant speech right when we when we when we just mushrooms even for edible purposes while we feel better and why we have great gut health. It's like of course it's natural language talking to each other and to do this direct connection intelligence right information and it's just like food is information intelligence Mushrooms minutes beyond intelligence. I almost think mushrooms are alien intelligences. Like it's it's out there and Sooner we can kind of understand that and to me. It's i go back to the essence of the mushroom because there's so much more than just a silla cyber again. It's like mushrooms are prebiotics straight. So it's again if we're talking about feeding the gut when it needs and if you're talking about repairing and regenerating healing it's like well. How often can you take a synthetic form of this. You know we don't know. These are any of these answers even when you eat mushrooms free for thousands of years and if you listen to the palestinians and joe rogan stoned ape hypothesis. Where there's there's there's a lot of people that would speculate that human consciousness evolve from eating. Well psychedelic mushrooms. Specifically right like our brain started to grow. A certain amount started kind of re introduce mushrooms into our lives in our in our communities and we grew and kind of come together but then somewhere down the line there was a threat radioman consciousness. We don't want the people to conscious to conscious than there. Too aware too aware. We can't get away with the bullshit. We're pulling on the people so that's always been it right. I mean if you look at alcohol. The native americans peta's like you chop the native americans needs by introducing alcohol in putting on reservations and dispiriting them in the whole bit. Warren spirit right. it's a war on consciousness morning awareness. Because they don't want you to know so going back to the shaman in each and every one of us is just kind of. We didn't have that the underground war. That's really going on not the digital warfare that's going on that's happening to cyber attacks by the underground of information and knowledge being awoke. That's a really fun. Conversation have because there's a lot there to unpack and again it's ikea. It goes both ways. You mean bruce lipton said. At this moment. I was watching sinologist. Our ignorance is bliss. There's no more to correct statements out there. When he was dying laughing on mcmahon he could preset again in probably have the same response. Oh yeah i know. it really is though. Isn't that's the game right. You know so you have enough people heads in the sand. You can change the narrative of how how to take care of yourself and essentially the direction we're going with with health right now. I mean think. Kobe is a perfect example of how quickly you can manipulate everyone to thinking that. They're they know everything about medicine were now. The new pillars of health are wear a mask. Stay six feet apart covering both when you cough or sneeze and stay in your home and don't go see anybody in disconnect yourself from the spiritual world that's lower leaning on is as advice to be healthy and well and unfortunately i think the mental health issues depression issues that are going to arise from kobe oregon far greater than the numbers of actual deaths in the roof already knew. Yeah throaty through the roof. I mean the divorce did a section on the divorce rate alone and we had a friend of ours. He's he's a psychotherapist in he's like did right now. The divorce rate if. I'm quoting correctly. If i remember is fifty five percents whole year today. I was like wow. And there's some very basic understanding of what jason. Eric ross was talking about where he's like. Yeah i mean these deep rooted seated issues where the person themselves hasn't resolved past. He had a statement. Something like this. Do you knew the baggage before someone said yes to marriage proposal with really still say yes. All right yeah. It's something to that effect. Enclosed here rally. I wanna do this. i want. I want to do this again soon. I wanna talk about the awakening stuff. I don't want to go into this. Want to focus on what you're doing here and how you help people by enclosing is comments and i have two questions for you. My comment i is. I really really appreciate come on the show sincerely in the reason why is because not. Are you just a professional athlete. And that's not your identity your also someone who gets it you can just identify what a lot of people so that you're carrying through here and we like look. Yeah i do that. But that really wasn't who i was and i found myself again. There's a lot of people going. Through that. And i recognize that and i want to say thank you for bringing that out because a lot of people need to hear that and i know that for fact. Show thank you for that. Thank you appreciate all right. Do the staple questions pretty straightforward but educated guy. You became very educated in business. And what you're doing and how you growing yourself. What are you reading. What are you listening to now. So i'm in a yoga teacher training right now. Seven a lot of different yoga books One of the meditations off the mat by ralph gates. Actually that this weekend doing virtual weekend with him all yoga the yoga sutras of potentially and then there's a couple other books era got mushrooms. Always kind of go back into just staying in tune with Some mushroom science and whatnot. But i'm kind of really the last year or so. The last six months specifically really dialed in to the philosophy of yoga like yamazaki neom. 'as the non-harming you know. The a hamster like like honestly just trying to understand all these spiritual teachings. I grew up protestant christian following jesus in that world and now in kind of drifting away drift away from the church know young age moved away from home pretty much at sixteen gone on my own spiritual journey and kind of coming back around understanding buddhism and zen traditions and then you know the yoga philosophy that understanding and appreciating the messages in within christianity. And kind of making sense of all these spiritual teachers were essentially saying the same thing. I know yoga's lamar specific to And physical yoga and you know what. I mean purification but the teachings outside of that are very similar so i'm just like fascinated with just like learning how to be be present and be full of joy in everything i do is going the zenit being okay with just doing one thing. At a time. I feel like i have to be the old riley and you know. Fight two guys at once in you know. Do arm and single legged squat. You know what i mean. Because that's going to jack me up and make me be a better fighter. Something like that. So i don't know it. Just you know being being at peace. With where i'm at disciplines always back disciplinary in all these books kind of reinforce the especially yoga philosophy just like it's the discipline of life right is just like the discipline of being human is it requires a ton of discipline know master teachers. It's like well. Why are they master teachers because they understand life. I understand how to live so things. We're talking today. There's a lot of them plant medicine. These things are just pieces right. But you gotta do the work and i think the yoga philosophy for me personally holds me accountable every single day taco purification. There's actual physical purification of the body eliminating toxins purification of the mind. Getting rid of this. Clutter the negative self talk that every so often creeps in tells you not good enough for over the stress forever l. It's being aware of all these things. But i have to make sure we include that bruce lipton because in there it was really it was a powerful segment it was. I know eight nine minutes. Long is really short but it was within five seconds to talked about the programming in. That's a strong word to use. I understand but the programming of the ages of one to seven. And i think if while. I shouldn't say i know about. I think the people get that concept that there will be a difference approach or enlightenment to rewiring your brain the importance of being open to everything in accepting nothing right. Which of the null wayne dyer comment that. He uses some at last question for you here. You can leave the audience with anything. Leave the leave my any words. Any comments any direction. Whatever you wanna do who is simplification and minimalism. Simplifying your life. It's not what we add to it. It's what we eliminate is what i found. So it's becoming more of a minimalist reducing my network to the right type of people. It's it's reducing my food to the you know the nutrient rich foods and the energy that i need and simplifying. It's not it's not complicated. It's just really sitting back reflecting on your life and an overly simplifying it because we were just looking for things outside of ourselves. We're looking for god outside of herself for looking for answers outside over. So i think they all lie within but we have to kind of decluttering. We have to again going back to the yamazaki neon. As of the eight limbs of yoga is just like cleansing. it's non hoarding its detachment so minimalism. Helps detachment in. The idea of detachment is just detaching from things habits thinking all these different things so i think in two words ubi. Simplify your life and be more of a minimalist. Just minimal is the things you have like. How much stuff can you have. And then all of a sudden it works against you now much food. How much can you drink it all this stuff and then if you wanna be well it's like okay. We'll simplify Overly complicated it in the laws of nature are pretty simple to understand the required discipline and then the third thirty there would be discipline. I'm with you on that. And that last statement is i've also complicated just because you think you need you to hawaii explain. It was always with the best intense right because we thought it over the reality is. We don't need to do anything. So we human beings human doers. Be good friend told me about that and as long as your president the rest will take over. Now while said notre we thank you again. Mr riley kotane front of us. Please check them out. Go to websites. You gotta wake dot net and you can also go to body check wellness. If you watch youtube videos. You can see both of those websites on there. Now will all the links and all the information from today show in the podcast notes. We appreciate you. Thank you for being part of the best and brightest and we'll see for the next month take care everybody appreciate it Off has great majoring. I'm telling you a lot of people just need to hear your message town. You are so relatable best and brightest. Thank you for listening. I invite you to give riley's hemp derived cd functional mushroom products to try and please review the podcast notes for any links mentioned from all of us with the healthcare. Three sixty team. We thank you. We'll see for episode number eighty one cnx time.

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